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#peter parker oneshot


Part 1 of 2 (Second part coming this week)


Gender: Female

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warning: None

Anon requested- can I get a one shot where the reader does the body positivity trend with the new megan thee stallion song and the reader is insecure about how ppl will react to it?? Most importantly how peter will react to it?? K thanks

Awww I love doing smol readers and where Peter’s actually the one that has it together lol sooo thanx for this

The TikTok is that new body positivity trend with that Megan Thee Stallion song. Couldn’t link it because tumblr acts weird about links but part 2 will have a video for Peter. Also reader will be 18 (senior in high school) cuz some people think minors shouldn’t participate in the trend lol

A/N: Either a motivation fairy hit me in the middle of the night or I’m really just that bored to the point where I had no choice but to get my motivation to write back. Either way I’m happy lol. Enjoy! Thanks to @yumings and @kelieah for helping me feel confident in this lol

Will definitely be a two parter🙂



Originally posted by tombabeholland

Body oddy oddy oddy oddy oddy oddy oddy-

You’d finally finished editing the video.

It was a simple, short collage of all of your favorite selfies and pictures that showed off your body well. There was a new trend going around on TikTok and when you saw it you just had to jump at it headfirst.

People would take their favorite pictures of themselves, ones that showed off their bodies just the way they liked, and they’d put it to the sound of Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Body”.

You looked through your entire phone gallery to find pictures that you were confident enough to post, some you’d forgotten you even took in the first place.

When you were done, you threw in the simple caption that everyone was using.

Heard we’re using this sound to show off. My turn then😜

Yeahhhhhh, the caption sounded much more confident than you actually felt.

You actually thought about deleting it from the minute you posted it. Insecure wasn’t even the word for it. And even with your followers there to hype you up, you couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. So, albeit hesitantly, you went to your friends for support.

The first person you showed was Michelle.

“You killed that,” she said in math class as she passed you the phone underneath the table so that the professor wouldn’t see.

“Thanks,” you said. “I was honestly kinda nervous about it.” You noticed her incredulous look and explained yourself, toying with the loose strings on your jacket. “Like seriously, I don’t wanna fish for compliments, it’s just that there are so many better ones out there.”

Michelle gave a lopsided grin. “That’s just you being insecure, you dork,” she retorted. “You look hot.” She gave an uninterested glare at the teacher when they told her to be quiet. Then she turned towards you with a smile. “You shown Peter yet? I bet he’d agree.”

You shifted in your seat nervously and MJ immediately caught on. “What, you don’t wanna show him?” She gave you a look when you took a while to answer. “Dude he’s literally your boyfriend. I’m pretty sure he’ll like it.”

“MJ, we haven’t even-” you looked around secretively. “-we haven’t even taken our shirts off in front of each other yet. There’s literally a pic of me in my sports bra and I..” You shrugged, a little embarrassed by the conversation topic. “I-i just don’t know how he’d react.”

You and Peter were a fairly new couple and were taking it slow. You’d only ever kissed, cuddled, and held hands so far. Plus, you were a major causal clothes wearer. Sweatshirts and jeans, those were your specialty. The two of you were in no rush and you were both fine with that, but you had no idea how he would react to seeing pictures of you like that.

And, though it wasn’t the most feminist approach, you kinda wanted to impress him. Was that so bad?

MJ, forever the voice of patronizing reason, rolled her eyes at you. “So, let me get this straight. You’re not fine with your boyfriend seeing sexy pictures of you, but you’re okay with literal strangers seeing you instead?”

“Look, I know it’s-”

“No, no I totally get it,” she said with a sympathetic smirk, before laughing. “I just wanted to show you how dumb it sounded though.”

The bell rang, signaling the end of class.

“Look,” she said, standing up and getting her things. “You have nothing to be worried about. Peter practically worships the ground you walk on. He’ll love it.”

When you showed Ned, he genuinely didn’t give a shit.

“Oh my God, there’s a new Megan Thee Stallion album?!”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I have to listen to it right now!”

“Yeah okay, but do you like the-”

He was already plugging in his headphones before you even finished your sentence.

You showed Harry next. If anyone was gonna rate you unabashedly, it’d definitely be him.

He was the only friend you had in your lunch period, so you met up with him every day. Towards the end of lunch that day, you’ll pulled out your phone and asked if he wanted to see the video. He enthusiastically agreed.

He watched the short video with an amused expression, bopping his head to the music all the while.

When it ended, he handed you your phone back and gave you a high-five. “Damn girl!,” he praised. “Just throwing it out there, if Peter fails you, I’m hella available.”

“Heh, thanks.” You smiled as you felt your entire face heat up. “Ya think he’ll like it?”

“What, you haven’t shown him yet?” You shook her head, giving a nervous smile. “Oh-” he nodded confidently. “-he’ll love it. Trust me.”

“Are you sure?,” you asked.

“Yeah,” he responded with a shrug. “Why are you so worried?”

“Because he’s not-..he doesn’t really seem-” You couldn’t find the right words for it. “I dunno, I just really want him to like it!”

Harry scoffed. “Look. Let me tell you a little secret about Peter Parker,” he snickered. “Or practically all guys for that matter.”

“Okay?,” you said, curious as to where this was going.

He smirked. “You remember when he introduced himself to you at my party last summer?”

You nodded.

“Well, hon…” Harry lowered his head to where he was whispering in your ear. “Your personality wasn’t what he was noticing from across the room.. catch my drift?” He chuckled when he saw you blushing as you caught where his eyes had wandered. “Just sayin’.”

Seeing your incredulous expression, Harry continued. “Peter likes to act like he’s not checking you out every second of the day, but I promise you he is. That little "I’m so respectful and bashful” crap he has going is complete B.S.“

You smirked and rolled your eyes as he pulled away from your ear and kept walking. "You’re an ass.”

Harry shrugged. “True, but I’m a realistic ass.” The alarm on his phone sounded which marked his time to start heading to his next class. Standing up, he smiled down at you. “Seriously, if I could take back all the time spent listening to Pete go on about how good you look in your jeans, I’d be one well rested guy.”

You rolled your eyes, but it betrayed the small smile growing. After all, he wouldn’t be Harry if he wasn’t a flirtatious dweeb. “Bye Harry.”

“Show him the video, [Y/N]. He’ll love it. You know I’m right.”

And then there was one…

Later in the day, you were talking with MJ after school, waiting because Peter always insisted on driving you home because chivalry was not going to die as long as he was alive to keep it going.

When he finally showed up, the first thing he did was take you by the hand and give you a quick peck on the forehead.

“How are you guys doing?,” he asked as your little trio started to walk.

“We’re good,” you chirped, ever so conscious of the phone in your pocket that you were suddenly very hesitant to pull out.

MJ noticed and nudged you. “You got anything you wanna show anybody, [Y/N]?,” she asked with a smirk, causing Peter to look at you curiously.

You stayed quiet, but MJ still wasn’t putting up with it. “I think you may have a video that you made…”

You remained silent and Peter looked at you, a lot more confused now. MJ frowned. “Um… cough.. cough.”

Peter laughed and stopped walking. “Okay, what am I missing?” He looked to you and when he didn’t see your expression falter, he looked to MJ. “What’s going on?”

Michelle shrugged. “[Y/N] wants to show you a dumb TikTok she made but she’s scared about how you’ll react.”

“Michelle!,” you scolded.

She shrugged again. “What? You weren’t going to say anything anytime soon.”

“A TikTok?,” Peter questioned. “Cool, which one did you do this time?”

You could feel your face heat up for the hundredth time that day. “It’s a…um..” You stared down at the ground. Jesus, this was hard. “..It’s a body positivity trend.”

His eyebrows went up at that. “Oh, well um.. is it cool if I see it?,” he asked.

You blushed. “Sure.” You pulled out your phone and opened the app. When you got to the video you quickly shoved it into his face before you had a chance to second-guess yourself.

Both you and Michelle watched Peter’s face as he watched the video.

His cheeks immediately turned red but his expression was unreadable. He had to have watched it over 5 times before MJ pulled the phone out of his hand. “Helloooo, earth to Peter Parker?”

She snapped into his face several times and he started to blink wildly, apparently being pulled out of a trance. “I…um- heh..”

You gave a small, nervous smile. “..did you like it?,” you asked, growing confused as stared at you, his expression still the same. “Um, Peter?”

Suddenly, he smiled and let out a little chuckle. “Sorry… just…” He laughed again and scratched his head, unable to keep eye contact. “You’re just- like…. really hot.”

You blushed. Fuck. “You’re not just saying that are you?”

“No, really like-” He looked back at the phone. “…Damn.” He bit his lip. “How on earth did I get so lucky?”

“Okay, can we please get in the car before I throw up?”

The two of you looked at an uncomfortable MJ with embarrassment riddled on your faces. “Yeah, totally,” you said with an awkward cough. “Sorry.”

“Nice video [Y/N],” Peter murmured bashfully, opening the door of his car for you, his face still beet red. “Really nice…”

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Illicit affairs -Chapter 1

summary: harry osborn is a flirt and justin hammer is a jackass. y/n tells peter that he is an idiot, again. & black cat wants to know what night are they talking about. 

Listen to: Maniac -Conan Grey

word count: 7.5k

(author’s note at the end now)

series masterlist

(the gif is so funny out of context but like literally)


Originally posted by supermoviemaniac

You’d never been to the OSCORP tower before. You had met Norman and Harry when you still lived in Malibu and they lived in Silicon Valley, they had attended a couple of galas that had become mandatory for you to go in order represent the Stark’s family name but other than that, there hadn’t been much interaction. 

Especially since Tony and Norman never got along; they had run in the same circle since the ’90s and they had vastly different ideas on what was important. For one, Tony loved what he did and he was passionate about any advancement he could make, but Norman was downright miserable with a sickly ambition. Moreover, he dived into extreme genetic projects that could be dangerous if mixed with business, so as soon as Norman suggested something to Tony and he shut him down, leaving a bitter taste on Norman’s mouth.

You wove your way through the reception that was daunting with a set of intricate security, more than what you had actually expected. Now you knew what Tony had meant with Norman being paranoid. You passed the multiple security stations and smiled when no machine or security guard noticed the mass amount of energy you were carrying on your necklace, where your suit was contained. You had been working for months when you first got to Europe so you could carry it undetected, it had failed a couple of times and so, it had forced you to work out even harder, in case you couldn’t use your suit. 

You finished passing through the security detail and manage to made your way to the receptionist, who seemed to be rather annoyed with the sheer amount of calls he was receiving.  

“Hi, sorry to bother you”, you smiled, looking down at him but he didn’t even raise his head, you stopped talking but then he motioned his hand for you to continue. “Okay…I’m here to see Mr. Osborn, we have an appointment”

“Your name?”, the receptionist asked, still not looking at you which made your eye twitch in annoyance. 

“Y/N Stark”, you answered, the receptionist snorted, and then he raised his head. He went pale when he realized it was you, you smiled in return as he pulled off his headset and smiled at you. 

“Mr. Osborn has been waiting for you”, he said as he quickly motioned a security guard to come to the desk and placed his headset on his head again. “Also, there’s this guy over there who said he was with you”, he mentioned as he pointed at Peter who was passing through the last security detail. 

Peter rushed to get next to you, he had been swinging through the city and you could tell by how his curls were messier than how they usually got if he was running. You couldn’t help but to smile at his face at his state, his brows were knitted in a frown as he tried to catch his breath, the way his nose wrinkled made you want to shed a tear or two, you remembered how it usually made your heart burst whenever he did that. 

“I’m so sorry, I had class and…”, Peter mumbled but he stopped again to breathe.

You knew that Peter didn’t want to come to Oscorp, it had been years since he had gotten bitten by that radioactive spider on a class trip but you were more than sure that it still triggered something in him. You had assured him that you could go alone, but being as stubborn as he was, he said he would go with you. 

“Peter, don’t worry”, you said sweetly as you place your hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. “It’s okay”

Peter froze at your touch and you felt the tension on his muscles so you quickly took your hand off his shoulder. It all felt rather nostalgic to both of you, the way you trusted each other, how you knew you had each other’s back and understood. But this wasn’t like before and you knew it couldn’t be. 

You cleared your throat and turned around to the security guard, signaling to him that you were ready to go see Mr. Osborn. 

Keep reading

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You’ve Got Moves (Part 2)


Part 1

Gender: Female

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warning: None

A/N: Better late than never, right?😂😂 (wow 2 fics in one week that’s crazyyy) Also I put one of my favorite comedy tiktoks in the dialogue soooooo oops? Also Harry and Ned are wingmen who share one brain cell and I like it that way

I might make one more part to this but idk



Originally posted by tommybabyholland

It took 7 months for Peter to ask you out.

It took the time for MJ and Asher to become a couple, homecoming to go by, MJ and Asher to break up, winter formal, midterm exams, MJ and Asher to get back together, and Christmas to go before Peter Parker gathered the guts to even consider thinking about asking you out.

Scared wasn’t even the word for it.

Harry Osborn, the new transfer student, laughed at how nervous Peter was at lunch. “Asking girls out is easy, Peter. I do it all the time!”

“You say it like it’s the simplest thing on earth,” Peter dreaded, to which Harry shrugged.

“Because it is! You just ask. How is it that I’ve only been at this school for 2 months and I’ve had more chicks than both you and Ned combined?”

“Hooking up is not a hobby of mine. That’s why,” Peter retorted with a pitifully unintimidating glare.

Harry shrugged with his shit-eating grin. “It’s not my fault the girls and gays can’t resist these lips.”

Ned chimed in as he threw a french fry into his mouth. “Peter, this isn’t like Liz last year. You and [Y/N] are already really close, dude. I’m sure you can just ask her. Who knows? She might say yes!”

“But what if she says no?,” Peter groaned. “Then I’ll just be one of those people she avoids and barely talks to out of awkwardness.” He shifted in his seat nervously. “I don’t want that.”

“But if you don’t say anything then you’ll always regret it,” Ned pointed out.

Harry sighed and rolled his eyes. “Peter, pull out your phone.”

Peter raised his eyebrows in confusion, but followed Harry’s instructions.

“Go to her in messages and say ‘hey let’s get dinner’.” He smiled. “See? Simple.”

Peter opened your messages in his phone and stared at your profile picture.

'You can do this, Peter. You can do this.’

He bit his lip. “Okay but should I say, 'let’s get dinner’ or 'do you want to get dinner’?” Seeing Harry’s impatient face, he explained himself. “I just feel like those two sentences have completely different vibes, y'know?”

Harry glared at him. “Are you really about to have us telling you what to tell your crush like a bunch of girls?”

Peter didn’t know how to answer that question seriously. “Uh…yes?”

Harry pondered the question for a small bit before simply shrugging and answering. “Hmm, go with 'let’s get dinner’, so you’ll sound all confident and assertive.”


Before Peter could press send without thinking twice, Ned stopped him. “Well, actually now you sound a little aggressive, man.”

“Really?,” Peter asked with a wince, immediately erasing the message.

“Yeah, I mean the last thing you wanna be like is the guy that’s all like 'let’s get dinner’ like you’re some kind of caveman.”

Peter groaned. “Oh no, definitely not.”

Ned ate another fry. “You want to ask her to dinner, not tell her to dinner.”

“I’ll go with 'do you want to get dinner’ then,” Peter said with a nod.

That one didn’t sit well with Harry. “No Pete. Cuz now you sound like a pussy.”

Peter slammed his phone onto the lunch table. “This stuff is tough!”

Ned turned towards Harry. “No but listen. The last thing Peter wants to do is come off as the overly masculine type that’s all like ’let’s get dinner cuz I’m the breadwinner, bitch’, y'know?”

Harry shook his head. “Yeah but women also love assertiveness. You have to know what you want.”

Peter stared at the table, desperately wanting the conversation to be over. Why would he even go to these two for relationship advice? Harry was the king of hookups and Ned’s relationships never lasted longer than a few weeks. What was he thinking? For a guy with a 4.5 GPA, he sure did feel stupid.

“I got it!,” Ned exclaimed. “Okay. Text her this. 'Dinner would be something that I would enjoy taking you on, but only if YOU were also interested in attending the meal’.” He held his hands up for praise.

Harry nodded. “Mhm. Perfect balance. And the more words the better.”

Peter just stared back at them, wondering where he’d gone wrong in life. “…no…. I’m not gonna send her that.”

Harry shrugged. “Welp,’ he sighed. "I guess some people just don’t want to be helped.”

So close to slamming his head into the table in front of him, Peter felt a tsunami of relief hit when he saw Asher walk into the cafeteria.

Asher was your best friend. If anyone knew the proper way you’d want to be asked out, it’d be him.

The second Asher noticed Peter looking at him, he made his way over. “Hey Peter. What’s up?,” he asked as he found an empty seat.

Harry spoke up before Peter had the chance. “Hey Ash. Pick one. 'Let’s get dinner’ or 'do you want to get dinner’.”

Asher thought for a second. “Depends on the girl,” he said before taking a bite into his apple. “-but 'do you want to get dinner’ is nicer. Why?”

Harry slammed his fist on the table. “Damn it!”

“Yes!,” Ned cheered.

Asher looked around the table. “Okay, by why?”

Harry and Ned went quiet and looked to Peter, who was staring anywhere to avoid eye contact. He began to mumble pitifully.“I….I-i wanna.. I wanna-”

Harry and Ned spoke up, already tired of the conversation not getting anywhere. “He wants to ask-”

“-I wanna ask [Y/N] out!,” he blurted, feeling his cheeks start to burn when Asher’s smirk turned into a wide grin.

“Well it’s about time!,” he exclaimed. “She’s been crazy about you since you met.”

“Really? She has?,” Peter asked. That wasn’t even in the realm of possibility in his mind.

Asher nodded. “She’s always going off to me about how-” he mocked your higher pitched voice. “I’ve been dropping him hints since, like, foreverrrr!

“Seriously?! She has?”

Ned laughed. “Well Peter. She has been calling you cute since the day she met you…”

“But I just always thought it was the friendly kind of cute, y'know?,” he rambled. “Not the boyfriend type cute!”

“How many girls are out here calling you cute for you to make that assumption, dude?,” Harry asked.

Asher sighed. “So this is what it’s like to have low confidence.” He shook his head and gave Peter a disappointed look. “I can’t say I like witnessing this, Pete.”

“Just-” Peter groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. “Just tell me what will work, okay? I need to ask her out perfectly.”

Asher tilted his head in confusion. “She’s a simple girl. You just have to straight up ask her out. What’s the confusion there?”

“That’s what I said!,” Harry yelled.

“You know he’s got to make it difficult for himself for no reason,” Ned pointed out.

“Okay can we all talk about how terrible I am at this after you help me?,” Peter begged.



“Ugh, fine.”

Peter sighed. “Alright. So?”

“What are you going for?,” Asher asked. “Like a gift or something?”

“I just want whatever’s the absolute best way to ask her out.”

Asher pinched the bridge of his nose. If he was gonna set you up with your crush, he wanted it to happen right.

“Okay,” he said, staring Peter in the eyes with a new sort of intensity. “Think about your best moments with her. Now pick something special from all those moments and voila! You’ll have it!”

Peter nodded and stared at the ground as he thought for a while about everything he’d done with you since the beginning of school. You were truly the most extraordinary, most confident girl he’d ever met.

Every time he’d thought you couldn’t get more perfect, you’d just show him another side of you that was better than the rest. He always stayed endlessly impressed and most of all, he felt as if he didn’t have to try too hard with you. He could be himself and mess up as many times as he could manage and you still stuck around, showing him that there needn’t be any worries.

And your style? Fuck, you could make anything work for him. You were the only one who could get him out of his comfort zone and in front of a camera, for something as frivolous as a TikTok. But he’d always do it, and even find the fun in it, because it made you happy.

“Remember how we freaked out that first time when she called you cute, Pete?,” Ned said. “She said that you were cute and that you only had to put it use!”

Harry laughed. “This girl is literally giving you the instructions, Peter. Take them.”

“Hmm.” Peter looked up with a smile and snapped his fingers. “I got it.”


You tossed popcorn into your mouth and snuggled yourself further into the blanket. “Ash, how can you even say that? 'It’ is a horror movie!”

“Yeah, technically,” he retorted. “But there’s literally not a single part of the movie that’s scary. It’s more of a drama than anything else.”

“You realize the clown phobia rate skyrocketed when the movie came out right?”

Asher scoffed. “Uh, your point? It’s not my fault some pussies couldn’t sit through it. Still a drama. The story definitely played with your emotions more than your fears.”

“Whateverrrr,” you laughed. “I can’t deal with you.”

“Pennywise literally got up and did this,” he said before breaking out into Pennywise’s dance. He laughed as he kicked his legs out. “What kind of horror movie has this crap in it?” He stopped when he felt the full force of you throwing a pillow on his face. “Ugh!”

“Sit down and get under the covers, idiot,” you hissed. “I wanna keep watching these HORROR films.”

Whateverrrr,” he drawled out, mocking you. He sighed and plopped down next to you, grabbing a handful of popcorn after.

When school was getting suffocating, marathoning horror movies with Asher were a must. He had an endless repertoire and all the time in the world for his best friend.

Halfway through 'It: Chapter 2’ though, the movie was the least of your focus and instead was TikTok.

What could you say? The app was addictive.

It was a big, entertaining, completely useless collage of everything every no-name had to offer, from stupid debates to cringey POV’s to fun dance routines.

You tried to hook every friend you could on it. Asher, of course, already knew about it since it first came out and he, of course, had thousands of followers because most of what he posted was random thirsts traps whenever he was feeling hot, which was always. And thirsts traps are always in high demand for the people on TikTok.

You tried to hook MJ on it, but she’d already decided that she didn’t like it before even giving it a chance. Even the messy, political side didn’t reel her in.

Of course then there was Peter, who didn’t know was TikTok even was before he met you. You made it your sole mission to get him hooked, but you’d since given up on that. It was a lost cause. The only time he probably ever saw TikTok nowadays was when he was doing dances with you before gym started. He let you put the app on his phone but he never used it. You wouldn’t even put it past him to have deleted it, but it was whatever. TikTok had started his friendship with you, so needless to say, it’d done an amazing job in your life.

Plus your followers were always asking about him. All of the “omg couple goalssss” and “you guys look so cute together” served as massive confidence boosters. A girl can dream, right?

You shifted over a bit when you felt Ash getting closer and closer to you.

When he moved over again, you scooted away, only for him to get closer again. “Ash, what is your deal?”

“Easy there,” he chuckled, backing up a little. “I’m looking at the phone, not you.”

“You’ve been all up in my phone all day, what’s up?”

“I can’t tell you,” he shrugged, a sly smirk stretching across his face. “But,” he pointed to your tiny screen. “Some idiot is taking wayyyy too long to shoot his shot.”

“Shoot his shot?” You gasped. “Who?”

“I’m not at liberty to say,” he said with a smirk.

“Nooooo,” you whined. “If someone has a crush on me you gotta spill! C'mon, please?”

He laughed and repeated himself. “I’m sorry, but I am not at liberty to say!”

“Bullshit! Who is it? C'mon! C'monnnnnn!”

He shrugged and this time you knew that he was dead set on not giving up the mystery guy.

“Ugh,” you pouted. “Fine. Let’s just finish the stupid movie.”


“Kids next door, battle stations!!!!”

And now it was sometime after midnight. The popcorn was all gone. The movie was done and now you were watching old cartoons so that the horror movie wouldn’t be the last thing on your mind before bed.

Looking over, you saw that Asher didn’t need any cartoons like you did. He was already passed out, snoring as loud as ever.

Grumbling in boredom, you stared at the wall, trying to connect the tiny dots in the designs. It was like something was officially keeping you from being able to fall asleep.


At the sound of your phone receiving a text, you sat up curiously. Who was texting you at this hour?

You smiled when you saw that it was Peter.

Pete: hey y/n

You were about to send him a quick,“why are you up this late” text, but he kept typing.

Pete: pls dont judge me too hard for this

With that completely vague warning, you furrowed your eyebrows, concerned.

Y/n: whats up r u okay

He sent you a link next, which confused you, but not as much as when you actually pressed it.

It led you to TikTok, and the video was waiting to be pressed to start. Peter was standing in the middle of the screen with one of his typical corny sweatshirts on. The caption at the top read: “For [Y/N] Only”. Smiling already, you quickly pressed play.

You slapped your hand over your mouth. “Oh my God.”

“So he finally got the guts, huh?,” Asher mumbled, having woken up from the loud music on your phone but was still half-asleep.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I wake you?,” you asked. You turned down your phone.

“Don’t worry about me, you just got a boyfriend,” he chuckled, moving to lay down so he could get to sleep again. “Text him back for god’s sake.”


Y/n: its been almost a whole year and youre still so cute when you make those

Pete: haha thanks

Pete: uh

Pete: i really like you y/n

Pete: do u think you’d wanna go out with me or get dinner sometime?


“He asked me out,” you gasped. “Ash, he asked me out!”

Asher rolled over and groaned. “I thought that was already established? Jesus, you two couldn’t possibly be moving any slower.”

You rolled your eyes. “Fuck you.”

“Nah, you’re with Peter now,” he laughed. “You’re gonna have to fuck him instead!” That comment earned him another pillow to the face.

You looked back at the messages and sent a tiny cute one. You smirked at the new idea of what was about to happen and turned it off before going to sleep.


Y/n: kiss me at school tomorrow and find out


Didn’t do a third edit cuz I got lazy but I’m pretty happy with the turnout anyway. Thanks for reading!

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what for? | part two

part one

summary- you call your boyfriend, peter. but, it isn’t a happy one. and he’ll remember it for the rest of his life.

warnings- angst, swearing



it’s been a month, three days, five hours and two minutes since you left.

peter still remembers that phone call vividly. it’s like, it’s been surgically planted into his mind for all eternity. everything reminds him off that call. and he despises it.

there’s been a funeral.

it was nice. peaceful.

peter knows you would of hated it though- everyone was too upset and dressed in all black. he’s knows you would of wanted people smiling or wearing colourful clothes. but, you weren’t there to tell him that’s what you wanted. peter was the only one not crying at your funeral. your whole family, even the avengers were sobbing.

except him.

he didn’t have any tears left.

he was empty.

“what for, love?”

the sound on the other end went silent, as peter waited for you to answer his question.

“darling? what’s wrong? you can tell me anything you know.” he ushered, feeling a slight panic rise in his body at how quiet it was on the phone.

it was too quiet.

“y/n?” another voice was heard suddenly, and he immediately recognised it as tony’s.

“mr stark?” peter shouted, in hopes tony could hear him. luckily, he did.


“yeah it’s me, where’s y/n?” peter questioned, genuine worry in his voice.

“i-“ tony couldn’t speak. what could he say? he was heartbroken, at the sight of you- dead.

“tony.” peter warned, making the man start to cry over your body.

“tony! where the hell is y/n?” he was shouting now, and tony could imagine him pacing around, hands pulling at his hair.

“peter…i’m so sorry.” tony mumbled, voice croaking with silent sobs.

“can you just tell me what’s going on?!” he screamed, as his hands started to shake.

“she’s gone.”

may has tried to get him to eat. he doesn’t want to. he doesn’t know the last time he ate alone. it sounds stupid- to not wanting to eat on your own. but, he always ate with you. and now you weren’t here anymore.

he’s not going to school, either. his teachers keep on sending him work, but he just see’s you. smiling and laughing. it doesn’t help that you were in all of his lessons. and how he remembers on friday afternoons, when you were both drained from the week you just had, how you would sit in the back of the class, hands intertwined, as you both whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears. he loved those days.

but, you weren’t here to have those days again.

if he knew you were dying on that phone call, he would of said how much he loved you. how much he appreciated you. but, while you were trying to stay alive, he was too busy trying to set up a stupid date night.

he just wishes you told him.

he wishes for a lot of things. but, not everyone can get what they want.

a knock on the door inturrupted peter’s thoughts, as he looked up to see may entering with a sympathetic smile on her face. “there’s someone here to see you.”

he doesn’t know why, but a little bit of hope fluttered in peter’s stomach. he’s heard about how people fake their death on missions, and he prays that’s what happened with you. but, when tony stark walked in, his face dropped.

he was stupid to even think that you were alive.

“hey, kid.”

“i’m so sorry, kid, she’s gone.” tony whispered, tears falling down his cheek at the sound of peter’s broken cries on the phone.


tony looked around his room, taking in how much of a mess it was. he also noticed, how all of y/n’s belongings were spaced out on his bed. and then, tony took in peter. he had deep purple bags under his eyes. tears stained his cheek, as his bloodshot eyes starred at a random point in the wall. anthony coughed slightly, before sitting next to peter on the bed.

“how are you?”

peter shrugged.

“listen i know it’s hard, i’ve lost a person i love too i-“

“no.” peter cut off.

“yes, you loved…” peter stopped. he hasn’t said y/n’s name since that phone call. “her but it wasn’t in the same why like i did. so please, don’t say that you get me, because you don’t.”

tony had expected peter to snap back at him, for whatever he was going to say. so he wasn’t shocked.

“i am truely sorry, peter. i now how much you cared for her.”

peter looked down at his hands. “yeah.”

a minute of silence passed, before tony remembered why he came. “listen, i was going through old files this week, and i found this.”

he extended out a small blue usb, causing peter to take it out of his grasp.

“i watched the first couple of seconds, just to check what it actually was, but i think you would want to watch it.”

“what is it?”

“it’s from y/n.”

peter’s eyes went wide, tears forming in his eyes, as he turned to face tony. “what?”

tony titled his head to the side, smiling slightly, before patting his shoulder. “i’ll leave you alone, kid. i’m always here for you.”

“thank you, mr stark.” peter smiled back, but it never reached his eyes as tony nodded his head before leaving his room, and closing the door behind him.

as soon as the door clicked closed, peter shot up to his laptop, putting the usb into the side of the device. a folder popped up on his screen called ‘peter parker.’

he breathed out, double clicking on the blue folder before it opened to reveal one video. clicking on the video, an image of you popped up, making his breath hitch. it was just you, starring into the camera in mid talk, but it made peter’s heart melt.

he wiped away some tears that were falling, before clicking play.

“hi- oh shit-“ the camera fell of your desk, as you yelled making peter chuckle. you were always so clumsy. after picking up the camera, changing the angle slightly, you dropped your hands to your side, smiling widely.

“hi! sorry about that.” you laughed, looking down which is what you did when you were nervous. peter smiled softly, at your little gesture.

“so, i don’t know why i’m doing this. but, if your watching this peter, then i’ve passed. i hope your okay. i’m sorry that i left you this early. i don’t know, joining the avengers has put a higher risk of me getting more hurt. i know you have had your disagreements on me joining.”

peter remembers that argument. he was so worried about you. he wouldn’t want you to get hurt. or worse.

“but, i’m glad we’ve gone past that. but, just incase of an untimely death, i’ve made this little video in private. even though, darling, your asleep next door, so hopefully i haven’t woke you up by my screaming before.”

you giggled on the screen.

so did peter in his empty room.

“erm…when i first met you, on that cold, december day in high school, i knew you were my soulmate. even though, you were very nervous and kept on stuttering over every single word, i knew you would be the love of my life. the one thing i didn’t expect you to be, was to be my bestfriend. and i appreciate you so much for that.”

you breathed out, tears forming in your eyes as you looked deeply into the camera, making peter cover his hand over his mouth to stifle his sobs.

“i- you helped me with everything. i never had a good relationship with anyone. until you. this sounds so cliche, but you made me the person i am today. and no words could describe how grateful i am for that.”

you breathed in, catching your breath before speaking again.

“if i do pass, i want you to move on, alright? i don’t want to see you crying everyday. you deserve to experience love, pete. i hope i do get to spend the rest of my life with you, but stuff happens. you deserve to find someone who loves you as much as i do.”

tears were falling down both of your cheeks now, and peter had to stop himself from bringing his hand up to the screen and wipe them away softly.

but, he had to remind himself that it wasn’t real.

you weren’t in-front of him.

“sorry. i shouldn’t be crying,” you laughed, wiping away your tears, making peter pout, “i just…i’m so overwhelmed with how much i love you. your probably going to be really confused when you wake up to see my sobbing.”

you laughed, before stopping at another voice in the background.

it was his.


peter remembers waking up on that day, panic filling him at the empty sheets next to him.

if only he knew what you were doing.

“oh shit, you’re awake.” you whispered chuckling slightly, as you leaned in to switch the camera off before freezing.

“thank you, peter benjamin parker. for everything.”

with one last smile, the video ended.

and peter’s sobs started.


a/n- sorry about how short this is, but thank you for reading :)


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Summary: You and Peter try something new.

Warnings: Peter x reader, smut

Notes: This is based off of the Ariana Grande song “my hair”. Idk if someone has already written this concept, but this is my take on the song/prompt itself. Enjoy :)


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Hey y’all! Next APFP update probably won’t be for a while, ya girl is planning and trying to work on several other things, but I’m really missing Peter and Tonya at the moment, so I think it’d be really fun if you guys sent in some blurb ideas!


  1. I may have to turn an idea down because I already have something similar planned for the series, or because writing said idea would require me to reveal series details that should not yet be shared. It’s nothing personal, and please don’t be shy about sending in another idea :)
  2. I will get to them when I get to them. Again, absolutely nothing personal! Writing wise, I’m a very busy bee at the moment. I love this series, and I love creating content for you lovely people, but feeling like I’m under pressure kills my creativity, so I kindly ask for you patience. Thank you!

With love, TJ Whitley ❤︎

TAGGING SOME FRIENDS ❤︎: @tinyyoungblood @whattheheckparker @itscaminow

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One Shots

Study Buddies

  • Peter Parker x Reader
  • When your friends can’t make it to an outing with you, Peter offers to accompany you instead. However, he gets caught up on a mission right before he has to meet you. When he shows up in the middle of the night to apologize, you’re more preoccupied over the fact that he’s all bloody and bruised.
  • 1.2k words. Fluff, with lots of pining and a little bit of angst. Mentions of violence. One swear word.

Heart Skips a Beat

  • Peter Parker x Reader
  • You work at a coffee shop on campus and develop a crush on the cute astrophysics major who studies there everyday.
  • 2.2k words. Pure fluff. One curse word.

Hooked On A Feeling

  • Peter Parker x Reader
  • When another competitor at the quiz bowl championships confronts you about using your telepathic powers to cheat your way to victory, you immediately recognize him as Spiderman.
  • 1.6k words. Fluffy flirting and one sorta-curse word.


Stubborn Love (in progress, a three-part series)

Peter doesn’t realize just how much he loves you until after he’s broken your heart. Can he make things right before it’s too late?

Even If It’s a Lie (part I)

  • Peter Parker x Reader, Peter Parker x Gwen Stacy
  • Peter drags you to one of his frat parties, and you realize something you should have a long time ago.
  • 3.3k words. SO much angst, and lots of pining from Y/N. A couple swear words here and there.

When The Party’s Over (part II)

  • Peter Parker x Reader, Peter Parker x Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn x Reader
  • The closer that Peter gets to Gwen, the more he realizes how irreplaceable you are to him.
  • 2.6k words. A few curse words here and there.

The Unbelievers (in progress, a ?-part series)

Between fighting over the elevator and arguing over who gets the last glazed doughnut, you and Peter are the only two interns who don’t seem to notice how perfect you are for each other.

When We First Met (part I)

  • Peter Parker x Reader
  • You’re the new intern at Stark Industries and you’ve made it your mission to figure out just how Peter Parker became Mr. Stark’s favorite.
  • 2.5k words. A slow burn with a few curse words thrown around.
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Part II to “Even If It’s a Lie”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, Peter Parker x Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn x Reader

Summary: The closer that Peter gets to Gwen, the more he realizes how irreplaceable you are to him.

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: A few curse words here and there.

A/N: There’s going to be a third and final part to this story, so if you’d like to be tagged in it, please shoot me an ask or a reply and I’ll gladly add you to the tag list. Hope you guys enjoy this new part and happy reading :-)

“Counted all my mistakes and there’s only one
Standing out from the list of the things I’ve done
All the rest of my crimes don’t come close
To the look on your face when I let you go”
-Where Do Broken Hearts Go, One Direction

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 summary: y/n stark returns after she escaped New York & peter’s rather anxious to see her after what happened between them. But neither fury or tony care about it and assign a mission to them: capture black cat and kingpin. Should be easy right? No, lol. While y/n and peter try to navigate their new “friendship” and try work together to capture kingpin, y/n gets tangled with one pretty felicia hardy and peter doesn’t like it at all. Jealousy doesn’t suit peter or y/n, secret meetings are a must, partying too and even a couple of hookups; everything to save the world, right?


Originally posted by ovtrojeon

Prologue:  y/n comes back from spending one year and a half in Europe for a mission, peter’s nervous as hell for her return and tony is not having any of their shit, so instead of buying an oversize “get-along-shirt” he decides to place them in a “get-along-mission”. 

Dreams- Fleetwood Mac & Illicit affairs -Taylor swift.

Chapter 1: harry osborn is a flirt and justin hammer is a jackass. y/n tells peter that he is an idiot, again. & black cat wants to know what night are they talking about. 

Maniac - Conan Grey

Chapter 2: y/n and peter make the adults laugh -not intentionally-, y/n has always been the designated driver, she never deletes footage and can someone tell gwen that nobody likes her when she’s being possessive? 

Venus- Shocking Blue.

Chapter 3: Kiwi- Harry Styles & Dakiti- Bad Bunny

Chapter 4: Girls like Girls- Hayley Kiyoko

Chapter 5:  Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored- Ariana Grande/ Ta reine- Angèle

Chapter 6: Are you bored yet? – Wallows

Chapter 7: Lights up - Harry Styles & Woman- Harry Styles

Chapter 8: Why’d you only call when you’re high? -Arctic Monkeys

Chapter 9: These boots are made for walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

Epilogue: Hopelessly devoted to you- Olivia Newton-John

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General Summary: y/n stark returns after she escaped New York & peter’s rather anxious to see her after what happened between them. But neither fury or tony care about it and assign a mission to them: capture black cat and kingpin. Should be easy right? No, lol. While y/n and peter try to navigate their new “friendship” and try work together to capture kingpin, y/n gets tangled with one pretty felicia hardy and peter doesn’t like it at all. Jealousy doesn’t suit peter or y/n, secret meetings are a must, partying too and even a couple of hookups; everything to save the world, right?

Summary: y/n comes back from spending one year and a half in Europe for a mission, peter’s nervous as hell for her return and tony is not having any of their shit, so instead of buying an oversize “get-along-shirt” he decides to place them in a “get-along-mission”. 

Listen to: Dreams - Fleetwood Mac and Illicit affairs - Taylor Swift

word count: 7.7k

(author’s note at the end now)

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Peter stared at the entrance of the Compound, hands in the pockets of his jeans with an absent expression drawn on his face. He could hear all the steps of people walking on the compound and he recognized there were far more than what he had gotten used to in one year and a half. 

He remembered how much he had craved the same activity as before, to see his mentors but especially to see you. But now he was panicking, his thoughts were screaming for him to leave before anything could go wrong but still every nerve on his body was pulling him into the compound and he knew the reason. He still couldn’t really process how much his heart still ache to see you again, even after you had been gone all this time without any type of contact. 

But it wasn’t a surprise that you had been avoiding him. 

He knew he had told Tony about what had happened between the two of you and he was sure that you had told him your version of events. But it still seemed like Tony didn’t remember when he had called Peter earlier in the day, he had a mission for him and needed him on the compound with the whole team. 

“The whole team?”

“Yeah, they came back yesterday”

Peter froze midway on his walk to another building on campus for his next class, since he had decided to double major in biophysics and electronic engineering. Tony had dismissed his long pause as he explained the logistics of the meeting and how he could have Happy pick him up if he wanted, Peter didn’t respond and simply by omission agreed for Happy to do it, although he had his car. 

After the call, the rest of the day had been a blur until Happy called him to tell him he was in front of the main campus of Columbia waiting for him. Peter didn’t talk on the ride to the compound and hadn’t even checked in with anyone else in his life. 

He was only focused on what would it be to see you again. 

It was Peter’s first time on Stark Tower after Tony had made him go on a mission regarding Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Germany. Peter had returned from Germany for about a week when he finally got his call for him to go visit Stark Tower and Peter had been more than excited to go. 

“So kid, this is how it’ll work”, Tony explained to him as the door opened to a spacious metallic, modern industrial looking floor that blinded Peter for a second. “There are four different labs here: we have my lab, which is obviously the biggest, Bruce’s lab for when he decides to pay us a visit, Keener’s lab and my daughter’s lab over there”

Peter had been stuck a bit when Tony mentioned someone named Keener since Peter didn’t know anything about anyone else working with them, but everything was washed away when he remembered you. 

It hadn’t always been known that Tony Stark had a kid, you had lived with your mother until she had passed away when you were about five years old and it had been kept a well-hidden secret until Tony was kidnapped. Obadiah Stane had, unfortunately, decided that it would appeal to Tony’s kidnappers’ emotions that his own child would ask for his return. Pepper had been against it, but Stane hadn’t listened and then the world knew about you. 

Since then, the media had been in a frenzy about Tony’s Stark daughter and they didn’t stop, although there wasn’t much, they could get out of you. The main things the world knew about you were that you had left a private school in Malibu when Tony became Ironman and had been homeschooled since you had the same brain as your father and were most likely a super-genius, you got to go to events sometimes regarding Stark’s Industries and, most importantly, you were a member of The Avengers. 

“Dad, where are the blueprints of the exoskeleton?”, a silvery voice asked, coming from your lab and then it followed with your presence. 

Peter was in awe as he took you in. Peter noticed your smile first, it was so warm that it melted him inside when he noticed how well it go with your bright y/e/c eyes. They seemed like galaxies for him, he also noticed your long hair, much longer than the last time Peter had seen on the paparazzi pictures. But what made him smile even more was that you were on leggings and a light blue sweatshirt, looking like a normal teenager but with goggles on, soldering iron on one hand, and a hologram of your suit in the other. 

You were so focused on the design that you were too close when you finally raised your head from the hologram and stopped dead on your tracks when you noticed Peter. 

“Darling, meet Peter Parker”, Tony announced as he patted Peter on the back and pulled him towards your direction. “Parker, meet my daughter”

When you looked up, your gaze linked up with those chocolate light eyes with golden specks and you immediately smiled, knowing exactly who he was. 

“Hi- Hi, what…” Peter’s words stumbled against one another, “I’m Peter”

Peter seemed small and timid, he even looked younger than what you actually thought he was. The freckles that adorned his face didn’t help him look older either but they looked like a constellation, they were accompanied by chocolate curls that fell on his forehead and framed his face perfectly. 

“Lovely to meet you Spiderman”, you replied playfully. 

Peter smiled back and after that, you were smitten. 

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The Beauty that is You

this is a dark!Peter Parker, You!AU!!!!! Told entirely through Peter’s pov female!reader if its in italics its Peter’s thoughts

A/N: Hello!! I’m not sure if I’m going to finish this in a night, but hopefully I get this done soon. This is my present to you all since on Nov 15 I turned 20 year old (whoop whoop) and I wanted to post something that was reader based instead of my usual fics~ this will be maybe 10 or more chapters long, I’m still in the planning process, I just wanted to get chapter one out of my head before writer’s block puts me in a headlock! I hope y’all enjoy~

Warnings: Cursing, stalking, Peter basically being creepy. Mentions of sexual things

Word Count: 1260

The constant glare of the shining sun through the windows of the shop did nothing to ease my anger and annoyance. I wanted nothing more than to knock everything off of the displays, the obnoxious pieces of junk the manager liked to call “art” is what filled each and every display in the store, as if her art was something to be proud of.

Art isn’t even my thing, I only took this job to get closer to MJ and look where that got me. Nowhere. I’m stuck in a crappy job because I thought that it was going to be enough to keep our relationship going. Ooooh boy how wrong I was. No. All she did was betray me, lie to me. Accuse me of-

Hello, who are you? The sound of the door is what initially brought my attention to you, and lord am I grateful for it. The way you held yourself suggests that you’re a little insecure, awkward. Not one of those fake artsy types that think that they’re God’s gift to the earth because they’re decent at drawing at best.

No, you look like you’re actually talented, the small, subtle marks on your hands from what I’m guessing to be a pen says it all. I wonder what it is that brought you in here, I mean in the year that I’ve been here I’ve never seen you before, and most if not all of the customers here are regulars.

“Welcome to Etched in my Art,” I force my voice to be deeper than usual, girl’s usually like men with deep voices. I’m assuming I’m right by the way you turn to look at me.

You’re beautiful by the way, a natural beauty, even under the light makeup you’re wearing I can tell. You look around without moving for a second then you head over to me. Oh good God, you’re heading over to me. I should play it cool, act like you’re not the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. “Can I help you?”

The timid smile that breaks out across your face almost seals the deal, I had to have you. If I let you get away from me that would be the dumbest thing I have ever let happen. Maybe MJ being a total bitch was a blessing, it allowed me to be free for you. “Um, yes, could you point me to the aisle with drawing pads,” your hands are clasped together and your voice immediately makes me want to dive across the counter and take you right in the middle of the store, “and maybe the painting supplies?”

“Uh, yeah, no problem.” Instead of pointing I decide that actually showing you the way would earn me some brownie points, I mean, there’s no one in the store anyways, it’s been slow all day. I could spare a minute, or two, or five, maybe ten.

“Oh,” your voice waivers as you speak, “you don’t have to take me, I’m sure you have other things to do.”

I’d rather be with you, “nah, it’s a slow day and I should check and make sure all the aisles are clean anyways.”

“Oh, okay.”

We walk together and already I can feel how right this is. Can you feel it too? Am I being too quick in my thinking? Am I just trying to get over MJ with the first girl I see? No, that can’t be it. I’ve seen hundreds of girls since her, saved a couple more dozen in that time too. None are as beautiful as you, I can’t believe I ever thought anyone was ever beautiful before, you could easily beat them all in any contest.

The short walk is silent and I want to break through it so badly, maybe I should ask a question? Get you talking? That’s the only way to get to know you, and for you to get to know me. But what to ask?

“How’d you find us?” I could slap myself for being this dumb, maybe I shouldn’t keep it there, “I mean, we aren’t a big craft store, and all of the people that do come here are regulars.” I let my voice trail off. You turn your head to smile at me, is it a habit of yours? To smile at whoever you’re talking to?

“I was trying out another crafts store near my apartment,” you nod to yourself as you speak, it’s cute, “but the guy there was super creepy, so I had to find another place. This one popped up near the bottom of the list, but it seems like it’s already a better fit for me than the first one.”

Oh? “Oh, how long did you try the other one?”

“Not long,” your eyes scan over the selection of drawing pads, seemingly trying to pick between them. I can’t tell the difference, but obviously you can. “I just moved here two months ago, and I started at the other one three weeks ago.”

“Why’d you move here?”

“You know, the want to pursue art like every other person that moves to New York.” Your laugh makes me light up inside, it almost seems depressing when we make it back to the register, I want to keep you here, though this conversation isn’t exactly riveting , it’s more than I thought it would be.

I try to subtly take my time ringing up your things, the assortment of pens and paints makes the total high, much higher than it would be at a general store, I can see your eyes lose their light the more that I scan. Honestly, I shouldn’t do this. I mean, I can literally lose this job if I get caught, but at this moment I’m sure I’d do anything to get that light back.

I take a couple of the pains and pens off, with the addition of adding my employee discount. The total comes out to $40 from the initial $120. The way you look at me almost makes the risk of losing this job worth it, the shock in your eyes makes me want to give you the entire store for free.

“You don’t have to,” your voice is sweeter now, I shake my head with a smile.

“It’s no problem, you’re a lot nicer than the regular assholes. Just don’t tell anyone I give out discounts, or free things.”

“Can do.” You laugh as I fill a bag with your things I want to ask you for your number, but decide against it.

“Good, cash or card?”

“Card,” you dig around in your bag, the card probably hidden in mess. You breathe out as you find it and you slide it onto the counter. Y/N Y/L/N

Huh, cute.

“Your name is really pretty.”

You give me a slight nod and glance at your card, “thanks. I like your name too.”

I looked down at my nametag and there was a little drawn spider web on it, did you notice? Maybe I should get a new tag. “It’s common.”

“Yeah, but it’s nicer than the other common names, like John or Bob.” I give a tiny chuckle at your words, were you flirting? God, I hope you are.

“Well then, thanks.”

You nod as you leave the store, the bell ringing as the door slowly closes and you disappear from my view, it’s annoying that you left. I already yearned for the moment I would see you next. It wasn’t a maybe, I would see you again. I have to.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You work at a coffee shop on campus and develop a crush on the cute astrophysics major who studies there everyday.

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: Pure fluff. One curse word.

A/N: There WILL be a sequel to Even If It’s a Lie! Until then, here’s a little something to hold you guys over :-)

“I saw you on a Sunday in a café
And all you did was look my way
And my heart started to race
And my hands started to shake”
-Nervous, Shawn Mendes

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sure thing, batman {peter parker}


a/n: ohmygodthisisamazing wowowowowowow

warnings: fluff, cursing, maybe some copyright shit idk—


You had always insisted walking home alone from work, reasoning that your building was only a little bit away. Your co-workers had tried to warn you, offering to come with or drive you back to your apartment.

You had refused, saying that you had done it so many times before that it would just be a waste of everyones time.

Now, you didn’t need anyone from work that night, but it sure would’ve saved a special someone from a lot of trouble.

It was the usual silence of the night, sirens in the distance and normal Queens traffic, when all of a sudden you were grabbed by right off the sidewalk.

“Get off me, you fucking twat.” You snapped as he tried to grab your bag, pulling you father snd farther into the back alley.

Hearing a thwip from behind you, the muggers eyes shone with fear as he dropped the bag and ran for it.

Unfortunately, he didn’t run fast enough.

Seeing the white webbing fly past your head, it attaches itself the the mugger’s back jerks him backwards.

The persona whom you had now identified as Spiderman quickly stepped up and tied him to the light post.

It was over as quickly as it started.

Still a little preoccupied, Spiderman was able to tuff out a few words.

“You okay there?” The softness of the voice left you wondering why there was such a familiarity to it.

“Yeah, I’m good, Spidey.” You smiled, until you saw his turned back stiffen and grow straighter. Furrowed brows alerted him as he turned around to see you assessing him.

Peter saw you.

Peter Parker has had a crush on you since freshman year, only hightening his senses as he tried his best to conceal his identity from the likes of you.

He didn’t do a very good job.

“Uh, ma'am–” He deepened his voice, sounding like he had just taken three lines of cocaine.

“That’s not what you sound like, is it?” You crossed your arms at him, raising a a brow as a somewhat offended gasp left the masked hero’s body.

“What are you t-talking about,” He stumbled over his words like a fish out of water. “Of course this is my real voice–”

“Sure thing, batman.” You smiled, gave a wink, and walked away before he could utter a single word.

Thinking to himself, Peter looks down at his feet.

“Batman.” He mumbled softly, smiling at his gloved hands. “I can work with batman.”

And he swung off into the night, a grin covered by the face mask he adorned every night.



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Scenario Game Request: August; 20, T = “Peter Parker invites you on a road-trip because you are his favorite person” 

Requested by: Anonymous

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Gender: Neutral 

Triggers: None          Words: 597

Notes: Intended as Peter and reader are now 18+. Sorry this is just a short drabble, but I hope you liked it :)

Marvel Taglist: @aquariuslavenderhoney

Prompts requested from this post; female avengers version here


Originally posted by peterandygarfield


Originally posted by avenging-fandoms

You stared at the small messes around your apartment, trying to convince yourself that you should tidy up. You finally had time off and now would be the perfect time to do it. 

But the thought alone made you sigh, you needed to clean and tidy, but you didn’t want to. You stared at a particular pile of clean clothes that had yet to be put away; trying to convince yourself to do it, to do something. You knew that if you did nothing, you’d just feel guilty.

Your train of thought was broken when there was fast and loud knocking at your door. Your heart raced a little faster as you wondered what the hell was happening, and who was at your door.

Once you reached the door, you looked through the peephole, you felt immediate relief when you saw Peter on the other side, bouncing excitedly in his place, smile present on his face. 

Opening the door with a smile he grinned at you when he saw you “Hey Pete, what’s up” 

“Let’s go on a road trip” he sputtered out as he entered your apartment, leaving you speechless and confused at the door.

Turning, you see him spin around, smile still present on his face as he looked expectantly and excitedly at you. 

“A road-trip?” you finally asked “Why?” 

“Because it would be fun! We finally both have time off at the same time, let’s do it!” he took a couple steps closer “It’ll be great!”

You couldn’t help the smile that pulled at your lips “Are you sure? I mean, I know we both have chores we’ve been putting off, are you sure we should go on a road-trip instead?” 

“Oh come on Y/n, those chores can wait, we need some time off, some actual time off, from everything” he pouted a little as he tried to convince you. 

“Ehh, I don’t know Peter-”

“Please!” he asked as he fully stood in front of you now, taking your hand in his “You know you want to!”

“You know you could take someone else, maybe-”

“What? No, no it has to be you; you’re my favorite person in the world, you know that, I wouldn’t want to go on a spontaneous road-trip with anyone else! Besides, we haven’t been able to spend any time together recently” he continued to pout at you, knowing it would help in convincing you. 

You failed at holding back your smiled this time before you let out a chuckle “Okay, but we can’t be gone too long Peter”

“Yes!” he exasperated, glad he convinced you, seemingly ignoring your other comment he turned and ran off towards your room “I’ll help you pack, then we can leave first thing tomorrow!”

“Three days at max Pete!” you yelled, getting no response. You chuckled out a sigh as you followed him into your room, wondering what it was you just got yourself into.

+ headcanons

• The road-trip definitely lasted more than just three days. 

• In fact, you barely made it back in time to return back to school/work. 

• You had a great time though; minus the breaking down on a long stretch of highway and having to walk like four miles to get gas. 

• You returned home with a few bags of pointless souvenirs, just to remind you of the great time you had.

• Now there are a ton of Polaroids pinned up around both of your apartments/rooms that you took on the road-trip.

• You decided to take some road-trips again in the future as well.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter drags you to one of his frat parties, and you realize something you should have a long time ago.

Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: SO much angst, and lots of pining from Y/N. A couple swear words here and there.

A/N: I liked writing the first one so much that I couldn’t stop when it came to this one! Enjoy :-)

“This is the last time I’m asking you this
Put my name at the top of your list
This is the last time I’m asking you why
You break my heart in the blink of an eye”
-The Last Time, Taylor Swift

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: When your friends can’t make it to an outing with you, Peter offers to accompany you instead. However, he gets caught up on a mission right before he has to meet you. When he shows up in the middle of the night to apologize, you’re more preoccupied over the fact that he’s all bloody and bruised.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Fluff, with lots of pining and a little bit of angst. Mentions of violence. One swear word.

A/N: This is my first time posting a fanfic! Please be nice :-)

“And with heart shaped bruises
And late night kisses, divine”
-Toothpaste Kisses, The Maccabees

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Nightmares - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Blurb: Peter’s been having nightmares for a while now. What will you do when you find out?

Genre: Bit of angst, bit of fluff.

The slight luminance of the moon filtered through your windows in sheets, lighting up the otherwise dark room. You lay in peace, slowly succumbing to the peaceful clutches of sleep. Yet, something snapped your eyes open.

Soft sobs reverberated through your bedroom, and they weren’t yours. They were coming from the other side of your wall, another room.

Peter’s room.

Ever since Peter moved into the compound, the two of you had become rather close, hanging out in his room after missions playing video games, or helping each other with projects. He was a really sweet guy, sort of like a confused puppy half of the time you two were together.

You got up and rushed to the door, before groaning at the fact that these entries would be in the logs, therefore being a hot topic of tomorrow’s breakfast conversation.

Shaking the dread of the following morning’s chatter out of your mind, you gently pressed your finger to the scanner, and the door slid open with such an aggressive beep that it made you wince.

The sobs became louder as you approached the door to Peter’s room, gently tapping in the master access code into the keypad. As the door opened with a whoosh, the sight that met you made your heart shatter.

The boy was curled up in a ball on his bed, grasping at the sheets in fear, tears streaking down his face. He was crying in his sleep.

You walked up to the bed, sat next to him and gently shook him awake.

Peter gasped and whipped his head to look at the offender, his eyes softening when he realized it was just you. You saw that his eyes were bloodshot, paired with his flushed face.

“Pete,” You whispered, careful to not alert FRIDAY to your location. “You were crying.”

He didn’t say anything in return, just sighed loudly in relief and wrapped his arms around you, rocking slowly back and forth.

“I can’t sleep without that happening anymore.” He shuddered in your embrace.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. In your experience, talking solved many problems.

“Y-you were there, and May, and Mr. Stark, and everyone,” He let out a strained sob. “And I couldn’t freakin’ save you guys.”

You stayed silent, knowing he wanted to go on.

“A-and, y’know I’m supposed to be Spider-man, right? I’m supposed to protect everyone, and I couldn’t even save you all.” He closed his eyes and held one of your hands against his face, as if relishing in the fact that you were actually there. “Well, then, what kind of hero am I?”


I couldn’t even save you.

“Hey, take a breath.” You said, drowning in those cinnamon eyes. “It’s okay. You’re okay. I’m right here.”

He seemed to calm at that, your words having an effect on him. Your heart ached for him, guilt piling that you hadn’t helped him sooner. You lay him back down, hoping that he might be able to actually get some sleep.

After a few minutes of silence, and you assumed he had dozed off, there was the tell of the steady rise and fall of his chest. As you stood up to leave, you felt a hand wrap around your wrist. You turned to see Peter half-sitting up and looking at you with pleading eyes.

“Stay.” He whispered. “Please. It’ll be better with you here.”

You nodded and, all thoughts of questions that would be asked the next day gone, slid under his blanket to accompany him. He felt safe with you around, the fact that he might start awake and you’d be right next to him was the most comforting thing in the world.

The thing is, with one of his arms thrown around your waist, holding you close, he slept soundly for the rest of the night.

The next morning, however:


(A/N): omg that was so fun to writee~! i hope you like it :) follows, likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated 🥺

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