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#peter parker x oc

writing to the void 🌾 chapter eleven

a peter parker x oc story

SUMMARY: A series or letters written to Peter Parker, from his girlfriend while he was stuck in the soul stone.

A-N: I honestly just wrote whatever popped into my head, and tried to have it make sense. so like….here’s the chapter.

[chapter eleven]


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Dear Peter

Honestly, I was not expecting to begin to write this many letters to you. When in reality, they just get shoved into a shoebox underneath my bed for nobody to see. But It hasn’t stopped me from imagining that wherever you are now, you are reading each letter I have written specifically for you. I guess, the reason I haven’t stopped with writing each letter is to cure my feelings and it’s become some sort of a coping mechanism now. Which is odd considering ever since I found out about you disappearing, I went into a small state of denial where I was believing that you’d return and wouldn’t leave me alone in this world. I had simply had hope that it was all a dream.

I had soon felt this hope fizzle out, as week-by-week I stood inside my bedroom, staring. Just staring at the picture frame, I had settled on my nightstand. When i came to the realisation that you were gone, you weren’t coming back. The very photo on the nightstand which consisted of me and you, it was one of my favourites. The day you had asked me to be your girlfriend. I wore a cream-coloured t-shirt and paired it with a pair of denim jeans. You’d given me a heart-shaped necklace to resemble the start of our relationship and I also remembered you promising that you’d stick by my side forever. Or at least however long forever was for us. We both didn’t realise then how short we would have together. And god, I wish that I could go back in time to warn you about the future. If only you hadn’t gone after that stupid donut-shaped spaceship and stayed on the bus, you’d still be here. With me.

Anyways, do you remember? Remember the time when we were still friends, and hadn’t started dating yet. I had just turned twelve years old at the time, and had invited a bunch of kids from our school over for a sleepover. But nobody had showed up, nobody except you, Eleanor and Ned. I remember I had tears trailing down my cheeks as I opened the front door, only to be disappointed that no one else had shown up. I remember you gave me the biggest hug as you guys entered, and gave me that dorky smile I loved seeing on you. That stupid smile you possessed which made butterflies flutter all around my stomach. I then easily remembered how you took me into my living room with others.

You switched on the television and we binge watched all the Star Wars movies that day, in hopes to cheer me up. It worked obviously, and that was the day I realised I had a crush on you, Peter. I had always favoured that memory and cherished it forever. I’m not sure why, but i guess it had to do with the fact that I always loved how no matter how bad the day, you could always make me happy. That was just one of the many things I loved about you.

And now that you’re gone, I am not sure what to do with myself. Sure, I showed a real smile again. All thanks to Brayden, whom I had met a while ago. But the pain of this grief still hasn’t disappeared and I’m not sure how long until it does. It’s almost been a year since you had left, and I feel like I’m still falling apart. And although the road to moving on, can be quite rough. I still feel like there is this massive weight crashing down on me, a heavy weight stopping me from leaving you into the past. Maybe if I just had a chance to say goodbye, things would be a whole lot easier.

I still love you.

Sierra Kenzie


the girl who is stuck with only memories.


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writing to the void 🌾 chapter ten

a peter parker x oc story

SUMMARY: A series or letters written to Peter Parker, from his girlfriend while he was stuck in the soul stone.

A-N: I’m not really proud of this chapter. But I just wanted to get it out already, so hopefully you guys like it.

[chapter ten]


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[prologue, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine]


Sierra stepped out of her brother’s jeep, she shut the car door behind her and pulled her backpack strap further up her shoulder. A real smile was adorning her features, instead of the usual fake one she had come to use often. The brunette glanced around the familiar surroundings of Midtown High, her hazel eyes searching for the familiarity of her best friend’s blonde hair. The girl choosing to ignore the weird stares following her every move now. They probably weren’t used to seeing the female so bright and with a smile now, considering the circumstances of her deceased boyfriend. What Sierra failed to notice however, was the approaching figure of Brayden. The male she met the night previously, at that senior’s party.

“Looking for someone?” The male’s voice spoke questionably, causing Sierra to turn in shock to the guy behind her. Her eyes brightened at the sight of her new friend stood in front of her now. He wore a simple checkered blue and white flannel, a pair of plain black jeans and muddied Nike shoes on his feet. Not that she meant to, but the brunette took notice of how his black hair looked as if he’d been running his hands through it. A few curls fell into the front of his tanned face.

“Just….Eleanor.” She muttered quietly, but still audible enough for the male to hear her. Her hands fiddled with the ends of her bag straps, as she looked to her feet slowly. His own smile seemed to grow a little, as he proceeded to step in tow with the shorter female. Brayden directed her through the crowds of students, hurrying to get in the school’s front doors in hopes to not be late. Sierra just simply followed him along, at a slower pace. As she continued to keep an eye out for the female Stark, her best friend. Small apologies fell from her lips as they continued on and into the locker-filled halls of the school.

As the school day proceeded to drone on, it was now lunch time and Sierra pulled her backpack straps over her shoulder and walked into the cafeteria. She stepped into the room, looking over the unfamiliar faces of the other student friend groups, in search for Eleanor. When the other brunette was in sight, the girl gripped her backpack tightly and shuffled along the linoleum flooring and towards the furthest lunch table. The very table at the back of the lunchroom, where Eleanor Stark was sat comfortably. The female was adorned in a simple maroon-plaid skirt, white converse and white cropped t-shirt. A leather jacket thrown over her shoulders, as she leaned over a few of her textbooks in front of her, in order to get some last minute studying in for a test she had soon.

Once the Kenzie girl had finally walked over, she took a seat opposite her best friend, set her backpack atop the table and pulled out her lunch. A simple peanut butter sandwich. She sighed, and took a small bite of the food she now held. Catching the attention of Eleanor, with her presence, as she had now looked up from the mountain of text books in front of her. Her eyebrows furrowed slowly in confusion at first, before smirking. As she noticed her best friend, glance discreetly – or what Sierra had hoped was discreet – at the black-haired boy a few tables down. The same boy who hung with Sierra at the party.

“So..Brayden?” Eleanor teased, her smirk only growing bigger at Sierra’s flustered state she was now in. Her eyes glanced quickly at the male before returning to settle on the girl chewing slowly on her lunch in front of her. The girl who was now trying to hide her red cheeks with her long locks of hair.

“What ever happened to and I quote – ‘I don’t want to move on, I just want Peter.” She started again, only getting Sierra to roll her eyes and scoff quietly as a reaction. The smirk grew wider on Eleanor’s face at this, as her brunette friend muttered out something like ‘I never said that!’ before shoving another bite of her sandwich in her mouth again. The Stark female only nodded slowly, not buying that response for a second. Already recalling when exactly, the girl has said those exact words. As well as, the number of times she has caught them slipping from Sierra’s lips.

“Plus, we’re just friends. Met when you ditched me at that party.” Sierra managed out, after swallowing her mouthful. Eleanor only chuckled smugly, and returned her gaze back to the textbook cracked open in front of her. The girl simply letting out a few sentences in response which sounded like a: ‘Well….it worked didn’t it?’ and ‘You finally smiled again, Thanks to me!’


[next chapter]

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The Beauty that is You

this is a dark!Peter Parker, You!AU!!!!! Told entirely through Peter’s pov female!reader if its in italics its Peter’s thoughts

A/N: Hello!! I’m not sure if I’m going to finish this in a night, but hopefully I get this done soon. This is my present to you all since on Nov 15 I turned 20 year old (whoop whoop) and I wanted to post something that was reader based instead of my usual fics~ this will be maybe 10 or more chapters long, I’m still in the planning process, I just wanted to get chapter one out of my head before writer’s block puts me in a headlock! I hope y’all enjoy~

Warnings: Cursing, stalking, Peter basically being creepy. Mentions of sexual things

Word Count: 1260

The constant glare of the shining sun through the windows of the shop did nothing to ease my anger and annoyance. I wanted nothing more than to knock everything off of the displays, the obnoxious pieces of junk the manager liked to call “art” is what filled each and every display in the store, as if her art was something to be proud of.

Art isn’t even my thing, I only took this job to get closer to MJ and look where that got me. Nowhere. I’m stuck in a crappy job because I thought that it was going to be enough to keep our relationship going. Ooooh boy how wrong I was. No. All she did was betray me, lie to me. Accuse me of-

Hello, who are you? The sound of the door is what initially brought my attention to you, and lord am I grateful for it. The way you held yourself suggests that you’re a little insecure, awkward. Not one of those fake artsy types that think that they’re God’s gift to the earth because they’re decent at drawing at best.

No, you look like you’re actually talented, the small, subtle marks on your hands from what I’m guessing to be a pen says it all. I wonder what it is that brought you in here, I mean in the year that I’ve been here I’ve never seen you before, and most if not all of the customers here are regulars.

“Welcome to Etched in my Art,” I force my voice to be deeper than usual, girl’s usually like men with deep voices. I’m assuming I’m right by the way you turn to look at me.

You’re beautiful by the way, a natural beauty, even under the light makeup you’re wearing I can tell. You look around without moving for a second then you head over to me. Oh good God, you’re heading over to me. I should play it cool, act like you’re not the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. “Can I help you?”

The timid smile that breaks out across your face almost seals the deal, I had to have you. If I let you get away from me that would be the dumbest thing I have ever let happen. Maybe MJ being a total bitch was a blessing, it allowed me to be free for you. “Um, yes, could you point me to the aisle with drawing pads,” your hands are clasped together and your voice immediately makes me want to dive across the counter and take you right in the middle of the store, “and maybe the painting supplies?”

“Uh, yeah, no problem.” Instead of pointing I decide that actually showing you the way would earn me some brownie points, I mean, there’s no one in the store anyways, it’s been slow all day. I could spare a minute, or two, or five, maybe ten.

“Oh,” your voice waivers as you speak, “you don’t have to take me, I’m sure you have other things to do.”

I’d rather be with you, “nah, it’s a slow day and I should check and make sure all the aisles are clean anyways.”

“Oh, okay.”

We walk together and already I can feel how right this is. Can you feel it too? Am I being too quick in my thinking? Am I just trying to get over MJ with the first girl I see? No, that can’t be it. I’ve seen hundreds of girls since her, saved a couple more dozen in that time too. None are as beautiful as you, I can’t believe I ever thought anyone was ever beautiful before, you could easily beat them all in any contest.

The short walk is silent and I want to break through it so badly, maybe I should ask a question? Get you talking? That’s the only way to get to know you, and for you to get to know me. But what to ask?

“How’d you find us?” I could slap myself for being this dumb, maybe I shouldn’t keep it there, “I mean, we aren’t a big craft store, and all of the people that do come here are regulars.” I let my voice trail off. You turn your head to smile at me, is it a habit of yours? To smile at whoever you’re talking to?

“I was trying out another crafts store near my apartment,” you nod to yourself as you speak, it’s cute, “but the guy there was super creepy, so I had to find another place. This one popped up near the bottom of the list, but it seems like it’s already a better fit for me than the first one.”

Oh? “Oh, how long did you try the other one?”

“Not long,” your eyes scan over the selection of drawing pads, seemingly trying to pick between them. I can’t tell the difference, but obviously you can. “I just moved here two months ago, and I started at the other one three weeks ago.”

“Why’d you move here?”

“You know, the want to pursue art like every other person that moves to New York.” Your laugh makes me light up inside, it almost seems depressing when we make it back to the register, I want to keep you here, though this conversation isn’t exactly riveting , it’s more than I thought it would be.

I try to subtly take my time ringing up your things, the assortment of pens and paints makes the total high, much higher than it would be at a general store, I can see your eyes lose their light the more that I scan. Honestly, I shouldn’t do this. I mean, I can literally lose this job if I get caught, but at this moment I’m sure I’d do anything to get that light back.

I take a couple of the pains and pens off, with the addition of adding my employee discount. The total comes out to $40 from the initial $120. The way you look at me almost makes the risk of losing this job worth it, the shock in your eyes makes me want to give you the entire store for free.

“You don’t have to,” your voice is sweeter now, I shake my head with a smile.

“It’s no problem, you’re a lot nicer than the regular assholes. Just don’t tell anyone I give out discounts, or free things.”

“Can do.” You laugh as I fill a bag with your things I want to ask you for your number, but decide against it.

“Good, cash or card?”

“Card,” you dig around in your bag, the card probably hidden in mess. You breathe out as you find it and you slide it onto the counter. Y/N Y/L/N

Huh, cute.

“Your name is really pretty.”

You give me a slight nod and glance at your card, “thanks. I like your name too.”

I looked down at my nametag and there was a little drawn spider web on it, did you notice? Maybe I should get a new tag. “It’s common.”

“Yeah, but it’s nicer than the other common names, like John or Bob.” I give a tiny chuckle at your words, were you flirting? God, I hope you are.

“Well then, thanks.”

You nod as you leave the store, the bell ringing as the door slowly closes and you disappear from my view, it’s annoying that you left. I already yearned for the moment I would see you next. It wasn’t a maybe, I would see you again. I have to.

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Author: @stilinskiparker
Characters: Peter Parker x Apple Miller (OC)
Word Count: 1,763
Warnings: angst, fluff, small implication of sexy time, italics are flashbacks
A/N: Hi, friends! This is the first Peter fic I ever wrote. I got inspiration after seeing Endgame in theaters. Also; say hello to Apple! I really hope y’all like it. As always, read at your own risk and enjoy 😊


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Inspiration struck at random last night, and this little poem essentially wrote itself. Tonya initially was born as a beacon of hope to Peter, and only to Peter, but as A Paw For Parker has progressed, she’s proven that both her spirit and her purpose reach far beyond the fictional world. She’s as much my hope as she is his. 

For my Tonya.

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Let me down pt.3

Pairing(s): Peter Parker x Reader (platonically), Reader x oc

Warnings: I mean, in my eyes this is pure fluff, but who knows if it will hurt you

Summary: Peter and May have dinner with Y/N’s family, prompting a lot of questions to get an answer.

A/N: oKAY, I know that what happened wasn’t exactly what you expected and and it has taken me so long to write this but it’s finally here. I want to thank you all, I never meant for this blow up like it did or to even become a series, honestly when I wrote the first part I was just in a really bad mood and I felt like writing something sad and that came out, but then people started to ask for a second part and well the rest is history. So yeah, I actually want to write even more parts to this so let me know if you would like it. Also, I tagged everyone who asked me to write more to this, but let me know if you want to be removed from the taglist



part one part two

Peter couldn’t help but feel like his head was spinning as he walked back home from the metro that night. Claire had sat him down in her bed for almost an hour showing off all of her Avengers stuff. She had a replica of Thor’s Mjolnir (and she knew how to pronounce it, which was even more impressing), she had the Spider-Man’s Uno she had mentioned (it did make him kind of emotional to see a drawing of him on the package) and she had Iron Man’s full suit.

Yeah, he did his best not to cry with the last one.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x OC
Genre: Friendship/ Adventure/ Family

Story  Summary:  Ten minutes. Ten minutes was all it took. She found his backpack in the alley and left before he got there. Now, before Peter knows it, Ned thinks he has a secret girlfriend and Spider-man has to be her kibble runner.

Chapter 1 
Chapter 18


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