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#peter parker
incorrectmarvelquote · 9 hours ago
Peter: Goodnight
Harley: Sleep tight
Peter: Don’t let the bedbugs bite
Harley: Tonight
Peter: Imma fight
Harley: Til we see the sunlight
Peter: Tick tock
Harley: On the clock
Peter: But the party don’t stop no
Tony: [from down the hall] SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO TO SLEEP
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wlwfanfictionss · 13 hours ago
Yelena: In my defense, I was left unsupervised. Natasha: Wasn't Y/N with you? Y/N: In my defense, I was also left unsupervised.
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bisexual-chupacabra · 14 hours ago
*Natasha walks into the room laughing and talking to Steve*
Y/N: *gasp* oh my god
Peter: Are you okay?
Y/N: I think I'm having a heart attack.
Peter: Symptoms quick!
Y/N: tight chest, sweaty palms, nausea
Peter: Do you smell burnt toast?
*Natasha looks at Y/N and smiles*
Y/N: *disoriented noises*
Peter: and slurred speech. WebMD says you're either having a stroke or you're in love.
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vendettaparker · 5 hours ago
Red-Handed [P.P]
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Peter get caught red-handed playing “naked games” by Morgan, leading to am extremely pissed off Tony.
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: mentions of sex/implied sex, swearing, typos
a/n: ahhh i’m just craving some stark!reader father daughter fluff :))) as always, reblogs and comments and greatly appreciated! enjoy!
It was the little things about Peter that pissed you off. Overall he was a great person and an even better boyfriend. But he had little habits that could sour your whole mood. Like when he would skip through all the songs on a long car ride to get to the one he wanted, instead of just letting them play through or immediately clicking that specific song. Or when he’d take a few bites out of an apple, and then throw it away because he changed his mind about wanting it. One of his worst habits was leaving his coffee in the microwave after heating it up. He was such a busy person, he was always leaving his coffee or his phone lying around. 
One of Peter’s worst habits, that you didn’t really mind until recently, was forgetting to set his alarm. 
When your dad was home, you and Peter hung out only as friends. You were always touchy and feely friends so the facade of a platonic friendship was easy to maintain when you switched from best friends to a stable relationship.
Tony, your dad, never really like how touchy you and Peter were with each other. Like during freshman year of high school when you invited Peter over for Avengers game night and spent most of the night on his lap. 
It irked Tony to see his daughter being so touchy with his intern, but you and Peter swore up and down that you were just friends, so Tony let most of the touchiness slide. 
It was when you and Peter decided that you both loved each other too much to remain ‘just friends’, that you decided not to tell Tony. You and Peter both had this irrational fear of how your dad would react. So for months, you worked out a system to avoid Tony finding out at all costs. 
It started simple. Whenever Tony was home, you and Peter would hang out at his apartment. Whether it was to just cuddle or to fuck, you did it at Peter’s place. If May was home then you’d just sit around and watch movies, sometimes you’d even make out, but that usually led to more, so for the most part you just cuddled. 
When your dad was away on business or on a mission you’d let Peter stay the night in your room. The one flaw to that plan was your nosy sister, but Morgan was too young to understand why Peter always stayed the night when Tony was away, so she usually didn’t say anything. 
However, lately, Peter has been so busy with college, and you had been working your ass off on a new case for SHIELD, so to say that you were both a little touch starved would be an understatement. You were completely, irrevocably needy, and Peter was no better. So your new plan was to sneak Peter around 1 am and set his alarm so he could be gone by 6. It was a foolproof plan. Peter could get plenty of sleep before he had to meet up with you and he could go to sleep when he got back to his apartment since he never had any classes before 10. 
The one problem was Peter’s forgetfulness with his alarm. 
“God, I missed you so much,” Peter sighed as he flopped back down on his back. 
You wiggled out of his grasp and sighed, “I missed you too. We should work out more time to see each other.” 
Peter pouted as he crawled across the bed and made grabby hands at you, “Where’re you going?” 
“Gotta pee,” You said, “also, don’t forget to set your alarm.” You pointed at him before strutting off to the ensuite bathroom. 
“Yeah, okay,” Peter nodded but made no moves towards his phone. 
You came back with a cool rag and ran it over Peter’s body, which caused him to shiver. 
“Sorry,” You smiled, apologetically, “just gotta clean this up a bit.” 
“It’s alright,” Peter yawned, “come back to bed though, I wanna cuddle before I fall asleep.”
You rolled your eyes and tossed the damp rag into the laundry hamper before snuggling back into bed. You crawled over Peter’s body and laid across his chest as he hummed contently in your hair. 
“Love you,” He mumbled, pressing a soft kiss to your crown. 
“Love you too,” You sighed, letting the warmth of Peter’s body and the gentle thump of his heart lull you to sleep. 
You curled in Peter’s warm embrace as the morning light began to peek through your blinds. The bustling of the city below you began to stir. Peter was slowly waking up, but the sweet smell of your hair and your smooth skin pressed against him kept him glued to your side. 
His senses were completely calmed, and it didn’t even cross his mind that he slept in two hours past what he was supposed to set the alarm for. 
Tony was already strolling up to the common floor, ready to grab some more after a long night of coffee and lab work. Morgan was already up and ready for preschool and most, if not all, the avengers were already in the training room or kitchen. 
“Hey, Stark!” Steve called to Tony before he could make it to the penthouse, “where’s (Y/N)?” 
Tony shrugged, “She probably just slept in. Morg,” Tony snapped his fingers at Morgan who was sitting at the counter with her backpack on and two dolls in her hands, “go get your sister and tell her it’s time to get up.” 
Morgan rolled her eyes and huffed out in annoyance, “Fine,” she grumbled as she set her dolls down and ran to the elevator. 
“God,” Tony groaned, “she’s already acting like a teenager.” 
Wanda nodded with a smirk, “Just wait,” She chuckled. 
Peter nuzzled his head further into your chest, causing you to grimace, “Stop, Pete,” you rolled over so your back was facing him instead. 
“No,” He pouted, “I was so comfortable.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you against him. 
“Hm,” You hummed, “what time is—”
“(Y/N)!” Morgan busted your door open, causing you and Peter to spring apart at the intrusion, “Dad said—oh.” She stood there on the threshold of the door staring at you and Peter who looked like deer in headlights. “Hi, Petey,” She smiled, running over to get on the bed, “why’re you here?”
“Um—I, uh, I was just hanging out with (Y/N),” Peter forced a smile.
“Morgan,” You gently nudged her off the bed and back onto the ground, “I’ll be downstairs in a minute. Go now, you’re gonna be late for preschool.” 
“That’s not fair,” Morgan pouted, “you guys always hang out without me. Just ‘cause I’m little doesn’t mean I’m not fun.” 
Morgan crossed her arms and stomped out of the room while you and Peter did your best to hold in your laughter at her antics. 
“God,” You giggled, “such a diva.” 
“Must be a Stark quality,” Peter joked and he elbowed you.
“Haha,” You said sarcastically, “very funny. What time is it?”
Peter checked his and groaned, “Already half-past eight,” Peter looked at you apologetically before moving to get his clothes on, “sorry, babe, I forgot to set my alarm.” 
You shrugged it off, “It’s alright, just leave now before my dad realizes you’re here. Or better yet, leave out the window and come back in through the lobby and up the elevator, then we can still hang out.” 
“You’re brilliant,” Peter smiled, leaning in to give you a peck on the lips. 
Morgan pouted the whole way down to the common room, and the minute she walked in Tony could tell she was sour about something. Hell, the whole room could with the way she stopped her feet. 
“What’s wrong with you, kid?” Sam asked when she passed him to get to her dolls. 
“Hey, kiddo,” Tony spoke up, “where’s (Y/N)? I thought you were going to bring her down here?”
“She’s too busy playing naked games with Peter.” Morgan huffed. “And I’m not allowed to play.” 
Tony properly spit his coffee out onto the kitchen counter, splattering all over the marble countertop, “She’s what?!” 
“She and Petey always play games without me,” Morgan cried, “and it’s not fair because I’m fun too! I want to cuddle and wrestle naked but they won’t let me!” 
The entire kitchen was silent, save for Morgan’s sniffling, and Tony’s heavy breathing. 
“I’m gonna kill ‘em.” He finally decided, rushing to the elevator to go up to the penthouse. 
“Shit,” Bucky mumbled, “should we stop him?” 
“Nah,” Sam shook his head, “but let’s go watch. I love a good show.” He smirked before he and the rest of the team filed into the elevator and made their way to the top floor. 
Peter hummed contently as he gave you a plush peck, “Can’t I just stay here with you a little longer,” he whined, holding your body flush against his, “I just wanna hold you.”
“Peter,” You cooed, but turned away from his embrace, “no, just come back in a few minutes.” You tried to pry him off of you and to no avail. “You’re being clingy again, Parker.” You tsked. 
“I’m sorry,” Peter sighed, “wait, no I’m not,” he decided, “I’ll never apologize for loving you so much, in fact, I’ll show you just how much right now—”
Tony busted through the door, slamming it against the wall, shaking the room and causing you and Peter to jump, “Oh god!” He yelled, and covered his eyes, “What the hell?!” 
“Dad!” You covered your and Peter’s bodies with the comforter, “Get out!” You hissed. 
“Jesus Christ!” Tony was fuming, his hand clenched over his face and the vein of his neck was about to burst, “Downstairs, two minutes.” He ordered, “We need to have a talk.” 
Tony left without another word, as you and Peter sat there shocked. Once the shock ebbed away, the panic began. 
“Oh my god,” Peter’s eyes were filled with fear and he was sweating at the thought of what Tony would do to him, “he’s gonna kill me, (Y/N). I’m as good as dead.” 
You climbed out of bed and tossed Peter’s clothes to him before you began to get dressed, “Let’s just get this over with,” You tried to calm Peter’s nerves, “I’m sure he’ll just yell at us, and then let us go.” 
“(Y/N), we hid this from him for nearly a year, and he just caught me, his intern, in bed, naked, with you, his daughter.” Peter explained, “He’s not gonna let this go that easily.”
You and Peter strolled hand in hand down to your father’s office, past the nosy glances of the other Avengers and Morgan’s pouting face. Your dad was in his office wiping his hands over his eyes and tapping his foot. He was anxious, disappointed, angry; he was every negative emotion you could think up, and it showed. The way the vein of his neck popped out and his face was red, fuming with rage. 
You closed the door behind you and stood slightly in front of Peter, wanting to shield him from the lashing you were both about to receive. 
“So,” Tony pinched the bridge of his nose, “let me get this straight. I give you a suit, I make you an Avenger, I let you train, work, and hang out in my six hundred million dollar tower, and you repay me by sleeping with my daughter?”
“It’s like that dad—”
“Quiet!” Tony seethed. He walked over to his desk and sat down with a huff, rubbing his hands over his face. You squeezed Peter’s arm reassuringly as the poor boy’s heart nearly burst out of his chest. 
“I want you out of this tower in the next ten minutes. You can only come by to train, and even then you are no longer permitted in the penthouse.” Tony stated, giving Peter a harsh glare, “Am I understood?” Peter gulped but nodded anyway. “If I catch you hanging around (Y/N), I’m taking the suit. No second chances.” 
Peter nodded again and turned to leave. He gave you an apologetic smile and finally let go of your hand, determined to leave before you could see the tears leave his eyes. 
“No,” You said, gripping Peter’s hand again. “I’m sorry, but no. Dad,” You turned to Tony, “I’m eighteen. I'm an adult and you can’t dictate my life like this. I’m sorry you caught us in that moment, and I’m sorry we kept this from you, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing, you can do to stop us from loving each other. If anything, you should be happy. You know for a fact that I will never find anyone better than Peter. I would never want to try.” You finished with a deep breath, “I’m sorry, but no.” 
Tony stood for his desk and bounded towards you, “Love?” He scoffed, “(Y/N), you are a child. You don’t know what love is. You’re too young, and do you even know what boys Peter’s age think about?” Tony motioned to Peter, “I’m trying to save you from the heartbreak.” 
“I-I would never break her heart, Mr. Stark,” Peter spoke up. “If anything, I’ll be the one to leave this relationship with a broken heart.” 
“Don’t you want me to be happy?” You asked Tony, “Peter makes me happy.” 
“That’s all I want for you,” Tony sighed, “but you’re still my little girl, (Y/N/N).” 
“I’ll always be your little girl, dad,” You rolled your eyes and let go of Peter's hand to hug your dad, “but I’m growing up. I need these experiences, even if they end badly.”
Tony sighed and sniffled. You never realized how much of a change this would be for him. Not only was it a big step for you, but it was world-altering for him. It was as if he was losing his baby girl. Maybe you should've told him earlier, but the result would probably be similar; a father feeling like his daughter was slipping through his fingers. 
“I’m sorry, dad,” You hinged him tight as he gripped onto you, trying to keep his little girl in his grasp, “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you.” 
 “I just want you to be safe,” Tony said, “I want to protect you.”
“You’ll never need to protect me from Peter,” You chuckled, “I mean look at him,” You motioned over to Peter who was standing awkwardly, swaying on his feet. 
Tony chuckled lightly and wiped his eyes, “yeah, I guess you’re right. I’m sorry for overreacting, kiddo.” he said as he ruffled your hair, “as for you, Parker.” He said sternly, drawing Peter’s attention back to him, “protection every time, consent always, and none of that if Morgan, or anyone else for that matter, is in the penthouse. I’m trusting you with the most important thing in my life.” 
“Yes sir,” Peter nodded, putting an arm around you, “I could never hurt her.” 
“Uh-huh,” Tony hummed, “good, ‘cause if you did I’d finally let Sam live his lifelong dream of socking you in the face.”
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amortentiaparker · 17 hours ago
peach lip balm ❊ p. parker
peter has always hated anything and everything about peaches, what happened?
Tumblr media
pairing: peter parker x fem!stark!reader
word count: 1k
warnings: mentions of making out, choking (not in the way u think hmm), you'll get whiplash from the switching of y/n and peter's pov
A/N: just a short little something i came up with i hope y'all will like it <3 also not me projecting into this bc i use peach lip balm
my masterlist
Tumblr media
Usually, the sight of your best friend greeting you with a mischievous wiggle of their eyebrows would bring one's self a sense of excitement. The promise of an incoming conversation sharing non-sense with the people closest to you. Peter felt the opposite when he saw Ned from across the cafeteria.
He knows that the wiggle in his best friend's eyebrows meant that Ned wasn't there to laugh with him, but to laugh at him. To congratulate and tease him for obviously leaving the class early to have a secret rendezvous with you.
But despite the dread whirring in his gut, Peter knew that not a single negative feeling in the world could topple how elated he felt. It is a normal reaction to having just made out with his girlfriend.
The thought of your soft, delicate hands clinging onto him ran a shiver down his spine. So did the taste of you that lingered on his now glossy lips.
You were still in the empty handicapped bathroom stall, trying to smooth out your wrinkled blouse and skirt. You let Peter go to lunch first because even though you weren't opposed to walking in together, you're still Y/N Stark and it would be controversial for you to go out in public with smudged lipstick.
After making sure you looked presentable, you took a second to slump your back against the wall and take a moment to live in post make-out bliss. You were pretty sure your hair was messed up to the point that any hairstyle wouldn't be able to salvage the frizz, but it didn't bother you knowing that your boyfriend had a perfectly good reason to run his hands through them.
You closed your eyes and the memory of Peter's hands on your waist, thighs, and well.. everywhere burned your eyelids. You opened your eyes once more, knowing that if you continue to recall his warm breaths over your throat or the groans Peter let out as you kissed on the sweet spot just right below his ear—
Save it for later or else you'll be knee-deep in trouble.
Betty and MJ spotted you immediately in the hallway outside the bathroom. You only hoped they wouldn't notice your flustered appearance.
"You're glowing," Betty pointed out with a genuine smile.
"Post-coital haze," MJ said with a single shrug of her shoulders.
Peter and Ned saw the three of you as soon as you entered the cafeteria. They were currently sitting at a table near the back but that didn't stop them from waving their hands around as an invitation for you to join them.
"Like puppies," You whispered under your breath, causing Betty to giggle and agree with you.
Peter didn't waste a second. As soon as you arrived, he tugged at your wrist to pull you to sit down next to him. He usually saved his clinginess for private moments, but the series of mind-blowing kisses you two had just shared repeated in his head like a catchy song. You currently applying the familiar colored lip balm did not help his case.
"Wanna get some food?" You asked. You chuckled as Peter nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, his soft brown hair tickling you.
"No, wanna stay here," He mumbled, words almost incoherent as he pressed a kiss, softer compared to the heated ones from earlier. "You can ask for some of Betty's."
Betty had been doing this thing of bringing her own food to school in order to save money and so that she gets the liberty to choose healthier options. You didn't blame her, for a science school with research to back up how bad junk food is to the body, it still continued to serve it.
"I'm not doing that, she loves her fruits." You said, gently pushing Peter away so that you could stand up.
"Well, more for me then," MJ piped in. You turned to see her already holding a fork in her hand.
"Have you been eavesdropping all this time?" Peter asked.
"You say that as if you aren't sitting in front of me," MJ retorted, reaching for a fruit on Betty's tupperware. Peter eyed her movements carefully, "Oh, grow up, Spidey. These are good and I don't get why you hate them so much."
You stifled a laugh as MJ brought the fruit to her mouth, obviously taunting Peter's hatred and tendency to gag at the taste and scent of peaches.
Peter confided in you before, telling that despite its slimy texture, he managed to choke on one as a child, thus leading to his lifelong protest against the existence of the fruit. He also had an affinity to slightly gag at the sight of it too, which led you to request to your Dad to remove peaches from the Avengers compound grocery list. Sam wasn't too happy about that.
And even though Peter should've focused on what MJ called him, the need to prove himself got the better of him.
"Actually, I have actually acquired quite a taste for peaches," Peter said matter-of-factly, starting to stand up next to you.
You looked at your boyfriend in surprise. He never mentioned anything of the sort and you were sure he would say something about overcoming this thing in his life. Was it momentous news that would change the course of reality? Well, with your dramatic boyfriend it probably could, but that's beside the point. Everyone else also looked just as confused as you.
"How'd that happen?" Ned asked, a bewildered expression on his face.
For all the years he'd known Peter, the hate towards the certain fruit was just a thing in their friendship. Their bond was too strong, to the point with Ned also developing a habit to refuse anything peach-related. And with how close-knit your friend group is, everyone was aware of this fact.
"Y/N happened."
Was all you heard before you were engulfed into a kiss, nothing filling your senses but Peter, Peter, Peter. You sighed in between kisses, and even mustered the courage to bring your hands to his soft chocolate hair to pull him closer.
It didn't matter if you were locking lips in the middle of a crowded space, especially not with the love of your life softly trailing his tongue over your bottom lip; the weight of your peach flavored lip balm sitting forgotten in your pocket.
Tumblr media
tag list (also tagging people who i hope will like!) @woahmrstark @elios-timotea @decadentwastelandtrash @thevery-firstpage @xetherealbeautyx @love-you-to-saturn @givebuckyhisplumsnow @imawhoreforu @ysywyw626 @spideyspeaches @bakugouswh0r3 @lauramacch @moonykiss @616films @vendettaparker @celestialholland @parkerpeter24 @alinastarkrovs @daiiybuugle
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harold-thats-gay · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, Spider-man/Deadpool comic has some BAD writing but I’m still softer over Matrix and his dads
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incorrectmarvelquote · 7 hours ago
Tony: Kid do you even know how to use that coffee machine?
Peter: [bouncing on his toes] Mr Stark I’m not gonna lie to you I have a frankly overwhelming urge to go outside and zoom around the backyard like Naruto so we can both just presume I made my coffee very wrong
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underoooos · 18 hours ago
SHIELD agent: What are you doing?
Peter, trying to sound cool: Pokin' around.
SHIELD agent: You can't do that!
Tony, walking out of a meeting: He can do anything he wants. He's cute.
Peter, at Tony:
Tumblr media
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tomsbrave · 13 hours ago
pairing: peter paker x reader
summary: peter came to your room in the middle of the night and you throw your book on him by accident
warnings: fluff, fluff and fluff!!!
word count: 500+
A/N: hi guys!! send me requests please!!! and again sorry if something is wrong, english is not my first language!!!
Tumblr media
It's Wednesday night, nine o'clock to be more specific, and as usual I'm reading a book, "The Last Lie I Told", I've read it more than three times but I don't care.
Today I had a very busy day. Organizing a prom can be quite tiring, especially when your team has no sense of creativity.
I snap out of my reverie when I hear a strange noise coming from the window. I'm startled by the sudden noise making me fall out of bed and throw my book towards the window.
"Oh my God I'm sorry Peter, I thought it was a thief" I said with a nervous giggle.
"What is this book made of? I literally fight thieves and get pretty much beaten up every day but this book has surpassed all my expectations" says Peter with a hint of humor in his voice.
"You're so dramatic! I also fell out of bed with the scare I got and I'm not complaining."
"But you wasn't hit by a book"
"Exactly, A BOOK, B O O K" I say laughing at the pained face he made.
"Y/N I'm not really going to argue with you about whether getting hit by a book hurts or not" Peter says cutting off unnecessary discussion.
"Fine, but you know I'm right"
"Y/N!" he laughs
"Okay, okay, I've already stopped" I raise my hands in surrender.
Peter and I have been dating for over a year. Every night he comes in through my bedroom window to bid me good night, and as usual I get scared and end up throwing something in his direction. It's inevitable. The fear of someone invading my room is bigger.
"I was thinking, well, we could, if you want of course, because I wouldn't do anything you didn't want-"
"Spit it out Peter, we've been dating for a year and you're still ashamed to ask me for things?"
"Sorry, sorry, it's just that I never know how to behave in these situations, and for me it's still surreal that you accepted to date me"
"Look I just want to ask you out on a date, do you?"
"Of course my love, it's been a while since we've had a moment just for the two of us"
"It's been a long time..." says Peter in a mischievous tone.
"My God I wasn't talking about that Peter you pervert!"
"I didn't say anything much, you misinterpreted it" says laughing.
"I know, I know... I finally found a great idea"
"Saturday at 7pm, I'll come by to pick you up" he says in an authoritative tone.
"Okay, but you're going to spend tonight with me right?" I speak with a puppy dog ​​face.
"You know I can't" he stops to think for a moment.
"Please, just today!" I put my hands together in a sign of supplication.
"Your father can enter the room and find us together! If this happens he will kill me!!"
"Nothing will happen, please just today!"
"Alright, alright, but just today! Now let's go to sleep because I'm really tired" says yawning
I walk towards the bed and pull him closer to me. As soon as we lie down I roll over onto my back getting into the famous cupped position.
"Good night Y/N"
"Good night Peter"
Tumblr media
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strangeironaf · 17 hours ago
Stephen: What's the wifi password?
Tony: “Will you marry me”.
Peter: Are you hitting on Mr doctor Strange?
Tony: No, that's the wifi password.
Tony: Of course, if Stephen is willing, I wouldn't mind.
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cupids-crystals · 13 hours ago
Secrets Unveiled (Peter Parker)
Word Count: 1.0k
Summary: Reader unveils a secret about their boyfriend after trying to surprise him
A/N: request by @eccentricbookworm No major warnings, short mentions of anxiety and dread. Happy ending! No reader pronouns. My requests are open!!
“Y/n… What is all of this?”
You had gone to Peter’s apartment in hopes of surprising him on his birthday. Peter Parker had been your best friend for years before you started dating, and you knew everything about each other – your fears, your hopes, secrets that you could never tell anyone else. 
He had been working hard for the last few months, sacrificing weekends and the majority of his summer break in hopes of learning everything he could from the brilliant minds that worked for Tony Stark. You were so proud of his dedication, but you missed spending all of your time with your better half.
That’s why you loaded your arms full of decorations and neatly wrapped presents, determined to spend a quality evening with your boyfriend. May had opened the door, excitedly ushering you into the apartment and helping you set everything up inside Peter’s bedroom. 
“He should be back soon,” May had told you, retreating to the living room to greet Peter when he returned from his internship.
You made a few last-minute adjustments to the display of treasures that you had brought for him. Red and gold streamers were strung across every surface and a small pyramid of presents sat on his bed, the cake you had baked for him safe in the kitchen under May’s supervision. 
Just as you finished the last touch, creating the perfect surprise, you heard the front door open, followed by Peter’s voice as he greeted his aunt. You jumped from his desk chair, moving behind the door to surprise him after seeing the grand show that you had created for his birthday. 
The doorknob twisted and you held your breath, barely able to contain the excitement that was bubbling in your chest. Peter swung the door open, taking a step into his room and letting out a startled gasp. From your spot behind the door, you couldn’t see his expression, but you were sure it was one of awe. 
Just as you moved to pop out from your hiding place, Peter dropped the duffle that he had been carrying, the bag landing a few feet in front of you with a thud. The zipper on the top was halfway undone, showing the red and black material that had been stuffed inside. You had seen that pattern somewhere before, but you couldn’t place it. Leaning forward to take a closer look, the image of Spider-Man in his suit flashed through your mind.
That was Spider-Man’s suit. Why was Peter taking Spider-Man’s suit to his internship? Why did he have it at all? You moved out from your spot, startling Peter as the floorboards creaked under your feet. He turned around quickly, a bright grin still pulling at his features.
His smile dropped when he realized that your expression didn’t match his. The look of confusion on his face was quickly replaced with dread as he realized that your eyes were locked onto the fabric peeking out of his bag. Scrambling to pick up his belongings, he hastily zipped the top and cleared his throat, bringing your attention back to him.
“Y/n, what is all of this?” he asked, motioning with his free hand to the streamers and decorations behind him
Your words seemed to be stuck as you struggled to think of something, anything, that you could say about what you had seen. You couldn’t manage to say much more than, “surprise?”
Peter tucked the bag behind his back, quickly trying to change the subject. “Y/n, you did all of this for me?”
Suddenly, you realized why you were there in the first place. It was Peter’s birthday. Peter, the person that you trusted more than anyone in the world. Someone who shared everything with you and never failed to be there when you needed him. 
He made the perfect Spider-Man. More importantly, he made the perfect boyfriend. This new information wouldn’t change the way you felt about him. He was still the same Peter who camped out in front of a Lego store for a new release; he was still the same person who memorized your schedule so that he could see you in between classes. 
You let out the shaky breath that you had been holding in, eyeing Peter without apprehension. “Happy birthday, Pete! Wanted to surprise you when you got home. I made a cake too, May brought it to the kitchen.”
Peter paused, unsure of how to proceed. Surely, you would want to ask about the spider suit you had seen. “Everything looks great, y/n. I can’t believe you did all of this for me. Thank you, love.”
The two of you opened presents and ate cake with May, enjoying your time together. By the end of the night, the anxiety had vanished from Peter’s chest, the feeling replaced with the normal warmth that your presence brought him.
 After you helped him clean the streamers from his room, you plopped into his desk chair like you had done so hours ago. Peter sat on the edge of his bed, watching as you twisted the rolling chair around idly.
“Y/n, do you wanna talk about what you saw in my bag earlier?”
You met his gaze and sat forward in the chair with a serious look on your face. “Peter, I trust you more than anyone else in the world. And I know that you would never keep something from me unless it was really serious. You can tell me whenever you’re ready. But until then, I’m okay with a secret or two.”
The air in the room seemed to clear of any dread that lingered there. You knew. Peter had let his secret slip, and you still stayed and ate cake with him as if you were unbothered by his truths, as if you were unafraid of things to come. Peter nodded, letting out a deep breath. 
“Well, why don’t you stay a little longer, and I’ll tell you everything.”
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forgetful-nerd · 11 hours ago
Peter: *running into the living room looking flushed and distraught*
Tony: Hey Peter there’s someon- is Something wrong Peter?
Peter: OMG, a guy in the bathroom at school wearing a cowboy hat just greeted me with a ‘howdy partner’ and I panicked and said ‘yee haw’ then ran out!
Peter: *fleeing to his room* I CAN’T GO BACK TO SCHOOL NOW.
Tony: …… Wait! Peter I have someone I want you to meet!
Harley: *waltz into the room with a cocky smile, wearing a cowboy hat* Oh don’t worry Tony. He’s already meet me.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 6 hours ago
Tony: Go ahead and introduce yourself.
Peter: My name is Peter with a “B” and I’ve been afraid of insects my entire—
Clint: Stop, stop, stop. Where?
Peter: Hm?
Clint: Where’s the “B”?
Peter, panicking: There’s a bee?!
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vo-5 · 3 hours ago
Harley, singing while taking stuff from the cupboards: Shopping at Tony's house, cuz I need stuff at my house...
Peter, doing the same: It's not stealing cuz it's Tony's house... he wants the best for us at Tony's house.
Stephen: Didn't they 'shop' two days ago?
Tony: Yeah but it's alright, I always order extra for them anyway, plus the musical number is always a pleasure.
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spideybb · 9 hours ago
heat waves
happy tuesday! here’s another one shot for peter based on a song <3 maybe a part 2? enjoy!
pairing: peter parker x gender neutral!reader
summary: you and peter are best friends. you want something more but after peter started dating mj, you grew hopeless.
warnings: angst, unhappy ending, & bad writing
word count: 1064 words
Tumblr media
sometimes, all i think about is you
late nights in the middle of june
you and peter parker had been best friends for five years. and for three of those years, you had been hopelessly in love with him. it seemed like it was obvious how head over heels you were for him to everyone except him. or maybe it was obvious to him and he chose to ignore it—you didn’t know nor did you want to know. it had been a long three years of watching him go on dates, fall for other girls, and now date your mutual friend mj. after three years, you were tired of having these feelings. you didn’t know if you were tired of keeping them a secret from peter or just tired of them in general.
it was june, almost july, and here you were, walking down the streets of new york with peter, a chocolate milkshake in your hand. “we going back to your place?” peter asked before taking a sip of his own milkshake. he had refused to get a straw—something about “saving the turtles”—and you bit back a smile as you noticed the whipped cream he got on his lips.
you quickly looked away from him, staring at the ground. “yeah. mom’s at work though so it’ll just be us.”
“okay, that’s fine,” peter said. “you good?”
“hm? oh, yeah. i’m good,” you replied, moving your gaze up from the floor. you saw peter nod in the corner of your eye. the rest of the walk back to your apartment was silent. it wasn’t that awkward of a silence but it wasn’t exactly a comfortable silence.
when the two of you arrived at your apartment, you unlocked the door and walked inside. “we can chill in the living room since it’s just us. just gonna throw my bag in my room,” you said, walking to your bedroom. you opened the door slightly and threw your bag inside before walking towards the couch where peter was already sprawled out. “damn, you didn’t save me any room, did you?”
peter shrugged and smiled sheepishly at you. “you’ll be okay.”
you rolled your eyes playfully, a smile sneaking onto your lips. you sat down in the little bit of space peter left you on the couch and grabbed the tv remote. you turned on the tv and flipped through the channels, trying to find something for the two of you to watch.
usually i put something on tv
so we never think about you and me
“this show sucks,” peter said halfway through the show. you didn’t even know what you two were watching but it was the only thing on that was remotely interested.
“yeah, it does,” you agreed. peter took the remote and turned the tv off. you went to glance at his reflection in the now black tv screen but quickly looked away when you saw him looking at your reflection. suddenly you lap became very interesting.
but today i see our reflections
clearly in hollywood, laying on the screen
peter cleared his throat. “are you sure you’re okay? you’ve been acting different ever since...” he started but trailed off. “you’ve been acting different.”
you gave me a confused expression. “what are you talking about? i don’t think i’ve been acting different. it’s probably just because i’ve been so exhausted lately. i’m sorry.”
you sounded like you were trying to convince yourself—because you were. peter was right: you had been acting different. seeing him with mj caused you so much pain. even though it was summer and you didn’t have to see them being all couple-like at school, you still hung out with them and when it was just you and peter or just you, peter, and ned, all peter did was talk about how amazing mj was.
mj, mj, mj. that was all he ever seemed to talk about most days.
peter looked at you as if he was unconvinced but he didn’t push it further.
the next time you saw peter was when you went to his apartment to hang out with him, ned, and mj. the four of you were hanging out in his room: you were sitting at his desk, ned was on the floor, and him and mj were on his bed. you tried not to glance at them as peter threw his arm around her shoulder awkwardly and they laughed quietly at something the other had whispered to them.
“i’m gonna grab some water,” you mumbled, pushing yourself out of your chair and briskly walking to the door. you swung it open and let it close behind you as you made your way to the kitchen.
you opened up the cabinet where may kept all the cups and grabbed you. “what’s up with you?” a voice startled you causing you to almost drop the cup.
“jesus, parker, you scared me,” you said once you had turned around. “nothing it ‘up’ with me. i’m just thirsty? is that a crime?”
“something is up with you. you’re acting different and you have been ever since i got with mj,” peter said. you frowned. you knew he had noticed, you were just hoping he wouldn’t call you out. he had stopped himself from saying it when he was at your place and you wished it had stayed that way.
“i haven’t been, you’re just crazy,” you said, trying to play it off. this wasn’t how you wanted peter to find out about your feelings.
“you have been and you know it,” peter said. “what’s wrong? i don’t know why you won’t talk to me. we’re best friends, we’re supposed to tell each other everything.”
“and that’s the problem. we’re best friends,” you mumbled, setting the cup on the counter.
“what?” peter asked. you knew he had heard you. you weren’t going to repeat yourself.
“i have to go,” you said, heading for the door.
“y/n, wait!” peter called. you ignored him and swung the door open, leaving the apartment.
you sighed, tears welling up in your eyes as you walked down the hallway. you wished you hadn’t said that. peter always looked so happy with mj—you should’ve just been happy for him like a good best friend would’ve.
you couldn’t help being in love with peter parker though.
heat waves been faking me out
can’t make you happier now
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strangeironaf · 14 hours ago
Peter: I’m sorry I ate the ice cream you were saving for later in the fridge.
Harley: [smiles] I’m sorry I pushed you off the bench.
Peter: It’s okay.
Peter: Wait. When did you-
Harley: [pushes Peter off the bench]
Peter, getting up from the floor: I deserved that.
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