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#peter parker and morgan stark

Angsty Idea

Based on the movie Room (2015)

When Peter was fifteen, his little sister Morgan was born. They were best friend from the start. However, two years later, a group of bad men broke into their family home and kidnapped Peter and Morgan away from their parents.

The kidnappers had the two kids locked up in a small enclosed space, a tiny room that had the basic necessities.

While Tony and Pepper searched for the children, Peter was left alone to raise Morgan.

Peter spent the next three years raising Morgan as if she was his own. Keeping Morgan happy and safe from the bad men, splitting the minimum of food evenly, and keeping the memories of their parents alive.

Finally, two years later, the bad men are discovered and the two siblings are finally set free.

However, even as Peter and Morgan are reunited with Tony and Pepper. They’re not out of the woods yet.

Morgan must get used to her new surroundings and still looks to Peter as her main provider and only family. Tony and Pepper struggle getting to know their daughter who grew up barely understanding who they are. And Peter tries to recover from the trauma from everything.

It’s going to be a long journey towards recovery, but together, the family will be able to get through it.

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what is this rubbish i’ve made

when Peter calls Morgan for lunch, she came with that glove on, demanding a definition of ‘lunch’ first. that reminded Peter of a memory as a kid, when he’d be foolish enough to jump in front of a robot, and Iron Man- Tony Stark himself- had come and finished it off.

“Maybe I’m passing on a legacy,” he thought, as Morgan held his hand. “The legacy of Tony Stark.”

Tony Stark had saved him more than once before either of them knows.

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Peter doesn’t really sleep anymore. Sometimes Morgan can’t either. They find solace in each other.

Read on ao3

After everything, Peter found himself spending weekends at the lake house. It was reminiscent of a time when he would spend all of his free moments at the compound, eagerly modifying his suit with Tony, bouncing around ideas or quietly doing his homework while the older man worked on a project of his own, or simply sprawled out eating takeout when Pepper had to work late.

That was five years ago.


He still couldn’t believe it sometimes. All of those seconds, minutes, hours lost. Days and weeks and months and during which, Mr. Stark had built the house by the lake. Had built a family.

And had left it all behind to save the universe.

The grief would come in waves, but it was easier for Peter to deal with in the home that Tony had put so much care into. Surrounded by the people who loved him most.

May would come up to the house with him whenever she was able to get time off. She had looked at Morgan for the first time at the funeral and Peter saw the same expression she wore the day she took him in.

I’m sorry he’d overheard her softly saying to Pepper as she quickly wiped away tears before her daughter could see. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love.

So, they were a ragtag bunch, with Happy and Rhodey dropping by whenever they could, all holding each other together. All keeping the others from completely falling apart.

Tonight though, the sadness was threatening to drown him. Sleep had deserted him ever since he came back, leaving him at the mercy of his thoughts which were sometimes as bad as his nightmares. After staring at the ceiling for hours, Peter ended up venturing down to Tony’s lab. He sat in his chair, merely looking at everything, almost afraid to touch anything lest something shatter.

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Fandom: MCU, Spiderman

Character(s): Peter Parker

Desc.: In which Peter is trusted with a child.

A/N: i’ve never posted any fics on tumblr so i thought i’d give it a shot! this will also be on my ao3 if you fancy sending it some love over there. SORRY if this is indecipherable, it was written in 3 days in amongst a mad panic to finish art coursework



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The five times Tony told Morgan a story and the one time Morgan told a story

“Daddy can you tell me a story?” Morgan asked right after Tony pushed her head into the pillow .

“It’s bedtime, you can have a story another time squirt.” Tony smiled as he ran his fingers through her long-ish hair.

“Pleeeaase!” Morgan dragged out holding her dad’s hand to keep him down beside her bed. “I want to hear a superhero story!”

“A superhero story?” Tony asked looking at Morgan with a questioning look. “How do you know there are superheroes?”

“Google.” Morgan replied ducking her head. Tony just laughed and shook his head.

“Okay, Morgoona. Want to hear a story about one of my favorite superheroes ever?” Tony asked running his hand through her hair. Morgan just nodded eagerly and Tony smiled at her.

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Little Morgan makes sure Peter gets some sleep. (Read on ao3

Peter stared blankly at his laptop, trying with all of his might to keep his eyes open. He didn’t have classes on Mondays so sometimes he spent weekends up in New York with May or Tony. His aunt was working nights this weekend, so he’d found himself at the compound, eager to make some updates to his suit and spend time with Morgan.

The only problem was the paper that he’d forgotten about.

He’d been up all night working on the damn assignment and now sleep was sweetly calling his name.

“Daddy, Petey’s falling asleep!” Morgan shouted abruptly, snapping Peter out of his daze.

“No, I’m not!” he replied indignantly, narrowing his eyes at the four year old.

Morgan was sprawled out on the floor, holding a tea party for her many, many stuffed animals. In true Stark fashion, she glared right back at him.

“I know honey,” Tony said, making his way from the kitchen as he munched on a ham sandwich. “You need sleep kid. I know you didn’t get any last night.”

Tony plopped down on the couch beside him, no doubt waiting for Peter to argue as he stared at him.

“This paper is due in like five hours,” Peter responded, never one to disappoint.

“Just a nap then. I’ll wake you in an hour. You know you could use it.”

Peter opened his mouth to fight back but before he could say a word, Morgan beat him to it.

“Daddy says your body needs sleep to work right,” Morgan said seriously as she looked at him.

“That’s kinda hypocritical,” Peter mumbled, fully aware that Morgan had absolutely refused to take her afternoon nap that day.

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Peter: *singing* Your heart is a muscle the size of a rat. 
Peter: Your brain’s about four times the size of a cat’s. 
Peter: Your lungs can hold 5.5 liters of air. 
Peter: The soles of your feet can never grow hair. 
Tony: *banging his head against a wall*

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Young adult Morgan: I’m gonna be Aunt May 2.0

Peter confused: What do you mean?

Morgan: When you ultimately die because of your line of work in a few years and I get to raise Ben to be a man his dead family would be proud of.

Peter apprehensive: I’m not gonna die because of work.

Morgan: It’s the family’s curse. Your parents died when you were four and my dad when I was 4.

Morgan looks at Peter dead in the eyes: Your days are numbered, brother.

Peter completely terrified.

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Harley: Having trouble sleeping? Join the military. They teach you how to sleep anywhere. 
Morgan: Trust issues? Get pregnant and see who sticks around. 
Peter: Curious about the afterlife? Die. 
Tony: …kids what the hell?

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SUMMARY: Following the Battle of New York, Captain Steve Rogers discovers that his soulmate- the one fate had decided him to love and cherish- has been injured amongst the chaotic fight and is now being watched over by SHIELD.


Steve woke up from being frozen for 75 years scared, but not for the reason that most people thought. They would just assume that the modern day was too much for the World War II veteran, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Loki: Dads are like Slinkies. 
Peter: Because I wish I had one? 
Morgan: Because I lost mine when I was still a child? 
Harley: Because mine sprang away and never came back? 
Loki: …
Loki: I was gonna say “fun to push down the stairs” but now I feel bad for even bringing it up…

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