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#peter parker oneshot
writing-wh0re · 2 hours ago
I can have one where Peter is a fuck boy and unknowingly slept with Y/N (stark) and they meet at the tower on a group meeting day. (and he in front of the avengers pretends to be innocent). Love you
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests.
Peter Park x Female Reader - Tony Stark's Daughter.
Words: 3,625 - longest I've ever written.
Warnings: Smut18+, Vaginal intercourse, Male and Female Performing Oral, Praise Kink, Unprotected Sex, Fuckboy Peter Parker, Angst.
A/n: I hope you enjoy this, I took three hours to write and edit this. I got a little carried away with it (I think) and I apologise for it being sooo long.
So far your senior year had been amazing, you were destined to finish top of your class which would make your dad happy and you had also been offered an internship with him, which some of your classmates thought was bullshit but hey, considering you didn’t want to go to some flashy expensive school, you were doing pretty good, even with your dad’s help.
That was until you went out to your first party with your best friend Macie, she thought it was about time you let loose and have fun. You didn’t want to go and had even told your mum and dad who only encouraged you to go out, so that plan backfired. So here you were, standing in Macie’s living room, red solo cup in your hand while dancing with your best friend, happy to have listened to her for once and let loose.
“How do you know this many people?”
Macie shakes her head “I don't know them, they’re Tyler’s friends from his school.” I nod in agreement, looking around the room for Tyler, Macie's boyfriend who is chatting with a guy I’ve never seen before. His brown slightly curly hair, puppy dog eyes and a smile that causes butterflies inside of my stomach. Macie grabs my shoulder, following my line of sight before laughing and shaking her head.
“Peter Parker.”
“Peter Parker” I repeat his name, loving the way it sounds as it falls from my lips. “He’s fucking hot.”
Macie laughs at me before nodding. “Yeah he’s alright, he goes to school with Tyler. He’s a bit of a ladies man but I don’t know too much about him.”
“He’s into science and technology?” I almost feel bad for questioning the boy's intelligence, judging him solely on his handsome appearance.
“Yeah, Tyler, Peter and a guy called Ned won their last science fair two weeks ago.” Macie informs. “Let's go say hi.” Macie grabs my arm pulling me through the body’s of unknown teenagers before we come face to face with Peter and Tyler.
“Hey babe, we were just talking about you.” Tyler pulls Macie into his side, kissing the side of her head.
My eyes fall to Peter, both of us smiling at each other. I feel my skin fall hot slightly as his eyes wander over my body. I mentally thank myself for wearing my red leather shirt and lace crop top.
“I’m Peter.”
“Y/n.” I smile before hearing someone clear their throat. Turning my attention to Macie, a cocky smirk on her face.
“Tyler and I want to play beer pong, want to join?”
“You’d have to be partners though.” Tyler quickly adds, before walking away with Macie to the table to set the game up, not even waiting for a response.
I look to my side slightly silently asking Peter if he’d like to join.
“I need words Y/n.” I take in a sharp breath at what Peter just said to me.
“Uh, would you, um like to be my partner for beer pong?” Peter licks his lips before smirking at me.
“Of course.” His hand falls to the middle of my back as he guides me to the table Tyler and Macie had just set up. Macie raises her eyebrow at me, causing me to blush and shake my head, knowing exactly what she is thinking.
“Okay so standard rules, but we haven’t decided what the winner gets yet.” Tyler states.
I watch Macie stand on her tippy toes whispering something into Tylers ear causing him to chuckle.
“Okay, the winner has to make out with their team member.”
I sigh at my best friend before nodding.
“Fine, okay.”
“Sound a little more excited.” Peter whispers, flicking his eyes from mine to my lips. I roll my eyes, ignoring his comment as Macie flips a coin.
“Heads.” I call quickly, watching Macie reveal the coin, heads being the winner.
Tyler throws Peter the ball, catching it perfectly in one swift motion.
“Fuck.” I whisper to myself, seeing him smirk slightly. He surely didn’t hear me, did he?
I stand beside Peter as he lines up the first shot, landing the ball into the cup causing Tyler to groan.
“Lucky shot.” Macie mumbles before lining up to take her shot, missing the cup as I pout.
“Awh Mace.” Macie narrows her eyes at me before flipping me off.
I grab the ball, lining up the shot, before I can let go of the ball, Peter’s hand falls to my elbow, his other placed in the middle on my back.
“Lower, otherwise you’ll miss and we want to win.” His warm breath fans my neck causing my heartbeat to pick up. I let the ball slip through my fingertips, missing the cup I was originally planning on but landing the ball in the one behind.
“That’s unfair.” Macie complains before drinking from the cup.
The game continues with us losing our lead, until the last cup for both teams. I take a deep breath, knowing it's my go and praying that I won’t miss this shot.
“Breathe, lower your arm, line it up and sink it.” Peter whispers, his lips against my ear, his hands placed on my hips. I follow his instructions, taking a breath, lowering my arm and letting go of the ball. The room feels like it slows down as the ball bounces on the table, landing into the cup.
“Good girl.”
An uncontrollable whimper leaves my lips which causes his grip on my hips to tighten, feeling my arousal pool in my panties.
“Holy shit, you won!” Macie cheers, clapping her hands as Tyler follows suit.
I don’t get a chance to respond to Macie as my body is spun around, my chest bumping into Peter’s. One of his hands cupping my cheek, the other still on my hip, his lips locking onto mine. I feel my body relax against his lips, putting my arms around his neck deepening our kiss.
Peter smiles against my lips, everyone around us whooping and hollering at our interaction. We pull away from each other, before he leans back in, quickly pecking my lips.
*Optional but I listened to this song while writing this next part*
“I love this song, Y/n come dance.” Macie almost squeals, grabbing my arm and pulling me from Peter’s embrace. “Was that as good as it looked?”
“God yes.”
Macie smiles at me before mouthing the words ‘she got that rich girl la vibe.’ gesturing to me as I flip my hair over my shoulder, laughing at my best friend. Macies hands fall to my hips, swaying to the beat with me, I place my arms around her neck singing the words with her.
Macie goes wide eyed slightly before letting go of my hips, I raise my eyebrow about to protest her actions before feeling a familiar grip. I tilt my head back, resting on his shoulder grinding my ass against his crotch, his grip tightening on my hips.
I roll my eyes, spinning around in his embrace, without a second thought I lean forward, kissing up his neck before softly biting his earlobe.
“Make me.” I dont have a second to think before I’m being pulled behind Peter, a smug smile on my face. He drags me through the crowd, banging on the bathroom door before pulling me through the door with him.
His lips are instantly on mine, my back against the door, his fingertips running up and down my sides. I grab his wandering hand, placing it on my boob causing him to groan softly. I bite his bottom lip, pulling back as our eyes lock together. His lips fall to my neck, kissing and biting the skin.
“You’re fucking gorgeous.”
His compliment causes a shiver to run down my spine, my fingers running through his hair, pulling on his curly locks earning a moan from his lips. The warmth of his body leaves mine, grabbing my hips and picking me up, I softly squeal, shocked how easily he lifted me. Peter places me on the bathroom counter, tugging on top as I pull the flimsy lace fabric from my body, his lips instantly kissing my boobs, swiping his tongue across my nipple.
“Fuck.” I hiss, watching Peter pull my nipple between his teeth. Peter kisses down my body, pulling my skirt up letting it sit around my waist.
“You’re dripping for me.” Peter presses against my clit through the fabric of my g-string. I slowly rock my hips up, attempting to get some friction.
“Needy little girl.”
I whimper at his words, feeling myself become wetter by the second. A gasp falls from my lips as Peter pulls my panties to the side, blowing on my glistening heat.
“Please.” I beg, causing Peter to chuckle. He trails feather light kisses up my thighs before licking a stripe from my core to my clit. On instinct my fingers tangle in his hair, my head falling back against the mirror, mouth agape as moans and gasps fall from my lips like water.
“Yes, fuck.”
Peter slides a finger inside of me, causing my pussy to clench around the contact. His lips cover my clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves earning a hiss from me. Peter adds another finger, pumping in and out of my pussy, my hand slaps across my mouth, muffling my cries of pleasure. Peter looks up at me, using his free hand to pull my elbow.
“Let me hear you.”
I flutter my eyes closed, Peter’s lips on my thigh, sucking and biting the skin, his fingers still buried deep inside of me.
“I’m close.”
The second the words escape me, I regret them. Peter pulls away from me, standing to undress himself. Without a second thought I fall to my knees, looking up at him through my lashes.
“Naughty girl.”
My hands fall to his pants, unbuttoning his jeans before hurriedly unzipping them. I palm his cock through his underwear, a breathless moan escaping from his lips. I tug at the fabric, having his help to pull it off. His dick springs free, my breath hitching at the size of him.
I take him in my hand, pumping up and down slowly, swirling my tongue around the head. Peter bites his lip, his fingers brushing through my hair, his eyes focusing on my every move. I lick from the base to the tip before taking him fully in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down. The sounds Peter makes cause my pussy to ache, his fingers pull on my hair, helping to guide my mouth. I gag around him as he hits the back of my throat, an unholy sound falling from his lips at the contact.
Peter pulls my mouth off him, pulling me up by my arms, placing me on the counter again. I grab his cock, running it up and down my slit, causing Peter to chuckle.
“Someone’s eager.” I simply answer him by positioning his cock at my entrance, hooking my legs around his waist to pull him into me.
I moan at the feeling of him inside of me, his eyes flutter closed at the contact, moaning at the sensation.
“You feel so good.” I smirk at him, watching his eyes flick to where our bodies meet, his thumb brushing against my clit.
I pull Peter closer to me, locking our lips together as he slides in and out of me, deeper with each thrust, causing my body to tingle, the speed of his thumb picking up before slowing right back down.
I pull away from our kiss, trailing kisses down his jaw, running my tongue down his neck, sucking and biting the skin. Peter grips my ass at the contact of my lips, spanking me hard as I rack my nails down his back.
“Just like that Peter.” I whisper in his ear, softly biting his earlobe as he groans.
“Fucking so good.”
I feel the band inside of me tighten, my pussy tightening around his cock.
“Cum for me, come on baby.” My eyes roll back, shocks of electricity flowing through me, holding onto Peter tight. Peter moans against my shoulder, biting the skin before finding his own release.
Before he pulls out, Peter kisses me, holding my face in his hands.
“You’re incredible.” Blush heats up my cheeks as he pulls out of me, hissing at the loss of contact. Peter and I both get dressed quickly, walking back out to the party, moving through the crowd to find Macie and Tyler.
I lock eyes with Macie as her mouth falls open, quickly rushing over to me and pulling me away from Peter.
“You had sex.”
“Shh, don’t tell the whole party.”
Macie rolls her eyes, moving my hair over my shoulder before wincing.
“Have fun explaining that one to your dad.”
I go wide eyed slightly, turning to the hallway mirror and seeing three hickies on my neck.
“Fucking hell.”
Macie chuckles at my expense, pulling me with her to go back to Peter and Tyler. I frown my brows, Tyler now by himself.
“Uh, where did Peter go?” I question as Tyler shrugs. I quickly look around the living room, my eyes landing on Peter watching him slip out the front door without a word.
“Did he just leave?” Macie asks almost dumb founded.
“Guess so.”
“Don’t beat yourself up Y/n, just be lucky you didn’t sleep with Peter, he’s a bit of a fuckboy to be honest.” Tyler chuckles as I feel my body fall cold. Tyler looks between myself and Macie, choking on his drink slightly. “You fucked him.”
“I’m going to head home.” I mumble, Macie quickly pulling me into a hug, walking me to her front door, the same one Peter had just ducked out of.
“You can stay.”
“It’s fine Macie, I want to shower and sleep in my own bed.” Macie smiles weakly at me, pulling me into another embrace. “I’ll text you.”
Macie nods in response as I pull my phone out, calling Happy to pick me up.
The next morning I wake up feeling rough, hating that I mixed different alcohol’s and feeling off about having slept with a complete stranger, knowing how unlike me that is.
“Good morning Y/n, your dad would like to see you in the kitchen.” Friday’s voice bounces off my bedroom walls. I groan at the announcement, grabbing a scrunchie to throw my hair up in a messy ponytail. I quickly look over my outfit, sweatpants and a stark industries crop jumper, good enough. I grab a pair of socks before walking out onto the cold tiles.
“Friday summoned me.” I announce walking into the kitchen, seeing my dad and the avengers sitting around the table. “Oh awesome.” I whisper.
“And what time did you get home?”
“Eleven, maybe.”
I open the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water and sitting on the bench, facing everyone.
“How was the party? You’ll have to tell us everything.” Wanda smiles as I nod.
“Y/n Stark, what is that on your neck?” My dad bellows, standing up and tilting my head, looking at the hickies on my neck.
“Nothing.” I push my dad away as everyone at the table snickers.
“You did tell her to go out and party.” Steve states causing my dad to turn and point at the super soldier.
“Stay out of this Rogers.”
“She’s young Tony, let her enjoy her last few weeks of school.” Nat pipes up causing my dad to tut and sit back down.
‘Thank you.’ I mouth to Steve and Nat as they both smile and nod at me.
“So why do you look like you’re having a meeting?”
“We are welcoming a new member to the avengers.” My dad states, sipping his coffee.
“Right, so why did you want me here for that?”
“Because you haven’t met him yet and you’re both going to be interning for me in a few weeks, thought it might be good to be acquainted.” I nod in response to my dad, taking a sip of my water.
“They’re all waiting for you.” I hear Happy’s voice say as he walks into the room, all of the avengers stand and look behind me, I turn and look over my shoulder, feeling my heart beat pick up, my mouth falling dry.
“Peter.” His name falls from my lips in shock.
Peter’s eyes lock onto me as he swallows harshly.
“Peter, buddy, welcome.” My dad greets him like an old friend, his eyes moving from mine to my dads.
I feel a hand grip my forearm, a gasp pulling me out of my thoughts, I quickly pull out of the grip.
“Get out of my head Wanda.”
“He did this.” Wanda whispers gesturing to my neck, Nat and Steve both looking at me. I hold my finger to my lips, pleading with my eyes.
“How much did you see?” Nat whispers to Wanda. I don’t hear Wanda’s response as my dad calls me over to him. I quickly slip off the bench, Nat with a small smirk on her face. I sigh softly knowing they know.
“You called.”
“Peter Parker, this is my daughter Y/N Stark, she will be interning with you and is typically on our communications for missions.” My dad states as Peter puts out his hand for a headshake, I scoff before accepting his gesture.
“So what’s your ability?”
“He’s Spiderman, isn’t it great to finally put a face to the suit.” My mum says, standing next to Happy. Instantly, everything from last night makes sense, the smirk he had when I whispered, the soft touches, leaving the party abruptly. It all makes sense, he knew what he was doing. He could read me like a fucking book.
“Y/n is very fond of you, she studied your web abilities.” My dad states, causing me to run my hand down my face.
“Ah, well, maybe you should show me what you learnt and I could fill in any blanks.” Peter states, causing my dad to hum in approval.
“Why don’t you do that now while I get paperwork ready for you to sign.” My dad smiles. I feel a hand cup my shoulder, looking to the right and seeing Steve.
“Steve Rogers.”
Peter grabs his outstretched hand, wincing slightly at the grip Steve gives. I slightly elbow the super soldier, knowing Wanda told him what she saw.
“Maybe Banner should go with them, do you want a teenage boy to be left alone with your teenage daughter?” Steve asks, my dad sighs before chuckling.
“Clearly she was with a teenage boy last night, I’m sure Peter here is harmless compared to last night's company.”
I hear Nat and Wanda giggle before passing it off as something else.
“Go.” My dad instructs, I sigh, turning away from him and leading the way to the lab.
The walk to the lab is silent, only my dad’s voice bouncing off the walls asking the group why they’re being weird.
I walk over to my desk, grabbing the file on ‘Web Slinger’ and handing it to Peter.
“Take it.”
Peter’s hand brushes against mine before he grabs the file, sitting in the chair beside mine.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
I scoff, shaking my head. “Oh yeah because you gave me time to tell you.”
Peter sighs, putting the file on my desk before pulling my chair closer to him.
“Could have told me beforehand.”
“It didn’t seem to matter, how was I supposed to know who you were?”
Peter stays quiet, his eyes looking everywhere but mine.
“Not like you stayed afterwards for us to actually have a conversation.”
“I had shit to do, people to save.” Peter states, now looking at me dead in the eyes.
“Fine, I get that but couldn’t you give me your number or some way of contacting you?”
Peter once again stays quiet.
“Did you tell them? Because Captain America seems to be protective.”
I scoff, rolling my eyes. “No, I didn’t tell them. Wanda Maximoff read my mind, guess she told him.” Peter sighs before I continue, “Look, we can just forget it, okay? You’re a part of their team now and we’re just going to have to move on.”
Peter’s hand falls to my knee, his thumb rubbing against the fabric of my sweatpants.
“What if we don’t move on? What if we start something?”
“Peter, I don’t want you to feel you have to start something because I’m your boss's daughter, if you want to forget it ever happened we can.”
Peter tuts, moving his hand from my knee to my face.
“I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I meant what I said last night, you’re incredible” My heartbeat picks up, butterflies erupting inside of me causing Peter to smirk. “I have an effect on you.”
“Cocky arent you.”
Peter smirks smugly, before brushing his lips against mine.
“If you don’t want to try this, stop me.” Peter hesitates for a few seconds before I close the gap between us, kissing him. Peter’s hands move under my thighs, picking me up from the chair and placing me on my desk.
“Peter Parker!” Peter jumps away from me at the shouting of my dad’s voice. “You two have some explaining to do.”
Peter scratches the back of his neck, looking at me as I shrug lightly.
“Maximoff told me, I should have listened to Rogers, but don't tell him I said that.” My dad walks over to us, grabbing the chair Peter once sat in. “I’m listening.”
Peter takes a deep breath before explaining it all to my dad, leaving out a few details as I but in to fill any holes.
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starknik22 · 6 hours ago
Reckless [T.H]
Tumblr media
Summary: In a fit of jealousy, Tom embarrasses you in front of your new friend and the entire pub, leaving you heartbroken at his reckless actions.
Word Count: 4.1k
Warnings: Swearing, angst, slut-shaming 
a/n: hi! sorry this took so so so long for me to get out! i got super busy with other works, but i’m super happy with how this turned out :) i hope you enjoy this, and don’t worry, i know how scary those warnings look ^ but this ends happy, i promise! as always, comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
Tom was an idiot. He was an actual fucking idiot. He now realizes that as he watches you run out of the pub with hot tears streaming down your face. He watches as Harry runs after you, your bag in his hand, probably to make sure you make it back home safe since there was no way you’d return to the crowded bar, where Harrison and Sam were giving Tom death glares, the same little pub where Tom had made a complete fool out of you. 
The few months Tom came home to London were always the setting of your most cherished memories. Sometimes it seemed like when he left so did the whole group of friends you surround yourself with.
There was no doubt in your mind that Tom was the life of the party. He had a certain aura about him that caused some of the most fucked up, but amazing situations to occur. That was probably one of the reasons you loved him so much. 
When he was in town, his brothers, Harrison, and Tuwaine all joined together to make the next few months memorable before he had to leave again, and you were always included, but when he was gone, Harry usually went with him, Harrison focused on work for himself, and Sam focused on his restaurant. The world slowed down after Tom left, and so many times, you were left to wait for his return; alone. 
Tom hated leaving you behind every time he went back to the states, but you had such deep roots in London, he didn’t want to pry you from your family for months on end. He loved you too much to constantly subject you to his hectic lifestyle. He spent as much time with you as he could when he saw you, but the second he had to go, it was all tearful goodbyes in a crowded airport. 
You and Tom had been best friends for decades at this point. You supported him no matter what it was that he wanted to accomplish. He’s even said in interviews that he credits a huge bulk of his success to his friend back home, then he’d give a wink to the camera, and you always knew it was for you. 
When Tom came home after filming Spider-Man: No Way Home, you practically tackled him to the ground in a hug. 
“You div,” You mumbled into his neck, “you forgot to let me FaceTime with Zendaya.” 
“Oh, shit!” Tom gasped, finally remembering your request to talk to your favorite actress, “my bad.”
You looked at Tom incredulously, “I don’t think I can be friends with you anymore.” You feigned hurt, clutching your hand to your chest, “it just hurts too much.” 
“That’s a damn shame,” Tom frowned, “I mean, I could just FaceTime Zendaya now, but if that’s how you—”
“I changed my mind,” You smiled sweetly, cutting him off, “love you, bestie.” 
Tom rolled his eyes and pulled you into another hug, “Missed you, bestie.” 
“Um,” Sam, Paddy, and Harrison stood behind you, clearing their throats. 
“Missed you guys too,” Tom sighed, and he rushed over and gave his brothers and friend a hug.
You gave Harry a hug while Tom chatted with his brothers, quickly catching up with him. 
“What’s the plan for tonight, guys?” You spoke up. 
Every night after Tom got back, he’d go back to his flat and take a nap before a night out on the town. Usually, you’d bar hop a bit before going to a club, so tonight wasn’t likely to be any different. 
“I was thinking we could get dinner at Lorenzo’s,” Harry said, “then maybe hit the pub on Ashford?”
You and the others nodded in agreement as you made your way out of the airport.
“Can I invite my friend Avery?” You asked. 
Tom nodded, “Sure, I didn’t even know you had any other friends, (Y/N),” he joked.
“Haha,” You laughed sarcastically, “gee that was a good one, Tom. You really got me.” 
“What can I say?” He smirked, “I’m a comedian.” 
“Is that the guy you met in your philosophy lecture?” Harrison butt in.
“Yeah,” You nodded, “he’s really sweet, so be on your best behavior guys, and maybe don’t be yourselves, just this once?” you suggested with a slightly teasing tone. 
“Are you trying to impress him or something?” Tom inquired.
“No,” You scoffed, “I’m just trying to not throw him to the wolves.” 
Tom laughed along, but it was strained. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of adding a new member to your friend group, and the little glint in your eye when you talked about Avery made his heart tighten. 
“Okay,” You smiled as you set the last of Tom’s luggage in his living room, “I’ll let you get some sleep then.”
You gave him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek, “see you later.” 
Tom reciprocated and inhaled the sweet smell of lavender in your locks of hair, “mhm,” he sighed, “see ya.” 
Harrison was about to walk out after you when Tom grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him back, “Mate, what the fuck.” he grumbled as he stumbled over his feet, “I thought you wanted to take a nap?”
“I slept on the plane,” Tom explained quickly, “you’ve been here the whole time, right?” Harrison nodded, “so you know this Avery guy, yeah?”
Harrison shook his head, “I haven’t talked to (Y/N) much this past month, but he’s probably on her Instagram.” 
Harrison pulled out his phone and looked at posts you’d been tagged in, “Ah, here.” He handed the phone to Tom and pointed to the tall blonde guy in a group photo with you and some other friends, “He’s the tall blonde.” 
Tom studied the picture with a small frown, “They’re not dating though, right?”
“She said he was her friend,” Harrison shrugged.
“You know what I mean,” Tom rolled his eyes, “do they look really chummy to you?”
“His hand’s kind of close to her butt, but other than that I don’t know.” Harrison pointed it out, causing Tom’s heart to momentarily stop. 
“Ok, new plan,” Tom announced, “I’m going to ask (Y/N) out tonight.” 
Harrison scoffed and rolled his eyes. “What?” Tom wondered.
“You’ve said that almost every single time you’ve been home and you always chicken out.”
“No, I don’t!” Tom gasped in offense, “It’s just hard to find the right time.”
“You’ve literally had hundreds of opportunities to tell her how you feel, Mate.”
“It has to be perfect.” Tom insisted, “I can’t just ask her out of the blue, I have to butter her up first.”
“That’s dumb.” 
“Oh, fuck off,” Tom groaned, “get out, I changed my mind, I’m going to sleep.” 
Harrison rolled his eyes and chuckled before giving Tom a pat on the back and leaving. Tom waved goodbye as Harrison drove away, and then rushed to his phone. 
“FaceTime Zendaya,” he instructed Siri. The call went through and soon Tom was met with Zendaya's tired eyes in a dark room. 
“Hey, Z!” Tom said cheerfully, “best friend, bestest pal in the world. The person that never wants to see me fail ever, my greatest companion—“
“Tom,” Zendaya groggily cut him off, “what the fuck do you want, I’m sleeping.” 
“How do you ask a girl out?”
Zendaya sat up a little more and turned on her bedside lamp, “What? You don’t know how to ask a girl out?”
“Well I do,” Tom backtracked, “but I want it to be special. I’ve been in love with this girl for nearly two years now and every time I go to ask her out, I chicken out.”
“I don’t know, what does she like?”
“Well one time she told me her favorite animal was a sea otter, should I get her one?” Tom pondered, hand resting in his chin in thought. 
“Um, no, what the fuck?” Zendaya squinted her eyes at Tom, “have you gotten any sleep yet?” 
Tom shook his head, “This is important, Z, now help me!” 
Zendaya rolled her eyes, “I’ll text you some ideas, but for now just go get some sleep. With how tired you are now you’d probably call her the wrong name or something.” 
Tom rolled his eyes, but the action caused his eyelids to droop even more, “Fine, fine,” he conceded, “I’ll let you know how it goes.” 
“Okay,” Tom announced at the restaurant before you arrived, “I’m going to ask (Y/N) out tonight so I need you all to shut up and not distract me or make me nervous.”
Harrison, Harry, and Sam just stared at Tom. Tuwaine, for some unknown reason, started clapping. 
“Tom,” Harrison began, “no offense, but—“
“Ah ah ah,” Tom stopped him, “is what you’re about to say going to bruise my ego?” Harrison thought about it for a moment before slowly nodding, “okay, then shut the fuck up, respectfully. I don’t need any bad juju tonight.” 
“Well, I’m happy for you, Mate,” Tuwaine nodded. He was the closest to you after Tom and he knew all about your crush on the brown-haired Brit. You might’ve let it slip once when you were drunk, and since you didn’t willingly tell Tuwaine, he was sworn to secrecy. “I’m positive she’ll say yes.” 
“Thank you,” Tom smiled at him, sending a slight glare to the others for their lack of faith in him. “As for the rest of you, I can’t wait to prove you wrong.” 
You walked into the restaurant with Avery hunched over from laughing so hard. Tom smiled in your direction and waved you over, “Hey, (Y/N/N)! Over here!”
“Wow,” You chuckled, “must’ve been a good nap. Little energetic there, huh?” 
Tom went in to give you a tight hug, holding you close, “Just missed you,” he mumbled into your hair. 
“I just saw you a few hours ago?”
Avery stood by you awkwardly, waiting for Tom to release you. Tom reluctantly let you go and pulled a chair out for you, next to him. 
“Thanks,” you smiled at him, motioning for Avery to sit next to you, “hey, everyone,” you smiled at the group of boys that were properly about to piss themselves at Tom’s over-the-top behavior, “this is Avery.” 
“Hi,” He waved at the group as a small chorus of ‘hellos’ rang across the table. He turned to Tom to shake his hand, “I’m a big fan, Mate. Love your work.” 
Tom smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks, it means a lot.” smiled politely, shaking Avery's hand. 
Dinner went off without a hitch, at least in your opinion. Avery was melding well with your friends and he was cracking jokes like he’d know the group for years. 
The boys seemed to enjoy his sense of humor and what he added to the conversation. Sam and him even found that they shared an interest in cooking, which led to them having a slightly heated discussion about how real Gordon Ramsey’s cooking skills are; which ended in laughs. 
However, Tom was probably having one of the worst nights of his life. Every time Avery playfully shoved you while you two laughed he wanted to wring his neck. It also didn’t help that he couldn’t find the perfect time to ask you out. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to ask you out with all of his mates around. 
Tom smiled and laughed along with the jokes, but once you looked away he was back to frowning. 
“Tom,” Harry nudged his brother, “wipe that scowl off your face.” 
“I’m not scowling,” Tom grumbled, “this is my normal face.” 
Harry rolled his eyes and kicked his older brother under the table, “You need to ask her soon. I think Avery is trying to make some moves on her.” Harry noticed, seeing how Avery casually had his arm around your chair. 
Tom rolled his eyes, “As if I can't see that for myself,” he scoffed. “I don’t want to ask her with all of you watching. What if she says no?” 
“We can leave you alone for a bit when we go to the pub, but I’m not sure if Avery will go with us.” Harry shrugged, “you could always ask her out tomorrow.” Harry suggested. 
“No!” Tom exclaimed, causing everyone to look at him and Harry, “Sorry, I—um, I just don’t really like that shirt on you Harry; it makes my eyes hurt.” 
Harry looked down at his shirt for a moment and then frowned, sending a light smack to Tom, “You bought me this shirt you div.”
Everyone went back to their own conversations so Tom leaned in to talk to Harry some more, “I can’t wait for tomorrow. What if I chicken out again?”
“Then you’re an idiot.” Harry deadpanned with a shrug. 
The pub was way more packed than anyone expected. The new addition of live music to the outside patio definitely livened up the place and more customers went to see what local band would be playing next. 
The pub had a classic English pub feel, with the wood flooring and the yellow-tinted walls, but it also had a modern twist with a back patio and outdoor seating with fairy lights, and the lights that illuminate under the bar itself. 
“I’m gonna go check out the band,” Harry announced after he came back with your drinks, “you guys should all come with me.” He said with a slight side-eye to Sam, Tuwaine, and Harrison. 
“Eh, I’m not really into—” Sam began, but Harry sent him a quick kick under the table. “Ow! I mean, I love music.” Sam smiled enthusiastically. 
“I’m gonna stay back and finish this beer,” Tom said, holding up the large pint of beer he was already a quarter of the way through, “(Y/N), wanna race to see who can finish first?” He suggested trying to get you to stay behind.
“Oh you’re totally on,” You smirked, “but I am going to take a quick peek at the band. We can race after I get back.” You got up from your seat and began walking away with Harry and the boys. Tom pouted at how horribly that plan worked. Harry looked back at Tom apologetically as he held the door open for you.
“Wow,” Avery smiled beside Tom, scaring him, “she really is something.” 
“Holy shit, Mate,” Tom held a hand to his heart, “you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought you went with them?” 
“Nah,” Avery shook his head, “I’m not really into music,” he shrugged. 
“Oh, okay,” Tom nodded. “What were you just saying?”
“(Y/N),” Avery looked towards the back patio exit dreamily, “she’s amazing. I mean I would definitely ask her out, but probably not at a pub surrounded by her mates, y’know?” 
“Mhm, yeah,” Tom said quietly, his heart already beginning to shatter into millions of inconsolable pieces. “I mean, she’s alright.” He said with a forced laugh, trying to fend Avery away from you, “she definitely isn’t really your type, though.” 
“What do you mean?” Avery asked, taking a sip from his beer, “she’s perfect, mate.”
“I mean,” Tom racked his brain for an excuse big enough to make Avery not want you, “you don’t think it’s a little weird she’s in a friend group with all boys?” 
“No,” Avery said slowly, skeptically looking back at the exit, “she just clicks with boys, I guess. Girls and guys can just be friends.”
“Not her,” Tom scoffed, “I mean, it’s just a little obvious, y’know?”
You and the rest of the boys were heading back in, seeing as the back patio was completely overcrowded with patrons. 
“What’s obvious?” Avery asked, raising his voice slightly due to the volume in the bar. 
“(Y/N)’s only friends are guys!” Tom nearly yelled over the volume of chatter, not realizing that the surrounding customers could hear him, “makes me wonder how many she’s slept with! I mean, that’s not a coincidence to me!” 
The surrounding customers halted their conversations, leaving only Tom’s voice filtering through the air and into your ears. 
“That’s crazy,” Avery chuckled awkwardly, “I don’t think she’s like that.” He shook his head, annoying Tom. In a final last-ditch effort to get Avery off your back, he said the worst thing he could, loudly, into a quieting pub. 
“Well, she hits on me all the time,” Tom shrugged, “she’s just a bit whorish, I guess.” 
“Tom,” Tuwaine cleared his throat, interrupting their conversation, “what the fuck, mate?” 
Tom looked at all the boys next to Tuwaine, and behind them was you, teary-eyed with harsh sobs racking through your body. 
You whispered something to Harry, and then all but ran out the front door. Harry walked over to where Tom was sitting and picked up your purse.
“Harry I—” Tom tried.
“Shut the fuck up, Tom.” Harry snapped, “You're an idiot and an asshole, just leave things be.” 
Harry ran out the pub entrance, following you to give you a ride home. 
Tuwaine, Sam, and Harrison shook their heads once the shock ebbed away. One by one they all left Tom sitting in shock and agony at the bar. Avery, not knowing any of the group, barely knew what was going on or if Tom’s accusations were correct, left the pub and went home without another word. 
“Harry,” Tom whined into the phone, “please tell me how to fix this, please I’m begging you.” 
Harry sighed, now properly regretting lifting his silent treatment from Tom, “Tom, there is absolutely nothing I can do to help you, and even if there was, I wouldn’t. You called her a whore in front of a crowded pub—”
“I know!” Tom yelled, “And I’ve been living with that guilt for three weeks now! Please, Harry. I-I messed up so bad.” Tom’s voice cracked, “I tried calling and texting, a-and my texts started turning green. She blocked me,” Tom sobbed, “I’m in love with her, and I never got to tell her. I ruined our relationship before it even began.” 
“Yeah,” Harry agreed, “you did.” 
“Harry, I just want to apologize properly, please.” Tom begged, “I tried going to her house, but her roommate threw a drink at me and told me she went out of town. Where is she?”
“I can’t tell you.” 
“Harry,” Tom sighed, “I’m trying so hard here, I don’t care where she is, I’ll go anywhere for her. Please, I just can’t keep waiting in the dark for her to talk to me.”
Harry sighed, rubbing his forehead, “Okay, fine, but don’t tell her I told you where she was. And if you get your face clawed off, just know that you deserve it.” 
“Okay, okay, now tell me.”
“She’s been staying with Tuwaine and his girlfriend.” 
“Okay, thanks, love you, bye!” Tom said through the phone, already grabbing his keys. 
Harry sighed and began texting Tuwaine, 
Harry: Tom’s coming over, don’t snap him in half, he just wants to talk to her. 
Tuwaine: I’m not home right now, but I'd be more worried about her snapping him in half… 
Tom pulled up the Tuwaine’s flat and pounded at the door. He didn’t see Tuwaine’s car in the driveway but he saw yours parked on the street so he knew you were in there. 
“(Y/N)!” He desperately called, “Come on, I know you’re in there!”, his pleas were met with silence and he rang the doorbell on repeat, “(Y/N), please! I just want to talk!”
The door opened to show you standing there with your messy hair and stained sweats, still looking overwhelmingly perfect in Tom’s eyes. He noticed the dark circles and the dried tears and his heart broke, even more, knowing he caused this. He loved you so much and he caused you some of the worst pain imaginable. All he wanted to do was hold you and kiss your puffy cheeks, desperately whispering praises into your ear. You were perfect in every sense of the word, and he let you believe you were anything less. He was an idiot—the biggest idiot in the world—for making you cry. 
“What do you want?” You snapped with a sniffle, pulling him back to reality as you rubbed your red eyes. 
“I just want to talk,” Tom gave you a small smile, “please.” 
“I don’t have anything to say to you.” You scowled, “You need to leave.” 
“No, (Y/N), please.” Tom begged, “I’m sorry. I’m so so so fucking sorry. I was being an idiot and—please, (Y/N), you’re my best friend. I don’t wanna lose you.” Tom’s voice cracked, but you remained stoic in the doorway. 
“I’m your best friend? Really?” You scoffed, “I thought I was just some whore you let hang around you?” 
Tom winced at his words being thrown back into his face, “I didn’t mean it, I swear,” he promised, tears glistening in his eyes, “I don’t even know why I said that. I was being so fucking stupid—” 
“No,” You interrupted his rambling, “you don’t get to say that. You don’t get to say that it was just you “being stupid”. Who the hell says that about their supposed best friend? Why would you even think that? You don’t just get to call me those things in public, and then say that you don’t know why you did it. You can’t even give me a reason—”
“I’m in love with you,” Tom blurted out, blowing out a puff of air in stress, “I’ve been in love with you for the longest time, (Y/N). And Avery was saying how he wanted to ask you out, and I couldn’t lose you. I didn’t want to lose you. I had so many plans for us, and I wanted to be with you—to be yours—more than anything, and I let my jealousy get in the way. I’m sorry because if I deserved you I wouldn’t have done that.”
You stood in the doorway of the flat, arms crossed over your chest. “I can’t believe you’d be so reckless.” You said after a moment of silence, “I would’ve been yours if you had just asked me.” 
“I’m sorry,” Tom cried, reaching out to hold your hand, but you backed away ever so slightly, “please, I would do anything to fix it if I could.” 
“You don’t understand anything, Tom.” You frowned.
“Help me understand.” He begged.
You pondered it for a moment and then released a sigh, coupled with a few tears, “I loved you,” you admitted. Tom’s heart did a leap, but then he realized that you were talking past tense as if his chance with you was gone.
“And I would spend months and months just waiting for you to come home so I could spend time with you. I was so lonely when you and Harry left; I always am. Avery offered to spend some time with me after class one day and I agreed because I don’t have anybody else when you leave. And it was fun, but he wasn’t you. He’ll never compare to the place you had in my heart, but at least I wasn’t alone anymore.” You sighed and began closing the door again, “Now, because of you, I have no one again.” 
The door was about to slam back in Tom’s face, but he shoved his foot in the threshold, “(Y/N), wait,” he pleaded, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how important Avery was to you. I can never undo what I did, but please let me make it up to you. I just need you to understand how sorry I am.” 
You opened the door again and looked at Tom’s sad eyes, boring into you, “I do understand how sorry you are, but I don’t know how I can trust you again. You said awful things about me without even batting an eye or taking a breath—”
“I know,” Tom sighed, “I know and I’d give anything to take it back. I just want you back (Y/N). Even if you don’t want to be my girlfriend, I can’t leave knowing I’ve lost my best friend.” 
“As much as it hurts,” You caved, moving from the doorway to let Tom in, “I still love you, and I don’t want to lose you either.” 
Tom smiled and walked into the flat, immediately pulling you into a hug, “I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” You hugged back and sniffled into his hoodie, before pulling away with a sigh.
“I know,” You nodded, “I forgive you. But next time, just be honest with me and tell me how you’re feeling. I’d give you the world if you asked for it.”
Tom smiled and stroked your tear-stained cheek, “I’ll just settle on your heart for now, if that’s okay?”
“That’s so fucking cheesy.” You giggled, wiping the tears from your eyes, “I love it.”
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tinyyoungblood · 8 hours ago
Did you see my Peter Parker request bestie of you coming through peters window and him helping you patch your wounds like you have done for him in the past. He was the only place you could think of with as much pain you were in on little to no time you almost faint when you get through his window. And he might kiss some of your wounds because he’s not really sure what else he can do to make you feel better ? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺
ring pop | peter parker
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
warning: angst, mention of blood, fluff
a/n: writing headcanons for so long has literally butchered my ability to string proper sentences together so this is rough lol, but i loved this request! listen to “ring pop” by jax if you want the full fluff experience. enjoy x
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“Before you say anything—” You held up your palms as Peter’s eyes widened in the dark, taking in your battered form from where he lied on his bed. A chill creeped through the opened window, making you shiver and grit your teeth. “I just want to let you know that if I don’t make it tonight, you have full permission to use my eulogy as a posthumous lecture.”
“A posthumous—” Peter cast his notebook to the side and got to his feet. “Y/N, you’re bleeding. What happened?”
“Is May home?” You asked quickly, ignoring his question.
“May?” Peter repeated, staring at you like he had never heard of that woman.
“Your aunt?” Your vision started to get patchy.
“My—” He shook his head. “May isn’t home, it’s just us. But you know that, it’s Wednesday, she always works late on Wednesdays.”
Peter was rambling now, talking to you like you weren’t dripping blood on the pillow on his floor. Or maybe he wasn’t, you couldn’t tell. All you knew was the stabbing pain on your left shoulder, piercing into your arm like lightning.
At once, Peter stopped talking. “You’re not okay,” he pointed out, though he had said it to no one in particular.
“What gave it away?” You retorted half-heartedly. Narrowing his eyes at you, he stepped forward. Before you could protest, Peter was already in front of you, lifting your arms carefully as he raked your body.
You winced as his hand bumped into your waist and he immediately let go, flashing you an apologetic look. His voice was laced with concern. “What happened to you?”
Your neck ached a little from a muscular knot you’d hardly noticed before. It throbbed now with discomfort and strain. You offered him a crooked smile. “I slipped.”
“You did not slip,” Peter scoffed, ever the realist, and took your hand, lacing it with yours while guiding you to sit down on his bed. “You’re one sneeze away from death, Y/N. Tell me what happened.”
Peter kneeled on the carpet floor and retrieved the first aid kit from under his bed. It was covered in glow-in-the-dark cars stickers, which you recognised from a fair that you had once went to together. It was the only thing you had won that night and Peter had smiled so brightly when you gave them to him, but somehow, you still found yourself surprised to see them in his possession.
“I fell off a roof,” you said, tracing the lining of his blanket as Peter popped the lid open. His eyes flicked to yours before he went back to taking out some cotton balls. He stepped into the space framed by your knees and peeled off the remnants of your suit, rolling it to rest at your waist. A deep punctured wound glared at him.
“Did you fall into a thorn bush?” Peter asked drily. “Or was there a spear on the sidewalk that impaled you?”
You winced as he tapped the soaked cotton balls on your skin, the alcohol burning in a way that you weren’t used to. He was gentle and froze whenever you flinched before continuing, but you knew by his flat gaze that he wanted the real answer or nothing. You cleared your throat and fixed your eyes on his dishevelled curls. “Fine,” you murmured. “Someone pushed me off the roof.”
Peter glanced at you. Without saying a word, he pressed the bottle of rubbing alcohol into your hands. You watched as he picked up some gauze and signalled for you to lift your left arm. Cautiously, he draped the clean piece of cloth around your forearm. His knuckles brushed against your skin. You took a breath. “There were four guys trying to break into the flower shop across Delmar’s. One of them got ahold of my sheath and things got ugly. But I swear I’m fine,” you added as Peter worked on your other arm.
He tied the ends into a knot and nodded to the bandage that he had just secured on your left arm. “You’re already bleeding through your bandages. I wouldn’t call that fine.”
You glanced down. A faint red blossom of blood had spread on the bandage. You tugged awkwardly at the strip of gauze. “Subjectively fine,” you amended before looking up, turning your narrowed gaze to his. “This isn’t fair. I don’t see why you’re making a big deal out of this when you slip into my room nearly every night while bleeding to death.”
Peter looked affronted at that. “It’s not the same.”
“How is that not the same?” You asked incredulously.
“Because it’s me,” Peter snapped. “I’m the one bleeding. Not you. That’s what makes this not fine.”
“Oh, please.” Scorn dripped off your lips. “Don’t pull that white knight bullshit on me. I’m perfectly capable of doing this myself.”
You snatched the gauze out of his hands and fiddled with it. The next bandage had to be wrapped under your arm and around your shoulder. You knew how to take care of wounds—the task had become a vital skill in not only your life—but this was more challenging than you would ever admit. You simply couldn’t reach that way. Your limbs were still aching and you felt the beginning of an awful headache coming. Having Peter watch you intensely didn’t help your case either, especially when annoyance and pity flashed in those brown eyes that you normally sought out for comfort. There was no comfort in this.
But you weren’t going to be the one to ask for help, and Peter knew that. He loosened a breath and held out his open palm to you, waiting patiently for you to relent. You stared at his hand for a moment and dropped the gauze roll into it. Silently, Peter worked on your arm, leaning in to loop the bandage behind you. You were both aware of how close he was. His warm breath fanned over the shell of your ear.
Peter wrapped the strip around your arm twice and tied it near the joint. You expected him to step back, facing you with an expression that was most likely regret or spite or both. But he didn’t budge. Both of you had gone utterly still.
Your pulse picked up. You knew that Peter could hear it, probably see it too. You wondered if it matched his own beat. But before you even knew what his intentions were, Peter lowered his head.
His lips hovered just above the warm juncture between your shoulder and the column of your neck—a spot that Peter always seemed to gravitate to. You drew in a sharp breath. The barest movement and his lips brushed your skin. Desire and a sense of familiarity coursed through you.
“I don’t want to fight,” he mumbled. “I just…I don’t know what else to do.” He left a trail of warm, soft kisses down your slender neck. You exhaled slowly and let Peter say what he needed to say without uttering a single word. He pressed a kiss to the end of your jawline and moved smoothly up to your ear. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.
Then he stepped back and looked you in the eyes. “It’s fine,” you said, the beginning of a smile forming on your lips. “Just don’t give me a hard time when it’s uncalled for. You patched up my wounds. That is enough.”
Peter didn’t look convinced. He lifted an eyebrow as you pulled him forward, pushing him into the mattress so you were lying side by side. Comfortable silence fell. Your eyelids felt heavier with each second, memories of vivid city lights blurred inside your head as you slipped in and out of consciousness. You knew you had to change out of your suit, but the softness of his duvet was too alluring. Too peaceful.
You felt warm breath fanning over your arm, followed by the soft press of familiar lips.
“What are you doing?” You asked, opening your eyes and pushing Peter’s face gently away. His curls fell carelessly onto your cheek as he looked up at you with raised brows. You caught a whiff of his shampoo. You loved that smell.
“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m kissing your boo-boos better.” He made to lower his head again, and you laughed.
“Don’t call them boo-boos. I was literally stabbed with a knife.”
He growled against your collarbone. “Don’t remind me.” Again, those lips on your skin.
If you had thought that peace was the cosiness of Peter’s bed, then you stood corrected. You found peace in the careful and tender kisses Peter left on your skin. You found it in the way his thumb rubbed mindless circles into your waist—careful not to touch any bruises. Even the citrus smell of his shampoo, surrounding you like a daydream felt like peace to you.
Everything about Peter Parker brought you peace and comfort.
“I have something for you,” Peter said, grinning excitedly.
You watched as Peter rose to his feet, almost tripping over the notebook he had tossed to the ground after you had climbed through his window. He stumbled to the desk and shuffled through his papers until he found what he was looking for and let out a pleased hum. He lied back down beside you, propping himself on his elbow before presenting you a small object.
“A ring pop?” You asked, amused. Peace, peace, peace.
Peter shrugged, eyes cast downward. “Yeah, is that okay?” He said. “I know it’s not enough but—”
“It’s perfect,” you cut in, the corners of your mouth began to hurt from how broadly you smiled.
“I…” Peter blinked at you. “You’re sure?”
You nodded and your mouth quirked to the side. “As long as this is not my engagement ring, it’s more than enough.”
Chuckling, Peter slipped the ring pop on your finger and gave the back of your hand a kiss. He then twisted and grabbed the water bottle standing on his night stand. He unscrewed the cap and took off the plastic ring that sat at the neck of the bottle, offering it to you.
“It’s just a promise,” he explained before shooting you a toothy grin. “So we can both be each other’s annoying white knights.”
“I like that,” you responded, mirroring his grin. You slipped the plastic ring on his finger and frowned. It was hardly big enough and sat awkwardly at his knuckle.
“It doesn’t fit,” you said uselessly, and Peter waved you off.
“Don’t worry. We’ll get me a ring pop when your organs work again.” He shot you a wink. “Everyone deserves an edible promise ring, don’t you think?”
You laughed.
Peace, peace, peace.
* * *
stay hydrated pals
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naturallytom · 14 hours ago
Working Late (Peter Parker x reader)
a/n: me?? posting a piece of writing???? wild!!! n e way i hope yall enjoy this, it was something i whipped up last night!! 
warnings: none really, just bad writing
prompt: “I’ll walk you home” from this list
please reblog/leave feedback!!
Tumblr media
_______________________________________________________________________“Have a nice night!” You called to the customer as they left the shop with their drink. You sighed, wiping down the counter in front of you, checking the time on the register. 5:30pm. Only 4 more hours til your shift was over and you could finally go home. 
“You counting down the hours too?” Peter asked from behind you, taking his place at the register next to yours. 
“Yeah.” You replied, taking a sip of water and taking in the empty coffee shop before continuing. “This is the most dead it’s been all day. It’s a nice break.” 
“I still don’t get why it’s so busy during mid day. Don’t most people get their coffees in the morning?” Peter sighed, making you chuckle.
“We live in New York City, Peter. Places like this are always busy. Plus we’re right next to a bunch of stores. A lot of the customers from today have been employees from those stores grabbing something to get them through a shift.” You reminded him, causing him to put his hands up in a surrendering motion. 
“You make a good point.” He smiled. “What time did you get here?”
“3.” You replied. “You got here at 4 right?” 
Peter nodded. “Surprised you saw me come in during the madness.” 
“I saw you come in I just didn’t get to talk to you til now because it was so busy.” You pointed out. “I’m glad it’s died down, though.” 
“Oh same. It’s actually kind of nice when it’s not hectic.” Peter said, leaning against the counter. 
“It is.” You sighed, looking out the window. As much as you hated working late, you did take pleasure in being able to see the sunset in a cute coffee shop. The view of the colors in the sky blending together along with the sun slowly setting from the chairs in the shop was something you’d watch every night if you could. 
And on clear nights, if you looked up, sometimes you could catch a glimpse of the stars. Tonight was cloudy though, but you knew if you looked up when you were walking home you could probably see the moon, shining through the clouds. 
The peaceful images in your mind were interrupted by the oh so familiar ringing of the bell above the door, alerting you that a customer had entered. 
“I got this one.” Peter told you quietly, stepping up to the register and greeting the customer. 
You smiled gratefully, thankful that you’d get a break from ringing people up even if only for a minute. You hummed to yourself as you got the customer’s drink ready, before handing it to them and telling them “have a nice night!” as you did with each customer that came in, even the ones that made you want to yell and scream in their faces. 
The rest of the night went by slower than you wanted it to but surprisingly pleasant for a long shift. When there were no customers, you and Peter spent your time talking and joking around. It surprised you that the two of you hadn’t spoken more, but you knew that during the school year you had less work availability and since you only finished school a week ago, you accepted that it was just because of scheduling that you hadn’t talked to him as much as you would’ve liked. 
Wiping down the counter once again, you noticed this time that it was 9:30pm. 
“Hey.” You spoke, getting Peter’s attention. “It’s 9:30. Time to go home.” 
“Thank god.” He sighed, making you smile. “Let’s go get our stuff.” 
The two of you went to the back, taking off your aprons and hanging them up, clocking out and grabbing whatever belongings you brought before heading out, knowing the manager would lock up behind you. 
“Well I’m glad you be done.” You breathed. “Have a good night, Peter!” 
You turned to start to walk in the direction of your apartment, but Peter’s voice interrupted you. 
“Wait- Are you walking home alone?” He asked.
“I was going to, yeah. I usually do when I work late.” You answered, slightly confused. 
“I- Well, I’ll walk you home.” He said. 
“You don’t have to, I’ll be fine. It’s only 10 minutes.” You tried to assure him but he shook his head. 
“No it’s late. I can’t let you walk home all by yourself. Even if it is just 10 minutes.” He spoke. 
“Are you sure you don’t mind?” You asked, starting to walk in the direction of your apartment with Peter following you. 
“Not at all. I’d rather know you got back safely.” He grinned, making you smile softly. 
The two of you walked in silence before arriving at a cross walk. You looked up at the sky and just as you expected, the small sliver of the moon that was out was shining through the clouds of the night sky. 
“The moon is so pretty this time of night.” Peter pointed out, glancing up at the sky. 
“It is really pretty. It’s one of the things I always look for on my way home.” You nearly whispered, before seeing you could cross. “We can cross, by the way.” 
It wasn’t long before you reached your apartment building, pausing to get your keys out. 
“Hey thanks for walking me home.” You told Peter. “I really appreciate it.” 
“Anytime.” He replied. “Have a nice night.” 
“You too. And will you let me know when you get back to your place safely?” You asked. 
“Sure.” He told you, starting to walk in the direction of his apartment. “And hey, anytime you’re working late, let me know! I’ll walk you home!” 
You smiled, but had a feeling this would not be the last time he would be walking you home. 
tagging some mutuals cause im scared to post this: @sunshinehollandd @moonlit-void-to-the-far-unknown​ @spiderboytotherescue @tomhollandd @spideypeach​​​
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vampireoutofbusiness · 22 hours ago
Peter B[oobs] Parker
Pairing: peter x fem!reader
Warnings: all about boobs but not real smut, based on the 100% factual idea that Peter has a mommy kink
Request: Peter falling asleep sucking readers boobs- basically more mommy kink
Synopsis: Peter loves your boobs and has an undeniable mommy kink...
a/n: I ask the person who requested this to share more brilliant ideas with me because this is one of my favorite things I've ever written, thanks to their big juicy brain. soft baby boy peter is just AHHHHHH it's 4am I guess I can never break this habit...
Want to request something? Click Here
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Tumblr media
Peter loves your boobs, why wouldn’t he? No matter what you were doing, he found an opportunity to stare or subtly touch them. He’s mesmerized by them and loves them.
Whether you have hard nipples or not, the shape they have is just perfect in his eyes. And the simple act of his hands sliding under your shirt and cupping them if you weren’t wearing a bra (although that didn’t really stop him) was wonderful. Your warm skin against his fingers as he kneaded them. Thumbs running over your nipples.
Now, the less pure, yet still wholesome part of Peter Parker loved having them in his mouth. You would wake up in the morning to him laying on you, his chin resting on your chest, waiting for you to give him the okay to touch them. Probably the mommy kink side of him that wanted to suck on them. Or just him. You weren’t complaining.
“Are you coming to bed soon?” Peter whined, taking your hand from your lap and pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles.
“Yeah, let me finish up this brief,” you glanced at him then turned back to your computer.
“Mr. Stark really is thorough when it comes to missions,” he sighed and released your hand so you could continue typing.
The sooner you finish, the sooner you would hold him while you fall asleep together. The city lights shining in through your apartment’s bedroom window. Noisy, yet somehow comforting street noise a few stories down. Your extremely comfortable bed that many things happened in.
Peter shuffled to and checked the front door, making sure it was locked. He pulled shut and locked the window that was left open near your desk in hopes you would want to hurry up if everything else was ready for bedtime.
Your sleepy boy kissed the top of your head and you told him you’d be there in a moment. He got in the bed you shared in the room down the hall, determined to stay awake in darkness until you got there.
About fifteen minutes later, you tip-toed in the room and slowly shut the door behind you in case he was asleep. You saw the covers stir and then his sleepy features illumined by lights from buildings across the street.
“Hi,” you whispered, sliding into bed next to him.
“Hi mommy,” he murmured, wrapping his body around yours before you could even adjust in your spot.
“Right out the gate,” you chuckled and Peter looked up at you with confusion on his face.
“Mommy?” You repeated and he was glad you couldn’t see the pink dusting his cheeks.
Yes, when you had sex, he called you mommy, and yes you loved it. He’s just so cute and something about taking care of him during it was so sexy. He’s called you it many times but usually when you were pretty deep into doing the deed, not the second you crawled into bed.
“Did I- I didn’t mean- sorry,” he stuttered, removing his body from yours and turning away from you.
Even after living together for several months and dating for two, he got flustered by the littlest mentions of anything sexual. You honestly find it flattering he’s somewhat intimidated by you but you wish he would tell you more about what he wanted.
He felt the mattress move next to him and something hit the floor a few seconds later.
“Peter?” You slid your hand down his bare back and he slightly turned his head to look at you, “it’s okay to like calling me that, I hope you you’re aware,”
He flipped over completely to see you laying on your side, with your upper body exposed and his breath hitched at the sight. Every time felt like the first time.
“Sorry,” he cleared his throat as he scooted closer and hesitantly straddled your hips, resting his body on yours, “M- mommy,”
“What do you want?” You kissed him softly, already knowing the answer.
“To suck on your breasts- or boobs - please?” “Boobs, go ahead baby boy,” you confirmed, brushing some loose hair out of his face.
“Boobs…boobies,” he squeaked out before moving down your body so he was mouth level with them.
He kissed lazily down the valley and then the tops. Making his way down to your nipple when you gave him soft praises.
His lips wrapped around your bud and he gently sucked for a little while, your lips quirking up to a smile when you saw how content he looked. His long eyelashes resting on his upper cheeks where freckles were sprinkled.
You held his head, thumbs stroking the lobes of his ears leisurely as he moved onto your other boob. His tongue ran over your nipple for a few minutes before he started suckling at this one.
His mouth worked slower until you felt his movements stop. You caught a glimpse of your boy; head now resting on your chest with his lips not quite around your nipple but still holding on.
Small breaths hit your bare skin as he drifted off into sleep he’s been fighting for a good while. You ran your fingers through his curls and he let out a small, quiet moan from the feeling.
His heavy eyes fluttered open and you encouraged him to go back to sleep. He didn’t even bother taking his mouth off of your boob booby.
You carefully made your way to your room, a tray in your hands with very important contents; food.
After you took so long to get to bed last night, you figured making Peter breakfast in bed would make up for it. He wasn’t even upset about it, he never got mad at you and if he did, it wouldn’t be for something that minuscule.
Nonetheless, you made Peter your number one priority and you were his. Healthy relationship dynamic.
A plate with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. A glass of apple juice, not orange juice, he prefers sweeter drinks a.k.a he likes sugar. You pushed open the door with your elbow and felt your heart skip a beat at the view in front of you.
His fluffy bedhead resting on the white sheets. Sunlight bathing his toned, naked upper body. Arms wrapped around your pillow when his barely conscious self realized you were no longer with him. Pink lips slightly parted as quiet snores left his mouth.
What a beautiful, tranquil view.
“Peter,” you purred as you got closer to the sleeping god in your bed.
His eyes flickered for a second, adapting to the lighting consuming the room. He gave you a sluggish smile and stiffly sat up, sitting against the headboard. You put the tray in his lap, making sure he was steady before taking your hands from it.
“What’s - why did you,” he was interrupted by his own thoughts as he examined everything on the plate.
He couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend. You did an extraordinary amount of things for him, breakfast in bed being one of them.
“I was busy last night so this is my form of payment,”
“You already let me do something I would do for free,” he smirked yet still had red cheeks out of timidness.
“But what you did earns everything and more, Peter Parker,” you kissed his forehead and he held your waist, pulling you closer.
You stopped yourself from disturbing the tray but he didn’t remove his hands.
“You don’t expect me to eat alone, do you?” He grinned and patted the spot you were in less than an hour ago this morning.
“It’s rude of me not to join you I suppose,” you cuddled up next to him, his warm skin heating yours.
“I love you so much,” he told you as he cut pancake before holding it up to your mouth with a fork.
You glanced down at the bite, then at your boyfriend.
“I love you- I’m not a baby,” you rolled your eyes when he waved it in front of you.
“Mommy’s need to eat, you know,” he said with a coy smile on his face.
“Let’s save that for after breakfast,” you ate from the fork, knowing he was just trying to return the care you give him.
“Fine…whoah, apple juice,”
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Dating Peter Parker and Working at Avengers Tower Would Include...
Tumblr media
You knew Peter Parker long before he ever showed up at Avengers Tower
He’d been the starstruck elementary schooler awestruck over science classes, the suddenly withdrawn boy who’d lost his parents, the sometimes shy high schooler in your chemistry class who was just as likely to come up with a bad joke as know all the test answers
You’d heard rumors that he had an internship with Stark Industries, which would mean that you should run into him at some point, yet you never have
When you finally saw him at the Tower, you were completely shocked, and not just because you didn’t expect to actually see him
No, you were surprised because he was wearing the Spider-Man suit and practicing his web-slinging, which must mean that-
“Peter?” “Y/N?” “Are you-” “If I say no, will you believe me?”
In the end, you’d had to sit down for a lot of explanations, which were often interrupted by Tony Stark popping in for the most unnecessary of elaborations
“Did he tell you about the time he tried to take on the Vulture and nearly drowned so I had to fish him out of the lake and-” “Mr. Stark, please stop-”
You owed Peter some clarifications too- why would you have the security clearance to be in the Tower at the first place?
You were actually there because you’d saved Tony’s life a while back, similar to how Harley had saved Tony years ago
You’d managed to fend off HYDRA agents and help him fix his suit long enough to get to safety, and the genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist had never forgotten it
You’d gotten an offer from Stark Industries a while back, and when you showed up to your first day on the job, they hadn’t handed you a soldering iron and some scrap metal but a shiny new badge and access to many S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets
You worked as an undercover operative, as you were able to get into a lot of HYDRA-controlled areas with little interference
People just didn’t suspect a high schooler to wander into suspicious areas and steal information, which was their mistake
At first, you’re not sure what Peter would think about this, or if he’d even want you there at all
But let me tell you, that boy is thrilled
He already thought you were one of the coolest girls at his school because you always laughed at his jokes and were super smart, and now this? He’s practically in awe
You join Ned and MJ as official Friends of Spider-Man, which basically means helping Peter with his latest trouble and listening to him complain about all the robbers in New York with a raised eyebrow and a smile
Sometimes he needs you more than that, like when he shows up to find you, bleeding out from some wound or another
You always patch him up, making sure to get him talking about something so he doesn’t think about the pain
Sometimes, Peter can’t believe how lucky he is to have you always there for him, never once turning away or letting him down
On one of these days, he’s standing with you on a balcony on the Tower, watching the city rumble on below you
Peter had turned to ask you a question, and he’d lost track of everything in his head the second his eyes landed on you once more
It’s just the way you were standing there, wind tugging gently at your hair, golden sunlight practically making you glow
And when you turned to face him too, a slight smile on your lips? He was utterly smitten
He didn’t realize he was kissing you until he’d already started, and he found he didn’t want to stop, not at all
Ever since then, he always walks you to your classes hand in hand, exchanging a kiss for a cup of coffee on the late nights when you’re both working far too late
You can’t help but worry about him whenever he goes on some particularly difficult mission, and he feels the same way about you
However, you always know that he’ll try his utmost to come back to you, and the sight of his returning smile is enough to chase all your worries away
peter parker/marvel tag list: MY superhero @underc0vercryptid​, @mycosmicparadise​, @namoreno​
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Hot Chocolate Nights
An Avengers Fic
I don’t really want to say that it’s a Bucky fic since I see Y/N and him as more platonic than love interests but if you prefer it to be a romantic relationship, go ahead!
I wrote and finished this at 2 in the morning. I tried to make it more bearable but honestly, I think it’s beyond saving. It’s a waste of effort not to post it though so here.
Requests are open!
TW: The darkness/voices are euphemisms for depression, Y/N is an insomniac, instances where world destruction and violence are mentioned.
Tumblr media
When you’re an Avenger, there are certain responsibilities that the world expected from you, one of which was being a protector. The person the world could call on when they experience a disaster that they couldn’t face without their help. The Avengers are, after all, a group of remarkable people and this was the sole reason why they were created.
Watching Nat, Steve, Tony, Thor and the rest of the other Avengers in action – yes, Y/N found that it fit them, being called protectors. That was who they are at their very core. Steve would jump in front of a speeding bullet to protect a child; Nat would run in straight lines rather than zigzags if she was being shot at, if only to avoid civilian casualties; Tony would sooner protect Pepper by casting his suit towards her rather than himself if it meant that she would be safe. They were, at the very core, protectors.
Perhaps that’s why Y/N felt like she didn’t quite belong. She wasn’t a protector, she was the person the Avengers should be protecting the world from.
It was silly, really. Even now, after a full year of working with the Avengers, she still couldn’t fathom what possessed the team to try and turn her into a hero.
Wanda and Pietro? She could understand that. Sure, they’ve done some deplorable things but they did it in anger and though it doesn’t quite justify their actions, Y/N saw them easily fitting in with the team. At their very core, Wanda and Pietro were good.
Y/N couldn’t relate to that. She wasn’t good. She was anything but good.
When the Avengers had rescued her from Hydra, she was sure that they would kill her. She would have, if she was in their position. She was a freak, after all. A weirdo with abilities that shouldn’t exist on this Earth. A power that was no match for anyone, not even Wanda.
She was autopotent. She had complete and limitless control over herself, which brought her closer to the status of a god rather than a human being.
If she wanted, she could give herself the ability to shape shift or the ability to alter reality. One thought and she could have fire dancing at her fingertips or give herself the ability to plunge the world in darkness. Her limitless power could end worlds just as easily as she could create them. She had no limit, no end. She was Eternity and she was infinite.
She hated it and she hated Hydra for turning her into this.
She’s tried to purge herself of her powers several times in the past and some of the attempts had even caused her to accidentally end her own life but nothing she did worked. She’d wake up the next day just as powerful as ever. Her abilities clung to her like tar, unwilling to give up the powerful vessel they inhabited.
She thought she could live with the power and that, perhaps, it may even be a good thing. After all, power over oneself? Most people would kill for that. Except, she doubted they’d end a life if they found out that with her power came the horrible, evil voices that refused to leave her alone.
They whispered to her every day, flooding her mind with horrible images. Her friends dead at her feet, blood pooling from their eyes, the world laid to waste, fire and destruction enveloping the world, erasing the greenery and the life and plunging the world in darkness.
She could ignore it easily enough when she was surrounded by her friends. Sam and Bucky’s banter often made her laugh and her laughter deafened her ears to the whispering darkness; physical training with Steve, Nat and Clint often left her ears ringing and her mind too tired to take notice of the darkness; playing video games with Thor, Loki and Peter helped her to ignore the whispers; experimentation with Bruce and Tony and even movie marathons with Wanda and Vision made the darkness disappear. They couldn’t touch her when she was happy and with her friends, not when she was so full of life and light.
But when she was alone, when the sun has faded and her hunger was satiated, when she was isolated and by herself, that is when the whispers began to scream.
Tonight, they were loud, unbearably so. Image after image of destruction flooded her mind. Every blink she made was agony, images of her dead friends searing across her eyelids.
These are what will come to pass, the voices said. Let destruction rain on humanity and welcome death’s embrace.
She almost wanted to cry. She wishes she could tell her friends what was going on with her but she couldn’t burden them with these. They had enough on their plate as it is.
She sighed and sat at the edge of her bed. It was clear that sleep would not come to her tonight as it rarely came to her at all.
Let go of your rage and fury. Let destruction rain.
She ignored the voices and trudged out of her room. The voices followed her out like a dark, fetid breeze but she’s found that when she was in motion, it was easier to ignore the voices.
She was quiet, her slippers in her hand as she shuffled around the compound in her bare feet. When she was out of the sleeping quarters, she placed her fluffy slippers by her feet, wore them and walked. She passed the dining room, the living room, the sitting room and the elevators before she finally arrived in the dark, empty kitchen.
“Friday, do you think you can turn the lights on?” She said into the emptiness, her voice quiet, only a step above a whisper. She was afraid to shatter the stillness in the compound and though she knew she could make as much noise as she wanted without fear of waking any of her friends because of how far the kitchen was from the sleeping quarters, she was afraid that saying anything too loud would seem like an invitation to the darkness.
The lights turned on and Y/N stood there for a moment, her eyes adjusting to the light. When her eyes adjusted, Y/N shuffled towards the pantry. She pulled the door open and the light above her came to light, illuminating the space. The space was large, as most things were when Tony created them. There was enough food in here to last them at least a year, even if they ate three square meals a day at the compound. A variety of snacks and chips lined the wall as well as canned goods, loaves of bread and packs of powdered drinks. There was even a wall dedicated for coffee syrups for when the Avengers had gotten into a whole boba phase and Tony had attempted to create some for the team. It didn’t end very well.
She smiled against the memory and for a moment, the voices quieted themselves as warmth and joy flooded her. The feeling was fleeting and soon, the voices returned.
You are a god in a sea of mortals. End their lives claim your power.
She grabbed a random pack of instant noodles with one hand and on the other hand, she grabbed the open canister of cocoa powder.
“Did you find everything you needed, Ms. Y/L/N?” Friday asked her as she closed the pantry’s door behind her.
“I did, yes. Thank you, Friday,” Y/N said with a soft smile.
She opened one of the cupboards and with a wave of her hand, two pots floated from the cupboard and towards the waiting stove. Another wave of her hand and water flowed from the sink and towards the two waiting pots. A thought had the fire roiling beneath the pots.
Fire shall cleanse the world and purify it. Destruction is imminent.
She walked towards the refrigerator and took out the carton of milk, a small can of condensed milk and a single egg.
You are power, life and death itself. The Avengers are but a limitation you placed upon yourself. End them and let yourself reign.
She let the monotony of her actions drive her, center her. They helped to drown the voices out, and so she carefully studied each of her actions as she went through the motions, almost like she narrated them in her head.
When the water turned into a roiling boil, Y/N placed the uncooked noodles and its seasoning in one pot while she lowered the heat of the other and added tablespoon after tablespoon of the cocoa powder. She added the milk and a touch of the condensed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon before she turned the heat off and poured the dark liquid on her favorite mug. She frowned when she realize that she’s made too much hot cocoa. She added the egg on the other pot and instead of transferring its cooked contents into a bowl, she simply took a pair of chopsticks from one of the drawers and waved her hand, the pot and mug following her as she walked towards the empty kitchen island.
The smell of the noodles wafted through her nose, causing her mouth to salivate. As she took the chopsticks and raised the noodles to her lips, she heard a set of shuffling footsteps and, strangely enough, Bucky walked in wearing a simple pair of boxer shorts and a black t-shirt. His short, fluffy, hair stuck up at odd angles, which made it obvious that he’s just rolled out of bed. His eyes were shut against the sudden bright light of the kitchen, his metal arm hiding his face in shadow as he waited for his eyes ro adjust. When it did, he regarded her curiously. “Y/N? What are you doing so early in the morning?”
She looked comical with noodles hanging from her mouth, her chopstick raised in midair. She slurped the noodles in the most unladylike way possible and covered her mouth with her hand before she answered Bucky, who was looked at her with an amused expression. “I’m eating.” The words came out garbled because of the food in her but Bucky understood her nonetheless.
“I can see that,” He said with a smile as he walked towards her. “Is that hot chocolate?” He pointed to her mug.
She swallowed her noodles as she nodded. “Yeah. I made extra if you want some.”
An image flashed across her mind, Bucky dead on the floor, his body a mangled mess of injuries. She pushed the image away.
He took a mug from one of the cupboard, filled it with the hot chocolate and raised it to his lips. A look of pleasant surprised graced his features as the flavors of the chocolate filled his mouth. “Wow. This is really good.”
Y/N gave him a smile, his compliment warming her body and silencing the whispers, if only a little. “Thanks. I’d give you the recipe but it’s a secret.”
“Well you are full of secrets,” Bucky laughed as she took the seat next to her on the kitchen island. “Eating out of the pot, I see.”
“I don’t like doing dishes,” she said with a wrinkle of her nose.
“I don’t either.”
Y/N slurped some of her noodles, this time in a smaller quantity to make it easier for her to chew and swallow it. “Do you want some?”
Kill him and end his ceaseless suffering.
She handed the chopsticks towards Bucky’s awaiting hand and watched him slurp some of the noodles down.
“So what are you doing up this early?” Bucky asked her when he handed the pot back to her.
“I haven’t really gone to bed yet,” she shrugged. “Couldn’t really sleep. You?”
“Same.” Bucky said with a tight smile. “Nightmares.”
Y/N gave him an understanding smile. She may not understand what it’s like to have nightmares but she understood torment. She experienced it everyday. And though Bucky’s torment came in a different form, suffering was something they shared.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Y/N asked gently.
“Nothing really to talk about. It’s the same old nightmares about Hydra. How about you? Do you experience insomnia often?”
Y/N gave him a rueful smile. “Everyday.”
“You don’t really seem tired.”
She waved her fingers and sparkles of magic fell from her fingers. They disappeared before they reached the floor.
“Right. Superpowers,” Bucky chuckled.
Y/N took a big bite of the noodles and handed the pot back to Bucky who did the same.
“I’m guessing your nightmares are about Hydra?”
Bucky stared at her intently. For a moment, Y/N thought she may have intruded and offended him by the callousness of the question but he smiled at her and her worries eased.
“Yeah. They can’t seem to get out of my head,” he replied. “It’s mostly about my missions though. The people I’ve…” he trailed off and Y/N instantly understood the shame that lodged in his throat, stopping the words from coming out.
A killer. He doesn’t deserve to live.
She gave the supersoldier a reassuring smile. “I get insomnia because of the voices.”
Bucky’s attention snapped at her in surprise. “Voices?”
“I’m not crazy,” Y/N added hastily before Bucky could say anything. “No need to call Bruce on me. I just… the voices, they come with the territory. I think it’s because of Hydra. Some kind of psychological experiment they were trying on me. The scientists in charge of me died before they could finish the job and the Team rescued me soon after. The voices tell me to do these terrible, awful things and they show me horrible images. It’s why I can’t sleep at night. It’s exhausting to push them away.”
“You haven’t tried to use your powers to make them go away?”
“I have. Believe me, I have. They go away but they always managed to find their way back to me.”
Kill him and let blood rain. We are your only true friends.
“You should tell someone,” Bucky said softly. “Maybe Bruce can find a way to—“
“Bucky, if I can’t fix it, no one can.” She said the words gently, like she was the on reassuring him. “This is just my reality. There’s no changing it anymore. I just have to learn to live with it.”
“Do you spend all your nights like this? Drinking hot chocolate and eating ramen?”
“Sometimes, it’s ice cream,” Y/N said with a chuckle. “Or chips or leftover food we had for dinner. Sometimes I bake. The hot cocoa always stays though.”
“Is that why our kitchen always smells like chocolate chip cookies?”
Y/N nodded eagerly and Bucky let out a loud laugh.
“Steve and I always wonder why our kitchen smells so good in the morning,” Bucky smiled, or what looked like the ghost of it. Something about the way Bucky smiled often reminded Y/N of a promise. A slight lilt at edge of his lips, his eyes alighting just a tad, almost like he was teasing you, daring you to ask him to smile. “And you spent your time alone? What do you do all these hours?”
“Lots of things. Sometimes I read. I can go through an entire book in one sitting. Sometimes, after I eat, I train my magic or my fighting skills. Other times, I go out on a run.”
“Alone. Always alone.”
Bucky stared at her, his face unreadable. He let the words settle on his skin, let it echo and rattle in his head.
Always alone.
Not truly alone.
A lonely existence. It was awful, Y/N had to admit. She lived in a building full of people and yet she was always lonely. Somehow, Y/N knew that this was a premise to the rest of her existence. She didn’t know why has these abilities or how she even got them. And some part of her knew that she was probably immortal and that she would live a lonely, wretched life until the Earth turned into dust, most likely by her hand, by her limitless power.
“Well with the exception of Friday,” Y/N joked.
There was a hum as Friday powered up at the sound of her name. “Happy to be of service, Ms. Y/L/N.”
“But this night—“ she gestured with her hands “— it’s my first night with someone else. I have to be admit, it’s nice. I like your company, Barnes.”
Bucky matched her smile and she found the simple gesture warming her insides faster than the hot cocoa. “I like your company too.”
Conversation ebbed and flowed easily between them, the voices fading into a dull sound and the edges of her mind. Soon the ramen was finished and their cups drained to the bottom but that didn’t stop Y/N and Bucky. A bond had formed between them, a silent understanding. Though their circumstances were different, there was always something about torment and shared trauma that bound people together.
They talked about the years they spent in Hydra, memories that they remembered from their previous lives and who they were before they were taken. They talked about the team, the little habits that the Avengers had that annoyed them, the things they loved about them. They talked about anything and everything and they only stopped when the sun’s golden fingers reached across the sky, alighting the once dark canvas into shades of pink and purple.
The next night was the same. Voices, her vision edged by darkness.
Slaughter them. Kill them. Reclaim your right as ruler of the world.
She waited until she was sure that the whole house was asleep before grabbing her slippers and padding out of her room and straight into the kitchen. After taking the opened box of hot cocoa and she went through the motions of creating her signature hot chocolate and this time made sure to create enough for four people. Last night, Bucky had mentioned that he’d like to have some of it again and perhaps even share a cup of it with Steve and Sam.
Tonight, she decided that she would bake.
They all deserve to die. They are ants, mere insects in your presence. End their petty existence and take your place.
With a wave of her hand, bowls, measuring spoons and cups and ingredients floated all around her before finding their way on top of the kitchen counter. Another wave had a cookbook flying towards her, opening at the page for creating brownies. It levitated a few inches off the ground, as though propped up by invisible hands.
An image flash in her head. Her friends laying under the rubble of the compound, their eyes open but glassy, crushed under the weight of the cement. She pushed the thought away.
She was just about to crack and egg over a bowl when she heard the shuffling of feet. Several feet actually. Her attention turned towards the door where she found the Avengers piling into the kitchen, all dressed in pajamas, with Bucky leading the group.
“Guys,” Y/N said in disbelief. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you all be in bed?”
They mean to disrespect you. They deserve to perish.
“We could ask you the same thing,” Nat said with a smirk.
“Barnes here said you made a mean hot chocolate and I for one would love to try it,” Tony said as he circled around the kitchen. He reached for her still steaming mug. “This it?” Before she could even reply, he’d raised it to his lips.
Y/N gaze snapped to Bucky and he gave her a sheepish smile.
End them. Kill them. They mean to offend you.
“That is good,” Tony said after a loud sip. “Oh that is really good. You guys have got to try this.”
Tony passed the mug to Nat who took a small sip. She closed her eyes, a happy and content look on her face. “That is amazing.”
“Thank you,” Y/N said, almost in astonishment. She couldn’t even bring herself to be upset that Tony had stolen her chocolate. “I didn’t make enough for all of us though. You’ll have to wait if you all want some.”
“That’s alright,” Steve said, taking a seat on one of the vacant chairs on the island. The other Avengers followed suit, taking their own seats, filling up the counter like customers in a diner. “We can wait. We’ll even help you.”
They deserve nothing but death.
“It’s my secret recipe,” she said sheepishly, unable to contain her blossoming smile. “You all sit there. I’ll make it.” And so she got more cartons of milk and more condensed milk and more cinnamon powder and even more cocoa powder. She even got some cacao nibs from the pantry, to add a little something extra to the hot chocolate.
“Are you baking something?” Wanda asked from where she sat, peering at the still floating pages of the open cookbooks.
“Brownies,” she answered as she whisked the chocolate.
“What are brownies?” Thor asked them curiously.
“You’ve never had brownies, Mr. Thor?” Peter asked in surprise as he entered the kitchen.
You are darkness, eternal. You are the life of the universe. They are nothing.
“Kid,” Tony said with a sigh as he ran a disappointed hand over his face. “You have school tomorrow. You should be in bed. What are you doing here?”
“Mr. Bucky Barnes said that there was a team meeting…” Peter’s sentence trailed off, suddenly unsure.
“At 2 in the morning?” Sam asked with raised eyebrows. “C’mon, kid. This is an adults only meeting. Come back when you can grow a beard.”
“Stop bullying him,” Y/N laughed from where she stood, stirring the chocolate to make sure that the nibs were broken down. “He can stay.”
“T-thank you, Ms. Y/L/N,” Peter stuttered taking the last vacant seat.
“Do you need help with the brownies?” Wanda asked. “We’d love to help.”
Y/N smiled. “Sure. You guys can get it started.”
“What are brownies?” Thor repeated.
“They are baked goods, I believe. Created out of chocolate and flour and eggs. The internet often gets into debates about which pieces are the best.” Vision replied.
Easy conversation soon echoed around the room, followed by the sound of clinking glass bowls and spatulas and spoons scraping and mixing batters. It replaced the quiet that Y/N has come to associate with the kitchen. She smiled as she heard the team chatting amongst themselves and she could feel her heart swell with love.
She saw Bucky approach her and he helped her fill the mugs she had set in place.
“You didn’t have to do this for me, you know,” Y/N said with a smile.
“I wanted to,” Bucky smiled. There it was again, that promising smile. “You need to know that you are not alone. Not when you’re with us.”
Y/N stared at him. She noted the openness in his face, at his languid posture and his promise of a smile. He continued to fill up the mugs, oblivious to her stare.
Y/N held his metal hand stopping him from scooping the last bits of chocolate. He looked at her in surprise and she said in a quiet voice so that the others couldn’t hear, “Thank you.”
Y/N watched as Bucky’s smile widened from a promise to a promise accomplished, a resolute feeling that could only be appreciated in the certainty of fulfillment.
Y/N knew she would tuck this memory away forever, frame it in the deep recess of her mind. This was one of the few times she felt truly loved, surrounded by her friends, her family. Never has she felt such a strong feeling of affection and contentment, never has the voices been silenced and stayed silent.
She knew they would come back, as was inevitable. When the plates where washed and the laughter has ceased and her friends had returned to their respective rooms, she knew the voices would return. But worrying about the future only served to take away the peace of now.
So, she shook the thoughts away from her head and served the hot chocolate and, with some help from her friends, laughed the night away.
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love-chx · 2 days ago
🍬 enough for you
"Peter." You frown at him.
Conflicted eyes meet your narrowed ones as he continues his steps backwards. "Y/n..."
"Peter, don't."
For the first time in your life long friendship, you found yourself asking more of Peter. For the first time you're being selfish. For the first time you're asking him to choose you.
"I'm so sorry," his voice is sincere, eyes rimmed with red.
"Peter, please..." you find yourself pleading, voice cracking at the sheer vulnerability you gave him the privilege of seeing. "Don't go."
He shakes his head at you and you find yourself biting down on a quivering lip. "I have to."
Your gaze never falters from his, unshed tears burning your eyes as you hold them back, the same look reflected on his face mixed with heavy guilt. He finds himself pausing, only for a mere second, as though it would be enough time for you to overcome your hurt and be there for him as you always have been before.
He seeks from you what he always has, as you've never led him astray: permission.
But for the first time ever there is none, as your lips set into straight line, the first tear finally breaking free though you make no acknowledgement of it.
And so he parts his lips to give one final goodbye before taking his leave. "I just hope you'll forgive me one day."
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vampireoutofbusiness · 2 days ago
Hi, Ms. Parker
Pairing: peter x reader
Warnings: none but a tiny sex reference because what would something written by me be without one??
Request: Could you write about may meeting reader and her first initial reaction- seeing how she changed Peter and made him happy
Synopsis: The time has come to meet May, you're adorable boyfriend's aunt
a/n: look at that, I'm not posting something at 4 am for once
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
When Peter told you he wanted to introduce you to his aunt, you didn’t think much of it. Yes, it was kind of a big deal to meet the “parent” of the boy you’re dating, but the nervousness flooding through your body wasn’t something you expected. You thought you might even be more nervous than Peter was to meet your parents, which is saying something.
He could barely get a word out, accidentally called your dad “dad”, and could barely make eye contact. He didn’t even notice until later when you asked why he looks at you every time he said something.
Now, tonight it was your turn and you felt your stomach doing flips as you raced around your room.
“You’ve changed three times,” Peter sighed as you held up a new shirt in the mirror, “All are good options, just pick one,” “Peter, if I don’t make a good impression- this color is awful, why’d I buy that?”
“Y/n,” he got off of your bed wrapped his arms around your waist, “I promise you will, just wear that black shirt with jeans you had on two outfits ago,”
“Yes, really, we have to go or we’ll be late,”
You listened and quickly finished getting ready. Your leg bobbed up and down the entire cab ride to Peter and May’s apartment.
“Relax, she’ll love you,” he rested his hand on your leg in an attempt to calm your nerves.
“Or, she could think I’m a dumb ass who has no business being with her nephew,” you murmured and turned to look out the window.
“She’s not like that and she knows how much I like you so she will too,” he reassured you.
The car pulled up to the complex and Peter paid the driver before you got out. Your boyfriend kept his hand on your lower back the entire way from the sidewalk to his door, making small circles to slow your breathing.
He opened the door for you and you hesitantly stepped into the apartment where a strong smell of chicken filled your nose.
“Hi,” a woman came over to you from the kitchen, wrapping her arms around you, “so good to meet you, I’m May,”
Her long hair fell to her mid-arm and she had kind, brown eyes like her nephew. You immediately felt comfortable around her.
“Oh- you too, I’m Y/n but Peter probably told that,” you sputtered out as you hugged her back, a few butterflies leaving your stomach.
“Yes, he won’t shut up about you. I can see why,” she smiled and Peter’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink, as did yours.
“What are you cooking?” You asked, peering into the kitchen where many utensils and ingredients were splayed out on the counter.
“Shit- chicken,” May ran back to the kitchen, trying to fan it and Peter chuckled, “I hope you like chicken Alfredo pasta, but it might just be pasta at this point,”
“Yeah, I do,” you nodded and felt Peter lean down to your ear.
“She likes you,” he whispered and you rolled your eyes.
He helped you out of your coat and smoothed out your hair caused by the winter static.
“Maybe you should help her?” You gritted your teeth when you saw the overly cooked chicken start to smoke.
“Yep,” he patted your back and made his way over to his aunt.
He gave you a thumbs up when he poked at it with a fork, proud of his contribution. Then, dealt with the pasta, seeing how much water was starting to boil over.
“Maybe we should order takeout,”
“I’m sure it’s fine May,” Peter looked over at the charred chicken breast and tilted his head to the side, “Okay, what about…what about pizza?”
“Good idea, does that sound good Y/n?” May asked, tossing the chicken in the trash can after it cooled off a little.
You stopped looking around their apartment and darted your eyes back to them, quickly nodding your head.
“Alright, we can order from that new place up the street,” May grabbed her phone and looked up the number of the pizza restaurant.
You sat on the couch as May ordered dinner, Peter sitting next to you while you absentmindedly played your fingers.
“Okay, they’re fast,” May sat in a chair across from the two of you and took a deep breath, “Peter, why don’t you go grab it and Y/n can help me clean up here?” She looked from you to Peter, receiving nods from both of you.
You were screaming inside of your head that you would have to be left alone with her. Of course, she seemed very sweet and welcoming. Her motherly nature made you feel comfortable.
However, you didn’t know what to say or do. What if you fucked up and she didn’t like you? Your thoughts raced as Peter kissed you on the cheek before grabbing his coat and heading out the door.
“So what have you and Peter been up to?”
“Nothing much, we usually spend time at the tower or eating,” you answered and May chuckled.
Good job.
“You know I have to say how much better he’s been doing,” she gave you a warm smile and you cocked your head.
“Better?” “Because of you,” she folded her arms, “he used to be so out of sorts, even when he seemed happy. When he told me about you, all became clear. I rarely see him without some kind of smile on his face and he talks about you nonstop,”
Warmth grew in your chest at the thought of making such a difference to Peter’s mood.
“And after everything, he does for everyone…he’s a lover and I suppose a fighter if we include his alter-ego. But I like that he has someone that loves him for being him- not being the most confident in himself and his anxiety has made meeting new people pretty difficult,”
“Yeah, we don’t talk much about "work" when we're together. I’m more than happy to hear about some guy that he punched in the face but I focus on him, not Spider-man if that makes sense? If he never catches a break, he breaks,” your lips curled into a smile while recalling how happy he was when you helped him shower last night, washing away the dried blood and shampooing his hair.
Your smile got bigger when you remembered what happened after.
“Thank you, Y/n,” she reached for your hand, squeezing it tight, “my boy is genuinely smiling because of you and that’s all I ask for,”
“Sometimes I think he does more for me than I can do for him,”
“Still, you seem to be a good match,” she let go of your hand and smoothed out her shirt, “what do you say we clean up my path of destruction in the kitchen,”
“Sounds good,”
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@quaksonhehe @tayyx @marthakookie @t-bag2 @stefans-wife
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erule · 2 days ago
All the things you forgot | p.p.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Stark!Reader
Summary: Peter and the reader were dating when he died, but now that he’s back, she doesn’t remember him anymore.
Warnings: spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, au in which Tony Stark is alive, age gap of five years between Peter and the reader (they were the same age when he died in Avengers: Infinity War), reader is Tony’s daughter, angst
A/N: hello! Yes, this idea comes from The Vampire Diaries (season 6), but I wanted to portray that in a fic with Peter. Anyway, I hope that you like it. Feedback is always appreciated by a writer. Enjoy! 💌
Main Masterlist
Peter Parker Masterlist
Tom Holland Masterlist
Tumblr media
It was like he put the rewind button. Everything went back. Every memory, every touch, every time he said “I love you” to you, every Sunday morning that he escaped from your window because your father couldn’t find him in your bed, especially when you had school on Monday. Every limb of his body felt like disintegrating. When Tony embraced him into his arms, he almost crashed his ribs. He couldn’t breathe.
“She doesn’t remember you, Peter”.
No. That couldn’t happen.
“What?” He whispered.
He almost died for good. He almost lost her. But this was way worse. He was a stranger to her, now. Again.
“I’m sorry, but I’m late. See you later Dad, okay?” She said, giving Tony a kiss on his cheek. Then she waved at Peter, before she disappeared from their view.
Peter pushed Tony away, angry now. He clenched his jaw, while Ned was looking at him with concern in his eyes.
“You promised me. You promised that you would have protected her! We swore to each other that, if someone between us two would have remained alive, that person would have protected her. You promised me!” Peter shouted.
Tony grabbed him by his arm and brought him outside. The other students, Y/N’s students, didn’t have to know what has happening.
“I didn’t agree with what she did. Nat was her best friend, remember? She didn’t agree too. We think that Wanda did it, but she doesn’t want to tell us the truth. One day, she came back home and all I know is that she didn’t cry for your death that night. It happened one year later,” he explained. “She also stopped wearing the ring you gave her”.
Peter swallowed hard.
“The ring? The promised ring? I wanted to marry her one day, Mr. Stark. I haven’t bought her a ring for nothing, I meant that! I stuck with my promises,” he said, glancing at Tony with rage but also fear.
Tony sighed.
“I know, kid. But to be completely honest with you, she was better without all the memories. We can’t understand her pain,” Tony said.
“I can! I don’t want to live without her!”
“Then, have her! Do whatever you can to get her back, Peter. Even if she’s five years older than you, know. Do something,” he said, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m gonna get her back, Mr. Stark. If I have to make her fall in love with me again, I will do it. This is a promise”.
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vampireoutofbusiness · 3 days ago
Never a Dull Moment
Pairing: sub!peter x reader
Warnings: oral; male receiving, constant teasing of pbp because he's so adorable I can't, and typos because i won't proof read until I'm fully awake
Request: i sound like a pervert but, can i request Parker with a S/O who just really enjoys his ass or being a pervert in general? like, slapping it or make inappropriate jokes bout it in front of the avengers or public in general, how he would respond to them?💀 general neutral is okay ano! and fluff + crack with slight smut? thank you!
Synopsis: You've spent the whole evening getting Peter worked up and decide to take care of him in the middle of dinner.
a/n: um...I need sleep. also, it's all consensual and ya'll are 18+ cuz you have your own apartment together and all that shit
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
Peter Parker was quite frankly the most attractive person ever. Calling him your boyfriend gave you a little leeway. You took every opportunity you could to touch him or make an inappropriate remark. He never told you to stop or said he didn’t like it, just blushed or gave you a meek smile.
You walked into the kitchen of your shared apartment to find Peter unloading the dishwasher, a mischievous smirk on your face.
“Hi,” you reached your arms around him from behind and held him against you.
“Hey sweetheart,” he continued doing his task with you holding him.
“You ready to go soon?” You slowly slid your hand down his shirt that covered his toned abdomen and to the front of his pants.
It’s been a few months since you’ve seen Ned or MJ so you and Peter were going out to dinner with them this evening.
“I-“ his breath hitched when you applied more pressure, “I have to get- um…my shoes on,”
“Okay,” you rubbed up and down his crotch until you felt him get hard, quiet curse words falling from his lips, “I’ll grab your shoes,”
You removed your hand, kissed his cheek, and left to get his footwear. There he was, putting one last plate away with a boner. You brought his shoes back to him and watched him bend over to put them on. You started walking to the door and slapped his ass on the way.
“Y/n,” he stood up and frantically looked you up and down.
“Yes, Peter?” You gave him a big grin while throwing on your coat.
“P- please,” he walked over to you and pulled your hips flush with his, his dick hard against you.
“We’re going to be late, let’s go,” removed his hands from your torso before grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door, several whines leaving his lips.
The entire cab ride over to the restaurant was spent with your hand running up and down his thigh. Each time you got closer to where he wanted, you took it away.
When you got inside, he made an effort to keep you near and in front of him. You turned around and leaned close to his ear.
“If you keep trying to hide it, it will never go away,” your voice was sultry and only turned him on more.
He quickly nodded, a dark blush on his cheeks. You slid your hand down his lower back to his ass, squeezing a little and fully aware of how busy the restaurant was. People’s eyes were all over as you followed the server to your table where Ned was already waiting.
Peter’s boner and your firm grip on his backside were probably not family-friendly but you didn’t care. You’re just claiming what’s yours. And Peter’s going along with it like a good boy.
By the time you got to the table and sat down, you weren’t sure if you had seen Peter’s cheeks redder. His other cheeks definitely have been.
“Never a dull moment with you two, as usual,” Ned said when you greeted each other.
“He’s been hard since we left,” you quipped before taking a sip of water from the cups Ned must have ordered earlier.
Both pairs of eyes at the table with you widened and you thought Peter might choke on air.
“Since you lef-“ “Forget it,” Peter stopped the conversation from going any further and you shrugged when you felt his eyes burning holes in the side of your hide.
You pulled out your phone and saw MJ had texted you.
“MJ’s running late, she said to go ahead and order her cheese ravioli,” Ned nodded, letting out a small chuckle.
“What’s new?” His tone was sarcastic, making you both laugh while Peter was too focused on the feeling in his pants to pay any attention.
“I want you to order by yourself,” you whispered in Peter’s ear, a frown appearing on his face.
You narrowed your eyes at your boyfriend and he immediately shut his mouth.
A few minutes later, the server came over and Ned ordered for himself and MJ before you ordered for yourself. Maybe it was a little mean to have Peter order his own food because normally you would do it for him, but you had a plan.
He took a deep breath and kept his eyes on the menu.
“I’ll h- have spaghetti,” he said quietly.
“Pardon?” The server stepped a little closer to try and hear him better.
“I- um,” Peter turned to you but you didn’t provide any help, “spaghetti, please,”
Your server wrote it down and took your menus before making his way to the next table.
“Why- you know I don’t like that,” Peter kept his head down, embarrassed.
You leaned down close to him, you didn’t want Ned to hear everything.
“I’m gonna suck your cock, you did so good,” your voice low and your hand running over his crotch, “go wait in the bathroom,”
He kept his head down so Ned couldn’t see his beet-red cheeks, before quickly excusing himself.
“Is he alright?” Ned asked, watching Peter speed walk to the bathroom and almost fall on a table in the process.
“He just needs to take care of something,” you smiled and checked your phone, “MJ’s here, I’ll go grab her,”
“Sounds good,” Ned was pretty aware of what Peter was doing and what you were probably going to do.
You spotted MJ walking in when you got to the entrance. You greeted her and gave her a quick hug, then pointed to your table across the restaurant where Ned was patiently waiting.
“I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be right there,”
“Okay,” MJ walked over to the table, giving Ned a confused look
“Hey dude, where’s Peter?” “Bathroom…Y/n?”
“Bathroom- they’re definitely-,”
Yes, your friends are spot on. Thank god for the singular bathrooms or what you’re “definitely” about to do would rather difficult. Actually making him keep quiet might have been fun…
You reached your hand down to Peter's belt, quickly undoing it without taking your lips off of his. He moaned into the kiss as you pulled down his pants and boxers. Your knees met the cold tile of the bathroom floor.
“So pretty,” you stoked his shaft and looked up at him, your eyes full of lust, “and hard. Who made you this hard, pretty boy?”
He was already shallow of breath and you hadn’t even done anything.
“You,” he whimpered as you placed an open-mouth kiss on his tip.
“And you did so well, ordering for yourself, I’m so proud of you,” you praised, then took him in your mouth without warning, his breath hitching at the sudden contact.
His dick hit the back of your throat and he finally got the sensation he needed all night. You knew what you were doing when you got him all worked up before you left. You placed your hands on bare hips to keep him pressed against the wall.
“Your mouth feels so- fuck- so good,” he moaned while you continued sucking him off.
You made eye contact with him as you repeatedly gagged, watching his mouth fall into an “o” shape. You wrapped a hand around his balls, kneading slightly while he squeezed his eyes shut. He was close, you could tell and you couldn’t blame him after all the teasing you did.
“I’m gonna cum,” he said breathily and you took your mouth from his dick, keeping a steady motion with your hand on it still, “please let me cum, p- please,”
“Good boy, you can cum,” you grabbed some toilet paper quickly and brought it to his tip.
His face contorted and let out a loud moan as he released, an intense orgasm washing over him. You wiped him off a little before throwing away the used paper. He caught his breath and you tried fixing up your hair and overall appearance in the mirror.
You figured he was still pretty out of it so you helped put his boxers and pants back on, a timid thank you leaving his lips.
“We can’t be in here much longer,” you kissed his cheek before buckling his belt for him.
“Yeah, okay- my hair,” he looked at it in the mirror and you fixed a few pieces that had fallen out of place, otherwise, he looked perfect.
“Ready?” “Ready,”
“I’m surprised the food’s not here yet after you took so long,” MJ said as you and Peter sat down at the table.
“How are you?” Peter asked, changing the subject.
“I’m alright, you guys?”
“Well, Peter’s doing the great after that,” Ned and MJ chuckled while you stifled a laugh.
Peter looked at his lap to avoid everyone’s eyes on him.
“You weren’t so shy a few minutes ago, were you?” You teased and put your hand back on his thigh and the other’s laughed, “I’ll make sure you aren’t when we get home either,”
He looked up at you, mouth agape and pants tightening once again. What fun it will be.
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imaginestuffs · 3 days ago
First Kiss- Peter Parker x Reader
word count:2137
warnings: lots of kissing. don't know if that needs a warning but i put it anyway. just fluffiness!
Summary: Reader and Peter have their first kiss.
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
Music was playing throughout your room and you danced around singing along. Your parents were away for the week and so you were home alone. You had on one of Peter’s shirts you had stolen and your hair was messy from shaking it about. You had on one of your favorite playlists on Spotify. You simply titled “Classics” it consisted of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The beetles, Carly Simon, Queen, and so much more. You had grown up listening to what your parents did and so in your opinion, you had immaculate music taste.
You could barely hear the sound of the busy streets of Queens beneath you. You were too busy singing along to Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison; to be bothered by the sound of your window creaking open. You never usually locked your window because Peter would stop by after patrol.
He quietly set his feet on the floor and closed the window again. You still had yet to notice him, as you kept on singing along as loud as you wanted.
“Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine with a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hiding behind a rainbow’s wall
Slipping and sliding
All along the waterfall, with you
My brown-eyed girl
You sang loudly before Peter decided to step in and finish the last words of the verse.
“My brown-eyed girl”
You jumped and let out a little yelp of surprise when you saw him standing there with a soft smile on his face. “Peter! You scared me! I thought you would be later.” you lightly scolded your boyfriend as you turned your music down to a lower volume. “I wanted to see you sooner, I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he explains shyly. He had a blush on his cheeks. His hair was messy from being under the mask for a while. He had no cuts or bruises on his face which caused you relief.
“I don’t mind at all. I’m just used to knowing when you get here. My music was just a bit too loud it’s not your fault. I’m sorry you were subjected to my terrible singing.” you apologized with an embarrassed laugh. He walked towards you slowly with a smile on his face.
“I love your voice. It’s perfect.” he complimented you and your cheeks flushed.
“No need to say that. I’m sure yours is better from the little that I heard,” you told him and stepped toward him as well. You grabbed his hand and sat him on the edge of your bed. “Now! Spider-man. What’s the damage tonight?” you ask in a fake stern tone. Your hands were on your hips as you looked at him intently. “Nothing too bad tonight just a bruise on my arm, and a few scratches there as well,” he explained to you. “Well, then I guess I’ll take care of those for you. Stay here I’ll be right back,” you said before placing a quick peck to his forehead and walked into the bathroom to fetch the first-aid kit you had on hand. Peter smiled at the way you treated him. You were always so gentle and compassionate.
You walked back into the room and set everything you needed on the bed next to him. “Alright spidey let me see your arm,” you said. Peter pressed the Spider at the center of his suit and it fell from his shoulders. You immediately grasped his hands and checked to see what arm it was on. You saw some small cuts with dried blood stuck to his skin. “This might sting a bit Peter, I’m sorry I’ll try and be quick. I promise. You grabbed the rubbing alcohol and began to clean his small wounds. He would let out a hiss now and again but other than that was quiet enough. He looked at your face and saw the concentration etched onto it. Even though it was the smallest injury he’d had you still paid all your attention to it.
He saw your lip drawn between your teeth and couldn’t help but want to kiss you. He had never kissed you before but had been waiting for a good time.
“(y/n),” he said quietly. He lifted his hand and gently gripped your chin to turn you to look at him. You looked t him in confusion. “What’s wrong Peter?” you question in concern. “I’m fine. I just- I guess I just wanted to see you up close. Your eyes are more beautiful than the last time I saw them this close. You smiled shyly.
“That was only a day ago Pete.” you cast your gaze downward, he moved his hand to gently cup your cheek. “Still, They’re more beautiful than ever. You know like the stars but even brighter,” he explains in a cliche way. The compliment makes your stomach fill with butterflies. Your smile broadens and he cringed at what he had said to you. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that was so cheesy. I hope you didn’t take that seriously.” he rambled. You looked at him with a flash of offense on your face. He didn’t mean it?
He saw your look and his eyes widened.
“No. no. no! That’s not what I mean. I just mean that it was super cheesy the way I said that and I hope you don’t take the cliche so seriously. I really meant it. Your eyes are beautiful.” he ranted on but you let a small smile claim your lips at his rambling. You grabbed his hand in yours.
“Peter. Peter, it’s ok I understand. You’re too sweet, now let me finish cleaning you up ok.” you said and leaned forward to kiss his head. He nodded in silence, letting you get back to placing a tiny band-aid over the cut. You kissed it and stood back a bit smiling at what you had done.
He admired you as you admired him, and you caught his gaze. He reached towards you and stood up. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into a hug. Your head rested on his chest and his chin rested on your head.
“You know babe, I think a shower would do you really well right now.” you tease him. He looked down at you and chuckled. “Clothes still in the same drawer?” he questioned before moving away from you. “Yup, now hurry, I miss you,” you said as he gathered his clothes. “I’ll be quick I promise.” he walked out and threw a smile over his shoulder.
After a while, he walked back in with damp curls and comfy clothes instead of his suit. He walks over to you once again before holding you in his arms.
All the sound heard in the room was My Girl by The Temptations. The calming music and the feeling of Peter’s chest rising and falling grounded you and you relaxed. He noticed you relax into him more and he held you a bit tighter. He swayed you both a bit before pulling back slightly so he could see your face. Your cheeks were darker and it made him smile.
Looking down at you he knew he wanted to make his move now. If you said no, he wouldn’t do it, but he had no idea where to even start if you said yes.
His hand traveled from your waist to the back of your neck and you looked up at him in wonderment. You placed your hands on his chest tracing miscellaneous patterns on his chest. It sent shivers down his spine at the feeling of your fingers touching him so gently. He was sure you could feel his heart beating rapidly beneath your palm.
He looked into your eyes for a sense of reassurance. As if to ask for your permission before he started to lean in. your eyes lit up a bit at the sight of him leaning in and so you closed them and leaned in as well. The way he enveloped you entirely, his smell, his rough hands, and warm breath fanning against your soft lips made your knees go weak. Your heart leaped in your chest as you could feel him get closer to you. You could feel his lips brush yours and just as he was about to completely close the gap between you, he spoke.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
Instead of saying anything, you let your lips answer for you. Your lips collided with his and he let out a surprised hum. It made your stomach do flips.
He brought you as close as possible your hands reached up to run through his unruly curls. The hand that held your head tugged your hair softly and you let out a soft whine at the feeling. This only spurred him on and soon enough his tongue was nervously seeking entrance to your mouth. You parted your plush lips and tentatively let his tongue stray into your mouth. You sigh at the feeling and push up on your toes. The need for air became evident and so you pulled away slowly letting your lips part from his. Your cheeks flushed and his hair messy.
Your breaths were heavy as you just stared in awe at each other. You two have had kisses with other people before but this one felt like it wasn’t any kiss, it was the kiss. The one you knew you needed forever.
You smiled and gently pulled away from him. You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and looked away from him. “Wow.” were the only words that escaped Peter’s lips. A broad grin broke out on his face and he chuckled. He watched as you put the first-aid kit away. The way you moved and the smile on your face. He looked at you like you were the universe, because to him, you were.
You walked into the room again and smiled at him.
With no thought other than you Peter moved forward and swept you off of the floor. You let out a surprised yelp and a laugh bubbled past your lips. You let your head fall back as he spun you and he watched on in wonder at you. He let out laughs as well and he set you down steadying you both. Your closed your eyes and scrunched up your nose a bit which caused his heart to melt just a little bit more.
You opened your eyes and a look of pure joy appeared in those (e/c) eyes he loved so much.
He just stared at you for a moment in concentration trying to memorize every part of you.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” you ask with a furrow of your brow. He lifts his hand and gently relaxes the crease between your eyebrows. “Nothing is wrong. I just- I wanted to look at you,” he mumbled. You could practically feel your heart burst.
“(y/n).” he paused anxiously. You nodded, encouraging him to continue.
“Can I- can I kiss you again?” he asks bashfully. You blush and let your hand trail down his arm to tangle with his. You look at him through your lashes.
“Yes.” that was all he needed before he leaned back in. his lips collided with yours more passionately than before. His free hand circled completely around your waist pulling you tightly against him. Your other hand raised to run down his chest. He whined a bit at the feeling and you sighed at the noise. He took the chance and let his tongue once again wander your mouth. Massaging yours and feeling you relax against him. He held you up, letting go of your hand his hand ran up your spine and trailed back down it. Your hand moved up to cradle his face.
Things began to slow down and he ended up pressing small kisses on your lips between breaths.
“We need to do that more often…” he breathed out. You nodded and nudged his nose with yours. “I agree, let’s make the most of our week alone huh?” you ask with a Cheshire grin. He blushed but nodded his head quickly grabbing your hand tightly.
“But…” you let silence break your sentence.
“First. Would you dance with me?” you asked bashfully. Peter smiled brightly and nodded.
“I’m not too good at it but I’ll do anything for you.” you smiled at him before reaching to lock your hands behind his neck. “I guess we’ll learn together,” you told him. You felt his hands move down to grip your hips and your heart fluttered.
You leaned up and pressed another kiss to his lips.
“I'm too lucky,” he mumbled.
“I’m even luckier,” you said and rested your forehead on his.
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mellowavengersstuff · 3 days ago
Guitars and sunshine
Summary: Peter finds that you and guitars and sunshine make everything that much sweeter.
A/N: I re-watched far from home, and it made me nostalgic for soft – sad – cute boy peter and mj’s sarcasm and Ned’s funny little personal progressions that are so fast not even he knows what he’s doing. Readers powers are based off of Saracen rue but only kind of. She doesn’t have x-ray vision, promise, she just knows things.
Warnings: reader with a phobia of guns, slight PTSD, uh, lack of a parental unit? Flash harasses reader a bit.
Tumblr media
Peter senses someone new in the compound today.
He first sees you sat on one of the squishy couches in the shared living room, sat somewhat uncomfortably. (Perplexing, really because those seats are too squashy to be uncomfortable on.) you’re wearing a cotton white t-shirt, and jeans that are ripped too much too be really considered jeans anymore and holding a too-big guitar that you strum softly, every so often. You’re playing a tune that he recognises, he thinks. He can’t put a name to it though.
He should be alarmed, if anything, at the sight of a potential intruder in the compound. After all, he’s never seen you before. But with the soft sunlight streaming in through the clean white blinds that Steve insisted on, and the tune you’re strumming gently which makes him feel lethargic, sleepy in a good way, in the way you feel after a long day at the beach, he just can’t bring himself to.
(He’s a terrible avenger. A terrible avenger, and a terrible person. What is he thinking, you could be a threat, or you could need his help, or you could literally be lost, he just needs to-)
He feels a hand clap on his shoulder and can smell the cologne that can belong to nobody but tony stark, as well as the stench of machinery and oil under it.
“What are you doing down here, kid.”
“Oh, hi Mr Stark. I, uh, just came to go over that prototype I wanted to show you yesterday.”
Tony follows his gaze to the girl with the guitar, sitting on the squishy blue couch and strumming the guitar. “So, are you gonna ask me or…?”
Peter startles from his slightly sleepy haze and turns to look at his mentor. “Uh, ask you what, Mr Stark.”
Tony tilts his head in the girl’s direction and raises a perfectly waxed eyebrow. “You know, unidentified person over there. Possible threat, maybe serial killer…?”
Peter’s eyes widen in panic, and he busies himself trying to dig his suit of his backpack, “I’m sorry Mr Stark, I just thought maybe – I, uh, you know what ill just put on the suit and just-”
Tony grins at him, nudging his sunglasses down from his head. Peter sighs, and slumps against the wall in relief, then glaring at Tony indignantly “Just kidding kid.”
“Who is she then Mr Stark?”
Tony inhales, and claps him on the shoulder one last time, before stalking off. “Transfer over from Boston. Joining us for the time being – but why don’t you go ask her yourself?”
Peter doesn’t want to do that.
Wait -no, no, no, not because he dislikes you or anything. Well, not that he can, he doesn’t know you. But he’s got nothing against you. Don’t worry, he’s like 98% sure. It’s just – he’s very alone, and awkward, and shy right now. He doesn’t want to make a bad impression – aunt may told him that first impressions always count, and if there’s one thing she told him that he will listen to for the rest of his life, it’s that.
(Well maybe not for the rest of his life. Just for meeting you. And for a few college interviews.)
So, he’d much rather slump over and lean back on the wall that you’re behind, and close his eyes, and listen to your soft melodic strums for the time being, peeking back to look at your face illuminated by a funny little ray of sunshine as you shuffle about, trying to get comfortable.
Peter doesn’t really remember falling asleep. All he knows is that it’s that nice, deep kind of sleep. The kind with no dreams, and simply darkness and warmth, and emptiness. The kind where you’re sort of awake by the end of it, but you just don’t want to open your heavy eyes. If you catch his drift.
When he does open his eyes, albeit slowly, he sees another set staring right back at him, looming above his head.
He scrambles to his feet, almost knocking his head into the persons in front of him and pressing himself on the wall, panting. He looks down to see you kneeled on the ground, where you would have been sat looking down at him, peering up at him with wide eyes.
You give him a lopsided sort of smile, and get off of your knees slowly to stand in front of him, holding a hand out. “Sorry,” you start, slightly sheepishly. “I didn’t mean to scare you, just wanted to see if you were ok. I’m Y/N.”
Peter tries to slow his breathing and ignores the pink flush that pops up on his cheeks as his hand touches yours.
“It’s ok – I wasn’t scared.” (Lies, he thinks, and by the look on your face you can tell.) “I’m Peter,” he chokes out.
“I know,” you reply simply, and smile at him before you turn around to grab your guitar. Peter stands there awkwardly, holding his schoolbag in his arms. Watching you smooth your hands over the guitar’s smooth wood softly.
“I – uh, I heard you play, just now.” He stammers, swaying on his feet slightly nervously. “It sounded really nice.”
To his surprise, you are wearing a wide smile when you turn back around. He would’ve thought you would be used to compliments. You scratch the back of your neck, cheeks growing warm.
“Thanks, peter. I’m glad you liked it.” You smile, before walking towards the elevator, guitar and music in hand. Peter rushes after you.
“So, what’re you doing here? Like with the avengers?”
You quirk an eyebrow at him and smirk. “Are you implying that I’m unworthy to be in the presence of the great avengers?”
“No – no, no not at all,” he panics, slightly breathless again, running a hand through his hair.
You laugh then, and the sound echoes in the elevator chamber as you walk in. Peter stares at you in awe as you giggle, and he swears he’s never heard a sound as musical, as pretty as that – the only thing that comes close is your gentle strumming on the guitar.
You look at him then, and he sees mirth in your eyes. He can’t help but giggle along with you, and shivers in a good way as you reach out to pat his blouse-clad shoulder good-naturedly.
“I’m sorry, I was just teasing. I know what you meant.” You say, still grinning. “I guess I’m here because I – uh know things.”
Now it’s Peter’s turn to quirk an eyebrow because that doesn’t make sense, at all. “What do you mean?” he asks, stepping out on to the lap floor and dumping his bag in a corner.
You perch on a stool lightly, and tilt your head, thinking of a way to best explain it. He finds himself almost swooning at the little lines that appear on your forehead.
“Uh, it’s kinda hard to explain. Think of it like this – when I really need to know something, it’ll just come to me.” You tell him.
“So, the knowledge just comes to you?”
Peter giggles a little and leans across the desk you’re sitting at. “That’s kinda cool.”
You flush again and duck your head. “Thanks. I like yours too. Being sticky must be fun.”
Peter simply beams.
The next time peter sees you, is the subsequent Monday in the bustling hallways of Midtown high school, clutching your books to your chest.
He had just been passionately partaking in a riveting conversation with Ned about you, in fact. He had spent so long talking to about you to Ned, describing the moment you met in unnervingly accurate detail that Ned was beginning to think it was love at first sight. He was practically convinced, telling Peter that love at sight was rare, and it’s not what he and Betty had, and he and betty didn’t work out but were lucky enough to still be friends so that’s why it’s important and a bunch of other Betty-fuelled rambles that Peter managed to tune out of. (Contrary to popular belief, Ned’s brief relationship with betty did not make him an expert in the romance department.) Peter didn’t think so. Love at first sight, he means. Not that he was opposed to the idea – he just, didn’t really believe in that.
He was just in the middle of explaining this very loudly to a sceptical MJ, who truth be told just thought he was a wuss, when he felt a light tap on his shoulder, and then he turns to see you, beaming at him with books in hand, dressed in a pair of jeans and a maneskin tee, with Betty next to you.
“Hi peter,” you smile, Boston twang still clear in your voice. Peter chokes on nothing, prompting a concerned round of pats on his back.
He hears betty ask you, curiously, over his hacking coughs, “Oh, you know Peter?”
“Oh yeah,” you confirm. “We met at a park when he visited Boston once.”
(Peter marvels at the way you lie so easily, even though he knows it not such a thing to be marvelled at. What can he say, L*ve does weird things to people.)
“Aw,” Betty squeals. “That’s so sweet.”
He wants to tell her you’re not together, but he can’t find it in himself, so he settles for staring sheepishly at the floor. And by the looks of things, neither can you. You reach a hand out to Ned, who shakes vigorously and then MJ who gives Peter a knowing smirk and a wink.
“I’m Y/N,” you introduce yourself. “It’s nice to meet you guys.”
“You too,” smiles MJ. “We’re just about to go to lunch, wanna join us?”
At lunch, everything is just fine. Too fine – perfect, in fact. You and MJ and Ned are getting along and laughing and talking, and making jokes and Peter thinks there’s been like this hole, that you’ve filled up since you’ve been here. Someone for MJ to joke with, someone for Ned to discuss conspiracies with and someone for him to lo-
“Hey Penis Parker!”
Immediately, peter deflates a little, and rolls his eyes. This is not unnoticed by you, and you narrow your eyes at the offender, before watching Peter turn around slowly on his stool.
“Whatcha got here loser?” grins Flash, strolling over leisurely with his faithful lackeys in tow.
Peter sighs wearily. “Don’t call me that, Eugene. This is Y/N. Y/N, Flash. Or Eugene.”
Flash advances forward until he’s leaning opposite you, while you’re still nonchalantly munching on salad. Leering at you with both hands on the table. “Hey pretty bird. Why don’t you ditch these losers and come with me, we can go for a ride, huh?”
Still, you continue munching until peter is sure that your salad is essentially liquefied, and the awkward silence has stretched on long enough to make Flash uncomfortable. When you finally look up though, your face is as stoic as peter has ever seen it.
“No thanks.”
Flash’s face contorts slightly, having never been faced with the prospect of rejection before, and he leans closer, until perhaps all his weight is held on his hands as his face gets closer to yours. Peter tries to object.
“Flash don’t-”
“Come on, girlie. We’ll take my Ferrari for a ride, yeah? You don’t have to pity him.”
You stand up then, sudden and swift, allowing him no time to jump back to avoid collision, and cross your arms firmly, looking down at him. “God, you really are the human personification of period cramps. I said no, thanks. And stop being a dick to my friend.”
While everyone is in awe of your badassery, (MJ’s smirking smugly, and Ned looks like he wants to burst into applause, and flash has scrambled back falling into his lackeys, mouth in a round o shape) it seems that Peter cannot think of anything else but your wording. Friend, you had said. His mind has firmly fixated on it. His heart flutters and he feels this warm fuzzy feeling in his tummy. He smiles, rather dreamlike. He had a…. a relationship with you.
Well, not quite a relationship. But, you know, getting there.
He’s still hopeful.
Peter is walking (or rather limping) back up the hall from a rigorous training session with Nat, when he hears the slow strumming of a guitar, and in between it the light twiddling of piano notes. And under it, soft sniffles.
He presses himself against the clean white wall just outside of your mahogany wood door that you have since decorated with an assortment of colourful stickers ranging from flowers to anime characters and presses his ear on the wall. He can hear the sounds more clearly now, can make out the tapping of your nails on the piano keys under the ring of the notes and your quiet snuffles as you strum gently. The song your playing alternates between the two instruments – long, winding melodies and melancholy, meandering phrases that sound lost, empty. Romantic music, he remembers vaguely from a sixth-grade music class. He inches forward, then, and presses a hand onto the cold metal of your door handle before pausing to knock.
“Y/N?” he says, through the thick wood. “Can I come in please?”
He hears you shuffle around a bit, hears the clattering of clothes hangers and the whoosh of tissues being pulled hastily from their snug box. Then comes a croaky, quiet “sure.”
He opens the door just in time to see you wipe at your cheeks with your sleeve hurriedly, and you give him a weak smile as he walks in.
For a moment, peter just stands there, swaying slightly awkward and hugging his arms, watching you pick the guitar up again with red rimmed eyes and puffy lips. He’s not quite sure how to make you feel better. Not quite sure what to do – faced with this image of ethereal beauty, even in sadness. This image that is you with a puffy face and swollen lips and red rimmed eyes and messy hair, sitting next to a piano and holding a smooth, wooden classical guitar with strings that shine in the single ray of sunlight that is streaming through your curtains and illuminating the canvas of your face.
So, he shuffles forward nervously, until he’s sat next to you on your bed, his weight creating a slight dip in the mattress beside you. he clears his throat, fingers fidgeting with the bedspread underneath him.
“I don’t think you’re ok.” He says, finally, and you strumming stops just long enough for you to look him in the eye, and sigh. His hand edges forward slowly, until it’s softly resting on top of yours.
“I had field training today.”
Peter frowns, not quite sure how to respond that. “You’re great at that.”
You give him a watery chuckle and grip his hand a little tighter. “We had to use guns.” And this time you have to reach to wipe tears that are slowly trickling down your face. “I don’t like guns. Bad memories.”
Peter reaches an arm around your shoulders and lets you lean into him and sob for a little while, your tears soaking through his shirt. He holds you tight against him, so that your feelings aren’t so harsh, so abrasive and lets you clutch his biceps as you cry. and you just stay there for a small time, just sitting in a brilliant ray of sunshine on your soft mattress as you cry in his arms, and he whispers sweetly, “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’ll be alright, I’ll make sure your safe, tony won’t let anything happen to you.”
After your tears have ceased, and all that Peter can hear are your soft, post crying hiccups, he lets go of you for just a second to reach over tentatively and wrap his hand around your guitar and bring it over to his lap. He holds it awkwardly, the way someone does when they’re handed something that they have not held in a long time. A memory that’s forgotten. Still, he holds it up in his arms and begins clumsily, in broken stuttering clusters playing the only thing he knows, and gently, under his breath hums along.
Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo..
You crack and eye open from your position resting on his shoulders and smile a little, creases on your cheeks becoming deeper as he strums the melody slowly. His strumming is broken, unpractised, but still has a special sort of feel to it, like cold strawberries on a warm day, or walnuts dipped in honey. Sweet, and simple. All you would ever need, really.
So as he’s in the midst of playing, poking his tongue out a little in concentration and furrowing his brow goofily, you take your head off his shoulder and sit up straight. He frowns even more at the loss of contact and turns his head to look at you, fingers still strumming. You smile at him and smooth his brow over with soft, curious fingers.
“That was really good, peter.”
He blushes and reciprocates the sweet smile you gave him. “Thanks, Y/N. I’m happy you liked it.”
And then, all of a sudden and ever so slowly, you are moving closer, and closer, and closer until your close enough that all it takes is for a brief twitch of Peter’s head for your lips to connect, in a chaste, sweet peck.
Peter leans back to see your sunshine-illuminated face smiling at him, a deep blush adorning your cheeks. He feels his own cheeks are still burning, but instead of saying anything he laces his fingers with yours. Then hands you back the guitar, and you stay there for the rest of the evening, watching the slow smoulder of the sun disappear beneath the New York skyline. Listening to you strum again.
Peter thanks his lucky stars, that he has guitars and sunshine and you.
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highkeygolden · 3 days ago
Tell me why
Pairing; Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Summary; despite knowing each other for almost their entire lives, Peter and Y/N were only beginning to get to know each other and it doesn't take long for Peter to be infatuated.
A/N; I'M SO PROUD OF THIS ONE YOU HAVE NO IDEA OMG. And Tony Stark is alive in this one :P but he's barely mentioned so. And also, didn't edit this so just bear with me
Words; 7157
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For two people that'd known each other for so long, who watched each other lose teeth, break bones and grow into the hard-headed teenagers were now, they sure didn't know each other that well. Y/N and Peter were completely different people. From day one, never once did they cross paths in each other's lives. It was like they were from two different worlds- the most they knew about each other were the floating rumours that'd occasionally surface.
If Peter were asked to describe Y/N, solely based on the rumours that surrounded her, he'd say she was confusing. Well, confusing, intimidating and... and a magnet for curiosity. He'd known her since they were wee little kids, they were always put in the same class and they practically watched each other grow up. Yet they never interacted, because she was too busy with her friends and he was busy studying and being the smartest in the room.
Unconventional would be an understatement to describe Y/N. She was average, a normal high school girl with farfetched goals and unrealistic dreams. Y/N would like to think that she kept to herself most of the time, but she was so used to being around crowds that her character came off otherwise.
She wasn't as smart as most people, and she didn't get herself involved in extracurriculars and she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life; she saw no future for herself. So, for now, all she did was enjoy herself despite the desperate pleas of her parents, begging her to study.
She wasn't doing great in her classes, but she'd like to think she had more common sense than most people in her class. She was emotionally stable, she'd like to think, but that didn't explain the drinking. She didn't go out to parties every week like most of her friends, she wasn't allowed to but on rare occasions, she couldn't help but become a party animal.
She was known for that, after all, but it wasn't something she wore proudly.
In freshman year, Y/N seemed to be the most popular girl in school. She liked it at first, but the attention was consuming and it wasn't getting her anywhere. She wasn't losing her friends, but she was forgetting herself. She realized it was a problem before it got too late.
When junior year rolled around, Y/N found herself signing up for the weirdest extracurriculars. After the whole science trip, reality had hit her like a ton of bricks and she realised how hard it would be for her to get into college. And she wanted to get into college so bad.
Peter was pleasantly surprised when he saw Y/N worming her way into the Academic Decathlon team. He didn't know how she got in and frankly, Y/N didn't know either. She was rusty at first, was the target of teasing for an entire week- a week for Peter to take a breath- until she started getting the hang of it.
Soon enough, she was answering all the questions with so much confidence and nonchalance- it was baffling to watch. Flash grew jealous of her, swore she was somehow cheating her way to the top. His theory was quickly shut down by Betty. Peter and Ned simply accepted it and MJ, being the team captain, was pleasantly impressed.
She was easily accepted and quickly became part of the core of their team. Her opinions mattered to them and her words were considered- it wasn't something she'd ever experienced before. Y/N Y/L/N finally thought she found her place, a place where she belonged.
That was probably the first time Peter recalled talking to her. She'd bumped into him on the way to the auditorium, offering him a hasty apology before she walked off, bag slumping on her shoulders and books pressed to her chest. He couldn't wrap his head around how quickly the moment had gone past, he didn't even have time to register what she said or realise that she was running off in heels and all that he was left with was the notebook she left behind, resting at the end of his shoe.
He holds onto her notebook the rest of the day, taking time to admire the dumb doodles she'd indulged in during class. Doodles in all sorts of colours, with a few nonsense quotes here and there. She was a messy person, it was obvious. Her notes were all over the place and her handwriting splayed inconsistently- sometimes looking like they were printed by a printer and other times looking like a spider gliding against water.
He remembered reading an article about what someone's handwriting could tell about a person. Y/N was simply a messy person, with her thoughts all over the place and no sense of tidiness-
Peter just decided to give her back her notebook during practice. He was getting ahead of himself, for someone who barely knew Y/N Y/L/N, he was thinking about her too much. Sure, he wanted to get to know her better but he was getting ahead of himself.
What he wasn't expecting was stiffening up when he saw her sitting with MJ and Flash, laughing about something with a pen pressed to her bottom lip, the corners of her eyes crinkling with glee. Ned had to physically shake him out of it. The hands that held her notebook shook violently and he blinked profusely but it got worse when Y/N catches sight of him.
She smiles widely, which was something she'd never done towards this, but it was probably because she saw him holding her precious, lost notebook. She jogs towards him, her braid swaying side to side as the hair that framed her face bounced and she stops in front of him, tucking the loose strands of hair behind her ear before looking at his hands.
"I've been looking all over for this," she sighed in relief and Peter robotically hands her the notebook and her hands brush over his for only two seconds.
He blinks profusely, humming and nodding his head like an idiot and Ned stared at him like he's an alien. His hands don't even fall to his side until she stared him up and down, a confused grin replacing her smile as her brow lifts.
"Thank you," Y/N tried again, hoping to get an answer from him because he seemed way too uncomfortable. He could be sweating, for all she knew.
"N- no problem," he's stuttering and stammering and all he could think about was how embarrassing it was because everyone was probably staring.
He swore Ned mumbled out an excuse to drag Peter towards the rest of the team to start practising. She stared as they walk away, confused and puzzled before she follows them and MJ stars belting out questions for everyone to answer. And Peter was distracted for a good amount of time until Y/N stars answering questions too, her voice flowing into his ears like music.
When practice was over, most students had left for their next class, including Ned. Peter was left to fend for himself while Y/N sat beside him, tapping her pen against the table as she read a random book. He didn't know how she ended up sitting beside him, both leaning against the wall while MJ was expecting them on brushing up for their next practice.
Before Peter could even propose the idea of practising together, he was disturned.
Much to his dismay, though, Flash slid beside Y/N, the hated grin on his face as he nudged her with his elbow. Y/N, trying her best not to roll her eyes, closed her book and turned to him with an annoyed smile, asking what he wanted with so much sarcasm and disinterest dripping from her mouth- Peter was blown away.
"There's a party today-"
"Absolutely not," Y/N almost laughs and she shakes her head harder than she waves her hands at him. Flash's smile quickly drops into a frown as he looked at her confused.
"Why not? You love parties," he urges, completely ignoring her groan of disinterest.
"I do," she confirms. "But I don't want to go today."
"Why not?" Flash urges, clearly not understanding her disinterest.
"My parents won't let me," She argues.
"That never stopped you," Flash winks at her; she cringed at him. Chuckling awkwardly, Y/N leaned away from him, almost pushing her back into Peter's shoulder but that doesn't happen and Peter feels disappointed.
"Seriously, Flash," she rolls her eyes. "I'm busy the entire day. I have archery classes and a job to keep-"
"Archery?" Peter snaps his head towards Y/N, curiosity peaking as she looks at him from over her shoulder. She chews her bottom lip, nodding a confirmation and Peter mumbles "that's cool," and looks back down. Y/N furrows her brows.
"Where do you work? Maybe I can pick you up-,"
"Nope, I'll be working the entire night," she smiles at him, tilting her head and blinking profusely before she stands up, collects her books and struts towards Betty and MJ. The three girls exit the auditorium and Peter is sitting awkwardly beside Flash, both watching her strut away like she was a model, mouths gaped in shock at her attitude.
Y/N would do anything to spend a day away from home, so she sure as hell wasn't going to miss an opportunity to work an overnight shift at the cafe. It wasn't like she'd have much work to do, and it wasn't like she was going to be left alone. Finn would be there to keep her company- which her parents were against too. He's a boy, they said, it's inappropriate.
She couldn't care less about what they had to say. They argued for around an hour, going back and forth until they told her to get lost and do whatever she wanted. She stormed out of her house and now she was leaning against the counter, silence consuming her as Finn washed the remaining mugs.
"Mind helping me a little?" He asks, scoffing.
Y/N whines and slumps her shoulders, looking over her shoulder to find him in his jeans and white shirt, an apron safely tied to his torso to keep his uniform from getting wet. "I'm exhausted, Finn," she breathes, resting her chin on her hands as the fan caused her hair to blow into her face.
"Then why'd you come in?" He looks at her, disappointed and confused, maybe even a little annoyed as he dries the mugs and plates. She doesn't respond, only groans and Finn rolls his eyes. "Your parents bothering you again?" He puts two and two together and he's proven right when she nods.
"They just don't know how to leave me alone," she groans. "I'm doing something for myself to earn more money but they can't let me work a night shift because I'll be alone with a boy all night. I wanna punch them in the face, I really do," she lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding, tucking her hair behind her ear.
Finn doesn't respond, mostly because he didn't want to. But even if he wanted to say something about it, he wouldn't know what to say. So he continues to clean up, leaving her alone like he always did. Silence was better than starting an awkward conversation anyway, Y/N would agree with him.
Y/N was too exhausted to even use her phone. Defeated, she traces her fingers over the cheap granite counter, she recollected the day she had at school; more specifically, Peter. She thought about how flustered he looked when he returned her notebook to her, the way his cheeks flushed red and the way he stiffened up at the mere sight of her.
Was he threatened by her? Scared, by any chance?
Peter barely even knew her, never talked to her. Maybe he hated her and she never even knew. Or maybe he was just shy and wasn't used to being around people he didn't know- Introverted, it was pretty obvious. But did that mean he hated her? She was overthinking it. And it wasn't like it mattered, they barely talked to each other; they barely knew each other.
While Y/N was daydreaming, Finn had finished with the dishes and decided to move on to watching a movie on his phone. He didn't bother wearing earphones, allowing the dialogue to flow through the barren cafe... only to have it be disturbed by the door opening and closing and a groan falls from Y/N's lips which quickly turns into a gasp of realisation.
Peter was stumbling in, sweating and heaving with a meek smile on his face, waving lightly towards Y/N. He walks over to her, gripping the straps of his bags tightly, the sleeves of his sweater covering half of his hands. "Hi," he says to her, innocent and sweet, maybe a little less flustered than the last time he crossed paths.
Y/N's head snaps towards Finn who's glaring at Peter, annoyed that he had to deal with another customer's order. He was tired and it was uncommon- almost rare- for them to get customers in the middle of the night. Y/N didn't blame him for reacting that way and normally, she would have groaned too. She only didn't give that reaction this time because it was Peter.
Peter Parker; who was at her workplace in the middle of the night, with no explanation whatsoever. And she couldn't treat him like a normal customer because she knew him and she had questions and because he was roaming the streets past midnight.
"Finn, it's only one person," she defends, rocking her head to the side as she eyes him. Finn only rolled his eyes and grumbled, asking her to take care of his order and that he was done for the day before he disappears into the break-room. "I'm sorry about that," she shakes her head and looks back at Peter.
He stood directly in front of her, looking like a deer in headlights despite looming over her height. Y/N only chuckles as he mumbles "it's alright," and waves it off.
"What're you doing here?" She asks, curiously, glancing towards the glass doors to emphasise the night and bright street lights. The roads were empty too, a yellow taxi speeding past every couple of hours. It was weird.
"Just thought I'd get a drink," he shrugged like it was no big deal, drooping his brows and lifting his lips into a grin. He tried so hard not to sound like he was trying to play cool because, in reality, his whole body was shaking, quivering under the sharp yet sweet gaze of Y/N Y/L/N.
"It's past midnight, Peter," she debates, furrowing her brows and cocking her head to the side as she waited for his excuse.
Peter widens his eyes again and Y/N echoes him, one startled and the other prying. He stammers, licking his lips and looking everywhere but her as he says "I got caught up with my Stark internship," and that was enough for Y/N to hum in realisation.
"Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting you work for Tony Stark," she mused, nodding then shaking her head. Peter gapes at her for a moment, completely in shock that she knew that about him. He shouldn't be surprised, though. Half the school knew. "I'm sorry again, you said you wanted a drink?"
"Oh," he ponders for a bit, realising that he came in completely unprepared. So he asks for a simple iced coffee and she offers him another smile before making his order.
Y/N comes back with a tall glass of coffee, tiny ice cubes floating to the top and Peter digs in his pockets to find the perfect change, not wanting to bother her with more work at the cashier counter. What he didn't expect her to do was slide his drink towards him, smoothly telling him "It's on the house," with a smirk before circling the counter and joining his side.
In all honesty, he was hoping this would happen. He was hoping Y/N would be kind enough to keep him company and start up a conversation. He was hoping she'd sit with him and laugh along to whatever they were talking about so that only he could hear her laughing. So that it was his jokes she was laughing about; his company she would be enjoying.
But then he realised that she'd much rather be sitting with Finn in the break room, watching something random or talking about work or whatever it was he thought they talked about. So he sighed and said, "You can go to the break room if you want."
Much to his delight, though, Y/N chuckled and said, "It's fine," with a wave of her hand and guides him to a booth near the windows. "The man hates me, anyway," she giggled and Peter didn't know what was so funny about someone hating her. He assumed it was just a joke and nods, gulping as he sits across from her.
They don't say anything to each other and Y/N doesn't think the silence is putting off at all. She decided it was best to ignore gaucherie and keep him company until he finished his coffee and leaves. She finds it uncanny that Peter found the need to drink coffee at an ungodly hour. Did he need to stay awake for something, or was it just his prefered drink?
"How'd you find this place?" She finds herself asking, resting her elbows on the table, hand supporting her chin as she gave him her undivided attention. She looked so attentive, so interest in what he had to answer for her question- it almost caught him off guard, he was going to spit out his coffee.
Peter would never admit that she'd caught his eyes while he was swinging around from building to building during his nightly patrol. The dim lights being the only eye-catcher in the entire street for him to check- Y/N was coincidentally working there. It was his dumb luck.
Peter would never admit that it was her uniform that made him stop and stare- the pretty skirt that had her shirt tucked into had him reeling. Her shoulders, broad and sharp as leaned against the counter. The knee-high socks she wore that reached above her thighs left less to his imagination. She looked so beautiful, pretty, gorgeous... hot.
Peter would never admit that the reason for his leg bouncing up and down since he'd sat down was her legs being inches away from his, bare skin tucked away under a pair of sheer, torn socks. His hands tapping the rim of his glass at the sight of the top two buttons of her shirt being undone.
Peter would never admit that it was the loose hair that framed her face that made him watch while perched on a tall tree, hanging onto the trunk for dear life as he observed her in a daze. Her every movement and inaudible word she spoke put him in a trace, eventually leading him to messily change clothes in an alley right behind the coffee shop he was currently sitting in.
To himself, Peter would never admit that he kept his duties as Spider-man aside just to come into a coffee shop to spend time with Y/N. It was painful to pretend like his suit wasn't clumped into his bag, acting like he was just any other intern of Tony Stark's.
So, Peter shrugged before answering. "The first place I found open," he takes another sip of his coffee, hiding the trembling of his lips. "And you just happened to be here."
Y/N nods, scoffing at herself for expecting a different answer. "Fair enough," she said before crossing her arms and slumping into her chair. "So you didn't get to go to that party either, huh?" She pondered aloud.
"I mean," he clears his throat. "I wasn't invited, so-"
"You don't have to be invited, you know?" Y/N chuckles at him and leans towards him again, resting one elbow on the table instead of two as her other hand rests on her thigh. "If you know a party's taking place, you just go," she shrugs, scrunching her nose and as Peter looks down in realisation.
"Oh," he said, lacing his fingers together and abandoning his coffee altogether.
"Yeah," she nods. "That's how most high school parties work," she grumbles and Peter scoffs at himself.
"Even if I wanted to go, I'd never find the time," he mumbled but didn't expect Y/N to understand. He didn't have to know her to know that she wasn't nearly as busy as him.
"Fair enough," she says. "My parents wouldn't let me live if I told them I've been to high school parties before," she rolls her eyes with so much annoyance, Peter could practically feel it seeping into the atmosphere.
"That strict, huh?" he muses, huffing out a breath and the curls on his head fall stray to his forehead.
"Very," she breathed but somehow manages to crack a smile at the misery that was her household. Peter's eye twitches when he hears her chuckling, but doesn't comment on it and doesn't ask anything further. "There's a party every Friday," she continues, regardless.
"Really?" He raises a brow.
"Yeah," Y/N enthusiastically nodded and smiled until it reached her eyes. "I'll probably be going next week, it'd be nice if you came, too," she offered.
Peter can't help that his heart swells at the invite and he can't hide his smile. She actually thought she'd enjoy his company but he wouldn't admit that it made him happy. Well, he wouldn't admit it to her, at least. He was scared she'd be creeped out if he said anything wrong.
"You should bring Ned, too," she offered. "I'll wait for you at the door with a drink or something. I promise you'll have fun," it was almost like she was shy to invite him. With every word she spoke, her voice became softer and softer- a whisper, almost.
"Oh, yeah?" He grins, a sudden wave of confidence washing over him.
"Yeah," she nods, looking away from him and at her hands instead.
"I'll try coming," he assures her and finishes the last bit of his coffee before checking his watch. He was so caught up with trying to acquaint himself with Y/N in some form, he'd forgotten about how concerned his aunt May would have been. "I should probably get going," he points a thumb towards the door.
Y/N nods softly, standing up when he does and walking him out. She holds the door open for him and he doesn't find it in him to walk away. They smile at each other, chuckle when they realise how pathetic they must have looked and Y/N brushes her hair back and rubs the back of her neck.
"Well, get home safe," she folds her lips into her mouth. "I'll see you on Monday."
Peter doesn't find it in him to bid his goodbye. He simple waves and skips away and he swore Y/N watched as he disappeared around the corner of the street. Y/N lets out a sigh, finally slumping her shoulders and taking a minute to breathe fresh air.
It's cold, cold enough to get her sick the next morning and she wasn't exactly wearing suitable clothing for the weather. Horipilating goosebumps formed on her arms and legs and she rushes back inside, eventually stumbling into the breakroom where she finds Finn comfortably wrapped in a jacket, watching something on his phone.
Finn only acknowledges her with a glance. He nods once at her before he was back to watching his movie. Y/N echoes his acknowledgement back at him and reaches for her jacket that was hung on the wall. She settles on the couch across from him, unlocking her phone and deciding to find something random to read.
"Who was that?" Finn asks but doesn't bother to look up from his phone.
"Peter," she clears her throat. "We go to school together," she explained. He only hums her way, nodding as his attention goes back to his phone. Y/N assumes the rest of the night would pass in utter boredom and taciturnity.
When Monday came, Peter found himself sitting beside Y/N in chemistry. Both of them were late, spewing out incomprehension excuses as they piled to the back of the classroom. Once they were settled beside each other, the pair couldn't stop giggling. Their hands covered their mouths when they leaned into each other as they laughed.
They didn't shut up until their teacher started the class, blabbering about something Peter couldn't care less about while Y/N managed to pay attention. Peter hid behind his laptop, face turned towards Y/N while she messily managed to scribble down her notes, her eyes racing from the chalkboard to her notebook.
He smiles at the sight of her, the corners of lips minutely tugging upwards and highlighting the wrinkles in the corner of his eyes. He was truly at peace, even though he knew Y/N would never show interest in him, he felt at peace.
His teacher announced that there would be a group project and that she would pick out the groups and Peter didn't bother to pay attention until she started calling out names. It's fifty per cent of your grade, she said and then the entire classroom broke into a sob. He'd, once again, call it dumb luck when he was grouped with Ned and Y/N. Pure, dumb luck.
Peter doesn't hesitate to invite Y/N to his house and he doesn't hesitate freaking out to Ned about it once they parted ways from her. It was like he was floating on cloud nine and swimming in a pool of nerves at the same time. Ned just told him to calm down and not make it a big deal. Just play it cool, he said, and act normal.
When May met Y/N after school, she was enthraled. The woman wasn't blind, she saw the way Peter looked at her, as though she hung the moon in the sky and as though she painted the stars and the northern lights. She insisted that Y/N stay for dinner; Ned was always welcome, of course. Peter, even though he was embarrassed, didn't say anything about it.
It was inevitable that the three would get distracted ten minutes into working on their project. Peter and Ned started talking about Star Wars and gasped dramatically when Y/N said she'd never watched any of the movies. I never will either, she announced with an exultant smile and Peter doesn't even bother to change her mind because he was too busy admiring her.
Y/N found herself cancelling her archery classes for the evening just so she could stay for dinner. May had whipped up a nice meal and she wouldn't dare miss out. So while she giddily listened to May and Ned talk about school, Peter leaned into her side cautiously. "Your parents don't mind you being here?" He asked
"They don't know I'm here," she whispered back to him, eyes squinting as a smirk played on her lips.
"Shit," Peter laughed and leaned away, tapping his fork against the rim of his plate.
The chemistry project was Y/N's excuse to visit Peter's apartment for the rest of the week until the party. It was a rare occasion that they actually worked on their project, they usually just talked. When Ned was there, Y/N would read while they fixed lego. It all seemed so serene, too perfect to be true, just like the calm before the storm.
Y/N didn't find it in herself to put her guard up and before she knew it, she found herself at the party, waiting for Peter and Ned at the front steps of Flash's house with a few solo cups sitting beside her. She was scrolling through her phone, shoulders slumped when Peter had tapped her head and she looked up in joviality.
She handed Peter and Ned their solo cups and they gladly accepted, automatically starting a conversation like it was second nature. Betty had spotted Ned, at that point, and she dragged him inside where the actual party was. So Y/N was left alone with Peter, standing in the cold of the night and she asked I'm why he didn't drink from his solo cup yet.
"I don't drink," he told her.
"It's not alcohol, dumbass," she giggles at him. "Just punch," she informed and Peter chuckled, embarrassed.
"I hope it's not spiked then," he brings the cup to his mouth.
Thus it became a ritual for them to try and go to every party held. No matter the time, Y/N found an excuse to give her parents to leave for the night and Peter... he was confusing. He'd say that he'd show up, promise her even but then he'd show up to school completely oblivious until she reminded him and he would apologise frantically.
I got held up because of the Stark internship, he'd say, May needed me and I had work to finish.
It was a cycle and she could count on her fingers every time he did show up to a party. She wasn't mad at him, she couldn't get mad because he was prioritising work but he could be lying. Her gut told her not to believe it because he could be lying yet Y/N never found it in her to actually ask him. Despite spending so much time at his house with him and May and despite being able to call herself his friend, she still thought she'd be overstepping.
She wondered how Ned had the patience to deal with him.
She forgot about it eventually, going about her life as she used to. Peter and Ned just so happened to be her project partners and she just so happened to have a blast with them when they were around her but everything else was normal. They were going to graduate soon and Y/N's only focus was on completing her essays and projects while Peter seemed to have better things to worry about. Things Y/N didn't know about.
"He seems shady," Finn had said to her at work. "I don't know why you bother with him."
"Even if I didn't want to, I'd have no choice," Y/N scoffed. "He's my project partner."
Graduation looms closer and closer by day and exam season had everyone standing on the tips of their toes. Despite that, Y/N still decided to attend a party. One last party, she told herself and prayed to God that Peter would show up. If he didn't show up, it wouldn't have hurt her but she wished, hoped that he'd show up because it'd been ages since she had a proper conversation with him.
She swore a group of her friends hollered to her, asking for her to join them while waving their hands and she did. With a cup of spiked orange juice, she stumbled towards them, a lopsided grin on her face as she eased into the conversation. Y/N actually laughed with them, droned out the worry in her head for a while until it disappeared altogether.
All the anger and disappointment drained out of her chest when she spots Peter standing across the room, enjoying a can of coke while immersed in a conversation with Ned, Bett and MJ. He wore one of his sweaters like he always did, nerdy and charming. Absentmindedly, Y/N drifts towards them. grinning from ear to ear. MJ spots her first, raising a hand to greet her. "Hey, Y/L/N! We're talking about prom."
Prom, she thought to herself, prom. Because that was what everyone was talking about, the only thing to look forward to after exams were over. "You have a date?" Betty smiled at Y/N when she settled between her and Peter.
"Do I need one?" She drawled and Peter flashes her a toothy grin.
"Fair enough," Ned agreed with her.
Then the conversation went on.
Y/N and Peter didn't acknowledge each other formally, nor did they want to. The pair simply added to the conversation, regardless of their drunken or sober state. The music was loud, people were dancing and Flash was trying to be the DJ for the night and everyone laughed at his miserable failure.
They cracked jokes, had a good laugh and spilt their drinks all over the floor- just like a normal conversation in a packed party. Everything was normal until Peter leaned into her side and asked her if she wanted to step outside and walk. Get some fresh air. Y/N only nodded and he guided her outside, a hand on the small of her waist.
That was how they ended up in the backyard, sitting on a stone beck, shoulder to shoulder, both sharing Peter's can of coke. The cold of the night wrapped around her faster than the anxiety in her nerves. Yes, she wanted Peter to show up and yes, she wanted to spend time with him. But she was nervous because she didn't know why Peter wanted to be with her, alone.
"I'm glad I came today," Peter murmurs, head hanging low when he realises that he finished the coke. He kicks the can away and it lands in a bush.
"Oh, yeah?" Y/N chuckles at him, mimicking his actions and playing with her fingers. "Why?"
"It was fun," he shrugged nonchalantly. "Last chance for letting loose before we actually start focusing on that chemistry project," he pointed out with a grin, head lifting slightly to catch the sight of her lips scowling. Peter frowns.
"You know, we'd be done with it if you didn't keep bailing on Ned and me," she rolled her eyes but didn't mean anything by it. Her arms splayed across her chest and Peter lets out an exasperated sigh.
"I had work, Y/N," he tried.
"Tony Stark sure needs an intern more than his actual employees, huh?" she mused aloud as if it was going to change his answer.
"It's more complicated than you think."
"What do you mean?"
Peter doesn't respond. He gulps, clearing his throat of all the words he wanted to spew out and his jaw clenches involuntarily. A stray leaf falls on his lap, the edges dark and rotten and he doesn't find it in himself to brush it off. He simply stared, pondering over her question, debating if he could actually tell her. Debating if he trusted enough to tell her.
"I can't say," he mumbled and Y/N sighs with him, her shoulders slumping in defeat and hair blowing with the wind as she does not attempt to brush it away from her face.
It was the same answer every time she asked and she didn't even know why she was surprised. Peter Parker had been unexplainable yet predictable since day one and she didn't know why she put up with it. All she wanted was a proper friendship and she thought she'd found it, someone she could be herself with; someone who accepted her for her flaws; someone who trusted her as much as she trusted them.
But Peter didn't trust her, it didn't seem like that when he said, "I want to tell you, I really do," and Y/N could only nod at him, biting her lip. "But I'm not allowed to tell anyone," his eyes pleaded for her to understand and in all honesty, Y/N did understand.
Y/N understood because she knew some things just couldn't be explained and she wished she wasn't as understanding and compassionate as she was at that moment. She wanted to be selfish and call him out for being discrete about everything, for being so guarded and careful all the time but she couldn't blame him for being that way when she was once the same.
Listlessly, Y/N sucked in a breath, rubbing her palms against her jeans and nodded again. Her lip stayed stuck between her teeth, frustration glistening in the rims of her eyes as she stared at Peter. He looks at her with a look of regret and sorrow, almost dramatically shaking his head.
"Whatever's going on with you, I hope you figure it out," Y/N lets out a wry chuckle, hoping that it would ease the pressure in her nerves.
Peter, on the other hand, looked at her like he was staring at a time traveller. The only thought in his head was how Liz Allen had said to him the same thing all those years ago before she left. Panic was what he felt at that very moment because she could be planning to leave for all he knew.
When Y/N finally looks him in the eye, Peter stumbles on his words and thinks of anything he could say to ease the situation. Anything at all because, at that point, he was desperate and he wasn't about to let another girl slip through his fingers when he could have done something about it, so-
"I like you," Peter doesn't remember wanting to say it, but he spews it out anyway and he's as caught off guard as Y/N. Both stare at each other wide-eyed, mouths agape as they lean away from each other, dreading what was to come next. Peter slaps his hand over his mouth, regretting his actions the second he realised she was put off.
"What?" She looked at him in utter shock. She clearly wasn't expecting it and his heart ached because he knew she didn't reciprocate his feelings.
"I like you," he repeated himself rather hesitantly. "But you don't like me," he whispered to himself, pursing his lips and looking to his lap, staring at that damn leaf again.
"Peter," she felt her throat dry up and her fingers nimbly run through her hair, pushing it away from her face. "I didn't sign up for this-"
"Why don't you like me?" His voice trembled, hands shaking as they settled on his thighs. He played with the sleeves of his sweater, pulling and twisting as he let the reality of the situation set in.
"Why would I like someone that can't even trust me enough to tell me what they do for a job?"
"No, seriously," she scoffed and didn't hesitate to stand up. Peter mirrored her actions, following her as she made an attempt to go back into the house but he didn't let her. His hand managed to clamp around her wrist. He wouldn't let her go.
"Can you just listen?" He tried.
"I thought you couldn't tell anyone anything so what is there to listen?" She shook her head, her attempts of releasing herself from his grip were forgotten.
"What if I make an exception?" He tried with a sloppy grin, teeth peeking out from behind his lips and his eye twitched.
"I don't want you to make an exception," she said.
"That's not your choice to make," he argued and she let out a defeated sigh.
"Fine," she rolled her eyes. "I'm listening."
Peter wasn't exactly prepared. All he knew was that he wanted to fess up to her, to spill his heart out and tell her his whole story and how he became spiderman. He wanted to shoot a web to some random tree and take her with him and show her a good time but now maybe wasn't the right time. His mind reeled with ideas, none of which were a good solution.
Why was it so hard?
"Just spit it out, Peter," she urged, impatiently tapping her foot.
"It's complicated," he started, gulping and darting his eyes over Y/N's shoulder. "Because Tony Stark does need me more than his employees," he said.
He didn't miss the way Y/N's brow twitched, the corner of her lips threatening to pull into a frown. "That's all I'm gonna get-"
"Because I'm Spider-Man."
Crickets chirped. Peter swore he heard crickets chirp as Y/N's face contorted. "Peter," she said, voice dropping an octave lower. "You can't be serious," she almost laughed. If this was his way of swerving around telling her the truth, then so be it. But Peter didn't give her the same expression and realisation dawned upon her. "Oh, you're being serious," she recoiled.
"I'm being serious," he nodded, taking two steps towards her. She makes no effort to step back, allowing his sleeve covered hands to rest on the side of her arms. "Why would I be joking about something like this?"
"Fair enough," she mumbled and her eyes grew wider. Her mouth gaped as she sucked in a breath. "So I was mad at you for basically being a superhero," she scoffed at herself and Peter's grip on her arms tighten. "This changes everything- what? I don't- I'm not supposed to be mad at you!"
"No!" Peter insisted. "I don't blame you, it's completely understandable!" He reasoned but she continued shaking her head.
"I was being unfair to you!" She continued. "You were out in the neighbourhood trying to keep everyone safe and I was mad at you? What kind of a friend would that make me? I don't deserve to be talking to you- wait. Was that how you found the coffee place I work at-"
Peter honestly couldn't continue listening to her spiral. He sucked in a breath, exhausted by the commotion the party caused and the way Y/N seemed to be panicking. He sucked in a breath, closing his eyes and pulling Y/N closer with little strength. Their lips met in the middle.
Y/N shut up immediately, taken aback by his gesture. She gasped into his lips but he swallowed it, open mouthly kissing her as his grip on her softened, a hand trailing towards her hair. She found herself letting the tips of her fingers brush over his cheek, caressing his face ever so softly as he continued to kiss her. She kissed him back, it was an involuntary response. But she didn't regret it either.
Their noses touched while Peter's heart swelled. It might as well burst out of his chest. He didn't know how he held himself together but there he was, kissing the girl he was willing to do anything for. And she was kissing him back, so he was doing something right.
It felt like it was an hour later when they finally pulled apart from each other. Y/N's eyes fluttered open, a dumbfounded expression on her face that quickly turned into confusion as Peter grinned uncontrollably. Her head tilted to the side, her brows knitting together as he debated if she should say something.
Peter beat her to it, anyway.
"I'm sorry, it was the only way I could shut you up."
With that, Y/N giggled and Peter dove right back in. He tilted his head as he went in to catch her lips again, the smile staying in his eyes and his fingers buried in her hair and as her hands roamed his neck.
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Tumblr media
hello hello ! on this blog we mainly share fanfictions that we personally have read and enjoy ! this is a marvel centered blog, we are mainly active on the weekends, but we do make time on weekdays :), since we are both females, we mainly recommend fem reader and gn reader, but we try to include male readers too!
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Tumblr media
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Our Love Is Unconditional
Pairing: anorexic!peter x reader
Warnings: all about an eating disorder, angst, again typos I'm sure
Request: Could you please write about Peter having an ed and it’s lunchtime at school and she encouraging him to eat and he just publicly freaks out on her and something about her feeding him and helping him through it
Synopsis: You're done watching Peter skip meals and start helping him through his struggle
a/n: damn this is sad. also, thank you for all of the requests! I'm working on them, I promise.
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You weren’t oblivious to Peter’s change in eating habits. Whenever you went out to eat, he’d pick at his food and just say he wasn’t hungry or that he had a late lunch. You knew neither were true.
Maybe he just was watching his diet but he didn’t need to do that. His metabolism is way too advanced to be eating so little. He needs all the nutrients he can get to be Spider-man. At this rate, he was doing so much physical activity, you didn’t think he had anybody fat left.
Your other friends had noticed it too and even asked if you thought about talking to him. It was concerning how slim he had gotten in the past couple of months.
Now at the lunch table, you sat with Ned, MJ, and Peter. He had a few things on his tray but he didn’t bother touching them. You waited a while, occupying yourself by talking with MJ about going to a movie this weekend.
“No way am I going at three in the afternoon to a movie, that’s boring,” MJ told the table before going back to her book.
“Is there a better time that works for everyone?” You rolled your eyes and looked to Peter who had zoned out of the conversation, “Babe,”
“Oh- what?” He leaned towards you until he realized you weren’t the only person focused on him.
“You don’t have anything going on this weekend, right?” Ned looked at your boyfriend, a little concern in his eyes when he saw how much food was on his tray still.
“No, I don’t think so,” he said to the group before looking down at his hands in his lap.
You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at the others. MJ glanced at Peter and back to you, her usual cold expression turning into a worried one. You leaned close to Peter’s ear, your breath hitting his skin.
“Want me to get you something else?” You whispered, your hand finding his back and rubbing small circles.
“I’m good, thanks though,” he answered quietly.
He’s not. He’s withering away before your eyes and you didn’t know why he would do this. Watching the life of the person you love deteriorating was killing you.
“Why don’t we go talk in the hall?” You looked over at the door towards the end of the cafeteria.
“I said I don’t want anything,” his voice was raised and he finally looked up from his lap, his usual happy, big brown eyes were dull and angry.
“Hey, it’s alright,” you kept your hand on his back and tried to keep him calm, a few eyes from other tables were watching now.
“Dude, come on, don’t get mad at Y/n,” Ned chimed in, hating to see his best friend like this, “she’s just trying to help,”
“I don’t- stop, I don’t need help from you,” he got up from the table before you grabbed his hand.
He turned back to you, a glimmer of his normal self showing on his face when he saw the sadness in your eyes.
“Don’t do this,” you told him, trying to slowly pull him back to you.
He shook his head and took his hand from yours, briskly making his way out of the cafeteria.
“Just let him calm down a little, Y/n/n,” MJ sighed and watched your frustration when you picked up your boyfriend’s tray, still full of food.
“Maybe raincheck on the movie?” Ned added, and you nodded before walking to the trash cans.
The air felt gloomy for the rest of the day and night until you went to bed. Several unanswered calls and messages from you had collected on Peter’s phone.
He felt so defeated. He did so much and yet he never got a break. You made sure he was taken care of and that he felt appreciated but you couldn’t pause the world for him to take a breath.
Now it was Saturday and instead of a movie, you were sitting with Peter on his couch. At this point, you weren’t going to take no for an answer. You were extremely worried about him and weren’t going to watch him starve himself.
“Are you going to talk to me?” You nudged him with your foot from the opposite end of the sofa.
You didn’t acknowledge you, just continued sitting in silence with you waiting for him to finally respond to your prying.
“Come on,” you scooted close so you could take his hand which he didn’t object to this time, “please just answer me, I can’t help you when you ignore me,”
“I’m so sorry,” he looked at the floor, tears pricking his eyes.
“What on Earth do you think you should be sorry for?”
“I shouldn’t have…it was wrong to lash out at you yesterday, you didn’t d- deserve that,” he turned to you and just broke.
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him into your chest, his tears quickly soaking through to your skin. You kissed the top of his head, running your fingers up and down his back. He was significantly lighter than when you cuddled just a week ago.
“It’s okay,” you whispered against his curls, “you’re okay,”
You held him, his heavy sobs shaking both of you until they turned to soft whimpers and sniffles. He pulled back just a little, his lips barely leaving the crook of your neck.
“It’s the only thing that I- that I have control over,” his voice was hoarse and you felt his heavy breathing hitting your skin.
“Yeah and…I just feel like everything else around me goes wrong because I’m there- you shouldn’t even still like me I mean-,”
“Peter, I’m in love with you. Nothing will ever change that,” you sat up a little so you were at eye level, “you are the reason for so many good things in the world, it is indescribable how happy you make me,”
You ran your thumbs under his eyes to collect the tears, a meek smile appearing on his face.
“But it hurts me more than anything to watch you do this to yourself,”
That, right there, did the most damage to him. More damage than not eating for days. More damage than running on nothing during his patrolling as Spider-man. He was damaging the person he loved more than anything and anyone.
“I know, I’m sorry,” he nodded and he placed a soft kiss on your lips.
“Don’t apologize, I only want to help you and please- no matter what- please talk to me,” you brushed a curl out of his face, “talk to me because I’ll listen to whatever you have to say,”
“Okay,” he agreed before cupping your cheeks.
“Promise me,” you told him, kissing each of his palms.
You initiated getting up off of the couch and pulled him over to the kitchen. You suggested several options that you could make for lunch and decided on grilled cheese. He waited patiently, his seat on the counter watching you make it and he couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like you in his life.
When you were done, you grabbed the ketchup bottle and put some on each of your plates before handing him one. He looked down at it, no matter how appetizing it looked and smelled, he couldn’t.
It’s not like you expected for him to immediately be his usual self. Things like this took time to recover from. You were willing to be here as long as it took because you love him.
“Peter, please,” you set your own next to him and placed your hands on his thighs that we still on the counter.
He just looked down, shame coming over him for disappointing you.
You picked up on the squares you cut for him and slowly brought it to his lips. He looked down at you, his eyes soft.
“Just one bite, I’ll have some too, okay?”
You picked up a piece from your plate and brought it to your lips. He copied you as you took a bite and you grinned at him when he followed.
“Good right?”
He nodded and took the piece from you, bit by bit eating the square.
“I love you,” you leaned up and kissed his forehead, a small smile on his face now accompanied by that light in his eyes, “and I’m so proud of you,” “I love you,” he grabbed another piece from his plate, “how I deserve you in my life, Y/n, I’ll never know,”
You and Peter finished your sandwiches after much encouragement from you. Then you guided him back over to the couch, opening your arms for him to lay in your embrace. Your hands found his hair and lightly rubbed his scalp.
“Please don’t ever leave my life,” he whispered against your skin.
“I wouldn’t dream of it,”
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ptersmj · 4 days ago
can you make a really sweet and fluffy cuddle sesh with peter? maybe him being very clingy and like he lays on your chest and you play with his hair? :))
hehe one of my fave concepts :,)
“mm, i’m so comfy right now,” peter hums, a grin spreading across his tired features. he’s laying between your legs with his head resting on your chest and arms around your middle. “could stay like this forever… and ever. don’t let me go.” he rubs his cheek against your hoodie, which you actually stole from him.
“i won’t, pete,” you laugh quietly and draw circles on his back. your other hand continues to stroke his curls. “sure you’re not hungry or anything? you want some water, maybe?” shaking his head in protest, peter squeezes you closer to him. “nuh uh. just need you, baby.”
he came by your place absolutely drained from patrol, so you’d insisted he stay for a while to unwind. he’d instantly found his place on your bed, wrapping himself in your arms with no intentions of leaving them anytime soon. despite the front peter tries to put up, he craves to feel safe and be held. you both know that.
“my love,” you sigh, peter trailing kisses down your neck. “you gotta get something in your system. you’re so run down…” peter pecks your collarbone and lets his lips linger there. “‘m okay, promise. you make me all better.” you coo at his words. your nails gently scratch at his scalp, fingers threaded through his locks.
after a beat of silence, you speak up again. “when was the last time you-“ “y/n,” peter groans, looking up at you with a lazy smile. “i love you, but shut up. wanna sleep.” you roll your eyes and press your lips to his mop of hair. “jeez. love you, too.” he happily nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck with a yawn escaping him. you move to grab your blanket.
“where are you going?” peter whines as you shift around. “i take it back. stay with me, baby… please.” his hands move to your hips to keep you in place. you giggle and drape the fuzzy material over you two. “i’m right here, pete. didn’t want you getting cold, is all.” he exhales a breath of relief. “god, you’re perfect.”
“you’re exhausted,” you deadpan, arm winding around his back. “you should really rest, okay?” peter easily obliges and cuddles into the blanket consuming him. “anything for you, y/n.”
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vampireoutofbusiness · 5 days ago
Peter Parker's Fluff Alphabet
Pairing: peter x reader
Warnings: m is about sex, swearing cuz I have potty typing fingers, typos I bet because my brain can't translate to my keyboard 100% of the time
Synopsis: The fluffy alphabet about pbp
a/n: this made me want to write sm fluff about him omg I'm going to bed to fall asleep imagining scenarios and I'm not afraid to admit that
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
A [Affection]
At the beginning of your relationship, he was affectionate, but he didn’t know how to show it as well as he does now. He’d try to hold your hand or find an excuse to give you a small touch.
You ended up initiating most of it until he got more comfortable. He is all over you now. Super clingy and lovey-dovey. He still gets nervous about going too far but you reassure him.
He’s constantly touching you in some way. He’ll play with your fingers while you’re busy and wrap his arms around your waist whenever you’re talking to someone and can’t give him all of your attention. Just a small reciprocation from you makes his day.
He also tells you he loves you and compliments you so much. And he means every word because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Still, he’s not always the best with speaking his mind so he tries to show you through a touch more than words.
B [Baby]
Peter is open to the idea of having kids. He thinks about spending the rest of his life with you, whether that involves children or not. He’d hate for something to happen because of his secret identity and he already took a risk by telling you. So maybe, it depends on what you think about it. He’d love to have a family with you, just not right now.
C [Cuddle]
This boy can’t get enough of you. No matter what you’re doing, he wants physical contact. When you’re laying in bed or on the couch, he lays on top of you. And it’s just the most relaxing thing for him to have your arms wrapped around him.
99% of the time you’re the big spoon. But he likes to face you and bury his head in your chest if you’re on your sides. And his favorite thing: when you play with his hair. It puts him right to sleep.
D [Dates]
He tries to plan dates with you but he isn’t very organized and it usually stresses him out. You take responsibility for finding things for you to do together and take turns paying. He really appreciates all that you do for him.
With everything going on in your lives, it’s usually something low-key. Just “watching a movie” at home is fun when you’re together.
When he does try to plan a date says the same thing every time. All he wants is for you to let him swing you around NYC but you need a little more convincing than “it won’t that scary,”.
If you want to read about you planning a date for your baby boy then read mine hehe [If You’re the Sun, I’m the Moon]
E [Emotions]
Peter’s a soft boy, no doubt about it. He has no trouble showing his emotions because you don’t judge him for it. In society, it's expected men hide their emotions or aren’t masculine enough, but you think there’s nothing more mature than expressing how you feel.
Most of the time you know when he’s about to break and you’re ready for him. You hold him while he sobs and listen to his concerns when he’s finally calmed down. Then he falls asleep in your arms, thankful he has someone to vent to.
F [Feelings]
He knew he loved you from the moment he meant you. He didn’t fall into love with you, he very intentionally ran full speed ahead. Yes, you’re young and dumb but you both are extremely sure about your relationship.
G [Gentleness]
As previously stated, very soft boy. He’s super gentle with you and all of his touches are tender and sweet. Unless he hasn’t seen you in a while and he will quite literally jump on you to hug and kiss you. He’s also worried if he isn’t careful, his strength could be too much but he never would hurt you.
H [Hands]
Again, always touching you. Very handsy, not overly, he just feels safer when he knows you’re there by touch. He holds your hand so much that you’ve learned to do some tasks one-handed. He’ll hold your hand under the dinner table and absentmindedly play with your fingers when he’s anxious.
I [Impression]
He thought you were gorgeous and really wanted to talk to you and at least be friends with you. Even though you looked unbothered, he felt so drawn to you. He tried talking to you and you had to maintain a straight face when he could barely get a word out. You thought he was adorable and didn’t mention his frequent stuttering which still gets the best of him when he’s around you.
J [Jealousy]
Peter’s not possessive however he does get a little jealous when you talk to other people, even if it’s not in a flirtatious context. He gets worried that you might not be interested in him anymore or that he’s annoying.
He needs reassurance from you but he still understands you have other people in your life. And he trusts you that you wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt him.
K [Kissing]
Surprisingly a good kisser for such little experience. He was so nervous the first time, and more times after that, so he was very happy you initiated it. He would spend hours making out with you, and you have.
You straddling his waist with your lips on his was something he would take over any movie. And lazy make-outs at night, in bed, too tired to do anything else AHHHHH. He kisses slow and passionately, loving every moment with you.
L [Love]
He wanted to tell you for so long that he loved you, but he was so nervous you wouldn’t feel that way. You were very sure about your love for him and decided to tell him. His eyes lit up and he kind of froze. YOU loved HIM and he was over the moon, jumping on you and telling you he loved you too.
M [Memory]
Peter loves everything you do together but his favorite is the first time you guys had sex. Not because it was hot and he got to see you naked. Okay, yes it was and he enjoyed seeing you without clothes. It’s his favorite because, duh, sex is extremely intimate. He felt so trusted by you to do something that made you vulnerable in a sense.
Just loving you and being able to show it physically was amazing for both of you. Sharing his first time with you was very special and he couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.
This is crazy ik ik but here’s an imagine I wrote about having sex with him for the first time [Just You And Me]
N [Needy]
He’ll admit it: he wants security in your relationship. He feels a constant need to be with you and definitely has separation anxiety. So clingy that he follows you to the bathroom and waits outside the door. If you’re on the phone, he’ll pull you in by the hips and hold onto you until you hang up.
When you get ready for bed, there he is sitting on the counter in the bathroom and he does the same thing while you get ready for your day. He’ll go with you anywhere, even if it has nothing to do with him.
And you do so much for him, it’s definitely reciprocated, but he needs a little more help. You make sure he eats enough, isn’t overtired, and you just take care of him in general. He does everything he can and more to show you how much he appreciates you.
O [Official] You went on a date not long after you started becoming friends and he knew how much he liked you. It was just a matter of waiting to see if you felt the same way. He was so in love with you and the both of you just kind of assumed you were in an official relationship by the way things were going. Eventually, you introduced him as your boyfriend and it made him so happy.
P [Pet Names]
You have a plethora of names for your boyfriend:
-My Pretty Boy
-Baby boy
And he loves each and every one of them, most making him blush. You’ve told him you don’t like the cliche pet names and he’s refrained from calling you things like “baby” and “angel”.
He does, however, insist on calling you honey or sweetheart, kind of like you’re a married couple. At this point, you basically are in it for life. You still act a little annoyed by the names when he calls you them in public but you love it and he knows it.
Q [Quirks]
He might not be perfect but in your eyes, he’s pretty damn close. Although, he does have an issue with talking even when he shouldn’t. You can’t blame him for being anxious and feeling the need to sputter out random shit.
He stutters a lot but you never comment on it. You thought it was cute that he got nervous around you and when he’s okay with it, you don’t mind helping him get to the point. Otherwise, you happily listen to him work up to it no matter how long it takes.
R [Romance]
Your boy tries so hard to do romantic things for you. He buys you flowers, gets you random gifts, tries to plan surprise dates, anything you want he would do for you. He loves to take baths with you - even if they aren’t your thing - because he likes to help you relax at the end of the day.
Ummmm so I have a headcanon about him surprising you with a hot bath and rose petals [Petals Parker]
S [Secrets]
He tells you everything, he’s awful at keeping secrets and you found out about him being spider-man not long after you started dating. You were surprised you didn’t realize it sooner.
And, you made sure to be his safe space. You’re happy to hear about what he does with the Avengers or things that go down during patrol. But he needs time to take a break and be Peter Parler without having to be this brave hero.
T [Tease]
Peter’s always cracking jokes, mostly because he’s awkward in social situations. You laugh even if no one else does because you’re supposed to be his cheerleader. Some are actually funny but most are just ehhhhh…
U [Unexpected]
You didn’t think he would be so clingy. Yes, soft boy, we’ve established that, but he just can’t go anywhere without you. You don’t mind it because he’s great company, but you didn’t think he would be so attached to you.
V [Vaunt]
He shows you off so much. He just can’t believe he gets to be your boyfriend and needs everyone to know how wonderful you are. Every opportunity he gets, he’ll bring you up in conversation even if it has nothing to do with you or your relationship. He could talk about you forever.
W [Waking Up]
The softest state Peter Parker will ever be in is when he’s sleepy/asleep. Normally he’ll wake up just enough to find you in the bed you share and pull you close to him. He looks so beautiful in the morning with messy hair and the sunlight streaming in on his face. So pure and you’ll never get tired of starting your day with him.
Look at that, I have another imagine about this one too and you can go read about waking up with him and it’s really fluffy and the title means heavenly so… *throws confetti over your head* [Caeles]
Y [Yes]
He felt so sure that he wanted to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you. You made him feel so happy and safe. He asked May if he could propose with her ring that she stopped wearing after Ben died and she was so glad you guys were going to get married. Granted, he hadn’t asked yet, but May was very sure that you were meant to be together.
Hey, me again…you can read about him proposing to you [Proposal Parker]
Z [Zzz]
At night, he loves to bury his face in your chest or the crook of your neck and wrap his legs and arms around you. The second you start playing with his hair or scratching his back, he’s done for, out like a light.
He used to get really bad nightmares and he still does every once in a while when his anxiety is really bad. You make them way less frequent or nonexistent. He knows he’s safe with you and he lets his usual worrying state fade away when you’re cuddled up for bed.
Yep I have an imagine about him getting nightmares sue me AFTER you read it thanks [A Cure for Bitter Dreams]
Tagist: @avengersbitch @criminalyetminimal @quaksonhehe
@tayyx @marthakookie @t-bag2 @stefans-wife
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