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#peter parker smut
callmeniyahoran · 9 hours ago
sight for sore eyes || peter b. parker ||
[master list for this series]
Tumblr media
summary:: “I watch your eyes as she walks by…” you pause, tears forming as you remember the way peter looked at her- the way you wanted him to look at you, “what a sight for sore eyes…” || when the realization hits you about peter, it’s too late. but sometimes late is just the right timing… sometimes.
warnings:: friends>enemies>lovers, mature themes/smut, cursing, slight violence, lots of angst, fluff, clueless peter
parings:: peter parker x fem!reader
[a/n]:: this is just the masters list for my p.p series [sight for sore eyes!]
[00; jealously]-“I watch your eyes as she walks by…” you pause, tears forming as you remember the way peter looked at her- the way you wanted him to look at you, “what a sight for sore eyes…” || when the realization hits you about peter, it’s too late. but sometimes late is just the right timing… sometimes.
[01; goosebumps]-“who gives you goosebumps [y/n]? || late night shows and movies with Peter were a normal thing; but Peter’s question was unexpected…
[03; fatality] - “oh my g- dude.. it’s Liz.” || playing games with Peter again at his house, he gets a text that distracts him a little to much. || ‘[Y/N] WINS. FATALITY.’ The loud voice on the game announced. “Haha- i won Parker.. for the 5th time in a row…”
[04; what’s this?]
[05; unexpectedly expected]
[06; it’s the way it is]
Let me know if you want to be tagged and if you have request for anything you want me to write!!
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callmeniyahoran · 9 hours ago
sight for sore eyes || peter b. parker ||
[part 01; goosebumps]
Tumblr media
summary:: “who gives your goosebumps [y/n]? || late night shows and movies with Peter were a normal thing; but Peter’s question was unexpected…
word count:: 1.1k
warnings:: angst, cursing, fluff, little smut??
[a/n]:: I hope you guys like this part!! I’ll be making a master list for this series!! Enjoyyy <3
“Leave me alone!”
You had left Peter’s house two days ago but he still lingered in your mind. Sitting on your bed, your slick black guitar sat in your lap as you scanned over cords on your laptop. There was no point though. Your mind kept wandering to the thought of Peter.
You thought about his cheeks looked as if they started to blush once he saw that Liv was coming with the original group to Florida for the trip to Universal. A small smirk played on his lips that seem to be tattooed in your mind.
Peter Parker was your best friend. You couldn’t even fathom being with him.. so why were you jealous? You had to admit he was good looking and any girl would be much to have him. But that secret little attraction towards him was small enough to be shoved in the deepest, darkest part of your mind.
Day by day— ever since that Liz thing happened, it grew bigger. You were never a jealous type of person but something about picturing Liz and Peter together didn’t sit right with you.
Pushing all thoughts over peter away— or at least trying too— you went back to plucking the strings on your guitar.
Minutes passed and you had finally been able to focus, until you got a text.
Peter: wattup girl. You wanna come over and watch some late night shoes with me???
Great, you thought as you read the text. You wanted to go to his house of course. It was a Friday night in July, only three days till you left for Universal. You really wanted to spend this time with alone with Peter before you are surround with everyone else.
Y/n: sure thing. Be over in 10 my guy.
Hesitant at first, you agreed and jumped off your bed. You grabbed you keys with some shoes and your glasses off of your night stand. You always wore blue light glasses when at Peter’s cause you knew you would be staring at a screen most of the time there.
Yelling to your mom that you had finished packing like she asked and was off to Peter’s for the night. She didn’t mind you going and hugged you while telling you to be safe.
Driving to his apartment you got a notification. You waited till you got into the parking lot to answer. Once you were their you glanced at your phone, seeing that Liz bad been added to the group chat with you, Peter, Ned, and Mj.
Anger rose as you saw that Peter was the one to add her. You looked at the apartment in front of you, “the hell parker,” you mumbled as you grabbed your things and began to walk inside.
“Jeez man, 12:57 AM already?”
“I guess so,” you said at Peter looked at the time. You head was on his lap as his feet was kicked up on the coffee table in front of him. You legs were on the couch.
The two of you had been watching movies ever since you arrived. You turned your head just enough for your eyes to be able to see Peter. Realization hit as you remembered what position you were in. Your face went red.
If anyone saw the two of you like this that would think the you were a couple. Which you wouldn’t mind cause if you could be with Peter, you would. You would hug him and kiss him in public for everyone to see—
You had to remind yourself that this was your best friend. Again.
Goosebumps started to play on the television screen and you noticed the brown eyed boy smile at the screen. He loved this show.
You sat up from his lap and went to grab the two of you sodas from the fridge. You couldn’t help yourself but ask—
“Why’d you add Liz Pete?” You shocked your self with the question, but Peter was used to your boldness.
“She’s coming with us anyway so why wouldn’t I?” He said nonchalantly.
But Flash is coming too? Why wouldn’t he— whatever. 
Handing him his drink you slumped down beside him, starting to watch the show on the TV.
“Has anyone ever gave you goosebumps, [y/n]?”
You chocked on your soda as you put it down, turning to look at a laughing Peter next to you. Your heart started to beat at an uncontrollable pace. Due to Peter’s enhanced hearing, he herd it loud and clear.
You whipped you lips with the back of your hand as you cleared your throat.
“What did you say Parker?”
“Your herd me [l/n].”
“Well uh-,” you. You give me goosebumps Peter. 
You wanted to tell me so bad but you just couldn’t. You didn’t know if the feeling was just from jealousy or if they were real.
“Yea. Scary things.”
“That’s not what I meant idiot! Never mind. Your such a loner,” Peter said as he nudged your shoulder.
You didn’t even want to ask if anyone gave Peter goosebumps. You already knew the answer.
And it damn sure wasn’t you. It’s not like I wanted it to be… but you did. You really really wished it was you.
It was not 3:17 AM and you decided it was best to go to bed. You got up to go change in Peter’s bathroom. Putting on a bare of very tight spandex you had found laying in your room this morning and a hoodie, you slipped into Peter’s room, closing the bathroom door behind you.
“Holly shit— where the fuck did you get those?”
You jumped at Peter’s raspy voice coming from the bed behind you. Confused, you raised and eyebrow as to what he was talking about.
“The- the uh.. the shorts your wearing.”
Looking down you noticed how tight they were around your thighs and your ass. They look good on you but very revealing. Much to Peter’s dismay. You walked over to the bed and got under your blankets, giving him and small shrug as a short answer. “Just found them in my room on the floor.”
Taking off the glasses your wore to his house you closed your eyes as you got comfortable. You felt Peter’s body shift on the bed. He was moving closer to you. Your heart started to pound against your chest as you felt his arm sling around your waist. His hand started to move lower towards your upper thigh.
What is with this guy and being all touchy in his sleep? Was he sleeping?
You didn’t even want to know. You would never admit it but you started to enjoy his skin on yours. Even if it was platonic.
A soft snore came from behind you. He was asleep.
The hand on your thigh squeezed lightly. Peter moved his hand onto you hip as he moved his hips closer to your ass. Your breath hitched in your throat as he pressed harder and harder onto you.
Then your herd it. A small giggle that turned into a chuckles. With his eyes still closed, Peter ran his finger on your skin, running over the goosebumps he had caused.
Damn it [y/n].
This was just his little game he wanted to play to get and answer to his unanswered question. Almost twenty minutes passed and you knew Peter was asleep now. His gripped loosened and his snores were real this time. You turned to face him as you ran your hand up his arm and on to his shoulder. You smiled to yourself knowing what you were doing. You fingers made there way to his cheek. His face twitched under your soft touch. You giggled.
“Goosebumps.” You said with a smirk. Peter let out a mumble,
“Damn it Peter.”
Sorry for the short chapter but the next ones are very long!! Let me know if you want to be tagged in the next parts :)) love you!! (If you couldn’t be tagged i messaged you to let you know that a new part is out !!)
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peterbenjiparker · 11 hours ago
Drunk friend Peter being so clingy and confessing his feelings to you while crying cause you are just so beautiful and he can't compete with your exes and you're all like: Peter I'm glad you can't cause I hate my exes, they were jerks
sweet || p.p
summary: peter calls you from a frat party after getting drunk to get over you while you were out on a date
word count: 1.7k
warnings: mentions of drinking, suggestive, fluff, swearing
Tumblr media
“You're here!” Peter beamed when your gaze met his across the frat house. “Hey, y/n,” he called out, waving his hand to catch your attention. He leaned back against the kitchen counter, beckoning you over with the beer bottle that he held loosely in between his fingers, his cheeks flushed and gaze hazy, “over here!”
Clutching your phone to your chest, you surged through the crowd, making your way over to him. “You came,” he breathed out in awe, a drunken smile on his face as he stumbled and you caught him by his arm to stable him, “I didn't think you'd show up.”
“Peter,” you said with a head shake, taking the beer bottle from him, “you called me at three in the morning - drunk.” You sighed, pulling him in as you heaved a sigh of relief, “I was worried about you.”
His breath hitched when you pulled him into your chest, your warm fingertips caressing the back of his neck, his curls tickling your skin. He blushed, tucking his face in the crook of your neck, “I'm sorry,” he whispered, nuzzling your collarbone as you giggled, “I didn't want to worry you.”
“Its okay, Petey,” you cooed. Petey, god, for a second he forgot how to breathe. your voice was sweet, words pouring in his ear like honey. He almost whimpered when your nails scratched his neck lightly and his gaze flickered to the beer bottle in your hand.
He inhaled sharply as the night came back to him in flashes and he remembered why he stumbled into the frat party with Harry - his roommate who was nowhere to be seen. he was here because he wanted to forget.
He wanted to forget you.
“How was your date?” He asked, trying to be as casual as possible but the bitterness seeped into his words.
“Um,” you hesitated as your face fell, “I-I It was...” he picked up his head from your shoulder to meet your tired eyes, his heart breaking at the sight of your exhausted features - guilt weighing down on his heart.
You were here at three in the morning to pick him up after he called you - drunk. You were here, you left everything to be here to take care of him. You probably left him - your date alone in your bed to come look after peter because you cared about him.
You've always been so sweet to him. He had known you for years - since freshmen year of college when he moved in with you. You were his roommate but eventually he fell hopelessly in love with you when you flirted with him for twenty seconds.
To you, peter was a friend - a best friend that you'd come to adore. You were an angel, you stayed up with him to help him study for exams, you made him coffee when he pulled all nighters alone. You took care of him when he got hurt on patrols, you were there for him no matter what.
you did all of it because he was your best friend. maybe, he would always be your best friend but that didn't matter. what mattered was you were here and not with your stupid date - you were here with him.
“You know...” you laughed nervously, “the date was - ” he waved his hand dismissively, reaching for the beer bottle to drop the conversation all together but you stepped back, your gaze narrowing at him. “no, peter.”
“C'mon, y/n - ” he whined as he reached for it again but you set it down on the kitchen counter and reached forward to take his hands in yours.
“No more drinking," you said, holding his hands down as he pouted, “no - you're done for the night, alright?” Your arm circled around his waist to support him, “let me take you home.”
He reluctantly slipped out of your hold as he swallowed thickly, “w-what about your date?”
“Peter,” you clicked your tongue as you held him close, “he went home - it's three in the morning, dumbass.”
He blinked at you, “he's not at our place? but i thought...”
“Why would he be at our place at this hour?” Your brows furrowed, “it was shit, pete. the date sucked - he sucked. i left half-way through it. he would not stop talking about his stupid ex and her bangs...”
Peter felt relief wash over him at the same time a wave of guilt crashed over him for being happy for your ruined date. “ah, that sucks,” he chuckled to himself, “and here i was thinking you ditched sex to take care of your drunk friend.”
You pinched his side as you led him out of the frat house, “you jerk,” you laughed when he squealed, rubbing his side. Ii'd ditch sex - literally everything to come make sure you're alright. You're more important to me.”
Heat rushed to his cheeks and he gulped, the liquor in his veins taking control of him, “i'm important to you?” He whispered and you nodded with a puff of laughter and he paused at the entrance, “y/n,” he breathed out and you turned to look at him as the chill of the night kissed his cheek, “would, nevermind it's stupid.”
“What?” you asked, taking his hand in yours encouragingly as concerned reached your eyes, “what is it?"
“Nothing...” he shrugged, “its stupid...i'm not like the guys you go for.” His voice waiverd and you raised your eyebrows at him as his throat closed up.
“Peter - ”
Ii'm not tall," he sniffled, “you like tall guys, like, crazy tall. you - you like,” he reached up to wipe his wet eyes with the sleeve of his coat, “I can't even raise my voice at you, but MJ said you like guys who are mean. personally, i think that's pretty fucked up but i'm still not what you would want.”
“Peter,” you held up your hands as a smile broke out on your lips, “hey - ”
“You're beautiful,” his breath hitched as he grabbed your hand, holding but in between his as he looked up, “you say your hair looks like a rat's nest in the morning but I-I love it. I love your rat's nest and your fuzzy socks. you sing to yourself sometime, you know that? It's crazy, you don't even notice when you do that but i love that too.”
“Y/n," he inhaled sharply, blinking at you as he tilted his head to the side, “angel, I-I love you and i have for years. I came here because i wanted to forget about you but i couldn't because I...I love you so much.”
“Peter...” you stepped in, slipping your hand out of his hold to reach up for his rosy cheek, your thumb caressing the apple of his cheeks as you leaned your forehead against his, “why didn't you tell me?”
“I didn't want to ruin our friendship,” he said sincerely, looking down at his feet, “you mean so much to me - I can't lose you over my stupid feelings.”
You tipped his chin up to meet his eyes, “you are not gonna lose me,” you smiled at him as you leaned in. “I promise.” You whispered against his lips and he froze, his heart racing in his chest as your lips hovered over his. you nudged his nose with yours, “I love you.”
He sucked in a breath, his eyes growing wide, “you - ” he squeaked before clearing his throat, “you do?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, grinning at him, your eyes crinkling, “i love you - I've loved you for so long, pete - ”
“Why?” he asked, backing up against the wooden door of the frat house as the thoughts in his head grew louder than the music blasting inside. “why would you love me? I am nothing like the guys you have dated - ”
“ - the guys i dated are all jerks,” you let out an exasperated sigh, holding his face in your hands, “but you - you are the most beautiful person I've ever met. you are kind, you are generous and you care. you have so much love in your heart, peter.”
He blushed, looking away from you as he smiled at you shyly, “i'm a nerd.”
“A hot nerd,” you said, turning his face to make him look at you. “You are so fucking smart, pete - I love when you are talking about quantum physics or your web guild formula - I love it when you talk science to me, it turns me on a bit actually.”
He laughed, shaking his head and you giggled as warmth tickled your cheeks, “it does! you're so smart, pete. it's not a bad thing, you are a genius. You work with tony stark for fuck's sake, you are - ”
You leaned closer as your voice dropped to a whisper, “you are spider-man. god, peter. you are so much more than what I deserve...those jerks I've dated are nothing compared to you. You are a lovely person and i love you.”
He smiled at you, warmth blooming in his heart, spreading under his skin like wildfire as you wound your arms around his neck, pulling him into you. “I love you,” he whispered as you pulled away.
He brushed your hair aside as he held your face and his eyes dropped to your lips, “can...can i kiss you?”
“Yeah no,” you pulled away from him as you broke into a fit of giggles, “no, no, no, pete - ” You held up your hand, “I can't kiss you. you're drunk. I'm not sure if you're going to remember this in the morning. we can do that...later when you're not tripping over your own feet.”
“Trust me, i'd remember if you kissed me right now,” he breathed out, “you're unforgettable, sweetheart.”
You beamed at his sweet pet name for you, “I can't kiss you on the lips...” you trailed off, leaning in to press a chaste kiss on his cheek, “will this do for now?”
He smiled at you dopily as he hummed, “you are my dream girl.”
You chuckled, “okay, pete, we'll talk about us in the morning,” you kissed his forehead as your fingers curled around his wrist, “let's get you home.”
Tumblr media
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p3terparker · 11 hours ago
𝐢 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐞
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 ↣ 𝗉𝖾𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝗆𝗂𝗌𝗌𝖾𝗌 𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝖺𝗇𝗇𝗂𝗏𝖾𝗋𝗌𝖺𝗋𝗒 𝖽𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝗒𝗈𝗎.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 ↣ 𝖺𝗇𝗀𝗌𝗍, 𝖿𝗅𝗎𝖿𝖿
𝐰/𝐜 ↣ 0.𝟩𝖪
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ↣ 𝗇𝗈𝗇𝖾!
Tumblr media
2 hours.
you had been waiting for peter to arrive at your dinner date for two hours. he’s been late to plenty of your dates which did leave you upset for some time, but you always ended up forgiving him because you knew he was a busy guy. he’s spiderman for god's sake. this however is a different case. it’s your one year anniversary and he promised he would be there on time. clearly that promise was broken. 
getting up, you decided to leave. you apologized for the inconvenience to your waiter and walked out the door. you drove back to your shared apartment with peter and changed out of your clothes. you took a quick glance at yourself in the mirror before changing, and regretted all the effort you put into how you look. you made sure to wear peter’s favorite dress on you and spent so much time making sure your hair and makeup looked good for him. you sulked after changing and made your way to your bed.
not so long after laying down and watching TV, your phone started flooding with messages from peter.
“babe i’m so sorry” 
“i got caught up with some stuff” 
“i’m at the restaurant now, where are you?”
you let out a bitter laugh at his last text. “where are you?” you read over and over. he seriously had the audacity to ask where you were at as if he expected you to continue waiting for him to arrive.
you turned off your phone not wanting to see him leaving you countless texts and phone calls. setting down your phone, you continued to watch TV, trying to get your mind off of peter. being the annoying pest he is, peter made his way to your guys’ apartment and called out your name as he walked in. you rolled your eyes, wishing you had just stayed with a friend for the night. 
“y/n?” peter called your name as he walked into your shared room. “y/n i’m so sorry. i know i promised i’d be there on time, i really intended to. something came in the way and–”
“i don’t want to hear your excuses anymore.” you cut him off.” peter, i'm sick and tired of always being a second choice in your life. i know you’re spiderman and i know you have things to do. i would never tell you to neglect that life for me. but is it so hard to take some time out of your day for me?” you finished.
“you are never a second choice to me. i’m sorry i haven’t been making you a priority. it’s unfair to keep you waiting all the time for me and if i could turn back time and do things differently, i would. i swear i will never neglect you again. i’m so sorry, y/n.”
“i hope you mean it pete. i forgive you, just please stay true to your word.” you replied, not wanting to drag this on.
“i promise i will.” he reassured. “am i…. allowed in the bed? if you want me to sleep on the couch or even at neds place, i will. whatever your most comfortable with. actually, i’ll head for the couch–” 
“peter shut up and come to bed” you chuckled at his attempts to make you comfortable with him.
cautiously, peter crawled into bed with you and kept his distance, still doing his best to give you some space until you weren’t fully upset with him anymore.
“you know you can get closer” you teased.
“o-oh, okay” he stuttered and made his way closer to you, wrapping his arms around you in the process.
“can i… um– can i kiss you?” peter tripped over his words causing you to laugh at him.
“pete, stop asking so many questions” you murmured before pressing a kiss to his lips. “i’m still upset but i’ll get over it as long as you keep your word”
“i swear on my star wars collection i’ll keep my word. if i don't, i'll sell the entire thing and even give you all of the money.” peter said seriously, looking at you right in the eyes.
laughing, you took him up on his offer and drifted off to sleep.
peter never had to sell his collection.
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spideybites · 16 hours ago
aftermath | 2/3
read part 1 here!
pairing: peter parker x sorta stark!reader
contents/warnings: rough sex, crying, bleeding after sex, kinda dark!peter, 18+ minors dni
summary: a hard angry fuck from peter
a/n: uh uh idk this was gonna be a soft smut but i decided to make another approach lmao. i had to make this three parts instead of two because i dont want these to be super long. so sorry lol
the car ride back to aunt mays apartment was silent. peter sat in the back with you holding your hand. your head rest on his shoulder.
back in peters room you both decided to change the sheets putting some fresh ones on and making the bed. when you were done admiring the now clean bed excited to sleep on it, peter grabbed your arm and twisted you around. he grabbed your face kissing you. he laid you on the bed now kissing down your neck. you could tell by the look in his eyes that this was a frustrated and angry kind of horny. the kind that would probably leave you in bruises.
"i wanna fuck you so bad. thats all i want. i just wanna be inside of you. please please let me fuck you." peter knew he didn't have to ask at this point.
"please fuck me peter."
he practically tore your dress off. he paused to just look over your body. probably planning places to bite and suck and leave bruised.
peter slide his suit jacket off and pulled his pants down slowly unbuttoning his shirt while he bent down to kiss you more. he was left in his boxers which were tented. he pulled your underwear down and your bra off, taking his boxers off too.
he grabbed your waist digging his thumb deep into it. he dragged you down to the end of the bed. the tip of his cock red and dripping as he slowly stroked himself. he took no time to thrust himself into you hard. with no foreplay or prepping his thrusts were painful. your cunt was on fire as he continued to fuck you.
he didn't kiss you or talk. occasionally bending down to bite your neck or tits. you would whine and he would chuckle. his face was dark and his pupils blown. at some point he flipped you. your face was pushed into a pillow, and you could feel tears running down your face. you wanted to scream but as soon as you started moaning too loud peter bent down and slapped your face, hard. he stood back up and continued to fuck into you. he was whining and you could feel his cock twitching inside of you.
he slapped your ass harshly as if he was punishing you for something. he licked his thumb and brought his hand underneath you to reach your clit and rubbed it. finally something that felt good. you tried pushing yourself down on his thumb but he moved it away and you screamed out a loud whine and you were met with another slap. you cried more as he fucked harder and harder into you. he pulled out, which made you relieved. as he stood in front of you jerking off he grabbed your face with the other hand pulling your jaw open and coming in your mouth. you swallowed the thick and salty substance.
he flopped onto the bed, easily falling asleep. you were in pain. lots of pain. everything hurt and it hurt a lot. you walked to the bathroom sitting on the toilet to pee and seeing a small stream of blood, the forceful penetration leaving you bleeding. you didn't dare look in the mirror as you tried brush your teeth.
tooth brush still in your mouth you started to cry. you rinsed your mouth and covered your mouth with your hands. you tried to muffle your cry, though you knew peter would hear it anyways. you forced yourself to stop and took a few breaths before leaving the bathroom back to peters room.
you laid next to him cuddling up to him and pushing his hair out of his face kissing his cheek.
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vampireoutofbusiness · 16 hours ago
Star Crossed Fuckers
Pairing: sub!peter x fem!reader + they're 18
Warnings: smut with some build-up, it's pretty clear when it starts. oral, m and f receiving, enjoy sub!peter
Request: Peter and you are best friends but both of you have always liked each other. One day somehow the line is crossed and you let your feelings all out. If possible ending in smut with subpeter 👉🏼👈🏼
Synopsis: You and Peter finally come to terms with the fact you're in love with each other and things get a little- passionately -heated
a/n: so I'm reposting this because it didn't get anywhere in terms of interaction. if it wasn't a request I'd prob delete it cuz I'm sensitive
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work without giving credit, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure about soulmates, but you thought you and Peter were something along those lines. Only spending time with each other all through high school meant you knew everything about each other. Yes, even that he was a crime-fighting spider by night. It’s kind of hard to hide that you grew 2 sizes and got perfect eyesight overnight from your best friend.
Everything about him, you loved. You never stopped thinking about that boy, no matter what you were doing, he was in your thoughts. There was doubt in your mind that you were in love with him. If only you knew how to tell him.
Meanwhile, Peter thought the world of you. He tried spending every waking second with you. No matter what you did with that time, he felt like the luckiest person in the world. He loved just being in your presence because, well, he’s in love with you.
You played with the idea of telling him how you felt and so did he. Both of you denied trying, in fear any part of your friendship could be ruined. Your love for each other was buried deep down. Or, at least, that kind of love. You know, like every single friends-to-lovers trope??
People often mistook you for a couple, even when Peter introduced you to the Avengers, they assumed you were dating. He talked about you all of the time and it made sense with your body language. The small touches you’d give him, linking your arms or even hands when you walked. He threw his arm around you when he got the courage, but you initiated most of it.
Physical touch was definitely his love language after he didn’t get much of it during his childhood. He happened to be the only person you actually enjoyed receiving it from and giving it to, and Peter noticed this. He silently celebrated you trusting him enough to let your guard down.
“So glad that shit is over,” you let out a deep breath, running your hands down your face as you fell onto the couch in your family's living room.
“Our grad party or high school?” Peter chuckled as he took a seat next to you.
“Can’t believe you made us do it,”
“Excuse me,” you turned your upper body to look at the boy beside you, “I think I remember you smiling every time I looked over at you,”
“Probably because you were looking at me,” he smiled and your eyes rolled back.
“Mhm, I’m sure you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me,” you winked before checking a notification from your phone.
Peter was thankful you became preoccupied because his cheeks were definitely bright red. Yes, yes he was staring at you the entire evening. You looked amazing and he was enamored with you.
“My parents went out for dinner so we have the place to ourselves,”
Finally, he spent all day around other people, getting barely any attention from you and now he got you all to himself.
“What should we do?” Peter questioned while resisting the urge to tell you that he wished he could go to dinner, romantically, with you.
“Oh-,” you clapped your hands, startling him, and got off of the couch, “I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere,”
And with that, you ran upstairs. Peter sat there, already missing your presence. You came back into the living room, something in your hand. Before Peter could ask, you jumped onto him and threw your arms over his shoulders, burying your face in his neck.
He didn’t object, missing your affection. His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer. It felt so good to be held by the person you’re in love with.
“Okay,” you pulled your head away from his neck and looked at him, a few tears pricking your eyes already, “I know how fucking corny it is, you don’t need to tell me,”
He nodded and you handed him a piece of paper. It read Certificate of Registration; Peanut.
“What’s this?” He asked, reading it over.
“I uh- I bought you a star and named it after you,” you flashed him a smile and started explaining how you went about it.
All Peter could hear was that the love of his life named something after him. And a star nonetheless. All he wanted to do was kiss you and tell you how much he loved you.
“And since we probably won’t-,” you wiped your eyes, Peter feeling his own tears collecting, “we won’t be able to see each other as often so I figured at night, we can look at the same stars still,”
Peter had the biggest grin on his face and you could see the creases around his eyes, your favorite expression of his.
“Honestly, I don’t even know if it’s in this area of the sky above New York and it’s not like it has a sign to say it’s yours but I wanted to get you something,” you told him, a laugh coming through your tears.
“I love it,” he pulled you back into a hug, squeezing tighter this time and his tears finally made it down his cheeks, “thank you so much, for everything,”
“Oh boy, you’re going to be the death of me, Peanut,” you kissed his shoulder and pulled back from him again.
Something came over you at that moment. You looked in his eyes and thought you saw the same thing going through him. He looked at you with so much love, every little detail about you was on his mind.
You leaned forward an inch or so, not sure if this was the right move. What if he rejects you and you ruin your destroy your friendship? Then again, you were going to different colleges and wouldn’t see each other in school. But you wanted him in your life forever.
Peter was internally screaming. You leaned in, did that mean you wanted to kiss him? He wasn’t really sure if that’s what you were going for, so he froze, silently wishing for you to kiss him.
“Peter?” You whispered with your face only a few inches from his.
“Y/n?” He glanced at your lips before making eye contact with you.
“I love you,” you kept your eyes on him, too scared to look away.
“As in-,”
“I am in love with you,”
Because what the hell, you couldn’t spend another second without knowing if he felt the same way. Peter was speechless, only replaying your words in his head over and over.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked, a smile spreading across his face.
You brought your hands up to cup his cheeks and pulled him in, your lips connecting.
All of those feelings, every moment you both wanted to spill the kind of love you really had for each other, was put into this kiss. Peter never wanted it to end, you holding him close and being this intimate felt so natural after holding back for so long.
The minuscule touches you shared turned into so much more. Peter held your waist, which he’d touch before but now it had a whole new meaning. He didn’t want to go too far without knowing what you were comfortable with.
You sucked on his bottom lip before slowly pulling back, your eyes filled with lust.
“Wow,” he exhaled, fingers brushing your lower back.
“Yeah,” you placed a hand under his chin and smirked, “I really want to do it again,”
He eagerly nodded, beating you to it this time and pressing his lips to yours. It felt like you had done it so many times more than once before, yet still just as amazing and new.
After a few minutes of blatant making out, hair messed with, lips were swollen, shallow breathing filling the room, you cupped his cheeks again and barely took your lips off of his.
“Do you-” you ran your thumbs over his cheekbones and took a moment to catch your breath, “Do you wanna go to my room?”
His brown eyes went wide, the thought of that making his head spin.
“Yeah, if- if that’s what you want,” he leaned into your touch and scratched the back of his neck.
You knew he did that when he got nervous.
“You’re sure?” You tilted your head and took his hands in yours.
“Yes, definitely- I just,” he paused and leaned his forehead on your chest, “you’d be my first,”
You kissed the top of his head and ran your hands through his hair. It’s not like you didn’t know that. You spent all of your time together so you’d know if he had a girlfriend…or boyfriend.
“I don’t have condoms so we can’t do it, but we don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t feel comfortable,” you reassured him and he looked up at you through his eyelashes, “we can start in my room and go from there, okay?”
You got off of him, took his hand, and led him to your room. Both of you had a stupid smile there was no way of wiping off your faces.
“Sit down,” you told him and he listened, sitting on your bed with his back against the headboard.
You shut your door and locked it before getting onto your bed with him.
“Is this okay?” You asked, straddling his waist.
“More than,” he brought his hands to your waist and you leaned down, connecting your lips once again.
God, you couldn’t believe you went this long without being able to kiss Peter Parker.
You rocked your hips back and forth, the friction making him moan against your lips. You kissed down his jaw and then down to the spot below his ear, his chest rising and falling quicker beneath you.
“I love you,” he told you as you sucked on the sweet spot, earning a whimper from him.
“I know,” you whispered in his ear, your voice low and rough.
Your lips found their way down his neckline and you gestured for him to sit up so you could take off his shirt and you did the same, both articles of clothing forgotten.
He leaned back, this time laying down and you kissed down his chest, biting every once in a while. Before you got to his waistband, he stopped you.
“Wait, can I do s- something for you?”
“Yeah, I’d love that,” you smiled and got off of him.
You traded places and he hesitated when brushing his hand over the band of your pants.
“Go ahead,” you lifted your hips and he gently pulled your bottoms and underwear down your legs, the only piece of clothing left was your bra.
He eyed you hungrily, mouth slightly parted. But he just sat there, hands on his thighs with no idea what to do. He understood the basic task but a wave of nervousness washed over him.
“You don’t have to,” you saw how hesitant he was with a small frown on his face, “I’ll make sure you do a good job and I don’t expect to be perfect the first time you go down on someone”
“Okay, and tell me if you don’t like it, please?”
“Of course, but you'll do great, I'm sure,” you nodded and gave him an encouraging smile
He let out a deep sigh, leaning down, and started placing tender kisses down your inner thighs, your heart racing as he got closer to your bare center.
“Now run your tongue upward,”
He did as he was told, enjoying following your orders. His hands held onto your upper thighs as he continued to use his tongue, licking up and down your slit, until you gave him the next direction.
“Find my clit,” you smirked and threaded your hand through his hair, “Nope- yep,”
You arched your back off of the bed when he started sucking on it. His tongue felt so good and he loved seeing you like this, hair messy, heavy breathing, your hands pulling on his hair. He could stay here forever.
“Good boy,” you said as a moan left your lips and he blushed at the praise, his pants feeling tighter by the second.
Peter continued to lick and suck on your core, a pattern developing as he got you closer and closer to your climax. He whined at your taste, determined to do a good job all of the way through.
Your thighs began to close around his head and he opened them more, your reaction having nothing on his super strength. Plus, nothing was going to stop him from getting you to cum.
“Oh my god Peter,” you threw your head back as your orgasm hit you, the amazing feeling all from Peter’s mouth.
He continued to lap up your release, assuming he should wait until you told him to stop. When you came down from your high, you pulled him back by his curls, a nervous smile on his face.
“That was so good,” you told him as you sat up and he was glad to receive your approval.
You pulled him in for a long kiss, your tongue slipping into his mouth. It was sloppy but neither of you cared, you just couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Or mouths for that matter.
You reached back and unclipped your bra and Peter watched in awe as it fell from your shoulders. Yep, he had pictured you naked before, he’s in love with you so…duh. The real thing was better than any picture he painted in his head.
“You’re beautiful,” he slowly reached out, uncertain if you’d want him to touch your boobs.
“You’re gorgeous, Peter,” you placed his hands on your chest, “I always knew you liked tits, you’re a whore for boobs- aren’t you pretty boy?” you smirked and he whined at your teasing, taking one in his mouth.
“I asked you a question,” you pulled him back by his hair and he looked up at you, his round puppy dog eyes full of love.
“Yes I- I love yours,” he sputtered before you pressed his face back into your chest and he groaned when he was met with your soft skin again.
Your hand slid down his bare torso, tracing his abs. You reached his belt buckle which you managed to undo with one hand.
“I wanna see you cum, okay?”
He nodded, still sucking on your tits.
“Get up, take everything off,” you instructed and he made haste, getting up and pulling
You admired him while he stood there waiting for you to tell him what to do. His dick stood tall and his cheeks turned red with your eyes running over him.
You got up and walked over to him, your eyes dark, tits bouncing and you just wanted to touch him. You backed him against the wall and held your hand in from of his mouth, seeing if he’d understand what you wanted.
He cocked his head before you pulled his bottom lip and he immediately opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue and licking your hand. You licked it yourself after, making eye contact with him. He felt his dick twitch and you hadn’t even touched him yet.
“You like that?” You asked when you wrapped your hand around his shaft, pumping him agonizingly slow.
“Yes, so much,” he said, his breathing getting heavier, "p- please, more"
You quickened your pace, every move you made he reacted to. His mouth fell open when you used your other hand to cup his balls, squeezing a little.
“F- fuck,” his lip quivered as he got closer to his orgasm.
You dropped down to your knees, looking up at him as you licked from his base to the tip. He tilted his head back, not caring about hitting the wall. Your mouth felt amazing and you looked so fucking hot with his dick in your mouth.
“Gonna cum like a good boy?” You rubbed small circles on his thighs and he nodded, his face scrunching right before it hit him.
He let out a loud whine, followed by whimpers as he came into your mouth. You made sure to swallow every last drop, trying to act like it maybe tasted good...
“So pretty,” you told him, standing up and cupping his cheeks, soothing him as he relaxed.
“You’re amazing,” he was breathless and you pulled him over to your bed, helping him get under the covers.
“I’m gonna use the bathroom,” you kissed his forehead and smoothed his hair over, “you did so well,”
He grinned at your praise and pulled you closer, wanting to feel your bare skin on his.
“We should have a serious talk when I get back, okay?” You whispered in his ear and then kissed his cheek.
“Yeah, definitely, I don't want to stargaze by myself,”
Taglist: @avengersbitch @criminalyetminimal
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1-800-barnes · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: detective!bucky x detective!reader
summary: When you and bucky go undercover to catch an identity thief, the investigation brings both of you closer.
word count: 1.7k
A/N: This is my first fic ever, please be nice<3 English is not my first language so if you see any mistakes please contact me!
Warnings: fluff, like one curse word, slight mention of a gun, B99 AU.
After Captain Fury assigned you and Bucky to go after an identity thief, Bucky seemed to be reluctant of being your partner, and that left you confused the whole morning. So when lunchtime came, you decided to ask him about it, “Buck, did I do something to you?” you asked him while entering the break room.
“What? No” he answered quickly, but it didn’t convince you “Then why are you trying to keep me off this case?” you whisper-yelled.
“All right” he started “Remember when you told me that you didn’t want to date cops? That bummed me out because I was thinking about asking you out,” he told you “Oh, okay” you hesitantly said, his words definitely caught you off guard, when you first started on the precinct you developed a crush on the blue-eyed man but couldn’t bring yourself to admit it, and now he tells you that he was thinking about asking you out?
“I know that’s not what you want and it just took me a while but I totally get it” you were confused about everything that’s going on “Bucky, I don’t know what to say…” before you could finish he interrupted you “Let’s just not make it weird, this is a case, we’ll work at it together because we’re professionals” before you could say something he rushed out of the room.
After not seeing Bucky for the whole day, you, him, Steve, and Natasha were in a van observing the guy you’re looking for “Why is he getting out here? I thought your C.I. said the drop was happening in a park.” you told Bucky. “Rumlow has the laptop with him. We should just arrest him right here.” you suggested “No, the buyer's the bigger collar. We've got to follow him in and wait for the handoff, let’s go inside,” he said in a demanding tone. “Wait, we look like cops. We're never gonna blend in dressed like this” you put your hair down and adjusted your shirt “How’s this?” you asked Bucky. Natasha turned to look at you “You look fine. Here, wear this” she hands you a jacket.
You and Bucky got out of the van and went into the restaurant, as soon as you got in you were standing next to Rumlow “Hi. Table for two, please.” bucky says. “I'm so sorry. There's nothing available. We're booked up.” the hostess said looking not interested at all, then you had an idea and decided to barge in “Oh, no, that's horrible.” you start “Tonight's a really important night for us. Johnny and I just got engaged, and this is where our first date was.” It took a couple of seconds but Bucky caught up with you “Oh, yeah, it would mean so much to Dora and me. I would have made a reservation, but I didn't know if she was gonna say yes” after he finished you kissed him on the cheek.
The hostess finally looked at you two “You are just so sweet together. You know, I'm sure I can find room for two young lovers.” she said. “Yeah, we are lovers... together... in beds” Bucky stated awkwardly and you just glanced at him giving a ‘don’t fuck up’ look.
When both of you got to the table, you break the silence “ Sorry about springing the engagement and romantic stuff on you.” you gave him an apologetic smile “No, no, no. That was great. I mean, it's what got us in here. Cheek kiss was a bit much. Very wet.” you looked at each other and laugh. You looked to your side and there was Rumlow and maybe his girlfriend? You didn’t know exactly, the only thing you thought about was how you and Bucky were screwed, they put you right beside the guy you were keeping an eye on. His girlfriend turned to you both and started talking.
The night couldn’t have been going worse, Rumlow’s girlfriend, whose name was Lucy, didn’t stop talking to you and Bucky the whole night. Although Rumlow seemed a bit skeptical he talked too.
After some time Rumlow and Lucy leave the table, but he sends the girl to get the car and he went to the kitchen, you turned to Bucky “He took the laptop case with him, he’s gonna make the drop, let's go.” Both of you went to the kitchen door but then, Rumlow saw you. “Damn, he saw us,” Your partner said worried but then he pulled you into a kiss. You couldn’t even process what’s happening, did he really just kiss you? Brock passes you two and Bucky pulled away “Good, good, we kept our cover intact, nice work,” he said rather quickly “Quick professional thinking out there. Very quick. Very professional.” you couldn’t get the kiss out of your head “Detective,” he said reaching his hand “Detective” you shook his hands “Let’s get back on the case” he instantly pulled you to get to the car.
You were back in the van with Natasha and Steve, following Rumlow. “How was the restaurant?” Steve asked quietly “Such a normal time” you squealed “Why are you being weird?” he said curiously. “We kissed” Bucky calmly said. “What?” Steve and Nat screamed together “To keep our cover from being blown, okay? We didn’t have a choice!” you exclaimed. Steve was going to say something until Natasha started uttered “He’s pulling over. It’s going down”.
You saw Rumlow leave the package by a tree “Guys, it’s not a handoff, he’s leaving it there” Bucky told Steve “You and Nat follow Rumlow, we’re going to stay with the package and get the buyer” the blonde agreed and right after, you and bucky left the car.
While waiting near the package, he was feeling perplexed due to the event that happened in the restaurant but it didn’t matter what he thought about, it was always you in the end. “Hey” he turned to you “We’re cool right?” he was worried about your answer, he couldn’t handle you being mad at him “Yes” you started “We’re fine, totally fine” but you weren’t, the kiss kept replaying in your head. “You know what? I’m actually really hungry, never got to eat at that fancy restaurant”. Now that he mentioned it, you actually were hungry as well “You know what I’m getting on my way home?” you asked him rhetorically. “Yeah, you’re gonna go to that cafe near your house, and get a cinnamon roll and a cup of hot chocolate,” he said casually “That's exactly what I’m gonna get,” you told him, you were going to tell ask him how he knew that but you felt another presence there “Bucky” you whispered, “He’s looking at us”. You could see the confusion on his face. “What?” the guy seemed suspicious so you had to be quick. “Well, this is happening,” you said more to yourself than him “Huh?” he hummed. Before he could say something else you grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss, it was like you were made for each other, it felt so passionate and real, but you couldn’t forget that it was all an undercover act.
As you saw the guy start to move away with the case, you push Bucky away “NYPD! Freeze” you yelled “We are police colleagues” you said pointing your gun at him. “You’re under arrest. This is a work event” he quickly said. You both handcuffed the guy and brought him back to the precinct.
You were alone in the break room, the events of the evening running through your mind until Bucky comes in “Hey, could you sign this arrest report for Rumlow and the buyer?” he asked calmly. “Sure” you answered. How could he be so calm, did everything that you went through today not affect him the same way as it affected you? Maybe he just forgot about the idea of asking you out and didn’t want anything related to you in that way. “Man, I forgot how long your signature takes” he joked. “This whole night was really weird wasn’t it?” you question him “Yes, it totally was. I just want everything to go back to how it was”. You didn’t know why but his words hurt a little, wasn’t he willing to try to go out with you? “You're right y’know?” he continues “We shouldn’t date cops, ‘cause we make a great team, we work great together, doll” Doll? During all your years working side by side, he has never called you that, but maybe it was just a slip-up. “I don’t want anything to change.” you said “Me, neither”. Well, at least now you knew that he didn’t want anything more. “Okay, then that’s that detective Barnes” you whispered. “See you around the precinct” was the last thing he said before leaving the room.
Later, doing some paperwork, you went to the files room to get a file for your new case, everything was quiet there until you heard the door open. “Hey,” the person said, you could recognize that voice everywhere, it belonged to the person whose piercing blue eyes couldn’t leave your head “How are you holding up?” He asked. “I’m fine, just tired, today was a long day” you turned around, and there he was, standing right in front of you “what about you?” you returned the question. “Same” he starts “but I feel like something’s missing”. You looked into his eyes, not understanding what he meant, he stared right back at you, but then his eyes went to your mouth and next thing you knew, you were kissing again but know it didn’t involve an undercover it was just you and bucky, no one else. His hands were now warm, holding onto your waist, while yours were on the back of his neck, the kiss was everything you could’ve asked for, you felt like you were on a movie until you heard something.
“Hey, Bucky” It was Steve shouting from the other side of the door “I need your help here, pal”.
You both pulled away from each other, panting heavily, cheeks flushed and a smile on both faces.
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andilovetowrite · 21 hours ago
The Spidey Suit
Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Everyone has wanted to try on the iconic suit of Queens’ superhero, but when you have an opportunity to actually do it, you land yourself in a bit of a sticky situation…
Warnings: Suggestiveness, but nothing too bad. A couple of bad words and a ton of flustered Peter.
Word Count: 1.2k
Here is my Masterlist, as well as the request it is based on! Thanks for reading this, and I hope you enjoy it :)
Tumblr media
“Hey Ms Parker”, you exclaimed, walking into Peter’s apartment. May smiled, quickly hugging you as she ruffled your hair.
“It’s May, Y/N. Ms Parker makes me feel old!” she says jokingly as you laugh.
“Well, can’t have that”, you say, laughing along with her. “How are you?”
May shrugs, her eyes getting a far-off look. “Oh, it’s fine...with Peter having Spider duties in the night and work starting late, I have a ton of time on my hand.”
You smile coyly, remembering what Peter told you before he came to pick you up on a date last week. “Oh, so you have enough time for a relationship? With a certain jolly man? Or was it Happy?”
You giggle, watching May’s face turn red, as she waved you off. “Oh shush! It’s nothing. Who told you?”
“Peter did. You should’ve seen his face!”
“Oh no!” May says, groaning. “Happy and I are not in any way dating!”
Sure”, you say, extending the word as you take off your jacket. “Also, speaking of Peter, where is he? Still out?”
May nodded, gesturing to his room. “Yeah, he is, but you can stay as long as you want...he should be back in about 30 minutes anyway.”
You smile, nodding. “Thanks, May. Any plans for the evening?” you ask, looking over your shoulder.
“A dat- Uh, nothing. Just-uh hanging out with friends. Yeah, yep, that's what I’m going to be doing”, she says, and you understand where Peter gets his nervous stuttering from. You stifle a laugh as you nod at her, heading into Peter’s room.
Opening the door, you jumped into his bed, marvelling at how the room was so much more cleaner tonight. After getting the superhero gig with the Avengers, Peter had a ton of new gizmos and tech. Not only was his room always littered with new tech toys from the tower, but it was just usually messy. With college and his Spider-Man duties, there wasn’t a ton of time to pick up dirty clothes from the floor. At least, that’s what he says.
So it was a pleasant surprise when everything was spick and span, well...except for his closet. It was an utter mess, with the door overflowing with jumbled up pieces of clothing. Scrunching your eyebrows, you walked over, eyes widening when a mountain of shirts and jumpers fell out.
“What the hell?”, you muttered, noticing how they were just thrown in. Peter must’ve been in a hurry to find something, but what would it be in his closet-? “Aha”, you said, seeing something hanging off his bed.
The old Spiderman suit. Well...wasn’t really a suit, more like a hoodie made by Peter months ago. You picked up the red hoodie, smiling at the hastily drawn spider logo in the middle. You knew Peter was Spiderman soon after he had started fighting crime...being his best friend and all. But you only saw him when he had the “Mr Stark suit”, so you had never seen Peter in action with his old one.
But looking at it now, you felt a magnetic pull to it. Walking over, you hesitantly picked it up, fingers smoothening over the soft fabric, the tears and cuts, the stains still leftover from fights. Biting your lip, you look around, staring out the window as you brought up the suit to your body, wanting to see how it would look on you.
Having a superhero boyfriend was great since he saved people and all...but it was even better when you saw him in action wearing a skin-tight suit. You weren’t half as strong as Peter, but you desperately wanted to try it on, just to get a feel of what it would be like. Plus, it looked sooooo comfortable, despite the wear and tear of it.
Quickly looking around, and closing the door, you shed your shirt and shorts, pulling on the red and blue garment. “Holy shit”, you whispered, peering at yourself in the mirror. “This is awesome” Turning sideways, you pulled your wrist up, trying to figure out what was pressing into your skin, but as your fingers brushed against a small button, thick white liquid shot out of the compartment.
You gasped as you were pulled through air, landing smack in the middle of Peter’s bed. “Oh no”, you whispered, trying to pull yourself free but failing in doing so. The web. You didn’t realize it was still in there, but now you were in a sticky position. Literally.
May could easily walk through the door and see you in Peter’s old suit, which would thoroughly embarrass you. Or even worse, Peter comes in and sees you fidgeting with his belongings. Although he was the sweetest, most caring person on the planet, he had a strict rule about not letting his personal life interfere with his superhero life. And you might have just bent that rule a little… The best thing was that you just waited it out. This was probably the old web, which dissolves in an hour or so, which would be an awful lot of time, but it was better than anything else.
Sadly, the universe didn’t want to agree with you tonight, because, in less than 20 minutes, you heard the familiar THWAP of the web as Peter came swinging in through the window.
“Karen, I am so exhausted toda- What?”, Peter said, looking shocked at you sprawled across his bed, a familiar blue and red suit loosely covering you.
“Hey Peter”, you said weakly, “I’m really sorry about the sui-”
“You look so hot”, he whispered out loud, blushing bright red at his statement. “I-I mean-um...uh hi Y/N”
All your worries melted away as you saw Peter’s face, your heart squeezing as you stared at his stuttering, pink face. Ridiculously handsome face. “H-hey Pete. I just came in a while back and saw th-this and I just wanted to try it….”, you said, trying to gauge his reaction before continuing. “So I might have worn it, and mistakenly shoot out a web that was still in there, which is a terrible idea by the way!”
Peter laughed as his eyes roamed your body, walking over to get some dissolvent, but stopping halfway. “So, in conclusion, I might have gotten a teensy tiny bit stuck”, you said, smirking lightly. “Care to unravel me?”
Peter scoffed, walking over to you. “First you touch my stuff, and then get yourself in a sticky situation on my bed...and now you expect me to just let you out love?” He came closer to you, whispering hotly in your ear, “I think not Ms Spider, in fact, I’m going to let you be there for the next two hours as it dissolves”
You looked up at him, challenging him. “Two hours huh? Didn’t think it would take that long...I would think Spiderman’s web would come off much quicker”
Peter simply chuckled, “Oh sweetheart, Spiderman’s web won’t come off for a long time...might as well get ready for a long night”
Wow, got kinda spicy at the end...but yeah. This took so long to write, purely because of my lack of motivation, but I hope you enjoyed this! Hopefully, I’ll have another ff out in the next couple of days :) Please send me a message or comment on this post if you want to be added to the taglist.
Taglist: @idkatee @eternalscribblesforthesoul @loudbluepancake @poisondevotion @scram1326 @t-hollanderr @305weasley @starknik22 @marvelfansworld @lou-la-lou @lomlparker @marvelfansworld @wowitsel @vanteguccir @fullcheesecakeengineer @ladykxxx08 @allegras-sunflower @ifyouknewhowmiserylovedme @a–1–1–3 @hayhays
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
Neptune Love
Tumblr media
⚠️This IS part of the Personalized Fics Masterlist, so no Y/N is used in this fic. You are still more than welcomed to read it!!! ⚠️
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Name: Lia
Character: Peter Parker
Additional Character: Safira( Dog), Tony, Natasha, Clint
WC: 2K
Request: Hello, good night how are you?<3 so umm, I was thinking about bruce banner daughter!reader so the reader is an avenger but their suit cover her face, their superhero name is Neptune and you can choose their powers :) so no one knows Neptune's secret identity except some of the avengers (Tony, Natasha, and Clint would be cool <3) reader goes to Peter school and they start going out and the avengers are like "so you are dating, who is the person" do they all do a dinner and accidentally they all discover about them being a superhero. it can be fluff or smut what you prefer<3 thank you so much!
A/N: Thank you for your request @cenouradourada, I hope you like your fic!!! I am really proud of this fic idk why haha!!!
¨Hey Lia¨ Peter waved at you as he came closer to your locker.
¨Oh, hey Peter¨ You waved back ¨Whats up?¨ You asked closing your locker, taking your books in between your arms.
¨So, you know the Chemistry test we have next week¨ Peter asked you.
¨Yeah, what about it?¨
¨Would you help me? I am struggling with this one question in the test practice review, and I know you are pretty going at Chem so?¨ He asked moving his body back and front while grabbing his backpack straps. You blushed at him.
¨Sure, sure. Wanna come to study at my house later?¨ You offered.
¨Yeah, that would be great¨ Peter was smiling ear to ear.
¨What time can you come around?¨ You asked
¨ Anything after 6, I have to patrol¨ Peter said and you were mentally thanking him because you also had to be somewhere at that time.
¨Great, is 7 okay ?¨ You asked the boy
¨7 is perfect Lia, thanks¨ He looked at you in the eye.
Man he does have beautiful eyes
¨Yup, anytime Peter¨ You said and he left with a smile.
Your heart was racing, and your cheeks bright red. Yes, you had a crush on Peter Parker. He was a nerd, so what. He was smart and funny, he was so nice to you, sometimes you would catch him staring at you in class. Every time you thought of him, you were sure butterflies were doing cartwheels in your tummy.
¨So, Parker huh?¨ Mj asks from behind you, having witnessed the whole scene.
¨What?¨ You looked back.
¨You like Peter don't you Lia?¨ Mj asked with a smirk on her face.
¨Wha-nooooo, pfff what, he's like not even my type- yes I have a crush on Peter. ¨ You gave up once you saw Mj was not buying it.
¨I knew it, am amazing¨ She complimented herself and you rolled your eyes.
¨Please, don't say anything¨ You begged MJ
¨Nah, but doesn't Peter like, work with your dad or something?¨ Mj asked.
¨Yes, I see him sometimes in the tower¨ You answer
¨Wait like the Avengers Tower?¨ she asked and you realized what you had just said. Mj, Ned, and yourself knew about Peter's little secret. No one knew about yours though.
¨Uhh, yea-yeah, you know, b-because of my-uh, dad?¨ You struggled to come up with an excuse.
¨Phew, that was a real rollercoaster Lia, either way, I don't care about your Peter thingy, I have to go, talk to ya latter¨ She waved and turned around walking to class.
Three years ago, while you were walking home from school, you started to feel weird. You were shivering a lot, you felt dizzy and overall unwell. You closed your eyes for a second and opened them again. You found yourself in a different place. From that day and on you discovered you had inherited powers, different from your dad's of course. Your powers were stronger; Time Travel and Elemental Control. You were scared to tell your dad, so you told Nat. She had always been a second mother to you. When you told her about your powers, she helped you learn their ways and how to control them. Later on, Nat told Clint, she needed help training you. At last, they told Tony. You were ready and needed a suit, you all decided it was better for your identity to remain secret. Tony made you a beautiful suit. It was dark blue, with light blue and purple patches and black boots that were part of the suit. He made you a mask, covering everything but your ponytail. Now you help protect New York behind the name Neptune. Peter had heard of you. He never knew Neptune was the Lia he knew.
So this is where you were now, on the roof of a building watching out for any trouble. Then you say something swinging by, your senses activated for a second, but you soon realized it was Peter. You were fighting the urge to say hi, tell him you liked him, reveal your identity. But no. You stayed silent and in your position. Peter was thinking the same thing. As he was swinging, he saw Neptune, he always saw her around the same time and wondered who she was.
Soon 7 o´clock arrived. You returned home from patrolling an hour ago, so you'd be able to get ready. You wore some ripped jeans and a pink sweatshirt. You didn't want to seem like a try-hard, after all, he was just coming over to study.
¨Hey Dad¨ You hugged him as you entered his lab at home.
¨Hey sweetie¨ He hugged you back.
¨So, um Peter is coming over to study, he needs help with the Chemistry test. ¨ You told him.
¨That´s good honey, the team is also coming to dinner, so it's perfect that Peter is already staying¨ He kissed your head and you left with a wave.
¨Oh, and Lia, keep the door open¨ He warned, and your rolled your eyes at him.
¨ It Peter dad¨ you wined
¨Does Peter have a dick?¨ He asked looking through his glasses.
¨Wha- yeah I guess¨ you made a disgusted face.
¨Okey, that means babies, no, no babies. Door. Opened. Lia.¨ He pointed a finger at you.
¨Ok, Ok stop¨ You left before the conversation got worse. Soon, the doorbell rang. You took a deep breath and opened the door to find Peter with his backpack ready to study.
¨Hey Lia¨ He pulled you in for a hug.
¨Hey Pete, come in¨ You welcomed him in ¨the team is coming later for dinner, can you stay?¨ You asked hoping he said he could.
¨Yeah, why not?¨ He smiled and you both walked to your room.
¨ Dad says I can't close the door because you have a dick, sorry¨ You shrugged, trying to say that in the most normal tone.
¨Okey?¨ He laughed ¨Guilty for being a male ¨ He brought his hands to his chest.¨
¨Shut up¨ You both laughed and started studying.
The doorbell started to ring, which meant the others were arriving. Nat, Steve, Tony, Pepper, Clint, Sam, Bucky, Wanda, and Vision were all seated in the living room, drinking wine and making conversation waiting for dinner to be ready.
¨Is Peter coming?¨Pepper asked Bruce.
¨Yeah, he's actually already here. He's upstairs studying with Lia.¨ Bruce sipped from his wine glass.
¨Upstaris huh?¨ Tony raised an eyebrow
¨The door is opened Tony, it's fine¨ Bruce calmed him down.
¨Those two seem to be spending an awful lot of time togther¨ Wanda pointed out and everyone nodded ¨Are they dating?¨ She asked Bruce.
¨Well, not that I know of¨ He shrugged and they all changed the subject.
Back to you and Peter. You guys were still stuck on that same question Peter was stuck on.
¨This has no solution¨ You said on the verge of tears.
¨Hey, it's okay. Will figure it out Lia, am here¨ Peter comforted you as he rubbed your back. You wanted to tell Peter how you felt, it was one of those moments when your on a high and you just have to do something about it. So you did.
¨ Peter? Can I confess something?¨ You asked, looking into his hazel eyes.
¨Anything Lia, anything¨ He smiled softly.
¨I like you...I- yeah¨ You left out a sight, mentally slapping yourself with a Fly killer.
¨Are you serious Lia?¨ He asked smiling widely.
¨No Peter, am just fucking around with you- OF COURSE AM SERIOUS¨ You snapped in an annoying way.
¨I like you too Lia¨ He bit his lip.
¨No, stop, you don't have to do this.¨ You told him
¨ Do what? I really, truly, believe you are perfect¨ He said meaning every word he spoke.
¨Really?¨ You asked
¨Really¨ He assured
¨I think your pretty perfect too¨ You blushed.
¨May I kiss you now Lia?¨ He asked eagerly.
¨Please¨ You pulled him closer and he brought his lips to yours. They tasted sweet, and they felt soft. Perfect. You placed your hands on both sides of his face, he lifted your chin up. You both stood up from the chairs and made your way to the bed. Peter was on top of you, his arms next to your head on the bed for support. The kiss started to get heated and Peter took off his shirt, grinding his hips against yours. Then you heard Steves voice.
¨I really feel bad for your dad Lia, he thought leaving the door opened would help¨ He laughed at the scene in front of him. He was standing on the door frame with Safira next to him.
¨Hey Steve¨ Peter said awkwardly putting his shirt back on.
¨Hey kid¨ Steve laughed ¨Dont worry, Lia I won't say anything, my lips are closed. Dinner is ready, come down¨ He said
¨Thanks Stevie¨ You kissed his cheek and Peter followed you down the stairs. You arrive at the dining table where everyone is already seated.
¨There they are, my favorite young adults¨ Tony welcomed them.
¨Hey Tony¨ You waved
¨Hello Mr. Stark¨ Peter nodded at him.
All of you made small talk during dinner until Wanda made an interesting question.
¨So Lia, are you and Peter together?¨ She asked while cutting a piece of food with her knife.
¨Umm¨ You looked at Peter and he had a panicked expression, he just shrugged uncomfortably, and everyone was looking at you two, Steve silently laughing.
¨Yeah¨ You said ¨I think¨ you looked at Peter and he smiled looking at you, holding your hand under the table. Bruce started choking on the pasta.
¨What?¨ He asked in the middle of coughs and pats in the back from Vision.
¨And you ask me why I tell you to leave the door opened¨ Bruce explained and Steve burst out loud laughing. All turned around to look at him, tomato red from laughing.
¨What is it that you find funny Steve¨ Vision asked.
¨Oh nothing, just remembering a funny meme I saw earlier¨ He played it off.
¨Anyways, could you both finish studying?¨ Pepper asked
¨No, this one stupid question, we've been stuck on it for about an hour and a half. ¨ You explained frustrated and better rubbed your thigh from underneath the table.
¨Ohh, I like the Chemistry, maybe I can help¨ Vision offered
¨Great, gimme a sec¨ You said standing up from your chair and going to grab your backpack. You came back with your backpack and placed it on the chair. There was one minor detail you had forgotten. When you came back from patrolling, you squished your suit inside of your backpack. This whole time, your textbook was underneath the suit. You didn't need it because you were using Peter's textbook. When you went to pull the textbook out, the suit came out as well. Gasps filled the silence in the room. Tonys' eyes widen as he realized. Peter looked down to his lap, where the suit had landed. He picks it up and realized what he was holding.
¨You are Neptune!?¨ He asked eyes wide open
¨Lia, why didn't you tell me, you know I am Spiderman¨ He asked kind of sad you didn't trust him.
¨It was totally professional¨ Tony clarified
¨Mr. Stark knew?!¨ He asked wide-eyed again.
¨ Well, he did make the suit, so.¨ You shrugged
¨Is there something else you'd like to tell me Lia¨ Your dad asked furious, his arms around his chest.
¨Peter and Lia were about to fuck, Bruce¨ Everyone spits out the water they were drinking as Steve confesses, laughing.
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youandtom · a day ago
Here's what I have planned and on the way...
Indebted Epilogue
Frat!Tom (smut, by request)
boyfriend!Peter x Barnes/Rogers!reader (smut, by request)
Prince!Tom (fluff for sure, smut maybe?)
Robin Hood AU for Tom (im really excited this one btw...)
Mob!Tom (smut :))
See you soon ;) ~C
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callmeniyahoran · a day ago
sight for sore eyes|| peter b. parker ||
[part. 00; jealousy]
summary:: “I watch your eyes as she walks by…” you pause, tears forming as you remember the way peter looked at her- the way you wanted him to look at you, “what a sight for sore eyes…” || when the realization hits you about peter, it’s too late. but sometimes late is just the right timing… sometimes.
word count:: 1.5k
warnings(for the whole series):: friends>enemies>lovers, mature themes/smut, cursing, slight violence, lots of angst, fluff, clueless peter
warning(for this chapter):: cursing, angst, fluff
paring:: peter parker x fem!reader
[a/n]:: wattup! peter parker (and any other teens mentioned) have been aged up to 17 and turning 18 as the story goes on! i hope you enjoy this and make sure to let me know if you want to be tagged in the parts<3 also! endgame and infinity war did not happen for the sake mine and your happiness though out this ‘book’
Tumblr media
“Your going down Parker.”
“Nah man, Im gonna—“
Peter was cut off but the vibration of his controller as you killed his video game character. Taking off your head set and setting down your controller with a calm, soft smirk spread across your face as your side of the TV had ‘winner’ written across.
“No-no! That’s not fair dude! You cheated,” Peter yelled towards you as you walked into the kitchen to grab a slice of pizza. Reaching into the fridge to get a soda, you felt your back being pressed against Peter’s toned chest as he grabbed the soda you had in your hand.
Opening it and taking a sip he chuckle at the look on your face as you turned around to face him. All he did was walk away, back towards the couch, falling back on to it as he picked up his head set.
The look that made the curly headed boy laugh was still on your face as you watched him. To him, you looked annoyed yet humored by him; but really, you couldn’t help this feeling you felt when you felt him against you. Redness began to creep up your neck but quickly faded as you shook the feeling he gave you.
He’s you best friend idiot. You can feel this way for him if all people.
“You coming?” Peter question, starting a new game. You rolled your eyes to make it seem as if you weren’t flustered but the boy a few feet away from you.
“Yea man. Ready to get your ass kicked agin?” You joked as you sat next to him.
“Haha- not funny.” He said with a straight face and a fake laugh that made you giggle as you shoved his shoulder with yours.
The whole night as you a peter played video games back to back, you couldn’t help but think about the feeling of his muscular chest against you. Around 1:20 AM, you and Peter had started to get tired. The boy next to you turned off the gaming console, slowly turning towards you.
“I got the couch, you got the bed.” He said, sleep lacing his voice. You wanted to protest, saying that you could both have the bed; but something stopped you and you just nodded your head, telling him good night as you walked to his bed room. His aunt, May, wasn’t home but made it very clear that she had an eye on both of you so you knew that Peter didn’t want to his aunt May to see you to in the bed together. Even if the two of you were just sleeping.
Laying in bed, Peter’s bed, you stared at the sealing not being able to fall asleep.
The smell of room sent your mind spiraling. Rolling over onto your side, you pushed your arm underneath his pillow as you inhaled his the sent. Peter was the only thing on your mind. The way he smiled, his chocolate hair and honey brown eyes, the light freckles across his nose that you could only see if you were up close to his face. His laugh made your heart skip beats.
“3:57 AM,” you read the clock sign with a sigh. You knew you should go to sleep; so you rolled once again, getting into a more comfortable position. Your eyes getting heavy as you drifted into sleep.
A warm arm draped around your waist, fingers slowly sliding up and down your bare stomach from the shirt that lifted in your sleep.
You smiled softly at the contact, not thinking to check who it was. But the feeling a bare, muscular chest on your back made your eyes fling open.
Slowly, you turned your head to see who was behind you, even though you knew it was—
“Mhmm,” he hummed back in response, not opening his eyes. You couldn’t shack the feeling of the chill that ran up your spine, and the goosebumps that formed on your body.
“Wha- uh.. what are you doing?” You questioned in a hushed voice.
“Hhmm? Oh sorry. The couch got uncomfortable. I didn’t think you’d mind though.” He said while opening his sleepy looking eyes.
“Oh no-I don’t mind.”
Peter removed his arm, turning with his back turned towards you. You almost whimpered at the feeling of his arm not being around your waist anymore.
Stop it [y/n]. This is Peter we’re talking about here. But why would he put his arm around me and not expect me to feel some way about it?
The thoughts ran through your head fast, the last on lingering for a while.
You and Peter were the best of friends. If he needed someone, you were there and vise versa. But you weren’t really that girly. So Peter didn’t think of you in ‘that type of way’. You didn’t think of him that way either. The two of you always called each other ‘bro’, ‘dude’, or ‘man’; but you still had that feeling of tingles and warmth—
Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud, tired groan from Peter. The sound going straight to your core. Quickly, you got up and went into his bathroom— making sure to not make a lot of noise as you went, Incase May was home.
Looking in the bathroom mirror you stared at your self in question. You were a tom-boy. You were wearing a pair of rolled up basket ball shorts of Peter’s and one of his very large white Tee’s. You shrugged at your reflection,
“If I wanted to look all girly and ‘pretty’ I could be the hottest girl he would know.”
“Who’s he?”
You jumped at the sound of Peter’s raspy voice behind you. He only had on sweats and no shirt. All you could think was
“No one, just.. speaking hypothetically.”
“Your wired,” he chuckled as you grabbed a towel from the bathroom closet, mumbling something along the lines of, ‘I’m just gonna go shower in Mays bathroom’. You just nodded, going to take a shower of your own in his bathroom.
After your shower, you went into the kitchen where May stood, making coffee for the three of you. Peter sat on the couch flipping through channels.
“Hey honey!”
“Morning May,” you said as you say in one of the chairs at the dining table.
“Are you going to Florida with Peter, Ned and Mj?” She questioned, you nodded in response. The three of you had been planning this for a while now so you were beyond excited to spend time with you best friends.
You stood for the set you just took, walking over to Peter. He was wearing his usual jeans and flannel but this time had a baseball cap on. As you slumped beside you grabbed the hat and put it on you backwards. Peter chuckled at your childish act, glancing at you from the corner of his eye.
The three of you sat in silence till May was done with the coffee. She brought it over to you and Peter, handing you the mugs. You thanked her as she walked away.
Peter’s and your phone got a text notification— the two of you checking it at the same time. It was a group chat with you, Peter, MJ, and Ned for the trip to Universal Studios.
Ned: heyyyy.. so Liz and Flash are also coming to Disney with us.
You and Peter looked at each other at the sight of what Ned texted. You watched as Peter texted back— his cheeks a blushed red color. You have known Peter long enough to know when he’s turning red from anger. This wasn’t anger. He was… blushing?
Peter: Liz is coming?!
You face fell at the text. Looking down at your phone, you glanced up at young guy next to you; but quickly looked away before he saw you.
Mj: yea Ned! Wtf are they coming for???
Ned: well I was talking about it to Betty and they over heard and kinda invited their selves… srry:(
Y/n: I’m just gonna ignore those bitches and go to Hogwarts like I planned.
Peter looked at, “[y/n], you don’t like Liz?” He questioned.
You shocked your head no, not caring enough to look him in the face.
“How dude? She’s so hot,” he said with a smirk. Your heart sank at the words.
What the hell are you acting like this for [y/n]?
Peter continued to text in the group chat. You silenced your phone— not wanted to deal with this right now.
You had never became jealous of anyone. Confusion over took you as you scrambled your mind for why you were jealous of Peter and Liz. You didn’t like Peter at all. Did you?
Did you like Peter Parker? The thought lingered for a while.
No. No I can’t like him and I won’t. It’s just wrong.
Those words that you promised yourself you would keep was the biggest lie you had told yourself. Peter Parker was like a drug—
How could you not get addicted?
I hope you enjoyed this ‘chapter’ !! Let me know if you want to be tagged in the next part!! :)
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loveaffaire-recs · a day ago
Submit Your Fanfictions!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay, I got this anonymous ask this morning and my dumbass accidentally deleted it, sorry anon :(
As of right now, even though all the fanfictions on my rec list are the ones I’ve come across myself through tags or reblogs, I'm accepting submissions for fanfics now!
If you have a work that you are super proud of and you want me to read it, which is just so cute, you can always submit the link to me. If I love it, I will absolutely leave feedback, reblog it and add it to my huge FANFICTION RECOMMENDATIONS MASTERLIST <3
Important Note- if you're going to submit your work to me, please mention the following—pairing, summary, major warnings, NSFW or SFW— along with the link.
Please keep in mind:
1) I'm only adding the fanfictions of:
MARVEL CHARACTERS— Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Loki Laufeyson and S.R. x reader x B.B.
ACTORS— Tom Holland and Chris Evans
OTHERS— Andy Barber (Defending Jacob) and Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
2) I have the right to not read a piece of work if the warnings make me uncomfortable.
I'm looking forward to reading all your wonderful fanfics and sharing them here on this blog! 💗
So send them in!!
Tumblr media
Thank you!
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peterbarnes · a day ago
Summary: Takes place in episode 1 of Loki. You work at the TVA, but everything changes one day when a new variant shows up.
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N: Reposting this b/c last time it didn’t end up in any of the tags and it flopped. Here’s to hoping my account won’t glitch again 🥂
Tumblr media
The TVA halls were always eerily quiet. You used to be uncomfortable making your way through them, constantly looking behind your shoulder. But after being in the agency for- god, you don’t even know how long- it didn’t seem to bother you anymore. At least it didn’t now, as you ran through them, desperately trying to hold onto the piles of documents in your hands.
You didn’t expect to have such a prominent variant case come by you today until Hunter B-15 stormed into your office in full armor.
“Mobius is trying to reason with the variant. Get in there and fix it,” she said, slamming the pile of documents on your desk before turning around and leaving.
“Well, uh, okay then.”
You picked up the documents in front of you, carefully skimming through them before stopping at the first image you saw. It was of a lean man with smooth, pale skin and dark hair that flowed down right above his shoulders. His eyes, however, were what made you stop reading. They had a certain mischievous glint in them, almost a sparkle, even with the somewhat uncertain look on his face.
“No way,” you whispered as you scanned over his face again. “What the hell is the God of Mischief doing here?”
You’ve never run to see a variant before, but you had to see this. Once you reached Mobius’ office, you were completely out of breath, leaning on the pale beige wall beside you. You went to open the door and walk in, but stopped as you heard muffled voices.
“And then the Dark Elves attack the palace, and you think you send them to Thor. But instead, you lead them right to her.”
“I don’t believe you. You’re lying. It’s not true.”
“It is true. That’s the proper flow of time! And it happens again, again, and again because it’s supposed to, because it has to.”
“Where is she?!”
You took a step back from the doors to where you can’t hear, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You could easily tell Mobius’ voice, it was strong and firm. But the other… you’d never heard a voice that tortured before. It was almost reminiscent of a scared child.
You stepped back towards the door, putting your ear on it.
“You weren’t born to be a king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death. That’s how it is, that’s how it was, that’s how it will be.”
“I thought I told you to get in there!” A voice booms from behind you.
You jump, quickly turning around to find B-15 behind you, a stern look on her face.
“S-Sorry, I was about to, I just got distracted-” you squeaked out.
“Move,” she said. You quickly stepped to the side, as she threw open the doors and barged into the room.
“What are you doing?” You heard her say as you peaked into the room behind her.
You’ve seen interrogation rooms plenty of times before, but you’ve never seen a hologram of the Avengers blown up in the middle of it. How do they always look so cool?
“My job. Is it yours to interrupt?” Mobius shot back, eyes glancing to your position by the door. “Oh hey, [Y/N], you working for her department now?”
You snapped out of your thoughts, turning back towards the three of them. And, for the first time since you got there, Loki looked at you, light eyes boring into your own. His expression was stone cold and unreadable, the scared child you’d heard in his voice nowhere to be seen.
“I, um, no, I just wanted to, uh, check out the var- situation. I wanted to check out the situation.” Your words just tumbled out with no coherency, causing heat to rush to your face. Your eyes dropped to the floor quickly, so you didn’t see Loki’s eyebrows slightly raise as he watched you.
“Anyway,” B-15 grumbled, rolling her eyes. “We have a situation.”
“There’s always a situation,” Mobius sighed, before turning to you. “Watch him.”
“Yes, sir,” you said back, giving him a weak salute.
You stepped further into the larger room as Mobius and B-15 made their ways out, the door slamming behind them.
“And who are you?” Loki questioned, crossing his arms.
“Oh,” you let out, surprised he actually talked to you. “I’m [Y/N]. I help Mobius with dangerous variants, but I’m not a field agent, I mostly research sequence violations and do paperwork.”
“Hmm,” he huffed.
There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the two of you. It thickened the air. You wanted to say something, but you didn’t know exactly how to go about a conversation with someone who wasn’t a co-worker.
“Y-You know, I heard what he said to you… about your mom.” You saw his shoulders tense and his face grimace. Okay, [Y/N], maybe not the best first impression. “He didn’t really mean it, though. He’s a nice person, but he’s also a trained agent. If you want answers, the best way to get them is by sparking an emotional reaction. It’s one of the first techniques agents are taught here”
Loki’s brows furrowed as he took in your words.
“That makes sense, I guess,” he said, shrugging. But he still looked incredibly uncomfortable, his arms crossed as if to protect himself as he scanned the unfamiliar room for an escape.
You sighed, walking over to the red chairs and taking a seat right beside him. His eyes no longer had the mischievous glint you saw in the photo- they looked haunted.
“There’s no point in looking for some sort of escape, you’re not gonna find one.”
His eyes snapped towards yours, glaring at you.
“We’ll see about that,” he scoffed. “And when I escape, I’m going to burn this place to the ground.”
“Oh, please, will you stop with all that conquering shit? Just because your life isn’t what you thought it was, doesn’t mean you don’t have a glorious purpose,” you told him, badly emulating his accent towards the end.
“Don’t mock me.” He tried to say intimidatingly, but there was no malice behind it. Instead, he ended up letting out a breathy chuckle.
“You had people that loved you,” you said softly. “I think that’s one of the best things time can give. But I don’t think that’ll ever happen for me here.”
Loki’s eyes trailed over your face, fully taking you in for the first time. He spent a good moment looking at you, at the longing expression on your face.
“How long have you been here?” He asked, his voice matching your softness.
“Too long,” you laughed before rubbing your eyes. “ It could be hundreds of years, thousands? Or maybe even a week, who knows. Time works so differently here”
There was a long beat before he responded. “I’m sure you’ll find someone.”
You smiled at him and you swore you could see the corners of his lips slightly lift.
“If it helps,” Loki started, his voice rising again to its previous grandiose state. “It looks like I’ll be here for a while…” He trailed off, his tone now playful.
You couldn’t help but let out a light laugh at his words. His smirk turned into a full-blown grin at the sound. He couldn’t help but think that he’d happily listen to it for the rest of eternity, even if he had to stay in this hideous beige jumpsuit.
“Maybe, Loki. Maybe.”
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