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Peter Parker - SFW Alphabet


This is for MCU Peter (cuz some of the answers would be different if they were for others lol)


Originally posted by tommybabyholland

A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)

Peter loves affection, but he’s got to work through all his nerves first. Just the idea of touching you sometimes is enough to make him start blushing and hiding into himself. But once he finally works through it, affection is always. He likes to receive it, but he LOVES to give it. He basically has all the love languages, but his major two are words of affirmation and physical touch.

B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)

Peter Parker is a good best friend…when he’s there. He pays attention to all the little things and he always does right when it really counts. He’ll geek out with you, help you no matter what, and try his best to make you happy no matter what. However if you don’t know about him being Spiderman, it can be a real stress on the friendship, because he’ll always seem distant. Once you know, it will be like everything falls into place. You finally understand why he does the things he does. Overall though, he’s a stellar friend.

You’d probably become his friend because you sat next to each other in class, or you were already at the Avengers compound, and for whatever reason, the two of you immediately clicked.

C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)

PETER LOVES CUDDLES. And when Peter wants to cuddle, he wants to CUDDLE. He wants to squeeze you and never ever let go. Ngl he’ll probably fall asleep while cuddling you because when he’s cuddling he’s in PEAK zen mode. It’s probably the most relaxed that he can be.

D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)

Yeah he definitely wants to settle down, but he’s scared to. It’s not that he has commitment issues, it’s just that he’s so afraid and aware of the dangers of being with him. But if given the chance, he’d probably settle.

He’s not completely terrible at cooking, May has definitely taught him a few things. But he’s no chef. Let’s be real he’s probably had a bunch of moments of forgetting that something was in the oven. There will be lots of disasters. When it comes to cleaning, if pressed, he will clean. But don’t be surprised when every room in the house is messed up again because of things that he’ll “come back for later” that he never comes back for.

E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)

Oh he’d hate every bit of it, he’d dread over it for days and days. If Peter were to break it off, he’d do it face to face. He’d feel so bad about it, and if you start to cry he actually might comfort you in the midst of breaking up with you.

Best outcome, it was mutual and you guys end like friends. Worst outcome, he gets cold feet and actually just leaves you a note.

F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)

He’s surprisingly cool about commitment, given the dangers of his life. Of course, he’s hesitant, but when this dude falls, he falls HARD. So hard to where he’ll commit and not think twice about it.

He’d wanna get married whenever it hits him I guess. Not right away, but it’s not like he’d have you waiting forever.

G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)

Physically- As gentle as the average teenage boy I suppose lol. Well a little bonus because of how anxious he is of hurting you. 5/10

Emotionally- Peter’s more anxious boi than soft crybaby. He wouldn’t need comfort on everything 24/7, because he can actually handle way more than people give him credit for, but it’s when he’s going through something really personal or really traumatic when he needs that reassurance that everything will be alright. 6/10

H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)

Peter doesn’t mind hugs, but he’s gotta be in the mood for one to really enjoy it, otherwise he’s just going through the motions with it. Like if he’s in the mood his brain is “oh my gosh you’re hugging me this is beautiful you’ve graced me with your touch you wonderful specimen” but if he’s not it’s just like “oh… this is unexpected.” I don’t think he’s super into hugs because I kind of like the headcanon that he’s a bit of a germaphobe but I don’t think he’s super against them either. He’s more in the middle where if it hits him, it hits him and if it doesn’t, he doesn’t want them.

He gets in the mood to hug like 20 times a day. You’ll be beside him doing work and like out of nowhere. BOOM. Hugged. And then he just goes back to doing whatever he’s doing except now he’s blushing really hard while doing it.

Peter’s hugs are really soft and quick (unless he’s cuddling you, then it’s really long). He just wants to feel your presence until he’s satisfied. He’s always really warm so that’s a major plus.

I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)

Not right away. It’ll be whenever it feels right. And I picture the first l-word drop going one of three ways:

1) Quirky - you guys will be chilling/making out/watching a movie and he’ll find himself feeling really sentimental and emotional for no reason and he’ll just turn and be like, “hey, I love you”. And it sort of catches you off-guard and he sees your expression (whatever it may be) and he immediately starts blushing and stammering and he’s like “I-i mean- no I don’t!..I-i mean I do!… but like- not unless you want me too! I-in fact I’ll hate you if you want me-” and you have to cut him off with a kiss before he gets too wound up and you softly smile back like “I love you too, weirdo.”

2) Sweet - he’s thought about this for a long time (and even maybe told May and Ned about it) and he really wants to tell you but he doesn’t know how and you notice that’s he’s been weird around you and always looks like he has something else on his mind (like more than usual) and you’re getting pretty worried and after awhile you can’t take it anymore and you confront him about it probably at the lunch table or in the hallways after school or at his apartment (is there some mission you don’t know about? Is he breaking up with you? Is he okay?) and he’s stuttering alot and he finally has to pause and compose himself before pulling you aside and softly telling you how we feels.

3) Angsty - after a particularly intense night at patrol (definitely with a casualty) he’s perched on the top of a building, staring out at New York, feeling like the biggest failure alive. He’s run down with guilt and the tears just won’t stop. Hands shaking, he dials your number and you pick up and immediately start asking if he’s okay once you hear his trembling voice. “I messed up,” he mumbles before he breaks down and sobs out the entire story to you. You try your best to comfort him as best you can through the phone, trying to tell him (with no avail) that it’s not his fault and that he can’t save everyone. It takes a while, but he finally calms down enough to clearly take a swing, but not before he says, “look..I want you to know that I love you… and I’ll do everything I can to always protect you…I promise you that…I can’t lose you,” he sobs. Given the situation, neither one of you really registers that this is his first time saying it, but it makes it a dozen times easier to start saying it more often from now on.

J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)

Peter’s jealousy is probably the average amount for a guy. He doesn’t do much with it though. He’ll just get really quiet and maybe freak out to Ned about it later. Very subtle looks and jaw clenches but other than that, he’s fine. Unless you’re really attentive, you probably wouldn’t notice.

K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)

When he first started getting into the hang of first dates and stuff, his kisses were pretty fast and more like little pecks on the lips and stuff because he was always so nervous about messing up. But now that’s he’s gotten the hang of it, Peter’s kisses (when he’s not in a rush) are usually slow and sensual. He wants to do nothing but focus on you in that moment.

Well mostly on the lips of course. He’ll lay his head on your shoulder alot when he’s bored so every now and then when he’s doing that he’ll turn his head and give you a little kiss on your shoulder. If he’s whispering in your ear in lunch he’ll give a kiss on the cheek. Really though, once he gets the all his jitters out about it, he’ll kiss you anywhere.

Peter probably likes to be kissed on the cheek and on the lips more than anywhere else

L = Little ones (How are they around children?)

Peter is amazing with kids. He’ll always find a way to get along with them, and they usually warm up to his easy-going nature. He’s a bit of a pushover when it comes to really nice kids so they usually love him because he’ll give them anything. I’m not really one of talking about having kids, but he’d be a great father in the future. (But we’re not in any rush for him to do that okay😂🤭)

M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)

Mornings are spent, well first of all waking up (obviously), cuddling, finishing whatever movie you were watching the night before, Peter probably rambling a bunch about whatever he finds himself wondering about, playing video games, and basically just relaxing before May tells you it’s time for school.

N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)

Nights are spent goofing around with Peter and Ned at Peter’s home or chilling with Peter which can literally be doing just about anything (making out, relaxing, deep talks, watching movies, doing homework, etc.). You can do practically anything with this guy.

O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)

Peter isn’t the best about opening up, not because he wants to hide things, but because he isn’t on the same wavelength as everyone else when it comes to “important” things to share. Like out of nowhere he’ll find himself telling you something and you’ll be like “woah I wish I you would’ve told me that earlier” and he’ll just shrug and be like “oh I didn’t know that was really important enough to tell”. He doesn’t tell anything slower or faster it’s more like whenever it’s on his mind or convenient for him to tell.

But for the most part, if you’re important enough for you to know he’s spiderman secret, he’ll tell you pretty much anything.

P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)

Not easily angered at all. If anything he’s more easily confused then angered. Like if you were trying to make him angry, he’d be more “why are you doing this🥺🤨?!” than “why are you doing this😡?!”

He’d only get angry easily if he’d been going through alot and a bunch of things have been building up, other than that, normally he’s a pretty chill guy when it comes to losing his temper.

Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)

Oh he remembers practically everything you tell him. Even crap that you’ve probably forgotten about yourself, he knows. He notices every tiny thing, though he forgets the big stuff sometimes.

Ex: one day May asks him what he wants her to buy at the supermarket for breakfast and he says poptarts because he remembers that you like poptarts from that one time you briefly mentioned how much you liked them and he gets the kind that you like even though he doesn’t really like it so that on the days you come over to his house you’ll have something to eat…but like legit that same day he forgets that it’s your anniversary😬

R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)

He has many favorite moments, one of them being your first date. He was so nervous, and he showed up late, and he’d regretted letting May choose his outfit, and he hated himself for not choosing the restaurant because it’d show that he wasn’t assertive enough, and he was pretty sure he stepped in dog crap while he was running to the restaurant and he just knew that he was the worst date ever until finally he got there and you were totally just fine about it. You told him to relax and that everything was fine and you were just glad to have him there, which in turn made him relax. He looked into your eyes and knew there was absolutely nothing to worry about and he had an amazing time.

S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)

He’s protective, but not suffocating. Like if he sees something happening to you from afar, he’s not gonna step in unless you make it clear that you want him to. For the most part, he’ll let you handle things yourself.

Peter’s more like a “protect you from the unknown” kind of guy. He’s gonna protect you from threats that you don’t know are there, and that are probably much bigger than the two of you. Things like death or heartbreak. He’ll probably break up with you to “protect” you, which, let’s be honest, is complete stupid, albeit noble. Overall, he’ll do anything in his power to keep you happy.

Peter doesn’t really need protection more so… comfort. He knows the world he lives in. He can defend himself and all that, but at the end of the day, he just wants someone to tell him that everything’s gonna be okay🥺

T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)

With Peter it’s either extremely last minute but a little thoughtful (because he probably forgot) or extremely thought through with unbelievable effort. No in between. Truly a go big or go home type deal. Like for your birthday he’s either getting you something he’s researched on for months that he knew you’d love or you’re getting a card that he bought from a Walmart on the way to school with a sloppily written love letter inside that he came up with off the top of his head. At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts when it comes to Peter.

U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)

He thinks literally everything is his fault🙄. If something bad happens, and he feels that he could’ve done even the slightest thing to change it, he’s gonna beat himself up about it no matter what what you try to say.

Also he’s a really busy guy. So if you’re one of those girls that needs to be kept or need your boyfriend there all hours of the day, Peter’s probably not for you.

V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)

Not too concerned. Like of course he wants to look good or cool or whatever, but he’s also learned to be pretty comfortable with himself (at least as far as looks go). He gets pretty insecure sometimes but for the most part he’s okay with his looks. He’ll totally do himself up if he’s trying to impress someone though.

W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)

Depends on how close you’ve become. If he only liked you, he’ll be okay. If he loved you, yeah, he’ll feel incomplete without you. But only if you break up or if you’re hurt or lost or something. If the two of you just haven’t seen each other for a while he’ll be fine. He’s not that sentimental.

X = Xtra (A random headcanon for them.)

Peter has a skirt kink. Skirts. They make him weak. He found this out about himself when he started dating Gwen Stacy. He will practically break his neck to see you in a skirt.

Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)

Someone who has extremely poor hygiene. Peter’s not the best at hygiene. He’s definitely skipped brushing his teeth from time to time, but someone who’s a complete slob? It’ll just make him feel bad for you. It’s a turn off for him. You won’t get his affection but you will get his pity.

Someone obnoxious or aggressive. Peter, although anxious, is overall a pretty chill guy. If someone was just on 100 every time he saw them, ngl they’d probably weird him out. Like of course he wants someone with their own personality, but he wants someone with a level of coolness and obnoxious and aggressive people just aren’t cool.

Z = Zzz (What are some sleep habits of theirs?)

Peter wants to hold something when he sleeps. When he was little, he used to sleep with a stuffed animal, and once he got older he broke out of it. But when he slept with you for the first time (sexually/nonsexually, doesn’t matter) all that came rushing back. He’ll hold you tightly in his sleep and won’t let go unless you make him.

Hope you liked it!!😁😁😁


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Empire State Of Mind


Gender: Female

Pairing: Peter Parker x stark!reader

Warning: None

Summary- (FLUFF)(CRACK)the story of how Peter Parker got over his fear of heights (I was inspired by one of Peter’s lines in the Spiderman ps4 game)

A/N: Okay this is me getting back to fics because apparently the only way I can actually get inspiration to write is if I’m procrastinating sooooooo since school has started I guess there will be lots of that lol



When Peter told Ned about his fear of heights, he completely freaked out.

“You can’t be afraid of heights. You’re Spiderman!,” he whisper-shouted at their lunch table. “How can Spiderman be afraid of heights?!”

Peter shrugged. “I dunno, maybe I’ll just have to get over it eventually.”

“But if the spider gave you strength, perfect eyesight, and all those other awesome things. How could it not give you the ability to not be afraid of heights?!,” Ned asked, utterly confused. “I mean, spiders aren’t afraid of heights.”

“Yeah Ned, I know. But-”

“And if spiders aren’t afraid of heights then when the spider bit you, you should’ve picked up that trait too, right?”


“-Maybe you just got a really lame spider. Maybe the spider that bit you was afraid of heights and he was a spider outcast and-”


When Peter told MJ about his fear of heights, she immediately mentally prepared herself for his funeral.

“How is Spiderman afraid of heights?”

Pete groaned. “I don’t know…”

“I knew it,” she sighed. “You’re gonna die.”

“Wait, what?”

“You can’t be out there saving the city while being afraid of heights. That doesn’t mix,” she explained matter-of-factly. “You’re gonna die.”

“I’ll get over it, MJ. I just have to keep trying.”

She shook her head. “Whatever you say, loser. But when you die, the only thing I’ll be saying at your funeral is ‘I told ya so’.”

When Peter told Harry about his fear of heights, he teased him about it relentlessly.

Peter braced himself. “And before you say it, yeah I know: 'How is Spiderman afraid of heights?’. Ha. Ha. Funny.”

Harry tossed a pretzel into his mouth. “That’s pretty pitiful, Pete,” he snickered.

“Yeah I know-”

“-You’re supposed to be the 'Amazing’ Spiderman, not the 'I-can-only-save-you-if-we’re-under-fifty-feet’ Spiderman.”

“You know what? I’m just going to stop telling people,” Peter mumbled, hiding his face into his hands.

“C'mon, I’m just messing with you, bro,” Harry teased. “But seriously, how can Spiderman be afraid of heights? That’s like Ironman being afraid of iron!”

Peter stared. “…it’s really not though.”

“Whatever.” Harry reached over to ruffle Peter’s hair with his hand. “Just come to the penthouse tonight and I’ll throw you off the roof. Bam. Fear conquered.”


When Peter told you about it, you did the natural Stark thing to do, and helped him out…after teasing him of course.

“How the fuck are you Spiderman and you’re afraid of heights? How does that even work?,” you laughed.

“Ugh, not you too [Y/N],” he groaned.

“Why’re you scared if you’ve got your webs?,” she interjected again. “As long as you remember those, you can’t fall.”

“That doesn’t really help.”

“Wait, so you save all those people in tall buildings while you’re so scared of heights? Wow. You’re even more awesome now.”

Peter shrugged it off. “I guess when the moment comes to save people, I kind of have to push the fear aside, y'know?”

“Aaaand why are you even telling me this? What, you want me to fix you or something?” You laughed again, slapping the table. “I’m good with robots, Pete. I’m not a wizard.”

Peter shuffled in his seat. “Well I-i was kind of hoping that… maybe you could h-help me?”

You raised an eyebrow. “And how would I do that?,” you asked, giggling a bit. “Push you off avengers tower?,” you teased.

“A-actually I was hoping for the Empire State Building…”

You paused. “…wait, what?”

Peter nodded in response.

“Pete..I was only kidding… Like really, are you being foreal?!”

He smiled, patting his hands on his lap nervously. “Will you?”

“You’re going to fall off the Empire State Building to get over your fear of heights?,” you asked.

He nodded uncertainly. “Yep.”

“…And you want me to push you off said building?”

“Yeah pretty much,” he confirmed.

You stared in disbelief for a moment before checking your watch. “The things I’ll do for your dumbass,” you sighed. “Alright. Meet me at the top of the Empire State at four. But if you die…I will not be held responsible.


Peter crawled cautiously along the side of the Empire State Building, being sure to never look down.

'You’re not that high, Pete. You’re not,’ he told himself. 'You’re only like twelve….t-twelve….hun….’

"Twelve h-h-hundred fucking feet off the fucking ground oh my goshhh!,” he whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut as he continued up the building. “Oh my God, please let me live.”

He crawled with his eyes closed until he couldn’t feel the thick glass wall anymore. Peter jumped over the railing of the 103 floor observation deck and finally placed his feet on solid ground.

“Wow, Spiderman. You’re literally shaking,” he heard your voice laugh.

Peter looked at you, wide-eyed as you sat on top of the railing, legs pointed outward, facing the city. “How are you not terrified right now?!”

You shrugged. “I literally take the iron suit for a joy-ride like every week. Heights don’t bother me. Now, are we doing this or not?”

“J-just.. gimme a second,” he mumbled. “You can do this, Peter. You can do this,” he pep-talked himself. “You got this.”

You remained sitting on the railing and swinging your legs, trying to give Peter some space to get himself together.

After what felt like about ten mintues, you looked over at him. “You okay over there, Pete?”

Peter took a deep breath and gave a small nod before peeking over the side of the building, which he quickly realized was more than just a big mistake on his part. “F-fuck no!” He quickly stepped back until he was the furthest he could be from the edge. “It’s too high! I-i can’t do this!”

You groaned. “C'mon, Pete. Wasn’t this your idea anyway?”

“Actually it was sort of Harry’s!,” he stammered. “…[Y/N]..I-i really don’t think I can do this.”

You ran towards him, cupping his face with your hands. “Hey, hey… relax. You’re gonna be okay. You hear me?”

Slowly, he began to nod. “…O-okay,” he sighed and took the time to prepare himself again. “I think I’m ready.”

You backed away a bit. “You sure?”


“Look,” you said. “Y'know, you don’t have to do this if you really don’t want to.”

“No,” Peter declared, squeezing his eyes shut, his hands turning to fists. “No, I said I’m going to do it today. So I have to do it today. I have to.”

“Well then let’s do it.”

“But I can’t!,” he whined.

You groaned. 'If this dork doesn’t make up his mind.’

Then it hit you.

“I guess when the moment comes to save people, I kind of have to push the fear aside, y'know?”

He’d told you the answer to his problems without even knowing.

“Got it,” you whispered.

Turning around quickly, you climbed back over the railing separating the standing area from the edge of the building with a mischievous smile.

Once comfortable, you started to rock, swinging your legs back and forth. “Golly gee, Peter. I sure hope I don’t fall!,” you yelled dramatically in the perfect 'woe-is-me’ fashion.

Confused, he looked up from where he was frozen in place. “[Y/N], what?”

You continued to speak dramatically and robotically. “Oh it would be such a shame if maybe I were to…” You gestured a person falling with your hand until it finally reached the end. “Splat!”

“[Y/N], c'mon. Stop.”

“And I suppose if I were to happen to be plummeting to my death-” you looked over at him with wide eyes. “-The only person capable of saving me would be the AMAZING Spiderman!”

“[Y/N]. I’m not kidding around. Seriously, this is dumb.”

“Gee wilikers! I guess my life is in your hands now Spidey!,” you smirked before throwing yourself off the edge of the Empire State Building.

“[Y/N]! What the fuck!”

“Whooooooooooooo!,” you yelled as you fell, confident that he would catch you.

Rolling his eyes and cursing under his breath, Peter immediately threw caution to the wind as he jumped over the fence. The only thing on his mind was catching you.

'You idiotic bitch of a girl that I love…’

Gathering his crazy surroundings, he looked around until he finally saw you. And there you were, free falling and whooping like you were on a rollercoaster and not actually almost dying.

'Okay, Pete,’ he thought. 'Save her or Mr. Stark will literally kill you..Plus your girlfriend will be dead… yeah definitely that too.’

“[Y/N]!,” he yelled.

“Any time now, Peter!,” you shrieked once you felt you’d been falling for a bit too long. “C'mon, I know you can do it so how about you FUCKING DO IT!”

Finally catching up with you a bit, he shot a web out to pull you towards him, and then shot another on the building.

You gasped when you felt something yank you upwards. Immediately after you were scooped up by a blur of red and blue.

“I’ve got you, [Y/N],” he gasped out, one arm holding you while the other was busy holding the two of you up with the webbing. “I’ve got you.”

You held onto him tightly and let out a laugh of relief. “I knew you would,” you giggled. “That was awesome.”

He began to laugh too. “Oh my gosh, you crazy little adrenaline junky!”

You smirked in response, looking around at where you were now “Sooo.. we’re hanging off the Empire State Building..what now?”

Peter looked around too. “Uhh-” he smirked. “-wanna go for a swing?”

“That’s just the adrenaline talking, Petey,” you informed. “But I mean, I’m down if you are. You’re not still scared?”

“Oh I’m terrified,” he laughed before leaning in for a quick, messy kiss. He stared at you with nothing but love in his heart. “But I’ll be fine as long as I’ve got you.”

The next time Peter found himself swinging through the air, the last thing on his mind was how high he was going.

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I had an idea that if Hela was at earth (in this idea Odin wasn’t bad at parenting) with Thor and Loki she would be confused with Peter. Imagine that a pure happy human does not glare or grimace whenever she talks but instead gives her a smile and is so so polite that it aches her heart.

Imagine when Loki realised that Peter likes his pranks and loves hanging out with Loki and Peter understands when Loki wants alone time or is being particularly bitchy. (and Loki teared up when Peter respected pronouns.)

Imagine what Thor feels when he sees the shock on his siblings faces at being treated with respect and friendliness.

Peter is a ray of sunshine and is the nicest person that Hela has ever met. (she had a suspicion that Peter was related to the goddess Euphrosyne or Charis with how kind and joyful he was.)

Idk but just some fluffy things.

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Leap of Faith

Word Count: ~730 words

Ship: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark x Teen!Reader (We love Tony being a dad)

Warnings: Minor, non-detailed injury to reader; mentions of gunshots; non-detailed violence



“Okay, guys. I know I’ve joked about wanting to die a few too many times, but I take it all back now.” You spoke into the comms as you stood on the roof of the building. You fired your gun repeatedly as you took out the guards who had followed you. You cursed whenever your gun ran out of ammo, and you looked around for a place to hide.

Keep reading

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A PJO/Avengers Crossover by rox-fanfics


Midtown Tech, a school for gifted kids in the technology and science departments.

This school had seen a lot, but it had never seen Annabeth Chase.


What happens when Annabeth Chase goes to Midtown and becomes friends with Peter Parker?

What will this chaotic duo accomplish while running on fifteen cups of coffee and gen z humor?

Click HERE to read it

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<p>: <b>Tony:</b> *sprays whipped creme into his mouth*<p/><b>Peter:</b> Oh! I want some! *Opens mouth*<p/><b>Tony:</b> *Sprays the whipped cream into Peter's mouth*<p/><b>Both:</b> *Laugh while eating whipped cream straight out of the can*<p/><b>Pepper:</b> *Exasperated* This is why I don't like it when you buy Ready Whip.<p/><b>Peter:</b> *Wiping whipped cream off of his mouth* Because we're so funny?<p/></p>
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So imagine Y/N is a NYPD cop and sitting in a big meeting about law enforcement working alongside the city’s heroes. A few different Avengers showed up to work on police/hero relations but looking at Spiderman is too distracting for y/n to even focus. Totally spacing out you only tune back in when someone is reciting the Miranda rights, and hearing “Anything you say can and will be held against you” you blurt out “Spiderman, because hot damm” making everyone look at you and unknowingly making Peter blush five shades of red under his mask because he just moved in next door to you two weeks ago.

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Headcanon, Tony actually knows how to bake because of the Jarvis family and leaves out different deserts in the kitchen. The rest of the Avengers assume it’s Bruce but he denies it so they all start a witchhunt. Tony also doesn’t tell them he’s a decent cook and purposely messes up his dishes so he doesn’t have to cook. When he tells them, they don’t believe him till Peter comes along and helps him when he thought everyone was out.

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Word Count: 4100ish

Warnings:  super wordy, confusing timeline that i made up, tony being the dramatic dad we all wanted, Peter Parker in a gravely dangerous situation, 

Pairing: Peter Park x Stark!Reader; Dad!Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Request by anon:  First absolutely Love your writing the way you get into the characters and the story is just on point. So I have a story idea in mind and was hoping you’ll take a crack at it! Basically your Tony’s teenage daughter and the Avengers find a positive pregnancy test and of course everybody freaks out assuming it’s your test and Tony plus maybe Bucky try to kill Peter your bf (I think Cap would try to prevent homicide) But really it’s Pepper’s test, guess who’s gonna be a big sis!

A/N:ENDGAME DIDNT HAPPEN IN THIS TIMELINE (just get with it), Peter Parker is an angel and we pray for our smol boi who has been entrapped in such a situation (run pete run) ENJOY~~💓 💓 💓


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“Oh dear. Ohhhhhh dear…”

The woman closed her eyes shut before looking back at the stick on her hand, her heart skipping a beat when absolutely nothing changed. She sat back down at the toilet, feeling her knees go weak. “It happened, it finally happened, oh god, oh fuck-”

A knock on the bathroom door snapped her out of it. “Mom, how long are you-”

The door suddenly sprung open before [Y/N] could knock a second time. It opened to reveal a sweaty and red-faced Pepper, eyes wide and lips slightly agape, her face in complete shock.

“You need to come with me.” Pepper passed her daughter, starting to walk to and fro her daughter’s room, looking all around as if she needed anything. [Y/N] could just watch as her mother started to anxiously shake her hands.


“I just need to check something.”

Now that did nothing to help with [Y/N]’s confusion whatsoever. “Like with the company?”

“Not exactly.”

The teenager just titled her head, even more baffled than when her mom told her to wait outside her own bathroom door until she gets out. “Then shouldn’t you go ask dad?”

“It’s probably important, right?” [Y/N] asked, trying to get through to her, this seemed like pretty high stakes.

“Plus, I already told Peter we’ll go out today. He’s probably already-”

“I can’t tell your dad this, no,” Pepper shakily murmured, a hint of anxiety entwined in her words. “Not yet. Not until I’m sure.”

That’s when [Y/N] started to be really alarmed. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“It won’t take long,” Pepper promised, pleading with her eyes, knowing that [Y/N] couldn’t ever say no to that. She really felt like she couldn’t do this this one alone.

“Okay, okay.” [Y/N] nodded, rubbing her mother’s shoulders in hopes of calming her down.

“Are you sure it’s something we can’t do inside the building?”


[Y/N] gritted her teeth together, her brows deeply furrowed as she got more and more worried. “Is it that bad?”

Pepper nodded, her eyes absentmindedly trained to the floor. “I think I need to go to the doctor…”

[Y/N]’s whole face slackened. “Oh… Oh god.”

She couldn’t even attempt to hide her distraught. “Mom, what happened?”

“That’s what we’ll find out!” The woman declared, standing right up before all her confidence immediately deflated, eyes glazed.

[Y/N], rightfully startled, just nodded, her eyes still fixed on her mother who appeared to be having a mental breakdown. “Okay, okay, you go first, I’ll just fix my things here and give Peter a heads up. I’ll be right with you.”

Pepper meekly nodded as she swallowed the dryness in her throat. “Right, right. I’ll go to the car first.”

She helped her mother out her room and as the door closed, [Y/N] couldn’t stop herself from freaking out. “Oh god, okay. Oh god.”

“What do I need, what do I need-” [Y/N] chanted, just grabbing some random bag from the floor and looking all around her room. Pepper’s attitude had already rubbed off of her as she slowly started to lose it. She could only imagine what had made her normally well-composed mother so jittery.

Just as she reached for her phone, a certain person came to mind. [Y/N] quickly dialed his number as she started to just dump random stuff into her purse. After a few rings, he picked up. “Hey, [Y/N]!”

“Hey, Pete, baby, listen.” She shifted the phone to her other ear as she hurriedly fixed her hair. “There’s this thing that just popped and I can’t get out if it. It’s really important. I’m sorry.”

“But I’m already on my- wait? Is something wrong? You sound like you’re in trouble? Can I do anything to help?”

“No. No,” she reassured, fixing her clothes in the mirror. “I just have to run a quick errand with my mom-”

“Oh, do you need to reschedule?”

“No no no, it’s just,” [Y/N] panicked, that fact didn’t even come to her for a second. She knew how long they’ve waited for this date and she had already taken a raincheck before and she’d be damned if she blows her sweet boyfriend off like that again. “I don’t think it will take long anyway.”

“You’re already on your way here and I’ll be back before you even notice I’m gone. You can rest here for a while and I promise, I’ll be right back,” she ranted, damn near pleading. She couldn’t bring herself to imagine a frown on that adorable face of his.

“Are you sure? It’s really fine. I don’t want you tire yourself ou-”

“No! No, baby. It’s not fine. Let’s meet after, okay?” She asked, holding her phone to anxiously her ear. “Okay, babe?”

“…only if it’s really okay with you…”

[Y/N] sighed, relieved, finally slinging the purse over her shoulder. “Definitely. Alright, I’ll meet you later, okay?”

“Okay, call me when you get there.”

“Alright, bye, babe.”

A quiet stifled giggle made it through the line before the boy cleared his throat. “Bye, take care.”

[Y/N] chuckled after she ended the call and just couldn’t help but smile at the screen. “Heh, cute.”

With that, she hurried out of her room, running towards the front door. She was reaching straight for her shoes that she didn’t even notice the front door opening.

“Woah, where are you going? What’s the rush?” Tony asked, confused, watching his daughter bounce on one foot, her purse falling to the floor as she tried to get the other shoe on.

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