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#peter parker angst

Pairing: Peter Parker X Stark!Reader

Warnings: Blood, PTSD, Endgame things, death

Request: (Anonymous) Hey! Can I request angst with Peter? Maybe something with the prompt “Wake up! Please wake up! You can’t leave me, I love you!” because I just like… wanna suffer? Thank you so much!!!

Synopsis: You had been swept off the board when Tony died, but what happens if you’re finally put back into the game?

wc; 1.8K

a/n: online school sucks, I wrote an essay about breathing

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Peter always promised he would be careful about his missions. And you were always there to make sure he kept that promise. In the past, he sustained minor injuries, nothing you couldn’t handle. However, after your dad passed away, it seemed like every mission you two did together was more threatening. Everything reminded you of your dad. It was like you couldn’t escape him. Seeing blood on Peter’s face was too surreal for you and often you found yourself staying behind from missions. Pepper tried her best to reassure you that it wasn’t a crime to not be on the field, but you can’t help but feel like the longer you’re away the riskier it becomes for Peter. It drove you crazy, to a point where you didn’t even ask if Peter was going on missions, but you always knew.

Peter understood. He would never force you to go on Missions with him, he knew that seeing him with blood and cuts on his face made you scared and he didn’t blame you. Peter knew how close you were with Mr. Stark and he knew that sometimes you blamed yourself for his death. It hurt Peter that you could ever blame yourself for something that was beyond your control and some nights, he spent making sure you knew that it was never your fault.

Today was your first time back on the field in a while. Peter was with you the whole time, telling you all the detail of the mission. You could sort of remember them, but if you’re being honest it went in one ear and out the other. You caught the important stuff, a hydra base, it was a break-in and retrieve mission. The mission features you, Bucky, Sam and Peter. One team taking the west quarters and the other taking east. It was easy, you’d done these types of missions all the time, but if it was so easy why were you pressed in a corner crying?

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Originally posted by tommybabyholland

peter parker x stark!reader; hints at harley keener x stark!reader

request: hi! weird request but I really want to see it lol. reader is an avenger and dating peter. peter is snapped but reader is not. so basically the readers life after the snap and her moving on with someone else. I know it’s not the happiest but you need some sad sprinkled in with the happy. I really want to see how you interpret Peter’s reaction to the reader having a new s/o!

word count: 817 (sorry it’s short)

reading time: ~3 minutes

forever tags:@steve-thotgers​​ @simonsbluee​​ @coalsmind​​ @dafodddil​​

as always lmk if you wanna be added or removed :)

a/n: ngl i kinda cried during this and maybe relived some PTSD endgame gave me, it is also probally cuz it’s 2AM. (my sleep schedule be whacked cuza qurantine). also i cannot resist a good stark!reader, and i am not sorry that i kinda made this a harley keener fic. enjoy!

Everything happened so fast, you had everyone, and then you had no one. You couldn’t believe it when you saw the people you loved fall to pieces, but you held hope that Peter was alive, that your father was alive. That they were just in space, and on their way home. 

Your dad returned 20 days after the others had disappeared. When he got off that ship, you knew that he was dead, that your Peter was gone. After Steve and Pepper were done holding him, he held you. 

He knew how much the kid meant to you, “Shhh, it’s ok, we’ll get over this, together, you’ll find someone new.” The only thing you could do at that moment was cry, as the sobs racked your body. Tony’s body was too weak to support himself and yours, so Steve picked you up and carried you to your room. 

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“I can’t continue this with you anymore. I… I’m sorry,” he muttered. He took off his locket, the one that matched with yours, the one that you gave him on your first anniversary. You watched him set it down on the table, your eyes never leaving his hand.

You couldn’t find it in yourself to say anything. You were too numb and too dazed to find the words which rested lifelessly on your lips. 

After what seemed like an eternity, he made his way towards the door. Your heart started to sink. He wouldn’t do this. He can’t do this.

“Take care of yourself, okay?” he breathed out, shaking you out of your thoughts. His hand was resting lightly on the doorknob. You smiled bitterly. It was clear he was still hesitating. A part of you hoped he would change his mind. That he would stay.

But when you looked into his eyes, you knew his mind was settled.

With a creak and shut of the door, Peter Parker had walked out of your life.

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Peter Parker Headcanon #2

Peter met Ned in middle school at a LEGO club, and the two had a face-off to see who could build the most kits. Later on they realized it was better to work together than be rivals, and started building LEGO sets together, as well as their friendship.

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hey y’all! before i put the summary or anything i just want to let you guys know that there is a major trigger warning for this fanfiction. it was super hard for me to write, but i think this could be comforting to a lot of people who are struggling especially at a time like this. it’s a self-harm trigger warning, so please do not read this fanfiction if this is going to upset or trigger you. i hope all of you are staying safe during this quarantine and my inbox is always open if you need to talk about anything at all. i love you all, take care of yourselves <3

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summary: you’ve struggled with yourself for too long, finally deciding to let peter love you.

word count: 1278 words

a/n: i’m not trying to romanticize depression, by any means. it’s a simple story highlighting the good it can do to reach out to someone when you feel low. if any of you experience depression, please reach out to someone, even me, if you’d like.

warnings: depression, angst, very very vague hint at self harm (no description or mention), one swear word.



i do not own any gifs used. all credits go to the original creator.

You were never one to reach out, but you couldn’t keep pretending.

You weren’t okay. It’d been a really, really long time since you’ve been okay. At first, it was easier to hide. A little make up under the eye, long sleeved sweaters and a smile on your face were your efforts to trying to be okay. And it worked. Days would go by, your friends treated you the same, like nothing was wrong.

And you just let them believe it.

They always say you should reach out when something’s wrong; she didn’t show it much but MJ would always lend her hand to you, to remind you she cared. Whether it be through your bathroom door, where’d she call out for you when you locked yourself in, refusing to let her see you cry, or whether it be after a particular shitty class, she was there.

But you pushed her away. You pushed them all away.

You’d walk away whenever one of your friends would try to talk to you about how you felt. For your own sake, you’d pretend to not hear MJ and Ned’s sighs of defeat when you refused to talk to them. For your own sake, you’d pretend not to see Peter’s face fall when you’d utter a soft goodbye before walking out on him too.

You constantly blamed yourself for the position you were in. For feeling like crap. Time after time, you told yourself no one would love you because of the way you were.

And you’d believe that.

You and Peter weren’t dating, much to many people’s confusion. The pair of you were always close, affectionate almost. To any passerby, you were a pair of high school sweethearts who were yet to face the harsh realities of the world. He’d be lying if he said he never thought of you that way, both of you knew that. He told you how he felt one October night in sophomore year and instead of being responded to with a confession of love back like Ned promised him you would, he was met with tears in your eyes as you told him to leave, not believing a word he said.

And so he left.

It took a while to rekindle your friendship after that, but you eventually did. He never stopped loving you, you knew that. But you never talked about your feelings after that night, despite remaining friends.

Peter never made a move on you after he became Spiderman. He’d hate to put you through any risk that would come with dating the Spiderman. He’d made an oath to himself the moment he put on the red mask for the first time, that he’d never put you in that position, as much it pained him. 

But as you two made your way through senior year, his feelings began to change. He noticed you distancing yourself from him. He knew how much you suffered, but it was always something you’d go to him about, he made you promise to talk to him, no matter what. And you would, for years you always had.  But as weeks went on, you stopped approaching him, letting out meek excuses of being busy whenever he’d propose to hang out, ignoring his pleas of begging you tojust tell me what’s wrong. His heart would break whenever he’d see you walk through the doors of Midtown, your head low and face pale, almost always thinner than the day before.

He was going to reach out to you, he was going to tell you how he felt. He was going to make sure you knew how much he loved you.

He had to.

You’d lie in bed some nights. Tear fresh in your eyes, hands desperately trying to reach out to grasp whatever you could. Today was one of those days. You craved touch, you needed someone, your body shaking as you’d weakly settle on clasping a pillow, pulling it against your body, your sobs wetting the surface.

It hurt, it hurt so badly. You felt shadows looming over you, as your bed lay cold, empty.

You almost didn’t feel your phone vibrate as its light lit up on the ceiling. Choking back another sob, your trembling hand wrapping their fingers around the device, lifting it and turning so you could look at it. You clicked on the notification from Peter, your eyes met with a picture of your friends. You felt a light smile find your face as you recalled the day. It was the last day of junior year; you, Ned, Peter and MJ made plans to spend the day playing a game of hide and seek at the docks. Towards the end of the day, Peter insisted on buying you a tub of popcorn. The picture was of the two of you sat, your feet dangling over the age of the pier, shoulders barely apart, the popcorn between the two of you. Your eyes wandered over your two faces, feeling another tear streaming down your face. You quickly wiped it away, taking note of the rest of the picture where Ned and MJ sat behind you both, making a silly face beside you two while Ned took the picture in the form of a selfie. You almost forgot your crying from a few moments ago.


Under the picture Peter sent was a text saying,

What do you say we revive this day?

You let out a small laugh to yourself at Peter’s text before typing out a quick reply to meet him there. As your finger hovered over the ‘send’ button, you bit your lip, swallowing. You hadn’t been alone with Peter in a long time. What if he took this as an opportunity to get you to talk? You weren’t ready to tell him anything, you didn’t want Peter of all people to leave you. But as you glanced at the picture and then his text, you figured you’d give yourself a chance. You hit the send button before getting up off your bed for the first time in hours.

It was cold that night, but it didn’t matter. As you made your way to the pier, you felt yourself growing more and more confident. If there was one person in this city you were ready to talk to someone about you realized, it was Peter. And as you saw him, waiting for you at the edge of the pier, only the moon and a little gasp lamp illuminating him, you felt yourself take a deep breath, wringing out your hands, ready to talk.

You poured your heart out to him that night, telling him absolutely everything you’d been feeling. It was scary, it hurt when he didn’t react to some parts the way you thought he would, and towards the end, it almost seemed useless. But after you were done, with tears brimming your eyes and you trying to catch your breath, he said nothing. He simply moved his arms to wrap around you, pulling you tight against him, placing his lips against your head as your body shook against him.

He didn’t know what to say, and when you tried to pull away from him, his grip on you only tightened. You didn’t know what you felt in that moment, but when you titled your head to look up at him, he showed you nothing but a soft smile, placing a light kiss on your lips. You felt yourself crying, you didn’t know what any of this meant. But as the two of you stood there, his arms enclosed around your trembling frame, for the first time in months, you felt like you were going to be okay.

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When Peter Parker hugs you, it’s gentle and cautious, enveloping you into a soft embrace. He smells like fabric softener and thai takeout you both enjoyed tonight, a night which you preferred not to end. It’s still between the two of you, and you’re careful to break away, as if a sharp movement could shatter the fragile boy.

When Spiderman hugs you, it’s tight and gripping, as if any moment he could lose you to the darkness. He smells subtly of latex and more of sweat, but you assume that’s from the fighting which you can’t help but worry about. He shakes slightly in your arms, and you pull him closer, to assure that you’ll always be waiting for him.

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Tony: *bursts through the door* WHAT'S HAPPENING --
Peter: *on the ceiling* *points to cockroach*
Tony: You're joking
Peter: ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ
Tony: *sigh* Just this once kid, just this once
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𝙨𝙥𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙙𝙖𝙮 🥀 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝙢𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩


Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Hanahaki!Reader

Status: Incomplete/On-going 

Summary: love is beautiful, but very painful. y/n stark learned this the hard way. now that peter and mj are together, y/n’s hanahaki is eating up the remaining time she has on earth. and as long as peter doesn’t know, she was willing to accept her fate.

Warnings: cursing, blood, angst,

note: i am accepting mood board submissions if any of you guys made one! would really love to see your works! just tag me in your posts.

mood board made by the lovely  @gwenvrse💖

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  

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a kiss with peter in the rain late into the night after a hard study session in the café 💗

your light laugh mixed with the jingling of the small bell at the top of the cafe door as you pushed the door open and held it for peter to walk through. he couldn’t help the blush that stung his cheeks as he followed you through the door, your giggle sending chills up and down his spine.

the moment your feet stepped onto the sidewalk, the raindrops gently pelted you both as you immediately went to cover your head with your arms. the thing about peter parker was that he wore many, many layers. it was kind of his thing, and one of the many things you fell for.

as the rain beat down on him, peter had the sudden urge to throw his jacket over you, but the sight of you tilting your face up to the sky was so mesmerizing that he could hardly move. 

his book bag was weighing down his left shoulder as he walked, and his hand was starting to get sore from gripping the strap. but peter barely noticed the cramping of his fingers as your sleeve ever so lightly brushed against his. 

luckily for peter, you were just as smitten. you couldn’t get enough of his chocolate brown gaze as he shyly asked you a question, or his quiet laugh when you’d jokingly responded incorrectly. 

unluckily for peter, self doubt was blindfolding you both to the clear double-sided affection. but perhaps a cafe study date and a late night rain shower was just the thing to rip them off.

“thanks for helping me study,” you said gratefully for the fourth time that day. “you really didn’t have to.”

“no, it’s okay,” peter insisted, his right hand absentmindedly reaching up to dance through his slightly damp curls. he sucked his lip in between his teeth. “i’m sorry for taking so long, i didn’t anticipate this weather.” 

you smiled back, wrapping your arms around your shoulders. “i like the rain.”

the second peter saw you shiver, however, he instantly shrugged off his jacket and draped it over your shoulders without a second word from you. you blushed at the sudden warmth and hugged the soft material tighter around your shoulders, whispering a thank you.

peter’s cheeks flushed bright pink as he mumbled something. he still couldn’t believe it was his jacket draped over your shoulders as you walked, and his blush only intensified when he saw you snuggle into the cotton.

“your jacket’s nice,” you sighed contentedly. “but aren’t you cold?”

“y-you know, i-if you want, i-i’ll give you plenty more opportunities to wear my jacket.” the words rolled off his tongue before he even knew what he was saying, and he bit his lip almost immediately after they left his mouth. you stopped in your tracks and turned back to him, an undecipherable look on your face.

“not if you don’t want to,” peter said hurriedly, every fiber in his body willing him to stop talking. “i-i was just saying if you wanted to, i could lend you my jacket sometimes. not to be weird. u-unless you want it to be weird? that’s so stupid, why would you want it to be-”

you couldn’t take it anymore. you leaned up and captured his lips in a kiss, shutting him up in the most perfect way. peter’s eyes widened in surprise before he kissed back. 

as the rain fell into your hair and off your shoulders, his free hand reached up to ever so gently cup your cheek. you pulled away, slightly gasping for air as you did so. peter beamed as he brushed several strands of wet hair out of your face, the joy on his face undeniable.

“is it weird now?” you asked, a slow smile spreading across your face. 

peter let out a chuckle, his signature laugh warming your heart in the cold rain. “only if you want it to be, y/n/n.” 

you couldn’t help but laugh as you reached out for his hand, softly intertwining your fingers with his. “really like you,” you mumbled, your speech muffled slightly by peter’s comfy jacket.

peter bravely shuffled closer to you, readjusting his bag on his shoulder. he squeezed your hand, sending the butterflies in your stomach into a frenzy. “i really like you too.” 

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pairing: peter parker x stark!reader

request/summary: Peter gets stood up and the reader [neighbor] cheers him up.

authors note: i honestly have no idea what to say except that i’m kinda low-key proud of this one?? even if it is kinda really not so but kinda short. idk if that makes sense LMAO

warnings: FLUFF

*pre-endgame/infinity war but just after homecoming*


Originally posted by parkers-myth

Peter had been sitting on the street corner for three hours. You only knew that because you had checked up on him every hour. Because, ever since you moved in, you and Peter had been best friends. You originally moved in with your Aunt, who became Aunt May’s best friend, but she, unfortunately, died because of terminal cancer, that was a year ago when you were 15, you were able to keep the rent up because the place you were living in was very cheap for New York, plus your landlord had made you a deal, but you worked for J Jonah Jameson and he put up a pretty promising deal of cash. You didn’t like the man, but you had camera skills, and that’s what he paid for.

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20 and 61 with Tom meeting your parents after he’s already proposed but they don’t agree. Children of strict parents raise your hands!🙋🏾‍♀️

Sorry for being late love, I’m under a lot of stress these days. Also, this might not be exactly how you imagined it.

Warnings: this is an utter piece of crap… I warned you.

You fiddled with the beautiful diamond ring resting on your ring finger. It was a bright sunny day and your eyes kept gazing out the window, checking for the familiar buildings, and back to your ring. It was an understatement to say that you were nervous ‘cause you were freaked out.

You were pulled out of your thoughts when the car came to a halt in front of an apartment building. Tom undid the seatbelt and turned slightly towards you, “This is it.” He breathed out. You wondered how he was so calm. You had already told his parents about the marriage and they were so cool about it. But you knew your parents better than anybody else. They were not going to accept Tom, or anyone for the fact, that easily. It would take a lot more convincing than it should normally.

“I didn’t tell them about the engagement.” You admitted. Tom’s eyebrows furrowed.

“What, why?” He asked. You just looked down at the ring that you’d already removed from your finger and now held in your hand. Tom placed his hand over yours, “You have to tell them.” You played with his fingers, nodding your head.

“I will.” You reassured him. Tom smiled sweetly, pulling back his hand from yours. You watched him with a worried expression. He must be upset with you. But, he pulled off his ring and placed it in your hand.

You smiled at him and leaned up to place a sweet loving kiss on his lips.

You shifted on your left leg as you knocked on the door, waiting for it to open, you tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear, moving it once again. Tom placed a hand on your shoulder, giving you a reassuring smile. He had heard stories from your childhood intently whenever you gushed about them. You were nothing like the girls he has been with, you were very different. He heard those crazy stories and he was more than ready to face and take on the strict family of yours.

Your mother opened the door and smiled at you, wrapping her arms around your shoulders, you introduced Tom to her and moved to greet your father while she welcomed him.

“It’s nice to meet you, Tom.” Your dad said, offering his hand for a handshake. Tom nodded, accepting and shaking his hand gently, “Why don’t you show him around the house?” He asked.

You gave him a tight lipped smile, nodding and led the way as Tom followed you.

“See, it’s not so bad.” He stated. You shook your head.

“It gets worse.”

Lunch was set out and soon you found yourself seated across from your parents, taking small bites of the food kept in your plate.

“So Tom…” Your mom began, you rolled your eyes, “What do you do for a living?” She completed her question.

“Oh, I’m an actor.” He replied simply. Your dad let out a chuckle at his answer and you shut your eyes, sighing to yourself.

“And what is your actual job?” He asked. You saw Tom’s jaw clench from the corner of your eyes.

“Dad, he’s a professional.” You answered, intertwining your hand with Tom’s under the table.

“So what? Acting is not a real job. One day you’re an actor, the other day, you’re jobless.” He said. Tom squeezed your hand in reassurance and you let go of it.

“I know it’s hard, sir. But I work hard for it and I love my job because I enjoy it. Believe it or not, it is my job.” Tom smiled politely. There was a moment of silence and you gazed back and forth between the guys before your father pointed a finger at Tom.

“I like that answer.” He smiled, and you let out a nervous chuckle.

Sometime passed. You felt a nudge on your foot and looked over at Tom with a questioning look, “Are you gonna tell them?” You gulped, seeing them busy with a conversation of their own. You nodded your head and cleared your throat grabbing everyone’s attention.

'Now or never, now or never’ were the words repeated in your head, “I-we, kind of, have a news for you guys.” You announced.

You saw your father straighten in his seat as your mother’s look got serious. You could feel your heart hammering in your chest.

“What is it?” Your mother asked.

“We’re, well, planning on getting married and we wanted your blessings. And we’re, kind of, engaged…” You rushed with your words, trailing off at the end. They suddenly stood from their seats, making you and Tom stand too. His hand was instantly in yours letting you know that you weren’t alone. You appreciated the gesture but still couldn’t calm down completely.

“A marriage?” Was all your father said before the room fell silent. No one said anything. You just waited for them to say something, anything.

“And we need your blessings.” You said finally, trying to ease the situation.

“No.” Your mother, “(Y/n), marriage is not a game!” Your mother exclaimed, making you flinch.

“But mom -” You tried reasoning, but were cut off when your mother raised a hand to stop you. Your father was already gone, not wanting to be a part of the conversation.

“How long do you even know him?” She asked. You felt tears in the corner of your eyes.

“Long enough to love him.” You answered. Your mother looked at you with a stiff gaze.

“Dinner’s over. You should leave.” She said simply. You looked at her unbelievably as she moved towards the room where your father would be.

You stormed out of the house, getting into the car and shutting the door as you let the tears fall over your face. Tom was shocked but ran behind you.

He saw you sitting in the car and confronted you. He wasn’t kidding when he said that he was ready to face your crazy little family.

At first you thought it to be a bad idea but you agreed when Tom said that he’d handle the situation.

You went up the stairs, following him up to your parents’ room and knocked on the door.

As you expected, you were met with the disappointed face of your mother. You saw a glint of regret on her face. You sighed, instantly moving from behind Tom and wrapping your arms around her.

“I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to marry him.” You said finally separating from her.

“Oh, who am I kidding? You’re so big now.” She said as your father also came towards the group.

“We’d just need some time kids.” Your father said, hugging you, “You take care of her actor, or else -” He finished, making everyone laugh.


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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Synopsis: the school trip to Europe makes you and Peter reexamine your relationship 

(post endgame, during far from home)

hope you’re all staying safe  



You gave it five months.

Five months of strictly platonic friendship following the blip before you and Peter got back together.

You were together for 8 months before it all happened. And when you came back, you both decided that if you still wanted to be together at the end of the five months, you would be. But, it you found that you worked better as friends, you’d stay that way.

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general masterlist



  • YOU’RE THE DAUGHTER of the deceased Venom, abilities stronger than ever. A frustrating boy waltzes into your life; someone who has crushed your soul into pieces. But you soon learn that he means more than that. Something that is hard to admit at first… ❝He’s written in the stars for you.❞


WARNINGS: mentions of death, PTSD, anxiety, maybe smut, angst, enemies to lovers



chapter 1 - 04/04 9PM GMT

chapter 2

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summary: after years of being in love, you and peter learn you can’t have children.

word count: 1262 words

requested: yes

warnings: angst, mentions of character death, mentions of endgame spoilers, character unable to conceive.



i do not own any gifs used. all credits go to the original creator.

Peter would never forget the first time he met you. He’d been late to a college lecture, one he could not afford to miss. He ran through campus, his hands trying to shove whatever papers he could into the bag slung over his shoulder. His feet moved him as fast as he could through the large doors of one of college buildings, making a sharp turn to the right before he felt himself smack into a figure in front of him.

 On instinct, his arms immediately wrapped themselves around the figure’s frame, making sure they didn’t fall. When he looked up, his eyes met hers, merely inches from his own face.

“I’m so sorry,” the girl began, untangling herself from him. “I wasn’t looking where I was going, I-“

Peter smiled softly to himself, a chuckle escaping. “No, it’s alright. My fault really.” He grinned at her flustered state, all thoughts of the class he was supposed to attend gone. “I’m Peter.” He extended the hand not grabbing his bag out to her.

The girl took a deep breath to calm herself before looking down at the boy’s hand, her lips tugging into a smile before reaching forward and shaking it. “Y/N.”

The months following that day consisted of you and Peter getting to know each other more and more. What began as innocent study dates at coffee shops turned to lovely dinner dates at every local pizza place in the city and eventually into what you called love.

After the two of you graduated university, you moved in together in a small apartment in Queens. It was tiny, but it was home. You spent years together, and Peter spent every day wondering how he got so lucky. You were the best thing that ever happened to him. He confided in you about being Spiderman and opened up to you about every trauma he’d ever experienced since. Similarly, you found yourself telling him things you’d never told anyone. Your friends never failed to remind you both that you were each other’s soul mates.

Peter never knew the exact moment he knew he wanted to marry Y/N. It was more a combination of a series of events preceding your moving in together. It was a bit of that one night he played your favorite song during dinner and he saw the way your face lit up and you sang along to the song. It was a bit of the time you found Peter broken down on the floor on the day of Tony’s death anniversary, and though you didn’t know the man yourself, you knew exactly what to say to cheer your boyfriend up.

You both were perfect together, when you got married you used all your savings to by a bigger house near Brooklyn, ready to start a family with the man you loved. You both didn’t know anyone you’d rather be with and take this step with.

A couple months after the wedding, you began trying. You and Peter found yourselves together any moment of the day you weren’t working for months. You bought pregnancy test after pregnancy test, your heart breaking a little every time those two lines didn’t show up, and breaking even more after seeing Peter’s grinning face fall when you told him you weren’t pregnant.

 It was one September evening where Peter was working late. You sat on the kitchen counter overlooking the window with your phone lying on the surface in front of you. You stared at, desperately awaiting the call from the fertility clinic. As the soft evening breeze blew you took a deep breath to calm yourself.

The house was empty. You needed kids. Peter talked about starting a family within the first year of your relationship. To have any chances of that thrown away now would break him completely.

You jumped slighting as your phone vibrated. Your hand shook as you reached to pick it up, recognizing the clinic’s number. You slide to answer and held it to your ear. You bit your lip as the doctor spoke to you, their words slow and gentle as they greeted you and your heart sunk, there’s only one reason someone’s that nice upon greeting, when they have something bad to say.

Your body shook that night as you sat on the floor in your bedroom. You hugged your knees to your chest as sobs and screams escaped your mouth. You heard the front door open downstairs and Peter’s familiar footsteps enter the house. Your heart broke when you heard him approach your room as you realized you’d have to break the news to him.

 “Y/N?” Peter called out as walked through the front door. His eyebrows furrowed when you didn’t reply. He gently closed the door behind him before making his way down the hall. Upon noticing the sound of crying, he panicked, quickening his pace to the bedroom, throwing the door open and seeing you on the floor. When you looked up at him, he noticed tears streaming down your face and you face red and puffy. His face softened as he placed the flowers he’d bought for you on the dresser and making his way over to you. He crouched before your shaking frame and pulled you into a soft embrace.

“We-we can’t-“, you words escaped between sobs before he shushed you.

“I know, I know.” He whispered pressing a kiss to your head. “It’s okay. I know.” He knew the clinic was going to call today, he figured by your crying that it was true. His own tears escaped his eyes and as he pulled you closer, rocking you both. “It’ll be okay.”

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pairing: peter parker x vlog squad!nash!reader

request: hi princess, could i please request a little cross between dating spider-man and being david’s bff dave always asks and teases about your love life but little does he know why you’re always so secretive and MIA when the squad visits new york

authors note: this is one of the best requests I’ve ever gotten, omfg, I hope this lives up to what you hoped for you sweet anon!

warnings: fluff and swearing, Iron Man isn’t dead in this AU so don’t be surprised if he shows up 💀


Originally posted by tomhollanderr

Whenever Spider-Man came on the tv everyone started freaking out, especially David, you would all see and watch the news where Spider-Man had stopped a new villain or basically, just stopped any crime. You weren’t freaking out because of how cool it was, you were freaking out because your boyfriend could fucking die.

Of course, you would listen and read J Jonah Jameson’s podcast, radio station and blog with your friends and listen to him talk shit and yell at your phones whenever he said something to down put Spider-Man.

You had met Peter Parker in college, you’d think he’d go somewhere like Harvard for school, but he ended up going to NYU, you met him in the library, and soon, well, you were dating Spider-Man. Obviously, it took him months to tell you. It wasn’t an easy decision on Peter’s part.

But after standing you up multiple times, and you giving him multiple chances, just because you liked the kid, made him want to go all-in with you, and thank god he did. But when you told him you were moving back to L.A. to be with your dad, your little brother Wyatt and sister Charley. He understood.

So that’s why whenever you went to New York with your friends (and by yourself) you made sure to make the most of it. Though you didn’t visit frequently because David hates New York, but he only went with you because he’s your best friend.

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I made this on the fly so sorry if a bit trashy. Drabble. Warnings: Death


Originally posted by photografya

“Peter?” Softly you call out to him. Your muscles burning as you hold onto him with one arm around him. His lip busted and check bruised purple. “Peter please wake up.” Your eyes water as he’s passed out. His face rested and peaceful. His suit dirty and sweaty. One arm holding onto the web saving you from falling to your death with Peter. Your legs wrapped around his torso and one arm gripping his shoulders tightly to his limp body. Your tears flow, strongly afraid of letting go as everything hurts. “I won’t let go, Pete. No matter what but please wake up. I need your help. I need you, Pete. I’m sorry I can’t take us out of this myself.” Your voice silent to Peter. His sweaty curls allowing you to see his face. Gravity tries to pull you both down but you try your best to fight against it. “Please.” A quiet beg that won’t work. Peter’s head is limp as you struggle to kiss him. Your lips only reach to kiss his chin. A whimper escapes your lips. Your arm burns from the weight. Your muscles were tired and felt like ripping apart, begging to relax. No plan out to save both of you. Too risky of a plan to grab Peter’s check for one last kiss. So you hang on to what little strength you have as your arm loses grip. Praying someone comes to your aid. Roughly trying to support his head for one last look at him. Lovingly staring at him.

“I love you.” A sob escapes your lips. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” Your hand loses strength and slips off from the web. You fall with Peter in your arms to the cold ones of death. No one to save you both.

At least take him somewhere nice. You ask in silent prayer. Your body slowly passes out from fatigue. Your strength leaves you slowly slipping away from him. You both fall to the ground slowly away from each other. As angels float down to you both as your fates are sealed.

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all our demons trilogy masterlist

**all headers made by me**

**formerly known as following the life of y/n stark**

pairing: peter parker x stark!reader

summary: “all my demons have your smile.” 


summary: a series that follows the daily life, the trials and tribulations and the ups and downs of being the one and only daughter of tony stark. special appearances from the rest of the avengers and one particular spiderboy.

  • coming soon!
  • coming soon!
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general masterlist | series masterlist

set at endgame, far from home, and then my interpretation of what will happen after.


by @n-stxlgialove you, girl. ♡

it’s not the future that you are afraid of,

it’s the fear of the past repeating itself that haunts you.


↷1.6k+ words

════ ⋆★⋆ ════

HOW YOU WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK IN THE PAST and wished things would have turned out differently. It happened to be that the realisation hit you hard like running into a brick wall. Probably harder in fact. So much so that you now knew that could obviously never happen.

You had learned that there are ways in which we grow and develop and mature into the people that we become as adults. The past inevitably forms the future and lands on how fast we grow and change as people. Some people have smile lines or crow’s feet, while others have scars and bags beneath their eyes. Depending on our natural outcome, depends on what we turn into as we grow old. There’s a defined difference between the two outcomes, one being dominant in society and the other… a silhouette.

It was just unlucky that you ended up in second place.

Normality wasn’t something that occurred in your childhood home where you indeed grew and developed, right up until the age of six, which was when the floor beneath you crumbled and you were flipped upside down, every thought, memory and ounce of blood rushing to your head until eventually…

Everything you ever knew exploded.

Now, as you sat in the leather chair in a room within the depths of Stark Tower, thumbs folding over one another in an endless race, heart pounding in your frail chest, everything slowly came back to light.

He walked around the room like a hawk circling its prey, pushing you down to the shadows where you’ve wrongfully, yet unknowingly, been placed for the counterpart of your life. His eyes were beady behind the glasses that rested on his large nose, skin rather flushed and pale.

Despite being quite plump, he was well dressed and smelt like lavender, a rather feminine smell that relaxes you. His actions made you nervous, emotions stirring in your stomach, making you mentally ill. His voice was gruff and deep as he spoke,

“So,” he began, ensuring that there was no backing out now, “I hear that you’re a little confused about walking into your future… especially now that I found you here.” His words confused you to an extent, your brow tightening and lower half shifting in the seat. The reason was that you didn’t expect to find yourself here, out of all the places you knew.

“I guess you could say that,” you replied with a low tone, rather battered and tired. Being snuffed out into existence isn’t easy. But as your body lurched forward, a gruff cough impaled your throat, pain striking at your lungs.

You still had that damn cough, meaning you still had lethal abilities you couldn’t control.

You were still the same.

Neverthless, you trained your eyes to focus on things around the room, focussing on such things as the paintings on the walls, the pastel wallpaper and the lime curtains hanging by the window.

“Quite a nasty cough you have there,” the man sighed, stopping at his desk placing his nimble fingers on the wood as he leaned further over, “I’ve heard it’s not exactly curable,” which left you thinking on how you ended up here.

The last ten years wasn’t exactly simple and unchallenging, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either, knowing that you were under your now-deceased mentor’s wing. In that time, you mastered espionage, martial arts and most importantly, meditation. For your heart and mind. For the sake of the people around you. Now that he was gone, you couldn’t help but feel exposed and broken. Like all the abilities and skills you were taught were suddenly nothing and you forgot everything. The same vulnerable feeling you had ten years ago when your own two guardians were snatched away from you, settled back in your heart and mind like an unwanted guest.

You swallowed, licking your dried lips before wiping your hand down your leg, “You seem to know a lot about me, Sir.

“Well it would be rude of me to forget,” he smiled, pulling back the chair that sat before him and taking a seat, now at your eye level, “was it the fire that disturbed your throat?”

Your jaw clenched at the simple memory of what had happened that September evening on your sixth birthday. The day you learned a valuable lesson while your life fell apart. Dipping your head, you nodded in an action response as the lump grew heavier in the back of your throat. “I see you have occupied quite a few burn marks as well.”

“That’s kinda what happens when you get trapped inside a burning building,” you sighed, sarcasm dripping in your tone. You understood the man sitting before you was here to help, yet you couldn’t stop your brain from deciphering the situation. As much as you wanted to come clean of your past, it seemed wrong to tell it to someone who was paid to take in others woes. However, he was right in one thing that he had said; that being that yes, you did occupy quite a few scars from the raging flames that fed off your flesh.

“Do you remember much of what happened that evening?” he asked cautiously as not to trigger the loaded gun that sat at the back of your mind. Swallowing deeply as to calm the itch in the back of your throat you condemned yourself, collecting your ragged emotions and relaxing back into the leather chair.

“I don’t remember the whole thing but… I remember how the fire started…” you nodded, head dipping to focus on your fingers that were aimlessly fiddling with one another in an act of anxiety and frustration and a sheer lack of comfort.

Your trail of thought was cut off abruptly owing to the fact that a sudden, sharp pain had struck your back. Specifically right in the centre. Your expression became taut and you had the immediate urge to throw up but the feeling surpassed as quickly as it came.


Your momentary silence was cut short when you realised that you were already taking too long to answer his question in full.

“It was my sixth birthday and I remember it was really sunny outside. There were some bluebirds on the tree just outside the living room window from where I was sitting when my dad brought the cake into us.”

The sun was so bright that evening, brighter than you’d ever seen it. Your apartment was located right in the centre of what felt like the earth, the sun beaming directly into your living room. Your dad always said that there was no need for electric lights when you had mother nature to take care of you.

“I remember blowing out the candles… And making a wish. I don’t remember what wish I made…”

While you were in the living room with some friends from school, occupying the silence with the small conversation about… whatever six-year-olds talk about, your parents were in the kitchen. The reason why you knew was that you remember the disappointment in your chest when you turned to see they weren’t even looking when the flames were burned out.

“I remember my mum demanding that we light the candles again so that she could watch,” you sighed with a smile, “so she came into the living room and lit them again… Not realising she left the open flame exposed on the cooker…” and then your smile faded. “It felt like seconds, one second I was blowing out the flames to my birthday candles and then the next… I was surrounded by them.”

You’d share the same emotion as to what you felt tucked in the heat, something similar to being trapped beneath a blanket when you and your dad would play hide and seek. Yet you knew this time you couldn’t escape from under it, out into the world of fresh air and clear sight. You were trapped in the smoke and flames, unable to move from sheer fear pulsing through your veins.

“If I’m right, your father was the one who saved you?” the man spoke, making your head lift to meet his gaze. You nodded.

“Without him, I wouldn’t even be alive… Well, without what he gave me,” you bit your lip tightly, remembering the event.

Once he’d stumbled upon you behind the broken rafter in the corner, he said what he would do wouldn’t hurt. He only partially lied. The scary part was watching your father fall apart right in front of you as he gave you the last thing that was keeping him alive.

Venom was a symbiote your father inhabited long before you were born, and he’d told you stories about it over the years that often sent you to sleep. Feeling that so-called ‘monster’ feed under your skin and dominate your veins, sending a rush to your head as your every nerve was corrupted and overridden by the living shadow that was carrying you away from the flames was terrifying.

“Without Venom… My dad would still be alive.”

“But you would be dead, Miss L/N.”

“My dad was a better man than I could ever be a woman. He cared about people, he actually gave a shit.” You emphasised the last part, meaning every word of it.

Shrugging, you loosened your shoulders, “Whereas I… I can’t get over the fact that the real monster my dad would tell me stories about… was me.” Your sentence was cut short as another cough ripped through your throat, head twisting to the shell of your arm to cover your lips.

“You are no monster, Y/N. That is why we are here to help you, to better yourself and self-image,” he smiled, stretching out an arm to place a comforting hand on the oak wood table. Your head turned slowly, tongue flicking over your lower lip as your eyes finally met his for the first time that session, “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

By the time the session was finished it came to be that you were feeling a lot better, and the devil inside you too. The paintings on the wall had only shifted a little from the struggle, the pastel wallpaper now a hot red and the lime curtains… Well, it would take more than one wash to get his whiskey ridden blood out of the cotton strands. In truth, we all grow and mature in some way. Your level of development had just gone a little… fucked up.

But it was a new life, a new start in Queens, New York. As Y/N Brock. And you had a funeral to attend to.

════ ⋆★⋆ ════

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