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#peter parker x harley keener

Missing Clothes

Peter had a habit of stealing clothes from his boys. A hoodie here and a jacket there. Sometimes it was a shirt depending on the day. Peter likes to wear his boyfriends’ clothes. End of story. Nothing could change that. So when a hoodie goes missing everyone looks at Peter cause obviously he took it. There is no question when Peter wants to borrow something clothes-wise, he can. They all just learned to live with it. Plus it was kinda hot for all three of them to see Peter in their clothes. Harley, Harry, and Johnny learned to accept that Peter would always steal clothes. 

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day 24: witches and warlocks


Witches and Warlocks

For: @shadedrose01

Ao3 Link:

Every practicing witch knew about the warlocks. They all ended up having goals of being like them. Peter Parker was on his way to becoming one of them. Everyone knew that. He may have got teased for it but he was one of the most powerful witches. Harley Keener was another one. He was a mentee of the great Tony Stark. The man who had to take on two mentees to make it to warlock levels of power. Harry Osborn didn’t know if he could become a warlock. He didn’t mind being a witch as long as he could get back at Norman Osborn for running his life. So when Tony Stark announced taking on another mentee, Harley and Peter suggested that he apply and said they would put in a good word with Tony. Harry did as they said figuring he could spend some time with his boyfriends if he won the internship under Tony Stark. He waited for his name to be announced but he heard nothing. Harry started to expect nothing until he got a call from Pepper Potts announcing him as one of the three finalists who would have to do an interview. Harry prepared for the interview. He practiced spells and memorized potions just so he could get in. Harley and Peter helped a bit but Harry wanted to do this on his own. When he came into the room where the three warlocks sat he didn’t expect Bruce Banner to also be in the room as well as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. He figured some witches would be judging the candidates. 

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qDay 23: costume parties


Han and Leia

For: @queer-lavender

Ao3 Link:

Peter loved Star Wars. He always dressed up as Star Wars characters for Halloween. This year though, MJ dared Peter to dress up as Leia which he didn’t mind. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the legendary princess/general? Peter had to take time perfecting his outfit based on the original Star Wars movie. He walked in and even Flash didn’t realize it was Peter at first. MJ nodded, accepting the outfit as Ned, who happened to dress as Lando, seemed surprised that Peter went through with the dare.

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Day 16: writer’s choice - Halloween Music


Halloween Memories

For: @lilacsandlilies4

Ao3 Link:

A/N: this is part of another series but can be read alone. If you reblog this is you can tag your favorite song title in the tags I would like to see which one everyone likes!

Peter was used to the sound of the bass and the beat of the drums. He was used to being backstage while his lovers were on stage singing away. This time though it was at a party for a friend of Peter’s. Charles had asked Peter to get the band over to play for his Halloween Party which led to Peter creating a whole Halloween playlist for the group that Peter found spooktacular. Not that the others would agree. They just found his enthusiasm wonderful and gave him kisses on the check. Hearing the songs Peter knew that he enjoyed this day because he had memories and that is what each song showed as they played through the songs.

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Day 15: “if one fake spider makes it anywhere near me while you are decorating, i swear i will punch you.”



For Enzhe on ao3

Ao3 Link:

Harley had suggested decorating the common area of the Avengers Compound for Halloween. Tony told them to have at it. Harley and Peter ordered decorations as they planned on how they were going to make the common area creepy. The decorations slowly came in as Harley noticed they had forgotten to buy some fake spiders. He figured Peter would have since he was Spider-Man but the hero must have forgotten. Harley ordered some without consulting the resident spider who had purposely not bought in spiders because of his fear of the creatures. The two had tons of decorations. Luckily they enlisted the help of other avenger kids. Together they all worked on setting up the room for Halloween. Peter was doing fine when Cassie lower a fake spider near him and Peter scream and hide behind Harley. Cassie laughed as the hero held onto Harley, whimpering about the spider.

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Day 10: abandon house


Gone Too Soon

For: Apex_Calibre on ao3

Ao3 link:

Peter awoke in Harley’s arms like every morning. It felt like forever since the first time they laid like this as teenagers. Harley and Peter were no longer teenagers, but he knew his boyfriend was still there next to him. He had always been there. Especially after they lost… Peter didn’t want to dwell on what they lost. He laid there watching as Harley slept. The boy opened his eyes and smiled. He looked at Peter like he was the best thing in the world. 

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Honestly, paperwork should not be taking this damn long.

It’s 2019. It makes no sense for it to take so long to complete registration. Tony and Harley have done so much on the computer already, Harley expected to just walk into school and go straight to class. Instead, Morita insisted Tony come in person, sign the paperwork as Harley’s guardian, and collect the necessary PTA papers - which sit in Harley’s lap for Tony to later collect himself. He’s currently trying to sweet talk Tony into donating a new lab. Though Harley can’t hear exactly what’s being said in Morita’s office, he can see Morita pointing to the model and the tightness of Tony’s shoulders.

Just let him sign the last sheet, Harley thinks miserably, watching Morita’s hands move quickly. Then I can collect my books and get to class.

Harley doesn’t like spending time in any office, especially the principal’s. Despite knowing he’s done nothing wrong, he feels like he’s back in Tennessee, having just been caught in the boys bathroom with Tommy Lake and about to be sent home for “violating the christian values of our establishment.” He’s got the familiar prickling sensation running across his arms, and he rubs at them to make it go away.

He just wants to go to class.

The office is pretty quiet. There’s a receptionist on the computer, the vice principal meeting with a student behind closed doors, and some weird piano music through the ceiling speakers. Harley leans back in his chair and stares at those speakers. He contemplates convincing Tony to replace the shitty sounding system. Not all people who are in the office are there because they’re in trouble. Why should everyone else be punished with tinny speakers and random static interrupting already bad music.

He tilts his head forward and eyes the receptionist. She’s wearing earbuds, which makes him wonder how she hears the phone. Then the static flares and the music wavers, and he chuckles to himself. She definitely doesn’t care.

He doesn’t blame her.

The door to the vice principal’s office opens, and Harley’s eyes are pulled to the boy exiting them.

Oh dear God in heaven, Harley thinks weakly. Is this a shitty eighties teen movie? Is this boy, plaid shirt over a graphic tee, pierced ears, and combat boots, walking out of the vp’s office in slow motion? Is he really looking at the floor, only for his eyes to rise so he can look at Harley through long dark lashes, the corner of his stained pink lips pulled up?  

Yes, Harley decides. All of that is actually happening.

“Next time you want to play beauty shop, Parker, don't’ skip class to do it.”

“I wasn;t skipping Emma, I was five minutes late.” Parker scoffs. “I would have been able to chat about Shakespeare plenty if I hadn’t been pulled into the principal’s office.”

“Enough lip,” the vice principal throws a leather jacket at the boy, who catches. “Now sit and wait for me to get off the phone with your aunt, got it?”

The boy ignores the command, running a hand over what appears to be freshly cut hair. He turns and plops into the chair next to Harley. He huffs dramatically, turning to wink at Harley. “Hey, handsome. You’re Keener, right?”

“Wh-what?” Harley jerks back. “How do you-”

“Peter Parker. Your dad’s intern?”

The pictures click into place, but Harley feels his cheeks flush and looks away. “Tony isn’t my dad.”

“He says you’re his kid and pulled you to New York. Sounds like your dad.”

“He tell you why I’m here?”

“Something about the small minds of a small town.”

Harley looks back at Peter, who is smiling now. When he really pays attention though, Harley can see that it’s not a lecherous smile like you might assume from someone who dresses like Peter. No, it’s a sweet smile, and he isn’t mocking Harley.

If the bi pin that’s attached to the jacket in his lap tells Harley anything, its that Peter is more like him than he originally thought.

“Listen, not many people here are as small minded as the people where you come from,” Peter continues, nudging Harley with his elbow. “But they can still be dicks. Anyone gives you a problem, let me know, okay? You’re Tony’s kid, which means you’re family.”

Harley is not fragile by any means. He did not grow up gay in a small town and never learn how to throw a punch. No, he can take care of himself, he’s always been able to. But there’s something about Peter, eyes smudged with liner and a slit in the brow, offering to take care of bullies for him, that makes his stomach flip.

Hoping not to betray too much more, Harley tries to smile. “If I need help, I’ll give you a holler.”

“Good,” Peter grins. “And if you don’t need help?”

“What?” Harley asks.

“And if you don’t need any help?” Peter repeats, leaning forward. His breath smells like bubblegum, an odd cherry on top to the whole thing. “Will you still give me a holler?”

“Parker,” the vice principal calls. “Spoke to your aunt, things are worked out. Go back to class.”

“Thanks, Ems!”

“Don’t call me that.”

Peter is grinning now, standing and gathering his jacket. “See you in class, Keener.”

“See you in class, Spider-Man.”

Peter’s laugh stays in the room, long after he’s gone.

@takenbyemrys this kinda what you had in mind, doll?

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Day 5: buried (alive or dead)


Buried Alive

For: @maya-malfoy1012​ (who also made the moodboard for this whole collection!)

Ao3 link:

It started out as a great day. Or at least Peter was pretty sure it did. He was enjoying his day when he went to take a nap on his bed without his boys. That wasn’t an issue. He had been sleeping in their room a lot of time. He hadn’t been asleep for long when he woke to darkness. He went to get up when he hit his head. He tried to push whatever it was that he was in up but then he heard it. It sounded like dirt falling around him. Peter felt panic as if he was trapped under the building. He found his phone and realized he was in a coffin. He was being buried alive. Peter started panicking. He cried out for someone to hear him. No one seemed to hear as he called out. He felt something touched him and saw a skeleton trying to hold him down.

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For @peachy-keener! I don’t know if this is what you meant when you said Peter in a shorty spider-man costume, but I had a lot of fun with it, so I hope you like it!

3: Came to the wrong Halloween party

warnings: idk some suggestivity? nothing above PG as usual but there is some kissing if that grosses you out (pairing is parkner btw)

Who had made the decision to put Oscorp and Stark Tower so close to each other?

No, Harley honestly wants to know, because he has an undying urge to beat the living shit out of whoever decided to build two very large, very identical towers right next to each other. Was it a contractor? An engineer? Tony Stark himself?

He doesn’t care. He would kick Tony Stark for this. He would kick an engineer for this. He would kick a contractor for this, dammit, because this is not what he had signed up for.

He’s winding up to kick himself.

Harry (yes, Harry Osborn, whatever) had invited him to one of his famous Halloween parties and he had really wanted to go. He’d put the most effort into his costume- yes, he’s dressed as Spider-Man, and he knows it’s cheesy, but he worked so hard to make it look accurate and the measurements are flawless. He looks like the real deal and he knows it.

Harley had texted Harry (or who he’d thought was Harry) to get the address, because he really hates using Google Maps and isn’t it just easier to get it from the person who actually lives there? He had definitely thought so.

But, in true Harley Keener fashion, he hadn’t saved his contacts properly. He had just opened up the first conversation in his messages and texted a simple where’s the party without a second thought about maybe- just maybe- having texted the wrong person.

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Prompt 11: “you’re a monster”

“You’re a monster,” Harley yelled at the man as he held Harry close protecting the boy.

“If I’m a monster then you are just protecting a younger monster,” Norman said. Harry wanted to cry. Peter webbed up Norman as he came over to make sure Harley and Harry were okay before Harley took Harry off to Stark Tower. He held Harry as the other boy slept.

“How is he?” Peter asked when he got back and finally was able to join them.

“Not good but he had us so that is a positive,” Harley said. Peter and Harley talked as they made sure Harry was okay. They knew he would be better eventually. Even if it took a few years.

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For @silvverspider

Harley and Peter knew they were screwed. The two had been keeping a secret from Tony and that was never a good thing. Tony would make jokes about how the two had nicknames for each other. Harley called Peter, Annoyance or Spidey while Peter called Harley, Pain in my Side or Asshole. What Tony didn’t realize was that the boys kinda had to use the nicknames. It had started as a game to see how long Tony would take to realize the boys were soulmates, but then it just became a fear of Tony finding out that his kids were dating. The two had elaborate ways to avoid their names and to avoid Tony when they went on dates or snuck around the tower. Pepper and May found it hilarious that the boys were trying to hide the relationship from Tony as Tony always talked about how cute his two sons were and how perfect that they would be for each other. Harley and Peter never heard any of this as Tony dealt with their bickering just wishing the two boys would get along.

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Peter Parker was having a really bad day. Let’s be honest, when wasn’t the hero having a bad day. Peter who was now twenty had always had life issues. His parents died when he was young, his best friend moved away, his other best friend was sent to boarding school, he got bit by a radioactive spider, his uncle died, and then to top it all off he was in love with three different people. Which would be okay if they weren’t all equally amazing. Peter was now dealing with a magician which meant something bad was going to happen with his track record. It’s not like he had a habit of getting in trouble, just a few incidents where he woke up in an alternate universe or was blue for a day (Tony mocked him for hours for that one). So magicians were a no no when it came to Peter Parker. This one though had found him on the worst day. He was already tired and hungry and just wanted food and this magician decided to use him as an hostage and Peter couldn’t get away without revealing he had powers so now he is stuck pretending to play some innocent hostage as Tony and Rhodey try to talk the magician out of hurting him. Tony had almost done it when Steve showed up which caused the magician to freak and next think Peter now knows he is seeing a blue light before everything goes dark.

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Preview of In Another’s Shoes: Peter Parker was having a really bad day. Let’s be honest, when wasn’t the hero having a bad day. Peter who was now twenty had always had life issues. His parents died when he was young, his best friend moved away, his other best friend was sent to boarding school, he got bit by a radioactive spider, his uncle died, and then to top it all off he was in love with three different people.

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three times Peter pretends to be mute and the one time he speaks instead of staying silent.

Peter hadn’t told anyone that he was Spider-Man. He wanted to change that with Harry, Harley, and Johnny. Being in a relationship though made it hard for him. Especially since he didn’t know how to tell them that he was the hero.

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Peter: Harley? where’s my super suit

Harley: what?

Peter: where - is - my - super - suit?

Harley: I, ih, put it away

Peter: where?

Harley: why do you need to know?

Peter: I need it

Harley: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no derrin’-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!

Peter: the public is in danger!

Harley: my evening’s in danger!

Peter: You tell me where my suit is, Harls! We are talking about the greater good!

Harley: ‘Greater good?’ I am your husband! I’m the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

Tony: what the hell did I just walk into?

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Peter Parker was screwed. Okay, maybe he wasn’t completely screwed but just enough that he wanted to cry out to the world and complain about everything. Especially quarantine because the virus was already annoying. He couldn’t go out as Spidey and that meant he was stuck inside with all this energy. It also didn’t help that he had three hot roommates.


Peter is stuck with his crushes in their apartment during quarantine. How will they take finding out he likes all three of them.

my Harley/Harry/Peter/Johnny fic because there were no fics for these four as a couple.

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