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#peter parker x you
akaashis-princess · a year ago
Make Me Hurt - Peter Parker
Tumblr media
a/n SO SORRY I AM TAKING FOREVER TO GET THINGS OUT. I HAVE HAD MAJOR WRITERS BLOCK. I actually began this story like 2 months ago before i got blocked. HOPE YOU LIKE IT
You told him that it was a bad idea. Tony specifically told the two of you to stay away, but Peter wanted to see what everyone was being so secretive about. Of course you didn't want to join him, but he begged you and Peter had this ability to convince you to do just about anything. He knows it too. So when he came into your room and begged you to come with him (Tony would be less likely to yell at him if you were with him), you couldn’t say no.
But you should’ve.
“Peter what are we even looking for?” you asked him with a bored expression. Peter looked back at you and shrugged. He didn’t have a clue. You sighed and leaned against the door frame, waiting for your idiotic friend to hurry up and leave. The deal was that you would go with him to the room, but you wouldn’t go in. Peter whined for a moment about it, but decided that it was better than nothing.
“I’m guessing I’ll know it when I see it,” he commented as he continued snooping around Banner’s work space. Guessing that you would be there for a while, you pulled out your phone and began scrolling through social media. You could hear Peter shuffling around the room mumbling to himself, but you concluded that if he found what he was looking for he would let you know.
It was quiet for a while, maybe two or three minutes before you heard clattering and Peter let out a short cry. When you looked up, you saw Peter flat on his ass looking up at some weird pink plant. You didn’t move to help him up or make any noise because of the look he had on his face. He looked dazed or distracted, like he was in some trance.
“Pete?” you asked with furrowed brows, shoving your phone back into your pocket, “You doing okay over there, Spidey?”
Peter’s gaze snapped away from the plant immediately and stuck on you. The way he was looking at you caused your heartbeat to quicken. He both looked confused and enthralled at your presence. You backed away slowly as he rose to his feet, not fully trusting his willpower at the moment.
“I don’t know what’s happening to me,” he spoke almost robotically, stepping closer towards you, “But I think you might need to get Mr. Stark.”
Without questioning him, you took off in the opposite direction where you assumed Tony would be. You ran as fast as you could through the headquarters, earning the attention of everyone you passed. When you finally caught a glimpse of the man, he was in a conversation with Banner. Normally you would just stand beside them awkwardly until you were noticed, but of course this situation was a bit different than all the other times.
“Tony!” you yelled as soon as you saw him, “Tony something happened!”
He turned around and looked at you with a surprised expression, “What hap- where’s the kid?”
You doubled over, holding onto your knees to catch your breath. Tony, who had an idea of what was going on, grabbed onto your shoulders and lifted you to his eyesight, “Y/N, where is Peter? Please tell me you did not go in the lab!”
“I-I didn’t,” you panted, “But Peter did. He messed with something, I don’t know what it was.”
Tony growled lowly to himself, removing his hands from your shoulders, “I need you to go into your room right now and don’t come out until I come to get you.”
“What ha-”
“No,” Tony snapped at you causing you to flinch slightly, “You don’t get to ask any questions. What you get to do is listen to me for once and go to your room.”
“Tony, all due respect and all, but I am not a high schooler anymore,” you seethed, not appreciating his tone, “I am twenty-three, okay? I told Peter to not go in there, but he didn’t listen to me. Don’t you dare treat me like a kid when I am just concerned for my best friend. So you’re going to tell me what the fuck happened in that lab and you’re going to tell me now.”
Tony sighed, his leg shaking impatiently. He didn’t have time to argue with you on this. Peter could be anywhere in the building by now. As much as Tony loved the fact that you were learning to stick up for yourself, he also knew that Peter probably figured out what happened in the lab. If he found that out, that means he’s trying his best to stay as far away from you as possible. There is no telling just how long he can hold himself back. Tony sighed, looking back at Banner who looked just as worried and guilty as Tony did.
“Banner, tell her everything,” Tony instructed, but before you could rejoice, Tony continued, “but walk her to her room while you do it. Quickly please.”
“So you’re saying that Peter was infected by…” you trailed off, not sure what to call the mysterious plant Banner was explaining. Apparently Banner and Tony found it on some planet or something. Tony, of course, was curious and talked Banner into helping him discover it’s powers. Little did they know that they ended up stealing a mating plant.
“We aren’t sure what to call it,” Banner explains, “but all we know is that once you sniff it, you go a bit crazy. Your inhibitions drop and your libido kind of goes crazy.”
“So you’re basically telling me that Peter sniffed a mysterious alien plant and is now roaming the building with a major boner?”
Banner slightly cringes at your terminology, but he couldn’t really argue with it, “Yeah basically.”
“So why am I being sent to my room like a scorned toddler?” you huffed.
Banner looked at you for a short moment, wondering if you were actually serious. When you didn’t budge, he just shrugged his shoulders, “I have no idea. But I’d rather follow Tony’s orders than be on his bad side.”
“I guess I understand that,” you stop in front of your door, turning to the man with a puzzled expression, “I have one last question.”
“Go for it.”
“How are you guys going to help him?”
It has been an hour since Banner and Tony stuffed you into your room. There hasn’t been any word on Peter’s condition, nor if they found him. Of course you have been blowing up everyone’s phones, but the only answer you received was from Nat. It was pretty vague also.
“Stop being a chicken. Do what you have to do. I never sent this message.”
You hate that you knew exactly what she meant. It didn’t take you very long to connect the dots as to why you were the only person being locked in their room. When Peter looked at you after messing with the plant, his eyes never left you once. The way that his eyes traveled down your body like he was soaking you in… You began to berate yourself for taking this long to realize.
You were the first person he saw. That had to be it.
But to break it, you would have to do something that would possibly end your friendship with Peter. Having sex with your best friend has always been the number one “do not”, but what if it was to save him? Though you weren’t entirely sure if he would die from this, but the way Tony was acting you just assumed it was lethal. So you asked yourself the dreaded question:
Would you have sex with your best friend in order to save their life?
Easy. Yes.
It wasn’t like you hadn’t thought about it before. There was no way that you could see Peter Parker without a shirt and not have that thought. The one reason you never crossed that territory is because you know Peter, and you know that he wouldn’t endanger your friendship like that. Unless he was saving you from an alien plant that made you super horny? Honestly this whole situation is very Riverdale-y.
So you texted Nat. By now she would know.
Where is he?
She didn’t take long to answer you back.
His room.
“Peter?” you whispered, knocking lightly on his door. You could hear shuffling noises from behind the door, but Peter never replied. He had to be in there, Nat said he was. Also, who else would go into Peter’s room? On the brightside, if you were to go in and it wasn’t Peter- you could possibly catch a thief or an eavesdropper. It didn’t take long for you to make up your mind before you pulled out the spare key you had to his room. Peter had one to your room too, just in case.
Whenever you walked in, you noticed that his room had been destroyed. His desk, which was normally cluttered with his little inventions, was empty. The tools and other objects that normally resided on the desk were scattered around the floor. You searched the room for the boy, but he was nowhere in sight.
“Pete?” you called softly. A soft groan sounded from above you. Startled by the sound, you looked up at the ceiling to see your best friend covered in sweat. You could see the pain in his eyes as he looked down at you.
“Y/N, you really shouldn’t be in here,” Peter struggled to speak, jumping off the ceiling but staying a fair distance from you.
“Nat told me where to find you, but I’m not supposed to tell anyone,” you spoke softly, attempting to approach him. Peter back up into the wall, trying to stay as far from you as he could.
“Please,” Peter strained, “You don’t understand, you can’t be in here.”
“Banner told me what happened with the plant,” you sighed, stepping forward once more. Peter couldn’t back up anymore. He was stuck.
“Y/N can you not hear me?” Peter whined, “Just listen to me for once. Leave. Please.”
“I’m not leaving until I fix this,” you spoke stubbornly, your arms crossing in front of your arms, “Banner didn’t tell me why I was the only one being kept from you, but I finally figured it out. So I came to help. Please let me help.”
“You figured it out?” he croaked, “And you’re not… do you… you know?”
“I was the first person you saw after you were infected,” you explained, “So I’m guessing it’s like a love potion type deal? First person you see, you get stuck too.”
Peter looked at you in shock before laughing, “That’s not it at all, Y/N.”
Your eyebrows furrowed at the boy, a small frown tugging at your lips. Peter watched as the wheels in your head began to turn. You would figure it out soon. When you did, that would be the end of your friendship. There was no way that you would stay friends with him once you figured out how obsessed with you he was. He’d been in love with you forever and he was really good at hiding it from you. Years and years of pretending that he didn’t think about you writhing underneath him as his lips greedily devoured you… down the drain.
“Oh,” you whispered before meeting his eyes, “That makes this a whole lot less awkward.”
Peter’s grip on the window seal tightened, the wood splintering in his grip. He didn’t meet your eyes, afraid of what he would say or do. His resolve was crumbling by the second and he didn’t know how much longer he would be able to keep away from you. But then he realized something.
“Less awkward?” he spat, “Really? Is right now the time for you to be making jokes?”
“I’m not joking with you, Spidey,” you huffed, “I was going to have this whole heartfelt confession about how I really like you, but you know what. If you don’t want sweet, fine. You won’t get sweet.”
Peter’s eyes darkened, “You-”
“Like you a lot? Have imagined you pinning me down? Wondered what it would be like to have you whisper in my ear? Yeah all of the above, I guess. Also, Peter you broke the window seal. I’m not taking the heat for it so y-”
Hands reached out for you in a frenzy, both grasping onto your hair and tugging you backwards until he had you pressed against the wall, his knee positioned between your legs. You felt Peter’s lips envelope your own, snatching the breath right out of your lungs. Peter’s lips were soft and inviting, also they had a hint of a maple taste but that could be because you made him pancakes this morning. One of his hands abandoned your hair and fell onto your waist. You didn’t argue with him as his fingertips dipped underneath the fabric of your shirt, though you did make a sound when his warm hand caressed your breast, but it wasn’t in protest.
“Peter,” you moaned as his thumb grazed the fabric over your nipple. You felt his body go rigid against yours, a groan of desperation soaring past his lips.
“Pretty girl, I’m going to need you to stay a little quieter for right now,” he strained, “I don’t want our first time to be a blur to you. If you keep making beautiful noises like that, I might break and take you right here.”
You smiled at him challengingly, “Maybe that’s exactly what I want.”
Peter shivered at your words and gave you a wicked smile before placing both hands on your waist and wrapping you around his hips. His greedy lips bruised the skin of your neck, marking every available spot that he could reach. Your head was thrown back in bliss, symphonies of needy cries escaping your lips. It didn’t help that you could feel him against your crotch, teasing you ever so slightly.
Peter sat on the bed, leaving you sitting pretty on his lap. However, it wasn’t his plan to keep you there.
“Stand and strip.”
You didn’t challenge him this time, you would save that for later. Instead you just stood and slowly removed each article of clothing. Peter’s eyes drank in the sight of you bare in front of him, his beautiful eyes darkened by lust. It only made them more beautiful.
“Good girl,” he hummed, “Now sit on my knee.”
Confused, yet intrigued, you followed his orders. Peter smiled, loving how obedient you were being for him. The look in your eyes as you sat and awaited your next instruction. But he didn’t say anything, not at first. Instead, he began bouncing his leg. A struggled moan pushed passed your lips as the movement stimulated your clit. Your hands desperately grasped onto his shoulders in an attempt to steady yourself a bit better. Peter watched you with an amused smile on his lips. He loved seeing the way your eyes screwed tight just at the feeling of his thigh, He couldn’t wait to see your expression when he pushed himself into you.
Peter’s hands fell to your waist, guiding your hips in a grinding motion. You quickly understood his silent instructions and you kept the motion going, pressing down harder on his thigh.
“That’s my pretty girl,” he whispered, his lips grazing your bruised flesh, “I want you to keep going until you cum.”
You whined at his words, but you did as you were told. You rocked your clit against his denim clothed thigh, your eyes fluttering shut at the friction gathering between the two of you. Peter watched you with hunger in his beautiful brown eyes. The desire to touch you became too strong for him, leading him to allow his hand to travel to your heat, rubbing circles against it. The second the pad of his thumb pressed against your soaking wet clit, you were gripping tightly onto his thigh in order to quicken the pace. Peter smirked, enjoying the fact that all it took was his thumb and his thigh to have you falling out of place for him. As your pace increased, so did the bouncing of his knee. He closed his eyes, trying to lock the memory of your desperate mewling inside his mind.
“Peter,” you whined, your nails digging into his jeans.
“Are you close, pretty girl?” he asked sweetly. You could only nod in return, your eyes screwing shut at the knot turning in your stomach. Peter removed his empty hand from your waist and lifted it onto your breast, circling the areola faintly before dipping his head down and encasing your pearled nipple between his perfect lips. The sensation was the finishing touch to make the knot in your stomach finally break, causing stars to erupt in your eyes. You screamed a moan as you tried to ride out your high on Peter’s thumb and thigh, but he had other plans. The second you came, Peter flipped the two of you around, slamming your back onto his mattress. You didn’t have time to question him, nor were you really interested in asking.
Peter helped you ride out your high as he continued rubbing circles on your clit, high pitched whines dripping from your lips like profanities. It was the most provocative thing that Peter had ever heard in his entire life and he was hoping to remember the sound of you screaming his name on the day that he dies. Your hands reached forward and grasped onto Peter’s curls, tugging mercilessly at them.
“Peter,” you cried, “Peter please…”
He didn’t take another moment before ripping off his clothing and following you down onto the mattress. Peter’s warm palm was placed against your breast, massaging it and ever-so-slightly twisting on your nipple. More cries. Peter couldn’t get enough of the way you looked and sounded, dripping wet and desperate. For him. He reached into the dresser beside his bed, pulling out a condom and effortlessly sliding it onto his hard cock.
“Hey,” Peter hummed, “Pretty girl, I want you to tell me if it hurts okay? If it hurts, we will stop immediately.”
Your eyes opened to meet his, and to any other person- you would look like the most innocent girl in the world, but he knew you better than that. He knew that the innocent look was an act, and he was proven correct by your following words, “Make me hurt.”
Peter grinned, “God you’re hot.”
He didn’t waste any time before gripping your hips and thrusting himself in completely. You screamed his name so loudly that both of you were sure that the entire floor heard you. Of course neither of you cared at that moment. Peter dug his nails into your hips, leaving angry crescent shaped scars on them that he would later kiss as an apology. However, as of right now, he was unapologetic in each of his movements. Each deep thrust, each scratch, each sharp nip of your flesh… Peter did it all.
“Baby I-” that’s all you could get out before being interrupted by your second orgasm.
When you came for the second time, Peter discovered that it felt so much better having you come undone around his cock rather than on his thigh. The feeling added with the way you called him baby...You were in big trouble now. Peter was rushed with another frenzy, flipping you around onto your stomach, lifting you ass into the air by your hips, and slamming into your entrance once more. You crumbled onto the bed, your pussy throbbing against his cock. However, Peter didn’t like you like that, he wanted you upright. So he reached down and grabbed onto your hair, yanking you up onto all fours. He gripped your hair in two parts, using them as leverage to slam your body back into his with each thrust. Stars, fireworks, cannonballs… you saw them all.
“Fuck baby,” Peter groaned, he emptied one handful of hair into the other hand and used his now-empty hand to turn your head, kissing you deeply. You tried kissing back, but the angle was too awkward and you couldn’t stop the moans from filling the room. Peter lowered his hand, using it instead to choke you once more. He would use his grip on your throat just like he used your hair, causing him to go deeper and deeper into you.
“Peter I can’t,” you struggled. You were so close again and you weren’t sure how much longer you could take this. You told him to hurt you, not wreck you. Hopefully you wouldn’t have to go on a mission for a few days because you’re not entirely sure that you would be able to walk.
Peter understood you though, but he was far from finished with you. He reached his hand around your waist and began to circle your clit once more, overstimulating your body. Peter felt as you began to shake, coming so close to your orgasm that you could almost taste it.
“Not yet, princess,” Peter growled.
A breathy whimper escaped your lips at his words, you didn’t know how long you could keep it from coming. Peter was hitting every good spot and you were on the edge of spilling over.
“Peter please,” you cried, your hands grasping onto the pillow on his bed, submerging your face in it.
“I said not yet,” he chastised, his hand coming down on your ass as quick as lightning. A sharp moan filled the room as his hand print  settled on your ass cheek. Peter flipped you over once more, wanting to see your face as you come undone.
“Now?” you begged him, tears brimming your eyes.
“Cum for me, princess,” he instructed. Your walls came undone around him as he spilled into the condom. You felt him twitching inside you as he messily tried to ride out each of your highs. Whenever both of you came down, he pulled out of you gently and tied the condom, tossing it into the bin. Peter picked up the nearest blanket and wrapped the two of you in it. He watched you as you cuddled closer to him, a content smile on your pretty face.
“I know it’s a bit late to ask this,” Peter whispered to you, gently brushing strands of hair out of your face, “but will you go on a date with me?”
You smiled up at him, taking in his perfect features once more before nodding, “But don’t be mistaken… I don’t kiss on the first date.”
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peterbenjiparker · 7 months ago
your mess | p.p
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: drunk!peter parker x reader
summary: peter is drunk and horny, and you have to take care of him.
word count: 6.2k 
warnings: talks of sex (like a lot, when I say a lot I mean a lot), smutty scenes, underage drinking, kisses get heated, peter almost mentally scars tony.
notes: this is the alternative version of this fic: drunk mess. i won't be posting anything until next year (yeah, not even blurbs). so happy holidays and I'll come back with something I've been planning for a long time ;)
Tumblr media
"Fucking hell." You groaned, your eyes fluttering open at the shrill ringing of your phone, pushing yourself up on your elbows as you turned to reach it. 
Your fingers brushed against the cool surface of your night stand, an annoyed huff escaping your lips as you grab a hold of your phone, squinting at the sharp light of the bright screen. 
You rolled your eyes as MJ's name flashed on the screen with a picture that you took of her when you went to Europe a few years ago. You quickly accepted the call, pressing the phone to your ear. 
"What?" You rubbed your eyes as you sat up, annoyance seeping from your words as you pushed your back against the headboard, clutching the blankets close to your chest as a shiver shot up your spine. 
“Hi Y/n—?” MJ called out, you winced, pushing the phone away from your ear. You could still clearly hear the howls, the loud music and the cheerful screams from the other side.“—yeah? Hello? Sorry, there is—fuck, you need to pick your mess up."
"What mess?"
"You know, your boyfriend?" MJ said. You bit your bottom lip, a frown settling on your face. "I—yeah. He's drunk. Like drunk drunk."
"Peter is drunk?" Your eyes widened as the words left your mouth, still trying to process the information. You quickly pushed off your blankets, setting your feet down on the floor. You hissed at the cold touch of the marble floor as you switched on the light. 
"Yeah, blame the college friends." MJ grumbled. "But that's not the point. You need to pick him up. I can't deal with him anymore."
"Aww, you are such a good friend." You muttered, rolling your eyes as your fingers gripped your hair roughly, trying to tame the mess. 
"I love him, alright?" She retorted, an exasperated sigh escaping her lips. "But I don't appreciate him trying to grope and kiss my boyfriend."
"Apparently," You heard Flash mumble from the other side, a cry of protest leaving MJ's lips which was drowned out by the noise. "He is very horny when he is drunk. MJ's words not mine."
"Yeah. I'll be there. Just–just keep him away from people." You reached for the handle of your closet, pulling out a jacket from the top rack. You bit your lip as you glanced down at yourself, regretting falling asleep in the dress you wore today. It was already cold enough. "Especially, like any girl or guy. Just–take care of him okay?" 
"Yeah, don't worry." Flash reassured you. "Peter is doing that himself, he just shooed a girl away because she wasn't you."
"He shooed a girl away?" 
MJ chuckled. "Yeah, he did, the look on her face was to fucking die for–wait, Peter, no—"
And she hung up.
"Fucking idiot." You muttered to yourself as you pocketed your car keys, putting on your shoes. "Just had to get his ass drunk, didn't he?" You shut your door behind yourself, zipping up your jacket as you crossed the distance between your room and the front door. "Asshole." 
"It's late." You jerked your head around at your dad's voice. Your hand stilling on the doorknob. "Where to?"
You inhaled sharply, rubbing a hand over your face. "Going to pick Peter up from a party."
"He's at a party?" He glanced at his watch. "It's late–you didn't go?" 
"No," you shook your head, your fingers fiddling with the hem of the skirt of your dress, "wasn't in the mood. but, he got drunk so I have to pick him up now–isn't it impossible for him to get drunk or something?"
"Well," Tony shrugged. "Not impossible, not if he had a lot to drink." 
"I am going to kill him." You replied flatly, opening the door. 
"Easy there," He chuckled, holding up his hand. "Don't yell at the poor kid when he's drunk."
"I am not going to do that. I'll just text May after I get him home." 
"That's evil." He gasped.
"Yep," You let out a dry laugh. "I'll go pick him up."
Tony nodded. "Yeah, I want to see him. You've been hoarding all of my Peter time."
"Your Peter time?" You rolled your eyes at him. "He's my boyfriend, dad!"
Tony laughed, leaning against the wall. "Get the kid home." 
Nodding your head, you made your way downstairs, getting into the car. You regretted not going along with him to Flash's party. He had insisted on you coming with him. He didn't want to go alone. And he couldn't not go because he promised Harry. 
Still, you didn't think he'd get drunk. Not that you minded, you were just grateful that he had his friends there to take care of him. It might as well be a nice 'college experience' as your dad put it when you and Peter started college. 
You've gotten drunk a lot while you were with him. And he was always the designated driver, he always stayed sober so he could take care of you which you appreciated. So, you were happy he was finally letting loose and having fun. 
A part of you couldn't wait to see how he acted when he was drunk. 
You pulled in the driveway of Flash's house. You locked the door, quickly making your way inside the house. Your heart thumped in your chest at the speed of light, the music pounding in your ears. 
“Hey–" You glanced at MJ, your eyes growing wide at the sight. Her hair a mess, sticking to her face and neck, her mascara smeared near the edges of her eyes. You sighed, clutching your jacket tighter around yourself as she waved at you. "Hi!"
You pushed through the crowd, rolling your eyes as you bumped into sweaty bodies, mumbling a couple of 'sorry's and 'excuse me's as you walked over to MJ, her arm slung over the white railing of the stairs. 
"Where is he–?" You eyed her, knitting your brows in confusion as she offered you a dazed smile, her fingers combing through her hair roughly. "What happened to you?"
"Nothing." She laughed nervously, fixing her black jacket, crossing her arms over her chest as she shrugged. "Why do you ask?" 
"You look like a mess." You replied flatly. "Anyway, where is he?"
"I may have...lost him."
"I am sorry, okay?" She held up her hand, wiping her smudged lipstick from her chin absent-mindedly. "I got busy."
"What the fuck were you doing–?" 
"MJ!" Flash appeared, his hands clutching the railings on the top of the staircase. He eyed MJ with annoyance, cocking his brow at her as she shifted uncomfortably under her gaze. "Did you just have sex?" He gritted through his teeth, his face twisting with disgust. "In my room?"
 MJ looked up, letting out an annoyed huff. "We were just—"
"Not even the guest room—"
"Harry was already in your room and–"
"Harry, you disgusting bitch." Flash took a deep breath, glancing at you but then turning his attention to MJ. "Fuck you, MJ. Where is he?"
"I don't know." She shrugged. "He went to look for Peter."
"And, where is he?" You asked. 
Flash looked down at you, letting go off the railing, his hand falling limp by his side. "I saw him near the kitchen, like, an hour ago." 
"Yeah, go." MJ cracked a smile, glancing at the living room. "Make sure he isn't whoring around."
“God, MJ. Don’t say that about my boyfriend.”
You made it to the kitchen, shivering at the cool breeze as you glanced at the open glass doors, leading outside to the outdoor pool. You whipped your head around as you heard a loud cheer only to find a couple of people gathered near the kitchen. Peter was sitting on the stool, leaning back against the counter, two bottles of beer dangling from his hands.  
Fucking hell. 
"Yes, I can drink this–" he took a sip from the beer bottle, letting out a sigh as he pushed the empty bottle in Harry's hand who was standing beside him, "–and more." He nodded towards the other beer bottle. 
Your breath got caught in your throat as a girl leaned towards him, her hair tickling his face as he tried to push it off. 
"You know," She purred, pressing her hand on his shoulder. "You look really hot while—"
"No." Peter pushed off her hand, not ever bothering to look at her. He brushed off her hair from his shoulder. "Shoo." 
Harry winced, covering his mouth to muffle his laughter as a guy leaned towards Peter, completely enamored by the bottle of beer. 
"Man, you should be dead, or like, alcohol poisoning." He shook his head, adjusting his cap. "Or some shit like that. How are you doing that?" 
"I just have a higher alcohol tolerance than most–" His eyes lit up as he caught your eyes, a smile spreading across his lips as he held up his hands, making a grabbing motion with his fingers. "Baby!"
You rolled your eyes, walking over to him as you shot Harry a glare. You quickly slipped off your jacket as you eyed his thin shirt, he wasn't even shivering but it was fucking cold. 
"You shouldn't be drinking so much." You snatched the bottle from his hands, ignoring his cry of protest as you set the bottle down on the counter. You touched his cheek, pushing his curls back from his forehead. "God, you're cold. Where is your jacket–peter!"
You yelped as he pulled you down on his lap, leaning back on the stool as your hands came up to his chest, gripping his thin shirt as you peered up at him. His hand holding onto your waist, holding you close to him. 
"You look so pretty." He whispered as his calloused fingers caressed your cheeks, your cheeks warming as he leaned closer, his curls falling on his forehead. "So pretty for me." 
"Y-yeah." You pushed his hand off, glancing at Harry who wiggled his eyebrows, nodding at you. You rolled your eyes, clutching your jacket to your chest. "It's cold, Pete. Take my jacket—"
"Shots, guys." A girl walked in, several glasses of shots on a tray as she offered them. 
She raised the tray towards you and you shook your head, offering her a polite smile and she shrugged, turning away. 
"I'll take one." Peter said, taking the glass. Before you could protest he brought the glass to your lips and finished the liquid in a matter of seconds. The crowd cheered and you looked at your boyfriend, stunned. 
“Are you okay?” You asked as you took the glass from him, wiping the remaining liquid from his lips. "You've never drunk so much before." 
“I am fine, y/n." He giggled, his hand sliding up your bare thigh, making you shiver in his arms. He brought his lips to your ear, kissing your neck softly as his hand traveled up, touching your inner thigh. “I am having fun.”
“Peter.” You closed your legs, trapping his hand in between your thighs as you looked around, hoping that nobody noticed. But that would be impossible considering you're literally sitting in the middle of a small crowd. You quickly covered your lap with the jacket, shooting him a glare. "You're drunk."
“I am not." He mumbled, pressing a sloppy kiss on your neck as his hand jerked up. You hissed as his cold watch rubbed against your thigh.
“You're really drunk." You pointed out, nodding at the beer bottles and he breathed out a laugh. 
"You know I can't get drunk–
“But you are–”
“If I was drunk would I be doing this?" He chuckled against your lips, pressing his fingers against the edges of your panties and you gasped, pulling his hand out. 
"Not what I thought but that's exactly what you would do if you were drunk. Which you are." You said, interlocking your fingers together as he whined. "I've never seen you be this forward with me." You giggled. "What did you do to my shy peter?" 
He hummed in response, kissing your cheek. "Let me touch you, baby." 
"We're in public for fuck's sake." 
"If you both are done fucking on the stool," a girl, the same girl who was flirting with peter appeared, rolling her eyes. "I need a drink, care to move aside?" 
“Okay." You slipped off from his lap, taking his hand, helping him stand up as he let out an annoyed huff, glancing back at the beer bottles. "We’re going home now.” 
He whined, tugging at your skirt. 
“You are drunk, babe. I don’t want you to get sick." You rubbed circles on the back of his hand with your thumb. "Please?"
“Fine” He pouted, slipping on your jacket, hugging it close to him as he glanced back. “Bye, guys.”
You inhaled sharply, turning to Harry. "Flash is looking for you. It's late, are you going to stay?" 
"Yeah, probably." He glanced at his watch. "I'll have to help Flash with cleaning up after it's all over."
"Don't worry about her, I'll drop her off soon." He said, nodding at Peter. "Get his ass home."
"He's a mess." You laughed, kissing his cheek.
"A horny mess." Harry chuckled.
"Your mess, though." Peter kissed your neck and you patted his head. 
"Yeah, my mess." 
"Cool, take him home, I guess." The girl from before shrugged, sipping on a solo cup as you rolled your eyes, smiling politely at her anyways. 
"Yeah, I will." You said firmly, ignoring the pang of jealousy as her eyes raked over your boyfriend who was leaning on you, playing with your hair. 
“Fuck, you look so cute when you are jealous.” He giggled, kissing the tip of your nose as you led him to the door. 
“I am not jealous.” You grumbled as he stopped in his tracks, pulling you back into his chest, his arms circling around your waist. 
He pushed you against the bathroom door, which was right under the staircase. His hands trailed down your arms, making you shudder as you screw your eyes shut. His feather light touch caused warmth to spread under your skin like a wildfire. You reluctantly let out a whimper as his hands pushed past the hem of your skirt, his fingers crawling up your thigh. "So desperate for me," he chuckled, breathing against your neck, making your skin tingle. "all for me, sweetheart?" 
You pulled away, wide-eyed, your hands clasped his wrist. He knitted his brows, a frown settling on his face as you press his hand back to his side, shaking your head as you glanced at the door. "We need to go home."
"You're right." He surprisingly complied, licking his lips as he eyed the front door. "You can't give me a blowjob in Flash's dirty bathroom." He wrinkled his nose as he patted the door. "Ew, we can do it when we get home." 
"I swear to fucking god." Flash called out, leaning over the railing. "If you have sex in my bathroom–"
"Blowjob." Peter corrected him.
You quickly covered his mouth with your hand, letting out a cry of protest as he licked your palm. You scrunched your face up in disgust as you wiped your hand on his jacket.
“Why are you complaining about me licking your hand?” He cocked an eyebrow at you, “I’ve literally licked your cunt.”
You gasped. “Peter-”
"Whatever filthy shit you're planning to do." He nearly shrieked, waving his hand dismissively. "I'll kill you. I'll kill you dead. Get your horny ass home." 
"Right." You muttered, slipping your hand in his as you pulled him out of the house, leaning into him as you shivered in the coolness of the night.
"Aren't you cold?" He asked, nuzzling his face in your neck and you shrugged, kissing his temple. 
"I am but–I can't have you get sick so you take the jacket, yeah?" You smiled at him, pulling him to your chest. "You're too annoying when you are sick." You teased, rubbing your arms with your warm hands. 
"Am I troubling you?" He asked sincerely, his eyes wide and full of love as he stared down at you when you reached the car. "I am sorry, y/n/n. You didn't need to pick me up. I should be responsible–"
"You're no trouble." You smiled, zipping up his jacket up to his chin. "You're allowed to have fun sometimes. And it's my job to take care of you so shut up." You patted his cheek. "And let me take care of you, okay?" 
"Fuck yeah." He breathed out a laugh as he leaned against the door of the car. "Now that we have a car–wanna fuck here?" 
You groaned, laughing nonetheless as he wiggled his eyebrows, motioning towards the ground. "Get on your knees, y/n." 
"You get in the car, you asshole." You laughed, pushing him aside as you opened the door. 
He pouted. 
"We can't do it–" 
“Why not?” He eyed you, glancing at the backseat of the car. He moved forward, pulling you closer by your wrist. 
“You’re drunk—”
“I promise you, you'll look like the prettiest little angel with my cock stuffed in your mouth." He whispered, his tongue poking out to lick a stripe up your throat. You resisted the urge to melt in his arms as you tried to pull away from his grip. "Gonna look so fucking delicious with your lips wrapped around my cock." 
"Peter." Your cheeks heated up as you pushed him away, motioning towards the car. "Get in, fuck, your being too forward tonight."
"Baby." He caught your wrist, pressing kisses on the back of your hand. "You can take me in the back of the car. I'll let you do anything to me."
“Anything?” You purred, pulling away from him as he nodded eagerly. He brushed the stray hair out of your face as you nibbled your bottom lip as suggestively as you could. 
“Anything.” He whimpered against your lips as he pressed himself against you and you let out a soft giggle, your nails scratching the back of his neck lightly. 
“You’re going to sit in the car. Shut up and let me drive.” His eyes widened in shock, gasping at your betrayal dramatically as you pushed him in the passenger seat. 
He whined, pouting and jutting out his bottom lip, trying his best to look like a kicked puppy. You rolled your eyes, helping him buckle up his seat belt. He sighed and busied yourself in peppering kisses on your neck as you leaned over him. 
You pulled away, giving you a stern look and he groaned in annoyance, pulling at the seat belt as your hand brushed against the bulge forming in his jeans by accident. You locked eyes with him and he offered you a cheeky grin. 
"Shut up." You shut the door, walking over to your side. You slid inside the driver's seat as he grinned at you. 
"I didn't say anything." He mumbled, leaning over to kiss your lips but you pushed him away. 
"Fuck off." You dusted the skirt of your dress, starting the car. 
“Y/n!" He whined, shifting in his seat as you sighed, eyes trained on the road ahead. 
“You don’t want to kiss me anymore.” He let out a puff of air, his eyes almost brimming with tears as you laughed, glancing at him. 
“I am driving, sweetheart. I can't–”
Your words get caught in your throat as his hand brushed against your bare thigh. He sucked in a breath, his fingers teasing your skin as he trailed up his fingers to pull the hem of your dress up, ducking to get a look. 
"You're even wearing my favorite panties, y/n." He said, wide-eyes, mouth agape in awe. "Let me touch you please–" 
You slapped his hand away, adjusting your dress as he gasped, staring at you in disbelief. 
“You are not attracted to me anymore.” He scoffed, turning away from you and resting his forehead on the glass window. He sniffed, rubbing his nose as he sunk in his seat, his fingers fiddling with the sleeve of his jacket. 
You glanced at him as you pulled in the parking lot of his apartment building. "I am–"
“I don’t turn you on anymore. I get it.” He whimpered, wiping his eyes as you bit your lip to muffle your laughter. You placed a hesitant hand on his shoulder, trying to regain your composure. 
“Fuck, Peter." You ruffled his curls, pressing your cold hand against his neck to get his attention. "What am I gonna do with you?”
“Sit on my face?" He suggested and you puffed out a laugh, glancing at him as you giggled, your hand gripping the steering wheel.
"Your dad isn’t home, right?” He glanced out of the window. "Even if he is, we'll just lock the door and I'll stuff your panties in your mouth to keep you quiet." 
“ can't say things like that, Peter." You breathed, your body growing hot at his words but you suppressed it. "Besides, we're at May's apartment not my dad's." 
"And May isn't home." His lips twitched into a smile. "I don't even have to gag you, might do it just for fun, though. Make you taste yourself." 
“Shut up!” You inhaled sharply, heat rushing to your cheeks. 
“Won’t you like it, pretty girl?" His voice dropped to a whisper as he leaned closer. "Gonna treat you like my good girl. Or if you want, might be your good boy tonight. Whatever my girl wants.”
“And we are here.” You ignored his words, wiping your face as you got out of the car. You jogged over to the other side, wrapping your arm around yourself as you opened the door for him. You laughed as he narrowed his eyes at you, bowing as you beckoned him to get out of the car.  “My prince?”
He unfastened his seat belt, glancing at you from the corner of his eyes as he stepped out, shutting the door behind him. “I’d rather be called your slut but you don’t want me anymore.”
You breathed heavily, avoiding his gaze as you licked your chapped lips. You took his hand, leaning against his chest for warmth as you locked the door. 
“Y-you're—” You cleared your throat as you stuffed the keys in his hoodie pocket, screwing your eyes shut as he wrapped his arms around you despite his sulking. “I hate you.”
“Calling me your slut gets you wet, baby?” You shook your head, pulling away from him but he pressed himself against you, feeling your curves.“You can call me anything. I’d be your slut if you want me to. I’ll be all yours.”
“God, Peter.” Your voice wavered as you placed a hand on his chest, looking up at him hesitantly as you pressed the button of the elevator. “Keep your voice down, someone might hear you.”
“There you go again!” He snapped at you, annoyed as he leaned back on the wall as he unzipped his hoodie, breathing heavily. “Why don’t you want me anymore?" 
“I want ypu, trust me. I do—” You rolled your eyes, stepping into the elevator, pulling him in by his arm.The elevator doors shut with a finalizing thud and you continued. “But I can’t.”
"Why not? Don't I use my...stick right?" He sniffed, dropping his head against the wall. "You want to break up with me because I am not good at sex, don't you?" 
"Did you just call your dick...a fucking stick?" You stared at him, flabbergasted at his wording. 
“Tell me why we can’t fuck in the elevator?” He ignored your words, peering down at you as you sighed, holding up your hand. 
“We just can’t.”
“I’ll let you fuck yourself down on my face." He said, glancing down at your legs. His eyes trailing up to your covered tits, he licked his lips.  
“Gonna fuck you with my tongue while you're crying out on top of me." He said, pulling you to him. His hands trailed up your waist, up to your tits. He gave it a quick squeeze, his thumb pressing against the pebbled nipple. "Wanna eat that pussy, baby." 
You pulled yourself out of his grip, but not before he dropped a feather light kiss on your neck, knocking all the air out of your lungs. You never saw him be so forward. You had your fair share of good night’s tangled in the sheets but he has never been so…vocal about how he felt. And if you were being honest, this was the hottest thing ever.
The elevator dinged as it opened on the seventh floor and you scurried out, pulling him out by tugging at his jacket. You pulled the keys out of his jeans pocket pushing the key into the lock. 
He pressed himself behind you, his large hands pressing your hips back to his as he leaned down, his lips brushing against your neck as you shivered. 
“Are you wet right now, baby?" He whispered, biting your earlobe. He peppered kisses down your neck, biting your sensitive skin. 
“You are, aren’t you? If you are not going to touch me, will you touch yourself tonight?" He nibbled on your skin, licking the bruise forming on your skin. "Gonna put on a show for me?" 
You quickly pushed the door open, walking in and shutting the door behind him. He pouted as you helped you take off his jacket, you took off your shoes, locking the door.
“We can literally have sex anywhere you want. The living room. Kitchen. The foot of my bed—”
“The foot of your bed?” 
“We can try that.” He shrugged and you rolled your eyes. 
Peter sighed, his shoulders dropping in defeat as he plopped down on the bed, burying his face in the blanket as his feet dangled from the edge of the bed. 
You walked in, a glass of water in your hands. "Hey, sit up." 
He craned his neck, smiling softly as he found you standing near the foot of the bed. He pulled himself up, accepting the glass from you with a polite smile. "Thank you, y/n." 
"Drink up, sweetheart." You kissed his temple, running your fingers through his curls in order to tame the mess. He hummed leaning in your touch as he brought the glass to his lips, emptying it in a matter of seconds. 
He handed you the glass and you placed it near his desk. You kissed his forehead, massaging his scalp with your fingers as he let out a sigh of content. "Feeling good?"
"Fucking euphoric." He moaned, dropping his head against your chest and you laughed, tapping his shoulder. 
“Have you ever thought about me tying you to bed with my webs?" He wondered out loud as your eyes widened.
“Fuck, Peter.” You inhaled sharply, averting your eyes from him as he chuckled. 
“Yes please. Fuck Peter.” He muttered as you rolled your eyes, wiping his mouth with the back of your hand as he giggled, clutching your hand to his lips and you sighed. 
“No. We are not going to have sex tonight.”
"Please?" His pout flattered as you shook your head, patting his cheek. 
“Come on.” You said as you walked over to the closet, pulling out a pair of sweatpants and shirt from the top rack. You placed the clothes down on the bed beside him. “Go get changed.”
“I can’t.” He muttered, stubborn. 
“What do you mean?”
“I can’t get changed by myself.” He nibbled on his bottom lip, trying his best to maintain his innocent composure and you narrowed your eyes at him.
“You aren't that drunk–”
“I can’t take care of myself. Please take my clothes off.” He pleaded, a mischievous glint in his eyes that you tried your best to ignore as he raised his hands, making it easy for you to slip off his shirt. You pulled the shirt over his head, combing through his messy curls, trying to tame them. 
He stretched out his arms, his abs flexing as he dropped back on the bed, his arms spread out. 
“Can you not do that?” You spluttered and he raised an eyebrow at you, pointing at his abs, flexing them again much to your liking. 
“You can touch them if you want." He offered and you shook your head, getting to your knees in front of him. 
“Your loss." He shrugged and you sighed, undoing his shoelaces. You took off his shoes, placing them aside. You pulled off his socks, rolling them up and tossing them in the laundry basket. 
"My jeans now." He mumbled and you chuckled, moving in between his legs as your fingers went up to his zipper hesitantly, unzipping his jeans. 
"Now we're talking." He propped himself up on his elbows, looking down at you with a smug smile plastered on his face. "Such a good girl. Looking like an angel on her knees for me, aren't you?" 
You bit your lip, slipping off his jeans, sliding them down his legs as he sighed. "Gonna suck me off, baby?" 
"Peter." You stood up to your full height, pulling out his phone and wallet from his pocket and placing them on the bedside table.
"Want me to fuck your face?" He brought his hand down to caress your cheeks, tipping your chin up with his finger. "Make me cum?"
Your cheeks heated up as you pulled away. "For fuck's sake, shut up!" 
“But it’s true, Y/n. I want you to make me cum so bad.”
“Please, Y/n. I'm so hard right now.” He pulled him down, over him. He pressed up against you, a groan of  pleasure escaping his lips as he rocked his hips against you. You screwed your eyes shut, you could either give into the pleasure of you could–
You pushed yourself off him, falling beside him on the bed as he let out a grunt, frustration coating his features as he turned to you.  
“No I can’t, Peter. You’re drunk. I really want to but I don’t want you to regret it.” You mumbled, placing a hand on his cheek. 
“But I am not going to. You’re my girlfriend. We can do it.” He reassured you, moving up to kiss your lips but you brought a hand down to his shoulder, squeezing it. 
“No." You said, pushing him away gently. "I can’t. I am sorry.”
"I can’t even be mad at you.” He sat up, his fingers running through his hair, tugging at them roughly as he glanced at you. “I know you’re right. How are you such a good person. Can’t you just turn that rational part off and just fuck me?”
“I totally would but-”
“You can’t, I get it. You’re right. You’re so good sometimes I hate you.” He shifted closer to you, pushing stray hair out of your face. He pecked your cheek, dropping his head in the crook of your neck. 
“Thank you?”
“Shut up.” He mumbled under his breath, pulling away from you. You reached for his clothes but he was already crawling over to his side of the bed. 
“Wear it–" You started but he shook his head, curling up under the blankets. 
“Put on some clothes, babe." You insisted. 
"No, I am hot." He grumbled into the pillow, pulling the blanket up to his face. 
“It’s a bit chilly-”
“Okay fine.” You raised up your hands in mock defense as you moved over to the end of the bed. 
Peter groaned as his phone rang, squinting at the screen as he accepted the call. 
"'ello?" He mumbled, the phone held loosely in his hand.
You giggled as you pulled off your dress, folding it neatly and placing it on his desk. You turned to face the mirror, picking up his comb and combing your hair as you turned to Peter who leaned back on the bed.
"Mis'er stark?" He yawned, covering his mouth with the back of his hand as he rolled over, his eyes widening as his gaze landed on you. 
"How much did you drink, kid?" Tony chuckled from the other side. 
"Not much." 
"Kid." Tony warned.
"A lot." He confessed, smiling to himself sheepishly as you giggled, your hands reaching back to unclasp your bra. It fell down your shoulders and you caught it, placing it on his desk. 
His eyed you, drinking in your half naked body as heat rushed to your cheeks. You covered your tits with your hands, turning away from him teasingly. 
"We're going to have a long talk about that." Tony inhaled sharply. 
"Yeah." Peter mumbled, his eyes fixated over your body. You chuckled as you slipped on a shirt. 
“Is y/n with you? Tony asked. "She didn't take her phone with her."
"Yeah she is. She's looking like an angel, Mr. Stark." He muttered dreamily as you shot him a look, pulling on the sweatpants. 
"Yeah?" Tony smiled. 
"Yeah." He agreed, his smile widening as you rolled your eyes. "Looking so beautiful like this. God, I love her."
Tony let out a light chuckle in response. 
"Looking like a fucking angel in just her panti–"
"Yeah, that's enough!" You quickly pulled the phone from his grip, your eyes widening as you glared at Peter. 
You quickly hung up, crawling in the bed with him as he whined. 
"What was that?" You said as you slipped inside the blanket, snuggling close to him. He sniffed, placing his head on chest as he wrapped an arm around your waist. 
"S'fine, baby." You patted his cheek. He shuffled impossibly closer to you, tucking his head under your chin, his cheek squished against your clothed boobs. 
His hand slid up your waist, you sighed, your body melting in the warmth radiating off his body. He brought his hand up to your chest, placing it on your boob. He whined as you slapped it away. 
"Let me touch your boobs." He whimpered, rubbing his face in between your boobs as you laughed but shook your head. 
"No." You giggled, your fingers threaded in his curls.
"Give me your bra then." He muttered, you cocked an eyebrow at him.
"It's the closest thing to your boobs." He shrugged nonchalantly and you stared at him in disbelief.
“Are you seriou-?” 
"Fine." You crawled over to the edge, fetching your bra from his desk and handed it to him.
You chuckled to yourself as he smiled, turning around and snuggling in his pillow, with your bra in his hands. You crawled over to him, kissing his cheeks as you wrapped an arm around his waist.
"My weirdo." 
Tumblr media
He groaned as he twisted around in the sheets. His head pounded as he tried to sit up with his back to the headboard for support. He blinked at the red bra bunched up in between his fingers, his brows knitting in confusion. 
“Oh, you’re awake.” You said. You were standing near the doorway and he  blinked a couple of times at the sharp sunlight. “I’ll get you some Advil.”
You came back with the medicine and a glass of water. He took the medicine as you rubbed his forehead and he rested his head on his shoulder.
“I am never drinking ever again.” He grumbled and you giggled, kissing his forehead. 
"Well, not as much as you drunk last night." You pulled his head up, kissing the corner of his mouth. "But you can have a little. In limit, alright?" 
He nodded, his gaze falling upon your bra in his hand. His cheeks flushed as he caught you eyeing the bra with a small smile. 
"Why do I…?" His blush deepened as he held up the bra, searching your eyes. "Why do I have this?"
You chuckled, "I said you couldn't touch my boobs–"
"And I asked for your bra because it was the closest thing to your boobs." He squinted at you in disbelief. "I can't believe I did that."
"So you remember?" 
"Unfortunately, yeah." 
You laughed, wiping his mouth with the end of your sleeve as he leaned closer to you. 
“Thank you for not sleeping with me last night." He glanced at you, his voice small. "Even though I insisted–it wouldn't be right." 
“Of course, Pete. You shouldn’t thank me for doing the bare minimum.” You placed a kiss on the crown of your head. “Even though it was hard with everything you were saying.”
“Ugh, don’t remind me.” He groaned, his head dropping in his hands. 
"You're a whore when you're drunk!" You cracked up, your eyes crinkling as you wheezed. "You said so many dirty things–"
“I know what I said!” He blushed, swatting at your shoulder but you only laughed harder, causing him to crack a smile. 
“I didn’t know you had it in you." You wiped a tear from the corner of your eye. "You asked me if you could fuck my face–"
"Oh god–"
"You asked me to sit on your face–"
"You said I'd look so pretty with your cock stuffed in my mouth, peter." Your hand came up to muffle your giggles as you watched the tips of his ears turn red. "You said you wanted to be my slut–my good boy–"
"Stop it--"
"You almost told my dad about me being in my panties in front of you–”
"Shut up!" He buried his face in the pillow. 
“Every word that came out of your mouth was basically porn." You tapped his butt and he whined. "It was quality porn, though. I am telling you.”
Tumblr media
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Peter accidentally hits you over the head, causing you to forget you’reenemies
Everything Has Changed
High schools tests your friendship with Peter
You like to ask Peter questions just to hear him talk
Wrong Number
Peter sends the right picture to the wrong number
Little Things
When you mess up a mission, Peter recruits the avengers to cheer you up
7 Minutes
When you start driving Peter home form school everyday, your relationship changes
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spideyyeet · a year ago
‘Vibe’ Check
Peter Parker x reader
Summary: You decide to get a vibrator and use it for the first time, however you get a little....stuck and Peter comes to help.
Warning: SMUT, FLITHYYYY, language, fluff
A/N: If you know what’s in the back of Spencer’s then you know.
Tumblr media
Your not someone that gets close with other people, because what’s the point if you already have three close friends, one being an avenger. But somehow you ended up at the mall with your theater friends.
“Have you ever been to Spencers??” Kayla asked you as you walked past the brick store.
“Yea?” You said remembering one time you went in n out.
“Have you been to the back?” Sammie asked with a smirk. Your theater friends were, what would you say....spontaneous. You were stage manager for the Midtown play. The actors were a lot to handle, but they were still fun to hangout. So when Kayla, Sammie, Jordy and Nat asked you to come to the mall after rehearsal, you did. But these girls were much more open, and you got insecure, which doesn’t happen often, but they were much more...experienced then you were.
“Well let’s get you something!” Nat said dragging you inside. You nibbled on your bottom lip, cheeks turning pink at all the toys in the back.
“Do you have a vibrator?” Jordy asked casually as she looked through the vibrators. You shook your head, regretting it instantly when all the girls eyes went wide.
“You’ve never bought one?!” Kayla gasped, you shifting your feet, Mj would never judge you for this stuff, neither would Ned or Peter, well that’s because there guys, but Mj would never.
And before you know it, you gave into the peer pressure and decided to buy the smallest bullet vibrator in the sketchy ass store.
“How was it?” Mj asked on the phone, as you rolled on your bed groaning into your pillow.
“Torture. I love rehearsals, but I’m never hanging out with them outside of school again.” You admitted, sighing as you looked up at the ceiling.
“Well you should get some sleep, kinda sucks how you have to wake up early on Saturday for rehearsals.” Mj said, you laughing sarcastically.
“You have to come too, crew needs to paint the castle.” You said laughing as you heard Mj groan loudly.
“Fuck you.” She said making you laugh.
“Fuck you too, sleep tight!” You said.
“Haha, night cya tomorrow.”
You took a quick shower, taking a look around the apartment. Your a very paranoid person when your home alone. Your parents were on an anniversary trip in Hawaii for the week and your sister was in college, so now your here...alone.
You quickly locked your bedroom door, jumping on your bed. You reached over turning your lights off, the LED blue lights still on. And just then you spotted the Spencer’s bag sitting on your little desk.
You were home alone.
No one could walk in.....
Next thing you know, your panties were on the ground, sitting crisscross, turning on the vibrator.
“Woah.” You whispered, turning it off. Your body was growing hot just at the mere thought of putting this inside you. You’ve tried fingering yourself once in your life, but stopped because of how uncomfortable it felt, that’s the most experience you had. And well the many dreams you’ve had about Peter Parker. But that’s not important now.
“Here goes nothing.” You exhaled, leaning back against the headboard, bringing the vibrator down to your clit and flicking it on. “Oh!” You gasped, grasping the bedsheets, your hips buckling. “F-fuck!” Your heart was beating ten times faster. The Star Wars T-shirt getting much hotter as you squirmed and moaned.
Before you know it, your eyes were closed, gasping and moaning, pushing the bulletin in your hole. It was small, but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel amazing. However you fell deep into your feelings, and pushed the vibrator in a little too much.
“Shit! Shit.” You gasped, trying to keep your hips still, your mouth agape as you hit the mattress from the intense pleasure. But you couldn’t get it out. “Ahhh Peter!” Your eyes went wide at the name you just moaned. It wasn’t a surprise, but moaning his name in such a time caused you to squeeze your eyes tight. It was too much.
“Please pleaseplease.” You said, breath staggered as you tried to pull the bullet out but your arousal making it too slippery.
Your mind was all over the place, but from your perspective, there was only one solution to get this out of you.
“P-Peter H-ah-Hi” you said over the phone, biting your lip and squeezing your eyes shut.
“Y/n/n? You okay?” Peter asked, voice hesitant. “Are you hurt??” Peters voice suddenly went up with worry.
“I-I need y-your fuck-fuck, I need he—ELP!” You couldn’t hold back the sudden scream when hearing Peters voice.
“Y/n, what-Why do you need help?! What’s wrong?! You don’t sound okay?!!!! Where are you???” Peter was already out swinging, quickly stopping on a roof and pacing. “Y/n!” Peter yelled when he didn’t hear you answer just staggered breathing.
“Apartment! M-My ah-ah-apartment!” You manage to get out, before biting your lip your hips grinding into the pillow you put between your legs, feeling the cum from your orgasm a few seconds ago, drip down your thigh.
“Okay I’m coming! Hold on! Please don’t die!” Peter yelled before you ended the call abruptly causing Peter to swing faster in the direction of your house.
By the time Peter was coming in your window, you managed to get the blankets over your unclothed bottom half, your body squirming and moms slipping past your lip.
Peter quickly came into your room, looking around the room for anyone trying to kill you, then running into the small living room and kitchen to see anyone.
“Y/n?! What’s wrong?!” Peter asked ripping his mask off, closing your bedroom door shut.
“P-Peter!” You moaned loudly, Peters eyes going wide.
“Woah.” Peter felt his body grow incredibly hot, your scent overcoming his senses, feeling the hot air in the room.
“K-Kayla a-and the girls told me—ahhh— to buy a vibrator, and I-I’ve never used one—oh Pete! Fuck!—and now it’s stuck—I’ve cum two times now and it’s h-hurting!” You we’re surprised you could even speak. Peter’s body was on fire, you, his best friend, his crush, was moaning his name in front of him.
“W-what do you...want me to do?” Peter said, stuttering hoping you wouldn’t notice the blood going south.
“Take it out! Please!” You screamed, your back arching as you screamed Peters name cumming again.
“O-Okay okay.” Peter said frantically, not wanting you in pain, but you felt so good, but the overstimulation was getting too much. “How do I—“ before Peter could blink, you were kicking the blankets off you, spreading your legs out, not a care in the world anymore.
“Take it out!” Your chest was rising and falling, Peters eyes blown when his eyes met your dripping pussy, seeing the bright purple bullet deep in your hole.
“Oh fuck.” Peter exhaled, palming his boner. Stop it Peter, help y/n! Peter cursed himself for taking pleasure, but how could he not?
“U-Use your f-finger n-uhhhh-not the suit, it’ll slip.” You gasped, knuckles turning white at your tight grasp on the blankets.
“Yea okay, yup.” Peter said pressing the spider, pulling the suit down to rest on his hips before moving closer to you. “I’m just...” Peter said as you spread your legs out wider for Peter, licking his lips.
“Peter.” You moaned, locking eyes with Peter, your eyes blown with lust, entrancing Peter.
“Fuck—I’m taking it out—just hold on baby.” Peter didn’t know where the nickname came from, but you only moaned in response. And so Peter brought his fingers to your pussy, your hips instantly bucking. “Hold still, I can’t take it out if your squirming.” Peter said holding a hand on your hips as he sat between your legs.
“Uhhh, ‘m gonna cum again!” You cried out, grasping his wrist on your stomach, Peter bit his lip. It’s now or never. And so with his thumb and index finger, he slipped into your open hole, hearing your moans grow louder, trying to stay focused on the slippery vibrator. In just a seconds Peter was pulling out the small bullet.
“Fuck Peter!” You screamed, holding his wrist as you came on his fingers. Your body relaxed against the mattress, chest rising and falling. Peter’s eyes were blown as he watched your legs resting around his waist. Peter flipped the bullet off, stopping the buzzing, and resting it on the side. His eyes catching the cum on his fingers, but before he knew it your taste was in his mouth. “Peter.” You let out softly, feeling the coil turn inside you again.
“I’m sorry.” Peter said taking his fingers out, smoothing his hands over your thighs. “It’s just—you got me fucked up.” He said watching as you closed your eyes. Peter’s eyes couldn’t help but look back down at your open legs. Your pussy was throbbing and red. “D-Do you want me to massage it?” Peter asked hesitantly.
“Yes please.” You said softly, your eyes flickering open just as Peter brought the pad of his thumb rubbing your pussy. You exhaled shakingly. Peter’s thumb moves up, rubbing your oversensitive clit, a whimper escaping your lips. “Peter—“
Peter bit his lip, his fingers would be too rough, you were sensitive. So the only possible solution came to his mind. Sliding further down the bed, Peter propped his face in front of your pussy.
“I-Is this okay?” He asked still rubbing you soothingly, his breath hitting your core.
“Yea, m-more then okay.” You said, running your fingers through his curls. Peter smiled up at you, his eyes trained on your face as he took a lick up your pussy. Your breathing picked up.
“It’s okay, I’ll take care of you.” Peter mumbled, reassuring you. You hummed, scratching his scalp causing Peter to moan into your pussy. Peter sucked on your clit, earning a louder moan from you, his hands smoothing over the outside of your thighs keeping you close to his mouth.
“P-Peter please.” Your hands grasping his curls, Peter humming slipping his tongue into your hole. He’s a virgin, he’s completely unexperienced, all his knowledge was from porn and he knew that wasn’t enough. But being here, right now with you, he’s just going on instinct, repeating the same movements with his tongue when you would moan a pitch louder.
“Taste really good.” Peter mumbled taking a breath, rubbing your clit in the second before his tongue went back inside you. Your back arched, holding the back of his head, your hips grinding against his tongue. Peter moaned a little louder into you, the vibrations causing a scream to slip from your lips.
“ ‘m gonna cum! P-Pete, Oh fuck!—“ you were panting, chasing your high, Peter in absolute bliss having you grind on his face, watching ever single feature pass your face, seeing your hand inside his T-shirt you stole from him. And before he knew it, you were cumming. Peter worked you through your orgasm, your breath staggered.
“Mhm, was that okay?” Peter asked, looking up at you. You let a small laugh leave your lips, your hand playing with his curls.
“Yea—Yea it was.” You said out of breath. Peter smiled brightly, going back to lapping all the cum you were giving him. I guess he found out he’s a cum slut. You let out some exhales and hums as Peter soothes his tongue over you. Peter bit his lip as he finished, resting his head on your stomach, hugging your thighs.
You didn’t know if you wanted to say anything. Your fuzzy brain coming back from the multiple orgasms and intense pleasure. Did you fuck this up? Was Peter only here so you don’t die from having so many orgasms? But he gave you another orgasm, just now.
You decided to stay silent, playing with Peter’s curls. His eyes were closed, bare chest against your calming vagina.
“I came in the suit.” Peter finally spoke up. Your eyes flickered down to him, Peter turning his head to look up at you. You were stifling a laugh.
“You what?” You heard him, but you wanted to hear him say it again.
“I know you heard me.” Peter said cheeks red as you broke out with laughter. “Stop laughing at me, at least I didn’t get a vibrator stuck inside me.” Your cheeks burned, swatting his chest when Peter sat up.
“it was so small!” You grumbled turning your face away form him crossing your arms, Peter laughed, moving your hands away, placing his hand beside you, his other hand moving your chin to look at him.
Your eyes sparkled looking back at the bright brown ones. Peter’s fingers smoothed over your cheek, his eyes looking over every one of your features, before landing on your lips. You don’t know who moved first, but next thing you know Peter’s lips were colliding with yours. You hummed, legs wrapping around his waist as Peter tilted your chin up deepening the kiss. His tongue exploring your mouth, you sucking on the tip of his tongue causing a moan to come from him. Peter groaned when you brought him closer, tugging on his hair—
“Wait—“ Peter pulled back, smiling when you chased his lips, before your eyes flickered open.
“W-what?” You asked confused, holding his shoulder, and the wrist caressing your cheek.
“I-I just wanna know I’m not reading this wrong—this means w-we’re together.....right?” Peter didn’t know why his heart was beating faster than it was when he was eating his best friend and long time crush out.
“Y-Yea? If it wasn’t obvious enough....I like you...” you said nibbling on your bottom lip nervously. Peter face broke out into a smile that could light up all of New York.
“Okay good because I like you too.” Peter said, not giving you a chance to say anything before his lips were back on yours. You smiled into the kiss, holding Peter, feeling him start to push his covered cock against you.
“P-Peter.” You said stopped him, his eyes looking over you. “This is the first time I’ve had an orgasm. And I had like five in row, I don’t think I can have another one today—it hurts.” You admitted, praying to god he doesn’t hate you. Peter smiled before pecking your lips.
“That’s fine. We don’t have to do anything.” Peter said, you smiling widely. “I actually think I should ask you out on a proper date.” Peter said, your cheeks turning pink.
“I think you should—but I don’t wanna have dinner, can we go somewhere cool, like like that new circus or or the carnival in Jersey, I heard the Cotten candy was soooo good.” You gushed, Peter smiling. How could you go from a sexy to adorable in two seconds, and your pussy was still wet against him.
“We can do whatever you want.” Peter mumbled pecking your lips, yours arms lazily wrapping around his shoulders, before you were pushing him back.
“Wait but I want you to have fun too—if you don’t want to go we don’t have too—“ you said looking into his eyes, Peter laughed softly.
“I’m cool with a carnival. I love Cotten candy.” He said making you smile brightly, pulling him down for a kiss.
“Do you have to go home?” You asked a couple minutes later, Peter lazily kissing your neck, arms wrapped around your middle.
“I’ll text May and tell her ‘m stayin with you cuz your scared of being alone.” He mumbled, laughing when he heard you gasp.
“I’m not scared! It’s called being paranoid!” You defended, Peter humming and nodding his head.
“Mhm definitely.” He said, your rolling your eyes, but letting Peter kiss you some more.
“I don’t want to be annoying, I really love having you this close, but I was being serious before, I went commando today and the inside of the suit is all sticky cuz of the cum.” Peter said making you laugh. “Can I just have some extras clothes please.” He pouted making you laugh.
“I gotchu.” You said, patting his cheek teasingly before grabbing your panties and slipping them on and making your way to the closet. “There yea go.” You said tossing Peter some baggy sweats you had and one of his t-shirts you decided to take from him.
“Hey! I’ve been looking for this!” He gasped, you rolling your eyes. Turning away from him to change you sweaty shirt. Peter’s eyes flickered up, that’s for another day.
“I’m tired.” You yawned, crawling under the blankets with Peter.
“Well that’s cuz of the five orgasms.” He said making you hit his chest, but cuddling against him.
“Your never gonna let this down are you?” You said, Peter laughing softly before shaking his head.
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stylesharrys · a year ago
Boys Like You
A/N: Welp, it’s here and it’s a bit of a long one. I’m from England so naturally, I had to do a bit of research into American colleges in terms of living on campus and stuff. But, here it is, it took a while, so enjoy!
WC: 17,075
You felt stupid, completely and utterly idiotic. You wished to God you didn’t start to let your guard down, that you had stuck to that damn mantra you sang in your head. Boys like him don’t go for girls like you. You shake your head, biting back another sniffle.
It had been a month, you shouldn’t still feel upset about it, but you did. He was popular, smart, funny, gorgeous, kind, caring… and you? You were not popular, borderline clever, no doubt a dull sense of humour, and though you were kind and caring, you didn’t think yourself to be very pretty, let alone gorgeous.
You wondered for a while if you’d see him in the quad with a better, prettier girl on his arm. But you didn’t, and maybe that was what hurt more. The fact that he didn’t want you to see him at all. Not even in his moved on, happy glory.
You’re a quiet girl that likes books, Peter’s a fray boy that likes you.
Homecoming. The first home football game of the year, which, coincidentally fell on the first day of the new school year. If you were being honest, you secretly enjoyed the buzz of sweaty boys and cheering girls as they stampeded over the grassy playing field of MVU. Not that you’d admit that to Leone, though, especially after the way you promised to make it known just how much of a bad time you were having once you got there, when she told you that you had to go because she was “sick of watching you read your life away, book after bloody book,” in that godforsaken British accent everyone appeared to adore so much.
She was right, though, (again, not that you would ever admit to her and feed that monstrous, ever-growing ego); you were reading your life away, book after book when every other student appeared to know how to have a good time – whether that was guys chugging kegs and girls flashing their tits, or in a general case, attending the annual First Home MVU Game where the Milburn Vine Tigers fight to the death. Well, not really, though it was their slogan on all the cheap posters around campus since you had started.
Typically you’d spend the first night of the new school year (or any other night, for that matter) reading a good book while Leone trashed the dorm room with clothes and makeup before heading out for a night on the not so lively town. Only two hours from Long Island, Milburn Vine University housed over 12,500 students per school year and for two long, gruelling ones, you had been a blurred face amongst the crowd.
It wasn’t that you were completely invisible but rather kept to your studies and books and occasionally only participated in group projects if they were deemed absolutely necessary by the professor, or they offered a higher credit than working solo. It wasn’t that you didn’t have friends or that you were a complete loner. You had a few friends, you went shopping on the weekends when you weren’t working in the Bayford Hall Library and you had decent people skills, despite rarely ever talking to anyone.
You liked sitting in the candlelight of the shadows. You liked hot cups of coffee with your books. You liked the structure you had implanted on your life and you liked the few people you surrounded yourself with.
What you didn’t like was coming back to MVU for your third year after visiting your Mom for a week, to find out that you and your lovely Leone were no longer roomies because someone on the housing team fucked up and misspelt Leone as Loraine and you were now rooming with a dark-haired, red-lipped hottie that was dead set on giving you a makeover the second she laid eyes on you as you meekly introduced yourself.
She seemed nice, sure. A bright smile with what had to be way too white teeth and a pair of dazzling green eyes that resembled the jade in the pendant that sat on your neck. She had a plucky attitude about her and the slight crook in the corner of her seemingly friendly grin had an unsettling feeling in your stomach. A feeling that you tended to try so desperately to avoid. Trouble.
Leone didn’t seem as saddened as you had over the news of your cohabitating termination. In fact, if you can remember correctly, she’d actually gushed over your roommate and the major sex vibes she was apparently oozing. It had never been a secret that Leone didn’t put a label on her sexuality. Sex was sex and love was love. But you’d appreciate it immensely if your best friend didn’t fornicate with your new, slightly intimidating and incredibly pretty roommate, for your sake.
Her interest in Loraine had quickly subsided by the time you both got seated on the bleachers of the field, her train of sight dead set on one of the football players that ran laps up and down the field. You pursed your lips and curled slightly into yourself. With a thick black roll-neck and your fluffy pink teddy bear coat, you were still freezing; teeth chattering while you rubbed your hands together to form some kind of friction.
You never understood before why Leone loved attending the home games, but as you followed her eyes across the players, you felt a breeze of warm air rush up your neck and sit on cheeks and you knew why. Yes, they were incredibly attractive, and yes, Leone would no doubt go home with at least one of them, but no, you would not indulge yourself with the idea of doing the same.
“Number 6 could totally get it,” Leone sighed out happily beside you, a cheeky grin on her lips but her cheeks weren’t blushing like yours. Not even from the cold air. “Any and all positions. God, look at that face-” Standing abruptly from your seat, you let out a cheery sigh and cleared your throat. “I’m gonna get a hotdog. You want one?” you didn’t give her time to reply before you had scooted through the students in your row and bounced down the steps.
Letting out an icy sigh, you dipped your hands into your pockets and raised your shoulders closer to your neck to preserve the little warmth your coat was trying to sustain. The queue to the hotdog stand was seemingly never ending and no matter how thick your beanie was, it did absolutely nothing to block out the rowdy crowd around you.
You wondered how many chapters into Unnatural Causes you’d be by now if you’d fought harder and insisted on staying home… probably a decent halfway through with in-depth annotations in the margins, too. But, alas, you were stuck on the football field while your teeth chattered and stomach grumbled.
Amidst your little inner monologue, the queue had shortened and you were three people away from that little taste of heaven. Despite never having attended one of the school’s football games, you had tasted their infamous hotdogs, drowned in ketchup and mustard and the rolls were always buttered to perfection. Maybe it was the hotdogs that stopped you from fighting harder to stay home.
After paying for your delicious treat, with your hotdog in one hand and Leone’s in the other, you span around with a gleaming smile, butterflies in your stomach at the meaty smell–which all too quickly faded when a body collided into yours and the two slithers of heaven were splattered up your coat; chunks of sausage in the fur, matted by the sauces.
A solemn look was quick to take over your features and your stomach sunk. Well this is just great. “Woah,” the hotdog killer took a step back and held you at arm’s length and you had to physically will yourself not to cry over the gone but never forgotten food. Your hands dropped to your sides as you held half of the hotdog buns with mustard stuck between your fingers.
Letting out a sigh, you threw your head back. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” you huffed and wondered if the night could have possibly gotten any worse. And maybe it did, or maybe it didn’t when you looked at the killer and your heart fluttered just the same as it had when your food was still edible.
Impossibly gorgeous brown curly hair, soft hazel eyes beneath rounded glasses and a bone structure that surely should not be allowed. You gulped, lips parting and why the hell have you never seen this absolute beauty on campus? Not that this meeting would ever mean anything or meeting sooner would have made a difference. Boys like that don’t go for girls like you and you were most certainly getting a little too ahead of yourself.
“It’s okay,” he laughed softly and fuck even his voice was pretty. You nodded and gulped, suddenly very aware of how close the two of you were standing and how stupid you must look with hotdog stains over your favourite coat.
His eyes fluttered across your body and you were almost certain he was… checking you out? No, surely not. A cocky grin did, however, tug at the corners of his lips and you quickly decided it was probably the greatest thing you had seen all damn week. “Can I buy you another one? I feel at least partly responsible,” his smooth voice asked and were you dreaming or did that sound like he was flirting… with… you…?
You blubbered like a fish out of water briefly before you clocked the expectant way he was looking at you and you cleared your throat pathetically, throwing on your most awkward smile. “I… uh, no, that’s okay. I should get back to my uh, my friend,” you just about managed to splutter without choking on your words.
You sidestepped as he did the same until you were both in the other’s previous positions and you were slowly walking back to the bleachers, eyes not leaving him and in a result, you bumped into the team’s mascot and clung to his paw to stop you from falling. Heavy blush on your cheeks that he could no doubt see from the ten feet away he was, the boy smirked and you span around, racing up the steps until you were hidden amidst the other students.
As the game kicked off to a start, you sat idly in your seat, picking at your thumbs and occasionally peering overheads of students in possible search of the hotdog killer, until about halfway into the game when you realise how absolutely ridiculous you were being and opted to stand with Leone instead, and cheer for a team playing a game you had no fucking clue about.
The Tigers went home with the Start of Year Cup while you went back to your new dorm with a ruined coat that would need intensive care from the dry cleaners and a rumbling stomach. You had desperately offered Leone to go back to your new dorm with you, to make it that little less awkward when you’d have to no doubt talk to Loraine but she immediately declined because ‘Kappa Delta Z is throwing the back to school party and number 6 is going’, so home alone you were going.
Not that that idea had lasted long. The second you had got back into your dorm and began unpacking the rest of your moving boxes, Loraine had very snippily told you you’d be attending a party with her tonight because apparently giving you a personality makeover was her newly acclaimed major.
After thirty minutes of trying to argue and trying on several of your ‘not so flattering outfits’, Loraine had somehow encouraged you into a tight black leather skirt you’d found buried in one of your boxes that you were certain belonged to Leone and a new burgundy lace bodysuit that she insisted you wore. She’d applied a little makeup on top of what you were already wearing–a red lip and a little wing of eyeliner on your lids. You let her do it, dress you up as her little dolly but when she showed you a pair of five-inch heels, you drew the line.
Standing outside of the Kappa Delta Z house, your stomach broke into somersaults as the loud music from within the walls reverberated through your bones. You’d been to a house party before, sure, quite a few of them back in your high school days when you’d drink your body weight in cheap wine and spirits but a college party? Never.
You promised yourself you’d have the full college experience without the parties and the drinking. But here you were, a day into your third year, breaking that promise. With Loraine’s arm hooked in with yours, she led you up the steps and into the house. It was packed; drunken bodies in a state of limbo, pressed against walls and pillars as lips messily danced, red solo cups and beer cans trampled across the floor. The bassy music vibrated the entire house and there was so much noise, you didn’t know what sound to focus on.
House parties had never been like this in high school. They were more social gatherings when someone's parents went away with approximately twelve of you playing would you rather while you raided their liquor cabinets. This was different. This was a party animal’s wet dream and you were living in it.
“Breathe it in, Y/L/N. This is what college is all about,” Loraine sighed happily, like the stench of sweat and alcohol was a drug to her and she just got her latest fix. You purses your lips tightly and huddled a little closer to her. Though she had forced you here almost against your will, you were thankful she didn’t invite her entire posse, too. At least without her friends, she’d feel more inclined to stay by your side.
She’d pulled away from your grasp all too quickly when she’d heard a cheer of her name being called and just like that, you were all alone in a strange house with unknown people in a surprisingly comfortable but all too revealing outfit. Nerves were quick to prickle at your skin and if you were going to survive this, to give Loraine’s idea a shot, you’d need a drink or three.
The kitchen was easy to locate amongst the sweaty nomads and pink-lipped girls, covered in spilt drinks and half-empty pizza boxes. For a half-second you actually debated on taking a slice, the growling in your stomach growing and you knew to drink on an empty stomach would be the worst idea, but what else has touched that pizza beside the dirty sock that was sitting beside it?
“Y/N?” you span around like a deer caught in headlights, eyes wide and heart pulsing. You visibly relaxed when you saw Leone, a drunken grin on her lips as she curled her body into Number 6 with a smirk. “Oh, thank God,” you sighed, shoulders falling in relief.
Leone raked her eyes up the length of your body and gnawed on her bottom lip. “My skirt looks hot on you,” she admitted, stifling a laugh at the way your cheeks blushed profusely and you shifted under her gaze. You didn’t feel uncomfortable over Leone’s comment, you never had, she was your best friend… but the look on Number 6’s face didn’t make you feel so at ease.
You flipped her off with a sarcastic smile and span back around in search of a clean glass or mug to finally pour yourself a drink. The second you had managed to pour yourself a little too much vodka with a drop too little of lemonade, Leone’s dainty hand had wrapped around your wrist and pulled you out of the kitchen and into the backyard.
For a frat house, it was actually very pretty. A makeshift gazebo had been put up with strings of fairy lights wrapped around the poles. Beanbags, office chairs and the armchair from the lounge had been dragged outside, blankets and pillows on the floor as extra seats and a bunch of students lounged around beneath the stars. An indie movie could never.
“We have our tenth player!” Leone slurred happily and she belted out a snorted giggle after. All eyes turned to you and that familiar blush sat back on your cheeks again in the pale moonlight. With twiddling fingers, you looked around the group. Leone and Number 6 sat cosily on the armchair, the two blonde twins you recognised as Jaz and Kelly, three faces you absolutely had never seen before and just to your left, the light-skinned boy you shared thee classes with and happened to be captain of the Tigers.
“Kam,” you breathed thankfully, stepping over legs and pillows and his eyes raked over your body in the most discreet manner they could when you plopped on the beanbag beside him, smile on your lips and he wrapped an arm around you.
“Hey, gorgeous. Nice outfit,” he winked. You rolled your eyes with a nervous laugh and settled further into his side. Kam was attractive, there was absolutely no doubt about that. Tanned skin, greyish eyes, full lips and dark curly hair. He was tall, too, just under 6 foot and the muscle on that boy was borderline orgasmic.
Not that you’d ever go there, or more like not that you’d ever have the chance. You met Kam the second week of your first year in introduction to psychology and he sat beside you because he was late and that was the only spare seat. Maybe it was a little punch in the gut that you were only friends because he had no choice but to sit beside you two years ago, but if he didn’t want to be your friend, he didn’t have to sit with you at lunch or bring you coffee the next time you had class.
Over the two years, you’d both became close friends, which also meant he told all the boys on the football team you were off-limits, not that any of them had ever or would ever show any interest in you, but part of you loved the protectiveness, even thought that maybe it could have meant something else, until he got with Zoe Preston and got caught fucking her in the canteen by a group of starters.
“Fuck, now where’s Peter?” Kelly threw her hands in the air and rolled her eyes, leaning back against Jaz and you just knew Kam was rolling his eyes from beside you. “I’m here, I’m here, relax,” a smooth voice replied back and you craned your neck to find who the voice belonged to.
Hotdog killer.
He sat down on one of the pillows, half-empty bottle of beer in his hand and as his eyes scanned the group, you quickly looked away. “Right, Jaz, you first. Truth or dare?” Oh, great. Maybe this was like the high school parties after all. Jaz hummed in feign thought before clicking her tongue. “Dare,” she smirked.
Leone hummed with a smirk, like she was thinking of the perfect way to not make this whole situation seem planned. “I dare you to kiss Kam,” Leone stifled a laugh and Jaz stood with a triumphant smile, swaying her hips a little too dramatically as she sauntered over to Kam. To say you were uncomfortable when she straddled his lap and kissed him passionately would be an understatement.
You cleared your throat as you shifted slightly away from the two and busied your line of sight with the first thing you lock eyes with. Peter the Hotdog Killer. His eyes were already on you when you turned around but he wasn’t wearing his glasses this time and in the pale moonlight, he looked even more handsome than he had just an hour before at the football game.
His eyes not so discreetly took in your outfit and under the chill that sat on your skin, you realised how sheer Loraine’s bodysuit was and just how pearled your nipples had turned. That same blush returned much darker and sat heavy on your skin as you shifted your arms to somehow cover your chest without seeming too obvious what you were doing.
Peter knew, though, and his smirk grew as he tried to hide it. “Okay, gross, that’s enough thanks,” Kelly interrupted the heavy makeout session. Jaz pulled off your friend with a gasp of breath and smudged lipstick, swaying back to her seat and you turned to Kam with a gross grimace that he had to return but probably should have made sure Jaz didn’t see.
He pulled you back into his side and the game continued. You zoned out for a while, finding the loose pieces of thread on Kam’s ripped jeans much more interesting than the game at hand. Peter, however, was finding you much more interesting than Number 6 chugging a bottle of tequila. His head was tilted and a small smile sat on his lips. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to ask you on a date or fuck you over the table, especially in that outfit.
“Peter, your turn.” You both looked up at Kelly as she announced the next person and while curled into Kam’s side and his hand gently rubbed up and down your arm to keep you warm, Peter nodded his head. “Dare, obviously,” he shrugged, leaning back on his hands and his knees were bent; feet flat on the ground.
Leone noticed your staring, the way you eyed his thighs and arms and involuntarily nibbled on your lower lip. “I dare you to play the rest of the game naked,” she called out through a laugh and you knew what she was doing. You knew she’d caught you and was trying to get you to make a fool of yourself. You sent her a death glare and she winked.
Peter laughed and stripped from his top, your words lodged in your throat and you shifted uncomfortably. There was no way in hell he was actually about to play the rest of the game naked, right? Surely he was just going to take off his shirt and pants and play the game in his box— but they hit the floor and both his hands were cupping his crotch as he kicked the boxers off his feet and slowly turned, a gracious swirl.
His whole body was gorgeous. Golden skin and perfectly toned, a peachy ass and thighs you could ride for days. No, stop that. You swallowed back any desperate noises that tried to scream out and Peter kicked another beanbag to join the circle and plopped onto it, hand still in front of his cock until he grabbed the blanket and let it pool over his crotch but the thin material didn’t leave much to the imagination.
You swallowed again and forced your eyes anywhere but on him and suddenly the bathroom window seemed the most interesting thing you’d seen all night. “Y/N.” Or maybe it was the four-foot girl dancing on the table with a purple vase that had caught your attention.
“Hm?” you snapped out of your daze to see eight pairs of eyes staring right at you and the expectant gaze of Number 6, who’s name you learned to be Byron, boring into your skull.
You hummed again and he grinned menacingly. “Truth or dare?” A blush shouldn’t have risen to your cheeks at the same question you’d heard for the last twenty minutes, but when it was directed at you, the game suddenly felt a lot more serious than before.
Weighing out your options, you decided that maybe choosing dare around a group of people you didn’t know (save for Leone, Kam and the twins) wouldn’t be the best idea, so a truth would have to suffice.
“Truth,” you answered meekly and when a chorus of breathy laughs through gritted teeth sounded from the other players, you realised you may not have picked the correct answer. With furrowed brows, you looked around the group.
“What?” You asked, brows furrowed and Leone groaned from her seat beside Byron. “Babes, if you choose truth you have to do a dare related to the question asked,” she explained through a slurred hiccup and Byron clapped his hands, sitting forward with a cocky glint to his eyes.
“For your truth, out of everyone here, who would you rather kiss?” Another chorus of oooooohhhh mimicked their way through the group and a blush rose to your cheeks. You could quite easily say Leone and have this over with but Leone knows you think of her as a sister and that would be just plain weird.
You couldn’t choose Byron, not a single inch of you wanted to kiss him and the same could go for the twins and the two other players that you had paid absolutely zero attention to during the game. That left Kam and Peter and while Kam was incredibly gorgeous and kind and sweet, he was also one of your closest friends and kissing him would probably make you throw up.
That left Peter, the only logical answer. And it’s not that you wouldn’t kiss him if the opportunity arose. Because you absolutely would, but would he want to kiss you? Probably not. Because boys like him don’t go for girls like you and you should know that by now. You should also know that your mouth often runs before your mind can catch up.
“Peter,” you blurted and in a seconds delay, your eyes widened in realisation that you had, in fact, said that out loud. Peter’s smug expression was clear and Leone seemed overly pleased with your accidental slip. But you missed the way Kam’s smile twisted to a frown that he tried to quickly cover-up. Peter noticed it, though.
Oh fuck, now will you be dared to kiss him?
“Well, that didn’t take as long as I thought,” Leone muffled her giggles with her hand and while looking between yourself and Peter, smacked Byron on his bicep and whispered something that had his grin growing.
He clapped his hands together again, something he appeared to do a lot, and spoke. “Seeing as you chose truth and we all know if you pick truth, you have to do a dare linked to it… I dare you to sit in Peter’s lap—“ his menacing grin grew ten times wider when your eyes bulged from your head and you avoided Peter’s strong gaze.
Fuck you, Leone. If this was going to happen, at least there would be that sheer blanket between your bodies so you wouldn’t be sitting on his bare cock. But Byron clicked his fingers and all attention was back on him, “—without the blanket between you.”
Kam shifted uncomfortably beside you and shook his head, about to speak but Peter beat him to it. “Byron, you’re such a dick,” he turned to you. “I’m not offended if you don’t want to do it,” his words sounded genuine and a soft flicker in his eyes told you he meant it, but you weren’t about to back down from the dare and look like an absolute idiot.
You shook your head and stood from the beanbag, much to Kam’s silent dismay and nervously strut closer to Peter. You could feel Jasmine’s crystal green eyes burn unto your body as Peter pulled the blanket back but respectfully covered his dick with his hand again.
Turning around, you parked your ass on the edge of his right knee and tried not to put your whole weight on his one leg. Byron barked a laugh and shook his head. “Absolutely not, sit on the guys lap properly,” he pointed, obviously less than pleased with your perched position.
With a nervous sigh, you wiggled yourself a little further down Peter’s thigh, ignoring the soft friction as your clothed core managed to rub against it as your skirt rode up just enough. Peter stifled a cough from behind you and with his hand still covering his nether regions, the game continued.
As another round made its way through the group, starting with Kelly who had to flash everyone her tits, you were growing colder and colder by the second and you could only imagine how cold Peter must have been feeling.
He noticed your shivering the second it started but after five minutes passed and you were still trembling on top of him, and not for the reasons they usually are, he leaned forward and his hot breath fanned against your neck.
“Are you cold?” And if you weren't before you certainly was now. Peter took the riddle of goosebumps as a yes and leant for the blanket, skilfully draping it across your bodies while keeping his dignity intact and you relaxed a little.
While the game continued, Peter had managed to snake his arm around your waist and pull you closer to him. You were straddling his right thigh completely, your back against his chest and his chin had found its rest to lean on your shoulder.
The position was far too intimate for two people that had only spoken once and you almost forgot that it was when he murdered your hotdog. But neither of you made an effort to move apart and as you shifted around slightly on his lap, you felt something firm press against your ass and you were suddenly very aware of how much your skirt had bunched around your waist.
You tried to clench your thighs shut, to stop that gushing feeling you knew too well as your cheeks grew heavy with a blush, but you forgot the fact that his leg was between yours so you incidentally ended up squeezing his thigh with yours and he absolutely felt your pussy pulse against his skin.
With rattling nerves, you grabbed your drink from the floor that Kelly had graciously given you when it was her turn to do the rounds and chugged the 80% vodka, 20% lemonade in two quick gulps. Liquid courage would be the only thing that would get you through this possible soul obliterating encounter.
But Peter’s hands ended up gripping your hips and gently, almost not actually doing it, he ground your hips against his thigh and you shuddered. There was no way in hell this total stranger—totally hot stranger—was about to get you off in his thigh in front of your friends while they played truth or dare, completely oblivious to your sins.
Peter tensed his thigh, flexing and gently bouncing as to not attract the attention of your friends. Under the blanket, your hand was gripping his left thigh while your other held his on your hip. You couldn’t believe this was happening. Peter was trying to get you off while only knowing your name and having only ruined your favourite jacket just hours prior.
The alcohol was beginning to take its toll and you could smell the beer and sweet apple cider on his breath when he sighed across your neck and brushed his lips accidentally against your tender skin. He wouldn’t admit it right now, but he was fucked. Something about those gorgeous eyes of yours and that damn outfit that he knew you didn’t choose to wear was driving him wild.
His hands stopped guiding your movements and soon you very slowly started grinding your hips against his thigh, riding it as the friction rubbed at your swollen clit and you soaked through your panties. You were sure he could feel how wet you were but at that moment, you couldn’t bring yourself to care. Maybe that was what Leone and Loraine were talking about. Maybe this was the kinda thrill and excitement you’d been missing out on when your head was stuck in a book.
One of Peter’s hands left your hip and you feel him reach back and rest it just beside your side. But then you felt his knuckles gently brush against your side, up and down, and you knew exactly what he was doing. You shuffled on his lap, slightly leaning to the side to cover his hands jerking movements from the rest of the group, but Kam sat directly opposite you both and knew exactly what you were doing with your not-so-discreet movements.
You could feel it bubbling inside you, that burning sensation as the knot tightened in the pit of your stomach. But before it could snap, a shrill scream had halted everyone’s movements and an icy cold glass of rum and coke was being poured on Peter’s face and splashed over yours. It took everything in you not to pull off his lap and expose both of you and your activities.
“Brina, what the fuck?” Peter spat, hands no longer on his cock and has wiping rum from his eyes while managing to offer you an apologetic smile. You frowned as you tilted your head up to the brown-haired girl. She was furious, smoke practically spitting from her ears like a steam train. Peter pulled the blanket further up his body to hide his raging boner and she glared at you, spitting in your face.
You jumped up in shock, leaving a sopping wet patch on Peter’s thigh and Leone raced to her feet and lunged for Brina, when Kelly pulled her back and Peter stood too with the blanket wrapped around his waist, hard on very clear to anyone in his line of sight. “What the fuck is your problem?” Peter spat again, standing in front of you while you wiped the spit from your face.
Everything happened so fast. Words were thrown and names were called, but all you actually picked up on was “I thought we had something,” and you were reeling back into yourself, blinking away your obviously delusional thoughts of your previous actions being a good idea and you let out a dry chuckle before Leone had pulled you away from the situation and took you home.
She offered to stay the night but you had assured her you were fine and that the whole situation meant nothing. But it even though it meant ‘nothing’, to you, it meant something; you just didn’t know what that something was. She went home and you fell asleep, awoken at almost four in the morning when Loraine rocked up back at the dorm and passed out the second she hit the bed.
You brought her a coffee the next morning after your shift at the library. She was still asleep at 11 when you got back to the dorm, but you left the coffee on her nightstand with a breakfast bar and got your books ready for your first class of the new year. You were surprisingly shocked to see so many faces in Professor Vado’s 101 Creative Writing after last year's fiasco where he threw the projector at Flash Thompson for vlogging in class. Though, saying that, you were shocked to see that Vado hadn’t been replaced.
The class went smoothly and you were able to get a headstart on your paper in your free period in the library. The paper that wasn’t due for another four weeks but if you got it written now, you could edit it sooner which meant you could submit it early and focus on your other studies and making your way through the book challenge you’d set yourself.
What a fun life you lived.
The next two weeks went by in a blur and you were able to submit your creative writing paper and pick up extra shifts at the library and campus cafe. The incident of the party had long left your mind after the third day but the same could not be said for Peter. The second he turned around and saw you’d disappeared with Leone, he’d gone to his room to sulk; head in his hands, pout on his lips.
Byron had followed him up, asked if he wanted to do body shots with some of the cheerleaders from the game and while Peter was usually game for anything, he declined and locked himself in his room. It wasn’t until he tore the blanket from his waist that he noticed the damp patch on his thigh from where your clothed pussy had sat. It sent his mind in a frenzy and he had to get himself off in the shower at the idea of you coming all over him.
Peter spent the next two weeks wondering what classes you took, where you might hang out in your free time. First, you infiltrated his waking thoughts, then it was his dreams. No matter how hard he tried, Peter just couldn’t seem to escape you. But maybe he didn’t actually want to. Maybe he actually enjoyed having you on his mind, sometimes even when he was fucking someone else.
But he had to get his head down because he had his first class in social sciences to get through and he could not afford to fuck up any of his above-average grades. Peter might like to party and fuck typically any girl with a pulse, but his priorities had always been education, education, education. A hot nerd that knows how to party, some would say.
As Peter shuffled his way into the lecture room, he found a seat in the middle row. Considering the class was supposed to start in three minutes, it was pretty empty and there hadn’t been a line waiting outside when he walked in the door. Pushing his glasses up his nose, Peter grabbed his laptop out of his bag and set his station up, cracking his fingers and clearing his throat.
A few other students filtered through the room and spread themselves accordingly and Peter supposed everyone probably had their own preferred seats and he hoped he wasn’t sitting in someone else’s. As Professor Swindle set up his slides, Peter noticed another student wander in the room. Coffee in hand, clad in black jeans and an oversized beige sweater, you plopped into your usual seat and set your belongings out.
His eyes bulged out of his head and for a second he almost didn’t recognise you in such a mundane outfit and without the winged eyeliner and red lipstick. You were just plain and simple and your hair wasn’t dead straight like the night of the party. Instead, it sat just below your shoulders in loose waves and he realized you’d gotten a haircut. Peter quickly decided he much preferred you in your plain and simple glory. Absolutely, gorgeous.
Peter struggled to focus the entire class, stealing glances at you whenever he could and only really paid any attention when he heard your voice discussing Freud and Marx. You hadn’t noticed him until he’d raised his hand and you heard his voice from a few rows behind you. When you span around and confirmed that it was indeed him, your cheeks grew hot and you turned back in your seat before he could offer you a smile.
Oh, God. Oh, God, he’s here. Just sink into your chair and he won’t realise you’re here and he won’t notice you. But he already had and you knew that, of course, you did and suddenly all you could think about was riding that damn thigh and his possible girlfriend spitting in your face.
You’d never been so eager for the class to finish and when it did, you were leaving before you even put everything in your bag. You had to avoid him at all costs. What happened that night was mortifyingly embarrassing and absolutely not you. You were about to make a run for it when you felt his hand wrap around your wrist and you spun around with wide eyes.
“Hey,” he smiled happily, like he didn’t remember what happened that night. Maybe it would be for the best, as much as it’d be a blow to your non-existing ego, it’d hurt a little if he didn’t remember you at all. But that was what you needed to remember. Boys like him don’t go for girls like you.
You mustered up your best smile and choked out a nervous laugh that you tried desperately to bite back. “Oh, hi,” you greeted back meekly, smiling through tightly pursed lips and you were sure you looked like you were doing an impression of Kristen Stewart when you tucked your hair behind your ear after.
“I didn’t know you took social sciences. Professor Swindle’s a bit weird,” he murmured, falling in step by your side as you both wandered down the halls and out into the chilly afternoon air. Why was he talking to you like nothing happened? Did he really not remember or was he just pretending? What do you care, he’s not making things awkward so you need to act normal before you make everything uncomfortable.
You nodded with a hum. “Yeah, have since first year. And he’s… not so bad. You get used to him,” you shrugged. Peter nodded and a thick blanket of silence fell over you both. There was a massive elephant in the quad and neither of you particularly wanted to address it, but Peter bit the bullet.
“Listen, about Brina at the party–” you’d cut him off with a wave of your hand, “–Oh, that’s… that doesn’t matter,” you tried to dismiss the topic, not particularly wanting to take a trip down memory lane for him to tell you that it was a one-time thing and it didn’t mean anything. You weren’t quite ready for that this afternoon.
Peter shook his head and stopped in front of you, blocking your path. “No, no. It does matter. Brina was just like a friend with benefits type of thing and she didn’t get the hint the six times that I told her I wasn’t interested, and she absolutely had no right to do what she did to you, so I am so sorry, on her behalf, truly.”
You squinted at him with a slightly tilted head. Neither of you were entirely sure why he felt the need to explain that they were just friends with benefits, or that he made it very clear that they seemingly no longer were. Either way, meaning or no meaning, you were grateful for his sincerity and kindness. With a soft, genuine smile, you nodded your head. “It’s okay, thank you for apologising on her behalf.”
Peter let off a lopsided grin that quickly managed to form into a smirk and you knew exactly what was going through his mind and you needed to leave before he brought up the thigh riding incident. “You wanna grab a coffee or something? I’ve got a free period,” he offered and you so desperately wanted to accept but why was he asking? Did he feel inclined to? Did he want to pick things back up from the party and coffee was just a decoy?
“I would, but I’ve got a shift at the library in five,” you grimaced though, maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Were you really going to allow yourself to keep believing he wanted anything to do with you? To let the idea fabricate in your head that maybe he even just wanted you as a plaything like most boys like him would?
Peter nodded understandingly, though and didn’t push further. “Okay, next time,” he said, brows raised in a playful manner and you let out a humorous chuckle but nodded nonetheless. You watched his ass as he wandered off and out to the quad, backpack bouncing on his back.
Your shift at the library had dragged longer than you thought it would. You were meant to finish at 5 but after finally getting settled on your break, you decided maybe you’d just stay there when your shift was over and get something for dinner from the cafe.
Three coffees and a deli meal later, you were furiously typing away on your laptop, fingers cramping but you didn’t let the discomfort sway you from finishing the first chapter of your short story for your creative writing class. The topic was anything fantasy related, so naturally, your story was about a tear in realities and alternate universes.
Somewhere around the second chapter mark, an on cast of disturbance had tore you from your haze-like state. As you looked up from your laptop, a whole new group of students had emerged and taken over the first two large tables near the mythology section. You huffed and shoved your earphones in, connecting them to your laptop and pressing play on your writing playlist.
Your eyes were focussed on your screen again so you didn’t notice Peter as he wandered over to his group’s table, a few moments later. He saw you, though: how you gnawed on your lower lip and slightly furrowed your eyebrows in concentration. You were still wearing that sweater from this morning and he was reminded about his coffee date offer when he saw four to go cups lined up on your desk. And by the looks of your face, he figured you could do with another.
He left his group and returned five minutes later with a cup for himself and a cup for you. He made his way over and placed the cup on your desk, sitting opposite you as he waited for you to notice his presence. You saw his arms first, crossed and leaning on the table. Then you saw his signature smirk, then the slope of his nose, then his glasses.
“Peter,” you breathed, and part of you felt like you were in a fairytale as a soft string quartet was composed in your ears. He reached over and tugged on the wires of your earphones, effectively pulling them out of your ears and he grinned, pushing your coffee around your laptop and to your side.
“You looked like you needed it,” he said with a smile, a little laugh soon following and you laughed back, nodding your head and thanking him. “You have no idea, this project is killing me,” you sighed, head falling into your hands and you rubbed your eyes, slightly smudging your mascara but it couldn’t have been that bad because Peter didn’t say anything.  
“What is it?” He asked, taking a swig of his latte. You huffed a piece of hair out of your face. “It’s a short story for my creative writing class. It’s about this scientist where his daughter mysteriously vanished and he thinks she’s trapped in, like, an alternate dimension of something and he’s trying to make a tear through reality,” you rambled on, missing the way Peter’s eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.
You waved a hand dismissively at yourself. “It’s nerdy and not completely done so I won’t bore you with—“ he cut you off with a grin, “—Can I read it? That sounds awesome!” He was pulling your laptop from your grasp before you could even really comprehend what he said and by the time you did, he was already on the second page.
“Oh God, it’s not—it’s not done and I still have a bunch I need to change because it’s not like scientifically accurate,” you mumbled as your voice slowly died off into a nervous whisper. Peter continued reading with pinched brows, his lips gently moving as he recited the dialogue.
It was silent between you both for a few more minutes until he nodded his head and handed the laptop back to you. “It’s good, you’re really talented,” he praised, a blush rising to your cheeks again and that seemed to be a constant state for you as of recent.
“But uh, if you need any help, I know a thing or two about the quantum realm and alternate realities,” he coughed out quietly, like he didn’t really want you to know he was actually a major fucking nerd beneath the cocky grins and persona.
You raised a brow. “You do?” Peter hummed and took another swig of his coffee. It was no secret that Peter was a borderline genius with perfect grades, but admitting that out loud often made him feel like a boasting nerd.
“I know a guy,” he shrugged but he absolutely was not about to spit facts about space and time if you asked. At least, not in the middle of a packed library, anyway. You grinned at him with wide eyes. “That’s so cool,” your excitement almost got the better of you and you forced yourself to sit back in your seat and take a breath.
You didn’t know why he came and brought you coffee. You didn’t know why he chose to sit with you and read your story and offer future support if you ever needed it. You didn’t know why he was being so nice. You didn’t know the guy before the party and you still hardly knew him then. But what you did know was that any guy that hot and that popular, tended not to be that kind.
Peter cleared his throat again and broke you from your daydream. “Uh, I’ll leave you to your story, but it’s great—don’t stress too much.” You watched him walk away and join his group across the library from you and between the heads of other members on his table, he could see you smile to yourself as you typed up another chapter plan.
Three milkshakes in and a stomach of Patty’s burgers and fries, you were struggling to keep yourself from throwing up. What had started as a quick study break at Patty’s Diner had ended with Peter coming in to order food to-go, seeing you, and deciding to join you. You didn’t mind. If anything, when you saw him, you kind of prayed he’d choose to stay and was more than pleasantly surprised when he did.
You’d been in there for almost two and a half hours, talking about the more mundane and seemingly boring things about each other, opposed to the normal homework talk. You learnt that Peter's parents died and his aunt and uncle took him in when he was young and a few years ago, his uncle died too so he was currently alone with his aunt. You learnt that he loved science and math, that he was secretly a massive nerd and had sat back and listened to him rave about Star Wars.
It wasn’t all one-sided, though. Peter had learnt a lot about you, too. Like how you loved reading and oversized shirts and hoodies. He learnt that you had an older sister from another dad, that you hated the taste of tomatoes and more importantly, that your first and last boyfriend had only asked you out as a dare, which you found out after five months of dating when he humiliated you in front of everyone.
“Wait… are you serious?” he asked, dropping his empty milkshake to the table and screwing his brows. You nodded with pursed lips, tried to smile through it but why should you? Why should you pretend that even though it was three years ago, that it didn’t hurt? “Yup, lucky me, huh,” you laughed nervously and the shared bowl of fries between you no longer appeared very appetising.
Peter observed you for a moment, head tilted. He couldn’t understand why or how anyone could do something like that to someone as wonderful as you. A kind, beautiful, funny soul like yours. The thought of someone using you, no doubt sleeping with you, pretending to love you, all to humiliate you in front of everyone made him feel sick.
“But, the past is the past and we're told not to dwell on it,” you sighed as a more content smile crept its way across your lips and Peter admired your strength and ability to put something like that behind you, so gracefully.
He sat back in the small booth with a faint smirk on his lips. “I really like you, you know that?” You almost took that with another meaning. Almost. Choking out an awkward, you cleared your throat and shrugged with that stupid blush on your cheeks.
“Glad our friendship is satisfactory.”
… What?
You pursed your lips, biting back the frown that was desperate to tug on your brows. Really? Satisfactory? You miss the way Peter’s cocky smile slightly falters, too busy mentally scrutinising every word you had said over the course of the evening.
The sloppy sound of a wet mop hitting the floors had snapped you out of your inner self-criticising and you quickly realised it was almost midnight and the diner was closing. Peter drummed a quick beat on the table and cleared his throat, thumb jutting over his shoulder to the door.
“Come on, I’ll drive you home.” It wasn’t an offer, it was a statement. You were about to argue that you could take the bus, but the last one was two hours ago and you didn’t feel like walking back to campus with a handful of books, wearing a ditzy dress and converse with no jacket.
With a tight-lipped smile, you nodded your head and threw down a twenty to cover your bill. He watched you out of the booth first and pulled a twenty of his own from his pocket, tucking it into your notebook before picking a few others up and walking you out of the diner with a soft smile.
He wasn’t about to let your pay and you’d find that out tomorrow in the library when you were studying. Peter opened the passenger door for you, piling your books on your lap once you were settled and closed the door. You’d been in his car a few times by now and you were always pleasantly shocked that each time, it was clean, tidy, and smelled a lot like mint and lavender.
The drive was short, roads dead, but you enjoyed sitting idly by his side, watching the muscles in his forearm flex slightly whenever he shifted gear and part of you wondered if he was tensing on purpose. He didn’t need to do that for you to notice his muscles. He was wearing a tight, short-sleeved black t-shirt all night and his biceps were bulging.
You pressed your thighs together again and you were all too quickly reminded of the last time you did that in his presence. Your eyes had wandered slightly, subtly, and all he had to do was reach his arm out that little bit further to rest that gorgeous hand on your upper thigh, maybe push your dress up just a litt—
No, Y/N. Stop that!
By the time Peter had pulled up outside campus, you were almost certain you’d leave a wet patch on his front seat if you got up, no doubt soaked through the fabric of your dress. He pushed his glasses up his nose and turned to you, a friendly yet handsomely cocky smirk on his lips.
“You good? You look a little flustered,” he noted the blush creeping up your neck and you tried your damn hardest not to choke on a moan. Peter’s smirk only grew, not that you knew that, but it did and he appeared thoroughly pleased with himself.
You cleared your throat. “Yeah—no, I’m fine… just a little warm in here and I’m tired,” you forced out a yawn, one that made Peter cock his brow but he didn’t say anything on the matter. Instead, he hummed while nodding his head and took off his seatbelt. “Okay, I’ll walk you up,” he was already climbing out of the car, jogging around the bonnet and opening your door.
“Oh… okay, thanks,” you tried not to blush any harder and let him take the stack of books from your lap and you took off your seatbelt. Getting out of the car was proven a little harder than thought. You’d swivelled your ass on the seat, feet on the pavement but your dress had ridden right up your thighs and Peter got the most delicious view of your white lace panties.
You shimmied across the seat and out of the car, quickly spinning to pull your dress down and checking the seat. Phew, no wet patch. Peter gently kicked the door closed and nibbled on his lower lip, struggling to get that sinful view out of his mind.
You led the way to your dorm building and Peter trailed close behind. He was pleasantly surprised to see you wander straight up the steps, that there wasn’t a passcode or keycard needed to enter. Each dorm room opened out to an open arched hallway that overlooked the left end of the quad.
He followed you up another flight of steps, occasionally dipping his head to see if he could get another peek of those lace panties, but to no avail. He did, however, get the wonderful view of your round ass as your dress hugged your waist with each step up.
By the time you got to your dorm, he’d memorised the way and had 162 engraved solid in his mind. “This is me,” you pursed your lips, awkwardly extending your hands and arms out to present the door. Peter nodded, grin on his lips and you turned on your heels to unlock your door.
He followed you in, placing your books on the little table beside the door. It was cute, your side at least. Your desk wasn’t neat like he’d pictured, nor your bed. You had books stacked and papers array on your surfaces and your bed looked almost too inviting with the copious pillows and scattered blankets across the foot of it.
He nodded, appreciative of being able to see this more personal side of you. It wasn’t that you didn’t open up to him, because you did, but you didn’t exactly speak much of your interests or share your feelings in the way he so freely did.
“It’s nice,” he hummed. “Cosy.”
You laughed nervously, scratching the back of your head and rocking on the balls of your feet. A blush was rising to your cheeks again as you looked over at Loraine’s side of the room; pink sheets and pillows and blankets, everything neatly organised with a gorgeous vanity by the bathroom, stacked with her makeup and hair products.
God, he must have thought you were a mess.
It was awkward for a moment before Peter cleared his throat and took a step back to the door. “I should probably go,” he murmured softly, a small smile painting your lips but you wanted him to stay—not that you’d ever admit that to him or anyone else, for that matter.
You walked him back to the door, twiddling your thumbs in front of you as you stopped. “I had fun tonight,” he grinned cheekily and your stomach fluttered. He had fun tonight… wasn’t that something you said at the end of a date? Was this a date?
“Uh… yeah… me, too,” you quickly replied quietly, mentally convincing yourself that he did not mean it that way and that your little run-in definitely was not a date. But then Peter slowly crept closer until your chests were pressed together and you could feel his minty breath against your face.
You held yours, afraid you’d choke on air or end up saying something incredibly stupid that would ruin the moment completely. Was that what this was? A moment? Were you having a moment with Peter Parker?
His nose nudged yours and with one hand on your hip and the other cupping your cheek, you decided you were definitely having a moment and his lips were on yours before you could internally shrill and fester over what the fuck the entire thing meant.
You were kissing him back, though. Your mind had thankfully caught up with what was happening before you did and you melted into his touch. Peter’s hand crept its way from your hip to your cheek and he cupped them together, deepening the kiss. Your arms had wrapped themselves around his waist, tugging him closer.
Your heart was thumping in your chest, sporadic and frantic. You were kissing Peter Parker. You pulled away with a deep breath, lashes fluttering as you tried to catch a grip on reality. His hands still cupped your face and his thumbs were stroking over your cheekbones.
With swollen lips and adoration in his eyes, Peter reached down to kiss your lips again and bump the tip of his nose against yours. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he whispered, pecking your nose and he shuffled away, down the hall.
Things had changed drastically in the course of a month and tomorrow never came. You were almost too ahead in your studies and had far too much free time on your hands to even know what to do with it. You’d hoped that Peter would have kept you company through some of it, though. Occasionally beta reading your stories or bringing you coffee while you worked a shift at the library.
But your phone didn’t light up with his name and a silly meme anymore. He didn’t bring you coffee when you were studying, he didn’t walk through the quad to your class. He appeared to have vanished like there wasn’t even a trace of him.
The first few days, you figured maybe he was sick or too deep in his studies. But he wasn’t showing up to classes and something was incredibly off about his science partner and friend, Ned, when he shrugged you off whenever you asked if Peter was okay.
But after a week, you got the hint. He didn’t like you. He didn’t feel anything for you. He very clearly regretted the kiss and to make you see just how much, he obviously thought he needed to ghost you entirely. To say it hurt would have been an understatement. It felt like Corey all over again, using you, playing you.
You felt stupid, completely and utterly idiotic. You wished to God you didn’t start to let your guard down, that you had stuck to that damn mantra you sang in your head. Boys like him don’t go for girls like you. You shake your head, biting back another sniffle.
It had been a month, you shouldn’t still feel upset about it, but you did. He was popular, smart, funny, gorgeous, kind, caring… and you? You were not popular, borderline clever, no doubt a dull sense of humour, and though you were kind and caring, you didn’t think yourself to be very pretty, let alone gorgeous.
You wondered for a while if you’d see him in the quad with a better, prettier girl on his arm. But you didn’t, and maybe that was what hurt more. The fact that he didn’t want you to see him at all. Not even in his moved on, happy glory.
But he kissed you, not the other way around. Surely he must have felt something for you, or else why would he have kissed you? No, maybe it was just a pity kiss. Or maybe he did feel something, but realised you were an awful kisser and—
“Will you quit moping? It’s depressing.”
You peered over your book with furrowed brows. Loraine sat at her desk, toes on the foot of her bed as she coated them red. Things had been rocky with her. One minute she was offering you advice and curling your hair, the next she was chewing you out for not organising your desk.
“I’m not moping,” you murmured back from behind your book, shuffling further into your comforter and your psychology essay was still in your bag from four days ago. The need to start it wasn’t even there. Planning essays and writing short stories did nothing to take your mind off what happened. Not even reading the stupid book you’d had in your hands, stuck on the same damn page for over twenty minutes.
You heard her scoff from across the room and soft shuffling that followed but didn’t bother to look up from your book. “Whatever, I’m out for the night, don’t wait up,” she blew you a kiss and strutted out the door, slamming it shut behind her and you let out a sigh. “Don’t worry, I won’t.”
An hour had passed and you’d barely managed to read two more pages. Before you could even sigh and give up; throw the book across the room and scream into your pillow, a soft tapping knocked on your dorm door and you prepared yourself for a drunken Loraine to do a quick outfit swap, or maybe Leone to join you in moping seeing as her and Number 6 were no longer an item.
You were more than a little shocked, however, to see neither of the two, but a tear-eyed, hopeful looking Peter Parker. Bile bubbled in your throat at the sight of him. This was it, the public humiliation that he saved until last.
He looked solemn, sad even. His eyes were red and puffy, glasses long gone and his usually ironed black t-shirt was wrinkled and a pair of grey sweatpants sat on his hips. He drank you in, though. Your messy hair and glossy lips, the miss-matched pyjamas and how inviting your bed still looked.
“—I can explain everything,” he cut you off, taking a desperate step forward but you took a tentative step back, shaking your head. You let out a nervous laugh, to not let him see you so broken and hurt. “There’s nothing for you to explain, you don’t owe me anything, we kissed that was it,” you shrugged, hovering behind the door.
Peter shook his head, displeased with your answer. “No, it was more than that… the kiss meant something and I don’t want you to think I don’t feel anything for you,” he tried to get out, voice strangled. You laughed and shook your head. Was he being serious?
“Peter, I know you don’t feel anything for me and that’s okay. We kissed, but that’s all it was to you. Don’t try and give me false hope or this let-me-down-easy bullshit. I know the drill, okay. Boys like you don’t go for girls like me—I’m used to it.”
The door slammed on his face before he could get another word in and with your back pressed against it, you sunk to the ground. Your chest began to heave, a panic rising in your throat as you buried your head between your knees. Tears were quick to trickle down your cheeks and you felt stupid for allowing him to make you feel so hurt without him even knowing it.
Peter rested his forehead against the other side of the door, taking a deep breath. He never meant to hurt you, never was it his intention—and he didn’t expect for one night's mission to become a three-week-long trip to space and almost lose his life. He would have come back sooner but May refused to let him out of her sight and if he was being honest, he didn’t really mind. Going on those types of missions where your entire existence flashes before your eyes and you wonder was it all really worth it takes a toll.
“Y/N, please,” his pained whisper barely travelled through the door but you heard it. You heard him. His palms rested against the hard oak and he squeezed his eyes shut, lips pursed tight. “Please, just—just let me explain, I really like you.”
Your heart fluttered at the admission and you wanted to believe him. Wanted to believe that the longing looks and subtle touches, the coffee dates and late-night talks all meant something. You didn’t want to believe he could be lying, that he was the type of person to do something like that. You wanted to believe that he could like you.
You sniffled back the tears and rose to your feet, wiping beneath your eyes. Opening the door, Peter took a step back in shock; his eyes wide and hopeful. You didn’t make eye contact—instead chose to stare at his chest as you opened the door wider and stepped aside, allowing him to come in.
With wide eyes, Peter slowly stepped inside, standing in the middle of the room as you closed the door. It was warm, cosy. The only light was the one emitting from your nightstand, and even then it barely cast a dim, tan glow over the room. You turned around and folded your arms over your chest, expectantly, trying to hide the fact that your heart was leaping in your chest and your desperate want to crumble into his arms.
Peter looked frantic, bloodshot eyes and a rosy nose. The longer you looked at him again, the more you noticed. Like the dark bags beneath his eyes, the bruises and cuts in his knuckles and the slight graze on his left cheekbone. “Pete,” you mumbled, taking a step forward and as much as he wanted to pull you into his arms, he stretched his hands out to stop you.
He knew you were vulnerable, and he was not about to take advantage of that in any way. “Just, just listen to me for a minute, let me explain, please… I, I want to tell you the truth,” he stuttered and you were sure you felt your heart sink a little.
You nodded your head with pursed lips and watched as Peter sat on the edge of your bed. You leaned against your desk, hands clasped in front of your thighs and he took a deep breath before clearing his throat.
“I’m sorry I just disappeared out of nowhere and didn’t return any of your calls. My uh, my phone broke—“ You cut him off with a pathetic sigh. Was he really about to use the broken phone excuse? A broken phone for an entire month means you can no longer live on campus or attend classes? Yeah right.
Peter’s eyes widened and he shook his head like he knew what you were thinking. Of course, he did. “No, look—I know how bad that sounds and it’s not an excuse, I don’t have an excuse. I have a reason—an explanation for all this,” he tried to rephrase.
He could see the hurt on your face, the absolute heartache in your eyes and he wondered if you were comparing him to your ex-boyfriend. You weren’t. “Look, there’s no easy way to just say this and I know I’m gonna sound like a complete nut job, but—“ he reached into his backpack and in a fist, pulled out a red piece of fabric.
You frowned as he stared down at it for a moment, like he was debating whether or not he should actually show you. “The reason I disappeared out of nowhere is because of the internship with Mr. Stark—“
“Internship? What internship? Mr… like Tony Stark?” You cut him off again and he nodded, eyes bright but quickly shook his head again and sighed. “Yes, well, no. I never told you about the internship because it’s not really an internship, that’s just what I have to tell people so they don’t know what I’m really doing for Mr. Stark or I’ll be in trouble and he won’t let me do this anymore—“ Peter rambled animatedly, his hands swaying in the air and you struggled to hang onto any words he spluttered.
“Pete, slow down,” you interrupted, cheeks flushed and he nodded while gulping back and taking a deep breath. There was nothing you wanted more than to stand between his legs and just let him wrap his arms around your waist while you played with his gorgeous brown hair. But you had to remind yourself that you were both never at that stage to begin with, and depending on what he had to say, it was likely you never would.
“I didn’t ignore you after the kiss because I didn’t like you, because I do. I really, really do,” he choked. “I ignored you because I had to go away for a week to help do something really important, but a week turned into a month in space and I didn’t have a damn phone and—“
You blinked, eyes squinted. “Did you just say space?” You asked. Peter clamped his lips shut and stared at you for a moment, gauging your reaction. You didn’t understand how he thought lying would make the situation any better. “Peter, you’re not making any sense. If you don’t like me and you regret the kiss, that’s fine just tell me, stop trying to make up stories to—“
“I’m Spider-Man.”
You blinked again. “What?” You swallowed the lump in your throat. Peter’s knees bounced up and down as he gnawed on his lower lip, eyes frantic. Your own eyes raked down his body to his clasped hands in his lap and you realised that red piece of fabric was Spider-Man’s mask. There was no way… right?
“I’m uh, I’m Spider-Man. And I was on this mission with the other Avengers and we ended up trapped in space and I almost died, and all I could think about was my Aunt May and how I never called you or told you how much I like you,” he admitted through a choked voice.
You stared at each other for a second long eternity before he cleared his throat, stood up and spoke again. “I’m sorry for not telling you and for just disappearing, and I get it if you don’t wanna see me again...” he couldn’t finish his sentence, get to the part where he still wanted to be your friend but he’d respect your wishes if you didn’t want that, before you were tackling him into a bone-crushing hug and burying your face in the crook of his neck.
Peter balled the mask up in his fist and wrapped his arms tightly around you. You felt utterly safe in his arms like he did in yours. And there was something exciting about being so close to him like this; being able to faintly smell his cologne and that vanilla shampoo he used. Even beneath his jacket, you could feel his tense back muscles.
Peter held you tighter as he inhaled the jasmine scent of your shampoo. Your hair felt like soft silk against his cheek and feeling the gentle curves of your body pressed against his had his shoulders relaxing just a little. He didn’t want to let go of you, found himself too enamoured with the touch of you.
You did pull away though, much to his dismay and held his soft cheeks in the palm of your hands. Peter’s hands dropped the mask to the floor and found purchase on your hips. “Stay,” you repeated, nose bumping against his and with his warm breath fanning across your lips, he nodded.
When morning rose, you were both still wide awake, faces inches apart and tiredness had begun to take over. The entire night was spent in the arms of one another, soft giggles and wanton tears. It was hard to understand that Peter Parker was the suited hero swinging around Queens that you’d seen in all the YouTube videos, (and that one time on your way home from the library late one night), and maybe it was because you didn’t want to imagine him bloody and bruised, or because even though he was a cocky shit, you couldn’t picture him saving the world.
He learned more about you, too. Like your favourite colours and foods. How you usually have to watch a sitcom to put you to sleep, or that the one time you didn’t put milk in your tea, you got hit by a car (that your Mom was driving) and broke your arm. A night of talking and you saw Peter in another light.
He was never just a cocky frat boy in the first place, but now he was the furthest thing from it. He wasn’t a dick or some mean jock. He was a nerdy science major that was a secret superhero, volunteered at the soup kitchen and organised yearly house parties for $10 a ticket and gave all the money to charities. In high school, he was bullied for being a nerd but puberty hit him a second time before college and now everyone wanted to be his friend or in his pants.
You also learned that even though he had a cocky reputation of being a little sleaze, he’d only slept with three girls in his lifetime and while one had been a one night stand, the others had been from serious relationships, which he included Brina in. Kissing was another story and so was getting his dick sucked, but it was just something you became envious of… not that you’d admit that to him yet.
“Do you have any classes today?” he asked through mumbles and his eyes fluttered closed, lashes fanning across his cheekbones. You shook your head with a soft hum. “No, I was just going to mope around all day and study,” you teased, though it was the truth, no matter how sad that made you look.
Peter grumbled and pulled you into his chest, mumbling out incoherent apologies into the pillow which you giggled in reply to and shook your head. “I’m just messing. Let’s just stay here and sleep,” you told him, cosying further into the bed. Peter hummed again and let you snuggle into his chest before he kissed the top of your head.
By the time you’d both drifted off into a much-needed sleep, Leone had been blowing up your phone nonstop and you’d completely slept through it. Which led to her almost knocking your door down at three in the afternoon with her insistent knocking. Peter had stirred before you and ninja-crawled out of the bed. The room was still dark and he tripped on his shoes on his way to the door when he opened it.
Leone’s worried expression had morphed to one of a surprise to one of anger in a half second and Peter swore he saw his life flash before his eyes with the steam of rage that burst from her ears. “Leone,” he piped up, voice unusually high-pitched and she pushed past him and into the room.
You were sitting up in the bed and rubbing your eyes when you saw her, head in flames in anger and all. “What are you doing here?” you mumbled out through a yawn and she scoffed. “What am I doing here? No, what the fuck is he doing here?” she seethed, jabbing her hand over her shoulder to Peter who remained by the door, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.
You grimaced at her tone and let out a heavy sigh, throwing your head back into the pillow. “Explain,” she demanded, arms crossed over her chest. Before you could sit back up and tear into her, Peter cleared his throat while shoving his feet into his shoes. “Um, I’ll go, but I’ll see you tonight?” he asked, ignoring Leone’s death glare.
She didn’t take too well to the excuse that you’d mustered up on the spot. Apparently an urgent thing for Peter’s internship and a broken phone wasn’t a very believable or good enough excuse for her. In the following weeks, she seemed to have lightened up about the situation, no longer offering death glares or flipping him off every chance she got.
For three and a half weeks, you and Peter had grown inseparable. He’d switched seats and sat with you in class, kept you company during some of your shifts at the library where he’d bring you coffee and sit and study, or sometimes just ask you where certain books were that he absolutely had no need or interest in, but it was an excuse to talk to you without Mandy telling him off because it wasn’t a work-related question.
Late-night diner dates had become the norm for every Tuesday and Thursday night; feeding each other fries and sharing three milkshakes. Occasionally, Peter would show up with a few bruised knuckles and a grazed cheekbone but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. Though you hadn’t put a label on whatever the hell it was that you were doing, you still snuck kisses when no one was looking and held hands under the table like a bunch of preschoolers.
Neither of you was sure why you were so secretive about whatever you were, but maybe the little thrill you both got from kissing behind partially closed doors was the fun of it.
It was Friday night when Peter had texted you about his frats party… the same party he’d been telling you about all week and that you promised you’d go to. So, come 9 p.m. and you were outside in a tiny little cocktail dress, texting Pete that you were there. You didn’t wait for a reply but pocketed your phone in the little purse you took and made your way inside.
The party was in full swing; drunken bodies and puckered lips. Your shoulders had curled as you held yourself tightly. Parties still weren’t your thing, you’d only attended to see Peter again after a long week of barely seeing each other. Nerves fluttered in your stomach at the thought of seeing his cocky smile and cheeky wink.
But finding him wasn’t as easy as you’d hoped and after asking a few of his friends, they told you he was waiting for you in the yard. He was waiting for you. Giddy with excitement and nerves, you’d made your way pushing through horny college kids and toward the back door.
You push to your tiptoes and see those brown curls in the yard, your smile growing. You push past a few more and the breeze of the night air is an instant relief to your clammy skin. He hadn’t seen you yet, too busy in conversation with awkwardly dancing to the muffled music from inside. You made your way over, cheesy grin on your lips but a familiar brunette clung to his side and rubbed her lips over his neck before sucking like a fucking vacuum.
You didn’t standby to wait and see what he did back, instead you spun on your heels and crashed into a bunch of bodies and red solo cups. You didn’t bother to apologise like you usually would, instead you pushed past more partygoers and made your way further into the house.
Your head was swimming. You knew you never put labels on anything, that technically you weren’t dating but you were only seeing him… were you even seeing each other? Or was it just like flirtatious banter between two friendly people? Was the occasional kisses just a bit of fun for him? Did he not think of you as someone he’d like to date… as someone he was dating? Were you?
Too busy in your own dilemma, you missed the way Peter shoved Brina off him with disgust. You missed the way he told her to leave him the fuck alone, how she stomped off in a sulk and it wasn’t until a gentle hand had wrapped around your arm that you realised he was trying to follow you back into the house.
Without a word, Pete led you through the rowdy groups and up the stairs. You walked blindly with his hand on your waist guiding you. You hadn’t been upstairs yet, had no reason to, but as Peter stopped you from going further and quickly opened a door on the left, you figured you were about to get to know this part of the house a lot better.
Peter turned the light on and ushered you inside, closing the door behind you both and the obnoxious bassy music from downstairs was immediately muffled. You took in your surroundings.
The room was a decent size. There was a big double bed right pushed in the left corner, a dresser opposite it with a flatscreen on top. A large window was directly opposite the door and the curtains were already closed. A clear nightstand stood beside the bed and to the right of the room was a hole-in-the-wall-closet, a neatly organised desk and besides that, a door that you presumed lead to a small bathroom.
It was cosy; dark blue walls and white IKEA looking furniture. The bed sheets looked clean and the bed itself was made clearly in a rush. There was a pair of jeans flung over the desk chair and Peter’s backpack was slumped under the window. This was Peter’s room.
You crossed your arm over your chest and held your elbow, lips pursed as you stood idly. Peter rummaged through his dresser before pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a nerdy science joke shirt that you bit back a laugh at. “Here, go change,” he handed you the clothes and pointed to his bathroom door.
Once the door was closed behind you and you got a good look at yourself in the mirror, you took a quick, shaky breath. What now? You change into his clothes and go back to the party looking like you were ready for bed? If anything, after seeing a pair of lips locked on his neck, all you wanted to really do was go back to your dorm and maybe have a little cry.
But did you really have the right to be so upset? Yes, you did. You liked him and he told you he liked you, too. Of course, you were allowed to be upset. You shook your head and rid yourself of your clothes until you were in a pair of black lace panties and you shimmied into his sweats and shirt. By the time you were done and hand scrunched your dress up in your hands and left your heels by the sink, Peter was standing topless at the foot of his bed, turning on his TV.
Your throat felt tight and you shouldn’t have been blushing like you were because you’d seen him in his naked glory (save for the sheer blanket on his lap that night you first met), but now you were in his bedroom, in his clothes… alone. You cleared your throat, making your presence known. His red shirt from before was shoved on the floor by his dresser and his jeans were folded on his desk—and oh those sweats were hanging dangerously low on his hips.
He turned to you with a wide smile, a proud smirk of seeing you in his clothes and you pursed your lips. Taking your eyes away from his gorgeously perfect torso meant having to face the purple hickey in the room and you sighed silently. “I figured as your dress was ruined and all, we could camp out up here and watch a few movies?” He asked hopefully, though he had already put Netflix on and pulled the covers back a little.
Your eyes were too focused on his neck to really register what he was saying and he quickly followed your line of sight and frowned. “What are you…” he trailed off as he wandered to his desk, picking up the little mirror he had on there and his eyes widened in shock as he rubbed his neck and realised the darkening bruise wasn’t coming off.
“Guess you’ve been branded, huh,” you tried to joke but your words came out deadpanned. Peter continued his futile actions of scrubbing the skin of his neck raw, but it only somehow added to the darkness of the bruise. “No, no, no, no… that is not what it looks like, I swear,” he rushed out, spinning on his heels. You smiled through thin lips and shrugged your shoulders.
“I mean it looks like a hickey on your neck,” you solemnly replied, eyes glued to the ground and Peter stilled, lips parted and head tilted as he blinked at you. “I mean, yeah, it’s a hickey, but I– I wasn’t…” he didn’t quite know what he was supposed to say. Did he tell you that he didn’t know she gave him one? No, because then it looks like he was hooking up with a chick and he didn’t know she left evidence. Does he tell her he didn’t want her to leave one? No, because he would still look guilty.
His mouth blubbered like he was trying to find the right way to phrase it, but you spoke before he could. “Look, it’s whatever. We’re not dating or you know, like… we’re not… I mean are we even anything? You don’t have to explain yourself to me. You’re not my boyfriend, if you wanna have some other chick leech on your neck, that’s fine.” Your words were like vomit, just spewing past your lips with no control and left a bitter taste on your tongue.
What if you just fucked it all up? What if he decided you were right and that there never was and never would be anything but a friendship between you both?
The look on Peter’s face suggested otherwise. He looked confused, hurt and a glimmer in his eye promised fondness. What? Peter took a deep breath and ran a hand over his face. You were sitting on the edge of the right side of his bed, hands in your lap and lips pursed.
“No,” he grumbled, hands falling to his sides and he looked at you like you put the stars in the sky and sitting in his clothes that were just a little too big, his heart swooned. “She just–she just came out of nowhere and I haven’t spoken to her since that night at the party when we met, okay. I swear,” he told you, hand on his heart and you knew he was being genuine and honest.
You can’t imagine he’d lie to you after he told you his biggest masked secret.
You sighed and rubbed your hands down your thighs. No matter how relieved and thankful you were for the explanation, you would much rather have preferred an answer as to what you were to him. “Like I said, we’re not dating… we never put any labels on whatever this is, so I don’t expect an explanation,” you reiterated, daring to look up into those honey glazed eyes.
Peter nodded softly, gnawing on his bottom lip. “No,” he mumbled through a croaky throat, a teasing smirk pulling on his lips. “But I really like you and I definitely wanna put a label on it,” he admitted with a cheeky smile and a blush was quick to sit on your cheeks again. He walked toward you slowly, like a lion stalking its prey and you shuffled back on his bed, eyes blown.
“And I get the feeling that you want that, too,” he mumbled, his nose bumping yours and your breathing hitched in your throat. He hadn’t kissed you yet but your entire body was igniting in flames, burning a hellfire that you knew was condemning you to him. Your eyes were fluttering closed as you slowly nodded your head and just like that, his lips were on yours.
Everything was heightened with the feeling of his silky lips on yours and you could barely make sense of anything else. Peter crawled between your legs and onto the bed until your back was flat against his sheets and he laid between your thighs. Your fingers found purchase in his curls as his lips enveloped yours in a passionate frenzy.
Peter pinned his hands on either side of your head, hips gently rolling against yours and as your (his) shirt rolled up your torso, you felt the warm skin of his abdomen graze against your stomach and you were blinded. His touch was warm, kiss intoxicating and as Peter licked at your bottom lip before curling his tongue into your parted mouth, you lost all grip on reality.
You kissed him harder, eager, dirtier. Your hips rolled up off the bed and into his crotch, your own confidence shocking you but you weren’t going to back down. Peter groaned into the kiss, sitting up on his knees slightly and he reached for your wrists, pulling your hands from his hair and pinning them to the bed above your head.
He pulled out of the kiss, eyes blown and staring down at you. You were panting beneath him, lips swollen and eyes glassy. You were putty in his hands and he fucking knew it. “Please,” you whimpered into his mouth, a breathy moan fanning across his lips and Peter released one hand on your wrist and bunched up the hem of your shirt.
You nodded against the kiss, the silent permission he was looking for and he pulled back to tug it up and over your body. Your breasts were plump and full, nipples pearling in excitement and he let out a shaky breath. “Could’ve told me you weren’t wearing a bra,” he swallowed thickly, hands cupping the underside of your boobs and you let out a nervous giggle, eyes fluttering closed when his lips wrapped around your left nipple and sucked.
Your chest arched into his face, both hands tangled in his brown locks in attempt to keep his head where it was. Peter hummed against you, flicking his tongue over the swollen nub and you could feel your pussy fluttering beneath his touch. You were growing eager as he alternated and paid attention to the neglected breast, loving all over your chest but you needed more.
“Pete, please just touch me,” you cried breathlessly into the air, eyes fluttering helplessly and Peter hummed again. He reached a hand between your thighs and fingered his way into your pyjama pants and whimpered against your chest. No panties. The tip of his middle finger nudged gently against your clit and you gasped, fucking desperate to be touched properly.
Peter slid his finger further down, collecting your juices and swirling it around your hole. You shuddered against his lips, head rolling back and his lips fell onto your naked chest, peppering your collarbones in kisses. He pulled his hand from your pants and crawled down your body, tugging off your leggings and panties.
You whimpered, bottom lip sucked into your mouth and your eyes fluttered closed. You wanted nothing more than to watch him between your thighs but an overwhelming insecurity riddled your mind and you couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes.
Peter kissed and nipped at your inner spread thighs, licking stripes and blowing cool air against the damp skin. Your hands flew to his hair, fingers ruffling his curls and Peter’s cock strained at the sight of you. Pussy swollen and soaked, chest heaving and the swells of your breasts gently bounced with each shaky breath you took.
He pulled back just enough to pull his shirt from his torso and throw it blindly across the room. “God, you’re gorgeous,” he coaxed your eyes open, massaging your thighs and you let out a deep breath. He nestled between them again, hot breath on your core.
“Wanna see you when I make you cum with my mouth,” Peter whispered. You didn’t have time to react to what he said before he was swiping a long lick up the length of your pussy and sucking your throbbing clit into his warm mouth.
With a sharp intake of breath, you arched off the bed and rolled your hips against his face. Your head fell back against the pillow, eyes rolling as he suckled on your nub and flicked his tongue across it sporadically.
Everything was almost too much when he teased two slender fingers into your hole, massaging and curling in a come hither motion. You shuddered under his touch, tugging harder at his curls and he hummed against your pussy, the vibrations sending shock waves through your body in the most electrifying sensation.
“Pete, oh my God,” you whimpered breathlessly, desperate and eager to catch a breath but he had no mercy, sucking and licking and fingering faster with every pant you choked on.
Peters hands on your thighs tightened, squeezing hard enough that his fingernails began to dig into the meaty flesh, creating half-moons in your skin. You couldn’t feel the pain of it, though… just the undeniable pleasure as your coil began to tighten and legs began to shake.
“I’m gonna… Pete, I’m gonna…”
But he pulled away abruptly off your clit and knelt between your thighs. “Changed my mind,” he grumbled out, awkwardly shuffling out of his pants and boxers, throwing them across the room blindly and his leaking cock bounced. “Wanna make you cum on my cock instead,” he grinned.
You let out an involuntary moan, hips thrashing uncontrollably in excitement and need. You couldn’t remember the last time you felt this needy, but you were certain you’d explode if he didn’t touch you right away. You nodded quickly and sucked your bottom lip into your mouth, biting back cries of desperation.
Peter watched in awe as your body twisted when you reached into your nightstand, retrieving a condom, but a bright pink friend of yours caught his attention before you shut the drawer. He leapt forward and held your wrist, reaching for the little bullet and sitting back on his heels between your thighs with a sick smirk.
He didn’t miss the way your cheeks flushed crimson, or how you completely avoided eye contact and refused to look at the vibrator you used whenever Loraine was out for the night. Instead, you stared up at the ceiling, ready for the ground to swallow you whole.
But then you heard the vibrations sound through the near-silent room and your body jolted as it was pressed against your clit, a long mewl drawing from your lips. Peter smirked and reached for your hand, guiding it to your pussy to hold the vibrator in place, resting on the hood of your clit.
You watched with hooded eyes as Peter tore the condom wrapper open with his teeth and slowly slid the rubber over his thick length. He watched your pussy pulse and clench around nothing, a groan reverberating through his chest and as he slid his length between your folds, a shallow gasp tore through yours.
Peter could feel the vibrations from your toy as your walls clenched around him. He slid in further, grip hard on your wrist but your eyes were rolling back at the stimulation you were getting from him and the toy at the same time. You bit back a cry as he bottomed out, cock thick and long and almost tearing you in half.
“Holy shit, you’re so tight,” he praised breathlessly after finding his pace. High pitched moans and whines were spilling from your tongue like honey and he was soaking them up, loving the sight of your tits shaking gently as your thighs trembled and chest heaved.
“Fuck, Peter… faster, please,” you choked out, one hand holding the vibe in place while the other gripped at your breasts—alternating between the two and tugging sharply on your nipples. Peter cursed out a sigh and picked up his pace, pounding sporadically into you, his balls slapping at your ass.
Your back arched off the mattress when he hit a spot he hadn’t before and a shriek was quick to follow. His hidden eyes lit up as he fucked into you harder—faster. “Like that, baby? You like that, huh? Right there,” he seethed through gritted teeth.
Your eyes were rolling, drool spilling from the corners of your mouth and the squelching sounds of his cock tearing your pussy apart was music to your ears. You were incoherent, unable to form sentences or utter words other than muffed yes, yes, yes’ into the void.  
Your entire body felt like it was on fire and for a moment, you were certain your soul left your body as you cake hard all over his cock, screaming and crying his name as you blubbered and trembled under him. The sounds of your desperate cries only spurred him on to chase his release harder and he exploded in the condom, body falling on top of yours and he trapped the vibratory between your abdomens.
Coming down from your high, you didn’t feel the crushing weight of his body on yours until you tried to pull the vibe away but your arm was trapped. Peter buried his face into the crook of your neck, peppering kisses and mumbling words of praise and encouragement softly in your ear.
He finally pulled off you and took the vibe away from your throbbing core, turning it off and leaving it to lay beside you on the bed. Peter pulled out slowly, your whines of protest not falling on death ears and he tugged off the rubber and tied it into a knot. He let you lay there for a moment, in your post-orgasmic haze.
You wondered what he’d do now. Would he cuddle you and hold you? Ask you to leave? Act like it never happened? You expected the worst, prepared yourself for it in the twelve seconds he left you alone for. But when you felt a cool cloth on your core wiping your down, and a gentle hand caressing your ankles, tears began to pool in your eyes.
Peter noticed, of course, he did. He somehow always managed to notice a change within you. He frowned, taking in your teary eyes that were definitely not from the orgasm. “Hey, Princess… what is it? Did I do something wrong?” he worried, second thoughts swarming through his mind that maybe you didn’t like it as much as he thought, or maybe you felt pressured into sleeping with him or—
“No, you’re perfect,” you choked a teary laugh. “You’re so perfect and I don’t deserve perfect. I don’t deserve you,” you explained through sniffles. Peters frown grew thicker and he crawled up your body, covering you with a blanket as he laid beside you.
“What are you talking about?” He asked softly, hand reaching over to cup your cheek and you nuzzled into his touch, letting him wipe his thumb beneath your eye to smear away the tears. You flittered your gaze over to him and pursed your lips, suddenly feeling very vulnerable and exposed.
“Cause boys like—“
“I don’t wanna hear you say that ever again.” His stern voice cut you off before you could finish and you pursed your lips shut, eyes widening. Peter’s lips were in a tight line as he sat you both up just enough to cup your face in his hands, forcing you to look at him and listen to what he had to say.
“Don’t you dare say that ever again. I’m falling in love with you and that whole boys like you bullshit is just that. Bullshit.”
You blinked.
Peter swallowed.
“You’re what…”
Peter’s cheeks burned red and staring at you for a moment, he realised that though he didn’t mean to say it, he meant it. “I’m falling in love with you, Y/N.”
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waitimcomingtoo · 6 months ago
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: when the Avengers notice signs of Peter having a girlfriend, they suspect he’s not as innocent as he seems
Tumblr media
“Hey Pete the treat.” Tony greeted Peter as he passed him in the hallway. “Have you seen my screwdriver with the orange handle?”
“Oh, yeah.” Peter remembered. “I used it to fix my web shooters. It’s on my desk in my room.”
“Mind if I grab it?”
“Would you listen if I said no?” Peter asked, assuming he knew the answer?
“Nope.” Tony smiled at how well Peter knew him. “I’ll go get it.”
Tony waltzed into Peters room and went straight to his desk, rummaging through the papers and sketches he had strewn about.
“Now where are you hiding?” Tony drummed his fingers on his chin as he looked around Peters desk. He opened the top drawer and found nothing, so he opened the next drawer and began to rummage around. After moving a notebook to the side, Tony found an unopened box of condoms among Peters things.
“Hm.” Tony furrowed his eyebrows at the surprising find. “Well it’s better to be safe than sorry.”
He put it down and continued searching through the draw before the box caught his eye again.
“Value pack?” Tony read off the box. “Jesus.”
He shut the drawer and found the screwdriver in the next drawer, mindlessly tucking it into his pocket. As he left Peters room, the box stayed in his mind. He walked into the living room and found the rest of the Avengers chatting.
“What do you guys think about Peter?” Tony wondered as he toyed with the screwdriver.
“I don’t think about Peter.” Sam deadpanned.
“He seems lonely, no?” Tony shrugged. “He could use a companion of the female variety.”
“We should set him up.” Steve suggested. “He could use someone.”
“I don’t know.” Nat scrunched her nose. “He seems too young to be dating.”
“He’s in college now. It’s about time he gets a girlfriend.” Tony decided. “I had dozens by the time I was his age.”
“Are we even sure he likes girls?” Rhodey asked.
“He complimented my hair color once.” Nat shrugged.
“There we go.” Tony nodded, getting excited now.
“What are you guys talking about?” Bucky asked quietly as he entered the room.
“We want to set Peter up on a date.” Steve told him.
“Parker? I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend.” Bucky said, making everyone look at him.
“What?” Tony asked. “No way.”
“Yeah. My room is next to his.” He shrugged. “He’s on the phone all night almost every night.”
“What?” Nat laughed in surprise. “With who?”
“Someone named Y/n I’m pretty sure.” Bucky went on. “I hear her name a lot.”
“Y/n.” Tony rolled it around his mind. “Interesting. I have to know more.”
“I think if Peter wanted us to know more, he’d tell us.” Nat clicked her tongue.
“And I think I don’t care.” Tony retorted. “I’m gonna find out more.”
That night, Tony sat in the dark as he waited for Peter to come home. He heard the elevator coming up and shivered with excitement at the incoming confrontation.
“Hey, Parker.” Tony dramatically turned on the light once Peter walked in the room, making Peter jump.
“Hi Mr. Stark.” Peter stammered as he took off his coat.
“Are you just getting back?” Tony asked coyly.
“Yeah, I was out with my…friend.” Peter shifted his eyes at the mention of you.
“Oh really?” Tony feigned a gasp. “What’s his name?”
“Her name is Y/n.” Peter said casually. “I was with her.”
“So I see.” Tony nodded. “Is she from school?”
“Yeah. She’s in my organic chemistry class.”
“So one might say you two have…chemistry?” Tony shrugged as he walked closer to Peter.
“Anyone with our schedules would say that.” Peter laughed nervously.
“Whats she like?” Tony persisted. “Is she pretty?”
“She’s great.” Peter smiled. “She can talk circles around me about just about anything. I don’t even know why we’re in the same class. She’s so much smarter than everyone in the room, even the professor. She’s just...she’s great.”
“So I hear.” Tony smirked. Peter completely avoided the “pretty” question, and that told Tony everything he needed to know.
“Hear?” Peter asked curiously. “What did you hear?”
“Thin walls, buddy.” Tony knocked on the wall. “Bucky told us all about your late night phone calls with your lady friend.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Peters face heated up. “I’ll be quieter.”
“You don’t have to be quieter.” Tony told him. “Bucky doesn’t deserve a peaceful nights sleep.”
“Why do you say that?” Peter asked.
“Because he murdered my parents. Night!” Tony threw up a peace sign before leaving the room. Peters jaw dropped a little before shutting. He quickly pulled out his phone and clicked on your contact.
“I think Mr. Stark is onto us” He texted you.
“Good. He can pay for our wedding 👀” You wrote, making him smile. He put his phone away and went to bed himself.
A few weeks later, Tony needed the screwdriver again and had an idea of where he could find it.
“Hey Pete. Did you use the screwdriver again?” Tony asked when he found Peter in the hallway.
“Yeah. It should be in the same place.” Peter informed him.
“Thanks.” Tony nodded and went into Peters room. He went to the desk, expecting to find the screwdriver in the same drawer it was in last time. When he didn’t find it there, he opened the drawer above it. Right on top of a pile of notebooks was the box from last time.
“I shouldn’t.” Tony sighed and chewed his lip. “But I’m feeling snoopy.”
Tony picked up the box and to his surprise, it was significantly lighter. Tony opened it up and peered inside, only to see it was nearly empty.
“Who did this to you?” Tony gasped. “Who took your goodies?”
Elsewhere in the tower, Peter was heading back to his room when he crashed into Natasha.
“Oh, sorry.” Peter apologized as he caught her before he could knock her over.
“It’s fine.” Natasha assured him, sniffing the air a little. “Why do you smell so good?”
“Hygiene is very important to me.” Peter straightened his shoulders to solidify his lie.
“Yeah, but,” she sniffed him again, “you smell fruity.”
“I’m a fruity boy.” Peter stated, regretting it immediately.
“Oh.” Natasha backed away a little, giving him a strange look.
“Not that kind of fruity.” Peter stammered. “I have to go.”
Just as Peter scurried away, Sam walked into the hallway.
“Am I crazy or did Peter smell like perfume?” Natasha pointed behind him.
“I don’t care.” Sam mumbled as he walked by.
“Romanoff.” Tony rounded the corner after leaving Peters room. “I think the Manchurian Candidiate was right. I think Peter has a girlfriend.”
“I think so too.” Natasha nodded. “He smelled like perfume just now.”
As Tony and Natasha exchanged evidence, Sam passed by Peters room just as he was going inside.
“Hey Sam.” Peter greeted before he shut his door.
“Don’t talk to me, Parker.” Sam mumbled without looking up.
“Sorry.” Peter chuckled and rolled his eyes, making Sam briefly look up.
“What’s that?” Sam narrowed his eyes when he spotted something peeking out over Peters collar.
“Whats what?” Peter asked as he pulled away.
“On your neck.” Sam caught his collar and pulled it down. “Is that a hickey?”
“No.” Peter said quickly as he covered his neck with his hand. “I burnt my neck with my curling iron.”
“Oh, okay.” Sam was satisfied with the answer. “Wait, what?”
“Bye Sam!” Peter stammered as he quickly shut the door.
Tony’s plans to interrogate Peter about his love life the following day were halted when he found Peters room empty. A quick check in with Friday showed Peter leaving earlier that morning with a few presents in hand. Tony sighed and went on with day, anxiously waiting for Peter to come home to get more information.
“Another late night.” Tony announced his presence as he flicked on the light. It wasn’t until after midnight that Peter had come back, so Tony waited him out in the living room.
“Oh, hi Mr. Stark.” Peter waved awkwardly, not having expected anyone to be there.
“Were you with Y/n again?” Tony asked casually.
“Yeah.” Peter smiled shyly as he shed his jacket. “It’s her birthday so I spent the day with her.”
“How come I never see her here?” Tony proceeded with caution, not wanting to overstep.
“She lives kinda far.” Peter shrugged. “That’s why we talk on the phone so much. I don’t want her driving all the way out here and she doesn’t want me swinging at night.”
“She knows?” Tony raised an eyebrow, not realizing they were at that level yet.
“Yes. But I only told her because I trust her.” Peter quickly assured him. “She won’t tell anyone. She promised me.”
“Oh, I’m not mad.” Tony smirked. “Trust is good. Especially in relationships, so I hear.”
“Yeah.” Peter smiled at the thought of you. “It’s good. We’re really good.”
“Have you told her you loved her yet?” Tony jumped to the point, taking Peter by surprise. “Because that smile on your face says you do.”
“I have.” Peter admitted as his face flushed. “And she told me she loves me too.”
“Aw.” Tony couldn’t help but smile at his protégé being in love. He was so moved that he took out one of his business cards and scribbled something on the back of it.
“Here.” He handed it to Peter. “Don’t abuse it.”
“Whats this?” Peter curiously looked at the number Tony had written in the card.
“It’s the number for my personal driver. One of them.” He corrected himself. “I always forget who I employ so I have about 18. This one makes unforgettable coffee cake, though.”
“Thanks Mr. Stark.” Peter smiled in appreciation. “But why are you giving this to me?”
“So you and Y/n can see each other.” Tony said simply. “And so more people can experience this coffee cake.”
“Thank you. I really appreciate this.” Peter said softly, knowing Tony wasn’t much for displays of affection.
“Don’t mention it.” Tony brushed it off. “Really, don’t. I don’t have enough personal drivers for everyone. I mean, I probably do, but I’m not known to share.”
“I won’t tell.” Peter nodded. “Goodnight, Mr. Stark.”
Tony have Peter a fond smile before nodding as well.
“Night kid.”
“Mails here.” Tony announced the following morning as the team sat around the kitchen table.
“Thanks for bringing it in.” Steve reached for an envelope addressed to him. “Who delivered it today? Was it Michelle or Rodney?”
“Michelle.” Tony concurred.
“Oh, nice.” Steve smiled. “I like her. She’s always friendly to me.”
“Yeah. Nice girl. Nice name too.” Tony put the plan into action. “That was the name of the first girl I ever kissed.”
“I remember my first kiss.” Steve recalled. “It was at a school dance when I was in high school. I bought her a milkshake after and she never spoke to me again.”
“What about you, Peter?” Natasha asked causally. “Have you had your first kiss?”
“Um, yeah.” Peter chuckled like it was obvious.
“With who?” Steve asked curiously, and the rest of the team leaned in to hear the answer.
“Um, my girlfriend.” Peter flushed a deep red as he avoided eye contact with the group. Everyone collectively let out a gasp at the news, making Peter flush even deeper. He looked up to a table full of dropped jaws and wide eyes and felt his ears turn red.
“Isn’t it neat?” Tony tried to take the attention off Peter. “The innocence of young love.”
“Yeah. Innocence.” Sam narrowed his eyes at Peter as the hickey on his neck suddenly made sense.
“When can we meet her?” Nat asked, and everyone nodded softly. Peter looked around in surprise, not having expected everyone to care as much as they did.
“You want to meet her?” He asked with a small smile.
“Of course.” Tony shrugged. “You’re on our team and if she’s your girlfriend-“
“She’s on our team too.” Sam concluded with a gentle nod. Everyone nodded in agreement, making Peters heart swell in appreciation.
“She was gonna come over so I could swing her around the city.” Peter told them. “I could ask her to come up and say hello.”
“I think you should.” Natasha encouraged. Peters lips twitched into a smile as he pulled out his phone to tell you to come up. Within a few minutes, you were coming up the elevator and Peters heart was pounding in his chest. He met you at the elevator and escorted you to the rest of the Avengers, his hand holding yours.
“Hi.” You smiled shyly as you met the team. “It’s nice to meet all of you. I’m Y/n.”
“Nice to meet you too.” Steve said politely. “I’m-“
“Steve, right?” You smiled a little. “Um, Peter talks about you guys all the time. You’re also a little famous.” You chuckled, and everyone laughed as well, breaking the ice.
“Yeah, I guess we are.” Steve smiled back at you. “So you’re the girlfriend? I can’t say Peter has told us that much about you.”
Peter looked at you anxiously, hoping you wouldn’t take that the wrong way.
“It’s okay.” You laughed and rubbed his shoulder. “We agreed to keep it on the down low. Plus, I doubt there’s anything about me that could impress the Avengers.”
“That’s not true.” Peter cut in as he twirled your hair around his finger. “You’re very impressive.”
“Tell us more.” Nat smiled as she leaned on her hand. Everyone watched you and Peters display of affection with childlike wonder, a collective peace settling in the room as they watched the baby of the team experience happiness.
“Y/n volunteers as a candy striper at the children’s hospital a few blocks from here. When she’s not with me, she’s there.” Peter bragged about you. “And she’s a lifeguard in the summers, CPR certified, valedictorian of her class, organ donor-“
“These are not impressive things.” You laughed as you cut him off.
“Yes they are.” Peter insisted. “She can make the worlds best brownies, her ponytails are always perfect on the first try, she can parallel park, she-“
“She sounds amazing.” Tony cut him off as he smiled at you. “And we’re very happy to finally meet her.”
“I just can’t believe the guy who watches Dance Moms in the living room with no shame actually has a girlfriend.” Sam snorted. “And a normal one too.”
“Why is it so surprising?” You wondered as you leaned on Peter arm.
“Because he’s so innocent.” Sam shrugged. “I doubted he ever even held a girls hand.”
“Wait, you thought Peter was innocent?” You laughed abruptly. “He literally webbed me to the headboard last night and-“
“Ah ah ah.” Peter quickly cut you off. “Some things are better left unsaid.”
“I think she should say them.” Bucky chuckled as he sipped his coffee.
“One time, he used his-“
“Well, Y/n and I really need to get going.” Peter cut you off and quickly ushered you to the door. “We won’t be out late.”
“It was nice meeting you all.” You called as Peter pulled you out the door.
“Nice meeting you too.” Tony yelled back. He and the team exchanged knowing looks, a collective happiness for Peter settling among them.
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spideyyeet · 9 months ago
What’s That?
Peter Parker x stark!reader
Request: Imagine peter x reader are having sex and Morgan stark is your little sister and she walks in on you 2 and starts to ask inappropriate questions and they Morgan tells your dad Tony stark and he gets mad and overprotective about reader and pepper is there as well
Warning: smuttttt, language, fluff, slight angst
Oh lord I made this so fucking dirty🤭🤭🤭
Gif not mine :)
Tumblr media
“Yoo chillll.” You said swatting Peter’s hands as he tried to wrap his arms around you.
“Please, I almost died.” Peter whined dramatically as you looked over the edge of the roof, the cops leaving with the robbers you and Peter caught. You pulled your mask down from your nose, turning around, Peter’s arm coming around you.
“You’re so needy all the time. Make it make sense—“ Peter cut you off with his lips. His hand going down your lower back to rest comfortably on your ass. His lips moving desperately against yours.
“Can I not love you?” Peter mumbles, his tongue running up your lips, your jaw going slack, letting Peter slip his tongue in yours.
“You’re so dramatic.” You roll your eyes making Peter let out a breathy laugh.
“Wanna take you right here. Fuck you against the roof. Wanna feel you, baby.” Peter mumbles in your ear, nibbling and sucking under. You moan softly, his words going straight to your core.
“Steve doesn’t want us out past ten.” Your voice shakes as Peter’s hand cups your clothed heat. Your suit was thick, but knowing it’s Peter’s beautiful hand pushing up makes you moan.
“But I can smell you, you’re so wet. Just know your cunt is dripping on those pretty white panties I saw you wearing earlier.” Peter’s low and husky voice making your pussy clench, leaning your head back.
“Fuck Peter.” You sighed, feeling Peter smirk against your neck, his tongue lapping at the skin.
“Want you pretty girl, see you fall apart here. Want the whole block to know you’re mine.” You whimpered, hand grasping his curls—
“L/N, Parker, you were supposed to be back thirty minutes ago.” Steve’s voice echoed through your coms, Steve overriding both your suits.
Peter huffed, dropping his head on your shoulder.
“If you both aren’t here in twenty minutes, I’ll have both your asses on the line.” Steve barks, making you roll your eyes. “Am I clear?”
“Crystal.” You and Peter grumble. You hear the static as Steve disconnects. Peter groans into your neck.
“I fucking hate Steve like this—“ Peter starts.
You hum. “This week he’s been so strict.”
Peter nods. “I think it’s cuz of last weeks mission.”
You cringe. “Okay but it’s not our fault though.”
“The truth serum was fucking real!” Peter exasperates.
You nod frantically. “They won’t believe it until they can’t lie.”
“Exactly.” Peter rolls his eyes. “We should probably get going.” Peter whispers, eyes dark, curls falling over his face, his fingers tilting your chin up, pulling your lips to connect with his. Peter opens his mouth letting his tongue slip back into yours. You moan into his mouth—
“Eighteen minutes!” Steve barks.
“Jesus!” Peter pulls away.
You walk into the compound. Peter following behind you, shaking his hair, mask in hand. He whispers in your ear, your cheeks flush—
“Stevie wants you in the big table room!” Morgan calls out from the couch. Her toys laying around as Pepper plays with her.
Your head falls back, groan coming out.
“He’s in a mood.” Pepper warns.
“When is he not.” You comment, before walking down the hall. Peter’s hand on your lower back, holding his mask over his crotch to cover his slight bulge.
The doors slide open, revealing Bruce, Tony and Nat sitting at the table. Steve was leaning against the wall talking to your dad.
“It’s about time.” Steve announced as he caught you and Peter walking in.
“Chill, nothing happened.” You grumbled, earning a warning glance from Nat.
“Doesn’t matter, we agreed everyone’s back from patrol by ten, unless there’s an emergency.” Steve says, crossing his arms.
“You guys agreed, I don’t remember agreeing to anything.” You said, Peter was taking a seat.
Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. Bruce decided to step in before things escalate.
“Okay, you guys weren’t that late. What’s the report?” Bruce kept a leveled voice, calming you down. Peter decided to take the lead, letting you sit down, unzipping your suit jacket, revealing your black tank top underneath.
Peter’s eyes caught your chest, his body heating up. He quickly averts his gaze, letting Steve discuss the mission for Friday.
You were playing with your fingers, unbeknownst by Peter’s stare, until you finally looked up, catching his dark eyes, instantly making your cheeks flush, stomach jittery.
Peter bit the inside of his cheek as his eyes racked over your figure again, the slight sweat drying from your chest. The way your cheeks were still flushed from both him and patrol.
“Okay you guys are excused.” Tony said, Peter instantly pulling your hand— “Wait y/n.”
“Yea, dad?” You stopped, Peter behind you, thumb rubbing the back of your hand.
“Morgan was asking about you all day, shower and change and maybe watch a movie with her or something, okay?” Tony said, skeptically looking at Peter jittery behind you.
“Yea totally.” You nodded, quickly getting pulled out by Peter.
Your cheeks were flushed, body burning as Peter’s arms wrapped around your waist as he kissed your neck down the hall.
“Still wet for me baby?” Peter mumbled into your skin, as you both drew closer to your room. You sighed in response, opening your door, just for Peter to quickly push you in, kicking the door closed as he turned you around. His hands pulling your hips against his, kissing you deeply. Your eyes closed as Peter guided your lips with his.
You moaned, opening your mouth, your hands coming around his neck as Peter bit your bottom lip, drawing a whimper from the back of your throat, a smirk pulling at his lips. His hands drifted to your ass, ushering you to jump.
Your legs wrapped around his torso. Your heart fluttered, Peter held you up with one arm under your ass as the other stroked your jaw, brushing some hair out of the way, hand holding the side of your face, his thumb trailing over your lips, pulling at your bottom lip.
Peter’s eyes were focused on you, your head lulled back, giving him perfect access to your neck. Peter licked up the column of you neck, before sucking on your skin desperately. The warmth from his lips on your skin, had your body heating up.
Your hands ran through his hair, your core pulsing as Peter groaned against your neck. He squeezed your ass making you moan and continued his kissing as he carried you to the bed, kneeling on the side before letting you fall on the bed. You bounced slightly, biting your lip as Peter’s hands were on your waist as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
“Wanna taste your pretty fucking cunt baby. Gonna have you cum all over my face before I drive my dick ‘til your falling apart under me, yea?” The dirty words were just flowing from his lips, making you moan. “Good girl.”
“Peter.” You were putty in his hands. Peter sadly had to rip himself away from you. Standing beside the bed as he pressed the spider on his chest. You tossed your suit jacket off the bed ready to pull the rest of your suit off before Peter was holding your wrists.
“I wanna take em off. Okay?” You nod, biting your lip, watching Peter kick his suit to the side, coming back over to you with his boxers loose on his hips, your eyes trailing the v-line that dipped under pointing at the very obvious tent of his boxers. Your hands automatically reaching for him. Peter kissed you, his hand coming up to tilt your head, tongue going deeper and messier.
Your legs wrapped around his waist, lifting your core to rub against his bulge earning a deep groan from Peter. “So fucking needy. Gonna behave for me?” Peter was only ever dominant in bed when he was desperate, he loved it when you took the lead, but it made him twitch and cock leak knowing you’d do anything just to let him have his way with you.
You nodded frantically. Peter clicked his tongue. “Words baby. Cmon, tell me you’re gonna be my good girl.” Peter bit your neck, you moaned, voice shaky.
“I’ll b-behave—gonna be your good girl. Peter.” You whimpered as he sucked a nice bruise on your collarbone, his hand massaging your breast over your top.
Peter hummed in approval, before pushing your shirt over your head. Your brows furrowed when you saw Peter sit up slightly, then you felt him start tying the loose top around your wrists, securing them together. You felt a new flood rush down to your core, trying your best not to buck your hips up.
Peter came back down, noticing your chest heaving and cheeks flushed.
“Like being tied up?” He smirks smugly, his thumb grazing your lips, pulling your bottom lip down, your tongue slightly hanging before Peter ran his tongue over it, spitting on your tongue. Your thighs clenched around his waist, feeling his salvia run down your tongue before he slipped his tongue into your mouth, making you moan. “Like being all spread out for me, eh? Let me play with my babygirl?”
He trailed his wet kisses down to your breast, making you whimper. He then realized you still had a bra on, nibbling on his lip, he knew you’d get mad, but he did it anyway. He unclasped the back before snapping both of the straps and tossing it away. Surprised when you didn’t protest.
“You’re not mad?” His eyes softened, biting his bottom lip. You shook your head.
“I’m so fucking wet Peter, you can rip all my fucking clothes and I’d still do anything for you.” Peter’s cock grew at your words.
“Shit.” Peter crashed his lips back on yours, he was breathing against you, your tied hands clenched as Peter rolled his bare chest against yours, feeling your breasts.
Peter finally came back down sucking on your nipples, flicking his tongue before going to the other and tweaking at the wet one that was hardening. He sent shivers through your body as you moaned, biting your lip as you looked at the mop of curls on your chest, his eyes looking up at you as he played with the nipple in his mouth. Your mouth was agape as Peter winked, his tongue going down your abdomen, making your stomach clench in anticipation.
Peter started unbuckling the straps around the waist of your suit, he tossed the few daggers on your thighs on the nightstand, you were growing impatient.
“Peter it’s fine just take em off at the same time,” you blurt, Peter mumbling a quick sorry and okay before he was tugging your pants down, quickly pulling your shoes off as well, you chuckled lightly as you watched him struggle to get the pant leg from your feet.
“You always take it off so easily.” Peter grumbles, finally getting it off. Throwing it on the floor before getting ready to take your socks off.
“Wait keep em on.” Peter looks at you with a quirked brow. “My feet are always cold.”
Peter chuckles, mumbling an okay, before holding your waist and kissing your lower stomach. You bit your lip, Peter’s hand coming up to twist your nipple making you moan. His fingers twisting both nipples, shaking your tits, smiling at your noises.
He continued to tease you, sucking hickies on your inner thighs now. “God, you’re soaked baby.” Peter bit his lip at the prominent damp spot on your panties. You whimpered as you felt Peter press his lips on your clothed cunt.
Smirking against you, he pushed his tongue against your clit, making your hips jump. “Peter.” You moan, looking at him intently.
Peter winks, ripping your panties and tossing it. He notices you clench around nothing, his cock hard as rock, but all he could think about was burying his face in your sweet cunt.
“So fucking pretty,” Peter says spreading your lower lips open, seeing you clench. He took a bold lick up, tongue warm against your cunt. You let out a moan, chest heaving as Peter moves his tongue against your slit, before circling your clit. Peter has a huge smile on his face as his eyes lock on you. Your head thrown back and chest pushing out, hands bound over your head.
Your legs rested on his shoulders as Peter sucks on his slender fingers, making you bite your lip at the salvia trickling down his hand before he was pushing two fingers inside you, pumping at a relentless speed, you break into a loud moan, whining as Peter curls his fingers, moving his head around as he slurps at your pussy. You tug at the tank top that was tied tightly. You could control elements, but Peter is has super strength. You could burn it off, but you were to busy swimming in the pleasure of your boyfriend mercilessly eating your pussy out.
“Peter. Peter—“ you were panting his name, arms flexing as he kept going. You were whimpering and spreading your legs wider, grinding your cunt up. He was taking big breaths, panting agaisnt your pussy before diving back in as his fingers hit spots inside you that had your hips bucking and stomach curling.
“Can feel you baby—cum for me.” Peter mumbled, pushing his tongue agaisnt your clit.
“Shit Peter shit!” You were shaking as Peter swiped his tongue one last time before you were bucking your hips, body convulsing and cumming on his tongue. Peter replaces his finger with his tongue, slurping at your cunt, before kissing up your waist. His body grazes yours, bulge pushing against your sensitive pussy.
“Always taste so sweet.” Peter licks his lips swiping the excess with the back of his hand before crashing his lips on yours.
You melted in the kiss, slowly coming down from you high as Peter kicked his boxers off, your eyes grew noticing his angry cock pulse. Peter sat up on his knees between your open legs, the veins on his cock looked like they were going to burst, the tip pink and leaking, his cock twitching in the air needing to be touched.
“Fuck.” Your pussy clenches, Peter held the base of his cock spitting down on it, moving his hand spreading his salvia around. You bit your lip as you looked up at Peter’s face as he shook slightly from the pleasure of his hand, his chest rising and falling.
“Got me so fucking hard baby,” Peter groaned, hips swirling with his movements. You were moaning at the sight of your boyfriend touching himself. He finally started rubbing his cock between your wet folds. Slapping his cock on your clit a couple times, your hips bucking at the contact, Peter smirked to himself as he saw you wiggle on the bed.
“Love how responsive you always are. So desperate for my dick, eh?” You nod, your chest glistening with sweat making Peter bite his lip seeing your breasts push out with each breath you take.
Peter pushed his tip against your clit, circling it slowly making your mouth fall agape, knuckles white.
“Please Peter, fuck me.” You beg, Peter had told you to behave, but even he was desperate and couldn’t last with the teasing.
“Gladly.” His cock rammed into your cunt, your body jolting at the fullness of having his cock inside you. You moaned, chest heaving as Peter held your waist, thrusting into you, balls slapping your ass as wet noises filled the room.
“Shit—so fucking tight.” Peter groaned as he kept going, looking down at your hands wiggling as you looked up at him desperatly. Peter whimpered under your eyes as he kissed your neck. “Fuck I love you so much.”
You whine in his ear, bucking your hips trying to meet his thrusts. Peter’s mouth fell agape against your shoulder as he planted his hands beside your head picking himself up slightly, going faster.
“Peter?” Your mind was foggy.
“Yea baby?” Peter grunted, looking down at you as you moaned.
“Pleas—please let me touch you. Please Peter.” Peter noticed your hands still bound above your head. And he desperately wanted to feel your nails mark his skin and tug his hair.
Peter reached over and ripped the fabric, setting your wrists free. Your hands instantly went to his back, legs still wrapped around him, making it easier for Peter to rail into you.
Your head was thrown back as Peter’s arm fully wrapped around your back, your body hovering over the mattress slightly as Peter panted chasing his high. You tugged on his curls making Peter groan loudly.
“Like this baby, feels so fucking good, pussy drenching my dick—“ Peter slapped your ass as he pounded harder, your head thrown back—
“Y/n come on let’s watch—oops.” Your head snaps to the door seeing your toddler sister standing with her hand over her mouth, staring at you and Peter.
“Morgan!” You shriek, hitting Peter shoulder causing him to grunt looking up you, brows furrowed until he finally sensed the door and there stood Morgan, giggling.
“What’s that?” She points at Peter.
“Oh fuck!” Peter pulled out, grabbing your pillow, covering his front. His chest was flushed and heaving, both of you sweaty and panting. You covered yourself with the thin blanket of your bed as Morgan continued walking in the room, mindlessly.
“What were you guys doing?” Morgan itches her nose cluelessly.
“Nothing, just uh...playing a game.” You answer, chest heaving, whimpering slightly at how fast Peter had pulled out. Peter looked over at you concerned.
“Hi Petey.” Morgan cheers, Peter pushing a smile.
“Hey bean.” Morgan beams at the nickname.
“Why was y/n screaming? Daddy says I should scream if someone’s hurting me. Were you hurting y/n?” Morgan ranted, her little brows furrowed together.
“Wha—no, no I wasn’t hurting her. She was uh erm.. she was....happy.....screaming? You know when you get happy and start cheering.” Peter tries to explain, watching Morgan start to nod.
“Ohh yea.” She smiles again, shifting on her feet as she points to the pillow on Peter’s lap.
“Can I play with your toy Petey?” Morgan asks.
“What? The pillow?” Peter looks at Morgan confused.
“No silly, the long toy under the pillow.” Morgan chuckles, only for Peter’s brows to furrow even more, only for you to gasp beside him, hand covering your mouth.
“She’s talking about your dick Peter.” You whisper yell chuckling. Peter’s eyes go wide, face pale.
“It’s-it’s not a toy Morgan.” You try to stop the questions but Morgan just laughs shaking her head.
“Yes it is. You said you were playing a game.” Morgan says, Peter’s jaw clenches as he looks over at you, embarrassment clear on his face.
“Well it’s a big kids toy.” You said, Peter’s mouth falls agape. “Only big kids can play with it, so you’re not allowed.”
Morgan huffs, crossing her arms. “That’s not fair.”
You shrug. “Oh well, I don’t make the rules.”
“Daddy said you and Peter are always hanging out without me and it’s not fair!” You screw yours eyes shut.
“Morgan please—“ you try.
“No!” She snaps. “I’m telling Daddy you and Peter are playing games without me!”
Peter’s eyes go wide. “No Morgan don’t—“
“And Petey, you shouldn’t look at a girl when her boobies are out!” Morgan says, door slamming behind her.
You and Peter stare at the door, mouths agape.
Peter speaks first. “What in actually literal fucking fuck just happened?”
“Peter.” You rest your head on his shoulder, arms wrapping around his neck, burying your face in the crook of his neck.
Peter’s eyes soften. “I’m sorry I pulled out so rough.” Peter soothes your hair as he rests you down on the mattress, kissing your neck. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” You grasp his curls.
“I need you.” You whimper, Peter humming as he slips his hand into the blanket, cupping your dripping heat.
“What about Morgan?” Peter asks, massaging your pussy, soothing the soreness. His finger spreading your arousal, circling your clit.
“She’s just upset, she’ll just watch uhhh something with Pepper.” You said, kissing Peter’s chin, then jaw. “Please Peter.”
Peter kisses your lips, moving the pillow as he opens your blanket back up. His cock didn’t take long to harden again, pre cum dripping on your cunt before rubbing his tip on your clit—
“What the fuck!” A screech comes from the door.
“For fucks sake.” Peter groans covering you quickly as he covers himself with the pillow again. He groans into his hands as you huff.
You hold the blanket tightly. “Please dad, not now—“
“Not now?!” He shrieks, gagging, holding a hand over his mouth. Morgan pops from the corner, making your jaw clench.
“Hugging is one thing. Dating is another thing. Kissing is another-nother thing. But sex!” Tony’s face was contorted in anger, but gagging again.
You hold the blanket close to your body as you notice Peter tense beside you.
“God you should’ve knocked then—I’m really sorry dad but you really don’t have a say at all so please leave.” You speak, avoiding eye contact, causing Tony to chuckle, also avoiding eye contact with you.
“I don’t?” Tony glares at Peter.
“My fucking daughter.” Tony grits, just as Pepper came running in, noticing the scene before her.
“Tony—“ Peter starts.
“It’s Mr. Stark to you.” You nibble on your lip nervously.
“Mr. Stark.” Peter swallows a lump in his throat. “I-I uh—“ Peter was scared to the bone, stuttering over his words.
“Tony, cmon.” Pepper comes to the rescue, pulling Tony’s arm.
“Pepper, Morgan fucking walked in!” Tony said, Pepper nods.
“Language, and we’ll have that conversation later , but their sex life doesn’t concern us.” Pepper states, nodding at you as you smile at her softly.
“That’s my daughter, and there’s a fucking boy spilling his horny hormones all over her and corrupting her.” Tony seethes.
“Firstly if anything, it’s y/n corrupting Peter, and they’re adults Tony. They’ve been dating for months, and you’ve known Peter for years. Stop over exaggerating and give them their space.” Pepper once again pulls Tony’s hand with hers.
“This conversation is not over.” Tony directs at Peter, who gulps.
“but the toy daddy—“ Morgan starts.
“Out Morgan.” Pepper gets both Tony and Morgan out of your room, pushing them away, before turning back to the both of you, awkwardly sitting on the bed.
“Protection always. No “I forgot” or “heat of the moment” bullshit.” Pepper points at the both of you, who nod frantically. “Lock the door.”
And with that the door shuts, you quickly press the screen above the bed, locking the door. Throwing your face into the pillow, groaning loudly.
“Y/n?—“ Peter nibbled on his bottom lip, looking over at you, laying on your stomach.
“That was so embarrassing, I don’t think I’ll ever leave this room—“ you speak, the pillow muffling your words slightly.
“Is your dad going to murder me? Do you think they saw anything?—i-i mean there was the blanket and your leg when I was—“ he itches his chest. You turn your head to the side, so you can see Peter sitting in the middle of the bed, playing with the pillow on his lap.
“They still caught us Peter—oh my god, my dad—“ you fake gag. “why couldn’t it have been Bucky or Nat or literally anyone else—“ you cover your face, your body curling, blanket slipping slightly.
Peter crawled beside you, stroking your jaw, leaning down to pepper your face with kisses. “I’m sorry.”
Your brows furrowed. “Why’re you sorry?”
“It’s my boy horny hormones that wanted to fuck my girlfriend on a dirty ass roof during patrol and didn’t stop talking until we finally did and then her little sister walked in talking about my hormonious dick, and then I still wanted to fuck you after she left and then my girlfriends dad walks in and talks about my dick and then Pepper walks in talking about my dick.” Peter drops his head under yours, face burning, hugging you desperately. “I’m sorry my dick always wants you, baby.”
You were trying your best not to laugh, but you couldn’t help it. Your hand holding Peter’s curls as you tilted his head up to meet your eyes.
“You’re forgetting that I was begging for your dick Peter, my god you’re such a baby.” Peter pouts at your words, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“The room smells and the sheets are covered in sweat and that was probably the best sex ever and i didn’t even cum,” Peter whined, pushing his body further against yours, surprisingly his cocky was still pulsing. “God I’m so tired, and my arms are sore and my legs feel like jello.” Peter was on the verge of tears. You knew Peter well enough to know he cries out of frustration and anger. So what you’re witnessing right now, is a very sexually frustrated Peter.
“Peter.” You soothed, scratching his scalp as you carefully laid him down beside you. Peter looked up at you with big glazed eyes. “I’ll take care of you.”
You gently trailed kisses down his chest, kissing his nipples as Peter sighed. His body was jittery, and sensitive from being so close all night. So it didn’t take long for his cock to stand tall.
You slurped at the precum, tasting yourself as well, making you shake and moan. Peter’s head went back, chest heaving as you took him Ik your mouth. Your eyes looking up, moaning.
“Fuck—fuck—“ Peter’s strangled moans echoed through the room, hand balling the blanket. Arms flexing, as he held the back of your head, bucking his hips up, shaky moans slipping past his lips as his cock hit the back of your throat.
Peter moaned loudly at the sight of your flushed face, tears brimming at the corners of your eyes before slipping down your hot cheeks.
“Oh fuck—so fucking beautiful—“ Peter was groaning, not giving a fuck about how loud he is. He was trying to decide if he wanted to cum in his pretty girls mouth, or watch her ride him and see her fall apart on top of him— “baby, baby—“
You looked up at him confused, a string of salvia coming as you let go of his cock. Your pants making his cock twitch and touch your bottom lip.
“Fuck—baby, ride me please, please wanna see you on top.” Peter was pulling you up, you slipped falling on his chest, before sitting up with a small shy chuckle.
“Thought you wanted to cum—“
“I do, fuck I really do, but I wanna make you cum again, is that okay?” Peter rubbed your thighs, you hummed with a smile, Peter’s coming your heat, pumping a few fingers making you gasp.
Peter bit his lip as you took lead, grasping his cock and lining his tip with your entrance. You sighed shakingly as you sunk down, Peter’s hips bucked making you moan.
“Move baby, god, i won’t last—“ Peter watched as you rode him, your cunt hugging his cock so snug and warm. Your arousal sloshing filled the room making Peter moan, his thumb pressing at your clit.
Your nails scratched down his chest, eyes clenched shut panting.
Peter was trying his best to hold back, wanting to engrave this moment in his mind. You were beyond fucked out, you were marked with hickies on various parts of your body. Your hair a complete mess, your socks snug around your feet, your cheeks flushed and lips wet with his salvia, cum and yours. You were utterly gorgeous.
“I love you baby,” Peter moaned, sitting up to grasp the back of your neck, crashing his lips on yours, his free hand rubbing your clit viciously, instantly sending your over the edge. Your moan muffled by his lips as he bucked at a unruly speed.
“Not in me Peter,” you sighed against his chest, Peter groaned, pulling out quickly, you sat on his thighs, pushing him to lay back down as you twisted your hand a couple times before a low moan erupted from the back of his throat, his cum shooting out, hitting your face and chest, falling on his lower stomach as well.
It was a mess.
Peter’s eyes were fluttering, grinding his hips with your movements as you continued to pump his hard cock as more cum shot out, your mouth agape, as some cum coated your tongue. You swallowed his cum, Peters body curling even more, pushing more cum out, moaning loudly.
Sweat covered his chest as he whimpered. Tears dried on his cheeks, eyes glazed, squirming when you sucked on his sensitive tip, swallowing the cum still leaking.
“Y/n,” Peter whined, shaking in your hand as he watched you climb up, face covered in his cum. “Oh baby, I didn’t mean too—I’m s-so sorry,” Peter reached out for you, being met with your lips on his, tongue going into his mouth.
Peter moaned, slowly coming down from his high as you soothed his hair with your hands. “I love you too,” you mumbled into his lips, feeling Peter’s smile.
You laid on the messy bed as you both cooled down, before stumbling up to clean everything.
You avoided your dad like the plague for a week. Peter however had a lecture/yelling conversation with Tony the morning after. Morgan was confused by the whole situation, but still asks to play with Peter’s toy, which always has Peter flushing and excusing himself from the room in embarrassment.
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selfcarecap · a year ago
“Friends” [p.p]
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: You ask Peter for a very special favour that changes everything for your friendship. 
Warnings: first time sex, overall loads of smut (18+), Peter and Ned being confused by female anatomy, Ned rapping Nicki Minaj, Dumb bitch Peter™️ (but what’s new?), language, maybe a bit of angst but a happy ending ;), me trying to be funny? (pls let me know if I was successful), bit of teenage awkwardness
Word count: 11.4k damn I snapped
A/N: Okay, this was actually so much fun to write, I’ve been thinking about this for months and I finally got around to it (Watch this get like 7 notes, either way I enjoyed it!), also this is mostly Peter’s POV!
Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah (or whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate I just wish all of you happy rest of the year lol) I probably won’t be posting anything until next year bc holidays and family just so you know :) 
Masterlist ♡ gif by starksparker
Tumblr media
“So... I’ve been thinking..”
That’s always how it starts.
Peter already knows what this means. He knows this look on your face and with the way you coquettishly glance over your shoulder; it means you want something. You’ve got a vague (totally not vague, but very detailed) idea and you’re sure you want to do it, you just need a partner. And that partner usually turns out to be Peter.
“There’s something I’ve been wanting to do-”
He can tell you’re a little nervous; because the idea might be a little crazy and you’re scared Peter isn’t going to want to do this with you.
“And I wanted to ask if you want to join me?”
But every time he’s seen this look on you so far, was only moments before some of his favourite memories with you. So he knows your idea is probably as awesome as always.
“I’ve .. wanted to lose my virginity and I was going to ask if you want to.. do that with me?”
“Yeah let’s do- wait what?!”
The shock is evident on Peter’s face.
He sits up next to you on your bed, so you’re both at the same level and he can see your expression properly.
And you’re completely serious, nervous though. Suddenly you feel a little shy sitting so close to Peter, but the size of your bed won’t allow you to scoot further away.
You’ve been friends with Peter for a while. Very good friends, you may add. And you trust Peter with all your being.
It’s just that you’ve never really been a sexual person, or at least not talked to Peter about sex. There was never an occasion where it came up and you had no reason to tell him about your so far only solo and literally single-handed sex life.
And for Peter; it’s not that he would really want to talk to you about his sexy thoughts - but only because they often involve you and he feels bad because of it, actually. But he can’t control his thoughts and dreams- oh god the dreams he’s had about you.
You finally want to have sex and get it over with - the famously painful first time at least. So of course the person you trust most is the first person you’d go to.
“Uh, yeah, I mean I don’t know, why do you want to do that all of a sudden?”
Peter’s previously only ever immediately agreed to your crazy ideas so him asking questions means he already doesn’t want to do it.
“Nevermind, don’t worry Peter you don’t have to, I’m sure I’ll find someone else.” You shrug and look down at your phone, a bit disappointed but you’re in no way going to force him.
“NO!” He clears his throat - Peter does not want you having sex with anyone else, especially if you’d offered him first. “I mean, uh, no I just mean tell me about it more.?” He really doesn’t want you to know he’s kind of losing his chill here.
“Well, yeah - like I said, I want to have my first time and, I wanted to ask if you wanted to have sex with me.. in order to, you know, do that.. and to have sex with me.”
Okay, Peter had understood you right, you wanted to have sex with him? Hell fucking yeah
Don’t seem too excited though, he tells himself, be cool.
“Okay, so, yeah - why all of a sudden?” He repeats.
“No, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time actually - just to get it out of the way if I’m honest. I know virginity is quite a big thing in this society, which I think is shit, and for me it just isn’t .. But the first time will most likely hurt, but I just really want to have sex.”
You just want to have sex? Yeah cool Peter can do that.
If Peter’s honest, he had thought about asking you the same thing quite a few times.
Mainly after you convinced him to watch the latest Netflix rom-com/chick flick (to be honest, he enjoys them too) where two best friends become lovers.
But then he’d be reminded that that was only in a film and not real and never dared to ask you.
On the other hand, he is Spider-Man and an Avenger, and although that still doesn’t seem real to him sometimes - he could’ve known that everything is possible.
You continue, “And I know there are other girls .. and guys of course, who do think of virginity as something special and that’s cool for them but for me personally it’s nothing emotional. Have.. have you had sex before?”
Tell the truth or not tell the truth? It’s you, the truth of course. And he’s sure you already know the answer anyway.
“No, I haven’t.”
“See, that’d be cool- I mean only if you want of course, then we’d both have our first times with someone we actually like and can trust, you know to be gentle and go slow and all that stuff. Then we can go on having sex with other people without the commitment of them being your first and we won’t have absolutely zero percent experience!” You conclude, now a bit more relieved that you weren’t wrong and you can count on Peter even with something like this. (Again though, if he didn’t want to, then that was his choice which you’d respect.)
“Wait what? Other people!?” You notice easily how Peter’s face falls and his whole demeanour changes.
“Oh? Haven’t I mentioned? There’s this guy, and let’s just say he’s made it more than clear that he wants to have sex with me - anytime I want, you know, like an offer. An offer that I definitely want to take up. It’s just that I want to be able to enjoy it without the pain that I’ll presumably have the first time, or first few times even.”
“Ummm, no you haven’t mentioned. So you want to have sex with me only to have sex with another guy?” He might be behaving a little obvious with his jealousy, but asking him what you’re asking right now is a pretty big deal.
“Well, when you say it like that it sounds a bit... look, have you not been listening to what I’m saying? And don’t worry, Peter, if you don’t want to you don’t have to do anything, I’ll find someone else - forget I ever said anything.”
“No! I - just.. this is all a bit sudden, just give me a few days to think, okay?”
“Sure.” You nod.
“Oh- and do not lose your virginity to someone else while I’m still thinking!” He adds.
“I won’t,” you laugh “don’t worry - take all the time you need.”
Peter has to think thoroughly and hard about this. Have sex with you? Abso-fucking-lutely!
But then you having sex with another guy? No. Just nope.
What if Peter‘s just going to win you over with his sex skills? Yup, he’ll just do that.
There is just one more thing he requires: those ‘sex skills’, but how hard can it be to make a girl feel good?
“What the hell is a clitoris?” Peter asks Ned the next day during their study session.
“Peter What? That doesn’t sound like physics? But I think I’ve heard about it? Doesn’t Nicki Minaj say it in that one song?”
“Ned- What? I don’t know if Nicki Minaj says it in her song!? And a g-spot? Is that the same thing?” Peter’s beyond confused by the Google results.
But Ned’s too busy rapping to himself, some very inappropriate lyrics, but on the other hand, that might be exactly what he needs.
“I said just lick on the clitoris, uh, don’t fucking bite it. I ride his- Oh yeah! That’s it!”
“Okay and what exactly does it mean?”
“Dude, I don’t know, you’re not supposed to bite a girl’s clitoris but rather lick it. Oh. Ew.”
“What do you mean ew?” Peter’s looking dreamily into the distance, just thinking about you, thinking about sex with you and Ned recognises the look immediately.
“Wait is this about her? You mean the girl you’ve so hopelessly fallen in loooove with and won’t stop talking about? Your other best friend, next to me of course? No, no idea who you’re talking about.” Ned answers.
“Shut up I’m not in loooove,” he mimics Ned’s tone “I like her okay? And she asked me if I want to have sex with her..”
“You serious?!” Ned high fives him with an enthusiastic smile on his face, “Congrats, dude! Have you done it yet?”
“No, no! That’s why I’m googling. You see - by the way you don’t know about any of this, I don’t think she wants you to know! - she says she wants me to be her first time, so far so good, right?” Peter explains and Ned nods with every word he says, excited for his best friend.
“Okay, but then she says, she wants to have sex with this other dude? Like, I don’t even know who she was talking about, but-“
“Brad Davis.” Ned interrupts Peter, absolutely sure.
“What? Why Brad Davis? He’s together with MJ isn’t he?”
“Okay, but all the girls still like him. So she probably does too.”
“No, Ned, for once it’s not Brad Davis! Well anyway. She wants me to be her first, but then she wants to have sex with this other guy. But I thought if I found out how to, you know, make a girl feel good and ultimately make her feel good she’d just want to stay with me?”
“Okay, let’s tackle this clitoris!”
“No. Not tackle, lick.” Peter comments and they both laugh, still not knowing what they’re even talking about.
Once again, Peter realises what a good friend Ned is. He knows that the probability of making you feel so mind-blowingly good so that you stay with him forever and just because of that, is quite small, Ned still believes him and is even helping him.
“Okay I think I know what the clitoris is now, is that the same thing as a G-Spot?”
Ned clicks on a website as he talks to Peter. Hours have gone by while they’ve tried to find out the mysteries of the female anatomy.
Ned makes an indescribable noise when he sees the diagram on the computer-screen in front of him.
“Uh, Peter, come look at this?” He says, sounding a bit helpless.
“Oh” Peter doesn’t know what to say either. “I mean I’ve watched porn but I’ve never seen it... quite like this...?”
They both cock their heads to the side synchronically as they stare at the picture in front of them.
“How am I supposed to know what the clitoris is? Is it that?” He puts his finger on the screen.
“No, Peter. That is the labia minora, obviously. Duh.”
Peter scoffs at Ned’s tone. “You just have sex with her then, if you know so well.”
“Peter, you know I love you but this is too much for me. My innocent, virgin eyes have seen enough,” he clicks the ‘x’ button in the corner of the computer “There was this website before, and it said to just ask her what she likes. To me that sounds like the easiest way of doing it anyway.”
“Just ask her what- okay ... that- that does sound quite reasonable actually...”
“Yeah it was Teen Vogue or something. Anyway, I gotta go home now! Text me if it’s Brad Davis!”
“It’s not!” Peter calls after Ned who’s leaving his place, thanking him for his help that might’ve left him traumatised.
Peter has to admit, communication is very important and often the key to many things good.
He goes to bed after reading about twenty more Teen Vogue articles - only three about sex and how communication is apparently the only knowledge you need for your first time (- and seventeen articles finding out what Fenty Beauty is and how Hailey Bieber dressed like Princess Diana and this journalist was clearly obsessed with it.
He’ll definitely have to buy you one of those Fenty Lipglosses, Peter knows how much you love all your glossy, sticky lip products and how you love Rihanna, because how can one not?)
(And then he watched some guy performing Rihanna’s Umbrella and at first it was very awkward to watch but got better with each second.)
He tries to sleep. He tries. But what if communication isn’t enough? What if you’re embarrassed about something or don’t want him doing more work than necessary? His sex game has to be on point. He really doesn’t want to lose you to that other guy... He has to make that one time count. Or the first few times - as you said.
So Peter spends at least three hours watching a whole ass documentary on the female orgasm on Netflix, and reading countless things on the internet.
When he finally feels satisfied (which is also how you’ll feel after he has sex with you, he’s sure of it) with his new-found knowledge he goes to sleep.
When he wakes up he immediately feels excited.
He can now tell you that, yes, he does want to have sex with you. He’ll be cool about it. Of course he won’t tell you about all his late night googling, he wants you to think that he’s just some natural born sex-god.
He basically knows everything there is to know - g-spot, clit, possible squirting, fingering, giving head. Then there’s the thing - practice makes perfect and he has none of that. But it’s going to be your first time as well, so he hopes your expectations can’t be too high.
“Is it Brad Davis?” Is the first thing he blurts out when he sees you the next day at school. You basically laugh in his face when he says that.
When you’re finally finished laughing, much to his relief, you kind of strike a nerve. “Isn’t he with MJ now? You still mad at him for stealing your Sophomore crush?”
“First of all it was freshman year. It was ages ago... and no..”
What kind of annoys Peter, was the smirk on your face as you mentioned MJ? You didn’t have a reason to - he had been over her for ages - but weren’t you jealous? Not at least a teeny-tiny-bit?
Peter knows you don’t like him like that. But you obviously like him enough to have sex with him, so wouldn’t it bother you if he had a crush? And then he remembered his own jealousy, did he want to ask about the other guy?
“So you been thinking about my.. offer?” You ask, not wanting to push him but curious as the answer is obviously yes.
“Um, yeah. The answer is yes.” He says determinedly and you give him a bright smile that he didn’t expect.
“Do you wat to come to mine after school and we can... talk more about it?” You suggest and you quickly arrange a time to meet this afternoon.
Holy cow. Peter is going to have sex. Peter is going to have sex with you. Peter is going to have sex with you and he’s going to make you come. Hopefully. Yes, he knows it. He has to. Woah.
“So you’re sure you want to?”
“Yes absolutely. I’ve just got a question? Who exactly is this guy that you want to have sex with?”
“Oh, well. He’s a friend of a friend, he’s at college already and I met him during the summer holidays. We met once before but we never really talked and he’s just, I quite like him and he’s really hot you know?
Well basically, we obviously didn’t do anything but it was clear that we liked each other. Before he left town, he said he’d be back at Christmas to visit and we made some... arrangements. We’ve been texting as well. Of course he’s busy with college, but yeah. It’s not going to be anything serious. It’s not like either of us want a long distance relationship. But I really want him. And like I said he’s made it clear that he wants me too so....”
You rant and he listens with a heavy heart.
Although there is a good thing about this; he’s got until Christmas. That is so many weeks, he can win you over, if not with his pleasure skills then he’ll find another way.
The bad thing: he’s real. And you seem to really like him. But you also seem to like Peter - not in the same way, but hey, there’s hope.
Somehow Peter had thought that maybe, just maybe he’d imagined the other guy existing. That he’d dreamt that part and you really just wanted to lose your virginity and chose Peter to have sex with.
But Peter will not give up. Never. Not when it comes to you. (And when he makes you cum.)
“Right.” He responds with a tight smile, “So... are we gonna have sex now?” He leans forward.
“What? No not now. Peter, I’ve never even kissed anyone. I thought maybe... we could start kissing, and then we kind of... find out what we like and how this whole thing works and every time we see each other we can move a little further?” You purr, getting closer to him.
“O-okay, cool.” He stutters and you’re right in front of him, so close he can see the twinkle in your eyes and feel your breath against his.
You stop moving towards him only for a second, you look into his eyes and after a shaky breath that lets him know he’s not the only nervous one, you close the gap between the two of you.
It’s just a peck at first but butterflies explode in his stomach.
You do it again and again and again until the kisses last longer, your hands around his neck and his fingers squeezing your waist ever so gently, comforting.
“Sh-should we stop?”, your voice is raspy and you cough softly, “I-I’m not ready to do anything yet but I don’t want to make this uh harder for you.” You discreetly point to his lap that you’re nearly straddling, your lip between your teeth and it’s then that Peter realises he’s at least semi-hard.
“Oh-I-I’m sorry I didn’t-!” He covers himself and gets up to quickly disappear into the bathroom, but you stop him with words that only make him more excited, “Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one who enjoyed it..” He watches you bite your finger and rearrange your position on the bed slightly flustered.
Not a bad start.
You give him another smile before he takes care of his situation in the bathroom.
That’s all you do for the first few weeks, making out.
And it’s not even weird. Which is weird.
You were just friends, and you still are just friends, but even the first kiss didn’t feel awkward or out of place.
But you have other friends, and you’re sure kissing them would be weird, appalling even.
Although that can probably easily be attributed to the fact that you trust Peter so much and it’s a mutual decision you made, both equally inexperienced and new to this whole thing.
But you do it a lot and you’re both really getting the hang of it.
You’ve noticed how much Peter enjoys when you tug at his hair every now and then, and he seems to have realised that you like when his tongue licks your lower lip. Which is what he’s doing right now.
He pulls back for a moment, your arms still around his neck and holding him close to you.
“Um, Peter…” You’re not sure if you can tell him yet… should you?
Before you can decide, it seems like Peter also has something to tell you.
“I’ve been meaning to tell you something…” He pauses briefly to look at your kiss swollen lips (especially your lower one) and dilated pupils and he would love to just eat you up (which you yet have to give him permission to and he’ll wait as long as you want) and he’s afraid that what he’s about to tell you will make you want him to eat you up less..
But just the thought of having sex with you, overall being physically so close to you, and you not knowing about his secret doesn’t sit quite right with him.
“Is it anything bad..?” You wonder and pull your sleeves over your fingers, but your arms stay comfortably around him so you can look into his eyes directly.
He rubs his eye and looks at the pillow next to you instead of in your eyes and says, “I’m Spider-Man.”
“What? Really?”
“Yeah, I can show you if you don’t-” He points to his rucksack but you stop him from getting up.
“No, I believe you, I believe you. So that’s the thing you’re always so secretive about, always randomly disappearing and stuff?”
“I mean I thought I was being subtle but yes. Obviously you can’t speak to anyone about it, also - Ned knows but he only found out by accident.” Peter explains and you’re a bit relieved.
“Of course not,” you bite your lip, ”And I really appreciate that you told me… so Spider-Man, huh?” He blushes when you get up and on top of him so you’re in his lap now.
“That is quite cool.” You kiss him again but even before he can properly kiss you back, you’re pulling back again.
“Wait..but that means you get into fights and stuff?” You’re pouting and Peter just wants to kiss it better. “Well yes, but usually I’m the winner, you know?” His hands find your waist and he looks rather cocky for once but you’re still not having any of it.
“I’m sure you are but you gotta promise to be careful, okay?”
You make him pinky promise and tell you, while looking into your eyes, that he’ll be careful.
Much to both your enjoyment, you’re kissing again and you’re becoming increasingly aware again of how wet you are. If Peter can literally tell you he’s Spider-Man, you’re sure you can tell him how wet you are, after all that was the plan all along.
“P-Peter.” His name comes out rather as a whimper and you’re sure that now he can already tell what you’re about to say, still, you’re a little shy about how to go on.
“Yeah?” But you’re also becoming aware of the fact that Peter must be at least as turned on as you when he adjusts his pants underneath you.
“I think maybe it’s time I go to the bathroom alone for once.” Recognition strikes Peter’s features when he realises you’re referring to the couple of times he got too turned on to hide it and never wanted to pressure you into helping him.
“I mean you can stay here - that’s what I’m here for, right?” He raises his eyebrows teasingly and your shyness increases. “Only if you want.” He adds seriously.
You take a finger between your teeth, contemplate for maybe two seconds and then decide that you absolutely want this, “I‘m not going to take my clothes off yet, though.” You point at him warningly while you settle on your back.
“Whatever you want, pretty girl.” Fuck
His fingers slip underneath the fabric of your pants and at first they trail along your panties and Peter’s nearly shocked at how much wet he finds and he gasps.
“You know you’re not the only one who enjoys the whole making out.” You smile at him and you already look so impatient so Peter tries to give you what you want.
His fingers find the waistband of your panties and slip underneath, the problem now is that he can’t actually see what he’s doing. Luckily he remembers that communication is key.
“Is that your cl-” He starts but you let out a breath that sounds like you’re finally getting a reward that you should’ve been granted ages ago, he knows he’s doing at least something right.
Your smile is so sultry yet still a little shy when you move your arms over your head and your hips buck up into his finger, trailing up and down between your folds.
His lips are on your neck and you can relax more, not having him directly watch you come completely undone.
“Fuck, Peter, don’t stop feels r-really good.” You whimper and he says something that’s muffled against your neck.
It feels so good to have Peter’s finger on your wet clit, but something’s still missing.
Your fingers come down to cover his and you draw a circular motion that he copies immediately and your own fingers leave again.
“Like that?” Peter asks genuinely concentrated and now he’s looking at you again. But you couldn’t care less when you tip over the edge and your orgasm flows through your whole body with Peter’s rhythm on your clit not faltering. Your high lasts longer than usual until your legs nearly start to shake and you open your eyes to take Peter’s wrist to stop him.
His fingers stop moving but he still looks at you like in a trance for another few moments until you press a kiss to his cheek. “Sorry, didn’t mean to stare.” He blushes.
“‘s fine.” Your hand brushes through his hair but he looks a little uncomfortable.
“Sorry it’s just.. that was really hot and I think…” He screws his eyes shut in embarrassment before blurting out, “I think I might’ve cum in my pants though.” He’s saying it half with humour but he’s looking anywhere but at you and that lets you know he’s not lying.
“I mean I guess it’s a compliment for me, right?” You wink at him, “I still would’ve liked to make you cum myself l-” You can’t continue your sentence because Peter nearly sprints to the bathroom calling out a “I can do it again!” and coming back a few seconds later after you heard him get some tissues.
He throws himself on the bed eagerly and starts kissing you again. “Wait, wait,.” you object and Peter stops, “Let me try something out.”
You push him down so he’s lying comfortably on his back and move to sit between his thighs and you bend forward. First he thinks you’re going to kiss him, but you stop at his neck, look at his throat as he gulps and your lips come closer, “Tell me if anything hurts.” You say before brushing your hair from your face so you have a free view of Peter’s Adam’s apple.
You lick your lips and first place a chaste kiss on the skin there. Peter encourages you with a pleased moan that he doesn’t quite manage to suppress and soon you‘re sucking on his skin, your tongue darting out and you don’t let up until you’re sure you’ve left a mark.
You finally pull away to see Peter’s whole face and chest flushed but most importantly an already red-purplish mark right in the middle of his throat and you grin smugly, before moving to other parts of Peter’s body.
That day you end up giving Peter a hand-job for the first time  - judging by the time that he took to cum, you’re really good at that.
When he comes home uncharacteristically late that day, considering he’s not in his suit, May gets suspicious and follows Peter to his room.
“Have you got a second to talk?” May’s standing in Peter’s door frame with two hands behind her back.
“Uh oh did I do something?” Peter fears, had he forgotten to buy something he was supposed to? Not done his chores this week?
“No don’t worry it’s nothing bad.”
They sit down together on his bed and with her sympathetic smile Peter knows he’s not in any trouble.
“You remember last week when you needed me to send you something to your phone from your laptop when you were in school?”
No no no no no no
“I accidentally came across your search history and”
Which escape way is better? Window or door?
“And I thought you were just curious and I didn’t want to say anything,”
Stop talking already, maybe Peter should just hold his breath until he passes out.
“But now I can see that absolutely massive hickey on your neck and I’m just wondering, is it from her? You know who I mean?” May says your name in an overly teasing way and nudges his arm. Damn, he’d forgotten all about the hickey and maybe now he understood why so many people, especially other guys, were smiling at him in a somewhat congratulating way his whole way home.
Peter’s not going to get out of this situation so quick so he just decides to tell the truth already. Or at least the most important answer which is a simple “Yes” to May’s question.
“So who confessed first? I always knew she liked you as much as you like her!”
“It’s not.. quite like that. I mean we’re not together but we’re... something.” He doesn’t know how to answer the question himself, and he especially isn’t going to reveal all the details to May.
“Well I know you like her, and I know love can be complicated at your age, it’s still complicated at mine,” And Peter’s just got all these pictures of her and Happy Hogan in his mind and a shiver runs down his back.
“But I also know you’re not stupid, you’re both eighteen and old enough to make your own decisions. And as longs as you make sure you don’t have any baby Peters running around here soon I’m not going to bother you any further on this topic.” Finally she reveals what’s been behind her back the whole time, a pack of condoms that she puts down on Peter’s bed.
“So if she wants it, too, then I trust you, just tell me if you ever want the place for yourselves - not too often but she’s a nice girl, pretty, too.” May finally gets up to leave the room and although it’s awkward Peter thanks her, because it’s truly nice to have her care for him and pay attention to his life. She is basically his parent, after all.
She’s nearly down the hall before she comes back pointing a finger at Peter, “And always remember, consent is cool!”
“Obviously.” Peter comments because he wouldn’t ever think of anything else, even if the phrase is kind of lame.
Has Peter’s jawline always been this sharp?
Have his eyes always been this bright and beautiful? His hair always so perfectly messy?
Either way, you’re noticing it right now and it’s affecting you.
It’s your last lesson after a long day and you’ve been waiting all day to finally get out of this class, out of sheer boredom.
But now you just want to get out of this class to get your mouth on Peter.
The teacher’s given you a small break so everyone’s talking, Peter leaning back on his chair and turned around to talk to Ned.
He’s laughing about something Ned told him and fuck he looks good.
And then you think about his personality, absolute god tier.
He’s looking at you now, saying something seemingly interesting but all you can think about is how you have the sudden urge to make him cum. He’s too beautiful to be true.
“... brilliant, right?” He looks at you with enthusiasm and you feel like he might’ve just told you something funny or cool so you just give a small nod. But he knows this look on you that he’s had the honour of witnessing a few times before. You try to think of something to say that will at least give the impression that you had been listening to what he just told you, when suddenly the pencil between your fingers snaps in half.
“Are you free after school?” You ask, completely disregarding Peter and Ned’s shocked looks, only to conceal that your neediness really just drove you far enough to break a pen.
“Ned and I are going to a Christmas market tonight but I have a few hours before.”
“You should totally come with us to the market, I’m bringing Betty too!” Ned chimes in and you’re not sure if this is his attempt of a double date but you agree anyway, telling Peter to come with you to your place after school.
“Ladies first.” Peter points to the only empty seat on the bus when he makes sure there’s no old or pregnant people that need the seat more than you.
“You go sit.” You tell him and after this long, exhausting day at school he’s not going to deny it.
Just a moment after he sits down you follow him, sitting on his lap. You’re aware that he knows what your plan is but you don’t care. Peter’s even supposed to know how much he’s turning you on by simply being himself.
You still manage to be subtle considering the people around you, how you’re able to grind on him with the turns, curves, stopping and accelerating of the bus.
When it’s finally the stop you have to get off at you take Peter’s hand in yours and although he’s busy covering his crotch area with his rucksack, he can’t help but feel butterflies in his stomach at your touch.
Just last week you nearly hit him when his fingers barely grazed yours in public and now you’re openly showing affection? It’s probably just because you’re horny, Peter has to remind himself, but he likes holding your hand either way.
Peter - already shirtless - immediately gets his hands on your pants when you stumble to your bed, but your hands push his away, “I want today to be about you, Peter.” You reveal to him and he’s already blushing.
“You know I love doing that, right?” His fingers have been on your clit at least six times in the past week, “Making you feel good is enough to get me off, I love watching you c-”
“I know, but I also want to make you feel good like that. I’d like to make you feel good like you make me feel good.” He stops objecting at that, watches you sink to your knees in front of the bed and his hand is already on his crotch trying to get some much needed relief. His hands go to unbutton his pants but you swat them away and get to pull his pants off yourself.
He says your name three times but you ignore him until he says “No.”, only to get your attention.
“Huh?” You look up at him and he thinks that maybe he could just cum by looking at you, your lower lip swollen from continuously biting it.
“Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asks.
“Yes, are you?”
“More than sure.”
“If I can’t help myself anymore and end up hurting you or you want to stop just tap on my knee twice, okay?” He knows that sometimes he gets lost like he’s in a trance when he’s with you, but if his cock is in your mouth you won’t be able to say when it’s too much so he wants to make sure.
“I won’t but okay. Will you let me get my mouth on you now?” You smile innocently and he nods, swallowing hard.
You pull his jeans off completely and get rid of your t-shirt before your hands are all over him and you come up one last time to kiss him on the mouth and anywhere you can reach, really.
“I can’t believe I get to date someone this hot.” You mumble and Peter gets even harder at that? Did you just say date?
He has no more time to think about that one word that was maybe only said in the heat of the moment when your hands find his boxers and now he’s naked in front of you.
You want nothing more than to finally feel Peter’s cock in your mouth for the first time, you spit in your palm, look up at him and are about to start jerking him off when he pulls you up by your biceps.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t like knowing you have to be on the uncomfortable floor.” He says a little bashfully and gets you on the bed with him. “Aw,” You take the opportunity to get rid of your pants and bra, all you’re wearing in front of him are your panties now.
And Peter’s never really seen you just like this and again he feels like he could cum just at the sight. His hands have felt you before but actually being able to see all the glory that’s usually covered by your clothes makes him even more attracted to you and he didn’t even know that was possible.
“Can I?” You position yourself between his legs with your hands squeezing your breasts and he all but drools before giving you permission.
When your wet palm first wraps around his hard cock he puts his hands awkwardly on his chest. You give him a smile so sweet that it should nearly be impossible how good your hand feels on him.
This is going to be the death of him, Peter thinks, and it would be the best way to die ever.
“Relax, Peter.” You see him place his arms next to his body, not knowing what to do.
Usually he’s the one who has his hands on you but in this position he doesn’t quite know where to put them.
“You can put your hands in my hair and guide me so I know what I’m doing is good or not so good,” and by now Peter’s leaking on his own abs, “Twice on your knee if I’m uncomfortable.” You add so he won’t worry about that.
He places his hand on your head and weaves it through your hair to get a nice grip and now you understand what he likes so much about it - he doesn’t miss how your eyes flutter shut for a second.
Then your hand wraps around him and that’s the only thing he can concentrate on, bucking his hips up involuntarily.
After a few seconds you start using your tongue, trailing around the head of his cock and you hum when you finally taste him(- he won’t last long.)
Your hand stays wrapped around the base of his cock while you give kitten licks to the length of him creating a wet sound that is so dirty he gets harder if that’s even possible at this point.
Your fingers shortly go to his balls before you start using your mouth on him completely, enveloping the top of his cock in the warmth of your tongue.
His hand in your hair is more for comfort, he doesn’t have to or want to be rough with you, but rather tries to savour the feeling of when you start hollowing your cheeks further and he closes his eyes.
You start bobbing your head up and down further along his cock, only your hand at the base of him and the rest disappearing in your mouth with your tongue doing enough work to make him cum if he wasn’t concentrating on lasting longer.
He gets even closer when he opens his eyes briefly and sees you drooling all over yourself and how absolutely perfect you look with your lips wrapped around him.
“F-fuck I’m close.” He warns so you can pull away and let him cum on your body or his own hand, but you only double up you efforts.
His hand tightens in your hair with his whole body tensing as pleasure takes over. You pull your mouth back only to let him see how his spurts of cum hit your tongue with your hand steadily jerking him off, letting him ride out his pleasure.
Even when he’s finished, your lips wrap around him again for a few seconds before he gently pulls you away from him by your hair.
You sit up and go to wipe your mouth but he kisses you before you have a chance to.
“Fuck.” He mumbles.
“Fuck.” You agree.
“Do you want me to-” he starts but you give him a quick kiss.
“No you don’t have to. Fuck I’m spent, that was already awesome enough.”
He chuckles but he’s actually slightly red and sweaty, shy.
“Glad to know you enjoyed it too.” You only hum as you watch him pick his boxers back up and he’s looking at you as well.
He enjoys to just be able to see you so comfortable in front of him, completely naked except for your panties, especially after you told him how self-conscious you were at times. Even Peter who never really had any doubts about his body was still shy when he’s naked in front of you. So he appreciates that you’re comfortable enough around him and willing to show yourself like that in front of him like that all the more.
Your eyes shut and he can see how tired you are, but he also takes in the wet stain on your panties between your legs.
“You sure you don’t need me to take care of you?” Your eyes open again at that.
His hands slip under the waistband of your panties and you arch into him when he touches you clit.
“Fuck I’m so wet.” You can’t help but let out a whimper and move to your back and pull a leg up to give Peter better access already.
“Yeah, I can feel.” He looks down to catch a glimpse of your heat that he’s so far only ever touched but not seen, “God, you’re fucking soaked.”
“I know and I want to cum,” You lean in to Peter to get his finger to apply more pressure.
His middle finger starts to circle your clit like he’s learnt to do in the past few weeks.
It’s not even a minute later when you cum with a silent cry of Peter’s name and with your eyes closed.
Peter’s so close to you, watching you and he feels so deeply for you it almost hurts. But only because he has to keep reminding himself that he’s only doing this so you can end up in another guy’s bed and that you don’t actually care about him as more than a friend and that this isn’t ever going to exceed a friends with benefits- type of relationship if not less.
His fingers are still in your panties and he can feel how soaked his finger is. It‘s been like that a few times already and for some reason he was scared to taste you - well he wanted nothing more than to taste you. But for another inexplicable reason he was scared that you would think he was weird for wanting to do so, but you‘d basically just done the same to him so he moves his finger up to his face. But your fingers wrap around his wrist and then you suck his finger into your own mouth before he can taste you.
“Leave some for me.“ He fake-whines and you release his finger with a ‘pop‘ and stick your tongue out at him.
“I mean there‘s plenty left down there… can I eat you out?“ He raises his eyebrow questioningly.
“Sorry, I‘m too exhausted.“
“That‘s okay, pretty girl, no need to apologise.“ He probably shouldn’t be calling you anything other than your name because he‘ll just fall for you deeper, but he can‘t resist calling you cute nicknames and he loves the way you shyly smile at them.
But also… you did use the word ‘dating‘ before… Maybe you‘ve changed your mind? And you want Peter as much as he wants you, as a real relationship? He doesn‘t want to get too hopeful before he has clarity.
“Hey - you said something earlier when you-“
“Before you even continue - I can‘t be held accountable for anything I say while I‘m horny, okay?“ You point a finger at him playfully and he tries to hide how his smile slowly fades.
“Could you pass me my bag?“ Peter reaches for your bag and you get out a fresh pair of panties which you change into under the covers.
“You bring extra panties with you in case I make you ruin them, huh?“ He smirks.
“Well actually they‘re for if I get my period at school, but I guess with you being so damn irresistible all the time that‘s also a valid reason to carry around a fresh pair.“
Then sometimes, you say stuff like that and Peter has no idea what it means. Friends don‘t say that, right? But friends don‘t do any of the other stuff you and Peter have been doing lately, so he really doesn‘t know what to think.
“I want to take a nap.“ You announce and cuddle up to Peter on the bed, he can feel your naked breasts against his side. And if your calm breathing hadn‘t lulled him to sleep he‘d have gotten hard again.
Peter wakes up with you on his lap, fully dressed and freshened up.
“We’re late to the Christmas market, Ned and Betty are already there, come on get up!” You bounce on the bed giddily, dragging him to get up but because it’s you he happily obliges, even in his sleepy state.
 While Betty shows you something on her phone with you holding her arm to warm up in the cold winter of New York (Peter wishes he could hold you like that in public) and Ned’s busy buying chocolate covered fruit, Peter sneaks off to buy you a Christmas gift.
He’s actually got one already and you two made a promise not to get each other too much or anything expensive, or nothing at all if you can‘t find anything good, but he spots something so perfect that he just has to get it.
You all stay out late, slurping winter punch (non-alcoholic, of course) and you even take Peter’s hand at some point - in public! - and when you notice him smiling down at your intertwined hands you claim it’s just cause you’re cold.
Despite knowing that your relationship will turn back to purely a friendship after you have your first time and you have your fun with this college guy, Peter barely thinks about it. For now he’s just enjoying the time he does have with you and in his own head no one can tell him you’re not acting like boyfriend and girlfriend.
It’s the best time he’s ever had in his life - even outside of the mind-blowing new sexual experiences, he gets to spend so much time with you he could almost dance with joy every time.
Just last week Peter fingered you for the first time.
You’d talked to him about how you’ve been trying to get used to the feeling of your own fingers inside of you (and just the thought of you lying in your bed late at night doing that made Peter unbelievably turned on).
But then you pointed out how his fingers were much bigger and it seemed like you felt pretty strongly about that, which in return might have made him a little proud. You’d let out the most gorgeous whimpers, clenching around two of his fingers in the end and he’ll give you as much time as you need but he really can’t wait to feel that around his cock.
And when he told you that May was going to be gone for the whole weekend, you’d responded asking if he had condoms… So that means…? You’re going to… have sex?! (He asked and you said yes.)
So now he’s been stressing all day, showered twice already, put fresh covers on the bed, cleaned his room like he never had before and made sure that he had all your favourite snacks at home.
On one hand, he knows he’s overreacting - it’s you. And he feels so comfortable around you and knows you would think it’s silly how worried he is to make everything perfect and he tells himself to chill.
But on the other hand, time flies when you’re having fun and Peter really hadn’t fully registered that it was the last weekend before the winter holidays. And winter holidays meant that you were going to meet dumb college guy and have sex with him.
But Peter can count himself lucky to be your first… and like the last few weeks, he’ll forget all about the other guy as soon as you’re over because when you’re with him there’s no room in his head for a single other thing, so he knows it’ll all work out.
It won’t just work out, but it’ll be amazing, anything to do with you is.
It’s past sunset when you come over. It really calms Peter down how relaxed you seem, still nervous but just as comfortable around him as he is around you, and you don’t even move on to anything sexual for the first two hours. And no matter what other guy you’ll end up sleeping with or don’t, you two will always have that special friendship bond that even him and Ned don’t have on that type of level.
Peter thinks you don’t notice how much he’s cleaned up and how squeaky clean he smells, but you definitely do and smile at how much effort he’s put into making you feel special, with all your favourite foods stocked up as well.
When you look at him in that special way that so far in this world only he has got to see, he knows it’s time. It’s beautiful as ever;
How your clothes come off piece by piece, needy but slow nevertheless.
You’re both in only your underwear by now and the kisses along with your heavy breathing are the only sounds to be heard in the room and if Peter tried, he would only fail to explain how honoured he feels to be experiencing this with you for the first time (little does he know exactly how good he always makes you feel in return).
He’s kissing down your chest and over your belly now, you can tell where his destination is. “Oh, Peter - you know you don’t have to do that, your fingers are enough but even if that’s too much to ask you don-”
“No, let me make you feel good.” He purrs from between your legs and they widen, inviting him in. But just an inch above your panties he stops “I mean do you want me to? Is that cool?” (Consent is cool, he remembers)
“Only if you truly don’t mind, then that would be really cool.” You perch yourself up on your elbows to look at him, not only because you know how much Peter enjoys eye contact, but you want to enjoy the view too.
And he doesn’t really understand why you hadn’t let him get his tongue on you like he plans on doing now before - you’d given him head and you definitely didn’t mind and even you realise that - especially with Peter - you have not a single reason to be insecure.
Your panties come off and he lies mesmerised between your legs even while you unclasp your bra and you’re now completely naked.
But this - he takes two of his fingers to spread your lips and you’re already so wet he can smell you, and it’s so luscious when he can finally taste you.
His tongue laps everything you give him (he actually has no idea what he’s doing - him and Ned googling had been months ago by now and he’s half under the covers and he can’t have his tongue and eyes at the same place at the same time so he uses pure instinct and for once he’s right).
His tongue trails along your swollen folds and this is better than he could have ever imagined.
You make noises, rooted deep in your throat and you half-swallow them so they come out even more desperate and he knows you’re close.
“You can use me, just do whatever feels good.” He says hastily, spending as little time as possible with his mouth not on you. You give a small ‘okay’ and you’re so far gone it’s the hottest thing ever.
He expected a little more resistance because he knows how nervous you are about basically having your pussy in Peter’s face for the first time (which you have no reason to be because he might be enjoying this more than you), but the second the words leave his mouth, your body shifts, your legs on his shoulders moving further down so you’re right in his face as your hips find a new rhythm.
And Peter can barely believe it.
The girl he’s known for so long, been “just friends” with for so long, is grinding her perfect, deliciously sticky pussy on his tongue. You’re arching your back, all but using him to get off and there’s truly never been anything sweeter than when you cum on his tongue, moans no longer choked but loud and so damn obscene, that he nearly blows a load in his boxers but he can refrain from grinding his hips on the mattress, saving himself only for you.
(And not that he’s thinking about it!- but getting his heart broken by you afterwards would be worth it just for even this one moment).
Even when your legs start shaking around him you don’t stop but rather pull his hair to encourage him to go longer, he doesn’t let up until you’re pushing his head away, and even then you whine at the loss of contact.
“Oh fuck that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” And Peter prides himself on the way you’re panting and your chest is heaving. (Maybe he’s officially acquired the sex skills he’s been trying to attain to make you fall in love with him…?)
You get his boxers off so quick he nearly lines himself up with your dripping heat without a condom, but you both realise at the last second, even laughing at each your neediness but then the kissing continues and you get even more needy.
Just before you‘re about to spread your legs further Peter presses the most chaste of kisses to your lips and to tell him if it hurts. You bring your legs up to your chest and you have a feeling you‘re close again when Peter‘s cock brushes your entrance.
“I‘m ready.“
It‘s nearly impossible not to bury himself inside of you completely because you‘re so wet, but he stops before even being inside of you an inch.
You nod so he knows he can go on but your expression becomes more pained with the second and despite how good you feel around his cock, he can‘t enjoy it if you aren‘t.
“Do you want me to stop? I don‘t want to hurt you.“ He says softly, his hand at the side of your face, through your hair.
“You could never hurt me, Peter,“ And if he wasn‘t in love, before he falls for you right then and there,“You can go on.“
And he does.
A single tear falls from each one of your eyes but you insist he goes on and he can‘t deny how good you feel. But he wants to last longer, until you‘re more used to the foreign feeling and can enjoy it too, though with the way you‘re squeezing his cock with every half-thrust, you make that really hard.
“Fuck,“ he mumbles and your body rocks against him slightly.
“If you can last only a little longer, I‘ll cum with you.“ You say, your eyes half shut in pleasure, half in pain and for that he manages to last a bit more.
His fingers find your clit and he rubs in sloppy circles until you‘re finally enjoying it too and his mission is accomplished when you cry out his name and now he can let go too.
He thrusts into you a few more times, trying to be gentle and you‘re equally exhausted afterwards.
“That was-“ he starts, “amazing.“ you finish.
“Really?“ Were you not just crying?
“It did hurt, but I‘m still glad I could have my first experience with you.“ your finger grazes his chest and you kiss him there and he realises, with that it‘s probably over.
It‘s your goodbye to doing this type of thing and although he‘s sad knowing you‘ll be going off soon, he‘s also happy knowing he still has time and it‘s not like you‘ve actually made a decision yet - maybe his plan worked and he persuaded you to stay, with his sex skills… (yeah, probably not). But he doesn‘t ask because you‘re still staying and he appreciates every second he spends with you.
“Sorry for ruining your fresh sheets..“
“So you did notice!“ Peter smiles.
“Of course I did - I also noticed how you had all my favourite snacks - and I don‘t mean you -“ (oh that‘s new), “all very sweet of you.“ You kiss him.
Wearing some of his clothes now, you insisted on helping him soak the blood stain on his sheets. May very likely already knows what‘s going on and she doesn‘t have to know even more. Though you do think it‘s cool how she gave Peter the condoms, although he was blushing furiously when he told you the story.
Beds freshly made (again) you lie together, looking at each other - sometimes talking and sometimes it‘s just a more than pleasant silence.
You‘re not sure if he‘s asleep already, when you roll on top of him with a coy smile as you start kissing along his jawline and your favourite place in the middle of his throat, “I know we just changed your sheets, but can we have sex again?“ With the way you‘re so innocently smiling he can‘t believe that you‘d be horny to want to do it again straight away.
“I think this time it‘s going to hurt less and I want to give you the full experience, without me crying and stuff. Also, we can put a towel down.“ You laugh but he can tell you actually feel bad, when technically he was the one who hurt you, even if it was just a bit.
“For me, that was more than amazing, you don‘t have to go through all that again just because you feel bad for me. there’s nothing to feel bad about..“
“So you don‘t want to have sex with me?“ (Okay he knows this pout and you are horny after all.)
The second time is a lot better for you.
You fall asleep in Peter‘s arms, both happy.
But then that dreaded day comes when you‘re meant to be visiting that asshole.
Even worse - it turns out he‘s a friend of a friend of the family and he‘ll be spending your whole winter trip - over one whole week - with you and your family and you won‘t have any internet, not even any service.
You don’t say anything when he’s waving you goodbye but he has this feeling that this is over.
May, Ned and their presents can only make Peter forget for a limited amount of time and although the holidays are still nice, there are many moments where he has to think about you.
It seems like even the criminals of New York are celebrating Christmas so Spider-Man isn‘t an option to forget about you for a bit either.
Hey, he types in his phone.
Peter: I know you’re with that other guy now
Peter: Probably
Peter: But I like you
Peter: And the last weeks I felt like you like me too?
Peter: So maybe if you don’t like that other guy too much we could... be together? Or something maybe
The text messages are absolute shit but it doesn‘t really matter anymore.
You come back a day early, text a “I don‘t get it if it‘s a joke…?“ and a minute later you‘re at his door.
“What are you talking about? Was that a joke I didn’t understand?“ You repeat.
He doesn‘t want to start hoping again before you have a proper conversation in his room.
“So… uh - the other guy..?“
“Peter - I know we‘re not together, I know neither of us have explicitly said that but I thought..
I like you. You’re the one I like. You, Peter. I haven’t wanted that guy for ages
I thought it was kind of obvious …“
“Well I just wasn‘t sure because for example the one time you said something about how we‘re dating - you said that when you were uh… on your knees- afterwards you were all like ’I can‘t be held accountable for anything I said when I was horny’ so…“ He really doesn’t want to get his hopes up again before he has full certainty.
You giggle, “Peter what I meant was that I didn‘t want you to tease me about anything I say while I‘m horny when we‘re not in bed together, like how I said how good you taste or something.” You respond shyly.
“You never said that.“ He blushes.
“Well I thought it..”
“So you really like me?”
“Of course you dummy ,” you want to smack him up the head for really thinking you’d be such a bitch to do all that with him only to get together with another guy, ”And if it’s not obvious enough yet, I want to be your girlfriend. So would you like... like to be my boyfriend?”
“Yes obviously!” He beams and you press a kiss to his lips, “That was our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend.” He smiles, when you remember your Christmas gift for him.
“Well since my boyfriend is so good at giving gifts - that Fenty lipgloss is way too expensive! But I don’t have to tell you, you’re the one who bought it-”
“I was thinking your lips looks extra shiny today… and are a bit sticky and I probably have lipgloss on my lips now but if it looks anywhere near as cute as it does on you, I don’t care.” He shrugs happily.
“And I’m not only wearing the lipgloss you gave me-”
“Wait!” He interrupts you once again and you just really want to show him what you got.
“When we were at that Christmas market I saw Betty show you something on her phone and I was unsure whether to get it or not because I didn’t know what we… were? But now I know what we are and it’s okay if you don’t want to wear it but… I’ll just show you.”
Oh no - did Peter get you clothes? Even you sometimes get your own size wrong if you don’t try it on before..
But your eyes go wide when he pulls out a little blue box. “Peter, whatever’s in there we’re too young to marry and also I feel bad now because I’m sure that definitely exceeds the price limit we set and I didn’t even come close to it, if I’m honest I couldn’t even think of a materialistic gift… not really.” But he’s still smiling.
“You being mine is the greatest gift ever.”
“Stop being cheesy and just show me what’s in there.”
“Close your eyes.” You do.
His hands go around your neck and you feel a lightweight pendant rest only an inch below the gap between your collar bones, “Can I open my eyes?”
He clasps it securely and leans back to his normal position in front of you. “Uh-huh, but seriously if you don’t like it you don’t have to wear it.” You can hear the nervosity in his voice but you open your eyes and your finger immediately go to the little letter “P” hanging from the necklace and you nearly tear up.
“Am I really that bad of a gift-giver?-”
“I love it,” He’s positively surprised and you really don’t understand why, “That way everyone can finally know I’m yours.” You kiss him once more but he pulls back “Do you want that?..” And now you understand why he hesitated with the present.
You’re the one who made him feel as if you didn’t want him, not like that, only because you were too stupid to talk about your feelings openly and he’d gone a whole week thinking you were with some stupid other guy that you now realise might have only been an excuse to get with Peter in the first place - subconsciously at least.
“Yes - there’s nothing I want more than you,” A tear slips from your eye at the thought of how you made him feel - as if you didn’t want him equally as much as he wanted you for even just a second ever.
“Hey, don’t cry - we’ve got each other now and that’s all that matters.” He hugs you so tight it squeezes all the tears out of you and his happiness radiates off of him and on to you.
“I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like I don’t want that. I want to be yours and you to be mine and now I want to make up for all the time that we weren’t together and with this necklace the whole world will know too and I’m so in love with you it’s- uh I mean…” you ramble and realise you just absolutely used the words ‘in love’ - you’ve got Peter now and don’t already want to scare him off.
“You mean..?”
“Well actually… I did mean what I said - I’m in love with you,” But hiding the truth is what kept you apart all those weeks so you decide to be honest, “if you’re not ready you don’t have to say-”
“I’m in love with you, too.”
“Really?” You’re both grinning.
“Yeah… I realised a while ago.. “
You’re hugging again because it’s just too overwhelming, to finally be together and you’re so so happy that it’s Peter you’re with. And once again you remind yourself of the only gift you have for him.
“The only thing I bought is something for me, as I was trying to tell you earlier. So it’s not directly for you, nothing you can keep-”
“Doesn’t matter.” Peter chimes in. He really couldn’t care less about materialistic things, not when he has you (okay the necklace is quite cute, but he knows you’re his even without the first letter of his name around your neck.)
“But I think you’ll still like it.”
Without another word you pull your sweatshirt over your head (making sure the necklace stays on and Peter takes notice of that) to reveal some lacy lingerie, and he’s already hard.
“Second best gift ever.” He mumbles as he lies you down on your back to hover over you, he’s already touching you with so much lust in his eyes but what you also realise is love.
“The necklace is the number one best gift.” You announce.
“No the best gift is that I get to call you mine.”
You can only smile at that, lost for words because he’s already undressing you, his lips along your thighs.
“Wait no.” You stop him and he sits up.
“Let me be on top?” You straddle him and get rid of your lingerie - everything except the necklace.
And it’s all for him. Only for him. And he sees your smile and he knows that it’s just you and him. It’s you and him together, you and him against the world.
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peterbenjiparker · 7 months ago
close to my heart | p.p
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: peter parker x fem!reader
summary: you have always been extra affectionate to peter and one day he questions it
word count: 1.5K+
warnings: mentions of boobies, cuddly peter
a/n: here's some fluff because I read some dark shit that fucked me up. also thanks @fancyxparker for helping me with this!!
Tumblr media
"Why are you always so touchy with me?"
You paused, your thumb hovering over your phone screen as you looked down to find peter laying his head on your stomach. It was normal, an every day occurrence that he never questioned before.
"Why? You don't like it?" You teased, not looking away from your phone.
Peter shook his head, a small smile playing on his lips as he grabbed your wrist, guiding it to the bedside table. You placed your phone on the table, glancing back, only to find a satisfied grin on his face.
"Now that I have your attention." Peter chuckled lightly, his chin resting on your stomach as he looked up at you with hooded eyes, a few pieces of his hair almost covering his eyes. "Why are you so affectionate with me?"
"Why?" You shrugged, pushing his hair back from his forehead as he leaned into your gentle touch. "Maybe I am just an affectionate person."
You were lying. Yes, you were an affectionate person, but only for peter. He was right to be curious about it. He was your best friend, you have known him since you both were seven. You both went to the same elementary school and you were glad you ran into him at the park.
When you saw him for the first time, you almost laughed. Which explained why little kids were so mean. He was sitting back on the ground, his arms and clothes covered in dust as he sniffled, holding his injured knee.
You wanted to make a comment about how it wasn't even a big deal. He was just being dramatic because he just scraped his knee while running towards the slide. But there he was, crying and wiping his nose as he held his knee.
You only intended to give him your handkerchief and help him stand up, but when he looked up at you with his big brown eyes and mumbled a small 'thanks', you knew you made a new friend.
"My mommy always kisses my knee when I get hurt. It makes the pain go away." You told him, waving your hands, pointing in the air to show the direction where the pain went. "Where's your mommy?"
He just sniffled in response, wiping his nose with his sleeve.
"I don't have one."
"Oh," you held his shoulder, proud that you were taller than him but pushed the thought at the back of your mind. You squeezed his shoulder, contemplating what to say next as you turned him to look at you. "I can kiss your pain away."
"Really?" He asked, looking up at you with hopeful eyes and you nodded, smiling widely.
"I won't kiss your knee, though. It's dusty." You wrinkled your nose and Peter nodded, tilting his head in confusion.
"What do you want to kiss?"
You pressed a quick kiss on his cheek, pulling away, only to find a blush coating his cheeks. He smiled shyly, fiddling with his shirt.
"Thank you." He mumbled, looking up you shyly. " helped."
You wrapped your arms around his skinny frame. "I'll always give you kisses because your mommy can't, okay?"
Your seven year old self had taken it upon herself to give him all the love you could because he said he didn't have a mother. You knew he had his aunt may and uncle ben, but some extra love didn't hurt, did it?
You have always been more affectionate with each other since you were kids. Hugging him whenever you wanted, kissing his cheek as goodbyes, sleeping in the same bed during sleepovers, cuddling and holding hands. It was your thing.
"You're not an affectionate person, though." Peter said, pushing himself up to rest his head on your chest and you raised your eyebrows at him, your fingers brushing his curls.
"What do you mean?" You chuckled, playing with his curls. "You're literally laying on me, how am I not an affectionate person?"
"Yeah, but...but you're like this only with me." He said, holding your gaze as he hesitantly mumbled the next words. "It's our thing, right?"
"Our thing?" You bit your lip as you batted your eyelashes as innocently as you could. "I am like this with all of my friends."
"No, you're not." He let out an annoyed huff, wrapping his arms around your waist. "You only kiss me on the cheek."
"I kiss MJ's cheeks sometimes." You lied, which was not really a believable lie because everyone knew MJ was not a big fan of physical affection.
"Liar." Peter scoffed, narrowing his eyes at you. "You only let me into your room at night."
"You're the only one allowed to be out this late." You replied flatly. "I won't let you in if you came from the door, peter. You are the only one who can crawl on the wall and come to my window."
"You still let me in! It's basically my second home."
It was.
He came to your window whenever he didn't feel like going back home, he shot May a text and crawled into your room. He usually slipped into your bed, cuddling you if you were asleep.
Or whenever you were awake, you both fell asleep while talking. He mostly talked about his patrol and his soothing voice was enough to lull you to sleep.
"Well, I won't let any of my friends to freeze outside when it's fucking snowing." You shook your head. "Especially the one who decided to fight crime."
Peter groaned in annoyance. "You only let me cuddle you."
"Stop comparing me to your dog." Peter rolled his eyes. "I mean...what I mean is, you wouldn't let Ned sleep on your boobs now, would you?"
You giggled, patting his cheek. "I let my dog cuddle me too."
"What?" You laughed as he buried his face in your chest, rubbing his face against your boobs, his arms tightening around your waist. "Why would I? He's my friend."
"So why do I get the special treatment?" Peter asked, placing soft kisses on your clothed boobs as your cheeks heated up, a coy smile spreading on your lips.
"Maybe because you're my best friend."
"Y/n/n." Peter whined, propping himself up on his elbows, hovering over you. The blanket shifted, sliding down his back and exposing both of you to the harsh cold of winter.
"Peter." You copied his tone, laughing as he leaned in, his face hovering over yours as he playfully narrowed his eyes at you.
"Just best friend?"
"Why?" You played with the neck of his sweater, your nails scratching his collar bone lightly as his grip tightened on your waist. "Do you want to be something more?"
Peter rolled his eyes, his lips almost touching yours. "Y/n—"
You cut him off with your lips. His eyes widened as you capture his lips in a mind-reeling kiss, his words dying in his throat as your hand moved up to his hair.
He melted into your touch, letting his body rest on yours. You gasped into his mouth as his body pressed you into the mattress, enveloping you in his warmth. His hand came up to cup your cheek, gently caressing your face as he pulled away for some air.
You licked your lips, savoring the taste of his strawberry chap stick that you forced him to apply because his lips were always chapped in winter. Your thumb brushed against his rosy cheeks, his eyes fluttering shut, leaning into your touch.
He opened his eyes, a shy smile on his face as he leaned down to press a quick kiss on your lips. "Hi."
"Hey." You let out a breathy laugh as heat rushed up to your cheeks.
"Hi." Peter said again, offering you giddy smile.
"You already said that." You teased, brushing his hair back.
"Right." He bit his lower lip, blushing under your gaze. "So, am I getting an upgrade from best friend to boyfriend?"
"Let me think." You hummed, tilting your head, pretending to think. "I don't know. I think I need to kiss you again just to make sure that you deserve the upgrade."
"Oh?" Peter teased, brushing the stray hair out of your face. "I'll make sure to let you know just how deserving I am of that upgrade."
"Peter!" You swatted at the back of his head, heat rushing to your cheeks as you looked away. "At least take me on a date before doing...that."
"What...?" Peter spluttered, realization hitting him. "I didn't mean it like that!"
"Sure you didn't." You teased, rolling your eyes. "Best friend."
"Y/n!" Peter whined, pulling you closer, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. "I wanna be your boyfriend."
You laughed, threading your fingers through his curls as his muffled words made your chest swell with love. "Do you?"
"Please." Peter looked up, pouting petulantly. He leaned up to place a kiss on the corner of your mouth. "Can I be your boyfriend now?"
"Yep." You pecked his lips, laughing lightly. "You're so cute."
"You're cuter." Peter whispered, peppering kisses down your jaw. "I love you."
You pulled his face up, pulling him in for a sweet kiss. "Love you more."
Tumblr media
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waitimcomingtoo · a year ago
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: Peter is the only one of the Avengers who doesn’t tease you for being a little slow 
Tumblr media
Now you weren’t exactly dumb.
You were just a little slow.
When you joined the Avengers last year, the team learned pretty quickly that your mind moved at a different pace than everyone else. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing and it didn’t keep you from doing your job, it just meant you were the butt of most of the jokes. Every time one of your blunders happened, your intelligence would be mocked in some way. You knew it was all in good fun, but it hurt to it feelings every now and then. The only person who never poked fun at you was Peter. And for that reason, he was your favorite on the team.
“How are there 23 minutes left in this movie and I still don’t know any of the characters names?” Steve wondered as you all sat in the couch in Stark Towers, watching a movie on a particularly rainy afternoon.
“I think the main kids name is Phoenix. That’s all I got though.” Sam shook his head, just as confused as Steve.
“The dogs name is Benson.” Bucky mumbled quietly.
“Who names their kid Phoenix?” Peter wondered out loud as he shoveled popcorn into his mouth. The two of you were tucked into the corner of the couch, sharing a blanket and bowl of popcorn. You looked at him like he was crazy when you heard his question.
“Ummm, Joaquin Phoenix’s parents.” You scoffed and rolled your eyes. You turned your attention back to the movie as a silence settled in the room. You felt everyone’s eyes on you after a minute and looked around to see everyone staring at you with a dumbfounded expression.
“What?” You asked shyly, shrinking down a little in your seat in discomfort.
“That’s his last name.” Sam stated, chuckling a little under his breath. You realized your mistake and felt your face heat up.
“Oh.” You mumbled, your voice getting drowned out as the rest of the Avengers laughed at your expense.
“Did she really just say that?” Nat looked at the group with a playful smile. Everyone, excluding Peter, nodded as their laughter died down.
“Oh my God.” Steve chuckled. “That’s so stupid.”
There was that word again.
He didn’t mean it maliciously. Steve was the kinda of guy who ushered spiders into a magazine so he could let them outside. And yet, it still stung when he said that word.
You smiled sheepishly and tried to focus on the movie, snuggling closer to Peters side until it ended. You were fully aware that he was the only one who didn’t laugh, and you loved him that.
And maybe you loved him for a few other reasons too.
“Alright. Who has money for the subway?” Sam asked the group as he patted his empty pockets. You were on another late night trip to get cookies from a specific shop in Times Square, leaving without Tony’s knowledge. Everyones hands went to their pockets and collectively made a face.
“Not me.” Rhodey shrugged.
“I don’t have any.” Bruce added.
“I don’t even have pockets.” Nat realized.
“I have gum.” Peter proudly produced a silver wrapper from his pocket. “Oh wait, it’s just a wrapper.”
“You’re telling me we’re earth’s mightiest heroes and we’re broke?” Sam shook his head is disdain.
“I gave my last dollar to a guy in the subway for playing music.” Peter defended himself.
“What was he playing?” You asked him as you tiredly leaned against his arm.
“A mandolin.” Peter answered, making your face scrunch up.
“That’s a language.” You laughed at him slightly, feeling empowered by having the upper hand. Everyone looked at you and a few of them snorted.
“Mandarin is a language.” Bruce said gently, not wanting to embarrass you further. “Not mandolin.” 
“What?” You blinked in confusion and looked to Peter for answers.
“A mandolin is an instrument, dummy.” Sam chortled. You smiled tightly as the group laughed at your mistake, looking down to hide your blush.
“Oh. Sorry. My bad.” You laughed shyly as you tucked your hair behind your ear and pretending to read a nearby sign.
“That’s okay.” Peter spoke up in your defense. “They sound really similar. Plus like, French, French Horn. Who knows what’s going on?”
“Yeah.” Bucky said softly. “Or like, bra’s aren’t pointy anymore.”
Bruce nodded like it made perfect sense and Sam just shook his head as he texted.
“What?” You whispered to Peter, not knowing what he meant.
“He’s from the 1920s. He’s still adjusting.” Peter whispered to you out of the corner of his mouth before looking at Bucky. “That’s the spirit. Kind of.”
“FRIDAY is sending a car.” Sam informed the group. “This is never happening again. The cookies aren’t that good.”
“They’re pretty good.” Rhodey shrugged, but wanting the late Nate tradition to end. Sam looked at him for a moment before breaking into a smile.
“Hell yeah they are. Let’s do this again tomorrow.”
Bruce found you in the lab the next day with a pin between your teeth and a pencil behind your ear. Papers with drawings of suits were scattered around the table as you measured a piece of black fabric.
“What are you doing?” Bruce wondered as he took a seat across from you. You glanced up at him before marking a dot on the fabric.
“Mr. Stark asked me to help him with the new suits. I’m trying to make a fabric template for Nat’s gloves.” You told him as you smoothed the fabric out.
“Is it hard?” He asked, watching you intently as you worked.
“Not really.” You shrugged and took a step back to examine your work. “Okay. How many holes do we need? 1,2,3,4,5.” You counted your fingers. “Okay. Five holes.”
You sat back down and put five dots where her fingers would be to mark where you had to cut. You heard a slight chuckle from Bruce and looked up at him curiously.
“Did you just count your fingers?” He asked slowly, wanting to make sure he saw what he thought he had. “To know how many fingers Nat has?”
Your face burned when you realized how dumb you looked, in front of a scientific genius no less.
“Oh, Uh, yeah.” You stammered, feeling very insecure with him watching you now. You moved slower than before and second guessed moves you’d already made a hundred times. Bruce sensed your discomfort and got out of his seat, tapping the table twice as he thought.
“Have you ever heard the expression “the lights are on but nobody’s home’?” He asked you and you were grateful he changed the subject.
“Yeah, I think I have.” You smiled, proud of yourself for knowing something.
“It reminds me of you.” Bruce said so politely that you didn’t realize it was an insult at first. He left the lab to find Tony, leaving you feeling embarrassed and a little hurt. Everyone knew Bruce could hurt you ten times worse with his words than the Hulk could with his fists, you’d just never been his target before. You slumped down in your seat and continued making the gloves, your mood significantly dampened from before he came in the room.
You walked into the kitchen the next morning, sleepily rubbing your eyes. You pressed a chaste kiss on Peters shoulder as you passed him, also more affectionate to your best friend when you were half asleep. You smiled at Rhodey, who was seated at the bar and skimming through a newspaper.
“Did you eat yet?” You asked him through a yawn as you got out yogurt and fruit for yourself.
“No. I needed my coffee first.” He smiled sleepily at you and held up his mug.
“Oh, you mean your sugar with a spoonful of coffee?” You teased him. “Yeah, it’s good you got that out of the way.”
“I prefer it this way. The sugar wakes me up.” Peter defended his drink as he took a sip.
“That’s what the caffeine is supposed to do, mi amor.” You laughed as you ruffled his bed head ridden hair. He was about to make a comeback when his stomach rumbles loudly.
“Someone’s hungry.” You remarked. “Do you want eggs?”
“No thanks.” Peter shook his head. “I can’t eat eggs alone.”
“Well I’m here. And Rhodey’s right there, so you’re not alone.” You told him. “And I can grab Steve and Bucky. They’re just in the other room.”
Rhodey looked up from his newspaper with raised eyebrows and looked at Peter. Peter set his mug down and made a face at Rhodey that told him not to say anything. You looked between the two of them in confusion as you wondered what was going on.
“I meant alone as in without toast, sweetness.” Peter said gently, not wanting you to feel dumb for misunderstanding. “But I am glad you’re here.”
“Oh.” You faked a smile and shrugged like it was no big deal. Peter had handled the situation with ease and you didn’t feel as embarrassed as you normally would. That is until…
“You know, Y/n, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.” Rhodey nodded before going back to his newspaper. You froze with your spoonful of yogurt midway to your mouth and looked at him. He didn’t actually call you dumb, but it was implied. You looked at Peter to see if he was thinking the same thing, but his face had nothing but kindness on it.
“You are pretty.” He agreed with Rhodey. “But you’re a lot of other things too.”
You cracked a smile and rubbed his back for a moment in appreciation.
“Thanks Peter.” You said softly and went back to your breakfast. Not wanting to worry him, you ignored the way Rhodey’s comment made you feel and tried to push it from your mind. But no hard you tried to focus on other things, you had one thought prodding at the back of your head.
You were dumb.
A week went by without anyone poking fun at your intelligence. You had a sneaking suspicion Peter had something to do with the lack of comments, but you said nothing. It was nice to have a break from all the teasing and it made hanging out with the team more enjoyable. You all lingered around the kitchen one day, eating all different kinds of lunch when Tony came in the room.
“Eat up, funky bunch.” He clapped his hands. “We have a mission in Alaska to train for and I need all hands on deck. Cap, do you think you can teach Peter that spinny thingy you do?”
“I can try.” Steve looked at Peter and nodded.
“Great. I’m getting a manicure. I’ll be back around noon.” Tony informed you all.
“Wait, I thought you said all hands on deck.” You tilted your head at him.
“I did. Which I why I have to make sure my hands look the best.” Tony waved flirtatiously, wiggling his fingers around like a teenage girl. He smirked as his action was met with some eye rolls and a few chuckles before leaving the room.
“I can’t believe we’re going to Alaska.” Peter nudged you excitedly and you smiled with glee.
“Is Alaska the same as the North Pole? Or am I thinking of Antarctica?” Sam wondered out loud.
“No. The North Pole is all the way at the top. Alaska is below California. Like by Texas.” You said confidently, proud that you knew information that someone else didn’t. Your pride quickly dissipated when you saw the teams faces twist in amusement.
“Wait a minute.” Steve looked at you like you were joking. You shrugged, letting him know you weren’t. Sam burst out laughing and clapped his hands as the rest of the team began to laugh.
“Absolutely not.” Sam grinned as he wiped a tear from his eye.
“Yes it is.” You insisted. “Look at any US map. It’s on the bottom by Hawaii.”
You were getting angry now. You knew you were right this time and they were still teasing you.
“No.” Bucky shook his head is dismissal. “No.”
“Alaska is below California on every map I’ve ever seen. You’re telling me I’m wrong?” You our your hand on your hip and stared at them.
“100%. I am 100% telling you you’re wrong.” Sam said between his laughter. Peter came to your side and showed you a picture of a map on his phone.
“Alaska is US territory but it’s not connected to the rest of the states. They just put it below California on maps to show it’s a part of the US. Thats not actually where it’s located.” He said quietly. You looked at the map for a few seconds before you realized he was right. And if he was right…
You were wrong.
“Oh.” You smiled apologetically and averted your eyes. “Oops.”
You turned around and pretending to clean up the kitchen to hide your searing blush. Your fingers clenched around your sponge when you heard the teasing laughter from behind you.
“Sometimes I wonder how you made it out of high school.” Steve joked as he threw out the crusts of his sandwich. The comment stung you and you began to scrub the counter faster so you could leave the room sooner. Peter could see your shoulders tense and put a reassuring hand on your back. You gave him a tight lipped smiled before putting your dish in the sink.
“I’m still wondering how she made it out of first grade.” Nat teased you and she poked your side.
“I can’t believe she made it out of the womb in the first place with nobody telling her where to go.” Sam said, making everyone laugh loudly. You abruptly threw a dish in the sink, making everyone go silent. You tuned around slowly and faked a smile.
“Haha. Yeah.” You forced a laugh. “I’ll catch you guys later.”
You swiftly left the room before anyone could catch your tears. You felt stupid for even getting upset over it, but their words hurt. Feeling like you were always the dumbest person in the room was taking a toll on you, especially when you weren’t the only one who felt that way. Peter watched you leave with sympathetic eyes, feeling his own frustration bubble at the sound of the team laughing at you. He thought they had listened the first time he told them to stop making fun of you, but they clearly hadn’t. After seeing the pained look on your face, Peter made a decision.
It was never going to happen again.
“Ugh. I’m never gonna get this right.” Peter groaned as he messed up the move Steve was trying to teach him once again.
“You’re getting too much inside your head. Just let it happen naturally.” Steve instructed as he resumed his stance. Peter tried the move again, wiping out and landing on his side with a thud. You watched him out of the corner of your eye as you spared with Nat.
“I can’t.” Peter got up and rubbed his arm. “I can’t do it.”
Steve nodded, like he was accepting Peters defeat. You stopped sparing and looked at Peter.
“Yes you can. Come on, Peter.” You encouraged him. “Everyone told Van Gogh that he couldn’t be an artist because he only had one ear but he did it anyway.”
The room feel silent, as it often did when you spoke, and everyone looked down.
“Oh dear Lord.” Rhodey sighed and hung his head and he snickered. You could see everyone else fighting back laughter or cracking a smile, yet saying nothing.
“What?” You crossed your arms in annoyance, looming to Peter for help.
“He chopped his ear off after becoming an artist.” Peter said kindly. “He wasn’t born without one.”
You opened your mouth to speak, but Tony beat you to it.
“Speaking of ears, do you think of you shone a light in one of Y/n’s ears, it would come out the other ear?” Tony quipped, making everyone laugh. The tips of your ears burned as that feeling of stupidity sunk in again. You undid the Velcro on your boxing gloves and pretended to wipe sweat from your face as you rushed to the bin where the gloves went. You kept your back to the group and pretending to be putting your gloves away when you were really concealing your pained expression.
“Yes.” Nat jeered. “Yes I do.”
Your shoulders slumped with exhaustion as you turned around, making every effort to keep your face neutral. Your face didn’t give away any signs of sadness, but your knuckles turning white from how hard you were gripping the bin gave your true feelings away. Peter noticed this and felt his jaw clench. If you weren’t gonna tell them to stop, he was.
“Leave her alone, guys.” He commanded the crowd before looking at you. “Thanks for the encouragement, Y/n. I’m gonna keep trying.”
“It’s fine.” You nodded curtly. “I’m gonna hit the showers. I’ll see you guys at dinner.”
You walked out of the gym, pausing in place when you heard Sams voice.
“Hit the showers?” He laughed. “We just started.”
“Shhh. Don’t confuse the poor girl any further.” Bruce joked back. You looked back at the gym with your eyebrows knit together, taking a quiet step closer to hear what they were saying about you without you there.
“She’s probably like, ‘whats this magic closet that makes rain?’” Rhodey imitated your voice, making you sound as dense as possible.
“Knock it off guys. It’s not funny.” Peter snapped, but the teasing continued.
“Or like, ‘this shampoo says it adds volume, but I used it and I can’t hear any louder than before’.” Tony mocked you, skipping around a little like a child. Your face contorted in misery as they made fun of you. You knew who they really were, and they were good people. They didn’t intend to hurt your feelings, they were only joking around like they did with everyone. Steve was teased all the time for his old fashioned dialect and no one lets Tony live down the kimono incident. Still, all their insults and mockery cut you like a knife.
“Ahh, I love that girl.” Nat shook her head with a smile. “She’s so dumb.”
“She may be slow, but she’s entertaining as hell.” Sam nodded in agreement.
“I said knock it off.” Peter repeated, getting a reaction this time.
“Aw. Peters mad because we’re teasing his girlfriend.” Nat pouted and pinched Peters cheek. She quickly realized how wholesome she was being and punched Bucky in the face to maintain her lethal assassin persona.
“She’s not my girlfriend.” Peter grumbled. Now that you were out of the room, he was the next target.
“He’s right. Hey, maybe that’s why you guys haven’t gotten together yet.” Rhodey shrugged. “She’s too stupid to realize you’re in love with her.”
That was all you had to hear. You ran towards your with tears running down your face. Thanks to Peters advanced heating, he heard every heavy footstep.
“Okay. Maybe she is a little slow.” Peter shook his head in disdain at the team. “But you guys are idiots.”
You were quiet the entire way to Alaska, keeping to yourself and silently looking out the window. Peter attempted to talk to you once or twice, but he could tell you wanted to be alone. The Avengers completed the mission within a few hours with minor damage to the area. Peter focused on his job but found himself looking for you every now and then, being as you usually stayed together during missions. He didn’t see you anywhere and assumed you were doing your own thing on the other side of the field. He heart rest assured when he saw you boarding the jet, still looking reserved and aloof from the rest of the team. You took a seat by the window and rested your chin on your hand, looking out at the bleak landscape in front of you as the jet took off. Peter didn’t engage in small talk with the rest of the team and wistfully stared at you instead, silently willing you to cheer up.
“I think that went pretty well.” Rhodey nodded and the team agreed. “But where were you the whole time, Y/n? Picking daisies?”
Peter held his breath as you slowly turned around. You gave Rhodey a frigid smile and shook your head.
“We came during a blizzard so I used my powers to create a heated force field around the area we were in to prevent frostbite and give you guys and easier time seeing in the snow. We were also at a higher altitude than any of us are used to so I kept the air pressure to sea level standard.” You said simply. “And I assumed there would be smoke from the battle so I rounded up the nearby animals and made a separate for field around them to protect their lungs.”
The room went silent, something you were used to at this point. But instead of everyone falling silent because they were laughing at you, they were impressed.
“Oh.” Rhodey blinked in surprise, not expecting the answer he was given.
“I also picked this flower.” You smiled proudly as you produced a Forget Me Not from your lap. Peter couldn’t keep the grin from breaking through on his face. You were the center of attention once again, but in a good way this time. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with what you had done and it showed.
“I didn’t think about the altitude.” Nat realized.
“I had no idea there was a blizzard.” Steve added, looking dumbfounded.
“Because I kept you from knowing.” You shrugged. “I wanted you guys to focus on the mission.”
“I mean, I knew. I just didn’t tell you guys because I was so distracted by my buffed and polished nails.” Tony twiddled his fingers again, showing off his freshly manicured nails. You all laughed, breaking the tension in the jet.
“Well look at that.” Sam looked impressed. “Y/n knew something we didn’t.”
It was almost a compliment, but it still made you feel insecure. You didn’t want it to be this mind boggling every time you did something useful.
“Thanks, Y/n. That was really smart.” Peter said softly as he patted your knee. You put your hand over his and squeezed it. It was the first time someone called your smart, and it made you feel good.
“It was really smart.” Sam said skeptically. He stared at you for a moment before poking your side.
“What are you doing?” You swatted his hand away.
“Just making sure you’re still in there.” He eyed you suspiciously. Peter could sense the attention was making you uncomfortable and changed the subject.
“Are we almost home?” He asked Tony before peering out the window. The flight was a little over 7 hours on a normal plane, but the Stark jet was much quicker. The flight would only take a few hours, but Peter was not known for being patient.
“Yes, Peter. We are almost back at the tower. You can get your diaper changed and your bottle as soon as we get back.” Tony sassed him, making him shrink in his seat. Your body language had completely changed and your were now sitting straight, facing the group. Peter was glad you were feeling better and didn’t even mind Tony’s comment.
“Guys, let’s be civil. We’re all tired. We all want to get home.” You said calmly. “Let’s just focus on how pretty the sky looks tonight. Isn’t is pretty, Peter?”
He gazed at your profile as you looked out the window at the stars, admiring how pretty you looked from the side.
“Yeah. It’s beautiful.” He conceded without ever taking his eyes off you. You shot him a smile before looking straight ahead at the dashboard.
“Wow, the moon is huge!” You pointed time a large yellow crescent that could be seen through the window.
“That’s literally the reflection of my banana on the windshield.” Tony deadpanned. He may have been right, but it still looked pretty.
“Should we make a wish?” You asked Peter, ignoring Tony’s comment.
“On the banana?” He asked.
“Yes.” You nodded. “On the banana.”
“Why?” Rhodey asked. “It’s not like people wish on the moon.”
“It feels like we should.” You said with confidence.
“Yep. She’s still in there.” Sam chuckled. And just like that, your confidence receded.
“I hate it here.” Bucky sighed heavily and tuned out of the conversation.
“It must be so peaceful being you, Y/n.” Tony remarked.
“Why do you say that?” You wondered.
“Because instead of thinking about your problems and mistrials, you simply don’t think at all.” Tony said suavely. In only a better for minutes, you’d gone from being the hero to the laughing stock of the group. The sly comments and taunting laughter made you feel like you should stop opening your mouth entirely. You faked a smile and turned back towards the window, tuning out the rest of the way home. Peter chewed his lip as he stared at you, feeling useless to helping you out. The team just wouldn’t let up, no matter how many times he told them to stop. Knowing you weren’t in the mood to talk, he scooted closer to you and put a comforting hand on your back. You smiled warmly at him and rested your head on his shoulder, listening to him point out the constellations the whole way home.
The next day, you and Peter were sitting in the balcony, working on some new gadgets for Mr. Stark when Peter made a startling discovery.
“Where’s my right web shooter?” Peter stood up in a panic when he realized it was missing. “I left it right here.”
“Maybe a bird carried it off.” You shrugged as you twisted a tiny screw into Peters left web shooter.
“I’m being serious, Y/n.” Peter stated. “Mr. Stark is going to kill me and turn me into a decorative rug if I lost it.”
“I’m being serious too. We live in New York and I see birds around here all the time.” You told him as you continued your work. “And you know the pigeons here are feral. A bird probably stole it to pay for his child support.”
Peter usually entertained your antics and joined in with his own batch of sarcasm, but he wasn’t in the mood. His web shooter was missing and their were actual stakes involved. Without his web shooter, he couldn’t be Spiderman. And without Spider-Man, he couldn’t be an Avenger.
“Can you be serious for once?“ Peter whined, picking up everything on the table to look under it.
“I’m just saying it’s possible, Peter. You never know.” You insisted as you put your screw driver down to help him look. You began looking in the flower pots on the windowsill that you and Peter had planted. Peter stopped his search for a moment, growing angry with you for wasting time. He didn’t know if you were joking around or genuine believed his web shooter was in the flower pots, but it made him frustrated nonetheless. A combination of his lack of sleep and stress over losing the webshooter manifested into a moment of unchecked rage.
“No, it’s not possible.” He snapped. “A bird didn’t steal my web shooter. God, do you have to be so stupid?” 
 The word hung in the air for a moment, settling in to the both of you. Peters eyes immediately softened, feeling instant regret for what he had said. You stopped trifling through the plants and slowly turned around.
“What?” You asked quietly. Peter tightened his lips into a line and tried to justify what he had said.
“I try to defend you but you make it so hard. Can you help me out a little here and not be so…” He trailed off when he realized he had only made it worse. Your face hardened and you looked disappointed in Peter, which killed him. He would have preferred anger or even sadness, but the disappointment killed him.
“So what?” You shrugged. “Finish your sentence Peter.”
“I didn’t mean that.”
“No, really, go ahead.” You stated coldly. “You got this far. So what, Peter?”
He looked at you for a moment, getting that feeling of wishing you could turn back time just a few seconds to fix a mistake.
“So dumb all the time.” He finished his sentence with an unsteady voice. Your face scrunched up in a pained expression as you sucked in and let out a shaky breath.
“You were the only one who never called me that.” You whimpered before moving past him and going inside. Peter watched you through the open balcony doors as you disappeared into the hallway with a heavy heart. His mouth was open to apologize, but you were long gone. He’d seen you being ridiculed so many times already, and now he was the one doing it. All that talk about it never happening again, only for him to be the reason it happened. Peter couldn’t live with himself for another minute without you knowing how sorry he was. He took a step towards the doorway until he heard a pigeon land on the table. He watched it curiously for a moment as it pecked at the screwdriver you had been using before picking it up with its beak. It flew over to the edge and began to walk along the railing, still keeping the screwdriver in his mouth. Peter followed the pigeon, walking all the way down the balcony to find a large nest in the corner. He watched as it dropped the screwdriver into its nest, right next to his web shooter.
“Holy shit. A bird stole my web shooter.” Peter said in disbelief. Peter watched as baby pigeons poked out from inside the web shooter to greet the other pigeon.
“Holy shit. A bird stole my web shooter for his kids.” Peters eyes widened even more than they already were. Realized struck him and his shoulders slumped.
“She was right.” He mumbled, angry at himself more than ever. “I yelled at her and she was right.”
Peter wasted no time in rescuing his web shooter from the birds, offering them a nice biodegradable coffee cup in its place, and ran to the kitchen to make you a peace offering. He knocked softly on your door and didn’t wait for an answer before going in.
“I made you this cup of tea as an apology.” Peter stiffly held out a mug with an awkward smile on his face. You looked at Peter from your bed, eyes puffy like you had been crying. You stared at each other for a long time, you with a death glare and Peter with his awkward smile. Neither of you said a word as Peter continued to hold out the mug. After two full minute of silence, a bead of sweat ran down Peters face as he looked around nervously, never breaking his smile. You let out an angry sigh and decided to throw him a bone, crossing the room to accept his mug. You looked into the cup for a moment before looking back at Peter.
“This is empty.” You deadpanned.
“I don’t know how to make tea.” Peter whispered, never breaking eye contact.
“I’ve seen you make it.” You snapped.
“I forgot how to do it.” Peters eyes shifted nervously to the side.
“Bucky was in the kitchen, wasn’t he?”
“I know he hates me.” Peter talked over you as you groaned. “I know he does.”
“Just go away.” You tried to close the door but he kept it open.
“No.” Peter said firmly. “I came in here to apologize.”
“You see this?” You held up the mug for a Peter to see. “It’s my cup of care. And look at that” ,you dumped the cup over, “it’s empty.”
Peter stared at your demonstration with raised eyebrows, surprised that you were still able to be sarcastic when he hurt you. Peter took the mug from your hands and set it on the ground before slowly looking up at your face.
“You’re not stupid.” He said softly with all the sincerity his heart could give. You scoffed and folded your arms, looking to the side when you felt tears sting your eyes.
“Yes I am.” You said like you fully believed it, which was Peters worse fear. “Everyone says so. Even you.”
It hit Peter like a sheet of glass when you looked at him like that.
Like he was someone you didn’t want around.
“I didn’t mean to say that.” Peter apologized. “That is not how I feel. At all.”
“Don’t act like you’ve never thought about saying that before.” You laughed sadly. “Everyone on the team calls me dumb. It was only a matter of time before you did it too.”
“I didn’t mean it.” Peter repeated. “I don’t think you’re stupid.”
“Bullshit.” You snapped. “You’re so full of bullshit.”
“I’m not full of bullshit.” He whined like a child and gave you puppy dog eyes. “I’m full of regret.”
You chewed the inside of your cheek as he gave you his best pout, willing you to forgive him. Finally, you caved and cracked a smile.
“I hate you.” You stamped your foot and hung your head, frustrated with yourself for not being able to stay mad at him. Peter opened his arms and you walked into them, arms still folded angrily. You bumped your forehead against his shoulder before moving to rest your chin on it as he wrapped his arms around you. Peter nestled against your hair and sighed, happy that you had forgiven him but still saddened that he had hurt you in the first place. He could see the pile of used tissues on your bed and it killed him to know he made you cry.
“I didn’t mean to call you that. I really didn’t.” He said softly. “I’m the one who’s been trying to stop people from saying that.”
“But they still do it.” You sniffled. “Everyday I get called dumb or stupid or scalene.”
“I think it’s obtuse, not scalene.” Peter reluctantly corrected you. You pulled away and little and let Peter wipe the tears from your face.
“Maybe they’re right.” You shrugged and looked Peter in the eyes. “Maybe I am dumb.”
Peter kept your face between his hands, staring at you for a moment before sighing.
“I once sneezed so many times in a row that I peed my pants.” Peter deadpanned. “I was 17.”
“What?” You chuckled as you wiped your nose.
“I saw Bucky try to take a piece of toast out of the toaster with his metal arm and electrocute himself.” He continued. “And I constantly see Tony bumping into glass doors.”
“I don’t understand.” You squinted your eyes, but sure what point he was trying to make.
“Steve still picks up the phone and asks for the operator. Nat leaves her curling iron plugged in all the time. I do not think Sam knows the address of where we live and I’m pretty sure Rhodey can’t do laundry. He gets all his stuff dry cleaned, even his socks.”
“Why are you telling me all of this?” You asked.
“Because were all dumb.” Peter concluded. “We all do and say dumb things. You don’t know where Alaska is and no one in this tower can read analog clocks. If we’re all dumb, then maybe none of us are dumb. Or we all are. Who cares?” Peter shrugged, making you laugh. “And you were right. A bird did carry off my web shooter. So no, you’re no dumb. Or stupid. Or obtuse. You’re, uh, you- you…” Peter looked down at he fumbled over his words.
“I’m what?” You raised an eyebrow. You could finish his sentence last time, but this time you were lost.
“You’re…” Peter tampered off again, staring at your confused expression for a moment before pulling you into a kiss. Your hands clenched into a fist and slowly uncurled as you relaxed into the kiss. Peter pulled away too soon and let his eyes flutter open. They met yours and you shared a moment of hesitation, not knowing what happened rest next.
“I’m gonna be honest lovey, I didn’t really have an ending to that sentence.” Peter chris joes softly, his breath fanning your face. “That was mainly improv.”
“You’re pretty good at improv, Parker.” You cracked a smile and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“I did a little bit of theater in high school.” He shrugged smugly, making you giggle.
“Mmm. I severely don’t want to hear about that.” You teased before kissing him again.
“Oh, I think you do.” Peter remarked. “Because I once went to the bathroom during intermission with my mic still on and the entire audience heard me peeing.”
“Oh my God.” You laughed. “You’re so stupid.”
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lousimusician · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Request: Generally I feel like fanfics have Peter being the sub/one who doesn’t know anything about sex. But how about one where even though Peter doesn’t have a lot experience, he’s not a virgin either. And the reader is the one who is clueless and after dating Peter for a while she wants to start having different types of sex with him and it’s just Them over a period of months going through the different types of sex (starting with like oral and then fingering then all the way etc). And along the way they figure out her kinks and stuff. With Peter explaining stuff to the reader because he knows more than her. And maybe a little bit of dom peter? Thanks! Love you so much!
Needless to say, this series is 18+
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Experienced (Sequel) [Coming Soon]
How You Two Met
How You Two Became Closer
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peterbenjiparker · 6 months ago
invisible string | p.p
Tumblr media
summary: you were content with the way your life was, until you woke up with a red string wound around your fingertips. and the red string just had to link you to your best friend, peter. now you were subjected to a possible life of no love as you watched peter, your soulmate, fall for someone else all the while getting fucked over by the universe in the worst way possible.
warnings: childhood best friends to lovers, soulmate au, slow burn, hurt/comfort, angst with a happy ending, fluff, mentions of sex, swearing
word count: 116.6k (acc. to the latest chapter)
status: on-going
Tumblr media
↳ zero: invisible string (tying you to me)
you wake up to a nightmare, gwen invites peter over to study, harry and mj are disgustingly cute
↳ one: when he makes you smile
peter has a study date with gwen, mj and harry try to get it on but you are a welcomed interruption and aunt may had a summer fling.
↳ two: her picture in your wallet
ned is obssessed with gwen stacy, harry is a good boy, peter is just trying to get his shit together, flash can be a nosy bitch when he wants to
↳ three: slipping through my fingertips
flash surprisingly gives out good advice, everybody likes peter’s ass, peter fucks shit up, mj and harry make out in the school library and you are straight up not having a good time
↳ four: holding onto nothing
harry starts a group chat to shit talk about peter, peter looks cute in pink hello kitty apron, you start a pillow fight and gwen stacy tries to be your bestie
↳ five: missing your smile
peter steals ice cream from tony stark's kitchen, morgan learns a new word, ned has a date with betty, harry is a concerned mama hen™ and you should've kept your window locked
↳ six: half a heart - part one || part two
you cry over peter's sweater, may kicks peter out, mj drools over felicia hardy and peter brings up the strawberry chapstick (again)
↳ seven: it's always been you
↳ eight: your hand in mine
↳ nine: hell was the journey (but it brought me heaven)
Tumblr media
↳ inspired works
social media edits by @mlmarint (canon with the series) <3
beautiful fanarts by beautiful people ♡
🌻 by @cherryredkatz
🌸 by @justdrawings101
💮 by @pparkersbitch
🌼 by @frenchfrostpudding
🌷 by @e-llee
🌹 by @justlivinginfandom
🍁 by @yesdefinitelymotme
🍂 by @starknik22
🌱 by @bluecrusadearcade
lovely playlists by lovely people ♡
❤️ by @kickingn-ames
💜 by @fracturemyheart
💚 by @neverlieliliac
💙 by @giveupe4ce
🤍 by @tomshufflepuff
💛 by @ezasteral
🧡 by @unrequitedgalaxies
this beautiful edit by @appleschloss ♡
this tiktok by @ilikesushianddick-yesinthatorder!! <3
check out the tag #clowning for invisible string memes! (trust me, if you read the series you need to see these)
Tumblr media
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waitimcomingtoo · 8 months ago
Swedish Fish
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: at an awards show where you and Tom are nominated for a lot of awards together, you poke fun at the rumors about your relationship
Tumblr media
“Hello!” A journalist greeted you and Tom as you approached her on the red carpet of a low stakes award show. “You two are looking amazing.”
“Thank you.” You beamed, feeling the excitement of the night settle in with your first interview.
“Thanks so much.” Tom nodded in appreciation as he rested his hand on your back.
“So you two are nominated for quite a few awards tonight. How are you feeling? Nervous? Excited?” The journalist asked before holding her microphone out to the two of you.
“I’m really excited to be here. I’m more excited to be Y/n’s date, though. Look at her in this dress.” Tom stepped back so the camera could get a better look at your long red dress. “She’s better than any award.”
“Stop it. I don’t want to be flushed in the interviews.” You leaned against him as you briefly buried your face in his neck to hide your blush.
“Aw.” The journalist pouted at the camera. “So you two came here together?”
“We did. Almost all our nominations are together so it seemed like the right thing to do.” You explained as you kept one hand resting on Tom’s shoulder.
“That was my excuse for why I asked her.” Tom joked. “I really did it because I wanted to make everyone jealous that I had the prettiest date.”
“Oh, please.” You rolled your eyes. “He just wanted me as his date because he knows I bring snacks.”
“You brought snacks?” The journalist laughed into the microphone.
“I did.” You nodded excitedly. “I have like 6 types of candy in my bra. I have cookies and chocolate in my purse. You don’t even want to know where I’m hiding a granola bar.”
“I really want to know now.” The journalist raised her eyebrows at you.
“I’ll find out later and let you know.” Tom winked and you smacked him playfully.
“It’s the Nature Valley kind though so I’m scared to eat it.” You laughed. “They’re so crumbly.”
“Maybe you can step outside and eat it. Like a little snack break.” The journalist suggested.
“I could. I’ll do it during one of the boring speeches.” You joked.
“Who’s speech would you leave during?” The journalist asked you.
“Probably Tom’s.” You stated and he nodded along it humor you.
“Yeah. I tend to ramble.” He shrugged, making you laugh.
“Alright well I’ll let you guys get to the rest of the carpet.” The journalist said. “Thank you for chatting.”
“Thank you! Enjoy the night.” You waved goodbye to her as Tom picked up the train of your dress to make walking easier.
“She didn’t ask if we were a couple.” He whispered in your ear as you posed in front of the photographers.
“Are you upset that she didn’t?” You laughed as you looked at him.
“Frankly, I’m a little offended.” He said through a smile while keeping his eyes straight ahead.
“Don’t be. I’m sure we’ll get asked soon enough.” You told him. As far as the public was concerned, you and Tom were just friends. After being nominated for multiples joint awards for your performance as a couple in Far From Home, you had made a plan to tease the media if you won in an attempt to get them to stop asking if you were together.
“They better.” He grumbled in your ear before the both of you laughed.
He kept his hand on your back as you walked to the next journalist, the train of your dress in his other hand.
“Hi!” The journalist smiled happily at you as you stopped in front of him.
“Hello!” You matched his energy with a bright smile.
“Hey. How are you?” Tom asked politely.
“I’m doing well, thank you.” He nodded. “You two have quite a buzz around you tonight. Apparently you’re the couple to watch.”
“Any couple that’s half Tom Holland is a couple to watch. Haven’t you heard of Gyllenholland?” You raised an eyebrow and laughed.
“But that’s a bromance.” The journalist protested. “This seems more like a romance, if I’m not mistaken.”
“Unfortunately, we’re not together. There’s just something about me that he doesn’t like.” You sighed dramatically and looked away, making Tom and the journalist laugh.
“It’s the face. I can’t get past it.” Tom played along as he squished your cheeks between his fingers.
“So you’re really not a couple?” He asked as if he didn’t believe you. “I find that hard to believe.”
“Nope. Just friends.” You shook your head.
“Best friends.” Tom grinned at you before pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“You two are adorable.” The journalist commented. “And you’re nominated for a lot of awards together tonight, aren’t you?”
“We are. And that’s the way it should be. I think people enjoyed our movie as much as they did because of what we created together. It was a two person job and I’m glad it’s being acknowledged as such.” You answered honestly, making Tom’s heart soar.
“Not all of the nominations are for the both of us, though.” Tom brought up. “Y/n is nominated for best actress. And guess who’s presenting that award?” He smiled proudly.
“That’s right! Congratulations.” The journalist praised you.
“Thank you. I’m really grateful for all the nominations.”
“I’m so proud of her. I can’t wait to give you that award later.” Tom looked at you fondly.
“If I win.” You reminded him.
“Of course you’ll win.” He scoffed. “I voted for you everyday.”
“Thank you.” You rested your head on his shoulder momentarily to thank him for his support.
“So if you do win one of the joint awards, who gets to take it home?” The journalist asked you.
“We’ll just have to win them both I guess.” Tom shrugged playfully.
“I hope you do.” The journalist smiled. “I’ll see you guys out there. Good luck.”
“Thank you.” Tom shook his hand before leading you towards the entrance of the building.
“Should we find our seats?” You asked him as you checked your lipstick in a compact mirror.
“Yeah. Let’s go.” He nodded before taking your hand and walking with you inside.
An hour later after a few performances and wards had been given out, it was time for you and Tom to present an award. You nervously chewed your bottom lip as you waited for your cue, going over your prepared speech in your head.
“You ready?” You whispered to Tom, sensing he was as nervous as you were.
“I’m never ready to read, especially not in front of thousands of people on live television.” He laughed nervously. You gave him an assuring smile as rubbed his back to calm him down.
“Hey, if you can’t make out a word, just squeeze my hand. I’ll help you out.” You told him. Tom smiled back and slipped his hand into yours, giving it a gentle squeeze.
“We haven’t started yet.” You laughed at his action.
“I know.” He shrugged. “I just wanted to hold your hand.”
Before you could respond, a man with a headset came up to you and gave you a thumbs up.
“You’re on in three, two…”
“Hello everyone. We are here to present the nominees for best actor in a horror film.” Tom announced into his microphone. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see any of these films because the ticket guy always thought I was a child.” He feigned a sad face, making the audience laugh. Their positive response calmed your nerves as you held your own microphone up.
“But don’t worry. I made sure I explained the plot to him once I got home.” You added.
“Only two of them made me wet the bed.” Tom read off the prompter, one of the lines he and you hadn’t written yourself. He made a face that you couldn’t help but laugh at, calming you even further.
“I can’t believe you read that line.” You laughed into your mic.
“I know. Who wrote that?” He wondered and the audience laughed along.
“Tonight, Tom and I are nominated for Best Onscreen Couple.” You continued. “Our chemistry on screen has left a lot of people wondering if we’re a dating in real life. We’re not, by the way.”
Tom was quiet for a moment as he blinked in confusion, hesitantly raising his microphone to his lips.
“We’re not?” He asked you as if this was the first he was hearing of it. It wasn’t, of course, as you had rehearsed this many times. Your face fell just like your practiced as the crowd laughed.
“No, we’re not.” You answered him flatly.
“I just - I thought we were.” His eyes darted around as he played dumb.
“Tom. We talked about this.” You said out of the corner of your mouth.
“But…but we make out all the time.” He said and the audience erupted with laughter. “Like what about that time in your trailer?”
“That was strictly platonic.” You shrugged.
“And in the elevator?” He asked.
“You had something stuck in your teeth. I was just being a good friend and getting it out.” You smiled smugly as you looked out at the crowd.
“All those times in my car?” He emphasized, making even you laugh.
“I was method acting.” You said simply.
“But - but it was months after production wrapped.” He reminded you, earning some applause as the audience caught on to what you were doing.
“I like to get really deep.” You insisted.
“Oh.” Tom looked at the floor for a moment before snapping into a smile. “And here are tonight’s nominees.”
You paused and let the audience laugh at your bit before reading the nominees off the prompter. Tom put his hand on your back, making you look at him. You smiled widely at your successful joke and he smiled back before taking your hand and giving it a squeeze.
You were sitting in your seats once again, impatiently waiting for the first category you were nominated for to be announced.
“I’m kinda nervous.” Tom leaned over to whisper in your ear among the buzz of the crowd.
“Would bra candy make it better?” You chuckled as you pulled a small Swedish Fish out of your décolletage.
“Has this been on your bare body?” He laughed in disbelief as he took the candy.
“Maybe?” You said sheepishly, looking around for anyone who might overhear.
“I can’t stand you.” His whole body shook with laughter as he popped it in his mouth. “It tastes like how your perfume smells.”
“Really?” You grimaced. “I don’t know how I feel about it.”
“Me either.” He sucked it out of his teeth. “Can I have another piece?”
You shoved his playfully for the bad joke before fishing another out for him.
“Here.” You placed it in the palm of his hands. “Wait, shhh! They’re announcing the winners.”
“This is really chewy.” Tom commented ad he struggled the swallow the candy. You ignored his problem as you excitedly gripped his arm. He continued chewing but managed to slip his hand into yours and clutch it anxiously as the nominees were read.
“And the winners for best onscreen kiss are…Tom Holland and Y/n L/n in Spiderman: Far From Home.”
The audience erupted into applause for the two of you, but all you could hear was Toms incessant chewing.
“Stop chewing. We gotta go.” You giggled as you pulled him out of his seat.
“Mhhhfh hmhph.” He said through a mouthful as he pulled you into a celebratory hug. You held hands on the way up to the podium as the infamous kiss played on the enormous screen. You hugged the presenter before standing in front of the microphone and beaming at the crowd.
“Hi! Thank you so you much for this award. Its always such a huge - - woah.” You trailed off and looked at Tom up and down, gulping loudly into the microphone.
“What’s wrong?” He asked you.
“There’s a lot of sexual tension up here.” You blew out a breath and fanned yourself. “Whew.”
The audience laughed at your bit but you were determined not to break.
“I was about to say.” Tom tweaked his head and rubbed the back of his neck, looking anywhere but at you. You both fidgeting with your clothing in an attempt to look busy as you avoiding eye contact.
“Um.” You laughed awkwardly into the microphone and gripped the podium. “What was I talking about?”
“I believe your last word was ‘huge’.” He said weakly, finally making eye contact with you. A chuckle went through the crowd as more caught on to the joke. You held each other’s gaze for a moment before quickly looking away.
“Right.” You nodded. “This is such a huge…a huge… sorry, what’s this award for?” You pretended to wipe sweat of your forehead as you turned around to read the screen.
“I believe it was Best Kiss.” Tom said before taking a deep, dramatic breath. You stared at each other for a long time, the only sound in the room now being your swallow breaths.
“Are we - - are we about to kiss?” You asked through a forced laugh before making your face completely serious. Tom raised his eyebrows before nodding and beginning to lean it. You leaned in to and right before your lips could touch, your heads snapped towards the crowd.
“Thank you so much!” You held up the award with a huge smile. “We love you guys! Thank you!”
This got a much bigger reaction than the last time as people cheered and laughed at your performance.
“That went well.” You gripped Toms sleeve in excitement as you walked back to your seats. “We got a lot of laughs.”
“I got a lot of laughs. You were a little flat.” He teased, pretending to flip hair behind his shoulder as you sat down.
“Mmm. Love you too.” You cupped his chin and narrowed your eyes at him. The actors and singers around you congratulated you on your first win on the night, all saying you got them with the fake out kiss.
The evening continued with an elated cloud over your seating area as you and Tom soaked up the win.
“Is it just me, or are the cameras hovering around us?” He said suddenly, calling your attention to the many cameras pointed in your direction. You waved at one and the camera man waved back.
“Trying to catch a stolen kiss I presume.” You shrugged as you gripped the award.
“Like we’d ruin the surprise.” He scoffed and put his arm around your shoulders. The second award you were nominated for together was next and your leg was already bouncing.
“I’m gonna be more disappointed in not doing our acceptance speech than I’d be in losing if we don’t get this award.” Tom said, practically reading your mind.
“I know.” You squeezed his knee anxiously. “Fingers crossed.”
“Good luck, darling.” He pulled you in closer and pressed a kiss to your temple.
“I don’t need luck when I have the best screen partner in the world.” You raised your eyebrows at him as you leaned into his body. You stayed in that position as Vanessa Hudgens read the nominees.
“And tonight’s winners for Best Onscreen Couple…Tom Holland and Y/n L/n!” She announced with a smile.
“See?” You smirked at Tom as you stood up.
“Guess I should tell you you’re welcome.” He teased as he scooped you into a tight embrace. He gathered the train of your dress in hand and helped you out of the aisle.
“I’m shaking.” You whispered to him as you made your way to the steps of the stage. “I’m gonna fall.”
“I got you, darling. I won’t let you fall.” He said as he took your hand with his free one and helped you up the stairs. You hugged Vanessa tightly once you got to the podium, whispering in her ear about being a fan.
“Thank you so much for this award.” Tom began your rehearsed acceptance speech. “I’ve always wanted to win best couple.”
“Onscreen couple.” You leaned towards the microphone to correct him. He looked at you in confusion but kept a smile on his face.
“We won for best onscreen couple.” You pointed behind you. “Not best couple.”
“Oh.” He nodded like he understood. “So what did we win Best Couple for?”
“We didn’t, since we’re not a couple.” You said slowly, bringing back your joke from earlier in the evening. The audience chuckled as Tom made a show of reading the award and the screen behind him.
“Are you sure?” He asked suddenly, as if he didn’t believe you.
“Oh My God.” You groaned as you rubbed your eyes.
“Cause I feel like we are.” He gestured between the two of you. You shrugged a little and scooted closer to him while batting your lashes.
“I mean…do you wanna be?” You feigned shyness as you tucked some hair behind your ear.
“I don’t know.” He fumbled with the buttons on his suit jacket. “What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.” You shrugged and looked away. “What do you want to do?”
“I could get my mom to text your mom and they could set something up.” He suggested as he rubbed the back of his neck.
“Okay.” You smiled and picked up the award. “Maybe later we could like, you know.”
You shrugged and he laughed shyly.
“Uh Huh.” He nodded eagerly. “Or we could do like whatever.”
“Yeah.” You let out a shaky breath. “Whatever.”
The two of you smiled in appreciation at the crowd before walking off, award tucked in the crook of your elbow and hands intertwined.
“This is the one I’m most excited for.” Tom told you as you waiting for Best Actress to be announced. Tom was the one presenting it, which only made your anxiety spike.
“But it’s just me.” You laughed as you looked at him.
“I know.” He shrugged bashfully. “You don’t need me to win. You’re the real reason people voted for us.”
“You’re just saying that.” You shook your head and put your hand on his bicep.
“Cause it’s true.” He insisted. “You got this.”
“Thanks for voting for me.” You answered sincerely, dragging your fingertips along his cheek.
“How could I not?” He tilted his head before getting tapped by one of the stage assistants. “I gotta go. Good luck.”
He brought your hand to his lips and kissed your knuckles before following the assistant backstage.
You ran your hands over the arm rest, wishing Tom was still beside you to calm your nerves. You only had to wait about twenty minutes before Tom walked on stage with the envelope in hand.
“Nice to see you all again.” Tom greeted. “I know it’s strange to see me without my partner in crime, but she’s busy running through her acceptance speech in her head. Have I pissed off all the other Best Actress nominees? I bet I have.” He joked, earning a few laughs.
“Here are tonight’s nominees for Best Actress.”
You clapped for very nominated actress, noticing the wink Tom sent you when your name was displayed on the screen. Finally, it was time to announce the winner.
“And the winner of Best Actress is…” Tom’s eyes flicked up from the card before looking down again. You shut your eyes tightly and it felt like there was no air in the entire room.
“Y/n L/n.”
Your eyes flew open when you heard Tom call your name. You looked at the stage first, seeing him clapping and whistling for you with a proud smile. The people around you congratulating you, patting your back and rubbing your shoulders as you walked towards the stage. Tom had tears in his eyes as he met you at the top of the stairs, helping you stay balanced in your way to the podium. Tom got there first and took the ward off the podium and held it out to you.
“Here you go, baby.” Tom handed you the award.
Before you could take another step, he took your face between his hands and kissed you firmly. He smiled softly at you once he pulled way as you touched your fingertips to your lips in surprise.
He stepped back and let you move towards the microphone, still feeling flustered from the kiss and the win. You looked at the crowd and felt your mind go blank and they roared with applause. You looked over your shoulder at Tom, who gave you an assuring smile and mouthed “go on.” You blew out a breath and turned back to the audience, having a better grasp on what you wanted to say now.
“I can assure you, I was expecting that as much as you were.” You let out a breathy laugh and the audience laughed too.
“Thank you so much for this. This award means a lot to me.” You held up the award to punctuate your sentence. “I went into this movie thinking it would be a great opportunity to do something different than what I’m used to. I certainly didn’t go into this movie thinking I’d meet the love of my life.” You paused and smiled as a hush fell over the crowd. “Tom and I fell in love over scripts and cups of coffee at midnight, so much in love that I’m not sure I deserve this award because I wasn’t acting. Every soft touch and stolen glance, that was just me being in love with my scene partner.”
You stopped and let the audience clap for your statement, looking over your shoulder at Tom before continuing.
“I guess the secrets out now.” You laughed as you shook your head. “We had a running bet on who would accidentally reveal it first. So in addition to the three awards I won tonight, I will be getting twenty dollars.”
You heard Tom chuckling from behind you and felt compelled to finish up so you could hug him.
“All jokes aside, the number one person I want to thank tonight is Tom. I couldn’t have done this without you. And I’d never want to. I hope I spend the rest of my career sneaking Swedish Fish into award shows with you. Thank you.” You held up the award one last time before turning to Tom. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you off the ground, spinning you around as he pressed a lingering kiss to your cheek.
“Sorry about that. I couldn’t help myself. I was too proud of you.” He smiled as he set you down. You began to walk backstage together, hand in hand.
“It’s all right.” You assured him. “I always appreciate a romantic gesture.”
Tom stayed quiet as you made your way back to your seats, a strange look troubling his handsome features.
“What is it?” You asked as you sat down again. Tom pursed his lips as a shy smile lit up his face.
“That was the first time you said you loved me.” He said timidly as he scratched behind his ear. Your mouth opened and shut as you found yourself at a loss for words. In the excitement of the moment, you hadn’t even realized you admitted your real feelings for him. You’d only been dating two months and while you loved him whole heartedly, you had never had the guts to tell him. Tom looked at you expectingly as he awaited your answer. Knowing there was no going back, you shrugged it off.
“Well I do.” You said finally, making his smile grow. “Is that all right?”
“Is that all right?” He laughed and took your hand in his, pressing a kiss to the back of it. “Yeah. That’s all right.”
“Good. Because I do love you.” You leaned into him and rubbed your nose against his. He scrunched his nose as you made contact, still holding tightly to your hand.
“I love you too.” He said for the first time, feeling a weight lift off his shoulders. “Congratulations, darling.”
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spideyyeet · a year ago
Say Less
Peter Parker x avenger!reader
Summary: There’s yet another tiktok trend going around where you stand in front of your boyfriend naked and see his reaction. So you do it with Peter.
Warning: language, nudity, sexual comments, fluff
Tumblr media
You and Peter sat in the game room. You had been playing for hours, you dropped the game after Peter switched it and was talking to Flash and Ned who were also in quarantine.
The rest of the avengers stopped coming to the game room because they said you and Peter had destroyed it and they wouldn’t come in until you both cleaned it up.
Though you loved spending this much time with your boyfriend, it did get boring when he wouldn’t drop the game.
You scrolled through tiktok as you swung on the hammock at the back of the game room, Peter sitting on the couch in front of you, deep in his game.
“Fucking shit—no you guys keep going left, I’ll just come around!” Peter huffed, itching his nose quickly.
You groaned hanging off the edge of the hammock. “Wanna do something Peter?” You called out.
“Fuckfuckfuck—“ Peter mumbled in frustration, brows concentrated. “Ya babe—No Flash keep going!” Peter shouted, mumbling incoherently.
You rolled your eyes, going back to your phone. Then one tiktok came up, and your eyes sparkled. You sat up, looking at the back of Peter’s head.
And you didn’t waste anytime, quietly walking over to the door and locking it. You began to strip your clothes, tossing everything off. You then grabbed your phone, and began recording Peter.
“No no! If we go that way we’ll—fuck Ned no!” Peter shouted, but you only rolled your eyes, walking to the end of the couch completely naked.
You waited until Peter noticed you, but his eyes were focused on the game. You then cleared your throat.
No response. You cleared your throat a little louder.
“Yea babe what is it—“ Peter turned his head to you, his body freezing, mouth agape, eyes tracing over you. An embarrassed smile appeared on his face as he chuckled lightly, rubbing his face as his hand rested on his burning cheek, you laughing lightly at his reaction.
“What?—No I-I gotta go.” Peter said into his headset, he didn’t give them a chance to respond before he was leaving the game.
“Why’re you recording me?” He chuckled biting his lip as his eyes looked down at you again, his pants getting tighter around a certain area.
“Wanna see your reaction.” You said with a teasing smile still recording.
“I—turn it off.” He said, his voice getting a little deeper.
“Why?” You said with a little smirk.
“You know why princess.” He said causing you to unintentionally squeeze your thighs together. And before you know it your phone was turned off and Peter was taking your hand pulling you into his lap.
“Got what you want huh?” He said as you straddled him, kissing him deeply.
“Mhm.” You hummed, smiling in the kiss, taking Peter’s headset off as he wrapped his arms around you.
“Please don’t post that video.” Peter said kissing your neck.
“And why’s that?” You asked, tangling your hands in his hair. Peter pulled back to look up at you, cheeks burning red.
“I don’t want em seeing my boner.” He mumbled innocently. “That’s just for you.”
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starktonyx · a year ago
Heal (Peter Parker x Reader)
Tumblr media
Word count: 3.5k
Description: On a mission with the team, reader is mind controlled by HYDRA and attacks Peter.
Requested by anon: I wanted to request something really angsty with Peter like the reader is being controlled by someone and is sent to kill peter and she’s succeeding because peter refuses to hurt her and in the last minute when she snaps out of it because she thinks she actually killed him and yeah.
Note: Out of all of the angst I’ve written this is the most dramatic one (I think) so enjoy the heartbreak!. Also this is the first time I post in a while and I’m really really happy about it.
You had one mission, and it was the only thing repeating over and over again in your head.
Kill spiderman Kill spiderman Kill spiderman
A wave of coldness ran through your body, your hands slightly trembled. You didn't remember your name, or why you were in that military base in the first place. The only thing you knew was you were suited up and you had a mission, the small white 'A' embroidered in the side of your suit caught your attention, but you couldn't figure out what it stood for.
You couldn't hear anything other than a raspy voice with an accent ordering you to kill the man in a red and blue suit. Sometimes a faint desperate voice told you to stop, the voice sounded familiar but you pushed it back, there was no time for distractions.
You had to kill spiderman.
It didn't take long before you found the infamous man, although when you approached him and he spoke his voice sounded very teenager like. What was your age again? You couldn't figure that out either. That didn't matter anyways, you were on a mission.
The whole thing was almost blurry and too quick, one second you were in front of him and the other you already had the upper hand on the fight. You noticed your strength matched his, so you took advantage of that. He wasn't really fighting back though, he was pulling his punches and holding back. You didn't understand why.
"What the hell are you doing Y/n?" He desperately asked, but you just punched him again.
His voice was extremely familiar, and who the hell was Y/n? The raspy voice in your head quickly blocked further thoughts, so you kicked the guy this time.
He tried to defend himself with some sort of web fluid, but you were quick to crush the devices on his wrist with your own hands.
"You need to stop, I don't know what's wrong with you" He said, trying to evade your hits, but you were quick.
You suddenly remembered a move and jumped on his shoulders, wrapping your legs around his neck and hitting his head with your elbows. You were sure someone had taught you that but couldn't remember who.
"Stop this! I don't want to hurt you" He begged, why didn't he just shut up?
He held up quite well to your attacks, but since he wasn't exactly defending himself his body was slowly giving up.
The rest of the fight was quick, the more you hit him the more the raspy voice repeated itself in your head. You felt high, your vision was blurry yet you kept fighting, as if you were a muppet and someone else was controlling your movements, punches and kicks.
You couldn't stop until you killed him.
"Y/n stop! please. You know who I am ... love please don't do this" The guy kept begging, was he crying? You couldn't tell since the mask covered his face.
Love? The more familiar the voice sounded, the more you pushed it to the back of your head. Couldn't he shut up? You sure as hell couldn't stop yourself.
You were sure you shot him at least once, or perhaps stabbed him? Maybe both. You didn't even know where the blood was coming from.
"This is not you" He panted, spitting blood on the floor and clutching his side. "I'm not gonna fight you"
"As you wish" You replies, your low voice gave him chills.
You finally threw him to the ground, his head hitting the floor with a loud thud. He was so weak, he could barely lift his arms to stop you from choking him.
Peter didn't even know how he got into this position, everything happened so quickly. Of course you had been on his lap before, but this time wasn't like the others.
This time you were choking the life out of him.
He was terrified, he could look straight into your eyes for the first time in the fight. They were void, angry, a red cast covered them as if you were some kind of murder machine.
What have they done to you, he thought.
If you had been a mere human with no superpowers he would've been fine, he would've been able to stop you the moment you threw your first punch at him. But you weren't just a human, you had super soldier serum running through your veins.
His arms ached, and even though he pushed you with all the strength he had left it wasn't enough to stop you. Getting up wasn't even an option, the fractures you had caused with your kicks made it impossible.
Peter was slowly losing consciousness, and for a second he regretted not defending himself. But he couldn't hurt you, ever. He knew he would die first before lifting a hand to hurt you.
He suddenly had an idea, his last hope to bring you back to your senses.
He took his mask off.
It seemed to work, you instantly let go of his neck, he coughed until he was able to breathe again. You lifted your fist as an instinct, but before you could do anything he spoke.
"Yo–you know who I am" His voice was raspy from the trauma on his throat. "Come on love, it's me Peter ... your Peter"
You held your fist in the air, panting heavily as you analyzed the details of his face. You were no longer seeing spiderman, the man you were sent to kill. He was just a boy.
And you knew him.
You slowly lowered your fist as your mind adjusted back to reality, your head began to hurt when racing thoughts and memories came back. You could finally remember your name, you realized who was your actual team, and who was the person you almost killed.
Peter Parker.
He watched your thought process carefully, he finally let out a sigh of relief when he saw your face change from I'm going to murder you to what the hell is going on, and felt a wash of relief when your eyes softened and the red disappeared. The raspy voice inside your head was finally gone now.
However, the relief only lasted a few seconds, as he saw your face ultimately change to what the fuck did I just do.
Peter wished one day he can forget this moment, right when he saw the life leave your eyes, even when you weren't the one bleeding out on the floor, even when you weren't the one dying.
At least not on the outside.
As you snapped back to reality you got up from his lap and walked a few steps back from his body, unconsciously lifting a hand to cover your mouth but stopped when you realized thick blood covered it.
"Oh my god" You sobbed quietly, the weak sound of your voice was hidden behind your own heart beat stumping in your ears.
Peter tried to speak, he wanted to say something to assure you it wasn't your fault but breathing was becoming a harder task, let alone getting words out of his mouth. He used what was left of his strength to barely lift his head to look at you. He tried his best to give you a tiny smile, one you almost confused as a sign of pain from how weak it was.
You weren't able to keep eye contact with him, your eyes darted through the room but soon realized you couldn't keep looking at the place covered in blood and destruction either. When you looked Peter again you noticed he wasn't conscious anymore, and finally came back to your senses as if someone had slapped you in the face.
You needed to get help.
You realized how your comms had been deactivated, and as soon as you turned them on again you heard your teammates casually banter as they kicked ass like they used to every mission, completely oblivious to what happened.
"To–Tony" You called out, but your raspy voice wasn't loud enough and they kept bickering. You cleared your throat, taking a big breath to prevent your voice from shaking again. "Tony I need help, Peter is— Peter is down"
The whole team fell in silence, some punches and grunts could still be heard but even though the comms you could feel the tension building.
"I'm on my way" Tony's low tone made you shiver.
You walked further from Peter and waited in a corner of the room, looking expectantly at the window for Tony's arrival. A part of you wanted to hold Peter in your arms, but you were stuck on your feet as you were afraid to hurt him even more.
You couldn't get close to him, what if you hurt him again? The only thing that kept you from completely losing it was FRIDAY's reassurance that Peter's heart was still beating.
It didn't take long before Tony reached your location, the sound of his repulsors landing harshly next to Peter's body startled you, and he wasted no time in making questions as FRIDAY scanned him.
"What the hell happened here?" He asked, but you stayed silent in your position.
He was worried, how could he not be? His pupil was dying in his arms and his girlfriend was paralyzed in the other side of the room. He couldn't even understand why the hell were you standing so far away.
Before he could ask you Natasha made her appearance in the room, eyes quickly scanning the situation until they landed on your shaking figure.
You nervously hid your hands behind your back, you were scared to face the consequences of your actions.
You were ashamed.
"I'm so sorry" You couldn't contain the sobs anymore, shaking your head in denial like a terrified child waiting for punishment.
Tony was overwhelmed by how hurt Peter was and trying to patch him up before he bled out, so he couldn't understand why you would apologize for something like this.
But Natasha paid more attention, she noticed how you kept your bloody hands hidden, yet you forgot about the blood that stained your face. Of course she noticed Peter's wounds were common injuries in enemies you confronted, and even those never ended as badly because you tended to have mercy.
Yet none of that was enough to keep Peter safe.
It took only a matter of seconds for the trained spy to realize what happened, and she was a master in masking her reactions and emotions, but this time she couldn't keep herself from gasping in shock.
She took a step towards you, but she quickly was stopped by Wanda's hand. The latter had just arrived with Steve, and she didn't only know what happened.
She could see the images replaying over and over again in your head. So she walked towards you instead of Natasha, and only shushed you when you tried to explain yourself.
She has never been mind controlled, but she had been the one controlling other people, and she understood how vile and destructive it could be. So she could only hold your weak body breaking down in her arms, trying to block herself from the horrible images in your head.
As she walked with you to the jet she felt almost tired from the energy irradiating your body, as hard as she tried to not lurk through your thoughts she couldn't help but feel how miserable you felt.
You wished it was you dying instead of Peter.
So she knew it was best to send you to sleep through the whole ride home, and made sure you had only good dreams.
At least you could be happy in your sleep.
The ride home was silent, apart from the sudden noises the machine that registered Peter's heartbeat made every once in a while. The avengers were shocked, HYDRA had hurt the youngest members of the team, the purest and whatnot, and it happened right under their noses.
Tony beat himself up the whole trip, he had failed both of you, all his fancy systems and technology couldn't keep you safe.
The next days in the compound were hell to everyone. Even though Peter was having an excellent recovery due to his healing abilities, the progress was only physical.
He wanted to see you from the moment he woke up surrounded by doctors. He knew it wasn't your fault, he didn't blame you. He could never.
So he cried and begged to see you, but Tony wouldn't allow him. He knew you needed space, he knew how bad it would affect you to see Peter's injures. So he made him wait, at least until the the fractures healed and the bruises faded from purple to a faint yellow.
Until he didn't limp anymore.
And you? You were a mess. From the moment you arrived the compound you were put through multiple tests to find out what was wrong with you, but nothing showed up. Whatever HYDRA had done to you was momentarily, it left no traces and you were "fine".
Except nothing was fine, you couldn't trust yourself, not after what you did. So you isolated yourself, moved to a room as far away from everyone as possible. And they all knew not to bother you.
Almost the whole team had been through mind control at one point, they knew it took time to heal.
After a few days – that felt like eternity – Peter was finally allowed to go see you, although Tony made sure to warn him there was no guarantees you would even open the door to him.
Peter was more than nervous, his fingers fiddled together as he waited outside your isolation room. It took him time to gather up the courage and a big breath before knocking the door.
You knew Peter was outside from the moment he arrived, his hesitation made you wish he would just turn around and leave, but the knock on the door told you otherwise. You sat down in your bed and hugged your legs, laying your head on your knees.
"Y/n, it's me" He said softly, you just listened carefully on the other side of the door. "Can –can I come in? Please, I need to see you" He sighed deeply when he got no answer, but he wasn't doing to leave.
His voice was brittle, weak. Just like that day when he took off his mask and told you to stop. You shook your head in an attempt to keep the haunted memories away, and buried yourself more in your position.
You heard shuffling on the outside but he didn't leave, you guessed he sat down on the floor. You could almost picture him in your head, almost in the same position you were except he was probably messing up his hair, a habit he had when stressed.
Peter replayed the events over and over in his head. As much as he hated to admit it, you had been starring every nightmare he had since that day. He felt extremely guilty as well, he knew it was wrong to leave you alone in that hydra building. In every mission he was always by your side, but this time you insisted you were fine and you would collect the data yourself. You should've never parted ways.
You sighed, you knew he wasn't going to leave any time soon and you were just prolonging your suffering. Maybe if you just let him in for a moment and avoided him he would leave sooner.
Peter quickly got up after hearing you tell FRIDAY to open the door, and he took a deep breath before entering the room. The first thing he saw was you sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at your hands to avoid eye contact with him.
Of course you couldn't look at him, you were afraid to see him laying on the floor bleeding out just like you did days ago.
He stood by the door, afraid to come closer without your approval.
"How are you?" He mentally slapped himself as soon as the words came out, it was stupid question. He was just eager to talk to you. "I ... I'm fine– I mean, everything has almost healed" He felt stupid once again, he wasn't sure if what he was saying was what you wanted to hear.
And it apparently wasn't since you didn't answer, you just kept staring at your hands motionless.
"Love please, I need you to talk to me" He pleaded, his eyes starting to water. He unconsciously stepped forward to reach you but was instantly stopped by your harsh voice.
"Don't come closer, please" You pleaded too, fixing your eyes on the floor.
When Peter heard your voice he felt like a bucket of cold water was thrown over him. There was no warmth, no emotion, no love.
Just like your eyes that day.
"Alright, I want you to listen to me then" He said firmly this time, he was exasperated. "You know it wasn't your fault, whatever they did to you, you're not responsible for that" He began, softer tone this time. "I wish I could make you understand I don't blame you for this, I love you. I still do, I promise"
You finally lifted your head for your bloodshot eyes to meet his. Your heart skipped a beat when you saw his appearance. He did look better than that day, not as swollen and certainly not covered in blood anymore. But there were still bruises scattered through his body, faded out but you could only imagine how they looked before they did. And his eyes? You had never seen him so heartbroken before.
"How could you let me do something like this?" You finally broke the silence, biting the inside of your cheeks to keep you from sobbing.
You didn't mean to blame him, that wasn't your intention even though your words came out harsher than you wished.
But he could've done something. Anything.
"What?" He frowned, that wasn't the response he was expecting from you.
"You could've stopped me, you are strong enough to do it" You said getting up from the bed, all the anger and pain you kept inside was finally coming out. "Why didn't you stop me!?"
"I–I tried, but you wouldn't listen to me" Peter couldn't help but get defensive too. "If I tried any harder I would've hurt you"
"I wouldn't have cared even if you killed me!" Your voice finally gave up and you broke down in sobs, covering your face in your hands.
Your yell startled Peter, and as much as he wanted to hug you he still respected the boundaries you had given him when you let him in. He took a deep breath and exasperatedly ran a hand though his hair, he didn't want to fight you, that's the last thing he wanted.
So instead of yelling back he softened his voice. "I would. I would have cared as much as you care about almost killing me"
You wiped your eyes to look at him again, and you noticed how bad he was restraining himself in his position.
"You can't say shit like that" He continued, trying control his brittle voice. "What happened to you is not fair, for any of us. I'm so sorry I didn't try harder to stop you, but I can't even bring myself to playfully hit your arm, let alone fighting you. Why do you think we never train together? I can't hurt you, I would never want that" He explained himself, sniffling after finishing his sentence.
"But I hurt you"
"You could never hurt me, not on purpose, I know that" He sighed shaking his head, there was only one way to change your mind.
He stepped forward once again, and even though you put your hands in front of your body to stop him, he kept walking this time.
"No no Peter– please don't" You stepped back but stumbled with the bed and couldn't back off anymore.
He gently took your hands and softly caressed them with his thumbs, trying his best to give you a smile.
"Hey hey, it's okay" He reassured you as if he was talking to a baby. "See? Your hands are not hurting me love, I know they won't" He said, you hesitated for a second but you had missed him more than anything, so you couldn't help yourself from jumping into his arms.
"I'm so sorry Peter" You sobbed in his chest as he finally engulfed you into a hug, his warm torso somehow bringing you the comfort you've needed the past days.
"I know" He sobbed too, and planted a kiss on your head. "I'm sorry too"
You broke the distance from the hug just enough to look at him. As he stared back at your teary eyes, he could finally see how broken your soul was.
"Do you really still love me? After what I did I–" You were interrupted by his lips on yours.
The kiss was salty, desperate. Filled with emotion and pain from two broken souls that deserved better. When the kiss was over you genuinely smiled for the first time again, and Peter couldn't help but giggle too.
"Come on, let's heal together love"
Tags (if you want to be added/removed let me know)
@geeksareunique @princessdancingonthesunshine @lyrxbz @spideygirl2003 @parkerpeter24​ @calledthechildanya​
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peterbenjiparker · 6 months ago
tony looking for peter but see's a girl in his room while pete's showering :)
peter's (girl)friend | p.p
Tumblr media
summary: tony walks in to find you in peter's room
word count: 1.3k
warnings: suggestive, kissing, tony and his parental advice
Tumblr media
"Hi," you said, your head resting against his naked chest. Your fingers played with his curls, pushing the tendrils of his hair out of his eyes as he stirred underneath you, a soft smile spreading across his face as his eyes fluttered open.
"Hey," he muttered, his raspy voice caused a shiver to shoot up your spine. You simply giggled, leaning up to press a kiss on his cheek as his smile widened. "Uou look beautiful, y/n/n."
"Buttering me up for round two?" You teased as you pushed yourself up, buttoning the top buttons of the flannel shirt you borrowed from him last night after you were done doing...each other.
He hummed in response, propping himself up on his elbows, stretching out his legs as his arm reached for you, "is it working?" He asked, his fingers brushing against your cheek, pulling you closer.
"You're being too forward considering what happened last night." You giggled, pushing his hands away from you as you sat up completely. A blush coated his cheeks as he coughed, looking away.
"Shut up." he pouted, jutting out his bottom lip. he looked like a kicked puppy and your heart melted at the sight. You wrapped your arms around him, pulling his face to your chest as your nails scratched his scalp lightly.
"You're so cute." You mumbled, pulling his face up to press soft kisses on his rosy cheeks. His blush only deepened as he pulled away from you gently.
You two have been skirting around your feelings for each other for a while. You've been friends for a year now, best friends actually. He always came to your dorm at night, telling you stories about his adventures as spider-man. You always fell asleep to his voice.
A few nights ago, he kissed you when you were studying for finals in the library. It was late, you were stressed and sleep deprived. and he ended up kissing you instead of explaining the chemical reactions you were supposed to study for your chemistry final.
You barely got to see each other during the finals, the kiss was never brought up. Until yesterday, he called you up, asking you to come over to the compound. He was alone, thankfully. You both finally got to talking, one thing led to another and you were wrapped up in peter's arms, laying on his bed.
"You're cuter." he whispered, kissing your nose as you giggled, pushing him away from you gently.
"I have to brush my teeth, you idiot." You laughed as he whined, grasping your arms.
"I don't care, c'mon–"
"You have to brush your teeth too, Pete." You said, giving him a pointed look. his smile faltered, an annoyed huff escaping his lips.
"You're so annoying." He let out a puff of air, pushing himself up, slipping off the bed. He was just wearing a pair of boxers. Your lips parted as your eyes flickered down to the marks on his lower stomach and hip bone.
"Well," you crawled over to the edge of the bed, standing on your knees to wrap your arms around his neck, "if you hurry up and brush your teeth, I might give you a little treat, baby boy."
He blushed under your gaze, nervousness coating his features. He pulled away from you, shyly glancing at you with a hesitant smile. "I'll be done in a minute."
You giggled as he shut the bathroom door behind himself. You flopped down on the bed, stretching out your legs. your thighs were barely covered by his shirt. You rolled over, glancing down at the floor to search for where you threw your clothes last night.
"Peter–" you jolted upright, scrambling to pull the blankets over yourself as the door was pushed open. Tony–Tony fucking Stark, poked his head inside, his eyes growing wide as he took in the sight.
He stepped back, the door now wide open. He glanced at the door then back at you, his eyes wandering around the room. His brows knitted in confusion as he let out a sigh.
"I'm sorry," he started, "is this peter's room?"
You nodded your head, the blanket clutched to your chest. "Y-yeah, it's so nice to finally meet you, sir. Peter talks a lot about you."
He nodded, a frown settling on his face as he adjusted his glasses. He motioned towards you as he leaned against the door frame, "and you are...?"
"Y/n," you quickly replied, a sigh of relief escaping your lips as his eyes widened in realisation. He knew you. heat rushed to your cheeks at the thought of peter talking about you to his family. "Peter's..."
Peter's what?
"This doesn't exactly look like a friend situation," he pointed out, "more like a friend's with benefits situation–wait, I shouldn't pry. I'm sorry. That kid would bug me about irritating you to no end."
"Right." You offered him a tight lipped smile. "Peter and I are friends for now. I mean–its not complicated or anything. We just haven't talke–"
"I'm done, baby." Peter called out as the bathroom door swung open, his thumb hooked in the waistband of his boxers as he eyed you with a smirk. "Get ready for round two–what the actual fuck?!"
He yelped, his eyes growing wide as he spotted tony standing at the door with an uncomfortable smile on his face. "What the fuck are you doing here?"
"You didn't tell me you were sexually active, kid." Tony said, glancing at you as you hid your face behind your hands. "You know, we were supposed to talk about this stuff. Do you think we need to have the talk again–?"
"Tony–" Peter glanced at you, embarrassed. he turned to Tony, puling the other side of the blanket to cover himself, "oh my god, can we not do this right now?"
"At least tell me you were safe." He said, taking a step back, "you know, I told you not to do anything I would do. And this is exactly what I would do. This playboy life doesn't last long, kid. And even if you are going to sleep around, make sure you're safe. I am too young to become a grandpa–"
"She's my girlfriend, Mr. Stark!" He said, his fingers gripping the blanket as you both glanced at him with surprise.
"Wait, we never talked about it, though." You said, turning to him, letting the blanket fall and pool around your waist.
"I mean," he inhaled sharply, "I just thought–we slept together so I just assumed you would want us to be together–"
"I'm sorry, did I read this wrong?" Peter looked hurt. "You said you liked me so I just, I am sorry. was this just a one time thing then?"
"I feel like I am intruding." Tony piped in.
"No, no–" you reached for his hands, ignoring tony's words, "I do want us to be together. but you never asked me to be your–nevermind. I'll do it. Peter Parker, will you be my boyfriend?"
He nodded, his heart oozing with love for you, his eyes full of adoration. "God, you're perfect." He mumbled, pulling you in. He placed a chaste kiss on your lips, his arms looping around your waist as you giggled.
"Okay, I love that you have a girlfriend now. but I would appreciate if you would stop making out in front of me." Tony quipped and peter let out an annoyed huff.
"Mr. Stark!"
"She seems like a lovely girl, peter." Tony said, as he backed away, "I would love for you to have dinner with us sometime. Pepper and Morgan would love to meet you."
"Of course," you offered him a polite smile.
"And no sex when I'm home." He gave you both a stern look. "so no round two or whatever you both were planning–"
"Mr. Stark!"
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waitimcomingtoo · a year ago
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom has a problem when you get asked a sexist question
Tumblr media
“For Robert, how has it felt for you as an actor to see what’s branched from that first Iron Man movie?”
You sat back in your chair and looked around the panel as Robert answered his question. He had been to a hundred of these panels throughout his career, but you were still getting used to them. An impressed smile tugged at your lips as he got the audience laughing with an otherwise well worded answer.
“For Tom, how has joining the MCU helped you to grow as an actor?” Tom was asked by the same journalist. He was seated next to you and sat up slightly when his name was called. He gave an answer that showed his appreciation for the opportunity to act along side these actors as well as what it meant to him to be a role model for kids who didn’t fit in. You squeezed his hand under the table, proud of him for answering the question like a professional. Finally, the journalist looked at you.
“And for Y/n, you’re new to the marvel universe and had to join a cast full of very established, attractive men. Did you have any intimate relationships with any of your male cast mates?”
The silence the settled in the room was painful. Robert let out a loud scoff and shook his head in disapproval while the rest of the cast looked at you knowingly. Tom Hiddleston shot you an apologetic smile as Chris Evans laughed to himself. You leaned forward to get closer to the microphone and looked at the journalist.
“I’m sorry?”
Chris laughed harder, gripping his left side the way he did as the audience let out an awkward laugh.
“Well, being around actors like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth all day, surely you must’ve gone after one of them.” The journalist continued. Chris burrows his face in his hands, unable to stop laughing at how stupid the question was. You saw Toms jaw tighten beside you as he gave you a pointed look. You put your hand in his knee to let him know it was okay and he gave you a stiff nod.
“I know I’m not actually Iron Man but do you want me to blast her ass?” Robert leaned over to whisper in your ear. You laughed at his offer and gave him an appreciative smile.
“I got this.” You assured him before looked back at the journalist.
“I really want to thank you for asking me that. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for someone to ask such an important question such as that one.” You sighed dramatically. “And you’re absolutely right. It was super hard to be around these actors everyday since they’re all just so sexy. How could I possibly pick, you know?” You laughed like it was obvious. The journalist opened her mouth to speak but you continued.
“Since I am so notorious for being an alluring, devious slut, I do make it a point to sleep with every single person, cast and crew, that I work with.” You said seriously and the cast laughed. “It’s easy when everyone’s on set and I can just pick and chose who to sleep with next, but it can get pretty difficult to track down all the editors and executives so I can sleep with them too. Of course, I always start with the main stars of the film and gradually work my way down the list. I even sleep with all the interviewers so hopefully I’ll be seeing you later in my hotel room.” You winked after her. “It’s really nice to be appreciated for my hard work so I again have to thank you for asking that question.”
You gave her a polite smile and she immediately sat down. A new kind of silence settled in the room as your answer hung in the air. No one said a word as you sat back in your chair and shrugged smugly. Tom looked down at his lap with a proud smile as he reached for your hand under the table.
“Can we take a moment to appreciate that answer?” Sebastian said into his microphone to break the silence. Anthony started a slow clap and Chris quickly joined. Robert grabbed your shoulders and shook you proudly as the room broke into applause. Your smiled shyly as the cast loudly whooped and cheered for you. You weren’t exactly quiet around them, but you certainly never said things like that. You preferred to sit back and watch them interact with a deep appreciation just to be a part of the cast. Shutting down the journalists sexist question officially solidified your place in the friend group.
“That’s a great answer. That’s how it’s done.” Chris Pratt said into his microphone as he looked at you. You waited for the applause to die down before speaking.
“Thank you.” You laughed. “To answer your question, yes I did have intimate relationships with my male cast mates. My female ones too, actually. Over the course of filming these movies, we’ve laughed together, eaten together, traveled together, celebrated birthdays together, even cried together. I consider all of those to be intimate things.”
You looked at your cast fondly as they looked back at you. A chorus of “I love you”‘s rang from the cast as the ones closest to you patted your back. Tom grabbed your face and planted a big kiss on your cheek, too proud to care about the cameras.
“I think that’s a great place to end the panel. Thank you to everyone who came. Let’s hear it one last time for the Marvel Cast.” The host of the panel spoke into his microphone. The audience applauded and you all began to get up from your seats. Tom let you walk in front of him, keeping his hand on the small of your back the whole way out.
“I have to give Harrison something but I’ll be right back.” Tom told you once you got backstage.
“Okay. I’ll be here.” You assured him. He leaned in to kiss you but you held up a hand.
“Tom!” You whispered as you looked around. “There are cameras everywhere. You can’t kiss me in public.”
“But you did so well out there.” He pouted. “I should be able to kiss my girlfriend no matter who’s around.”
“I know. But we agreed to keep our relationship a secret.” You quietly reminded him. He stared at you for a moment before huffing out a breath.
“Right. Fine. I’ll be right back.” He mumbled before leaving to find Harrison.
You sighed as you watched him leave, knowing it upset him to hide your relationship. You didn’t have a minute to think about what to do as people began to pile out of the panel, all commemorating you for your answer. Scarlett found you backstage and enveloped you in a hug.
“Hey, good job back there kid.” She said as she rubbed your back. “You handled that question like a pro.”
“Is it always like that? They get the cool questions and we get that?” You laughed it off, but you hoped she’d say no.
“Unfortunately, it is.” She nodded. “I’ve had to sit through interview after interview where they ask Chris how it feels to be a hero and they ask me how I fit into my body suit. I’m sorry you have to deal with it too.”
“It’s whatever. I mean, it’s not, but you know. Nothing we can do.” You shrugged. She gave you a look that told you she knew exactly what you were trying to say.
“I know. And between you and me, I’m a little offender she only asked if you slept with the male cast mates. What about me?” She scoffed, making you laugh heartily.
“She probably mistook you as a tree and didn’t see you.” You shrugged, recalling Scarletts infamous tweet.
“You’re so right. I’ll see you around, slut.” She squeezed your arm lovingly and walked away right as Tom came back.
“Did Scarlett just call you a slut?” He asked in confusion
“Yes. But I liked it.” You replied, only confusing Tom further. “Let’s go home.”
“Do you want Chinese for dinner?” You asked Tom once you were back at the hotel. His typically gentle features were hardened as he scrolled through his phone from the couch, not even looking up at you when you asked the question.
“Sure.” He mumbled.
“Or should we just order room service?” You asked as you glanced over the menu provided by the hotel.
“Okay.” He said, still not looking up. You eyed him curiously, knowing he wasn’t paying attention to anything you were saying.
“What I really want to eat is some danimals crush cups right out of Dylan Sprouse’s hands. Let me go see if he has some.” You tested him to see if he really wasn’t listening.
“Sounds good.” Tom grumbled. You walked over to him and pushed his phone down from his face with your finger.
“What’s up with you? You’re not listening to me.” You asked him. He finally looked up at you and sighed heavily.
“I’m sorry. I’m just a little distracted.” He set his phone down and pulled you into his lap, pressing a chaste kiss to your temple.
“What’s wrong?” You wondered as your soothingly brushed your fingers through his hair. Tom impatiently tapped his fingers on your leg as he thought about what to say. You could tell something was seriously bothering him from how flushed his face. His body was tense beneath you, slowly loosening up with your touch.
“I just can’t believe that reporter disrespected you like that.” He grumbled, keeping his eyes down. You furrowed your eyebrows at his statement, having forgotten about the situation yourself.
“That’s what’s been bothering you?” You laughed slightly. “I handled it, Tommy. The journalist is gonna be dealing with backlash from that question for years.”
Tom shrugged and rested his chin on your shoulder with a pout.
“It’s just not fair.” He stated. “You shouldn’t have to deal with these sexy questions-“
“Sexist questions.” You cut him off with a chuckle to correct him.
“You shouldn’t have to deal with these sexist questions all the time.” He repeated with a huff. He buried his face in the crook of your neck, reminding you of a timid child. You leaned your head on top of his and wrapped your arms around his shoulders.
“That’s just how it is, baby.” You shrugged, not sure what else to tell him. You wished it was different too, but it just wasn’t.
“It shouldn’t be.” He mumbled against your neck. You rubbed his back to let him know you understood.
“I know it shouldn’t be. But all we can do is educate the people who ask those questions and give them sassy responses. And you know how much I love being sassy.” You pulled away so you could smile at him. He stared at you for a moment before giving you a half smile back. You thought you had assuaged the situation until his pout returned.
“She didn’t even mention me.” He recalled. “You’re my girlfriend and she thought you slept with everyone but me.”
“In her defense, no one knows I’m your girlfriend.” You reminded him, unknowingly making him feel worse. His face faltered and he kept he slumped back on the couch.
“Do you think people would stop asking you things like that if they knew?” He wondered out loud after a beat of silence.
“Maybe. Or maybe I’d get asked even worse questions.” You laughed sadly. “There’s no way to tell.”
Tom seemed unsatisfied with your answer and let out a sigh. He sat up from his seat position and wrapped his arms firmly around your waist.
“It’s getting really hard for me to sit back me listen to people disrespect the women of this cast. Or the women of Hollywood in general. Especially you.” He stated. “I’m your boyfriend. I should be defending you.”
“I understand, baby. But I can defend myself.” You reminded him with a soft smile. “Don’t worry about me, Tommy. I can handle a few sexists.”
Tom reluctantly nodded and leaned back in the couch, pulling you with him so you were resting on his chest.
“It still bothers me.” He mumbled before kissing the top of your head.
“I know.” You tilted your chin up to look at him. “It bothers me too.”
“I should’ve said something.” He cursed himself as he shook his head in disdain. “I shouldn’t have just sat there.”
“It’s alright.” You assured him, pressing a kiss to his jaw.
“It’s not.” He said definitively. “And it won’t happen again.
The conversation you had resonated with Tom and sat in the back of his mind for the rest of the press tour. The incident at the panel did bring some good, which Tom was happy about, as journalists often sided with you when it was brought up. Since Tom was often put with you for interviews, he was able to closely monitor the questions you were being asked. You managed to get through the rest of the press tour without another sexist question, and Tom assumed you had actually ignited some change.
Until the final day.
“Tom, how would you like to see Peter Parker mature and grow in future MCU films?” Tom was asked during your last interview of the day. It was a simple question that he had gotten before, so he answered it simply. You smiled at him as he spoke, proud of all he had done so far and excited for what he’d do in the future. He finished his answer and the journalist smiled at him.
“I’d love to see that too.” He nodded at Tom. “So, Y/n, your suit is obviously very form fitting. I’m sure you’ve seen the comments so I have to ask, can you wear underwear under the suit?”
You blinked in surprise for a moment as you processed the question. You could hear Tom suck in a sharp breath, practically feeling the heat radiating off of him as anger pulsated through him.
It had happened again.
He was asked an intelligent question about his character and you were asked about your body.
“I’m sorry?” You raised an eyebrow, trying to give the journalist a chance to redeem himself.
“I’m asking since there are plenty of shots from behind but never any panty lines.” The journalist smirked at you in a way that made you deeply uncomfortable. “Fans wanted to know if you were wearing underwear under your suit or not.”
“That’s funny, I’ve never had a fan ask me that. Only you guys.” You kept a tight smile as you tried to keep the situation under control. You shot a look at Tom, who was giving the journalist a lethal stare. He was gripping the sides of his chair so tightly that his knuckles were white. You quickly reached over and took his hand in yours, not caring about the cameras and just wanting to comfort him.
“Well we-“
“She doesn’t want to answer that.” Tom abruptly cut you off as he shot daggers at the journalist. The journalist snickered and rolled his eyes a little as he looked at his list of questions
“All right, moving on.” He said, slightly bitter. “Tom, which Avenger, other than Tony, would you like Peter to train from?”
Tom looked at you, as if asking for your permission to continue. He was ready to walk out of the interview but only on your call. You gave him a reassuring smile that encouraged him to continue.
“I would say Captain America because I think he understands how it feels to be the little guy. Peter and Steve were both picked on before they got their powers, although Peter was still picked on after he got his powers. But neither Captain America or Spider-Man have guns or fire blasters, just fists and strength, so I think they would get along well.” Tom answered, looking at you the whole time instead of the interviewer. You squeezed his hand and gave him a gentle nod.
“That’s a good answer. Well done.” He commemorated Tom. “And Y/n, like we mentioned before, one of the most noticeable things about your character is her skintight suit. How did you train to fit into that?”
You and Tom exchanged knowing looks before you answered.
“Again with the suit.” You laughed awkwardly. “Are you trying to fit into one or something?”
“I just want to know how you fit into the suit.” He shrugged. “Trust me, I’ve studied pictures of you in it pretty closely. It looks like a second skin.”
“Well, they measured me, so it was gonna fit regardless. Because, you know, they made it my size.” You answered like it was obvious, because it was. Your straight cut answer didn’t satisfy the prying needs of the journalist.
“So no extra squats to make it look as good as possible?” He winked at you and Toms grip on your hand tightened.
“I didn’t exactly go into this film hoping my ass looked good, if that’s what you’re asking.” You said flatly. “I was more looking to be a powerful role model for girls to look up to.”
“But your ass looking good would just be a plus, right?” He laughed and looked at you as if you were supposed to laugh too.
“Um, no.” You squinted your eyes and tilted your head.
“I’m about to end this mans whole career.” Tom said under his breath. From the look on his face, you could tell he had bitten his tongue long enough.
The boy was about to burst.
“What was that, Tom?” The journalist asked, not having heard him.
“Stop being sexy!” Tom demanded. You looked right at the camera with the surprised pikachu face as the journalist laughed in confusion.
“What?” He asked.
“He means sexist.” You informed him.
“What is wrong with you? Is that question seriously on your sheet?” Tom asked angrily, letting go of your hand to point at the paper the journalist was holding.
“Tom, it’s okay.” You put your hand on his shoulder to relax him, but he was seeing red.
“No, I want to see it. I want to know if you’re dumb or just the company you work for.” Tom snatched the little blue sheet from the journalist and read it over. “Look at that, it’s just you.”
He held up the sheet and the questions you had been asked were in on it. You looked at the sheet and made another face at the camera.
“I’m not the first person to think she looks hot in her suit.” The journalist defended with his smirk still present, only angering Tom further.
“But you’re the first person to piss me off enough to the point where I’m about to walk out of this interview.” Tom snapped back and your jaw dropped. You looked at the camera and pointed at Tom before giving a thumbs up. You were almost enjoying it too much to interrupt, but you didn’t want him to get too interrupted.
“Tommy, relax.” You said as you soothingly rubbed his arm. “It’s okay. I get it all the time.”
“That’s exactly why I’m mad.” He told you. “I know you get this all the time. We get the deep, philosophical questions and the girls get the sexy questions.”
“Sexist questions.” You corrected with a smile.
“The girls get the sexist questions.” He fixed his mistake. “I’m so sick of listening to people disrespect my girlfriend all day long. The girls aren’t here for you to drool over during action sequences. Girls strong and smart and tough and deserved to be asked about more than what underwear they’re wearing. Let’s go.”
Tom got out of his seat, took your hand, and walked out of the room. He lead you all the way to your dressing room in silence and didn’t let go of your hand until the door was closed. You folded your arms and looked at him as he looked at the ground sheepishly. His anger was gone now and he just looked apologetic.
“I’m sorry, I know you said you could handle it but-“
You cut him off by throwing your arms around him and kissing him. He stumbled back a little but regained his footing and kissed you back.
“Don’t apologize.” You smiled and rubbed your nose against his once you pulled away. “I loved what you said.”
“I know you can take care of yourself.” He told you. “But I’m gonna take care of you too.”
You smiled in appreciation before kissing him again.
“That’s okay with me.”
Later that night, you found Tom on the hotel couch again and sat on his lap. He wrapped an arm around your waist to keep you in place as you wrapped an arm around his neck.
“Check out this article I just read.” You smiled innocently at him. “‘Tom Holland goes on feminist rant to defend girlfriend, Y/n L/n. Click here to watch.’ Sounds pretty interesting.” You said sarcastically and Tom grimaced. In the midst of his argument with the reporter, he let it slip that you were his girlfriend.
“Oh.” He pursed his lips. “I messed up pretty bad, huh?”
You laughed slightly and kissed his forehead.
“I don’t think my boyfriend defending women like it’s his day job is messing up. I think it’s pretty sweet.” You shrugged and brushed his hair out of his face.
“But I exposed our relationship.” He pouted apologetically. You took his chin between your fingers and kissed his pouted lips.
“A small price to pay for salvation.” You quoted Thanos, making Tom laugh. “Thanks for sticking up for me.”
“It doesn’t even matter. You’re still gonna get asked sexy questions.” He grumbled as he toyed with your fingers.
“Sexist questions.” You corrected yet again.
“You’re still gonna get asked sexist questions. One feminist rant want solve that.” He mocked the article and let out a sigh.
“Maybe not, but at least I know I have a whole defense team to back me up next time I get asked a sexy question.” You teased him and kissed his nose. “I love you, Tommy.”
“I love you more, baby doll.” He smiled sleepily and pulled you into a real kiss.
“Now that I think about it, what do you wear under your suit?” He wondered once he pulled away. You pretended to be shocked and gasped.
“Hey!” You playfully slapped his arm. “Stop being sexy.”
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selfcarecap · a year ago
Love Flower [p.p]
pairing: Peter Parker x reader
summary: You’ve read all about sex pollen online. You didn’t believe in it. But when you experience it first hand, that most definitely changes your mind. You even have to seek help from your best friend Peter to relieve the burn between your legs…
warnings: potentially LOVE!?!?!, dub!con but only bc sex pollen, also innocent/inexperienced Peter despite being like 19 (18+ anyhow) - baby is a late bloomer and we love him for that, first time(s)
word count: 4k
big ass beautiful gif ain’t mine
Tumblr media
“Woah.” Your eyes sparkle as you spot the flower. Peter has to hold you tight by your arm so you don’t go off track.
“Is that what I think it is?” Peter asks.
“I’m certain it is. Let go of me.” His fingers loosen around your arm. You take a few steps forward.
“Why are you going near it then?” Peter freaks out behind you, unsure what to do.
“Do you think this is real?” You ask Peter. You’re in his room at the compound. He moved in after graduating high school. For one, he was honoured that Tony asked him out of all people. Who wouldn’t want to move in with a bunch of Avengers?
But the most important aspect of why he said yes to moving in to the compound was because of you. It meant he would see you multiple times a day. He’d be damned if he had said no to that.
Peter bends over the bed to look at what you’re showing him on your laptop screen. He sits down next to you.
“Se- woah... Sex pollen? What the hell are you looking at?” He asks, wide-eyed.
“It’s a special plant. Basically going near it, directly touching or smelling it, makes you go crazy horny. They’re used for semi-superhuman breeding or something. But in some communities it’s used as a drug.” You explain.
“Well, let’s hope we don’t stumble across it then.”
“Why not? I want this.” You idly scroll further down and read more of the article.
“You being serious? What’s so desirable about being so horny that you lose control over your body?” Peter gesticulates wildly, trying to understand where the hell you’re coming from.
“To me that sounds like heaven. But I don’t believe that it would work. Humans are animals, okay. But they’re not animals like that, you know?” He shakes his head.
“Other than animals like the ones out in nature, we have rationality. They are animalistic animals, but we’re rational animals. I can’t imagine that anything in the world will make me so horny that I want nothing more than to fuck someone. Not even that plant. So I’d want to put that to the test sometime.”
“Very philosophical.” Peter comments.
“What, wanting to be horny?”
“No, the part about the animalistic and rational animals, kind of, maybe, have to think about it.”
You didn’t really know what the hell you were talking about when you said that but Peter’s really into your theory. He looks like he’s truly racking his brain about it.
“Don’t bother your pretty head about it though. I’m horny, so see you later.”
You kiss his cheek and leave the room.
The feeling of your lips lingers on his cheek to this day.
“Come back, we have a mission. We’re supposed to be fight-” An explosion from inside the building interrupts Peter.
A second later Tony flies out in his suit, cheering because the mission was successful.
“Mission’s over now. And it’s just a quick smell. I swear nothing is going to happen, you’ll see. I have a bad sense of smell anyway.” You assure Peter.
“No, wait!” You ignore Peter’s plea.
You take a few steps forward until you’re right in front of the plant. The fragrance is strong. It’s a mixture of all the sweetest things in life. Peter’s smell somewhere in there.
“Mmmh. That smells nice.” You hum.
“You know what it smells like now. Come back.” Peter steps forward, holding his bunched up mask over his mouth and nose. He drags you away from the plant.
“You okay?”
“Yeah.” You lift your arms in the air, “That smell was mad. I seriously need that as a perfume.”
Peter follows you slowly on your walk to the Quinjet.
You’re up in the air. Everyone else is happy because the mission was a success. You feel weird.
“Sorry, can I sit there?” You ask Peter to stand up from his seat by the window.
“Yeah yeah sure. Are you sure you’re good?”
“I’m fine, thanks.” You look up at Peter for a second. Your irises have almost disappeared entirely. That’s how blown your pupils are.
Peter stares at you. You stare out of the window. Your let one of your hands hang between your legs. The other on your belly. Peter’s still staring at you.
“Are you waiting for something? Do you want to sit here after all?” You wonder.
“Uh no. No. You sit.”
Peter stops looking at you and goes to worry about you on the other side of the jet.
You arrive back at the compound and you try to get to your room as quick as possible. You jog through the hallway but once again Peter stops you. He holds you by your wrist and you involuntarily moan out loud. Not just Peter hears. Tony, Sam, Bucky, Steve, Nat and Bruce all look at you.
“Ow, I mean. I have a few scratches that hurt. Don’t touch me. Um, if anyone needs the bathroom on our floor, I’m going to shower and then I’ll have to take care of the uh scratches from… from walking through the woods so I’ll take a while.”
You escape before anyone can question that. You’re lucky that your suit is thick enough to conceal how fucking wet you are.
You’re also lucky that no one notices that there’s no way that a few twigs could scratch you through your suit.
Except for Peter. Because Peter was there with you. He knows there were no twigs or branches. You walked through some grass in a garden, if anything. A HYDRA garden, but there was nothing except that plant he warned you about…
You‘re not sure if it‘s ten minutes or an hour that you sit in the bathtub with the shower head between your legs. Uncontrollable sobs leave your mouth that sound more erotic than any porn you‘ve watched.
Your hand hurts from holding the shower head and as you share this floor with Peter, you realise he might also want to shower after a sweaty mission.
God, Peter. Under the shower. Naked.
You stop your thoughts from going there. You‘ve fallen victim to the magical attraction of the plant but you don‘t want your innocent angel boy Peter to become a victim of your dirty thoughts.
You tear yourself away from the stream of water to go to your room.
You‘re glad to have a vibrator that‘s small enough to fit inside you, but not hurt you. That‘s what you think at first.
But after the first orgasm you feel empty, despite the pink silicone still being fully inside of you, and before today you never even got it inside. You’ve never been this wet before.
Everything is so slippery and you‘re more than frustrated.
What the fuck do you do now?
The vibration from your phone on your bedside table makes you clench around your toy and you pick it up.
Message from Spiderboy: Hey is everything okay with your scratches and stuff?
You: We‘re friends right?
S: Of course why?
Y: And friends help each other yeah?
S: Yeah, you good?
Y: No
Y: I was wrong
S: Wow never thought I’d hear that
S: What happened should I come to your room?
Y: Idk
S: ?
Y: Yeah but knock
Less than thirty seconds later, Peter knocks at your door.
You change into sleep shorts and a loose shirt and open the door.
The sight of Peter has never made you quite as happy as now.
“What’s wrong what- woah your heart is beating like crazy.” He uses his heightened senses. He knows something is up as he steps into your room. He knew something was up when you texted him.
“I know.” You say. You lock the door behind Peter.
You sit down on your bed with a wince.
Peter waits a moment before he sits down opposite of you.
“So, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”
“You know when you’re like super horny all day, but the good type, and then you come home and you finally get to masturbate and come and it’s like the best feeling ever?”
Peter’s cheeks become red as a tomato. “Oh, uh yeah sure, I’ve had that.”
“Yeah well, when I smelled that fucking plant, I thought it was going to be like that. Not for it to hurt so fucking much.” When you say the last three words you whine, and to Peter you sound just like a pornstar. He really has to contain himself here.
“It hurts? What exactly?”
“My nipples are super sore. And there’s this feeling, like really deep down in my belly. Apart from that I’m so fucking wet, you can’t even imagine,” He’s trying not to imagine it, at least, “But nothing is helping. I came in the shower, at least six times, and more in here but it’s not enough.”
Peter groans at the thought of you touching yourself. Right on the bed that he is currently sitting on, that you’ve masturbated on before, and he’s even slept in before.
“Fuck should we - should we get help, I‘m sure Tony or Bruce will know what to do?” He suggests.
“No! Are you crazy?”
Yeah but only about you, Peter thinks.
You’d rather die than tell Tony or Bruce about how horny you are.
“You will not do that, I need your help, Peter. You agreed, friends help each other.”
“What- what do you want me to do? I don‘t know anything about this.”
“Just…” You straddle Peter’s thighs. He doesn’t stop you. You put your hands on his shoulders and press your forehead against his.
“Just kiss me, Peter.”
He doesn’t wait. Peter places his lips on your open mouth. You kiss him until you no longer know which way up and which way down is.
You start grinding your hips against Peter’s leg, against the basketball shorts he’s wearing.
You weren’t lying when you told him he wouldn’t believe how wet you are.
“Fuck. S-sorry.” You pull away from him and lie back down on your pillows, so you’re half-sitting up.
“Sorry you have to witness this.” You tell him.
Your hand has slipped underneath your own shorts. You’re unashamedly rubbing circles between your legs. You have no idea what’s going through Peter’s head. He just sits there.
“You can go again. I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think you can help me.” You close your eyes and wait until you hear your door shut again. But you don’t.
Peter’s still there.
“No I can, I’ll help you. Just tell me what to do.”
You sit up so you can talk to him properly.
“Have you ever fingered a girl?”
“No I’ve just, uh I mean I’ve watched, just a few times, watched porn.” He mumbles and you wonder how he can be shy while you’re basically fucking yourself with your fingers in front of him.
“First of all throw your fucking inhibitions out of the window. You don‘t have to be shy about watching porn, not in this fucking situation, and not around me anyway, ever.”
He nods.
“I know you‘re inexperienced but you better be a quick fucking learner.”
He’s definitely eager.
“Okay what should I do first? Can I take these off?” He’s pulling at your shorts.
“Yes, Peter. Everything. Take it all off, please.” Your neediness is coming back, more intense than ever.
First, Peter makes you slip out of your shirt. He gulps when he sees your naked chest. Your fingers start rubbing your nipples. You lift your hips, indicating to Peter to finally take off your shorts.
You’re so wet, it’s running down your thighs and Peter can smell you. He loves this.
He just stares for a moment.
“Fingers. I need your fingers, Peter. Mine aren’t as big as yours and mine aren’t enough.” You really do sound like a desperate pornstar right now, except that you’re not faking it.
“Yeah, okay. What, where-” He starts and you take one of his fingers and place it right where you need it.
“Now go as deep as you can.”
His finger enters you slowly, as not to hurt you but you buck your hips forward.
“And now?” He asks. He licks his lips.
“Now pull your finger out again- No! Not completely.”
“Don’t be. Just do that and I’ll rub my clit.” He pulls his finger out, not completely, and goes back in in a smooth motion. You’re so slippery everywhere. His finger keeps grazing the upper wall of your pussy and Peter keeps looking from your face, back to your body, back to your face.
“I need more, Peter.”
“Like, faster?”
“A second finger, please.”
You look so endlessly beautiful, not just now, and Peter could and would never deny you, so he adds another finger. You can already feel your climax building up.
“Fuck, Peter. I’m gonna cum.” His fingers move faster and you use the same rhythm on your clit.
“Fuck, back off, I think I’m gonna squirt.” You warn him.
“No, just let go.” He says and you do. You bask in the wave of euphoria that consumes you, even if just for a short moment.
You wait a few seconds to open your eyes.
Peter’s shirt is drenched in your warm release. His tongue darts out to lick off some that you squirted on his face.
The way you’re admiring Peter from below him makes him feel so damn invincible.
“You feel better yet?”
You shake your head and Peter’s face falls just a tiny bit.
“It was amazing. But I feel like it will never stop hurting. I need to cum again, please.”
He pulls his wet shirt off his body and lies down, pulling your thighs over his shoulders.
“Should I try with my tongue? Maybe that feels better.”
Peter still doesn’t really know what he’s doing. But with how you’re grinding your pussy in his face, getting yourself off, his lack of skill isn’t obvious.
You have this atmosphere around you that makes Peter fucking dizzy.
You cum in his face once more, it’s not quite as much as before, still. “Oh god sorr-”
“Don’t apologise. I know you’re basically on drugs but it’s still an ego boost knowing I’m with you while you do that squirting thing.”
“I only do that with you. I’ve never squirted before.”
His whole upper body has a red tint now.
Despite the two heavenly orgasms Peter just gave you, you feel like you’ll never be satiated. You know there’s just one way to go.
“Peter have you ever had sex?”
You give him your most irresistible look but it’s paired with a pout in case he doesn’t want to have sex with you.
You sit up, your chest against his. He’s about to give in.
“But I just said it. You’re basically on drugs. I shouldn’t even be here. I can’t have sex with you. Would it be your first time?”
“Yeah but-”
“I’m sorry, I know you’re in pain right now but I can’t. It wouldn’t be right, you’d just regret it afterwards.”
You feel the pressure behind your eyes. Does Peter not want you like you want him?
“I would do the same for you, Peter. You know I would.”
“Fuck.” He mutters. He gets to his knees and pulls the drawstring of his shorts, pulling them off his legs and his hard cock hits his lower abdomen.
“God, you’re big.” You grin, scooting closer to him. His hand wraps around his cock and he gives himself a few strokes.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” “You won’t hurt me. I want you inside of me. Actually scrap that I need you inside of me. It hurts so much, Peter.” You whine.
“I promise I’ll make it better. I’ll take care of you, I’m here for you.” He stops, thinking, “But do you have condoms?”
“In that drawer.” You tell him.
He opens the drawer from your nightstand. Along with a few scary-looking gadgets he finds a bunch of condoms.
“Uh why do you have so many, I thought you haven’t had sex.”
“I haven’t, but I use sex toys on myself and the shop that sells them gives you free condoms with every purchase.”
“Hm, where is the shop-”
“Oh, right.”
He positions himself above you, his hands either side of your head.
“Can I kiss you?” He asks.
“Please.” You whisper. You bring your head up so your lips touch. Even though Peter’s fingered and eaten you out tonight, nothing was ever as intense as this kiss. The first kiss you gave him earlier was just desperate. But there’s a hint of something more in this one.
Your tongues meet in slow, sensual kisses until you leak onto the bed and you’re reminded of the emptiness inside of you. You moan into Peter’s mouth and he bites your tongue when your fingers graze his cock, then wrapping around him and stroking.
“You ready?” He asks. You hum.
He sinks into you gradually. Peter’s never been as thankful for his Spider-Man stamina as he is now, because otherwise he’d be done for.
He goes slow to make sure he’s not hurting you, but it doesn’t hurt.
Peter worries once sobs start leaving your mouth, but they’re from pleasure.
It feels so goddamn good how Peter’s cock stimulates your g-spot while your finger rubs your clit.
It’s nearly overwhelming how good everything feels. All it takes is a look at Peter’s face and down his body and you’re coming.
You flutter around Peter’s cock and squeeze him so good that he, too, orgasms.
You’re both out of breath and Peter slumps down on you, careful not to squash you as his arms give out under him. He slowly rolls off of you, lying close to you still.
“Fuck, that was exhausting,” He breathes out, “But I mean I can go again, no problem if-”
“No I’m.. I feel good.” You raise your shoulders and use your arms to cover your chest.
“Is everything alright? Do you… regret what we just did? Fuck I shouldn’t have-”
“No no not at all, I don’t regret it, promise.” You reassure him, “Just um a bit embarrassed that you saw me like that.”
“No inhibitions, remember?” His hand strokes along your arm.
You’re both still naked, bodies glistening with sweat and Peter’s still admiring you.
“So you’re good? Satisfied?”
“Very, thank you, Peter.”
“So do you want to go shower?” You’re a sticky mess, so the answer is yes.
“I’ll let you go first.” Peter offers, in front of the bathroom.
“The shower is big enough to share. I mean after what just happened we can shower next to each other, can’t we?” You drag him into the bathroom with you. You let go of the bedsheet you held around you as a cover.
“Oh, okay yeah.”
You step into the shower and turn the water on, washing away the stickiness around your thighs first.
Peter’s watching you, but you’re too busy cleaning up.
“God, I’m sore. Can you get my back?” You only half-turn, to see Peter dropping his sheet and stepping into the shower behind you.
He takes your pink loofah sponge and starts massaging your back while you wash your hair.
This is not what Peter thought about when you said no inhibitions. It’s not that he doesn’t want to see you naked. But Peter’s completely hard again and you don’t even acknowledge it. Did you even notice? This is not ideal.
“Thanks. That felt good. Are you finished?” You ask, grabbing a towel and getting out of the shower. Peter doesn’t want you to know he’s hard and he turns his front to the wall. He doesn’t miss how your eyes go to his ass.
“I just need another minute or two to clean up. I’ll be out in a second.” He says and you go to your room to put on fresh pyjamas and change your bedsheets.
It’s been ten minutes and Peter still hasn’t come to your room. You text him,
You: You still showering?
Spiderboy: No
Y: Where are you then?
S: My room
Y: Why
S: Cus it’s my room
Y: Don’t you wanna come to my room?
A minute later there’s a knock on your door.
You have to limp to the door because of your earlier activities.
“If I had still been in the shower I couldn’t have answered your text, by the way.” That’s all he says.
He walks to your bed but doesn’t sit down.
“Thanks again, Peter. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.” You sit down on the bed. He smiles at you weakly.
“Sit down.” You order. He stares at the bed. His hand glides across the mattress. He sits down.
“Peter? What-what’s going on in your mind? You’re being awkward and surely after what just happened I should be the one behaving awkwardly. But I‘m not, because I trust you, so what‘s going on?”
“I don’t know. It’s just, we’re friends - we said that, right? Friends help each other and stuff. So we’re friends but we just had sex and I don’t know what that means for us.”
“Do you regret it?”
He shakes his head.
“Peter. Look at me.” He does, “When I first found out about that plant, and I googled, it said there’s two ways to be “cured” by the effect of that plant.
So one is the option of impregnation-” Peter’s eyes go wide.
“No no don’t worry that’s not the one. We used a condom, it’ll be fine. So the second option… is to sleep with someone that you love. It’s weird, I didn’t quite get it, but on Asgard they use it to unite two lovers, I don’t know. But it worked.” You don’t look him in the eye.
“So, like, what does that mean?”
“It means… that I love you. My body was acting up, but I could still think clearly. And I knew that I love you and that meant it would help.” This time you look at him. His eyes are locked on his lap.
“I know that you love me, friends love each other. That’s normal.” He fidgets with the string of his hoodie.
“So.. do you not want to be more than that? More than friends?” You’re back to not looking at him now.
He lets out a deep breath. “No inhibitions, so here we go, I want to be more than that. More than friends. How could I not? But I know that, for years, you’ve only seen me as a friend, of course someone as amazing as you wouldn’t love me like that.”
“But I do. Have for ages. Do you think I’d let a friend see me like that? Soaking my whole fucking bed? Do you think I would ask a friend to have sex with me? Besides, the thing with the plant, it wouldn’t have worked if I only loved you as a friend.” You explain. Now you’re finally locking eyes.
“Foreal?” Peter asks and you laugh.
“Yes.” You grin.
“Foreal foreal?” He asks and you grin wider.
“Yes foreal. I love you, Peter. As someone I want to be with, like in a relationship. And have awesome sex like we did today. Just not quite that desperate.”
“Foreal foreal foreal?” He asks and you want to kiss him silly.
“Peter if you ask that one more time I’ll kiss you until you’ve forgotten every word except my name.”
“For-” He doesn’t get to end his sentence. You straddle him despite the burn in your thighs and pin him to the mattress. You don’t know how much time goes by while you’re just making out with Peter.
“Oh and I love you too, by the way.”
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