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#peter parker headcanon

I hope you’re doing better, love :’)

  • peter is a soft boi
  • We all know this
  • But like when you get sick
  • :(((
  • He’s extra soft
  • He buys you your favorite flavor of cough drop/throat lozenge
  • And he makes sure that you’ve got a bottle of cough syrup or just cold medicine that you’ll actually like
  • So that you don’t resist taking it
  • Honestly you do resist taking it because it tastes like butt it’s fun to see Peter get all panicky like bUtWhAtiFyOuDiE
  • You don’t tease him too much tho because I have a feeling that that boi cries easily
  • I would not be surprised if you refused to take your syrup and he was like pLz nO and just burst into tears kandjakf
  • But the cuddles
  • oh
  • the cuddles
  • They’re always perfect
  • But when you’re sick they just hit different
  • Peter wraps you up in blankets and holds you like a lil baby
  • Prob kisses your nose or some stupidly cute bs like that
  • definitely rubs your back when you fall asleep
  • If you’re throwing up he’ll sit by the toilet with you and rub your back and bring you water and help you rinse out your mouth
  • 100% panics when you throw up tho is like :o that’s not good
  • Teases you about your raspy voice but then feels bad and apologizes 64769028685396 times
  • the kind of man to make you soup
  • homemade
  • And like
  • it’s better than canned
  • May gave him the recipe lmao
  • But like three meals a day you will be having this
  • So
  • I hope you like soup

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Thank you so much for requesting, happy Halloween! 👻


Originally posted by peters-holland


  • Peter loves Halloween, so he goes all out to celebrate it with you
  • First of all, there’s a haunted house at the school, so you go there
  • It’s great because some students had been working hard to put it together
  • Amongst them Ned, who constantly talked about it, being really excited
  • You and Peter would complain because spoilers!
  • But at the same time you were really curious 
  • Besides, you enjoyed hearing Ned tell you about it
  • The haunted house was great, being really scary and eerie in some rooms
  • Others were more spoopy, silly and fun and made you laugh a lot
  • Most of the time, though, you and Peter were clinging to each other
  • Trying to find your way through the house and constantly getting scared
  • No one knew who was screaming louder, if Peter or you
  • Still, it was really fun and exciting and you loved every second of it
  • Then you would go trick or treating, because it sounded so fun! 
  • Also, free candy, since the two of you really love sweets anyway
  • Peter would be a nerd and dress as Spiderman, much to your dismay
  • “What better costume than that, Y/N?” He would pout and say
  • And give you the puppy eyes when you said it wasn’t a good idea
  • He would convince you in the end, and you would dress as something
  • Maybe a different version of Spiderman, maybe another Avenger
  • Just something to match Peter’s costume in one way or another
  • It turned out to be hilarious, and you admitted it to him
  • Because no one really thought he was actually Spiderman
  • He was just another kid dressed up during Halloween
  • And if someone wondered if he was for a moment, he had a blast
  • Because he would remove his mask and say ‘yeah, I’m Spiderman!’
  • And people would get annoyed that he was teasing them about it
  • It was especially funny when you ran into Flash, because he was a fan
  • Then Peter took his mask off and Flash scowled at you both
  • “It’s just Parker” He would roll his eyes and just leave
  • You had both considered watching horror movies, but didn’t
  • None of you were particularly fond of them and prefered not to
  • Instead you spent all day walking around the streets
  • It was really cool seeing all the lights and decorations people put up
  • And seeing all the original costumes people made and wore
  • It was especially cool that there were several Spiderpeople
  • And Peter felt really proud and emotional about that part

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ofc bub 🥺🥺👉👈 i had to listen to it first lol. also this is fluffy, and a lil angsty. but this is just ny interpretation of the song <3


heart like yours // p.parker

He looked at the soft curves of your face in the dim room, heard the soft breaths heaving over the sound of your steady heartbeat;

he was entranced by you, all of you.

He loved your soft smiles you gave him after a rough day on patrol, the patient gazes lingering over his heart when he snapped at you. He didn’t understand how you loved him.

How someone so kind and patient and loving could ever care about him as much as you did. He was a wreck, he ruined everything he touched. And throughout everything, your heart stayed pure; it stayed gold.

He didn’t notice he was tearing up until he saw your beautiful eyes open and flood with concern upon seeing him.

“Bubba,” you started, voice still raspy from waking up only minutes ago. “What’s wrong? Talk to me.”

He shook his head, attempting to stop himself from crying, but he couldn’t help it.

“Nothing, baby.” He smiled through his tears, softly nestling his cheek into your palm as you wiped them away.

“Everything’s absolutely perfect.”



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JOOR Chapters 5-8 in John Mulaney Quotes:

Using characters and plot from @hey-marlie’s series “Just Out Of Reach”. Go check it out if you haven’t.

Here <- first part

Peter at literally any point in time:


The story @ Jason, abused by Peter on one hand, and being rejected by Thandie on the other:


Y/n, willing to overlook Peter being such an asshole all the time to everybody when no one else will:


Peter and y/n discussing their history with Harry:


When everyone’s dads are either dead or assholes:


Peter, when Lazlo told him he needed to drink more water:


Lazlo barely being phased at all after learning Peter is Spiderman:


Y/n telling Vulture that Liz doesn’t go by his last name anymore and getting yeeted through a window seconds later:


Peter: I’ve never had sex with-



And lastly, not a John Mulaney quote, but my overall mood at how much of a bitch Felicia is:

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𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐥𝐨𝐤𝐢'𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫 (𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐞 #𝟏) ♡

peter: what did you say, sweetheart? when were you born? 

y/n: uhm… on 18th june, why? *doesn’t even knows her birth-time*

peter: okay, but which year of 18th june? 

y/n: *shaky voice* well, uhm…

thor: *walks in with a bag of chips* oh, my little granddaughter hasn’t been interested in her age since her 400th birthday, parker-boy!

peter: *almost chokes* wh-WHAT

y/n: *looking at thor with anger* that wasn’t supposed to happen, uncle thor!


y/n: oh my god, peter! *lifts peter’s arm*

thor: *taps y/n’ shoulder while walking by* don’t worry, child, he’s gonna get used to it. 

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In history class MJ passionately defends that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes had, in fact, been a gay couple living together in the 40’s and that fact had just been erased from the books by the historians like so much else, while Peter sits beside her, having the hardest time ever not to let his secret identity be shown

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  • You bring your puppy over and his soft goes !!!!!!!!!!
  • Puppy!!!!!!!
  • He doesn’t have to do much to get on the puppy’s good side at first and it crawled into his lap at one point
  • He picks it up and goes to boop noses
  • He is not met with nose
  • teefies
  • He just kinda sits there like ???
  • You kinda :o for a moment and then you’re laughing more than you’ve ever laughed before
  • “Don’t mock me!”
  • He’s so sad omg
  • He’s like really I thought we had something here fren
  • Constantly reminds the puppy that he bit him one (1) time
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being stephen strange’s daughter and dating peter parker would include…


Originally posted by parkeret

  • The first time you and Peter meet is on Thanos ship of all places (how romantic) the two of you are just there watching as both your dads argue like 🧍🏻🧍‍♀️
  • “So uh, you’re a hero too huh?”
  • “Yeah you’re that Spider guy I’ve seen on the news. Nice to meet you”
  • Unlike Stephen and Tony you and Peter get along right away which Strange isn’t the biggest fan of
  • Nothing really happens between you two immediately on account that you both turn to dust not too long after introduces yourselves but after the big fight six years later you and Peter agree to hang out
  • A few trips to the movies and Peter’s favourite pizza place later the two of you become a couple after confessing that you have a crush on each other
  • Stephen isn’t the happiest about this. Although Peter isn’t a bad kid he does distract you from your mystical arts lessons
  • “He’s a bad influence”
  • “Oh dad give me a break”
  • Your father’s cloak is also rather protective of you and labels Peter to be enemy number one. Jeez it’s like you have two dads
  • Ignoring your dad you bring Peter to the New York sanctum all the time. That is until he accidentally breaks a ancient artifact. After that you resort to just spending time at your boyfriend’s place
  • Aunt May loves you. She also loves how smart and polite you are (apparently high IQs were a regular thing in your family tree) there’s really no one better for her nephew
  • You also promise May that you’ll look after Peter when you’re fighting villains (yes of course you become a crime fighting duo) which makes her feel better
  • “I’m glad someone’s out there keeping Peter out of trouble. Do you know how many black eyes he’s come home with before you came around [Y/N]”
  • “May…”
  • Speaking of you both being heroes, Peter is definitely your biggest fan boy. He really just thinks your powers are the coolest thing ever
  • Ned couldn’t agree more. When Peter finally introduces you to his friends Ned his amazed by you
  • “Peter you’re dating a wizard?! That’s so sooo dude!”
  • “Uhhhh I actually prefer master of the mystic arts over wizard but thanks anyway”


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Peter Parker - SFW Alphabet


This is for MCU Peter (cuz some of the answers would be different if they were for others lol)


Originally posted by tommybabyholland

A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)

Peter loves affection, but he’s got to work through all his nerves first. Just the idea of touching you sometimes is enough to make him start blushing and hiding into himself. But once he finally works through it, affection is always. He likes to receive it, but he LOVES to give it. He basically has all the love languages, but his major two are words of affirmation and physical touch.

B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)

Peter Parker is a good best friend…when he’s there. He pays attention to all the little things and he always does right when it really counts. He’ll geek out with you, help you no matter what, and try his best to make you happy no matter what. However if you don’t know about him being Spiderman, it can be a real stress on the friendship, because he’ll always seem distant. Once you know, it will be like everything falls into place. You finally understand why he does the things he does. Overall though, he’s a stellar friend.

You’d probably become his friend because you sat next to each other in class, or you were already at the Avengers compound, and for whatever reason, the two of you immediately clicked.

C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)

PETER LOVES CUDDLES. And when Peter wants to cuddle, he wants to CUDDLE. He wants to squeeze you and never ever let go. Ngl he’ll probably fall asleep while cuddling you because when he’s cuddling he’s in PEAK zen mode. It’s probably the most relaxed that he can be.

D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)

Yeah he definitely wants to settle down, but he’s scared to. It’s not that he has commitment issues, it’s just that he’s so afraid and aware of the dangers of being with him. But if given the chance, he’d probably settle.

He’s not completely terrible at cooking, May has definitely taught him a few things. But he’s no chef. Let’s be real he’s probably had a bunch of moments of forgetting that something was in the oven. There will be lots of disasters. When it comes to cleaning, if pressed, he will clean. But don’t be surprised when every room in the house is messed up again because of things that he’ll “come back for later” that he never comes back for.

E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)

Oh he’d hate every bit of it, he’d dread over it for days and days. If Peter were to break it off, he’d do it face to face. He’d feel so bad about it, and if you start to cry he actually might comfort you in the midst of breaking up with you.

Best outcome, it was mutual and you guys end like friends. Worst outcome, he gets cold feet and actually just leaves you a note.

F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)

He’s surprisingly cool about commitment, given the dangers of his life. Of course, he’s hesitant, but when this dude falls, he falls HARD. So hard to where he’ll commit and not think twice about it.

He’d wanna get married whenever it hits him I guess. Not right away, but it’s not like he’d have you waiting forever.

G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)

Physically- As gentle as the average teenage boy I suppose lol. Well a little bonus because of how anxious he is of hurting you. 5/10

Emotionally- Peter’s more anxious boi than soft crybaby. He wouldn’t need comfort on everything 24/7, because he can actually handle way more than people give him credit for, but it’s when he’s going through something really personal or really traumatic when he needs that reassurance that everything will be alright. 6/10

H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)

Peter doesn’t mind hugs, but he’s gotta be in the mood for one to really enjoy it, otherwise he’s just going through the motions with it. Like if he’s in the mood his brain is “oh my gosh you’re hugging me this is beautiful you’ve graced me with your touch you wonderful specimen” but if he’s not it’s just like “oh… this is unexpected.” I don’t think he’s super into hugs because I kind of like the headcanon that he’s a bit of a germaphobe but I don’t think he’s super against them either. He’s more in the middle where if it hits him, it hits him and if it doesn’t, he doesn’t want them.

He gets in the mood to hug like 20 times a day. You’ll be beside him doing work and like out of nowhere. BOOM. Hugged. And then he just goes back to doing whatever he’s doing except now he’s blushing really hard while doing it.

Peter’s hugs are really soft and quick (unless he’s cuddling you, then it’s really long). He just wants to feel your presence until he’s satisfied. He’s always really warm so that’s a major plus.

I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)

Not right away. It’ll be whenever it feels right. And I picture the first l-word drop going one of three ways:

1) Quirky - you guys will be chilling/making out/watching a movie and he’ll find himself feeling really sentimental and emotional for no reason and he’ll just turn and be like, “hey, I love you”. And it sort of catches you off-guard and he sees your expression (whatever it may be) and he immediately starts blushing and stammering and he’s like “I-i mean- no I don’t!..I-i mean I do!… but like- not unless you want me too! I-in fact I’ll hate you if you want me-” and you have to cut him off with a kiss before he gets too wound up and you softly smile back like “I love you too, weirdo.”

2) Sweet - he’s thought about this for a long time (and even maybe told May and Ned about it) and he really wants to tell you but he doesn’t know how and you notice that’s he’s been weird around you and always looks like he has something else on his mind (like more than usual) and you’re getting pretty worried and after awhile you can’t take it anymore and you confront him about it probably at the lunch table or in the hallways after school or at his apartment (is there some mission you don’t know about? Is he breaking up with you? Is he okay?) and he’s stuttering alot and he finally has to pause and compose himself before pulling you aside and softly telling you how we feels.

3) Angsty - after a particularly intense night at patrol (definitely with a casualty) he’s perched on the top of a building, staring out at New York, feeling like the biggest failure alive. He’s run down with guilt and the tears just won’t stop. Hands shaking, he dials your number and you pick up and immediately start asking if he’s okay once you hear his trembling voice. “I messed up,” he mumbles before he breaks down and sobs out the entire story to you. You try your best to comfort him as best you can through the phone, trying to tell him (with no avail) that it’s not his fault and that he can’t save everyone. It takes a while, but he finally calms down enough to clearly take a swing, but not before he says, “look..I want you to know that I love you… and I’ll do everything I can to always protect you…I promise you that…I can’t lose you,” he sobs. Given the situation, neither one of you really registers that this is his first time saying it, but it makes it a dozen times easier to start saying it more often from now on.

J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)

Peter’s jealousy is probably the average amount for a guy. He doesn’t do much with it though. He’ll just get really quiet and maybe freak out to Ned about it later. Very subtle looks and jaw clenches but other than that, he’s fine. Unless you’re really attentive, you probably wouldn’t notice.

K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)

When he first started getting into the hang of first dates and stuff, his kisses were pretty fast and more like little pecks on the lips and stuff because he was always so nervous about messing up. But now that’s he’s gotten the hang of it, Peter’s kisses (when he’s not in a rush) are usually slow and sensual. He wants to do nothing but focus on you in that moment.

Well mostly on the lips of course. He’ll lay his head on your shoulder alot when he’s bored so every now and then when he’s doing that he’ll turn his head and give you a little kiss on your shoulder. If he’s whispering in your ear in lunch he’ll give a kiss on the cheek. Really though, once he gets the all his jitters out about it, he’ll kiss you anywhere.

Peter probably likes to be kissed on the cheek and on the lips more than anywhere else

L = Little ones (How are they around children?)

Peter is amazing with kids. He’ll always find a way to get along with them, and they usually warm up to his easy-going nature. He’s a bit of a pushover when it comes to really nice kids so they usually love him because he’ll give them anything. I’m not really one of talking about having kids, but he’d be a great father in the future. (But we’re not in any rush for him to do that okay😂🤭)

M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)

Mornings are spent, well first of all waking up (obviously), cuddling, finishing whatever movie you were watching the night before, Peter probably rambling a bunch about whatever he finds himself wondering about, playing video games, and basically just relaxing before May tells you it’s time for school.

N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)

Nights are spent goofing around with Peter and Ned at Peter’s home or chilling with Peter which can literally be doing just about anything (making out, relaxing, deep talks, watching movies, doing homework, etc.). You can do practically anything with this guy.

O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)

Peter isn’t the best about opening up, not because he wants to hide things, but because he isn’t on the same wavelength as everyone else when it comes to “important” things to share. Like out of nowhere he’ll find himself telling you something and you’ll be like “woah I wish I you would’ve told me that earlier” and he’ll just shrug and be like “oh I didn’t know that was really important enough to tell”. He doesn’t tell anything slower or faster it’s more like whenever it’s on his mind or convenient for him to tell.

But for the most part, if you’re important enough for you to know he’s spiderman secret, he’ll tell you pretty much anything.

P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)

Not easily angered at all. If anything he’s more easily confused then angered. Like if you were trying to make him angry, he’d be more “why are you doing this🥺🤨?!” than “why are you doing this😡?!”

He’d only get angry easily if he’d been going through alot and a bunch of things have been building up, other than that, normally he’s a pretty chill guy when it comes to losing his temper.

Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)

Oh he remembers practically everything you tell him. Even crap that you’ve probably forgotten about yourself, he knows. He notices every tiny thing, though he forgets the big stuff sometimes.

Ex: one day May asks him what he wants her to buy at the supermarket for breakfast and he says poptarts because he remembers that you like poptarts from that one time you briefly mentioned how much you liked them and he gets the kind that you like even though he doesn’t really like it so that on the days you come over to his house you’ll have something to eat…but like legit that same day he forgets that it’s your anniversary😬

R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)

He has many favorite moments, one of them being your first date. He was so nervous, and he showed up late, and he’d regretted letting May choose his outfit, and he hated himself for not choosing the restaurant because it’d show that he wasn’t assertive enough, and he was pretty sure he stepped in dog crap while he was running to the restaurant and he just knew that he was the worst date ever until finally he got there and you were totally just fine about it. You told him to relax and that everything was fine and you were just glad to have him there, which in turn made him relax. He looked into your eyes and knew there was absolutely nothing to worry about and he had an amazing time.

S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)

He’s protective, but not suffocating. Like if he sees something happening to you from afar, he’s not gonna step in unless you make it clear that you want him to. For the most part, he’ll let you handle things yourself.

Peter’s more like a “protect you from the unknown” kind of guy. He’s gonna protect you from threats that you don’t know are there, and that are probably much bigger than the two of you. Things like death or heartbreak. He’ll probably break up with you to “protect” you, which, let’s be honest, is complete stupid, albeit noble. Overall, he’ll do anything in his power to keep you happy.

Peter doesn’t really need protection more so… comfort. He knows the world he lives in. He can defend himself and all that, but at the end of the day, he just wants someone to tell him that everything’s gonna be okay🥺

T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)

With Peter it’s either extremely last minute but a little thoughtful (because he probably forgot) or extremely thought through with unbelievable effort. No in between. Truly a go big or go home type deal. Like for your birthday he’s either getting you something he’s researched on for months that he knew you’d love or you’re getting a card that he bought from a Walmart on the way to school with a sloppily written love letter inside that he came up with off the top of his head. At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts when it comes to Peter.

U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)

He thinks literally everything is his fault🙄. If something bad happens, and he feels that he could’ve done even the slightest thing to change it, he’s gonna beat himself up about it no matter what what you try to say.

Also he’s a really busy guy. So if you’re one of those girls that needs to be kept or need your boyfriend there all hours of the day, Peter’s probably not for you.

V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)

Not too concerned. Like of course he wants to look good or cool or whatever, but he’s also learned to be pretty comfortable with himself (at least as far as looks go). He gets pretty insecure sometimes but for the most part he’s okay with his looks. He’ll totally do himself up if he’s trying to impress someone though.

W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)

Depends on how close you’ve become. If he only liked you, he’ll be okay. If he loved you, yeah, he’ll feel incomplete without you. But only if you break up or if you’re hurt or lost or something. If the two of you just haven’t seen each other for a while he’ll be fine. He’s not that sentimental.

X = Xtra (A random headcanon for them.)

Peter has a skirt kink. Skirts. They make him weak. He found this out about himself when he started dating Gwen Stacy. He will practically break his neck to see you in a skirt.

Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)

Someone who has extremely poor hygiene. Peter’s not the best at hygiene. He’s definitely skipped brushing his teeth from time to time, but someone who’s a complete slob? It’ll just make him feel bad for you. It’s a turn off for him. You won’t get his affection but you will get his pity.

Someone obnoxious or aggressive. Peter, although anxious, is overall a pretty chill guy. If someone was just on 100 every time he saw them, ngl they’d probably weird him out. Like of course he wants someone with their own personality, but he wants someone with a level of coolness and obnoxious and aggressive people just aren’t cool.

Z = Zzz (What are some sleep habits of theirs?)

Peter wants to hold something when he sleeps. When he was little, he used to sleep with a stuffed animal, and once he got older he broke out of it. But when he slept with you for the first time (sexually/nonsexually, doesn’t matter) all that came rushing back. He’ll hold you tightly in his sleep and won’t let go unless you make him.

Hope you liked it!!😁😁😁


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  • hihihi!! 
  • I think he knows how much it means to you that you’re able to come out to him
  • He’s really really happy that you feel comfortable enough to
  • He’s an idiot really supportive friend
  • But sometimes he messes up pronouns
  • He tries his hardest that’s not the issue
  • It’s just a force of habit for him
  • But every time that it happens
  • He apologizes profusely, restates the sentence with correct pronouns, and won’t bring it up again unless you ask to speak to him about it
  • He makes sure to note that it’s not because he truly sees you as whatever gender he’s just misgendered you as
  • It’s just that head empty
  • No thoughts
  • Wbk he trips over his words a lot and I feel like that’d come back to bite him in that situation because he goes too fast
  • He feels really bad every time but you understand that it’s a bit of a  change and because he’s so respectful and polite about it
  • You don’t get angry
  • You can tell that he’s trying and that he loves you :’)
  • This situation really makes him think more before he speaks though because he cares a lot about you and wants to make sure that you know that
  • I think that he’d ask you from time to time (or every day) how you were feeling
  • He wouldn’t treat you any differently based off of your answer
  • But he just wants to know
  • If you want him to, he’ll use pronouns based off of what that day/week/month/etc is like
  • Which is why he asks
  • He won’t correct people that use the wrong pronouns unknowingly
  • Because he doesn’t want to come out for you
  • So unless you publicly come out he won’t do anything
  • But he will grab your hand and squeeze it if someone misgenders you
  • If the person does know and uses the wrong pronouns
  • Accidental or not
  • He will cut them off, correct them, then let them continue
  • If you ever need to borrow some of his clothes he is 100% down
  • and if you wanted to go shopping for new clothes just bc you feel like you need a change
  • He’ll go with you
  • Stark pays well
  • if he goes out and sees a product relating to genderfluidity like a lil button or something or a tiny flag
  • It’s coming home with him
  • He finds a lot of funds and donates 
  • You have like 0639769376 buttons that you don’t know where to put 
  • You managed to cover an entire backpack with them like not even just a pocket or something like no the whole thing
  • seriously he’s draining his bank account one pocket sized flag at a time
  • overall just 10/10 supportive
  • :’) Congrats on coming out love, if you’ve just done so, and even if you haven’t, I’m still really proud of you <333

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Hi! I’m only gonna do two(I should’ve specified I limit two prompts per person) but I hope you enjoy!✨

10 hours. You had spent about 10 hour studying away for your next two exams. All you did at this point was study and peter could tell you were drifting away, drifting away from your true self.

“Hey!” His soft cheery voice enters the room. He cradled a bowl of fresh soup and tea. All he wanted you to do was eat. You didn’t eat the sandwich he bought, nor did you eat the pumpkin bread May fixed-one of your favorites-peter was worried.

“Hi!” You give a smile as you go back to your work. He sets down the soup, in your papers and the tea on the closed book. “Peter what are you—“

“I made you some soup, And I’m going to sit here until you eat it.” He was demanding. He loved you dearly and wanted you to not look like a tim burton character. “I can wait.”

“Peter, please. I just need to do this you don’t understand-“ you start and he shakes his head taking your pen.

“Look at yourself (y/n). You haven’t had a proper meal in three days, you haven’t slept in your own bed or mine for the past week, you crash at the desk around three am. I’m worried, as your boyfriend and your childhood best friend and once your lab partner, I am worried. So please, just eat. For the love of god eat something, take a shower change your clothes.” He pleads.

Your eyes well up with tears, you’re not quite sure why, maybe the stress, the lack of sleep, the loving sweet boyfriend you had. You felt like a child.

Peter instantly takes you into his arms. You cry into the sweater he wore, staining it with your tears. Holding onto his arms tightly as you weep into his shirt feeling yourself crumbling.

“It’s okay to cry in front of me, you know. You don’t have to carry this alone.” He rubs your back and you pull away.

“I’m sorry, I-I just—I love you.” You cry some more into his shoulder. He moves you to the bed, for the first time in a week you feel the plush mattress sink into your skin and the warm sheets that smelt of Cologne and tide detergent engulfed you.

“Peter?” You whisper and he tries to catch your eyes, the glossy eyes stare into his and he strokes your cheek.

“Hmm?” He hums.

“Thank you.” You can barely get out before you feel the hot tears rub again.

He would then help you eat the soup before it got cold, making sure you take every last drop before taking you to the shower where he would strip you and get in with you. Washing your hair and body for you before getting out dressing you in his clothes and putting on the soft lotion. He did everything in your routine, making sure you were pampered and looked out for.

It was quick for you to pass out. He knew you were tired and when he heard the soft snores of your parted lips he was content.

Also If you ever feel overwhelmed with school, work, home life, whatever it may be my inbox is always open. We can talk, I can give you show, book, movie, tea and snack recommendations. Taking care of yourself is a priority. Schooling is hard and painful but trust me yourself needs to come first always because you’re doing it for yourself so why not take care of yourself down the road.💗

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Summary: Y/N Stark and Peter Parker are unconditionally and irrevocably in love with each other, being friends for years was just the step before making it official. BUT, just the weekend they did, Thanos and the snap happened, leaving Y/N broken: without friends, avengers family or Peter Parker. So, she has to move on, at least that’s what everyone’s telling her and she really tries to do it and who better to help her than Harry Osborn. But, has she really let Peter go? What if Tony Stark -genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist- knows how to bring Peter back? And what happens when he does? Is Y/N going to avenge again? Who’s going to lead the avengers now? Who is she going to choose? Harry or Peter? and who the hell is mysterio? *He doesn’t even go here


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word count: 14k (sooooo long, i’m so sorry)

author’s note: It has been a while but I love this chapter so much and i’m so happyyyy how it turned out. It took a while but this helped me so much for my mood the past few weeks. My birthday wasn’t nice so ugh okay, this helped me. 


“So, are we not going to talk about this Mysterio guy?”, Harley asked as you watched the combat between Lila and Cassie.

It had been over a week from the attack and you had met with Mysterio and Fury a few of times, basically him explaining ways to attack the probable new appearances of an Elemental; apparently you were still missing two.

Peter and Quentin had been hitting it off just fine, a possible mentorship blossoming by the way Quentin placed his hand on Peter’s shoulders, patting him as if he was a puppy when Peter said anything mildly right. While you, you remained quiet a lot of the time, intervening when you thought it was necessary, trying to work with Beck -which now had been named Mysterio, making you want to gag at the sound of it- who didn’t seemed to like you either.

Instead for Peter, it had been a breath of fresh air.

Quentin Beck seemed like a Tony-like-figure for him, he was as enthusiast as Tony was with Peter once he had warmed up to him, but it seemed to be easier with Beck. He had a similar personality to Tony’s, a suave-like mood that could make you believe in yourself just by him saying it.

The only thing that was different from Tony, was the underlying twitchy and unstable look on his blue electric eyes. Peter imagined it could be because of the trauma of his planet being destroyed by the Elementals, he felt kind of bad for him and somehow related to. Peter knew that, although he had gotten a bit better since you guys came back to speaking terms, he still was struggling with his anxiety and the nightmares from the snap. And now you, who could usually ground him with your hands on his curls, your laugh or by simply holding his hand, didn’t do it anymore.

“What about him?” Peter asked as his gaze was still focused on Lila and Cassie, realizing that Lila clearly had the upper hand.

You didn’t really answer to Peter or Harley, simply glaring at Harley as you turned back and focused on the combat that would be over soon, you realized as Cassie’s back hit the mat.

It had been a long weekend of training with the new recruits, Sam and Bucky were the ones that would be usually directing these trainings but since they were on a mission in Europe, it fell on your hands, with the help of Wanda and Peter backing you up.

Wanda was excited by the prospect of being a teacher but you had asked her to just be a bit down since he usually trained with the hardcore ones that were Nat and Steve or Bucky, because of the advantage of magic. She huffed at your request but she was still useful as she helped Harley learned the basics, while you later helped him with some of the new suit’s tricks. Peter, although you hadn’t talked a bunch, was really helping you with Cassie and Lila, mostly Lila who already had experience thanks to Clint.

Nonetheless, it was still nerve-wracking thinking that you were responsible for this new generation of Avengers and if they didn’t really learn everything that you could teach them, they could be in great danger.

“I win!”, Lila screamed as she breathed heavily with a smirk on her face, shouting a victory cry while Cassie rolled his eyes and lay down in the mat.

You smiled lightly and walked over to Cassie, helping her stand up as Lila was still gloating on her victory. Lila and Cassie reminded you a bit of Peter and you when you would train together, always riling each other up but at the end still enjoying the other’s company. These were the trainings where you began learning how to be in sync with each other.

“It’s not fair! You have been trained by spies since you were born”, Cassie taunted as she stretched her back while glaring at Lila.

Lila turned around and smirked, “You know I’m going easy on you, right?”, she said as she bounced towards Cassie, while she smiled devilish.

Cassie simply gulped for a second but then she rolled her eyes and motion on her hand for Lila to keep going, while turning around to sit in the mat next to Wanda who was reading a book silently while she waited for them to finish.

“Don’t worry Cassie”, Wanda offered with a slight smirk. “Y/N felt the same way when Peter won their combats”, she laughed as you watched her with bulging eyes, extremely offended at what she said.


Peter smirked as he heard Wanda, folding his arms over his chest remembering the times -not when he won- but when you wouldn’t complete a task because of your banter; which ended with Steve and Nat furious at you two.

“It’s true”, Peter muttered, while you turned around with a gaping jaw.

If this was back then, you would have totally made a move on Peter. You would’ve probably tripped him over and then climbed over him, ordering him to take it back before he would overpower you and then stamp a kiss in any part of your face.

But this was now and it didn’t work like that anymore.

“It’s totally not”, you cried as you held your head high “I’ve kicked your ass as well”, you bickered.

Peter laughed at your answer and you couldn’t avoid but to let go either, laughing at past memories who could feel like as if they had happened yesterday but at the same time, as if they had happened in another life. To a distant you who didn’t exist or fit anymore, still it didn’t change that your heart jumped as you heard Peter’s laugh.

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drunk peter headcanon bc i’m lazy tonight teehee

  • he’s VERY touchy
  • usually he has a firm grip on your hand or waist but nahhhh not when he’s gone
  • his hands will be sliding all over your body
  • and a lot of kisses
  • they’re kinda wet but it’s peter you dgaf
  • yk he’s shy and overthinks and everything
  • now when he’s drunk is when he does not have a filter
  • he’ll say all the things he’s too nervous to tell you normally
  • what he wants to do to you
  • what he wants you to do to him
  • “you smell so good baby”
  • “you’re so warm… are you always this warm?”
  • random stuff that makes you blush and giggle and ofc you love it
  • the first time you get drunk together is when you discover all of this
  • it’s his first time really having alcohol besides when may gave him sips of hers
  • you’ve had a few drinks before tho
  • so you know when to cut yourself off
  • but peter… homeboy goes in yup
  • tossing glasses back and he has a lot of tolerance bc spidey
  • eventually it catches up to him
  • like he can drink a lot at once but then he gets hit and um
  • that starts your experience with drunk peter
  • you’re drunk too but he’s worse
  • the kind of worse that he doesn’t even know it’s you he’s talking to
  • actually he doesn’t know where he is or anything he’s just existing
  • and since he’s so affectionate
  • when he’s sober but esp now
  • you get lots of compliments and lots of sweet things being said to you
  • how in love with you he is
  • “i love you so much… this much”
  • and he holds his hands out really far apart
  • you wanna kiss him so bad but don’t think he can’t handle that rn
  • bc remember he doesn’t even know who you are
  • he’s like
  • why did i even say that?????
  • and you remind him you’re his girlfriend
  • he doesn’t believe you
  • he gasps really loud and says you’re lying
  • you tell him you’re not
  • that makes him very happy and he gives you a very big hug
  • basically yeah drunk peter is so cool
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  • Cuddles so many cuddles 
  • When he tells Tony that he’s dating someone he does a whole ass background check on you
  • You where friends before you started dating
  • You figured out he was spider-man way before you started dating 
    • Or maybe Ned told you either way you support him
  • Meeting May was the most stressful time of your entire life
  • You where afraid you where going to mess up the entire time
  • You ended up being stressed for no reason May loves you
  • Did I mention cuddles?
  • He will randomly show up at your house on his patrols 
    • Which scares the shit out of you
  • You have taken so many of his hoodies and sweaters it not even funny
  • Sometimes you will watch movies at his place and fall asleep on the couch
    • May will take pictures and send them to Tony
    • Tony will make fun of Peter for his dumb facial expressions and then think about how cute your relationship is
  • Peter will absolutely love taking pictures of you
    • Even if your doing the most mundane things
    • He once took a picture of you while you laid on the floor trying to do your homework
    • He just found it cute
  • You have your first kiss at school
    • It was accidentally
    • You tired to kiss Peter on the cheek but he moved 
  • Neither of you have very much relationship experience 
    • so PDA is literally just holding hands
  • When you started dating Peter avoided you ever meeting the rest of the avengers 
    • He knew Tony would embarrass the hell out of him
    • When Peter took you to formally meet the team, Tony immediately dragged you off to listen to the voicemails he had left him
  • When you met the rest of the team they all embarrassed him in different ways
    • But they loved the idea of Peter having equally awkward counterpart
  • Peter is super protective of you
  • Oh yeah more cuddles
  • Whenever you go to Peter’s house May jokingly says to keep the door open
    • Unlike Tony who would just shout “Use protection
    • Which made everyone around gag
  • That was the day you stopped doing projects at the tower
  • When Peter met your parents he was nervous beyond belief 
    • But your mom was super nice to him 
    • And your Dad has yet to actually meet him
  • When you went on your first date together your Dad followed you
    • Then on your next date you saw Tony sitting like three tables away from you
  • Both of you where so uncomfortable the entire time 
  • You couldn’t even hold hands in front of them
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Anonymous said: Omg how would the TT or USM crew (you can pick whichever) react to a member who is an amazing cook? Like yeah, she’s a great team member and can kick ass but her cooking? Elite? Gordon Ramsey has been found unemployed, wig snatched.

Peter Parker / Spider man

  • He won’t be that involved with you in the kitchen
  • Which if fine because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing
  • But he’s always going to eat it
  • And he’s always always going to praise the hell out of you
  • The first time you cooked something for him he wasn’t really expecting anything amazing
  • But he knew he would eat it without complaints for you
  • But once he took a bite?
  • This kid was literally licking his plate clean
  • Legit always asks for your cooking when you can help it
  • Sometimes he suggests you having cooking days with Aunt May because he wants you to bond
  • But you know it’s because he likes your food
  • Sometimes when he gets home and he had to tough day to your cooking he swears he’ll marry you
  • He loves your cooking but he loves that you take the time to cook for him even more

Sam Alexander / Nova

  • Boy gets kinda jealous
  • Because before everyone wanted him to cook
  • But once they found out that you cooked even better
  • They only want your cooking
  • So, he imposes the ban
  • The ban that you can only cook for your boyfriend
  • At which point Peter starts flirting with you just to piss him off
  • You cook together sometimes
  • But that either results in a whole cooking competition or the two of you going all out and making something amazing
  • He also watches you very carefully while you cook
  • And when you ask him the answer is always the same
  • “You’re just so beautiful, I want to look at you.”
  • But you know he’s trying to learn your tricks

Danny Rand / Iron Fist

  • I don’t see Danny as being much of a foodie
  • He definitely very aware when it comes to food
  • Like he only eats when he’s hungry and not just because he’s bored or stressed like the rest of us
  • So, I don’t see him being extremely amazed with the way you cook
  • But he definitely praises you for it
  • He appreciates the trouble you go through when you cook for him
  • And never asks you to cook if you don’t want to
  • One day you cooked him something after finding an old recipe in the attic
  • The second he tasted it; it was like he was back to being 9
  • Because it was exactly like how his mother used to make it
  • After that, he’s always asking you to cook for him
  • It’s quite adorable to see him whine for it
  • But you indulge him anyway

Luke Cage / Powerman

  • Another one who doesn’t understand the power of food
  • Not because he can control what he eats
  • Because he can’t
  • This would inhale his food if possible
  • He definitely wasn’t expecting you to be so damn good at cooking
  • Because he’s used to no one (except Sam) knowing what they’re doing and burning pans instead of food
  • So when you cooked one night, he was actually impressed before he even tasted it because the fire alarms didn’t go off
  • But once he tasted it
  • Wow
  • Sometimes you dabble in Amuse-bouche, which is meant to be bite-sized
  • He doesn’t get it
  • And it’s them like crackers
  • It’s kind of frustrating because you enjoy making gourmet food but he doesn’t enjoy eating it
  • So, you find a nice in between
  • You make gourmet junk
  • Any fast food that he enjoys, you make fancy, so you both enjoy it

Ava Ayala / White Tiger

  • The only one in the entire group that actually enjoys the fancy food
  • Yes, Danny is rich and doesn’t hate it but he definitely prefers down to earth things
  • But Ava is all for the stylish life
  • The first time she tasted your food, she was hooked, she loves loves loves your cooking
  • She actually understands the importance of plating for aesthetic purposes
  • And while she isn’t the type to take pictures of food, whenever you’re the one cooking, she always will so she can print it out and stick it in her journal
  • She encourages you to take a job at some 5-star restaurant or something of the sort
  • She’s also the only one who gives feedback
  • It’s never harsh or anything
  • But just something like, “It would taste better with a little more…”
  • Because she’s a cat of a sort, her taste and smell senses are really strong so just by tasting something she already knows what’s in it
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Peter and Shuri get bored easily (who doesn’t) so they made up this game where they see how many fridge magnets they can stick on Bucky’s arm before he notices.

“12.. 13.. 14– sHIT”

“sdjhkkdshfg !!”


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Word Count: 1,300

Warnings: quite descriptive fight scene (tw?) angst :(

A/N: ~i kinda like dis 👉🏼👈🏼~ so once again, I feel like you could read this without reading the first part, but if you wanted to, here’s the link to it!

Taglist: @writeroutoftime @marvel4geeks @ocean-breezq @cicicantblog @babeyspidey (Thank you guys :)

Summary: Y/n tells Peter what he did, he doesn’t take it very well. 



You crashed onto your knees, hovering over Peter’s body, 

“Peter, wake up!” you yelled, shaking his shoulders in your hands. You turned to the woman beside you and the four men that surrounded her, you eyed the empty syringe in her hand, 

“What did you do to him?” you asked quietly, she looked guiltily to the ground and muttered, 

“My apologies, this was the only way to get the results we need.” Then, as quickly as she’d emptied the syringe into Peter’s neck she was gone again, her four Hydra guards following after her. 

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