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#peter parker and morgan stark

Angsty Idea

Based on the movie Room (2015)

When Peter was fifteen, his little sister Morgan was born. They were best friend from the start. However, two years later, a group of bad men broke into their family home and kidnapped Peter and Morgan away from their parents.

The kidnappers had the two kids locked up in a small enclosed space, a tiny room that had the basic necessities.

While Tony and Pepper searched for the children, Peter was left alone to raise Morgan.

Peter spent the next three years raising Morgan as if she was his own. Keeping Morgan happy and safe from the bad men, splitting the minimum of food evenly, and keeping the memories of their parents alive.

Finally, two years later, the bad men are discovered and the two siblings are finally set free.

However, even as Peter and Morgan are reunited with Tony and Pepper. They’re not out of the woods yet.

Morgan must get used to her new surroundings and still looks to Peter as her main provider and only family. Tony and Pepper struggle getting to know their daughter who grew up barely understanding who they are. And Peter tries to recover from the trauma from everything.

It’s going to be a long journey towards recovery, but together, the family will be able to get through it.

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what is this rubbish i’ve made

when Peter calls Morgan for lunch, she came with that glove on, demanding a definition of ‘lunch’ first. that reminded Peter of a memory as a kid, when he’d be foolish enough to jump in front of a robot, and Iron Man- Tony Stark himself- had come and finished it off.

“Maybe I’m passing on a legacy,” he thought, as Morgan held his hand. “The legacy of Tony Stark.”

Tony Stark had saved him more than once before either of them knows.

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Peter doesn’t really sleep anymore. Sometimes Morgan can’t either. They find solace in each other.

Read on ao3

After everything, Peter found himself spending weekends at the lake house. It was reminiscent of a time when he would spend all of his free moments at the compound, eagerly modifying his suit with Tony, bouncing around ideas or quietly doing his homework while the older man worked on a project of his own, or simply sprawled out eating takeout when Pepper had to work late.

That was five years ago.


He still couldn’t believe it sometimes. All of those seconds, minutes, hours lost. Days and weeks and months and during which, Mr. Stark had built the house by the lake. Had built a family.

And had left it all behind to save the universe.

The grief would come in waves, but it was easier for Peter to deal with in the home that Tony had put so much care into. Surrounded by the people who loved him most.

May would come up to the house with him whenever she was able to get time off. She had looked at Morgan for the first time at the funeral and Peter saw the same expression she wore the day she took him in.

I’m sorry he’d overheard her softly saying to Pepper as she quickly wiped away tears before her daughter could see. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love.

So, they were a ragtag bunch, with Happy and Rhodey dropping by whenever they could, all holding each other together. All keeping the others from completely falling apart.

Tonight though, the sadness was threatening to drown him. Sleep had deserted him ever since he came back, leaving him at the mercy of his thoughts which were sometimes as bad as his nightmares. After staring at the ceiling for hours, Peter ended up venturing down to Tony’s lab. He sat in his chair, merely looking at everything, almost afraid to touch anything lest something shatter.

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Fandom: MCU, Spiderman

Character(s): Peter Parker

Desc.: In which Peter is trusted with a child.

A/N: i’ve never posted any fics on tumblr so i thought i’d give it a shot! this will also be on my ao3 if you fancy sending it some love over there. SORRY if this is indecipherable, it was written in 3 days in amongst a mad panic to finish art coursework



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The five times Tony told Morgan a story and the one time Morgan told a story

“Daddy can you tell me a story?” Morgan asked right after Tony pushed her head into the pillow .

“It’s bedtime, you can have a story another time squirt.” Tony smiled as he ran his fingers through her long-ish hair.

“Pleeeaase!” Morgan dragged out holding her dad’s hand to keep him down beside her bed. “I want to hear a superhero story!”

“A superhero story?” Tony asked looking at Morgan with a questioning look. “How do you know there are superheroes?”

“Google.” Morgan replied ducking her head. Tony just laughed and shook his head.

“Okay, Morgoona. Want to hear a story about one of my favorite superheroes ever?” Tony asked running his hand through her hair. Morgan just nodded eagerly and Tony smiled at her.

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Little Morgan makes sure Peter gets some sleep. (Read on ao3

Peter stared blankly at his laptop, trying with all of his might to keep his eyes open. He didn’t have classes on Mondays so sometimes he spent weekends up in New York with May or Tony. His aunt was working nights this weekend, so he’d found himself at the compound, eager to make some updates to his suit and spend time with Morgan.

The only problem was the paper that he’d forgotten about.

He’d been up all night working on the damn assignment and now sleep was sweetly calling his name.

“Daddy, Petey’s falling asleep!” Morgan shouted abruptly, snapping Peter out of his daze.

“No, I’m not!” he replied indignantly, narrowing his eyes at the four year old.

Morgan was sprawled out on the floor, holding a tea party for her many, many stuffed animals. In true Stark fashion, she glared right back at him.

“I know honey,” Tony said, making his way from the kitchen as he munched on a ham sandwich. “You need sleep kid. I know you didn’t get any last night.”

Tony plopped down on the couch beside him, no doubt waiting for Peter to argue as he stared at him.

“This paper is due in like five hours,” Peter responded, never one to disappoint.

“Just a nap then. I’ll wake you in an hour. You know you could use it.”

Peter opened his mouth to fight back but before he could say a word, Morgan beat him to it.

“Daddy says your body needs sleep to work right,” Morgan said seriously as she looked at him.

“That’s kinda hypocritical,” Peter mumbled, fully aware that Morgan had absolutely refused to take her afternoon nap that day.

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  • Good night sleep tight

the war was over, Right but that doesn’t mean the nightmare doesn’t come for Tony stark. Who just needs to make sure his kids were safe in bed

  • Comfort 

Stanley Uris had issues that was clear, having developed PTSD from nearly getting his face bitten off by an evil killer clown the eats children. That another one was he had since he was a small child when he was diagnosed with OCD. The loser clubs have always been okay with all of Stan’s problem, unfortunately, most of the adults in Derry are not that cool.

  • The Curse of the Pied Piper of Corona

When the Children of Corona fall Sick, no one is seen not walking up no matter how much noise is being made. Rapunzel and her crew must work to put an end to the curse put on the children before the story of the Pied Piper as it ended.

*This is my first story. I really hope people like it. Sorry if it’s bad

  • Ten ways to kills a spider from the inside

It was no doubt that Tony stark loved his son Peter and would anything to make sure he was Safe. there may have been a little up and down such as when Peter become Spider-Man. Then one day while on Patrol Peter is taken by Thaddeus Ross to the Raft prison with the rest of the Rouges to serve jail time and to be experiment on.

Now It ups to Tony to team up with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to save His son and the rest of the avengers.

  • Prized Possessions

What if Malkia meant something or Someone else when she asked for Amir most Prized Possessions

  • The killer father in the psychologist  

On March 12, 1989 police Arrested Thomas Cohen others wise known as The red Petal Killer for killing least Seven women. While raiding the man’s house Police where shocked to find a young child locked in Room who claim that Thomas Cohen was his father. The boy could only speak a few words one them that is name was Luka

Years later in 2014 Thomas Cohen had escaped from prison and start killing again. Things only get worse one Dr.Lance Sweets goes missing. How is sweets connect to Thomas Cohen? Can Booth and Brennan save the day again

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Birthday Party- a Peter Parker Imagine


A/n: My first imagine ever!!! Hope y'all like it!

Also just imagine Peter didn’t turn to dust in iw.

Warnings: none

You could hear the cars passing by as you sat on the backseat. “Is the blindfold really necessary?”, you ask. “Boss wishes so”, Happy states, “and it’s meant to be a surprise.” You gulped in another argument owing to the discomfort of well, being blindfolded. It’s your seventeenth birthday as well as Tony’s daughter, Morgan H. Stark’s fourth. Coincidence. He’s got a ‘surprise’ for you, which you could already guess was gonna be a gathering in his backyard.

The long drive finally got over and you were now walking into the gates, still not able to see anything, guided by Happy’s trustworthy arm. You were welcomed by a pair of tiny arms hugging your legs and a sweet “Happy birthday (y/n)!”. “Happy birthday to you too, little genius!”, you said to Morgan with a smile. Tony took the blindfold off and kissed your cheek. “You’re getting old, cupcake.” “ Not as old as you, Tones”, you chuckled. Next you were wished by Pepper.

You were wearing a light blue dress and white unicorn themed sandals, it’s cute and…it’s a kid’s party after all. You were just mingling around, chatting with people including Steve, Nat, Bruce ( well, Prof Hulk. The kids adore him).

The cake was being brought out of the house and you smiled at the excitement in the eyes of Morgan and her little girlfriends, which reminded you of another pair of bright eyes. You were about to ask Tony about him just when, as if on cue, Peter entered heaving. “Hi! I almost thought I wasn’t gonna make it on time. There was this old lady who needed help and then she showe-”, Tony stuffed his mouth with chocolate or he wasn’t gonna shut up.

Morgan was cutting the cake now and you felt a warm hand being placed on your upper back and heard a chirpy voice “Hey! Happy Birthday (y/n)! You look gorgeous * a pause* as always.” “ Thanks Pete. You’re amazing too you know, Spider-man!” You both have been good friends for a long time. If only you could be more… You both joined the happy birthday song along with the others, your stomach still filled with butterflies just like any other time you see him.

It was 7:30 pm and people had started to leave. You abruptly excused yourself out of your conversation with Nat as Peter took you to a quiet corner. You both stayed there for a while and you could notice he was shyer. “’s deafening ya know…the silence” you started. Peter continued to stare in your eyes until he spoke, “I’ve been meaning to…uhh.. tell you this (y/n). You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and uhh we’ve been friends for a long time and I wanna tell you that I uhh really really like you….I think I love you (y/n).” You felt flooded with euphoria and gave him the brightest smile ever which caused him to let out a sigh of relief. You didn’t think twice before grabbing his perfect face and giving your answer through the first kiss you shared. At that moment it felt that everything around had disappeared and it was just you two caught in your perfect moment. Moment which was supposed to last forever until you heard a whistle. You both turned around to see Tony cheering and giving you guys a thumbs up. Peter chuckled and kissed you again.

Hope you liked!

Tags: @fanoffun

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Whumptober 2020 Prompt No. 13 - Breathe In, Breathe Out
Delayed Drowning | Chemical Pneumonia | Oxygen Mask


AO3 Link


The months following what Peter referred to in his mind as the “almost-apocalypse” were supposed to be all joyful and merry. The world was saved. Not just their world, but the universe. Thanos was gone. Mr. Stark wasn’t, not any more. Cheers all around, right?

Well, it wasn’t that easy. Because things were apparently never just easy in the life of one Peter Parker. Turned out, there were still some assholes out there. Not the Thanos-kind. Not for now at least. The regular kind though and Peter for one saw absolutely no reason as to why anything should have changed in his responsibility to stop them from being assholes.

His aunt somehow disagreed more often than she didn’t. Annoyingly now though, she managed to drag Mr. Stark to her side a lot more than she used to, too.

Peter shook his head at himself. Tony. T-O-N-Y. It wasn’t that hard, was it? He still slipped up every so often. But as much as that bugged him, it was the others who bugged him even more. Colonel Rhodes and Hawkeye among them the most willing to tease Peter about it. Him, and Tony too, for his mentor never commented on it with more than a crooked smile. When it was just the two of them, that was often the only indication for Peter, that he had said it again.

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
The Final Chapter (Out now)


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary

Tony is happy that life seems to be falling back into place, but he needs reassurance that everything will work out for the better.

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No. 15. Into The Unknown “Magical Healing”

A 15-year-old Morgan saves Peter’s life, and in doing so, Tony learns her secret.

AO3 Link

Tony remembered the moment that Peter’s life was claimed by Thanos’ lottery. Holding his terrified kid, in his arms, utterly speechless, was something he couldn’t shake.

Even, in the eleven years since Peter returned, alongside the rest of the fallen, the memory still nagged Tony’s mind and tugged on his heart. He struggled to look at Pete, for the first couple of months without his stomach leaping into his throat.

Losing someone and getting them back was a strange process.

Tony forgot, that despite having Peter back, the kid wasn’t invincible.

Looking back, Tony knew he should have tried harder.

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In A Thousand Unexpected Ways

Day Sixteen of Whumptober! This one’s a bit shorter, because writer’s block.

Prompt: Shoot the hostage

~ * ~

It turned out, being the daughter of two extremely wealthy individuals could get you kidnapped. Multiple times. Only twice for Morgan so far and that depended on what one’s definition of being abducted meant. One might think it was easier or even better the second time. They would be wrong.

Morgan couldn’t stop shaking. Her hands shook. Her legs shook. Nothing could stop it. Stomach turning, she held on tighter to Peter. Somehow he was much calmer. On the outside. He whispered gentle things in her hair. Peter wiped away her tears as he came up with a strategy to somehow get away. She didn’t quite understand it, through her intense shaking.

Peter made a mental list. The things they knew and the things they didn’t know. So far they knew, they were in the back of a car, they made three right turns and five left, they were on their way to the park when they were knocked unconscious and thrown in here and they’d gone over a bump which pushed them to the side. The list of things they didn’t know was much longer. Who were their kidnappers? Did they know who they were? Were they aware Peter was Spider-Man? Why did they take them?

The car stopped. Forcing the two to the floor. Peter helped her back up. Morgan grabbed his hand as the door was flung open. An older man stared back at them, mouth open just enough to reveal a missing tooth. Morgan used the back of her jacket to wipe her new tears away. The man reached for her first. Taking her by her elbow. She whimpered at his touch.

Another man came for Peter. Grabbing him the same way. It was the first time since this started, Morgan had seen him look afraid.

The two were taken inside what seemed to be a warehouse. Morgan turned her head, scanning the land around. But her captor grabbed her hair, forcing her to look forward. She clenched her hand.

They were guided inside and shoved into a small room. Barely bigger than a closet. Morgan reached for Peter’s hand again. Only for it to be smacked away. The man who’d taken Peter left the room for a second. Leaving his friend, scowling at them.

“‘Mned Starks,” he muttered, under his breath.

So that’s what this was about. Her parents. Morgan met Peter’s eyes, confirming the same thing.

Their kidnapper unlocked a cabinet. After scrambling around, he pulled out two sets of handcuffs. Because of course he did. At Peter’s gesture, Morgan allowed him to slide the pair over her wrists and lock them. His friend came back as soon as they were done. Holding a gun.

He sat it on Peter’s back.

Morgan whimpered.

“What do you know about Project 34345?” the other man spat at her.

“I, uh, nothing?” she said, “What’re you talking about?”

The man with the gun tightened his grip on it. His friend grabbed her by the shirt and yanked her upwards. She let out a gasp.

“I’ll repeat myself once more. What do you know about Project 34345?”

“Why would I know about this? If my dad was apart of it at all, do you think he’d tell me? I’m a freaking sixteen year old,” Morgan replied.

He stared back at her for a second. She met his gaze, refusing to allow herself to drop it. He finally dropped her, landing her on her elbow. Mogan sat up up, glaring at the two men. They made brief eye contact.

“Shoot him.”


The other man released the trigger.

Peter fell forwards. Morgan slid over to him. This was all her fault. She should’ve made up some sort of lie or said anything else. She couldn’t let him die. Morgan used her hands to put pressure on the wound, grimicing at the feel of blood. Or was she not supposed to do that? Maybe it was bad to put pressure on these sort of injuries.

“I’m not gonna let you die,” Morgan whispered to Peter, “I can’t.”

She pressed a kiss to his cheek.

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Whumptober Prompt No. 12 - I think I’ve broken something
Broken Down | Broken Bones | Broken Trust

in case you missed PART I


AO3 Link


It had been a warm autumn day. Thankfully, for Peter had been standing outside the Stark residence for a good hour or two and it would have been even worse in the rain. Though maybe that would have helped. Would have forced his hand a little faster.

Morgan’s room was on the second floor, overlooking the lake. It wasn’t a difficult climb, not for him, even if his mobility was a little limited still. The tough part had been to find a moment when she was alone. That moment came just past 6 pm. The sun was fading fast and the lights in the house started to flicker on and finally, finally, Morgan was on her own.

Her eyes went wide as he peaked in through the window. She was on her feet faster than he could gesture for her to stay in bed.


She flung her arms around him, clinging to him before he had even made it through the window.

“Alright, now…” Her hair tickled his nose and he couldn’t push away the relief that flooded his veins. Relief, that she was okay. Relief, that was so closely connected to the dread he had felt in that cabin, the fear that had paralyzed him.

“I’m so sorry…” she whispered into his chest. “I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t think. I should have—”

“Shh, hey, no. It’s not…” He blew out a deep breath, hoping for his voice not to crack. “You didn’t do anything any other kid wouldn’t have done too, okay? It’s not… none of this is on you, Bambi.”

Peter could only hope that it would help, that it would calm her, though it never had for him. Not when he had been that kid that had been crying in someone else’s arms. He tried anyway, because it was true. This wasn’t on her. It was on him.

And maybe on those meth-cooking bastards, too.

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Whumptober Day 13: Oxygen Mask

 Hey everyone! It’s your lucky day, because I’m super tired and I have to travel tomorrow so you know what you’re getting? Ironfam fluff with only a few hints of angst lol. It’s short but sweet, and I hope you enjoy! If you did, please heart/reblog/comment because your support means the world to me! Hope you have a great day!


Ao3 Link


“Is Daddy cold?”

Peter glanced up from his notebook at the meek voice beside him, his brow furrowed in confusion as he looked between the little girl and the unconscious figure in the hospital bed before them. His eyes trailed over his mentor in concern, looking for the tell-tale signs of chills, only to realise a moment later what the cause of Morgan’s concern was.

“It’s alright, he’s not cold,” Peter started with a gentle smile, turning to face the girl with those familiar brown eyes so she knew she had his full attention. “That’s just an oxygen mask, and it’s making sure your Dad is getting all the air he needs.”

Morgan’s nose scrunched up in that adorable little way of hers as she asked “Why is his breath all misty then? Mummy says you can only see your breath when it’s winter.”

Peter considered her question for a moment, but figuring the five year old might not understand the concept of perspiration or water vapour just yet, he said “With special masks like that, it’s much easier to see our breath like it were winter, even if it’s not cold.”

“Whoa… cool,” Morgan smiled and swung her feet back and forth happily.

Peter had to give the girl credit, she was handling her father being hospitalised out of the blue incredibly well. The world was in shambles after the battle -or wait, second battle, Peter supposed- with the mad Titan, but they had emerged victorious thanks to the Avengers and Guardians and wizards and Wakandans and so many other amazing heroes who had liberated their world. And of course, Captain America, who had stolen the stones right out of Thanos’s gauntlet and snapped his fingers to rid the galaxy of the genocidal warlord.

The action hadn’t stopped since that fateful day when everyone stood on the broken grounds of the Avengers facility and watched as dust that smelt of victory disappeared into the sky. There had been celebrations at some point, but the memories were muddled by the chaos that had ensued, rushing people to emergency rooms and organising their next moves and watching reunion after reunion unfold before him.

Peter remembered the way Tony’s arms had locked around him when they saw each other again, his shoulders trembling with uncontainable sobs of joy as he pressed kisses into Peter’s hairline like there was no tomorrow. Maybe at some point there wouldn’t have been, but now they had all the time in the world, and Peter and Tony were smiling and laughing and crying like a pair of idiots as they held each other.

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A quick snippet from something I’m writing. Now posted on the correct blog, pfft

Pairing is Steve/Bucky/Tony. 

Harley, Peter, & Morgan are their children. 

Peter snorts sleepily as he tucks his face against his brother’s shoulder, “You’re the worst.” His proclamation just makes the older twin laugh. He loosely wraps his arms around Peter, just falling back deeper into the couch cushions. “Wrong, I’m the best.” Harley states easily back.

“Incorrect.” Peter grumbles back.

Any reply Harley has in mind is lost as Morgan shushes her older siblings from where she’s settled on her beanbag chair. “Shhh! It’s Nemo time!” It is not even remotely the first or last time they’ve seen this movie, but Morgan remains ever vigilant on watching every second. The fact it isn’t Frozen on loop is an improvement already.

“You heard the queen, boys. It’s Nemo Time.” Tony tuts easily back, though he can’t stop himself from chuckling. He exchanges a look with Steve and Bucky before turning his attention back to the TV screen. Harley just groans a little, but doesn’t verbalize his thoughts beyond that. Peter just laughs quietly in turn.

Bucky shifts a little to drape an arm around both boys. It isn’t a surprise when the twins end up just curled up with each other and Bucky in equal measure. Neither seem to be paying very close attention to the movie as much as texting each other or saying something quietly enough to avoid Morgan’s wrath.

Peter seems on the edge of dozing off again before wrinkling his nose and sitting up. He detangles himself from Harley and Bucky to stand up. He rubs at his eyes, biting back a yawn threatening to escape.

Peter takes a few steps from the couch in the direction of the kitchen before turning his attention back to the rest of his family. “I’m gonna get water- does- anyone else want anything?”

Steve chuckles quietly as he shakes his head, sharing a fond look with Bucky at the way Peter sleepily wobbles in place. “I’m good, hon, thank you though.”

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