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#peter parker x romanoff!reader
The Avengers Reaction To You Slapping Them
☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know
⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word count: IDK
Warning: Does slapping count as abuse? Is yes, then there’s that
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Peter Parker
It happened quickly. One moment you were arguing over him doing something reckless and the next you knew he was cradling his cheek with his hand. He slowly looked at you, shock in his eyes. He said a small ‘ouch’ but nothing else and walked away. The tears obvious in his eyes.
After his head snapped over to the side he slowly looked back at you as your hand fell to your side. You showed no emotions as he gave a small laugh and smirked. 
“Did you really think that would affect me darling?”
Steve Rogers
He looked at you. A look of confusion and disappointment written on his face.
“Obviously you need to calm down. I’ll come back later.”
Bucky Barnes
He looked at you as if he was either going to murder you or start to cry. You didn’t even let him say anything as your stormed away.
Wanda Maximoff
She looked at you. Confusion and sadness written all over her. She felt hurt that you did that, but she was confused on why. But she didn’t say anything and just walked away from you. You didn’t see each other for about 2 weeks after that
Natasha Romanoff
She clicked her tongue on the top of her mouth and smirked at you. To be fair, she only had her reaction because she isn’t used to anyone slapping her. She usually did that.
“Well, if you wanted to do that, you should have just asked.”
Tony Stark
He immediately took off his sunglasses when he snapped back to look at you. He held them at one end and pointed the other end at you. 
“Why? Why?!”
His head snapped to the side. Quicker than you thought it would as he was a god. He looked back at you with a smile on his face and as usual, he made a small joke.
“My dear Y/N! That tickled! I liked that very much! Never much does it tickle when a person slaps me! Please do it again!”
Pietro Maximoff
His head slowly turned to look at you. He laughed lightly, a smirk landing on his lips.
“Well, I didn’t see that coming.”
Sam Wilson
He looked at you and scoffed, shaking his head.
“Is that the best you can do? No. I know you can slap harder than that now.”
Scott Lang
He looked at you. Confused and concerned. 
“D-did I do something bad?”
Bruce Banner
He didn’t look at you. He kept his head to the side, obviously trying to keep the Hulk in. After a few moment he looked at you. It was obvious that he was upset that you did something so reckless.
“If I hadn’t been able to control him and keep him in, we would be in a very very different situation Y/N.”
Clint Barton
He laughed lightly as he looked back at you. A playful smile on his face. Obvious that he found that a joke.
“Now my dear Y/N, have you forgotten who my best friend is? Being slapped won’t affect me.”
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Hi! I am so so so so so sorry that I haven’t posted in a few days! I have always had severe stomach issues that had been getting better during covid and very recently they got bad again and I started my period a few days ago. So I have both stomach cramps from my period and my stomach issues, Those mixed together suck ass. But! On the brightside! I’m about to work on the rest of the SOUR posts and part 1 of House of WandaVision and I have these small headcannons for both the Avengers and X-Men. 
Those headcannons being their reaction to you slapping them, their reaction to you kissing them for the first time, their reaction to you saying ‘I hate you’, and their reaction to you flinching when they raise their hand while in an argument.
So, hopefully by Friday I will be done with SOUR and the first part of House of WandaVision will be out!
OH! And my requests will be done! I almost forgot about those! I have like, three I need to do. Whoops
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twoidiotwriters1 · 11 hours ago
Iron 15 (Peter Parker x Fem! Oc)
Words: 2,152
Chapter 14
Tumblr media
If a few hours ago, Lily was tired, but now she’s worse. Everything is accumulating in her head. Her powers, her panic attack, the shooting, and now Phil's death. She doesn't know what to do right now.
She walks through the corridors of the ship, thinking about everything that has happened.
They were supposed to prepare me for moments like this, where someone wanted to hurt me and I could defend myself. But with the sound of a gunshot, I froze. I know I want to help, but how can I do it if I’m always afraid?
And the whole plan to use me for weapons.
Fury tried to talk to them, when he told them about Phil, Bruce's out of control, and the loss of Thor. Everything.
“We only think of Lily as a source of power as plan B. It was thought that she could give us some sample and then duplicate it. She's only in the archives, I never thought it could really be done,” was what he said. Still, she felt like a lab rat again.
Why can’t they let me in peace? These are my powers, only I can use them and if I could lend them or something like that, it’d never be to make weapons.
I should have stayed with Pepper.
"Not again,” She closes her eyes and growls when she hears the hiss, but something else happens.
She feels dizzy. Lily stops and holds onto the wall next to her until she falls to the ground. She opens her eyes and everything turns. Her powers are sharpening, she can feel something. When she closes her eyes again, her mind projects various images in no order.
Eternal flame…
A quinjet. Heaven. The tesseract. White stones. New York. The Stark tower. Loki.
Suddenly, she opens her eyes and her breath hitches.
Why on earth does she keep listening to the scepter if it is no longer around? She complains and brings her hands to her head, trying to stop the dizziness. The images went by very quickly, making everything worse. The best thing to do now is to do the breathing exercises again. And after a few minutes, she reacts by connecting the images.
"Oh my god,” She squeals in fear. "This is bad... very bad,” She gets up slowly and remembers that her father had left the control room after Fury's speech, but she doesn't know where he might be.
She walks through the halls quickly until she finds one of the agents. She asks him about her father and luckily, he tells her where he is.
When she arrives, he and Steve are about to leave.
“Dad-, I- uh, I- I saw. Loki- New York…” She says agitated.
“Wow, slow down, kid. What's going on?" Tony says.
"I know where the tesseract is!” She blurts out.
Steve and Tony share a confused look. Just before the girl arrived, they had already talked about it.
"In the Stark tower! Loki’s there too!”
"Okay, I found that out first,” says Tony. "How did you do it?"
Lily is now the confused one.
"Uh, I-" She clears her throat and tries to explain to her father everything that has happened since she was near the scepter.
"And it didn't occur to you to tell me?"
"I tried! Many times, but you wanted to impress your new friends "
“Damn it. We'll talk about this later,” She sighs. “You're getting weirder. We have work to do.”
Lily runs to the captain's side trying not to be left behind, until they reach a room where Clint Barton and Natasha should be.
"Time to go," Steve says as soon as the door opens. Natasha’s sitting on a bed.
"Go where?"
"I'll tell you on the way.”
"Can you fly one of those jets?"
The bathroom door opens.
"I can,” says Clint
Steve looks up at Natasha for approval and she nods.
"You got a suit?"
"Then suit up.”
Lily feels the look of the redhead.
"Uh, uh. I'm still mad at you,” says the girl.
"Noup! You can’t talk to me. I ’m busy!” She says to then go out into the hallways.
"I thought you were exaggerating her resemblance to Stark," Clint says with a smile. Natasha makes a face.
As the four adults get ready, Lily watches them closely.
“Dad," She calls him on the intercom.
“What do I have to do when we get there?” In her mind the words 'I want to help' try to get out, but with her panic attack a few hours ago, she doesn't have the courage to say it.
“For now, we must know exactly what Loki is up to in the tower. I will keep you in a safe place.”
“You don't fight, you don't complain… Not even a tantrum?"
She sighs. "I suppose not.”
"Are you okay?"
"I don’t know.”
“Lily?" Steve calls her.
"See you in a bit, dad.”
The four of them walk towards the first quinjet they find. And without further ado, they use it without authorization.
In New York, Tony Stark arrives directly at his tower where Loki receives him. He tries to distract him to buy more time, but all to no avail when the portal is opened.
A beam of light shoots into the sky, letting in the alien army: the Chitauri. Thanks to Loki, the army initiates its plan to destroy everything in its path.
Iron man destroys all possible creatures, but his technology can’t win against that of the Chitauri, at least not alone. The destruction begins and people run scared to safe places. All this under the eyes of the god of mischief.
"Stark, we're on your three, headed northeast," Natasha says into Tony's intercom as the jet approaches town.
"What? Did you stop for drive throught?" Tony complains. “Swing up Park. I'm gonna lay ‘em out for you.”
The jet is piloted by Clint and Natasha, while Steve and Lily are sitting in the back. Lily has been silent the entire journey, thinking about the images that the scepter put in her mind. She knows that this is out of her reach, even her father's and that causes insecurity in her.
Her hands tremble and a slight flash illuminates her.
"Are you okay?" Steve asks looking at the girl's hands.
She looks up at him.
"I don't know, but I have to, right?"
"Don't worry, we’ll keep you safe.”
She smiles at him unsure.
Lily wants to explain many things, but this is not the time. Suddenly, they feel the movement in the jet and the noise of gunfire ahead. Clint and Natasha shoot down some enemy ships and continue until they approach the Stark tower.
"Nat?" asks Clint.
"I see them.”
From her place and from the jet's tilt, Lily can see Loki and Thor fighting, but they don't last long as they take an attack from the scepter. The ship falls and collides with other buildings. Lily clings to her seat and instinctively creates a force field, but only encloses the other three adults and her.
In the end, the ship falls awkwardly.
"Are you okay?" Steve asks and she takes off her belt and joins the others when the door opens.
The girl feels a knot in her stomach the moment she sees all the mess. She’d never been on the streets of New York and she finds it really strange that this is why she can do it for the first time.
The three adults run to observe the perimeter and the girl follows closely, but a low noise stops them. They all look towards the portal of heaven where a huge creature comes out of the portal and destroys everything in its path, more chitauris come out of it that are responsible for entering the buildings on the sides.
"Stark, are you seeing this?" says Steve.
“Seeing. Still working on believing. Where’s Banner? Has he shown up yet?"
“Just keep me posted. Flower?"
"How you doing?" She looks around her.
"I don't know, Dad. This is different from anything that has happened to us,” she says uncertainly.
From the moment Tony saw the army, his first thought went straight to his daughter. As much as he wanted to tell her to use her powers, he knows that she’s just a girl after all. He feels a great overwhelming fear with all this, he can’t imagine what she feels.
Finally, he makes a decision.
"I know, but we got this, kid."
“It's time to remember all the training you have had, but don’t leave the team.”
"Dad, I can’t!" She squeals.
"Yes, you can, Lily. Trust me, I have a plan,” He then cuts off communication and tries to take down the new monster.
"Oh god," says Lily, controlling her nausea.
"Lily!" Nat calls when she sees the alien ships approaching.
The four of them hide behind some abandoned taxis. Steve, Nat and Clint agree to protect civilians to continue destroying the Chitauri. Lily hears their voices, explosions and screams in the distance. A loud beep settles in her ears and she can feel her temperature rising.
"Hey, hey,” Nat nudges her shoulder a little, making her return from her thoughts. "Lils, look at me,” the girl's eyes water, but she obeys. "Listen, you got this.”
"No, I got nothing, Nat,” She shakes her head.
"You have trained for this moment.”
"That is not true. At no point did you tell me what to do if an alien tries to kill me!” she complains.
"Well, that's true. But they didn't tell me something like that either when they trained me, that's not the real problem,” She says and holds Lily's hand. "You and I know that you have a greater power. Lily, you are much stronger than you think.”
Although the redhead's words help the panic attack, the girl is still not sure.
"I'm scared.”
"Good, that’ll keep you alive,” She smiles. "I'm scared too, we all are, but the difference is that we can use it to help defenseless people. You are not alone, kid. You're part of the team and we’ll find a place where you can be safe.”
She analyzes her words. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Her hearing heightens and all the memories of the training return. Use fear to my advantage? She thinks when she opens her eyes.
“You're better?" The girl nods. "Alright, time to work.” Natasha gets up and shoots at the Chitauri.
Lily continues to focus on her breathing and the tingling that now runs throughout her body. She looks up and sees Clint helping some people out of a bus from the windows. She gets up and runs to help. She looks for the door, which is being obstructed, she recognizes the damage and with force manages to open it. People run in search of a safe place.
Clint comes to her side and nods at her.
"I'm Lily, by the way," She says with an awkward smile. Clint smiles.
"A pleasure,” he answers and then returns to Nat.
Lily watches carefully as the Chitauri gather, ready to attack. I’m too small for this she thinks. At that an explosion is heard near her. Her eyes travel to the expanding cloud of smoke. That reminds her of the force fields.
What if I make one, but different? Instead of protecting, burning…
Not far away a group of aliens point their weapons at anyone who gets in their way. Lily looks at her hands and concentrates her power from there and then spreads it through her body. She imagines smoke, fire, and the chitauri.
When she opens her eyes, they turn from brown to deep orange. She feels the fire run through her body ready to leave, she takes a step and extends her arms towards the enemy. What she started as a force field turns into a thick layer of orange smoke and she heads towards the Chitarui without giving them time to flee. The smoke burns them almost to ashes.
When finished, Lily falls to her knees and sits on the floor trying to catch her breath. She feels her body weakening, but at the same time she recognizes certain parts of her more strongly. It's something new.
"That's my girl,” Nat congratulates with a smile. Lily turns and smiles noticing that even Steve had witnessed her attack. The three adults look at her proudly.
"Remind me never to make you mad, kid," Clint jokes.
At that a loud thunder is heard. Thor disposes of some creatures from the sky and falls close to them.
“Nice job, Lady Stark. How can you manipulate fire?"
“We'll need more time to explain Lily's powers, for now, we have other things to do,” says Nat as she helps the girl up.
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milk-of-poppies · a day ago
Marvel's jewelry
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: bucky, sam, peter, pietro, wanda, steve, and nat
format: headcanons!
warnings: none! meant to be read in computer format. some angst?? but mostly fluff rn.
a/n: I apologize to everyone who has a hard time reading the yellow format. Also! I'm jumping on the bi!sam bandwagon and saying that there was def something between Riley and him👀
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
I) It's simple and thin, stopping just above the scar on top of his ribcage. A thin pendant hangs from the chain, warmed by his body heat. the pendant holds the image of a rose, simple, pretty, plain. His mother used to wear one like it, and when his memories finally rushed back it was one of the first things he bought.
II) his dog tags are loud as they thump against his sternum. The metal slides against each other, clanging quietly underneath the thick cotton of his shirt. It's another reminder of a past him, a him he's trying to go back to. They're new, lacking the beat-up symbolism of his original pair, but they're there. And they were a gift.
I) his chain is simple and thin gold. There's no decoration, no design, it's worn and tarnished from years of wear. He'd picked it up years ago with Riley on the streets of New Orleans. The two of them had found a rare off day in the midst of all their chaos, and they took the time to spend it together. Riley had picked the thin gold up as a joke, handing it over to him with a playful smile. Now he plays with it in the middle of the night when things are growing dark and he can't see the world outside his head.
I) Morgan gave him a necklace made of beads, small and cute as it nestled into the hollow of his throat. The beads were a mirage of colors, ranging from orange to red to blue to yellow to hot pink to brown. They clashed with almost everything peter wore, but they stayed where they were no matter what. The first time he ever put his necklace on, he aced one of the hardest tests of his semester, and now he never takes it off. For good luck.
II) he doesn't know how his uncle got them, but somehow he has his parents' wedding rings. He keeps them on a chain, tucked beneath the soft material of his shirts and sweaters. They nestle right by his heart, warmed by body heat. The weight comforts him when the world gets too loud, a reminder that his parents are still around.
I) When Pietro was 12, his sister gave him a bracelet of woven black thread. She had made it herself, very proudly, and demanded to watch him slip it onto his narrow wrist. He whined and griped the whole time he put it on, but once it was there it never came off. It stayed there, getting beaten and worn through the years. He lost it when Sokovia fell, and now it's somewhere, buried beneath the rubble.
I) She keeps a fine bracelet of silver chain buried beneath the layers of her sleeves. It was a gift from her brother in the later years, after they became new people. The metal remained warm against her skin, sliding around beneath her cotton shirts. As the years went by, it became a reminder of what she had lost, one she couldn't bring herself to take off.
II) Her rings are an amalgamation of things, picked up from all the places she's been to over the years. The first was a couple plain silver bands stolen by her brother when they were 10, slipped into her clenched palm with a mischievous smile. The rest followed after that quickly, stacking up on her nimble fingers. The majority were silver, thin and simple, holding no intricate designs or symbols. The feel of smooth metal keeps her sane.
I) Steve finds himself wearing a thick band of engraved gold on his right hand. It wraps around his middle finger, a simple decoration that he doesn't take off. The engravings are of a sunrise, so intricate and delicate you need to hold it close to fully understand the symbols decorating it. The inside is worn-down, shiny, and smooth from its constant place on his finger. Peggy's daughter had given it to him with a timid smile, whispering that she would've wanted him to have it. He finds himself twisting it whenever he gets anxious, rubbing the familiar pattern to remind himself of everything that he does have.
II) only sometimes does he wear his dog tags. They clink and slide together on the smooth material of his chest, hidden beneath his shirt. The name of them was Steven G. Rogers, along with his serial number and his date of birth. For the longest time after he left the ice, he hated what the tags stood for. He hated being him, being Steve Rogers, The Captain America, the man out of time. But then he saw Peggy again, he saw the man that shared his best friend's face, and he started to wear them again. Only when he needed reminding of who he truly was.
I) For the longest time, she didn't believe in jewelry. They were clunky and in the way, only worn when she was on a mission. Then you gave her a braided bracelet of glass beads, an amalgamation of messy colors. She tried to hide how much she loved it, the thing clinging tightly to the skin of her wrist. It remained hidden beneath her clothing in every situation, but it never left her. It never could.
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
tagging!: @peterssweetpea @peterrs-parkerr @buckysmischief @blackberrybucky @punani @hunters-heathen @rizwritesfandom @cosmicsierra @laserbrains @softforbucky @cap-n-stuff @@wxnters-soldier @wnterwidows @buckyblues @lokihiddleston
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loki-laufeyson965 · a day ago
Scary Clowns
PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson x OFC (Taylor Willow)
RATING: PG-13 (implied smut)
TW: Scary clowns harassing Taylor, Protective Loki, Threats, Fluff, Implied smut
SUMMARY: Taylor gets an unpleasant surprise whilst working and Loki is there to save the day.
Tumblr media
Loki had been on midgard for a little over a year and a half. At first he loathed the realm. He thought the people to be rude, gross, and just stupid.
That was until he met Taylor; a 23 year old, brown-haired, green eyed barista. He had no idea that when he went into the small coffee shop The Bean that he’d meet her.
She was working the cash register. While most people cowered away and steer clear of him, Taylor gave him a bright smile and asked for his order. When he was confused as to what the coffee's on the menu were, she was more than happy to explain what they were and even gave him recommendations.
After that day he found himself coming into the shop almost every day. On the days where business was slow he would stay beside the counter and talk to her until customers came in.
When he witnessed a few older men checking Taylor out and saying some crude remarks about her, he felt anger like never before. He made sure that once Taylor couldn't hear or see anything, to make sure those men knew not to come near her again.
After a couple weeks, he decided to stay with her while she closed the shop. He stayed out of her way while she did the cleaning and the closing duties and walked her to her apartment.
It’s been 4 months since the first day they met. They’ve gotten considerably closer and Loki knew he fell for the young girl. How could he not? She was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen; and he’s seen a lot.
Loki was currently reading his book the house that Stark let him live in. Granted, he made major adjustments to it with the help of his magic. He usually heads to the shop at 5 since it closes at 7. That gives him ample time to talk to Taylor while also not staying there too long. He looked at the clock on the wall that read 4:36 and continued reading, at least until his phone rang.
This alarmed him for a moment since he rarely uses the device, and very few people have his number; Taylor was one of the few.
When the caller ID read her name, he could feel his heart speeding up as he answered.
“Taylor?” He asked as he put the phone to his ear.
“Loki?” She replied quietly from the other end.
“What’s wrong dear? Why are you so quiet? Aren’t you working?” He shot out questions, his anxiety starting to rise.
“Can you come now please? There’s like 4 people dressed as creepy clowns outside the doors. They keep banging on the windows.” Taylor whispered, a small gasp coming out as Loki hears some noise in the background.
“Are the doors locked?” He asked as he was rushing out the front door.
“Yeah. They’re locked. I’m hiding in the back.”
“Good. I’m on my way darling. Don’t fret, I won’t let anything happen to you.” Loki assures her, jogging down the street. Taylor didn’t reply but she stayed on the phone. Loki could hear her letting out soft whimpers and it only made him run faster.
When he finally got to the shop he saw the punks Taylor was talking about. They were all dressed as creepy clowns and had some type of weapon with them.
“Taylor?” He called softly through the phone.
“I’m out here. I’ll handle them and then I’ll meet you in the back alright?”
“Be careful Loki. I don’t want you to get hurt.” She hurriedly said, making Loki smile.
“Of course, my love.”
When he hung up he made his way over to the person closest to him and roughly pulled them from the window. Before the person could react, Loki made a dagger appear in his hand and grabbed them by the neck.
“Woah woah dude chill. It’s just a joke!” The person yelled, pulling the mask off.
Loki rolled his eyes. “Scaring an innocent girl to death is what you consider a joke?” He seethed, pushing the guy harder against the wall.
“She rejected my friend man. It was just a little fun. We weren’t gonna hurt her.” The guy pushed.
Loki rolled his eyes. “You’re going to tell your friends to leave and never come back. Forget about her. If I see any of you around here again, or talking to her, looking at her, if you do so much as think about her, I will show you what I find fun. And it will be painful for you.”
The guy nodded and profusely apologized. Loki let him go and he scurried to his friends. After giving them a quick recap of what just happened, the other three looked at Loki who was still gripping his dagger, and took off.
Loki quickly made his way to the back of the shop and Taylor was waiting for him. She didn’t hesitate to jump into his arms and cry.
“Shh, it’s alright my love. They’re gone. They were just some idiotic boys.” Loki cooed.  It took a few minutes for her to calm down and when she did, she simply held him closer.
“Thank you Loki.” She whispered.
“Of course, my love. I will always protect you.” He assured her. “Now what do you say we go back in, you finish your shift, and then we can head to my place and partake in what you midgardian’s call a puzzle.”
“Really? You’d bring me to your house?” Taylor asked, pulling back slightly to look at his face.
Loki smiled. “Why wouldn’t I?”
Taylor shrugged. “It’s your place, I’m sure you don’t like people being there.”
“You’re not people. And I happen to enjoy your company more than I would like to admit.”
Taylor gave a big smile. “If you’re sure you’re okay with it then I’d love to.”
The pair made their way back to the front of the coffee shop and Loki unlocked the doors. As usual, Loki took the stool at the side of the counter and started talking about his adventures on Asgard. This was something he typically did when something was bothering Taylor and she needed a distraction. She loved hearing about Asgard.
There weren't very many customers for the rest of the day, to which Taylor was thankful. She wasn't sure how much more stress she could take in one day. Loki, being the lovestruck gentleman he is, did all the closing for Taylor by using his magic.
"I'll never not be amazed when you do things like that." She mumbled as she looked at the clean shop.
Loki chuckled. "I'll have to show you more of what I can do." He replied playfully, suggestively raising his brows as he made his way over and stood directly in front of her.
"Loki!" Taylor screeched with a laugh as she lightly shoved him on his chest. "Is that why you want to bring me to your house?" She laughed.
He caught her wrists before she could drop them and held them against his chest.  "While I would absolutely love to see you laying in my bed wearing nothing but one of my shirts, I invited you over because I enjoy your company. I fully intend on cooking you dinner, perhaps we watch one of the mundane movie you mortals love, and then, if you would like me to ravish you until you forget your own name and all you can say is mine, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it." Loki's voice dropped an octave, causing Taylor to gasp.
For a few moments they just stood there looking into each other's eyes. Finally, Taylor leaned up on her toes just enough to press her lips beside his left ear. "Well Mischief, what are we waiting for?"
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Before the streetlights come on: Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader (AU)
Series MasterList
Summary: It's the summer of 1994 and you find yourself falling for your childhood best friend. There's a lot that can happen before the street lights come on.
A/n: I made the divider myself!! It's the first one I've made. And yes I did just get a clip art lamp post...
Tumblr media
"Be home before the streetlights come on!" You heard your mom tell you and your little siblings as the three of you ran out the door.
"Yes ma'am!" The three of you shouted before the door shut and your each went your separate ways. You went right next door where your best friend of 16 years lived, while your siblings got their bikes and went to find their friends. Summer break started a week ago and this was now the routine. You rung the door bell waiting.
"Hey y/n!" Sarah Rogers, your best friend's mom said as she opened the door.
"Hi Mrs. Rogers is Steve up yet?" You asked.
"Coming! I'm coming!" You heard the blonde hair blue eyed man you call your best friend shout before someone came running down the stairs.
"Yes he is." She chuckled, you laughed with her as he stumbled on the last step.
"Hi." Steve smiled at you. "Bye mom!"
"Bye Mrs. Rogers!"
"Be home before the streetlights come on!" She hollered as you two ran to your bicycles.
"Okay!" The the two of you rode down the street.
"Diner?" You asked him.
"Yeah obviously." He said speeding up on his bike. You rolled your eyes following. Once finally at the dinner you two were sat waiting for food.
"So for your birthday this year are you gonna have a party?" You asked.
"Probably not a party of us two, Tony, and Bruce won't be that fun." He shrugged.
"Oh well you should still invite them over to watch fireworks."
"So I say we go to mall." You suggested after a while of sitting in the park talking.
"Sure." Steve shrugged standing up before helping you up. "Race you?"
"Oh your on!" You ran to your bike getting on it as fast as possible before riding away. He copied quickly making it in front of you. He ended up winning though.
"Well, we could go to blockbuster and get a movie we can watch it at my house," Steve suggested.
"Sure." You shrugged putting your bike in the bike racks.
"Great! So what movie?"
"A Disney one." You suggested.
"Okay." The two of your walked around the mall for a little while before going to Blockbuster and getting the movie. By the time you got outside it was almost time for the street lights to come on.
"Race you home!" You said riding off. He followed quickly behind you.
"Hey, no fair! You got a head start!" Steve complained, parking his bike in front of his house.
"Don't be a sore loser!" You scoffed. "Okay I'll ask my mom if I can come over after dinner.
"Okay see you then." Steve smiled at you before walking in. You sighed walking into your own home.
"Momma! I'm home!" You exclaimed.
"Welcome home dear!" She smiled before going to the door to scream for your sibling. You rolled your eyes heading up to your room.
You looked out the window seeing Steve in his room which had a window across from your own. You looked away quickly when he noticed you and just grabbed what you came to your room for. You were developing a bit of a crush for the blonde. You couldn't tell him or anyone for that matter. You didn't want to ruin the long friendship the two of you had so you ignored you feelings. Hung out with him a lot as usual. You wish your other friends were there this summer but they weren't. Sure you had other friends then just Sam, Nat, and Bucky but they were also busy this summer.
Wanda and Pietro were visiting their home country. Clint was a counselor at a summer camp. Bruce had a summer job. You didn't know how but Tony got a job babysitting a kid named Peter. You were surprised he'd even get a summer job since his parents are rich but you assumed it was just to stay away from his dad. And Vision was with Wanda and Pietro.
So almost every day this summer will just be you and Steve. And you ignoring your crush.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @honeyyxashes
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multifandomhotspot · 2 days ago
Who I'll write for
Detroit: Become Human
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Newt Scamander
Queenie Goldstein
Star Wars
Ahsoka Tano
Rey Skywalker
House MD
Gregory House
Remy "Thirteen" Hadley
Lawrence Kutner
Allison Cameron
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Tony Stark/Iron Man (platonic only)
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Steve Rogers/Captain America (platonic only)
Wanda Maximoff
Jurassic World
Owen Grady
Into the Spider-Verse
Miles Morales
Peter B. Parker
Gwen Stacy
Spider-Man Ps4
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Ryn Fisher
Sans (yeah I'm a dirty skeleton fucker what're you gonna do about it)
I will write pretty much anything from fluff to angst to smut
I absolutely will not write any smut for underage characters
These are probably not the only characters I'll write for these are just the ones off the top of my head, so if you think you might have a character I'll write for, go ahead and ask and I'll tell you if I will (I don't know any animes sorry lol and I probably won't write for celebs)
If you want to request something for multiple characters, please keep your request at 3 characters max
If you wanna ask questions about the author, be my guest but I have to warn you, I'm an oversharer
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tsmukanii · 2 days ago
First Impressions…or Second Ones
I really didn’t think people would like the first chapter but thank you! Hope you like this as well!
Tumblr media
Waking up slightly disoriented as you don’t recall passing out on your couch you try to collect your thoughts for a moment. You try to process the dream you had but its not making any sense to you.
You hear a faint voice calling out to you. “Zero. Zero its time for your injection.” But you don’t make any move to show that you are awake. The next thing you hear is your cell door sliding open but yet you don’t even flinch as you wait for footsteps to come near. 
Then suddenly your body you feel hands grasp at your arms-
You are shaken out of the dream by a huge thud sounding in the kitchen making you whip around to see what is happening. Meelo has knocked over a glass you left on the counter.
Frustrated you let out a huff at his antics and take your time moving to clean up the mess. Finished you glance over at the kitchen stove to check the time and it shows that you are going to be late for your meeting.
“Shit!” You exclaim as you run to grab your phone to text your client that you will be running late and letting out a relieved sigh as he reassures you it is fine.
Trying to hurry for his sake, you grab your bag and take off as fast as you can to the schwarma place that is continently close to the apartment. 
“I am so sorry I am late!” you apologize profusely. 
“Its quite alright Y/N, I understand. No need to worry I was running late as well.” Says Mr. Nolan with a small smile on his face. Relaxing at his words you take a seat in front of him ready to get started.
“Still sir, traveling from Maine to meet is too much to ask of someone.” You reply while pulling out your binder to show him your work.  “Well I was planning a trip to surprise my daughter anyway so this works out just fine.” He says excitedly with a genuine smile on his face now.
Hearing that you flash him a big smile and pull out a few sample pieces for him. “Well that’s wonderful to hear sir. I hope you both have an amazing time together.” He nods his head in thanks and looks down at your designs then he slowly starts to develop an impressed look on his face which eventually leads to a truly astonished one. “Y/N these are incredible! Your attention to detail is just amazing!” You smile shyly accepting the compliment but you are never used to them. 
You go to thank him when suddenly your phone rings.
Captain Eye Patch
You clench your jaw tightly moving to ignore the call. “Sorry about that. Where were -“ you are cut off again by your phone but not giving in you turn the phone off to give Mr. Nolan your undivided attention. 
“So can you tell me what you were thinking about having a sculpture of?” You ask eagerly, trying to focus on the task at hand. 
“Well I’m not sure exactly but I want it to be an anniversary gift. I want it to really symbolize how -“ but Mr. Nolan never gets to finish as a hand slams down onto the table evidently startling the two of you. 
“I do not like to be ignored Ms. Y/LN. Especially by you.” The words come out harsh but soften at the word you.  Not wanting to look up but doing so anyways you are greeted by what is supposed to be Director Fury’s harsh glare but also something you can’t identify as he stares at you.
Sending your potential ex-client an apologetic gaze, you move to gather up your stuff.  “I am terribly sorry for this interruption sir but I would really like to capture your vision. Maybe we can reschedule?” You ask hopefully but seeing the doubtful look on Mr. Nolan’s face you can tell that you blew it but still he says he’ll contact you before he leaves. 
With one last nod you head out with Fury on your heels. Walking down till you reach a nearby alley, you don’t say anything as you turn to face him but your face says it all. Except he doesn’t seem to care or he tries to act like he doesn’t. “I thought I told you that I would be in touch.” Fury says surprisingly gentle but you pay no mind as you are still upset at the loss of a possibly huge commission opportunity.  
“I thought I said I wanted nothing to do with Shield!” You yell out to him. “You government types are all the same no matter how different you try to be.” You say a little calmer now. 
Sighing Fury tells you “Its not about trying to get you to do anything… its about your family.” Hearing that makes you tense up. 
“…What about them?” You mutter out weakly. Your family has always been a sore subject for you. You were found as a baby with only a necklace and a letter left for you. The only thing you knew about your family was that the necklace was a family heirloom. 
You were lucky to be adopted by a nice couple but your relationship became strained when the dreams started. You repeat the question to Fury when he didn’t answer you.
“Its not much but I was able to find out where that necklace of yours originated from. “ He says while pointing at the pendant around your neck. “Its from a small village just outside of Wakanda.”
You look at him in shock and start shaking your head. “But that’s crazy! No… I was born in Indiana.” You say trying to make sense of this news. “No you were found in Indiana, not born.” Fury confirms for you.
Before you can get a word out your alarm went off letting you know that you had to meet up with Peter. Trying to move past the news you have been given you take a deep breath before looking to Fury. “I don’t have time for this. I get to have a little meet and greet with your group of misfits.” You say with a sarcastic grin on your face.
Without even waiting for him to speak you head out of the alley with Fury just watching you leave.
In the elevator of the Avengers compound you try to take in all that Peter says about everyone but your mind is still on the conversation you had before.  
“Sam and Bucky like to play pranks on me a lot so I think you’ll definitely hit it off with them the most.” Peter says with a hint of annoyance in his tone. “But honestly I think you’ll get along with everyone pretty well.” You nod at his words and try to look interested for his sake and you think its working until you see him look at you with a questioning glance.  
But when you give him a shake of your head, he knows that you don’t want to talk about it. It upsets him that you keep things to yourself like this. He worries about you but he knows it will make you distance yourself from him so he keeps telling you about the Avengers. 
Finally you both reach your desired floor and enter what looks to be a common area where two individuals are in the conjoining kitchen. 
“Hey Vision, Steve this is my friend Y/N. Y/N this is The Vision and Steve Rogers aka Captain America.” Peter says with a wide smile on his face clearly happy to have you here. “Nice to meet you Miss Y/LN it is a pleasure.” Vision greets with a small smile. 
Steve nods his head in confirmation and greets you with a firm handshake that leaves your hand throbbing a little. “Its great to finally meet the person who the kid can’t seem to shut up about.” He says. Looking over at Peter with a teasing smile, he tries to change the subject before you make fun of him. “Hey uh, can you call everyone else?  E-everyone else should meet her as well.” Peter blurts out. Smiling at his antics, Vision nods and goes to collect the others. 
Meanwhile Steve sits you down to ask you some questions. “So Y/N where are you from?” Trying to remain polite you answer “Oh uh I’m from Indiana.” 
“Oh was it nice growing up there?” 
Suddenly feeling very uncomfortable at the question it becomes noticeable on your face making Steve backtrack. “I’m sorry if that’s too personal for you. I just wanted to know more about you.” He says 
Before you can say that its fine, you hear footsteps coming toward the common area making you turn to greet the new people in the room. As you scan your eyes over each of them your eyes widen as you lock onto a familiar pair who does the same when seeing you.
Nobody else notices how you both are frozen until you hear the person speak suddenly. 
“Oh fuck..”
Leave a comment who you think it is. Also Natasha x reader or Wanda x reader? Or both maybe? Let me know.
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loki-laufeyson965 · 2 days ago
Surprise? (Blurb)
Loki Laufeyson x female!reader
Tumblr media
Most of the Avengers had been away on a mission that took a rather long time. It took four months for them to successfully finish it before returning to the infamous tower in Manhattan. Since it had been a rather tiring mission, Tony made the executive decision to stay an extra week to just relax. Since they were in Amsterdam it was a rather fun extension.
Because of their impromptu ‘vacation’, when they returned everyone was in rather good spirits. After everyone unpacked their belongings, most of the team made their way to the common rooms to catch up with some of the other agents and the few members that stayed back.
“Where’s y/n?” Natasha asked.
Peter and Wanda, both of which didn’t go on the mission, looked at each other before shrugging. “Dunno.”
“Has anyone seen Loki?” Thor’s voice boomed.
Again, Wanda and Peter gave each other knowing looks before shrugging.
“I was really looking forward to seeing y/n, I got her a gift.” Natasha said but shrugged.
They all decided to head to the theater to watch a movie since their briefing was tomorrow and everyone wanting a relaxing night.
Tony was leading the group into the tower theater when everyone stopped dead in their tracks.
“What the hell?”
Y/n and Loki pulled away from each other at the sound of Tony’s voice. Y/n quickly slid off of Loki’s lap and looked to him for some help, only to be met with his signature smirk.
Y/n looked back to the group and gave a cheeky smile. “Surprise?”
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fangirlovestuff · 2 days ago
taking each Avenger to a pride parade would be like...
a/n - hey lovely people!! this is my first time writing something that’s like, preferences, and i really liked it:)) also, i am praying to every god possible that this shows up in the tags, since it has so many gifs in it, which is why most of it is under the cut. also, these aren’t all if the avengers because of tumblr’s 10 photo limit, which is also the reason why i put a valcarol fanart instead of two separate gifs lol. i couldn’t find the url of the artist, is you know please tell me so i can give proper credit cause it’s adorable!! let me know your thoughts and enjoy<3
Characters: Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Loki Laufyson, Carol Danvers, Valkyrie, Peter Parker, Tony Stark
Disclaimer: the character’s sexualities and their relationship to the reader are unspecified, so whatever your headcanon is - i gotchu!!<3 
Tumblr media
he’s in shock for the first hour or so, this is so different from what he’s used to
but he starts to enjoy himself after a while, cause this is a really good kind of different
steve’s heart is warm at the sight of people no longer having to hide who they are, but instead celebrating it
the atmosphere of love and positivity really stuck with him and he couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home
wants to remember it and paint it later because of all the colors
Tumblr media
asks you a lot of questions 
does not get why pride is a thing at first, it was never really an issue in asgard
but he comes around quickly, admitting it’s indeed a very fun event
he’s very tall so you can always single him out in a crowd, which is useful if you get lost
buys a pride flag and ties it around him as a cloak, and also gets a small one and ties it around mjolnir’s handle
Tumblr media
is ecstatic to go with you
smiles so much her face hurts
gets a whole bunch of flags “because it’s festive”
blushes any time anyone looks her way
listens to everyone’s stories about their trauma / struggles (she can probably relate to most of them abhsbfklsh)
Tumblr media
the mom friend™
reminds everyone to drink water and stay in a group and put on sunscreen
she’s a big softie and she’s really happy to see you having fun
will sneak aside to make out though
you want to tease her about it but she’s still the black widow so...
Tumblr media
when you first put glitter on him he gets grumpy but he secretly loves it and sneaks some more on when he thinks you’re not looking
gets very confused when people are constantly asking him about either how he and steve met or how he and sam met
has an “ahhhh” moment a few hours later and his cheeks turn bright red
is constantly asking when you’re gonna get food, but also stops to look at every single sign
basically just likes pride more than he admits
Tumblr media
is the one spreading rumors about himself and bucky because he thinks it’s hilarious
is just as hungry as bucky but convinces natasha to share the snacks he knows are in her bag
he’s very supportive of everyone and wants everyone to love themselves in general
but at pride it’s just tenfold and he’s constantly hyping everyone up
also winks at every single person he catches looking at him because he’s cute like that
Tumblr media
pulls pride flags from his sleeves and pride pins from behind people’s ears like a magician
one of the rare times he’s deliberately nice to everyone
enjoys the acceptance because he craves it
will absolutely be Extra™ with glitter
probably spray dye his hair too, the greasy mf
Tumblr media
walks around like he owns the place
takes a whole bunch of selfies with fans
he’s keeping count of how many people have yelled out “Mr. Stark marry me!”
loves the attention basically
but also buys a shit ton of pride merch and just hands it out for free because he can
Tumblr media
will be flexing in front of people she finds attractive
not that you’re complaining, she doesn’t really mean it most times
has her flag painted on her cheeks like war paint
asks random people what’s their sexuality
if the answer isn’t straight, she congratulates them
Chill Aunt Vibes™
loves to be introduced to gay music
will still constantly be on alert for anyone with harmful intentions
will absolutely punch the hell out of homophobes if she encounters them
really enjoys pride and probably gets a cute pin for her jacket
Tumblr media
natasha has brought the snacks for him because she treats him like a child, which he does not complain about if it means he gets snacks 
swings above the crowds and sprinkles down glitter because he’s “the pride fairy”
buys all of the pride flags he can find and then gives them to the avengers because he’s unsure of what their sexualities are but if they are lgbtq+ he wants them to celebrate
has so much energy you get tired just watching him practically bounce around
gets cranky when it’s time to go home but falls asleep on your shoulder on your way back
happy pride month lovelies!! remember you’re awesome and to take care of yourself<3 see you soon!! 
Taglist:  @horny-nd-bored​ @shannon124 @perfectlyharolds​ @wintersoldierslut​ @iceebabies​  @sleepingpapermouse @steverogerswasalwaysworthy @holtzkinnon @angelicl-y @stydia-4-ever @thatoneperson5000 @fangirlfree​ @kaitcordx25 @bequeening​ @steve-barry-damon-logan​ @itscrazycherryblossomcollection​ @hollandxmarvel​ @stargazingfangirl18 @readsreblogsfics @onetwo3000 @beritmetal @harrystylesholland @jazbot2000 @anobscurename @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @peggycarter-steverogers @evansphnx12 @starlightcrystalline @procrastinatingsapphictrash
Chris & co. taglist: @patzammit
if you wanna join / be removed from a taglist, comment/message me! much love <3
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chokemewanda · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Conscience Masterlist
Here’s part one. I’m super excited for this fic and there’s a lot of works building and research in it. I’ve written a few different ethnicities in here. Please call me out if I’ve gotten something wrong but I did do my research! Likes are great but reblogs and feedback are amazing! 🥰
Warnings: swearing, sarcasm, talks of sex work, Sweater Weather, girl in red, too many kids
Word Count: 4200+
Tony needs to stop recruiting children.
You rocked back and forward from your toes to your heels, smiling blandly at the gathering of superheroes. You weren't overly surprised to find Peter Parker who had paused in the act of bringing a spoonful of cereal to his mouth.
You had figured he was Spiderman quite some time ago but you had never really paid him much attention because of it, only as someone who MJ sometimes hung out with.
It was weird to see all of Earth's mightiest defenders going about their morning routine. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were making coffee while reading an actual, physical newspaper.
Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton were lying on opposite sides of the couch with their legs tangled, tossing pieces of pancakes to each other.
Bruce Banner was reading from a tablet at the kitchen island, writing notes on a spare leaf of paper with one hand and sipping coffee from a mug in his other hand.
No one looked up beside Peter. Not until Tony cleared his throat loudly. Everyone glanced up in sync and then went back to what they were doing.
"Stop recruiting kids Tony." Steve sighed, sounding almost bored with Tony's antics. You looked from the supersoldier to the billionaire and back again, still rocking on your feet. Peter finally finished bringing the spoon to his mouth and chewed slowly on his cereal.
"Yeah Hugh Hefner part two. Stop recruiting us kids." You spoke up. Peter choked on his cereal and Bruce stopped writing his notes, looking up between you and Tony with his eyes narrowed.
"Hugh Hefner?" Bruce asked, clearly interested. Steve and Bucky shared a look that made you think they had no idea who Hugh Hefner was which was entirely possible when you thought about it.
"I'm just saying, I'll dance, sure. But the no touching rule still stands and all of you are rich enough that if I see any dollar bills I'm kicking you in the crotch." You shrug as if it's a normal everyday conversation and once again the whole team looks up at you again.
"Dollar bills? I didn't bring you here to dance." Tony shakes his head, not sure if your serious or not. He had no idea about what you got up to in your spare time and a job was a job.
"You didn't?" You ask, your eyebrows furrowed. You knew exactly why you were there, you just weren't willing to admit to that. You wanted to see how long you could run the gag.
"You a dancer?" Bucky looked up, from the paper. He didn't seem overly interested, just like he wanted to break the silence while Tony floundered for words.
"For you Mr. Winter Soldier sir, I revoke the no touching rule." You told him, hands clasped in front of you and eyelashes fluttering. You gave him your best smile and he rolled his eyes but couldn't fight his own grin.
"I didn't bring you to prostitute yourself out." Tony interrupted, clearly confused about the turn in the conversation. He shook his head like he was manually clearing his thoughts.
"Disappointing, I was excited to begin my stripping career." You sighed heavily, folding your arms against your chest and pursing your lips.
"What did you bring her for?" Peter asked curiously and you realized that he was about to learn a lot more about you than you wanted him to. He was safe, you knew just as much about him.
"To join the team Penis. Can't believe you're spiderman." You sighed and Peter flushed red but you weren't sure if it was the familiar nickname or his secret being outed.
"I'm not uh-" Peter tried to argue and you rolled your eyes at him, turning back to Tony who was looking between you both.
"You know Parker?" Tony asked, eyebrow raised. You wondered how he got to be as smart as he was. He literally had a printed copy of your resume in his hand that told him you were a senior in the very high school Peter was a junior in.
"Yeah, I mean I've known he was Spiderman for a while too but you know, you win some you lose some." You told them all and Peter's eyes almost bugged out of his head in shock.
"You knew?" Peter asked, his voice doubtful and you nodded, shrugging again. It hadn't been overly hard to figure it out.
"Dude, your class goes on a school trip and Spiderman just comes along? For a while I suspected MJ but then I realized she'd never let anyone presume it was a man saving people." You told Peter who processed the information fairly quickly only to nod.
"Men ain't shit," Peter told you all and you smiled, mirroring his nod. Everyone else watched the exchange with varying levels of confusion and curiosity. You did catch Natasha nodding along with Peter's statement.
"What is going on?" Bucky asked, looking from Tony to you and then to Peter. He looked like he felt left out and you almost felt bad.
"Well Mr. Winter Soldier, sir. Is that too formal? Should I call him Bucky, James seems a little anti-climatic. I'm never sure about made-up names or real names." You babbled, looking to Peter. He seemed the best fit to help you with your predicament.
"See! I told you this was going to be an issue one day. I'm not the only one." Peter looked as if he was relieved to finally have someone on his side with this. He was surrounded by a lot of old people.
"Parker-" Tony sighed but you didn't want this issue dismissed.
"Especially when it's the bad guys. Momma always told me to be polite and refer to people by their titles but does it count when they try to stab me?" You asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. You were genuinely unsure of what you needed to do.
"See! It should be an all or nothing kind of thing." Peter agreed, pointing his spoon at you as if you had just validated all his concerns about life.
"God, there's two of them now." Bucky sighed, taking a mouthful of coffee and pinching the bridge of his nose like this was the worst thing that could've happened.
"Why do people try to stab you?" Steve asked, ignoring his metal-armed companion who looked like he wished he'd never left his bed this morning.
"That's why I brought her here." Tony insisted.
"Because people stab her?" Natasha asked drily. She was still throwing pieces of pancake at Clint who continued to catch them despite neither of them looking at the other.
"Because they try too." Tony countered smugly, like that made his point. You were still watching Natasha's impeccable aim.
"Do you listen to girl in red?" You blurted, completely ignoring the ongoing conversation around you. You would've been embarrassed if you weren't so curious.
"Girl in red?" Natasha asked, almost confused. You supposed that was as close to expressing emotion she got around strangers.
"I'll settle for Sweater Weather." You told her honestly, clenching your fists where they were tucked under your arm. She still looked confused and you pouted knowing that probably meant no.
"You know I wondered about that too," Peter told you, looking Natasha over with a critical eye. She glared back at him and he seemed to realize that analyzing the assassin so closely was probably not that wise.
"I listen to sweater weather," Bucky spoke up quietly, sending you a timid smile. You considered his words carefully, in awe of how he was advancing with the time.
"What can that metal hand do?" You asked, a smirk on your lips. It shocked almost everyone in the room. Peter and Bucky laughed while Tony sounded like he was being choked.
"What age are you?" Bucky asked and you knew he was just humoring him. You weren't overly bothered, you didn't care too much about the old man.
"18 years, seven months, and three days. which means I'm legal." You teased, pursing your lips in an effort to contain your laugh.
"Come back to me in a century," Bucky told you and you nodded, considering his words before shrugging.
"You're not my type anyway, where's Wanda? I wanna think about kissing her like I don't know she can read minds and then see how she reacts." You told the room. 
"Wanda, really?" Peter asked, tilting his head to the side as he considered your words.
"Big tiddy goth gf, keep up Parker." You sighed like the weight of the world was on your shoulders.
"Goth?" Peter asked,
"Emo? I don't know. I work with what I'm given." You finally uncrossed your arms to throw them up in exasperation.
"Why is she here, Tony?" Natasha sighed, bored of the conversation diversion.
"I ship you with Wanda." Peter interrupted again and you smiled brightly at him.
"Meet Conscience." Tony introduced and you wrinkled your nose in distate. You didn't like that one at all. It was tough to spell.
"Huh, Tony's always needed one of those." Bucky joked and you rolled your eyes, knowing that your name would become a pun all around if you let him get away with it.
Hit Bucky. Hard.
No one but you could see the dark ink of your unspoken words, how they floated out with your breath and through the air, jumping atom to atom in quick succession until they reached Steve. They floated up and in with Steve's breath and in the next instant, he reached out, winding Bucky with a punch that put everyone on the offense.
Make him sorry for that.
Bucky reacted without thought, tackling Steve across the kitchen island and into the back of the sofa, knocking Natasha and Clint off with the force. The pair of them rolled around for a minute while Tony watched on with an amused smile.
Natasha made you do it.
Both super soldiers turned on the assassin and she looked between them both, gun cocked and aimed already. "Stop it, whatever it is that you're doing, stop."
You inhaled deeply, drawing the words back in with purpose and both soldiers dropped their fighting stance, turning to look at each other. Bucky looked more shook, his shoulder dropping and his breath coming quickly. You felt almost bad for invading his mind like that.
"What the hell was that?" Peter asked, still eating his cereal but with wider eyes this time. Everyone else in the room was watching you warily.
"You think I've been passing Calculus on my own?" You asked with a scoff, rolling your eyes.
"You're not passing calculus." Peter reminded you. He only knew as much because MJ was doing her best to tutor you because you were a fucking idiot. That wasn't something you wanted everyone to know.
"Welcome to my villain origin story." You sighed, glaring at Peter. "We gotta be on the same side here Parker otherwise I'll have to tell everyone about Flash."
"Did I say you weren't passing Calculus? I should have said you were top of the class." Peter rushed out, cheeks turning pink at the reminder of his biggest enemy and Spiderman's biggest fan.
"I thought as much." You smirked proudly.
"Are we going to talk about it?" Steve asked, his hand rubbing gentle circles into Bucky's back. The Soldier was still hunched over, looking defeated.
"I'm the little voice in your head." You told him with a shrug, like it should've been obvious. "You do as I say and you don't question it, ever."
"What's to stop you from using it against us?" Bucky asked and you looked to Tony.
"Our alliance, supposedly." You told him skeptically. "Tony is an idealist."
"I caught the kid using it to get an internship here. Jarvis picked up on it." Tony told them. "She wasn't trying to hide it."
"Didn't expect a robot in the ceiling. I'll be more subtle." You assured them all.
"I don't trust her." Bucky sighed, his breath still coming just this side of too quick to be normal for him.
"Good, don't do that." You told him honestly before sighing. "But also my mom says I'm not allowed use it for harm. Or to convince celebrities to marry me."
"Your mom says?" Natasha asked bitingly, her words intending to sting. "Your promise to your mommy is what's keeping you on good behavior."
"Fucking right it is." You lied through your teeth. "My mom is scarier than every villain you've ever faced."
"Language." Steve sighed almost automatically and you grimaced.
"Is he serious?" You asked Peter who nodded, pointing to a jar full of coins on top of the fridge.
"We've got a swear jar." Peter confirmed.
"Man, that's kind of weird. How much per swear?" You asked, patting your empty pockets.
"25 cents." He told you and you winced.
"Damn, better start dancing. Remember ladies, gents, and non-gendered folks, no dollar bills, and I get to pick the music." You pointed a finger at them all warningly.
"Shame. I was going to suggest gangam style." Peter laughed and you looked at him like he was an idiot.
"Bold of you to assume it isn't top of my list." You told him, the 'duh' in your tone coming unsaid. "But you're a minor so you'll have to wait for your birthday."
"We still need to talk about it," Bruce spoke up and you shook your head.
"Nah, cause I ain't interested. I just wanted a paid internship. I haven't got time for Nazis unless I'm studying them. God bless, goodbye. Call me Bucky." You waved a hand, ducking from the room without a backward glance, and headed for the elevator.
You stood in the doorway, hands braced on the frame of the door to support yourself, and met the eye of all the agents lined up to invade your home. They had weapons to the ready but must have been drastically misinformed because they hesitated to shoot at you. Their mistake.
Leave. There is no threat here. Leave.
You used your deepest breath yet to send the message, exhaling until you were almost blue in the face. It worked and the agents turned and made their way through the corridor and back to the stairs. You stood in the doorway watching and waiting for them all to disappear in the uniform lines they maintained.
"Are they gone?" You looked over your shoulder to find everyone watching you from behind the living room door where you had put them after pulling them from their beds. It was the safest option because if anything went wrong there was a fire escape. You shut the door of the apartment, leaning against it heavily as a wave of dizziness washed over you. It took a second for your vision to focus on the terrified faces looking back at you.
"Yeah, back to bed, you know the rules." You sighed, recovering your breath. You didn't inhale too deeply, letting the words linger in the Agent's mind. You didn't want to accidentally withdraw the message, hoping it would sink in and they wouldn't return to bother you.
"Will you read us another story?" You sighed again and nodded when Rìa spoke, pushing yourself up off the door. The little girl came out from behind the door, clutching her twin brother's hand in hers and you smiled as comforting as you could at them both. They were the third youngest at only eight years of age and needed constant reassurance that things were alright.
You paused for a second making sure you were steady before walking everyone back to the first bedroom. The apartment you had boasted three bedrooms, one for the boys and one for the girls but more often than not everyone congregated in your room. You had to get a bed big enough to fit all nine of you at once. It was a tight squeeze but you made it work.
Usually, it involved little two-year-old Tommy curling up on your chest, four-year-old Moe under your left arm, balancing precariously on the edge of the bed. Next to you on your right, Rìa shuffled close and on her other side was her twin brother, Lou, who was never far away. He was pressed against Liza who was sixteen. Bo, a ten-year-old, was always more comfortable with Liza and so was usually strewn across her lap, trying to maintain contact at all times.
Which left Josef, the eldest besides you at seventeen years old, with twelve-year-old Edith who practically lived in his shadow, hovering in his orbit most of the time. There you read everyone's favorite. The Owl and the Pussycat. When you finished the poem the room descended into silence, as much as was possible with nine bodies packed tightly together.
You were just beginning to drift off when there was a knock at the front door. Only Josef heard it besides you and he gave you a warning look as you manoeuvred your way out of the pile of children that surrounded you.
"Go to sleep. Everything was fine." Agent's didn't knock and you had a fair idea of who it was. You were going to have to deal with your issues head-on, just like you always had. You closed the door most of the way over, leaving just the slightest crack in the doorway.
When you opened the door Tony invited himself in, eyes assessing the apartment before landing on you. You were exhausted and he could tell just from looking at you. You did your best to hide it but something was waring you down and he hoped you were close to giving into his offer.
"Pretty effective way to deal with Shield." He told you, hands shoved in his pocket, a frown on his face as he took in the toys scattered around the apartment.
"That was Shield? What the hell were they doing here?" You asked, already knowing the answer to your question. You wanted him to admit that he had fucked up, that he had released your secret.
"It seemed that landing yourself on my radar landed them on yours." Tony shrugged, arms out wide like you'd believe his open body language.
"No, you put me on their radar. You fuckin' moron." You snapped your voice still quiet so as not to disturb the kids
"Excuse me, I didn't waltz into Sta- Avengers Tower and start using my weird witchy powers on unsuspecting citizens-" A sharp cry interrupted Tony's rant and you looked up in fear. Little Thomas had managed to get out past the older kids and was now standing with his arms raised for you to pick him up.
"You need to leave, now. Don't make me use it." You told Tony, scooping Thomas into your arms and rubbing a hand against his back in circles to calm him. You didn't acknowledge him but Tony's burning gaze held all the questions you would never answer.
"You're not going to mention the kid?" He asked and you blinked at him, face impassive.
"You don't see a kid. Because if you saw a kid I'd have to make sure you forgot him and me." You warned, deathly quiet.
"I don't see a kid." He agreed, hands up defensively.
"You need to leave. Now." You warned again, rocking the little boy who was lying against your shoulder.
"Come to the tower, we can keep you both safe." Tony urged and you fought down a derisive snort at the thought of packing up your eight kids and moving them into Avengers Tower. Of course, he had no idea what he was offering.
"Get out of my house and stay out of my life. If you've got a file on me get rid of it. I'm asking once, nicely. I won't ask again, I'll tell you to do it next time." You told him, walking to the door and opening it pointedly.
"We've got room for-" He tried but you only glared harder at him.
"No, you don't. Get lost." He left, his shoulder slumped and a sigh leaving his lips as he passed you.
"Alright, emergency protocols, let's get your things together. If it doesn't fit in your bag then let it go." You had woken everyone up once Tony had left the building and begun packing your bag. This was the third time you had all been through an emergency move but the younger kids weren’t sure what to do.
"I'm tired." Moe whined, running his eyes. His hair was standing up on his head and he was clutching his blanket tightly in his hands, fighting off a massive yawn.
"I know Pappu, I'm so sorry." You told him, kneeling down to his height. He pressed into your warmth, yawning again and nuzzling you neck as you ran hands up and down his back to comfort him.
"Are we in trouble?" Edie asked softly and you looked over Moe’s shoulder. She already had her bag packed and was working on helping Joey pack his. You felt awful for dragging them through this again but it was better than the alternative.
"No, we're in danger. We need to go and now. Liza, can you bring Tommy and Edie? Joey, I need you to get Moe and Ria. I'll worry about Lou and Bo." You released Moe to Joey who ushered the little boy to get changed and pack his toys away before they got lost.
"What happened? Was that Tony Stark, did you get the job?" Joey asked as he stuffed pyjamas into a bag small enough for Moe to carry. He added the rest to his own bag, knowing not to over load the young boy.
"No, we had a difference of opinion. He wanted me to work in communications." You told them all, folding clothes quickly and adding them to your duffel bag.
"You are very good at getting your point across." Liza told you as if you should reconsider and you knew why she wanted you to settle down in a job. The kids needed stability and it was become less and less likely.
"Yeah well, not for him." You muttered zipping up your bag and moving to help Bo pack hers as quickly as possible. You weren't sure how long it would be before Shield was back.
"You could be a superhero." Ría cheered, bouncing on the bed while holding on tightly to Lou's sleeve.
"I don't think so, Nena. Sounds like a lot of work." You told her with a grin, scooping her off the bed and kissing her cheeks until she laughed.
"Would you have to be gone all the time?" Lou asked quietly from the bed and you nodded at him.
"I would, Nene and I most certainly wouldn't be able to keep all of you with me." You never sugar coated things for the kids. No one had ever told them the truth but you always would.
"Then don't." Josef told you, looking up from where he was packing a bag. You'd known Josef since you were four and he was three. You'd both been fostered together at the same time and had yet to be separated from each other. You'd die before you let anyone separate you from any of the kids in the room.
"I didn't even consider it." You promised him and he flashed you a pearly white smile, finishing up his packing.
"Where you been?" Peter popped up over your shoulder and you jumped, pressing a hand to your heart.
"Disneyland, my mom surprised us all with a holiday." You told him with a shrug, continuing to scan the vending machine for anything remotely enticing.
"Damn, she just pulled you out of school like that?" Peter asked, jaw dropped.
"Swear jar, Penis." You sighed, putting in your selection and scowling when your KitKat got stuck. Typical.
"Don't call me that." He huffed and you gave up on getting your candy bar, turning to face Peter.
"Don't swear. How would Cap feel to know you've got a potty mouth?" You teased, passing him to cut through the corridor.
"I'm almost eighteen." He told you petulantly.
"So?" You asked, pushing out the main entrance of the building.
"I can swear if I damn well want to." He told you and you clicked your tongue.
"I'm telling. I'm so telling. I'm gonna call Tony right now and tell on you." You pulled your phone from your pocket and Peter's face paled.
"You wouldn't." He challenged.
"Try me, Parker." You tossed right back.
"I'll introduce you to Wanda if you don't." He countered, a smirk on his lips.
"I don't want to meet Wanda. They say never meet your heroes, you'll just get disappointed." You told him with a dramatic sigh.
"She's pretty cool." Peter shrugged and you rolled your eyes.
"She's pretty. That's enough for me." You told him, aware he was still following you, despite the fact he was cutting class to do so.
"That's objectification." He argued and you laughed.
"You're objectification." You told him in return.
"You're a child." He muttered, kicking a rock along the ground in front of him.
"Don't you have class to get to?" You asked, finally looking up to meet his eye.
"I think as the senior, you should be more worried about getting to class." He said and you nodded. He was right but you wouldn't let him be.
"Penis, I swear to god-" You held up your phone again and he raised his hands defensively.
"Alright, I'm going, I'm going." He turned back the way you both came with a laugh.
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emilyprentissslut · 3 days ago
my asks are on for playlist requests, random comments, or literally anything else !! ask away goobers :) 🤍
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I have so many W.I.P’s but I want requests!!!
My darlings, my lovies. I am taking songfic requests!
If you have a song that you cant get out of your head, or one that you want to scream at the top of your lungs, or one that you just think is neat, send in a request with a character and my bony fingers will get to work!
Here is a very fancy, and organized (it isn't but let me pretend) list of the people/characters I write for! badabing
If you have any other requests then send them in and we can chat!!
and here is my masterlist: badaboom
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Who does Caz write for???
I write for:
Luke Hemmings
Calum Hood
Ashton Irwin
Michael Clifford
Bradley Simpson
Tom Holland
Harrison Osterfield
Peter Parker
Loki Laufeyson
Natasha Romanoff
I will write for any marvel character, these are just the ones that I have specifically had requests for!
Stranger Things
Billy Hargrove
Steve Harrington
Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Charlie Bradbury
The Umbrella Academy
Diego Hargreeves
Klaus Hargreeves
Draco Malfoy
Charlie Weasley
Fred Weasley
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Idk send some in and i’ll probably write for them
Criminal Minds
Spencer Reid
Penelope Garcia
I will write for other characters as well <3
Julie and the Phantoms
Luke Patterson
Alex Mercer (male reader only)
Julie Molina
idk if i would do reggie justice, but i can if you’d like
Roswell: New Mexico
Max Evans
Isobel Evans
Michael Guerin
To be honest, I am a part of so many different fandoms, so if you happen to have something in mind and are unsure if i would write it, send in a request! I am always happy to answer!
Heres a link to my masterlist if you’re interested
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tsmukanii · 4 days ago
Take Care
Tumblr media
This is my first series so please be kind. Let me know if you like it! Also this will be a slow burn with either Natasha or Wanda but I'm not sure yet.
You wake up to your alarm blaring next you. Grabbing your phone you peel one eye open to look at the note you left. 
Groaning you go to turn over and go back to sleep when suddenly you hear a banging on your fire escape followed by a voice screaming at you, 
“Come on Y/N, you know the drill. Plus you promised to help me on the way to school.” Your neighbor Peter said. 
Not wanting to disappoint the kid, you reluctantly go to move off the bed, while raising your hand to the wall to give him your signature knock to let him know your up, when you are greeted by your cat Meelo rubbing against your leg.
Taking a minute to greet your fur child, you pick him up while moving towards your bathroom.
“ Good morning my tiny little devil.” you rasped out while he nuzzled into your arms enjoying the attention. 
Trying to hurry up for Peter’s sake, you place a kiss on Meelo’s head and place him on the floor and went on with your morning routine purposely avoiding your medication.
After putting on a fresh black t-shirt and jeans you quickly move out of your room and to the kitchen, hurriedly trying to make yourself a breakfast sandwich and an additional one for Peter.
While finishing up, you hear a door slam and then footsteps making their way to your front door letting you know that its Peter when you hear the door handle jingle signaling that your spare that you gave to May being used.
Before you can scold the boy for entering without knocking first, Peter is greeted by Meelo appearing out of nowhere and jumping for him.  “Ah! Demon! You know I hate when you do that!” Peter exclaims while scrambling to grab hold of the cat. 
“He only does it because he knows you hate it.” You answer for your child. “Besides shouldn’t you sense him coming with your little tingle thing?” You ask before taking a bite of your sandwich. Peter makes a slightly disgusted face at your phrasing. 
“Why do you and May insist on calling it that?” He questions. “Well find a better name for it and we’ll stop.” You retort. “..Well I won’t.” 
Thoroughly done with the topic, Peter moves toward your room while placing Meelo down. Already knowing he’s going to check your pill bottle, you bag Peter’s sandwich and move to fill Meelo’s cat bowl. “Hey can you grab my stuff while you’re in there?” You call out but it wasn’t needed as Peter reemerges with your bag and your pill bottle. Sighing you don’t even look him in the eye but you grab the bottle and take a pill dry. 
Keeping your face blank you look up at Peter and see that he is examining your eyes. When he sees nothing, you hand him his sandwich and move towards the door while shouting over your shoulder, “Stay put you little devil!” 
“Ok so you are gonna be waiting for me after school ends right?” Peter asks hopefully. You don’t say anything but you analyze him for a minute as you both walk towards his school.  Seeing how he anxiously waits for your answer, you grin at him a little then say, “Sure kid but what exactly are you planning?” while turning your head back to Peter’s little spider gadget. 
“Oh nothing.. much I just want you to meet the Avengers.” He mumbles out. You stop in your tracks and Peter closes his eyes waiting for you to blow up at him but you pay him no mind as you start to think about the encounter you had with the infamous Nick Fury. For what seems like eternity goes by but is actually just 60 seconds you agree nonchalantly and continue walking.
 But now Peter is looking at you like you are crazy. Hurrying to catch up to you Peter shakes it off and runs after you. But knowing you Peter does not go to discuss the topic anymore. You both move in silence until you finally arrive at Peter’s school. “Alright kid this mini spider should be good to go now.” You say as you hand the gadget back to him.  
He thanks you and then moves to give you a hug but you move back a little before he could. “Oh right sorry.” He mutters out weakly but you put your hand up for a fist bump and the boy instantly brightens up at that. 
“See you at 3?” You ask. Peter rapidly nods his head confirming the time as you move to go past him leaving him to watch you walk away with a curious look on his face. 
Shutting the door to your apartment you move towards the couch while rubbing your temple as you feel a headache coming on. The headaches started around two weeks ago but you kept it to yourself as this has happened before a few years ago. Sighing you slumped against the couch and reached for your phone.
You: They are happening again. But worse this time.
+16359937584: 12:00 pm. Friday
Dreading what was to come you tried to prepare yourself but the process was never easy for you. It was time to see your mother.
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i-writes-things · 4 days ago
The Secret
Part 2 part 1 part 3
Avengers x Fem!Reader
(+) Platonic story
Summary- The newest Avenger is keeping a big secret from the rest of the team...
Warnings- Shouting, and tiredness.
Tumblr media
not my gif*
You walked tirelessly around the room rocking your son in your arms, he was so close to sleeping. Yet every time you put him down, he cried. You had tried everything you could think of and finally decided that it seemed if he was in your arms, that he would sleep so for tonight he could just sleep with you.
The next day came quick. The big day, meeting Nick Fury for the first time, ever. Natasha would be there and you hoped that it wasn't going to be awkward with her, but you knew better than that.
Natasha walked into the meeting room, knowing you wouldn't be there early, you never were.
But to her surprise, you were already there sleepily reading a book on how to make toddlers go to sleep.
She funny enough didn't notice the book title, but you still put it away the second you noticed she had entered the room.
The both of you kept glancing at the other til you glanced and she caught your gaze
"Y/N, I think that we-"
"UNDEROOS!" Tony shouts cutting Natasha off, walking in with Peter Parker behind him shyly smiling at the both of us.
"Tony can you and Peter leave I need to talk with Y/N, right now." she says annoyed
"Didn't even notice you, Turtle. (he likes to call you turtle as you are always late and slow) I think this is the first time ever, that you have been early to a meeting. Way to go Y/N!"
"Tony!" Natasha practically shouts at him.
"Right, my bad." Walking out backwards with his hands up in mock surrender.
Natasha gets up to close the door, and stands at the front of the room.
"Y/N I found something. I don't know what to think of it, but with how late you always are to meetings and how stressed you seem on missions, it all points to the same thing."
You watch her quietly, waiting to hear the words that you were off the team.
"I am not saying that this is you, but it sure as hell seems like it." she puts down a photo of you when you were younger, when you were with HYDRA.
"Natasha, thats not me anymore. I could never go back, never." you say defending your place with facts.
"Then why were you training with S.H.I.E.D. but 3 years ago you left for almost 2 years. No one knew where you were, just randomly fell off the face of the earth, did you? You then went back to S.H.I.E.D. to train and become top of your class within 6 months. 6 months." she repeats. "I mean, what where you doing for those 2 years?" she stares at you to see if she got any reaction from you. She did, it was shock and sadness.
You stare at the table, you have to tell her, but then its goodbye Avengers for you. You think for a moment before the two of you are interrupted with a knock at the door. As Natasha gets the door, you wipe the tears out of your eyes.
"Nick, its good to see you!" Natasha says happily, as Nick greets her and they walk into the room, followed by everyone waiting outside.
Natasha decides to sit directly across from you which she had never done before taking Clint's seat, but he didn't mind. He would get to sit next to Sam and Bucky.
Wanda takes her seat next to you noticing Natasha staring at you, with disapproval in her eyes, Natasha glanced over at Wanda and Wanda gave her a confused look, and looked between you and Nat. Natasha just ignored her and looked back at you.
Natasha is extremely disappointed in you and you notice this the second you pull your tired head back up, as you had been up all night trying to put your son to bed.
Part 3????
@fishlikestuff ❤️
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I Killed Them (Gender Neutral Reader)
🌧-Both ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word count:214
Warning: none really? IDK TBH
There is gonna be one for the X-Men that is very similar, mostly just some names will be changed.
This is also came to me while watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, after Finnick’s death. And on with his death, WHY DID HE HAVE TO BE KILLED? WHY COULDN’T GALE HAVE BEEN KILLED? NO OFFENSE (full offense), BUT HE REALLY DESERVES IT!
Also, all the characters I have tagged/have masterlist on are just ones I currently write for/have something in the works for them, but it can be anyone you wish from the MCU
Also, random, but I got carried away and now there’s an extended version of this with dialogue. I’ll release it too if ya’ll want it
Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)
@bonkynsteeb @graveyard-kitten  @fangirlfree @marilynmonroefanfics @leniram1890 @talksoprettyjjx @veronicapaula @drpepperobsessed @quezzzzz16 @marvel-baby  @southernraven @sohoseb @mysticunicorn7 @rottenstyx @jellyb34n @gorbnasta @magneatoooo @fire1ordzuzu @greengarsstuff​ @denkisimpbutmakeit-gay @brooke-supernatural16 @b0xedjuiice @dindjarinsspouse ​
Peter Parker Taglist
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Loki Taglist
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Bucky Barnes Taglist
Tony Stark Taglist
Requests are OPEN (click here for guidelines and here to request)
Peter Parker Masterlist
Loki Masterlist
Steve Rogers Masterlist
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Y/N fell back, unsure of what they had to do next. They had done it. They had killed one of the only people who they knew always trusted them. Well, they didn’t directly do it, but they were the reason they had died. 
Y/N knew that everyone was yelling their name. Yelling for them to move. To get up and run. But they couldn’t. They’re body was stuck to the floor. The screams of their name stuck in Y/N’s head. The screams for them to help. 
Y/N felt someone grab their arm. Pulling them up. Their voice was louder than  the others. But it still sounded miles away. What was being said didn’t even  register. But even with it not registering, they knew what was being said. They would be back. HYDRA would be back and they would get them. Get them when they were so close to winning this. If they stayed, they would all be killed.
But what was so wrong with that? Peace never lasts forever. This was proof. Even when what they were living in wasn’t peaceful, it was better than this. Innocent people dying. People they loved dying. Their home was gone. Any sense of normalcy they used to have was completely gone.
And that was never coming back.
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