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#peter nureyev

I love Juno Steel with all my heart but at the same time I want to slap him across his face and tell him to stop being so damn tragic about his self-imposed loneliness

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Look I can’t draw but I really wanted to design gala outfits for jupeter soooo….


So like this is my contribution to the fandom.

(also there had to be wierd clear floaty fabric cuz it’s the future and it looks cool and I said so… )


[ a page of drawings. One of a yelloe dress with a single strap and a skirt made of clear plastic with a black fade from the top witch is in 3 peaces showing an yellow underskirt. Next to it is a triangle yellow eyepatch with jewls on. Under these drawings there is a drawing of yellow sunglasses shaped to look like they are dripping and a suit made up of a yellow long sleeve shirt, whitch is only half buttoned; A gold waist corset; black trousers and a cape that only covers half the figure made again from clear fabric with black obray from the top]

Look I’m back at image descriptions if anyone can help with this please add on :-)

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