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#peter parker x reader
thollandneedy · 54 minutes ago
He-Peter Parker
A/n: Since some people are asking me to do a male reader too, i did 🤝. I just want to say that feminist woman loves bi!Peter. Period. Happy pride moth guys 🏳️‍🌈🤍
Summary: Peter trying to tell his friend that’s he likes him (Bi!Peter it’s so cute😭🥺)
Pairing: Bi!PeterParker XPan!Male reader
Warnings: None🥰
Requests are open!
Wordcount: 900
Tumblr media
Since Peter discovered himself bisexual in the beginning of high school, after he had a crush on a classmate, the boy started researching himself to understand more about this subject. 
For May and Ned it was no problem when the boy came out. Both were happy for the boy and supported him as soon as they heard about it. May could not deny that she already suspected after accidentally seeing the search history on Peter's computer where it said:
"Jamie Dornan shirtless"
Parker had a school friend who had studied with the hero for a long time. The boy would always visit Peter to do lessons and play video games, but the feeling that the boy had developed for him was totally different from friendship. Y/N was one of those boys who were popular for being fit and desired by many girls and boys. It was totally impossible not to fall for the boy who liked to read, was smart, and loved old movies.
His hands were sweating just thinking about the possibility of kissing him. Summer vacations were hell for Peter, since Y/N always invited him to their house to go swimming. Parker couldn't bear not to stare at the student's defined body. How challenging his eyes were, but his smile was spontaneous and loving. 
One Tuesday afternoon, after school, Y/N and Peter went to the bleachers on the school field to study physics. The boy had been wanting to tell Y/N he liked her for a long time, but had never had the courage to tell her. He was afraid of rejection and even prejudice. Parker saw several news reports about bullying in schools and deaths of people who because they were part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 
As much as the boy had such insecurity, his heart was open to let him experience the real truth about liking his friend. They were both sitting on the cold iron of the bleachers as they flipped through a few pages of the notebook. The brunette couldn't help but notice how the black pencil that Y/N was biting into made him look incredibly sexy.
-Staring at me again, Parker?-Y/N asks turning his eyes to the hero.
- I-I wasn't. I just wanted to see if you were doing the right exercises.-The boy nods negatively and Y/N smiles against the pencil that was lodged between his teeth. 
-Of course I am doing the right exercises. I have the best teacher.-The boy smiles, looking at Parker.
The boy just looks away to the sky camouflaged by dark and gray clouds. He needed to take action before he exploded inside.
-Y/N... I wanted to tell you something.-The brunette intertwines his own fingers, looking at the horizon.
-Go on,man.-The teenager answers by writing down the answer to the math exercise. 
-I like you.-Peter says, and Y/N frowns.-I like you more than a friend, and I know you like women, but I've been dying to tell you.-Peter explains in a shaky voice. 
-Peter, I ... -The boy approaches the brunette trying to put his hand on the shoulder covered hero.
-No, really. You really don't have to do all that "I love you, but only as friends" speech, I know- 
Parker felt Y/N's lips press against his. Peter slowly closed his eyes just enjoying the feeling of finally feeling him. His hands were positioned next to the student's face as Y/N slid his hands down the back of the boy's neck. It was the first time he had kissed a boy. His touch was delicate, yet more ardent. Parker had kissed many girls before, but this kiss could not be compared. So involving that everything around him disappeared.
Y/N slowly pulls away, giving the hero one last kiss on his pink lips. The boy opens his honey-colored eyes and sees Y/N giving him a shy smile. 
-I really wasn't expecting this.-Peter laughs feeling his cheeks flush. 
-I guess I always knew you liked me, but I wasn't sure, so I didn't tell you I liked you.-Y/N explains, looking at his hands.
-You waited three years to tell me that you liked me too?!
-You did the same, Parker. Don't even try that.-The boy laughs.
They both stand silently watching the soccer team take the field for practice. Neither of them knew what to do. Innocent, nervous, and unsure of their own thoughts.
-We could try to go out if you want. Like... a date.-The hero suggests, shrugging.
The boy smiles looking at Peter and slides his hand into the boy's hand, entwining it as they get closer. Parker's thumb caresses Y/N's finger, making them both smile at the action.
-It would be great, Peter.
-Cool...that's pretty cool.- Peter nods in agreement.
-You have no idea what to talk about, do you?-Y/N tilts his head to the side as he questions the hero.
-I'm just trying to assimilate. The guy I like likes me too, and no boy liked me like that, you know?
-I understand you perfectly well actually. It's hard to see guys I like coming up to me when they only care about tits.-Both laugh.-Nome of my friends know, but I'm pansexual. I didn't tell them, so I wouldn't be a laughingstock. I prefer to live in anonymity.
-I'm sorry you have to go through this.-Parker strokes Y/N's hand. 
-Thanks for the support, Pete.- Y/N leans in and kisses Y/N's cheek.
-So... we're going out Friday? I'll pay.
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tomsvdyl · an hour ago
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: You're tired and Peters drunk
Word Count: 565
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, one innuendo
Tumblr media
The door opens and Peter stumbles into your room.
“Hey,” he whispers, taking off his flannel then fidgeting with his belt, struggling to unbuckle it. “Y/n?” He walks further into your room, accidentally kicking your backpack then sitting on your bed, leaning in to look at you.
“Baby,” he whines, tapping you.
You groan, turning over to face him.
“Hey,” he cheers, his face illuminated by the moonlight shining through your window.
“Peter,” you look over at your clock, “it’s three a.m—“
“I know, I’m sorry,” he cuts you off again, looking down at his crotch, “but I can’t take my belt off it-it’s too hard.” He slurs his last line.
“Are you drunk?”
“N—no… I-I’m not drunk!”
You crease your brows at his stumbling.
“O—okay maybe a little…”
Sighing, you allow yourself to fall back onto the mattress.
“Thor let me have some of his asgardian liquor—said it’d work on me a-and regular drinks never did so,” he trails off.
You close your eyes, falling back asleep.
Your eyes snap back open.
“I know you’re tired but I can’t take it off,” he whines, looking back down at his belt. “A-and I can’t take my shoes off… or anything else.”
You groan, getting up to help him remove his belt. After, he flicks off his shoes and takes off his pants, opting to sleep in boxers.
You lay back down, making room for Peter to lay beside you.
A couple minutes go by and Peter begins shuffling. You, trying your best to ignore him, pull the covers up, snuggling back into the warmth of your comforter.
You hum.
“You know… you look really pretty when you sleep,” he smiles.
“Then I must look bad cause I can’t sleep when you’re talking.”
Peter chuckles, moving closer to you.
“Wanna hear about my day?”
“Sure,” you yawn; maybe this would help you sleep.
“Okay, uh…” he thinks for a moment. “I helped this old lady cross the road,” he cheers and you give him a lazy smile, “but she didn’t like that too much—told me to leave her alone,” his cheer turns into a grumble and he crosses his arms. “Y-you know Jameson’s really messing up my rep, every time I try to help someone they think I’m some m-menace.”
You frown; having known Peter for a while, you knew he only wanted to help, but with reporters like Jameson, it was hard for anyone to see that.
“Oh! And I—fuck! What was I gonna say?”
You laugh and a cheeky grin appears on Peter’s face.
“You know…” he says, moving so that he’s hovering above you, “I think I deserve a reward,” he pins your arms down.
“Peter…,” you warn.
“C’mon! I do all this work, I get shot at every weekend, and no one even says thank you!”
“Thank you,” you tease and he glares at you.
The two of you pause for a moment, Peter breathing heavily above you.
“Okay… I’ll let you sleep now,” he says, moving back to his side of the bed.
You grab the blanket, adjusting it so that it covers the both of you.
“Thanks,” he yawns and you close your eyes, sneaking a hand under your pillow.
“Goodnight, Peter.”
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waitimcomingtoo · an hour ago
Mr. And Mrs. Swift
Pairing: Peter Parker x Black Cat!Reader
Synopsis: Peter accidentally causes you to lose your memory during a fight, and you forget that you’re enemies
Tumblr media
“Spiderman.” You smiled as you landed in front of him. “Always a pleasure.”
“Ughhhh.” Peter whined and stamped his feet. “I hate you.”
“Mmmm.” You hummed as you slinked over to him. “Charming and witty? Your girlfriend is so lucky.”
“I don’t have a girlfriend. So ha ha.” Peter laughed tauntingly.
“Oh, I could tell. If you did, you wouldn’t be spending all your weekends with me dressed in a skin tight suit.” You said as you ran a long black fingernail down his arm.
“You’re also in a skin tight suit.” He pointed out.
“I know.” You winked. “Lucky you.”
“Why do you always have to come after me?” Peter sighed. “You know I have qualms about hitting women.”
“I take offense to that, Spiderman.” You pretended to be hurt. “You don’t see me as a worthy opponent because I’m a woman?”
“No. What I don’t see is me hitting a woman as a productive way to spend my Saturday.”
“I want to be treated like an equal, Spiderman.” You purred as you walked in a circle around him. “Don’t go easy on me. It’s insulting.”
“Fine.” Peter shrugged as he shot a web at your feet, sticking you to the ground. Just as you looked down at the web on your shiny black boot, Peter delivered an uppercut to your chin.
“How dare you hit a woman.” You gasped as you rubbed your chin. “You coward.”
“You told me to!” He defended himself.
“I know. You’re so easy to mess with.” You jutted your bottom lip out as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Don’t think you’re getting any more shots in. I let you have that one, so I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.”
“It did feel kinda good.” Peter admitted. “You’ve been a pain in my ass for a while now.”
“I think New York is getting awfully crowded, don’t you agree?” You batted your eyelashes. “I could do without you on the streets. One less problem to worry about.”
“I was thinking the same thing.” Peter replied. “But since I love our little encounters so much, I hope you still write to me after I put you in prison.”
“What a dirty boy.” You clicked your tongue. “Thinking about me in handcuffs? Naughty, naughty.”
“Thats not what I meant.” Peter blushed under his mask. “I mean I’m done with your bullshit. You and I have been fighting for years and it ends tonight.”
“Tell me, Spiderman.” You put your hands on his face. “How does it end? Do I get a happy ending?”
“No. It ends with me webbing you to a wall and waiting for the police to arrive.”
“Ooo. Kinky.” You winked. “Do we at least get a chance to say goodbye?”
“Why not? Black Cat, it’s been an honor being your enemy.” Peter said as he held out a hand.
“Spiderman, I wish I could say the same.” You smirked as you grabbed his hand. You yanked him towards you and kneed him in the crotch before twisting his arm behind his back. Peter let out a pained groan as you kicked him to the ground.
“Oh, you’re really gonna get it now.” Peter said from the floor. You stepped on his chest with your shiny boot to keep him on the ground.
“I have to say, Spiderman.” You smiled. “You look really good underneath me.”
Peter struggled to get your boot off of him with one arm and reached for whatever he could with the other. He spotted a lead pipe and shot a web at it, catching it easily once he pulled it towards him.
“You know, do you ever think that maybe we fight because-“
Before you could finish your sentence, Peter whacked you on the head with the pipe. You collapsed to the ground and laid limply on the floor.
“Because why?” Peter asked as he got up. “You didn’t finish your sentence.”
When you didn’t move or respond to Peters quip, he walked over to you and nudged you with his foot.
“Hello? Black Cat?”
Peter bent down beside you and shook you when you didn’t answer, but you still didn’t wake up. He shook your harder as he began to panic.
“Oh my God. Oh shit oh fuck oh balls oh no oh oh no oh no!” He gasped. “What did I do? I freaking killed her.”
Peter shook you harder before scooping you into his arms.
“Come on. Please wake up.” He begged as he patted your cheek. “I’m sorry I hit you with a pole. Please don’t die on me.”
Your head slumped against Peters shoulder as a raised bump began to form on your forehead.
“Show me your eyes, okay?” Peter pleaded. “Let me see your eyes. You always have on a different eyeshadow color when we fight. You probably thought I never noticed, but I do. I think brown looks the best on you. It brings out your eyes. Can I see them now? Can you show me your eyes?”
When you didn’t respond, Peter felt scared tears run down his face.
“Oh God. I’m going to jail.” He sniffled. “I’m a murderer. I committed murder.”
Peter took off one of his gloves and held his fingers to your neck, gasping in relief when he felt your heartbeat.
“Wait. You have a pulse!” He exclaimed. “Hallelujah! I didn’t kill you.”
He hugged your limp body tightly to his chest, feeling your heartbeat against his ribcage.
“We need to get you to a hospital. Come with me. Not that you have a choice.” He realized as he stood up. Peter threw you over his shoulder and held you tightly as he swung back to the tower. He climbed in through the window and carefully brought you over to the couch.
“All right. Nice and clean, nice and easy.” Peter said to himself as he set you down. He took off his mask and crouched down beside you as Carol walked into the room.
“Carol! Carol, please.” Peter stood up. “Could you put her in normal clothes for me?”
“Peter, I’m only going to ask you this once.” Carol said as she observed the scene in front of her. “And if the answer is yes, just nod. Don’t say anything.”
“Okay.” Peter said.
“Is that a dead body?” Carol pointed to you.
“No.” Peter assured you. “It’s my arch nemesis.”
“Your arch nemesis?” Carol raised an eyebrow. “Nobody says that.”
“People say it.” Peter scoffed. “I knocked her unconscious and I have to get her to a hospital.”
“Just take her to the medic here.” Carol told him.
“Then Mr. Stark will see what I did and take my suit away.” Peter whined. “But I can’t bring her to the hospital in her suit. Her identity will be exposed. So could you please change her into normal clothes?”
“Why can’t you do it?” Carol asked.
“I can’t knock her out and then take her clothes off.” Peter exclaimed. “Who do you think I am?”
“But you can knock her out.” Carol pointed out.
“It was an accident!” Peter protested. “I didn’t do it on purpose.”
“Right. I’ll be right back.” Carol chuckled as she scooped you up. A few minutes later, she brought you back into the room with an Air Force t-shirt and jeans in place of your skin tight catsuit. Your white wig was gone, allowing Peter to see your natural hair for the first time. And best of all, your black mask was off, giving Peter a full view of your face for the first time. He walked over to you and hesitantly stroked your face with his thumb.
“Here.” Carol held you out to Peter. “Here’s your arch nemesis.”
“Thank you.” Peter smiled fondly as he picked you back up. “And don’t act like you don’t have one. We all have someone who we fight but also flirt with and hate but also want to kiss and stuff. Everyone has that.”
“Sure.” Carol eyed him curiously. “Update me when she wakes up.”
“Okay.” Peter nodded. “Thank you.”
Peter quickly changed into normal clothes and brought you to the hospital. He carried you to the front desk and got the attention of the lady sitting there.
“Hi. This is my arch- um. Sorry. This is my girlfriend and she hit her head.” Peter lied. “She’s been unconscious for about 20 minutes.”
“Is she allergic to anything?” The lady asked.
“I’m not sure.” Peter answered.
“What’s her name?” She asked.
“I’m also not sure.” Peter realized.
“You don’t know your girlfriends name?” The lady raised her eyebrow.
“Haha. I was just kidding.” Peter smiled tightly and tried to think fast. “That was a joke. Her name is Taylor.....Swift.”
“Your girlfriends name is Taylor Swift? Like the American singer?” The lady cocked her head.
“It’s actually an incredibly common name.” Peter lied. “More common than you think! Um, will she be okay?”
“With you, I’m not so sure. Can I get a gurney over here.” The lady called.
“Thank you. Can I come with her?” Peter asked as a nurse transferred you to a gurney.
“Are you family?” The nurse asked.
“Yes. I’m her husband.” Peter lied. “Mr....Mr. Swift.”
“Husband?” The nurse asked. “You look 12.”
“What can I say? Good genes. My father is Ralph Macchio.” Peter deepened the lie.
“Your father is the karate kid but you took your wifes last name?” The nurse began to catch onto Peters lies.
“Can we please just see what’s wrong with my wife?” Peter began to sweat.
“Yes. But since I don’t believe you’re actually married, you have to stay in the waiting room.” The nurse said before wheeling you off to the emergency room. Peter waited impatiently in waiting room until a doctor came and found him.
“Hello, Mr. Swift.” A doctor said as he approached Peter. “I’m Dr. Grey.”
“Thats so funny. Like the tv-“
“Don’t.” The doctor deadpanned. “Your wife fractured her skull. It looks like the result of a blunt force trauma to the back of the head. Do you know what happened?”
“I haven’t got a clue.” Peter gulped. “I just found her unconscious.”
“Well you’re lucky you found her in time.” The doctor said. “She’s in surgery now to repair the damage. She should be out in a few hours. We’ll know more once she wakes up.”
“Okay.” Peter sighed. “Thank you.”
An hour later, Peter was brought to the patient room where you’d be staying. He ended up falling asleep in the chair beside the bed. By the time he woke up, you sitting up in your hospital bed.
“Oh, thank God.” Peter sighed and wrapped you in a hug. “You’re awake.”
“Ugh, my head.” You groaned as you weakly hugged him back.
“You had surgery on your skull.” He told you as he stroked your hair. “Don’t try to move. Here. Drink some water.”
“Thank you.” You smiled gratefully as Petwr held a cup of water to your lips. After drinking the whole glass, you set the cup down and put your hands on his face. You pulled Peter into a long kiss, which made his eyes go wide. He kissed you back for a minute before pulling away.
“What the fu- excuse my language - what the eff was that?” He asked you as his cheeks went bright red.
“What?” You wondered.
“You just kissed me.” He whispered harshly.
“Yeah.” You furrowed your eyebrows. “Are we not together?”
“No.” Peter said. “Do you know who I am?”
“No. I just woke up from surgery. I don’t...I don’t remember anything.” You realized. You reached over to grab your chart, quickly skimming it to see what was wrong with you.
“Oh my God. I’m Taylor Swift?” You gasped. “And I settled for you?”
“Okay. I’m glad to see some of you has come back.” Peter rolled his eyes. “Do you really not remember anything?”
“No.” You rubbed your head. “What happened?
“I hit you with a pole on accident.” He admitted. “I guess you have some amnesia.”
“You hit me with a pole?” You asked. “Why?”
“Because I’m....” Peter trailed off when he realized this was the first time you’d ever seen his face. Even though you were his arch nemesis, he wasn’t about to lie to you after putting you in the hospital.
“I’m Spider-Man.” He confessed. “And you’re Black Cat.”
“That’s a stupid name.” You scoffed.
“You picked it.” He pointed out.
“I meant Spiderman.” You told him.
“Oh.” He blinked. “My real name is Peter. But, still. Do you remember any of that?”
“No.” You frowned. “I don’t know you at all.”
“Then why did you kiss me?” Peter flushed a little as he touched his fingers to his lips.
“I don’t know.” You said sheepishly. “I woke up and saw you, and my instincts just told me that I trust you. From the way I felt when I looked at you, I thought we were together. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”
“It’s all right.” Peter shrugged, certainly not mad about the kiss.
“In my defense, you are sitting vigil at my bed side.” You chuckled.
“Yeah, that ones on me.” Peter smiled fondly as he took a seat on your bed.
“What?” You asked when you noticed the way he was looking at you.
“This is the first conversation we’ve had where you’re not trying to kill me.” He told you.
“Why would I try to kill you?” You furrowed your eyebrows.
“Because that’s what you always do. I’m your arch nemesis.”
“My arch nemesis?” You snorted. “Nobody says that.”
“People say it.” Peter said quickly. “Anyway, we’re enemies. Or, we were. Now I’m not so sure.”
“Because now that I’ve seen your face, you’re kind of hard to hate.” Peter smiled shyly.
“Really? I’m looking at your face and I don’t think I’d have any trouble hating you.” You teased.
“I bet you wouldn’t.” “Peter chuckled. “I’m glad to see I didn’t knock the personality out of you. How much do you remember, anyway?”
“I can remember a few things, but they’re all random.” You shrugged. “I can’t even remember where I live.”
“Oh, that’s okay. You can stay with me until you remember. Do you remember the Avengers?” Peter asked.
“Is that the band that sings Hey Jude?”
“No.” He laughed. “They’re a group of superhero’s. They have a tower here in New York. You can stay there until you get your memory back.”
“Thanks, Spiderman.” You smiled softly. “I’m not sure how many people would do that for their arch nemesis.”
“You’re welcome.” Peter smiled back. “Maybe we don’t have to be arch nemeses anymore.”
Once you were discharged from the hospital, Peter took you home with him to the Avengers tower. He brought you to the spare room next to his and helped you get settled.
“You can stay here.” Peter said as he opened the door for you. “You have your own bathroom over here. And the kitchen is right down the hall on the left.”
“Okay.” You nodded as you took the room in.
“I collected some things from the girls in the tower.” Peter held out a stack of clothes and toiletries. “Um, there’s a sanitary napkin in there. For your...whatever.”
“Thanks.” You chuckled shyly as you took the pile from him.
“Mr. Stark wants to see you in the medical center when you get a chance.” Peter told you. “Just to make sure you’re really okay.”
“Don’t worry. He’s a good guy.” He assured you. “He’s Iron Man. You can trust him.”
“Okay.” You nodded hesitantly and put your stuff down. Peter noticed how close you stayed to his side as he lead you towards the medical center, keeping your body as close to his as possible. Once he brought you to the patient room, he tried to shut the door but you quickly held it open.
“I could stay with you, if you’d like.” He suggested when he saw how nervous you looked.
“Yes please.” You said quietly.
“No problem.” He smiled warmly at you. “I’ll be right here the whole time.”
“Thanks Peter.” You swallowed as you looked around the room. The bright lights brought back a few buried memories that you wished would’ve stayed forgotten. A medic came in at one point and Peter held your hand as you had your blood drawn. You were hooked up to a an IV pole to replenish your fluids before the medic left the room. Tony came into the room a few minutes later with a clipboard full of your results.
“Bloods done.” Tony announced as he skimmed the lab results. “And I took the liberty to do a background check. Your name is Y/n Hardy. You were born in San Junipero prison to Felicia Hardy. Looks like you bounced around a few foster homes until you were captured by HYDRA at around 17 years old where you were-“
“Yeah I....I remember HYDRA.” You cut him off. “Did you find any family? Or a home address?”
“Last known address is an orphanage that closed down a few years ago.” Tony answered. Peter looked at you sympathetically and rubbed your back to comfort you.
“What about Felicia?” Peter asked. “Is there any information on her?
“Hmm. Life sentence.” Tony read off the chart. “Multiple life sentences actually. She-“
“I don’t want to know.” You mumbled as you kept your eyes on the ground. Peter looked at you sadly as he watched you accept this news. He’d only ever seen you as the confident, witty woman who could kick his ass at a moments notice. He had no idea how badly your past had roughed you up.
“I’ll leave you guys to it.” Tony nodded before leaving the room.
“Hey, at least we know who you are now.” Peter tried to cheer you up.
“I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.” You laughed sadly. “Maybe it was better when I forgot all of that.”
“Look at it this way.” Peter said. “Now you get a chance to start over.”
“As what?” You looked up at him.
“Black Cat. The most notorious thief in New York. I know you lost your memory but I’m sure you’ll remember how to kick my ass.” He smiled at you.
“Why would I go back to fighting if I don’t even remember what I was fighting for?” You sighed. “I don’t think I want to do that anymore. I don’t want to be your enemy.”
“Okay. It’s your life.” Peter rubbed your shoulder. “You can do whatever you want with it.”
“I think I want to stay here for a bit.” You decided as you put your hand over his.
“Okay”. Peter blushed a little.
“With you.” You continued.
“Okay.” His blush spread all the way to his ears.
“Thanks for being so nice to me, Peter.” You said softly as you stared into his eyes.
“Well, I did hit you with a pole.” He chuckled. “This whole situation is my fault.”
“Yeah, maybe.” You laughed as well. “But you took the time to make sure I was okay. Judging by what Mr. Stark just told us, it seems like my life was not full of people who did that for me.”
“I’m here for you, Y/n.” He told you. “As much or as little as you need.”
“Thanks, Peter.” You mumbled as you grabbed a handful of his shirt. You pulled him down into another kiss, one he was ready for this time. He put his hands on your face and kissed you back, something he’d been wanting to do for a while now. When you pulled away, you smiled against his lips, feeling more you than you had in years.
“As much as I want this to continue, you should probably get some rest.” Peter kissed you one more time before grabbing your IV pole. “We can talk more in the morning.”
“Sounds good to me.” You smiled as he accidentally knocked your clipboard off the bed.
“I’ll come in to replace the bag in a few hours.” Peter said as he bent over. “The doctor said-“
Before Peter could finish his sentence, he heard a loud clang, followed by the sound of your body thumping to the floor. He looked at your unconscious body before looking at his hand, where he found the IV pole stuck to his palm.
“Oh shit.”
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makeitagood0neao3 · 2 hours ago
Safe Inside
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Word Count: 2,754
Warnings: Non/con. Explicit sexual content. Dark!Peter Parker AU. 18+ only!
Tumblr media
The knock on your apartment door couldn't have come soon enough. After a long, tiring day working virtually, all you wanted was your take out, likely still warm from the restaurant downtown. Hair in a messy bun, long shirt covering a pair of shorts you padded to the door. Looking through the peephole, just to be safe. You couldn’t be too careful nowadays.
You opened the door to see your usual delivery guy standing before you, grey Supreme hoodie beneath a black coat, the hood pulled over his head. In his hand were the handles of a plastic bag as he balanced a soda on top of it.
“Greek delivery for a pretty lady in apartment 410?” He asked, barely able to contain his smile.
“Hey Pete,” you greeted, matching his energy. “I just Venmo’d you.”
“You better not have included a tip, Y/N.” Peter handed over the soda and bag before grabbing his phone from his pocket to check for the transaction. “I told you to stop tipping me.”
“I know you did,” you answered smuggly. “But you deserve a tip when you give me life by baklava.” He smiles back before peering into the apartment behind you. He was always doing that; checking, observing. You only ever ordered dinner for one, but that didn’t stop him from being curious. Not one to easily trust, you know the little world you built can be easily destroyed if you let the wrong person in.
He never asked if you were seeing someone or overstepped. The most flirting you had done with this younger man was to tell him that if he got straight A’s this semester at the university, you’d invite him inside for a drink. 
“Yeah, yeah. I appreciate you. I gotta run, but I’ll text you.” He waved and made his way down the hall.
Using your foot to kick your door closed you locked it with your free hand and set the food down on the counter. Setting your Spotify playlist to shuffle on 80’s rock before digging in at your tiny dining room table that barely fits in your small apartment.
You met Peter on a whim. Never one to plan meals out in advance, you were often left to starve or eat cereal for dinner after working. Never one to leave your apartment when it was dark out, you settled for having dinner delivered. Peter was delivery guy on a food delivery app and learned your dinner routine and favorites quickly. Which was surprising, because you couldn’t possibly be the only person in Queens ordering take out every other night.
And he couldn’t be the only delivery guy around, but he somehow became your usual delivery guy and you, his regular. Usually one to get chips as a side at a nearby deli, you didn’t order any one evening. He messaged you No chips tonight?
It surprised you, but you brushed it off, telling him you were cutting back on junk food. He dropped off the meal at your door with a knock, but by the time you opened it, he was gone. Sitting at the top of the paper bag was a bag of your favorite chips.
Always one to drop off your food quickly and not stay to chat, you caught him one night to thank him and tip in cash. Since then, you two would talk in your doorway briefly, mostly keeping your friendship to text as you were both busy. After a year of limited in person social interaction, any casual conversation over your threshold was greatly accepted. One day soon you’d venture outside, but with the availability to have nearly everything delivered, you doubted that day would come soon. You just weren’t ready.
Soon you ditched the app and just text him when you wanted dinner and he dropped it off to you. The price for you didn’t change, but gave him some extra. You honestly didn’t know why he chose to deliver food; he was always dressed extremely nicely in name brand clothes and you later found out he has a lucrative position at Stark Industries.
Once you had asked him why he chose to do this, in the literal rain and snow, and he told you that it was something to do. He got bored often and it was better than sitting in a lab all night. He made it seem like he did this for several people, but you didn’t see how he had the time to.
In the middle of scrolling on your phone, there’s a slow delay in registering what you’re seeing. Shaking your head and blinking hard, the sensation didn’t go away. Your body seemed to relax as a deep buzz set in and your body movements sluggish. Bringing the fork up to your mouth for another bite, you missed completely, the rice pilaf dropping onto the table. You tried for another bite and this time succeeded.
Are you... high?
You tasted the mineral chalkiness before you noticed the white powder poorly mixed into your rice pilaf. Brain fuzzy, you tried to analyze the substance. Thinking it strange, you drank from your take out cup of soda to wash it down. It became harder to swallow each sip, but you had already finished half the meal.
A knock at your door echoes through the wood. Each footstep towards the door bounces between your ears. Struggling with the lock, you finally got it open, your legs almost numb and your arms heavy. On the other side of the threshold stands Peter, his hood over his head, eyes assessing you through his lashes as his head angles down.
You feel his arms around you before the whoosh registers in your head. Blinking hard, you are lying on your back, limbs heavy. Some time must have passed, but you can’t be sure.
“I’ve got you,” he whispered from above you. “I think I gave you too much.”
Struggling to keep your eyes open, a shiver blankets your skin. You let out a whine when your tongue refuses to curl with your words. It lies heavy, your jaw loose as you slur out questions.
“Peter?” You try again. Your question is slurred and there’s a pitched whine to your voice.
“Shhh, this is for your own good.”
“Mmph” you mumble, unsure if you actually feel hurt right now at this moment. Your movements are heavy and slow, like running through water. Your back is against something soft that smells like your fabric softener. Your bed. When did you get here?
“I’ve wanted you for so long. Now I can finally have you.” His hands seem to be frantic as he pulls your shorts from your hips and down your thighs before discarding them. Is he frantic or is this normal speed? His coat is gone and he pulls his hoodie over his head, his shirt stuck inside it. He’s next to you a fraction of a moment later
His warm hands graze your hips as he pulls the oversized shirt off of you, the crack of static electricity sparking from your hair as it's pulled through the collar in your ears. His hand gently rests your head back down on the pillow. You whine again and try to cover your bare chest with your small hands. He notices and pulls them away. 
“You’re so beautiful,” he reassures, mistaking your modesty for insecurity. He’s lying on top of you now, chest to chest. The heat of his bare skin as he presses into you, his hands tracing the shape of your waist and hips. He seems to be mesmerized.
“We can’t-” you want to scream, but even you aren’t sure your thoughts matched what came out of your mouth. Your hands try to push him off of you, but he’s too solid, too in control. When that doesn’t work, you slap his chest, but you don’t really feel the impact on your palm. You’re too numb. He grabs your wrist.
“I don’t use my hands to harm and you won’t either.” He says this firmly, eyes locked on yours, but follows up with, “Behave or I’ll have to tie you up so you don’t hurt yourself.” The latter comes out softer, more timid like the Peter you know.
His head dips down as he places sloppy, unpracticed open mouth kisses on your neck and shoulder. Quickly this turns into full sucking. You angle your chin to the side, scanning your nightstand for something, anything to help you. You eye a book, hardcover, heavy hand reaching up to grab for it. Maybe you can hit him hard enough to buy time.
Peter catches your movement and lets out an irritated, though shaky, sigh as it leaves his lips. “What did I say?”
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small, silver device. He grabs both of your arms and places each palm on an iron bar on the headboard before a white, sticky, material shoots from it and seals your hands to it. You pull, but they don’t budge. He tosses it aside and slides down your body as you fight against your restraints.
The cool air brushes against you where your panties were. Vision unfocused, try to reconcile the split image of him and merge it into one. It’s dim in here, but it looks like he has your panties in his fingers as he tosses them aside. He lowers himself to his forearms, eyes never leaving your face. Or you think he’s looking at your face.
His nose brushes against your slit, tentatively, as you flinch. Your tongue is motionless in your mouth, but feels swollen, like it will suffocate you. All the things you want to say are being swallowed in your constricted throat.
His tongue pokes out as you manage to shake your head a fraction bit side to side. It probes your folds, uncertain. It takes him a few attempts, but he seems to find a technique he likes. The flat of his tongue swiping up as he breaks eye contact and his eyes roll back, indulged in the taste of you.
The sight of him enthralled in your most delicate region forces a squeak from you. His eyes snap open and his hands grip your hips a bit harder as he dives his mouth onto you. Seemingly encouraged by your noises and movements.
“You taste so good, baby.” He says, breathless, before he dives back in. Suddenly, his mouth finds your clit and he flicks his tongue against it hard. It’s too much pressure and it has you wriggling, brow furrowed.
He seems to notice this, because he modifies and begins sucking on your clit instead. A shock wave is sent through you, your hips angle up to meet his mouth eagerly. Taking this as a sign to continue, he inserts two fingers inside you, stretching your hole.
Quivering, you try to fight off the orgasm building, thighs clenching his head. He seems superhuman as his fingers never cease their rhythmic curling inside you and his mouth sucks the life from you. Whatever he gave you makes it impossible for you to take deep breaths and the orgasm that drenches your body in sweat steals the air from your lungs. He slows his motions as you ride his fingers and mouth before slowly removing both from you.
He seems proud of himself as he says, “I’ve always wanted to do that to you.” It’s almost endearing, but then you remember you’re drugged and bound.
Stalking you like the prey you are, he crawls up your body and slides his pants and briefs off his hips. He’s already hard as you try to focus your vision on him. Unable to tell how thick he is, you wonder if it will hurt. Perhaps if he caused you pain, your body would snap and find the adrenaline you need to get away. You pull against the bars again, hoping to break free. In the very least, your head lulls side to side in protest.
“I didn’t bring a condom, but we don’t need to worry about that. I’ll always take care of you.” He says, his forearm resting next to your head while his other hand reaches down, lining himself up with you. He pushes forward, breaching your entrance. Removing his hand, it moves to cup your head in his hand, sound muffled as he presses his palm hard against your skull.
Unable to move your head as he cradles it, your eyes flutter, unable to make him out clearly. His eyes penetrate yours, his eyes a deeper brown than you noticed before. His lips are parted as he catches his breath.
He slowly pushes forward, inch by inch. Your wet channel stretches and forms to him as he slips inside you. Despite the heaviness in your limbs and numbing to your skin, you can feel how your body accommodates him. The feeling of him is amplified by his heavy breathing in your ear as he pulls back and slams back into you.
“Fuck, you’re tight.” You try to tune him out, the only thing you really focus on is the wet sound of your slick as he draws more from you. Your body operates on sensation alone and all you can feel is him. He finds a rhythm that seems inhumanly fast as his hips push yours into the mattress harder and harder. 
He presses his chest against yours again and you can’t tell whose body temperature is higher. The desire within you builds. Fighting through the haze, you cry out, spine arching off the bed. The fabric is damp beneath your hips and you wish you could be embarrassed by it.
Both of your breaths grow louder, more frantic. On particular thrusts when he tilts his hips. the tick of his cock angles up to hit your g spot, you let out a moan. Encouraged by this, the corner of his mouth lifts into a cocky smile.
“Louder, baby.” He commands breathlessly, seeming to find his courage.
He lifts his chest from yours and kneels, his hands lifting your hips up with him, your ass no longer on the bed. Grabbing for your ankles, hooking your heels over his brawny shoulders, he slams back into you. His forearm wraps around your shins, holding them in place while his opposite fingers find your sensitive clit. Letting out breathless gasps, you can’t catch your breath or restrain your vocal cords. He continues plowing into you, fingers rubbing diagonally, frantically, against you.
“Come for me, Y/N. Soak my cock.” Something about this version of Peter, this feral side of the sweet delivery guy you thought you knew, makes you come again. Eyes rolling back, your lids closing as his hips become frantic. He squeezes your legs like a lifeline as he comes inside you, a loud grunt from above you.
He pulls out of you and lowers your hips to the bed. The euphoria sets in and your taught muscles relax into the bed. Leaning over you and he connects his nose with yours as he catches his breath. You’re both hot, a thin layer of sweat over your skin, but that could be from whatever he gave you. Your shoulders are stiff and you try to tug again on the headboard.
“Oh,” he chuckles, “those will dissolve soon.”
Abruptly, he gets up, wiping his cock against the inside of your panties, before he slips them back on and settles them on your hips. His come drips out of you and into the panties, keeping you wet and reminded of him. How did this happen? You never let anyone inside the safety of your home.
Moments pass as you process this. Faintly, you hear his feet on the carpet before he’s back in your room, sipping on the soda he brought you.
“Thirsty?” He asks and angles the straw to your mouth.
“My shoulders hurt,” you murmur out.
“Then next time don’t fight me. I think you understand that now, don’t you?”
Even without touching you, he is still inside of you. There is a faint pulsing from your clit that radiates down to the soles of your feet. Rhythmic and matches your pulse as you come down. Your arms and thighs goosebump from the chill in the air and you can feel the balloon in your head deflate. But you’re still unable to respond to him so you lie there, surrendering to his power over you. 
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idyllicmei · 2 hours ago
Y/n: I hate you
Peter's mind, enemies to lovers au, slowburn, angst, with happy ending, 400k+words:
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loveaffaire · 3 hours ago
Something About You
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Summary: Something about Peter irked you to death even though everyone thought he was sweet. Something about you screamed untouchable and that made Peter feel something he couldn’t understand.
Warnings/tags: angst + fluff, making out, kind of enemies to lovers, jealous Peter, Stark!reader, Peter is a hopeless romantic as always.
Word count: 3.6k
A/N: Based on this request, I tried to follow the concept as much as I could— but wait, I literally could not bring myself to write the “everyone hates you anyway” line to Peter because that’s not possible, I can’t I can’t I can’t SOORRRY—I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“How do I look?” Pepper asked you as she gave you a little twirl.
She was in a royal blue mermaid dress with black heels, light makeup on her face, her hair perfectly straightened, gold bracelets adored her wrists and a gold necklace around her neck which made her look like a million dollars.
“You look amazing, Pepper” you said, your eyes twinkling as you looked at her in awe.
It was your father and Pepper’s fifth marriage anniversary today and you couldn’t be happier for them. Tony, being the huge party person he is, decided to throw a huge party at the compound for the same and everyone was invited. All the Avengers were going to be in the same room tonight and that, combined with the fact that Tony Stark, the playboy (a title that never left even after he got married), was completing his fifth year of marriage, was the biggest news of the month. You weren’t a huge party person but you still couldn’t wait to get down to the party, pose for some photos and drink a lot of champagne.
“Thanks, honey” Pepper lightly patted your cheek as you smiled, “I’m going to go check on Morgan and Tony and then we can go downstairs, I’m pretty sure everyone’s already there”
You nodded your head as you watched Pepper leave your room. You checked your outfit and makeup one last time, making sure everything was in place. You wore a custom made white sequined two-piece dress, silver heels on your feet and your hair was styled in loose curls. You had minimal makeup on but a deep shade of red adored your lips which pulled your whole look together.
You heard a knock on your door as you opened it, revealing your father in a black tux, you softly smiled at him.
“How is my princess?” Your father asked as soon as he entered your room.
“Just finished getting ready, how do I look?” you asked.
“As beautiful as ever” He answered, “I mean, you’re my daughter so obviously”
You giggled at your father as you complimented him back. Pepper showed up on your door at the same time, telling you both to come down so the family can make the grand appearance.
“Yes, we’ll be there in a minute honey” Tony answered Pepper and turned to you with a more serious face.
“As you know, Peter is also going to be there, obviously so-”
“I hate him,” you groaned.
“That’s not nice” Tony raised an eyebrow at you, “this unreasonable hate that you both have going on for each other needs to go, you both are the next generation of Avengers”
“I clearly remember Natasha telling me how you and Steve used to be at each other’s throat at the starting of Avengers and you both still saved the universe together so I think Peter and I will be just fine” you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms as the worlds left your mouth.
Okay, maybe the hate between Peter and you was unreasonable but it was mutual. Peter was introverted and quiet but when you started with your sarcastic comments and never stopped being your egoistic self, Peter started firing back with his own sarcastic comments. It didn’t help that you and him were the same age so it was like fighting for the place of ‘the baby of the Avengers’
Even though you were the daughter of Tony Stark, Peter was one of your father’s favourites so it almost felt like a competition, it was only inevitable that your dislike blossomed for the boy. It took no time to convince yourself that he was just a little, doe eyed, dumb sticky boy.
“Steve and I didn’t get along, it’s true but now we do, now we’re co-workers and we respect each other so at least learn to do that with Peter” Tony sighed, “all I’m saying is that those little arguments you both have during missions and the snide comments need to go”
You bit your lips, not wanting to ruin your parent’s day, you decided against arguing, “okay fine, why are we even talking about him right now anyway!”
“About that. . . try to be nice tonight, I don’t want any fights in the main lobby this time.” Tony gave you a sharp look as he reminded you of what happened some months ago.
It was a small dinner party for Steve’s birthday and you accidentally spilled a little wine on sweet little Peter and he thought it was a wonderful idea to drop a piece of his chocolate cake on your lap, staining your favourite skirt. All of this led to you literally trying to kill Peter with your repulsors and him repeatedly tying your hands with his webs or sticking them to the nearest wall.
“Did you tell Peter to be nice to me?” You raised your eyebrows at him now.
“I already texted him about it-” Tony stopped when he heard Pepper calling out both your names, “okay we have to go now or she’ll kill me”
You nodded your head as you pursed your lips, trying not to let thoughts of Peter reach your mind.
You walked out of the room with your father and down the stairs, you entered the huge hall which was filled with people. The sounds of cameras went off, flashes on your face as everyone rushed to take a photo of the Stark family. As soon as the photo session was over and the photographers were led out of the hall, your eyes locked with none other than Peter Parker from across the room.
He was in a tux, his hair which was normally loose and curly was slicked back with gel, with his hand in his pocket and a glass of wine in another, his gaze lingered on you for a little longer than usual. When you both caught yourself staring, you shifted your gaze to other people as he looked back at Bucky and Sam who were talking about something.
You said your hello’s to the guests as you quickly made your way to the bar for a drink. Even though the whole party was catered, the bar was still your first destination as it felt more comfortable and less crowded.
“How’s little miss Stark?”
You turned around at the words, Steve stood in behind you as he softly smiled at you.
“You know I have a name, right?” You laughed as he shook his head at your words.
You adored Steve. He was kind hearted and passionate and it never failed to amaze you. You still remembered how he used to help you in history when you were in your final year of high school and how you helped him with gadgets when he couldn’t understand how to do some tasks on his phone or laptop. Even though he was Captain America, he was so grounded that he just felt like another family member. Friendly and warm.
“You look like a beautiful young lady, Y/N” he said as he took a sip of his beer.
“You sound like an old man” you scoffed, smiling at his words regardless.
His words were cut off by Thor who joined you at the bar, “hello miss Stark”
You rolled your eyes at him, “gosh, you guys are so old”
Steve laughed at your words as Thor looked at you both confused but still smiling as he shook his head. As you made small talks with Steve and Thor, you were joined by Bruce who was as quiet as ever but still nice. Clint and Nat joined you all after a little while as well, soon a little group was formed at the bar and around you as you all talked about random things.
“Y/N, be nice” Nat said as she looked at you with a serious face.
You were confused by her words because they came out of nowhere but as soon as Peter’s face popped behind Bruce, you quickly understood what she meant.
“Hey, guys” Peter’s voice reached your ears as you frowned, “hey Y/N”
Your eyes slightly widened as he greeted you separately but you quickly retracted. Something about the boy irked you to death even though everyone thought he was sweet. Yeah, maybe he was sweet and shy but he still bothered you for some reason.
“Sticky boy” you nodded at him.
Peter’s eyes narrowed at your words as he sucked in a breath. He never said it but you drove him up the wall, you annoyed him to the depths of hell. Something about you screamed untouchable and that made Peter feel something he couldn’t quite understand.
“You look pretty” he gained the courage to compliment you and even though he gave you a tight-lipped smile which seemed fake, he meant it.
The group of Avengers looked between you both, no one said a word, it was like you and Peter were a time bomb, waiting to blast over.
“Thanks?” It wasn’t a question, you were just confused.
“Thanks?” Peter asked. That was a question, the boy was confused as he had just complimented you and you seemed. . . hostile.
“Thank you, Peter” you returned him with his tight-lipped smile.
Peter nodded as he looked around. The whole situation didn’t feel awkward but there was a tension between the whole group and every one felt it down to their bones and you were grateful when Bucky and Sam showed up.
“Stark is asking for you all,” Sam spoke up.
“The five of you, not the kids” Bucky said as he eyed you and Peter.
“I’m 20, not a teenager anymore” Peter said as a matter of fact.
“You just turned 20 a week ago, that doesn’t count yet” Bucky shrugged.
Peter opened his mouth to protest but Bruce spoke up before he could, “why is Tony asking for us?”
“Said he wants to take a group photo of the ‘original six’ whatever that means” Sam rolled his eyes.
“That’s beautiful” Thor said, smiling and looking off in the distance, clearly seeing it as something meaningful and precious. Gods can be so cute sometimes.
“But I’m the original six?” Peter frowned.
“You were probably in elementary school when we were fighting the ultron” Nat said as she turned around to walk to wherever Tony was.
The other four Avengers followed her out, leaving you, Peter, Bucky and Sam alone.
“We’re not babysitting you so I’m just gonna say, don’t pick a fight” Sam said as he left.
Bucky turned to look at you as he said, “you look lovely”
A blush settled on your cheeks at his words, “oh, you look good too”
Bucky smiled at your words. The man was literally just in a black leather jacket and some black jeans but he still looked handsome as ever.
“I’m going to go find Scott, be nice” he said as he turned around.
You were tired of hearing ‘be nice’ all day today and you were positive Peter was tired too as he sighed heavily when Bucky left.
You ignored Peter’s presence as you smiled at Bucky’s compliment but your joy was short lived as Peter spoke up,
“He’s like a 100 years old”
“Excuse me?”
“Bucky, he’s 100 years old”
“So do you like him? Because that’s gross”
“My personal life isn’t your business” a scowl settled on your face, “what if I do have a crush on him? It’s harmless”
No, you didn’t have a crush on Bucky, you just thought the man looked nice but seeing the way Peter’s jaw clenched at your words almost made you feel proud at your tactic to rile him up.
“You do realise that he probably thinks you’re just a kid, right?” Peter raised his eyebrows at you as he smirked.
Peter wasn’t scared to show you that he can be mean too.
“You’re just a kid, Peter”
“We’re the same age”
You rolled your eyes at him. God, this boy was looking for another round in the lobby.
“So tell me, do you have a crush on-”
“Oh my god, why is that any of your business?” You snapped at him.
Peter opened his mouth but no words came out, he shrugged as he said, “I don’t know”
You scoffed at his words, “you can do better than that to hide your jealousy”
He snapped his head at you, looking at you with wide eyes now, “I-I am not jealous”
“Whatever you say, sticky boy” you mumbled, too tired of the bickering.
“You know, Y/N” Peter spoke up again and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes for the millionth time today, “you really get on my nerves”
You smiled at him, “that’s good”
Peter was getting annoyed but continued anyway, “I was trying to be nice because Mr. Stark asked me to-”
“Then be nice” you said as you sipped the last of your wine, deciding that you’ve had enough of sticky boy, you got off the bar stool, “but I’ll keep hoping that my whole existence annoys the fuck out of you, Peter”
As Peter gawked at you in shock, you turned around and slipped out of the hall from the nearest back door.
The sound of the music faded as you walked further away from the hall. You needed fresh air. You didn’t know what it was about Peter that made you want to smash your lips to his- no, smash his head in a wall.
“Y/N!” You looked back and saw Peter, pulling at his tie as he walked towards you.
You groaned, “what do you want?”
“I’m here to talk, you don’t have to be so rude” Peter frowned.
He stood before you in the hallway now, the lights were dimmed with no one in the distance, just you and him.
“Just leave me alone, Peter”
You sighed as you started walking away but he was quick to grab a hold on your wrist and pull you back.
“What are you doing, Peter!” you hissed.
When he realised what he did, Peter pulled his hand back, “I’m sorry-”
“Just stop it-”
You couldn’t finish your sentence as Peter pressed his lips to yours—a small chaste kiss—he quickly pulled back.
“What the fuck” you gasped in horror.
Your eyes were wide and all the colour from Peter’s face faded like he'd seen a ghost but what surprised him even more was when you leaned in and gave him another quick kiss. Your lips barely touched his but he still felt butterflies in his stomach.
You and Peter stood in the middle of the hall, no one dared to say anything as you just stared at each other for a moment.
Peter felt this desperate need to hold you as he swiftly pulled you in his arms, his lips latched on yours. You were quick to react with your arms hooked around his shoulders as your lips moved against his. You pulled his body to the nearest wall with his hands gripping your exposed skin on your waist, your hands tugged at his hair as he whimpered in your mouth. You were surprised when his tongue found yours in an instance like it was trained to do so. It felt like you were back at 16, making out with your boyfriend like horny teenagers.
You slightly pulled away, not believing what the fuck just happened as you stared up at Peter. His cheeks were pink from the make out session as you held his face in your hands, he slowly leaned in to peck your lips once again.
You realised how close you were to him in that moment, he was clinging to your body like a baby to his mother and it melted your heart, just a little. You felt all your walls coming down when you felt his heartbeat against your heartbeat and it was in sync.
“Do you like Bucky?” he asked you, his voice in a whisper.
Your lips were swollen and parted as you tried to make sense of what happened but as you heard the words falling out of Peter’s words, you couldn’t help but giggle.
But Peter didn’t find it funny, “Y/N, please”
“That is the first thing you ask me after suddenly kissing me?”
“I- I just need to hear you say that you don’t like Bucky” he mumbled
“I don’t like Bucky” you said.
You didn’t want to make any more snide comments or bicker with Peter, you didn’t want to ruin the moment.
“Honestly?” Peter asked.
“Yes, honestly” you nodded your head.
“So tell me you feel the same way I do”
Peter said calmly but his body showed just how desperate he was to hear you say it. He pressed you further against the wall as he pressed his body to yours even more. He was still holding you like his life depended on it, not planning to let go any time soon.
“I don’t know how you feel though” you whispered, looking in his eyes intensely.
“You know how I feel” Peter almost whined, getting impatient.
Peter had these unexplained feelings for you and he had no idea how to express it but he was absolutely sure that you felt the same way. He was sure that all the arguing over petty things and taunting one another, there was something intense hidden underneath. And now, he was in no mood to play around, he just wanted to confess his undying feelings for you and get it over with.
“I know you feel this. . . this weird pull towards me the way I feel this weird pull towards you”
“It’s just infatuation,” you said. You were protective of your heart, you were just saving yourself the heartbreak.
But Peter saw right through your lies as he quickly shook his head, “no, you know it’s something more”
“It is just infatuation,” you said, “You hate my guts and I hate how you get under my skin. I’m untouchable and that frustrates you and everyone talks about how you’re so sweet and I hate that”
Peter sighed as he let go of your body and stepped away, “it’s not infatuation”
“Yes, you’re untouchable and you’re out of my league and that’s what I hate, I hate how I want you but can’t have you. And you hate how everyone is always talking about how sweet I am because you know it’s true”
You rolled your eyes at Peter but this time, it was in a joking manner. It was light hearted and Peter knew as a smile settled on his lips.
“All I got from that was that you want me” you said, biting your lip.
“And that it isn’t infatuation,” Peter added.
You slowly nodded your head, you knew it was something more. You knew there was something more between you two, with the stolen glances and the flutter in your heart when he would pop in your mind for no reason at all. You knew you wanted to kiss Peter, that you wanted to hold his hand, how you wanted to parade him around as your boyfriend and you felt a little tingle in your toes at the realisation.
“Say something” Peter pleaded, his brown doe eyes looking into yours.
You slowly leaned in and kissed him. The kiss wasn’t rushed like before, his lips felt softer this time, passionately moving against yours as he held your hands to his chest.
“I like you, Peter Parker” you whispered as you pulled away from the kiss, you said it like it was a secret.
Peter smiled against your lips, “I like you too” he kissed you harder as he pinned you on the wall again. The kiss was short lived as the sound of laughter filled the hallway, you quickly pulled away.
Bucky stumbled out of the maintenance closet with a girl right behind him. The girl was a giggling mess, fixing her dress as Bucky halted when he saw the both of you. Peter and you weren’t kissing now but he still had you pinned to the wall and you still had your arms wrapped around his neck so when Bucky saw the position you and Peter were in, he audibly gasped.
Scared of Bucky’s reaction, your hold on Peter got even tighter than before as Bucky raised her finger at you both.
“I won’t tell anyone about you both if you promise to not tell anyone about what you just saw” he whispered as he neared you both.
You were flustered from before and now Peter was a full on red beetroot in the face as he looked at Bucky but you were quick to speak up.
“Yeah, yeah we won’t” you mumbled as you watched the girl quietly leave the corridor and enter the hall again.
You expected Bucky to leave when you made the deal but he stood still before you and Peter. You raised your eyebrows at him.
“What is going on between-” he started, “actually, don’t tell me”
He threw his hands up in defence and backed away, he turned around and you heard him mumble, “teenagers are fucking weird”
As you saw Bucky enter the hall again, you looked back at Peter and he busted out laughing, the sound of his laughter mixed with yours filled the hallway.
“Do you want to come back to my room?” You asked when you stopped laughing.
Peter went wide-eyed again, too shy to make sense of just exactly what you were saying, “Mr. Stark will kill me”
“Peter, he’s like your biggest fan and right now he’s busy partying” you said, “so what if you’re making out with me in my room, I’m literally 20”
“We’ll make out in your room?” Peter asked, his mouth agape in surprise.
You smirked, taking his hand as you started pulling him towards your bedroom door, “maybe”
Tumblr media
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© loveaffaire
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storiesbystarlight · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Parker-Wilson Family Masterlist
Sam Wilson x Parker! Reader, Peter Parker x Mom! Reader
Fandom: The MCU
Y/N Parker-Wilson, Spider-Man’s mom and Sam Wilson’s girlfriend. These are some stories from their small family
A Soldier Comes Home
Y/N Parker, Peter Parker’s mother and Sam Wilson’s girlfriend, comes home from deployment
A Growing Family
It’s Sam’s birthday, and Y/N has a special gift for him
In Louisiana
Sam Wilson makes a layover in Louisiana after a mission, and and is met with a surprise
Baby Parker-Wilson
The new member of the family is finally here
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storiesbystarlight · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Baby Parker-Wilson
Sam Wilson x Parker! Reader, Peter Parker x Mom! Reader
Fandom: The MCU
Parker-Wilson Family Masterlist: More stories in the same universe
Summary: The new member of the family is finally here
Warnings: Mentions of childbirth and labor, some medical stuff (they’re in a hospital), father missing the birth of his child, stressed Sam, fluff
April 9th had been an exhausting day for every member of the Wilson-Parker family, though Sam and Bucky were oblivious to the stress the rest of the family had experienced that day. The two had been away on a mission for two weeks, something Sam was very anxious about.
The due date for his and Y/N’s baby was drawing ever closer, and he didn’t want to risk missing it. Sadly, skipping this mission hadn’t been an option, and they had been away for longer than either of them had expected.
“What’s that on the door?” Bucky asked as he slammed the car door shut.
Sam turned to see what he was talking about, and saw what appeared to be a note stuck on the front door of the house. After slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder, he walked onto the porch and stopped to read said note.
Sam and Bucky,
If you’re reading this, you should be done with the mission. We’re at the hospital, get your asses here now
“The hospital?” Bucky said, as realization struck Sam.
“Shit.” He said, opening the door and throwing his bag in, before moving back to the car. “Put the bag inside and get over here.”
“What’s- oh.” Bucky realized the situation, and quickly followed Sam’s instructions.
He’d barely had time to close the car door before they were driving away again.
“Pete.” Sarah stuck her head out from the hospital room to look at her nephew. “You can come in if you want.” She said, stepping out of the room and holding the door open for him.
He immediately stood up and walked into the room, seeing his mom half sitting half lying on the hospital bed.
“Hi honey.” She said, smiling at her son.
“Hi.” He replied, sitting down next to her. “How’d it go?”
“I’ve been told it went well, but I’ve barely seen for myself yet.” She said. “They took her away pretty quickly to clean her and such.”
“Well that’s good.” Peter said, relaxing slightly in his seat. “How’re you feeling?”
“Exhausted. But I’m happy it’s done.” Y/N said. “It’s been a long nine months, but now she’s here.”
“Knock knock.” Sounded from outside the room as the door was pushed open, and in stepped Dr. Kenny, along with a nurse who was holding a small bundle of blankets.
“We’re happy to report that your baby girl is happy and healthy.” Dr. Kenny said as the nurse handed the baby to Y/N.
Peter leaned in closer to look at his new baby sister, and a smile quickly spread on his face.
“Thank you Doctor.” Y/N said, and she smiled in response.
“Just doing my job.” She said. “We’ll be back soon, there are still some things to take care of, but we’ll give you some time alone.”
Dr. Kenny made a swift exit along with the nurse, and Y/N looked back down at her daughter.
“Hi baby.” She cooed, watching as she opened her eyes. “Welcome to the family.”
Y/N shifted slightly, allowing Peter to get a better look.
“Hey Tiny.” He said, reaching a hand out, and let her small fingers close around one of his. “It’s nice to finally meet you. We’ve been waiting a long time for you.”
“Speaking of waiting, I wonder where your daddy is.” Y/N said, glancing at the door.
As if on cue, the door opened and Sarah looked in. “Guess who finally showed up?” She said, and Sam entered the room.
Sarah gave him a shove towards his wife and kids, before closing the door again.
“Speak of the devil.” Y/N said, looking at him, and that seemed to shake Sam from his trance, and he chuckled.
“Sorry I’m late.” He said, in typical Sam fashion, and moved to sit on Y/N’s other side. “Can’t believe I missed it.”
“You’re here now, that’s what matters.” Y/N said, moving to hand the baby to her father.
“Hi baby girl.” He said, looking down at the bundled was now holding in his arms. “Sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived.”
“She doesn’t seem to mind too much.” Y/N said, smiling at the way the small girl reached up towards Sam’s face.
“Decided on a name yet?” Sam asked.
“Well, I had one in mind, but I didn’t want to decide without you.” Y/N said, and Sam looked at her. “Riley Darlene Wilson has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”
“I think it sounds great.” Peter said.
“I think you’re right, Spider-Kid.” Sam said, making Peter roll his eyes.
“It’s Spider-Man.” He said, and both Y/N and Sam chuckled.
“You’re still our kid though.” Y/N said.
“Fair enough.” Peter conceded, before he perked up and pulled out his phone. “Can I take a picture to send to May? I promised I’d update her.”
“Get over here.” Sam smiled, and Peter rounded the bed and took a picture of Riley before sending it to May.
“Are you sure about Riley?” Sam asked, looking at Y/N.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” She asked. “He meant a lot to you, and something tells me she does too.”
Sam smiled, and blinked away the tears in his eyes. “That’s an understatement.”
There was another knock on the door, and Bucky stuck his head in.
“Think we can come in? I’m starting to feel bad for Sarah having to keep me and the boys in check.” He asked, and AJ and Cass peeked in behind Bucky.
“Have at it.” Y/N said, and the remaining family members, well, the ones present, piled into the room.
The boys gathered around Sam, who was still holding Riley, while Sarah went to stand next to Y/N.
“So what’s Tiny’s name?” Bucky asked, a hand placed on the back of Sam’s chair, looking down at the baby girl.
“Riley. Riley Darlene Wilson.” Y/N said.
“You didn’t name her after me?” Bucky said, placing a hand over his chest. “I’m offended.”
“Get over it, Cyborg.” Sam said, you could practically hear his eyes rolling.
“Alright, I guess I will.” Bucky joked, and clapped Sam on the shoulder. “You did good, Bird Man.”
“You really did.” Sarah told Y/N, who gave her a grateful smile.
“It seems we did.”
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comingtothetree23 · 4 hours ago
Having Fire Powers and being an Avenger
Paring: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: Swearing, burning, injury, mean comments, kidnapping. 
A/N: This is kinda a mess. I saw that there was a couple of Peter Parker stories with ice powered reader’s while there wasn’t a lot with a reader with fire powers so I thought I’d try it. 
Tumblr media
You honestly didn't remember how you got your powers.
All you remember was hanging out on the beach with your family then suddenly nothing.
Nothing except for everything being too hot. So hot it felt like your blood was boiling, skin felt like it was on fire. It wasn't fun. 
You also remember how all the heat slowly goes to your chest, like it's going into your soul.
What you weren't aware of and found out later was you were missing for 36 hours. 
You were found on the beach alone at night by the one and only Spider-Man. 
"Did I find a dead body!?" That was the first thought Spider-Man has when he found you laying on the beach unmoving. He quickly figured out you weren't dead by checking your pulse.
Oh boy, it was there! But you were also burning! Like you should be dead burning. 
Without thinking, Peter picked you up Pretty much burning himself and swinging to the tower. 
"H-Hey, Mr.Stark Uh, I have a problem." 
"What kind of a problem?" 
"I found a really hot girl." 
Tony thought Peter was kidding until he brought you to the tower. Tony was equally shocked because he was pretty sure that no one can  survive that temperature but he didn't know for sure
so he called Bruce
You can imagine how that phone call went.
"Hey, Brucie-Bear..."
"Tony, what do you want?" 
"Uhh, Peter found someone and their temperature is...110!?" 
"THAT'S WHAT IT SAID!" Peter screeched in the background of the call.
"Their temperature is 110?! Tony, that person is in danger you have to put them in cold water to hopefully cool them down. I'm on my way." 
Tony and Peter did what they were told and when Bruce came around he started taking over. Which good cause Tony and Peter had no idea what to do!
When your temperature did cool down Tony had it his mission to find where you lived and if you were okay. 
He quickly found where you lived which is creepy and who your family are. He quickly figured out you've been missing for hours. 
When everything and said and done Peter delivered you back home and explained to your parents that you have a fever. 
your parents thanked him repeatedly. 
the only Avengers who knew about this were Tony, Bruce, and Peter. No one else knows that you've been at the tower. 
You woke up the next day feeling hot even when it was just the beginning of summer. 
That's when things started getting weird...
Like said earlier, it was much hotter for you than anyone else which annoyed you greatly.
"Mom, please turn up the air! It's too hot!" You pleaded with your mom for the 4th time this week. 
"(Y/n), It's only 67 degrees outside It's fine." She turned away and left you in the kitchen, sweating your head off. 
You also started smelling burning a lot throughout the day.
 You noticed that when you were either in deep thought or really emotional the burning smell would appear the most.
That leads to you noticing that a lot of the ground was charred.
Also for some reason, cold water hurt you?? 
Like you would just be taking a shower and the warm water would be gone thanks family so you had to take a cold shower. What you didn't expect was for the water to PHYSICALLY HURT YOU!
You quickly figured out the only way for you to be in the water and be fine is when the water is very hot. nearly boiling is the very best for you. 
Your siblings would complain that it's too hot when you're close to them, which you've been saying that for a while now.
It was until now night you and your sibling got into a big argument. That's when your eyes turned red and fire lit from your hand as you accidentally burned your sibling.
You stared at them in fear, horrified at your own actions. They looked at you in fear and that what lead you to run out of the house.  
That's when Peter found you once again, You were hugging yourself tightly while quickly walking down the streets alone at night.
What you didn't mean to notice was your eyes were glowing red while every step you took burned the floor. Peter tilted his head in confusion as he watched you.
"Hey miss, Are you okay?" He appeared in front of you making you jump back. That's when he noticed you were crying, "Hey, hey it's okay..." He raised a hand to your cheek to gently wipe away the tear, Peter noted that it was warm. 
"No, it's not okay...I don't know what's going on with me," You took a step back from Peter, "I've been feeling weird lately, I hurt my family! Nothing is okay!" You cried as you hugged yourself tighter. 
"You hurt your family?" Peter questioned with a tilt of his head. He didn't want to assume but you didn't seem like the type to hurt someone at least on purpose.
"Yes, I-I burned them somehow." 
"You burned them??" Peter couldn't help but question.
"Yes! I don't even know how I did," You choked out a sob as you shook your head, confused, "I didn't even have a lighter on me...." You mumbled before looking at the floor.
Peter watched you for a moment before an idea hit him.
"I know it's not my place but I can take you somehow we're we can figure this out." Peter held out a hand for you to take, "It might help." 
You looked up at him in shock before looking down at his hand, your eyes slowly turned back to normal as you thought about his offer. You give him a small smile as you took his hand.
The place he took you to was Avengers Tower. 
Peter was able to explain to everyone your situation before introducing you to everyone. 
Tony and Bruce quickly figured out that you weren't sick that night, you were developing your new fire powers. 
When you were told it honestly made sense. 
The first couple weeks of you staying at the tower you were scared of yourself, letting yourself relax. You decided not to stay by them so you couldn't hurt them. 
Peter quickly noticed this and started hanging out with you, making you more comfortable with yourself. 
Peter quickly became your best friend. 
Black Widow took one look at you and said, 'Let's get to work'
And oh boy did you get to work!
She trained you hard, just enough to help you out with your newfound anger.
Oh yea, You quickly found out that your powers made you have a temper. 
Which honestly led to problems once you became an Avenger. 
which, after a lot of training the team decided to let you on the team. Which you were excited about. 
Which with your temper missions can be quite difficult for them. 
"(Y/n), remember the plan go over to the ri-" 
"You brought a little girl on the team?" One of the hydra agents cackled, "A bet she doesn't even have any special ability-" 
"...Tony, it happened again." 
When it happens they have you physically drag you away, the agents having burned all over their body. 
It was a lot but they found out that Peter was able to calm you down fast. He was the only one who knew how to calm down you. 
So that's what they did for a while when anything made you mad, call Peter.
"Guys, I told you I don't need this!" You yelled as you slammed the door in their faces. The Avengers frowned as they look at the door.
"I'll get Peter...again." 
You didn't like how fast you lost yourself to your temper but you didn't want to ask them for help.
It was until one day where you got into a fight where you walked past the group and heard their whispers.
"Why does she have to be so difficult!?" That hurt you more than it shouldn't
You didn't see Natasha hitting them upside the head with Peter glaring at them. 
It led you to swear to yourself you wouldn't let your emotions out of control, so you wouldn't annoy your new team. But that meant that you didn't let yourself show any emotions.
Which was noticed almost right away, mostly by Peter.
You continued with life but with a blank face at all times, which wasn't like you at all.
it confused the team with how you were acting because before you weren't afraid to show your emotions anymore. Or at least they thought so. 
No one could argue that the days got quiet, days got duller as you hid yourself from the team. 
You were starting to regret it before you heard something.
"It's been so peaceful lately huh?" Your heart broke when you heard this. It was clear they didn't mean to hurt your feelings but it did. 
"No," Peter quickly sad, looking angry, "It's been boring and lonely." You couldn't help but give a small smile but you quickly wiped it off as you walked out of the room.
Peter watched you leave with a deep frown.
One mission since you weren't using your anger your flames weren't as powerful. The team was quickly captured chained with metal made out of vibranium. 
Good for you guys is that they somehow forgot that there was another member on the team, You.
You had normal handcuffs on which you could easily burn through didn't have it in you. This is when Peter had enough.
"(Y/n) What's wrong?" Peter looked at you, "What has gotten into you? You haven't been yourself in weeks!" he tugged on the cuffs as you stared at you, "...Did we do something?"
You look at Peter in shock before looking down with a frown. You didn't want the team to think you were mad at them, you just wanted to make their lives easier. 
"...I didn't want to be difficult." You mumbled causing all the Avengers to glare at the one who said that. 
"I was being difficult and shouldn't have been." You shook your head, "You guys don't need that, you all did so much for me." You looked down in shame.
"Kid, is that how you feel?" Tony questioned looking at you with sadness. 
"Пламя, We are all difficult," Natasha said gently, making you slowly lookup. 
"I mean, Look at Tony-"
"Nothing could be any more difficult than that," 
"Get out of my house," 
"(Y/n)," Peter looks at you with a smile, "We all care about you, we don't care about your temper. Yes, it can be hard but so is life." 
You look up and smile at your team before your hands light on fire, melting the chains. You stood up with a smirk eyes glowing red once again.
"Let's get this party started," 
That was a fun mission, a lot of people left that place with burns on their skin. 
After that, you found out different ways to control your anger. It didn't go away but it definitely did help. 
You visit your family quite a bit, they are so proud of you for what you're doing. Your mom also feels so bad about not turning the air on. 
Something you do to annoy the team is before you summon fire in your hands you snap your fingers like it's a lighter. 
The team hates it greatly. 
“(Y/n), We’ve told you NO ARSON!” 
You and Peter got closer to each other, the team made a bet for how long until you two got together. 
Answer: Not long.
It was a day we're you were overheating, you were sweating, you were heating up your room without realizing it. You decided to get up and grab a quick snack.
Peter walked in sleepily to see you sweating like crazy. 
Without thinking, he walked over and hugged you from behind. Humming at the warmth you brought him. 
You froze and turned around to look at him, he smiled at you before cupping your cheeks and giving you a kiss on the lips.
The thing you both didn't think of
You were overheating!
Your lips burned Peter as his eyes widen in surprise. You opened your eyes once you heard a thud and looked to see Peter on the floor. 
Cue you cooling Peter down.
The team laughed at you when they found you two. 
You didn't like that
so you melted all their ice cream and popsicle.
When the laughter was done they all quickly discovered how you overheating can actually hurt you. 
Tony made a system where if you were overheating you press a button that’s in every room and the room will automatically cool down. 
Which made you really happy since overheating was awful for you.  
You and Peter cuddling a lot but you two switch depending on the weather.
When it's the summer Peter is the big spoon. 
You love being in Peter's arms, it made you feel so safe. 
When it's Winter since it's so cold you are the big spoon.
Peter loved being in your arms during winter. Ever since the Spider-bite, winter always slowed Peter down and made him tired but the moment he's in your arms he warms up and is comfy.
He loves when you rest your chin on his head while he nuzzles his face into your collarbone. 
Peter clings to you like a koala during the winter.
It once led to Peter going into hibernation because he was so very warm and he felt so safe.
It was a whole thing. 
It's not uncommon for the team to grab you and make a big pillow fort during the winter to warm up. 
Winder is confusing for you, It always depends on the day.
Some days you're able to walk outside in the snow only wearing shorts and a t-shirt and be completely fine for a while. The team is always shocked when you do because they know that you know that it's not good for you but it never stops you.
Other days one blast with the cold wind and you grab all the blankets in the tower and covered yourself from head to toe, with only your eyes peeking out. 
When it one of those days that when the team decided to have a movie night. You always enjoyed movie night, You only share your blanket with Peter.
Peter gives the team a shit-eating grin when you weren't looking.
You and Peter finally found ways to kiss each other without you burning him. 
you know what that means 
The team hates it greatly.
It got to the point where someone had to sit between you and Peter just so you two would stop. 
Tony always made sure to have extra warm water just for you. After they found you wheezing in pain after taking a cold shower. 
They were confused but that turned to fear as you told them the water hurt you. 
"Water hurts you??"
"Only cold water,"
After living with the Avengers for so long you learned how to fully control your powers. Meaning, you don't accidentally give people burn marks anymore. 
Well, except for Peter.
When you and Peter are in a steamy make-out session you tend to accidentally give him burn marks around his body. 
It doesn't bother him, it's never enough to actually hurt him it just gives him marks. His healing factor makes the marks go away quickly. 
It becomes your version of hickeys. 
If the teams notice this they don't mention it at all.
You love making hot Chocolate for the team.
It becomes a tower favorite
You become close with everyone on the team. You actually have little activities for everyone on the team.
You watch bad movies and make fun of them with Sam and Bucky 
You let Bruce and Tony do tests on you, mostly trying to figure how you got your fire. They never actually figure it out but they never give up. 
You, Wanda, and Vision try to cook together. It's always so much fun as you and Vision always have deep conversations. 
You, Natasha, and Clint train together. They surprisingly have really good tips for your powers. 
You and Thor tend to do eating contests with each other. You're pretty good with spices because of your powers, it gets to the point where the team begs you two not to. 
Steve someone convinces you to go on runs with him. You and Steve usually draw together which you never realize how good he was at drawing. 
You and Peter do pretty much everything together, no matter what he does you can never stop loving him. 
You love your new family so much. There's never a dull moment with them and you'll never trade them for anyone else. 
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blueathens · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
For my Dusk Till Dawn series
Firstly, if you haven’t read this yet, you should know that this series is going to be an endlessly long series that happens in the Marvel crossed X-Men world following OC characters.
Second of all I know that I’m only on Iron Man (Act One) on Tumblr, but I am also writing Act 2 now (14/06/21) which happens between Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2, following the proper start of Blue Stark, who for the people who’s already reading this knows she isn’t ‘normal...’
I was planning to make Blue Stark end up with Peter Maximoff (most likely), and I just wanted to state that as the story goes on Peter’s character will mature more (he will have still have the same characteristics but he’ll be more mature (if that makes sense)). The reason for this is so it can fit in with my ideas and because of certain events that will happen in the story, and he will have a healthy relationship with Blue.
Third of all I’m going to need you’re help with ideas as this story goes on.
You could come up with ideas you want to see in my story
I’m going to need help making up villains (In Act 2 there be a villain called Vex Schlect). And this help could be you creating a full on character profile, or the name of villain, motive for crime etc. The villains could be anything and they don’t have to be ‘super’ villains. They could be serial killers, kidnappers etc. (This reason will be more understandable as the story goes on, but there is a hint in Act 2).
You could also say what villains you want to see in my series that appear in the comics, or things that happen in the comics that you want to see. (E.g. Bucky and Nats relationship will make an appearance in my series as they deserve more recognition).
Obviously I can’t guarantee all your ideas will appear, but I will try and make them happen and fit them into the series.
Ideas may come as the story goes on.
You could send these ideas through the comments, message me on here, or request them in any way you’ll like.
I just kinda want you guys to be involved with the story in any way possible.
Any idea you have send it my wayyyy.
All ideas will be credited to you for a thank you for your brilliant ideas.
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londonspidey · 6 hours ago
if you're still taking requests for pride month, maybe one with reader questioning whether she's bi or pan, or maybe even telling him she's thinking about not using any labels at all? i'm struggling rn and wish i had a peter ✋🏼 the one you wrote with bi!peter is so cute ❤❤
A/n: Aww of course anon! I’m really liking these pride requests and I’m more than happy to write them. Just know that it’s okay if you’re struggling, it can be really confusing. I’m here for anyone if they need a chat ❤️
WC: 982
Warnings: mentions of sexuality and being confused/questioning, some light angst and tears but lots of fluff.
You paced back and forth, taking deep breaths as thoughts whirled around in your mind. Your calm playlist played through your speakers in hopes it would change your mood but the anxiety persevered. Only the sound of your phone ringing was enough to break you out of your mind prison.
Upon seeing the familiar dorky face on screen you felt a bit calmer and the anxiety seemed to pause for just a moment when you heard your boyfriends voice coming through the phone.
"Hi Petey." You did your best to sound like your normal self but you should have known better than to try anything around the person who knew you better than yourself.
"What's wrong angel?"
"Nuh uh don't even try. I can tell something's wrong and I can see you're listening to the playlist you listen to when you need to be calm on Spotify."
You knew Peter was giving one of those knowing looks even though you were on the phone and the thought made you smile.
Peter was not only your boyfriend but your best friend in the entire world, he was the one you most wanted to talk to right now and yet you felt scared. The truth was that you didn't know what you sexuality was and you had been questioning it for longer than you wanted to admit.
You'd had crushes on girls and boys before but you wondered if you were just thinking something was there when it wasn't. It was the same with celebrities and fictional characters, back in middle school you had a crush on both Vanessa and Troy. And then sometimes it was just one or the other or no one at all.
Life was confusing but the one thing you knew for sure was that you loved Peter Parker and you wanted to talk to him about what was going on in your head.
"Can you come over?"
As soon as you said those words Peter was already agreeing and hanging up the phone, most likely grabbing his bag and some snacks to bring you.
You tried to rehearse how you would put your disorganised thoughts into words, even attempting to write them down but nothing seemed right. You thought about telling Peter it was nothing and to not worry about coming over but even if you didn't talk, you still needed a famous Parker cuddle.
The familiar tap tap sounded on your window and you giggled as you turned to see Peter's face pressed against it, making a funny face. You opened it and kissed his cheek, he smiled as bright as the sun that shone down on him as he climbed inside.
"I brought chocolates and gummies."
You smiled wide and stole a kiss, tasting the sweetness already on Peter's lips. He'd already dug into the bag of gummies.
"Hey I brought them! Technically you're the thief." Peter took another and ate it as he sat back on your bed, opening his arms which you fell into easily. You let out a happy sigh and smiled as he held you tight. Every confusing thought and worry felt none existent, replaced only with safety and warmth as you listened to his heartbeat.
Peter knew just what to do when you were feeling down. He grabbed your fluffiest blanket and wrapped it around the both of you as his fingers ran through your hair. He always waited for you to tell him what was wrong if you wanted to, he never pushed or pried, just listened.
"I don't know who I am." You sniffled against his chest as you buried yourself into his t-shirt. He paused in surprise at your words and gently lifted your head so he could wipe away your tears.
"What do you mean angel?" He asked softly, no judgement in his voice, just love and curiosity.
You sat up a little straighter and took a deep breath, Peter delicately brushing your hair behind your ear as he encouraged you to continue. Whatever it was he could tell it was worrying you.
"I-I don't know who I am. I think I like girls and boys but sometimes I only like one or the other. Other times I don't think I like anyone and it's just so confusing." You scrunched your face up, wanting to hide away as you finally put your thoughts into words.
Peter nodded along as he listened and played with your hair in a comforting way. Your heart was racing as you met his gaze, it relaxed only slightly as you still saw the same love and admiration in his soft brown eyes as always.
"I think I might be bi or maybe Pan. Is that okay?"
You looked back down at your hands as you spoke, holding your breath and closing your eyes as you waited for his response. You had read online about some people worrying that their partner would cheat on them as soon as they came out. Peter gave a soft chuckle and pecked your lips, catching you by surprise.
"Princess, you don't have to ask me if it's okay. I love you no matter what and I love you for you. You're still my angel." He smiled at you with so much love pouring from every word that you felt the tears start to fall down your cheeks again.
Peter nodded and held your face in his hands, pecking your lips several times with a smile. "Really really."
You giggled and let out the breath you had been holding for what felt like forever as you snuggled back into Peter's arms. No matter what was going on in your head or how confused you were, you could always rely that Peter would be there to help you through it and give you cuddles whenever you needed them.
"I love you Petey."
"I love you too Princess."
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Where’s My Love: Chapter 3— Simple Songs
Summary: Tom begins his journey to bring you home.
Word Count: 2.9k
Warnings: normal grief angst, swearing, somewhat abusive father 
a/n: hi guys! here is the next chapter, sorry it took so long to get out. i’m kind of rotating between blurbs, oneshots, this series, and where we rot right now. i’ve been planning this specific chapter for a while now, so i hope this ends up working lol. you can play the song whenever to get the feels, but the song is featured in a certain scene, it will be marked! let me know if there are any problems! thanks for reading, reblogs and comments aren’t necessary but they’re extremely appreciated, thank you!
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“Father,” Tom fell to his knees in the dirt. His lyre by his side and tears in his eyes, “please, father, I need you.” 
The shrine to Apollo was covered in flowers, candles, gift baskets, and golden jewels; a token of appreciation from the mortals that resided nearby. Tom couldn’t help but scowl when he saw the ornate gifts littered across his father’s shrine. 
He knew what his father was. Nothing but a lowly god that never gave a shit about the mortals that loved him, even his own sons suffered at the hands of his neglect. 
“Fine,” Tom huffed, “fuck you! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!” He screamed into the sky. He pushed the flowers to the ground and stopped them into the dirt, “I hate you! I hate you!” He cried, tears uncontrollably spilling out of his eyes. “I hate you!”
“Your wife wouldn’t want you to harm such innocent flowers,” Apollo tsked from behind him. 
Tom whipped around, throwing a golden chalice at his father’s head. Apollo caught it and tossed it aside, as Tom glared at the god, his eyes filled with rage. “How would you know? You never met her. You never even came to the wedding.” 
Apollo sighed, “You wanted something from me, son?” He ignored Tom’s hateful rambling. 
“I loved her.” Tom stated, “I need her back.” 
“That’s not the way the world works, kid.” Apollo shook his head, “Death is death. There is no loophole. Though, I’m sure Harrison already told you that .” 
“He did,” Tom sighed, “but it’s different when you’re a god, right? How final can death be when you have the god of it as your uncle?”
“Hades is not to be trifled with.” Apollo warned, “You’ll get yourself killed trying to gain sympathy points with him.” 
“My whole life,” Tom began, “you’ve done me no favors. You leave me on this mortal realm to clean up the messes of these helpless folk, while you live it up in Olympus. You leave mom to fend for herself with her babe, giving her no gifts or wealth to keep her going—”
“I gave her you, are you not a gift?”
“I’m not enough!” Tom snapped, “Harry, Sam, even Paddy. We weren’t enough. She loved you, she laid with you, and you left her.” 
“I am a god!” Apollo argued, “I do not live on this earthly coil! I would wither away!”
“She’s dead because of you!” Tom screamed, throwing a handful of golden coins at the god, “Her grief killed her!” 
“And so what?” Apollo sneered, “I killed your mother so now I must bring your wife back? Life is hard, Tom. You aren’t here to find joy in it, you’re here to do your part and then go. There are no favors that would satiate you.”
“If I had (Y/N) back, it would satiate me.” Tom frowned, fresh tears glistening in his eyes. “I loved her, father. And I know how hard it is for you to know what that’s like, but trust that I loved her. She was everything to me. More than any whore ever was to you.” 
“What do you want from me? I can’t bring her home.”
“Talk to Hades, then Hermes, I need access to the Underworld.” Tom explained, “I’ll do whatever it takes.” 
“You’ll get yourself killed, boy.” Apollo scoffed, “Killed for a girl. Is that how the great Tom, son of Apollo, goes out?”
“If I die, I get killed for love,” Tom corrected, “that’s how I go out. And I’m more than happy with that fate.” 
“Then so be it,” Apollo frowned, “if it’ll please you, I will get you into the Underworld. In three days’ time, be back here. Hermes will show you to the entrance. Go now, say your goodbyes while you still can. Let you brothers know what they’re losing you for.” 
Before Tom could protest, Apollo was gone, seemingly whisked away the moment he blinked. But it was done. He got want he wanted, now all he needed to do what get to Hades. 
Tom bents down and set the flowers that he hadn’t smashed back up. He placed them back in their chalice, delicately sweeping his fingers over the vibrant petals. 
“Don’t worry, my love.” He smiled, “I’m on my way.” 
“There is he!” Paddy yelled from the front porch of the villa, “Tom’s back! Tom’s back!” 
Harrison and the rest of the boys ran to meet Tom at the walkway up the hill. Paddy hurdled into Tom, nearly knocking the wind out of him. Sam and Harry pulled in him for a group hug of their own, while Harrison stood to the side with a glare. 
“Where did you go?” Paddy cried, “I missed you.” 
“Aw,” Tom smiled softly, “Sorry, Pads. I just went to get some help.” 
“Help for what?” Harry asked.
“I’m getting (Y/N) back.” Tom asserted with a smile. “I’m bringing her home.” 
“What the fuck, Tom.” Harrison snapped, causing all the boys to look over to him. “You leave us, your family, to bring back someone who’s gone? You were gone for days, Tom! We didn't know where you went or how to find you!” 
“Haz, I—”
“Do you even know what that was like for us? For Paddy? He cried himself dry, Tom! First (Y/N), then you, how do you think that makes him feel? You’re his brother for fuck’s sake.” 
“I’m sorry,” Tom sighed, “but I have a chance. There’s a way to bring her back, Harrison. You said so yourself.” 
“A way that’ll get you killed!” 
“I love her!” Tom yelled, “I love her so fucking much! I love you all too, but (Y/N) was my soulmate. You can’t expect me to sit here and do fucking nothing when I have an opportunity to bring her home. This is for me, I know, but it’s for you guys too. (Y/N) loved all of you. She’d want you to fight for her.” 
“No, Tom,” Harrison frowned, “She loved all of us. She wouldn’t want us to risk our lives for her. We need to let sleeping dogs lie.” 
“Fuck you,” Tom snapped, “you don’t know a goddamn thing about her.” Tom pointed an angry finger at Harrison. 
“I did, Tom.” Harrison nodded, “And you knew her better than I did, so you know I’m right.” 
“Tom,” Paddy hesitantly spoke up, interrupting the ensuing argument, “if it would please you, I understand.” the boy said softly, “It’s okay if we are not enough. (Y/N) once told me that one day I’d feel love like you two felt, and I haven’t felt that yet, but the way she described it; I understand. If this is what you have to do, then do it.”
“You are enough, Paddy,” Tom sighed, “I just—”
“It’s okay,” Paddy insisted with a small smile, “if this is what you need to do, then do it. You deserve happiness or closure, neither will come if you do nothing.” 
Harry and Sam nodded, patting Tom on the back, “Brothers for life,” Sam insisted, “and in death too, I suppose.” 
“Don’t worry,” Tom hugged his brothers close, “it won’t come to that.” 
“Tom,” Hermes smiled at the young man as he strolled up the hill to his father’s shrine, “it’s nice to see you, son.” 
“Thank you, Hermes.” Tom bowed, “I appreciate all you are doing for me. You are doing me a great favor.” 
Hermes chuckled lightly and gripped the boy’s shoulder to raise him, “Don’t thank me yet, boy. Hades is expecting you, though he doesn’t seem quite happy about the impromptu intrusion.”
Tom nodded, “Yes, I do hope he will hear me out though.” 
“Contrary to what many think, Hades is a very just god. He follows the rules, and sometimes the rules are not in our favor, leaving him to deal with the backlash.” Hermes explained as he guided Tom through the woods, “I would not fear, though. It may not seem like it, but Hades can be a softy when the right story comes along. I do hope your story is one of those.” 
“I’m not fearful of Hades,” Tom corrected, “I’m fearful of leaving empty-handed. My love is waiting for me, and I don’t want to let her down.” 
Hermes smiled warmly, placing an arm around Tom and they trekked through the bushel. “I do hope this works out for you, son. But may I offer some advice?” Tom nodded, carefully listening to the god’s wise words. 
“Death does not sever the bonds of love.” Hermes stated, “I have seen all acts of love through the beginning of time, and death doesn’t stop a single one from getting across. You may weep for your love, but I promise you, she still comforts you in ways only the soul can see.” 
“I’m not sure I understand,” Tom frowned. 
“She is here, boy.” Hermes touched Tom’s forehead with the tip of his finger, “In your memories. And here,” Hermes moved the finger to Tom’s heart, “in your heart. But most of all, she is here,” Hermes extended an arm out into the air in front of them, “in everything. She lives on in spirit.” 
“I know, sir,” Tom nodded as a few tears slipped past his cheeks, “but I’m afraid it’s not enough.” 
“It isn’t for some.” Hermes agreed, “but sometimes, it’s all we have. Now come,” Hermes and Tom approached a large chasm-like opening in the ground, looking down upon nothing but darkness. “Charon is waiting for us down there.” 
“How do we—” 
“Hold tight, boy,” Hermes smirked, lifting Tom from under his arms and jumping into the hole. 
The wind whipped around Tom’s face, silencing the world around him as Hermes glided them down to the bottom of the seemingly endless pit. 
The bottom of the chasm was hundreds of miles down into the Earth, the only light being the opening that gradually fades out in the distance above them. 
“When you come out, you’ll come out at a different exit in the hillside,” Hermes explained, “I’ll meet you there and take you back down to your town.”
At the floor of the pit was a tunnel, lined by torches. “Here,” Hermes hands Tom six gold coins, “drachma to pay the ferryman.” 
“Thank you,” Tom nodded with a small smile, “for everything.” 
“No problem,” Hermes smiled, “now, go get your girl.”
As promised, Charon was waiting for Tom at the end of the dimly lit tunnel. He was in a long wooden boat, wading over murky black water. He looked at Tom as he approached and held out his boney grey hand. 
Tom gave him a tight-lipped smile and handed him the six drachma. Charon grunted with a nod, signaling Tom to get into the boat. 
Tom climbed in and situated himself in the rickety wooden boat just as Charon began to slowly move it through the waters, into the main void of the Underworld. 
In the darkness of the Underworld, Tom could see the reflection of the lost souls in the water. 
“Do all souls end up here?” He asked hesitantly, reaching out for the water. 
 “Don’t touch that,” Charon snapped, “lest you’d like to trade places with one of them.” 
Tom yanked his hand back and held it in his lap. 
“Those souls are lost,” Charon explained, “doomed to spend eternity in misery and torment. They were the ones that had too much-unfinished business.” 
Were you lost in there?, Tom wondered, as he looked solemnly at the murky water, Were you able to come back from that?
“She’s not down there, kid.” Charon spoke up, pulling Tom from his thoughts, “I remember bringing her down here. She was sad, but she also had an overwhelming feeling of contentment. Lost souls never make it past the boat ride.” 
“She made it all the way?”
“Yeah,” Charon nodded as he passed the gate into the underworld, “all the way to the city of the dead.” 
“Where are you taking me?” Tom asked as they entered the dark, yet extravagant city.
“Hades’ castle.” 
“Hades,” Charon announced his and Tom’s presence as they entered the throne room of the castle. “Tom, son of Apollo, is here for an audience with you, as requested.” 
The god of the underworld was sitting atop his black iron throne, his wife, Persephone, goddess of Spring, sat beside him, in her own, smaller seat. 
“Yes,” Hades’ voice boomed throughout the large room, “come forward, Son of Apollo.” 
Tom clutched his lyre close to his chest and walked forward towards the god, bowing upon arrival in front of his feet. 
“Hm,” Hades studied Tom, before waving a hand for him to rise, “thank you, Charon. You may go now.” 
Persephone narrowed her eyes at the boy, before giving him a warm smile. Hades remained stoic as his gaze burned into Tom’s head. 
“Hermes tells me this is an urgent matter,” He began, “urgent enough to request an audience with the god of the underworld himself, taking me away from my work.” 
“Yes sir,” Tom nodded.
“Well speak up, boy,” Hades raised his voice, “tell me the urgent matter.” 
“My wife,” Tom explained, “she died the night of our wedding. She was my soulmate, my one true love. I can’t live without, sir. I’ve tried so hard to move on, but I’ve never been able to return back to how I was before her.”
“You’ve interrupted my work for a girl?” Hades deadpanned. Tom lowered his head and hesitantly nodded. 
“Son,” Persephone spoke up, “death is death. It’s the most final thing in existence. Though I sympathize with your pain, there is nothing we can do.” 
“You could bring her back,” Tom pleaded, “I know you have the power, and I beg of you to use it.” 
“How long did you know her?” Hades asked.
“Less than a year,” Tom stated, “and I loved her for every moment.” 
“You will see her again,” Hades offered, “you are mortal after all. She’s gone, though, Tom. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, there was love. Is that not enough?”
“It isn’t, your grace.” Tom insisted, “Not love as we had. Nothing will ever be enough, but if I could just hold her again, it would be worth it. All the pain and heartache in life doesn’t nearly compare to the way my heart was ripped out when she died.” 
“That’s an awfully lovely lyre.” Persephone noticed, pointing to the instrument in Tom’s arms. “A gift from a god?”
“Yes, your grace,” Tom nodded, “it was a gift from my father.” 
“Why don’t you play us a song,” Persephone suggested, “while we think this over.” She sent a knowing look to Tom, giving her husband’s hand a squeeze. Hades nodded in agreement. 
*start playing the song now!*
Tom held the lyre in his hands and looked down at it. He hadn’t played it since your wedding night. He hadn’t had the motivation or the spark he once always had. He lost all interest in the instrument but still kept it by his side due to how much you loved it. 
You said you didn’t love him for his music, but he knew you loved to hear his pretty tunes. You’d always dance around and sing with him whenever you heard the sweet melody of his songs. 
Tom gently held the lyre in his hand, while his fingers began to strum the chords. 
All at once, his motivation returned. The prospect of you coming home, his love for you, ignited a new song in him. 
I used to hear a simple song, 
That was until you came along. 
Now in its place is something new.
I hear it when I look at you.
Tom could feel the pressure of tears in his eyes as he got lost in the music. The soft, melancholy tune whipping throughout the castle, until even the dead wept for his song. 
And then there was you. 
In a courtyard in the underworld, cold and dreary, you heard a sound you longed to hear again sift through the air. 
With simple songs I wanted more;
Perfection is so quick to bore. 
You are more beautiful by far. 
Our flaws are who we really are. 
The sound of your lover’s song drew your soul near. Before you knew it, your soul wandered through the castle walls, reaching to hear more of the beautiful melody you’d been deprived of. 
The song picked up as Tom’s emotions spiraled out of him. You saw as he poured his heart and soul out into the throne room of the castle. His tears poured down his cheeks as he sang until his throat was raw and torn.
I used to hear a simple song,
That was until you came along. 
You took my broken melody,
And now I hear a symphony! 
Tom cried his song out, and for a moment he could hear your beautiful voice joining him. He could almost smell the sweet scent of flowers that always clung to you, could almost feel your breath on his neck. And for a moment, he knew. He knew you were there, joining in his song like you always did. 
But when he turned around, only for a moment, just to catch a glimpse, you were gone again. And as he had been for the past few months, he was alone. 
And now I hear, 
A symphony.
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The Cloaked Rose -Chapter 4-
Tumblr media
Summary: What happens when a Psychic Nexus who feels anybody’s energy comes in contact with the Avengers but most importantly someone she thought she’ll never find.
Bucky X OC!Character
Avengers X Platonic!Character
A/N: The main character’s personality is based on myself and she’s not like Wanda just imagine the main character to be a different type of nexus and Wanda being just a witch not a nexus. Also it starts after Thanos dies meaning the falcon and winter soldier time but Tony and the rest are alive and Steve is a Nomad but the government is okay with him since He gave the shield to Sam. John Walker aka the US agent still exists but he’s on the down low. Loki is also an avenger now so chill.
Chapter 4
Alara’s POV
I had arrived at the compound, tony was there to receive me along with Steve, they were talking about something I couldn’t understand. “What are you old people talking about?” I ask them making tony look at me and roll his eyes.
“Hydra, they are also on the look out for the super soldier serum” Steve said, I nod and walk inside with them.
Everyone turns to look at us and Wanda walks up to me to hug me “Alara we missed you” Nat says as my luggage gets to the main floor. “So what happened?” Wanda asked me but all I could think was Bucky, he didn’t message me in the morning like he said he will.
“Alara!” Wanda said loudly, I got out of the thought and smile at her “sorry I was thinking about something” I said apologetically and she smiled widely “it’s fine Al, do you want my help to unpack your things?” She added as we get to my room.
“Thank you Wanda but I’m alright” I replied as I unzipped my luggage. It took me a while to get my things unpack and settle in before I walked down to the kitchen, on the way there Maria passes me a phone and I looked at her confused.
“Hello?” I say as I place the phone on my ear
“Hey beanbag” I hear Bucky on the other hand and I couldn’t stop chuckling at him
“I miss you” I finally tell him, feeling my heart beat even faster. For a minute there was a silence before I heard him speak again, “I’ll be back too love”.
Just then I heard sam’s voice telling them they have to go so we said our goodbyes and he ended the call. I kept smiling as I walked into the kitchen and made my cereal.
“So you talked to Bucky huh?” I heard Wanda say “you’re thinking about him” she added and I nodded as I took a bite of the cereal. “Are they coming soon?” Nat asked as she entered the kitchen. “Yeah soon” I replied.
We talked for a while more before taking out food to the lounge and eat. I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, all I was thinking about was Bucky; then I realised something. I was falling in love with him and it’s terrifying.
Third Person POV
Many days has passed since Alara and Bucky talked and it was the last day of Bucky and Sam’s mission as they had just defeated Karli and her gang.
“Let’s go back home” Bucky said as he and Sam arrived at Sarah’s place, Sam looked at Bucky and smirked “so you’re saying you’re missing Alara”, Bucky chuckled and replied “no I.. can you stop” Sam rolls his eyes as they walk down to the main door after getting their bags. They said their goodbyes to Sarah and the kids and promised to meet them again.
They were on their way to the compound when Bucky got a message from Alara, telling him she’s glad he and Sam are coming back. He did reply back this time but with a flower emoji only.
This confused Alara because Bucky was never the one to send emoji, how did he even learned how to use them.
The moment everyone saw the quinjet land on the ground they all went down to greet them. As soon as Bucky saw Alara, he went to hug her and she shyly hugged him back. “Since when are you to not trying to kill each other?” Tony said in his sarcastic tone making both Alara and Bucky chuckle.
“Well things change” Bucky said as Wanda tried to read his mind. As they all went inside Tony announced that he’s throwing a party to welcome Morgan into the world. Bucky looked at Alara from a far and she looked back at him and smiled.
But they have no clue how the party might change their future. Alara and Wanda along with Nat went to shop for some dresses. They returned after few hours and as the party was about to start they quickly got dressed and walked down, wanda walked towards vision while Nat went to the bar leaving Alara alone in the hallway, she walked towards the sitting area when suddenly a man came to her and asked her for a dance.
She accepted the request not knowing what else to do. He led her to dance floor and as she was dancing she felt Bucky stare at her, Bucky on the other hand was staring at her; his anger was about to get the best of him as he got off the sofa and walked to the dance floor.
He pulled Alara away from the man and whispered in her ear “I need to talk to you about something Al”, this made Alara’s heart beat faster as she held his hand as he led her to the bar. Nat saw them approaching and Bucky nodded at her signaling her about something, that made Nat leave the bar for a bit.
Will this night change everything for Alara and Bucky?
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𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭, 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐭 | 𝐩. 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
Summary: Peter and the reader are close friends, both hold harboured feelings  and refuse to make a move. After a night out, those feelings come to surface.
Sometimes the hardest thing in the world wasn’t learning to let go, but rather how to let someone in. To accept a stranger into your life, whether it be as a friend, an acquaintance or a lover. Every knew person you met was a story waiting to unfold, with no way of telling how each story would end, Each person was a chance at happiness, and also a risk for heartbreak.
This is exactly why Y/N had decided that through her entire life, keeping her circle small would be her best bet. All through her younger years, she went to school, studied and returned home. It was easier. Many of the kids
Y/N went to school with were nice and always tried to be her friend, but her social anxiety had limited her in who she felt comfortable talking with.
Peter Parker was one of those people.
He was kind and funny, a little clumsy at the best of times and a dork all through the others. But he had become someone that Y/N felt comfortable with. Although she could never replace his best friend Ned in a million years, The young girl knew that if she ever needed him, Peter would drop whatever it was he was doing to help her out.
Chatter echoed through the lunch room at midtown high, a prestigious school entered around the sciences. Not just anyone could get in, which made it that much more lavish. Even though many of the kids had secured their spots through parental donations to the football team or additions to the construction, there was a vast diversity of backgrounds for each student. Whether you were rich or poor, as long as you could meet the academic standard, midtown had a spot for you.
At the end of their middle school exams, Y/N knew that there was a very good chance she wasn’t going to be attending midtown with Peter and Ned the following year. She was smart, but after a poorly timed panic attack- she had blanked during one of her exams and missed quite a few marks. She would have to score at least high nineties on her last two exams if she ever wanted to see the inside halls of midtown. Y/N had all but given up.
That didn’t sit well with Peter.
It took many sleepless nights of studying with the boy-genius in order to get her marks high enough. But Y/N was grateful, without Peter she would have never made it to the school- he had really impacted her that summer. Adding fuel to what would soon be ignited into a crush.
“And then Hawkeye and maximoff started throwing cars at Iron man-“ “How could Hawkeye throw a car? He doesn’t have superpowers-“ The conversation between Flash and Liz had all but gone silent to Y/N’s ears. Their lunch table was full of kids just like every other day. But it seemed that during this particular lunch, Flash was overly enthused about the avengers recent break up in Germany.
Staring down into her notebook, Y/N frowned. The numbers along the page looked right, but they just didn’t make sense. She had seen her teacher go over this type of equation many times before and she knew what to do, but for some reason, whenever she sat down, she could never remember where to start or was to to next.
A slight nudge against her arm, brought her away from the paper- the furrow in her brown softening. “Stuck?” Peter asked, glancing down at her page of blank questions and answers.
The girl swallowed harshly and nodded. “I swear I know what to do I just-“ she groaned, dropping her pencil. “I just can’t keep up.” She admitted.
Peter frowned. He hated seeing Y/N stress about school. She had so much going for her and life that school should be the last thing she worried about. She was incredibly talented, they took an art class together over the summer of grade five and Peter remembered being astounded at her painting of a bridge, he didn’t know much about art- but he knew that she did a really good job.
“It’s okay! We’ll figure it out together okay? We can study tonight at your house if you want to” He offered her a kind smile. While Peter was usually awkward around girls that he liked, Y/N had been one of the only members of the opposite sex he was able to communicate properly with. He attributed that fact to growing up with her.
Y/N’s shoulders slumped as she let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks Pete.” She dropped her head onto his shoulder just for a moment, it was sort of like her version of a quick hug.
Putting her notebook back into her bag, The girl tuned into the conversation- Flash and moved on from his daily avengers talk and now Ned had brought up the new Star Wars movie the group was planning to go see. “We can go tonight- my friend works at the theatre so he’ll get us discounted tickets.” Everyone nodded in agreement except for Peter and Y/N.
“We already made plans tonight but you guys go have fun.” Peter shrugged. From across the table, MJ smirked she gave Y/N a little kick underneath the table and winked at her.
immediately feeling a sense of heat rise to her face, Y/N hummed. “Yeah but if Peter wants to go to the movie we can always make plans later-“ she tried to suggest, she knew that Peter had really been looking forward to this movie and she didn’t want to make him miss the opening night just because she could understand quadratic formulas.
Suddenly the expression on peter’s face faltered, he didn’t look excited but rather sad and disappointed. “Are you sure?” He asked gently.
Thinking it over, Y/N knew how screwed she would be if Peter didn’t help her with the worksheet that had been assigned. However the thought of her using Peter for her grades was also in her mind, and the last thing she wanted was for him to think that she was stupid or that she was using him. “Yeah it’s okay-“ she promised.
As the bell rang and singled the end of lunch, The group all sighed irritably. Two more classes and then the day would be over. Rushing from the cafeteria to her next class, Y/N caught the tail end of Ned’s voice. “Meet you all at the theatre for nine!”
Chemistry and Spanish was a breeze, Those were always Y/N’s favourite classes because Flash had chemistry in the morning with the same teacher so he would give Y/N his notes to review before her class. Being able to see what she was going to learn before the teacher presented it made her anxiety a lot better.
Knowing that she would have to meet everyone at the movie theatre that night, she decided to take some extra time at school and go to the library to study. She reread her chapter notes from Math class and tried to work through some of the examples on her own. She was getting better at them, while her answer wasn’t exact the majority of the time, the steps were being committed to memory and usually it came down to input error or her calculator.
It was nearly 7:30 by the time Y/N finally got back to her apartment. She lived in the older part of Brooklyn in a small two bedroom apartment with her grandma. Her parents both worked really important jobs at the oscorp building so through the week, Y/N stayed with her nana and then visited her parents on the weekends or days she was able to leave school early.
The jog up the stairs to her front door, was one that never failed to leave the girl breathless as she reached the top. “I should really start walking more.” She huffed out a breath. Unlocking the apartment, she walked inside- setting her bag on the floor and kicking her shoes near the closet. “Nana? I’m home-“ she called out.
“In the living room sweetheart-“ her grandmother called. Rounding the corner, Y/N was surprised to see Peter seated next to her grandmother on the couch. “Pete?’ She asked softly.
Peter frowned. “Hey- I thought I was going to help you study tonight.”
Y/N looked at him and shook her head. “But- the movies…” she trailed off, definitely confused that he was on her couch when she knew that he knew they made different plans.
Her grandmother ushered the two of them into Y/N’s bedroom so she could continue to watch her show quietly. Walking behind Y/N and closing her bedroom door, Peter sat on the foot of her bed. “I know we said we were going to the movies, but you were really struggling with the math- I just wanted to come early and see if I could help you.” He sighed. “Then I thought we could take the train together.”
Frowning softly, Y/N knew he meant the best. “Im sorry- I went to the library to try and study and see if I could figure it out- I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.” she mumbled. Reaching into her backpack, she took out her dirty clothes from gym class and threw them into her laundry hamper before sitting at her desk.
“I was only here for about half an hour.” Peter lied, he was not about to tell her he had spent the better half of the day waiting on her doorstep. He should’ve called her, but he thought that might have bene weird and for the first time in his life, feeling weird around a girl terrified him. Because it was Y/N.
His shy friend from middle school that could barely look someone in the eye when they talked to her unless she had known them for a while. Y/N- the same girl who he and Ned used to tease about wearing pink ribbons in her hair up until she stopped wearing them in sixth grade.
His best girl friend Y/N.
Shaking the thought from his head, Peter shrugged. “Did you end up figuring it out?” He asked. Going to look at her notebook. He flipped through her work and while he saw a few errors here and there, the more he looked the fewer he saw.
“Yeah- It started to get easier…” she mumbled. She still wasn’t sure if she would forget everything the next time she went to class, but she was hoping that maybe some of it would stick.
Peter’s gaze followed her figure around the room as she picked out a change of clothes to wear to the movies that night- when she motioned for him to turn around, he did so immediately, his own cheeks flaming. Even after spending countless summers in pools and waterparks, Y/N still managed to make him blush when she undressed.
“Okay you ready to go?” She asked, having pulled her sweater over her chest and smoothed out the wrinkles. Peter nodded, opening the bedroom door for her and leading her out.
“Alright nana- I’ll be back after the movie!” She called. Grabbing her house keys and jacket.
Peaking her head from around the corner, Her grandmother stopped her. “If it gets too late, you spend the night at Peter’s or MJ’s I dont want you kids walking back home here that late.” She instructed. “Too dangerous for little things like you.”
Y/N chuckled. Her and Peter headed out into the street, making their way to the subway. “So I guess you’re little now huh?” She teased Peter.
The boy let out a scoff. “I am not Little.” He smirked, rolling his eyes. He kept a careful eye, watching Y/N as she walked slightly ahead of him- and everywhere else to ensure they were safe.
“Whatever you say Parker.” Y/N hummed. She headed towards the subway and jogged down the stairs- punching her ticket before entering the loading bay. Peter followed after her, keeping his backpack tight to his shoulders.
It wasn’t long before they had managed to take the train to the movie theatre, quickly meeting up with the rest of their gang. Everyone was excited for the movie other than Liz, MJ and Y/N. They weren’t as devoted to Star Wars as the guys- not that it was bad, but they weren’t under the impression that seeing it on opening night was a matter of life and death.
But still the way Peter’s eyes lit up as he talked about his theories for the new movie and his hopes for each character made Y/N smile. He was so excited and his lips always curled at the slightest mention of the new lego pieces him and ned would undoubtedly have to add to their death-star project.
In fact, Y/N was sure she had watched Peter more so than the movie. With every jolt of action his shoulders would rise and slump- eventually he had caught onto the fact that she was watching him- his eyes drifting towards her as she quickly averted her own.
Peter almost smiled, but he did his best to hide the twist at the corner of his mouth. He knew for a fact that Y/N had only tagged along because he and Ned wanted to go. If it was just Flash, then she would have stayed home- but Y/N cared a lot about him and his best friend, that she was willing to sit through a stupidly long movie just to make him happy.
There were a lot of times in their friendship that she did that. Whether it be following them to a comic book convention, or sitting in his room and watching he and Ned build a lego Death Star for seven hours, she always did whatever she thought was necessary to keep the group happy.
Not that she had to do much.
Peter was always happy when Y/N was around. She just had that personality about her. Her smile was contagious- her laugh was something that could bring Peter out of his darkest slumps- and that little thing she did with her head when she rested it on his shoulder? It was unimaginable.
He liked her. He really liked her. But he knew that if she were tog et hurt because of who he was, he would never forgive himself.  That was how he knew the difference between Y/N and any other girl he had ever “liked” With MJ and Liz, he was willing to take the chance and try to be with him- making the excuse that he would always protect them and never let anything bad happen to them. It was naive.
When it came to Y/N, he was mature enough to realize that he couldn’t control other people’s actions- and he couldn’t prepare for everything. If someone were to find out who he was and who Y/N was to him- there was no telling what would come her way….
So even though it meant having to smile and be supportive whenever Y/N decided there was a boy she liked, Peter would suck it up. Because watching her be with someone else would hurt a lot less than losing her entirely.
The theatre flooded out into the lobby as the movie came to a close. The girls were chatting in the corner as everyone made their trips to the bathroom and the boys fawned over the movie. Ned and Flash were bouncing around the cinema making their own impressions of the characters while Peter waited for Y/N near the exit.
When she left MJ- He could see that contagious smile on her face, the grin immediately bring one to his own lips.
“Did you like it?” Peter asked. The girl hesitated which caused the two of them to laugh. “It’s alright- I know you only came so that I could go tonight.” He reassured her. They started to walk back towards the direction of her house- the street lights flickering over head.
“It was good, I mean- I didn’t enjoy it as nearly as much as you or Ned or Flash- but I can still say it was a good movie.” She shrugged, it had good direction and flow- the story just wasn’t something she was interested in.
Peter smiled. “It was pretty good.” He grinned. He wrapped his arm around the back of Y/N’s shoulders- feeling protective over her as they passed a group of guys standing along the side of the road.
A wave of anxiety rushed over Y/N as she heard the men start to walk behind them. She immediately grabbed a hold of Peter’s arm, holding it tightly as they picked up the pace. They were too far from the theatre now to run back and call out for help- and in the middle of a dark neighbourhood where there was zero traffic, their options were limited.
“Peter…” the girl whispered fearfully. Her grip tightening on him as he pulled her closer.
“I know-“ he whispered into her hair, he started to pick up his pace, practically dragging her along with him. His grip around her waist had tightened and he felt her wince- but still he didn’t let up. He had no Spiderman mask with him. So if he started swinging around there would no longer be a secret identity. “Follow me.” Peter spoke stiffly, dragging Y//N with him down an alley as he tried to find a shortcut, or at the very least somewhere they could hide.
Maybe he could call Mr.Stark- or the police, he didn’t know, his mind was going overtime.
“Hey hey hey! What do we have here?” A large burly ma called out as they walked in front of the other end of the alley.
Whipping her head behind her, Y/N saw that the previous group of four that had been following them, had turned into two. They had peeled off at some point- they chased Peter and Y/N directly into their trap.
“Come on guys- we don’t want any trouble.” Peter laughed out nervously. Bracing Y/N behind him as he tried to shield her with his body.
Y/N breathing quickened as she watched the group slowly surround them. “Peter just do what they say.” She spoke quickly. Handing her purse off to one of the men as he ordered her to toss it.
“Thats right buddy- listen to your girlfriend.” The large greasy man from before went to reach out and grab Y/N- Peter’s eyes immediately darkening.
“Dont touch her!”
The man paid no warning and pushed Y/N to the side, the girl falling to the ground and staying huddled against a brick wall. “Give us your wallet, and that watch.”
Peter glanced down at his watch-A gift from his uncle “No-“ that wasn’t happening. Not a chance in hell was he giving that up.
“Peter!” Y/N cried- she was terrified that he was going to get himself killed.
Glancing around him, The young boy surveyed his options. He was outnumbered, and even with his super strength…. There was a real possibility that he was going to come out with a couple of bumps and bruises. But he couldn’t be sure of what would happen to Y/N.
“Y/N run!”
No sooner than the order was given, Peter launched into an attack- he threw his weight against the man that was closest to him, trying to knock him off his feet so that he could give the girl a clear exit- within seconds the group had swarmed both him and Y/N.
The girl’s screams- shocking Peter like cold water. Fists flew and legs kicked from every direction.
It was over in a matter of seconds.
Peter watched as the very last man ran down the alley. Scampering away and holding his arm to his chest.
“Their gone now- Y/N were okay-“ he turned around, his victorious expression faltering. “Y/N!” The girl clung to the corner of the brick building, her hand hugging her stomach. Peter rushed towards her and immediately brought her into his arms.
“Oh my god- are you hurt?” He moved her hand, scared that he was about to find blood.
Shaking her head, Y/N took a breath. “Im okay- just got punched in the stomach- it’s nothing serious.” She promised him.
He helped her stand up straight and Y/N gasped, noticing the small cut on his cheek. It was swollen and raised and she knew for a fact it was going to be a nasty shade of purple the next morning. “Peter- What were you thinking?!” She growled at him, slapping his chest.
Peter’s eyes widened, reaching out to stop her from hitting him but she was too quick. “You could have gotten yourself killed! You’re not a superhero Peter! You don’t get to jump into battle! And almost get yourself hurt!” She cried at him..
Y/N’s eyes were furious- and Peter swore he had never seen her look so angry.
Finally catching her wrists to prevent any further assault, Peter brought her into a hug “Im sorry okay! I couldn’t let them take my watch- or your purse- but that’s besides the point-“ he held her tightly.
They started to walk home again, faster than the last time as Y/N spilled out her worries to him. “You could have died- what if they had a gun, or a knife or a crowbar! I would’ve lost you!” She snapped.
“You mean everything to me Peter Parker! No more heroics do you understand me?” She grabbed his hand and held onto him tightly. “I love you.” She confessed.
Peter’s heart ached. If Y/N knew what he really did on nights he said he couldn’t come out, she would freak- and that would make him freak and he couldn’t deal with that. “I love you too… No more heroics- I promise.” Peter didn’t realize in that moment that Y/N was confessing her romantic feelings towards him, but he did mean what he said.
Peter couldn’t even keep Y/N safe from a couple of thugs on a walk home from a movie- his ego was shot, but there was one thing for certain.
Peter could never tell Y/N that he was Spiderman…. And he could never tell her how much he loved her, because he couldn’t keep her safe.
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When Light Runs Out
Pairing: Peter Parker x Depressed!Reader
Warnings: angsty meter = 5/11, focuses on depression and alludes to eating disorder
Request: Would you be able to do one with the reader dealing with ed/depression and Peter noticing and helping her? I’m currently struggling so idk, i feel like it could help. If you’re not comfortable with that that’s totally fine.
Synopsis: Peter works up the courage to talk with you about your mental health.
a/n: thank you to the person who requested this, I hope you and everyone else likes it. I too have struggled with an eating disorder in the past and still come back to it from time to time. Remember, you can message me on my second account if you need to talk or talk to someone you know.
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work on any platform, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
The pressure of being human was weighing down on you. No matter what you did to try and lighten up, you couldn’t step out of the dark hole you fell into. Nothing in life seemed to make you feel good anymore.
You stopped taking care of yourself. You were still able to put on a happy facade, in fact, you were so good at it that no one seemed to notice how out of sorts you were. Except for Peter.
He noticed everything about you so it was easy to detect your change in behavior. You declined his invite to go places, stopped laughing at his stupid jokes, even quit coming by his apartment after his patrol, and he would forget the last time he saw you eat.
Your intentions weren’t to break up with him or make him feel bad too. You just didn’t want him to see you like this. At one of your lowest points. But part of being a couple was going through difficult times together.
You were there when he couldn’t handle being a superhero for a few months and so he vowed to be there for you.
Now, he stood outside your apartment, with the conversation he had in mind to talk to you along with the bouquet of miscellaneous flowers.
He knocked and a few beats later you opened the door. His smile fell when he saw how worn out you looked. You were worn out. Dark circles under your eyes, your sweat pants untied and pooling at your feet. It looked like you hadn't gotten off of your couch in a week with several used cups decorating the coffee table. Not to mention, the blankets you seemed to accumulate over time.
“Hey,” you greeted him, head tilting when you noticed the flowers, “what are these for?”
“You,” he tried to regain his smile as he handed them to you.
“Oh- um, thanks,” you gave him a peck on the cheek before meandering over to the kitchen to get a vase.
Peter shut the door behind him and walked over to you, taking the flowers back.
“Let me,” he opened a cupboard and took over the search.
You figured he wouldn’t take no for an answer and had a seat at the kitchen island.
“So what’s up?” You asked while he filled the vase.
“Nothing, just missed you,”
“Sure Peter,” you rolled your eyes, “you spoil me but flowers are something for anniversaries and dead people.”
He chuckled and placed the flowers in the vase before setting them next to you on the counter.
“Is it a crime to get the love of my life flowers,” he raised his eyebrows, leaning over the counter in front of you.
“You’re the Avenger, so you tell me,” your lips quirked into a small smile, but to Peter’s dismay, it was gone as quickly as it appeared.
“Look y/n/n,” he reached for your hands which you found odd, although you had determined his love language was definitely touching, “how are you?”
He figured jumping right into “are you depressed?” wouldn’t go over well.
“I- yeah I’m fine,”
Your eyes looked away from his, you felt they were going to see right through to your sunken heart.
“I don’t- I don’t think you are,” Peter told himself he wouldn’t cry but he already felt the tears coming to his eyes.
He couldn’t help it. Seeing you like this, no light in your eyes, made him feel like the worst boyfriend ever. He wanted to talk to you sooner, but he thought you would shake off the feeling on your own. You’re pretty independent, he didn't want to step on your heels. He knew you were strong and could overcome it.
Too bad that wasn’t the case, at least not on your own.
“Y/n, come on,”
“I said I’m fine,” you narrowed your eyes at him but your expression softened when you saw the tears in his eyes. “Why are you crying?”
“Because I don’t want to see you like this anymore. I love you and you’re just-“
“Don’t tell me what I am,” you turned away from him, walking down the hallway of your apartment.
He hastily followed after you but you were quick on your feet to get away from the conversation. That is until you felt something wrap around your wrist and yank you back down the hall.
“What the fuck?” you turned to see Peter pulling you to him with a web he shot.
You retaliated but you couldn’t break the silk. Your body collided with his, chests flush against each other. He wrapped his strong arms around you, bringing you closer to him if that was possible.
The two of you sank to the floor, landing with your hands clinging to his sides. Your tense body stayed in his arms, remembering what it felt like to be held by him.
You buried your face in his shirt, heavy sobs soaking through to his skin. His hands stroked your back, careful when running over your now prominent spine.
“I’m not…okay,” you whispered after calming down a little, breathing still unsteady.
“I know, but I’m right here with you, you can’t get rid of me,” he kissed the side of your neck, resting his head there.
“I own bug spray,” you retorted, earning a light laugh from him
“Arachnid but yeah,” he pulled back by only a little, just to see your face, “I’m sorry,”
“Not your fault I feel this way,” you shrugged in his hold.
“No, but I should have talked to you sooner, I love you so much and can’t stand y- you suffering,”
Your boyfriend's cheeks were stained with tears just like yours and you let out a sigh.
“You are now and I’m ready to talk about it,” you kissed the corner of his mouth making him smile, “I love you, Parker,”
“Good because I want to help,”
“It’s rotten work,” you clicked your tongue and started to stand.
“Not to me when it’s for you,” he said while standing up next to you, his eyes full of adoration and love.
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show your pride - peter parker
Tumblr media
title: show your pride
summary: peter has a knack for sticking up for the little guy, much like another new york native.
pairing(s): platonic peter parker x reader, winterspider bonding
word count: 292
warning(s): mentions of a fight, homophobia, and bruises. one curse word.
a/n: i meant to post this yesterday as a kind of tribute to my one-year anniversary to coming out, but i had a busy day yesterday. happy pride month, sunbeams!
“Got to tell ya, kid. I didn’t think I’d ever have to pick you up from school because of fighting.” James remarks to the baby spider. “Remindin’ me more and more of Stevie as time goes on.”
“I take that as a compliment.” Peter tells the Sergeant despite his bruised lip.
He chuckles. “Of course you do. He also fought for a worthy cause.” He opens the door to the compound and lets Peter pass before going through himself. “I’m assuming you had one.”
Peter purses his lips and faces the hulking soldier. “There was this kid… my classmate. The guy I had that fight with picks on them constantly because…” Peter pauses because he’s not sure if Y/N would be okay with him telling Bucky about their circumstances.
“Because what?”
“They, uh, they’re not straight.”
Bucky’s respect for the boy skyrockets when he hears this. The world has become immensely more tolerant of things and people like that than they were back in his time. But there was still a long way to go. The punk is brave, I’ll give him that. “So, you beat the shit out of the other guy because he was harassing your friend for being gay.”
Peter blinks at his crude summarization of the ordeal. “I only got a couple of punches in, but yeah.”
He lays a heavy hand on the spider’s shoulder. “You're a good guy, Peter. Your friend is lucky to have someone like you in their corner.”
Peter’s cheeks can’t help but color at the praise. “Thanks, Sergeant Barnes, but I didn’t really do anything. I was just defending Y/N.”
“I think you did more than you realize.” He squeezes his shoulder in assurance. “And it’s Bucky to you now.”
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