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#peter parker x y/n

The Touch of a Siren | p.p

pairing: peter parker x reader

summary: all it takes is one glance and peter is enthralled—the boy falls hard. but as it turns out, getting a hold of you is just as impossible as getting you out of his head. so, when the chance unfolds, he has no doubts. and regrets?

warnings: fluff, angst, spooky, unnerving.

song: Chained Up by Now United

a/n: happy spooky season guys! <3


* * *

It was in Algebra that Peter noticed you for the first time. You had dropped your pen and bent to the side to pick it up. It was a paltry gesture, nearly invisible to the eye and imperceptible to the ear, but something made him look up and, from that day on, you had piqued his curiosity. The memory still resides as a crystal-clear image inside his head.

The material of that class—something he had gone over in two hours and mastered in one—was boring, leaving him no choice but to watch YouTube videos of his suited-self in action, captured by some passer-by. But the second he caught a glimpse of you, he was entranced.

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word count: 600+ words | masterlist

requested by: @angelsparkers <3!

───✦ title: dulces.

“can we move a little, y/n?”

“nope, i like it just the way it is.”

as per usual, movie nights were totally unexpected, mainly because of the tight schedules that you and peter both had to endure. together with the fact that there was really little time to spend together in the lead up towards the exam season.

so peter had decided to unwind with you tonight, a switch-off dedicated to solely him and yourself, which had led to both of you watching the fourth film of the harry potter series, beginning where you had left off a couple of weeks ago.

peter whined at your denial. “i promise you i’ll let you be just as comfortable if you let me just move a teeny-”

the cold air creeped in on your bare arms - in which you cursed yourself for not wearing one of peter’s hoodies - as you moved to the other side of the sofa.

“why’d you go?” peter asked, his eyebrows furrowing as he stuck his bottom lip out. but you didn’t notice it. you just really wanted to focus on harry flying over hogwarts with a furious dragon on his tail.

peter came closer, placing his hands on your knees and laying his head on them as he tried to get your attention. but to no avail.

his fingers started drumming the side of your leg moments later, and soon enough, your own digits caught his, fiddling with them whilst you tried to get absorbed in the film.

however, the change in movement averted your concentration towards the opened cadbury’s packet on the side table.

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In which Y/n uses her powers for a new reason.

A/n: it has been a long time! Thanks for coming back to read this chapter. Comment below if you want to be on the taglist!

TW: car crash, swears 
WC: 3k 

Chapter 4

You recounted the events of the party to MJ on Monday at school.

“You like Parker!” She said through the biggest “I knew it” grin.

“That’s what you got out of all that I just told you.” You shook your head at her.

“Blusum is a dick but we already knew that. And I’m sure you took revenge this morning.” She shrugged as you entered the cafeteria for lunch.

“I did.” you said as she raised her eyebrows at you. “But I don’t have a crush on Peter.”

“You flirted with him all night.”

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masterlist || check out my commissions? || ko-fi

Peter always did everything he could to make sure you were comfortable when the pair of you were intimate with each other. Whether it was turning the lights off to your request, putting on music, letting you face away from him. Whatever it is you asked for–Peter would be honoured to do it for you, if it meant you would be happier with him. 

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one true love.

Dark!Peter Parker x Dark!GN!Reader


Main Masterlist

Summary : Peter will go threw everything to keep you safe, protected and most importantly always his. He saw you as the person he observed and watched for the past few months, the sweet, kind girl that stopped to pet stray dogs or smiled at everyone who needed it. But somethings he never took notice of, some things that would’ve made him love you even more.

Warnings : THIS IS A DARK FIC! I am not responsible for your media consumption but if any of these topics or just dark fics on a whole trigger you please do not read! cursing, murders, blood, violence, mention of sexual assault, death, stalking, graphic description of a dead body, homicide, fluffy if you squint, use of guns and knifes.

A/n : If any description throughout the one shot does not pertain to a gender neutral reader please let me know :-) also if i missed anything in the warnings.

Word Count : 1.8k

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(pictures in header don’t belong to me)

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY QUEEN OF A BEST FRIEND!!! This one’s for you darling. Thanks for being there always and for listening to my rants. I love our music days of just sharing songs or even days of no talking, but having fun nonetheless. You are amazing and a ray of sunshine this world deserves.

Go wish her a happy birthday y’all! If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t even be writing on Tumblr so I’m eternally grateful for her. LOVE YOU DARLING!

Dedicated to: @aaliyasaurus

Summary: Peter Parker is the boy you love, the one who shares his secrets with you. You know about his hero life and about his daily life, but there’s one thing you don’t know and he’s about to share it with you in the most spectacular way.

Word Count: 1.5k

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: none

Song: Sit Down Beside Me - Patrick Watson


(gif doesn’t belong to me. also has nothing to do with the fic)

      “Where are we going?” you called out.

      Your best friend of two years was trudging up the hill ahead of you carrying the large basket in his hands. Peter Parker had befriended you in chemistry class when you accidentally set of a smoke bomb. Your friendship only grew stronger when he told you his own secret. That he was the swinging hero that saved people and fought alongside Avengers. Only to you he would always be Peter the boy who your heart belonged to.

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Plot:  ur sad lol  [Peter Parker x Gender Neutral!Reader]

Word Count:  803

Warnings:  nothing too bad here, uhhhhh, the reader says some depressing shit, they’re basically having an existential crisis, so watch out for that

A/N: so, this isn’t Douxie, and that’s because I looked at my masterlist and went, “Huh, this looks a little bit uneven.”  That’s mostly bc of aaty, but still, here’s a lil’ drabble to even things out.  Also, I wrote this like, months ago and edited it tonight, so expect a small bby dip in quality.


Originally posted by king-of-moose

Today was not a good day.

It just felt like everything had gone wrong in the world, and quite honestly, you wanted to curl up in a little ball and pretend you didn’t exist.

You had woken up late, forgotten to hand in an essay, spilled coffee on yourself, gotten yelled at by both a guy on the street and one of your teachers, the whole nine yards.  Everything was awful and the universe didn’t care about you.

You just wanted to melt away into nothing, but you couldn’t do that yet because the Avengers had a stupid meeting with the stupid government, and you had to be there for it.  Stupid.

Despite your desperate attempts to stay focused, you found yourself zoning out multiple times, each time snapping back to reality only to see an irritated Avenger glaring at you.  

Yep, today was not a good day.

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𝓹𝓮𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓹𝓪𝓻𝓴𝓮𝓻


The first “I love you”



kinda dark



at a taylor swift concert w peter


three. [series]

~peter writes a song (part 1)

~y/n patches her broken wings (part 2)


always the hero. 

peter almost dies while taking out the green goblin himself


𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓿𝓮 𝓻𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓻𝓼


“Would you run away with me?” “Yes.”


See You In A Minute


𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓵𝓮𝔂 𝓴𝓮𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻



 (not dark it’s just a title) You look back to your meeting with Harley Keener 


𝓫𝓾𝓬𝓴𝔂 𝓫𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓼


the last dance.

40s!bucky barnes x reader

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🎭DEUX VISAGES🎭 ch.07 (peter parker x reader)


What exactly was he supposed to do when you came asking for his help with an article about Spider-Man’s connection to Midtown High? Sabotaging his crush’s ongoing investigation to protect his secret superhero identity might be suicide, but at this point, Peter Parker is willing to try anything.


word count: 9k

a/n: 😀 i am once again asking for your forgiveness. that’s it. bye.


In Newton’s Third Law of Motion, he states that for every action, there exists an equal and opposite reaction. As a science geek, Peter Parker could recite that sentence in his sleep; it would remain ingrained in his brain as yet another basic fact for eternity. For someone who claimed to enjoy physics as much— and for someone who was a human being with common sense— he should’ve known, then, that just like an object that pushes a second object, every decision and fault of his would fabricate a reaction that, whether he liked it or not, would impact him along with those in his surroundings.

At last, the time had come where every little consequence of those actions was culminating into one fatal outburst.

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Summary: You and Peter have been best friends for ages. But what happens when he confesses something that he’s held deep down for ages.

Warnings: Swearing, a teeny tiny bit of angst, but a huge fluffy ending

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: This is probably the last night of back to back fics for a while, so enjoy!


You had met so long ago that it felt like a dream you couldn’t quite remember. From the second you met the beloved Peter Parker, you knew he would be your best friend. Or, one of them at least. Ned was pretty cool too. He just wasn’t Peter, and there was always something different about Peter.
Your other friends called it romantic attraction. You said it was just who he was. He was always something else entirely. That’s just how best friends feel about each other, right?

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Synopsis: Tom is not a cat person, but watches your cat anyway



“Hi baby.” You appeared in the doorway of the living room with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders and a nervous smile on your face. You had a big favor to ask of Tom and you already knew he wasn’t going to like it.

“Hi princess.” Tom sat up on the couch and noticed your face. “You look like you need something.”

“I might.” You shrugged as you sat down on his lap. He immediately wrapped his arms around you to keep you from falling off, clasping his hands together under your spine.

“Let me see if I can help you.” He chuckled as he tugged you closer by the blanket.

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Idea! Total Drama!AU Marvel characters x reader

Ok, but hear me out.

I had this series idea! Like a Total Drama AU with every Marvel character + reader. Like, with Chris as the conductor, Chef as chef himself and like all the characters with their strategies and allies trying to win the final prize.

And the idea was basically: instead of having the characters voting for the elimination (because I should choose who to vote out), I could leave to choice to you guys!

Like, you read the chapter and you leave a comment with the name of who you want to vote out and we go on like this until we arrive at the final part. Every chapter will have some challenges and the story will have some love stories and other surprises of course.

I don’t know, it popped into my mind as I was washing the dishes and I would absolutely love to write something like this. So if you guys are interested please let me know and I’ll get straight up to work.

Or else, I don’t know, I’ll simply write it on my own? Or I’ll just leave the idea there if some other author is interested to write about it.

Anyway, let me know! It would mean the world to me!🥺

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🖇·˚ ༘ ┊͙mailman/newspaper boi(lmao)!peter parker x princess!fem!readerˊˎ-

[summary: peter and the princess fall in love, but her kingdom won’t allow her to date someone as poor and ‘worthless’ as peter. but, y/n loves him, and she will do what it takes to be with him.]

[w/c: 3.5k]

[warning: i think typos, fluff, a little bit of fake dating, me not knowing anything about british phrases, whack writing per usual.]

[author’s note:  the POV randomly changed in the last half of the story, i’m not really sure why??]


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Pumpkin Song

Tom Holland x reader

Synopsis; You and Tom decide what your going to wear this Halloween

Idk what this is bare with me.

🧚🏻‍♀️Masterlist 🧚🏻‍♀️


Originally posted by debbie-sketch

“Alright, Tom!” You entered the room in a hurry making Tom jump and almost spill his coffee. 

“Did you have another brilliant idea love?” He asked as he took a sip of his warm drink and looked into your eyes. 

“No!” You chuckled. “Well yes! I decided what we’re going to wear this Halloween!” You exclaimed and sited next to him on the couch, him placing his hand around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your cheek as you did.

“Alright then… what are we going as?” He wondered as he placed his coffee on the table and rubbed his hands. 

“Peter Pan and Tinker Bell!” You smiled in happiness and Tom’s face fell before he started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” You tilted your head confused by his reaction.

“Im not wearing tights.”

“C’mon Tom! This could be an amazing costume!”

“No!” He chuckled. “No way”

“Alright, then what are we wearing?” You sassed placing a hand on your hip.

“How about Spider-man and MJ?” He asked never getting tired of those costumes.

“WE DID THAT LAST YEAR!”  You screamed in his face.

“and?” He wondered before taking a new sip of his drink and staring at you.
You looked at him for a second twisting and turning ideas in your mind.

“How about Arwen and Aragorn?” You asked and your face lit up.

“Too short notice for me to let my hair grow that long.” He replied and showed his hair. “I like that idea tho.” He pointed out. “maybe next year.”

You groaned in frustration before looking at your boyfriend and placing your head on his shoulder. Tom chuckled at your reaction before thinking of other couple costumes.

“um…” You looked at the Tv and saw a stack of Halloween Dvd’s that were sitting next to the PS4. You smirked and looked up to Tom who questioned your look.“Emily and Victor. From Corpse Bride!”

“Yeah.” Tom thought for a second “I like that idea.” He smiled before pressing a kiss to the side of your head.

“Corpse Bride it is!”

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🖇·˚ ༘ ┊͙dad!peter parker x fem!stark!reader   ˊˎ -

[summary: peter is unsure if he’s ready to be a responsible father at nineteen, but his mind changes when your son and daughter are born.]

[w/c: 0.7k]

[warning: pregnancy, fluff?…a little of everything to be honest.]

[author’s note: since we’re all in a dad!peter/tom mood….plus i redid all my posts/masterlists :)]


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HI GUYS IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS FUCKING SERIES OH MY FUCK. Okay but this is a post-freshman year of college summer break AU, and it does mention some of the canon plot elements from the marvel/Spider-man Universe so please keep that in mind! There will also be spanish in this series and broad descriptions of the reader because she’s a Delmar-but the spanish is relatively basic and I tried to use like universal spanish but uh it was lowkey weird for me bc I speak spanish in the mexican and puerto rican dialects. If you’d like to be tagged pls lmk 

Warnings: spelling and grammar errors, cussing, mentions of Tony Stark’s death, angst, mentions of violence, future violence (fighting and shit), future mentions of weapons, future smut (possibly), future mentions/alluding to depression and anxiety.

Word count: 2.3k

Latina!Fem!Reader x Peter Parker

Series Masterlist (in the works)

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Masterlist and Part 1

Summary: An introduction to the powers and backstory of Y/N

Warnings: death/illness mentions, no specifics

Pairing: Peter Parker x Villainess!Reader

Word Count: 490??, it’s a short one

A/N: Yes I posted this early. Hush. Friday Nights count as weekends in my mind anyways. Also, send an ask to be added to the taglist for this series!


You hated when the news called you abilities “magic”. Magic is a party trick. You weren’t making doves come out of hats, although technically you could. Having the ability to warp reality had its perks, and being able to do what you wanted was one of them. They didn’t call you “The Queen” for nothing, you were in control of everything.
Or it was. But then that Spider-Man came along. You had had a pretty rough past few years and all you wanted was a simple and easy life. All you wanted was to escape from your past. But of course, that filthy arachnid just had to ruin things.

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SUMMARY; Y/N spent her whole freshman year of college running into a brown haired boy, convincing herself it wasn’t more than just some on-going college fling. Until she arrived at her second year, and she finds out his name–and that he’s her TA for the whole year. commission by @matcatlove​​​ 💛

PAIRING; Uni!Peter x Reader

WORDS; 6084

WARNING; swearing, references to smut throughout


Originally posted by dailytomgifs

A party was all you needed today, after studying for your exam for three weeks and finally taking it this morning–all you needed was to get out and go to the nearest club on campus. It was riddled with college students, kids just like you who just needed a break from it all. 

It was the first test of the year, of your whole degree, and you couldn’t even tell if you did a good job or not. All you cared about, really, was that it was behind you–but there were three more on their way before the semester would be over. For now, you just needed a drink, and your friend was quick to get you one. 

“Drink up, babe,” she said with a wink, as the pair of you downed your cocktails in a hurry, eager to get out onto the dance floor. 

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Peter Parker - SFW Alphabet


This is for MCU Peter (cuz some of the answers would be different if they were for others lol)


Originally posted by tommybabyholland

A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)

Peter loves affection, but he’s got to work through all his nerves first. Just the idea of touching you sometimes is enough to make him start blushing and hiding into himself. But once he finally works through it, affection is always. He likes to receive it, but he LOVES to give it. He basically has all the love languages, but his major two are words of affirmation and physical touch.

B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)

Peter Parker is a good best friend…when he’s there. He pays attention to all the little things and he always does right when it really counts. He’ll geek out with you, help you no matter what, and try his best to make you happy no matter what. However if you don’t know about him being Spiderman, it can be a real stress on the friendship, because he’ll always seem distant. Once you know, it will be like everything falls into place. You finally understand why he does the things he does. Overall though, he’s a stellar friend.

You’d probably become his friend because you sat next to each other in class, or you were already at the Avengers compound, and for whatever reason, the two of you immediately clicked.

C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)

PETER LOVES CUDDLES. And when Peter wants to cuddle, he wants to CUDDLE. He wants to squeeze you and never ever let go. Ngl he’ll probably fall asleep while cuddling you because when he’s cuddling he’s in PEAK zen mode. It’s probably the most relaxed that he can be.

D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)

Yeah he definitely wants to settle down, but he’s scared to. It’s not that he has commitment issues, it’s just that he’s so afraid and aware of the dangers of being with him. But if given the chance, he’d probably settle.

He’s not completely terrible at cooking, May has definitely taught him a few things. But he’s no chef. Let’s be real he’s probably had a bunch of moments of forgetting that something was in the oven. There will be lots of disasters. When it comes to cleaning, if pressed, he will clean. But don’t be surprised when every room in the house is messed up again because of things that he’ll “come back for later” that he never comes back for.

E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)

Oh he’d hate every bit of it, he’d dread over it for days and days. If Peter were to break it off, he’d do it face to face. He’d feel so bad about it, and if you start to cry he actually might comfort you in the midst of breaking up with you.

Best outcome, it was mutual and you guys end like friends. Worst outcome, he gets cold feet and actually just leaves you a note.

F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)

He’s surprisingly cool about commitment, given the dangers of his life. Of course, he’s hesitant, but when this dude falls, he falls HARD. So hard to where he’ll commit and not think twice about it.

He’d wanna get married whenever it hits him I guess. Not right away, but it’s not like he’d have you waiting forever.

G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)

Physically- As gentle as the average teenage boy I suppose lol. Well a little bonus because of how anxious he is of hurting you. 5/10

Emotionally- Peter’s more anxious boi than soft crybaby. He wouldn’t need comfort on everything 24/7, because he can actually handle way more than people give him credit for, but it’s when he’s going through something really personal or really traumatic when he needs that reassurance that everything will be alright. 6/10

H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)

Peter doesn’t mind hugs, but he’s gotta be in the mood for one to really enjoy it, otherwise he’s just going through the motions with it. Like if he’s in the mood his brain is “oh my gosh you’re hugging me this is beautiful you’ve graced me with your touch you wonderful specimen” but if he’s not it’s just like “oh… this is unexpected.” I don’t think he’s super into hugs because I kind of like the headcanon that he’s a bit of a germaphobe but I don’t think he’s super against them either. He’s more in the middle where if it hits him, it hits him and if it doesn’t, he doesn’t want them.

He gets in the mood to hug like 20 times a day. You’ll be beside him doing work and like out of nowhere. BOOM. Hugged. And then he just goes back to doing whatever he’s doing except now he’s blushing really hard while doing it.

Peter’s hugs are really soft and quick (unless he’s cuddling you, then it’s really long). He just wants to feel your presence until he’s satisfied. He’s always really warm so that’s a major plus.

I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)

Not right away. It’ll be whenever it feels right. And I picture the first l-word drop going one of three ways:

1) Quirky - you guys will be chilling/making out/watching a movie and he’ll find himself feeling really sentimental and emotional for no reason and he’ll just turn and be like, “hey, I love you”. And it sort of catches you off-guard and he sees your expression (whatever it may be) and he immediately starts blushing and stammering and he’s like “I-i mean- no I don’t!..I-i mean I do!… but like- not unless you want me too! I-in fact I’ll hate you if you want me-” and you have to cut him off with a kiss before he gets too wound up and you softly smile back like “I love you too, weirdo.”

2) Sweet - he’s thought about this for a long time (and even maybe told May and Ned about it) and he really wants to tell you but he doesn’t know how and you notice that’s he’s been weird around you and always looks like he has something else on his mind (like more than usual) and you’re getting pretty worried and after awhile you can’t take it anymore and you confront him about it probably at the lunch table or in the hallways after school or at his apartment (is there some mission you don’t know about? Is he breaking up with you? Is he okay?) and he’s stuttering alot and he finally has to pause and compose himself before pulling you aside and softly telling you how we feels.

3) Angsty - after a particularly intense night at patrol (definitely with a casualty) he’s perched on the top of a building, staring out at New York, feeling like the biggest failure alive. He’s run down with guilt and the tears just won’t stop. Hands shaking, he dials your number and you pick up and immediately start asking if he’s okay once you hear his trembling voice. “I messed up,” he mumbles before he breaks down and sobs out the entire story to you. You try your best to comfort him as best you can through the phone, trying to tell him (with no avail) that it’s not his fault and that he can’t save everyone. It takes a while, but he finally calms down enough to clearly take a swing, but not before he says, “look..I want you to know that I love you… and I’ll do everything I can to always protect you…I promise you that…I can’t lose you,” he sobs. Given the situation, neither one of you really registers that this is his first time saying it, but it makes it a dozen times easier to start saying it more often from now on.

J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)

Peter’s jealousy is probably the average amount for a guy. He doesn’t do much with it though. He’ll just get really quiet and maybe freak out to Ned about it later. Very subtle looks and jaw clenches but other than that, he’s fine. Unless you’re really attentive, you probably wouldn’t notice.

K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)

When he first started getting into the hang of first dates and stuff, his kisses were pretty fast and more like little pecks on the lips and stuff because he was always so nervous about messing up. But now that’s he’s gotten the hang of it, Peter’s kisses (when he’s not in a rush) are usually slow and sensual. He wants to do nothing but focus on you in that moment.

Well mostly on the lips of course. He’ll lay his head on your shoulder alot when he’s bored so every now and then when he’s doing that he’ll turn his head and give you a little kiss on your shoulder. If he’s whispering in your ear in lunch he’ll give a kiss on the cheek. Really though, once he gets the all his jitters out about it, he’ll kiss you anywhere.

Peter probably likes to be kissed on the cheek and on the lips more than anywhere else

L = Little ones (How are they around children?)

Peter is amazing with kids. He’ll always find a way to get along with them, and they usually warm up to his easy-going nature. He’s a bit of a pushover when it comes to really nice kids so they usually love him because he’ll give them anything. I’m not really one of talking about having kids, but he’d be a great father in the future. (But we’re not in any rush for him to do that okay😂🤭)

M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)

Mornings are spent, well first of all waking up (obviously), cuddling, finishing whatever movie you were watching the night before, Peter probably rambling a bunch about whatever he finds himself wondering about, playing video games, and basically just relaxing before May tells you it’s time for school.

N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)

Nights are spent goofing around with Peter and Ned at Peter’s home or chilling with Peter which can literally be doing just about anything (making out, relaxing, deep talks, watching movies, doing homework, etc.). You can do practically anything with this guy.

O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)

Peter isn’t the best about opening up, not because he wants to hide things, but because he isn’t on the same wavelength as everyone else when it comes to “important” things to share. Like out of nowhere he’ll find himself telling you something and you’ll be like “woah I wish I you would’ve told me that earlier” and he’ll just shrug and be like “oh I didn’t know that was really important enough to tell”. He doesn’t tell anything slower or faster it’s more like whenever it’s on his mind or convenient for him to tell.

But for the most part, if you’re important enough for you to know he’s spiderman secret, he’ll tell you pretty much anything.

P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)

Not easily angered at all. If anything he’s more easily confused then angered. Like if you were trying to make him angry, he’d be more “why are you doing this🥺🤨?!” than “why are you doing this😡?!”

He’d only get angry easily if he’d been going through alot and a bunch of things have been building up, other than that, normally he’s a pretty chill guy when it comes to losing his temper.

Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)

Oh he remembers practically everything you tell him. Even crap that you’ve probably forgotten about yourself, he knows. He notices every tiny thing, though he forgets the big stuff sometimes.

Ex: one day May asks him what he wants her to buy at the supermarket for breakfast and he says poptarts because he remembers that you like poptarts from that one time you briefly mentioned how much you liked them and he gets the kind that you like even though he doesn’t really like it so that on the days you come over to his house you’ll have something to eat…but like legit that same day he forgets that it’s your anniversary😬

R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)

He has many favorite moments, one of them being your first date. He was so nervous, and he showed up late, and he’d regretted letting May choose his outfit, and he hated himself for not choosing the restaurant because it’d show that he wasn’t assertive enough, and he was pretty sure he stepped in dog crap while he was running to the restaurant and he just knew that he was the worst date ever until finally he got there and you were totally just fine about it. You told him to relax and that everything was fine and you were just glad to have him there, which in turn made him relax. He looked into your eyes and knew there was absolutely nothing to worry about and he had an amazing time.

S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)

He’s protective, but not suffocating. Like if he sees something happening to you from afar, he’s not gonna step in unless you make it clear that you want him to. For the most part, he’ll let you handle things yourself.

Peter’s more like a “protect you from the unknown” kind of guy. He’s gonna protect you from threats that you don’t know are there, and that are probably much bigger than the two of you. Things like death or heartbreak. He’ll probably break up with you to “protect” you, which, let’s be honest, is complete stupid, albeit noble. Overall, he’ll do anything in his power to keep you happy.

Peter doesn’t really need protection more so… comfort. He knows the world he lives in. He can defend himself and all that, but at the end of the day, he just wants someone to tell him that everything’s gonna be okay🥺

T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)

With Peter it’s either extremely last minute but a little thoughtful (because he probably forgot) or extremely thought through with unbelievable effort. No in between. Truly a go big or go home type deal. Like for your birthday he’s either getting you something he’s researched on for months that he knew you’d love or you’re getting a card that he bought from a Walmart on the way to school with a sloppily written love letter inside that he came up with off the top of his head. At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts when it comes to Peter.

U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)

He thinks literally everything is his fault🙄. If something bad happens, and he feels that he could’ve done even the slightest thing to change it, he’s gonna beat himself up about it no matter what what you try to say.

Also he’s a really busy guy. So if you’re one of those girls that needs to be kept or need your boyfriend there all hours of the day, Peter’s probably not for you.

V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)

Not too concerned. Like of course he wants to look good or cool or whatever, but he’s also learned to be pretty comfortable with himself (at least as far as looks go). He gets pretty insecure sometimes but for the most part he’s okay with his looks. He’ll totally do himself up if he’s trying to impress someone though.

W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)

Depends on how close you’ve become. If he only liked you, he’ll be okay. If he loved you, yeah, he’ll feel incomplete without you. But only if you break up or if you’re hurt or lost or something. If the two of you just haven’t seen each other for a while he’ll be fine. He’s not that sentimental.

X = Xtra (A random headcanon for them.)

Peter has a skirt kink. Skirts. They make him weak. He found this out about himself when he started dating Gwen Stacy. He will practically break his neck to see you in a skirt.

Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)

Someone who has extremely poor hygiene. Peter’s not the best at hygiene. He’s definitely skipped brushing his teeth from time to time, but someone who’s a complete slob? It’ll just make him feel bad for you. It’s a turn off for him. You won’t get his affection but you will get his pity.

Someone obnoxious or aggressive. Peter, although anxious, is overall a pretty chill guy. If someone was just on 100 every time he saw them, ngl they’d probably weird him out. Like of course he wants someone with their own personality, but he wants someone with a level of coolness and obnoxious and aggressive people just aren’t cool.

Z = Zzz (What are some sleep habits of theirs?)

Peter wants to hold something when he sleeps. When he was little, he used to sleep with a stuffed animal, and once he got older he broke out of it. But when he slept with you for the first time (sexually/nonsexually, doesn’t matter) all that came rushing back. He’ll hold you tightly in his sleep and won’t let go unless you make him.

Hope you liked it!!😁😁😁


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Mission For Immortality

Peter Parker x Hydra! Reader (Soulmate AU)

Synopsis: You’re an agent at Hydra, the next Winter Soldier, and soldier meant for eternity. There’s one issue: your soulmate.

You watched the beautiful drawings appear on your arm, but you weren’t the one drawing them. You were so lucky you had an artistic soulmate, but they had the worst soulmate imaginable.

You lived in a world full of soulmates, but there were two ways to find them, and how to know they were the one.

1.Whatever you drew on your body, would appear on your soulmate’s body too.

2.When you turned 18, you would stop aging, and when you met your soulmate, you’d start together, and if they died before you, you would stop, waiting for your next potential soulmate.

You secretly worked for Hydra, born into it. They claimed that you were their best soldier since the Winter Soldier.

There was only one problem: your soulmate.

Hydra wanted you to eliminate your soulmate, so you could live forever, serving them to the best of your ability. You never wanted to do it growing up, it had been explained to you when you were only nine, before your first mission.

But now, you had turned into a ruthless killer, a monster even, and you didn’t care if you had to kill anyone, let alone your soulmate.

Your parents were in charge of the Hydra base where you were currently stationed. Did you love your parents? No, for you, there was no room for love in your business. Did they love you? You had no idea. They never showed any signs of loving you, only harshness and criticizing behaviors.

That wasn’t the thing you were worried about the most though. Today was your 18th birthday, the day you were supposed to kill your soulmate. They wanted you to be in the prime of your life, the most fit and sharp you’d ever been. You weren’t nervous, regretful, or even worried about your mission. You were worried about your performance.

You sat in the cell Hydra had lent to you, just until the mission was over, then there would be no time for staying in one place, you’d be on the run.

There was an instructor sitting in the room, watching your arm tracking everything your soulmate wrote.

“Now, ask them where they live,” the instructor ordered, throwing a sharpie at you. You caught it, and uncapped it, writing above the drawing your soulmate just completed.

Where do you live?

You looked at your arm expectantly. The instructor glared at you as you examined your arm.

Queens, New York, you?

You looked up at the instructor. “Queens,” you stated, and he snarled at you.

“We’ll fly you there now, and train on the way there, you don’t know who you’re going to face,” he barked, and you looked at him.

“Why do I have to worry about who I’m going up against? Who could honestly beat me?” You replied, almost cocky, but it was true.

“Just shut up and follow orders!” He yelled and exited the cell.

You looked at the question in blue ink on your arm. You sighed, and uncapped the sharpie again.

Same! Wanna meet up?

You knew they were still watching you even though the instructor had left the room. This was your mission. This was your job. This was your duty.

There was a small part of you who knew none of this was right, who knew you should’ve left Hydra, but the new, ruthless you took over, shoving the small part down.

Sure! That’d be great! Delmar’s Deli? 4?

Of course!

You looked at the camera, “Delmar’s Deli, 4 o’clock,” you deadpanned, and waited for them to tell you they were ready.

Your cell door slammed open, causing you to straighten your spine. A different man stood in the doorway this time, glaring into my gaze.

“Lady Whisper, we’re ready, follow me and I’ll lead you to the plane. There’s civilian clothes for you in there. Up. Now,” he ordered, and you stood up, waiting for him to exit.

He walked out without a word, and you followed, keeping you head high, and your back straight, show no signs of weakness.

He led you to a small jet on the roof, grunting in the direction of the plane. You got the message, and strutted over to the entry stairs.

You walked calmly up the stairs, and felt the cool air of the jet hit you. You glanced at the dried blood on the walls, and scoffed. Hydra might’ve been an underground agency, but they could’ve at least cleaned up after themselves.

You took a seat on a tattered and scratched chair, and awaited further instructions. The door to the jet closed, and a woman dressed in civilian clothes emerged.

She had a pile of clothing in her hands, and threw them at you. “Get up, and get dressed, you’ll have to blend in,” she explained. “When you are finished, you will come out here, and we’ll explain the rest of the details.”

You walked into the bathroom, just because you were ruthless, didn’t mean you didn’t like a little privacy once in a while, well, how could you have any? There were eyes everywhere.

Picking up the shirt, you cringed, and stripped out of your black, skin-tight suit. You slipped the blue sweater over your head, and grabbed the black leggings. These were better.

You slid the leggings on, and took out your braid, running your fingers through you hair.

For a moment, you were in one of your childhood dreams, dressing up as a character for a play, putting on an act.

But this wasn’t a play, this was real, and dreams were diminished the second they resurfaced.

You were playing a pawn piece, in an all-too real game.

You exited the bathroom, and saw a pair of black ankle boots residing where you were previously sitting.

You took a seat, and pulled off the flats you had been wearing, exchanging them for the boots.

You had just finished zipping up the left boot when the woman came back into the cabin.

“Ahh, I see you found the boots,” she nodded.

“Well, you put them right in my spot, how would I not have seen them?” You retorted, bitterly.

“Watch your mouth Whisper,” she snipped, and you bit back your response. “Anyways,” she pulled out two bobby-pins, and held them out. “You’ll have to wear these in your hair, get it out of your face.”

You complied, and put the pins in your hair, forming a x shape, pulling the hair out of your eyes.

“We’ll be in Queens soon, be ready,” she responded.

“Well, excuse me,” you spat the manner, “but you haven’t explained the mission yet,” you raised your eyebrows at the woman.

“Right, sorry,” she shifted awkwardly. “First, you’ll find out what your soulmate is wearing, and then you’ll locate them. Afterwards, you will bring them to the nearest park, and kill them there, hiding their body in a bush. Remember, this must be done as quickly as possible. And no emotion. Sharp, clean mission,” she finished, and walked back into the cockpit.

Sighing, you opened the latch in front of you to reveal an array of weapons. A knife to the throat would work well, make less noise than a gun. You confirmed your mental decision, and reached for the sharpest and smallest knife you had. You slipped it into your bra strap, making sure it wouldn’t cut you.

For the rest of the ride, you stared straight ahead, your mind wandering, never staying on one topic for too long, in fear of attachment.

When the familiar lunge of your stomach, you knew the plane was descending.

You waited patiently until the plane landed, a clear area in the woods, workers running around aimlessly. You stood up, and waited for the door to open.

The capsule door finally clicked open, and you stepped out, not expecting a six foot drop. You landed in a crouching position, and walked to the transport car, you heart suddenly pounding against your chest.

Why was this happening? This never happened in other missions, easy in, easy out. Why was this one different?

Maybe because you’re about to murder the one meant for you!

The small, good part of you yelled in your head. You closed your eyes, and press the voice down, your heartbeat slowing to slightly above its normal rate.

The car drove forward, and you didn’t even pay attention to the driver, it was none of your business, better to keep their identity a secret, the less information you knew, the less could be forced out of you.

You drove for a few minutes, and arrived at a bodega on a corner. You examined the little shop, and took a deep breath. You glanced at your watch 4:00, it was game time.

You stepped out into the Queens air, and walked briskly into the bodega.

The bell above the door rang, and you started fake smiling, smiling is what your character, a normal teenager about to meet her soulmate, would be doing.

You glanced around the shop, and your eyes met with a pair of chocolatey doe eyes from across the room. You had never seen you soulmate, never known their gender, you didn’t know anything about them.

But you knew this was him.

Your breath caught in your throat, and you started approaching the boy.

A mission. Mission. Mission. You repeated over and over again in your head.

Love. Love. Love. Love. You felt the pure part of you scream from the depths of your conscience. You continued smiling, and the boy smiled right back.

This time, you didn’t push the pure part away, and you could feel it taking over your body. Is this the effect soulmates had on you? You hadn’t even spoken to the boy yet.

You took a few small steps so you were in front of the boy, a giddy smile on your face, you didn’t know if it was genuine or not.

You were standing inches apart now, somehow coming closer together.

“I-I’m Peter, P-Peter Parker,” he smiled, and you smelt his intoxicating scent.

“I’m (Y/N),” you felt your real name leave your lips like jelly.

He smiled again, and your heart flew out of your chest.

“Whisper, do you copy?” You heard the earbud screeched into your ear.

“I- “ you took the bud out of your ear, the boy staring at you in confusion.

“You good?” He lifted his eyebrow, and you melted all over again.

“I-I’m perfect,” you smiled, and looked into the boy’s eyes.

You had failed your mission.

And you were okay with it.


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