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ptersmj · 2 days ago
hey i saw this on tik tok and i had to read it so could you write an angsty fic where the reader is mad at peter/tom for something and their punching his chest and he lets them until they just break down crying and it’s like super soft thank you 🤎🤍
Tumblr media
warnings: swearing and angst
a/n: we all know how i feel about angst to fluff hehehe happy reading <3
eight months, three weeks, ten days, nine hours, fifty six minutes, and fourteen seconds.
exactly how long it’s been since peter left and took part of you along with him.
he ditched queens for asgard, wakanda, whole different fucking galaxies. he ditched you for the avengers.
there was an open spot on the team for peter. he’d finally felt he was ready to claim it. yes, the people of queens needed him. but, he was also needed elsewhere and far more so. he had no choice but to step up.
that meant he had to say goodbye. to aunt may, to his friends, to you. peter didn’t simply bid you farewell and head on his way, though. he ended things.
for good.
ever since, you’ve been learning how to mend your broken heart. it’s a work in progress. you know deep down that a piece will always be missing as long as peter still has it.
you haven’t stopped loving him, even though it would be so much easier if you had.
eight months, three weeks, ten days, nine hours, fifty six minutes, and fourteen seconds later, someone knocks at your door.
your healing heart shatters when you answer.
you thought you were better. you thought you were moving on.
then, peter showed up.
“no,” you choke out, swinging the door closed in his face. he holds out a hand to stop it. “y/n, wait. please hear me out.“
you make another attempt to force the door shut. tears well up in your eyes, peter pushing it back open.
there’s no use in fighting him on it. he’s too strong.
peter’s own eyes are pleading. the guilt, the remorse is written all over his face.
the two of you just stand there, neither sure what to do next. it’s been so long. yet, you still feel the same. you love him and hate him and crave him as much as you did the day he skipped town. you’ve carried that with you, let the pain control your every waking moment.
peter steps forward to come inside. you step back, angry tears running down your cheeks.
“you don’t get to waltz back in here like you never fucking left,” you spit. hurt flashes across peter’s features. “i’m not… that’s not what i’m trying to do,” he speaks calmly.
scoffing, you wipe the tears dripping down your skin.
“what are you trying to do, peter?” you demand. “why are you here?”
you notice the cuts carved into his knuckles as he wrings his fingers nervously. a faded scar peeks out from the hem of his sweater, and you don’t even want to imagine what bruises he has under it.
“it was time to come home,” peter admits, clasping his hands behind his back when he catches you looking. “because… you’re my home, y/n. i made a mistake, and i’m so sorry.”
you wish he would’ve said that a lot sooner.
“i don’t believe you one bit,” you dismiss peter. you move out of the doorway so you’re closer to him. “where were you?”
peter doesn’t say anything. he doesn’t even react when you jab a finger at his chest, the ragged breath you let out fanning across his face.
“you were gone almost an entire year, and i didn’t hear shit from you!” you shove peter backwards, shouting through your sobs.
he stumbles, but quickly finds his footing.
“no calls, no texts. you could’ve been dead in a ditch for all i knew,” you laugh bitterly. “it’s not fair, peter. i don’t understand how you could leave me like… like this!”
your fist collides with peter’s chest once again. he lets it, which makes you somehow angrier. you do it again, and again, and again until it’s out of your system and fresh tears are flowing.
“where the fuck were you?”
your voice cracks, fingers hooking in the collar of peter’s sweater and gripping onto it. you feel your knees starting to grow weak.
peter springs to action. he helps you into your apartment despite your refusals earlier, shutting the door behind you two. at last, you fall to your knees and pull him down with you.
he brings your head to rest on his chest, where you instantly bury your face. his fingers weave into your locks, free arm wrapping around your middle.
he’s holding you the tightest he possibly can, afraid he’ll lose you if he lets go.
“i’m here now,” peter coos, running his fingers through your hair carefully. “i shouldn’t have left before, but i’m here now.”
his lips brush your temple, other arm trailing down to your middle. both your arms hook around his waist. a whimper escapes you, peter shushing you and resting his chin on the top of your head. he presses more kisses to your scalp, you nuzzling into the crook of his neck.
“i love you, peter. i’m… i’m sorry,” you manage to get out, pecking a spot on his neck. he smiles to himself at your words.
“i love you, y/n. i’m sorry, too.”
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starryspidey · 2 days ago
Peter Parker x fem!stark!reader
Summary: Your father, Tony Stark, unknowingly invites Peter to a family dinner. Problem is: he doesn’t know you two are dating, and he told you to bring your partner. 
Warnings: mentions of sex
w/c: 3k
Tumblr media
“Are you free this Friday? There’s a party going on in Brooklyn that we got invited to.”
“I think so, but can’t we go out sooner? It feels like I haven’t seen you in years.” You placed your phone on the desk so your loving boyfriend could see you on facetime all while trying to do the impossible challenge of finding a day that would work for your next date.
“What about tomorrow night? I could end patrol early?” Peter was swinging around New York, heading back to his apartment in Queens. You could hear the wind whistling and the occasional curse that he would say when he almost dropped his phone. 
“I can’t ask you to do that.” You sighed. Trying to come up with your own little solution to your deprivation from Peter and his from you. “I just want to be close to you.”
You’ve been talking with Peter for a good couple hours about everything and nothing. Patrol was slow today and even when he did see some suspicious behavior, he would always set the phone so you could see what was going on; he promised it was an accident that it set up that way and that he didn’t mean for you to see his fighting skills, but you knew he was just trying to impress you not to subtly. 
But, no matter the day, the circumstances, or anything really, all of your conversations always came around to asking about when your next date will be. This conversation has gone on too long and you're both too tired. Peter spent all day crime fighting, and you spent all day in the lab, running around trying to figure out how to get certain metals to withstand chemicals for a project. 
And if you weren’t so tired, you probably would’ve noticed the footsteps of Tony Stark, coming down the hall to check up on you. Just as he was about to knock on your door, he heard talking. 
“I could come over tomorrow night after I’m done with everything? And we could be as close as you want.” Peter joked, though, through the door Tony couldn’t quite make out the voice. All he could hear was the sentence and your faint laughs; not to mention the ringing in his ear.
“I dunno, could you sneak over tonight so maybe-”
“Hey Y/n!” Tony barged into your room and you quickly hung up on Peter, pushing your phone to your chest. Your eyes went wide as you just stared at Tony, not sure how to proceed depending on how much he just heard.
“Who was that?” Tony bellowed, he had his hand crossed and his foot was tapping on the ground. You’d laugh and call him a drama queen if you weren't scared shitless. 
“No one.”
“Yeah, and that's what I said when I was your age.” Tony scoffed. “Now fess up, who were you talking to?”
“Just…” Fuck, he defiantly heard you, but you’re not too sure how much. “Someone.” He clearly never heard you say Peter’s name, and you did not want him to find out about your secret relationship.
“Well maybe this someone should come over for dinner.” Tony offered, trying to come off as comfortable, but he clearly had alternative motives. “You’ve got Friday free? Why not then?”
You knew what he was going for. If you didn’t want to admit who it was, Tony thought that was a huge red flag, thinking you're dating some ‘bad influence’ but in reality, you're more likely to be the bad influence rather than Peter. 
“Actually, I’ve got-”
“Great, I’m thinking seven sharp, and tell this, uh.” Tony looked at you for a second, not wanting to say the words. “someone to dress nice. They have to impress me of course.”
“But what if I have plans and didn’t tell you?” You tried. “I could have a secret life you don’t know about.”
“You apparently do!” Tony sassed. He sighed and put his thumb and pointer finger on the bridge of his nose. “Look, I want to control your life as much as I can and you having a special someone in your life who you’ve done lord knows what with-”
Tony stopped himself, trying to calm down. “Point is, I am going to be the nice father that I am and get to know whoever has been stealing my daughter's time away from me.” You sighed and knew getting out of this dinner was pointless, you gave up and nodded. “Great, I’ll start looking for something we can all eat I guess.”
You sighed as Tony exited the door. You quickly took your phone and saw a bunch of text messages from Peter. 
You smiled at Peter and quickly texted him back. 
Can you come over tomorrow night?
You saw the three little dots appear and Peter responded pretty quickly.
Oh really ;)
You scoffed and texted back.
Not like that but my dad *might* kill you.
The next night came and when Peter snuck into your room, he was panicking from your dramatic text message--something you clearly learned from your dad. You had been separated the whole day; you were busy working in the lab while Peter was on patrol, so he was extra anxious about what was going on. 
Peter nearly fainted when you told him about the dinner Tony unknowingly invited him too. You had to give him a couple little kisses just to sooth him as much as you could, but it was fruitless. First of all he didn’t like missing the party, Harry had told him all about it for the past few months; second of all, he was perfectly content with being a coward and not coming clean to the Tony Stark, aka fucking Iron Man of all people, about his romance with you.
It's not that Peter isn’t serious about spending the rest of his life with you, he just wants the chance to; and if Mr.Stark finds out, Peter isn’t too sure if he could actually do that.
And of course the next few days leading up to the dinner Peter was absolutely terrified to step foot onto the compound of the tower. He tried his best to avoid Tony at all costs, he left early from the lab, making sure he was always with someone else to use as a buffer if he absolutely  had to be in the same room as him. He didn’t even sneak into your room for your midnight cuddles. He was too scared that his senses wouldn’t work and would end up being caught in the worst way possible, and he doubted that Tony would believe a teenage boy was going into his girlfriend's room for ‘just cuddles’. 
This dinner just kept getting worse and worse by the second and it hasn’t even happened yet. 
When Friday night did eventually roll around, Peter was beyond nervous and texting you like crazy after he was forced to leave early. Sending you pictures of possible outfits that would possibly work to impress your dad. They all would of course, Tony was already impress with Peter, he was a boy-genius and a fucking hero. There was no way to not be impressed with Peter fucking Parker.
You gave yourself one lookover in the mirror. Everything looked good, or as good as it could. You were trying to butter up your dad by wearing the old shirt he got for you a while back that was definitely never a look. But you were willing to wear it if it meant your dad would be nicer and more understanding.
You heard your phone buzz and you smiled and skipped over to your bed.
Can I have a kiss before I die?????
You rolled your eyes and started texting back.
You can have a kiss after dinner <3
You set your phone back down and went back to trying to calm yourself down. Peter was probably just leaving now, he told you today before he left that he would shoot you a text right as he was leaving, and if he is leaving now he should be arriving in-.
Your head snapped up as you realized who that was. You raced out of your room to try and get to the front door before anyone else could see to slap the shit out of Peter. 
He was supposed to text you when he arrives, wait for you to bring him up the elevator, and not to just invite himself in.
“Hey, Peter, did you forget something?” You heard your dad speak up as he left the kitchen and to the foyer. “What's with the flowers and clothes?”
As you turned the corner you saw Peter standing in outfit number four you think. Brown pants and a mustard sweatshirt with a brown silhouette of saturn with a white collared shirt underneath. He also brought with him a nice bouquet of poppies, knowing it was Pepper’s and Morgan’s favorite flower type.
“Oh, uh, I’m just-” Peter stuttered. He shifted uncomfortably while not knowing what to say. He brought his hand to the back of his head, unsure what to do with himself.
Pepper's heels clicking alerted you of her presence before she spoke. “Is Y/n’s date here?” She turned the corner and gasped a little when she saw Peter. “Oh?” She spoke, then when it hit her, “Oh.”
Tony looked at everyone, the wheels slowly turning in his head. But when Pepper spoke, that was the final piece. “I’ll get Morgan for dinner then.”
Tony finally realized what was going on and glared at you and Peter. He looked like he was trying to figure out what to say, but didn't know where to start. 
“PETEY!” Morgan came running through and ran up to Peter and wrapped her little arms around him, postponing you all from an awkward conversation that will inevitably happen. 
Peter used his free arm and lifted Morgan to his waist, while also skillfully taking one poppy from the bouquet and handed it to her. She giggled and gave Peter another hug around his neck. 
“Thanks Petey.” She smiled and you both looked at her, a great way to avoid Tony's deathly stare. 
“So you two are…” You both looked up at Tony as he did hand gestures, unsure what to say. You slowly nodded your head and he just started nodding too.
“Cool, cool, you know, good for you guys.” He quickly turned around and headed for the kitchen. 
“Why is daddy acting all weird?” Morgan looked over to you and you just patted her head.
“Daddy’s just a weird guy.” You responded and took the bouquet from Peter. 
“We don’t have to go in, y'know.” You told Peter as you looked over at him, who was biting his lip. “We can leave now and he won’t be able to catch up to us.”
“But won’t that make things worse?” Peter thought. “I really like my relationship with your dad, and I don’t want to fu- mess it up.” He coughed and looked over to Morgan who was listening intently to yours and Peter's conversation.
“He thinks of you as his own so he won't be completely weird around you.” You tried to remain hopeful but to be blunt, both you and Peter knew you were screwed when you saw Tony’s face. You knew you were lying, Peter knew you were lying, hell, Morgan probably could figure out that you were lying.
“I’m hungry.” Morgan whined. Peter and you looked at each other and reluctantly started waking into the dining room.
In proper Stark fashion, each room was more elaborate and elegant then the last and the dining room is no exception. It almost seemed too fancy to use, but Pepper had insisted on the nicer dining room, wanting to fully expose your partner to the Stark world. 
But it seems he already has.
“Sit! Sit!” Pepper ushered you to your seat and Peter to the seat next to you. Pepper sat at the head of the table after she made sure Morgan was settled in her high chair. Tony sat opposite Peter, giving him a death glare.
You’re all accustomed to Peter eating dinner with your family. Just the context of tonight made everyone on edge. 
The food on the table looked tasty, one of the perks of a personal chef. Tonight you were having a curry, a meal you thoroughly enjoyed and luckily enough, one that Peter loved too. 
At least that’s one less problem for tonight.
“On the bright side we don’t have to do introductions.” Pepper nudged Tony to comment and he just nodded his head. Pepper rolled her eyes at her husband and turned back to you two.
“How long have you been together for?” 
“A little under a year.” Peter answered as he took a bite of food. Your eyes watched Tony as he choked on his food, Morgan had to pat him on the back with her little fists; something that you were guessing would be a common occurrence tonight.
“How nice.” Pepper smiled and you were so glad for her being here. She must have canceled that meeting tonight when she found out about Tony’s impromptu dinner. She was the only one—other than Morgan of course, who had no idea what was going on—who didn’t think this was a big deal. 
“Are you doing anything special for the anniversary?” Pepper asked.
“We were thinking about going to this festival upstate.” You answered, still glancing at your dad to gage his reaction. Right now he looked confused, an eyebrow sticking up slightly.
“That’s why you wanted to go upstate?” Tony slightly choked on his food while he was talking, making it come out a bit more raspy than normal. 
You completely forgot you asked him for the week off. You didn’t exactly lie, you did tell him about the festival, just not the date thing. 
You paused and nodded your head to him again. “Cool, cool, cool. Good for you guys.” 
You thought dinner was going better than what you could’ve hoped for. Pepper seemed pleased, Morgan didn’t give a shit—just happy to spend more time with her big sister and Peter. And your dad was just being himself...kind of at least.
But the next couple minutes we’re extremely awkward and silent, even chatty little Morgan was quiet. She would occasionally look over to you and try to ask you what was wrong with her dad, but even though she tried to be subtle, she is a Stark, she can’t do anything quietly.
“Why is daddy acting even weirder?” She harshly whispered, loud enough for you and the rest of the table to hear. You were about to answer but your dad beat you to it. 
“Well Morgan,” Tony coughed. “It’s because your big sister and Peter over there are fucking behind my back-”
“TONY!” Pepper screeched, hitting his arm hard. Peter spit out his water over the table and you choked on your food. That was not what you were expecting. But to be fair, Tony clearly wasn’t expecting Peter.
“Well how am I supposed to feel when I find out that not only is my daughter keeping a secret from me, but also my protege?!” Tony yelled, staring hard at Peter.
“Tony, oh my god, would you just-“
“OH MY GOD!” Tony covered his hand over his mouth and gasped. “WHAT IF YOU’RE NOT BEING SAFE!”
You and Peter sounded horrified and you rightfully were. Morgan had a smile on her face as she was playing with her food, treating this as some sort of live show for her. Pepper on the other hand had her fork pointed to Tony, giving another death glare. 
“Tony, that's really uncalled for-”
“Mr.Stark, please, everything is perfect.” Peter’s voice sounded a bit like a plea, somehow trying to calm himself down and Tony down at the same time. 
Tony grumbled and sat back down and reached over and picked up Morgan, “I don’t want any of these, you hear me.”
“Yes, sir.” Peter nodded and you reached for his hand under the table, rubbing your thumb on his skin just as a subtle way to remind him that you’re there. 
Pepper cleared her throat, pushed the chair out and went over to Morgan to pick her up. “As lovely as this was, maybe it’s best to end it early.”
You grabbed Peter's hand and ran out of the kitchen and to the elevator. You looked over at Peter after you pushed the main floor button; he had a shocked expression on his face, his eyes were wide and he was leaning forward like he was going to be sick. 
“That was interesting.” He spoke up. He put his hands on his face, covering himself. You guided him into the elevator.
“Yeah, but at least now we can still make it to that party in Brooklyn.” You tried to make him feel better but he didn’t look like he was having it. You leaned on his shoulder and wrapped an arm around him. “He’ll get over it y’know.” 
He shook his head. “I will never be able to face him again.” 
“That’s not true.” You kissed his temple, the only part of his skin that wasn’t being covered by his hands. “Just maybe not for the next couple of days.”  He groaned and leaned a little more into you. “But, on the bright side I won’t be able to face him too so that means I’ll need a place to stay.”
His ears perked up and took his hands off his face. You kissed him on the lips and he seemed better. The redness on his face seemed to die down, but there was still a soft coating of pink blush on his cheeks. 
The elevator door dinged and you both exited quickly, not knowing if you would be chased down by an iron suit. Once you hit the street you looked over to Peter.
“So party or your place?”
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lesbian-deadpool · 22 hours ago
Peter, to aunt May: I signed over my pay check to you.
Peter: I want you to go buy yourself something pretty or, I don’t know... electricity.
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vintagemulti · 18 hours ago
Rings, Rings, Rings -> Peter Parker
pairings: peter parker x reader
desc: in which your boyfriends newfound love towards jewellery affects you more than you expected
warnings: swearing, the most nsfw thing i’ve done, sex mentions, hand kink, dirty talk, choking, ring kink(?), hint of dom!peter, nicknames of pure filth
a/n: this is filth. it’s not all the way smut but oh my god it’s pure filth. if there were any mind readers in sainsbury’s while i thought this up - sorry😋
It started with one. One metal band around Peter’s middle finger. You had loved it, even complimented him on it.
Never could you have expected a fucking ring to make you like this.
Your problem had began in first period, when Peter walked into math, his fingers lined with rings. You had noticed straight away, and when he sat down next to you, your mind was already a million miles away.
The only thought bouncing around in your mind was short, sweet and simple. Rings, rings, rings.
By the end of maths, you could already feel the butterflies in your stomach dropping all the way down, giving you a familiar sensation in your abdomen.
You and Peter had been dating for the best part of two years, and yes - you had sex. Good sex, at that, although there was always a mutual feeling of wanting more, something beyond the reasonably vanilla sex.
Maybe this would be the kickstarter.
Now, it was last period, and you were surprised that you had made it through the day. It was English, and where you had normally been focused on the learning, your eyes were glued to Peter in front of you.
He was the row in front and one to the left, so his hands were in perfect view. Was it weird, to be so obsessed with your own boyfriend? No, you thought. He made you like this.
The whole day before, you had been quiet in conversations, although not quiet enough for Peter to be suspicious. MJ had noticed at lunch, clearly more observant than Peter, and she has teased you relentlessly.
But you didn’t care. He was hot.
You knew how wet you were - you could feel it every time you moved. It was unbearable, having to act completely fine all day when your mind was begging to be fucked. You prayed Peter couldn’t tell.
“Y/N?” Your English teacher, Mr. Robertson called.
“Hm?” You snapped your eyes up. “Yeah?”
“I asked you what you got for number seven?”
“Oh,” Looking at the board, you tried to work the answer out in your head. “Alliteration, right?”
Mr. Robertson nodded, “Pay more attention, please.”
“Yes, sir.” You shifted in your chair, accidentally rolling over that sweet spot.
You felt yourself get even wetter, while you hoped the bell would ring sooner. Eyes falling back onto Peter, you noticed the hair on his arms was standing up, and his eyes went vacant, staring at his work.
Fuck, you thought. He knows.
You reached to into your bag under the desk, shuffling things around until you felt the cool glass of your perfume bottle. Pulling it out, you took the cap off and sprayed it over yourself a few times, deliberately pointing some in Peter’s direction.
His spidey-sense normally came in handy, but right now all you wanted was to cover up your own hormones. He didn’t have to know, you said to yourself. It would be so embarrassing to explain - that you had been dumb all day over his hands, just from one simple change.
Eyeing the clock, you checked how long it was until the day would finally be over. Turns out it was only a few minutes - a few minutes until you could get home and get yourself under control-
Wait, you stopped mid-sentence. It was Thursday. That meant you weren’t going home. Thursdays meant May wasn’t home, so you always went to Peter’s for a movie night. Fuck.
“And on that note, pack up.” Mr. Robertson smiled, bringing you out of your thoughts.
Peter closed his jotter, turning around to face you. “Are you ok? You’ve been quiet today.”
“Yeah,” you tried to act normal. “Just trying to pick a movie to watch tonight. It’s my turn, right?”
He smiled. “Please don’t make me watch Love, Simon again. I love it- but I think I know it word for word at this point.”
Good, you thought. Maybe he hasn’t noticed. “Fine. Just because I love you.”
You shoved your jotter into your bag, throwing it over your shoulder and saying goodbye to Mr. Robertson. Every step you took caused more friction between your legs, it was torture. There was no way you could act normally.
Thankfully, the walk from school to Peter’s place wasn’t too far, although he still lived with May and was in his last year of high school, you were glad that he was so close to you, all the time. It was nice to have him there.
Approaching his apartment building, the conversation was scarce - not awkward, though. Peter seemed to take your quietness as a hint, and you two walked in comfortable silence.
He held the door for you as you walked into the building, heading towards the stairs up to his floor. You could hear him behind you, rummaging around in his bag to find his keys.
When you got to his door, you turned, meeting his brown eyes - seeing something within them, something not too prominent, but there. It was new.
“So, you decided on a movie?” Peter asked, closing the door behind him. “And please don’t say 365 Days. May doesn’t need that on our Netflix history.”
You laughed, “Really? I was looking forward to watching that.”
He rolled his eyes, pulling his bag off of his shoulder. “No, baby. I will not watch glorified porn with you.”
“Damn,” you joked. “Guess I’ll have to settle for my second choice.”
“Which is?”
“50 Shades.”
Peter scoffed. “No. Absolutely not, princess. That’s not even on Netflix.”
You set your bag down next to his. “I’m kidding, babe. MJ was talking about this movie in science - it’s called Room. It sounds good.”
“As long as it’s not a weird mafia sex movie.” Peter mumbled.
“I doubt it would be,” You giggled.
He walked over to the living room TV, picking up the remote and turning it on before you spoke;
“I’m gonna get changed, can I borrow a hoodie? This shirt is too tight.”
“Yeah, go ahead,” He smiled. “By borrow, you mean keep, right?”
You fake scoffed. “Never!”
Peter smirked. “It’s good, baby. You look good in my clothes anyway. I’ll get the movie on.”
Smiling, you walked into his room, pulling your own shirt off - leaving you in your bra. You walked up to Peter’s closet, looking for a hoodie you saw him wear the other day.
You searched through the hangers, not finding a single hoodie. Weird, you thought. Maybe he moved them into the drawers.
Turning around, you jumped when you saw Peter almost right in front of you, just a few feet ahead.
“Christ, Pete. Almost had a heart attack.” You laughed.
“I wanted to ask you about something.” His tone was smooth, almost totally opposing the joking tone he had just a minute ago.
“Sure,” You smiled. “But can I have some clothes on when you ask?”
You began to walk past him to his drawers, but were surprised when his hand caught your arm before you could pass.
“Pete- Are you alright?” You could feel the rings pressing against your skin, and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t a huge turn on. You could feel the butterflies in your panties, which were already soaked from the day.
The hair on Peter’s arm stood up.
“That,” he looked at his arm. “Keeps happening.”
“Is someone in trouble, maybe?” You tried to play it off.
Peter laughed a little. “No, angel. No one’s in trouble.”
You nodded. “Then what is it?”
“Come on, pretty girl,” he drawled. “Let’s not play dumb.”
His hand moved up from your wrist, slowing tracing your arm, going all the way up until Peter’s hand reached your face. He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, but kept his hand there, cupping your cheek.
“I could smell you, all day,” He smirked. “That’s why you kept spraying perfume, isn’t it? You knew that I’d smell how fuckin’ wet you are.”
Your breath hitched. Peter had never been like this before, never so outright. Hey, you didn’t dislike it.
“Tell me, baby,” he looked back into your eyes before he pulled his hand away, running it through his curls. “What’s got you so needy?”
The words wouldn’t come out. It was too embarrassing. What is he thought it was weird, what if it made him uncomfortable? Your mind raced.
“Baby,” His hand went to your chin, pulling it up so you’d look him in the eyes. “I asked you a question.”
You still couldn’t speak, but instead looked down to his other hand, Peter’s own gaze following. He laughed a little when it clicked.
“Oh,” he breathed, putting both hands next to each other. “my hands?”
“I know it’s dumb, I don’t know why I-”
Peter stopped you with just a look.
“No, it’s not,” smirking, he raised his right hand and placed it back on your cheek. “It’s not weird.”
He seemed to recognise that you wanted more, just didn’t want to say it, as he gave you a look as if you say ‘Go ahead, do whatever.’ Peter could tell you a lot through looks.
You took a breath, reaching up to the hand on your shoulder, lifting it off and moving it up, slowing placing it on your neck, using your own hand to wrap it around.
The cool metal was nice against your skin, and although Peter could already smell your hormones, you knew they would be kicking off even more now that you had everything you wanted - his hand wrapped around your neck.
You moved you’re eyes back up to him, expecting him to look confused or uncomfortable, but instead there was just a vacant look on his face, something you had never seen before.
For a moment you thought he hated it, Peter’s blank look making you expect the worst, so you pulled away a little, letting your hand drop from on top of his.
But he didn’t pull away.
His expression turned, going from blank to a small smirk, his eyes almost lighting up. “Oh,”
You swallowed. “Is this ok?”
Peter nodded quickly. “This is definitely ok.”
Smiling a little, you moved further into his grip, feeling the cool of his rings against your throat. You felt Peter tighten his grip slightly, which took you by surprise.
Letting out a small moan - much to Peter’s delight, you flushed red and looked into his eyes again.
He laughed a little, moving closer to you and running his other hand down your side.
“We’re gonna have so much fun with this, angel.”
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waitimcomingtoo · 2 days ago
scissorhands - p.p
chapter two: sharp
pairing: peter parker x reader
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Once your jet landed at the Avengers compound, you helped Peter off and brought him to the nearest elevator. He looked scared when he stepped in, and even more scared when the doors closed.
“It’s gonna start moving.” You warned him just as the elevator went up. He clung to you with the arm he had linked through yours and stayed that way until you reached your floor.
“This is my room.” You said as you approached your bedroom. “I basically have the whole floor to myself, so you have pick any room you want to stay in.”
“I want to be close to you.” Peter told you.
“Okay.” You smiled in surprise. “You can move in across the hall.”
“Thank you.” He gave you a weak smile, as if it was something he wasn’t used to doing.
“Let’s get you some clothes.” You decided. “You should be comfortable.”
You linked your arm through Peters and lead him to a spare room a few doors down. You knew your dad left some old clothes in the closet, so you took them out and held them out to Peter.
“Here. These are my dads but he won’t mind.”
“Thank you.” Peter tried to take the clothes from you, but they slipped right past his blades.
“Oh. Sorry.” You laughed in embarrassment and picked the clothes up. You looked him over and tugged on one of his buckles, but it didn’t budge.
“Does this come off?” You wondered as you felt around for a zipper.
“The top part does.” He said as he looked down. He slowly slid a blade under the buckle and managed to loosen it a little.
“Can I help?” You asked when you saw him struggled to unbuckle it. Peter nodded and you began to unbuckle the top for him. You wondered how much of him was human and how much was artificial, but you didn’t dare to ask. Once the last buckles was undone, you looked up at him for permission. He gave you a shy nod and you pushed the heavy leather garment off of him. The sleeves were unbuckled, so you were able to get them over his scissors. Once the garment was off, you were able to see where his arms ended and the scissors began. They looked like they were fused to his skin, so you assumed at the very least that the top half of him was human.
“You can touch it if you like.” Peter said when he noticed you staring at his scars. You looked at him in embarrassment before gently placing your fingertips on the place where his arm was fused to the scissors. His skin was warm to the touch and you could see faint blue veins through the pale skin of his forearm. You ran your finger up his arm, amazed by how realistic he felt. Peter felt his face heat up as your nails grazed over his skin, making their way to his shoulders. His body was covered in the same scars that his face had, some old and some new.
“Let’s get you dressed.” You said when you came back to earth. You picked up your dads old shirts up and frowned when you realized you wouldn’t be able to get it past his scissors.
“I’m sorry.” Peter looked at you sadly when he saw your defeat.
“That’s okay. It’s not your fault. I’ll get you something bigger to fit over your…” You trailed off when you realized you didn’t know what to call them.
“Scissors?” He finished your sentence, sounding slightly embarrassed.
“Hands.” You corrected with a smile. “I’ll find something to fit over your hands.”
You lead him back to your room and found a button down shirt in the back of your closet.
“This should work better.” You said as you held the shirt up to see if it would fit Peter.
“Harry?” Peter read the name off the tag inside the shirt.
“Yeah. He’s my boyfriend.” You told him. “He left these here a little while ago. I’m sure he won’t miss them.”
“Boyfriend?” Peter furrowed his eyebrows as you carefully slipped his hands through the unbuttoned sleeves of the shirt.
“Yeah. It means he and I are a couple.” You explained. “Did your maker have anyone like that?”
“His wife.” Peter nodded. “From before he made me.”
“Yeah. It’s like that.” You nodded. “Just a step below.”
“Do you love him?” Peter asked you as you helped him step into some black dress pants.
“Um, I guess so.” You shrugged. “I don’t know. I think I’m supposed to.”
“But you don’t?”
“Not really.” You smiled awkwardly. “I mean, I like him. I just don’t get that feeling when I look at him. Do you know what feeling I’m talking about?”
“Yes.” Peter said, feeling the feeling right then.
“I don’t know.” You sighed and finished buttoning Peters shirt. “Maybe I’ll love him one day.”
“Maybe you’re not meant to love him.” Peter said. “Maybe you’re meant to love someone else.”
“Maybe.” You agreed. Peter had been so focused on keeping his scissors away from you that he didn’t realize how close they were to his own face. He accidentally scratched himself and felt blood leaking onto his face.
“Oh.” He said as looked down in an attempt to see the blood.
“It’s okay.” You told him. “Are you hurt?”
“Come here. I’ll clean you up.” You said as you lead him to the bathroom. You helped Peter get up on the counter and got out some Neosporin and cotton balls.
“What about you, Peter?” You asked as you cleaned him up. “Have you ever loved anyone?”
“Not yet.”
“I like that.” You smiled. “It’s hopeful.”
“Hope is good. I like hope.” Peter nodded. “I hope to be complete one day.”
“How will you be complete?” You asked him.
“Once I have hands. Real hands. Like yours.” Peter smiled a little as he watched your hands work.
“How come your maker gave you scissors for hands?”
“None of his creations had real hands.” He explained. “Some had whisks or cookie cutters. I had scissors.”
“Do you wish you had real hands?” You wondered.
“Yes.” He said quietly. “All the time. Especially now.”
“Because I would like to hold yours.” Peter said as he looked into your eyes. You opened your mouth in surprise before shutting it and giving Peter a fond smile. Since you couldn’t hold his hand, you reached out and put your hand on his face. Peter backed away a little at first before leaning into your touch. The way he reacted told you he wasn't used to be touched.
“You’re very nice to me.” Peter mumbled as he pressed his cheek against your palm. “Why?”
“I’ve never felt complete either, Peter.” You admitted. “But when I look at you, I don’t know. I feel whole.”
You could feel Peter’s cheeks heat up beneath your fingers, making you wonder just how much of him was human. If he was blushing, that meant he had blood rushing to his face. And if he had blood, that meant he must have a-
“Do you have a heart?” You blurted as a million thoughts tumbled around your mind.
“I don’t know.” Peter frowned. “You can check.”
You shrugged before laying your hands on his chest and pressing down. Sure enough, you felt a steady heartbeat.
“You do.” You smiled in surprise. “I can feel it.”
“Can I feel yours?” Peter asked hopefully.
“Sure. If you can find a way to-“
Before you could finish, Peter leaned forward and laid his head on your chest.
“Yours goes very fast.” He commented once his ear found your heartbeat
“Yeah.” You chuckled. “I guess it does.”
“Does that mean you’re scared?” He frowned and popped his head back up.
“No, Peter.” You shook your head. “I’m not scared.”
“Good.” Peter nodded. “I don’t want you to be scared. Do you think the others were scared of me?”
“I think they just have to get used to you.” You told him. “But you’ll see. You’re not the only one who’s different.”
“Are you different?” Peter wondered. Instead of answering him, you lifted your pant leg to reveal a prosthetic leg that your dad had made out of his nanotechnology.
“What happened to your leg?” Peter asked in surprise.
“Today technically wasn’t my first mission.” You began. “A couple years ago, my dad let me tag along on this stakeout. He told me to stay in the back, I didn’t stay in the back, and now I walk with a limp.”
“You lost your leg.” Peter said to himself, taking a comfort in that fact that you were also missing a limb.
“Yeah.” You said softly. “So I am different. Just not that different from you.”
Peter’s eyebrows knit together as he stared at you fondly. He felt a feeling inside of him that he didn’t have the words to describe. Instead of speaking, he leaned forward and rested his head on your heart again to hear the beat. In a quiet voice, muffled by the material of your shirt, he mumbled,
Later that night, a scratching at your door woke you out of your sleep. You put your prothetic leg on before getting out of bed to see what the scratching was. When you opened your door, you found Peter in the oversized button down pajamas you’d given him.
“I can’t sleep.” He said as he rubbed his eye with his arm. “Could I stay with you?”
“Sure.” You chuckled and opened your door wider. “Why can’t you sleep? A lot on your mind?”
You sat back down on bed and patted the space beside you, signaling for Peter to sit down. Peter looked unsure of himself as he held his scissors as close to himself as possible.
“It’s okay.” You said when you saw his face. “You can sit down.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure. Get comfy.” You pulled him gently by the arm until he sat down.
“It’s strange.” He said as he bounced a little. “Having a bed.”
“Where did you sleep before?” You wondered.
“I don’t really need to slept.” He shrugged. “I can, but I don’t need to.”
“Oh.” You furrowed your eyebrows. “Are you human?”
“A little bit.” Peter nodded.
“A little bit?”
“Parts of me are. But some parts are…” He trailed off as he snipped his scissors together.
“Sharp.” He finished his sentence, sounding defeated. He looked at you suddenly and gave you a small smile.
“You’re soft.” He told you as he admired your features.
“So are you.”
“Not all of me.” He frowned as he rubbed his blades together.
“Enough of you.” You assured him as you put your hand over his heart, feeling his heart beat speed up beneath your fingers. Peter yawned suddenly and you let out a soft laugh.
“Is something funny?” Peter genuinely asked you. “Should I laugh?”
“No. You just yawned.”
“Oh.” He realized. “I did.”
“You’re practically human now.” You joked. “We yawn all the time.”
“I feel more human that I ever have.” Peter admitted.
“We should get some sleep.” You said through a yawn. “It’s been a long day.”
You laid down on your bed and Peter followed suit, hugging his scissors as close to his body as he could.
“I can’t fall asleep next to you.” He said, saying it more to himself than you.
“Why not?”
“I could hurt you. Even if I don’t mean to.” He frowned as looked down at his scissor. You looked at his scissors as well before an idea came to you. You grabbed two extra pillows that you had on your bed and put one on each of Peter’s hands.
“There.” You said. “Now you can’t hurt me or yourself.”
Peter clapped his pillow covered hands together to test them out and smiled when they didn’t budge.
“I like you very much, Y/n.” He grinned as he looked over at you.
“I like you too, Peter.” You chuckled.
“Even though I’m sharp?”
“Even though.”
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Pairing: Avengers x neutral reader
Warning: Angst
Gifs belong to their creators.
Part 1 here (Tony, Steve, Thor, Nat and Wanda)
Tumblr media
Vision is immortal too, you just don't know it. He has feelings for you so he is totally sad when you reject him. "Y/n, can I ask you why? I think I love you and I need to understand." He calmly says, even though his eyes show a deep sadness. You shake your head. "I love you too, but I'm immortal, so I..." you try to say but he caresses your cheek. "I'm immortal too." He says, a tiny smile on his lips. You widen your eyes and smile, your heart beating faster. "Really? So we can be together." You say, you can't believe you finally found someone to share the eternity with. He smiles and looks at you in total adoration. "Forever." He confirms before kissing you.
Tumblr media
Sam would be in pieces. He loves you so much, so when you tell him no, he's in pain. "Baby, I don't understand, I..." He tries to say but you shake your head. "I'm immortal, Sam. When I first met you I could know that I would have ended up falling with you. I didn't take into account this possibility, and neither did you. But how could we?..." you say, he takes a breath while looking at you, eyes filled with sadness. "I won't apologise for falling for you. We can still find a way." He says while cupping your face. You look at him, your heart feeling in peace when he touches you. "You're a pain in the ass, but I love you." You say while finally giving up and letting him kiss you.
Tumblr media
Pietro is so passionate, he's so into you that your no is simply heartbreaking for him. "Y/n, just tell me why. You said you love me too..." he asks, his tone agitated. You caress his cheek to try to calm him down, your touche delicate. "I do, Pietro, very much. But I will live forever, this means that I will have to watch you die, and I can't." You say, your eyes watery. He shakes his head, his forehead resting against your. "There must be a way, don't give up on us, we deserve a chance." He begs, his hands caressing your cheeks. You look at him, your hands authentically crossing on his shoulders. "I don't want to give up on us." You admit and he smiles while crushing his lips on yours.
Tumblr media
Peter never experienced love before, you're his absolute first time, so when you reject him it's a tough pill to swallow. "I'm sorry if I told you about my feelings..." he tries to apologise but you shake your head. "Don't be, I love you too." You confess. He widens his eyes. "Then why..." he asks and you take a deep breath, his eyes are killing you. "Because I can't die, but you can, and the thought of that chance is too much to bear." You explain while caressing your own arms to give yourself comfort. He looks at you, his eyes watery, then he walks to you and caress your cheek. "I love you and you love me, we'll find a way." He reassures you, his arms wrapping you in an hug. You let yourself go, deep down you don't want to push him away.
Tumblr media
Bucky has had only one person in his life and it was Steve. He never even took into account the chance of caring about someone else, yet here he is, loving you with all of his heart, so when you reject him, you break it. "Doll, if you love me, then why?" He asks, his eyes filled with bitterness. You ran your hands through your hair and look at him. "Bucky, it's because of this, because I love you. I've seen too many people leaving me, I can't lose you too." You confess, a tear running down your cheek while you look away. He walks to you, his hands cupping your face to make you look at him. "Doll, we'll find a way. We have both lost so many things and suffered too much, we deserve a chance." He says, his eyes stuck into yours. You take a breath before shaking your head, your hands caressing his face. "You're right, we deserve this." You say before pressing your lips on his.
Tumblr media
Loki never loved anyone like he loves you. It took him a lot of time to trust someone that much as he trusts you and you are his world, so when you say no to him, he's broken. "Pet... but why?" He asks you, his eyes showing how sad he is. You take a breath. "Because I love you and this is my curse. Everyone I've ever loved died in my arms while I stay exactly like this and keep living. I've lived thousands lives and never loved anyone like I love you, so I can only imagine how painful it would be loosing you." You admit, your voice shaking while you cry. He looks at you, he can't even tell how sorry he is for your sorrow. He gently puts a finger under your chin and raises your head. "Pet, we'll find someone powerful enough to fix this. I can make myself immortal too if you want it..." he tries to say but you interrupt him. "I would never ask you this. I want to give up on eternal life." You say, your tone firm. He looks at you with widened eyes. "Would you do this for me?" He ask you in shock, you caress his cheek and look at him. "Oh Loki, the things I'd do for you..." you whisper. He looks at you with all the love of the world in his eyes before kissing you.
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Dancing w/ Our Hands Tied (part twenty-one)
Summary: Winter break has commenced, which means time apart for Reader and Peter. But time apart is exactly what they need to their get heads out of their asses and kiss and make up, agreed? (masterlist)
Warnings: angst (duh), abandonment issues, a gazillion taylor swift references, fluff, reconciliation, swearing , everybody telling peter what an idiot he is lmfaoo, wise words, mj = sage wizard
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader/Stark!Reader
Characters: Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, May Parker, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson
Word count: 13k (have fun with this)
Tumblr media
Peter pushed his fork around his plate, nodding as he listened to May talk. He felt his leg start to jump up and down below the table and cleared his throat, putting his hand on his knee to stop it as he moved the plate away from him.
"Not hungry?" May queried, pointing to his hardly touched food.
Peter shook his head. "No, sorry, May. Go on," He sighed.
May paused before continuing, looking at him, doubtful. "Well, after I finished doing routine checkups, I got a call from Happy. He picked me up and we got a nice lunch outside the hospital. He says hi, by the way,"
"Oh. Right, that's still happening," Peter recalled. "Everything's going well then?"
May smiled a little at the thought. "It's going very well. I have you to thank for suggesting the whole thing in the first place. Happy's a perfect gentleman,"
"That's great, I'm glad things are so good for you. You deserve a gentleman," Peter told honestly, palm driving up and down his thigh to obstruct the irritating movement. 
May hummed in agreement, obviously satisfied with her relationship. Peter hadn't seen her so content in a while - it was nice. Following a long pause, May's fork scraping against the plate filling the silence, she hesitantly spoke up again.
"Moving on from me... have you and Y/N patched things up yet?"
Peter stiffened slightly from the mention, clearing his throat. "Uh, no. Not... really. She made it pretty clear she just wants to be alone and I'm trying to respect that, you know. Could we just- Talk about something else?"
"Pete, I love you, but you've always been one to overthink. And with love you just gotta put yourself out there, take a risk," May urged, ignoring his request. "It's been nearly two weeks. Give her a call,"
"I don't... I don't think that's such a good idea," Peter said, inhaling sharply. "Look, I- I'm fine. And I'm sure she is too, maybe it's for the best. Maybe we don't have much of a future,"
May raised her brows, interested. "What makes you think that? I was your age when I met your uncle, and when I got married," She noted. "And when I graduated. Eventful year,"
"It doesn't matter why I think it. But-But you know, you and Uncle Ben, you got lucky. Everything worked out, you both loved each other and you both wanted more and you were both ready for that. It's just... different with Y/N," He told.
She sighed, nodding. "I guess you're right. It's a crappy situation," May mentioned.
"I'm well aware," Peter said, tone bitter as his thoughts lingered on the last time he saw you.
May continued to eat. Peter stood up, taking his dish as he covered it with a plastic covering on it and put it in the fridge for leftovers another night. He plopped back down across from May, the kitchen light flickering above them slightly. 
"Here's a scenario. Let's say you got a call from Y/N right now," May proposed. "And she says she wants to get back together, she misses you, she... wants to recreate a TikTok with you, or something, whatever teens say. What would you do?"
Peter hesitated, thinking about the scenario that, knowing you, wouldn't happen in his wildest dreams. You deleted TikTok when Peter tagged you in a sad video of a dog passing. In his defence, he didn't finish the video and thought it was about a golden retriever running around a field.
It was not.
"Um... I don't know,"
May tilted her head at Peter, curious, considering he had spent the better half of his vacation moping. 
"I-I mean- Obviously I... I do, I would love nothing more for things to go back to how they were. With her and with... you know, everything," Peter quickly said. 
He inhaled deeply before going on, stammering as he tried to place his words.
"But um, I don't know, it's just- It was her decision. She decided to shut me out, she decided to run, she decided to end it," He emphasised. "I'm not interested in having a relationship where I'm constantly worrying I'll set her off and she'll decide to break things off and I'll get hurt again,"
"Well, no relationship is a guarantee, Pete. There's no fail-safe option, no backup plan and that's what makes it interesting and exciting, you get what I'm saying?" May said. 
Peter nodded along, chewing the inside of his cheek as he listened.
"But, what I'm getting is... if you did end up getting back together, you'd just have to know it was safe," May stated. "Which is okay, you don't want to get hurt. Nobody does. Humans have tried, but every time it leads them into a place. If you avoid the bad, you'll never experience the good,"
"It's not that I wouldn't risk it for her, I'd risk everything," Peter replied. "I love her, I can't- That's not going away any time soon,"
May's eyes widened a little, taken aback by the confession. She hummed, delighted as Peter realised what came out. He could predict the upcoming comments from his beloved May.
"I just- You know, I mean... I..." He trailed off.
"You're head over heels in love with her, I've known for months," May bragged. "It's a good feeling to see you realise it too,"
"It's not as good of a feeling when it feels one-sided," Peter remarked.
"Uh-huh, sure," May muttered, finishing her dinner, not believing him.
Peter furrowed his brows. "What? What is it?"
"Nothing, nothing at all," May affirmed, shaking her head. 
"No, no, you have that look where you know something, come on, May," Peter pointed out.
She had a small smug smile on her face, shrugging. "No, it's... it's really nothing. It's just a hunch," She said. "From the limited time I've spent with her, I would say that she feels the same. She's just confused, and she's feeling a lot. Being in love and having your heartbroken, I would say she's far from fine,"
"But she freaked out when I said it, why wouldn't she say-" Peter began.
"-The same reason you didn't say it when she asked," May interrupted.
"But that's different, I'm afraid of pushing her further away from me than I already have," Peter stated.
May scoffed. "And what do you think she is? Why did she end things? Because she was afraid. God, you kids, and fear. You're young, this is the age to be fearless. If you let it get to you, stuff like this happens and you end up feeling like crap,"
Peter, surprised by her candidness, hesitated, clearing his throat again. "I just keep on thinking about it, you know. And she-she means a lot to me. So much. I don't want to- I can't lose her all over again,"
May's expression rested, comforting as she gave him a tight-lipped smile, nodding, understanding his reluctance. 
"Maybe you have to risk losing her to keep her. Maybe I'm completely wrong, maybe you move on and you're even happier with someone else or maybe you realise you've got a hell of a girl, overwhelmed and disoriented, needing a little time to come around. Whatever comes first, I'm here for you and I'll always support you no matter what," She assured kindly, putting her hand over his and giving a quick squeeze before she went to put her empty plate into the sink.
Peter couldn't say he didn't need that. Although, he couldn't quite picture a future without you in it. He didn't like it anyway. Frankly, he barely remembered what his life was without you. It was strange. 
But this was Peter, he could be patient. He was Spider-Man. He was a freakin' superhero. He could hold out for his girl.
The Avengers sat around the table, recently returning from the tiresome mission, laughing as Sam recounted a story. You were zoned out, for the most part, partially listening to the heroes enjoy themselves after the days spent in Australia, working an international arms deal.
"God, that was a hell of a mission, right Cap?" Sam declared
"I hate that story so much," Steve shook his head, hiding his face as the team berated them with more questions.
"Alright, alright, so Rogers comes up to me and goes on and on about the chick at the bar," Sam continued. "Turns out, she's Hydra. We get into a shootout behind the building, and right as we're gettin' out of the whirlwind of bullets, I turn to him and say-"
"-Let's do the bullet tornado," Steve finished off for him, remembering the mission.
"What the hell's the bullet tornado?" Natasha chimed.
"Hey, hey, it's called the man sprinkler," Sam scolded strictly, joking as Steve chuckled. "Basically, we stand back to back and shoot in a circle all 'round us. It looks awesome,"
Steve nodded along. "It does look pretty awesome," He admitted.
"I'll drink to that," Tony raised his glass.
"You drink to everything," Wanda said.
"Cheers!" Tony called out as the rest of the table laughed, clinking their glasses with each other.
You blinked a few times, noticing you were the only one with your glass still on the table. You put it to the air, acting as if you'd been hearing and gently tapping yours against Clint's. 
You cleared your throat, waiting patiently as everybody else proceeded lively conversation, relishing Wanda's home-cooked meal. The mission was a huge success, names plastered on headlines celebrating the victory and even a call from Senator Ross saying how well they'd done.
Spending a couple of days in Australia was an interesting experience. You got to mingle with locals, try out different foods, learn new slang, shoot some bad guys. A good experience and an even better distraction, not letting yourself think about a certain resident in Queens.
And the minute you returned, he came back. Just... there. Occupying every thought as he had been doing every day since he kissed you. It was the Brooklyn Bridge that reminded you of him, strangely enough. 
As much you wanted to share the positivity radiating from the Avengers, your mind wandered off somewhere else and into the arms of Spider-Boy.
Wow. Shocker.
Perhaps you had lost your mind. You wouldn't put it past yourself. Come on, you were Y/N Stark. Wait. That was it. You were a Stark. Damn it. Obviously, you were losing it. Your dad lost it a while ago and never looked back. 
Maybe the best idea was to embrace it. Just go ahead and listen to ‘Red’ by Taylor Swift, steal wine from Wanda's secret stash, cry your heart out and put your problems on everybody else. That was your initial plan. 
Then you thought, ‘hey, maybe keep that dignity. It could help’.
Dignity did not help. Truth be told, you were tempted to throw in the towel. But you also realised that, well, you were supposed to be completely and utterly fine. To the others, nothing happened two weeks ago. Nothing eventful or even the slightest bit damaging to your emotions.
You were supposed to be fine. 
Hell, maybe if you told yourself that a few billion times, it would become true. Alright, new plan... (well, technically, the plan you stuck to for most of your life) internalise it and distract yourself with other things. 
Huh. Did all Stark's have that mindset? It would make a lot of sense. Peter would probably tell you to slow down and join in on the conversation, try and be present with your family. He had a knack for seeing when your brain was going at a million miles per minute. 
"You alright there?" Natasha asked, returning your attention to the conversation at hand.
You looked to the redhead, straightening your back. "Fine. Completely fine. Just a little preoccupied," You insisted, technically not lying. 
Nat nodded, not pressing you. You liked that about her. She knew when to mind her business and when not to. 
You didn't notice her eyes linger on you. Or any other time. She had been observing you and surprise, surprise, she had a few theories. That's the consequence of a spy knowing you like the back of their hand.
Abruptly, a song started to play from somebody's phone, effectively interrupting the very serious discussion over whether a squirrel can really beat a chipmunk in a fistfight.
(The squirrel, by the way.)
"Oh, that's me," Tony said, taking out his phone as it continued to ring. 
"Your ringtone is Blank Space?" Wanda mentioned, gesturing to the device.
The song continued to play, or his phone continued to ring, as Tony shrugged. "It makes me feel like I just broke up with my toxic boyfriend, what do you want from me?" He defended.
"But. you're in a loving relationship with a woman?" Steve said.
"I'm sorry, I'm not gonna sit here and talk about how Taylor Swift makes me feel to somebody who's never even heard 'All Too Well'," Tony scoffed. "Give her discography a listen, American Sweetheart, you might learn a thing or two,"
"What could I possibly learn from some singer?" Steve wondered.
"Alright, can you answer that phone? I love the song, but I'm not sure whoever's calling is gonna appreciate it," Natasha mentioned.
Tony shot Steve a quick glare, shaking his head. "Some singer," He grumbled as if he was personally offended. "All of you, shut it. Important call,"
He put his finger up, the table quietening down, letting him without commotion. You leaned into your seat, sipping your soda as he answered it, sighing.
"Why don't you just step out-" Steve began, confused.
"-Shut it, uncultured swine," Tony demanded. "...Oh, hey, Parker," He said into the phone.
You choked on the liquid, coughing loudly as you put your glass down. They looked at you, concerned as you cleared your throat, giving a thumbs up to say you were okay. 
Oh, delightful. This is amazing. So amazing. 
(It was not amazing. For a second there, you weren't thinking about him. Seriously, universe, pick a side, dammit.)
"Yeah, kid, everybody is good," Tony went on, talking loudly enough for the table to hear. "Took a trip to Australia for a mission... Ah, you heard, huh? Did you see the- Yeah, you did... Uh-huh... Oh, that's good..."
There was a brief pause, hearing distinct talking on the other end from his phone.
"Kid, I'm gonna put you on speaker, say hi to the team," Tony told. 
He put his phone down on the table, pressing the speakerphone pin, allowing everybody else to hear Peter.
"Oh- No, Mr. Stark, don't put me on speaker that's okay," Peter said from the other end.
You swallowed the lump in your throat, the sound of his voice making you shuffle ever so slightly closer to the phone. Was it wrong to miss it? No, it wasn't. It wasn't. Why did you feel guilty about it though? For missing him, the voice that had the occasional crack without him realising it. Spider-Man your ass. You loved the guy but you-
Wait, what?
You missed Natasha's suspicious glance from the phone to you, brows knitted together, your own realisation causing your stomach to twist in a strange frenzy, feeling. 
Wait... what?
"Hey, kid, how's Queens?" Steve said.
You heard him sigh. "Fine. Everything's fine. Nothing that interesting, usual friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man gig," He answered. "Um... I did meet this cute cat. That's... something, I guess,"
"Pete, it's Sam, how's the aunt?" Sam asked.
"Uh, May's good. She says hi and to take care," He responded. "Is-Is um, is everybody there? Like, the whole team?"
"Eh, most of us, some left for bed," Tony told. 
"Oh... cool. Alright. Cool. Hi, to most of you, then," Peter said. "I saw that the Australia mission went well. Kinda sucks that I missed it, I would've loved to see what the big deal with Vegemite is,"
"I brought back like three bulk packages, trust me, you'll see the big deal," Tony stated.
It was kind of your dad's thing when it came to traveling, particularly to Australia. He always brought back a crap ton of whatever food he liked then become obsessed with it for a brief period of time. It explained why there was a section of the pantry dedicated to Tim Tams and Pocky sticks.
"I think somebody mentioned I was trending on that bird app. Tweeter?" Steve mentioned.
"Twitter," Wanda corrected. 
"Any reason you're calling for the first time since you went on vacation?" Nat wondered, effectively switching the topic.
"Uh, actually, I wanted to know if anybody had taken anything from my room?" Peter quickly asked, falteringly, as if not to come off as rude. "It's not that I don't trust you guys. I left some things there and just want to check nothing's out of place or something like that,"
Sam looked up to Steve instantly, the two of them exchanging a knowing look as Sam hid his smile with his hand. You furrowed your brows, confused by the not-so-subtle interaction. They definitely took something.
Sam cleared his throat. "Kid, I did actually take something from your room, but I don't know if you want me to put it back or not," Sam confirmed.
Called it.
"Don't, Sam," Steve warned quietly, shaking his head. "Give him a break, it's not our business,"
You noticed Wanda snicker a little to herself, Natasha biting her lip to stop herself from chuckling. You and Tony left in the dark as you waited to get whatever inside joke you weren't being let in on.
"Is it my comics? Come on, Sam, you know they're super rare," Peter stated. "My friend got them and I'm trying to keep them in good condition and your Cheeto fingers are gonna ruin 'em,"
"Really? Did your friend also get you a twenty-pack box of condoms?" Sam questioned. "Half-used, at that,"
Your eyes grew, seeing as Tony's face contorted to a mix of curiosity and disgust like he didn't want to know that information. You knew what Sam was talking about. It was tucked neatly in his bedside drawer, right beside the said comics he treasured.
You did try to tell him to put it in a better place. What did he reply with? 
"Right after this,"
Peter was a smart guy, but damn, he had his stupid moments. Why did you love such a stupid guy?
...Wait, what?
After a beat of rustling and slight static, Peter spoke up again. "Alright, I can... I can explain that,"
"It's fine, it's- You do not owe us any explanation," Steve assured, shooting Sam a glare. "You're nearly an adult and heck, it's good you're being safe, so,"
"Uh, speak for yourself, Rogers," Tony butted in. "I'm sorry, have you been having sex under my roof? Without my knowledge?"
You gulped, staring at the phone as Peter's contact was shown on the screen, seconds going by.
"Oh, uh, do you- Do you hear that? It's May, crap, got to go," Peter excused despite the fact nobody could hear anything other than the panic in his voice. "Nice talking to you all, bye,"
"No, Pete-" Tony tried.
Peter hung up suddenly and Sam chuckled, sipping his drink. "Oh, I cannot wait to shove this in his face when he gets back,"
You were a little wrapped in your thoughts. Hold on, now. Just because this stupid boy made you feel warm and safe, and genuinely cared for, and...
You stood up. "I'm kinda jet lagged so I'm just gonna go to bed," You excused yourself awkwardly, giving a tight-lipped smile to the group.
A few good nights and collective goodbyes, you hurried out of the room, baffled by the realisation that seemed to hit you like a bag of bricks. Alright, maybe it wasn't so sudden. You knew for a while, you just ignored it and labeled it as deep feelings.
It's not like you could act on those 'deep feelings' anymore. And it's not like you could even blame him, even if you told him you did or yourself. This was Peter, he wouldn't take 'deep feelings'. He'd take the massive 'L' word - loud and proud.
Nat watched you go, uncertain. "She's been weird lately. Is that just me?"
"I'm sure she's fine, I'm a little more concerned about Peter's mystery girlfriend we've got no clue about," Tony mentioned, picking up his phone.
Nat rolled her eyes, keeping her mouth shut.
"You think the kid would tell us if he had a girl here? I mean, I haven't checked security in a while, maybe he managed to sneak her over," Tony said.
"Stark, just drop it," Steve advised.
"I'll drop it if you can tell me the name of Taylor Swift's debut album?" Tony argued.
Steve stammered, trailing off as he went quiet. Tony shook his head, disappointed.
"I expected better, Rogers. I expected better..." He sighed. 
You exhaled deeply as you closed your door behind you. Your realisation still not quite set in and that all too familiar sense of need for his presence was gonna push you over the edge. But no. You had to be fine. You needed to be fine. You needed to.
God, how did it feel so fast? Everything just rushing by. 
From the innocent second date to the fateful party to... now. 
It was so messy and you hated it. The whole reason you danced with Brian... or Chad, Brad, whatever his name was, was because it was simple.
Peter was messy. You didn't want messy. Messy came with problems. And the more problems you had, came to more stress. Stress came to bad moods. 
You were not a pleasant person to be around in a bad mood.
So... You needed to be fine and to be fine, you had to get over it. 
You needed to get over it. You may have fallen for a complete mess, but that was your problem. Not his. You could do this. You had made some progress over the past two weeks. 
He was just a stupid guy.
Just an awesome... incredible and honest and amazing guy who kissed you like it would be the last time and made you feel so adored.
And just like that... that progress? Gone.
Back to square one, you thought. The thing was, this was the first relationship you'd felt so strongly for. It was such a good feeling, too. You never could've thought you could've felt so good because of somebody else and that's why you needed to cut the rope, so to speak.
It was just too good to be true. 
Even with the flaws, his flaws, yours and your past, it - surprisingly enough - worked. It molded into something you wanted more from but what was the point when he would leave. Eventually, he would've. 
Cut them off before they cut you off.
Still, it didn't ease the regret and absolute guilt that racked you every day. Just... total remorse for whatever hurt you must've inflicted to Peter, especially after your conversation in the kitchen. And that feeling of knowing you made the wrong decision, the yearning to talk to him.
For now, however, you plopped onto your bed, dragging your hand over your face, frustrated as you tried to relieve yourself with a comforting memory.
You sat the sunset, sitting on the small fire escape by Peter's room as your eyes started to close when the sunlight started to slowly descent, leaving the city that never sleeps, and you stared in awe as a beautiful surge of pink and cream coated over the sky.  
"It's so beautiful," You remarked softly. 
"It really is," He said, but his eyes weren't on the sunset at all. They were on you, as per usual.  
The sun was nearly gone and you put your head on his shoulder. He chuckled, smiling at you. You laid still as Peter hesitantly kissed your forehead, letting himself close his eyes as well, both of you at complete and utter peace for the short-lived moment.
You would need to leave soon, but neither of you cared to think of that.
"Can I tell you something?" Peter whispered.
You nodded, continuing to admire the gorgeous view.
“I wasn’t looking when I found you, but I wish I had found you sooner,” He confessed, feeling his heart skip a few beats as you looked up at him.
"So poetic," You remarked, giggling.  
Music to his ears, he thought. "God, I wish could tell the world,"  
"Go ahead," You said.
"Okay," Peter hummed. "World! Guess what! Y/N Stark is my freaking girlfriend and I really-" He yelled to the streets. 
You quickly put your hand over Peter's mouth. "I did not mean literally!" 
“Shut up!" A man a few buildings down shouted.
You both laughed, taking your hand from his mouth as you settled yourself back onto his shoulder. 
Peter smiled a little to himself, entertained by the picture of you in his head, a finger tapping against the spine of his book as he paid no regard to his surroundings. He sat on the park bench, attempting to focus on the ink lining the pages.
It had been a few days since the Avengers returned from their mission. He had been scrolling through his phone while taking a break on patrol and read an article with an image of the whole team in Sydney. He spotted you in the background, high-fiving with Wanda. 
It was enough to make him go right back to the times he made you smile like that. It was easily his favourite thing, next to making you appear as a  fuming puppy in a skirt. 
Wait, what was he reading?
"Peter!" Ned called out. "Want a pretzel?"
He looked up, his friend signalling his hand at the small vendor on the curb. "I'm good," Peter returned. 
Ned gave a thumbs up, advancing to pay for his own. Peter looked around, seeing families, old people, and tourists strolling throughout the park. He recognised a couple, maybe around his age, having a picnic near a tree, blatantly shoving their tongues down each other's throats with no care to the general public.
He wasn't sure if he was disgusted or jealous. Either way, he was back to think about-
Peter snapped his head in the direction of your name, confused. His senses heightened, he focused over the chatter. He jumped a little when he felt a tap on his shoulder, looking back to see Ned there.
"You're missing out on these pretzels, just saying," Ned stated, taking a bite of the fresh pretzel, sitting beside him.
Peter nodded, doing another scan of the park. 
"Who are you looking for?" Ned wondered, slightly muffled by his snack.
"Uh, no one. Sorry. I thought I heard something," Peter justified, trying to go back to his book. 
Was he hearing things at this point?
"So, Betty and I went out to coney island yesterday," Ned told, smiling. "Super romantic. She says hi,"
"That sounds nice," Peter remarked, listening as he read. "You and Betty seem to be going strong,"
"We are. See, it takes a sophisticated man to keep a woman like Betty around," Ned claimed, prideful. "We just... get each other. She won me a Star Wars toy. I mean, talk about a keeper, right?"
"Yeah, definitely. Lucky guy," Peter said. "I'm really happy for you, man,"
Ned grinned, nodding. "Oh, did MJ tell you about her new girlfriend?" He asked, eager to tell Peter.
Peter raised his brows, stopping his reading. "Girlfriend? I didn't even know she liked someone. How long have they been together?"
Ned shrugged, unsure. "Her name's Gwen, they met at the dog shelter. I think they got together last week. Known each other for months, apparently,"
"Seriously? She didn't tell me," Peter said, disappointed.
"She wasn't telling anyone, don't worry. I only know about it because I saw them while I was at coney island," Ned explained. "I talked a little with Gwen, she's cool. MJ's super into her,"
Peter hesitated, nodding. "Huh... that's-that's awesome. Good for her, you know. I'm happy for her. I'm happy for you, happy for Aunt May, even happy for that random couple," Peter let out a humourless chuckle, pointing to the picnic couple. "I'm just- so happy. So happy," He said, despite his lack of - ironically - happiness.
It's not that he wasn't genuinely happy for them. He was. It was great to see the people he loved in relationships, all in love and happy. But he was human, a tinge of envy was okay now and then. It was like everybody had somebody, but him. If it wasn't for you, he could swear he wouldn't feel this way. 
He just craved that feeling he felt around you. Heart skipping a beat, his stomach fluttering, and blood pumping, head-spinning, and just content. He hadn't felt that way until you. 
Ned sighed, shaking his head. "Dude, you gotta call her," He suggested for the hundredth time since the night of the party.
Peter wasn't a big fan of the number of pep talks he was getting over the same thing, the same person. It was the same information and the same advice. "Ned, just- Drop it. Talk to me more about you and Betty,"
"No, come on, I wanna talk about you," Ned tried. "It feels like we're reaching the season finale, you know?"
"My shit love life isn't a soap opera, it's my shit love life," Peter stated. "I don't want to hear the repetitive crap that I need to take a leap of faith,"
Ned, taking another bite of his pretzel, a moment passing as he ate. "You're hearing the repetitive crap because it's good crap. And honestly, your love life is less of a soap opera and more of that good show on Netflix that gets canceled after one season and while shows like ‘Riverdale’ keep on going,"
"I'm not sure what ‘Riverdale’ has to do with-" Peter began.
"-Case in point," Ned cut him off, clearing his throat. "You are miserable. It's a beautiful day to be in love, Peter," He gestured to the blue sky, a cool breeze and clouds painting the sky. "Call her, or even better, go over there and tell her how much you love her,"
"I'm gonna screw it up worse than it is, alright? I can't- It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine," Peter assured.
Ned rolled his eyes. "You haven't screwed it up. You're screwing it up by sitting here with me reading some book," He argued. "You're doing that thing where you overthink it,"
"I do not overthink," Peter defended.
"You overthink, Peter. You overthink bad," Ned went on. 
"I wasn't thinking at all when I first kissed her," Peter replied. "You know, I had a little theory and I tested it without thinking twice,"
"And you ended up the happiest I've seen you in forever," 
Peter stammered for a moment, scoffing as he tried to come up with a logical response. "I wasn't thinking when I told her I loved her. Now I'm... single and sad. I'm not the guy who goes to the girl and professes their love and ends up with a happily ever after, you know,"
"You never will be if you keep on overthinking it. You just like... I don't know, you gotta be honest and you gotta get closure, at least," Ned told. "And closure could mean moving on or it could mean being with her again,"
"Why is everybody suddenly wise?" Peter pointed out.
"I know right, I feel so powerful," Ned said, finishing his pretzel. "Alright, I'm gonna get another one of these, they're freakin' good, man. Are you sure you don't want one?"
Peter smiled a little, inhaling sharply. "...uh, I don't..." He paused for a second. "Sure. Sure, I'll- Yeah, I'll get one,"
"Hey, nice job not overthinking," Ned praised. "My wisdom has already begun to aid you in your discovery of idiocy,"
"Don't kid yourself, Ned, MJ's the sage wizard of us," 
"That's fair. I'm more like... the cool sidekick. The talking cat," Ned declared. "You're the Jon Arbuckle of us,"
Peter furrowed his brows. "...So, that makes you Garfield?"
"You mean, an iconic statement in pop culture? Yes, Peter, I am Garfield," Ned pointed to himself, scoffing. "Single, sad, and stupid,"
"Aren't you supposed to be my friend?" Peter reminded.
"Yeah, and I'm buying you a pretzel. What more do you want from me?" Ned insisted.
Peter smiled, seeing Ned go back to the street cart to get the two of them pretzels. Peter went back to reading, letting his thoughts be enamoured by the words on the surface. He was trying harder to savour moments where it didn't include fighting bad guys or heroic moments.
There was beauty in the mundane he had come to appreciate after all the crap he'd been through.
Not that he didn't love being Spider-Man, it was awesome. Who wouldn't want to be a superhero? He liked seeing the usual citizens on his patrol that were kind enough to wish Spider-Man a good afternoon or evening, saving lives and being a pretty cool role model. (not to brag, or anything...)
He liked spending time with May - and occasionally Happy who stuck around the apartment sometimes. He had a lot to be grateful for. Strangely wise friends being a neat bonus.
Peter spent the rest of his day with Ned, a welcome distraction as they hung around the park, wasting money on street food. Ned went on about a theory he came up with while rewatching ‘The Office’, Peter was just happy to listen.
Hours later and Peter was heading home, waving goodbye to his friend and putting both earphones in, walking through the sea of people rushing past him. He passed a store with TVs placed directly at the front window, the news playing as a few people stood outside, peering through the glass to watch it. 
He glanced over one of their heads, seeing a report of Tony Stark speaking to a news lady, you standing behind him, hands behind your back as you stood there with a smile, looking beautiful as always.
"Isn't that his intern or something?" Somebody mentioned, pointing at the screen. 
"Hot, right?" Another one remarked. "If she wasn't a minor, I'd give it a go, "
Peter bit his tongue, gulping as he passed them, continuing to walk. No big deal. He didn't have to care anymore. He didn't. He obviously wasn't allowed to feel any kind of jealousy, it was just a couple of guys making some comment.
He was, however, allowed to feel disgusted. Maybe he should've said something. No. He should just keep walking. But he could go back, that was just creepy. Or maybe-
He was already crossing the street. Why was he still thinking about it?
He looked over his shoulder, seeing the same people chuckling as they watched the screen before the owner of the shop told them off. Peter cleared his throat, deciding to just try and focus on the playlist. Yep... a great song...
Maybe he could still-
Nope. He officially told himself to stop thinking about it. Maybe Ned was right. 
"May, I'm home," Peter announced, locking the door behind him as he entered the apartment.
He took off his jacket, leaving it on the small hook that had layers of coats and scarves already. Dropping his keys into the bowl near him, he took out his earphones.
A little confused by the lack of response, he checked his watch. Oh, right. She was picking up extra hours because of Allison, Peter recalled. It was eerily quiet. He was used to an empty apartment, but usually, there was some kind of noise considering May left the TV on to keep away neighbours or robbers.
Nothing. Dead silence. He could drop a pin and it would sound like a gong.
He felt his spider senses dial to nine, feeling something off with the apartment. His hair stood up on his arms, and he placed his book on the table next to the bowl of keys and shoved his phone into his pocket. He heard a light tapping coming from outside.
Maybe it was just the cat from Miss Smith. It had started to hang around the small balcony.
Just as Peter stepped on the wooden floors, about to check the balcony, he felt somebody tap his shoulder from behind.
"Hey, Peter-"
"-Jesus Christ," Peter yelped, hand going to his chest as he spun around. 
"I gotta say, I've been called a lot of things before. Jesus is a new one,"
Peter cleared his throat, surprised to see Natasha standing there, arms folded over her chest as she smiled a little at him, baseball cap on as she admired the small apartment. 
"Seriously? Your 'Peter Tingle' didn't go off, or anything? I've been in here for the past hour," Nat mentioned, patting Peter on the back as she went into the living room.
Peter stammered for a moment, heart still beating a little too fast for his liking post-jump scare. "It's-It's not called 'Peter Tingle'," He corrected, quickly realizing that had no significance. "Um, Miss. Romanoff, what are you doing here?"
Nat shrugged. "Just wanted to come by. You have shit security by the way,"
"...Did you break in here?" He asked, unsure of how he should feel. Afraid? 
This was one of the deadliest assassins in the world. 
No, this was Natasha. Natasha was cool. It still didn't stop him from saying a quiet prayer to himself.
She shook her head, going over to a small table, photographs standing upright on it. "This you?" She asked, picking up a framed image of him.
"Um, yeah. May took it right before we watched-" Peter began.
"-So, I'm here to talk to you about your girlfriend," Nat interrupted, setting it back down delicately.
Peter raised his brows and nodded along, deciding to overlook her lack of response when it came to how she got in. "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have a girlfriend,"
She continued to roam through the living room, looking over some of the decorative pieces. "What is she to you then? You two didn't get eloped, right? Wouldn't be surprised, it would explain why you're both so squirrelly lately,"
"I don't- What?" Peter said, surprised. 
If he had gotten eloped he would've known. Unless it was a Ross and Rachel situation. But he hadn't been to Las Vegas... or had any alcohol. Or had a Rachel. But that would also make him Ross. In all honesty, Peter wasn't a huge Ross fan. 
Okay - bad analogy.
"Nice. Play dumb. It worked for you then, surely it'll work now," Nat replied, chuckling.
"N-No, Miss- I don't... Look, I'm really just enjoying my winter break, binging ‘New Girl’, you know, it's- I don't have a girlfriend," Peter quickly told.
"Come on, Pete, I'm not an idiot. I've known for ages," Nat mentioned carelessly.
He hesitated, not wanting to assume anything. "You've known that I don't have a girlfriend? I haven't hidden that. Why didn't you call, or text, or... give me some kind of heads up that you were coming here?"
Nat sighed, amused as she still had a small smile on her face, arms folded over her chest as she stopped roaming. "I wanted to gauge your genuine reaction. Do I really have to spell it out?"
"Maybe. 'Cause if I am as single as... well, you. Unless whatever the weird thing you and Dr. Banner had going is-" Peter mentioned.
"-We don't talk about that," Nat cut him off sternly. "And this isn't about me,"
"You did technically break into my home and start interrogating me on something I'm in the dark about," Peter stated.
"You and Y/N," Nat said. "Like uh, Romeo and Juliet. Minus the tragic ending. Forbidden, secret, unapproved of. Did that make it more appealing? Teenagers tend to like things their parents don't by separating and individuating from them and rejecting those ideals in order to form their own identity,"
Peter's eyes widened, scoffing. He opened his mouth to say something, nothing coming out. He shut it, really thinking about what he could say to that. He already had a hunch she knew but at least expected her to keep it to herself for the meantime.
Alright. So, she knew you and him were a thing. Well, not anymore. Technically, he wasn't lying.
"I take it I'm right, then?" Nat pointed out, clearly pleased with herself.
Peter paused. "I don't- You're- How... I could call the police, you know. Um, I'm, like, pretty certain I locked the door before I left," 
"Hey, relax, I won't snitch, or anything," Nat swore, putting her hand to her chest as if pledging allegiance. "Promise. Just don't bother lying, it's kind of obvious,"
"I'm not lying. I- You kind of scare me and I've had a pretty nice day so far so I really wouldn't lie. Um, Y/N isn't my girlfriend," Peter said, trying to be as concise as he could.
She scoffed. "Look, kid, I've gotta head back soon and I don't want to waste my time with-"
"-She isn't," Peter cut her off. "Not anymore. We- Just- We were. You know, we were... doing the whole secret relationship thing and um... then it didn't work so she broke things off. Is that what you wanted to hear?"
Natasha looked at him, seemingly apathetic as she simply nodded. "She broke things off?" She specified
"Why do you care about some two idiots who decided to go against Mr. Stark's wishes?" Peter sighed.
"'Cause I can't stand seeing Y/N so gutted since you left," She stated. "And honestly, you two have been my favourite source of entertainment for a while now. The ‘will they, won't they’, the rivalry, the slowly falling in love for each other. You make an interesting pair,"
"We're not- It's..." He paused for a moment. "Y/N's gutted?" Peter asked.
"Quiet, reserved, polite, friendly," Nat listed.
That was a solid eight on the Y/N STARK SCALE. It was a scale the two of you had invented sometime during your relationship. 
One meant you were happy and completely fine. Which consisted of traits such as loud, sarcastic, brash, charismatic. Very similar to your father, in that sense.
Ten meant you were feeling like shit and in severe need of a mood booster. Consisting of traits closed-off, shy, thinking through responses, and formal.
"Let me guess, she's distracted herself with twenty useless projects and inventions?" Peter guessed.
"Bullseye," Nat sighed. "Tell me a little about the breakup. Was it brutal? Some crying, yelling? 
"It's complicated,"
"She doesn't like complicated. It's the whole reason she hates-" Nat started.
"-IKEA furniture, yeah, I know," Peter finished off for her.
She nodded, tilting her head at him. "Right. Things got complicated. That happens. It's a part of life. But, I will say, complicated can be really good. You know? It can be thrilling and uh... beautiful, I guess,"
"She wouldn't agree with that. Have you seen her try and build a chair from IKEA?" Peter recalled.
"Do you love her?" She wondered.
Peter, a little taken aback by the question, furrowed his brows. "I'm sorry, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you broke into my apartment,"
"Answer the question, Parker," She replied.
"Yeah, I-I do," He responded, fidgeting with his hands. "But uh, it's fine. It was all a big mixture of bad timing and fears of a stupid five-letter word, and uh, it's... just... complicated. And I don't think it's the type that's thrilling or beautiful, it's just a mess,"
"I wouldn't call it bad timing, she's young. You both are. It's a lot, you know. Love is messy, it's not supposed to be simple. It's supposed to be interesting and filled with dynamic," She explained. "I get it's not really my business, usually I wouldn't stick my nose in but I care about her, alright? And I care about you too, kid. I don't like seeing either of you like this, miserable, sad, pained,"
"It's fine, I would've been more weirded out if it was Sam or something. He's already showcased enough of a part of my life I wanna keep to myself," Peter mentioned.
She chuckled a little. "Yeah, the condoms. That was funny,"
"Not for me. Did he at least put them back?" He questioned.
"How would I know? It's not like you're gonna be using them any time soon anyway," She scoffed. 
"Thanks for the wise words," Peter remarked sarcastically.
"Anytime," She hummed. "Alright. I think I've got a good understanding of the situation. You're both in love with each other, but knowing Y/N and her dad, she ran away at the first hint of commitment,"
"...Well, I'm-I'm in love with her. She's not-" Peter tried.
"-If she isn't in love with you, then we don't live in a city where aliens once tried to take over," Nat interrupted carelessly. "That kind of chemistry, from the banter, the longing glances, the smiling. That's love if I've seen it,"
"Good chemistry doesn't make up for bad timing," Peter stated.
"If it's any consolation, it was pretty obvious you were head over heels," She shrugged. "We all saw it coming,"
"I still don't understand why you're so invested in this, Miss. Romanoff,"
"I've watched Y/N grow up the past two years, alright? I'm not gonna watch her turn into someone like Tony Stark," She responded, frank. "I love the guy, but he lived an unsustainable lifestyle for most of his adult life and didn't realise the love of his life was right beside him the entire time,"
Peter stayed quiet, gulping.
"I'm not cupid, I'm definitely not a love expert and I can also assume you've gotten a lot of these kinds of conversations," She went on. "But I've seen the way you look at her, it's rare. Meeting the love of your life and first love at once,"
"But she doesn't... I can't just go to her and tell her I love her and pray that she feels the same way," Peter said.
"Why not? Seriously? What's stopping you?" Nat asked. "It's been weeks at this point. She's had time. I don't want another dinner where she sits there quietly and plays with her food and acts like she knows exactly what's going on while she's stuck in her own head. You make her happy, she makes you happy. Just try, Pete. Give it a go, and hell, if she says no then move on. But one more chance isn't gonna hurt anyone,"
Peter sighed, licking his lips as he listened. "What if I get hurt?"
"Then... go to therapy, I don't know, you've got your own support network. I'm fixing your love life, not your entire life," Nat told. "Alright, I really gotta head out. Avengers have a meeting with the Australian Prime Minister. He wants to thank us,"
"Thanks, Miss.. Romanoff," Peter said. "I just- I mean, I'm still kind of concerned about how you got inside,"
"Key under the mat," She responded.
"Oh... right,"
"And you're welcome. It's not a big deal, and don't tell anyone about this. Keep it between us, okay?" She replied, pointing to him and then her. 
"Yes, ma'am," Peter gave a slightly awkward thumbs up.
"You..." She paused. "And Y/N. I don't understand it," She grumbled, heading for the exit.
Peter stepped to the side, letting the redhead walk ahead, opening the door. 
"By the way," She began. "Sam did take those comics you left. They're somewhere in his room. He didn't bring them up 'cause he wanted to embarrass you with those condoms,"
"Seriously? Could you get them for me and bring them back?" Peter asked.
She glared at him as if that was the stupidest question one could ask. Peter cleared his throat and nodded.
"Fine. I'll just- I'll come by later this week to get them. I wanna see how much I can sell them for this Saturday because there's a-" Peter started.
"-I don't care," She cut him off. "Come on Thursday. Y/N and Tony are going to some event that night if you're not ready to see her yet,"
"Thanks, Miss. Romanoff,"
She rolled her eyes at his formalities. "See you, Parker," She said, walking out and patting Peter on the shoulder with a smile.
She left the apartment, Peter closing the door behind her as he was now left alone with his thoughts. A surprising discussion from an unlikely team member. She was right. What's the worst that could happen?
You dump him? Completed.
You don't reciprocate? Been there, done that.
He feels like shit and gets hurt? Uh, welcome to life, Peter Parker.
And even though he was far from prepared to actually go to you with a speech he was planning on writing (There was no way guys in romcoms came up with the most romantic monologue on the spot. No way.) and to see you. He could say was prepared to stop feeling single and sad.
He could be single and fine. He did it for most of his life, nothing was stopping him now. However, there was one thing stuck on his head.
There was no key under the mat.
You sat in the car with your dad, the radio playing softly in the background as you drove in silence. You fiddled with the material of your dress, fingers clasped around the small purse on your lap. You glanced at him, seeing his focus on the road.
"Dad-" You began nervously.
"-Don't," He interrupted you quickly. 
You nodded, looking out the window as the city rushed by the two of you. Just when you thought the silence would return, he spoke up again.
"You do realise you're going to have to issue a formal apology, right?" Tony said. 
You rolled your eyes at that. "Yeah. But I won't mean it, just so you know," You told.
"I don't care if you mean it or not, one of your biggest investors just pulled out of your contract because you dumped your politics on him," He stated, scoffing. "You shouldn't have said anything,"
"I didn't dump my politics on him, I shared my opinion on something and his narrow mind couldn't comprehend that a woman could actually have an opinion," You explained.
"Yeah, he's scum. Kind of the package deal with these guys, kid," He remarked, taking a right into Upper Manhattan.
You sighed, chewing the inside of your cheek, hesitant. "Sorry, we got kicked out. It was embarrassing, I know,"
He looked at you, brows raised. "I could care less about being kicked out. Do you know how many events security has dragged me out of? It's just... I know this project is important to you and I don't want to see you lose it, alright? So, when you pull that kind of stunt..." He trailed off.
"I don't regret it," You made clear. "I don't want to do business with a guy who thinks I'm incapable of producing goods and to leave it to his son who's a first-year MIT student and in his late 20's," You replied.
He looked back to the road, chuckling a little. "You need to find a new investor, you know that right? Can't have anybody seeing Stark written all over the assets,"
"I know. But I can find someone who isn't going to demean me and kick us out of a stupid gala. Did you see how Charlie was dressed?" You said.
"Big bird, right?" 
"Yes, that's what I was thinking," You exclaimed. "And the sandwiches-"
"-So small," Tony cut you off, shaking his head.
"I know. I think they took finger foods a little too seriously. But bright side," You opened your purse. "I took a couple,"
Without taking his eyes off the road, he reached into the purse, taking one and putting it right into his mouth. "This is why I love you," He remarked, muffled by the food.
You ate one, the radio continuing to play as he drove. 
You reached the compound, getting out of the car and walking in. Tony took off his bow tie, grumbling as he put the material into his pocket. He rubbed his eye with the ball of his palm, a quiet yawn coming from him. 
You pressed the elevator button, leaning against the wall as you pulled down the bottom of the form-fitting dress that was hiking further up your thigh, exhaling deeply. 
"You're not mad at me, right?" You asked.
"No, no, just..." Tony began.
"Do not say disappointed, everybody knows that's so much worse," You quickly said.
He shook his head. "You've been kind of closed off lately, for whatever reason, and it was nice to see you stand up for yourself again," Tony stated, amusement in his words. "I'm proud of you. Okay?"
You didn't say anything, giving him a small smile. 
"The guy was an asshole anyway. I just like playing the strict dad. How'd I do?" He wondered.
"Fantastic. Expecting a call from Hollywood any minute now," You answered. 
The gala was just supposed to be a fun distraction. There were supposed to be some people your age, live music, and you could've just enjoyed yourself and then make a nameless donation to the charity it was sponsoring. 
To paraphrase, it was not a fun distraction. 
Distraction? Yes. 
Fun? Not quite. 
It was an event filled with old white guys who loved to spread their views on how women are nowadays. For the past couple of weeks, you had been pretty comfortable with the makeshift wall to protect yourself from emotional damage.
But a man telling you to your face that you were not smart enough to be creating the source of clean energy in each state of America your breaking point. Like he knew anything about concussive energy or high-density muon beams. Like he had an IQ of 189 or a degree in Engineering.
The elevator dinged and you entered it, puzzled when your dad didn't join you.
Tony patted down his tuxedo, uttering profanity under his breath. "I left my glasses in the car. Just head up without me," He assured.
"Alright. I think I'm gonna hang around the common room, I think that's where everyone else is," You told.
"I'll meet you there," He said before leaving for the parking garage.
The doors closed and you pushed the button to the common room. It was nearing seven at night, most likely the team would be there watching a movie or something like that. Indistinct buzzing around you, you pulled out your phone, dusting off the crumbs of the mini sandwiches that were still in your purse.
You scrolled through Instagram, liking a few posts, murmuring a song you couldn't get stuck in your head. Of course, Taylor Swift comes on the radio and your dad decides to put it at full volume. She made a hell of a catchy song.
The elevator dinged, stopping and you looked up, confused to see you were on 'Cool Guy Level' - Sam coined the title for the floor that was just his room, Steve's, Thor for when he returned from Asgard and Bruce's. 
The doors opened and your face dropped, clutching your phone, eyes wide as Peter stood there. You could hear a hairpin drop as the two of you stared at each other. 
No. No way. 
This was like... a really bad dream. Maybe this was your breaking point. Or, better yet, this was all an illusion. Yep. None of it's real. That's your theory. All of this - fake. 
You swear to the pop bible (1989) that it was not real. 
That made you feel better than knowing that holy shit, Peter Parker is standing in front of you with that familiar mix of awkwardness and shock washing over him, jaw agape. He's standing there. He is. He is standing there. Peter is there. 
Yeah, saying a couple hundred times was not soothing at all.
You weren't ready for this. You couldn't see him. Not after the goddamn kitchen conversation. You plunged a dagger into the relationship, you couldn't undo that. He must've hated you. You would hate yourself too. 
Oh, god. Oh, he's still there. 
He's staring at you. 
Stupid pretty eyes waiting in anticipation.
"Fuck this," You murmured, hastily pushing the button to close the doors.
He watched as you tried to force them to close, fidgeting with his hands, brows furrowed. As they began to shut, inches apart from your relief, Peter quickly stepped into the elevator, managing to slip in (that's what she said), clearing his throat as he stumbled a little, holding onto the short rail.
The doors closed and there was silence. This couldn't be happening. This could not be real. You refused to believe otherwise.
"What level?" You asked quietly.
Peter stammered for a second, finding his footing. "Me? Um... I'm- Same as you. Yep. Just- I need to ask um... Sam where he put some comics he stole from me. His room's a mess, you know, like an elephant paraded around in it," He told, beginning to ramble. "And uh, it was the really rare editions so I figure I could maybe sell them because Ned and I - we were thinking of making- I'm gonna shut up," He realised what he was doing, wanting nothing more than for the earth to swallow him whole.
"Okay," You muttered, biting your lip restlessly as you began to move up, a low whirr filling the quiet.
You glanced at him, surprised to see him already looking at you, drawing his eyes to the ground once you caught him. You inhaled sharply. Never, in all the time you'd known Peter, had you experienced this level of awkwardness. Never.
Comics. He was here for comics. It wasn't like he intended to see you. You certainly didn't. You would've prepared some sort of mental battle, made sure to build up that makeshift wall higher and taller and stronger. 
Then again, this was Peter. Just... Peter. You could bring the ‘Y/N STARK SCALE’ a little lower for him.
"I could be polite and ask how you're doing, but I can already tell it's not great," You pointed out, blunt as you looked at him up and down, seeing the light bruising on his collarbones and leading below his Silence of the Lambs t-shirt.
Peter raised his brows, surprised by your candidness. 
"What was it? Patrol?" You wondered, gesturing to the bruises.
Peter looked down at himself and then back up at you. "That- Yes. Yeah, it was. A couple guys had these baseball bats on them and um... I was a little too slow, so," He explained. "Not that you needed to know that,"
You nodded, waiting patiently as the numbers rose, nearing the level. Peter cleared his throat again, fiddling as he overlooked the racing heartbeat or the ludicrous butterflies in his stomach.
He hadn't even started on the 'speech'. He didn't plan on running into you. But of course, the universe just always has a different idea for him. Shoving you in his path looking nothing short of gorgeous and being as outspoken as he recalled.
"Could we talk?" Peter blurted out. 
Speech or not, he figured, he could at least give it a shot. He was really trying to take Ned’s advice and to stop overthinking. 
You hesitated, confused. "I don't- Nope, we're gonna get off soon. So," You quickly said.
"Alright, but I just-" He began.
"-No, no, we aren't- Not doing this," You interrupted. "You look great, you seem to be doing fine, we're both doing fine. We don't need to talk about anything, really,"
Peter sighed. "We can't be mature about this then?"
"Nope," You shook your head. 
"And you're completely fine?" 
"Absolutely fine,” A bald faced lie. “Thanks for asking, so kind of you. Can we stop the weird small talk now?" You remarked sarcastically.
Peter hummed. "Fine," 
Your gaze reluctantly met his, gulping. He licked his lips and moved to the row of buttons in the elevator before pressing the 'STOP' button, causing the elevator to come to a halt, abruptly stopping. 
"Can we talk now?" He repeated himself.
"You mother-" You began.
"-Fine, you don't want to talk," He cut you off. "That's fine. Because you're fine, and that's fine. Good for you. But you're gonna listen because I know if I don't say this now, I'll overthink it and chicken out, alright?"
You rolled your eyes, arms folded over your chest. A simple elevator ride. Was that too much to ask for? It was absurd enough you were stuck with Peter. 
Yes, he still looked great. 
Yes, it was a little stupid to think he'd look any different from the last time you saw him. 
Yes, you were feeling warm around him. 
Yes, you were in love with him.
Oh, that realisation was not helping at all.
"Come on, you know I hate when you do that," He mentioned.
"And what are you gonna do about it?" You questioned. "Stop the elevator? Oh, you've done that. Show up without any kind of warning? Done that too"
"I didn't know you were going to be here, you were supposed to- That doesn't matter," Peter shook his head. "Can you just try to not deliver some sort of punch line right now?"
"I'll make an attempt," You stated.
He gulped, his hands dropping to his sides, clenching and admittedly, he kind of wished he had some sort of checklist because he had a lot to say. Even some kind of vague speech could've worked but now he forced himself to speak on the spot and maybe, just maybe, he'd fuck it up worse than he already had.
Since Natasha came by, Peter really did try to think about everything he'd say when it felt right. He just wasn't quite thinking it would feel right in an elevator when you clearly were trying to avoid any kind of big conversation and he was completely blanking.
You were looking at him, waiting as you keep the surface act up, trying to focus on the etched demoralisation and frustration across his profile. You had made the shitty mistake of retaining each and every detail on his face.
"I'm sorry," Peter said. "Like- I mean, I'm- I'm sorry, alright?"
You looked to your feet, not expecting that as you nodded. Even if you did try with every part of you to put the fault on Peter, you knew better. It made you feel guilty that he felt the need to feel differently. "You really don't owe me an apology, Pete," You said, tone clipped.
"No, but I do," He argued. "Look, even if you hate me or if you want me to go away and never talk to you again, I just need you to know that I am sorry. I am,"
"Could you not-"
"-Y/N, just listen for a goddamn second," He interrupted. 
A little taken aback by the serious tone you looked back up to him and gulped, staying quiet.
"Here it is. Alright, I can... I might screw this up, so... just a heads up," Peter went on, faltering. "I- I'm sorry for not fighting harder. For us, you know. I just- I gave up way too easily, and I was afraid. I'm sorry for ever making you feel like I was trying to fix you, I'm sorry for making you feel like a project, you never- You were... You mean so much more to me than that, I swear, and I'm really sorry I made you think otherwise," He spoke fast, trying to catch up his brain with his mouth.
Not saying a word, you kept your surprise to yourself. You didn't predict this. Not even for a second.
"Um... What else? I'm sorry for saying I love you. You're right, you know, it was rushed and had bad timing and you weren't ready but um... Alright, I'm just- I'm gonna be honest, I meant it and I don't regret it," He proceeded, seeing your eyes grow. "I didn't say anything when you asked because you just seemed so afraid already that I couldn't scare you off worse than I already had,"
You were trying to analyse his face, seeing if he was telling the truth. He was. You weren't sure if you were scared of that, but then you'd be going right down the rabbit hole Peter had created himself for you. Your stomach fluttered a little at his words, ignoring how your heart swelled.
"I can't imagine my life without you, and I just thought... you know, if I said it to you then I'd lose you and so- I- Yeah, I meant it, okay?" Peter said. "Um, I'm kind of just going with this on the spot so I don't- Does that-Does that make sense?"
"What are you saying?" 
He sighed. "Y/N, you know what I'm saying,"
You shook your head and inhaled sharply. "Peter, don't- Just- Stop, please, just stop," You directed. "Stop talking,"
"See, this is what you do," Peter pointed out, his tone changing from nervous to stern.
You let out a dry chuckle, lacking humour. "What do I do?" You inquired.
"You just- You just decide how things are gonna go," He stated.
You scoffed. "I am not the one deciding-" 
"-Of course you're the one deciding," He cut you off, taking a step to you in the small elevator.
Peter's imaginary rope was making a reappearance, knotted together as Peter pulled on both ends, tugging it to keep it together. "Y/N, you're always deciding," He argued. "You decide to leave, you decide to stay. You decide you need me, then you decide you don't," He listed. "You decide we can talk, you decide we cannot,"
"I don't want to talk!" You raised your voice, copying his actions as you took a step toward him, the space getting smaller between the two of you. "Because-Because I know what you're gonna say, okay? You're gonna say you love me but-"
"-You don't know what I'm going to say!" He snapped. 
"Oh, I'm pretty sure I do," You insisted.
"Doesn't matter, you don't!" He shot back.
"Fine," You said. "Fine. Then just- Go ahead. Say it," 
Peter sighed, blinking a few times as the only noise was the faint sound of the air conditioner above the two of you. You felt your blood's temperature rise, that feeling you knew all too well around Peter. You almost missed it. It had been a minute since someone had made you feel so strongly.
"Oh, my God, Peter. God, please, would you just say it!" You shouted, voice breaking at the end. "If you meant it, why the hell can't you say it to me?"
Peter gulped, hesitating. "Do you forgive me?" He asked, to your surprise.
"Of course I do, you idiot!" You answered without hesitation. 
"Then I love you," He said, the words flying out of his mouth and for a split second, Peter just felt relief from finally being able to say just as he wanted to. Knowing he was absolved.
"Are you just saying that because-"
"-No, Y/N, I'm saying it because I've been in love with you for so long that it hurts," He interrupted, his oddly calm tone juxtaposing yours. "Okay? I'm... I'm not saying it because you're someone I can't have, I'm not saying it because I want to change you or fix you, I love how broken you are. I’m broken. We’re all broken, and we... fit. It’s beautiful, you’re... you’re beautiful, you know?”
You stared up at him, quiet as he spoke.
"I'm not saying it because I'm going to leave you, I'm not saying it because I miss you even though... I do, but I'm saying it because if I think I just need to. Because I am... I am completely and utterly in love with you," He told. "Does um... Does that make sense?"
You nodded a little. "Yeah, it makes sense," You said.
The heavy silence returned as you both breathed heavily, only a few inches apart as your eyes flickered around his face. You could quite easily say you had never felt so warm in your life. Even in Australia, where the sun burned through your skin considering it was summer there.
It was just... Peter. 
"Alright, okay. Fuck it," You mumbled, trying to convince yourself to just spit it out. 
"I'm not expecting any big response, or whatever, okay? If you don't-" Peter began.
"-Shut it, Parker," You said. "You're listening to me now because... if we're doing the whole sorry thing now, then... I get to have my say too,"
"I kind of missed you being mean to me," He admitted. 
"It's what I do best," You mumbled.
You cleared your throat, taking a breath as you flagrantly glanced to his lips, not going unnoticed by Peter as you tried to place your words. You had thought about it a lot. 
It's what happens with this kind of thing, reevaluating decisions and whatnot. 
"I'm sorry for hurting you. I just... I pushed you away, I was trying to distance myself from you and I was trying to find any kind of stupid reason to end it because I was afraid," You confessed. "I was really afraid because I've never felt like this and when you said it... It was like, just... Everything became real. And what's real eventually leaves and uh, I thought ruining it and sabotaging my own happiness would save me the pain in the future..." Your voice trailed off in thought, slightly distracted by how his gaze was glued on you, clinging to your every word like it was spoken poetry.
He couldn't place what he felt in words, nodding along.
"I was stupid. I left you because of my fear of being left and that's not fair to you. Alright, no, you-you deserve so much better. You're such a good guy, you deserve somebody who isn't like me. Who isn't fucked in the head," You kept on going. "It doesn't matter how much I regret my stupid choice because I can't change it, even if every day I want to. It doesn't matter how much I want to be with you or how stupidly in love with you I am. You should have someone who won't leave you because of their stupid fears, you should have someone who won't hurt you, and someone who makes the right choices,"
Peter's brows furrowed, letting out a shaky breath, stomach-dropping as he felt an entire swarm of butterflies engulf him. You sniffled a little, not fully registering what you were saying. You figured if Peter could do the whole stupid speech, you could do it. 
Maybe not as eloquently but it was something.
You were basically telling him how wrong you were for him. If that didn't get him to run away, you didn't know what would.
"Uh, yeah. So... I am... kind of, very much, in love with you. Just... Yeah, do with that what you will," You cleared your throat. "But uh, maybe, you know, it's for the best or whatever people say, right? Even if it hurts. A lot,"
Peter was quiet for a moment, a small smile on his face. "You're in love with me?"
"I'm pretty sure," You responded. "Whenever I'm around you, I get really stupid and get this weird feeling in my stomach. So, I'm either in love with you or allergic to you and I don't know which one is worse,"
"Pretty sure. I'll take that," He murmured. "And if it's anything, I'd much rather have you than anybody else. We're human - It's human to get hurt, to make a crap decision, to be flawed. I’d rather get hurt so I can really fell all the good. If that makes any sense at all,"
"I just... I'm sorry. I fucked up," You told. "And um- Yeah. That's... that, I guess,"
"I forgave you a long time ago," He assured. "I want to be with you, with every part of me, I want you. I just really wish I had gotten my head out of my ass and called you or come here earlier," He conceded.
"Well, at least you're here now," You whispered. "That's what matters, right?"
He watched as your eyes dropped to his lips again, seeing the hesitance scrawled across your face as he gulped. So, what happened now? Love confessions, apologies, what else was there to do? You had a few theories.
Your phone started to ring, your ringtone filling the silence, playing loudly as it vibrated in your clutch.
"...Your phone's ring-" Peter began.
"-Yeah, I know," You took out your phone, reading the contact flashing on the screen. "Shit. It's an investor, sorry,"
"No, yeah, you should take that," 
You looked back up at him, not moving away as you pressed the answer and putting your phone to your ear. "This is Y/N,"
Peter didn't take his eyes off of you, trailing from your legs to your styled hair to the shiny lip gloss under the fluorescent lighting. He recalled a couple nights where your legs were wrapped around-
"Don't look at me like that," You reprimanded, putting your hand on the speaker to not let the other person hear.
"Like what? We just said I love you to one another, I think I can admire your appearance for a second," He defended. "And you look gorgeous if it wasn't obvious,"
"I know, thank you," You acknowledged. "I don't want to know what's going in there though," You mumbled, motioning to his head, before continuing to talk. 
"Oh, you really don't," He agreed, teasing.
You shot him a short glare, nothing serious Peter concluded from past glares, receiving a slight smirk from him as he cleared his throat. 
"It's another thirty-six point five percent according to federal data, I'd prefer you stick to the agenda instead of trying to raise it any higher," You said. 
Peter waited patiently, looking up to the roof of the elevator, noticing the lack of cameras. Thank god, he thought.
"Whatever major problem you've got with my program, I'd suggest you take a look at the analytics before you try and follow your friend, Carl, alright?" You stated.
"Major Problem," Peter and you saluted in unison, instinctually as you casually continued your conversation.
Peter saw your grin start to appear, lips tugging upward as you spoke, glancing at him.
"Is that all? Okay... Send my regards to Kate," You finished. "Alright. Good night,"
You hung up, putting your phone back into your purse, beside the sandwiches.
"So, what now?" You asked Peter.
He shrugged and pulled the 'STOP' button, causing the elevator to suddenly continue to move up, making you trip slightly, surprised by the movement. Peter held you by the forearm, keeping you steady.
"We keep on going," He replied.
"Are you sure?"
"Stupid sure," He answered. "How about you?"
"Well, I'm not stupid but I am sure," You affirmed.
"Whatever you say, princess," He sighed.
You nodded, eyes going to his lips once again, and this time Peter didn't let himself overthink it, putting his hands to your cheeks, cupping your jaw softly as he made you look up to him. He leaned in, the space between the two of you small as you felt his lips thoughtlessly brush against yours, taunting.
"Wait, just so we're both on the same page," Peter pulled back a little, looking you in the eye. "Are we... I mean, I feel like there should be something more... I don't know, official?"
"Peter," You murmured.
"Kiss me," 
"Oh- Oh, yeah, sure, I'll do that-" 
You pulled him down to you, putting your hand around his neck as you pressed your lips against his. Peter immediately reciprocated, pleasantly surprised. Kissing you tenderly, nipping at your lips, hesitant and burning with anticipation.
You felt him smile against you, bringing the familiar passion as his thumbs softly caressed your cheekbone before dropping to your waist and bringing you closer to him, pressing onto the material of your dress. Your fingers tugged a little on his hair, raking them through his brunette waves.
It wasn't an illusion, you thought. It was real. It was so, completely real. It was like you had woken from a bad dream, instead. You could say with certainty that you preferred the reality of it all. Unscripted, exciting, and entirely authentic. 
And he loved you. He loved you. Peter Parker loved you. That was still a mystery to you but you decided then and there you weren't going to be afraid of it, you weren't going to try and run. You were going to embrace it, every second of it because if this is what love felt like, you never wanted to feel like anything else again.
The elevator dinged, the doors opening before you could register the noise. 
"Oh, hey, guys," A voice disrupted.
You quickly pulled back from Peter, his hands still on your waist as you saw Wanda standing there, sipping from a soda as she observed.
"You getting out? I'm heading to bed," She sighed, going inside the elevator, pressing the button to her floor.
You and Peter eyed her, skeptical. Peter stammered for a moment as you pulled him out of the elevator, hearing the faint conversation from the team as Wanda hummed, leaning against the wall of the elevator.
"...Wanda, did you... did you see-" You began, confused.
"-Yep," Wanda answered, a smug smile on her face.
You nodded slowly. "Are you going to tell-"
"-Nope," She replied, the doors closing.
A/N: Okay. With these authors notes, i usually give a brief and vague update on my life and my thoughts on this part and what not. 
Starting with, i am finally on two week holidays so I can hopefully be more active and stuff, yay. Can someone let me know if what if...? is good? I havent seen it yet, im waiting for all episodes to be released but I’m still confused on the premise of the show so, somebody tell me something lol. Im really sorry this has taken so long to get out, trust me when I say I just wanted to make sure it was worth the wait because I love writing this and I want to be somewhat proud of what I produce of yall :) 
Alright, this part is... kind of a mess but you know what? I love it. I love this mess. I know it might seem kind of rushed, I was really really trying to make it seem more developed. Plus, I just couldnt write angst for so long. it’s not perfect which I’m well aware of so please give me feedback! How can I improve my writing and what would you want to see? I love Nat, I wanted to bring her to the limelight a little. If you can spot all the Taylor references, I’ll actually post one of wlw stories I have drafted somewhere. And there will be one more part, because I can’t say goodbye to this series so easily. One more. 
Anygays, I am exhausted, I have spent weeks on this after plenty of procrastination. Leave feedback, tell me your thoughts and give me requests! Thanks for reading, I’d be surprised if you stayed this long to read an authors note. You a real one. x
Because I am so bored, I made another Peter Parker playlist on spotify. Check it out of yall want I listen to it all the time.
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Peter meeting your dad and trying so hard not to screw up that he ends up saying something he shouldn't have
this is kiiiinda what you asked for but only kinda lmao
warnings: mentions of smut, alcohol, a mention of anal made it in here??? just one line, cringe, peter and reader are both obviously at least 18 but reader lives with her parents tho i guess or maybe she’s just visiting, and let’s all collectively imagine a dad named phil cause i don’t want anyone to have to think about their real dad hsjkd (or if your dad’s name is phil then imagine a dad named… alejandro (idk gashuijodkjiuzafgshdjkf it’s 4 am)
-this is a repost of an old blurb-
You let out a quiet moan when you feel Peter’s lips at your neck.
You focus on the feeling of his warm tongue against your skin, your eyes going wide when you realise he‘s about to give you a hickey, “No, Pete, you can‘t. Everyone will see.“
“Would it be so bad if everyone knew that you‘re mine?“
Resisting giving him a kiss, you push him off of you slightly, “No but I don‘t need my parents to know that we do stuff.“
“Stuff?” He teases, placing a soft kiss on your shoulder, “Stuff like what?” He mumbles into your neck, pulling your hoodie down so the hickey there will be hidden.
“You know what I mean,” you say, letting him kiss your chest.
“Not sure what exactly,” he says with a smirk, “Did you mean when I fingered you in the library last week?”
Heat rushes to your cheeks and it makes you want to bury your face in a pillow. Peter throws his arm over your hips though, stopping you from turning on your tummy to hide from him.
“Or were you thinking of how I fucked your pretty ass—”
“I mean all of those things,” you cut him off, “But don‘t mention that type of stuff when I‘m telling you about my parents.”
“Just stop talking about your parents then,” he smiles, grabbing your cheeks to kiss your lips.
“My dad will be home soon,” you manage to say, between kisses, “Don‘t have enough time for sex.”
“Then it‘s a really good thing that I can make you cum so quick, hm?” He lifts your hoodie and grins when he sees that you’re not wearing a bra, kissing each of your nipples. You help him get rid of your hoodie completely so he can play with your hardened nipples some more.
Sighs of pleasure leave your mouth, and you lie back, enjoying the feeling.
Peter’s fingers slip into the waistband of your jeans, pausing to look at you, “You up for that, baby?”
Nothing but a whimper leaves your mouth, then a quiet “Please.”
He unzips your jeans carefully and slips a few fingers into your panties, finding you already wet and waiting for him. A smile forms on his lips as he continues kissing you, his fingers spreading the wetness around your pussy.
The ache between your thighs increases when Peter starts opening you up with his fingers, and you start to moan; you’re close already.
Just a second later, Peter’s eyes go wide and his fingers stop moving.
“What?” You ask, sitting up. That’s when you hear the front door being unlocked and your dad coming home.
“I told you he’d be home soon!” You say but Peter ignores you, throwing your hoodie towards you which you quickly change into.
“I didn‘t think it would be that soon!” He says finally, “Where should I go? Out the window?”
“First of all you need to get your hand out of my pants.”
You roll your eyes when you see him suck his fingers into his mouth, getting rid of your wetness on him.
“You have to meet him one day,” you reason.
A moment later there’s a knock at your door and you push Peter a few inches away so it’s not obvious how close you two were.
“You got this,” you whisper, “Come in.”
“Hey honey I—” your dad goes quiet when he sees Peter.
“Uh hi dad- you know um, I told you about my boyfriend.”
The look on his face is sceptical, eyes narrowed, “Pedro?”
“Peter.” you correct him.
“Hi sir, I‘m P-Peter,” he stands up to face your dad, shaking his hand with the hand that wasn’t just inside of you. Your dad raises an eyebrow at Peter using his left hand to greet him.
“Peter. Remind me, how long have you been together with my daughter?”
“S-” Peter looks over at you. Your dad knows about him but Peter doesn’t know just how much exactly you’ve told your dad. You simply nod at him.
“Six months, sir,”
“You sure? That took you a while.”
“Oh my god, dad. Stop grilling him. It‘s six months. Can you leave now?”
Peter’s sitting with you again and your dad sits down too, “So, what do you do? Are you a student too?”
“Yes sir. And I have a job at Mr Stark‘s-”
“Tony Stark?” Your dad wonders. You cringe at how many times he’s already interrupted your boyfriend.
“Yes, Tony Stark.”
Your dad gives a somewhat satisfied smile and harshly pats Peter’s back.
“Dad.” You warn.
“I‘m letting you know right now that I don‘t want any grandchildren running around yet,” he stares at Peter.
“Don‘t worry,” Peter says, “We only ever have protected sex.”
You’re all silent for a second. You wonder how horny Peter must have been to completely miss the point of your earlier conversation. You force out a laugh, “Haha, isn‘t he funny, dad? I‘ve really got myself a funny boyfriend, haven’t I? So um could you leave now?”
“I need a beer,” your dad says, and finally leaves your room.
You look at Peter, cringing.
“I should have gone for the window,” he says, burying his head in your neck.
A few hours later, the encounter with your dad forgotten, you‘re watching a film on your bed.
Peter’s hands are under your hoodie, cupping your breasts. (He says it‘s for stress relief.)
The credits start playing and Peter mumbles something into your chest, saying it louder when he realises you didn’t hear, “I need you.”
“Need what?”
“Need my face between your tits.”
You chuckle and lift the hem of your hoodie. Peter immediately starts kissing up your belly.
This time without a knock, your dad opens your door, quickly covering his eyes when he sees the position you and Peter are in.
Peter gets off of you and doesn’t dare look up.
With an annoyed huff, your dad drops a box of condoms on your bed, “I don‘t even want to know if it was a joke or not, but I‘d rather know that you’re being safe than to unexpectedly become a grandfather.”
Both you and Peter remain silent, wanting the sex talk with your dad to be over.
“You don‘t do anything while your mother or I are home, and if I ever see you touch my daughter like that in front of my eyes, Peter, I‘m kicking you out.” And with that, he closes the door.
Peter drops his head in embarrassment.
“At least he remembered your name?” You try.
Peter only groans in response.
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myspideyboy · a day ago
( play date ) Peter parker
Summary| peter meets this girl over at a coffee shop and hits it off with her to realize she goes to the same school as him. When hes invited to her house he finds out she has a daugther and gets to know the two of them better
Tw/warnings: mention of abandonment and abuse
x teen mom reader
(Gif from google)
Tumblr media
Peter had met one of the most wonderful girls hes ever seen and what he thought to ever exist. They met at a local Starbucks when she had spilt her tea on him and the two cleaned up and exchanged numbers, as the two talked over the weekend he saw her in the hallways of his school and they ended up talking and walking to class almost every single day. After 7 months the two gotten closer and closer and this is when y/n invited him to come meet her but she warned him that there was a shocking surprise she wanted to tell him and she would explain why she held it back for so long. When he arrived at the house he can hear the little pitter patter of someone very young running around in the house along with y/n voice calling out she was coming to the door.
"Hello!" Y/n says cheerfully as she opened up the door for him to come as he could see someone running to hide in the kitchen, seeing long y/c/h along with a pink dress just dash along with the person. "Hey" peter says matching her tone as he walked in and looked around the small house, seeing pictures of younger y/n with her parents or a girl who looked just like y/n with her all around the house. "My parents went out of town for the weekend so it's just me...its just me and Madison" her voice went quiet when she mentioned madison. Peter seemed confused now, tilting his head off to the side "madison? she your sister?" He asked her walking more into the house, passing by the couch to see water guns and teddy bears. "No, shes...shes actually my daugther" the girl said letting out a nervous chuckle feeling herself just grow nervous on how peter will react "that's the big surprise" she told him them both hearing the foot steps of Madison making their way to the door way of the kitchen.
Peter eyes widened a bit as he didnt really expect to hear that but it wasnt in his place to judge, it was her life and her choice so he thought it wasnt hes place to say anything about it. Though he didnt mind it to be honest, they may have been young but it was something that didn't bother him as much as it did with others. Peter turns to look at madison who was fiddling with her pink princess dress just staring at the two of them seeming to be scare but curious, "is that madison?" Peter asked turning his gaze to look at y/n to earn a nod and smile from her. "Yeah, that's the little one" she chuckled and walked over to her child before picking her up and placing her on her waist. Peter gave Madison a smile and walked over to her "hi, I'm peter" he told her in a soft tone causing Madison to smile but hide her face in y/n side. "She can get shy sometimes...she isnt use to seeing my friends" saying the word friend kind gave a sting to y/n chest, but that's what they were. She didnt know if Peter felt the same or if he did would he still feel the same that she had a child. "I dont mind, shes adorable" peter told y/n still looking at Madison who was basically minnie y/n, "how old is she?" He asked which made madison hold up three of her little fingers "thwee!" The girl told him being excited for him asking her age for some reason. She had a lisp so due to that the would three came out as thwee. Peter smiled more and chuckled again "three? Wow that's cool" he told the small girl to hear her giggle at what he said. "Mama, can we watch a movie?" Madison asked while looking up at her with big hazel green eyes she gotten from her father. "Go pick one while I get snacks with Peter" y/n told madison as she placed her on the ground and Madison went off running to the living room and sat on the couch to pick a movie.
Y/n lead peter to the kitchen and went into the pantry to get out some bags of popcorn while peter just stood there awkwardly not sure what to do. He leaned against the kitchen table, "if I can ask...where's her dad?" He asked his voice quiet as he was scared for how she would react. Y/n stops in her tracks, holding the popcorn in her hand as she faced the microwave and seeing this reaction Peter panicked "I'm sorry! I-I didnt mean to br-" "no, no it's okay " y/n cut him off and cleared her throat looking over at Peter giving him a small smile before looking back at the popcorn. "He wasnt a good guy. He was abusive...emotionally mainly. But when I tried to leave the first time he got psychical..." the girl voice was steady and emotionless through bring this up made her want to cry. "When I had Madison he just left...he told me that I was a slut for keeping her. That I just wanted people to feel bad for me and get things just because I was ' needy ' for attention " she told peter gripping the kitchen counter. Peter noticed how much this was effecting her and he felt horrible for bring it up and he stood there just looking at her before going towards her and pulling her into a tight hug. She shuts her eyes tightly and hugged him back, wrapping her arms around his neck while peter held the back if her head and held her waist.
"Its okay y/ dont have to deal with that anymore" he told the girl keeping her close "but...but I'm here, and I'll keep you safe. Cause that's what friends do" he said looking down at her for any signs of tears on her face. "You will?" She asked looking up at him as she wipes away the few tears from her face and got a nod from peter along with a smile, "yeah. I will" he told her making y/n smile. They stayed like that for awhile till they heard Madison calling for them saying she picked a movie, "hold on maddie!" Y/n called out as she pulled away from peter so she could go make popcorn, looking at peter "you can go, I'll be okay" she chuckled. "Okay, yeah...ill see you in a bit then" Peter told her with rosy cheeks before going off to be with madison. Madison was jumping up and down on the couch holding onto a stuffed llama that was pink, "hi" Madison says once she noticed peter and stopped jumping "hey madison" peter says and chuckled, moving to sit on the ground and look up at her while she sat on the couch. "What movie did you pick?" He asked her watching as Madison pointed to the movie on the screen which was hocus pocus "ohh, that's a good one" he chuckled moving his legs to sit criss cross.
*time skip*
It was around 8 PM now and Madison was out on the recliner chair, curled up in a little ball and y/n was falling asleep on peters shoulder. Peter wanted to stay like this forever but he knew if he didnt come home soon may would start asking question, so he shook y/n gently till she woke up "hey, I gotta go" he told her softly. Y/n rubbed her eyes and nodded letting out a yawn as she stood up "okay, come on I'll walk you out" she told him and gave him a sleepy smile. Peter gave her a smile back and got up before the two walked out together and once they were out y/n stopped him, "thank you're a really good guy" she told him causing peter to blush "t-thanks" he mumbled while scratching the back of his neck. Y/n leans up and kissed his cheek while her cheeks turned pink too "I'll see you tomorrow" she told him "yeah, I'll see you tomorrow" peter told her. As they said their goodbyes and peter watched her walk back into her house he couldnt helo but think how lucky he was to be able to see y/n life more. It meant she trusted him and got close, and maybe one day he can be closer to her then he already is
• I find this one cute
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isolatedlight · 2 days ago
halloween || Peter Parker
Summary: Peter is so excited for Halloween, until you point out a flaw in your costumes.
Rating: G
Warning: N/A
***If you have ideas/requests/suggestions DM me!***
"Okay," Peter lands on the couch hard beside me nearly rolling me off the side. I laugh patting his leg for him to relax. "I have an idea for our Halloween costume."
"Peter, do we really have to dress up for Halloween? It's on a Sunday this year no one will see us!"
"Wrong, we there's a dance at the school Friday AND we can dress up at school too!"
"You also have to hand the candy out here so," May ducks her head past the wall from the kitchen flashing a smile. I mock her for a moment before looking back at Peter.
"I didn't realize you wanted to go to the dance."
"Well i don't know, i mean we didn't get to go to the Spring dance this year together so Halloween is the next best option right?"
"Well, they also have Homecoming in a few weeks. Which is much fancier."
"I guess," Peter sets his phone down looking slightly upset. I frown at myself and place my hand in his.
"What do we dress up has Peter?"
"Luke and Leia!"
I stop, watching Peter's wide smile. He doesn't realize the mistake he's made, sudden;y jumping into an explanation of the costumes he has planned.
"And then we can wear them on Sunday to pass out Canada and we can watch the movies?"
"You've seen the movies before yeah?" He nods, a confused look on his face at first. "You remember Luke and Leia are....sibling yes?"
"Oh my god," he tosses his head back groaning. From the kitchen I can hear May laughing loudly.
"Peter! You watched those movies religiously when you were little, how do you forget one of the MAIN plot points!"
"it was an accident..."
"So we're going to be..."
"Han and Leia."
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ptersmj · 2 days ago
How about something w Peter and this promt I just made 🙀
“What are you doing!?”
“I’m comforting you, obviously.”
Tumblr media
a/n: sorry i left you hanging for a while but i hope the wait was worth it ! i’m totally projecting with this btw lmfhsjdhhs enjoy
this school year has barely just begun, and you’re already being overloaded with work. it’s assignment after assignment, deadline after deadline. you quickly came to realize that you took your lazy days in the sun for granted.
the last thing you want to spend your weekend doing is homework, but here you are. your dork of a boyfriend insisted you two have what he calls a study saturday.
a date with peter parker isn’t your average dinner and a movie. endless vocabulary lists and calculus formulas consume most evenings instead.
you face plant into your open history textbook, letting out a muffled groan.
“lighten up, babe,” peter playfully chastises you.
he’s propped up against some pillows on your bed, flying through the same pages your face is currently smushed against. you’re laid on your stomach with him behind you.
“i can’t, peter. if i read one more word of this, my brain is gonna explode,” you dramatize, turning onto your back so you’re looking up at him.
you’re met with peter’s questioning gaze. he lowers his textbook and furrows both eyebrows.
“is it?” peter entertains the idea, you pouting your bottom lip out. “yes, and that’s a theory you don’t wanna test.” a smile tugs at the corners of his lips. “there aren’t many of those,” he agrees.
“i’m well aware, mr. science guy,” you retort and nudge his thigh with your knee. peter chuckles softly, nudging you back. “mr. science guy,” he repeats. “i like it. sounds very official.”
you nod in response, causing your face to twist up in pain. your fingers move to rub at your temples.
“ugh, my head is killing me from cramming all this useless information into it,” you complain, peter’s lips forming a frown. “i wouldn’t say it’s useless,” he defends. “it’s important we learn our history so it doesn’t repeat itself-“
“peter,” you wince, your eyes squeezing shut. you’re really just not in the mood today. “sorry, sorry,” he murmurs, continuing to silently read his textbook once again.
peter skims the pages while you lie there in agony. your head is literally pounding, the stress of everything like a huge weight that’s crushing down on you.
knowingly, peter sets his textbook aside after letting you suffer a few minutes longer.
you feel an actual weight crushing down on you as he rolls on top of your body. his arms hug your waist and give it a gentle squeeze, head resting on your stomach with his cheek squished against you.
“pete, what are you doing?” you wonder, staring at him incredulously. an innocent grin paints his face. “i’m comforting you, obviously,” he explains, fingertips pushing up your t-shirt.
you open your mouth to protest, but shut it when his warm hands find their place on your sides. humming, you part your legs so he has more room.
“what happened to study saturday?” you tease him. “eh, i’d much rather be doing this,” peter punctuates his statement with a kiss to your exposed belly button, which earns a giggle from you.
he begins to inch his way up your body. your arms wind around his torso once you two are face to face, peter dipping his head down to be closer.
“hi,” he rasps. his eyes lock with yours, you beaming at him. “hey,” you whisper.
peter’s lips meet your forehead feather-lightly, a relieved sigh leaving you.
he always finds a way to make the noise go quiet.
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slutfornat · 2 days ago
I have a reques. Maybe like out of the blue Peter is just flirting with his gf the reader way tooo much and like reader is just confused 🤔
Notes // P.P
Tumblr media
It had been going on all day from the second you woke up and found a bright neon post it note on your bedside table. When you'd read and saw Peter sitting downstairs, you teased him saying that Natasha is so nice.
It had read: Are you Mr Banner? Because darling, you’re smashing - your favourite spiderboy.
You'd laughed when you read it and left it there before getting ready for school. First lesson, you'd been sitting in class when you opened up your Chemistry book and there was another note.
Are you made of fluorine? Because you make me react to everything - your peter parker.
Then there was when you opened your book, The Colour Purple, at break and in there you found the third note of the day.
Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you're CuTe - the future mr y/n stark.
At this point it was alarming how many times, you kept finding them everywhere, even when you got home. By four o'clock, you received eight notes but it didn't get any better when you were doing homework.
Morgan had come running into your room before putting down another neon post it. You picked it up and smiled slightly when reading it. Hey, are you the god of mischief…? Because you’re loki the prettiest person I’ve seen in my life - your amazing spider-man.
That wasn't even the last of them because when you went downstairs for a snack, there was another on the fridge, it read: You must be made of uranium and iodine because all I can see is U and I together - your local science geek.
Laughing, you pick it before continuing to choose a something to eat. The next wasn't until dinner when you were sitting with your family when you saw a piece of orange sticking under your plate.
Checking you find another orange post it with the family messy handwriting of Peter. It says: Hey, what do Thanos and our future date have in common? Both are inevitable - your #1 nerd.
You try to hide your smile as Tony and Pepper look at you in confusion whilst Morgan grins, happily before continuing to eat her chicken nuggets.
You were watching TV when you saw a pink note on the corner of the television. You nearly choked when you read it.
Hey what do me and a Star Wars marathon have in common? We can both go on all night long, baby - your adoring boyfriend.
Opening up messages, you text "PETER! What if someone other than me saw that? How'd you even do it? There's lots of avengers living in the compound."
"I had a little help from Wanda. She's been helping a lot" he answers. "So, how'd you feel about dinner tomorrow night? It's saturday and I already got reservations".
That's when it hit you, your one year anniversary was tomorrow. You'd been busy with so much schoolwork that you completely forgot. "I'd love to. Sorry for forgetting our anniversary" you text back.
"It's fine, I know you're stressed with exams and homework. I just want you to relax a bit" Peter messaged. "Thanks, I love you" you respond.
"I love you too, darling" he said, "I'll see you tomorrow then at five o'clock". "Okay, I'll see you then" you text, excitedly, trying not to jump up and down.
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parkersaffair · a day ago
still beautiful ✧ peter parker
peter parker x gn!reader ( i proof-read it but tell me if there's something wrong <3 )
summary : you're a scientist at the avengers compound with a secret you don't want to be found.
warnings : nothing really, fluff <3 reader is slightly insecure
word count : 1.9K
a/n : so basically the reader is like hank mccoy aka Beast. btw im in love with hank like <333
anywayssss enjoy reading !! gif credits to the creator :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Oh, hello?" you chuckled lightly, surprised.
It was a normal Thursday, with you arriving at the lab. College had been super hard on you this week, but going to work at the Avengers Compound as part of your internship would make you a little happy. Mostly because of the atmosphere of it all. The view was incredible, first of all. And the people, they were super friendly with you as soon as you started working.
Except this unknown guy who was standing in the middle of your lab, working on what something seemed like a suit. A red and black one.
"Oh, hey," he frowned slightly.
"What are you doing in my lab?" You asked, stepping forward.
Yes, you called it your own lab because you didn't see any other interns working with you there. And if you'd get the chance once in a week, you'd be spending the whole day in there and maybe coming out at the cafeteria to eat something.
"Your lab? I'm sorry! Mr. Stark told me tha-"
You had taken a few steps more, enough for the suit to be in your line of sight. And you gasped slowly. It was the Spider-Man's suit and you were freaking out. Like a lot.
Yes, the Avengers were pretty amazing with their skills. But you were the most interested in the guy who was bitten by a radioactive spider, and could do handstands with two fingers.
"A-Are you Spider-Man?" you asked.
"Uh, yeah ... " Peter thought it was okay to tell you since you were already working here, and thought you knew pretty much about the others.
"Oh my God, It's such a pleasure to meet you," you said with a goofy smile, picking up his hand- which he didn't offer- and shaking it violently. "Wow, I'm such a big fan, you have no idea-"
"It's good to meet you, too ... " Peter trailed off.
"Oh! I'm Y/N ... and I should stop shaking your hand," you cleared throat as you dropped it.
"I'm Peter, Peter Parker," he smiled, and it was contagious. You were smiling so much, you cheeks were hurting.
"Oh, wow man." You breathed out. "So, what are you working on," you leaned in to look at more. Peter's breath hitched when you came closer.
"Nothing, just adding some upgrades to, to the suit," he responded.
"Oh, cool. You seem to know your way round this. I haven't seen you around before," your brows furrowed as you wondered out loud.
"Yeah, I don't exactly live here. I mean, I have college and stuff so I just come by and-"
"Me too!" you said a little too enthusiastically, you were afraid. "I have an internship here, so I help them with their suits and all sorts of stuff. Basically I work in the lab."
"That's nice. You're cool, I might start coming here more often," Peter smirked.
"Really? Yeah, I would love to hang out with you. Not hang out, only if you want to, you know?" you licked your lips slowly.
"Yeah, I'd love to hang out with you, too," he agreed, sending you a grin.
But that was two months ago, you and Peter had been hanging out more and more often. Sometimes it was movies, sometimes it was ice-cream or confusing Tony with some pop-culture references. Either way, you had become great friends with him and you couldn't be any happier.
Peter was too.
Except a small thing, you would run off at a particular time every single time you met, which was usually the evenings. Like the time, you were watching Steve and Bucky flirt and giggling at how terrible Steve was. You checked your watch mumbling along the lines "be back in a minute". And you were, but it seemed highly suspicious to Peter.
He would ask you about it, but you would answer with things like, "I had to do something for Tony" or "I had to use the bathroom". And of course, he didn't believe you.
And today he was sitting on the roof, a little surprised Tony allowed him, wondering if there was something you were hiding from him. After all, you'd told each other almost about everything. Your families, your embarrassing moments, your high school experiences, crushes, exes and what-not? Was there something you didn't want to tell him, maybe you have someone else to talk with. Peter had started overthinking and that's when someone broke that.
Peter jumped at the sound of your voice, but slightly relieved that it was you.
"Hey, you okay?" you asked, concern contorting your face.
"Yeah, just thinking," Peter mumbled, not meeting your eyes.
"Well, you seem pretty into your thoughts, want me to leave you for some time?" You asked him.
"No, everything's fine. Please stay."
You smiled at this, happy that he wanted you to stay with him.
"So what are you thinking about," you nudged his shoulder as you sat down beside him.
"Nothing, really."
"Oh come on. I need to know," you pouted.
"Don't do it-"
"Baby, I need to know-ow," you started singing suddenly making Peter roll his eyes.
"Okay, I'm sorry," you stopped. "But what's going on in that head of yours? Reveal your secrets," you said in a funny voice, slightly mimicking Snape from Harry Potter.
"That was horrible," your friend chuckled. "And you need to tell me your secret first, and then maybe I'll tell mine," he kept a straight face while saying this and you thought he was being serious.
You panicked as you looked away from him, wiping your hands on the rough fabric of your jeans, "I-I don't have secrets, Peter. Come on! I mean, I tell you everything. There's nothing more to kn-"
"Y/N, calm down, I was kidding," he frowned but recovered quickly, putting a hand on your shoulder.
You relaxed into his touch, "Yeah, I know."
"But do you need to talk about something, I'm here, okay?"
"You're asking me? You were the one swimming in your deep thoughts just now," you punched him in the arm.
"No, it's nothing. Just college stress," Peter lied.
"Tell me about it," you agreed. "But hey, I'll help you out with something if you want."
"Yeah, I'll do that for you too, if you want," he added with a smile.
You shifted closer to him, finally finding the courage you've been looking for the past few months.
Peter leaned in slowly, eyeing your lips before looking back up at your eyes. You were close enough to make out the minute details of his face.
Peter pushed himself forward, pressing his lips against yours. You took a while before responding quickly. He started moving in sync with you, lips moulding together as though made for each other.
He sneaked his hands up your jaw, while your went straight to his sweatshirt, clenching the cloth in your fist as you kissed him.
You faintly heard the tear of a fabric which made you pull away instantly, leaving you and Peter breathless.
You got up quickly, glancing back at Peter, who seemed a little angry but mostly confused. "I've got to go, Pete."
You were gone by the time Peter could get up and try to talk to you.
Peter stepped into the quiet lab the following day after dinner, feeling weird when he realised he'd be seeing you.
After you rushed out after the kiss, Peter was feeling embarrassed as though he'd overstepped a line. As though you didn't want to kiss him. You hadn't talked the whole day, Tony had given you some things to work on and Peter was visiting May, so he didn't see you at all.
He looked around, hoping you'd be there, "Hey, Y/N ... ?"
"Yeah?" You popped up behind from a chair, not expecting to see Peter.
Peter looked at, and your hair was slightly frizzled, and eyes blown out.
"Uh, are you okay?" He asked, concerned.
"Yeah, something went wrong ... " you smiled sheepishly, quickly running your fingers through your hair so as to fix them.
"Oh, uhm. So I'm here to say sorry," he said, stepping forward.
"For what?" You tore your eyes away from the boy.
"For, for last night ... the kiss," he gulped.
"Yeah, no. It's- It's not your fault, I mean I kissed you, too," you shrugged.
A silence settled between the two of you. And it wasn't the comfortable one that mostly soothed your nerves, it was an awkward one which made it worse. It was never like this.
"Did you want to?" Peter asked, quietly. So quiet as though he was talking to himself.
"Yeah! Of course I wanted to, why else would I kiss you, I won't kiss you for no reason, right?" You chuckled nervously.
This made Peter calm down a bit, sighing in relief when the words spilled from your lips.
"Okay, cool, nice, great-"
"Tony told me to update your suit a bit, you wanna help me out?" You offered, making Peter furrow his brows at the change of topic.
"Yeah, sure. I'd love to," he grinned.
You and Peter had started working soon. And you had to say, you both made a great team and the suit was looking really good. Peter then reminded you about his lack of web. So you thought making some yourself, with him, of course.
Halfway through it, your hands were sticking all over the place. Peter laughed continuously at your struggle to get the web off your hands.
And then you felt the same tingle on your fingertips and nails. Your shoes started growing tighter by the second as you panicked, frantically thinking of a way out.
But this time, when you saw Peter laughing, you stopped. You knew you trust him enough for this. He was after all, very special to you. And no one could take his place. Something about him made everything seem alright, it made you stop worrying about things you actually should be worrying about. Like, right now.
"Peter, I need to show you something," you said, starting with your shoes as you watched Peter's face scrunch up in confusion. You then went for your lab coat-
"Please, tell me you're not undressing," Peter looked away quickly.
''No, Peter ... look at me," you paused, thinking everything through once more.
Peter turned around and his eyes widened.
Your hands were large, much larger than his, sharp claws growing out. He then looked at your feet, they too looked similar to your hands. Your toes were spread out, as though it was the palm of your hand.
"What are you?" Peter said slowly making you expect the worse once again.
"I genuinely wanna know, I'm pretty interested," he said quickly. He stepped forward, which made you exhale.
"I'm a mutant." You stated simply, gulping when Peter stepped even closer. The last time you were this close was last night.
"That is so cool!" Peter exclaimed, your tummy having a whole zoo's party in there.
"I use mutagenic serum on myself to disguise my appearance- because, well ..." you trailed off looking down at your big feet.
"Why? You're still beautiful," he grazed your cheek as you leaned into his touch. He took his other hand and picked your larger one.
"Yes, and I have so many questions," his eyes glistened with curiosity and excitement, you laughed. "Can you transform ... fully?"
"Yep, but I keep using the serum everyday, so ..."
"If it's okay, of course, I'd like to look at you ... fully transformed." Peter asked with hopeful eyes as you nodded with a smile adorning your face.
"What can you do," he asked making you grin, as you stepped away, before flipping over so your hands were in place of your feet.
You walked around and Peter looked in awe.
"I actually walked like this for a day, can you believe it?" You flipped over once again.
"Wha- No way!" Peter stared, amazement filling his eyes.
"Please marry me, you're literally amazing!" He whisper-yelled, knowing well enough that you heard him.
"Mm, I don't know. You'll have to take me on a date first. And maybe then I will consider marrying you," You said, a sudden boost of confidence surging through you.
"Okay, deal ... So when you transform-"
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 hours ago
Steve: Now, if someone is trying to rob you, what is the correct course of action?
Thor: T-Posing to assert dominance.
Peter: Naruto run.
Clint: Screaming.
Bruce: Well, they’re probably in desperate need of the money, or deeply unhappy and unfulfilled in their life, so I think I’d give them as much as I can spare, and a big hug!
Natasha: Absolutely not! All of you are so wrong! What you’re supposed to do is-
Y/N: Thank God for the lovely meal you’re about to have, and then-
Steve: Absolutely not!!
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lovewasted · 5 hours ago
high — tom holland (preview)
Tumblr media
includes— their marriage has withered to nothing, except one still has eyes for the other.
warnings— angst, language, self doubt, & possibly heart breaking.
notes— there won’t be a part two so please don’t ask me. not everything has happy endings, that’s life. posting this small snip as a preview, cause idk if i have the motivation to finish. so i’d like to receive feedback as to wether or not this is something you guys would like.
Tumblr media
A month.
That’s how painstakingly long it’s been since you and Tom shared a kiss.
And even then, the kiss was half-ass and dismissive. Merely to get you off of his back and stop your nagging.
There was no exchange of words, that day that the kiss was shared was the day he left for filming. Returning just a little over a week ago with nothing to say.
When had you become strangers ?
Walking on eggshells, talking to him became a chore— overly dragged out and boring that he didn’t want to hold conversation with you, and the guest bedroom became his place of slumber. Incidentally though, said ‘he needed a place to sleep alone for a bit after sleeping uncomfortably in different hotels’. Or whatever that meant.
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evahpmcu · 21 hours ago
imagine that you're pregnant and you don't know your husband is cheating on you then when you know you guys get in a BIG argument then you ask for space... he left. Then that night there is a thief that broke into you house and you try to defend yourself but boom! you die. (lmao) thenn your husband came home and regret everything he said to you when he saw you dead body.
you can change the storyline idrc but i pls make the reader dead so the character regret his life BAHAHAHAHAH
reblog this and tag meee thank youu
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lazycherri · a day ago
Me? Jealous? - P.P
Tumblr media
A/N: I don’t know if I like this but enjoy!
Summary: Peter can't help but get jealous when he sees how close you and your best friend are.
Pairing/s: Peter Parker x gn!reader | OMC x gn!reader (platonic) 
Warnings: English isn’t my first language, mediocre writing, a pinch of angst, fluff
Word count: 500+
Tumblr media
Peter was not jealous. Not at all. That was what he kept telling himself, but even a blind person could see the way that he was glaring at Edgar at this exact moment. His beautiful hazel eyes protruded annoyance that was directed towards the boy that was too close to you. He can’t help but put on a sour face because of Edgar interrupting the two of your Friday movie nights.
Seeing how close the both of you were made his stomach churn. A blanket draped over you two, pillows surrounding your bodies, the only light in the room was the televisions blaring lights. Peter couldn’t help but feel… insecure. The two of you just looked so perfect together, as if you were the missing piece to Edgar’s puzzle of a heart.
Peter bit his lip for even thinking of things like that. He knows that you won't run off and break up with him to be with your best friend. But Peter can’t stop his impending thoughts from covering his mind. He would never say it out loud but, he was scared of you suddenly leaving him for someone better than him, someone that fits you perfectly, that someone being Edgar.
He left his thoughts when he felt a lingering gaze at him. Eyes going back to focus, Peter can see your face looking at him, confused. Head tilting to your side. He swears he melted into a puddle right then and there, your eyes glancing up at him worriedly, mouth slightly open. You looked so adorable right now that he forgot what he was thinking about earlier and all Peter can think of right now is that he wanted to run to you and kiss you. 
“Pete, babe, are you alright?” Your warm, comforting voice, calling out for him. Entrancing him to walk forward to you. Putting his arms around your shoulders, he nuzzled his face to your hair. Enjoying the sweet moments of being close to you, unfortunately, it was ruined when a piece of popcorn got thrown at Peter’s head.
“Hey! Did you guys forget that I was here?” Edgar faked a gag at the PDA that both of you had shown in front of him.
“Yeah, because you weren’t supposed to be here.” Peter's voice was almost like a whine, looking right at Edgar sticking his tongue out at him.
“It’s true! Why is he here anyway?”
“What? I can’t hang out with my best friend?”
“You can! It’s just that it was only supposed to be us two. It's a tradition for our Friday movie nights.” Standing up straight, Peter crossed his arms over his chest, puffing up his cheeks, looking away from the two of you, as if he was a child having a tantrum because he was told no, for the first time in his life.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous,” Edgar mumbled out as he ate some of the popcorn he was holding. 
Peter’s cheeks flushed a bright red color. As he looked back at your form, he could see you try to hide your laughter. Peter gasped in feigned betrayal.
“You guys have to stop ganging up on me!” Peter pouts
“You started it first.” You said not being able to hold out your laughter anymore, so it came out in broken hiccups. 
“Did not!”
“You did!”
“Did not!”
“You did!”
Edgar merely sighed as the both of you continued, competing on who would surrender first. This was going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
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selfcarecap · 11 hours ago
Hey Aria! I don’t know if your requests are open but I was wondering if you could write a little thing where the reader is sad because she finished her book and Peter comforts her? I just finished mine and I am not okay 😩😄
-this is a repost of an old blurb-
Peter expected a lot of things when you texted him to come over at eleven p.m. But what he didn’t expect was to see you sitting in the middle of the bed, tears all over your face.
He’s frozen for a second, and then he closes the door behind him, slowly walking up to your bed.
“What... happened?”
“It’s over,” you whisper.
“It’s over,” you say again, nearly sobbing this time.
“What? You can’t just— look I know I’m on patrol a lot lately and there’s been a few missions but- but you said it was okay but- Please you can’t just end this.” He pleads, taking your hand, kneeling on the bed beside you.
“No, Pete. Not our relationship. Something much worse is over.”
“Oh thank God— I mean, what happened then?”
You turn away from him to get the book off your night stand and hold it up to his face. “This. Is over.”
He looks between your face and the book a few times, blinking comically slow.
He chuckles, not maliciously - he knows how much you love your books - he’s just glad it’s nothing worse.
“Aww baby,” he says, pulling you into his lap and wrapping his arms around you.
You bury your face in his neck and when you pull away, looking at his concerned face, you giggle a little. “Sorry for being so dramatic. But I’ve been so invested in these characters and their story and now it’s just... over.”
“Hey, you have nothing to apologise for. I cry at the end of every movie we watch, don’t I? It’s the same concept except that you probably spent more time reading it than the time watching a film takes.”
“Okay,” you say, agreeing with him. You’re still in his lap and have no intention of going anywhere.
“Is there a film adaptation of it? We could watch that,” he says, his hand rubbing and up and down your back.
“Peter, everyone knows that the books are usually better than the films,” you scoff.
“Okay, okay,” he laughs, “Just cuddling then?”
You nod, pulling him closer.
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