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Peter Parker x Reader, Quentin Beck x Reader

Summary: Peter just wanted to enjoy his trip to Europe, maybe even confess his feelings to his best friends.But along came a mysterious new hero to ruin those plans. Peter and his class are aged up and in college.

Warnings: Violence in later chapters, manipulation, age gap, smutish

Word Count: 2344

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The pub was reasonably quiet, there were a few groups of people sat in booths with a couple others stood around a lone pool table. But Peter and Beck were the only people residing at the actual bar. It was everything Peter had imagined a quintessential European pub to look like. 

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Cassie’s Party


Originally posted by parkerpunology

parring: college! 18+ peter parker x reader

warnings: a few swears, villain fight sequences, blood.


“Alright. Louis is on security. Call me if you need anything.” Scott Lang demandly strictly as he stood at the front door.

“Yes dad.” Cassie groaned. “Now go, please.” She pleaded. “Plus, (y/n)’s here, so I’m sure nothing will go on.” Cassie chuckled as she gestured to you in the kitchen. You were mid mouthful on your corn chips and salsa. You gave Scott a thumbs up and he returned the thumbs up to you.

“Still. Just call me, okay peanut?” Scott wrapped his arms around his daughter.

“Yes dad.” Cassie laughed and Scott waved the two of you goodbye. “Phew. Thank god he is gone.” Cassie sighed and entered the kitchen and sat on the one of the dining table chairs.

“I still can’t believe you convinced you dad to allow you to throw a birthday for your 18th, especially after everything that he went through.” You laughed.

“Well, hence why you were first on my guest list.” Cassie honestly spoke. “Do you really think that dad would allow me to throw a party without an avenger being present? After everything my dad went though, he’s want someone on his team being a spy.”

“Well, cross my heart, I’m not a spy for your father.” You cross your heart with your pointer finger. “By the way, this is good salsa.” You dip the same finger in the salsa and smirk.

Within a few hours everyone who was invited at the party was present.

“And then he just swooped in- Hey Stark!” Flash waved at you and you waved back.

“Hey Flash, you seen Pete?” You smile leaning against the table, looking happy as ever.

“Yeah, he just rocked up. I think I saw him in the living room.”

“You’re the best.”

“D-did (y/n) Stark just call me ‘the best’?”

“Watch your tongue Flash, or I’ll take it back.” You tease him as search for Peter. You creep behind Peter knowing you’ll scare him for the 100th time this week.

“Not getting me this time sweets.” Peter chuckles turning around mid conversation to wrap his arms around your waist and lift you up and then down. “That’s one to me.” Peter leans down and pecks your lips.

“H-how! But you can’t sense me.” You say defeated and a little annoyed.

“Very true.” He proudly spun you around and pointed his right hand to the corner of the room and his left on your left shoulder, whispering, “I have spies.” There was a small black spider blinking its eyes. You had created an army of spy spiders, which he could use robhis advantage, in the field, spying on robbers or crime mobsters, not used for spying on your girlfriend.

“Hey!” You spin around around and put your hands on Peters shoulders. “You can’t use my inventions to spy on me!” You poke your tongue out at Peter and he rolls his eyes playfully. Peter leaned down and went to kiss your lips but someone cut you off.

“Alright before you two make out in front of me.” MJ sipped on a cup of coffee. Eh that’s MJ for you. Embarassed, you leaned your forward on Peters chest as he rubbed your back.

“MJ how’s Harvard?” Peter asked over the loud music.

“It’s great! I’ve sign up for five extra on campus clubs!” MJ exclaimed happy.

“That’s great MJ.” Your eyes widen at her commitment.

“Should we go somewhere quieter to chat?” Peter suggested as the music was getting to loud for his senses.

“Oh shit! Yeah yeah!” You gesture to go outside as quick as you could. Just as MJ passes the two of you, your bracelet on your wrist, someone was trying to contact you.

“I’ll catch up with you guys in a second.” you excuse yourself from the conversation with MJ and Peter. You dodged your way up the stairs, shutting the door to, really the only room you knew well, Cassie’s room.

“Okay, update on the party.” Scott Lang instructed your next direction as you leaned against a wall by the window.

“Scott I swear to god, stop calling me, Cassie with catch on.” You mumble into your wrist bracelet which Scott had called you on. It was part of your suit uniform. “I’ll call you if I see any strange behaviors, okay?” You say and hang up on him. You hated keeping this a secret from Cassie. The only reason why he could throw the party, was that the Avengers were trying to track down a certain member of the community- Harry Osborn.

The Avengers had been tracking down Harry and Norman Osborn for months now. If the Osborn family were back in New York, then the coincidence of the Green Goblin would also be back.

It was sworn to secrecy that Peter should not get involved. You job was being Peter’s girlfriend, not that hard to do seeing you were, but the hard part was lying to him. You played a vital role in getting Harry involved in the room.

“Hey, have you met the new kid?” You lean against Peters school locker. “Harry?”

“Harry, yeah he’s in my robotics class. Seems like a cool dude.” Peter notes non-chalantly shutting his locker door. “Why?”

“Oh, he seems like you guys both have some common interests.”

“How would you know that? He literally only came to school today.” Peter raised an eyebrow at you.

“I have my ways.” You winked and he chuckled shaking his head and placing a kiss to your lips.

“Mhmm, new lip balm? You taste my raspberries.” Peter licks his lips, placing a hand to your waist.

Betty gave it to me for my birthday? Do you like it?” You cheekily grin.

Oh I love it.” Peter smirks and places another lip to your lips.

Oh come on, not in the hallway!” Ned groans as he nudges Peter on his walk past and Peter pulls away. “Sorry about that.” Ned apologizes as he gestures to the to the boy next to him. “Guy this is-”

“Hi I’m Harry. It’s nice to meet you guys.” The black hair boy.

Hey Harry, good to see you again.” You wave, truthfully but also lying. You had seen him before, nor just in your bio class. “I’m (y/n), from your bio class.”

Ah yeah, I knew you looked familiar.” Harry spoke gritting through his teeth. You were sure his dad had told him all about you- in a good way you’d hope, but you knew of the Osborn family, so it was probably bad things.

Hey I’m Peter.” Peter waved at the boy in front of him and shook his hand. “Welcome to Midtown.” Peter smiled his hopeless self. That’s the moment you thought your job was done. Nope, you then became Peters security 24/7. Everytime Peter went over to Harry’s house you couldn’t convince him not to go or say it was a bad idea because you would’ve blown the cover, so instead you sent a spy or two - thanks to Scott. His trained ants followed him the whole way there.

Hanging up on your phone will Scott Lang and the rest of the Avengers who listened to your phone call, you peaked out behind the curtain in Cassie’s room.

“Cassie told me I’d find you up here.” Peter scared you as he entered the room.

“Jesus Peter.” You jumped back and in the process of doing soc covered the window with the curtain.

“What are you doing up here?” Peter raised an eyebrow.

“Uhm, just, checking, looking for something.” You lied straight through your teeth and it was obvious. Peter chuckled shaking his head.

“Looking for something?” He wondered approaching you by the wall. “If you’re looking for danger, you won’t find it at Cassie’s 18th Birthday party.” Peter obliviously said and you shrugged your shoulders and Peter’s hands went to your waist. “You’ve been thinking about work way to much recently, it’s playing with your head.”

“Geez that’s a mature thing to say Pete.” You laugh and he smiles

“Someone wise once told me that.”

“Yeah who?” You challenge, smirking at your boyfriend.

“You did.” Peter whispers as he places a kiss to your forehead. “Come on, let’s go get a drink.” He takes a hand from your waist to your hand. “I could use one, especially after the week we just had.”

“Do you want to get me one? I’ll meet you downstairs.” You ask Peter and shakes his head. He was suspicious, like he always is. “I’m just going to use the bathroom.” You laugh at his supposed stupidity.

“Sorry, yeah I’ll meet you downstairs.” Peter bites his lip and walks out of the room. When Peter shuts the door you slide the curtain open again where you spot the one and only dropping his son off at the party. Lifting your wrist to your chin, you speak into your bracket clearly to everyone listening, “Eyes open, Harry’s being dropped off.”

“The falcon has landed.” Sam spoke and you rolled your eyes at his code name. “Oh I can see him.” Sam added. “I’m in the SVU parked across the road. I’ll follow him to his destination.” Sam spoke into his microphone. You found the car Sam was in and shut the curtain.

“Keep your systems on (y/n).” Doctor Strange warned.

“Alright, but you’ll hear me making out with Parker-” you joke which is received with a unanimous puking sound from all members who were online. “I’ll turn you back one when we get into trouble.” You turn your bracelet speaker off and left the room.

Heading downstairs, the music was bleeding loud. You could imagine either Sam or James saying ‘these young kids listen to the worst kind of music’.

“(y/n)! Come get a drink with us!” MJ waved you over as you hit the floor from the last step. Next to her was Betty, Ned and Harry.

“It’s okay! I’m going to find Peter.” You say gesturing to around the house. MJ laughed

“I was waiting by the bathroom.” Peter chuckled in your ear as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. “Remember, you’d said that you were going to the bathroom and then we’d get a drink.” Peter noted and you nodded. “MJ fill up two more drinks.” Peter shouted at her from across the kitchen where she filled two more drinks. You shouldn’t drink if you’re about to beat someone up later.

“Hey Peter! You wanna see you arse loose to beer pong again?” Harry teased Peter who just laughed.

“My arse? It’ll be your arse loosing tonight.” Peter spat back as Harry walked over with two red cups in his hands, passing one to you and one to Peter. The two boys shortly left to go outside and you were left standing there with your cup. Okay, it’s a party, have some fun.

You found Cassie hanging around with some new schools friends she had made. Her transfer to from San Francisco to New York wasn’t the easiest and you were happy with her success to Empire State Univeristy.

“(y/n)! Come meet some friends of mine!” Cassie cheered you over. You skipped over to them in a casual fashion. “Guys this is my friend (y/n), she works with my dad.”

“Well if it isn’t the infamous (y/n) Stark.” One girl cheered excitedly.

“Wait, she works with your dad?” Another girl dipped on her drink.

“We always thought your last name was familiar.” The girl with the fiery red hair spoke.

“Uhm, hi.” You waves utterly confused.

“We didn’t think it was true. Cassie has told us stories of her father before, stories that seemed a little too true to believe. We came here last week, looking for the large ants Cassandra spoke about-” you knew how much she hated her full name, they were degrading her, “and they weren’t here, and then she said she was throwing a party, and we heard you were invited. And look! Here you are.” You turned to Cassie who was next to you, who was - past tense, these girls had befriended Cassie to meet you, that was a no go in your books. You could see right through them. The girl with the jet black hair who spoke the while time, smirked. What a rude bitch. Your blood boiled. Your father always told you not to trust those who can not be trusted. You folded your arms in defense.

“So, let me get this straight-”

“Well you are a genius, aren’t you?” The same girl sneered. This girl was getting on your nerves. Now look, you weren’t a violent person, only in combat, or when Bucky stole the last cookie. But your blood boiled. In one quick and swish motion, your right hand lift and slapped her left cheek. You were trained to control your own strength, but that was in your suit, this was with your bare hands.

“Ohmygod, my face! You bruised by face!” The black haired girl grabbed her cheek and bent to the ground in pain, yelling as the two girls behind her clutched her.

“It’s okay. It’s okay.” They soothed her.

“I think it’s best you all leave.” You point to the door harshly.

“What the fuck was that?” MJ asked approaching you; gesturing to your act outside with the three girls, as you dashed upstairs.

“Im going to check if Cassie is okay.” You say tilting your head towards her room such as your bracelet goes off, alerting you of an incoming call. You groaned annoyed.

“Sam, I’m kind of in the middle of something.” You mutter into your speaker.

“Yeah, so are we!” He shouted back as you heard a cracking noise, it want a cracking noise from your bracket disconnecting- because you made that it shouldn’t break, you’d just embarrass yourself, no it was more of a tree truck crashing. “Evaluate the up stairs floor.” Sam instructed, “NOW!”

You rushed upstairs, searching for Cassie’s room.

“Cassie!” You panicked. “Cassie!” You cried out as you felt some material from the roof above you fall into your shoulder. “Cassie!” You reaches her room where she sat on her bed. “Cass, I’m so sorry.” You enter her room. You could list three different things you were sorry for this instance, but now wasn’t the time. You sat down on her bed next to her.

“It’s not your fault, I just thought I had finally made some friends.” Cassie’s head lay on your shoulder. “At least I’ve still got you.” Cassie wiped a tear, “youre loyal to me.” You stomach filled with guilt. Oh god.

“Look Cass, uhm, now it’s the right time, but I’ll let your dad explain.” You smirk at the end of your sentence. The ground beneath shakes and trembles. Cassie put her hands on your shoulders for support.

“What’s happening? Is this an earthquake?” The cracking of a tree could be heard outside, it sounded like lighten had sparked it.

“Worse than that.” You mumble just as you feel grumble from roof tiles fall near Cassie’s bed, where you sat, pushing Cassie out of the way, pressing down on your pink gemmed bracelet, l and your pink, gold black iron heart armor bolted onto your body, your right hand catching the roof before it completely caved in.

“Cassie! You okay?” You shout over the material which had fallen. The tree you heard crack, had pushed the roof in. You were in trouble, something bigger than anyone had expect was here.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Dad is going to kill me.” Cassie picked herself up, dusting her pants off.

“Get out of here. Now!” You shouted as you heard more cracking outside. “There’s a black SVU across the road, you’ll be safe there.” Thankfully Cassie didn’t ask any questions, it wasn’t the first time she had experienced a time like this. Just as Cassie ran downstairs, you shuffled your feet under your body, in a lunge pose, pushing the roof with all your strength.

Meanwhile, outside at a beer bong set up, Harry leaned against a tree, breathing in on his vape pen. The back of Peters neck hairs stood up. He curiously looked around to see what could’ve caused this, but there was nothing visible or obvious that could cause danger.

“So how’s you score (y/n)?” Harry asked offering the vape pen to Peter who declined it with a polite wave.

“S-score (y/n)?” Peter choked.

“Well yeah. You got a ten out of ten there.” Harry congratulates him with a punch in the arm. “Dude what the fuck you’re ripped af.” Hardy mumbled at Peters hidden muscles under his shirt.

“Uhm, well (y/n) and I met in high school, and I mean, I wouldn’t say I scored her. I uhm, she was a hard one let me tell you.” Peter nervously spoke as his arm hair rose up. Why was he feeling like this? Peter noticed that Harry was looking at you the whole time he spoke. The two boys could see you talking to Cassie, who Peter could tell, didn’t look like she was in a great mood.

“Well dude, let me just say, well done.” Harry first pumped Peter bicep and he proudly smiled to himself. No one had ever spoke to Peter about his dating scene with you. Definitely not in high school, but when you start college, people snoop around more, people questioned his internship more, questioned scholarships and money income. Harry was probably one of his richest friends, well excluding you, but you weren’t like Harry with your wealth. Every chance he got, Harry showed off his wealth. He spoke about way more than he would that’s for sure. You want a place to rob? Go to Harry’s. “I’m sure dating Stark’s daughter has its cons though right? Like pros absolutely, all that tech, you’re tapping a goddess there, but there must be some cons right?”

“Uhh, no.” Peter shook his heads. Why was he asking about the tech? Peter didn’t like his inappropriate comment about ‘tapping’ her.

“Isn’t she clingy or anything? That’s how I always imagines her before I met her. Maybe a few daddy issues?”

“Nah, (y/n)’s really humble and down to earth, she uhm, she gets what I’ve been going through recently.” It was true. You both promised you’d be there for one another.

“What’s the security like?”

“It’s uhm, the security for the lab? It’s like, hard to get into.” Peters voice cracked. Why was he suddenly anxious? “Why do you want to know?” Peter defended himself crossing his arms.

“Just interested that’s all. My dad’s into tech.” Harry sighed. “Wants me to follow him, join his company- Oscorp.” Now where had Peter heard that before? “It’s funny, he wants me to takes studies in chemistry and electrical engineering, but won’t ever let me into his lab.” Harry chuckled to himself.

“Hey, I know Oscorp! I visited just after my uncle passed.” Peter cheerfully said then frown glumly as Harry gave a concerned look at Peter at the way he spoke. Peter was about to question what Oscorp these days and find a bit more about when he saw you run outside as a crackling sound was heard.

“Peter!” You shout as you dodge a few bricks which flew from the house.

“(y/n) what’s going on?” Peter’s senses tingled even more now. He wished he had brought his suit. Peter’s back was to the scene the whole time as the two boys spoke about Oscorp.

“No time to explain!” You shout back at him as you trip over a green laser. “Catch!” You throw a web shooter towards him.

“Why do you have my webshooters with you?” Peter leap forward to catch his webshooters and put them on his wrists in a rushed manor just as his Iron SpiderMan suit built around his body. You hadn’t managed to find away to fit his newer latex suit into the webshooters, but a suit is a suit and he was prepared to fight.

“A thank you would be appreciated.” Not answering his question, you wipe the back of your hand over your mouth where you cut lip was bleeding. “This motherfucker.” You groan as

“Just- keep Harry away.” You point to the dark haired boy who was behind Peter. You studied his face in under a second. His eyebrows high, his mouth in a smirk, the way his skin suddenly had a orange tinge,

“Why? (y/n) look, I know what’s up, you don’t trust him, but he’s my friend.”

“Harry!” The goblin bellowed from the back porch.

“I’m on your side Dad!” Harry’s full figure came out of display. The veins in Harry’s neck popped out and his skin turned into a sunkisted orange. Stepping back and putting your hands up, it was only fair to allow Harry into his full form.

“New plan!” You shouted looking at Peter who froze into shock.

“Sam, you go me covered?” You spoke into your A.I.

“Got your back Miss Stark.” Sam, as the Falcon flew in behind you, swished over the yard and picked the Orange Goblin up with his hands.

“Pete.” You turn to your boyfriend. “Peter.” You wave your hand in his space. “Karen, shock Peter awake.” You instructed and Peters body got an electric shock run through his body.

“What just happened?” Peter asked in his Spider-Man suit.

“WHERE’S SPIDER-MAN!” The green goblin shouted from the roof, dressed in his dark purple fabricated suit and his matching long tipped hat flying behind him. “There he is!” His devilish red eyes squinted and focused on Peter who stood behind you with his hands in his hips.

“You want me?” Peter defended himself.

“You got to get through me first!” You say putting your arms out and covering Peter.

“That’s easy princess.” The goblin sneered jumping in the air and landing on the grass only meters away from you.

“You’ll have to get through us first.” Bucky distracted the Green Goblin with his fun shooting bullets at him.

“You think some bullets is going to scare me?” The Green Goblin cackled his arms out stretched, green lazors shot from his arms, fighting, deflecting his attack.

“Peter, Scott! I need back up.” Sam shouted from the other side of the house. Peter used his webshooters to shoot webs at the tree which had fallen upon the house, leaping, the webs assisted Peter in maneuvering over the house and finding Sam fighting with Harry - the Hobgoblin.

“Why are you guys obsessed with Halloween?” Peter dodged a small pumpkin whxih was thrown at him. This was a fight between super human strength and intelligence.

“What are you doing? Why are you fight us?” Peter asked tossing a web grenade in the direction of Harry was dodges the web.

“Because! We want you Peter. We want your serum.” Harry confessed. “You’re strong. The spider that bit you, that was my fathers best work!”

“But if you had the serum, would you do what I do?”

“What are you saying?”

“My serum.” Peter stopped throwing webs in Harry’s direction. “Would you do what I do? Or would you use it to-”

“Time to take over the world!” The Green Goblin tortured loudly cutting Peter off as he jumped into the front yard, holding onto your arm, dangling you like you were a rag doll.

“What did you do to (y/n!” Peter panicked as he just tossed you like a piece of trash towards the ground. Peter knew this was either a trap or a ploy. Peter threw a web in your direction, which slowed down your fall just was Sam flew over grabbed you. The two Goblins circled Spider-Man, taunting him.

“Karen, m-my senses. They’re too strong.” Peter spoke to Karen in his suit.

“Peter, focus on one thing.” Karen encouraged.

“I can’t!” Peter

“Peter focus!” Karen shouted and Peter shook his head. His senses were all over the place. Have you ever been on of those spinning rides, and you go on way to many times, that you feel like throwing up, but you keep going on because of the adrenaline running through your body, that’s how Peter felt right now.

As you came to your conscious, you sat up but your head was dizzy so you couldn’t focus well. Huh, this must feel how Peter feels when his - oh my god! That’s it.

“Peter!” You shouted trying to get Peters attention. You were winded, your chest and back ached. You breathing was difficult so every time you tried to speak it case out with multiple coughs and your ribs crunched as you breathed.

“Sit down Stark.” Doctor Strange pushed you off.

“No no. You don’t understand, Peters senses. He can use them to weaken the goblins, Norman hasn’t realized how the strong serum he created was, he doesn’t know Peters strength.” You tried to explain. “

“Strange, can you, can you make it dark?”

“You want me to make the sky dark?” Doctor Strange asked confused.

“Is that possible?” You asked rushed, you were running out of time. “ I’ll try my best.” Doctor Strange lifted his hands it the sky, creating a tornado of dark clouds in the sky. Okay, now, Peter. You could see the two Goblins, using their fingers to extract the serum out of out his body.

“Karen.” You call in your suit, “how’s Peters levels?”

“They’re high, Peters struggling.” Karen replies in her robotic voice. Peter told you years ago what he named his A.I Karen, it was a level of trust.

“Tell him to close his eyes.” You cough out

“Okay Miss Stark. Your instructions have been passed on.” You turned to Scott, “they’re going to ruin out of their own power, they’ll become weak, we need to use that against them.” You pause, hopefully Harry is dumb enough to see the tornado. And yes, he was.

“Is that a tornado?!” The Hobgoblin pointes to the sky.

“Okay. Karen, tell Peter to open his eyes.” Peter did so, and as he did, he lunged from his crouching position and leaped in a vertical leap, kicking the Green Goblin in the face. Peter landed outside the goblin circle.

“Thiwp! Thiwp!” The two villains were thrown to either side of the yard. Due to the darkness, they couldn’t see what was coming. Peter’s senses were settling…silence was brought upon the fight.

“Woah! Did you see that!” Peter exclaimed punching the air. “Woah. It’s dark out here.” Peter rubbed his eyes. Peter looked around, Sam and Scott has control of Harry, and Doctor Strange and Bucky had Norman in their hands, (with a few blows from Bucky). Peter has noticed his friends were huddled down the street, the party had been crashed and now was a flop. He felt for Cassie, but he had his tips on this mission. His spy spiders. He remoted one of them to always follow you, which is understood was a complete invasion of privacy, but it couldn’t follow you when you were along, only in communal spaces, such as meeting rooms and university hallways, he just wanted to keep you safe. You were competitive against each other, always making sure the other was safe. “(y/n)!” Peter tossed a web and leaped over to you.

“You okay? Stupid question.” Peter shook his head ripping his mask off. He could read the pain on your face. “It’s going to hurt, but just take a deep breath.” You deeply take a breath. “There we go.” Peter smiles, “that’s my girl.” He pressed a kiss upon your head.

“You saved me. Thank-“

“Don’t thank me.” You scoff, shaking your head.

“Well I am. So, thank you for saving my life. I love you.” Peter smiled holding your hands in his, kissing your knuckles as your suit removes itself from your body and you’re back into wearing your party clothes.

“I-I.” You take another deep breath, “I love you too.” You smile sweetly at your boyfriend. “I don’t want to ruin this moment, even though we’ve said this like thousand times, but my ribs really hurt and-”

“Yeah yeah, let’s go see Bruce.” Peter nodded chuckling, helping you get up and taking you to see Bruce. You were both distracted by the fight and the will to win, that you both didn’t realize that the fight was the first one you guys had as an official couple. Sitting in the black SVU you got to witness Scott explain to Cassie what was going on, but deep down, you felt sympathy for Harry, you couldn’t imagine what he was going through. Becoming the Hobgoblin to follow his father, both of those men were going to go through hell and back. Sam, Bucky and Doctor Strange stayed with the men. You knew university on Monday was going to be odd, people were going to ask questions, some you wouldn’t have the answer to, but that didn’t matter to you, what mattered to you the most, was the safety of your friends and family, because you don’t want a repeat of the past.

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So here I am again! This time I have the part 2 of my first fanfiction about Spider-Man where our protagonist (Thalia) is going through too much for her and everything is out of control. This is more angst than I pretended but I kinda like the way this is going. Anyway, enjoy!

The redhead was in a poorly lit room with a couple of lamps and entertained herself by punching a punching bag, in the center of which was a red spray drawing of a spider. The sweat running down his forehead was proof that she had been there for several hours. She was tired, frustrated, angry, but one more punch was the difference between winning and losing. She didn’t bother to turn when the sound of the door indicated that someone had entered the room but was forced to stop when that person entered her range of vision. A blond boy with brown eyes dressed in a white shirt and dress pants was staring at her so intently that she was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

-This had better be important -she growled, taking off the gloves that protected her knuckles to grab her water bottle.

-I wouldn’t bother going down here if It wasn’t -he replied annoyed- Prepare yourself, I want you out in a hour.

Thalia spat out the water in surprise and coughed several times to catch her breath. With her hand she wiped the water from her face, which was now glowing with joy and impatience.

-Out? Back to work? I’m going for my suit!

Before the girl could take three steps he cut her off.

-Civil clothes, Thalia. Recon mission, they won’t risk you.

As if it were a balloon deflating, Thalia turned to look at him disappointed just in time to receive a folder of papers that he had thrown at her.


-Vigilance, actually. That is your goal. Do not lose sight of him and better that you are not discovered this time. You are in testing period again, do not risk it.

-Okay -she growled in frustration, heading for the exit much more slowly this time.


The redhead only turned with a raised eyebrow.

-You should go see your father.

Thalia’s heart stirred uneasily, struggling between guilt and pride.

-It’s none of your business -she muttered resentfully, opening the door and slamming it shut.


Later on the streets of New York.

-Target in sight, radio silence until further notice -the girl whispered before turning off the hearing aid hidden in her ear.

Captain America in all his glory was a couple of meters from her, with a group of men and women he was helping to train in the park. They stretched and flexed as she sat under a tree drinking water and pretending she was enjoying a peaceful morning.

When more than half an hour had passed without anything interesting happening, Thalia simply let her imagination run wild. Spider-Man’s words were repeated over and over in his head since their last meeting. Anger and frustration filled her and focused on her fist, which began to squeeze the water bottle she was holding until it doubled over. With an eye on Captain America who had now been joined by Sam, she got up to drop the bottle and then buy herself another at a stall a few meters from her position. This also served as a cover, pretending to be normal something she hadn’t known for a year and a half at least. That was what she didn’t like about vigilance, too much time alone with herself. For a year now she had been trying not to be left alone with her own thoughts, which were arguing with each other at a speed that was difficult to continue reviewing her greatest mistakes and criticizing her exploits to be better.

So deep in thought was she that didn’t see the person she ended up colliding. He was a boy a little taller than she, with curly brown hair and edgy chocolate eyes, wearing plain jeans and a shirt with an atom joke on it. The boy was handsome but he was a bundle of nerves, he just apologized and asked if she was okay.

-Peter Parker -he introduced himself with a nervous smile after helping her up.

-Nice to meet you, Parker -she said absently looking around.

It seemed as if the boy was waiting for her to introduce herself and that made her feel a little uncomfortable.

-Thalia -she finally said- Thalia Strand.

-Nice name -the boy smiled almost relieved that the girl wanted to continue talking- Do you come around often?

-Not really -she replied, her gaze wandering around the park almost about to panic because she couldn’t find Captain America.

-Have you lost something? I can help?-the boy continued offering himself.

She looked him one last time, up and down, making the boy more nervous at times.

-I’ll manage on my own, thanks -her response was a little too abrupt but she wasn’t going to stay to apologize.

She left the park in the direction of the busy streets and looked everywhere. How could someone as famous as Captain America go unnoticed in New York? She couldn’t report her situation because she had been on silent radio for hours and because it would make her look bad after her last failure. Frustrated, she took out her cell phone and started searching in social networks, someone have to post something about him because everyone loved Captain America and the social red it’s a good place to freak out just seeing captain America at the metro. And there he was, at a little cafe two roads at her right. So she went there without hesitation and saw him easily from the window of the cafeteria taking pictures with the workers.

She decided to hide in the bookstore across the street where she would go unnoticed and could easily monitor her target. Hiding among the shelves that were displayed in the middle of the street, a cover caught his attention “Spider-Man friend and neighbor or a danger to our city?”. Thalia’s small laugh was heard, she couldn’t agree more with that writer named Jameson. Then she heard a small noise and she felt her body tempt in anticipation, an automatic response after what happened on her last mission. In a quick motion, she had a boy’s arm against his back and he was crushing his face against the bookshelf.

-It’s me. Peter Parker. We just meet at the park a few minutes ago. I… -the boy was interrupted by Thalia who speak like she wasn’t believing what the boy was saying. In fact, she wasn’t believing a word at this point.

- You have been following me? That’s creepy, you know?

-Like a girl who looks innocent but she can push me against the bookshelf without a hand? Yeah. Creepy.

-You don’t know how to talk to girls, right? -she said as she leave the guy so he can take care of his arm.

-Really? I just came because this fell from your pocket when we collide.

In the boy’s hand was a little blue pendant. It wasn’t too much, it was just a little pendant of a turquoise stone obelisk with a silver chain. She freak out a bit at the realization that the necklace wasn’t in her pocket.

-Don’t worry, I just came to return this to you. I thought it was important to you -smiled this guy, Parker, while he leave the necklace in her hand.

She was so confused right now. This guy, whom she didn’t know, came to her from the park just to give this to her just because he tough it was important to her. Something inside her made her feeling weird.

-Thanks -she muttered a little shy.

-Nothing -the always smiling boy stood there as if there was something that Thalia had forgotten.

The weird feeling that Thalia was feeling before just go away. Now the suspicious was on her mind. This guy, Parker, was waiting a reward or something?

-What now? I have thanked you.

Suddenly Parker realize that he was staring at her too much so he blushed abruptly and start rambling about incoherent things like he didn’t want to stare or like it wasn’t like she wasn’t pretty enough not to stare because she was, pretty he wanted to say she was pretty but he wasn’t her to feel uncomfortable with him.

At this point Thalia was just enjoying the sight of this cute boy just freaking out. It wasn’t something she was used to. The flirt, if this was flirting, and the nervous. Things like that was just left behind when her dad started feeling really bad. And this little thought brought her back to reality. Where was him?

-Not again -she growled really frustrated now.

-I… I’m sorry if I’m bothering you.

Thalia look at this guy one more time. She thought that if she wasn’t in this situation maybe she would invite Parker to a cafe and would flirt around just to make him freak out and rumble about things because was cute and funny even if they wouldn’t meet never again just to enjoy chat with someone new. But she had no option.

-Look, I think this is funny and you’re cute but I’m doing something important so thank you again for the necklace but I have to go.

She spoke so fast that the guy didn’t have any chance to say anything more. The girl ran away from the guy and looked everywhere for her objective but it wasn’t around. She swore under her breath. Why was happening this to her? She was happy two years ago, when things were simple and everything was okey and she didn’t have to grow up and take care of herself.

This wasn’t supposed to happen to her.

She was about to cry. She knew that. It was that feeling growing inside her.

She took a breath. Then another breath. And then one more just to be sure.

And here we go again. Running through the busy alleys, looking for the objective when a explosion obstructed the streets. She almost freak out but composed herself. People started running everywhere and screaming. And there he was captain America just fighting a lizard man who came out of the sewer.

She hid in an alley from where she could see everything. She thought about disabling the radio silence and reporting what was happening but she didn’t. Wondering to herself how a person would choose to take care of things like that. How anyone would choose to be a hero? Was it something that everyone would choose except her because everyone was brave enough to choose this? That makes her a coward? Because in her worst moment she choose to be a criminal, following instructions like stealing or spying. Her dad wouldn’t approve it. But he wasn’t there to take care of her, she was the one taking care of herself and her dad.

The lizard man throw captain America and she hide more so he can’t see her hiding there. And she noticed something on her back.

-Hello criminal who doesn’t hide her face this time.

There was Spider-Man. And she was so upset about that hero.

-You have to be kidding me.

-In fact, I make some funny jokes but almost nobody appreciates it.

She took advantage of the always talkative hero and walked back away. But then the hero throw a web to her wrist and pulled her to his chest.

-Not this time, my little criminal.

And then the lizard was thrown into that alley and captain America came running.

-Spider-Man? What are you doing here?

-Oh, hello captain! -waved the hero with his free hand a little too much excited.

-Take your girlfriend away from here!

Captain America was containing the lizard man so he can’t attack them while both of them started rumbling about they weren’t dating, this wasn’t a date, she never would date someone like him or she was a criminal that he had to stop.

-I don’t care! -answer the superhero- Just go away! This is dangerous!

-You need help, cap? -offered the arachnid.

-Go. Away.

The looks that captain America gives them was enough to scare Thalia and she was almost relieved when Spider-Man took her in his arms and swing them out of the fight.

-Let me go, you bastard! -Thalia was fighting with the hero without results because it was like she wasn’t punching the hero’s chest.

-Stop doing that or we’ll fall from there. Do you want to become a crushed mosquito?

And then she stop fighting with the hero. At least until they reached the roof of a building where she pushed the hero away from herself and put in a defensive position.

-Why do you always want to fight? -he complained almost upset with this.

-Because you are the hero and I am the criminal?

-But you told me about this guy forcing you to do this. Even if you ended stealing the tiara I thought you were serious about that. I still believe you. If you have any problem them just…

-Just take care of them -she interrupted the hero- at my own. I don’t need a hero to save me.

-But maybe you need a friend?

And that’s how Thalia asked herself when were the last time she had a friend. But throw away this thought and reforced her defensive position.

-Stop confusing me! I don’t need you!

-If you’re confused maybe it’s because you know I’m telling the truth? Please, I want to help.

-Why do you care? You don’t know me.

-I learned that it’s better offers help first than fight and then ask. I stopped more criminals like this.

And then something happened that surprised both the hero and Thalia. She started laughing. Just a little at first. And then a lot. It was funny the idea of ​​a hero offering him a help that nobody had wanted to give her a year ago. The hero was so surprised that didn’t know how to act. And when she stop laughing she started crying. She was so upset of this. A new mission failed, now she wasn’t be able to found captain America again and she didn’t even knew why she had to spy him. Neither she know how to safe her dad on her own. And that was too much for her.

-Ey -whispered the hero, too close suddenly- it’s okay to ask for help when we can’t take it anymore.

-Why do you care? -she asked in response.

-Because I’m your friend and neighbor Spider-Man. It’s my job.

Thalia was jealous how sure the hero was about his role in his life. She was too lost in her own life.

-Do you want to talk about it? -asked the hero in a whisper almost if he was afraid that she would freak out and go away if he speaks louder.

She didn’t answered as she still crying out all her stress. The hero just sat there making her sure he was there with her. And when the cry stops, she looks at him with her puffy eyes and the red nose and the hero held his breath unconsciously.

-I don’t want to talk about it -was her answer.

-Then don’t talk. Just take me with your boss.

She really thought about it. Her boss was a horrible person and deserved to be in prison. But then her father would be helpless again. Hammerhead was the only one to accept taking care of the bills while she make stuff for him. At the beginning were only simple stuff like help his minions with the food and the cleaning and then started the training and at some point they were taking her in their missions. She really never noticed it.

-I can’t -she answered defeated.

-But you want to paid for your boss? You want to go to prison for him? It’s that important your boss for you?

She shook her head looking at the hero.

-You don’t understand anything.

-Then tell me -his hand took hers to encourage her- I want to understand.

She had the impulse to tell him everything because she was so tired of pretending she was strong enough. She remained silent with that puppy eyes that the hero understood he would be screwed if he still staring at them also he thought he was pushing her too much. So he got up and headed to the edge of the building without a word.

-Where are you going?

-That lizard man was giving a hard time to cap so I’m going to help him.

Thalia nodded, not knowing why she felt a new wave of sadness.

-Will I find you here when that lizard thing is over?

The question was so surprising to her that she had to think twice before answer.

-I don’t know… I have to return home.

The hero sounded almost sad when he spoke again.

-Oh… Then be careful.

And that sounded a little dumb in the hero. The question was written in Thalia’s face.

-Because this is New York and weird things happen everyday. Like that weird lizard man for example or that weird guy that looks like a goblin…

Thalia laugh while the hero still rumbling incoherently.

-Like weirdos guys in weirdos suits jumping around the city?

Spider-Man stopped talking to look at her.

-Is that a joke or you’re just being mean?

A playful smile grow up in Thalia’s face.

-What do you think?

Spider-Man let a nervous laugh scape and passed a hand over his head in an unconscious gesture.

-I’ll see you next time you’re doing illegal things.

He jumps out of the building and Thalia could heard him calling himself stupid.



Thalia never had been so nervous to enter a simple room. She took all the courage she could and open that door that was so scary. The room in front of her was all white and in the bed was a man that looks way more old that he really was connected to a lot of machines that were beeping. Thalia needed all she had inside her not to cry again. The man open her eyes and look at her with renovated energy.

-Is that my little Thalia who came to see her old father? -he tried to sit properly but failed- I’m glad you can make time for your old father with your study.

Thalia walk to the bed and stay in with a guilty smile.

-You’re not that old, daddy.

Her dad took her hand in theirs with a meaningful look.

-What is bothering you, pumpkin?

-It’s nothing, daddy. I’m just tired.

-You’re studying too much, are you sleeping well?

-Yes, daddy. It was just a good book.

Her dad laughed at that but then he coughs loudly. After the man calm down his daughter, they still there just chatting about nothing while the girl was containing a cry.

-Now tell me, pumpkin.

Thalia looks at her father’s eyes and she knows she couldn’t lie.

-I have a friend that it’s in troubles, daddy. This… friend have to make a choice and I don’t know how to help her.

-You and your heart -he laughed- Accept a advice from this old man? Just do what your heart demands, it can’t be wrong if you do it with your heart.

-Even if that thing could make someone suffer?

-Well sure your friend have that tiny voice inside her mind. You know what I mean.

-You mean that tiny voice that says us to do the next thing right? I think you tell me about it before.

Thalia just stayed there with her dad ‘til visit hour finished. The words of her dad in her mind just confusing her more.

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Anon Requested: I have an angsty request for peter Parker maybe? He’s overwhelmed with school and stuff and the reader just wants to help him out and he snaps at her and tells her to give him space- and the reader gives him TOO MUCH space- I dunno if that makes sense but whatever-

a/n: the sniper got ‘em. In all seriousness, here is your request and I’m sorry it took so long! Things have been weird lately. And I hope you don’t mind the little twist I added. I also hope this isn’t hot garbage.

warning: swearing, sad peter, minor fighting

You weren’t sure how your evening had gotten to this point. You had gone over to may’s apartment, which was pretty much routine at this point, to help Peter study. He’s somehow fallen a tad bit behind in his classes, what with the blip and Stark’s passing, needless to say, peter was a little overwhelmed. 

everything started off fine, but when you had asked Peter- nicely, you wanted to add- to take a dinner break, somehow it started a fight. You were grateful that May had gone out for a bit, she said she forgot something that was needed for dinner. You thought you and Peter could relax and cook together, but instead you two were yelling at each other.

Not really yelling, more like…Aggressively debating. You were practically begging Peter to just take a small break, and that he was over working himself.  And Peter kept repeating himself that you just didn’t understand, or that you couldn’t understand. 

You didn’t want to argue with him anymore. You just wanted to sit and take a breath, but it seems that Peter had gotten too wound up about it. About everything, really.  His brain was going at 100 mph and he couldn’t seem to make it stop. Everything was too much. 

“What do you need me to do?” you had asked calmly once you had cooled your nerves.

“I need you to give me space!” you had snapped unintentionally. 

You were a little surprised by his tone. He’d never spoken to you like that before. You watched as he stormed to his door and slammed the door. 

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Pairing: Peter Parker x (eventual)Avenger!Reader

Word Count: 2.9 k

Warnings: language, flirting, bad nick names, overall typical of my writing style. Also the reader is a witty ass bitch so… also it is 3:30 am where I live so WHOOPSIES!


“So why are we here again?” You asked as you and a man you had barely met walked through a charity gala; something to do with music programs funding for schools. Not that you minded, you always had a love for music and wanted kids to find that same joy too, but you knew the man with you had ulterior motives.

“Look, kid, I saw what you could do, I saw the video of you convincing ol’ eye patch to slap himself in the interrogation room and I will say I’m impressed, but right now your old boss… pimp… whatever you want to call Mother Gothel sent some of her male mentees to come scout out some of the unprivileged girls performing tonight and we kind of need you to stop them.” The man told you as he led you toward a back corner where you were met with two other men, “Capsicle, Manchurian Candidate! Meet, Mona Lisa here.”

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Cloud Nine


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Requested: Nope

Post Date: 4-7-20

Paring: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2.2K


~Marvel Master~

“PETER!” You shouted as you threw open his bedroom door, seeing Peter scramble on his desk at your volume. His wide eyes stared at you and his hand was placed on his heart as you laughed, throwing your head back and grabbing onto the doorframe for support.

“What the hell was that?!” He yelled and stood up, trying to calm himself down. All he did manage to do was cause you to laugh more.

“I’m sorry!” You chuckled out. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you’d react like that.” Peter rolled his eyes, snagging an old piece of homework off his desk, crumpling it up and chucked at you. It hit your face as you tried to duck, making Peter laugh. You stuck your tongue at him. “Fine. Now I’m not sorry.”

“How’d you get in?” He asked before falling onto his bed, watching you take over his computer chair and spin around a few times.

“May let me in before she left. Thought we could do something.” You shrugged. Peter nodded his head, looking at the stack of homework sitting on his desk. You followed his gaze with a frown. “What the hell? How do you have so much?” You thumbed through it, seeing some from last week all due soon.

“I’ve been busy on patrol.”

“I know you have. I feel like I’ve seen Spider-man flying through the skies lately more times than I’ve seen my best friend.” Picking up a pencil you began to fill in some of the math problems Pete hadn’t done, already knowing the answers from the homework you did days ago. Peter furrowed his brows before jumping off the bed, snatching the pencil from your hand despite your protests.

“What are you doing?” He asked as if the answer wasn’t obvious.

“Helping you.”

“No, that’s cheating.”

“No, I mean I’m helping you clear your schedule for the next hour or so.” He raised a brow as he looked down to you. You sat straighter in the chair, a small smile gracing your lips and you were batting your eyelashes, looking almost innocent if Peter didn’t know what kind of hell you raise naturally.

“Clear my schedule for what?” You rolled your eyes, nabbing the pencil back from him and moving on with his problems.

“Me. Duh. I need attention.” Once again Peter took the pencil back, giving you a glare like a you were a child.

“You always need attention. Why’s right now any different?” You felt a lump forming in your throat as your eyes slowly fell to the floor. Peter was instantly concerned. You didn’t come here for attention, you came here for a distraction.

“Brad broke up with me.” You mumbled quietly, playing with the hem of your shirt. You heard Peter sigh and shake his head. “I mean I’m fine. I knew we’d do it eventually.”

“Why would you think that?”

Because I’m in love with my best friend.

“We were just too different. I knew we weren’t going to work out, but I just didn’t think it would hurt so much.” You both fell silent as Peter watched you avoid eye contact, your eyes downcast and looking everywhere but him. You hands found the pencil again and this time Peter let you have it, watching you and trying to think how to cheer you up. His phone buzzed on the nightstand as he perked up, looking between you and it with a smile.

He leaned down to pick you, throwing you over his shoulder as you giggled, yelling at him to put you down. Peter tossed you down on your back onto his bed an ‘umpf!’ coming from your lips before he jumped on his back as well, giving you a wide grin. “What was that for?” You chuckled at him.

“That,” he grabbed the pencil out of your hand, tossing it onto his desk before you both watched it roll off. “That was just the start of your distraction.”

“But your homework.” The way Peter glared at you made you feel like an idiot in love as you put your hands in the air, surrendering to Peters distraction. He brought his phone between the two of you, holding it up in the air with his right hand for you both to see. “What are we watching?” You asked but Peter just smirked, tapping around on his phone before your favorite movie started playing. You gasped with a playful smile as you smacked Peters arm, leaning your head to rest on his shoulder.

By the time the movie was almost over, you were asleep on Peters shoulder and Pete’s arm was starting to hurt from being in the air. He shifted it into his other hand, letting his right hand fall on the bed. No sooner than the moment it fell did you, in your asleep state, shift in the bed, bringing your arm to throw over Peter’s torso and moving your head to rest in his chest. Peter’s attention was pulled from the screen when he looked down at you, a smile tugging onto his lips at the sight of you cuddling into his side.

Peter pushed his arm under you, bringing it onto the other side of you to pull you closer. His cheek rested on top of your head as he turned back to the phone. Your head nestled against his as he enjoyed the feeling, your hairs tickling against his cheek and your body warmth acting as a warm blanket. Peter’s mind wandered as the voices in the phone became background noise, his main attention on listening to you breathe softly.

He brushed the hair out of your face, careful not to wake you. A pain went through his heart when he remembered you were only here because that jerk Brad Davis broke up with you. He told you not to date him but you were adamant about giving Brad a chance, and few weeks later you were telling Peter how much your feelings for Brad had grown. Peter’s feelings got the better of him as his thoughts shifted, no longer feeling sad for you but mad at Brad. He got to experience this with you, holding you against his chest, listening to you laugh or fall asleep, just being with you and yet he threw it all away. Hell, Peter’s your best friend and he’d give up everything just hold you like this again.

Peter froze, his hand mid rub on your back as he realized the thought that just fled through his mind. “Oh shit.” He mumbled as your grip on him got a little tighter, sending a flurry through his heart and stomach, a flurry he’s realized he’s experienced quite often in your presence. “Oh shit!”

You jumped up at Peter’s outburst, your hand going to his chest to push yourself up as you looked around the room. “What’s wrong?” You asked half slurred from your recently awoken state. Again, Peter felt those feeling making their way through him as he grabbed your wrists getting your attention.

“N-nothing.” He answered when your eyes met, your brows dropping in confusion.

“Then why did you yell?” He didn’t say anything just looking at you leaning above him. You were still a little off from the jump scare of waking up and your hand was still pressed flat against Peter’s chest while his settled off your back, landing on your hip to hold you.

“I-I um,” he stammered while trying to find an excuse. “Just the movie. I forgot about that ending.” You narrowed your eyes at him. Peter smiled awkwardly and gave a small laugh only making you confused.

“Ok?” You pushed yourself off Peter, suddenly aware of the position you were in. “Sorry.” You muttered, feeling Peter pull his hand off your hip. He didn’t say anything, just nodding and peaking at you from the corner of your eyes. Your mouth was rugged into a frown as Peter sat up, leaning against the wall.

“Hey, whats wrong?” He put a hand on your arm, your eyes following the action before you cleared your throat.

“Nothing. Just uh, you know you’re my best friend right?” Peter seemed taken back by your question. He didn’t know what you were getting at, or if you had figured out his feelings in the span of the 30 seconds he knew, but he wouldn’t put it past you. You always seemed to know him better than he did.

“No duh.” Peter joked, getting a chuckle and a playful slap in the arm in return. He caught your arm the second time you tried to hit him making both laugh as he pulled you to lay down next to him again. His smile faltered when he secretly wished you were laying on top of him again, but he settled for holding your hand.

Your heart skipped a beat at the feeling of your hand in Peter’s, looking up at the ceiling. “So what’s going on Y/N?” Peter gave your hand a squeeze Making you look at him. He looked happy laying next to you, the smile on his face meeting his eyes which were locked on yours. You let out a small sigh, biting your lip. You didn’t know if you should tell Peter what was getting to you, what Brad said when he broke up with you.

“It’s nothing.”

“But it is.”

“But it’s not.”

Peter squeezed your hand, turning on his side to look at you, you copied him, his face mere inches away. You felt your breath caught in your lungs. “It is something because you’re upset and if it’s about Brad I’ll-“

“You’ll what? Go all spidey on him? String him up in an ally? Use your webshooters on him?” Peter could tell you were joking by the smirk on your face, but the more he thought about it, the more your ideas sounded ideal.

“I mean yeah.” You rolled your eyes and moved to roll onto your back once again, thinking he was just playing with you. But Peter didn’t let you move, grabbing both your hands and holding them. “Y/N, You know Brads a jerk right?”

You gave him a smile. “No. No Brad was fine. He uh, he wasn’t the reason our relationship wasn’t working.” Peter waited for you to elaborate but you weren’t sure if you had it in you to tell him. Your eyes closed slowly and you found yourself gripping his hands tighter. “Brad figured out that I might’ve maybe possibly-“

“Y/N you’re stalling.”

“He figured out I’m in love with you.” You blurted it out without a second thought, your eyes still shut so you couldn’t see Peter’s reaction.

It wasn’t that you were nervous Peter would kick you out, at least you weren’t until that crossed your mind. You were nervous that Peter didn’t have any feelings for you and you just screwed up your entire friendship. Peter’s hands slowly let go of yours and you felt your stomach drop.

Did you really just screw everything up?

You felt like you were going to cry, wishing that Peter would just say something so you could leave and go cry in your own room.

Then like a miracle, you could feel feel Peter’s fingers on your chin, pulling your face to his and connecting your lips together. A million thoughts were racing through your mind but your only focus was the feeling of Peter’s lips. It was nothing compared to how you felt kissing Brad.

Peter wasn’t in any better shape than you were. The moment the words left your lips he felt like he was dreaming. He never knew how much he needed you to say those words. It was almost like he was in a trance, waiting for a sign that you were just messing with him. But when the time for your admittance came and passed, Peter knew this was real.

When you finally pulled away, Peter saw how watery your eyes were, filled with fear of rejection as he ran a thumb across your cheek. Your eyes scanned his, only to see the lovely brown ones you’ve fallen for. “Y/N?”

“Yeah?” Your words were more like breathing out instead of actual sound, still terrified Peter was going to reject you, even after giving you one of the most breathtaking kisses you’ve ever gotten.

“I’m in love with you too.”

Your lips stretched into a smile. “Really? You’re not just saying that because I said it and you felt bad?”

Peter leaned over, pressing another kiss to your lips as you giggled, kissing him back. “I’m not just saying it.” He told you when he pulled away. “I think I’ve been in love with you for years.” You both sat there like lovesick teenagers, hand in hand and lips barely a few inches apart. “So does that mean I can call you my girlfriend?”

Peter blushed a deep red when he asked. “I would love to be your girlfriend, Pete. If that means I can kiss you whenever I feel like?” Peter nodded his head so fast you thought it was going to fly off. You chuckled cupping his jaw and kissing him for a third time that day, and what most definitely wouldn’t be your last.

That feeling he loved deepened in Peter’s chest, a feeling you shared as well.

You both were on cloud nine.

A/N: So literally I started writing this last night before I fell asleep and didn’t know I started it until I woke up this morning, then I spent the whole day finishing and editing it and tada! This is what we got. Honestly I had no idea where I was taking this but I like it. Like me know what y’all think!

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a kiss with peter in the rain late into the night after a hard study session in the café 💗

your light laugh mixed with the jingling of the small bell at the top of the cafe door as you pushed the door open and held it for peter to walk through. he couldn’t help the blush that stung his cheeks as he followed you through the door, your giggle sending chills up and down his spine.

the moment your feet stepped onto the sidewalk, the raindrops gently pelted you both as you immediately went to cover your head with your arms. the thing about peter parker was that he wore many, many layers. it was kind of his thing, and one of the many things you fell for.

as the rain beat down on him, peter had the sudden urge to throw his jacket over you, but the sight of you tilting your face up to the sky was so mesmerizing that he could hardly move. 

his book bag was weighing down his left shoulder as he walked, and his hand was starting to get sore from gripping the strap. but peter barely noticed the cramping of his fingers as your sleeve ever so lightly brushed against his. 

luckily for peter, you were just as smitten. you couldn’t get enough of his chocolate brown gaze as he shyly asked you a question, or his quiet laugh when you’d jokingly responded incorrectly. 

unluckily for peter, self doubt was blindfolding you both to the clear double-sided affection. but perhaps a cafe study date and a late night rain shower was just the thing to rip them off.

“thanks for helping me study,” you said gratefully for the fourth time that day. “you really didn’t have to.”

“no, it’s okay,” peter insisted, his right hand absentmindedly reaching up to dance through his slightly damp curls. he sucked his lip in between his teeth. “i’m sorry for taking so long, i didn’t anticipate this weather.” 

you smiled back, wrapping your arms around your shoulders. “i like the rain.”

the second peter saw you shiver, however, he instantly shrugged off his jacket and draped it over your shoulders without a second word from you. you blushed at the sudden warmth and hugged the soft material tighter around your shoulders, whispering a thank you.

peter’s cheeks flushed bright pink as he mumbled something. he still couldn’t believe it was his jacket draped over your shoulders as you walked, and his blush only intensified when he saw you snuggle into the cotton.

“your jacket’s nice,” you sighed contentedly. “but aren’t you cold?”

“y-you know, i-if you want, i-i’ll give you plenty more opportunities to wear my jacket.” the words rolled off his tongue before he even knew what he was saying, and he bit his lip almost immediately after they left his mouth. you stopped in your tracks and turned back to him, an undecipherable look on your face.

“not if you don’t want to,” peter said hurriedly, every fiber in his body willing him to stop talking. “i-i was just saying if you wanted to, i could lend you my jacket sometimes. not to be weird. u-unless you want it to be weird? that’s so stupid, why would you want it to be-”

you couldn’t take it anymore. you leaned up and captured his lips in a kiss, shutting him up in the most perfect way. peter’s eyes widened in surprise before he kissed back. 

as the rain fell into your hair and off your shoulders, his free hand reached up to ever so gently cup your cheek. you pulled away, slightly gasping for air as you did so. peter beamed as he brushed several strands of wet hair out of your face, the joy on his face undeniable.

“is it weird now?” you asked, a slow smile spreading across your face. 

peter let out a chuckle, his signature laugh warming your heart in the cold rain. “only if you want it to be, y/n/n.” 

you couldn’t help but laugh as you reached out for his hand, softly intertwining your fingers with his. “really like you,” you mumbled, your speech muffled slightly by peter’s comfy jacket.

peter bravely shuffled closer to you, readjusting his bag on his shoulder. he squeezed your hand, sending the butterflies in your stomach into a frenzy. “i really like you too.” 

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Originally posted by barnes-and-parker

Peter Parker x Reader


Warnings: Smut. Sex pollen.

This is an alternative version to my fic “Fireproof”, where the reader gets doused by the sex pollen instead of Peter, but you don’t need to have read that first. As any sex pollen fic, this can qualify as non/dub-con, so read at your own discretion and responsability.

Dedicated to @angel-spidey because without her this would have never seen the light of day💓


Peter knew it was wrong. He knew it. He wasn’t delusional enough to believe it was something other than the pollen making you act that way. Making you say those things. You had always been sweet to him, that was true, but you were sweet to everybody, didn’t make any difference if they were a janitor or an avenger, it was one of the reasons he liked you so much. 

He also knew he wasn’t the only one. His eyes weren’t the only pair of eyes that strayed to you in the lab, Harley too seemed to be rather distracted whenever he was in your presence. And in fact, Peter didn’t think he had ever seen Steve visit the lab that often before. Ever. And the guy was freaking Captain America, how could he ever compete with that? 

You didn’t feel the same way about him, he had resigned to that a long time ago. To watch you from afar. To love you from afar. Because at least that much was true: the only way he knew he beated the other two men, beaten them by a long shot, was that he loved you the most. 

That was why he had left the med bay, because he couldn’t stand it, seeing you like that, fighting against your restraints, skin flushed and eyes on fire, calling him, begging him to…

He wasn’t able to resist it. 

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Heyyy, I've to say that I'm obsessed with your writing, it's so cute and soooo good, btw the one inspired by GG, definetly my favorite. I was wondering if you could write about Peter and the reader being childhood best friends,but one night everything changes when they finally kiss. Like, having trouble breathing while looking at the reader, smth that definetly didn't happen before, but it's happening now bc he's aware he's falling hard right now. THIS IS REALLY LONG, I'm sorry hahaha.

Movie Night

Word count: 950

Warnings: fluffy fluff

A/N: Thank you so much, love! I absolutely loved this request, I’m always a sucker for friends to lovers vibes ☺️ I hope you like it 💕

It was a typical Friday night. You and Peter were having your weekly movie night, a tradition that started back when you were little kids.

Peter was sitting on your couch, lazily scrolling through movies on disney plus while you made popcorn.

“Did you find anything yet, Pete?” You called out from the kitchen.

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Hey everyone! New smut blog here!

I’ll be writing for people like Tom Holland (mob!Tom, obviously), Peter Parker (dark!Peter), Gavin Leatherwood, Nicholas Scratch and Shawn Mendes (mob!Shawn) for now. I’ll be also accepting requests for Bill Skarsgard (and Mickey, Roman and Mark- three of his characters). 

I’ll be acepting requests for pegging and also threesome or foursome if you’d like, so… yeah, that’s it! (To the ones who watched Villains and knows who Jules and Mickey are, I’ll be accepting requests for them too)

You can go wild on our requests and I’ll see what I can do.

Can’t wait to see what you got for me!

Let’s do this!

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Tom Holland Imagine (Tom Holland x Reader)

Word Count: 1,972

Warnings: Language, Angst, Fluff (that’s it for now, will add to it if needed)

Summary: You are feeling down after the events on the board walk. You get an unexpected visit from Harrison. Later Harry’s behavior leaves you baffled, and you only get more confused when you ask him about it.

A/N: Here is Chapter 5! I should post the masterlist soon for this series, I just kept going back and forth on how long it was going to be. I hope you all enjoy this chapter! Thank you so much for the support and feedback, it truly means a lot!

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This is inspired by  Don’t play with fire , @peaceisadirtyword. It’s an amazing Ivar fic, take a look if you have time!

General summary  -  First part 

Plot of the chapter: there is something about Tom Holland that is as hypnotizing as looking at a star.

Tom Holland’s eyes, you discovered, weren’t totally dark. As the lights of the club hit them, they were hazelnut, and reminded you of autumn. Of when you were still living at home, with your mom and dad, and didn’t have half of the problems that you had now. Briefly, you let yourself go back there, to the comfort of the familiarity. But Richard’s voice didn’t let you avoid yourself for too long, as he was screeching in your ear.

You tried not to wince at his loud voice, choosing to keep yourself composed and calmed. What you just had done was a stupidity. One thing was to talk back to Sam, the brother who was in charge of arrangements and deals; or even to Harry, who was a maniac joker. But you had read the expedients with Richard last weekend, and he had specifically told you that Tom was out of reach. That the goal were his brothers, because he was too smart not to notice anything.

Still, you were sure he didn’t have any problem if anything happen to you. However, if you blew the cover, you were sure the club was the safest place.

“Shut up! Shut up right now!” Richard howled in your ear. “Tell him – damn, you screwed everything up! You better get to your knees to keep him from leaving, or –“

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Hey, I hope you are doing well 💗 For your cheer up blurb event, could you do Peter x reader with Peter taking her out for a swing for the first time and being all cheeky, like at the end of far from home with MJ when he jokingly drops her?

A/N: I’m doing well hopefully, hope you too abby and thank you for this adorable fluffy request! 🥰 enjoy and stay safe 💖

‘Stay safe, Cheer up’ blurb event

“P-Peter, I’m not so sure about it anymore…”

You sit on the ledge of your bedroom window, Peter in his Spider-Man’s suit standing on the fire escape ladder as he carefully takes your hands in his, making you slowly stand with him.

“It’s gonna be alright, (Y/N). Once we go, you’ll never want to stop!” replies an excited Peter, kissing your cheeks to reassure you a bit. “And I will be extra careful, don’t worry.”

The sun fully sets and the busy streets of Queens start turning their lights on, people and cars still out at this early hour of the evening. You feel Peter’s hands squeezing yours, their warmness giving you some courage back.

So you take a long breath in before wrapping yours arms around your boyfriend’s neck. Pleased you didn’t change your mind, Peter then gently grabs your thighs and picks you up, both your bodies now extremely close to each other.

“You’ll see, I’m a pro at it now!” Peter cheekily brags, pulling his mask fully on to cover his face.

“Stop that. Just be careful is all I wa-”

And as you never had a chance to finish your sentence, you let out a long scream straight out of an horror movie as Peter jumps into the void, soon swinging rapidly from building to building in the city. Your heart and stomach keep going up and down constantly, your screams not really stopping while you keep your face buried into Peter’s neck.


He is obviously having more fun than you are, even making flips in the air and almost dropping you… and quickly catching you back again. Hopefully the busy and noisy streets conceal all your horrific cries and screams, and so for at least fifteen minutes.

Finally, Peter thinks it is time to stop and halts on top of a mid-high building. He lets go of you, sitting you on the floor as you try to catch your breath and thoughts. He slowly massages your shoulders, leaving kisses on your temples to appease you a bit.

“So, how was the ride baby?”

“Damn you, Spider-man.”

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For: @moonlit-imagines ♡♡♡


“What? Peter talk slower.” You had to be sure Peter said what you thought. If you made a mistake, if you misheard, you could make a fool of yourself. You could tell him the wrong thing make a huge joke of yourself, ruin your friendship, spill the beans on how you’ve felt about Peter for as long as you could remember if what he said wasn’t what you thought. You’d never told him, no matter how badly you wanted to. You were convinced he just wanted to be friends. He told you and Ned all about his crushes, you didn’t think that’s what someone said to someone else who liked them more than friends…

“I like you a lot and I have for a long time…” So he had said what you thought. Peter sighed, waiting for you to respond. He’d burst it out, saying it as a single word to get it over with. Peter liked you longer than he could remember. Every dance, every party, everything you went to together, you went as friends. It was a crushing reminder he didn’t have the guts to tell you. Ned always pushed him, gave him countless chances, asking him in front of you if he liked anyone, but he couldn’t admit it then, so he found a random person in the school and said their name. He wished though, that he’d just said your name… .


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