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the words i never said | 2

summary- when tom never said goodbye, and you end up in a car crash, will tom ever get to say the goodbye he meant to say? or is it too late?

warnings- angst, coma, but fluff!


Originally posted by hollands-gf


weeks had passed and you haven’t woken up. when each second passes tom’s guilt increases. he blames himself. for this. he just wants to make you know, 100%, that he loves you so much. but, he feels like he blew it. all because he was late for an interview.

nurses try to reassure tom, that your improving. your heart is getting better, as well as your brain. even though, your making no signals to say when you will wake up, you will get better. but, even though nursers are trying to reassure tom, there always reassuring themselves.

“mate, go outside. you haven’t left in days.” harrison repeats, already telling tom an hour ago, and the hour before.

these past weeks, tom hasn’t left your side. tears stopped falling on the first week, but he just stares at you. admiring every single feature, while holding your hand.

tom shakes his head, not meeting harrison’s pleading eyes, “no.”

harrison sighs, “tom, she wouldn’t want you to do this-“

“what do you know what she wants? she’s in a fucking coma!” tom shouts, glancing quickly at him before looking back at you.

“i know. but, if she wasn’t, she would want you to go outside at least.”

“harrison, go away.”

harrison sighed again, knowing how he won’t win this battle. he places a plate of food on the table by tom, before removing another plate of food, which hasn’t been touched since he gave it to him, yesterday. harrison hated that you weren’t waking up. but, he also hated how his best friend was acting. he was empty without you.

“please. go outside. i’ll stay here and if anything happens, i’ll let you know.”

“noting will happen, harrison.” tom gritted, before he looked at you again. he leant in to kiss your forehead, before heading to the canteen to get some food.

harrison sat down where tom was, studying you. even though the cuts have healed, and the bandage around your neck was gone and there was no tubes, you were still pale. harrison didn’t want to think of the worst thing. for his sake, as well as tom’s.

minutes passed, and tom came back in looking a bit better, but there were still bags under his bloodshot eyes. his hair was a bit presentable, but it was still messy from the amount of times he’s ran his fingers through it.

“thank you, tom.” harrison spoke, gesturing to the bottle of water in his hand. tom only nodded, before sitting down next to harrison.

“she’s not going to wake up, is she?”

harrison’s eyes went wide, “no. stop it. she is. just be hopeful.”

“harrison,” tom croaked, “s-she’s already gone.”

harrison shook his head, “i’m not going to allow you, to think of that. don’t. be hopefull. she’s going to be okay.”

“HARRISON!” tom screamed, standing up abruptly, “STOP! she’s gone! just STOP SHE’S FUCKING DEAD ALREADY!”

tom’s angry and distressed words, were interrupted by a sound they haven’t heard in weeks. a beep. from your monitor.

tom’s head shot up at the sound. nursers came running in, opening your eyes to see if you react to it. when you do, tom can’t help but cry. harrison cries too. your alive.

you open your eyes. after weeks of hearing tom’s heartbroken words, you’re glad your body is finally listening to you. it’s been hard. hearing. feeing. and not being able to do anything about it. you groaned, as your eyes adjusted to the bright light. your vision was fuzzy, glancing around the room to see something clear. when your eyes, met a chocolate one, your vision started clearing up.

“y/n, h-hi.” tom whispered. you smiled, trying to say hi back, but your throat was sore.

“it’s okay,” tom carried on, “i missed you so much darling.”

you looked at him, bringing your hand up to wipe away his tears. tom melted into the touch. he missed this. he leant in, pecking your lips quickly before wrapping his arms around your body. he started to sob into the crook of your neck. you understood why. he was relieved.

“i love you.” tom croaked, in between sobs.

“i love you too.” you replied, barely even a whisper, but tom knew you meant it as much as he did.


a/n- short but sweet! thanks for reading part two!


tom holland tag list-

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peter: hi im michael with a b and ive been afraid of insects my whole life
bucky: wait stop
peter: hm?
bucky: wheres the b?
peter: ᵗʰᵉʳᵉˢ ᵃ ᵇᵉᵉ?
peter: hi im michael with a t and ive been afraid of gossip my whole life
bucky: wait stop
peter: hm?
bucky: wheres the t?
peter: ᵗʰᵉʳᵉˢ ᵍᵒˢˢᶦᵖ?
peter: hi im michael with a p and ive been afraid of bodily fluids my whole life
bucky: wait stop
peter: hm?
bucky: wheres the p?
peter: ᵗʰᵉʳᵉˢ ᵘʳᶦⁿᵉ?
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Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

After I wrote Autistic love, I discovered that there are barely enough fics with autistic characters. Since some of you asked for a second part, here it is! You don’t have to read the first one to understand this, they are different fics with just autistic! Peter in common. I’m thinking about doing a section in this blog about Autistic love, with fics like this one. What do you think?

As said before, please understand that I’m trying my best and I’m sorry if I’m wrong in some aspects. Let me know, respectfully, if I’m doing something wrong.

Plot: Peter and you have decided to meet your mother for lunch, and he’s going to discover how much you and your family care about him.

“This is… this is a really fancy restaurant”

You looked back to Peter, who had stopped walking and was standing in the middle of the room, eyes wide and hands tugging at the end of his sweater. To you, he looked handsome and adorable, but to some of the people that were on the closest tables to you looked quite weird, according to the looks he was receiving. So you went back to where he had stopped, your short heels clicking against the wooden floor.

“Pete” you called out his name, taking his hand against yours. It was a boundary you had overcame barely a month before, even though sometimes he rejected your touch. But he didn’t complain, and let you envelop his fingers with yours. “It’s fine. I’m not gonna leave you, and we don’t have to talk to any of this people”

“Just with your mother, hm?”

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I know everyone likes to latch on to the ‘Peter Parker is worthy of lifting Mjolnir’ headcanons…but friendly reminder that he canonically can’t do it because hes unwilling to kill even when it’s necessary-Mjolnir doesn’t follow our traditional ideals of a hero when its deeming who’s worthy, and as such, the willingness to kill when the situation requires it is one of the traits it looks for in a wielder. Peter is unworthy because he refuses to compromise his own morals-which isn’t a bad thing at all! It’s a really good trait to have! People just seem to forget that a lot.

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Peter and Tony thinking things

Can you imagine all the times peter was like “YOURe not EVeN HErE” to tony in the suit but (remember that scene when he really was actually in the suit and he steps out)— BUT IMAGINE PETER BEING LIKE “YOURE NOT EVEN HERE” AS HE WEEPS IN FRONT OF THE SUIT- OR THE MANY SUITS TONY HAS BECAUSE I CAN

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He wasn’t in the suit.

If he was, Karen would’ve sent an emergency alert to Tony as soon as the warehouse had fallen, maybe even sooner like when he crashed Flash’s car.

His mask is missing, his suit is in pieces, he’s out of web fluid, he doesn’t have a phone, he can barely think beyond the simple of task of putting one foot in front of the other.

As though crashing a car and having a warehouse dropped him wasn’t bad enough in one night, and not only did he have to go through a plane crash, he also had to fight a supervillain with nasty talons in the middle of the flaming wreckage from the plane crash.

The fact that his heart is still beating, albeit much too fast and jumpy, is a huge surprise.

He doesn’t care if Tony hates him or if Peter’s just been a nuisance this whole time, he doesn’t care because he knows, either way, Tony won’t let him die. But he needs a phone first.

That’s how he ends up stumbling into the first corner store he sees, already feeling guilty for the blood that smears across the floor as he makes his way to the cash where a young girl is working.

“Hi, uh, ma’am,” Peter chokes out awkwardly. The girl jumps and her eyes go comically wide as she sees Peter’s bloody, dirty, and battered state. “Sorry to do this to you, but I, uh, I could really use a phone.”

She doesn’t say anything for a long moment, long enough that Peter’s hands go numb and he thinks he might pass out before he even has the chance to call for help.

“Ma’am?” Peter winces as the girl flinches, finally fumbling for her phone on the desk.

“Yeah, yeah, of course.”

Peter thanks her and apologies a few more times, leaning against the shelves to try to catch his breath as he dials Happy’s number. There’s a part of him that’s worried Happy might not pick up at all because it’s not like Peter’s done much more than cause trouble and annoy him, but the last of his hope is banking on Happy already having seen the damage.

“Oh thank fuck, kid.”

It’s not Happy’s voice that rings out of the phone.

“Mister Stark?”

The girl at the counter is still staring at him, not even bothering to hide her blatant eavesdropping. It is her phone after all, but Peter’s starting to feel incredibly weak, knees struggling to hold him up even as he lets the shelves bear most of his weight.

“Kid?” Tony doesn’t sound angry like Peter thought he would, like he expected him to be, he sounds almost worried. Like how May sounded when Peter got home after the mess with ferry. That seems like heaven compared to what’s ruined homecoming night. “Where are you? I can’t- Happy told me the plane went down on and there’s been sightings of you and that Ted kid’s been calling Happy nonstop all night-”

There’s too many words and Peter feels like sludge as he sinks to the floor, phone still clutched in his numb hands. The cashier jumps in surprise but she still seems to be stuck in shock at the circumstances of what was supposed to be a normal shift.

“-kid? C’mon, kid, I need you to focus up. I’m in Coney Island right now, I just need your location. This looks like it was a messy fight.”

Peter looks up at the cashier. “Where am I?”

“Corner Store. 12th and Bowery.”

“I got it, kid. I’m on my way, I’m coming to get you and if you need medical, we’ll fix you right up, okay?”

He nods a few times before realizing Tony can’t see him, but he can’t remember what he’s supposed to say or how to say it and his eyes are starting to drift shut of their own accord.

But the cashier is still staring at him, Tony’s still rambling in his ear, he’s still bleeding out on a corner store floor. He needs to keep his head on straight for another few minutes, until Tony gets here.

He doesn’t know how he does it, but he drags his feet under him and he gives the phone back to the cashier, murmuring his gratitude and apologies as he stumbles to the door where a black car is already pulling up to the curb, back door thrown open.

Happy’s driving and Tony’s in the back, eyes wide. Peter almost laughs at how similar Tony and the cashier look in this moment, all shocked and worried, but he doesn’t have the energy to.

Tony’s hands are on him as soon as he shuts the door behind Peter, car jerking into motion.

“What the fuck happened to you? What were you thinking?” And there’s the anger Peter was waiting for. “I get to the site and there’s blood everywhere and your webs when I distinctly remember telling you not to get involved, to lay low.”

“I’m sorry,” Peter says. His voice is too high, too whiny, too childish, even to his own ears.

But it does something because Tony’s whole face falls and his hands are trembling where they’re hovering over Peter’s chest, wanting to help but not knowing how.

“No, kid, don’t- I’m the one who’s sorry. I shouldn’t have taken your suit. It was the one thing keeping you safe and I took it away from you, and this is what happened.” Tony’s head falls into his hands and a bit of blood, of Peter’s blood, gets in his hair. “I’m so fucking sorry, kid. None of this should’ve happened. Don’t be sorry, just- just focus on not passing out, alright?”

“Almost there, boss,” Happy informs from the front seat.

There’s a jolt as the car takes a corner too fast and Peter barely manages to stifle his cry of pain.

“Not mad?”

It’s the only thing that seems important through the haze of confusion. He doesn’t care about himself or the numbness that snakes up his hands and into his chest, stilling the throbbing pain. He doesn’t care about what happened to Toomes or the things on the plane. He doesn’t care about where they’re going or the amount of blood he’s getting over the leather seats.

Tony lets out a laugh, a touch too hysterical and unhumorous, and he grabs Peter’s forearm, the only bit of him that doesn’t look injured. “I’m not mad. You did good, kid, I’m proud of you. You did good.”

Apparently, that’s enough for the numbness to wash over the rest of him, and before he can stop himself, his eyes are sliding shut.

But he knows he’ll be okay. He’s in good hands.

When he wakes up, hours later and practically swaddled in blankets, Tony’s still there, still at his side, hand still on his forearm.

“Could you make sure to pay that cashier? Enough to cover the huge mess I made of her store? I feel bad.”

Tony jolts, looking up as a laugh bubbles out of him. He rolls his eyes in amusement. “Of course that’s the first thing you think of.”

Shrugging, he grins up at Tony, probably a little doped up on painkillers and a little too proud of himself after the mess of the previous day, but grinning nonetheless. “I feel bad, Mister Stark! I got blood everywhere and I must’ve knocked over at least a few displays.”

“Yeah, kid, whatever you want. I’ll add it to my to do list. One, make sure you were alright. Two, let your aunt know you hadn’t gone MIA. Three, offer you a real internship. Four, give you your suit back. Five, pay that cashier for the damages.”

Peter sits up, too suddenly for Tony to stop him, smile widening. “You’re giving me my suit back? You’re- You want to offer me an internship?”

“I messed up, kid, and I want to make it up to you. You’re a good kid, a smart one. I could use a mind like yours working in my labs. Plus, I’ve been meaning to get a new personal assistant ever since I promoted Pepper.”

“I should warn you in advance, the last time I tried to make coffee, I managed to set a fire, so I’m probably not a good candidate for an assistant.”

Tony rolls his eyes again, shaking his head as he pushes Peter’s shoulder until he lies back. “Too bad, kid. You’re the only candidate so you better be up for the task.”

Peter grins dopily, eyes already closed again. “Ned’s going to flip when he hears all of this.”  

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Tony: It’s my birthday!
Peter: *bringing in a birthday cake* Happy birthday Mr. Stark! I hope you get to celebrate so many more!
Stephen: You know, studies show that the more birthdays you have the longer you live.
Tony: …
Peter: …
Stephen: …
Tony: Yeah no shit Sherlock. 

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As a human who’s been away from Earth for so long, Peter Quill can’t deny his curiosity about the new music trends that rose at home while he was gone, and who’s better to enlighten him about what’s popular on Earth these days than Gen Z Peter Parker with his loooong music catalogue in his phone? Tony doesn’t seem to get why his kid’s being so friendly to “Flash Gordon” over there, but they have a little time to spare until Thanos arrives on Titan to get the Time Stone. 😅

All jokes aside, I would love to see these two interact more in the MCU later in the future. They’re both named Peter, they both lost their parents, they both saw their father figures die to protect them and other… Plus, it would probably be hilarious. 😂

This one took me a while, about 2 days. Hope you like it. 😉

Marvel, Sony and Stan Lee ©

Art by Maryo274 ©

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I know! I only got a few slightly smutty requests but I felt like I had to just put out some soft content! Kind of make everyone feel warm 🥰🥰

I’m glad you enjoyed it! 💖

Half Way There Event Masterlist

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Peter, who has been avoiding his math homework all afternoon: It’s amazing what intense amounts of procrastination can do


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Actually, Morgan and Peter’s screen time is the same in Endgame

  • Morgan: 3 minutes.
  • Peter: 3 minutes. 

y’all really take everything like a competition.

Yeah, a pupil/mentee can be at his mentor’s funeral but can a simple mentor:

Be emotionally attached to the point that his student’s health almost sends him into an almost anxiety attack every time he’s in danger?


Call to say he is trying to break a cycle he had with his own father implying he sees Peter as his own son?


Memorize Peter’s numerous calls to the point where he can tell when Peter quit his school’s band?


Abnormally ask for the suit he built for said mentee with thousands of protection settings in a dramatically forever fashion just because Peter almost got hurt?


Say he sounds like his own father after lecturing Peter like a dad?


Lecture Peter about thinking about college and telling him he can get him into MIT, his alma mater?


Keep a framed photo of them in his kitchen right beside a photo of his own dad? Don’t care about Howard but symbolic much?


Make time travel possible and go back in time just because of him even if his teammates practically begged him to help?


Am I saying that a mentor cannot care about his mentee to this degree? No, I’m not saying that but Tony cared about Peter and saw him as his own son, stop diminishing that part only because you want Morgan to be an only child.

Images are not mine. The gif is not mine. Credits to all authors/makers.

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peter’s enhanced senses would make him waay more in tune with every little thing that’s going on around him: random bugs flying around, a goose that’s a couple hundred feet away, etc. the boy simply cannot focus with all of that happening at once. maybe he got a better hold on it as he got more used to his powers, but when he first got them, that had to have been the Most Distracting Thing in the World

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