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#peter parker fanfic

Netflix and Chill- PP


↪︎ Summary: You call your boyfriend over to look after Morgan but he has different plans. Spoiler alert, they don’t go to plan.

↪︎ Warning: Mentions of sex, awkward encounters, Tony being a protective dad, Stark!reader, making out. There’s no actual smut though! (1k words)

↪︎ A/N: I hope you enjoy this funny fic, I loved writing it! Please let me know if you’d like to be added or removed from my taglists. Make sure to leave some feedback! And a reblog would be nice ❤︎

Peter Parker Masterlist and Main Masterlist


Peter nuzzled closer into your side, his head nosing your temple. His calloused hand came to brush lightly on your leg as you slowly pushed him off so you wouldn’t get distracted from the tv series you were dying to watch.

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Summary: Y/N and Peter don’t believe in ghosts, so MJ and Ned dare them to spend the night together in a haunted house.

Warnings: Swearing, ghosts (?)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 2k

A/N: I was too tired to proofread this more than once so if there are mistakes I’m sorry :( I just wanted to get it up tonight.


You and Peter don’t believe in ghosts. You find it a tad bit ridiculous that some people do. Why anyone would believe in some translucent floating menace was beyond you. There isn’t any scientific evidence to back up the existence of ghosts, so there’s no reason to believe in them.
Sure, there are some things, like religion, that could make sense to believe in without science to back it up, but ghosts? It’s laughable.
That’s why, when your friends dared you two to stay in a so-called “haunted” building for the night, you didn’t hesitate to say yes. So what if the wind was creepy? So what if it made the doors move as if someone was there? You don’t care; it’s all bullshit.

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Previous prompt and chapter: His Daughter 

Hi all. This fills whumptober prompt 24: You’re not making any sense and a bit of sensory deprivation thrown in there. This is second chapter of the His Daughter story. Enjoy!

Chapter Two: There’s a Light in the Hallway

The tablet that was too large for her hands lit up Raya’s face. Her eyes narrowed in concentration as she tried to read through the words. Peter watched as she talked to Tony. The smile never left her face as the stranger turned acquaintance listened with perfect ease.

“It says here the Fir is a… what’s this word Daddy?”


“Yeah, it’s truth and forthrightness, which I’m not sure exactly what it means but I think it’s good. And it can mean friendship, Mr. Stark! I think that means we’re going to be friends.”

She hopped onto her knees bouncing at an alarming rate toward Tony. His eyes widened and Peter fought back a smile. The enthusiasms of youth were quick but substantial. Raya was no exception. Her openness and love never failed to make him proud as not only a dad but a person.  

“I, uh, think so too, kiddo.” Raya leaned back and scrunched her nose apparently offended at the moniker.

“You call my Daddy that. I want a different nickname.”

This time Tony leaned forward with a playful smile. He brought his finger up and tapped his chin in thought. Raya sat up straighter when she noticed him looking toward her.

“Oh, you do, do you? How about snowflake?”





“No foods!” She burst out giggling complete with hands on knees and tears in her eyes. Like something contagious Tony’s eyes caught the sparkle and gleamed at her laughter.

“How about Ray?” He said after clearing his throat.

Peter looked back down to his phone but waited for an answer without breathing. Raya leaned back into the seat and folded her hands in her lap before watching Tony with a secret deliberation. Her eyes seemed to take in some quality of him and test deep qualification in him, otherwise it was mere whimsy. After a measured moment Raya reached out her hand and waited for them to shake.

“That would be fine.” She said and wouldn’t let go of his hand after they were done. Raya grabbed Tony’s hand more fully in hers and began playing with his palm. Her eyes traveled over the lines and scars on his hand, and her finger took the place soon after.

“It’s the name my mommy called me.” She said in a matter of fact tone. Tony’s mouth opened along with his eyes and he froze. His eyes focused entirely on Raya, how she stared earnest at him and the way her legs swung back and forth. Finally, he swallowed, ran a hand through his hair, and reached some conclusion.

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tummy rubs → t.h

summary: tom loves to take care of you during your period. up until the boys find out about your unusual behaviour and start teasing you about certain things.

warnings: lots of allusions to sex but fluff overall, very suggestive, harrison and co being (hilarious) dicks to y/n and tom, period talk.

notes: very convenient that i’m on my period right now. and all i want is domestic bliss.

word count: 1.5k+ | masterlist


there it comes. within only moments of finding out that you were on your period, the inevitable pain kicks off in your lower belly, making you stop in your tracks towards your bedroom.

you cursed under your breath, only wanting to shove yourself under the covers and take a nap. to make matters worse, by the time you shut your door, you felt the pain worsening in your abdomen and that horrible feeling of what was going on down there. the need to get in bed only intensified the more you thought about it.

somehow, throughout the whole ordeal, you didn’t notice tom, or moreso, actually acknowledged his presence. and although you’ve been dating for quite some time, you haven’t exactly lived with tom and the boys since you met. typically because he’d be at work and so would you.

which is why the concern on your boyfriend’s face only grew the closer you got to your bed since you came through your bedroom door. the noises of pain you whined was enough for him to approach you in an instant.

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I hope you’re doing better, love :’)

  • peter is a soft boi
  • We all know this
  • But like when you get sick
  • :(((
  • He’s extra soft
  • He buys you your favorite flavor of cough drop/throat lozenge
  • And he makes sure that you’ve got a bottle of cough syrup or just cold medicine that you’ll actually like
  • So that you don’t resist taking it
  • Honestly you do resist taking it because it tastes like butt it’s fun to see Peter get all panicky like bUtWhAtiFyOuDiE
  • You don’t tease him too much tho because I have a feeling that that boi cries easily
  • I would not be surprised if you refused to take your syrup and he was like pLz nO and just burst into tears kandjakf
  • But the cuddles
  • oh
  • the cuddles
  • They’re always perfect
  • But when you’re sick they just hit different
  • Peter wraps you up in blankets and holds you like a lil baby
  • Prob kisses your nose or some stupidly cute bs like that
  • definitely rubs your back when you fall asleep
  • If you’re throwing up he’ll sit by the toilet with you and rub your back and bring you water and help you rinse out your mouth
  • 100% panics when you throw up tho is like :o that’s not good
  • Teases you about your raspy voice but then feels bad and apologizes 64769028685396 times
  • the kind of man to make you soup
  • homemade
  • And like
  • it’s better than canned
  • May gave him the recipe lmao
  • But like three meals a day you will be having this
  • So
  • I hope you like soup

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moodboard by @angelic-holland

Series Masterlist

Summary: Andromeda and Perseus feel they’re made for each other. They know they’re meant to be together, even if the gods say otherwise. Even their constellations are together. When Zeus issues a decree that they defy, his fury forces them apart. Is their love strong enough to overcome even the will of the gods?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Descriptions of injuries, blood, death, the most gut-wrenching angst I’ve ever written holy shit

Word count: 8773 (hahahaha)

A/N: I um….yeah. I wish I had a better explanation for why I did this but I don’t. I just enjoy causing pain. But in all seriousness, I love this little mini series and I’m so happy with how it ended. Thanks to everyone who’s been along for the ride! If you need a refresher on who’s who, here’s the cast list.

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Masterlist, Prologue, and Part 1

Summary: Y/N is paid a visit by her past, and is reminded of what she must have in the future, or else…

Warnings: language, mentions of death and violence, a creepy ex boyfriend

Pairing: Peter Parker x Villainess!Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: This is just about Y/N, there’s no Peter, so if that bothers you, you can always wait until the next chapter is out. (yes I know the point of self-insert fanfic is to be able to see yourself as the character, and adding details makes that difficult, but it’s my story and I’ll give Y/N layers if I want to)


While Peter made a pitstop on his way home to talk to Ned, you head home immediately. You don’t want to risk anyone following you, as that could be catastrophic. All anyone had to do was pose as law enforcement and ask the landlord who lived in the apartment they saw you go into, and it was over for you.
You could easily just warp reality so that you were in your apartment, but you tried to avoid using your abilities for everyday problems. After all, most Warpers ended up going insane, and you wanted to prolong that as long as possible. According to your father, the less you use your powers, the longer it will take for you to have a psychotic break. 

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hi ! hope you like ittttt :) thanks for requesting <3

all this time

warnings : violence? just superhero action (didnt proofread)

word count : 1100

“Peter!” You whisper screamed. “Dad’s going to kill us! Are you sure we should be here?”

“Yes!” Peter whispered back, metal frames closing as the two of you were in another part of the spaceship currently taking your dad and Tony Stark to space. “We’ll be fine!”

“Should’ve stayed on the bus,” You muttered, removing your mask.

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hi ! hope it’s what you wanted ! wasn’t sure if you wanted a happy ending so i left it at this :)

she remembers me!

warnings : blood? explosions

word count : 1300

(requested) okay Y'ALL i love all the requests but i barely write for peter so im focusing on his requests ONLY atm. (didn’t proofread- it’s like 8 am give me a break).

Into the facility, the group of you were stationed throughout the building, speaking into the comms and telling Tony of all your observations. You and Peter and Wanda were in the west wing, fighting off quite a few guardsmen and crazy lab scientists. There was one room you were trying to get to; the entire reason for the mission really.

“Fuck,” you wheezed as the man punched you with his right fist, your entire body swinging to the floor. Standing up, you used your powers, sending him flying into another incoming guard, the two of them slamming into the wall. “My comms are offline,” you said to no one in particular.

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candy | p.p

summary: you share a chocolate bar with peter on movie night

requested by: @angelsparkers 🥰

word count: 627 | masterlist


“can we move a little, y/n?”

“nope, i like it just the way it is.”

as per usual, movie nights were totally unexpected, mainly because of the tight schedules that you and peter both had to endure. together with the fact that there was really little time to spend together in the lead up towards the exam season.

so peter had decided to unwind with you tonight, a switch-off dedicated to solely him and yourself, which had led to both of you watching the fourth film of the harry potter series, beginning where you had left off a couple of weeks ago.

peter whined at your denial. “i promise you i’ll let you be just as comfortable if you let me just move a teeny-”

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masterlist || check out my commissions? || ko-fi

Peter always did everything he could to make sure you were comfortable when the pair of you were intimate with each other. Whether it was turning the lights off to your request, putting on music, letting you face away from him. Whatever it is you asked for–Peter would be honoured to do it for you, if it meant you would be happier with him. 

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to distract myself from writing my novel, im gonna write fanfics!!! and i haven’t done a blurb night (during the day) since forever, so please send in some blurb ideas 💛

  • i write for:
  • tom holland, shawn mendes, harrison osterfield, sam holland, harry holland, peter parker, arvin russell, zuko, mj, steve harrington
  • i write almost every au, but if you wanna double check with me feel free
  • all blurbs will be tagged under #lillyblurbs if you wanna block it! 
  • i will start posting in a few hours, so keep them coming!
  • you can use this list or come up with your own concepts!
  • angst, smut and fluff are all welcome! 
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Summary: You and Peter have been best friends for ages. But what happens when he confesses something that he’s held deep down for ages.

Warnings: Swearing, a teeny tiny bit of angst, but a huge fluffy ending

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: This is probably the last night of back to back fics for a while, so enjoy!


You had met so long ago that it felt like a dream you couldn’t quite remember. From the second you met the beloved Peter Parker, you knew he would be your best friend. Or, one of them at least. Ned was pretty cool too. He just wasn’t Peter, and there was always something different about Peter.
Your other friends called it romantic attraction. You said it was just who he was. He was always something else entirely. That’s just how best friends feel about each other, right?

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request: “Can you do a part 2 to killer queen”

pairing: Peter Parker x Female! Reader

warnings: swearing, descriptions of mental illness including selective mutism and depression, uhhh character… undeath (?), small amount of physical fighting etc. (if there is anything that i missed, pls hmu)

summary: The reader’s death destroys Peter Parker to his core. It’s hurting her too, maybe just not as much.

word count: 2.2k


main masterlist

notes: and here is (finally) the second part to Killer Queen. I actually have not been this proud of something in awhile. now, i am off to write the next chapter of The New Avengers which i highly suggest you read bc its ab to get real good :) so, enjoy this!


(this is not my gif, all credits go to the original creator)

The funeral was awful. A bad dream he could never wake up from.

Tony had decided to keep her casket closed, to give her some sense of dignity, he had said. The coffin was a light mahogany, something she had jokingly asked for from Peter. He told Tony about it anyways.

Only the Avengers and a few close friends were invited, like May and Ned and MJ. Every person there had tears in their eyes, but Peter’s never fell.

“When I die,” you had said one night as you both laid on your roof, “I don’t wanna come back as a ghost and see you crying.”

“Why,” he asked, “I’d be devastated if you died.”

“Exactly! And so will a lot of other people! You gotta be the strong one. You can be sad, but don’t cry cause then- then I’ll feel bad.”

He laughed, “You would feel bad for dying?”

You sighed, “Yeah, yeah I would.”

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  • You bring your puppy over and his soft goes !!!!!!!!!!
  • Puppy!!!!!!!
  • He doesn’t have to do much to get on the puppy’s good side at first and it crawled into his lap at one point
  • He picks it up and goes to boop noses
  • He is not met with nose
  • teefies
  • He just kinda sits there like ???
  • You kinda :o for a moment and then you’re laughing more than you’ve ever laughed before
  • “Don’t mock me!”
  • He’s so sad omg
  • He’s like really I thought we had something here fren
  • Constantly reminds the puppy that he bit him one (1) time
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The Bodyguard (Part 2)

Peter Parker Social Media Au

A/N: Part 2! Next part coming at ya @ 9pm PST tonight, im gonna get through this as fast as I can 😂 Hope y’all are actually liking this 😂 PLEASE REBLOG/LIKE/COMMENT I NEED VALIDATION

~Part 1~


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The Bodyguard (Part 1)

Peter Parker SMAU

A/N: Alrighty! Welcome to my new series, don’t worry, it’s all written already. I just made this to make and feel like I’ve finished something, so apologizies if it’s not the best at all. Enjoy my chaos fic!


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