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#peter parker fic

Peter Parker x stark!reader

Request: Imagine peter x reader are having sex and Morgan stark is your little sister and she walks in on you 2 and starts to ask inappropriate questions and they Morgan tells your dad Tony stark and he gets mad and overprotective about reader and pepper is there as well

Warning: smuttttt, language, fluff, slight angst

Oh lord I made this so fucking dirty🤭🤭🤭

Gif not mine :)


“Yoo chillll.” You said swatting Peter’s hands as he tried to wrap his arms around you.

“Please, I almost died.” Peter whined dramatically as you looked over the edge of the roof, the cops leaving with the robbers you and Peter caught. You pulled your mask down from your nose, turning around, Peter’s arm coming around you.

“You’re so needy all the time. Make it make sense—“ Peter cut you off with his lips. His hand going down your lower back to rest comfortably on your ass. His lips moving desperately against yours.

“Can I not love you?” Peter mumbles, his tongue running up your lips, your jaw going slack, letting Peter slip his tongue in yours.

“You’re so dramatic.” You roll your eyes making Peter let out a breathy laugh.

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a@a/n: okay hopefully you like this!!!

peter parker x reader

Tik Tok |p.p|

It was a regular friday evening and you and Peter were in your room. Peter was holding your hips as you sat on his lap kissing him softly. He moved his hand to hold your cheek before pulling away slowly. “Hey..should we not be doing this?” He asked softly. He knew that your family was home and could walk in any second from now.

“It would be more fun to keep going, but I don’t want anyone to barge in on us.” You smiled and kissed his nose. “We can cuddle or do something else.” Peter nodded. “What about that makeup thing you were talking about?” He said. 

“Oh my gosh, yes let’s do that right now!” You said and stood up. “I can film it too.” 

“For your tiktok I suppose?” Peter laughed. Lately you were starting to get big on tiktok for mostly your fashion videos. “Pfft of course, I gotta get all my stuff ready.” You grinned and went around your room, taking up some makeup palettes for him. Peter never really minded you putting makeup on him. He loved it actually. You set your phone up by him and started to carefully put some makeup on him. 

“Just so you know, my least favorite color is green.” Peter said and relaxed as you put some eyeliner on him. You could’ve worked on his lashes but they were already long enough so he didn’t need mascara. “I know that already, we’ve been dating for a while now dummy.” You smiled to yourself and stopped the filming before going to your closet to get the clothes. “I’m not done yet!”

Peter opened his eyes a bit. “Oh christ..” He muttered and then laughed when you hit his arm. “Babe I can’t pull off that much black.” He giggled. “You sure can. Just let me do my work alright?” You smiled. Peter nodded and pecked your lips before letting you continue the makeup. You continued with the eyeliner adding some designs that you thought would look good.

“Hey can your put your highlighter on me?” Peter asked, “The uh purple looking one.” You nodded and carefully put it on his cheeks and nose. “Wow I feel so special and loved.” He smiled. 

“Oh my god, you are special and loved by me.” You laughed as you finished up. “Hmm I’ll take it.” Peter said and grabbed his phone replying to a text. Throughout the day, he hadn’t done his hair and thrown on a beanie instead. You were eager to at least style his hair in some way and took off the beanie swiftly.

“No!” Peter whined and grabbed the beanie to put it back on. “Babeeee.” You whined. “Just let me do your hair.”

“Noooo.” Peter whined again, “My hair’s gonna go all fluffy and it’ll be annoying.” He said. You sighed and grabbed a black and white striped beanie. “Fine, but you have to wear this one instead.

Soon you had let Peter get changed into the clothes you picked out. He walked back into the room and looked at himself. “Fuck no. I look so weird.” He laughed.”I make it look back.” You looked at him with a shrug. “No you don’t, I like it but it’s okay if you don’t like it.”

“You did a great job with the makeup, don’t get me wrong.” Peter said, “But I just look so…I don’t look like me at all.” You looked at him and nodded slowly. “Yeah I get what you’re saying. Well you can change out of it and then dress me.” 

Peter nodded and took beanie off and changed back into his sweatpants keeping on the sweater you picked out. “Alright your turn!” He smiled.

“Should I be scared?” You asked and sat on the edge of your bed. “Hmmm maybe.” Peter chuckled and grabbed your makeup. “I have practice, I practiced on myself yesterday.” He smiled and started to work on your eyes using a lot of pink. 

You smiled and let him work. “I feel like I’m gonna look like a completely different person.” Peter shook his head to himself and filmed a bit on your phone. “You’ll look great.” He smiled and used blush on your nose. Then he added white eyeliner and made little hearts under your eyes.

“Andddd done.” Peter said before kissing you softly. You opened your eyes and saw him pick out a pink and white floral dress. “Oh wow- this was definitely from the back of my closet.”

“I think I saw you wear it on your insta like two years ago.” Peter said. You smiled and went to change into your closet. “Stalking my insta now?” You teased. “Maybe so,” Peter chuckled and smiled when you walked back out. “Go look at yourself.” He said and showed you to the mirror.

“Oh wow, I look prettier than before.” You said and fixed your hair. Peter walked up behind you and kissed your temple. “You’re always pretty.”

Later that night Peter was back home and was scrolling on Tik Tok. He smiled when he saw you had posted the video from earlier and decided to text you.

Peter: may said shes not a fan of the look u gave me

Y/N: but all my fans are 😌  but u dont have to wear it anymore, ur a certified soft boy

Peter: i told u and u tried to change me 😞

Y/N: i was testing the waters 😓  im sorryyyy

Peter: u would look good in my clothes 


Y/N: definitely did not read that in a sexual way 👁 👄 👁  but thank u bby

Peter: im going tf to bed 😂

Y/N: mmm fine love u

Peter: love u too

taglist: @chaoticpete @joshuaparkers @popculturetrash15 @blissfulparker @greywithae @allegra-writes @th0ttie4tommy @spidey-reids-2003

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Backpack Part 4: Let’s Not be Friends

A/N: Well would you look at that? I’m alive! I know I haven’t posted in a hot minute but uni has been hectic and is kicking my ass already. I promise that nothing has been abandoned, I will get round to your requests and Girl and a Sinner. Only Plans and Persistence has been dropped because I’m developing that into a novel.

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Originally posted by starkissedtom

Enjoy this fluffy fic I forgot I had in my drafts!

Plot: Peter is having a hard time in college, and a visit from his favourite girl is just what he needs

The sun was bright in the sky, one of those rare days in early November where you still could wear only a thin jacket. Life was buzzing around you; students that were leaving their classes, teachers that were almost running to their cars, and the occasional reunion that made you smile even wider. Because you had your own waiting for you, somewhere between the entrance and the huge building of MIT.

You tried to stretch your head as much as you could to search for the curly haired boy that you wanted to surprise. He wasn’t that hard to find; Peter had grown that summer a few inches, and his shoulders were bulkier than before. But Friday seemed to be the chosen day to create as much noise as the students could, so between shoves and uncomfortable crowds, you were finding it hard to see him.

Someone behind you whispered your name in what they thought were discreet words, but you heard the giggles and the laughs. It was hard to miss them, when it happened a few times while you skipped the students in your way to find Peter. You felt the uncomfortable itch that they always gave you, and that in the last few months had turned into the horrible grief that you were still carrying. Knowing that you wouldn’t like to find any articles about Y/N Stark lashing out on some students, you pulled the bag closer to your body and lowered your head.

You had to bear with a few more pushes until finally you collided with one that was too familiar. Looking up, you met Peter’s warm eyes and his cheeky smile.

“Hey Stark” Peter whispered, but you could hear him perfectly. “Didn’t take you for one of public places”

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JOOR Chapters 5-8 in John Mulaney Quotes:

Using characters and plot from @hey-marlie’s series “Just Out Of Reach”. Go check it out if you haven’t.

Here <- first part

Peter at literally any point in time:


The story @ Jason, abused by Peter on one hand, and being rejected by Thandie on the other:


Y/n, willing to overlook Peter being such an asshole all the time to everybody when no one else will:


Peter and y/n discussing their history with Harry:


When everyone’s dads are either dead or assholes:


Peter, when Lazlo told him he needed to drink more water:


Lazlo barely being phased at all after learning Peter is Spiderman:


Y/n telling Vulture that Liz doesn’t go by his last name anymore and getting yeeted through a window seconds later:


Peter: I’ve never had sex with-



And lastly, not a John Mulaney quote, but my overall mood at how much of a bitch Felicia is:

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hi ! hope you like ittttt :) thanks for requesting <3

all this time

warnings : violence? just superhero action (didnt proofread)

word count : 1100

“Peter!” You whisper screamed. “Dad’s going to kill us! Are you sure we should be here?”

“Yes!” Peter whispered back, metal frames closing as the two of you were in another part of the spaceship currently taking your dad and Tony Stark to space. “We’ll be fine!”

“Should’ve stayed on the bus,” You muttered, removing your mask.

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hi ! hope it’s what you wanted ! wasn’t sure if you wanted a happy ending so i left it at this :)

she remembers me!

warnings : blood? explosions

word count : 1300

(requested) okay Y'ALL i love all the requests but i barely write for peter so im focusing on his requests ONLY atm. (didn’t proofread- it’s like 8 am give me a break).

Into the facility, the group of you were stationed throughout the building, speaking into the comms and telling Tony of all your observations. You and Peter and Wanda were in the west wing, fighting off quite a few guardsmen and crazy lab scientists. There was one room you were trying to get to; the entire reason for the mission really.

“Fuck,” you wheezed as the man punched you with his right fist, your entire body swinging to the floor. Standing up, you used your powers, sending him flying into another incoming guard, the two of them slamming into the wall. “My comms are offline,” you said to no one in particular.

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JOOR Chapters 1-4 In John Mulaney Quotes

Using characters and plot from @hey-marlie’s series “Just Out Of Reach”. Go check it out if you haven’t.

Here <- second post

Peter’s entire sexual history explained:


Peter: I like cupcakes



MJ and Ned not putting up with Peter’s broody crap and making him go places against his will:


Tony, at Peter literally in any situation:


Jason: *exists*

Peter, wrench in hand:


Thandie putting Peter in his place and telling him to stop playing games with y/n:


Every time y/n expects genuine emotions from Peter and is surprised when he doesn’t give any:


Peter being the literal textbook definition of a tired tall child:


The JOOR groupchat whenever Marlie hints towards more angst in the story:


Everyone @ y/n for being able to carry a conversation with Peter:

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summary: you share a chocolate bar with peter on movie night

requested by: @angelsparkers 🥰

word count: 627 | masterlist


“can we move a little, y/n?”

“nope, i like it just the way it is.”

as per usual, movie nights were totally unexpected, mainly because of the tight schedules that you and peter both had to endure. together with the fact that there was really little time to spend together in the lead up towards the exam season.

so peter had decided to unwind with you tonight, a switch-off dedicated to solely him and yourself, which had led to both of you watching the fourth film of the harry potter series, beginning where you had left off a couple of weeks ago.

peter whined at your denial. “i promise you i’ll let you be just as comfortable if you let me just move a teeny-”

the cold air creeped in on your bare arms - in which you cursed yourself for not wearing one of peter’s hoodies - as you moved to the other side of the sofa.

“why’d you go?” peter asked, his eyebrows furrowing as he stuck his bottom lip out. but you didn’t notice it. you just really wanted to focus on harry flying over hogwarts with a furious dragon on his tail.

peter came closer, placing his hands on your knees and laying his head on them as he tried to get your attention. but to no avail.

his fingers started drumming the side of your leg moments later, and soon enough, your own digits caught his, fiddling with them whilst you tried to get absorbed in the film.

however, the change in movement averted your concentration towards the opened cadbury’s packet on the side table.

“ooh, is this yours?” you quizzed peter, who’s head shot up at your voice. you picked the chocolate bar up, breaking up some for yourself, and handing it over to pete.

he glanced at it, unfazed, then back at you, retorting in a witty manner, “oh, you know the way to my heart, y/n, don’t you?” then, he rolled his eyes, snatching the bar off you and sitting up straight.

at this point, the film was forgotten - the sound effects and voices solely in the background - whilst you devoured and stared at peter snapping some of the bar off to eat for himself.

he didn’t notice you gazing at him. it was just the way he sucked his thumb and forefinger because the chocolate, by then, had melted. that probably gave you the most indecent thoughts no matter how hard you tried to get rid of them.

when he heard silence from you, apart from the soundtrack playing in the background, he stopped to look towards you - typically, your face. and peter knew that look far too well; you held a seductive glint in your eyes, all to peter’s delight.

he smirked before saying to you, “you know, y/n, if i were a lyricist, my famous lines would be that every time i play my guitar, she looks at me like i’m a chocolate bar.

your nose scrunched up in a mixed emotion of confusion and embarrassment, “peter, you do not play guitar─”

“and when i do, you will regret having said that, love.”

you groaned, “you literally ruined the mood, pete.”

ignoring your comment, his arms widened, gesturing for you to come in his embrace - whereupon you ended up being welcomed in after giving in to his puppy eyes.

“like this now, princess?”

you hid your smile in his neck, squeezing him a little tighter and inhaling his cologne, replying,

“sure, needy boy.”


the people who i’m gonna tag, i’m deeply sorry because I have never really reposted before:/ i won’t ever tag you again in future fics but i just thought that this blurb was posted at the wrong time and you were the only ones who commented and reblogged 🥺 but thank you seriously 🖤

@angelsparkers | @missguidedlani - you’re the cutest ;) | @chloecreatesfictions - thank you for reblogging! i’m currently in love with your blog i love you| @pparkeramorr - thanks for the comment you absolute sweetheart! i love the url!! | @underoosjae | @kneesofabumblebitch - thank you! 🥰 | @fallinfortom @t-lostinworlds @rosyparkers @kelieah @musicalkeys 💓

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The Touch of a Siren | p.p

pairing: peter parker x reader

summary: all it takes is one glance and peter is enthralled—the boy falls hard. but as it turns out, getting a hold of you is just as impossible as getting you out of his head. so, when the chance unfolds, he has no doubts…but regrets?

warnings: fluff, angst, spooky, unnerving.

song: Chained Up by Now United

a/n: happy spooky season guys! <3


* * *

It was in Algebra that Peter had noticed you for the first time. You had dropped your pen and bent to the side to pick it up. It was a paltry gesture, nearly invisible to the eye and imperceptible to the ear, but something made him look up and, from that day on, you had piqued his curiosity. The memory still resides as a crystal-clear image inside his head.

The material of that class—something he had gone over in two hours and mastered in one—was boring, leaving him no choice but to watch YouTube videos of his suited-self in action, captured by some passer-by. But the second he caught a glimpse of you, he was entranced.

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  • You bring your puppy over and his soft goes !!!!!!!!!!
  • Puppy!!!!!!!
  • He doesn’t have to do much to get on the puppy’s good side at first and it crawled into his lap at one point
  • He picks it up and goes to boop noses
  • He is not met with nose
  • teefies
  • He just kinda sits there like ???
  • You kinda :o for a moment and then you’re laughing more than you’ve ever laughed before
  • “Don’t mock me!”
  • He’s so sad omg
  • He’s like really I thought we had something here fren
  • Constantly reminds the puppy that he bit him one (1) time
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Four months, you were now fourth months into your pregnancy and peter was only here for the first two before leaving off for a mission with Tony. He had seen pictures, you’d started to form a little bump and he was in love, in love with the idea of his baby inside you growing strong.

Now he was back home, finally being able to take care of you and be relaxed. Even though you had completely forgotten about the bump, he admired it, not yet seeing it in person and how small yet big it was.

“So MJ wants the babyshower Saturday but I don’t know all who’s free and May already ordered pink balloons for…” you trail off as you catch peter staring at the bump as you lay in bed and fill him in on everything. A soft smile forms on your face as you move your hand to the stomach.

“Sorry,” he realizes he wasn’t listening. “I-I’m listening. It’s just…I didn’t know how big it was. Can she kick yet? She’s so big already.” He strokes his thumb over the stomach and you smile. You forget about it, often even ignore it as you don’t want to buy bigger pants just yet or feel the mass amount of weight you’re about to gain.

“Peter, she’s the size of a softball. She’s not that big. And the doctor said she can, whenever she’s ready…I guess she’s just a little shy. Sometimes I feel these flutters but I don’t know if it’s her, or if im hungry, or if I have to pee, or if I’m gonna throw up…it’s a mixture of things honestly…” you start to trail on now about how the pregnancy has been and peter keeps his hands and head close to your stomach not wanting to miss another second of the best part of his life.

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One more year. You had one more year of college and then you two were done. Peter was promised a job at the stark towers and you were set out and ready to find your own start.

But the positive pregnancy test made you take two steps back. Your hand over your stomach as you knew you were late, knew you and peter have been on and off with protection lately but now it was happening. You were pregnant.

“Babe?” The sound of the front door clicked. You rush to put away the test but his sense are tingling, as if somethings wrong and someone is with you. “Babe are you home?” He calls out again and you come out of the room.

“Hey! How was class?” You kiss his cheek and his senses only went off more.

“What’s wrong? Is someone here?” He tries to look around you but can see you’re genuinely confused.

“Who would be here?” You ask and he shrugs. He looks at you with depth, he can see something is wrong and that you’re stressed, scared, there’s a second heartbeat. Someone is here.

“(Y/n)?” He looks at you carefully. “Is someone here? What’s wrong?” You realize it before he does, even he is oblivious to his own senses.

“Peter…” you watch his face fill with fear but your next words scare you more. “Please don’t be mad.” Your eyes start to tear up and holds your face.

“What’s wrong?” He looks for the answers and the heartbeat is louder yet so close. He doesn’t understand.

“I thought I was just late, that’s all I thought. I’m normally late when I’m stressed ya know? But I remembered how we skipped the condom the one time and MJ told me to take the test and I thought that the pill and my birth control would work peter I-“ you start to cry and he holds you now finally figuring it all out. He hears your baby, his baby.

“You’re pregnant.” He says more to himself and you nod sobbing into his chest. “oh my god, oh my god I’m a dad.” With Peters lack of parents, he always wanted kids. He wanted to be the best dad and have the best mom for them. He was scared, extremely but excited.

“A-Are you mad?” You ask and he shakes his head wiping your tears.

“Mad? Mad! No! I could never ever be mad at you. I-I’m shocked but this is amazing.” He kisses your cheeks then moves to your stomach. “I can hear them…” he tells you and you already feel this fill in your heart. You’re scared but at least peter was here.

The night filled with every possible food you could enjoy, Peter was worried now with a baby and your finals coming you would forget to eat and he wanted to make sure you were both healthy, cooking and then ordering food when it failed he made sure you were calm. The whole night he talked to the child you carried and talked how he’s always wanted to have a family of his own. How he couldn’t be more thankful that he now has a family of his own.

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This is kinda cute hold on-

“I’m my own person I can talk to who I want!” Peter slams the door to your shared apartment that you saved up both to get, although in this moment you wish you could be at your own places.

“I know you can but are you really that oblivious to what she’s doing!” You shout trying to get your boyfriend to understand the girl he was tutoring was desperately trying to get with him, in a way you were jealous but more annoyed than anything.

“I’m not oblivious!” He shouts and you fall on the couch and let your face fall into your hands.

“I can’t do this right now peter, you’re hurting the baby.” You groan before getting up and Peters expression immediately changes from angry to worried and scared.

“What did you just say?” He lets his shoulders fall and you shake your head. “A-Are you pregnant?” He steps closer to you and you roll your eyes.

“No peter! I’m the baby! You’re hurting me! Now let me go shower by myself, I need to cool off.” You rub your face and he grabs your waist.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell and get mad. I-I’ll try and pay more attention to how she’s acting. I love you.” He says now with a sad look on his face. Knowing he’s wrong and hurt his girlfriend.

You nod, moving away from his grasp knowing you both still need some time to cool off.

“I know you do, j-I’ll make dinner after I shower. I’m sorry for getting so mad.” You feel yourself shying away and he reaches in for an akward kiss on the cheek.

Even though the day started and nearly ended in a huge fight, you and peter seemed to made up as you find yourselves cuddling on the couch and him rambling on how he wants a big family with you. How he sees three kids and maybe a fourth, how he only wants it to be you. That he loves you.

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HI GUYS IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS FUCKING SERIES OH MY FUCK. Okay but this is a post-freshman year of college summer break AU, and it does mention some of the canon plot elements from the marvel/Spider-man Universe so please keep that in mind! There will also be spanish in this series and broad descriptions of the reader because she’s a Delmar-but the spanish is relatively basic and I tried to use like universal spanish but uh it was lowkey weird for me bc I speak spanish in the mexican and puerto rican dialects. If you’d like to be tagged pls lmk 

Warnings: spelling and grammar errors, cussing, mentions of Tony Stark’s death, angst, mentions of violence, future violence (fighting and shit), future mentions of weapons, future smut (possibly), future mentions/alluding to depression and anxiety.

Word count: 2.3k

Latina!Fem!Reader x Peter Parker

Series Masterlist (in the works)

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Originally posted by starkissedtom


summary: you’ve been hiding how sick you are from everyone, but peter assures you that you can always count on him

warnings: stucky’s daughter!reader + sickness + angst + but with happy ending + crying + throwing up (not in detail) + just poor health + language

a/n: 3.4k wc! requested by @flickflack-im-fat :) omg i’m so sorry this took so long, but it was really fun to write and i hope everyone enjoys it! just to clarify, the reader was born into hydra, but rescued by steve and bucky when she was young. anyways, please enjoy xoxo

‎⎊ ‎⎊ ‎⎊ ‎⎊

At first, you thought it was just cramps, maybe the flu. You woke up one morning to your entire body aching, your throat dry and sore, and your brain pounding against your skull. You then took a couple painkillers, chugged some water, and headed downstairs, opting to go to school in your pajamas. When your dads, Steve and Bucky, saw you, they said something like, “Jesus, you look like death”. You grumbled at their attempt to make a joke, and went to school anyways. At school, Peter noticed how unusually quiet you were and asked what was wrong, but you brushed him off and said it was just your period. Peter had no idea what to do. He smiled apologetically and began to rub your back, then he never brought it up again.

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A/N: So @mischiefmanaged011, here’s your request. I hope you like it! Side note- Ya’ll, if ya wanna be added to my taglist, just drop an ask and tell me what you wanna be tagged in. 

Synopsis: You were trying to paint, but well, that plan got thrown off the rails pretty quickly.

Warnings: light swearing, fluff

Word Count: 644


It started out as a relatively peaceful morning. You had woken up a little earlier than usual, and after eating a bowl of cereal, you decided to paint for a while. 

You played some music, placed your easel by your window, and started to paint. You ended up dancing and singing along to one of your favorite songs, completely absorbed in the music.

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