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Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland


⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible


Everything Changed🌧-Y/N and Peter grew up together, but after 8th grade, they grew apart. Y/N never knew why until she finally got upset, but maybe she didn’t want to know.

Another Life-Peter and Y/N loved each other, but due to her father, it ended horribly. Even though it wasn’t entirely his fault, he still got in trouble for it.

We’ll Get Through🌈-Y/N and Peter have been on a mission for 6 months with very little talk to the team. The fact of this is getting to them. Peter knowing how dancing helps Y/N to clear her mind, he grabs her and they start to dance slowly.

I’m Lonely Without You🌧-Peter loves Y/N, but instead of telling her, he told her to accept her opportunity when she came to him about it. But now? He realizes just how much he needs her.

Stupid for You🌈-Peter loved Y/N, unknowing she liked him back. He felt like shit after he kissed her, but soon after, she reveled that she liked him too.


(This one isn’t named, but if you have one, please tell me)-Peter and Y/N are college students, but that doesn’t matter. After a mission where a bomb blew up in the building Y/N was in, she was taken by HYDRA and had to go through everything that Bucky did. But after seeing Peter, something flashes in her memory, for the team, it was good but for her? Well, HYDRA doesn’t get happy when their personal weapons go wrong.

No-Part 1

You’re Somebody Else-Part 2

Headcanons 🌟

Being With Him Includes-What being with him includes throughout your first 10 years in a relationship.

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Okay the way I was half asleep writing this and know it’s shit I’m so sorry but this concept was cute like getting married to peter? Honeymoon? I would write a whole ass fic for having your honeymoon with peter. 😩

No strippers!”

Absolutely not!”

I’m serious there will be no strippers!”

We’re all arguments peter made throughout the week leading up to his bachelorette party. You two had made an agreement of him bringing no strippers and you not having any either. But the way all his friends wanted them was what made it hard.

Now it was the bachor party, it wasn’t as crazy as yours but peter and the boys hung out him the apartment you two shared while you were gone with the girls. Or so he thought.

“Okay pete we have one more surpise.” Flash has a stupid smirk and peter already covered his face.

“Guys, I’m serious about the strippers I said no—“ before peter could finish ned cut him off.

“No, no! It’s not that! The girls helped us plan this one! But we have to leave you alone!” Ned said quickly and peter swallowed scared as he nodded.

“Alright come out now!” Ned called out to you. It was something the girls had planned with the boys with very little knowledge to both you and peter. It was the smallest lingerie but not the worst. The worst was saved for the wedding, the night of and the honeymoon. Small red pieces, babydoll lingerie, everything was prepared for the wedding and it was a surpise for peter .

As of right now you were in a strapped red lingerie suit and supposed to surpise peter. Betty called it ‘the last time you would have sex before being married’ you didn’t even know that was considered special until she said so.

“Go away and I’ll come out!” You shout to ned not wanting peters friends to see you like this. You already had to sneak back into your own house.

“(Y/n)?” Peter almost jumps up and Ned pats his back. “What the hell did you guys—“ and before they could finish they were out the door laughing and drunk. You came out and peters mouth almost dropped.

“We said no strippers so…I guess they thought of me.” You almost hide yourself as you were sexy with peter before but never like this, never in something like this.

“I-I-“ he doesn’t want to touch you, ruin you.

“Betty thought it was special and MJ picked out this. Our last sex together as technically still boyfriend and girlfriend? Fiancés? I don’t know.” You laugh and he slowly wraps his arms around your waist.

“I guess I’m glad you kicked them out.” He laughs but still looking at you in shock. He leans down and kisses you softly and you pull him in deeper. He lifts you up and pushes you up against the nearest wall.

“I’m supposed to be taking care of you.” You laugh and he kisses at your neck.

“We have the whole night, and then the whole next week, and then after that the rest of our lives.” And he was right, the two of you had the whole rest of your lives to be with each other but it was always fun making every night different.

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(Part 1, Part 3)


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Peter walked down the steps of the tower, “Morning kid,” He gave a small smile to Nat before grabbing the cereal. “How’s it going at Stark Industries?”

He shrugged, “It’s alright. Actually, I’ve been thinking about going to school again.”

“That’s good tiny spider.”

“What’s good?”

They turned around as Bucky, Steve, Clint, Tony, and Bruce walked in and Tony spoke. Soon Natasha put her hand on Peters shoulder, “Peter said he’s thinking about going back to school.”

“Finally, thought you never would.” Tony clapped his hand onto Peter’s shoulder, “Not that I don’t love how you’ve been doing at Stark Industries, I just would like you to get a degree too.”

“Motherfucking-a.” Everyone looked to Bucky, “Another fucking attack.”

Steve grabbed the paper from him, “New Jersey state governor and family killed in car accident. You sure this isn’t just an accident?”

He shook his head, “I did I first, but this is the 10th ‘accident’ that has happened. And Steve, you know what’s all in New Jersey.”

“Thought that base was destroyed.”

“Each state has at least 5. 3 of which are only known by HYDRA and Red Room.”

“I was only aloud in the New York and Alaska ones, don’t know shit about any other states, besides, Red Room was shut down, S.H.I.E.L.D. shut it down 5 years ago.”

“That’s what they think, you know neither can really disappear, as long as one survives the other will come back.

Natasha shook her head, "If that’s true, then you know exactly what that means and I don’t want any false hope.”

Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “It’s HYDRA, you never know.”

Clint snapped his fingers, “What is happening?”

Natasha and Bucky ignored him, and Steve spoke, “Even if you two are right, what can we do?”

“Stop them? I don’t know. All I know is that we don’t need another Winter Soldier or Black Widow or something that’s a mixture of both.”

“You’re crazy Natasha, I mean-”

“If they are, then they’ll attack New York next.”

“Exactly Bucky, exactly.”

“Someone please explain what is going on?!”

The three looked over at the other four, “It’s hard to explain and it’s really not that important at this time.”

At this time? What about later?”

“Tony, now is not the time.”

“When is the time Steve? I mean, come on, for the past, what? 6-7 months the three of you have been talking to each other, not informing us on what, so what the hell is going on here?”

“Like he said, it’s nothing. Listen, I have to go deal with some shit, if you guys want to continue your little argument, go ahead.” Natasha walked out of the room, no one speaking until the clicking of her heels faded completely.



“два, здание, пыли, один, паук, вдова, бомбить, тысяча, тоска, смерть.” They closed the purple book and walked over to the girl with long Y/H/C hair. “Mission report.”

“Jeremiah Roge and his family were successfully killed. People will believe that it was just a simple crash.”

“Good. We have a new one for you. New York’s governor has stood for to long. He should be distraught after you have murdered his brother and his family.” They handed the manila folder to her, “What you need to get from him shall be in there.” The girl stood up and nodded, “Then go White Wolf.”


“Fury believes that they aren’t just accidents, so, just in case they go after our governor, he wants Rhodey and Sam to watch him.”

“Us? Wait, no, me?!”

“I don’t know Sam, it’s what Fury told me so you’re going to listen.”

“Alright, fine, whatever.”

She watched as Sam left the room with Rhodey and turned to Steve. “What’s got his wand in a knot?”

“He’s been complaining all day.”

“Aunt Nat! Guess what?!”

Natasha smiled as she heard Peter’s, she had always liked that kid, even when her dear Y/N fell in love with him and he ignored his feelings for her. “What kid?”

“I found Y/N’s old jacket.”

“Where was it?”

“In a box in my closet at Aunt May’s. May was cleaning out and asked me to help and I found it.”

Before Natasha could say anything, Bucky came running in. “The governor and his family are in trouble. Rhodey and Sam need us. Suit up.” The three ran to suit up and ran to get to Rhodey and Sam.


“Rhodey has the governor and his family, but these people won’t stop attacking.”

Steve threw his shield, “We’re on it Sam, you go to Rhodey and watch, we’ll stay here.”

“Got it Cap!”

Sam flew off to where Rhodey was with the governor and his family.


“Is that it?” Nat asked, right hand on her left side, breathing heavily.

“I think so,” The team looked around, no one was coming out. But then again, the smoke was thick.

“Guys? I think I see something.” The team looked over to where Peter was looking at. And sure enough, they did see someone walking towards them. They saw their arm raise and soon Peter leaned back, a bullet barely missing his head. “There’s another one!”

Clint shot an arrow at them, but they deflected it. “Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Captain America. Should feel honored.”

“Who are you?”

They didn’t reply, they just ran towards them. Shooting, everyone barely missing getting hit. No one knew where they were going until they had Bucky pinned in a choke hold. Everyone tried to move, but no one could. “желание, ржавый, семнадцать-”


They pushed further into Bucky’s throat and continued, “рассвет, печь, девять, доброкачественный-” But this time, they were stopped by Sam, he pushed them off of Bucky. Their glasses falling off. They glared at Sam and threw a knife at him. Missing him.


“Made you look.”  They shot him with poison laced bullets. He fell and Bucky finally got up and ran over to him.

They heard the air of Captain America’s shield being thrown their way. They turned and grabbed it, throwing it to the side. “M-maybe we could come to an agreement.” They turned their head to the voice. A man in a red and black suit stood where the voice came from. Spiderman. “We could help you.” Instead of speaking, they ran to him. “Or not, you guys go on ad help S-Falcon, I have this!” He began to run as fast as he could, but he got tackled. However, he got himself up.

He ran back again, the other gave him a confused look, that was until they got shot by webs and was pulled toward him and then kicked away. He ran towards them and flipped them and pushed them to the ground. Their mask falling off. They pushed themselves off of the ground and Spiderman pulled his mask off, his face a sickly pale. “Y/N?”

They moved their head to the side, “Who the hell is Y/N?” They lifted their gun, but didn’t shoot. Their arm slowly falling. Why? This was unusual. They shook their head and lifted their arm up again and almost shoot, but Bucky pushed them down. When they got back up and lifted to shoot again, but Natasha threw a grenade at them. They ran as the smoke covered them.

The two ran over to Peter who didn’t move. Mask in hand. “Peter? What’s wrong?”

He looked at Natasha, tears in his eyes, he whispered, “She’s alive.”

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Lowkey based off of Stupid for You by Waterparks



Originally posted by k-wame

Peter watched as the ball was thrown to her, as she hit the ball and ran to first base. He watched as she made it to second base. If was going to be honest, he didn’t really understand much about the game, but he always went to watch. He didn’t even realize she had made it to home base until people started clapping and screaming yes. He stood stood up and began to clap as well.

Although he didn’t really want to admit it, he always got flustered around her and always wondered what she wanted. Like, was there things she wanted him to say. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her but he was scared she wouldn’t feel the same. “Hey Peter!” He jumped and turned around. Her wide smile faded into a soft one, “Everything alright? You seem out of it, and I never scare you.”

He just smiled and waved it off, “I’m fine, you did good, you got a um…I uh…a-”

She laughed, “A grand slam?”

He snapped his fingers, “Yes, that is it.”

She rolled her eyes, “C'mon you dork.”


Peter watched as she was talking to Natasha she slipped her silver-lilac hair over her shoulder. She clicked her tan heels on the floor and played with the hem of her yellow dress, her favorite color. He was in a pair of black dress pants and shoes, with a blue button up top and sleek black belt. He looked over to her eyes and noticed she was wearing a pair of striking bright green contacts.

“Peter?” He looked back at Gwen, a girl was on the school newspaper with him and Y/N. “Everything alright?”

He smiled softly, “Yeah, everything’s perfect.”

“Awesome. So, when Tony Stark retires or dies, whichever comes first, who gets Stark Industries?” She moved her hand onto his bicep, setting it there.

“Oh, actually, I’m pretty sure that is up to Pepper.” He looked back over to Y/N and could’ve swore he saw her glaring at the two of them. But she turned back to Natasha before he really got a good look. He looked back to the blonde, “But even if it isn’t, I’m still pretty sure Tony would give the company to her.”

She moved her arm back to her side, “Oh, hey, I just remembered I promised MJ that I would go get her a drink 30 minutes ago.” Peter rolled his eyes when she walked away. The amount of girls who flirted with him because they think that he’s going to own Stark Industries. He began to walk over to Y/N, but stopped when he saw Flash had her a drink and wrap his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

Peter was confused. They were dating? Why didn’t he know? Why didn’t she tell him? She used to tell him everything.


The two 18 year olds walked back to the hotel they were staying at. The Y/E/C girl, however, stopped and reached for the chocolate brown eyed male arm. “Hang on Peter, my feet are killing me in these shoes.” He moved back and she moved her arm up to his shoulder and slipped off her heels. “God, why do I wear those?”

Peter shrugged his shoulders, “You’re the one who chooses to wear them.”

She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, “I guess you’re right.” She waved to the greeter that as in front of the hotels door. “Ugh, I hate how whenever we go anywhere together people think we’re a couple or some shit.” She walked into the elevator and pressed the floor number, “They bring back old news that really isn’t good.”

He faked a laugh, “Yeah, it is pretty stupid.”

“Wanna stay in my hotel room? It’s closer?”

He smiled, “Yeah, thanks.” She nodded and walked out of the elevator and to her room.

She immediately walked into the bathroom and he soon heard the sound of the water running. He laid back on the bed and, after about 30 minutes, he began to tap a beat on his bed. “Hey, tell me what you want me to say, you know I’m stupid for you.”

“That’s really pretty Peter, what’s it from?”

He practically jumped off of the bed, “Oh! Um….I don’t know, it kind of just came up with it. I don’t know.”

She smiled, “Well, it’s pretty.” She grabbed the hairbrush and began to brush it while humming the tune. She eventually turned back to Peter, “Y'know, it’s Christmas so it would be more proper to sing Christmas songs.” She smiled softly, “It’s here, that magic time of year, gotta carol in my ear. And the glow, it’s reflecting on the snow, I feel warmer in the cold.”

“If the summer is a 5 or a 6, then the white winter weather makes the top of my list.”

She laughed softly, “Christmas is the time to fall in love. Everybody’s looking for someone. Sugar plums sweet hot mistletoe scene. All the girls are shopping and they’re looking for me ‘cause Christmas is the time to fall in love.” They easily harmonized, but instead of continuing to sing they stared into each others eyes. Then Peter leaned in and kissed her softly. She soon kissed back.

But then, as soon as the kiss started, it ended. When she opened her eyes, she slowly raised her left hand up to her mouth. She turned and walked away from him, “I-Peter…just get out.”


She turned back, tears slowly falling down her face, “Please Peter.”

He nodded and walked out of the room and to his. When he walked into his room and collapsed onto the bed. “It’s not like she’s married, but I still got carried away.”


Peter watched as she slapped Flash after something he said. He watched as she walked away from him with tears in her eyes. But then, for a moment, their eyes met, and she changed the direction and walked straight for him. Soon she wrapped her arms around him. “Stay?”

“Double dare me?”

“I will double dare you if you promise to stay, even with how awful I am.”

“I’ll take what I can get, mostly since everybody wants you.”

She smile and he held her closer.

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Okay, so was raised by Red Room, but Natasha took her in when they found her, about the same time as Age of Ultron but a little before (they also have the energy blast thingys like Nat has)

Hopefully that all makes sense


(Part 2, Part 3)



Originally posted by hazzy

“–How dare you say Empire Strikes Back is the worst Star Wars film from the original trilogy! Darth Vader was in it so much!”

Ned rolled his eyes, “Is that really your only reasoning for it being your favorite movie? The best movie from the original trilogy is A New Hope. It introduces everything!”

Y/N scoffed, “Why? I mean, sure, Carrie Fisher is hot as fuck in that, but she’s hotter in Return of the Jedi.”

“Y/N/N, your bisexuality is showing.” She moved her head over to Peter.

“And? What’s wrong with that?”

Peter laughed, “Nothing’s wrong with it, it’s just funny how you are.”

“You’re weird Peter Parker.”

“I’m not weird, I’m unique. Now, please, go back to your conversation, it was very entertaining.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, but turned back to Ned, “Fine, the prequels, what’s your favorite movie from it?”

“Revenge of the Sith.”

“Good, we agree on one thing at least.”


“Force Awakens, I can’t say why cause I have no dammed clue.”

“Really? You guys go from arguing to agreeing. It’s no fun when you agree.”

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to all the boys i’ve loved before au series

tom holland x reader

summary: the letters are out. all 3 letters you wrote to the boys you were afraid to share your feelings with, but loved from afar. now, being quiet in the back of the class isn’t an option for you because tom holland has got his letter, and he doesn’t plan on giving it back.

word count: 3k

warnings: swearing, internal turmoil, mentions of a dead parent

*disclaimer!!!!! i wrote this with a black reader in mind. that does not mean that readers of other ethnicities cannot read, or that this is an OC, but i myself am black and want to bring the much needed representation into this place. with that being said, if you’re racist, fuck off.*

love, yours masterlist

general masterlist

say something here to be added to the taglist!

✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿

There’s something about the way Tom captivates whoever he walks past that is honestly fascinating. As he offers to walk you and Davis to class that morning, the confused looks don’t go over your head. Boys reach to dap him up, only to be shocked when they see you on his arm. Except it’s not the disgusted shock you were afraid of. The boys looked…impressed? For what reason, you couldn’t tell. “Told you. You’re cute, l/n. Don’t be shocked, guys look at you like this more than you think,” Tom says when you scoff in surprise at a compliment one of his teammates shoots him.
“I want to say thank you, but a part of me still thinks you’re lying.”
“Then I’ll keep reminding you,” He shrugs easily, stopping before your classroom. If a blush could show on your cheeks, you were sure that you’d be bright red.
“Eat lunch with us later?” Tom asks, grasping one of your hands lightly. Your throat catches slightly at the concept of sitting with anyone but Davis and Stella. “Davis, you’re more than welcome to join.” Always the cordial one, Tom Holland. 

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Princess Y/N is dreading her looming arranged marriage to a wicked nobleman when she makes an unlikely friend in castle craftsman Peter Parker. Will they be able to become close despite their differences in status?

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Originally posted by rldleys

You’re not sure how Peter feels about you now. Whenever you close your eyes, you see the stunned look on his face after he found out the one truth that could push him away from you forever. It’s a new day now, a new day that could mean anything from Peter pledging to be by your side forever or him being too afraid to ever look you in the eyes again.

Regardless, you’re forced to direct your thoughts away from the boy you love- you have been called into the throne room to help your father with courtly matters. You survey the room in front of you, hands gripping the arms of your gilded throne to keep you firmly seated in reality instead of slipping away into destructive thoughts. The head of the kitchens is just leaving the room; he had explained menus and produce until you felt sure that you could count every crop in the kitchen with your eyes closed.

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peter parker x reader

*peter is an adult here.



Originally posted by tomhollandnet

A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)

Talk about basking in the glow. Peter smiles with his eyes still shut and his chest heaving as he presses a kiss to your cheek and collapses next to you. “God, you always feel amazing,” he whispers hoarsely. But soon he’s grabbing your hand and tugging you along with him for the next part. You trot to the bathroom to get cleaned up and then it’s onto the kitchen to pick out snacks — you both prefer to do aftercare together, where you can still enjoy each other’s company and laugh all the while.

B = Body part (favorite body part of theirs and their partner’s)

He appreciates his arms. Sometimes he forgets it but he’s very strong (sorry about the accidental punch, Flash) and his arms do so much of the Spider-Man acrobatics. Hugging you is one of his favorite feelings in the world and his arms take care of that, too. And the best of both worlds is when he’s clutching you as he swings both of you high above the New York skyline.

For you? He adores your neck. It’s his favorite spot to hide his face when he needs a break from all the pressure and you welcome him with open arms. Your soft skin against his cheek calms him immediately. Your neck is also a place where he can so easily affect you with a kiss or his teeth. The sweetest little sound comes from your throat when he brushes his lips along your neck and he can’t get enough of it.

C = Cum (anything to do with cum basically)

When you’re protected by a condom or birth control etc., Peter prefers to cum inside you. Being completely tangled up in each other is an unmatched feeling and he loves cumming when his hips are lodged all the way against yours. But sometimes you let him cum down your chin and throat when you give him a blowjob and he’ll look at you like you hung the stars in the sky.

D = Dirty secret (an interesting dirty secret of theirs)

His senses are dialed up to eleven, remember? So he can sense everything about you. When your heartbeat quickens, when your skin heats up, when you’re that close to the edge. And he uses it to his advantage. He knows exactly when you’re ready to go from Netflix to chill with a single glance. When he tries something new — a smack to your ass or grabbing your wrists a little harder — and your heart skips a beat, it’s game on. And don’t get him started on knowing that your climax is near. “You’re close, aren’t you?” he’ll murmur, knowing full well what he’s doing to you.

E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)

This is the internet age. So while Peter may have been too busy with school and saving the world to get a lot of experience, he’s knowledgeable as hell. And god is he eager to learn how to apply it to you. After a little trial and error and a lot of communication, he’ll know exactly what he’s doing. And while he’s sometimes surprised by your reactions, it’s never a bad thing. He just smirks and tucks the little piece of information away in his mind. 

F = Fantasy (what’s their favorite fantasy/roleplay?)

Grateful damsel in distress. All you have to do is squeeze his arms or cup his cheek and say, “My hero,” and he’s suddenly keen to show you just the kind of hero he is under the suit. He’ll play it up in public by swinging by you unexpectedly and scooping you into his arms, making you yelp and cling to him. You’re very grateful for your very own Spider-Man and are not afraid to show him just that ;)

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Based off of the song Nobody Knows by The Tony Rich Project



Originally posted by every-fandom-scythemeister

Peter laid in his bed. It felt cold now that she was gone. He wished that he had told her how he felt. And that maybe, it would have made her stay.

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Based off of the song O Children by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and this scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

I tried to make this cute, alright? Did I succeed?




Originally posted by jizemderler

I sat on the chair at the small table. The soft sounds of the radio playing. I only heard that, me flipping the pages of my book and Peters soft voice whispering little things. We had been on this mission for the past 6 months. We rarely got to speak to the team. Everything was becoming difficult. They had no leads of where to go or what to do. However, I looked up from my book when I heard the soft steps Peter.

I soon felt him grab the book and sit it down, marking where I was. He grabbed my hand and began to dance with me. Holding me close. I closed my eyes, recognizing the song easily. “Peter?”


“Do you think we’ll ever get to go home.”

He sighed, “I can’t say, but I hope we can, and soon. I miss sleeping in an actual room.”

I laughed softly, “Same Peter.”

Even though the song had ended, we still danced and he held me incredibly close. “Y/N?”

I looked at him, “Yeah?”

“I’m scared.”

“What of?”

“That we won’t make it.”

I pursed my lips, “Don’t say that, we will.” I moved my hand and held the front of his hair in my fingers gently. “Don’t ever let me cut your hair again, okay?”

He laughed, “Okay.”

I smiled and kissed his lips softly, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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I love and hate this song at the same time (love it cause it’s beautiful, hate it cause it makes me emotional)

Also, yes it is going to be sad. I’m gonna try to write a happy one soon

Also in this, Loki was truly evil and never gets redeemed (I’m sorry)

And yes, I know this is horrible and makes no sense

(Song it is based off of Another Life by Motionless in White




Originally posted by tommybabyholland

I stood in the darkness of the cemetery away from her father, we both knew it could end like this. She was Loki’s daughter, it was bound to end so the darknesses wouldn’t divide. We were caught in a web of lies, the only truth was our love for each other. We were staying and hoped for the best and that we could keep each other. However we both knew what the cost would be. The only way out was for me to break it with her.

I looked down at y shoes, repressing the tears. I grabbed my phone and looked through the photos of us. “I hate how it seemed that you were never enough. We were hurt and screaming at each other, but we never gave up. I made you the enemy Y/N. I hate that I did, I hate that your heart was the casualty in this.” I put my phone back in my pocket and saw that her dad had left. I hated that I need her now.


I stood in the courtroom, listening to them read all the letters she sent me. The last one she sent me, it was the hardest for me to read. It was her goodbye note. She didn’t kill herself, she just had it sent to me because she knew she was going to die that day. It was like a song, she was an artist, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the one she was writing. It seemed like it would be beautiful to sing. I looked up and saw her Y/H/L Y/H/C hair and her Y/E/C eyes. I blinked a few times and she was gone. I tried to sleep at home but I couldn’t, all I could think of was her. It was like she was haunting me. It felt like she was still haunting me in the room.

Before she died, I hoped that I would float around in her memory, like a song. That the time we had together would echo throughout time, like a melody. I still hate that I need her.


I sat in the jail cell, all I could think were her screams of hurt. Her screams of pleading, pleading that I don’t leave her. I just thought that it had to fall apart for it to work. I was wrong, however. I could see her in me, well what’s left of me. I still wonder if it’s too late to plead insanity. I can’t let it go.

I hated that it seemed she was never enough to me. She was bruised and bleeding, her blood on my hands, just for the name of love. I hope we meet again in another life, now I don’t hate that I need her.

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Originally posted by p-jacksons

Here is the second part! It’s a bit different from the movie since it has more dialogues and less interactions with the rest of the characters. Still, hope you like it!

Plot: Peter Parker couldn’t be more excited for the trip. It wasn’t only the best vacation he could dream of - I mean, Europe? Cool - but they also gave him the chance to spend more time with you, his new found crush that makes him stutter and blush. He should have known that something would get in the way.


Spider Man far from home featuring Peter Parker as a clueless, cute baby and reader, who is Bucky Barnes’ daughter and as badass as her father.

Warnings: far from home spoilers - but come on, you’ve seen it.

t had gone horribly wrong.

Ned had had a good intention, that was for sure, but Peter already knew that he was chaotic and that it was very non-probable that anything went right on his life. So he got stuck looking from his seat, probably with those puppy eyes May talked about and like an abandoned kid, as Mr Harrington made him sit with him and you sat with Brad. The boy seemed almost too happy with it, offering you the best place and revealing a pair of headphone adapters just like the ones Peter was holding.

It made him want to hide in the bathroom and cry, and he didn’t understand why. He could bear with stab wounds, with buildings dropping on him and even the nightmares of dying in Titan. Yet that was a different kind of hurt, that made him want to pout.

He spent the whole flight, nine long hours, besides Mr Harrington and trying to avoid looking at any of Tony Stark’s documentaries. Once, he went to the bathroom to throw some cool water to his face; and when he opened the door, you were there. Instead of talking to you like a normal functioning human being would had done, he locked himself in and cleaned the small cubicle until he could see his reflection on the wall. It wasn’t you who was waiting outside, but Brad with that smirk that Peter couldn’t stand.

To make things worse, he had discovered that May had packed his suit without telling him and nearly got discovered in the airport. He tried to explain the woman that it was just his pyjamas, and thankfully she only cared about the banana.

“Why did you bring it?”

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Halloween imagine🎃

You bet with your friends that Tom will be Spiderman at the Halloween Party. Of course he told everyone that the reason is that this suit is always at hand. But the real reason is that he heard a rumor that you’ll be turn on from him in the suit and he can’t pass up this chance. So the game started


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Age 5

I smiled as my best friend Peter ran over to me. He hugged me and I hugged him back. “I missed you best friend!”

“Y/N! Let’s go on the swings!” We ran over to the swings and hopped on.

Misses Potts called me over saying that we needed to go. I looked at Peter and hugged him, “I love you Peter! See you in school!” I ran over to Misses Potts and he ran over to his Auntie.

Age 14 (8th Grade Graduation)

We were going to be in High School once school starts back up in August. It’s scary. I looked at Peter and said, “Promise you won’t leave me.”

He smiled, “I promise Y/N. I will never leave you. No matter what.”

I hugged him again, “You won’t change on me during the summer right?”

Peter nodded, “Never Y/N. I promise to never change at all. That’s a promise.”

I laughed a little, “You sure are promising a bunch today, Parker.”

“Yeah I know, but I just want you to know that I will be there for you. Always.”

“Same to you.”

He pulled out a necklace that we both have, “Isn’t official till we lock them.” I shook my head, but still did it. I looked Peter in the eyes and just wanted to kiss him. I’ve had a crush on him since 5th grade and I haven’t been able to shake it. But I could never kiss him, I know that he doesn’t like me the same way.

Age 15 (Freshman year: After Civil War)

I watched as Peter looked at Liz. I should’ve known he would fancy her. She has everything. Beauty and brains. She can look great in anything. She isn’t in love with ‘satanic’ things. She isn’t a freak like me. I shook my head and looked back at my phone. Nothing new beside the fact that Awsten Knight (yes his name is spelled right. If you don’t believe me look it up) dyed his hair again. I sometimes wonder if he’s trying to compete with Hayley Williams or Gerard Way.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve sat with Peter, maybe right after I found out he was Spider-Man because of my dad. But he did begin to stop talking to me when he met Ned. His new best friend. I stared at an old picture. It was us at our 8th grade dance. The two of us were one of the only people without a date. Everyone thought we were dating too.

Age Peter 16, You 22 (tony’s funeral *cries*)

I stared as they pushed the flowers and proof that my dad had a heart in the water. We won. But with a terrible cost. I blinked away tears as it floated away. I walked back to the house and inside. I sat down on the couch and let tears fall. I had 5 years with him. 5 years without him running in and out on missions. 5 years of him just being a dad.

I felt the couch bend and heard someone say, “You know. I’m really sorry for what happened Y/N.”

I looked over and say Peter, “For what? My dad’s death? It wasn’t your fault.” Then as an afterthought I added, “For once my pain isn’t your fault.”

He looked at me confused, “What do you mean?”

I looked at him, “Everything. Peter…you…you left me in our Freshman year. You promised to never leave me and you did. When you met Ned you began to ignore me.” I shook my head and let out an annoyed laugh. I looked at the coffee table, “Then I found out that you were Spiderman.” I looked at him again, “You changed Peter. Over the summer. You totally changed. You’ve changed since 8th grade graduation.”

“I’m not the only one who’s changed Y/N! You’ve changed too! I mean you’re older than me by 6 years now! You began to distance yourself away from me!”

I stood up, “Because of you! You always hung out with Ned, Peter! You’re the one who ignored me first! So don’t go put the blame on me! I tried to talk to you my dad and Steve were fighting! When I was fighting you! Also if I remember correctly Parker, YOU were the one who went after me! You knew who I was, but I had no clue that you were you and when I found out you used it against me! Yeah I’m older! That’s because I wasn’t snapped! But do you wanna know something? There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t want to trade places with you! Now I wonder why in hell I did! Fuck! I wonder why the hell I was ever your friend!”

Peter stood up too, “I did want to hang out with you! It’s just that you were too fucking annoying and clingy!” He didn’t even say anything else, he just put his hand over his mouth.

I let out a choked sob, “I fucking knew it.” I ran out and to the dock. I sat down and looked out. I always guessed that Peter felt like that. I just wished that I hadn’t found out.

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It was after class for you, walking across the college campus on a autumn day. You wore a pencil skirt and a cardigan and that drove peter crazy. Ever since he saw you in the morning he had a hard time containing himself and had now caught you while he was on patrol. Doing a quick sweep through the city he swept you up.

“Peter, what if someone sees us? What if someone sees you—with your mask off!” You mumble into his mouth and he already has your skirt hitched up.

“No one will see us.” He takes two of his gloved fingers and places them between your legs. “Just be a good girl for me, Gonna be a good girl for me?” He looks at you with darkened eyes and you can do nothing but nod.

He doesn’t have time to take off his suit and be inside you, but he has enough time to go down on you. Kissing in between your thighs and quickly making his way up. Back behind the library no one came, he felt safe. There were no cars, no doors, no widows, just an empty ally that led into a park.

You kept your mouth covered as he ate you out, taking two fingers and going in and out as well and with each moan and whimper he only went faster. Making you almost fall over as you reached your high.

“Peter please!” You cry as he doesn’t stop. You don’t know what went through him but you were so sensitive and he didn’t stop. “Peter!” You cry and he comes out from in between your legs. Breathing hard and his chin covered in your juices.

He wiped his lips with his thumb before coming up and placing a gentle kiss on your lips. He pulls your skirt back down and helps you regain your balance.

As you reach down to help him he shakes his head.

“No,” he grabs your wrist. “Not enough time. Besides the whole suit has to come off and I’m pretty sure you have a class miss.” He smirks and you whine wanting him.

“Peterrr.” You whine and he grabs your bag for you and slides back on his mask. Before he leaves he pulls you in close.

“Come to my dorm tonight, my roomate is gone.” He says before letting you go. You would just have to pay him back in his room tonight.

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“What time is it?” Peter rubbed his eyes as he woke up from an accidental nap, squinting his eyes at the television that was still playing movies, but not the same one he fell asleep to.

“4:13am.” You told him without looking away from the bright screen. “This is the fourth movie I’ve watched since you and MJ fell asleep. Oh, I’m sorry. ‘Rested your eyes.’” You weren’t too happy with them, but you did get to watch scary films unbothered. Peter began to shake his girlfriend awake while you were absorbed in The Conjuring. You might have stayed up so late specifically to avoid sleeping.

“What?” MJ muttered without opening her eyes.

“It’s four in the morning.” Peter gave her a kiss on the cheek as she refused to move.

“Are you guys going to finish the movie with me or what?” You asked with an evil glare that was more fear-inducing to Peter than any movie you could have watched that night.

“Us? Yeah, sure. I’ll just…let me get you a snack or something, okay? Okay.”

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Peter parker beat himself up a lot at the idea he could have saved so many lives but didn’t. Tonight was one of those nights where he made one wrong move and felt like he had completely failed the city of queens.

“Peter?” You ran him a shower. The hot water feeling good on his skin but he didn’t feel deserving. He stood in front of you while you washed off his body. “Pete, lift your head for me.” You lifted his chin for him and he looked at you with sad eyes.

“I had them, they were in my arms and they slipped—“ he doesn’t finish, instead you pull him into your shoulder and let him cry. His sobs hurt you more than anything as you knew he did everything tonight.

The rest of the shower was silent. As you helped him dry off you caught his shoulder. Placing your hand over it you look him in his soft honey eyes.

“Hey,” you look at him. “You did everything you could tonight. Know that. I know it was hard and that family thanks you for everything you’ve done. Peter, don’t loose yourself over this. Please.” You Beg him and he nods as you kiss his cheek.

“I love you.” Was all he said as a thank you.

“I don’t Want to loose you pete.” You bring him close and he takes you in. You bring him to bed and hold him close. He doesn’t Let you hear but he lets out soft cries. As he cries you only hold him closer as you know he did everything but it still hurts him. All you wanted was to make sure he was okay, he was going to be okay.

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he’s gonna love you


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w/c: 3k

summary: two of peter’s favorite people in the world meet for the first time

a/n: i started writing this like a year ago but i forgot? anyway i think it’s cute so i came back to it and also we’re pretending tony didn’t d word


“how would you feel about meeting mr. stark?”

peter drops the question out of no where. not a “hi” or “how’s it going?” first. you nearly choke on your sip of coffee. gulping, you stare up at him and push the cup to the side.

“what?” peter asks innocently, taking his seat across from you on the cafeteria bench. “he needs my help with something after school. whatever it is might take a while,” he explains while opening up a bag of chips from the vending machine. “instead of rain checking the date we had, i figured you could go with me.”

tony stark. he wants you to meet the tony stark. one of your idols and the world’s greatest hero. it sounds completely unreal.

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pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

synopsis: you and Peter find out the worst night of your lives happened on the same night

everyone wish @far-from-holland​ a very happy birthday 🥳 this is for you babes



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You were laying on Peters chest, head over his heart, when you heard him let out a listless sigh.

“What’s wrong, pudding cup?” You rubbed his chest comfortingly as you looked up at him.

“I don’t know. I always feel listless at this point if the year.”  Peter sighed as he pulled you closer. You nuzzled yourself face into the crook of his neck and pressed a kiss there, succeeding in making him smile.

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Peter parker was like any other college student, broke. He didn’t have much money and at times it was a question of Bus money or lunch money but no matter how much money he had he always saved enough to buy his girl something when she was feeling down.

Especially with your midterms. They were coming up and you were more stressed than ever. Everything ended in you almost crying and he found that suddenly his kisses and back massages weren’t enough.

So he decided to spoil you a bit with the shoes you were dying to get. Telling him all the outfits you had planned but they were so expensive. He took it upon himself to go down to the shops and buy the pair of shoes you wanted. Along with a cute necklace and some earrings in hopes to make you feel better.

Now we was almost burning his hands off with dinner. He had followed a cooking video and was trying to prepare everything for when you got home.

“Peter?” You call into the ring studio apartment.

“Uh…in here! Ow!” He hisses. The gifts were on the table as if it was your birthday.

“What’s all this?” You ask worried you forgot something important. He turns down the stove and comes over to kiss your cheek.

“Well…don’t get mad. I know you’re super stressed so I got you some gifts.” He says and you look at him about to cry. You just wanted to cuddle your boyfriend but this was above and beyond.

“Peter i-“ you start and he hushed you.

“Just open!” He tells you and you do. You gasp as you pull out the shoe box and carefully take the pair into your hand with a gasp. Touching them as if they were glass and feeling your eyes fill with tears. The necklace and the earrings were next and so beautiful, little spider necklace just for peter and you.

You don’t say anything except pull him in for a kiss. Not letting him go as you kiss him over and over and shower him with a million I love yous.

“Thank you,” you rest your forehead against his. “I love you.” You kiss again.

The rest of the evening was no books or studies, rather peters cooking and warm nights on the couch. You cuddling up with your boyfriend making him feel the best while he treated you like a princess because he loved you more than anything and you were his princess.

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