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No Other Shade of Blue But You
Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader
Synopsis: three years after the effects of NWH, Peter moves in as your roommate with benfits. You’re ready for a relationship but he’s still traumatized
Tumblr media
“I should probably head back to my room.”
Peter removed his arms from around your waist and got out of your bed. You sat up and tugged your covers around your body and watched him as he pulled his clothes on. He always left immediately afterward, and it was starting to wear you down.
“You don’t have to.” You spoke into the darkness. “You could just sleep here if you want.”
“I don’t want to overcrowd you.” He smiled apologetically before pulling his shirt over his head.
“You wouldn’t be.” You assured him. “Really, I don’t mind.”
Peter stopped gathering his things and looked at you for a moment. The sliver of your face that he could see in the moonlight looked so hopeful and timid that it killed him to turn you down. He wanted nothing more than to get back in your bed and sleep beside you, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He couldn’t let you get too close. When he was 18 and saw you again after the spell had been cast, he made the decision to leave you alone for your own safety. Running into you again three years later felt like fate. You needed a roommate and he needed a place to sleep.
“No.” He said finally. “It’s okay. I’ll go.”
Disappointment flashed in your eyes but you covered it up with a tight smile. He leaned in to kiss you, initially going for your face but planting one on your shoulder instead. Shoulders were less intimate in his mind. He knew it was silly to worry about intimacy right after having sex with you, but it made sense to him.
“Night.” He smiled softly and left your room.
“Good night.” You mumbled once he was gone and hugged the covers tighter around your body.
Peter walked into the kitchen the next morning, unsure of how you were gonna act around you. He knew he hurt your feelings the night before, but you still smiled at him when he entered the room.
“Good morning.” You greeted.
“Good morning. You made coffee?” He asked when he noticed the full pot.
“I did.”
“You’re the best. I love you.” He squeezed your shoulder before going over to the pot. You smiled against your mug while Peter had the opposite reaction. He tried to say those words to you as little as possible.
“I could make you something, if you want.” You offered. “What are you in the mood for?
“Don’t worry about me. I think I’ll just take it to go.” Peter said as he grabbed a banana.
“Oh.” Your smile fell. “Okay. Sure.”
He gave you an apologetic smile before quickly leaving the kitchen. He didn’t want to leave you alone, but he couldn’t let you get to close. He avoided you the rest of the day until he found you in the living room that night.
“Hey. What are we watching?” He asked as he sat beside you on the couch.
“Hey.” You looked over and smiled at him. “Life As We Know It.”
“Is this the one with the girl from Grey’s Anatomy where they have to raise a baby together?”
“No.” You lied.
“Not again.” He playfully groaned. “You watch this every night, I swear.”
“I can’t help it. I love this movie.” You pouted and scooted closer to him on the couch.
“But you’ve seen it so many times.” He pointed out. “It can’t be enjoyable anymore. Can I show you a good movie?”
“Fine. Go ahead.”
Peter smirked as he took the remote from you. He is exited your movie and pulled up one of his own.
“Diary of a Wimpy Kid?” You asked when you saw his choice.
“It’s Rodrick Rules. It’s a cinematic masterpiece.” He scoffed and pulled a blanket over the two of you.
“I hate you. You’re moving out.” You told him as you cuddled into his side. He wrapped an arm around you as you rested your head on his shoulder.
“You can’t kick me out. You’d miss me too much.” He smiled down at you.
“That’s true.” You looked up at him through your eyelashes before returned your attention to the movie. You stayed in that position as the movie played and traced small patterns on his leg.
“Incredible. Amazing every time.” Peter clapped his hands once the movie ends.
“Yeah, yeah.” You rolled your eyes. “Are you hungry? I don’t mind cooking.”
Peter suddenly became aware of your position and quickly stood up. You looked at him curiously, unsure why he jumped away from you as if you were on fire.
“You eat. I was gonna head out.” He said as he put some distance between you.
“You’re going out? This late?”
“Yeah. Just for a little while.”
“I’m not sure yet. Probably just a bar or something.” He lied and adverted his eyes. He felt bad about lying to you about being Spiderman, but telling you that meant he had to tell you everything else.
“I could come with you, if you want.” You offered and got off the couch.
“It’s okay.” He said quickly. “You should stay here. It’s freezing out anyway.”
“Okay.” You nodded sadly. “Have fun. And please be safe.”
“I will. Don’t worry about me.”
“I can’t help it.” You smiled softly. Peter felt bad about telling you you couldn’t come so he opened his arms.
“Come here. Come hug me goodbye.”
Your smile grew and you practically ran into his arms. You knew he didn’t let you touch him often, so you always took advantage of it when he did. You were smiling against his chest as he was thinking about how long you’d been hugging for. He quickly pulled away and stepped back from you.
“I’ll text you when I’m on my way home.” He said as he pulled on a jacket.
“Okay. Bye. I love you.”
“You too.” He smiled before closing the door.
“You fucking too.” You mumbled to yourself and went back to the couch. A hot tear slid down your face but you quickly wiped it away. You didn’t know why you cared so much when Peter rejected you, but you did. It hurt you every single time.
Peter snuck into his bedroom window that night so he wouldn’t wake you up. He pulled his suit off and changed into his pajamas before going to your room.
“Pete? Is that you?” You rubbed your eyes and propped yourself up on your elbow.
“It’s me. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just wanted to check on you.” He whispered as he pulled to covers over your body.
“It’s okay. I wasn’t sleeping. I was waiting to make sure you got home safely.” You smiled softly at him as he sat on your bed.
“Didn’t I tell you not to worry about me?” He smiled back.
“And didn’t I tell you I can’t help it?” You said as you leaned in. He met you halfway and kissed you passionately. He gently pushed you back onto your bed and hovered above you without ever breaking the kiss. Clothes were shed and thrown across the room, the same as they were every night. The only time Peter let you get close to him was when you were having sex. It wasn’t enough for you. Not my any means. But those fleeting moments in your bed were the only times he let you close to him without pulling away. You let it happen every night, and he took a piece of you with him each time he left. You cuddled into Peter’s side once you’d finished and had just shut your eyes when you felt him squeeze your hip. He immediately got out of your bed and started getting dressed. You got up and watched him, feeling hurt and angry all at once.
“All right. I’m gonna head back to my room.” He said as he pulled his shirt on.
“Why do you always do that?” You asked without looking at him.
“Do what?” He wondered.
“Leave.” Your voice shook as your eyes met his.
“I don’t know.” Peter lied. “I just do.”
“It gets so cold once you leave.” You rubbed your arms. “Can’t you just stay here and hold me? Just for a little while?”
“I don’t know.” Peter shrugged. “It’s that a little… relationship-y?”
“Would a relationship be the worst thing in the world?” You laughed sadly and started to pull your own clothes back on.
“I’m not looking for anything serious. I told you that when I first moved in.” Peter quietly reminded you.
“I know. I just don’t understand you sometimes. You send me so many mixed signals.”
“Can we not do this now?” Peter sighed. “I’m exhausted.”
“So lay down and go to sleep.” You said and gestured to your bed.
“I will.”
“I meant with me.” You said in annoyance as he started walking towards your door. Peter stopped in your doorway and kept his back to you, trying to keep you from seeing his tears. He would love to get back in that bed with you, but he couldn’t. He killed you every time he left, but it killed him just the same.
“I can’t.” His voice wavered. “I’m sorry. I’m not ready for a relationship.”
“It’s fine. Goodnight.” You kept your tone neutral and got back into your bed. Peter turned to look at you, but you were laying with your back to him.
“I love you.” He said softly.
“You too.” You mumbled. Another tear slipped down Peter’s face and he quickly left the room.
The next morning, Peter approached you with a plan. You didn’t look up at him when he walked into the kitchen so he already knew you were upset.
“Good morning.” He greeted.
“How’d you sleep?“ He asked as he sat across from you.
“I was gonna go out to a bar tonight.” He continued.
“Okay.” You said flatly. “Be careful.”
“Would you like to come with me?” Peter asked, finally catching your attention.
“Really?” You asked skeptically as you looked up at him.
“Yeah. I’ve been so busy lately. I want to spend some time with you.”
“Okay.” A smile tugged at your lips. “I’ll go with you. That sounds fun.”
“Great.” He grinned. “Have you eaten yet?”
“No. Just coffee.”
“Then let’s go get breakfast.” He offered. “My treat.”
“Okay.” Your smile grew. “I’ll go get ready.”
Peter noticed the skip in your step as you went to your room and smiled to himself. You returned soon enough in a peach colored sun dress.
“Hey. Are you ready to go?”
“You look beautiful.” Peter blurted. He recognized the dress. You’d worn it on his 18th birthday all those years ago.
“Thanks.” You laughed shyly. Peter held out his arm and you took it before heading towards the door.
A few minutes later, you were seated across from each other at a diner. Peter kept looking over his menu at you before speaking up.
“Hey. I’m sorry about last night. I’m sorry about me.”
“It’s okay.” You gave him a soft smile. He could tell you didn’t want to talk about it so he changed the subject.
“What are you gonna get?” He asked you.
“I don’t know. Eggs maybe?”
“Eggs? At a diner? Lame. Boooo.” He teased as he gave you a thumbs down.
“Don’t boo me.” You giggled. “What are you getting?”
“Chocolate chip pancakes.” He said like it was obvious. “Like a normal person at a diner.”
“Okay smart ass.” You playfully narrowed your eyes at him as the waiter came over.
“Good morning. Can I get you two started on beverages?” She asked.
“Coffee for me, please.” Peter said politely. “And an orange juice for my lady.“
“I hate you.” You chuckled and folded your menu, the pet name he used not lost on you.
“And could we please get two orders of chocolate chip pancakes?” Peter asked the waitress.
“I’ll have that right out. You two make a cute couple.” She winked at you before walking away. You and Peter made awkward eye contact and you quickly looked away.
“I think she was hitting on you.” Peter leaned across the table to whisper.
“For real? You think I have a chance?” You played along and went to stand up.
“Shut up.” He laughed. “And stay in your seat.”
“Jealousy isn’t a good color on you.” You clicked your tongue.
“I seriously hate you.” Peter mumbled as the waiter filled his coffee.
“Please.” You scoffed. “You love me.”
Peter fell silent at your words and nervously cleared his throat. You sensed the tension and quickly changed the subject.
“So what bar did you want to go to later?” You asked.
“I don’t know. You can pick.”
“Why don’t we just go to one that you like?” You suggested. “You must have a favorite by now. You go out almost every night.”
Peter folded his lips together and nodded along. Peter had never actually stepped foot in a bar. Those nights you though he was out on the town were spent on patrol.
“Right. I just have so many favorites.” He lied. You gave him a strange look as your pancakes were set down in front of you. You kept normal conversation for the rest of the meal and soon forgot all about the night before.
“That was too good. Let’s get the bill. Purr.” You said once you both had finished. You went for your purse but Peter stopped you.
“Stop it.” He held a hand up. “I’m paying.”
“Let’s just split it.”
“No.” He insisted. “I said it was my treat.”
“Let me get my half.” You offered and tried to get to it purse out again.
“Stop it. I’m paying. A gentleman always pays on a date.”
When he called it a date, you settled into your seat and smiled. He didn’t notice your smile, so he didn’t try to ruin the moment.
“Fine.” You said after a beat. “I’m buying the drinks later tonight, then.”
“Works for me.” Peter shrugged. “Do you want to go for a walk? I need to walk off those pancakes.“
“Sure.” Your smile grew. It was everything you ever wanted. He was finally letting you in.
You strolled around the city for a while and ended up in a park. Your hands kept bumping into each other’s and just when you thought he would take your hand, he pulled away.
“Hang on. You got something in your hair.” He noticed and stopped walking. He carefully tilted your head down and pulled something out of your hair.
“What was it?“ You wondered.
“A flower. The tree is getting all over you.” He chuckled as he pulled more tiny white flowers out of your hair.
“You got some in your hair too.” You noticed and picked them out. “I think we picked a bad spot.”
“I wouldn’t say anything about looking at you with flowers in your hair is bad.” Peter smiled softly. Your chests were pressing against each other’s at this point, closer than he ever let you be.
“You got another one.” You said quietly and reached up for his hair.
“I’ll get it.” Peter quickly stepped away from you and brushed his hair. “We should head back to the apartment. My allergies are acting up.”
“Yeah. Sure.” You said quietly. You sucked in a sharp breath of disappointment as he returned to his usually behavior. You walked home in silence before unlocking the door to your apartment.
“I’m gonna change.” You told him. “I think it’s gonna be cold tonight. Do you know if the bar has a coat check?”
“I’m sure it does. Don’t worry about it. I’ll give you my jacket if you get cold.”
“Oh, will you?” You asked sarcastically before leaving the room. Peter winced at your sharp tone, knowing he had once again upset you. You came back out an hour later with a different dress and heavier makeup. You exchanged tight smiles before leaving for the bar. When you walked in, you saw nothing but off duty firemen and bikers.
“You’ve been here before?” You asked Peter.
It wasn’t a total lie. He stopped a bar fight there once when he was 17 and they gave him a bag of peanuts to say thanks.
“It’s…nice.” You smiled weakly.
“Yeah. You’ll get used to it. Just don’t go too far from me.” He said and put a protective hand on your back. You sat down at a booth and let all the tension from before melt away. After an hour, you got up.
“I’ll be right back. I’m gonna get some more napkins.” You told him before heading to the bar.
“Hi.” A man spoke up the second you reached the bar.
“Hi.” You smiled tightly as him.
“I’m Dave. Let me buy you a drink.”
“I’m with someone, actually.” You said and pointed to Peter.
“Is he your boyfriend?” Dave asked.
“No.” You said flatly. “He’s my roommate.”
“So he won’t mind if I buy you a drink, will he?” He asked and leaned in closer to you.
“I guess not.” You shrugged. Dave was pretty handsome and a free drink was a free drink. He smiled at you before flagging down the bartender. Soon enough, he handed you a drink.
“Here you go, gorgeous.” He winked at you and handed you the glass.
“Thank you. Have a good night.” You smiled a little and turned to leave.
“Wait.” He gently took your arm. “Don’t you want to stay and talk?”
“I’m with my friend right now. I should really be getting back to him.”
“He’s fine. He’s talking to that girl.” Dave said as he pointed to Peter. You looked at Peter and frowned when you saw him talking to some girl.
“Whats the matter? I thought he wasn’t your boyfriend.” Dave chuckled awkwardly.
“He’s not.” You grumbled.
“Then he’s an idiot. Because you are absolutely beautiful. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”
“I think he knows. He just doesn’t care.” You laughed sadly as you felt your eyes glaze over.
“Look, it’s kinda impossible to flirt in a bar without sounding like an asshole.” Dave sighed. “I promise I’m a nice guy. I’m a firefighter so this is the only place I really get to meet people.”
“Oh.” You pursed your lips. “Fireman. Wow.”
“Yeah. It’s great but it takes up all my time. I’m really bad at this. I’m sorry if I came off like an asshole.”
“It’s fine.” You sighed. “I’m just kinda in a thing with my roommate right now and I’m not looking for anything else.”
“I understand. It’s a shame though. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t realize how good he has it until it’s gone.”
“Yeah. Something like that.” You gave Dave an appreciative smile before going back over to Peter.
“Hey. Who was that?”
“I don’t know. Some fireman.” You grumbled as you sat down.
“Woah. Fireman?” Peter felt a twinge of jealousy. “Did you get his number?”
“No.” You said and looked at Peter like he was crazy.
“Why not? He seemed really into you. You should go get his number so you can see him again.” Peter suggested before taking a long sip of his drink.
“I don’t want his number, Peter.” You said like it was obvious. “Are you being serious right now?”
“What? What I’d say?”
“You’re seriously telling me to pursue another guy?” You scoffed and got up from the table.
“Yes?” He frowned. “Is that bad?”
You opened your mouth to scream at him but shut in it frustration. If he didn’t get it already, he never would.
“I’ll see you at home Peter.” You grabbed your purse and left the bar. Peter quickly ran out after you, but you were already gone.
“What the hell happened back there? Why’d you leave?” Peter asked as he walked into your apartment. You gave him a look and got off the couch.
“You’re not talking to me now?” He folded his arms. You continued to ignore him as you got a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.
“Can we please talk about this?” He whined. “I don’t understand why you’re so upset.”
“What don’t you understand?” You said finally. “How do you not get it?”
“Get what? What am I missing here?”
“I’m upset because I have no idea what you want. And neither do you! You keep playing games with me and it’s killing me.” You shouted, making the room fall silent.
“What are you talking about?” He wondered. “I don’t play games with you.”
“Yes you do. You let me get so close to you and then switch up on me. You have sex with me every night but won’t stay with me afterwards. You flirt with me all the time and then pull away when I flirt back. I mean, look at today! You took me out on a “date” this morning and then tried to convince me to hook up with some other guy. What am I supposed to think?”
“I don’t know.” Peter sighed. “I don’t know why I do that. I guess I’m still really traumatized from my last relationship.”
“That’s another thing. You never talk about your past. You don’t tell me anything about yourself from before you met me. It’s like you don’t even exist. What happened to you? How did your last girlfriend do that messed you up so badly?”
“She didn’t do anything. I just really loved her and had to say goodbye before I was ready.” Peter admitted. You had no idea, but he was talking about you.
“Who was she? You never even told me her name.” You calmed down a little and walked over to Peter.
“I can’t. I can’t talk about her with you.” Peter’s voice broke as he started to cry.
“Is she why you won’t be with me?”
“Yes.” He sniffled. “She is. I’m still in love with her.”
“Do you love me?” You asked quietly.
“I do. I’m in love with you. I’ve always been in love with you. Longer than you realize.”
“Then be with me.” You pleaded as you tugged on his shirt.
“I can’t.” He whimpered. “I’m so sorry. I just can’t.”
He pulled away from you, like he always did, and went into the kitchen.
“You don’t know what you want.” You said after a beat of silence. “And I’m getting so sick of you stringing me along while you try to figure it out.”
“I’m sorry. I really am. What can I do to make it better? I’ll do anything.”
“I don’t know. Why don’t you go swing around the city for a few hours and give me some space.” You snapped.
“You…you know?”
“Yeah. I know. You think I can’t see the bruises on your face when you come into my bed every night? And you leave your suit hanging in your closet. Who do you think moves it every week when I hang your laundry up?”
“You got me there.” He mumbled.
“I’m tired of all the secrets Peter.” You sighed. “I’m tired of everything. I love you but if you can’t commit to me then I don’t think I can’t do this anymore.”
“Do what?” He asked nervously.
“This.” You gestured to the room. “I can’t live with you and pretend I’m not in love with you. It’s too painful.”
“Do you want me to move on out?” He hesitantly offered.
“No. I want you to love me back.“ You cried. “But you don’t. Why can’t you just let me in?”
“Because the last time I let you in, you got hurt.”
“What?” This caught your attention. “What do you mean the last time you let me in?”
“You have been thrown off buildings, kidnapped, held hostage, beaten, kicked, and ridiculed all because you were “Spider-Man’s” girlfriend.” Peter said slowly as he kept his eyes on the ground.
“When have I ever been “Spider-Man’s” girlfriend?” You folded your arms. “What the hell are you talking about?”
“I can explain. Can we sit down somewhere and talk?” Peter asked desperately. “Like, really talk? I promise I’ll tell you everything.”
You gave Peter a strange look but followed him into his room. Two hours later, you were laying on his bed and absorbing everything he had told you. He shared it all. Falling in love, the spell going wrong, saying goodbye, and the last time you saw him.
“Why didn’t you just tell me back then?” You asked as you traced patterns on his chest. “You said you’d find me and tell me everything. Why did you change your mind?”
“I couldn’t do it.” He told you. “I couldn’t put you through all of that again. Without me in your life, you were safe. It killed me to walk away, but I knew I had to let you go.”
“Aw, Peter.” You smiled sadly. “Then what made you respond to my ad for a roommate?”
“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “A few years had passed at that point. I figured we could at least be friends.”
“That didn’t last very long.” You smiled a little. “When did we start sleeping together? 2 weeks after you moved in?”
“3 weeks.” He playfully corrected you. “You’re lucky I lasted that long. When I first moved in, I had to fight the urge to cry every time I looked at you. I never stopped thinking about you. Even during the years we were apart. You were always at the forefront of my mind. I told myself that if you were meant to come back to me, you would.”
“And I did.” You smiled and rolled on top of him. Peter pulled you into a kiss and didn’t worry about how long it lasted. He let you be as close as you wanted because he wanted it even more.
“Is this okay?” You asked quietly. “Am I too close?”
“It’s okay.” He assured you. “Now that you know the truth, I don’t have to push you away. It hurt me every time I left your room at night. Especially since I knew it was hurting you.”
“Does this mean you’ll start sleeping in my bed?” A smiled tugged at your lips as you slipped your hand into his.
“It does.” He promised. “I’ll start doing all the things I wouldn’t before. Holding your hand, eating with you, taking you on dates. We’ll do it all.”
“Thank you. That’s all I ever wanted.” You sighed happily. “I love you, Peter.”
Peter tucked your hair behind your ear and smiled at you before allowing himself to say the words he usually held back.
“I love you more.”
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| Sex Pollen - P.P  |
Tumblr media
Summary: You noticed a strange plant in Peter's room...
Requested: No (This can go for any of the three P.P’s)
Word Count: 3.9k
Warning(s)?: F!Reader, vouyerism, slight masturbation, SMUTTTY SMUTTT, unprotected sex (wrap before ya tap), oral (f recieving), Sucking?? (You'll see), fluff near the end, MINORS DNI! (Both Peter and Reader are 18).
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sex Pollen
Soft sounds from the radio drifted through the air, the song reflection by the neighbourhood creating a perfect background melody as both you and Peter got stuck into your chemistry homework. Peter was currently sitting at his desk while you were lying down on his bed on your stomach, your legs bent in the air and your face resting on your open palms. Peter founds himself from time to time glancing over to you, only to check where you were currently at but his eyes always fell to the curve of your waist, your ass that was being hugged nicely by the cute shorts with flowers on them.
3 times he's caught himself doing it now, he knew he always had a crush on you and it didn't help that you had turned him into an ass-man with that beautiful behind of yours. It was perfectly shaped on you and it drove him crazy, the things he could do...
''Hey Pete, what do you have for number 4?'' You called out, your eyes fluttering over towards him, meeting his gaze soon after.
''Umm... not sure yet... I'm still working out a few things'' He responded. In honesty he has finished the question, he's been spending the past 4 minutes thinking about you, making him grow slightly aroused. He willed himself to calm down a little, thinking of anything else but you so his lower region wouldn't begin straining against his sweats.
You huffed and let yours eyes fall around your friend's room. You had known him for only a short while, being transferred from overseas and him being the first friend you made here. But, of course, as soon you as did get to know him your grew to like him a little more than friends.
Your eyes stopped on the pink plant in the corner of the room, under a protective glass that looked sealed shut. How could a flower still be alive with receiving practically no oxygen?
You found yourself rolling off the bed and walking over to the bed, your eyes widening once you noticed how beautiful it really was up close. Peter's eyes trailed after you once he heard his bed creak with movement, they slightly widened once he saw you standing in front of the plant. The flashbacks that ran through his mind was enough for him to jump up quickly and snatch an arm around your waist, pulling you away softly.
''I was just looking at it, It's probably under the glass because it has thorns that could cut your skin right?'' You tried to reason, though still finding it weird why it was in his bedroom and not in the garden. You had never seen this type of plant before and you wanted to take a picture of it, or maybe even grab sapling, it was so beautiful you'd love to have one in your own bedroom.
Peter noticed the intense look you had while staring at the plant, knowing it was beginning to effect you. All Peter know after finding it was that this was the first step, then came the urge to touch and once you did... he shook his head, there was no way he was going to let you go through that the same way he did. it cause him physical agony for days, he couldn't even go to school because his whole body felt like it was on fire and nothing could put it out.
He knew it cause extreme arousal so he kept the plant once he recovered, keeping it locked away expecting it to die but it didn't. So he decided to conduct some research on the plant and so far all he conclude was... it definitely wasn't any other plant in the world.
''Promise me, even if your tempted, you won't touch it okay?'' Peter asks, his words trembling slightly near the end. You were growing more and more confused but nodded your head absentmindedly, just realising his hand was still on your waist holding you back.
''You can let me go now, Pete'' He blushed and muttered apologies to you, hastily letting you go as you walked back over to the bed to continue studying. There was no way you were leaving here without a piece of it, it was too beautiful and you wanted to add it to your bedroom and possibly even your home garden.
''Peter!'' Aunt May's voice echoed from the hallway. You could hear Peter sigh in annoyance but he quickly covered it up once the door was swung open.
''Could you please take out the trash, Ben is working late tonight and I need to make a quick stop at the shops for dinner tonight'' Peter just nodded and moved to go follow his Aunt out the door. Of course, before she left, she made sure to ask if you wanted anything to eat or drink, just like she did when you first arrived and you politely declined, offering yourself if she needed any assistance with anything. she smiled and shook her head, offering you to stay for dinner before closing the door to the bedroom.
A few moments had passed and your thoughts kept going back to the mysterious plant. So you closed your homework up, only having one more question to go before getting up off the bed once more, making your way over towards it. Something inside was drawing you closer and closer and you had decide to carefully slide off the glass, placing it beside.
The intoxicating smell was the first thing you noticed. It wasn't a plant smell though... it was the smell of rain and cinnamon and you happened to know that was your friend's favourite cologne and natural musk mixed together. What the...?
Your hand reached forward to touch the pretty flower, not even noticing the powder that seemed to be coating the petal in the same colour. With a jolt, you quickly sprung your hand back and played with the powder between your fingertips, enjoying the powder feel before it seemed to disappear. Strange...
You shrugged it off and quickly placed the glass back over and attempted to seal it shut but you couldn't quite get the clasp. It was only a moment later when you felt a strange warmth beginning to course through your body, leaving slight tingles in it's path.
Great, you were getting sick from this plant, maybe that's why Peter had it behind glass, because it makes you allergic to it's petals and powder.... maybe you didn't want one after all.
You sat back down on Peter's bed for another minute, the warmth and tingles growing more and more with each passing second. You could feel your lips becoming dry and you had to constantly dart your tongue out to lick them, your chest beginning to heave up and down slightly as if the rooms air was growing thicker and thicker. What the hell was happening?
Unfortunately you didn't notice the tingles and wetness beginning to form lower until the bedroom door swung open, Peter walking and sitting back down at his desk.
''Sorry about that, May went to grab food and you are more than welcome to stay for dinner if you'd like...'' He trailed off, adjusting his reading glasses once more before returning back to his work. That small action seemed to arouse you further, your mind flooding with sinful thoughts with him, wanting him to have you pinned against the wall, on the bed, his mouth devouring you in all the right places and yours returning the favour...
Once you felt the familiar rush down to your core you knew you had to leave. You've never been turned on so much and so quickly in your life and there was no way you were going to stay here like this with Peter, how embarrassing.
''Uhh... ummm... My mom just messaged... she... s-she needs to pick up.. something igottago'' Your sentence wavered as you hastily packed up all your things as quickly as you could, bending over to place them all inside your backpack.
Peter turned around to face you, eyebrows furrowing as he watched you pack with such hurry that he even noticed a small amount of sweat forming across your forehead. Peter could feel his spider-senses telling him something was off but he couldn't quite place his finger on it. He depended on it sometimes while being Spider-man but not as just Peter Parker. So instead he went to his other senses, his heightened sense of smell and hearing.
It was an invasion of privacy of sorts but he was worried about you. Though his eyes soon widened once he picked up on a particular scent. The scent of your arousal. Peter gulped loudly, the scent now seeming to flow around the room making it difficult for Peter to concentrate on what he was doing.
You hurried over towards the door and reached for the handled before Peter spoke up.
''Did you touch the plant?'' You froze, the deepness in his tone causing your legs to shake slightly with want. You couldn't stop thinking about him now, having him against and inside you was consuming you and you needed it stop. Yes, you had thought about him like this before, many times but never to this extent.
''N-no I just... not feeling well... my mom she... uhh...'' You trailed off, not even being able to concentrate on your words as your thoughts had on a constant replay of Peter and you, exploring each others bodies with such hunger and desire. You had to bite your lip to stop a moan from leaving your throat. God this was getting beyond embarrassing...
''I... maybe... I'm just having an allergic reaction... I have medicine at home'' Peter could barely hear your sentence as his heart was beginning to thump in his own ears loudly. He could feel the familiar tightening in his sweats and there was nothing he could do about it this time.
''I'm sorry... I just need to-'' You had cut yourself off with a soft gasp when you turned to look at Peter, his own eyes staring back into yours making you grow weak at the knees. You were practically pooling from your core by now and the ache was growing stronger and stronger, you needed friction and you needed it now.
''Y/N... the plant... I know, it happened to me once I found it but I promise, it'll pass in a couple of days'' He went through the same thing, he knew how you were feeling? If you weren't so aroused you'd feel absolutely mortified right now. He knew how aroused you were and oh my god, a part of you was disgusted with yourself.
''A couple of days!?'' you bellowed out, turning around now fully to face himself, eyes growing wide in slight fear.
''You mean to tell me I'm going to be a hormonal wreck and aroused beyond relief for days?'' A part of you was embarrassed by the words but the other part was getting more and more turned on, finding it extremely hot and arousing that Peter through this too. Oh lord help...
Peter tried to focus his eyes only on yours, trying to ignore his own arousal and needs growing and trying to ignore the strong scent emitting from you. He was struggling, he didn't know how much longer he could go and there was no way he was going to do anything with you like this, he'd be practically taking advantage of you, possible even ra-.... no. just no.
Your core was throbbing now, you need something, anything to begin realising the tension and your inner mind was trying to fight for control of your body but soon lost once and for all. You threw your head back softly against the door and leant back against him, closing your eyes as you felt your hand trailed softly over your body, making it's way slowly down to your clothed cunt.
Peter's mouth flew open, eyes fixated on your hand as he watched the scene unfold before him. His cock was twitching and straining even more in his pants, begging to be touched as he watched you. A sensible part of his brain soon snapped him out of this, knowing how hard this was for you and that you'd hate for him to see you this vulnerable.
Even though every fibre of his being has dreamt and wanted this for so long...
''Y/N...'' Peter trailed off, not even knowing what to say. All he got in a response was a soft moan. Him saying your name was driving you even crazier, your hand finding your clothed core as you began to softly palm, gasping at the new friction.
''Y/N... listen to me... I promise... it'll go away... you can stay here and... have a moment, i'll just go out to the kit-'' Peter struggled getting the entire sentence out that it came out so quickly and within one breath. Peter moved to get up and reach for the door behind you but once you felt his body close to yours your eyes snapped open.
''Please...'' You found yourself begging, lust dripping with each letter. Peter stopped and looked down at you, his own pupils dilated with want. His hand froze at the door handle behind you. You bit your bottom lip and eyes his own, wanting to feel them against yours. you could feel the sweat forming heavier now, the warmth and tension in the room being more than you could bear.
''I can't... it's not right'' Your heart twinged with heart at the words. This was it, the moment you realise Peter has never felt anything towards you and it was all in your head. Peter seemed to have noticed the hurt and he quickly shook his head, reaching up to cup your cheeks without thinking.
''No... please Pete... If you want me even a fraction as much as I want you then please...'' Peter's eyes snapped to yours then down to your lips, your heart beating faster and faster causing you to begin panting. Your breath was fanning across his lips as his was yours and you almost couldn't hold back anymore.
''You'll hate me, you'll never want to see me again and I can't live with myself if that happens'' Your eyebrows furrowed, you could never hate him, not even remotely.
''I'm not going to regret this Peter'' Your mind seemed to come back to you for just this moment, soon being taken over by the desire once again.
''You might...'' You couldn't listen to this anymore. Your hands snaked around his neck and you closed the last remaining distance and crushed his lips to yours hungrily, he quickly responded, scrunching his eyes tightly shut as he tasted you for the first time, instantly loving it. He pushed you back against the door and grinded his hips into you causing a delicious moan to fall from you and into his mouth, turning you both even more. You had reached your peak arousal that all common sense flew out the window. You became a whimpering mess as Peter's hand soon found itself between the both of you, pulling your shorts down so you were just in your underwear.
His thumb was toying with your clothed cunt driving you further over the edge.
''Place your mouth on me'' You demanded between each heavy kiss. Peter happily obliged and bent down to his knees and began kissing your inner thighs, your head falling back with your eyes closed as you focused on his lips against your skin. Your hips bucked against hiw growing impatient.
''So eager... how badly do you want my mouth sweetheart?'' This side of Peter was going to be the death of you. You moaned so loudly that you had to use your own hand to muffle the sound as it travelled through your body and straight to your pulsating core.
''Peter please... I can't'' That was enough for him to shove your panties to the side and to dart his tongue between your wet folds, inciting another moan and gasp to fall from your lips. your hips bucked more and more as Peter licked harder, his fingers delicately rimming your entrance before placing his finger into your tight hole.
You wanted to scream out in ecstasy at the feeling. Peter continued, adding another digit as he tried despreatly to find your sweet spot. Once he did you had become a moaning mess, your wetness dribbling down his chin as he working you closer and closer to your high.
''Peter I'm going to cum... please... oh fuck'' Your hands quickly reached down to shove his face even more into you, relishing in the sounds of his mouth and fingers as your own fisted in his brown locks as your legs began shaking uncontrollably. You weren't going to last another moment.
With a sharp intake of breath you screamed Peter's name, shaking as your orgasm washed over you and Peter quickened his pace, wanting to draw it out as long as he could before slowing down as he could sense you were becoming over stimulated. You panted and tried hard to catch your breath again as Peter pulled away, pulling your panties off swiftly, tearing them from your body making your drenched cunt come into contact with the cool air igniting the arousal once more. How could your body still be begging for more after that mind blowing orgasm?
''Do you want me to fill you?'' Peter asks, wiping you from his mouth before leaning down to your face, making you taste himself on his tongue. You moaned at the sweetness, nodding your head against his lips frantically.
''mhmm... now... right now'' Peter swiftly picked you up and walked you both over to the bed, lying you down before taking his shirt off, joining you on top. his lips attached to yours then quickly worked their way down your body, he sat you up momentarily to take of your top and bra, laying you back down as he got to kissing you breasts, swirling his tongue over both nipples and kissing each breasts as you continued to moan and placed your hands back into his brown locks.
Once he had shown the breasts enough attention his worked his way down to your stomach then leaned away after leaving some love bites, admiring his own work as he made quick work of getting naked the rest of the way. His mind was too clouded to even realise he didn't have a condom.
His lips founds yours again and you felt him press himself against you entrance, coating the tip in your slickness realising a small moan from both of you.
''Are you sure about this?'' Peter asks, stopping for just a moment as he hovered over you. Your eyes fluttered open and you nodded your head with a huge smile, leaning up to give him a delicate kiss despite your body screaming to be pounded into.
''Beyond sure'' With this Peter slowly pushed inside you till he filled you completely, causing you both to moan loudly at the newness. You threw your head back against the bed and begged from him to begin moving, your walls already beginning to clench around his length. Peter thew his head into your shoulders, panting heavily as he began thrusting harder and faster, each one causing pants and moans to fill the room by each of you.
You knew you were close again despite your clit being overly stimulated but you needed this realese. You drew it out for as long as possibly though, wanting Peter to finish as well. You wrapped your arms around him and moved your hips in sync, clenching and unclenching around Peter making him moan and pant even more.
''Your so tight Y/N.... it's like your cunt was made perfectly just for me'' Peter whispered into your ear, edging you both closer and closer to the edge.
''I can't wait to fill you with me, watching that pretty mouth scream nothing but my name as I wreck that gorgeous cunt'' You moaned loudly at this and Peter pressed his thumb against your lips, shushing you a little before pushing his thumb in, your mouth eagerly sucking on his thumb enticing another moan to fall from his lips.
''Fuck, I can't last much longer, cum with me baby, I need that pretty pussy to gush around my cock okay?'' All you could do was nod in response as your mouth was full, still sucking on his thumb. With a few more thrusts, Peter starts grunting louder and louder, signalling he was close as your own stomach clenched, the familiar knot begging to come undone.
''Give it to me baby... now, cum for me'' He popped his thumb out of your mouth as you screamed his name again, clenching around his cock as you came soon followed by his own, filling you so much he leaked out a little as he whimpered out your name.
Peter soon began to slow down his thrusts, ragging out both your orgasms before shakily leaning down to rest again your body. He pulled away from your shoulder and looked down at you with a huge and adoring smile, using his hand to move some strands of hair from your face as you smiled back at him, eyeing his lips. He lent forwards and gave you a sweet kiss, pulling out of you slowly. you whimpered at the slightly pain and loss of contact.
''I'm sorry, I.... didn't mean to be so rough'' Peter apologised, soon finding himself going back to the dorky nerdy self. You smiled and shook your head, guiding Peter to lay down beside you as he wrapped his arm around you, your falling onto hid chest as your leg hoisted up to lean against him,
''Don't be, I really loved that'' You pecked his cheek and felt your eye lids begin to grow droopy. You could feel your legs still wobble slightly, the soreness between your legs still there, making you adjust yourself once again and squint your eyes in slight pain. Peter noticed and even though a part of him loved that he was able to do that, he hated the fact that he hurt you in anyway, even this one.
''I'm so sorry, do you want me to grab you some ice or something... fuck... please don't hate me'' It was cute went he babbled. You loved his concern but honestly, you would let take you like that over and over again just to experience that exact moment.
''Please... I want you to do that again... maybe, if you're wanting?'' Now you were growing awkward as the tension was soon leaving the room.
''I've wanted to do that for so long-'' Peter abruptly stopped, realising what he said. He stiffened but you cuddled into his die even more, peppering kissed onto his chest.
''Then please do... but first... I think we should make things official'' You stated, kissing up to the crook of his neck, leaving very soft love bites on the exposed skin.
''Will you be my girlfriend?'' You lent off of Peter for a moment to look him in the eyes and smile widely.
''Of course''
Taglist: @iluvandrewgarfield 
A/N: Wow... umm no words, this was slightly kinky so i'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but for those who are into it, what do you think?  Much love xx
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clarrissanewt · 2 days ago
Peter 'Falling for You' Parker
Pairing: tasm!peter parker x fem!reader
Warnings: none
Summary: you didn't know the desk you sat down at was somebody else's, so instead of telling you to move, peter just sat on your lap, taking notes. Also, you didn't want to move him because he was really familiar and cute
Tumblr media
You fell in love a week ago; six days, 21 hours and 35 minutes ago actually.  Rubbing the right half of your cheeks,  you groggily sat amidst the tumult of other students. Where did you sit? You had no idea, you'd admit. 
The last thing you wanted to do was was getting lost again, lost in those ceaseless entity of hickory eyes, the tickle of those brown hair and the flustered smile when you had profusely apologized.
Did second chances exist? You didn't know if you'd again be chanced by Mr whoever he was' presence.
Love at first sight sucked, you winced as the gates opened again with a rowdy boom and thud, trying to get your mind anywhere but the drilling noise in the lecture hall.
Hickory eyes, brown hair, the unmistakably quick reflexes, you wanted to goad about them and do nothing else.  And then, much to the silliest horrors of your daydreaming self, when you sensed you chair pulled back,  you broke into a nervous sweat.
Why the hell was your brain still trying to be in this stupor? And why the bloody hell your chair was pulled.
Your heart threatened to exchange it's place with your stomach or whatever the fuck was beneath it. You sat on the last aisle because daydreaming was easy, because retreating into the myriad of unmistakably never happening situations was easy, and this time, you didn't know what was happening.
Only seconds later you saw someone sit on your lap, the whole screeching of chairs halting at once, and as you gingerly found out the difference between your heights, you slouched back- you would not be seen.
"Excuse me?" You confronted in a small voice to whoever was sitting on you, his head tilted towards you, and as he smiled at you, you caught on your breath.
Dreaming? Daydreaming? Dying??
"Excused," was all he said and his focus returned back to the professor who was babbling anything in the world.
"No i mean," you leaned forward, keeping atleast two inches between you both, "Why are you sitting on me?"
You heard the reverberating chink of your pen falling on the table as he leaned back, his back pressed against your chest.
Hickory eyes, brown hair, soft soft soft, you internally whined.
And with the endearing feelings, rushed in the whole race of embarrassment as you remembered how a week ago (six days, 21 hours, 49 minutes actually) you had unintentionally jumped on his back, thinking it was your cousin. You could tell he was shocked, almost collapsed on you when you kissed his cheek, shouting a big 'thank you!' as you huffed and looked up at the sunset.
Turned out, contrasting much with your air-headed mood, your cousin was trudging up the hill five minutes after you, shouting a "y/n, hope you didn't die!".
It was only then you realised that you were hiked on a stranger's back who didn't even yeet you off the hill.
You mummered a string of apologies while he only passed a flustered smile, kissing on the cheek. "Welcome," he mumbled close to your ear and was off.
You shook of that day's events, trying to focus on the present. The thing is, he is sitting on you at the moment. Looking at you with unmistakable intrigue.
"As it happens," his head moved in a movement you will equate to the sound of 'boink' , "its my seat."
Stupid, stupid, stupid, you muttered under your breath, always clumsy, air-headed-
"It's nice, isn't it?"
You looked at him as if he read a bon mot in some foreign language. "What's nice?"
"Didn't catch your name."
You rolled your eyes as if to say 'duh'. "Y/n L/n."
"Peter 'falling for you' Parker."
You chewed on the inside of your lips and nodded in agreement.
"It's nice how you get flustered, " he patted your register as he got up. "Don't forget to send me the notes."
Ignoring the stares of the whole lecture hall, you hid a small smirk as you looked at your register; a number was scribbled at leisure,  with only a signature- Peter 'falling for you' Parker.
Tumblr media
Taglist- @inlovewithremusjohnlupin @wtfstxr @fairydxll @gossamer19
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agnesamarantheastwood · 2 days ago
lol how do you think Peter would react if he (as your bf) found out one of ur friends or coworkers had a crush on you (maybe he could tell bc spidey sense?)? I can see him laughing it off a little at first but then being kinda protective over u? What do you think?
Possessive!Peter would definitely be a thing.
He picks you up from work one day and you’re chatting with a coworker when he arrives and Peter can tell he’s trying to flirt with you, but you’re so genuinely nice and honestly just consider it friendly conversation. Peter is a good sport and joins in the conversation, slowly icing your coworker out and then giving you a piggyback ride out of the store.
But the next week, when he picks you up from that same shift, this coworker is chatting you up again, but when he sees Peter he backs off and goes to do something else. Spidey-senses activate when he notices the guy glaring from the other end of the shop but you think nothing of it when Peter slips an arm around your waist. You turn to kiss him, happy to see him. Peter can feel the jealousy oozing off this other dude and is very smug about it so he kisses you harder than you’d anticipated and it leaves you a little stunned and weak in the knees.
So as you’re walking together to the subway you’re like “What was that for?” And he grins and tells you that your coworker was making eyes at you. And you think it’s so cute that he was a little jealous, but in a harmless way that you reach up to pinch his cheek and tell him that even if he wasn’t Spider-Man, no boy in the world can hold a candle to your heart the way Peter Parker does.
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river-soul · 2 days ago
Plans Pending (1)
Summary: When you encounter trouble at the construction site, an unexpected savior comes to your rescue. [Construction AU, fluff, humor, and sexist remarks, 18+ only. Future chapters will include stalking, dubious consent and explicit sex. ]
Pairing: Soft dark!Peter Parker x Plus Size Female!Reader
Word Count: 2.8K
Author’s Note: Peter is 25 in this story and Reader is in her mid 30’s. This will be a limited, three part series. Thank you @whoknowsanymore124​ and @cockslut-padalecki​ for beta’ing, @syntheticavenger​ for the title idea and @thanatosfic​​​ for spitballing. The beautiful moodboard was created by the endlessly talented @dreamlessinparis​​. Reblog or comment if you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You hate site visit days. They’re all the same with you trailing behind your boss Tony Stark as he rattles off everything he doesn’t like, complaining about the lack of progress. But it’s worse when you have to come on your own to deal with the construction workers. You hate the leers, comments about your body, both good and bad and the lingering looks. It makes you want to disappear inside yourself. The high heels and dresses Tony insists you wear don’t help you stand out any less.
Looks are important to Tony. He tore into you months before about how unprofessional your loose pants and oversized sweaters looked. He likes his staff to look a certain way. If you wanted to keep your job you had to comply. Tighter, flashier dresses, and high heels. More makeup than you’re comfortable with.
You tug self-consciously on the bottom of your dress as you exit the car. This one is at least flowy but you’re one bad gust of wind away from showing the world everything. With one hand gripping your dress and the other clutching the clipboard to your chest, you wobble your way across the gravel. You try to walk with purpose, ignoring the first whistle you hear.
“Hey honey, how about you come check on this progress,” one of the men yells, grabbing his crotch.
They make more comments. Heat floods your face. Some clearly appreciate your body while others make suggestions you’ve heard a thousand times. You’d be prettier if you dropped some weight or smiled more. You walk faster, stumbling and nearly falling flat on your face before a strong pair of arms around your middle hauls you upright. Warm breaths fall against the side of your face as your back connects with someone's hard chest. You blink, startled when a second later a younger man turns you to face him. There’s a streak of dirt across his cheek, his bright safety vest is slightly askew. He’s about your height, his soft brown eyes watching you with concern.
“You okay?” He asks, not letting go until you nod. “Uh, sorry about the dust,” he adds, frowning at the visible handprint on your waist. He reaches out to brush it away but stops himself.
“It’s ok,” you tell him, dusting it off with a nervous chuckle. “And thank you.”
“Looks like Parker caught himself a cougar!” Someone yells and you hear a bad imitation of cat noise next.
“Shut it,” your rescuer snarls, his friendly face suddenly hard. “Or I’ll tell the foreman about your 30-minute smoke breaks, Quill.”
To your surprise, the other men fall quiet and the young man turns back to you. “Sorry about those guys. I’m Peter. You sure you’re alright?”
“Fine,” you manage, surprised that his sweet smile makes your stomach flip. When he stares expectantly you tell him your name. He repeats it back to you, a half-smile on his face.
“Are you looking for the foreman?” He guesses. “I can take you.”
“Yes, thank you.”
“You wanna hang on to me? This isn’t exactly high-heel friendly territory.” He offers his arm, lifting his brows.
You’re self-conscious, but the desire not to embarrass yourself wins out leading you to tentatively hold onto his bicep. He curls his arm up, trapping your hand. You’re surprised by how hard the muscle feels beneath your palm.
“I’ve seen you around here a few times. You work for Mr. Stark?”
He keeps his pace slow, matching your unsteady gait.
“Yes, I’m the interior designer for the project.”
“He seems like a tough guy to work for. Demanding.”
“He can be,” you admit, grasping Peter tightly as he leads you over the creaky wooden slats. You almost lose your balance. “Sorry,” you tell him quietly.
“Don’t be, this is the best part of my day,” he assures you, a boyish grin on his face. “Here we are. Hey Ben! Mr. Stark’s designer is here.”
You thank him, releasing his arm now that you’re finally standing on the smooth concrete floor. Ben is an older man, close to your father’s age but kind. He doesn’t get upset with Tony’s ever-changing demands and walks you patiently through the progress they’re making as you snap photos and jot down notes. You leave him with the new tile sample, something way above budget that Tony insisted on having.  
“How’d it go?”
“Oh!” You exclaim, hand jerking up towards your chest at Peter’s sudden appearance beside you.
“Sorry, did I scare you?”
“No,” you assure him, feeling silly. “It’s okay. The meeting went well.”
“That’s good. Thought maybe you could use a hand walking back,” he offers, elbow out.
Peter’s steady presence keeps the men from commenting as you pass them. They don’t even so much as look at you to your relief.  Peter makes small talk, asking about your job and life. When you make it back to your car you let go of his arm to dig through your purse for your keys.
“Here.” Peter offers you a slip of paper. “I wrote my number down so next time you come by, you can give me a call. I can walk you around. I know the guys can get gross any time a pretty girl comes on site.”
“Oh,” you say, embarrassed. “I’m not a girl, Peter.”
“I didn’t mean it in a bad way. You look young. Like what are you, 30 something?”
“Or something,” you mumble, looking away from his sweet face. “Thank you for the offer but I’ll be okay.”
“Take it,” he tells you, pressing the paper into your hand. There’s an earnest expression on his face that makes your resolve crumble. “Please,” he adds softer. “It’d make me feel better.”
“Alright,” you conceded. His fingers are warm, rough against yours. The light touch across your wrist sends a shiver through you. “Thank you, Peter.”
He steps back, hands in his pockets, as he watches you climb in the car before pulling away. When you look through the rearview mirror he’s still standing there.
As kind as Peter’s offer is, you don’t intend to call him next time. His note is forgotten somewhere at the bottom of your work bag with stray pieces of gum and tampons. You're a grown woman, capable of handling catcalling assholes. Your first few years in New York City taught you ignoring them and pushing forward was the best way to handle it. They normally lose interest if you don’t engage but that man, Quill, scares you. Even when Tony was with you, his gaze would linger. It wasn't just empty posturing either, there was something in his eyes that unsettled you. An underlying anger and entitlement.
It’s a little after lunch when you arrive at the construction site, workers slowly filtering in after their break. To your dismay, Quill is loitering in the parking lot when you pull up. Almost like he knew you were meeting with the foreman today. You’re driving one of the Tesla’s Tony keeps for the executive-level staff. Pepper had insisted you use it after she realized you were schlepping back and forth through the subway system.Even though she told you it was more efficient to drive, you knew she understood what it was like to work for Tony. You needed to enjoy the perks when they came your way.
Quill stares at you through the window, licking his teeth and grinning. Your stomach flips, you look away. It takes you a minute to find the scrap of paper with Peter’s number. He’s just a kid and you're north of 30. You shouldn’t need his help. You work for Tony Stark for god sake. You should be able to handle a leering construction worker. When you look back at Quill he’s still watching you, now with two other men flanking him. They’re too far away to hear but whatever he says makes them laugh.
You dial Peter’s number, crumpling the paper in your hand. It rings twice before he picks up.
“Hi Peter,” you greet, offering him your name. You start to remind him of who you are but he cuts you off.
“I was hoping I’d hear from you,” he responds brightly. “You here? Let me head that way.”
“Thank you,” you tell him, feeling silly. You expect him to hang up but he continues to talk, asking how your morning was. Only once you see him do you exit the car, holding your purse tightly to your body. Quill takes a step forward before drawing up short as Peter appears.
He smiles widely when he sees you, eyes flicking down your body only to jump back to your face. There's a flash of something in Peter’s gaze but it disappears too quickly for you to assign an emotion to it. He’s just as sweet and eager as last time though now he doesn’t hesitate to touch you, wrapping a hand around your bicep as soon as you take a step forward.
“I washed my hands this time,” he says. “Didn’t want to ruin your pretty dress.”
“Oh, that’s okay Peter. I think I can walk on my own,” you tell him. When you try to pull away his grip tightens and he steps closer.
“Can’t have you twisting your ankle, don’t think Mr. Stark would be too happy.
Tony wouldn’t care about your broken ankle beyond how it affected him, though you don’t share that thought with Peter. You’re a little uncomfortable with how he steers you through the construction site, body pressed against yours even if his firm grip keeps you from falling. He talks animatedly to you the whole way, updating you on the arrival of the specialty tile before asking about your weekend. His youthful excitement is nice, if a little overwhelming.
“Here we go,” he announces, catching Ben’s attention with a sharp whistle.
“Thank you, Peter. I appreciate your help.”
He grins and ducks his head, glancing up at you through his lashes. “Anytime. I should walk you back too. Saw Quill hanging around. He probably doesn't mean anything by it, but a pretty girl like you doesn't need to hear that garbage.”
There it is again. That same comment from last time. Did Peter like you? He couldn't be more than 25, nearly ten years your junior. You probably just imagined it. Ben was his boss. He wanted to look good, helpful.
“Ah, thank you,” you mumble awkwardly, shifting your purse higher on your shoulder. You want to tell him you’re fine, that you don’t need him but you remember Quill’s dark gaze and shiver. “How about I text you when I’m done?”
“Cool, I mean, yeah. That works,” he corrects, rubbing his hands in front of him before stepping away.
Ben, bless him, doesn’t even blink when you tell him that Tony wants to change up the layout of the boardroom. You go over the details with him twice to make sure there are no major concerns. He has you review some paint colors and marble options, signing off on the final design elements for the grand lobby. When you’re finished he pats you on the back, sharing a commiserating look at your tired sigh.
“We’ll get there eventually,” he promises you. “I see my nephew Peter’s been escorting you around. Are any of the men giving you problems?”
Ben has the same soft brown eyes as Peter, his kindly face urging you to share your concerns with him but you hesitate. You hate getting people in trouble, even if they deserved it. It was also your problem to handle on your own. “It’s just the heels,” you lie. “I need to invest in better shoes for my visits.”
“It’s Quill.”
You turn at the sound of Peter’s voice, his expression serious. “Been bothering her, saying stuff. I told him to knock it off.”
“It’s really okay. I’ve heard worse on the subway,” you joke with an awkward laugh.
“It’s not okay,” Peter says seriously. “Someone needs to teach him some manners.” There’s a hardness in Peter’s expression that you don’t expect.
“I’ll sit him down before he clocks out for the day. In the meantime, probably a good idea for Peter to stick with you while you finish taking your photos for Mr. Stark. Just to make sure the others are on their best behavior.”
“I did have a few more questions,” you tell Ben. “We got the new green plans. Tony has some concerns.”
“Peter can answer them. He’s the one who came up with the idea.”
At your surprised expression Ben smiles, clapping Peter on the shoulder. “I know he looks young, but he just graduated with his master’s from Columbia in civil engineering. I’ll be calling him boss someday soon.”
Peter’s cheeks flush and he rubs the back of his neck. You’d just assumed he was another construction worker. Too youthful to be anything more.
“I’m sorry I assumed,” you start, embarrassed. How often have people overlooked you? Made snap assumptions based on your appearance? “Columbia’s a great school.”
“Yeah, it is,” Peter agrees, stepping close to offer you his arm. “Ready? We can start with the new plumbing system.”
When you don’t immediately reach for his arm his smile falters. You feel a rush of guilt and take hold. He relaxes, pulling you along while eagerly explaining how his plans will reuse wastewater to reduce consumption. Tony doesn’t care about the final details, just the overall numbers. Peter takes you back to one of the trailers, pulling up all the data you need and sending it off to the email address you provide.
Even though your car isn’t that far away he still insists on walking you, the hand on your arm moving to your lower back. His touch is light. You get the impression from how he chatters away he doesn’t even realize he’s touching you, overly excited to talk about his own work. It’s a little uncomfortable but there’s no break in the conversation to address it, Peter going a mile a minute. You remember what it was to be his age, enthusiastic about your job. Before men like Tony Stark wore you down.
The rest of your day passes in a blur. Tony doesn’t even bother to read over your reports that he asked for ASAP, dipping out of his office shortly after you return with a blonde, 20 something hanging off his arm. You end up leaving early as well, snagging a cheap bottle of wine from the bodega next to your apartment. You’re two glasses in, the low murmur of the tv on in the background while you scroll through Facebook aimlessly when the text comes through.
You don’t recognize the number but they clearly know you, addressing you by name.
Did you have a good rest of your day?
You stare at the screen of your phone, confused until a second message comes through.
It’s Peter btw. :)
Text bubbles appear and disappear. You wait another minute but nothing else comes through. After a moment of hesitation, you write back, not wanting to be rude but a little confused.
Hi Peter. It was fine.
Were you supposed to ask how his day was? You’re not even sure why he’s texting you. He had your email.
Sorry to bug you so late. I just wanted to know your size.
Your size? Anxiety rushes under your skin. What kind of question was that? Was Peter coming on to you? You had your share of creepy coworkers but Peter didn’t seem the type. He was so earnest in your interactions. You’re also a decade older than him, hardly someone he’d be interested in. What a silly thought.
I mean your shoe size. Sorry. Looking at some work boots to have on hand for you since Ben told me you’ll be coming by at least weekly.
You release the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. Of course Peter wasn’t being creepy. He isn’t anything like Quill and those other men.
Thank you. I wasn’t sure what you meant at first.
You text him back your size. Peter responds a second later.
It's okay, princess. I'm the one who should have been clearer with their intention.
You frown at the unexpected nickname, that unsettled feeling returning. However, before you can formulate a text back, another one comes through.
Sweet dreams. The boots and I will be waiting for your next visit.
You don’t respond, not even sure what to say. Maybe this was some Gen Z thing, plenty of your younger coworkers were overly lax about social etiquette, often oversharing or being too familiar. Clearly, the wine’s getting to you, making you suspicious when there is no call to be. You’re just used to the likes of Tony Stark.
God, you needed a better boss and new coworkers if they have you doubting a sweet kid. Peter’s just being nice.
Ahhhh, this is my first Peter fic and I’m very nervous. I hope you guys liked this. It’s such a different story for me and I’m pretty nervous. 😬😅
I discontinued my taglist - follow my side blog @river-soul-library​​ and turn on notifications to get alerts about my new stories.
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farfromharry · 10 hours ago
The nurse’s office | Peter Parker fic
Tumblr media
Summary: Sometimes Peter forgets about his super strength. He simply wanted to put Brad Davis in his place when he tried to make a mockery of him, and now he was sitting in the nurses office with a very pretty, very concussed girl; oh and it was all his fault.
Word count - 2461
Warnings - injury, probably language
Peter Parker was not the kind of guy that played sports. Before the spider bite the thought of any kind of physical exercise repulsed him, stole his breath just thinking about it. As a nerd he didn’t have the kind of endurance for that kind of thing.
Even now, with super abilities, he still didn’t really enjoy the idea. He thought people would be confused how such a skinny, nerdy kid suddenly became an all-star sport’s player. So he simply didn’t try— Plus he was rather content sticking to lego builds and science books.
But one thing he couldn’t stand was people challenging him to try and show off. ‘People’ being none other than Brad Davis.
He thought he could make fun of Peter and try to impress some random group of girls all in one. Challenging the boy to try and beat him in a quick game of hoops as he called it. In any other circumstance he would’ve declined, let him take the win and boast all he wanted, because truly Peter didn’t have the patience to amuse a jock like him when all Brad wanted was to humiliate the poor boy. Which is why he got so irritated so easily. He just wanted to prove him wrong and then go back to his conversation with Ned, but the universe is never on little old Peter Parker’s side.
You just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You’d been chatting with a friend on the sidelines, paying zero attention to the essential testosterone war going on behind you. Peter had nothing against you, hell he didn’t actually know you. He was aware you were in a few of his classes but you were usually quiet and didn’t talk to many people if you didn’t have to. But from what he’d gathered you were sweet, kind to everyone you did talk to, and completely innocent to Brad Davis’ antics.
Which is why you weren’t paying attention when the two boys started throwing the basketball around. The taller of the two was doing wonders to hide his surprise that Peter could even make a basket from the distance he was standing, but there was no way he was going to be out performed in front of a group of hot girls by nerdy Peter Parker.
Realistically he shouldn’t have gotten so aggressive, and Peter shouldn’t have retaliated in the same way, not when he knew how dangerous his super strength could be. He could lift a bus with his bare hands, nevermind the damage he could do with a simple rubber ball if he threw it hard enough.
Unfortunately for you, that’s what he did. Though it was aimed at his opponent rather than you, the man actually saw it coming. Meaning you were the unsuspecting victim of Peter’s careless plot for revenge.
“Look out!” he yelled, watching as the ball flew through the air in the direction of the wrong person, too fast for even him to get to without exposing himself as the masked web slinger hero.
He winced when he saw the rubber collide right with your head, hearing the gasp of shock you let out from the sudden pain spreading through you.
“Shit,” you cursed, hand coming up to clutch your forehead once the ball had bounced away from you. All you could feel was the pain from the hit, barely even able to hear the commotion it’d caused around you.
You barely recognised your friends in the growing crowd of people when you looked up, the blinding lights of the gym causing you to hiss in pain. Peter was the person that blocked out the direct light with his body, standing in front of you so he could do his best to check on your current state.
“I am so sorry,” he apologised profusely, panicking as he didn’t quite know how he was meant to help in this situation. This is exactly why Peter never played sports.
Obviously the ever so compassionate jock, Brad seemed to find some humour in the situation, although it wasn’t much appreciated by anyone that was just trying to check if you were okay. “Way to go Parker.”
He tuned him out so he didn’t have to hear him, lightly placing his hands on your arms when he noticed you were swaying in an attempt to steady you.
“Are you okay?” His spidey sense told him you very much weren’t, and he was already feeling awful. The look on your face wasn’t good, a mix of discomfort and confusion that had him worrying a large amount for someone he barely knew.
“My head hurts,” you whined. There was also the addition of a slight sick feeling in your stomach, the hit having knocked off your balance and caused some motion sickness from the way the room spun.
“I know, I know,” he cooed. It was too difficult for you to even think at the moment, so you didn’t question why the boy was being so sympathetic. If this was any other Midtown boy the most you would’ve gotten was an apology and then they would’ve simply scurried away from the scene so they didn’t get into trouble.
He saw the slight change in your features, seeing the way your nose scrunched up and you began to sway. “I don’t feel so good.”
And that was the last thing you said before falling backwards, barely caught by the brunette to stop you hitting your head on the solid floor. Peter cursed quietly under his breath, readjusting where his hands were in order to lift you.
“Let’s get you to the nurse.” There were a few shocked gasps when he hoisted you up into his arms. Most of Midtown knew Peter Parker as the kid who failed to do a pushup in gym one year, and now here he was carrying a whole limp person with such ease.
He brushed off the confused stares though, not wanting to get himself tangled in a web of lies that he’d never get out of, all to protect his real, super secret, reason.
It wasn’t every day you saw one of the school’s biggest nerds carrying a limp body through the halls, hence why Peter got so many strange looks from bystanders that’d just been visiting their lockers or switching between classes. He ignored them of course, dead set on getting you right to the nurse’s office to get you checked over. God, May would be pissed if she found out he’d severely injured you.
The two of you were in the office for quite some time before you regained consciousness. The nurse had called your mother and informed her about what had happened and how you were currently doing, which is the only way Peter knew what damage he’d caused.
But eventually it’d passed the point of too long for the older woman to just sit and wait like the teenage boy, so she’d left you to his nervous company.
So when you woke up Peter was there and ready with an explanation he’d been preparing the whole time you were out. What gave away your consciousness to him was the way your heart rate elevated slightly, the boy sitting forward in his seat to prepare for when you spoke.
You whimpered sadly when the light hit your fluttering eyes, raising your hand to block it out of your sight like a sort of shield. “What’s going on?”
You awkwardly removed the ice pack from your head too, eyes squinting to look at it with a clear expression of confusion that Peter had no problem clearing up for you.
“Hey, hey. You have a mild concussion, you need to keep that on there.” He was so gentle when placing the ice back onto your head that you could’ve sworn you fell in love right then and there.
“A concussion?” you asked rhetorically. You didn’t understand how a simple injury could cause it. You’d seen many sports players be hit with these things and they always walked away fine, why were you any different?
Obviously you didn’t know that the teen in front of you was enhanced, if you did then it’d all probably make sense, but Peter couldn’t risk telling you that. The male saw that you were clearly struggling to put it together, and in an attempt to save his identity, changed subjects.
“Is- um, is the room okay? Do you feel any better?”
“The lights are too bright,” you complained, head beginning to pound concerningly more when you could no longer stop the harsh brightness from getting into your eyes. The brunette was quick to leap up from his seat and press the light switch, but you found that the natural daylight leaking into the room wasn’t much fun either, and that was something he unfortunately couldn’t just switch off.
“I-I can’t do anything about that other light,” he explained. You were disappointed but you understood, humming quietly to confirm it was okay. He saw the way your eyes fluttered shut again, presuming you were trying to hide from any kind of brightness.
There were a few moments of awkward silence, the only sounds being your synced breathing. Peter didn’t know what to say, or even if you wanted to talk. He assumed you were mad at him for what he did, but he wasn’t exactly the best at spotting emotions when they weren’t outright stated to him, especially with a person he knew nearly nothing about.
And you were almost exactly that. Don’t get him wrong, he knew who you were, basic information like your name and who your friends were, but this might’ve been the longest conversation he’s had with you yet, and it all started with him very violently throwing a ball at your head.
“So, it was you that hit me with the basketball?” You asked. Seeing as you’d had your back turned you didn’t see the culprit, so you simply wanted to confirm he was being this nice because it was him. He looked down at his feet, cheeks blushing a soft pink shade as he hummed. “You really know how to make a girl swoon, huh?” you teased. You blinked open your eyes for a second to see both the apples of his cheeks and the tips of his ears tinting a brighter pink shade, pulling a giggle out of you.
It took him a little bit to get out of his embarrassed state, but when he did he was more than willing to keep up the playful banter.
“Well I did quite literally have you falling at my feet,” he carried on. Your eyes flickered over to him, seeing the tiny smile that signalled he was holding back a laugh and you couldn’t help but let out your own giggle at his joke.
Over the next hour or so you learnt how truly sweet Peter was. You’d never really gotten the chance to know him past his name, but now you were happy that you did. He was just so incredibly sweet.
“I must say, if anyone was going to give me a concussion, I’m glad it was you.”
He chuckled, nodding his head. You sent him a sweet smile, and maybe your eyes lingered on one another's for a little bit too long.
“And I’m glad I gave it to you.” His words only hit him a few seconds after they’d left his mouth, quickly shaking his head as he tried to furiously explain that wasn’t what he meant. “No- I- I’m not glad I gave you a concussion, I-“
You’d never seen a teenage boy so embarrassed, especially not one of the ones from Midtown who were known for being cocky and overconfident. “You’re cute, Parker.”
That just about killed him.
Neither of you really knew what to say after that. Peter was much too in his head after your compliment to even think of eligible words he could say to you, and you were still in quite a lot of pain so the silence was actually rather welcoming.
Only when the nurse re-entered her office to tell you your mother was here did you actually start talking again.
He was nice enough to help you stand up, making sure you were a hundred percent balanced before he let go. Once again you appreciated his help, hence why you didn’t want this to just be a one time encounter, you’d like to get to know him a little better.
He walked with you through the empty halls of the school building, making small talk and occasionally making the other laugh until you reached the outside of the building.
You turned to him before making your departure. “Do you have any paper?”
He thought about it for a second before reaching into his pocket, pulling out what you assumed was a random, old subway ticket. He watched you pull out a pen and struggle to find someplace, which ended up just being your hand, that you could rest the flimsy paper in order to write on it.
You were done within seconds, putting your pen away and outstretching your hand to him.
“Here.” You handed him the scrap of paper you’d scribbled on with a devious smile, watching the boy intently as he took it from you. He was uncertain at first from your scattered handwriting, probably a side effect of the concussion, but he was quick to work out that you’d just given him your number. An actual girl, had given Peter, her number. That really was a first for him.
“What’s this for?” he asked, trying desperately to hide the dumb grin threatening to make itself known on his face. A girl had never given him her number before, at least not with the intent of using it for something other than the answers to science homework.
“To keep you updated,” you innocently shrugged. His eyes kept flickering down to the new contact displaying your name and back up to you, where you were now making your way to your mother’s car. He had to nearly shout just so you’d be able to hear him from your new distance. “On what exactly?”
“How well I’m healing. See you later, Parker.” You gave him one of them cutesy small waves that made his heart burst, the boy struggling to reciprocate from how flustered he was. Although that hadn’t been an isolated experience in the time he’d spent with you today, he’d pretty much been a stuttering, love-sick puppy the entire time.
You didn’t hear him respond after climbing into your mom’s car, but he still tried anyway with a dumb smile plastered to his face.
“Yeah, see you later.”
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vendettaparker · 2 days ago
Strawberry Picking [P.P]
summary: tiktok trend on peter :)
warnings: mentions of cheating
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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marvlspideys · 2 days ago
can’t take my eyes off you (TASM!peter parker x reader)
summary: peter tags along with you while you go shopping for swimwear, but you’re indecisive and he’s indecisive, and everything comes to a standstill.
wc: 679
warnings: none! slightly suggestive :)
Tumblr media
Peter was always at your beck and call. It didn’t matter if you wanted a glass of water or for him to do your dirty laundry - the man was always jumping at the opportunity to make things just the tiniest bit easier on you. When you mentioned that you needed to get some new bathing suits while sharing blueberry pancakes and coffee at the little diner on the corner of your street, he felt something lurch in his chest. Helping his love shop for something pretty and also getting to see her partially undressed? He just had to come with you and give you his best expertise. 
And that’s how you two found yourself standing in one of the stores, Peter’s arms full of scrunchy colorful fabrics, and you currently picking at the strappy blue one that you were clad in. 
“I think it looks nice,” he mutters, his hands fidgeting with the soft material he was holding. You shoot him a withered look, turning in the mirror once more to get a better look at the back.
“Peter, I need bathing suits for family vacations. My ass is falling out of this.” 
“Well, yeah, but it looks nice.” 
Despite your slight irritation with his lack of helpfulness, you couldn’t help but laugh. Grabbing your t-shirt from the corner it was crumpled up in, you tug it on over the bikini top and plop down next to him on one of the benches that were placed outside the fitting rooms. 
“I don’t think blue is my color, Pete. Maybe something darker or more neutral?” Your head tilts, resting on his shoulder as you watch his fingers continue to push and pull the suits he was holding. “Why are you still holding these?”
Gently, you pry the materials out of his hands, setting them down next to you. He lets out a sigh, slinging his free arm across your shoulders, effectively pulling you closer against his side.
“Y/N.. I don’t know much about this stuff. I wanna help you, but honestly you look great in everything.” A frown starts to pull down the corners of his mouth. “Everything you’ve tried on looked good, I don’t think the color matters. You’re sexy in the black, you’re gorgeous in the green, the brown compliments your eyes,” he rambles. “You look good.” 
You soften at his small display of exasperation, straightening out so that you can look at him directly. “Maybe I’m just tired. How about we head home and watch a movie? I can make dinner or we can get takeout from that place you like on 4th Avenue?” 
Peter glances at you, and his hand gently squeezes your shoulder. A small sigh puffs out of his mouth as he gives in. “Okay, fine. Chinese and a movie, your pick.” 
You beam at him, leaning to give him a small kiss, pleased when his cheeks flush lightly. “Let me change first, and I can worry about this another day. This isn’t that important anyway.” You step into the small fitting room, drawing the curtain behind you. You tug your shirt off before getting to work with untying the bathing suit you were still in. “Can you help me out? I think I might’ve double-knotted this and now I’m stuck.”
There’s a beat of silence before he speaks, his tone almost teasing. 
“Did you trap yourself on purpose so that I could undress you?”
“Peter…” You poke your head out from between the curtains. “Please, I just want to get out of this thing.”
“Oh, yeah, Y/N, I’m sure you really want me to help you get out of it.” He’s smirking at you now, already getting up to make his way into the fitting room. Pulling you close, he leans down and gives you a kiss, nipping at your lower lip while his fingers quickly pull the two strings apart. The top immediately falls off of you, and his grin widens.
“You look good in all colors, babe, but I gotta say, I definitely prefer this over all of them.”
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scandalous-chaos · a day ago
self-made sculptures
TASM!PETER X FEM!READER || sequel to modern art
a/n: for the second and final part, I thought you guys would ask for a happy ending, but instead, all I received were requests on peter being guilty and sad as hell (ily for it). I told you all of us had pain kink! WARNINGS: Super mean to peter, swearing, and let's please assume avengers existed after tasm2.
Tumblr media
No matter how happy and fun they are made out to be, High School reunions are nothing but about power. Who got their dream jobs, who broke up, who are now in desperate need of money – it has always been about power.
But you did miss most of your old friends, and RSVPing no wasn’t your forte. Besides, using it as an excuse gave you a break from work. Looking at the ocean of familiar faces, you didn’t regret your decision. You missed those fuckers, no matter how annoying some of them were years ago.
There were also people you weren’t looking forwards to seeing; Peter being on the top of the list. Him showing up at all was surprising. Did he even have any friends? After your messy breakup, the only person he talked to was Gwen, but that had an end even worse than yours.
Which means he came to talk to you.
All through the night, you moved in directions opposite to him, and generally kept yourself busy so he wouldn’t get a chance to say hi. You had thought you wouldn’t be that bothered by his presence, which was why you came at all. But standing under the bright lights, you kept glancing here and there, nervously tapping your feet against the floor.
It was as if you were suddenly consumed by every memory you had of him — how he promised you forever then left you alone days later. Despite everything, you had continuously told yourself it wasn’t his fault he fell in love with Gwen. But if he was out of the picture, you had no one to blame but yourself—
“Y/N?” Aimee called, pulling you out of your thoughts. “Are you okay? You look a bit sick.”
“No, I’m fine. You were telling me about your husband, right?” you asked, smiling.
“Wait, let me,” she turned to look at the group of men near the giant welcome sign. “Mark, get over here! Say hi to Y/N!”
“Mark?” your mouth fell open. “Since when have you guys been dating?”
“A lot of things happened these past few years, Y/N. Our wedding, my haircut, and the fact that there are literally more superheroes than Hallmark Christmas movies."
"I like it," Mark added, coming over. "NightShade saved me the other day."
"From monsters?" you asked, your eyes wide.
NightShade was a well-known fighter who had recently joined the Avengers along with Alexandrite and The Vulture. Why they all had such cryptic names was yet to be known. Unlike the rest of the Avengers, they decided to keep low profiles, meaning they were just as anonymous as Spiderman.
"No, he walked right onto the traffic without looking at the signal," Aimee said, exhausted.
"Hey, you're sore because he's your favorite Avenger and I got to meet him."
"No, my favorite is Alexandra, she's so badass," she sighed dreamily.
"Her name is Alexandrite," Mark corrected. "Just call her Alexa like the rest of the city does."
"I know who your favorite is, Y/N," she said, ignoring her husband. "You always had the hugest crush on a certain Spiderman. Too bad he's not an Avenger."
You rolled your eyes at that, making her frown.
“You don't like him anymore?” she asked incredulously. You shrugged.
“I'm over him. He’s not that great,” you muttered, taking a sip of the juice Mark had just handed over.
Peter, who was obviously listening in on the conversation from the other end of the room, had enough.
“Uhm, code red,” Aimee said, mostly out of habit. It was what she used to say anytime Peter was within a 5 mile radius after you broke up. And just like back then, you almost choked on the drink, then put it down on the table with a dull thud.
“Hey!” Peter said, and Mark was the only one who smiled.
“Ehm, babe, let’s go say hi to Watsens,” Aimee said, pulling Mark away. You knew she was trying to give you privacy, but the last thing you wanted was to be alone with Peter Parker.
You were about to walk away too, but he grabbed your elbow, maybe out of his superhero reflex. You glared at him, making him let go as if he touched fire.
“Sorry,” he mumbled. “Listen, can we talk?”
“No,” you said firmly.
“I came all this way to talk to you,” he said desperately. “It won’t take a minute, I swear.”
“Let me guess, are you about to apologize?”
He sighed, hating how he made it obvious.
“You said sorry that day,” you smiled forcefully. “It didn’t do much. Won’t do anything now.”
“Enjoy the party, Pete. I think I’m going to head out early.”
He felt desperately guilty again, and guilt was something Spiderman had yet to master bearing. He didn’t want you to walk away, not before he plead his case.
“I saved you!” he said loudly, earning a fair few stares from the people nearby.
You turned, scoffing. “Excuse me?”
“I saved you,” he repeated, taking a step and lowering his voice. “You didn’t lose anything, I did.”
“You’re saying Gwen’s death is my fault?” you asked, your voice sharp.
“God no,” he disagreed quickly. “I’m just, look, I lost her because I was stupid. If anyone should be angry here, it’s me. What did you lose?”
“You,” you breathed, amazed he even had to ask. “You think I should be grateful I’m even alive? That’s your big apology? And as shitty as that is, don't you think it's a bit too late for that?”
“After Gwen's death, for years I wanted to knock on your door and beg for forgiveness.”
“Then why didn’t you?” you snapped.
“Because I knew if I talked to you again,” he paused. “I would have doomed you too.” I would have fallen in love with you again. “I'm cursed.” And I didn't want to lose you too.
“You have a hell of a god complex, Peter. Let's take a trip down the memory lane," you said, your words hurried. "If you hadn't fallen in love with her, we would have still been dating—"
"Don't interrupt. Gwen worked at Oscorp. She was at top of that freaking clock tower because of Green Goblin, who I didn't even know! So no, I wouldn't have died. It's literally impossible that I would have been standing at the same spot she was. I wouldn't have died. She wouldn't have died if you hadn't fucked us up!"
"Y/N." The way he said your name irked you because that was exactly how he used to say it years ago. Calm and quiet, as if he's right and everyone knew it.
You wanted nothing more than wipe that sympathetic smile off his face. And that's exactly what you did. Your words came out hushed, but you knew he could hear them.
"You didn't save me, Peter. You killed her."
His face drained of blood, amazed at how cruel you could be if you set your mind to it. You were about to walk off, leaving him broken like he once left you, but he decided to surprise you in return too.
"Just because you wear it on your hand doesn't mean it's invisible." He said, loud and clear.
You turned, tilting your head sideways, almost amused, almost stunned. "Goodbye, Parker."
Once you reached outside, you took a deep breath in and looked at your hand. Perfectly manicured fingers stared back, along with a single ring finishing the look. You weren't married, no. But in a way, the ring was just as important.
The only reason Alexandrite was better known as Alexa was because of misinformation, and everyone assumed the woman behind the mask must be someone with the same name.
But what most forgets is that Alexandrite is also a gem, like the one in your ring.
Exactly like the one in your ring.
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iridescentparkers · a day ago
april showers bring may flowers - peter parker
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: tasm!peter parker x female reader
summary: the one where peter parker takes his best friend to meet his aunt may <3
word count: 1.5k
warnings: swearing
a/n: just something a lil sweet for the kids before i continue writing my masterlist and some parts of serendipity!!!
Tumblr media
It was probably the fourth or fifth time Peter had assured May that you two were just friends.
Nothing more, nothing less
After Ben died, Peter had no one to turn to…
…accept you.
But she wasn’t oblivious.
Every time she would ask him how he was feeling, the answer was always…
unintelligible mumbling
Not joking.
The only things she could pick out of his rushed phrases were,
“I’m fine.” and a door abruptly shutting on her face.
Soon, she would see him staring at nothing,
and smiling like an idiot at the washing machine.
“Peter?” May inquired, raising a brow at his dazed expression.
His head shook faintly, ridding of his dazed expression, “Hmm?”
She inspected his face, peering her eyes from left to right as he stood there, him uninformed of what she was doing “What?”
He spoke breathily, smiling almost as big as he did at that washing machine two seconds ago.
It’s a girl.
Peter wasn’t always one to have a big circle of friends,
it's been that way since he was a kid…but
Like before, she wasn’t oblivious.
One day she stops him before he leaves for school, being discreet in her true motives, and asks Peter about school.
“How are your grades?”
“Good, Aunt May.” He mumbles, shoving spoonful's of soggy cereal in his mouth.
“Any new friends?” She asks, taking a bite of her toast, crumbs going everywhere as she bit into the slightly burnt piece.
That same sweet heat tingled on his cheeks, lingering at the reminder of her.
The nostalgic thoughts washed over him as he remembered.
He took a big sip of orange juice, attempting to hide his very present emotions, “I um- I don’t know if you would call her that.”
“Is this a girlfriend, Peter?”
“Oh, it’s not like that, she’s just…”
The crease on May’s forehead became more prominent as she awaited more details.
“Well, her name’s Y/N, and she’s in my English class. She sits in front of me, and we talk…sometimes, it’s a bit complicated.
She’s the funniest girl I’ve ever met. The other day, she introduced me to some of her friends-
So, when she heard talk of Y/N, a part of her felt relieved.
Peter was ok, maybe more than ok.
Definitely so from the way he was smiling from ear to ear and going on about this girl he met at school.
“Maybe you can invite her over some time?”
“Yes, Peter. Have your friend over for dinner sometime. She is your friend, correct?”
“Yeah, sure.” He murmured, looking down as he played with his spoon in his empty bowl. “I’ll see what I can do.”
That day, Peter mustered up the courage to make his way to Y/N, watching as she moved items around within her locker.
“Hey, Y/N”
“Hey, Peter. What’s up?”
“You don’t have to, I understand if you say no…”
“Who said I would say no?” She asked, smiling sweetly as she gently shut her locker.
“Would you maybe want to come over to my house later for dinner?”
“Sure,” she smiled, clinging her textbooks close to her chest.
“Will I be getting some of the famous Aunt May meatloaf I have been dying to try?”
“Why, of course, I wouldn’t want you missing out on a five-star dining experience.”
They both laughed in unison before the bell rang, and Peter remained smiling and giddy as she waved faintly before walking off.
Three sharp knocks on his door followed by a series of thunderclaps led to Peter rushing down the stairs and to the front door.
May couldn’t tell which sound was stomping and which one was thunder.
Behind the door was a girl with the sweetest smile and a fresh bouquet of white daisies.
Her hair appeared disheveled from the wind, the quick air giving her a new messy do’
“Hi,” she breathed, followed by an even bigger smile than before. Her voice was so delicate as she locked eyes with Peter’s.
“Hi,” Peter spoke back, giving a crooked smile before noticing her new hair.
“Your hair.” he giggled, tugging at the bottom of his lip. His hand reached out to touch it before retracting it slowly. “Can I?”
“Yeah, go ahead.”
May made her way to the front door before placing tonight’s dinner in the oven.
“Hi Mrs. Parker, I’m Y/N.”
“Nice to meet you, Y/N.”
The young girl had reached out to shake May’s hand.
Her palms were slightly warm before handing her flowers.
“These are for you.”
“Thank you, dear.”
“Come in, come in.” May spoke.
“You both can hang upstairs in Peter’s room until dinner. First door on your right.”
“Thank you.”
The two were whisked away in Peter’s room with causal footsteps and shuffling above the kitchen area.
May was happy for her boy.
She and Ben busted their asses to keep him in line,
to raise money for college.
, give him the life he deserves,
and most of all keep him happy.
And for a while, he wasn’t because of Ben’s passing.
Interrupting her thoughts came to an abrupt thud,
then followed by a couple more.
May made her way upstairs, peering open the already cracked door.
What’s going on up here?
“Nothing Aunt May,” Peter says as his eyes widen with each word.
“Where’s Y/N?”
She didn’t even want to know what was going on up here.
She just nodded and quickly made her way back downstairs.
Peter shut the door to reveal Y/N, frazzled and collecting her breath, as one of her wrists remained stuck to the door, coated in spider webbing.
“Those are so effing cool, Peter!”
“We could have gotten caught, Y/N!”
Dinner was a success with Peter chatting, and
Y/N is probably the best girl May has ever seen Peter bring around.
and maybe the only girl she’s ever seen Peter bring around.
Peter Parker gets bitches everybody. ;)
Y/N offered to help with the dishes, and Peter helped out too.
Lightning strikes within the black sky from the kitchen window.
“I probably should be getting back home soon,” Y/N stated, eyes dancing with the colorful lightning strikes in the night sky. “Can I use your restroom before I go?”
“Yeah, it’s over there.” He stated, pointing in the opposite direction.
“She seems nice. You seem to like her a lot.”
“She is.” Peter smiled at his Aunt, then continued to scrub the remaining dishes. “And I do like her a lot.”
“So, are you going to ask her out?”
His mouth lowered, practically dragging along the floor. “And I swear if I hear ‘It’s not like that one more time…”
Peter sealed his lips, twisting them towards one side of his face. “I don’t think she likes me like that.”
“I think she does.”
“How do you know?”
“I just do.” She stated, grinning as she shrugged her shoulders. “Now, if you don’t ask her on a date, Peter-”
She got cut off by the flicking of the bathroom light switch and footsteps moving down their dim hallway.
“I’m going to head out now,” Y/N stated. “Thank you so much for dinner, Mrs. Parker.”
“Anytime, sweetheart,” May replied. “Peter will walk you out.”
“But I need to finish this last pan-”
May put her hand down in the sink, placing two hard taps on Peter’s hands. “Ow!”
“I got it,” May stated as she scrubbed the last few items in the sink.
A couple of minutes had passed since the two-headed outside.
Rain pattered along with the kitchen window, making the mood dimmer.
She looks up at the kitchen clock,
15 minutes? What could they be-?
Opening the front door, two sets of lips combined as rain poured down on both Peter and Y/N.
Both Peter and Y/N are drenched and a bit dazed from the deep kiss.
Slowly, Peter pulled from Y/N’s face.
Peter's lips remained puckered as he held her face in his hands, and they were both still chatting and giggling as they stood in the pouring rain.
“I heard,” Y/N stated, water droplets resting on her face and thunder continuing in the background. “All of it Peter.”
“You thought I wouldn’t like you?”
“Yes,” he laughed, nodding his head as Y/N joined in with his giddy chuckling. “Rejection is a scary thing, Y/N.”
“Well, I’m annoyed you didn’t tell me for so long,” she replied, rolling her eyes at his secrecy.
“Me too,” Peter replied, moving some hair from her face. “Cause for a long time, I couldn’t do this.”
His lips yet again were melded in with her own.
Kissing her so rushed, yet so sweet.
With one last kiss, Peter finally let go of her face.
“Goodnight,” Y/N whispered, turning to walk away as Peter moved his hands from her face.
“Goodnight,” Peter replied, smiling ear to ear as he watched the girl he just scored walk away.
“I have a date,” Peter stated, blankly staring at May as he caught his breath. “I have a date.”
He repeated the sentence, adding more emphasis the second time before May spoke.
“As I said, I always know.”
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s-r-writes · a day ago
your hand in mine (p.p. x reader)
pairing: TASM!Peter Parker x gender neutral!reader (R has smol hands, no other body type or ethnicity mentioned)
summary: the three times Peter shyly held your hand in his, and the one time you not-so-shyly did.
earnings: mentions of anxiety, many swear words, some weird pov change, talks of blood and bruises.
A/N: this is purely self indulgent cos I we all have been obsessed with him and I'm a sucker for fluff??
hand holding is a love language okay?
Tumblr media
(gif not mine, credits to the owner)
Peter woke up before the sun had risen above the buildings. he turned over to your figure beside him, pushing back the mussed hair to admire your relaxed face.
you were sleeping on your stomach, hand lying next to your head. he lifted it to put your warm hand in his large, cold ones.
in the early hours of the morning, Peter found a newfound fascination with your hands, mind going back to the first few times you both held hands as friends, adoration and yearning overflowing in that simple touch.
the first time had been back in college, when it was your final exam and the night before you were preparing for an all-nighter.
"no way." Peter shook his head, physically forcing you to sit on your bed. "you need sleep tonight."
"but I still have some topics to revise!" you told him, trying to get up but he just wouldn't budge.
"you've gone over them twice with me, I'm sure you'll do fine. just sleep."
you took a deep, shaky breath, trying to get some air in your constricting lungs. "I'll go over them just once." you croaked out.
"(Y/N), look at me." he said, taking your hands in his when he saw they had started shaking. "you'll do fine, we've gone over these topics so many times by now," he squeezed your hand, the touch grounding you a bit. "you're okay, sweetheart." the nickname would've taken away your breath at some other time but with how foggy your brain was currently, it passed under the rug. "I'm here with you."
the fog cleared a bit, the warmth from his big hands spreading to your chest. "I'm sorry." you sniffled, feeling like you overreacted. "I understand. I'll try to sleep tonight."
his thumbs rubbed the back of your hands. "you don't need to be sorry." he whispered, looking at the way your teeth nibbled on your lips. "stop that." he finally let go of your hands, gently pulling your lower lip away from your teeth. his hand immediately went to his side, not wanting to be close to you in fear he might not be able to control himself.
"sleep now. it's already late. you'll do perfectly fine tomorrow."
you nodded, wishing him a good night and trying to get some rest.
looking back at it, he hoped you were as peaceful that night after he left as you looked now. you had aced your exam, as he knew you would.
your warm hands reminded him of the second time he held your hand, on a cold December morning long after you both had graduated from university. Peter was so glad you stayed friends.
"c'mon (Y/N), pick up." he muttered, phone ringing against his ear.
the call died for the third time, making his anxiety skyrocket further. he could just go out as his alter ego and make sure you were okay but it was snowing heavily outside, and you had messaged him you were on your way long before the snowfall had picked its pace.
where are you? he thought to himself when a knock sounded.
he quickly opened it, seeing you covered in snow and shivering.
"fuck!" he said, ushering you inside and getting rid of your coat and bringing a towel and trying to increase the temperature in his heater and-
"Peter stop panicking!" you laughed out, though the chattering of your teeth made him worry even more. "can I get some spare clothes? mine are all drenched." you said seriously.
"be right back!" he said, hurrying to his bedroom to find you his warmest hoodie and some of his old pajamas.
after you had changed, your teeth no longer ground against each other, though you still shivered.
"come here." he said, enveloping both of your hands in his large ones and started rubbing them. heat pooled in your stomach and instantly warmed you, but you didn't have the heart to ask him to stop.
he eventually moved to your arms, rubbing them up and down.
Peter was well aware of the heat that warmed your cheeks but he didn't wanna stop, so he pretended he couldn't feel it.
"feeling better?" he asked you after a few more minutes.
you nodded, looking up at him through your eyelashes. "thank you." you said, making him smile.
"anything for you."
he was brought back to the present when you snuggled further into him. your hand, still in his hold, tightened a bit. his fingers ghosted over your cheeks, causing you to stir a bit.
he pulled you closer and snuggled into you as flashes of the third time ran in his mind.
gazing at the crowd in the carnival, you couldn't help but think carnivals are not that fun, right? we can stay home for a day.
"don't let this dishearten you. the rides and games are totally worth it." Peter said.
"are you sure?" you asked.
he nodded his head. "we'll stay together, it'll be hella fun." he'll probably never tell you but he had the web-shooters with him in case he needed to literally stick you to him.
when you entered the carnival grounds, Peter immediately took your hand, an unconscious action fuelled by the urge to keep you close to him.
you pulled as close to him as you could, letting the pretense of the crowd be your reason.
the night had been amazing, the two of you enjoying various rides and games. you even won Peter a small tiger plushie although it was unsaid that it'll be sitting in your bedroom very soon.
time came to go home, and you left the carnival grounds with his hand still in yours.
neither of you let go even after the crowd thinned considerably, too comfortable to even notice this abnormality.
"that was a good night." Peter muttered. one of the best, in fact. he reckoned that was the day everything shifted between you two.
"hmm?" you sleepily mumbled, eyes still closed.
"good morning sleepyhead." he kissed the top of your head.
your eyes fluttered open, squinting up at him, giving him a sleepy smile. "g'morning."
he turned to his side, making you snuggle yourself in his chest. "I was thinking about the night of the carnival."
"the last night before I found out who you are?" you said.
"yes." a chuckle escaped his mouth. "but even excluding that minor detail-"
"- it was a pretty good night, don't you think?"
"it was." you said. "and then I found you beat up in your apartment."
he exhaled dramatically, "I told you it wasn't as bad, I would heal in a matter of hours. fresh as new with a new morning."
you shook your head. "didn't make it any easier." you whispered.
both of you thought about the same memory.
you were pacing around Peter's living room, using your emergency key to enter.
maybe you were abusing your privileges but you just wanted to talk to him after the night you both had.
where in the fucking hell is he.
there were reports of a rhino dude wreaking havoc in the city as the friendly neighborhood hero tried to stop him. you just really wished wherever Peter was, he was out of harm's way.
some thumping came from Peter's bedroom, fear and confusion taking over you.
you carefully stepped near the door, which was slightly ajar. a figure in red and blue was limping around and looked suspiciously like... wait what?
"uh, hi?" you said, making the figure jump up, turning to you.
the scene would've been funny in some other circumstances.
"what are you doing here?" the figure - Spider fucking man - asked.
"who are you?" you asked incredulously.
"uh," he raised his hand in something similar to a wave. "I am Spider-Man."
"what are you doing here? do you know Peter?"
the man in the mask sighed, reminding you of the boy you have a crush on.
he muttered something but you could catch only 'no point' and 'it's time'.
he removed his mask and could hear your breath hitch when you gazed upon his face. he smiled nervously, not knowing what to expect.
"Peter...?" your voice was shaky.
"it's me." he nodded.
"you're hurt." was the first thing that came out of your mouth, as you stepped closer to him, examining the cuts and bruises.
"I..." he was perplexed, wondering if you were in denial. were you not mad at him? "it will heal soon."
"bullshit." you took his hand - calm down! Peter said to his heart - and dragged him to his bathroom where you knew he kept a stocked first aid box.
well now I know why. you thought.
you wiped the blood from his face first, putting a bandaid on a particularly big cut on his left cheek. one of your hands was still wrapped around his.
"you should take your suit off." you mumbled, heat rushing to your face at the idea of seeing Peter shirtless. "this one," you pointed at a large cut running from his chest to stomach, though it didn't look too deep, "needs to be cleaned."
"(Y/N)..." Peter said for the first time since you took his hand. "it will heal, you don't need to worry."
"I don't need to worry?!" you shouted, making him wince.
at least I got a response, he thought.
"you are out there every night fighting criminals and supervillains and god knows what else and you have been doing it for years now and you don't trust me enough to share this with me?"
"I trust you the most." he spoke up after you remained silent for half a minute. "I- it's not safe for you to know Spider-Man." he said, fear evident in his eyes.
"safe?" you repeated. "Peter you can't keep handling all of this alone and- does May even know about this? you should really consider letting people in, I thought we were-"
his lips were on you.
he really needed you to shut up for a moment so he can start explaining himself. this would achieve his goal, right?
after separating, he had effectively rendered you speechless as he explained himself - how he came to be Spider-Man and everything - and also confessed his feelings somewhere in between.
the rest was history, as you both snuggled up in your shared bed on a Saturday morning.
this was easily my longest fic djsjssd what did you think? thank you so much for reading!
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peterparkwh0re · 9 hours ago
tasm!peter parker
summary : your stepbrother, peter corrupting your innocence.
dark themed, corruption and manipulation, stepcest
Tumblr media
Peter was about to walk downstairs until he saw your door open ajar. He stepped closer and peek out only to find you were changing clothes. He knew he shouldn’t watched he should’ve walk away but the kind of undergarments you wore turn him on, so much.
Those little lacy panties and bra that belongs to innocent girls like you, he wondered if you have been touched before.
When you’re fully clothed, he pretended to knock on your door. His erection felt awfully painful as he waited for you to open the door. When you open the door he could see the shock and worried in your face but he decided to play along and act like he didn’t witness everything.
“Peter? Do you need something?” Your soft voice enough to make his cock twitched in his pants, he stepped in to your room.
“No don’t worry I just got bored and want to hang out with you.” He closed your door and locked it and you just let him be. Peter walked to your bed and sit on it.
“Oh.. what do you wanna do then?” You asked and he seems to be thinking about it,
“Let’s watch a movie.”
Unknown to you, he picked an erotic movie one. You two were enjoying the movie until the hot scene came in and you were shifted uncomfortably in your place.
“What’s wrong Y/n?” He asked, his mind couldn’t think straight anymore all he wanted is just to have your wet cunt wrapped around his dick.
“Nothing.. just feeling tingly..” Peter stifled a groan as he heard that, he beckoned you to came closer to him.
“You poor thing.. C’mere, sit between my legs.” He positioned you right between his legs, his hands trailing down your thighs, gently stroking it.
What he didn’t expect was you let out soft whimpers as he gave you simple touches, just the simple touches like this got you so needy make his cock growing harder.
“Want me to help you?” He asked as he gripped your face to make you look at him, the innocence in your eyes making him just want to fuck you straight away.
“Yes.. Peter..” He pushed up your little skirt revealing the panties he saw earlier, he noticed a small wet spot on it and he smirked teasing it with his finger.
Your body jolted out at the unfamiliar touch but Peter hold your hips still, he pushed your panties aside letting his middle finger testing your wetness and it makes you gripped his other arm.
“Peter.. w-what are you doing?” Your face redden as he rubbed circles, sticking his fingers with your wetness.
“You said you wanted me to help, hm?”
“I-is this h-how you gonna h-help me?” He smirked at your confusion, he wanted to corrupt you so bad until you turned into nothing but a greedy slut for him.
“Yes princess, trust me on this.. You’ll feel good soon.” Then you let him. His fingers teased your entrance, collecting enough wetness before sliding a finger into you.
“O-oh Peter-” You gasped in surprise, burying your face on his neck as he added another finger and pushing it in and out of you.
“Feel good?” You nodded vigorously, your soft hot breaths on his neck making him go wild. He curled his fingers inside you making your legs shook.
“Pete- ah! S’good.. please—” You could feel something really hard on your ass and Peter begin to grind his body against your bottom to earn some friction as he fingered you faster.
“It feels weird Pete—” You keep moaning as your body squirming uncontrollably, Peter’s other hand keeping you still as he fucked your cunt with his fingers mercilessly.
He groaned into your ear at the feeling of your tight walls squeezing his fingers as you’re getting closer to your high. He pushed deeper and curled them inside and you let out a cry as the pleasure washed over your body, he held your shaking leg as he rode out your high.
“P-peter..” You panted heavily, still being lost in your pleasure you keep blabbering words that you don’t even realized he had managed to flipped over the both of you and getting on top of you.
Peter was quick to positioned his face between your thighs, wrapping your legs on his shoulders as he licked every drop of your juices making you squirming at the sensitivity while he moaned at the taste.
“Mhmm.. S’good Y/n.. Keep being a good girl for your stepbrother like this and I’ll treat you good.” As soon as he pulled away from you, you could see his mouth glistening with your juices making you blushed madly.
“Now.. Will you be able to take all of me in you?” You were confused by his question but intrigued to what he has more with him.
Peter was quick, groaning as he pulled out his cock, freeing himself. He watched you still laying there nervously and how your eyes glued to his cock. He clicked his tongue in his mouth before rubbing his cock up and down your sensitive cunt, hearing how you let out needy whimpers.
“This gonna feel better than before. I’m gonna teach you how to be a big girl and show you the real pleasure, pretty girl.” He parted your vulva, teasing your entrance by pushing only his tip which already got your legs twitching.
Then he slammed into you, wasting no time to feel your tight walls gripping him like a vice. The moment he was fully inside you, he can feels your pulsing walls trying to swallow him all. And you can feel every ridge and veins on his cock, pleasuring your walls just right.
“Oh my god— Peter— Peter!!” You keep screaming his name, your mind become fuzzy as he started to pick up his pace and stretching you out wider within each thrusts.
“Shit. You feel so good Y/n.. gripping me so fucking tight, you’re not gonna make me last long.” The way you didn’t know what he was talking about making him more turned on.
You are just there, accepting how your stepbrother was treating you right now. How he now has taken your purity and innocence. All you can do is just scream out his name and scratches his back at the new experience he given you.
Peter watched how you were drunk out of the pleasure, cockdrunk as he worded it. He chuckled as he examines how he corrupted you slowly, making you wanting more. He watched how your eyes were rolling back in pleasure, how you let him do whatever he wanted with you. All you know now is just the pleasure you keep receiving, and at one point where it started to feel really good.
“Peter- peter stop! Stop please ‘s too good I can’t hold it!” He got what you mean, but stopping won’t do anything. No, he will teach you how to let go. Let go of the feeling without doubting yourself.
“Shh.. I know I know.. Just let go.. I got you, princess.” He rubbed your clit skillfully, helping you to get there, you were a moaning mess.
“No no! My god— Peter!” He groans as he watched you came undone on him, his name keep leaving your mouth as your body shook underneath him.
You squirted. You tried to stop the feeling but it’s just felt too good, you tried to push Peter away by his stomach not wanting to embarrass yourself but he pinned your wrists above your head. His cock keep thrusting in and out of you, getting harder each time, riding out your intense high.
“Gods you’re unbelievable, making me feel so fucking good Y/n.” Your walls keep clenching and squeezing his cock inside you, milking him for all he has making the pleasure unbearable for him.
His cock throbbed inside you, Peter pushed deeper into you kissing your cervix before he finally bursted. Spraying and painting your walls with his thick cum. It was never ending, Peter never came this much before. He captured your lips to silence his groans as ropes of cum still spilling out of him.
“Oh fuck..” He broke the kiss as he finished. Pulling his softening cock out of you making you whine.
“No! don’t go Pete, want you back in me..” Then he realized, you were too lost in your mind. He watched how more of tears coming out of your eyes and you sobbed harder.
“P-please want it back! It feels s’good..”
“Shh shh.. hey, hey princess. Come back, I need you to come back.” Peter stroked your cheeks softly, wiping away your tears.
He kissed you softly, his hand went up and stroking your hair as he whispering “come back” all over again.
“Peter?” You called out, mind still fuzzy after what happened.
“There you are, m’good girl. You’re okay, ‘s all done now. Let me set you a warm tub, yeah?” You nodded at him, melting at his soft side.
He kissed your lips one more time before getting up to clean you and setting you a nice warm tub.
That’s all he wanted, for you to be his property. Now he had claimed you, you’re all his. And he owned your purity and innocence.
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dontsaypetertingle · 2 days ago
Smutty prompt requests are here!!!!!
(REQUESTS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR THIS LIST!! I am not accepting asks at the moment with this.)
Send me an ask with a character and at least one number. I’ll write you a little somethin!
Currently writing for: Matt Murdock, TASM!Peter Parker, and Tobey!Peter Parker.
“Don’t talk to me like that.” “Like what?” “Like you wanna fuck me.”
“I can’t stay home from work every day.”
“You sound so pretty with your mouth around me.”
“I’m not giving in.” “Well I’m not giving in either.”
“At least ask my name first.”
“C-can’t take it anymore.”
“Put your hand back on my throat.”
“Fuck you.” “You wish!”
“Don’t pull out.”
“Open your mouth.”
“I’m not drunk.” “Me neither.”
“Is this guy bothering you?”
“I’ve got you.”
“It’s too big.”
“Tell me if it hurts.”
“What if I like it?”
“Turn around.”
“Don’t stop.”
“I think I have a kink for that.”
“Please come fuck me.”
“Tell me i’m pretty.”
“Shut up.”
“Feel what you do to me?”
“Work for it.”
“Do you have any thoughts in your head besides my name?”
“Call me daddy again.”
“You’d be a lot cuter if you knew how to shut up.”
“Someone could walk in.”
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yellowhouseonthelake · 6 hours ago
Sweater Weather
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: y/n knits peter a sweater
Word count: 1201
“Don’t open your eyes yet!”
“Okay, okay!” Peter giggled, “it’s not like I’ve been with you all day watching you make it.”
Y/n moved Peter’s hand up to his eyes, “cover your eyes, I don’t trust you to keep them closed.”
“Seriously? I already know what it looks like, I’ve been with you for the past 5 days.”
When all the family obligations fell after Christmas Peter had glued himself to his girlfriend. They had been watching movies on her laptop, tucked inside a blanket, as y/n knitted. She had thought about knitting Peter a sweater for a while and with her new needles from Christmas, it was the perfect time. Especially with the rest of the season ahead. Bitterly cold mornings coming, she hoped this would keep him warm and maybe remind him of her.
“I wanted it to be a surprise, but someone won’t leave me alone.” Peter rolled his eyes playfully, “It wasn’t like I was holding you hostage. I like spending time with you.”  Forgetting y/n’s instructions, Peter uncovered his eyes.
“And you can’t tell me you haven’t loved being snuggled together in your room for days!” he reached out in an attempt to tickle her but failed. Y/n grabbed his hands and placed them back on his face. “Peter, please just indulge me. I don’t want to have to blindfold you.”
“I wouldn’t mind that,” he smirked. “Pete!” Y/n exclaimed.
“Okay, I will do as you wish. Where do you want me?”
“Stay sitting on the bed.”
Y/n tugged at the crochet blanket on her bed, “move your butt,” she told Peter.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to wrap it up in the blanket. I want you to get the full experience.”
Peter smiled to himself. He couldn’t believe she was his. “You are adorable.”
Deciding the sweater was adequately covered, y/n placed the bundle in her boyfriend’s lap.
“You can open your eyes now.”
Peter looked at the impulsive wrapping in his lap and peered up at y/n as if asking for permission to unravel it.
“Yes… you can open it!”
He excitedly removed the blanket and holds up the brown jumper.
“No way! I was not expecting this,” Peter exaggerated.
“Ha-ha, very funny.”
“No, seriously, I love it so much. I love you. Thank you, baby.”
 Peter wore that sweater more than anything else in his closet. He wished for autumn and dreaded spring. He would take any chance he could to wear y/n’s warm embrace for the entire day. It was practically a second skin during the colder months, he could not be separated from his favourite woolly jumper.
He refused to wash it without y/n present, for fear of ruining his prized position. It had become a tradition of sorts for the couple. Y/n thought it was incredibly sweet how much he cared about the gift; it was a piece of her that could be with him anywhere.
“Be gentle,” Peter reminded. “you’re the one that doesn’t trust yourself to wash the sweater without destroying it and you’re reminding me to be gentle?”
“I trust you! Just… be careful with it please.”
Y/n shook her head and continued to very gently squeeze the soapy sweater in the tub.
 Leaving her morning class y/n checked her phone, and was overflown with missed calls from her boyfriend. She pressed his contact and he picked up on the first ring.
“Peter, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”
“There’s an emergency, y/n,” he said, panicked.
“What is it? Where are you? Do you need me to come?”
“I’m really sorry, I was putting on my sweater this morning and I was looking in the mirror and I saw a hole. There’s a hole in the seater and I don’t know if you can fix that kind of thing. I feel so bad, I love that thing and you worked so hard on it and you made it for me and…” he rambled on. Y/n almost started laughing listening to him speak at lightning speed.
“Peter, slow down. It’s fine, honestly, you don’t need to get yourself so worked up.”
“Really?” he asked so carefully.
“Yes, I can probably fix it. Is it a very big hole?”
“No, it’s not too big.”
“Send me a picture. I kept the left-over yarn, so I can come over tonight and mend it,” she smiled into the phone. Peter’s reaction reminded her of when she found a hole in her childhood quilt and pleaded with her mom to stitch it up immediately. She never expected Peter to grow so attached to that sweater.
“Thank you.” He sounded relieved. Who would’ve known that the city’s greatest hero could be taken down so easily by the smallest of things?
“I’ll see you tonight, okay?”
  “Okay, before you open it, I just want to say, I tried my best and I know it’s not the best, but yeah… I really tried.”
Peter and y/n were spending their first Christmas together in their new apartment. It was small but y/n decorated it beautifully, lights and garlands hanging from every corner of every room. It might have been too much, but it brought some warmth to the place during these icy months.
Sitting cross-legged next to the tiny, droopy looking tree they y/n was about to open the final gift.
“What is it?” she asked excitedly, pocking it the brown wrapping paper.
“Open it.” Peter watched expectantly, anticipating her reaction. He usually thought it was cute how she delicately removed ribbons so they could be saved, but in that moment, he prayed she would hurry up.
Laying amongst the torn brown paper was a neatly folded red, knit sweater. The stitches looked a little uneven and sloppy, Peter had definitely made it. Y/n thought it was perfect.
She didn’t know what she was expecting to unwrap, but it wasn’t this, and she certainly wasn’t expecting to be feeling so emotional. So, was surprised to feel tears running down her cheeks.
“You hate it, don’t you?”
Y/n wiped the tears from her eyes and shook her head. Peter, still worried, whispered to himself “I should’ve done a scarf instead.”
“No, I love it.” She crawled into his lap. “I love you so much,” she mumbled into his neck.
Peter smiled as he rubbed her back, “you’re welcome. Why don’t you try it on?”
Peter watched as she carefully pulled the sweater over her head. “How does it look?” She smiled brightly at him.
“You look beautiful.”
“No, how does your masterpiece look? But thank you,” she kissed his cheek.
“Masterpiece might be pushing it, it looks like a 5-year-old made it.”
“No, it doesn’t, you did such a good job! When did you even have time to do this?”
“When you were sleeping, or sometimes I’d bring it with me on patrol. It took a while to finish,” he sighed. “I wanted to feel how I feel every time I wear that sweater. If that makes any sense? It’s like I can feel you when I wear it, even when you’re not here.”
“Thank you for making it for me, Peter. It’s wonderful.” Y/n kissed him softly.
“Plus, we can kind of match now.”
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agnesamarantheastwood · a day ago
🌺 could you do a bookstore/library with tasm!peter. Thank you so much! I love you!
Jer, my bestie! tysm for participating. Library au with our dear Peter, just for you! 🌻
Valentine’s Day was getting closer and somehow you’d landed the shift at the library that lined up with your boss wanting the place decorated.
So for three hours you’d been shuffling up and down an ancient, creaking stepladder, alternating between hanging pink and red cardboard hearts from the ceiling and helping patrons find the books they were looking for. You’d have much rather planted yourself behind the front desk or even taken the god-forsaken tech position, repeating the same simple instructions to people who couldn’t figure out how to log in to computers. But no, you were the youngest working today which apparently meant you were also the most capable of—
The grumbling of your inner monologue froze as you misstepped, reaching a bit too far to the left to keep your balance on the stepladder. With a small, shocked gasp, you began to fall forward, certain to crush the 3-D heart you’d been attempting to put up.
“Hey now, careful there.” A pair of steady and strong arms caught you, breaking your fall, allowing you to balance on your toes before standing upright. “You okay?”
You looked up into a pair of soft honey eyes set into a handsomely carved face and instantly felt yourself forget every word you knew.
“Uh, yeah, sorry,” you muttered an apology, eyes darting down between your own body and the stranger’s. The cardboard heart was still clasped in your hands, undamaged. “Thanks for catching me…and this,” you said, waving the decoration lamely.
The handsome boy grinned, appraising you for a moment. “Can I ask you something?”
“You just did,” you pointed out, and he laughed, despite how awful the joke was.
“Okay,” he continued, “Fair enough, but really, what line works better in this scenario—Just proving I’ll catch you when you fall in love with me or I’m not in the business of breaking hearts?” Here , he gestured to the decoration you still held.
“Oh god,” you groaned, “Those are both terrible, but the second one is slightly less so?”
“Hm,” he made a small, thoughtful noise in his throat. “Well then, hi, I’m Peter and I’m not in the business of breaking hearts.”
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river-soul · 2 days ago
Plans Pending Masterlist
Summary: When you encounter trouble at the construction site, an unexpected savior comes to your rescue. [AU, stalking, dubious consent and explicit sex, 18+ only.]
Pairing: Soft dark!Peter Parker x Plus Size Female!Reader
Author’s Note: Peter is 25 in this story and Reader is in her mid 30’s. This will be a limited, three-part series. The beautiful moodboard was created by @dreamlessinparis​. Thank you @syntheticavenger​ for the title idea. 
Tumblr media
Part 1 
Part 2
Part 3
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meowzards · 2 days ago
The Cat’s Meow
Peter Parker x Black Cat!Reader ( they / them )
Part One
During a night of patrol, Spider-Man seems to have a little bit of a cat problem
word count: 1.5k
warnings: i can’t tell if this is suggestive but it is definitely flirty
note: i needed a black cat reader fic that wasn’t nsfw i just needed one  (this was originally going to be just TASM but it fits with any Spider-Man really, so just imagine whoever u want)
**requests are open!!!!! pls keep them a little vague but clarify if u want them to be angst or fluff or whatever and how long u want it to be ^^**
Tumblr media
Peter knew even before his Spidey-Sense went off that something wasn’t right as he stood on a rooftop in the city.
Call it intuition, a gut feeling he couldn’t shake, or maybe it was the fact that it had been quiet for too long. No matter what it was, piercing alarms rang throughout his head when he finally heard the soft sound of someone landing on the ground behind him. He couldn’t help but feel that he recognized the set of mysterious footsteps.
“Well, Peter. It’s nice to finally meet up with you again,” a voice from behind him cut through the thick silence.
Hearing his name from them almost made him falter for just a moment and he struggled to keep himself still, all instincts in his body yearning for him to turn to look. All too familiar feelings came rushing back to him in seas of regret as he heard the person’s slick words, hitting him like a storm. It had been too long since their last encounter and he had almost forgotten how they once sounded, their voice as smooth as silk. Countless memories of the nights they had together flooded his mind without giving him a second to catch his breath. He stood still, maintaining his composure, not letting them know that they were able to get to him. He knew perfectly well that they could if they wanted to, and that’s what made them dangerous.
“What? Afraid of little ol’ me?” They sang, gently draping their arm over Peter’s broad shoulder.
“Whatever you want from me, I won’t do it, Y/N,” he said firmly, not turning his head. Refusing to play their game was the simplest way to get out of this, albeit cowardly. Peter kept his eyes on the sky knowing full well that he wouldn’t last a second if he met their gaze in the slightest.
The black leather of their costume rested against his neck as their hand wrapped around him, carefully running over the spandex lining and along the tiny slit where the mask separated from the rest of the suit. Their nails were long and sharp, and Peter could feel them trace every dip in the fabric as lightly as they thought possible. Times like these, he wished his senses weren’t as heightened and his thoughts were so loud.
“Who said I needed anything?” Y/N remarked, their arm sliding away from Peter and back to their side as they slowly walked in front of him. A sly smile illuminated their face with every movement, their shiny black mask giving their eyes a certain gleam that wouldn’t be noticeable otherwise.
“You always need something,” Peter spoke, finally turning his face ever so slightly to meet theirs. In situations like this, his mask ended up shielding more than just his identity, and he was grateful for it.
With a grin, they took the back of their hand, running it along the side of his cheek. “I can’t just stop by to see my favorite spider?” They questioned, a look of false innocence on their face accompanied by a small tilt of their head.
“I would say yes if it were anyone but you,” he replied coldly, not sharing the same enthusiasm as the cat.
In an instant, their hand dropped from the side of his veil. “Smart spider,” they purred. “I need your help.”
“It’s been months since I last saw you, Y/N, and now you need my help?” Peter questioned rhetorically with crossed arms, he took a couple of steps forward as Y/N turned to face the city. “I know you’re one for your disappearance acts, but you can’t just show up after leaving with no explanation.”
“I’m sorry I broke your heart, Parker, but I really do need your help.” Y/N sat at the ledge of the rooftop, legs dangling over the edge. They fell back, leaning their head behind them to look up at Peter. Small chuckles left their mouth as they watched him begin to turn away, arms landing at his sides exasperatedly.
“What is it.”
Peter knew that this prolonged interaction wouldn’t lead to anywhere good, but he pushed it far deep in his mind. With denial at the forefront of his mind and a handful of hope in his pocket, he mentally readied himself for dealing with one of the biggest problems in his life; Y/N L/N. Resurgence of old memories did nothing but make Peter comply more. His brain lingered around their old conversations, the stunts that they would pull in the city. Inside, he knew that Y/N was no good. Peter Parker was a smart man, but he let himself live in a stupid state of negation.
Y/N’s demeanor didn’t change as they repositioned themselves, sitting up on top of their knees, hands resting gently on their lap. “I need you to steal something for me.”
Parker was already regretting this. The minimal faith he had in Y/N was already draining quick, and as much as he wanted to stand there and humor their antics, his duty to protect the city was far more important than Y/N’s criminal mission. “I’m not gonna steal, Y/N.” The harsh tone that laced his voice hardly affected Y/N as they shifted, lifting their thighs off their calves.
“You don’t know what I need you to steal yet, Parker. For someone with heightened senses, you’re not the best listener,” they jested, tipping their head down faintly, eyes locked in on Peter.
Frustration coarsed it’s way through his body as he listened to Y/N, every single word sending him farther into a spiral of annoyance. As much as he cared for them, he struggled to hold his temper back. “Just tell me, Y/N.”
They took a small breath, a mutter of a laugh escaping their lips as they adjusted their mask slightly. Leaning forward just the slightest bit, they kept their focus on Peter, striking eyes observing him as if he were a type of prey. Peter could feel the cold air through his suit, but Y/N was the one sending a chill down his spine.
“I need you to steal a document.” Their answer was plain, more bland than they had ever come to Peter for. He felt relief wash over him in waves, but confusion accompanied it, hand in hand.
“What kind of document?”
“I’ll spare you details for now, but it will help keep the people of New York safe. All I need to know is if you can do it.” They were being cryptic, and Peter knew all too well that the uncertainty that came along with Black Cat was never a good thing. They were a wild card, an unpredictable game of war that Peter just couldn’t seem to win. Betting and recklessness lay in the fun of teaming up with her, though, and although Peter had a sense of responsibility, he never had a good sense of decision. Y/N’s incalculability was what lured him in in the first place, a joker in a pack of 52. Adrenaline took over his senses when he was with them, and a lack of having everything dialed up to eleven for once in his life. It’s what made him fall in love with them once before, and also what made it so hard to say no.
“As long as no one gets hurt.”
Y/N’s grin grew wider as the words left his mouth, and they walked towards him in a stride laced with confidence. Peter felt himself heat up as the stepped directly in front of him, leaning in close to his face with theirs. “Sounds like a plan, bug. I’ll stop by your place to give you the details later.”
He felt himself shudder just barely. “Don’t make me regret this, cat.”
“Fingers crossed, spider.” With a quick kiss on the cheek, they disappeared as fast as they came, a gust of wind hitting Peter in the direction that they ran off too. He put his hand over his cheek delicately, gently wiping off the lipstick-stained mark Y/N had left. Regret had already well settled in as soon as Y/N was no longer in his field of vision. Past mistakes dug themselves holes in his brain, poking at him as punishment for the warning he gave himself but ignored. Playing poker with a wild card was a dead man’s game, and the way Parker played, his grave was already shoveled.
There was no stopping them now, they already had the yes that they needed from him, and they were gonna get his help no matter what. The carelessness that clouded Peter’s mind just moments before was gone for now, but he had a moral obligation to help Y/N, and they knew that. Weaponizing that against Peter was their main course of action whenever they had their little conversations, and it’s precisely what made them so dangerous. The power that they held over Peter Parker was potent, and they had shown it tonight. Peter grimaced at the thought of it happening again, knowing full well that it would. Repentance would be the only gain Peter would get from this allyship, if it could even be called so.
“What have I done.”
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peterbenjiparker · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
invisible string | peter parker [soulmate au]
to love him was to close your fist around a rose, letting the thorns sink in your palm, untill the blood tainted your skin. it pained you to no end but it was much too beautiful to let go.
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yesitsmewhataboutit · a day ago
The Spray
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
তততততততততততত This fic works for any Peter Parker
For the first time, Peter stays the night to wake up with you in the morning and not leave early, but you’re used to your crazy house, Peter’s senses aren’t
»»——⍟——««A/n: Is this probably a tiny bit overdramatic? Maybe. But if you know the feeling you understand
̶̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ Requests open  ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ 
There weren’t many things better than falling asleep in your boyfriend's arms. Well, one thing, and that would be waking up in his arms. Peter made it a routine, go on patrol, see you, cuddle, sleep, and wake up before your family gets up in the morning. This time though, he came in, and after you patched him up, he was extra tired and cuddly. When you laid down to cuddle, you couldn't think of ever leaving his arms.
"Hey, Peter," you say quietly, your voice soft, somewhere between awake and asleep as you lay with your body curled up to his. "Yeah?" he responds softly. Both of you had your eyes closed, drowning in each other's body heat and comfort. "Will you stay longer this time? Until morning," you ask. "Are you sure? What about your family?" he tightens his arms around you, pulling you closer. "It's ok. They don't have a reason to come in. Just stay, ok?" you say softly, slowing drifting with each word. "Ok." And with that, you both fell asleep.
Whenever Peter usually woke up to leave, he'd always shake you lightly, letting you wake up enough to see him off, giving a few kisses before he left. But this time, time passed, and he stayed. The time he usually would've been gone wasn't. He laid in bed with you, holding you in his arms as you both peacefully slept.
Around 7 am is when your house became move lively. Your dad got up for work, your mom was already up, but now they were talking to each other, plus the blaring of your brother's alarm for school. You and Peter's first class wasn't until 10:30, so your alarm isn't due to go off for a while. You were used to the noise, dealing with it every day, so you slept through it. It made Peter stir a little, but he's back to sleep in seconds.
One thing about your house in the morning is your dad. When your dad gets ready, he uses a spray deodorant that is so strong, and you and your mom hate it. Whenever he sprayed it, you could literally feel it on your tongue. It made your throat tingle, and you basically choked on the scent. Because of that, you always asked him when he used it to use it in the bathroom, so you didn't smell it as much, but your dad being your dad, didn't care, and if someone else were using the room, would use it in the hallway, letting it spread to all the bedrooms.
Since your door was closed, it didn't faze you. But Peter's enhanced sense of smell picked up on it quickly. His eyes shot open, and he went into a coughing fit. He sat up, gasping for air, tears in his eyes as his hand clawed at his throat as if the scent was literally wrapped around his throat choking him. You felt him move but didn't react until you heard him coughing uncontrollably.
You quickly sat up, leaning to look at him and see what happened. His eyes fell on yours, a look that was calling for help. "Can't breathe. Can't breathe." He was wheezing, gasping for air and heaving all at the same time. Peter rolled off the bed, stumbling to the window and trying to open it. You rushed up, opening it for him and helping him stick his head out the window for air.
"Y/n are you o-" your dad enters the room, wanting to make sure you're ok after hearing the coughing, but pausing at the sight of a half-naked boy with his head hanging out your window. You cursed under your breath, glancing at him but keeping your attention on Peter, rubbing his bareback as he takes in large amounts of the brisk New York air.
While standing there, and because the door is open, you get a whiff of the deodorant, the scent leaking in from the hallway, and it all starts to click. You barley could smell the spray without usually coughing at least twice, and Peter, with his enhanced senses, probably smelled it right away, much strong at that, he's having a reaction to it.
"Dad! Why'd you spray that stuff in the hallway?" You glance back at him, and concern is written over your face as you turn back to Peter, continuing to rub his back and watch his face, hoping he's ok. "I think I should be asking the questions. Who is he, and why is he in your room?"
You weren't looking at him, but you can tell he has an angry look and is fuming. You don't answer right away, trying to come up with a response that didn't get you killed, which is unlikely. You hear more footsteps approaching your door and then hear, "Woahhh, Y/n snuck in a boy? Nice knowing ya, Y/n/n," you hear your brother snickering.
Peter started shifting, breathing normally again. He catches your attention when he pushes against the window, trying to bring his head back into the room. You help him inside, and he leans against the wall, sliding to the ground and looking up at your dad and brother, staring at the scene in front of them.
"Parker?! You snuck in, Parker?!?!? Oh, this keeps getting better and better," your brother laughs. "Y/n. You have 2 seconds to explain. Who is this boy?" Your dad's voice was frightening calm.
You look at Peter for a few more seconds, rubbing your hand down his arm as he pants lightly, still trying to regain his composure. "He's my boyfriend," you say softly, "He has a...sensitive...sense of smell and reacted to your spray."
It's silent for a few seconds. Peter continues evening out his breathing, sitting on your floor with his eyes closed and his head leaning back against the wall. "Dad, we weren't doing anything. He comes sometimes, and we sleep. That's all we do, sleep. I swear." You spoke up after a few seconds, the silence in the room killing you, and you could see your dad plotting Peter's murder in the back of his mind.
"And how did he get in my house?" he speaks through clenched teeth. You bite your lip, glancing at Peter, who was still in his own world. When you still don't answer, your dad nods, taking in a long breath. "Ok. Ok. So you are on punishment, and we will talk about this when I get back from work." He turns and leaves, your brother still standing at the door smiling like an idiot, but he eventually walks away laughing.
You let out a sigh, bringing your hand up to run through Peter's messy hair. "I'm sorry," he says quietly. "No, no, Peter, it is not your fault. That stupid spray. Are you feeling alright?" you ask. "That stuff...it's like I was drowning in it. I was literally choking me," he says. "I'm so sorry. Hate that stuff too. I can't imagine what it was like for you." He hums, tilting his head more into your hand and opening his eyes slowly.
"I'll talk to him. Now that he knows, maybe I'll be able to convince him we genuinely like to cuddle, and you're not in here blowing my back out every night," you smile, and Peter laughs. Peter pushes himself up, shuffling to your bed and sitting down. "I can still smell it, but it's going away, I'll just have to get used to it, and my senses won't react as bad." Peter gives you a smile and pulls on his shirt, taking another breath before standing.
After you get dressed, you both head out for your classes, earning a few more laughs from your brother before he leaves for his. You and Peter talk, and you tell him you'll text him with whatever you end up coming up with your dad, hoping he doesn't completely lose it on you when he gets home. All you can do is hope he levels with you. There's no way you'll soundly sleep without being in Peter's arms.
Ahem: @druighoney @tomhollandfics
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petesparkour · a day ago
online pda iii [peter parker smau]
Summary: Between getting cats out of trees, helping old ladies cross the street, stopping thieves, and alien invasions, Peter Parker still finds time to be disgustingly cute on the internet with his girlfriend. In other words, just another random social media au.
Face Claim: Shin Ryujin, so reader is of Korean/East Asian descent.
Pronouns Used: She/Her
Warning(s): Swearing, Implied Sex
Disclaimer: All media content is used for FICTIONAL and ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
liked by p.parker and 927 others
y/nbabyyy back to black 🖤
harryosborn @p.parker does her hair feel like hay?
↳ y/nbabyyy @harryosborn i hope u fucking trip manwhore
↳ mjhatesu @y/nbabyyy he's not a manwhore but @harryosborn, i do not tolerate y/n slander
↳ p.parker @harryosborn i don't tolerate y/n slander
↳ flashthompson @harryosborn hey! only i can pick on y/n 🤬
↳ y/nbabyyy @harryosborn what eugene said 😤
↳ harryosborn i can never fucking win
↳ y/nbabyyy @harryosborn sucks to suck, osbitch
Tumblr media
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p.parker study? ✖️ play hide and seek in the library? ✔️
flashthompson stop making out in the physics aisle, i need a book and ur gf since she's my physics partner 😐
harryosborn stop making out in the physics aisle, that's mj and i's spot 🙄
↳ p.parker @harryosborn why are u guys so disgusting
↳ harryosborn @p.parker have u looked in the mirror? we are one in the same
mjhatesu adding this to my collection of pictures that are supposed to be romantic but just come off as creepy
↳ p.parker @mjhatesu why do u hate me
↳ mjhatesu @p.parker firstly, i hate everyone (not y/n). secondly, a hand popping out of nowhere is fucking creepy
↳ harryosborn @mjhatesu u hate me? 🥺
↳ mjhatesu @harryosborn i... tolerate u more than other ppl
↳ harryosborn @mjhatesu that's not what u said last night
↳ mjhatesu @harryosborn i take it back
↳ y/nbabyyy @harryosborn deserve
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y/nbabyyy late dinners with my lover <3
mjhatesu so u enjoy shitty meals?
↳ y/nbabyyy @mjhatesu he makes them with love 🥺
↳ mjhatesu @y/nbabyyy and u totally aren't absent bc of food poisoning today
↳ mjhatesu @p.parker u should love her better and order takeout next time; harry will venmo u cash
↳ p.parker @mjhatesu I DID NOT POISON MY GIRLFRIEND
↳ mjhatesu @p.parker then where is she 🔪
↳ p.parker @mjhatesu ...with me...at home
↳ mjhatesu @y/nbabyyy YOU SKIPPED BC U GOT RAILED TOO HARD?!
↳ y/nbabyyy @p.parker i'm breaking up with u
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p.parker @harryosborn told me to shave
y/nbabyyy i kiss ur jaw everyday; there is literally nothing to shave
↳ harryosborn @y/nbabyyy keep it pg-13 jfc
↳ y/nbabyyy @harryosborn stop acting as if u and mj didn't make out in the quantum physics aisle yesterday
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p.parker i want to try all new things with u @y/nbabyyy
y/nbabyyy ditto bug boy ❤️
↳ p.parker 🥺💙
nedleedsleads u guys make me sick 🤢 /pos
flashthompson this post just called me single in 7383 different ways
↳ y/nbabyyy that's bc u are
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y/nbabyyy @p.parker and i's first ceramic baby!!! his name is pedro parker 💚
mjhatesu pedro parker? where's the hyphenated last name?
↳ y/nbabyyy @mjhatesu it was for the alliteration 💀
↳ mjhatesu @p.parker ur on thin ice
↳ p.parker @mjhatesu WHAT DID I DO ⁉️
p.parker when can i have custody of pedro?
↳ y/nbabyyy @p.parker hmmm... never <3
↳ p.parker @y/nbabyyy ... i demand a court hearing
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p.parker @y/nbabyyy you're my favorite muse
flashthompson looks like a stalker to me. @y/nbabyyy blink twice if you're being held hostage
↳ y/nbabyyy @flashthompson 😐😑😐😑
↳ p.parker @y/nbabyyy how could u babe 💔
↳ nedleedsleads @y/nbabyyy @p.parker top ten anime betrayals
↳ flashthompson oh my god... did i ruin their relationship? fuck yes
↳ p.parker @flashthompson 🖕
mjhatesu hm for the photocard on the right
↳ p.parker @mjhatesu not for sale 🙅‍♀️ they're for my private album
↳ flashthompson @p.parker that statement doesn't make u look any less of a stalker...
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y/nbabyyy "get in loser, we're doing our physics project." // when ur trying to be regina george but ur also trying to get into mit 😩
flashthompson is this ur way of saying that i'm your new best friend?
↳ nedleedsleads back off
↳ mjhatesu fuck off eugene
↳ p.parker stay 10ft away from my gf at all times
↳ harryosborn no, y/n is my "i hate u" bff
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