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Peter is gifted the Stark Internship two months before he finds himself under the guise of Spiderman, and mere moments before a calamitous event. In the wake of his infinitesimal grief, Peter finds himself a far different kind of Parker, and Tony is the only one left he can look up to.

Chapter One: Some Kinda Sign

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Peter : Look, we have to work together on this mission so let’s make peace. What do you say we change the tone a bit and both say something nice about each other ? I’ll go first. Look at you. There’s no way around it, you’re a beautiful man.

Johnny : Thank you.

Peter : No it’s your turn.

Johnny : I never agreed to that.

Peter : You beautiful son of a b*tch

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OK so maybe I’m late to day 20 of the spideychelle recathon pls forgive me timezones are hard ok? Thank you @spideychelleweek for making us all shamelessly rec ourselves!! Take pride in your work people 💖

Hey y’all, I’m Stella and in 2017 Spiderman Homecoming ruined my life, so of course I made this blog to cope 😇

I have made a few spideychelle moodboards, a teeny tiny bit of art (with more to come), and I have had various fanfic ideas in my head for ages (that I may even write now that uni is wrapping up!)

Watch this space people!

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Spiderman: Home is Where the Heart is

My first story in the Spideychelle fandom and my ongoing multi-chapter. Basically my version of a sequel to Far From Home. (in progress)


Never Going to Work

An angst re-write of the night time bridge scene in Far From Home. Part one in my Black Dahlia series. Peter’s pov. (complete)

Not Honest Enough

Sequel to Never Going to Work. Angst with a hopeful ending. MJ’s pov. (complete)

He was coming back to her

Peter and MJ can’t resist, seeing each other for the first time since their breakup. NSFW. Read the tags! (complete)

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Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Peter Parker x Reader(Both are written to be in their mid 20′s-ish)

Summary: Money is tight, but you and Peter will find a way.

Word Count: 700-ish

Warnings: Mentions of tight finance situation, little mention of violence

A/N: Whoa guess who posted twice this week(lol). This kinda popped into my mind. It was originally suppose to be something way different but I still really like this moment I wrote. Any and all feedback is appreciated! -Kay

Requests are open cause why not?

You heard your bedroom window slide open. A few seconds later you heard it slowly close. You followed the sound of subsequent footsteps down the hall of your one-bedroom apartment, accompanied by the creeks from the old laminate flooring. 

Then he appeared. He looked at you. You and your bills that had been laid out in front of you. Everything from the electricity notice that said it was about to get shut down in a couple of days to your student loans you were going to have to defer again for the second time in a row.

As you dreaded the how much debt Peter and you were both in, you knew the two of you would get by. That eventually everything would somehow happen to work out and that you would survive it all. It would all just take time. 

“How was patrolling?” You asked Peter, your eyes not leaving the Final Notice printed in big red letters on your water bill for last month. 

“It was fine, stopped a robbery a couple blocks south from here, helped babysit a kid for a couple of hours while her mom was in a class for night school, not much else,” He replied before strolling into the kitchen. He opened the mostly-bare fridge to grab the last of the last apples in there. 

“Hey, that was going to be my lunch for tomorrow,” You said too late as you looked up to watch him take a big bite into it. 

“Sorry,” He apologized in a muffled voice with a now full mouth of apple chunks, “I didn’t get to have dinner tonight while on patrol,”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” You sighed before glancing back at your bills. Totaling up the amount of money you owed in your head and calculating how long it would take to pay it off. 

Peter saw how much dread you carried just sitting on your hand-me-down couch from Aunt May. Of course you were the one who was thinking of how you guys would make by this month. You were the more responsible one. The one who always made sure everything worked out. You were the one who took on the burden of making sure everything would be okay for the two of you. Peter was just the one who always worried.

“Hey (Y/N), darling,” He said sitting down next to you, “We’re gonna get through this, right?”

“Yeah we will,” You reassured him. 

He took a deep sigh of relief, “So it’s just some rain,”

“Not at all a storm,” You finished, a small smile on your face from his words. It was something you always said to him when he came back injured or hurt from patrolling and you had to fix him up with your basic first aid kit and a couple of YouTube tutorials.

“Look if anything, I could take the job at Stark Industries-”

“No, no, no, no, no Peter,” You refused, adamantly shaking your head, “You and I made a promise to each other that I would finish school and become a teacher and that you would finish your doctorate before you took a job there,” 

“I know what I promised, but-”

“No buts Peter, Tony didn’t put in a good word for you at your fancy-smancy Ivy League school just for you to only give half your focus there,” You said.

“Even if I worked part-time at Stark Industries, less than twenty hours a week,” He tried to justify to you. 

“Peter, we’ll find a way to get by,” You said, even knowing money was tight on your teacher salary, nonetheless that living in New York didn’t make it any easier, “Even if I have to pick up a second job, we’ll find a way,”

“Are you sure (Y/N)?”

You nodded before cuddling up into his chest, “You always worry about me Peter, when you’re the superhero who goes out to stop bad guys every night,”

“I know,” He admitted, before drawing you in with his arms closer to his chest, “It’s just easier to fight bad guys than it is to worry about us trying to survive in New York,”

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