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#peter parker x reader

my computer glitched.. so i had to repost this, the stress. I hope it works this time (thank you anon for telling me ily). i’m so sorry. i wrote this for peter, bc I know your a spidey girl. i changed it up a lil but kept it pg, i know surprising. it was tough lmao i hope you like it. i thought i’d add a few pics…. for context? ;))



word count: 1,260

warnings: fluff, insecure!confused!peter, oblivious boys and lots of hand talk.

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Ice Cream Tease

Summary | Peter takes his obsession with your boobs to the next level.

Pairing | Peter Parker (aged up) x reader

Warnings | smut (boob play/titty fucking, oral - m receiving) 18+ only

WC | 2.3k

A/N | peter b parker is a boob guy this is non negotiable.


Originally posted by punkrats

The New York City weather had graced the city with its first peak of warm weather since the cold of winter settled in months ago, and you were taking advantage of it by wearing a brand new sundress. The cut might have been considered a little low, but judging by the placement of your boyfriend’s gaze, you had a strong feeling he wasn’t about to complain anytime soon.

“Hey, Pete?” you asked, shaking his attention away from your cleavage and back to your smirking face.

“Yeah?” he responded softly, a dusty pink brushing across his cheek at being caught.

“Do you want to grab some ice cream? It just seems like the perfect touch on this already perfect day.”

Peter had already taken you to lunch and for a walk around the nearby park. The two of you had been resting on a bench, gazing at the clouds, people watching, speaking softly like the sound of your voices would scare the warmth of the day away. It was peaceful and serene. But then a little boy walked by holding an ice cream cone, and you hadn’t been able to shake the craving from your mind since then.

“Of course, babe.” Peter stood from the bench, knitting your hands together. “Whatever my girl wants, she gets.”

You leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek which only made him blush deeper. “Lead the way then.”

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Ahhh OMG suz this is so cute ajdjsjf 😭 also I love you did I ever tell ya??? 💙💙💙💙

Sleepover blurb- College!Peter Parker x College!Reader


College was hitting Peter hard.

It was no secret that Peter Parker was smart, he had a consistent A grade throughout his high school life, even with the spider-manning. And yet, it was nothing compared to what he saw in the classrooms of MIT.

Combine that with being a college student, Spider-Man and Dr. Octavious’ part time lab assistant? It was only a matter of time before he burnt out.

(“I’m okay Y/n, I swear I am. The others have to go through the same things I do, it’s nothing different.”

“The others aren’t part time vigilantes, Peter!”)

You were concerned about him, without a doubt. You understood how eventually, even the ‘gifted’ ones burned the ends of their candles, and you were concerned that Peter was going to end up being one of them.

You tried to convince him to take a break, once in a while, to rest his mind. But he insisted he was okay. You knew that was a lie, with the dark eyebags and the constant headaches he complained about, he was already at the burning end.

Looking up from your textbook, you hear him sigh as he entered your shared apartment, the one just outside of your campus, flopping on the squeaky chair he was obsessed with.

Folding your book softly, you trudged towards him, his head held in his fingers (you could see him tugging at his curls, the way he did whenever he felt overwhelmed).

Nudging his arms, you held his head to your chest, rubbing his back in what you hoped was comforting. Apparently it was, because he only buried his nose deeper.

“How was lab?” You asked softly, holding his cheeks in your hands.

He just smiled, kissing the inner side of your palm. Standing up, he held onto your shoulders, walking both of you to your bed.

Sitting down, he nudged your foot so you would fold your legs, tenderly keeping his head on your folded legs.

“You know how he is, cranky old bastard.” He muttered, eyelids fluttering close as you ran your hands through the curls.

“Cranky old bastard? You’re not gonna let him hear you say that right?” You laughed, hitting his chest lightly when he smiled, opening his doe eyes.

Your heart ached at the scene, it was good to see that he was finally letting you look after him.

“No one’s here to snitch other than you.” He said, pulling you so that you were lying besides him. Curling into his side, you placed your one leg on the dip of his waist.

“Hmm, no I wouldn’t snitch on you, you’re gonna remain the sweet baby angel in his eyes.” You snicker, burying your face in his neck.

You felt him huff a laugh, taking your hand and holding it to his chest, intertwining your fingers.

“Sweet baby angel?”

“Hmm, yeah, my sweet baby angel.”


So… I’m soft 👉👈

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okay this is really really cute. I wrote a quick lil blurb. hope you like it and i hope i did it justice!! sorry for any mistakes or bad writing. enjoy x


word count: 771

warnings: slight angst, but really fluffy, peter being a gem.

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A/n: I wrote it with Peter, hope you like it!! Ly too!! I’m sorry for being so late!! This isn’t that good, so sorry for that. Please give feedback!

Warning: fluffy fluffy! A small suggestive theme, nothing heavy, I promise. Let’s pretend Peter has more than one hoodie.

Prompt 1: “I promise I didn’t steal your hoodie—hey, give it back!”

Prompt 2: “Can we cuddle?”

—requests are open: peter paker—

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So, I have Part 4 of heh Series where the reader was taken by HYDRA, do you guys want me to post it?

I don’t mind to do so, but if you don’t want me to I can wait till tomorrow

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In a bit of a Jam


Originally posted by rldleys

Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: Peters girlfriend gets kidnapped and he has to spend his afternoon trying to save her, although she’s more than capable of saving herself 


“You Peter Parkers girlfriend?”

Y/N had been walking down the street, a coffee in her hands and her bag slung over her shoulder. On her way to the subway, she was barely awake, almost tripping over the cracks in the pavement. 

“Whose asking?” She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows. “Because, yes. Yes I am.” Y/N was insanely proud of her boyfriend. At first they tried to hide it, more for her safety than anything else. 

The guy in front of her looked nerdy and sweet, her type if anything. “Great.” The guy took his glasses off and cleaned them on his shirt.

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Ghost in your heart: Peter Parker x Male! Reader


Originally posted by sherlockstarwarsmarvel

Peter decided to eat the sandwich he got from Delmar’s Deli & Grill at the park, since the crime rates this week have been kinda low, giving Peter some time to himself. 

He walked into the park and saw many parents sitting with their kids, adults playing frisbee with their dogs, and finally his gaze landed on someone sitting on the park bench with colored pencils and a sketchbook. 

He couldn’t really make out your face from where he was standing, due to the fact that you were wearing a cap and your gaze was on your sketchbook. You looked very focused and concentrated on whatever you were drawing. 

Peter watched as you put down a blue colored pencil only to pick up a red one. 

He didn’t know why he was so curious to see what you were drawing, but his interest was peaked and before he knew it, his legs started moving to where the drawing male was currently sitting. 

Displayed on the sketchbook was a drawing of Spiderman. 

To say that this person had artistic abilities would be an understatement. 

The picture was so well drawn that it looked realistic. Like it should be held in a museum. The image was Spiderman shooting a web shooter with a few other buildings in the background. This had to be one of the best art works that Peter has ever seen. 

“Don’t you know it’s rude to stare at random people or their artwork?” You questioned, looking up from your sketching and arching an eyebrow. 

Peter looked at you and blushed from slight embarrassment at being caught, as you waited for him to respond. 

“I’m really sorry for staring. It’s just that your drawing looked so amazing and-”

A chuckle erupted from your throat,   “I’m just messing with you. It’s okay to stare at my drawings. You want to see some more?” You offered, scooting over in case he wanted to sit down. 

Peter didn’t really want to intrude on you having time to yourself. He did come here to eat his lunch, but he was curious to see what other drawings you had. 

He reluctantly sat down next to you on the bench, and placed his sandwich in his lap as you passed him the sketchbook. 

He flipped through various pages of the book and amazement was shown on the wall-crawler’s face. 

The artistic abilities that you seemed to have was amazing. There were lots of drawings of people Peter has never seen before, so he assumed they were your family or friends. There were pictures of Mr. Stark in his Iron Man suit and some of Captain America. It’s like you managed to capture who they really are in these drawings. 

“I know there not the best drawings but-”

“Are you kidding me? These drawings are amazing!” Peter commented, and a look of surprise and appreciation crossed your face. 

“Well, thank you…” You trailed off, wanting to know this male’s name. 

“Oh, my name is Peter, Peter Parker.” He introduced himself. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N.” You introduced yourself, extending your out for a handshake. Peter shook your hand and was surprised that your hands were so cold and the tough grip you had, and you thought the same for Peter. 

You took your sketchbook back and picked up a drawing pencil, working on the drawing that you started earlier that day as Peter decided to finally eat his sandwich.

The two of you continued to speak, as Peter ate and you drawed.  

Peter glanced over to see what you were drawing next and he choked on his food, eyes widening in surprise, “You like Star Wars?” He asked, happiness welling up inside his chest. 

You gave him a slight nod of your head, “I love Star Wars. I’m secretly a nerd inside, so don’t tell anyone about that." 

Multiple cop cars could be heard and seen following a black minivan, as Peter suddenly stood up, his spider senses going off like crazy. 

"I have to go now, Y/N. It was nice meeting you and I hope to see you again." 

Without waiting for a response, Peter ran off into the nearest alley. He quickly took off his clothes and put on his Spidey-Suit. He stuck his backpack somewhere where no one could find it, and used his web shooters to swing from building to building to catch the criminals in the black minivan. 

After fighting criminals, patrolling the neighborhood, and eating dinner with Aunt May, Peter flopped onto his bed and his mind drifted to thoughts of you. 

Mysterious was one word to describe you. 

He wondered why he had never seen you before. You looked to be around his age, 17/18 years old. He wondered if you went to Midtown High. He never saw you around school before, so maybe you haven’t enrolled yet? 

You seem very smart and well educated that made Peter think that you went to Midtown High, but there are other schools in New York, so maybe you just went to a different school. 

He hoped that he would see you again. 

He didn’t know why he wanted to see someone he has never seen before, but you intrigued him. He remembered everything about you. You’re amazing lookin’ H/C hair, shiny E/C eyes, and the scar you had above your eyebrow. 

Peter wondered how you got that scar. He hoped to learn more things about his new friend and would stop by the park to see you again. He hoped that you went to Midtown High. 


It has been a month since Peter met you and he couldn’t have been any more happier than he was when was with you.

Peter has been stopping by the park to see you whenever he got the chance, and he loved talking to you about everything and nothing. He mostly loved being in your presence. 

Ned even noticed how happy he looked and more vibrant he became. He would tease Peter all the time that he had a boyfriend to which he denied and blushed bright red. 

Although, he did find you attractive and might have masturbated to you a couple times, it was pretty obvious that you were straight, so nothing could happen between you guys anyway even though he wanted more. 

"Do you go to Midtown High?” Peter asked the question that has been on his mind. 

You rubbed the back of your neck and ran your fingers over the small cut, “Um, I used to go to that school, but I left during my Junior year.” You answered. 

“Oh, so are you homeschooled?" 

Peter figured that if you weren’t in regular school, then you had to be homeschooled and that would explain why he hasn’t seen you around. 

"Something like that.” You laughed, bringing your gaze down to your sketchbook. 

“Do your parents know that you spend most of your time in the park?” Ned asked, having heard from Peter that you spend most of your time here. 

“Uh, they really don’t care where I’m at.” You replied, voice low that made Ned think that he shouldn’t have asked that question. Peter hoped the question didn’t offend you in any way, but it seemed that it might have. 

Luckily, you didn’t seem too upset and changed the conversation. 

The conversation launched into Ned and Peter nerding out about star wars with you chiming in occasionally, as you looked through the sketches you’ve drawn. 

“Uh, Y/N. Do you maybe wanna help me and Ned build an enormous Death Star LEGO set?” Peter asked with a mix of nervousness and hopefulness in his voice, silently waiting and hoping that you would say yes. Ned wanted the same thing, too. 

You gave the two an apologetic look which resulted in a slight frown on Peter’s face. He really wanted to spend time with you somewhere other than the park, but he figured you were busy. You most likely had other friends to hang with, after all. Or spending time with other people. 

“I can’t do that because unfortunately, I’ve been dead since 1995." 


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Spider-man x Vigilante!F!Reader

Warnings: language

Context: you’re a vigilante, a surprisingly young vigilante, and you’re one goal is to save your city from criminals and bullies; you and a certain Avenger keep missing each other. Will the two of you ever meet or will you continue to tip-toe around one another?

A/N: (y/h/t) = your home town and (y/m/n) = your mum’s name


Originally posted by tommybabyholland

It had been a few months since you and Peter had taken down Felicia Hardy and discovered the fatal flaw in holding too many people hostage in their own brain. After the big fight, Peter had taken you to his home, where you slept for twelve hours straight, uninterrupted and dead to the world.

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Continuing the thirst because I’m thirsty and I wannaaaa

“Y/N, have you seen my mask?” Peter asked from the other room as he looked around curiously, “It’s not where I lef-woah!” he cut himself off when he saw you laying on his bed in nothing as you waved his mask around teasingly.

You let out a giggle at his perplexed expression. It was certainly not the first time he saw you like this, but it always took him by surprise. He always felt so lucky that he was yours and that he got to see your beautiful body in a way not many other have.

“Y-you’re not dressed,” Peter remarked as he took a step closer to you, “On my bed,” he smirked, kneeling at the edge of the bed where you feet were resting.

Nodding your head with a matching grin, you reached forward to slip the mask playfully over his head, “Is there a problem?” you asked him as you kissed him through his mask.

“KAREN, Tell Fury I’m gonna be late,” he said as he took his mask off to capture your lips properly. His hands already roaming your body to the places he knew where to bring you right over the edge.

Thirst Day/Night

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The boy on the train (Drabble)

Pairing:  Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Words: 253

Friday, 5.35pm, there he was. Week after week you took a seat on that train to Queens, it was your usual routine. You were on your way to drama school, located in the eastern part of New York, and as always that boy with a kind gesture on his face was sitting in front of you, looking out of the window. You used to sit in thought and imitate his gesture, gazing out at the city speeding by in front of your eyes. Your imagination created stories about who he was, where he came from and why he was heading to Queens, but at no point did you ever think to find out.

The days passed and the months went by, it was customary for you to give each other a shy smile as you settled into your seat, but little more. Eventually you discovered that he attended Midtown High School, that he liked peanut butter sandwiches, and that he was interested in science. You began to feel comfortable during the thirty minutes you shared on Fridays, realising that it was the most interesting time of the week. However, the snap happened.

The following weeks, as people tried to get back on track, you discovered that the carriage was emptier than usual. The woman who sat two rows forward and always read mystery novels was gone, the old man who did the TIMES crossword puzzles was absent, and the boy who kept you company and cheered you up every week had also disappeared.

Requests/Taglist Open (DM)


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Morning everyone! I just posted the 3 Loki Fics! (It’s You, I’ll Always Be Here-GN Reader, and I’ll Never Leave You)

They are happy and fluffy, so it’s not sad like my Peter ones

I hope you enjoy them! I’ll probably be working on more parts for some of the Series I have.

I’m actually focusing on finishing my Peter Series that’s still unnamed, then I’ll go down the line of them, ending with my Loki Her Butler Series.

Love you all and hope you have a good day!!

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A/N: Since y’all liked this one so much <3<3

Pairing: Peter Parker x Desi!Fem!Reader

  • Okay so you’re both roommates. 
  • You and your parents are busy walking with your shifting boxes.
  • May and Tony are present with Peter (because Tony’s not dead obv)
  • Your mother is being a typical Indian mother.
  • “Did you pack your pads?” 
  • “Yes ma!”
  • “Your virginity is safe na? I don’t trust these Americans, all they do is have sex. You concentrate on your studies okay?” 
  • Peter of course heard this. Super hearing dude
  • and cause you’re standing right outside the dorm
  • “Y/M/N people are staring!” Thank god for dads amirite?
  • May is crying cause her baby is so grown up.
  • “I’ll miss you baba (dad).” You hug your dad while your mom is rolling her eyes.
  • Her eyes are BULGING when she sees that your roommate has a dick.
  • And Peter is cute and stuttery cause he’s in LOVE with your complexion and hair and May’s just admiring your short kurta/ hijab/ veil/ whatever piece of clothing you want to wear.
  • I don’t think I’d wear a veil though.
  • “OMg honey the patterns are so pretty!”
  • “Thank you Ms. May!”
  • There’s tears on your side too.
  • Your mom is full on waterworks.
  • “Make sure you eat your breakfast okay? And don’t forget your medicine!”
  • But that’s culturally common. We all love our moms T~T

During college:

  • You had only seen American colleges in movies before.
  • But they were super fun!
  • And surprisingly enough
  • having a male roommate was not as bad as you thought it would be.
  • Peter was shy and supporting and
  • And when that one time you had a glimpse of his abs
  • Jesus Ganesh fuck the virginity locked in a box. 👀👀
  • Virginity aside *cough* 
  • Cause lets be real, subtitles can only be accurate to an extent.
  • “She looks like Princess Jasmine but with a pink dress!!” 
  • He’s talking about Deepika.
  • Baby trying to learn hindi songs cause you get all giddy when you hear him speak hindi/ your mother tongue.
  • It makes you wEAk.
  • You both dress up as Indian prince and princess during Halloween party at your college.
  • Ohh boy he looks hot in a Kurti 
  • He also tries to ask you out Bollywood style.
  • He fails but you find it cute and say yes anyway who will say no to those eyes?
  • Study sessions spent making out.
  • It’s not what you thought it’d be. It’s very slippery.
  • Him defending you when mean people call you UN or some racist shit like that.
  • “wait what?”
  • AHEM
  • Celebrating Indian festivals.
  • Cooking Indian food, PROPER INDIAN FOOD (No heat to Arabic and Pakistani owners tho :))
  • Him having to drink milk every two minutes cause it’s too spicy.
  • “Pff, I only put one chilli. Do you find this spicy? Wait till I make Biryani”
  • Spoiler alert: He’s on fire.
  • Singing old romantics like Kishor Kumar,
  • “Mere saamne wali khidki mein, ek chand ka tukda raheta hai.” You sing while kissing his nose under the moonlight. 
  • (Translation:  In the window across from me, A piece of the moon lives 🤔🤔 It sounds better in hindi bleh)
  • He was in awe even if he didn’t understand what you just said.
  • You cursing in hindi when you’re on your period
  • “What- what did I do?” he whimpered.
  • “I’m sorry Pete, just this MA KI KASAM NICHOD KE RAKH DUNGI WTF”
  • Just for the context, you’re playing Mario Kart. 
  • You on your period + Mario Kart is not a good combo.
  • Anyways,  before this gets too long lol, It’s really fun sneaking an American boyfriend past your parents.
  • It’s so fun EEEEEK BYE

A/N: HEHE <3<3

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Taking Requests

I really want to write but I don’t have any inspiration rn so please send in requests for the following characters!


Steve Rogers

Bucky Barnes

Peter Parker

Sam Wilson

Stranger Things

Steve Harrington

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Oh for sure!

So like, as a kid Peter would be at the store with May and at least 3 men would be catcalling her all the time and it just really pissed him off, but May never seemed phased and that confused him. It wasn’t until he was much older that she was about to leave to the store down the street one night when they didn’t have an ingredient for dinner and he saw her putting pepper spray in her bag and holding her keys in his fist. After getting the bite, he was way more tuned in to her fear and it broke him. He began to notice it more at school too. Why the hell did women have to be so scared all the time?

He was always respectful towards women but once these things became noticeable, he really upped his game. He was Spider-Man; if anyone could protect these women then it was him. He’d help find shelter for homeless women, ask May to find him some rallies and organisations he could attend/help out as Spidey to gain media coverage. You just know he has one of those pink hats lying around somewhere. He sits in the changing rooms while his female friends try clothes on, he updates the security system so nobody can hack the security cameras in the changing rooms at school, he has a female neighbour of about seven and he lets her help with his web fluid formula (pretending it’s a formula for silly string) and he’s just overrall a gentleman.

Peter Parker is a gentleman through and through.

29 notes

Ooh I like this. In the movies we see that May isn’t exactly the best cook so maybe Peter has been trying to teach himself or has asked Wanda for help and he’s really excited to cook for you. He definitely has a Pinterest board for date nights because your relationship is as perfect as a movie and he wants everything you do to reflect that. So he covers the place with felt rose petals (allergies) and he’s a bit of a clutz so he uses those battery powered candles. After a really great meal you guys dance to your song on the rooftop of his apartment building.

10 notes

Hello! I’m pretty new to writing fics on here I’ve only got two so far a Luke Patterson x Reader and a Peter Parker x Reader (Link to my masterlist in my bio)

But I would love some requests if that isn’t too much to ask love you all!!

P.S. At this point in time I won’t be writing anything that isn’t an x reader I’ll update if I decide to change that. I am willing to write a lot of different things so feel free to req for any show, game, celebrity, ect.

P.P.S I write smut but only for characters/ people 18+ Thank you 😁

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hi !!!! i missed you too !!!! i’m glad to be back :) thanks for waiting <3

requests are open 

“Peter you’re such a needy baby,” you giggle as he kisses your neck for what must be the ninth time within the last ten minutes. 

“I am not,” he huffs with a grin, giving you another soft kiss. 

“Why’re you kissing me so much then, hm?” you tease, turning around.

You tease him, lips ghosting over his while he says, “You can’t deny how much you love my kisses.”

“Mmm I never said I don’t like them.”

He grinned, connecting his lips with yours. When he slipped his tongue into your mouth, you lost control, hands weaving through his hair. His hands were gripping your hips softly, and your books and papers fell to the ground as he situated himself above you.

You separated for air, giggling as he hovered above you. 

“You’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he confesses, lips kissing your neck like they’ve done so many times before. 

Peter’s a shy kid; he’s never been one to initiate anything. That being said, he’s never seen you with your shirt off. Right now, however, you feel it’s best fitting if his kisses could be just a little bit lower. 

“Pete,” you mumble, trying to sit up. 

“What? What is it? Are you okay? Did I d-”

“I’m fine,” you smile. “Just need to adjust a few things.”

“Oh,” he says, watching your hands grip the hem of your sweatshirt. “Oh.” 

You grin, lifting it up so your lacy bralette comes into view. “This okay?”

He nods absentmindedly, eyes focused on your chest, ogling at you. He situates himself over you once again, and his hands go for yours, intertwining one while the other caresses your stomach. His lips trail down to your chest, sucking small hickies into your soft skin. You giggle at the sensation, and his lips return to yours. 

He’s encapsulating. He’s warm and soft and gentle, yet affirmative and confident. His tongue fights its way into your mouth again, and you let it consume you. Your lips move feverishly, taking what they can get. You never want this to end. 

“You’re so pretty,” he whines out between breaths. You grip his curls, tugging slightly as he kisses you again and again and again. 

“Shut up and kiss me, Parker.”

“I am,” he grins into this kiss. Your hands play with the hem of his tight tee, hoping he’ll get the message. Peter pushes off the rest of your study supplies, hand reaching to take his shirt off. His chest comes into your view and you physically awe at the sight. 

You want to kiss every inch of his blessed skin. Instead, you kiss his lips again, hands gripping all parts of his arms and his chest. He relaxes into you, and you can sense he’s about to sigh out, moan into your mouth. You’re afraid if he does, you won’t be able to stop yourself from going any further. 

The two of you disconnect, panting. Your giggles break the silence, and Peter laughs too, one of his hands still intertwined with yours. “That was hot,” you say after a few moments. Sitting up, Peter does the same, and you reach for his shirt before he can. 

You slip into it, removing your bra once you do so. It lands on the floor; Peter stares at it before he scoots closer to you. 

“Yeah? Which part?” he smirks.

“The part where you kissed me. The part where you took off your shirt was especially hot.” 

He blushes at that before glancing to the hickies on your neck. His blush grows wider, and he can only hope Tony won’t notice. 

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loved this !!!!

requests are open

“I was thinking,” you spoke softly. The fresh-born baby girl sleeping in your arms had you in a state of mind. Peter gazed at you lovingly, waiting for you to finish your sentence. 

It had been a few hours since the birth, and she was still just as beautiful as she was the first time you saw her. Peter cried. Of course he cried; you cried too. He’d never admit it, but there was no other feeling compared to seeing you and his child together. He knew, just as knew about the stars in the skies, that there would never be a memory as vivid as the ones right now. Because here, in this room with you, you and your’s and his baby— his baby girl, his child— the love of his life and his little one, here in this room together, it completed the picture. Opened a new chapter that he couldn’t wait to write. One he couldn’t wait to reread every single day of his life with you. 

“Maybe we could name her Yaritza?” 

Peter’s eyes sparkled at your words. You swore you saw his chest stop moving, his lungs stop asking for air. You were about to ask him what was wrong, but when you glanced at his hazel eyes, you saw tears. Tears of happiness, tears of joy. He was crying again. Crying because he’d never heard such a beautiful name. Crying because he knew it fit so well, and it was hers and only hers, and you had given it to her. That was another reason he loved you; you kept on giving. 

He nodded enthusiastically, and you awed at him, lip jutting out. He was so pure, so full of love and life. 

The two of you confirmed with the nurses what baby Yaritza’s name was, and after letting in a few relatives, Peter was ecstatic to announce what her name was. Every time, he spoke with a smile and a small tear, and the joy grew whenever somebody asked what the name’s meaning was. 

And when the day was coming to a close, Peter was seated in a chair beside your hospital bed, Yaritza sleeping in another room as the nurses had required it for the first few nights. He was holding your hand, thumb swiping back and forth across the backside of your hand. 

“I love her a lot.”

“I love her too.”

“She’s gonna look just like her mommy.”

“And what do I look like?”

“Amazing. Beautiful. You own your body, your confidence, your name.”

You smiled at him knowingly. “You really like her name, huh?’

“How could I not? She could walk into a crowded room and everyone would remember her. They’d be like ‘who’s that?’” He switched voices. “‘Why, that’s Yaritza, of course!’”

You giggled, kissing his knuckles. 

“She’s gonna be just like you, y’know,” you spoke quietly. 

Peter gazed down at you softly, grinning. “She’ll be the best of both of us.”

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