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One More Try Masterlist



Sypnosis: This fic was previously written using my oc, Juliette Rogers. Before the snap, in the heat of the moment, Peter confessed his love for y/n. When the two were brought back though, they agreed that they both needed time to adapt to everything that had happened. 8 months later the class take a trip to Europe, and Peter is ready for their break to end.

Part One - Peter comes up with a plan to win Y/N back

Part Two - Peter’s plan comes to a halt when a monster attacks Venice

Part Three - Fury hijacks Peter’s trip while Y/N is left questioning his feelings.

Part Four - Y/N’s had enough of Peter’s secrecy. The class arrive in Prague.

Part Five - Y/N discovers the truth and the pair realise Quentin Beck is a fraud.

Part Six -  Quentin Beck sets his sights on London as the Europe trip comes to an end. Peter only has a few hours to save Europe and tell Y/N how he feels.

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🍁 — for a blurb (I wrote it at 2 am, so forgive me 💀)

“Peter!” you whine at your boyfriend looking at the ceiling where he had been sitting upside-down for the past 23 minutes, “Will you please come down.”

He does nothing but puffs his cheeks and retract his eyes towards the other direction to represent that he’s mad at you. You feel a presence behind you and soon someone clears their throat, “what’s going on?” Steve asks.

“I’m angry because she ate my candy!” Peter says and you slap a hand on your forehead.

“And I’ve said sorry, like a million times!” you sighed, “will you please come down now?”

“Do you promise to buy me more candy?” He asks, feet still firm on the ceiling. You wished you could just reach up and yeet him to the ground but you didn’t have your suit.

“I promise.” You smile gently, “Now will you come down?” Seeing all this Captain chuckles, if he had known better, he would be making a video of you two right about now.

Peter jumped down from the ceiling and looked at you in the eyes, “Candy?”

“Oh god, Peter! Calm down, what are you, candy monster?”

“I’m going back to the cei-”

“No, wait!” you grab his arm before he could jump back to the ceiling, “I’ll get you candy, just don’t go back up.”

Peter nods his head silently watching as you go to the huge storage room and bring out a bucket with a star spangled banner painted over it.

“Wait, is that mine?” Captain asks but you both have already left him alone in the lounge, thinking about a way to get his long-lost candies back.

Permanent taglist: @angelsparkers @deans-daffodils @thosetearyeyes @spidey-reids-2003 @tommysparker @smilexcaptainx @god-knows-what-am-i-doing @allegra-writes @rubberducky-jrr @babeyspidey @clara-licht @darlingspidey @anjali750 @opheliaaa @in-a-lot-of-fandoms-tbh @fanficparker @halfblood-princess-505 @chaoticpete @t-monosapiens-h @tom-holland-is-spiderman @stareyedplanet @sunflowerhollands @averyfosterthoughts @katiejupiter @theamazingtomholland @miraclesoflove @tombob2005 @call-me-baby-gir1 @marylimlp @mellowobservationprincess @starlight-starks @annmariek8 @quaksonhehe @hollands-weasley @chloecreatesfictions @hollanderfangirl @tom-hlover @mischiefmanaged011 @swiftmind @aqiise

Peter Parker taglist: @cherryredparker @mirukobecomingbothered @parkers-thoughts @chewymoustachio @itstaskeen @peterspideysstuff @thelastpeculiar

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A/N: @icyhollands, here’s your request love :) God I am bad at naming things, aren’t i? Anyway, this is reallllyyyy short and badly written but I hope you like it haha

Synopsis: It’s that time of the month again. Luckily, Peter’s always there to cheer you up.

Warnings: Periods. Just. Yeah. Fluff

Word Count: 457

You groaned, curling up in bed as you blinked back tears. It was that time of the month and you were in agony. It had gotten so bad that you had skipped school and just stayed in bed. You were scrolling through your phone, trying to take your mind off of the pain, when you got a text.

Hey babe. I didn’t see you at school today. Is everything okay? 

You smiled at the text. 

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,077

Warning: None.

Summary: For Halloween, you want to surprise your favorite superhero.

Halloween Masterlist


Sighing, you closed your eyes, wrapping your blanket tighter around your body. Peter had missed another one of your infamous movie nights. You had successfully, been able to fight off sleep for the past few hours, however as time went on, the stronger it grew, before you finally gave in.

The sound of foot steps echoed through your apartment, causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand. 

“It’s just me.” A familiar voice spoke softly. 

Immediately, you felt your body relax at Peter’s voice. Not bothering to open your eyes, you knew he was kneeling before the couch.

Peter gently reached along your face, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“You’re adorable when you’re tired.” He whispered placing a chaste kiss to your cheek.

“You’re adorable always.” You confessed, not realizing the weight of your words.

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don’t touch me, i’m ✨s o f t✨

requests closed!


Peter and you had been dating for two months now. You guys had dates and stuff, sure. But none of you had the guts to invite each other to their houses. So, when Peter invited you to his apartment out of the blue, you were a little shocked but agreed nonetheless, because let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you? 

So, here you were, lying in Peter’s bed, while Die Hard played in front of you. You both were buried underneath the blankets as it was winter. But the blanket didn’t seem to work for you as you were practically shivering and Peter, of course, took notice. 

“Hey, Y/N, are you cold?” He asked.

“Yeah, a little,” Yo replies, rubbing your hands against your arms, trying to provide yourself some warmth.

“Hey, uh do you wanna cuddle?” Peter asked. You had never cuddled so of course, his question brought a blush to your cheeks. 

“You don’t have to of course!” He quickly added. 

“No, n-no, I’d like to, actually,” You said quietly.

“Oh, okay, um, here.” He moved from his position and opened his arms for you. You quickly moved towards him and slipped into his arms, your head resting on his chest. He shyly placed his arms around your waist. 

“Is this okay?” He asked, his doe eyes looking down upon you.

“Yeah, it’s more than okay.” You smiled, another blush creeping up your cheeks. 

“You sure you’re comfortable?” he asked once again, a small smile on his face.

“Yeah.” You raised your head a bit to place a kiss on his now rosy cheeks but before you could he moved his face so instead of his cheeks you ended up placing a kiss on his lips. His chapped yet warm lips slid over your cold lips, you could taste the hot chocolate you both had before, on his lips, kissing him was like a drug, you could never get enough. You both pulled as oxygen became a necessity. 

“You missed,” Peter said cheekily.

“I’m glad I did,” 


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moodboard by @angelic-holland

Series Masterlist

Summary: Andromeda and Perseus feel they’re made for each other. They know they’re meant to be together, even if the gods say otherwise. Even their constellations are together. When Zeus issues a decree that they defy, his fury forces them apart. Is their love strong enough to overcome even the will of the gods?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Descriptions of injuries, blood, death, the most gut-wrenching angst I’ve ever written holy shit

Word count: 8773 (hahahaha)

A/N: I um….yeah. I wish I had a better explanation for why I did this but I don’t. I just enjoy causing pain. But in all seriousness, I love this little mini series and I’m so happy with how it ended. Thanks to everyone who’s been along for the ride! If you need a refresher on who’s who, here’s the cast list.

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Peter Parker x stark!reader

Request: Imagine peter x reader are having sex and Morgan stark is your little sister and she walks in on you 2 and starts to ask inappropriate questions and they Morgan tells your dad Tony stark and he gets mad and overprotective about reader and pepper is there as well

Warning: smuttttt, language, fluff, slight angst

Oh lord I made this so fucking dirty🤭🤭🤭

Gif not mine :)


“Yoo chillll.” You said swatting Peter’s hands as he tried to wrap his arms around you.

“Please, I almost died.” Peter whined dramatically as you looked over the edge of the roof, the cops leaving with the robbers you and Peter caught. You pulled your mask down from your nose, turning around, Peter’s arm coming around you.

“You’re so needy all the time. Make it make sense—“ Peter cut you off with his lips. His hand going down your lower back to rest comfortably on your ass. His lips moving desperately against yours.

“Can I not love you?” Peter mumbles, his tongue running up your lips, your jaw going slack, letting Peter slip his tongue in yours.

“You’re so dramatic.” You roll your eyes making Peter let out a breathy laugh.

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Requested by @fancybootm

Pairing: Tom Holland x Blind!Reader

synopsis: You and tom have an insightful conversation that ends in a question



Originally posted by starkissedtom

“What time is our reservation babe?” You asked as you stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around you. Tom looked at you in the mirror and smiled to himself before going back to shaving.

“7.” He told you. “We should leave a little earlier though since parking is usually bad.”

You followed the audition of his voice and came up behind him. You rested your chin on his shoulder, hugging his waist from behind as he got ready. He looked at you in the mirror again, laughing a little at what he saw now that you were closer.

“What?” You asked as you pulled away a little.

“You missed a spot.” He chuckled endearingly as he wiped a string of suds off you nose with his pinky. A smile tugged at your lips with his touch as you playfully narrowed your eyes at him.

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Masterlist, Prologue, and Part 1

Summary: Y/N is paid a visit by her past, and is reminded of what she must have in the future, or else…

Warnings: language, mentions of death and violence, a creepy ex boyfriend

Pairing: Peter Parker x Villainess!Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: This is just about Y/N, there’s no Peter, so if that bothers you, you can always wait until the next chapter is out. (yes I know the point of self-insert fanfic is to be able to see yourself as the character, and adding details makes that difficult, but it’s my story and I’ll give Y/N layers if I want to)


While Peter made a pitstop on his way home to talk to Ned, you head home immediately. You don’t want to risk anyone following you, as that could be catastrophic. All anyone had to do was pose as law enforcement and ask the landlord who lived in the apartment they saw you go into, and it was over for you.
You could easily just warp reality so that you were in your apartment, but you tried to avoid using your abilities for everyday problems. After all, most Warpers ended up going insane, and you wanted to prolong that as long as possible. According to your father, the less you use your powers, the longer it will take for you to have a psychotic break. 

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ofc bub 🥺🥺👉👈 i had to listen to it first lol. also this is fluffy, and a lil angsty. but this is just ny interpretation of the song <3


heart like yours // p.parker

He looked at the soft curves of your face in the dim room, heard the soft breaths heaving over the sound of your steady heartbeat;

he was entranced by you, all of you.

He loved your soft smiles you gave him after a rough day on patrol, the patient gazes lingering over his heart when he snapped at you. He didn’t understand how you loved him.

How someone so kind and patient and loving could ever care about him as much as you did. He was a wreck, he ruined everything he touched. And throughout everything, your heart stayed pure; it stayed gold.

He didn’t notice he was tearing up until he saw your beautiful eyes open and flood with concern upon seeing him.

“Bubba,” you started, voice still raspy from waking up only minutes ago. “What’s wrong? Talk to me.”

He shook his head, attempting to stop himself from crying, but he couldn’t help it.

“Nothing, baby.” He smiled through his tears, softly nestling his cheek into your palm as you wiped them away.

“Everything’s absolutely perfect.”



・゚✫*. @loveisallyouneed1125 @beverlyparkerr @peepeeparkerr @perspectiveparker @jhiddles03 @dummiesshort @notsosmexy @marvelinsanity @musicalkeys @itstaskeen @tombrina @yesimaunicorn @tinyyoungblood @quaksonhehe @damnndeanndamnn @lovewolfspirit @ladykxxx08 @parkerlovebot @amorhollands @spidey-reids-2003 @hollands-weasley @hollanderfangirl

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LMAO THIS IS GOLD😂 i changed it just a tad, hope you like it!!

fluffy friday™


You and Peter were sitting in his room, books of different subjects scattered around you both. You guys had your midterms going on, so, weekends were often spent like this; studying. You both had been studying for the past four hours and now you were exhausted. 

“Hey, Pete?” You looked up from your chemistry book.

“Yeah?” He spoke without looking at you, his face buried deep in the book in his hands. 

“Can we take a break?” You huffed, pushing the heavy book away from you.

“You can, I’ll just study for a little bit more,” He replied, his attention still on his book.

“Petey, come on! We’ve been studying for four hours straight now,” You whined. 

“I know, I know but just a few minutes more,” His gaze was still fixated on the book. Before you could protest further, you heard the familiar sound of an ice-cream truck outside Peter’s apartment. 

“Peter!” You poked him.

“Ouch! What?” He finally looked at you, annoyed. 

“Do you hear that?” You asked with a mischievous glint in your eyes.

“Hear what?”

“The ice-cream truck,” You pointed out.

“Yeah, so?” He looked at you with oblivion.

“Peter! It’s an ice-cream truck! Let’s go get some ice-cream!” You were already on your feet, slipping on your shoes.

“You wanna chase an ice-cream truck?” He chuckled.

“Yes, now, let’s go! Move!” He chuckled at your enthusiasm and followed you outside.


Peter and you made it to the ice-cream truck right on time and managed to buy your favorites. 

“I can’t believe you made me chase an ice-cream truck,” Peter chuckled, licking his ice-cream.

“It was worth it, though, you were literally running so fast” You chuckled in response. 

“Yeah, I guess it was worth it,” He huffed and wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into him. 


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Word count: 2.7K

Summary: When Y/N adopts a shelter dog, her house becomes full of love. What she doesn’t realise is that she got more than she bargained for when bringing little Wiggles home. One night Wiggles disappears and leaves a handsome, butt naked man in his wake. 

This is a high fantasy AU! Involves magic and mayhem, hence the name. As strange as it is, Tom starts this story out as a dog, a little Pitbull type (Pitbull isn’t a real breed oop) named Wiggles.



There was something just so rewarding about adopting a shelter dog. A dog that had been through so much and come so far. All of her life, Y/N had wanted to adopt a shelter dog. A small dog, not something that could crush her while she slept. She had been following the local shelter on social media since she was a teenager, and her heart broke every time she saw the little terriers and the unwanted Rottweilers cross her timeline.

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Taking care of Spiderman -

Peter Parker x Reader


reader takes care of peter after he comes home injured and accidentally confesses


treating injuries?? idk


You and Peter had been friends for years, still you only recently found out about him being Spiderman. Ever since then, you wait for him every night and even though he always came back fine, you decided to buy a first-aid kit just incase.

One night he comes through the window like always, but something was different, usually he would already start talking about what happened while he was still outside, but that night he just groaned in pain.

“Oh my god..Peter are you okay? What happened?” you ask worried.

You help him sit down on his bunk-bed while he explained why he had cuts all over his face.

“Alright, just go change and I’ll treat your wounds or else you’ll get an infection”

As you’re getting everything you need from the kit, Peter asks “where’d you get that? I never knew we had a first aid kit”

“Oh, I just figured you’d need it some day” you mumble. “Now sit down here” you nodded towards the bed.

To reach one particular spot you have to lean forwards really uncomfortably and Peter notices that, what you don’t know is that he’s had a crush on you for quite a while now. It’s not that you didn’t return those feelings, you were just oblivious to his sweet behaviour whenever you were around.

His next move surprises you both, considering he really isn’t the bold type but he grabbed your hips and swiftly sat you on his lap before he could even register what he was doing.

Both of you start blushing a lot and you’re just trying to focus on cleaning his wound while he keeps apologizing.

“Peter, calm down, it’s fine okay? This is much better actually” you managed to shut him up for a solid few minutes.

After a bit you’ve treated all of his cuts and put your hands on his shoulders. Warmly smiling you look into his eyes, he’s about to say something but you cut him off by blurting out “I love you”

You didn’t mean to say it, not yet, it just slipped from your mouth the moment you realized you wanted to do this forever, you wanted to always take care of him when one of his missions didn’t go so well. You just always wanted to stay by his side.

The silence fills you up with fear of rejection and losing such a great friendship, it’s obvious he wouldn’t want someone like you, of course-

Suddenly you feel the warmth of his lips on yours, just to be left empty when he pulls away wincing in pain.

It seems like both of you forgot about the cut on his lip that was still open. You just kiss his non-injured cheek and give him a tight hug.

A sudden burst of confidence makes him smirk,

“I might wanna get hurt more often from now on”

Requests are open :)

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Originally posted by starkissedtom

Pairing - Peter Parker x reader

Word count - 1,158

Warnings - mentions of lack of eating/sleeping, lil’ bit of angst

A/N - Hey y’all I’m back with a new request and tbh I think I’ve cracked the best way to write anything (be it essays or fics) I wrote in comic sans (i was skeptical of that idea but it works wonders) and I listened to a 10 hour loop of the ‘Coconut Mall’ music from Mario Kart (which is my favourite Mario Kart track) anyway I don’t know why why but I’m really super duper in the mood to write some angsty Daryl Dixon fics after I finish my requests so please if you have any send em in. As per y’all please send in requests and enjoy!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Your phone buzzed on your desk but you ignored it, you had two big essays to complete for the end of the week and along with your work shifts you were stressing and worried about losing precious time to complete your essays. You rarely left your room, only leaving to get food and pulling regular all-nighters in order to churn out as much work as possible, having to catch up with previous work after being sick for a couple of days. You would’ve finished your essays by now if you hadn’t been ill as you wouldn’t have had to catch up on other stuff to be prepared for the essays. But your immune system had to let you down the time you needed it working the most. Your phone buzzed once more and you tear your eyes away from your laptop screen to see two texts on your phone from your boyfriend, Peter Parker.

‘hey, you haven’t texted me in a couple of days. Are you okay?’

‘can I come over?’

You let out a small sigh at your boyfriend’s texts. Not that you didn’t appreciate his concern, you just didn’t want him to worry about you when he had his own stuff to do. Peter, while still Spider-man and an Avenger, worked in Stark Industries to create new programs and all sorts. He had enough to worry about without you needing to add to his plate of problems. As you went to type out a message saying you were okay, and that he didn’t need to come over another text came through from him.

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What it’s like dating Peter Parker


Originally posted by avenging-fandoms

  • He’s a soft boy, we all know this but with you? Increased by a tenfold
  • He’d carry your book bag when it gets too heavy for you
  • Really anything as long as you give him puppy dog eyes and a sweet smile
  • Would totally buy you snacks from Delmar’s
  • Totally has your coffee/tea order memorized by the end of the first date
  • You and MJ would be best friends and you can’t tell me other wise
  • Ned loves you too
  • Sleepovers at peters, watching old movies with buttery fingers from the popcorn
  • Cuddling on the couch while asleep
  • Help with homework
  • Ned and MJ having s bet on who’s going to propose first
  • MJ winning because she said you
  • Peter introducing you to Happy, Pepper, and Morgan
  • Him being the best big brother to Morgan
  • Him blushing at the smallest amount of affection from you
  • Late night talks about the future with you because he doesn’t see himself with anyone else
  • Wanting to have kids with you-and him telling when he’s half asleep
  • “I hope our kids are just as pretty as you are, babe” “our kids?!?!”
  • Would absolutely spoil you with hugs and kisses
  • That iconic upside down Spider-Man kiss? Yeah that happened more than once with you guys
  • He took you to meet Bucky and Sam
  • Immediately became best friends with them both
  • (Bucky is your favorite though with his old man knowledge very handy when it comes to homework)
  • Both of them in your favorites tab in your contacts
  • Fury sorta enjoys you?
  • You make Peter the happiest anyone has ever seen him in a long time
  • He kinda gave up on happiness when Uncle Ben died
  • But now it’s big smile and “y/n this” and “y/n that”
  • But everyone loves you because of making their favorite spider boy happy
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