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#peter parker and harley keener

Omg I finally got the link to work on my masterlist for Time Can Heal All, But Maybe Not This

If you guys haven’t read it yet you should give it a try !! It’s post endgame and follows Peter from age 17-32 I had a lot of problems getting it onto the site so it’s finally up they way i want it

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This is so stupid but I was playing sims and Harley just… died??? Like I was playing a different sim and came back to the house and he was face-down in the pool??? And death was there???? And I pleaded for his life and death was like nah and reaped him so obviously i got into a fight with him (and won (twice)) and declared death my enemy but then I was like actually, fuck this and closed out of the game without saving.

So like, Harley’s fine now I guess but I’m real life upset about it? Like I’m laughing at myself for how upset I am and it’s stupid but I kept thinking about how in my game Harley and Peter are bio brothers and he was going to be so sad his brother died and then I was thinking about how it would be to play Peter with no Harley and I couldn’t do it you guys. I couldn’t do it.

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Can you do 14 of misc for the prompts thing? i really love your writing.

14. “Aren’t we supposed to be working?” 

The two of them really did do their best to focus. Well, Peter did, anyhow.

It was easier when Tony was in the lab with them. It gave Peter the same feeling he felt when Harley did homework in his apartment and stayed for dinner, the feeling that no, you can’t do that here, not with May watching. Not with Mr. Stark watching. It wasn’t his spider-sense, necessarily, just the knowledge that no matter how buried Tony was in his work, he was always keeping an eye on them.

Not that it stopped his boyfriend from trying. Breezy touches along his side, excusable as he moved past him if not for the things he whispered into Peter’s ear that made him shiver. A hand encircling his wrist that slowly dragged along the inside of his arm, dragging blunted fingernails along with it. Kisses on the cheek accompanied by a squeeze at his hip. It was making it really hard to focus on his work, too. Peter’s fingers slipped, he stuttered over his words when he spoke, more so than he usually did. Tony kept looking at him strangely every time Peter cleared his throat (multiple times now), but Peter schooled his features to a neutral face as quickly as he could, willing for the blush on his face to disappear.

Harley still didn’t seem to care, even after Peter glared at him. All he did was send a wink Peter’s way before focusing back on his work like he wasn’t even bothered. It was kind of pissing Peter off if he was honest.

He sent Harley another glare, but Harley just smiled and pretended not to notice. Another hour of silent teasing built before FRIDAY spoke in a soft voice to remind them to eat something.

“Yeah.” Tony set down his tools and stretched. “We should probably eat something, huh? Let’s go see what’s in the fridge and if there’s nothing edible we can always order pizza again.”

“Sounds great, old man,” Harley said, but Peter cut him off, quickly walking up next to him.

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imagine Peter on a senior trip to Tennessee, and he comes across Harley. The two talk and realize they both know Tony Stark, and they become friends because of course Peter doesn’t stay put with his class but strays away to see him. And once Peter’s back home Harley picks him up in his 1969 Camaro that Tony gave him, and they visit the Avengers compound even though Happy tells them they can’t visit right then.

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Peter agrees to take Morgan trick or treating and by extension, Harley too. Of course, Peter insists that they all wearing matchy costumes even if Morgan was the only one that would be getting candy.

Morgan is in a Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day phase and declares that herself and Peter are Piglet and Pooh respectively. Harley frowns at his option in costumes and turns down being Tigger, refuses to wear a costume so Loud, so Peter makes him a more subtle costume, a light yellow shirt with ‘HUNNY’ written across the front in block letters. Peter himself has bear ears tucked in his hair and black eyeliner colored on the tip of his nose. He’s wearing a red shirt and tan courderoy pants (bonus point: he’s wearing a cropped shirt and Harley absolutely Does Not fixate on the exposed skin).

After they’re done trick or treating and Morgan has crashed from her sugar high, Peter settles on the couch next to Harley and tucks himself into his side to watch Halloween movies until they both pass out; 🥺🥺 Pooh bear and his Hunny,, 🥴

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Cuddle Bug

Harley and Harry had trouble convening that they liked hugs and cuddles. They just always wanted them. Peter and Johnny would just have to deal with the extra touches. Harley would walk up behind Peter and put his arms around the boy or Harry would lay down next to Johnny and look at him until the boy pulled him into a hug and held him. Johnny and Peter were wanting the two to convene what they wanted but sadly that was not happening. Peter had even tried to stop hugging Harley but he always gave Peter the puppy dog eyes that Peter was good at. Peter didn’t know what to say to those besides yes. 

“How to get them to talk about wanting cuddles?” Peter asked Johnny.

“Just let them figure it out themselves,” Johnny said. Peter didn’t want to do that as he wanted them to tell him. Peter guessed he would have to figure out something himself. 

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Harley: A lot of guys at my age, I hear them say this “Everyday I think I’m becoming more like my dad”

Harley: The other day Stephen was going out and before leaving he looked at the mirror and said “Ha. They could never.” and I felt that.

Peter: I think I’m becoming more like Tony.

Peter: The other day I was watching TV and one of the reporters said “up next, we have an exclusive interview with Sandra Bullock’s ex husband, Jesse James.”

Peter: And out loud I went [sarcastic tone] “UGH, this ought to be GOOD!” and that’s pure Tony.

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Peter: Do you think lava would taste spicy?
Tony: Please do not eat lava. 
Harley: Actually, since lava is really just molten earth, it probably tastes bland and dusty. 
Peter: You are the only one here who understands me. 
Tony: *facepalms*

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Day 29: pumpkin carving


Pumpkin Seeds

For: @sl33pybear

Ao3 Link:

Harry had never carved pumpkins. It just was something that he was never allowed to do as a child. Norman didn’t think that it was acceptable and it was too messy for his perfect child who was supposed to be the heir. Not that Norman really saw Harry as perfect. He always complained about something that Harry did and never saw Harry for who he was. He always complained if Harry did anything that he saw as out of line. He didn’t even know that Harry liked art. Harry had finally got away from his father and was living his dreams of being an artist while living with his two boyfriends, Harley and Peter. It was October when the idea of carving pumpkins got brought up at all.  It was actually Peter’s idea to carve the pumpkins. Apparently his family had always kept up the tradition for Halloween. Harley thought it was a good idea and Harry decided to go along with it not letting the other two know that he never carved a pumpkin. The two planned on what to get and what designs to do on the pumpkins. Harley talked about fixing up the seeds to snack on which made Harry more interested.

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Us, The Martians
Chapter One

Read on AO3.

- ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

“So can you tell me what you’ve got inside?
Well is it all those fears that you hide?
‘Cause it’s all messed up now in my mind

Tell me how you think you’d find
Your uninhabited piece of mind

You always gotta pray for the pessimist
And these days seem the strangest existence
Now make way and obey all the best of us
Before they just eat you alive…”

~Eat You Alive - Sum 41

- ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

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Stephen: I wrote down all the plans we shouldn’t try again.
Christine: *reading* ‘Tony tries to seduce someone then starts crying on command’.
Stephen: It works like a charm, but makes everyone uncomfortable.
Christine: ‘Peter improvises a breakdancing number’, ‘Pepper pretends to be a school counselor’.
Christine: ‘Tony jumping down a building, again’, underlined. ‘Pineapple’.
Christine: This just reads ‘Throw Harley at enemies like a cat’.
Stephen: Oh no, that one works every time. Put it in the ‘to do’ pile.
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Day 28:  “what are you gonna do, huh? curse me again? i’ve spent the last three centuries with you, there’s nothing left for you to threaten me with.”


Curses and Spells

For: Parkour

Ao3 Link:


Harley Keener was letting Peter Parker stay with him as the man helped around his house. It was a nice place in New York. Harley had a crush on the boy. Something that was dangerous. Harley had made it through the witch trials in Salem, he ended up fleeing to New York where he meets the young man. Peter was clumsy at best. Harley figured he could keep him around a few years and replace him but he was now in love with the boy. Peter was walking around the room complaining to Harley’s newest visitor about how he and Harley wouldn’t clean up his mess when he tripped and knocked over a priceless vase. Peter looked at Harley nervous. 

“It was an accident, Sir Keener,” the boy said. Harley debated on what to do as he shooed the visitor away. He dragged Peter into a room and tied up the boy as he looked for the spell that he used back all those five hundred years ago. 

“There it is,” Harley said with a grin before he faced the boy. “Et ut hoc illum virum iuvenale, nunquam germinare senior in diem animam suam.” The red glow covered the boy as he looked at the other one surprised. Harley smiled as Peter looked at him scared of Harley all of a sudden. When the glow went away, Harley put the book away. 

“What did you do to me?” Peter asked.

“You will always be mine now,” Harley said with a grin. Peter gulped as Harley went for another book and grinned. “Sic capiuntur Iungo animas saecula saeculorum.” A blue glow came around the boy as he looked nervously at Harley. Harley just smiled.

“What did that do?” Peter asked. Harley just looked at Peter with a smile.

“That keeps you connected to me for life. You will be my servant for eternity,” Harley said as he smiled. “If you try to have me killed you will die as well. So don’t try anything stupid, pretty boy.” Peter turned pale as he nodded. A servant to a witch was the price for breaking a priceless vase. He should have known. Harley loosened the ropes around Peter before he pulled the boy out of the room and told him to clean up the vase. Peter did what he was told. He rather not be cursed again. 

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“Raspberries are better, duh!”

Harley glanced at the clock and then back at the little Alpha sitting on his knee, finger painting a picture of a red and blue flower. “Benny, did your daddy say that he was gonna be late?”

“Nope!” the pup chirped, then looked up at him with a furrowed brow. “But he did say we were gonna get ice cream with Peepaw Tony after school, so I really don’t want him to be any later or else it’ll be too late, and daddy won’t let me get two scoops, only one- cause he says it’ll ruin my appetite if I eat two scoops past six cause after six comes seven and seven is dinner time!”

“Seven is dinner time?” Harley asked, fondness creeping into his voice. Benny was probably the pup in his class that was most prone to rambling, and every time he did the Omega’s heart melted slightly. It made him wanna call his mom and ask her how she didn’t spontaneously combust when he and Abbie were younger and chattered on and on for hours. “Do you get ice cream after dinner too?”

Benny shook his head, eyes wide. “No! That’s not ice cream time cause I get to hy-hyper, but my dad will let me have some fruits and whipped cream. I love strawberries a lot- like so so much- but my favorite are peaches! Daddy’s favorites are blackberries but I think blackberries are yucky, Mr. Harley, they’ve just got so many seeds! I think they’d be a lot less yucky if they were just the sweet parts.”

“You’re completely right Benny, blackberries are yucky with the seeds.” Harley tapped his chin in a thinking motion. “But I bet you like raspberries.”

“I love raspberries so much!”

“And what’s the difference between raspberries and blackberries?”

Read the Rest of Late Afternoons here! 

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