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By: aloneintherain

During a mission, Peter gets trapped under a building and tells the Avengers he’s hurt, but not the extent of it, so they don’t worry about it. AKA Peter is too selfless for his own good and the Avengers make sure to tell him he matters.


Peter’s trapped beneath a collapsed building during a mission, hurt and unable to move. Luckily, his comm still works. Unluckily, the Avengers don’t realise how bad of a state Peter is in, and Peter isn’t inclined to tell them.

“Spidey, they’ve got reinforcements. We’ve hit a bit of a snag here, and I don’t think anyone will be able to help you for a while. Think you can sit tight while we deal with this?”

The pressure on his lower back and legs was becoming too much. Peter swallowed thickly, fighting down panic. He could handle this.

“Yeah,” Peter said. “I can do that.”

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By: porcelaincarnival

The Avengers recreate vines to cheer up a sad and hurt Peter Parker. That’s it. That’s the whole fic. I am LIVING


What do the Avengers do to cheer up their youngest member who’s on bed rest?
Make a vine compilation

Find it HERE

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Leap of Faith

Word Count: ~730 words

Ship: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark x Teen!Reader (We love Tony being a dad)

Warnings: Minor, non-detailed injury to reader; mentions of gunshots; non-detailed violence



“Okay, guys. I know I’ve joked about wanting to die a few too many times, but I take it all back now.” You spoke into the comms as you stood on the roof of the building. You fired your gun repeatedly as you took out the guards who had followed you. You cursed whenever your gun ran out of ammo, and you looked around for a place to hide.

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By: denyingmyselfalways

There is a LOT of fluff. Staring: Caffeine Addicted Tony Stark and Concerned Peter Parker (this is part of a series but can be read alone in my opinion)


Tony was coping with Peter’s previous kidnapping the way he usually did: waking up at three in the morning from nightmares, drinking a butt-load of coffee, and working in his lab for hours on end

And the Avengers noticed.

But no one really knew what to do about it. The only people he vaguely listened to were Rhodey and Steve. Okay, that’s not true, he listened to Peter.

Which is were the snuggling came in.

Rhodey noticed that Tony listened to Peter. He told Nat, who had also noticed, who in turn, told Steve. And so, they conspired and came up with plan: make-Tony-realize-he’s-being-an-idiot-and-learn-to-take-care-of-himself.

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Playful - Peter Parker x Reader

Title: Playful

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You have been flirting with Peter for a while now, but now he starts to notice. 

Requested: Yes, by @beverlyparkerr: #45 on your list with Peter, please? 😅 Prompt: “I’m always flirting with you. Keep up.”

Word Count: 707


Original prompt list here! My requests are open and my summer sleepover and 300 follow celebration are going on right now! 

Peter and you met in the seventh grade and you have been friends ever since. You didn’t have a lot of friends in middle school and to be honest, neither did Peter. He saw you one day sitting in the cafeteria by yourself, so he decided to sit with you. Eventually, he started sitting with you every day, and he even brought Ned and MJ. The four of you became close and you have been friends ever since.

Peter and you have overcome many challenges throughout your friendship. When you found out Peter was Spider-Man during your sophomore year of high school, you were obviously extremely upset that he didn’t tell you sooner. Your friendship wasn’t easy. You fought but you always managed to work it out. 

You love Peter because he is selfless. He loves helping other people and he always does his best to make the people around him happy. He was the best friend you could ever ask for. You love his dorky personality and his ability to make you smile in the toughest situations. Although the two of you were different, you worked well together. You loved your annual Saturday night movie nights where you would go pick up Delmar’s sandwiches and chill out at Peter’s apartment. 

You really like Peter. You would do anything for Peter. You would often try to hint at that by flirting with him. Peter was extremely oblivious when it would come to stuff like that, though. You would often compliment him on his appearance or intelligence and say things like, "Hey, I like your T-shirt! Where’d you get it?” or "How do you always do so well on tests? Tell me your secrets!“ Peter would usually just think that you’re being a good friend by being nice to him.

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3 songs that remind me of Peter are :

  • Jealous by Labrinth 😭
  • Summer on You by PRETTYMUCH
  • 80s films by Jon Bellion

A blog rec, I’d say @god-knows-what-am-i-doing Yelena!! She’s such an amazing person and we all love the baby she is 🤭



Moodboard by our lovely @londonspidey thanks katie💕💕

You and Peter shared a dorm room. This meant that you were roommates.

Not exactly.

You and Peter started out as friends, that too pretty good ones. He was always helping you with everything, be it homework or some project. You liked him, a little too much.

But now, you resented the thought of him being your roommate. Even though, in the back of your mind —in the darkest parts— there were still feelings that you very well denied.

You would spend most of the time of your day on the college campus, far from Peter. At nights, when you were in the dorm, he would not be there. Sometimes you could hear him come in through the window of his room as late as three in the morning.

But you didn’t care. He could do whatever he wanted. You still remembered the day he made very clear that you were the worst thing that happened to him.

“(y/n)?” MJ called from above you.

You shot her a questioning look. You were sitting on the bleachers outside, just to not confront Peter.

“You were late for the club meeting, again.” She raised an eyebrow at you.

“You know, when you give me that look, it feels like you’re silently judging me.” You joked but sighed after seeing her straight face, “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to see Peter.”

She sat beside you, placing a hand on your shoulder, like she often did to comfort you.


You knocked on Peter’s door multiple times but after getting no response you decided to enter anyway. The room was a mess, one could tell that a teenage boy was living there. When did Peter become so unorganised.

Anyway, you got a memo from MJ and came here for a file that Peter had of hers. You searched around the room, looking through his drawers until you finally found it. You picked it up but froze seeing what was kept beneath it.

It was a picture of you and him.

You still remembered, it was two days before homecoming, your brother was testing his newly bought camera and the first picture he took was yours. You both were smiling sweetly at each other in the picture. The longer you looked at the picture, the more memories came rushing back. A small tear drop fell over the picture, it was then that you heard a loud thud from behind you making you flinch.

Peter stood there, in a torn… Spider-man outfit?

Your eyes widened, and Peter’s face went white, “(y/n), this—”

“You’re Spider-man.”

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Omg vee, love you too 🥺🥰 thanks for the request angel. Idk if this is exactly what you were expecting but I hope you like it 💕💕


“What is it exactly that they are doing?” Bucky asks his pal Sam who was standing beside him in the lounge room of the compound. It was a typical Friday evening when Peter would come to the compound to meet his “best friend”,  (y/n).

This Friday, they both decided to play video games. Peter had denied the fact that (y/n) was way better than him and was beating his ass every damn time.

At the moment he was on the ceiling, clutching both the controllers in his hand as (y/n) tried to grab it by jumping in the air, but the ceiling of the compound was high, it couldn’t be reached even if one stood on the couch.

The sight was very entertaining to see, Clint was already recording it to show it to his children and Natasha was smiling behind him seeing the sweet banter going on between the teenagers.

All in all, it was a peaceful day. No missions, no worrying about criminal attacks, just an unusual day for The Avengers when they could finally relax.

At last, Peter dropped down, when threatened that (y/n) wouldn’t talk to him (his only weakness). Bucky was smiling along with Sam who rolled his eyes but chuckled nonetheless when the two “kids” in front of them pecked each other’s lips, not knowing their audiences, and laughed sheepishly.

“Hey, underoos! Stay away from my daughter!” Tony’s voice boomed throughout the lounge.

Yeah, an almost unusual day for The Avengers.

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5 Times Tony Wasn’t There for You, and 1 Time He Was

Word Count: ~3200 words

Ship: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Peter Parker x Stark!Daughter (Platonic), Lots of IronFam ft. the Parkers 

Warnings: Probably some swearing, not completely movie compliant but follows the general timeline ❤ Kinda unrelated gif (kind of related if you pay attention) but look how CUTE Morgan and Tony are




As the young daughter of Tony Stark, you were used to your dad being busy with work. Meetings across the country, dinners with royal dignitaries across the globe, or simply just endless hours spent locked in his office. All of this before he went missing for three months and came back as Iron Man. 

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Sunsets and soft hair

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

(M or F or NB)

Warnings: Just fluff

Summary: You sit on the porch with your boyfriend and play with his hair.

Prompt: “Ssh, stop fussing, I’m just braiding your hair.”

Requests are very open!


Originally posted by theo-raekeno

It waste afternoon and the sun sat lazily in the sky, warm and low creating a hazy feeling to the day. Your boyfriend Peter snuggled closer to you on the porch hammock chair. You fiddled with his hair gently, loving the feeling of his soft locks running through your fingers. It made you smile.

It had taken a while for Peter to accept his bisexuality but it made you happy. And it made you even happier knowing that next week would mark your six month anniversary of dating. Your heart lept at the thought.

God, you could barely believe that this gorgeous, amazing, intelligent human being was dating you.

The sun shone brightly, illuminating his caramel eyes with the most beautiful glow. God you wanted to kiss him.

As if on cue, like he could sense your creepy staring, he opened his eyes, looked from your eyes to your lips and back before leaning in.

You shared a long, tender kiss. He pecked your cheek once more before settling his head on your lap while you played with his hair.

You remembered your younger sister showing you how to make braids in someone’s hair, so you thought you’d practice.

It took Peter a moment or so to notice but when he did he seemed confused. He shuffled a lot. “What?” He move some more.

“Peter, no.” You complained. “Wha-” you cut him off mid word. “Stop fussing Peter, I’m just braiding your hair.” He looked perplexed. “Why?”

“My sister showed me, I thought I’d practice.” Peter gave a shrug.

“Sounds good enough. I love you (Y/N)” he said with a smile.




“Not possible.” He shot back.

“Let’s agree to disagree.” You mutter before going in for another kiss.

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