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#peter parker x reader

Forbidden Love

Stark!Peter x Osborn!Reader

Part 4

*This is a Romeo and Juliet AU*

Part 3

Summary: In modern-day New York, there is two well   known wealthy families/corporations, Stark Industries and Oscorp Industries. Both very big rivals and the heads of the families  aren’t very found of each other either. So what will happen when the  two youngest heirs to the companies meet and unknowingly falling in love with  the enemy?


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Clouded, Pt. I

Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Read, Michelle Jones x Stark!Reader

Synopsis: You go on a mission where you are exposed to a love serum where you fall in love with the first person you see, that person is Michelle Jones. The only problem is that you’re dating Peter.

Word Count: 1.1k

Author’s Note: So I thought that this idea would be interesting. It was kind of inspired by all of the like love dust fics I’ve seen. And it was heavily inspired by this story (which I highly recommend reading). I had seen this with the reader falling in love with Peter, or another person on the team. But I thought that this would be an interesting concept. I hope y’all like it. Also, this is going to be a mini-series, so there will be more than one chapter. 

Masterlist | Series Masterlist


Your life had drastically changed since you’d decided to take up the superhero gig. You’d wanted to follow in your father’s footsteps, and it was great at first. You loved it, and it definitely made you seem cooler to everyone else at school. You were a freaking superhero, and that was something that they all thought was awesome. It always looks awesome from afar, but it’s not that awesome up close and personal. 

You were a Stark, and you’d been in the spotlight since you were a child. You were used to media attention, and while it was annoying it was just a part of your life. You’d grown accustomed to all eyes being on you, and now it was just like a minor buzzing in the background. It was just something that you could ignore, unless you really focused on it and then you couldn’t ignore it for the life of you. 

You’d gotten used to a multitude of things that most would consider to be the strangest of things to have in your day to day life, but there were still some things that managed to catch you by surprise. Peter Parker was one of those things. You’d been impressed with the video footage online of Spiderman, and then next thing you knew your father was introducing you to Spiderman himself. You were impressed then, and you continued to be impressed. The boy was hell bent on proving himself to your father, and it was actually kind of cute to watch.

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i’m gonna be doing these over saturday + sunday, so hmu with a character and a prompt for blurb! :D i write for all star wars trios and for marvel, i’m gonna be doing steve, bucky, tony, peter & natasha 

1) ‘if you can tell how i’m feeling through the force then you’ll be able to tell i’m absolutely fuming’

2) ‘this is not a marriage! this is the world’s worst hangover!’

3) ‘we’re safe, you can let go of my hand now’ ‘five more minutes’

4) ‘i look at you and i see my future’

5) ‘you crossed the line? you’re so far past the line that you can’t even see it! the line is a dot to you!’ 

6) ‘it’s happy hour somewhere!’ ‘it’s 6am. on a sunday.’

7) ‘i was hoping to make (name) forget about the big, bad thing i did by doing an even bigger, even badder thing.’ 

8) ‘the moment i laid eyes on you, all common sense left my body’

9) ‘well, what do you need to be happy then?’ ‘i need you, you moron!

10) ‘forget your ex with meaningless sex. it rhymes because it’s true.’ 

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omg i missed writing ab peter

peter benjamin parker has a knack for clumsiness, so it’s a wonder that he’s able to slip into her room without making too much noise. in all honesty, he didn’t know as to where else he was supposed to go– it was late and he just finished a round of patrolling for the night. this round included him getting banged up just a bit, and he was in desperate need of some reprieve. 

stripping out of his suit, he tries his best to not make so much noise that we causes a disturbance, but his aching muscles did cause a few quiet moans and groans to fall past his lips in the process.

“y/n? y/n? are you awake?” his voice breaks out in the silence of the room, hoping that his girlfriend would roll over and do that cute little squinting thing after flicking on her side table lamp. however, he forgot that she sleeps like a rock, especially after a whole afternoon of her lab internship. 

sighing to himself, peter lifts up the comforter she’s under– slipping into the bed, no longer caring that she’s going to scold him about how she’s going to have to wash her sheets from his dirty body infiltrating it once again. it’s a running joke between them, always accompanied by her punching him in the arm or lightly slapping the back of his head while the two of them laughed about it. it’s a joke because she knows it’s better for him to come to her dirty than to never come to her at all.

“mmm, peter?” she sounds groggy while shifting back into him. he hums in response. “is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” he lets out a small chuckle while pressing a kiss to the back of her neck. 

“figured it was time these sheets had a nice wash,” he whispers back to her and though he can’t see her face– he knows that she’s smiling in the dark.

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authors note: gif’s not mine, all credits to the one who made it

hope you enjoy <3


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

  • You being Tony’s dauther
  • Him being super shy when you first met
  • Hugs from behind™
  • Him being the little spoon
  • You accidentally telling Sam that you’re dating
  • Literally the next day everyone came to congratulate you two like it’s a damn wedding
  • Watching cartoons together
  • Him helping you with homework 
  • He’s a living cinammonn roll
  • And also a bottom
  • Holding hands while walking through the school hall
  • You hiding his suit so he can’t find it
  • And him getting really stressed when you do it
  • You being jealous of his relationship with your father
  • Him kissing you on the nose A LOT
  • Pranking other avengers 24/7
  • Especially Sam 
  • Him being turned on by literally half of the things you do
  • Talking about movies during missions, and annoying everyone with it
  • A sleepover without a pillow fight is not a sleepover for you two
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( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 )

[ my masterlist ] word count: 3, 963



Potholes littered the road that stretched out in front of them.

The scene was just like every other night, except Y/N had a companion. She felt safer with Peter by her side.

“Does your suit know their location?” She asked as they turned down another nameless street. Words between the heroes had been scarce, but Y/N did not mind. She knew hunting down criminals wasn’t the best way to get to know one another.

“Yeah.” He affirmed quietly, making sure Y/N was lingering a safe distance behind him. “Just up ahead. I can hear them.”

“You can?” She gasped. “What are they saying?”

Peter didn’t answer. His side of the conversation had gone quiet. Y/N knew it was because he didn’t want her to tag along. The girl took his silence to heart, and decided to stop asking questions. She needed to remain neutral while she walked alongside him. Even if she was thrilled, practically overjoyed to be with him, he was serious and she needed to be as well.  

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Summer sleepover 🌱🍉


Originally posted by chinaoriginal

The time of summer is here! I wanted to bring light to my blog by having a little sleepover! I feel like I haven’t really talked to you guys in awhile and since I believe most people are done with school I am hosting a sleepover!

Here’s what you can send in!

  • 🧸 for Blurbs (you can send in prompts from here or you can do whatever you want 🥰)
  • AUS
  • Concepts(please tag concepts with ✨)
  • Fmk
  • Tag your mutuals as…
  • Send me a blog and I’ll complement them!
  • Send me a 🍉 and I’ll complement your blog!
  • Tell me about future fics you wanna see from here!
  • Send a 💌 for a love letter from your fav!!(please specify who!)
  • Tell me about your tumblr crush or just your crush in general!
  • 🍓for a fic rec!

Who do I write for?

Tom holland, harry holland, Harrison osterfield, Peter Parker, Joshua Bassett, Ricky Bowen

Please do not send in graphic smut!! If you’re going to send in smut I’m not going to write it in full! Also please no talk about what’s happening in the world right now! I’m trying to bring positivity for the night! I also do not write for male!readers🥺💕

Tagging some people so this does not flop: @thollandss @fallinfortom @sleepyhollands @stormyholland @rcmxnoff @hollandbaby @hollandsamor @joshuaparkers @mcuparkers @softholand @screamholland @euphoria-parker @londonspidey @aussie-holland

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Lovedust (Role Reversal) HC


Author’s Note: Thank you anon who asked me about this cause OH BOY! My last Peter HC was utter trash but I love this one!! Hope you guys like it!!!! This idea was so fun and when I started Lovedust, I was going to make it this way but decided that Peter falling in love with you was just *chefs kiss* perfect

- So! We all know (for the most part) how Peter is when he absorbs the lovedust BUT what if the roles were reversed 

- Lets rewind shall we? bLooPyBlIpziPzaPZoOp

- Right so lets kick it off to when you start to regain consciousness after touching the lovedust 

-Peter is panicking right beside you and making sure you haven’t broken anything or cracked your head open like it was a watermelon 

-and you’re just staring up at him with those freaking puppy dog eyes as he’s looking back at you like what’s up little bud, got a staring problem?

-Deadass the first thing that comes out of your mouth is “I don’t know what’s wrong with me Peter but have I ever told you how much I love it when you say my name”

-And peter is like tf this bitch just say? Cause remember yall, seconds ago you were threatening to kill him PLUS Peter doesn’t even know what the dust is he just thinks you were gonna explode 

-now he really thinks you have a concussion so he’s checking your head again and you literally melt into his hand as he cups the side of your face

-all you can focus on was how brown his eyes actually are and without a second thought you just straight up tell him 

-“ jesus your eyes are so brown like soooo brown do you even know how brown they are? Like a beautiful chocolate brown like how authors say it in books- god my chest hurts- fuck I can’t even stop to think my mouth is literally just going- my heart is gonna burst open literally-I’m in love with you Peter Parker” 


-He’s looking around to make sure he isn’t being pranked like cut the cameras, deadasss

- he isn’t even sure how to respond but thank goodness your dad and Banner and the other Avengers show up like why are these two teenagers wet 

- It takes an hour to explain to Peter what the lovedust is and every time, Peter doesn’t even believe it

- “So you’re telling me she loves…. my eyes?”

-” Oh my god- we’re saying she LOVES YOU. LOVE + DUST!” 

-and Peter is utterly shooketh because as many times as he’s dated, he wasn’t sure a girl actually loved him 

-as your dad and Banner are arguing, you are already cuddled up underneath Peter’s arm as his brain is trying to register what the hell is going on because the only time you two were ever this close was when you beat his ass for putting blue hair dye in your shampoo before homecoming 

-so days pass and you’re doing a shit job at trying to keep your mouth under control because your body was literally working against you

- If yall think Peter didn’t have a filter, then when the tables had turned, you were WAY WORSE

- “ Your arms are so big how are they so big can you just hold me for a second?”

-” UHm I don’t think your dad would want me to do that but I can give you a hug”

- “ Have I ever told you how good you smell? Like I just want to tuck my face into your neck forever like an oxygen mask”

-” wut? UhM here you can have my hoodie it kinda smells like me”

-” Peter, what do you think about starting a family with me?”

-” ASGJFK You mean riGhT now? Like, here in the kitchen?” 

- Everything was worst than how it was for Peter and you weren’t exactly why but the only thing that ever helped the pain was physically being close to him 

- at night, you would toss and turn and you could feel your senses dial-up so everything was extra hot, extra bright, extra loud and the pain was EXTRA excruciating 

-one night the pain was so bad you knocked on Peter’s bedroom door and pouted 

-”Can I sleep with you?” 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

- and Peter’s teenage boy mind just shuts down

-” GAH um I think we should wait until you’re actually in the right state of mind to take it to the next level like that PLUS I don’t have any protection-”

-” I meant can I sleep in your bed for tonight” even though you were totally down for his suggestion 

-dont look at me like that in yall wanna get down with Peter

-Peter mentally pushes himself off of a cliff but secretly lets you into his room because BOI if Tony found out that you two were in the same bed, lovedust or not, he would MURDER PETER

-he gets you settled and decides he’s going to sleep on the floor because he respects women like it’s his goddamn job but when he offers, you literally look like you’re going to bust out into tears 

-so okay new plan Peter sleeps next to you but puts a pillow in between the two of you just in case any unnecessary contact happens 

- but you’re still being a baby about it so Peter agrees to move the pillow but he tells you that cuddling is off the table

-” This is already kinda weird and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable so just stay on your side of the bed okay Y/N?”

- but you’re already knocked out so Peter is like phew

-for most of the night, he is looking up at the ceiling as you’re snoring quietly beside him and his heartbeat hasn’t slowed down since you knocked on his door

-a girl has NEVER been in Peter’s bed before but he kinda doesn’t mind? He can feel your body heat coming and it makes him so sleepy 

-it was comforting knowing that you were in less pain now that you were beside him and the thought made Peter flustered 

-but before his eyes shut, you kinda just roll over and now you’re tucked into his chest and Peter’s body shuts down for the millionth time

-he wants to move you off of him, not because it’s uncomfortable but because he feels like he’s taking advantage of the situation 

-he would never want you to feel like you weren’t under complete control so he does the gentlemen thing and kinda slides you off of him

-but you’re holding on tight like a damn koala so after a few minutes, he kinda has the mentality of when a dog falls asleep in your lap 

-like you can’t get up and wake the dog cause duh morals so Peter just lays there next to you

-he’s literally trying to fight off his sleepiness but after a while, he just submits because he was exhausted 

-it isn’t until the morning when Peter wakes up before you to see that his arm had draped over your body while sleeping and yall were practically 

-S P O O N I N G 

-and he’s panicking and he tries to get up slowly but you turn your body to face him and you bury your face into his chest

-”just five more minutes please?” 🥺

-your sexy sleepy voice mixed with Peter being half awake made everything even worse 

-Peter wasn’t even under the lovedust but he was completely whipped for you and goddamn it, how could he say no to that face 

-Peter could feel how tired you were as he held you and he knew how much pain you were in. In his head, he wasn’t sure if you would do the same if the roles were reversed but either way, Peter felt that it was the right thing to do 

-Peter decides to pull you closer and a part of him wishes he could hold you forever 


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main masterlist


the avengers: a team that will not think twice about sacrificing themselves if it means saving earth and the ones they love.


bucky barnes: loyal, brave, and willing, but he has a lot to learn when it comes to being an adult in the twenty-first century.


carol danvers: she may be able to carry a spaceship to earth and fly across the galaxy in under an hour, but she appreciates a strong foundation to return to.


tom holland: the kind of person who wouldn’t be afraid of telling the world he made it all while giving others the chance to do the same.


loki laufeyson: as misunderstood as he may be, there seems to be a little voice in the back of his head that makes him persistent when it comes to reclaiming his narrative.


peter parker: an awkward teenage boy who makes pop culture references like it’s going to save his life.


steve rogers: a captain, friend, and goofball who wants to make his friends proud and save the world.


natasha romanoff: the world’s most dangerous assassin, and yet she finds comfort in a cup of coffee among the busy city that is manhattan.


tony stark: a man who would give his life to save the world but wouldn’t spare one second to think of himself.


the adventures of y/n stark: a regularly updating collection of vignettes that detail the life and adventures of y/n stark, a self-proclaimed baker, thrill seeker, and an all around good person.

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