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The injury (Peter x reader)

@purefluff “Did I hurt you?” “Let me take a look at it” “you’re faking.” “Height doesn’t equal strength”


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

“It’s okay, we’re like the same size.” Peter brushed off the conversation. You and your brother were fixing one of the vents in the apartment and the ceiling was rather high. So the both of you were in a debate about who should stand on who’s shoulders. Peter voted that he stand on your shoulders because he knows what to do to fix the vent instead of having to explain step by step to you and you not understanding.

“Ok but height doesnt equal strength. I’m not as strong as you. I wasn’t stronger even when you didn’t have your powers.” Peter rolled his eyes and pulled on his hair.

“Y/n, the room is glitzy gonna keep getting hotter unless we fix it. And it has to be fixed before may comes home otherwise she’s gonna have to call someone and get it professionally done and you know that’s expensive. So just suck it up for just a free seconds and it’ll be over.” You sighed, letting your shoulders down but complying nonetheless.

“Fine. But be gentle. I can’t believe we don’t have a ladder.” You said, bending down enough to let peter climb on you.

“Ok. Hold still.” Peter gasped lightly as he wobbled a bit on your back.

“Ow. Hurry up.” You grunted. Peter stepped on your shoulders and you straightened out slowly.

“Okay. Good. I’m close to the vent.” Peter opened the vent and adjusted the pipe that is supposed to be flowing air to the living room. “I see it. The pipe is turned away so it’s not giving out air. I need to turn it back.”

“Okay! Just hurry, you’re heavy.” You panted.

“Hey!” Peter acted offended as you rolled your eyes, getting exhausted.

“Hurry peter!”

“Okay, okay! Almost done.” He finally successfully turned the pipe and fresh air was flowing out. Peter cheered, collapsed the vent and slowly jumped off of you. In doing so, his knees hit your shoulder harshly, making you howl in pain.

“OWW! Peter!” You groaned, grasping your shoulder and sitting down on the carpeted floor.

“Did I hurt you? I’m sorry! Let me have a look at it. ” Peter gasped as he tried to massage it.

“Ouch! Peter don’t massage it?! It hurts!” You smacked Peter’s arm away.

“Oh sorry.” He chuckled. You sighed deeply, gently rubbing your elbow.

“I told you I should’ve been the one in top.” You whined. Peter rolled his eyes again but felt guilty nonetheless.

“It shouldn’t still be hurting.” He thought to himself out loud.

“Well, it is!” You winced in pain again.

“You’re faking!” He laughed lightly, hoping that you were. He felt bad that he had hurt you.

“Why would I take? It hurts peter!” You whined. Pete cooed and pulled you into a hug.

“I’m sowwy!” You still pouted, smiling lightly at his baby voice. “You’re laughing! Are you sure you’re not faking?”

“I’m sure!” You whined, smiling at his teasing. Peter started to poke at your sides. “Hey!”

“Will you forgive me?” Peter said, squeezing your sides and pulling you into the floor and clinging onto you like a koala.

“No. I told you what we should’ve done and I got hurt because of your ignorance.” You giggled, squirming around trying to evade his fingers.

“Then I’ll just tickle you until you do!” Peter moves to scratching at your ribs harshly, making you burst out in laughter.

“Nahhahaha!! Dohohohont!” You begged, the pain gradually going away.

“Yup! You get the tickle monster for being unforgiving and for calling me fat.” Peter laughed as he blew a raspberry on your neck.

“IHIHIHIM NEHEHEVER CALLED YOU FAHAHAT!” You squealed, moving side to side to get his legs off your waist.

“Yeah you did. You said I was heavy. That means you called me fat.” Peter said, grabbing and pinching all around your waist, grabbing a bit of pudge below your belly button. “Ooh, looks like you’re gaining some too, I feel that pudgy stuff!” He teased.

You kicked your legs out, squealing and letting out hysterical laughter. “STAHAHAHAHAP! IHIHILL KIHIHILL YOU!” Peter scoffed and and went back to scribbling at your ribs.

“I don’t think you’re in the position to say that to me.” He chuckled and straddled your waist to give you a big fat raspberry on your belly. You kicked out and screamed, pushing harshly at his head to get him off you.

“SOHOHOHORRY!” You screamed out before falling into silent laughter. Peter chuckled but quickly heard the keys of the apartment jiggle. He instantly stopped and jumped on the couch, acting like no tu una had happened.

May entered the apartment to see peter acting suspiciously innocent and you panting exhausted on the floor. “Hey May!” Peter smiled.

“Peter, what did I tell you about tickling your sister? You know she’s very sensitive and fragile. I could hear her screams from the stairs of the first floor!” May chuckled. You immediately blushed realizing that your neighbors probably heard you screaming for mercy from your brothers evil hands.

Peter sighed and turned to you. “Sorry y/n.” Sounding not so apologetic. But you rolled your eyes and forgave him anyway.

“God, brothers are annoying.”

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the four times peter kisses you, and the one time he meant to

Summary: y/n and peter share four kisses through out their friendship. The first three were accidents, but the last one was most definitely on purpose.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: fluff and friends to lovers :)


* * *


Originally posted by parkers-myth

* * *

“I don’t understand any of this like I don’t even know what I don’t understand.” You said as you were whining to Peter, all but begging him to help you with the excruciating task that was your pre-calculus homework. 

“It isn’t all that difficult, you just keep on getting the x and y confused with one another.” He said leaning in closer to you. “ Here, it’s like this…” He continued as he erased your mistakes and corrected them for you. All while explaining the process of how he fixed them.

“You make that look so easy, how dare you be a genius around me.” Teasing him as you laid your head on his shoulder continuing to pout. Looking up from the homework in front of you, you were broken out of your trance by the notification your phone gave out to.

“Wow, how is it nine already? I feel like I just got here.” You said as you continued staring at the time on your phone, not yet looking up to see Peter’s reaction. 

“What! Like nine o’clock, as in pm!” He screeched out beside you staring at you as if your hair had spontaneously caught on fire. “Shit, shit, shit! I’m going to be late for the stark internship!” he continued ranting, not even giving you a chance to reply to his first statement.

“Well go then! You don’t want to keep the Tony Stark waiting for you.” You said teasing him as he raced across the tiny apartment to kiss his aunt on the cheek. Smiling to yourself at the cute gesture, no matter how rushed he was he never failed to kiss her goodbye.

“I’ll meet you at your door tomorrow and we can walk to the bus stop tomorrow, alright?” He said as he whipped towards me planted a kiss on my cheek and rushed out the door of his home without a second glance. You felt the heat rise your neck and ears at the gesture that had just been used on you for the first time in your friendship with Peter. Looking behind you say May quietly giggling to herself in the joy of the possibility of something turning out of this accidental kiss.

“He’s never done that before, has he?” She questioned you as the grin that was adorning her face grew by the second. 

“No, no he hasn’t. But I’m sure it didn’t mean anything, he might’ve slipped or something.” continuing to look over at her still in somewhat of a daze from what just happened.

“Mhmm, I’m sure that’s what happened,” May said, still smiling to herself but not pushing the subject anymore. All while you started to collect your discarded items from her living room in an attempt to leave.

“I should be heading home now, but thanks for everything May.” You said before turning back to face the door that Peter just left through and walked out of it without turning back. You only lived a few doors down from May’s Apartment so you walked as slow as you could justify on your way back to your place trying to regain your composure from what Peter left in his wake. He was most definitely going to have to explain that kiss to you tomorrow, even if it was just an innocent kiss on the cheek.

* * *

Over the next few weeks, cheek kisses in your friendship with Peter have become a regular occurrence. After the first one, you confronted him only to both come to a mutual agreement to continue kissing each other on the cheek as a form of affection towards one another. This was going by perfectly fine until one Monday morning where things took a turn for not the worse, but something more complicated. The morning started with Peter not showing up at your door on time to walk to school with you, and when you knocked on his door there was no answer or sound of life from beyond the door. Making your way to school, you just figured that Peter must’ve forgotten to let you know that May was driving him today. As you made your way into the school, your phone started blowing up with texts, no doubt from Peter himself. After receiving at least four you finally took a look at what he had sent you. 




“MAy just woke me up when she got home, pls don’t be mad:((“

One after another you read the messages that you received, giggling to yourself at his childish antics. Before texting home back to let him know that it was no fret, and just to hurry up and get here. Along with a smiley face for good measure. As you made your way to your locker you continued to smile to yourself at the thought that he’d get here soon. You were just excited to see your bestfriend. Peter ran up to you in the hallway once you had finally made it to your locker, which just happened to be beside his. 

“Hey! I’m so sorry I’m late, May didn’t get home until a little while after we were supposed to leave, and I slept through like 10 alarms. And by then you were long gone anyways.” He said as he leaned down to plant a kiss on your cheek. The only problem was that you took that same chance to look up at him and meet his eye to let him know that it was no worry. Therefore Effectively making him plant an unplanned kiss right on your glossed lips. You gasped when you felt his lips meet yours. Not expecting him to kiss you, but not that you could complain. But your heart felt like it was going a mile a minute when he tore his lips off of you in nearly an instant.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry! That was meant for your cheek, I swear! But then you turned your head, and I didn’t see that until after! And then oh god, I’m just-”

“Peter really, it’s okay! Don’t worry about it, accidents happen.” Cutting off his rambling as you tried to suppress not only the blush that you could feel rising your neck and onto your cheeks, but also the disappointment. From Peter being so turned off by just simply kissing you. 

“I should head to class, I’ll see you at lunch?” You continued as you slowly backed away from him wanting for the first time to just head to your math class.

“Yeah, yeah for sure! We’re fine though, right y/n? Like it won’t be weird now?” he was still nervous from what he just did.

“Yea we’re fine Pete. We’re no weirder than you and Ned playing lego’s at 16.” you joked teasing him to try to hide the disappointment that has now made itself a permanent residence on your face. As you fully turned around, with you back facing towards Peter. You finally felt like you’ve let out your first breath since Peter kissed you. Well, this is going to be a long day. 

* * *

It took a few more weeks for everything between Peter and yourself to go back to normal, after the accidental kiss that happened at your locker. And by that time Christmas was starting to roll back around for the year. Your friend group which consisted of Ned, MJ, Harry, Flash, Betty, Peter, and yourself have all decided to have a friend Christmas gathering at Harry’s house. That was mainly because his father; Norman Osborn, would be out of town for business. The big day of your friends’ gathering had finally rolled around and Peter had insisted on picking you up and taking the city’s transit together to get to Harry’s house, which was across town. You were just finishing up on some last-minute tweaks to your hair and makeup when you heard Peter knock on the front door of your family’s apartment.

“I got it Mom!” you called out into your home to make sure that no one else would answer the door for you. As you know your parents would inevitably make Peter nervous, due to them thinking this was a date. Even if you had insisted it was not. You swiftly made your way to the front door, grabbing your jacket and bag on the way. 

“Wow, you look amazing..” Peter said in somewhat of a daze as you opened the front door and stepped outside to greet him.

“Thank you, you clean up nice yourself,” you replied as you smiled while feeling a blush rise up your face. Your mom followed closely behind you on your way to the door begging to get a picture of the two of you. After complying both of you made your way to the city’s bus and patiently awaited your arrival at Harry’s.

Once the bus finally got to the bus stop closest to your destination, Peter grabbed your hand to direct you out of the bus and into the busy street it seemed as though everyone was out and about running errands for the upcoming holiday. So the streets were much more packed with pedestrians than usual. Making your guy’s way up to the front door of Harry’s house, Peter was rambling on about what he had gotten his Aunt May for Christmas. Knocking on the door, you only had to wait for a second before Harry whipped open the door and greeted the both of you and ushered you into the living room where the rest of your friends were gathered. 

“Wow! y/n you look amazing, is that a new dress?” Betty questioned you along with MJ nodding in agreement, as the three of you broke into your separate conversation about who you got for secret Santa and who you were hoping, had you. This was however cut off short when harry announced that the Chinese takeout that you’d ordered had finally arrived. On your way to the dining room to eat with the rest of your friends, you trailed behind to walk with Peter. As you passed the entryway to the kitchen everyone started cheering and laughing. Causing both you and Peter to look at them utterly confused.

“Come on guys, its tradition!” Ned smiled as he looked from Peter to you.

“What do you mean, what tradition?” you questioned looking at your friend group and then up to Peter who was just beside you. As you looked up at Peter you caught a green and red plant hanging from the ceiling that you could only assume was mistletoe. Gesturing at Peter to look up too as you gave him a sheepish grin. 

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to.. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable,” Peter said to you in almost a whisper so the exchange was only between the two of you.

“I don’t mind. Plus, they won’t let us live it down if we break the tradition,” you said with a soft smile adorning your face as you continue looking up at him. Peter gave you a subtle nod, before visibly swallowing. He then finally dipped his head down to slowly meet your lips in a sweet but lengthy kiss. This kiss was different from the prior two kisses you’ve shared. Yes, it may not have been either of you guys’ ideas, but there was a hidden emotion behind it, one that almost felt like love. If you had to put a label on it. You were broken out of your trance by the whoops and hollering of your friends as you backed away from Peter and tried to control the overpowering heat that had risen your cheeks and had now taken over your face.

* * *

The rest of the night went by smoothly before you ended up back in the comforts of your room in the penguin PJs ready for the best sleep of your life. However, your subconscious brain had ulterior motives as it was now nearing 1:45 am and you were still laying in bed wide awake. The kiss that you shared with Peter only hours prior was weighing heavily on your mind and you couldn’t decipher if he had the same thought about it later. You didn’t know if he kissed you because you said it was okay or if he wanted to. Snapping out of your thoughts, you heard your phone give off a notification. Reaching over onto your nightstand you grabbed your phone and checked and saw that it was from peter.

“ r u awake?”

“ yea I am, what’s up?” you asked him, somewhat hoping that he too wanted to discuss what took place at Harry’s Christmas party. 

“ I think we need 2 talk, stairwell?” he replied almost immediately after you sent your text. With a nervous smile taken over your face you snuck out of your apartment and headed towards the stairs he was talking about. Since you moved into the same apartment building as Peter the two of you had made it a habit to hang out here when it was past curfew or if you guys didn’t want the prying eyes of your parents or May. Taking a seat on the stairs behind the door you did the only thing you could do now, and that was to wait.

Within a few minutes, Peter trailed into the staircase and sat parallel to you and the same step. But leaving a safe distance between the two of you.

“So, I wanted to talk to you about something.” He started off trying and failing to control his shaky voice. Not maintaining his nerves to the extent that he was hoping too. Once he paused you gave him an encouraging nod to continue talking, but that may have just been because you were too nervous to speak. 

“I mean that kiss tonight. I’m sorry if you felt obligated to kiss me because everyone was watching us.” he said as he looked down at his feet before taking a deep breath and continuing, “because don’t get me wrong, I uhh, well I kinda wanted to kiss. So the mistletoe just turned out to be a push in the right direction. Well for me at least..” he spoke as he stumbled out the sentence. You felt as if your heart was beating out of your chest and you were almost certain that Peter could hear it. You kept opening and closing your mouth somewhat resembling a fish as you collected your thoughts.

“Oh god, it’s alright if you don’t feel the same way, I just wanted to tell you. And I hope that this doesn’t ruin our friendship. Because yeah I do really like you, but you’re my best friend ” Peter said as he rambled on speaking at the rate of a mile minute.

“Wait, you think I don’t feel the same way?” tilting your head slightly “Peter I’ve had a crush on you for what seems like forever,” you told him as you felt the heat rise your cheeks and a sheepish smile taking over your facial expression. Before you could say anything else Peter grabbed your face in his hands and delicately held you before slowly leaning in and meeting your lips with his fiery passion. Your nerve endings in your lips and lounge felt like they were in a frenzy and he brushed his tongue against your lip and moved one hand to the back of your head to hold you in place and the other one continued to caress your cheek. Finally, the two of you had to pull apart for air and you made eye contact before giggling quietly to yourself in awe at how this perfect, smart, beautiful boy wanted to spend his night kissing you in the stairwell in your apartment complex.

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New Series!

The Avengers had no knowledge of the Immortal Army, an organisation just like their own, harbouring enhanced individuals for the greater good of the world. Well until The Avengers deemed the Immortal Army a threat to Earth, without knowledge on who they were, and they powers the had.


Originally posted by van-dyne


Originally posted by marauderspads


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Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines


Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

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[ID: An autism alignment chart with marvel comic characters that goes as follows: Bold of you to assume, I’m functional: Billy Kaplan. How dare you assume, I’m functional: Clint Barton. Please assume, I’m functional: Wanda Maximoff. Bold of you to assume, I’m a genius: Scott Summers. How dare you assume, I’m a genius: Gwen Poole. Please assume, I’m a genius: Peter Parker Bold of you to assume, I like hugs: Tommy Shepherd. How dare you assume, I like hugs: Laura Kinney. Please assume, I like hugs: Miles Morales. END ID]

Since I haven’t had energy to do anything cool, I made this with my favorite marvel comic autism headcanons.

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The Devil Wears Prada || SAMBUCKY AU!

Summary: Where Sam Wilson needs a new job and his best friend connected some dots and talked to his boyfriend to get him a job at the magazine Runway as an assistant of the editor-in-chief, James Barnes.


Loki 🛫🛬 Bucky

Steve 🛫🛬 Sam

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Can we talk about how UNDERRATED this iron dad moment is?

Quill threatens to shoot peter, and what’s Tony’s first response?

Get the LARGEST blaster possible in his suit and aims it right at Drax.

When Peter’s well being is concerned…Tony doesn’t mess around.

And him saying “you shoot my guy and I’ll blast him. Let’s go!”

My guy? Doesn’t that sound weird? It’s always felt awkward to me

My personal headcannon is that he wanted to say

“Let’s do it! You shoot my son and I’ll blast him, let’s go!”

But corrected himself last second because he’s thinking

‘these people are strangers and are threatening our lives, if they have an idea of my relationship to him, they could keep him in danger to make Sure I do whatever they want’

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“Wade sighed. It was late, he had an early start tomorrow, but the space beside him on the mattress was feeling particularly empty tonight, and he didn’t mind a little company, even if it was only digital.”

On a night out, Peter is given a phone number by a hot guy. Little does he know the number actually belongs to Wade, who is going to get more than he could have dreamed from this unexpected conversation.

Does phone sex count as a one-night-stand?

Bottom right hand photo by Their photos are GLORIOUS.

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A/N: this is all fluffffff

its a university!roommate au and kinda short and idrk if its a blurb but i hope yall like it :)


Summary: She shows up in tears at their apartment and Peter isn’t really sure what to do. 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: None, maybe angst if you blink ? 

Word Count: Short :)



Peter Parker was abruptly interrupted from his relentless studying of quantum physics.

The front door to his shared dorm flew open and slammed shut, quickly tearing him out of his note-induced trance.

Not slamming the front door was something like an unspoken rule between him and his roommate because closing it too harshly caused damage to the seal and repairing it would be too much money for the two broke university students, and Peter and his roommate deemed it a ‘rule’ to never slam unless completely and absolutely necessary.

So the unknowing boy had half a mind to run at the person coming into his dorm, having every reason for it not to be his roommate— until he saw Y/N trembling stoically in the doorway.

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A/N: Hey friends! I can’t believe the last time I wrote was about four years ago! A lot has happened since and I’d love to give you an update, but there’s not enough space here! Let me know if you’d be interested haha!

Prompt: This is based on the prompt “you know my name?” from the 101 Drabble thing I reblogged! I’m still rusty so I’m sorry if this sucks haha. Let me know if you want more!

You were slapped in the face with the cold New York air as you slammed your front door shut. You stormed down the sidewalk, not a destination in your mind. The tip of your nose turned bright red while you adjusted your scarf to cover your nose. You had just gotten into a massive argument with your boyfriend, but it was nothing new. Tears burned at the corner of your eyelids as you blinked the cold air away.

You and your boyfriend had been arguing for weeks now. He’d been rude, cold, and distant. It took all you had to keep walking and avoid going back to the house and beg for his forgiveness. You felt your fingers grip your phone as you subconsciously texted your best friend Peter. 

you awake?

A loud sigh left your lips as you looked at the night sky. You weren’t sure where you were going, but you were sure that you would walk until you couldn’t anymore.

another fight?

A silent curse fell off your tongue as you read Peter’s text. It seemed that the only time you texted Peter was when there was another fight. He knew you better than anyone and you wished that you’d never met your boyfriend. Before you’d gotten comfortable in the misery that was your boyfriend, Ian, you and Peter were inseparable. You prepared to text back, but a hand gripped your waist. Hot air fanned against the back of your neck as something hard pressed against the center of your back. “Don’t move,” a gruff voice commanded into your ear.

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Could we get number 6 and 15 with Tom Holland please?? X

Pairing: Professor Tom Holland x Female Reader

6. “You make every day worth living.”

15. “I’ve got you.”

You were on a date with Tom for the night since he wanted to spend some time with you. You were eating and drinking in the restaurant and having a good time.

“College students aren’t so bad.” He took a sip of his drink.

“The only thing I don’t think is they email me every second if something is wrong.” He chuckled a bit.

“It sounds to me you complaining about being a professor.” You teased him laughing.

Tom rolled his eyes. “Uh huh.” He reaches for your hand across the table and holds onto it.

You blushed just staring at him. “What?”

“You make every day worth living. ” He held onto your hand and pressed his lips against your hand.

Y/N smiled a bit.

“You like your job?” Tom question you.

“Being a babysitter isn’t that bad but her kids are always whining.” You said finishing your drink.

“Sometimes I want to quit and maybe own my own babysitter service.” Tom nodded listening to you.

“If I do quit then I’ll have to go back to school so it’s whatever I decided.” You stated honestly.

Tom nodded listening. “I got you.”

You smiled hearing him say that. You thought maybe Tom can stay in your life for a while to see how this goes.

Prompt list

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It’s Redundant

“Peter! What are you doing out of bed?! How did Cho–”

“The right kidney can do everything the left one can. The second one is redundant. I have work to do, and it can be done with one kidney.” Tony grabbed his wrist, turning him around slowly.

“I don’t know where you heard that, but it’s not true. You need to get back to the your bed and off your feet.” Peter huffed, stomping his foot. “Tony, I’m perfectly fine! I have super healing!”

“Your super healing can’t do it’s job if you don’t rest.”

“And I can’t do my job if I don’t go to work!”

Tony scowled at him, jaw set. Peter could tell this was nonnegotioable, that Tony was never going to say yes. He sighed, looking down at his feet.

Fine! I’ll go back to bed,” Peter grumbled, stomping down. Tony smiled, head tilting slightly as he watched Peter stumble back to his bed.

Can you feel the love tonight,” Steve mumble sang into his glass of water. Tony’s head whipped around, attempting to sneer but his smile stayed.

“Shut it, Rogers.”


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Imma just sit here waiting till someone with writing skills writes a Percy Jackson Peter Parker crossover where Annabeth goes to Midtown and becomes friends with Peter (which leads to him and Percy becoming best friends when meeting) and Annabeth gets a weird vibe off him so she decides to “investigate” him (she’s not taking chances after all the shit her and Percy have been through) and she thinks he might be spying on them or something so she confronts him and he’s like confused af when she starts to talk about Greek gods and that and he just goes “um… I’m just spider-man”

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Shuri: [texting] Y-you…you know what? get Tony to help you. I can’t deal with this sh*t.

Peter: ok!


Shuri: …….God has abandoned me in the dumbest timeline.

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Chapter Nine: Used To Be


Originally posted by flexingtyger99

// Strangers // Trust // Hesitate // Only Human // Don’t Throw It Away // Rollercoaster // Love Her // Comeback //

//Series Inspo: @stuckonspidey@cxptain-capsicle​ // Series Tags: @writingsbychlo@mc225g@fandom-princess-forevermore@istg-lyssa-stop @olliekookie @rosegoldhome@chubsluda@missmulti@eternaleviee@freerebel @peterparker-glee-other @disgustangg@jackiehollanderr@imsobored3000  @eridanuswave@drunklili​ //

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word Count: 14,475

Summary: Five years is a long time, but it’s time that Tony takes to rebuild his life and his family. He never forgot his oldest daughter, but he did learn to move on. When Steve comes to him asking for help, can Tony get things back to they way they Used To Be?

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Peter you were scared.

I know. But I still regret it. I… I don’t really wanna talk about this anymore right now, I’m sorry.

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