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#peter parker x you
spidernerdsblog · an hour ago
pretending to flinch when Peter does something to see his reaction🤙
I just got carried away. Hope you like this...
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings : fluff
Tumblr media
Peter Parker and chocolate cookies are a whole different story. One of the first things you discovered in the initial days of your relationship is his undying love for chocolate chip cookies. Aunt may often used to joke about how the cookies never make it into the cookie jar because he just practically inhales them as soon as she takes them out of the oven.
In the meantime you managed to learn the recipe from May and luckily you had a day off today so you decided to try out the recipe while waiting for Peter to come back from his daily patrolling and surprising him at night. You got busy in the kitchen measuring all the ingredients in the right amounts as May had taught you and mixed them into a perfect consistency. You were so engrossed in your work that you lost track of time and failed to hear Peter coming through the window of your apartment. 
“What are you baking?” Peter’s voice startled you. 
“Oh you scared me!” you gasped, turning around to find your nerdy boyfriend leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen. He had already changed into his flannel shirt and jeans which were in your closet after you insisted him to keep an extra set of clothes in your apartment in case he decides to stay the night.
“Sorry didn't mean to” he apologized sheepishly.
“It’s ok” you smiled glancing at the clock “you're early today” you remarked.
“Yeah, all the bad guys in Queens decided to take a day off today I guess” he chuckles “so what is being made in chef Y/N’s kitchen?” he walks inside and his eyes light up as soon as he sees the cookie dough in the mixing bowl “oh chocolate cookies, my favorite!” he beams with joy like a child and goes to scoop some of the dough but you move the bowl away from him.
“Ah ah hold on tiger you gotta let them bake in the oven first” you tell him sassily.
“But can I have a little taste please?” he gives you his irresistible puppy eyes.
“Nope” you were adamant as you hid the bowl behind you.
“Whyy??” he whines pouting at you.
“You always say one scoop but end up finishing half of the dough so not happening mister” 
“C'mon Y/N just one scoop please” he pleads jutting out his lower lip.
“No means no” you state out firmly.
“Well I think I might be able to turn that to a yes” he says smiling mischievously as his hands reach out to grab your hips and start to tickle you.
“Peter, stop this is cheating! You are not allowed to do this!” you squealed giggling trying your best not to drop the bowl.
“Yes everything is allowed in love and war” he says cheekily continuing to tickle you. 
“Oh god stop I can't breathe...” you say breathlessly as you try to swat away his hands giggling.
“Not unless you let me have a scoop of the cookie dough” he says, catching hold of your right arm firmly.
“Ouch! Peter stop” you yelped in pain and Peter immediately backed off letting go of your arm. Concern overtakes his features as he watches you put down the bowl on the kitchen counter and rub your arm.
“Did-did I hurt you?” his voice comes out shaky as he carefully goes to hold your arm
“Ow!” you flinch in pain as his heart dropped seeing you hurt because of him.
“Does it hurt?” he presses the area lightly with guilt in his eyes.
“Yeah a little” you tell him slowly sitting down on a chair.
“I'm so sorry Y/N this is all my fault. I'm such an idiot that I completely forgot about my superstrength. I should have been more careful. This is completely my fault. I hurt you we should go to doctor right now” he rambles blaming himself.
“It's ok Pete I’m fine it doesn't hurt that much” you reassure him with a soft smile feeling pity on him. 
“No I should have listened to you Y/N. Just tell me what can I do to make it better?” he says, shaking his head with remorse.
“Well we can finish baking the cookies and later on you can cuddle me to sleep. How does that sound?” you proposed.
“Anything for you babe. You just sit here and relax. I’ll do the rest of the work ok?” you nodded affirmatively and watched him get busy into baking the cookies batch by batch. The thought of having such a caring and loving boyfriend made you feel happy from inside but you also felt terrible seeing his saddened face cause he thinks he hurt you but in reality you were just pretending to be hurt to stop him and now you don’t know how to disclose that little secret to him. 
The timer went off indicating the last batch of cookies were done breaking you out of your thoughts. You jumped out of your seat and took out the tray from the oven. The scent of vanilla and chocolate invading your senses as you pulled out your mittens and picked up a piece from the tray.
“Mmmm tastes heavenly” you moaned, taking a bite of the freshly baked cookies it didn’t take much time for Peter to notice that you were working normally with your right arm.
“Hey you said your arm was hurting right?” he looks at you skeptically.
“What arm?” you say whilst chewing.
“Just an hour ago you were crying out in pain” he reminds you.
“Oh I was just pretending” you shrug nonchalantly.
“What?! You were acting the whole time?” he gasped in disbelief “that is so cheap of you” 
“You only said everything is fair in love and war and I had to save my cookies from the cookie monster” you retorted.
“You minx! You tricked me. I was so worried sick. You don’t know how terrible I felt for hurting you” he huffs knitting his eyebrows in a frown.
“Okay I’m sorry I won’t do that again” you say cupping his face with your hands “and how many times do I need to tell you Peter Benjamin Parker that you can never hurt me? Even if an evil symbiote possesses you, you will never hurt anyone willingly” you pressed a soft kiss on his lips as he finally gave you a smile “and stop underestimating me. I'm not that fragile ok?” you added making him laugh.
“We will see when you can take these from me” he says with a smug grinning as he grabs the whole cookie tray and runs out of the kitchen.
“Peter, come back!” you ran after him. 
Tumblr media
Let me know what you think. Reblogs are appreciated.
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writing-wh0re · 6 hours ago
I can have one where Peter is a fuck boy and unknowingly slept with Y/N (stark) and they meet at the tower on a group meeting day. (and he in front of the avengers pretends to be innocent). Love you
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests.
Peter Park x Female Reader - Tony Stark's Daughter.
Words: 3,625 - longest I've ever written.
Warnings: Smut18+, Vaginal intercourse, Male and Female Performing Oral, Praise Kink, Unprotected Sex, Fuckboy Peter Parker, Angst.
A/n: I hope you enjoy this, I took three hours to write and edit this. I got a little carried away with it (I think) and I apologise for it being sooo long.
So far your senior year had been amazing, you were destined to finish top of your class which would make your dad happy and you had also been offered an internship with him, which some of your classmates thought was bullshit but hey, considering you didn’t want to go to some flashy expensive school, you were doing pretty good, even with your dad’s help.
That was until you went out to your first party with your best friend Macie, she thought it was about time you let loose and have fun. You didn’t want to go and had even told your mum and dad who only encouraged you to go out, so that plan backfired. So here you were, standing in Macie’s living room, red solo cup in your hand while dancing with your best friend, happy to have listened to her for once and let loose.
“How do you know this many people?”
Macie shakes her head “I don't know them, they’re Tyler’s friends from his school.” I nod in agreement, looking around the room for Tyler, Macie's boyfriend who is chatting with a guy I’ve never seen before. His brown slightly curly hair, puppy dog eyes and a smile that causes butterflies inside of my stomach. Macie grabs my shoulder, following my line of sight before laughing and shaking her head.
“Peter Parker.”
“Peter Parker” I repeat his name, loving the way it sounds as it falls from my lips. “He’s fucking hot.”
Macie laughs at me before nodding. “Yeah he’s alright, he goes to school with Tyler. He’s a bit of a ladies man but I don’t know too much about him.”
“He’s into science and technology?” I almost feel bad for questioning the boy's intelligence, judging him solely on his handsome appearance.
“Yeah, Tyler, Peter and a guy called Ned won their last science fair two weeks ago.” Macie informs. “Let's go say hi.” Macie grabs my arm pulling me through the body’s of unknown teenagers before we come face to face with Peter and Tyler.
“Hey babe, we were just talking about you.” Tyler pulls Macie into his side, kissing the side of her head.
My eyes fall to Peter, both of us smiling at each other. I feel my skin fall hot slightly as his eyes wander over my body. I mentally thank myself for wearing my red leather shirt and lace crop top.
“I’m Peter.”
“Y/n.” I smile before hearing someone clear their throat. Turning my attention to Macie, a cocky smirk on her face.
“Tyler and I want to play beer pong, want to join?”
“You’d have to be partners though.” Tyler quickly adds, before walking away with Macie to the table to set the game up, not even waiting for a response.
I look to my side slightly silently asking Peter if he’d like to join.
“I need words Y/n.” I take in a sharp breath at what Peter just said to me.
“Uh, would you, um like to be my partner for beer pong?” Peter licks his lips before smirking at me.
“Of course.” His hand falls to the middle of my back as he guides me to the table Tyler and Macie had just set up. Macie raises her eyebrow at me, causing me to blush and shake my head, knowing exactly what she is thinking.
“Okay so standard rules, but we haven’t decided what the winner gets yet.” Tyler states.
I watch Macie stand on her tippy toes whispering something into Tylers ear causing him to chuckle.
“Okay, the winner has to make out with their team member.”
I sigh at my best friend before nodding.
“Fine, okay.”
“Sound a little more excited.” Peter whispers, flicking his eyes from mine to my lips. I roll my eyes, ignoring his comment as Macie flips a coin.
“Heads.” I call quickly, watching Macie reveal the coin, heads being the winner.
Tyler throws Peter the ball, catching it perfectly in one swift motion.
“Fuck.” I whisper to myself, seeing him smirk slightly. He surely didn’t hear me, did he?
I stand beside Peter as he lines up the first shot, landing the ball into the cup causing Tyler to groan.
“Lucky shot.” Macie mumbles before lining up to take her shot, missing the cup as I pout.
“Awh Mace.” Macie narrows her eyes at me before flipping me off.
I grab the ball, lining up the shot, before I can let go of the ball, Peter’s hand falls to my elbow, his other placed in the middle on my back.
“Lower, otherwise you’ll miss and we want to win.” His warm breath fans my neck causing my heartbeat to pick up. I let the ball slip through my fingertips, missing the cup I was originally planning on but landing the ball in the one behind.
“That’s unfair.” Macie complains before drinking from the cup.
The game continues with us losing our lead, until the last cup for both teams. I take a deep breath, knowing it's my go and praying that I won’t miss this shot.
“Breathe, lower your arm, line it up and sink it.” Peter whispers, his lips against my ear, his hands placed on my hips. I follow his instructions, taking a breath, lowering my arm and letting go of the ball. The room feels like it slows down as the ball bounces on the table, landing into the cup.
“Good girl.”
An uncontrollable whimper leaves my lips which causes his grip on my hips to tighten, feeling my arousal pool in my panties.
“Holy shit, you won!” Macie cheers, clapping her hands as Tyler follows suit.
I don’t get a chance to respond to Macie as my body is spun around, my chest bumping into Peter’s. One of his hands cupping my cheek, the other still on my hip, his lips locking onto mine. I feel my body relax against his lips, putting my arms around his neck deepening our kiss.
Peter smiles against my lips, everyone around us whooping and hollering at our interaction. We pull away from each other, before he leans back in, quickly pecking my lips.
*Optional but I listened to this song while writing this next part*
“I love this song, Y/n come dance.” Macie almost squeals, grabbing my arm and pulling me from Peter’s embrace. “Was that as good as it looked?”
“God yes.”
Macie smiles at me before mouthing the words ‘she got that rich girl la vibe.’ gesturing to me as I flip my hair over my shoulder, laughing at my best friend. Macies hands fall to my hips, swaying to the beat with me, I place my arms around her neck singing the words with her.
Macie goes wide eyed slightly before letting go of my hips, I raise my eyebrow about to protest her actions before feeling a familiar grip. I tilt my head back, resting on his shoulder grinding my ass against his crotch, his grip tightening on my hips.
I roll my eyes, spinning around in his embrace, without a second thought I lean forward, kissing up his neck before softly biting his earlobe.
“Make me.” I dont have a second to think before I’m being pulled behind Peter, a smug smile on my face. He drags me through the crowd, banging on the bathroom door before pulling me through the door with him.
His lips are instantly on mine, my back against the door, his fingertips running up and down my sides. I grab his wandering hand, placing it on my boob causing him to groan softly. I bite his bottom lip, pulling back as our eyes lock together. His lips fall to my neck, kissing and biting the skin.
“You’re fucking gorgeous.”
His compliment causes a shiver to run down my spine, my fingers running through his hair, pulling on his curly locks earning a moan from his lips. The warmth of his body leaves mine, grabbing my hips and picking me up, I softly squeal, shocked how easily he lifted me. Peter places me on the bathroom counter, tugging on top as I pull the flimsy lace fabric from my body, his lips instantly kissing my boobs, swiping his tongue across my nipple.
“Fuck.” I hiss, watching Peter pull my nipple between his teeth. Peter kisses down my body, pulling my skirt up letting it sit around my waist.
“You’re dripping for me.” Peter presses against my clit through the fabric of my g-string. I slowly rock my hips up, attempting to get some friction.
“Needy little girl.”
I whimper at his words, feeling myself become wetter by the second. A gasp falls from my lips as Peter pulls my panties to the side, blowing on my glistening heat.
“Please.” I beg, causing Peter to chuckle. He trails feather light kisses up my thighs before licking a stripe from my core to my clit. On instinct my fingers tangle in his hair, my head falling back against the mirror, mouth agape as moans and gasps fall from my lips like water.
“Yes, fuck.”
Peter slides a finger inside of me, causing my pussy to clench around the contact. His lips cover my clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves earning a hiss from me. Peter adds another finger, pumping in and out of my pussy, my hand slaps across my mouth, muffling my cries of pleasure. Peter looks up at me, using his free hand to pull my elbow.
“Let me hear you.”
I flutter my eyes closed, Peter’s lips on my thigh, sucking and biting the skin, his fingers still buried deep inside of me.
“I’m close.”
The second the words escape me, I regret them. Peter pulls away from me, standing to undress himself. Without a second thought I fall to my knees, looking up at him through my lashes.
“Naughty girl.”
My hands fall to his pants, unbuttoning his jeans before hurriedly unzipping them. I palm his cock through his underwear, a breathless moan escaping from his lips. I tug at the fabric, having his help to pull it off. His dick springs free, my breath hitching at the size of him.
I take him in my hand, pumping up and down slowly, swirling my tongue around the head. Peter bites his lip, his fingers brushing through my hair, his eyes focusing on my every move. I lick from the base to the tip before taking him fully in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down. The sounds Peter makes cause my pussy to ache, his fingers pull on my hair, helping to guide my mouth. I gag around him as he hits the back of my throat, an unholy sound falling from his lips at the contact.
Peter pulls my mouth off him, pulling me up by my arms, placing me on the counter again. I grab his cock, running it up and down my slit, causing Peter to chuckle.
“Someone’s eager.” I simply answer him by positioning his cock at my entrance, hooking my legs around his waist to pull him into me.
I moan at the feeling of him inside of me, his eyes flutter closed at the contact, moaning at the sensation.
“You feel so good.” I smirk at him, watching his eyes flick to where our bodies meet, his thumb brushing against my clit.
I pull Peter closer to me, locking our lips together as he slides in and out of me, deeper with each thrust, causing my body to tingle, the speed of his thumb picking up before slowing right back down.
I pull away from our kiss, trailing kisses down his jaw, running my tongue down his neck, sucking and biting the skin. Peter grips my ass at the contact of my lips, spanking me hard as I rack my nails down his back.
“Just like that Peter.” I whisper in his ear, softly biting his earlobe as he groans.
“Fucking so good.”
I feel the band inside of me tighten, my pussy tightening around his cock.
“Cum for me, come on baby.” My eyes roll back, shocks of electricity flowing through me, holding onto Peter tight. Peter moans against my shoulder, biting the skin before finding his own release.
Before he pulls out, Peter kisses me, holding my face in his hands.
“You’re incredible.” Blush heats up my cheeks as he pulls out of me, hissing at the loss of contact. Peter and I both get dressed quickly, walking back out to the party, moving through the crowd to find Macie and Tyler.
I lock eyes with Macie as her mouth falls open, quickly rushing over to me and pulling me away from Peter.
“You had sex.”
“Shh, don’t tell the whole party.”
Macie rolls her eyes, moving my hair over my shoulder before wincing.
“Have fun explaining that one to your dad.”
I go wide eyed slightly, turning to the hallway mirror and seeing three hickies on my neck.
“Fucking hell.”
Macie chuckles at my expense, pulling me with her to go back to Peter and Tyler. I frown my brows, Tyler now by himself.
“Uh, where did Peter go?” I question as Tyler shrugs. I quickly look around the living room, my eyes landing on Peter watching him slip out the front door without a word.
“Did he just leave?” Macie asks almost dumb founded.
“Guess so.”
“Don’t beat yourself up Y/n, just be lucky you didn’t sleep with Peter, he’s a bit of a fuckboy to be honest.” Tyler chuckles as I feel my body fall cold. Tyler looks between myself and Macie, choking on his drink slightly. “You fucked him.”
“I’m going to head home.” I mumble, Macie quickly pulling me into a hug, walking me to her front door, the same one Peter had just ducked out of.
“You can stay.”
“It’s fine Macie, I want to shower and sleep in my own bed.” Macie smiles weakly at me, pulling me into another embrace. “I’ll text you.”
Macie nods in response as I pull my phone out, calling Happy to pick me up.
The next morning I wake up feeling rough, hating that I mixed different alcohol’s and feeling off about having slept with a complete stranger, knowing how unlike me that is.
“Good morning Y/n, your dad would like to see you in the kitchen.” Friday’s voice bounces off my bedroom walls. I groan at the announcement, grabbing a scrunchie to throw my hair up in a messy ponytail. I quickly look over my outfit, sweatpants and a stark industries crop jumper, good enough. I grab a pair of socks before walking out onto the cold tiles.
“Friday summoned me.” I announce walking into the kitchen, seeing my dad and the avengers sitting around the table. “Oh awesome.” I whisper.
“And what time did you get home?”
“Eleven, maybe.”
I open the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water and sitting on the bench, facing everyone.
“How was the party? You’ll have to tell us everything.” Wanda smiles as I nod.
“Y/n Stark, what is that on your neck?” My dad bellows, standing up and tilting my head, looking at the hickies on my neck.
“Nothing.” I push my dad away as everyone at the table snickers.
“You did tell her to go out and party.” Steve states causing my dad to turn and point at the super soldier.
“Stay out of this Rogers.”
“She’s young Tony, let her enjoy her last few weeks of school.” Nat pipes up causing my dad to tut and sit back down.
‘Thank you.’ I mouth to Steve and Nat as they both smile and nod at me.
“So why do you look like you’re having a meeting?”
“We are welcoming a new member to the avengers.” My dad states, sipping his coffee.
“Right, so why did you want me here for that?”
“Because you haven’t met him yet and you’re both going to be interning for me in a few weeks, thought it might be good to be acquainted.” I nod in response to my dad, taking a sip of my water.
“They’re all waiting for you.” I hear Happy’s voice say as he walks into the room, all of the avengers stand and look behind me, I turn and look over my shoulder, feeling my heart beat pick up, my mouth falling dry.
“Peter.” His name falls from my lips in shock.
Peter’s eyes lock onto me as he swallows harshly.
“Peter, buddy, welcome.” My dad greets him like an old friend, his eyes moving from mine to my dads.
I feel a hand grip my forearm, a gasp pulling me out of my thoughts, I quickly pull out of the grip.
“Get out of my head Wanda.”
“He did this.” Wanda whispers gesturing to my neck, Nat and Steve both looking at me. I hold my finger to my lips, pleading with my eyes.
“How much did you see?” Nat whispers to Wanda. I don’t hear Wanda’s response as my dad calls me over to him. I quickly slip off the bench, Nat with a small smirk on her face. I sigh softly knowing they know.
“You called.”
“Peter Parker, this is my daughter Y/N Stark, she will be interning with you and is typically on our communications for missions.” My dad states as Peter puts out his hand for a headshake, I scoff before accepting his gesture.
“So what’s your ability?”
“He’s Spiderman, isn’t it great to finally put a face to the suit.” My mum says, standing next to Happy. Instantly, everything from last night makes sense, the smirk he had when I whispered, the soft touches, leaving the party abruptly. It all makes sense, he knew what he was doing. He could read me like a fucking book.
“Y/n is very fond of you, she studied your web abilities.” My dad states, causing me to run my hand down my face.
“Ah, well, maybe you should show me what you learnt and I could fill in any blanks.” Peter states, causing my dad to hum in approval.
“Why don’t you do that now while I get paperwork ready for you to sign.” My dad smiles. I feel a hand cup my shoulder, looking to the right and seeing Steve.
“Steve Rogers.”
Peter grabs his outstretched hand, wincing slightly at the grip Steve gives. I slightly elbow the super soldier, knowing Wanda told him what she saw.
“Maybe Banner should go with them, do you want a teenage boy to be left alone with your teenage daughter?” Steve asks, my dad sighs before chuckling.
“Clearly she was with a teenage boy last night, I’m sure Peter here is harmless compared to last night's company.”
I hear Nat and Wanda giggle before passing it off as something else.
“Go.” My dad instructs, I sigh, turning away from him and leading the way to the lab.
The walk to the lab is silent, only my dad’s voice bouncing off the walls asking the group why they’re being weird.
I walk over to my desk, grabbing the file on ‘Web Slinger’ and handing it to Peter.
“Take it.”
Peter’s hand brushes against mine before he grabs the file, sitting in the chair beside mine.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
I scoff, shaking my head. “Oh yeah because you gave me time to tell you.”
Peter sighs, putting the file on my desk before pulling my chair closer to him.
“Could have told me beforehand.”
“It didn’t seem to matter, how was I supposed to know who you were?”
Peter stays quiet, his eyes looking everywhere but mine.
“Not like you stayed afterwards for us to actually have a conversation.”
“I had shit to do, people to save.” Peter states, now looking at me dead in the eyes.
“Fine, I get that but couldn’t you give me your number or some way of contacting you?”
Peter once again stays quiet.
“Did you tell them? Because Captain America seems to be protective.”
I scoff, rolling my eyes. “No, I didn’t tell them. Wanda Maximoff read my mind, guess she told him.” Peter sighs before I continue, “Look, we can just forget it, okay? You’re a part of their team now and we’re just going to have to move on.”
Peter’s hand falls to my knee, his thumb rubbing against the fabric of my sweatpants.
“What if we don’t move on? What if we start something?”
“Peter, I don’t want you to feel you have to start something because I’m your boss's daughter, if you want to forget it ever happened we can.”
Peter tuts, moving his hand from my knee to my face.
“I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I meant what I said last night, you’re incredible” My heartbeat picks up, butterflies erupting inside of me causing Peter to smirk. “I have an effect on you.”
“Cocky arent you.”
Peter smirks smugly, before brushing his lips against mine.
“If you don’t want to try this, stop me.” Peter hesitates for a few seconds before I close the gap between us, kissing him. Peter’s hands move under my thighs, picking me up from the chair and placing me on my desk.
“Peter Parker!” Peter jumps away from me at the shouting of my dad’s voice. “You two have some explaining to do.”
Peter scratches the back of his neck, looking at me as I shrug lightly.
“Maximoff told me, I should have listened to Rogers, but don't tell him I said that.” My dad walks over to us, grabbing the chair Peter once sat in. “I’m listening.”
Peter takes a deep breath before explaining it all to my dad, leaving out a few details as I but in to fill any holes.
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bdbb-writes · 8 hours ago
Peter Parker Masterlist
Tumblr media
works containing smut will be marked with a *
to be announced
Cherry On Top (coming soon!)
Detention (coming soon!)
to be announced
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buckleup25k · 10 hours ago
mullet papa 🍼
(bucky barnes x reader)
Tumblr media
You are trying to get into a new college but unfortunately, you don't have enough money. You find out through a friend that you can get paid around $25,000 to be a surrogate mother. It doesn't seem like such a bad idea. But somehow the sperm vials get switched and there are a lot of people depending on the baby you are carrying.
Chapter 3 - Back to Reality
word count - 428
“Y/N. You are not up yet?” MJ hovers over me as I lay in bed. “I thought you were getting changed. We have to leave soon to the doctors.”
“Wait, what?” I look up at her.
“I booked you an appointment with a fertility specialist.”
“What did you do?”
“Ughhhh, Y/N,” She yanks my arm pulling me out of bed.
“We need to see if you’re are able to be a surrogate mother and to do so you need to go to a fertility specialist,”
“Fertility Specialist, rightttt. Imma get changed.”
“Thank youuu,'' MJ says as she closes my door behind her. What the fuck are you supposed to wear to a fertility doctor? A t-shirt and jeans seem too complicated because I would have to get… inspected. A dress should do it. But what dress? A casual one. All right here a black and white striped dress and converse should be a good addition.
I walk downstairs to see MJ waiting by the door. She looks up at me in relief.
“Took you a while,” she says with a chuckle in her throat.
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll just get breakfast then we can go.” 
Before I get the chance to walk into the kitchen she grabs my arm.
“No time,” she says. “We can get it on the way.”
MJ is in the driver's seat. She just got her licence and has been eager to drive ever since. ‘From the Dining Table,’ is blaring through the speakers so much that I can’t form any coherent thoughts, all of it is just Harry Styles. 
“What are you thinking about?” MJ asks me in a sympathetic tone. I lie.
“Just the appointment...” Definitely not Harry Styles shirtless... MJ turns down the music. Bitch. 
“I don’t know. Everythings just happening so fast, you know?” I sigh. “Anyway, enough about me, how about you?”
“What about me?” MJ looks at me weirdly.
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, Peter...” I stare at her and she coughs violently.
“Peter. What about Peter?” She says, daze filling her face.
“Give me the details. I’m trying to live vicariously through you.”
 “You do know that it is kind of sad that a self-sufficient adult is living through a 16-year-old.”
“Quit beating around the bush and just tell me.”
“Alright, Fuck it. We went to the drive-ins-” I cut her off.
“The drive-ins huh. Did anything-” I wiggle my eyebrows, “happen...”
“Y/N. What the fuck? It was our first date.”
“ don’t have to tell me then.” I said with a smirk.
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starknik22 · 10 hours ago
Reckless [T.H]
Tumblr media
Summary: In a fit of jealousy, Tom embarrasses you in front of your new friend and the entire pub, leaving you heartbroken at his reckless actions.
Word Count: 4.1k
Warnings: Swearing, angst, slut-shaming 
a/n: hi! sorry this took so so so long for me to get out! i got super busy with other works, but i’m super happy with how this turned out :) i hope you enjoy this, and don’t worry, i know how scary those warnings look ^ but this ends happy, i promise! as always, comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
Tom was an idiot. He was an actual fucking idiot. He now realizes that as he watches you run out of the pub with hot tears streaming down your face. He watches as Harry runs after you, your bag in his hand, probably to make sure you make it back home safe since there was no way you’d return to the crowded bar, where Harrison and Sam were giving Tom death glares, the same little pub where Tom had made a complete fool out of you. 
The few months Tom came home to London were always the setting of your most cherished memories. Sometimes it seemed like when he left so did the whole group of friends you surround yourself with.
There was no doubt in your mind that Tom was the life of the party. He had a certain aura about him that caused some of the most fucked up, but amazing situations to occur. That was probably one of the reasons you loved him so much. 
When he was in town, his brothers, Harrison, and Tuwaine all joined together to make the next few months memorable before he had to leave again, and you were always included, but when he was gone, Harry usually went with him, Harrison focused on work for himself, and Sam focused on his restaurant. The world slowed down after Tom left, and so many times, you were left to wait for his return; alone. 
Tom hated leaving you behind every time he went back to the states, but you had such deep roots in London, he didn’t want to pry you from your family for months on end. He loved you too much to constantly subject you to his hectic lifestyle. He spent as much time with you as he could when he saw you, but the second he had to go, it was all tearful goodbyes in a crowded airport. 
You and Tom had been best friends for decades at this point. You supported him no matter what it was that he wanted to accomplish. He’s even said in interviews that he credits a huge bulk of his success to his friend back home, then he’d give a wink to the camera, and you always knew it was for you. 
When Tom came home after filming Spider-Man: No Way Home, you practically tackled him to the ground in a hug. 
“You div,” You mumbled into his neck, “you forgot to let me FaceTime with Zendaya.” 
“Oh, shit!” Tom gasped, finally remembering your request to talk to your favorite actress, “my bad.”
You looked at Tom incredulously, “I don’t think I can be friends with you anymore.” You feigned hurt, clutching your hand to your chest, “it just hurts too much.” 
“That’s a damn shame,” Tom frowned, “I mean, I could just FaceTime Zendaya now, but if that’s how you—”
“I changed my mind,” You smiled sweetly, cutting him off, “love you, bestie.” 
Tom rolled his eyes and pulled you into another hug, “Missed you, bestie.” 
“Um,” Sam, Paddy, and Harrison stood behind you, clearing their throats. 
“Missed you guys too,” Tom sighed, and he rushed over and gave his brothers and friend a hug.
You gave Harry a hug while Tom chatted with his brothers, quickly catching up with him. 
“What’s the plan for tonight, guys?” You spoke up. 
Every night after Tom got back, he’d go back to his flat and take a nap before a night out on the town. Usually, you’d bar hop a bit before going to a club, so tonight wasn’t likely to be any different. 
“I was thinking we could get dinner at Lorenzo’s,” Harry said, “then maybe hit the pub on Ashford?”
You and the others nodded in agreement as you made your way out of the airport.
“Can I invite my friend Avery?” You asked. 
Tom nodded, “Sure, I didn’t even know you had any other friends, (Y/N),” he joked.
“Haha,” You laughed sarcastically, “gee that was a good one, Tom. You really got me.” 
“What can I say?” He smirked, “I’m a comedian.” 
“Is that the guy you met in your philosophy lecture?” Harrison butt in.
“Yeah,” You nodded, “he’s really sweet, so be on your best behavior guys, and maybe don’t be yourselves, just this once?” you suggested with a slightly teasing tone. 
“Are you trying to impress him or something?” Tom inquired.
“No,” You scoffed, “I’m just trying to not throw him to the wolves.” 
Tom laughed along, but it was strained. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of adding a new member to your friend group, and the little glint in your eye when you talked about Avery made his heart tighten. 
“Okay,” You smiled as you set the last of Tom’s luggage in his living room, “I’ll let you get some sleep then.”
You gave him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek, “see you later.” 
Tom reciprocated and inhaled the sweet smell of lavender in your locks of hair, “mhm,” he sighed, “see ya.” 
Harrison was about to walk out after you when Tom grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him back, “Mate, what the fuck.” he grumbled as he stumbled over his feet, “I thought you wanted to take a nap?”
“I slept on the plane,” Tom explained quickly, “you’ve been here the whole time, right?” Harrison nodded, “so you know this Avery guy, yeah?”
Harrison shook his head, “I haven’t talked to (Y/N) much this past month, but he’s probably on her Instagram.” 
Harrison pulled out his phone and looked at posts you’d been tagged in, “Ah, here.” He handed the phone to Tom and pointed to the tall blonde guy in a group photo with you and some other friends, “He’s the tall blonde.” 
Tom studied the picture with a small frown, “They’re not dating though, right?”
“She said he was her friend,” Harrison shrugged.
“You know what I mean,” Tom rolled his eyes, “do they look really chummy to you?”
“His hand’s kind of close to her butt, but other than that I don’t know.” Harrison pointed it out, causing Tom’s heart to momentarily stop. 
“Ok, new plan,” Tom announced, “I’m going to ask (Y/N) out tonight.” 
Harrison scoffed and rolled his eyes. “What?” Tom wondered.
“You’ve said that almost every single time you’ve been home and you always chicken out.”
“No, I don’t!” Tom gasped in offense, “It’s just hard to find the right time.”
“You’ve literally had hundreds of opportunities to tell her how you feel, Mate.”
“It has to be perfect.” Tom insisted, “I can’t just ask her out of the blue, I have to butter her up first.”
“That’s dumb.” 
“Oh, fuck off,” Tom groaned, “get out, I changed my mind, I’m going to sleep.” 
Harrison rolled his eyes and chuckled before giving Tom a pat on the back and leaving. Tom waved goodbye as Harrison drove away, and then rushed to his phone. 
“FaceTime Zendaya,” he instructed Siri. The call went through and soon Tom was met with Zendaya's tired eyes in a dark room. 
“Hey, Z!” Tom said cheerfully, “best friend, bestest pal in the world. The person that never wants to see me fail ever, my greatest companion—“
“Tom,” Zendaya groggily cut him off, “what the fuck do you want, I’m sleeping.” 
“How do you ask a girl out?”
Zendaya sat up a little more and turned on her bedside lamp, “What? You don’t know how to ask a girl out?”
“Well I do,” Tom backtracked, “but I want it to be special. I’ve been in love with this girl for nearly two years now and every time I go to ask her out, I chicken out.”
“I don’t know, what does she like?”
“Well one time she told me her favorite animal was a sea otter, should I get her one?” Tom pondered, hand resting in his chin in thought. 
“Um, no, what the fuck?” Zendaya squinted her eyes at Tom, “have you gotten any sleep yet?” 
Tom shook his head, “This is important, Z, now help me!” 
Zendaya rolled her eyes, “I’ll text you some ideas, but for now just go get some sleep. With how tired you are now you’d probably call her the wrong name or something.” 
Tom rolled his eyes, but the action caused his eyelids to droop even more, “Fine, fine,” he conceded, “I’ll let you know how it goes.” 
“Okay,” Tom announced at the restaurant before you arrived, “I’m going to ask (Y/N) out tonight so I need you all to shut up and not distract me or make me nervous.”
Harrison, Harry, and Sam just stared at Tom. Tuwaine, for some unknown reason, started clapping. 
“Tom,” Harrison began, “no offense, but—“
“Ah ah ah,” Tom stopped him, “is what you’re about to say going to bruise my ego?” Harrison thought about it for a moment before slowly nodding, “okay, then shut the fuck up, respectfully. I don’t need any bad juju tonight.” 
“Well, I’m happy for you, Mate,” Tuwaine nodded. He was the closest to you after Tom and he knew all about your crush on the brown-haired Brit. You might’ve let it slip once when you were drunk, and since you didn’t willingly tell Tuwaine, he was sworn to secrecy. “I’m positive she’ll say yes.” 
“Thank you,” Tom smiled at him, sending a slight glare to the others for their lack of faith in him. “As for the rest of you, I can’t wait to prove you wrong.” 
You walked into the restaurant with Avery hunched over from laughing so hard. Tom smiled in your direction and waved you over, “Hey, (Y/N/N)! Over here!”
“Wow,” You chuckled, “must’ve been a good nap. Little energetic there, huh?” 
Tom went in to give you a tight hug, holding you close, “Just missed you,” he mumbled into your hair. 
“I just saw you a few hours ago?”
Avery stood by you awkwardly, waiting for Tom to release you. Tom reluctantly let you go and pulled a chair out for you, next to him. 
“Thanks,” you smiled at him, motioning for Avery to sit next to you, “hey, everyone,” you smiled at the group of boys that were properly about to piss themselves at Tom’s over-the-top behavior, “this is Avery.” 
“Hi,” He waved at the group as a small chorus of ‘hellos’ rang across the table. He turned to Tom to shake his hand, “I’m a big fan, Mate. Love your work.” 
Tom smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks, it means a lot.” smiled politely, shaking Avery's hand. 
Dinner went off without a hitch, at least in your opinion. Avery was melding well with your friends and he was cracking jokes like he’d know the group for years. 
The boys seemed to enjoy his sense of humor and what he added to the conversation. Sam and him even found that they shared an interest in cooking, which led to them having a slightly heated discussion about how real Gordon Ramsey’s cooking skills are; which ended in laughs. 
However, Tom was probably having one of the worst nights of his life. Every time Avery playfully shoved you while you two laughed he wanted to wring his neck. It also didn’t help that he couldn’t find the perfect time to ask you out. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to ask you out with all of his mates around. 
Tom smiled and laughed along with the jokes, but once you looked away he was back to frowning. 
“Tom,” Harry nudged his brother, “wipe that scowl off your face.” 
“I’m not scowling,” Tom grumbled, “this is my normal face.” 
Harry rolled his eyes and kicked his older brother under the table, “You need to ask her soon. I think Avery is trying to make some moves on her.” Harry noticed, seeing how Avery casually had his arm around your chair. 
Tom rolled his eyes, “As if I can't see that for myself,” he scoffed. “I don’t want to ask her with all of you watching. What if she says no?” 
“We can leave you alone for a bit when we go to the pub, but I’m not sure if Avery will go with us.” Harry shrugged, “you could always ask her out tomorrow.” Harry suggested. 
“No!” Tom exclaimed, causing everyone to look at him and Harry, “Sorry, I—um, I just don’t really like that shirt on you Harry; it makes my eyes hurt.” 
Harry looked down at his shirt for a moment and then frowned, sending a light smack to Tom, “You bought me this shirt you div.”
Everyone went back to their own conversations so Tom leaned in to talk to Harry some more, “I can’t wait for tomorrow. What if I chicken out again?”
“Then you’re an idiot.” Harry deadpanned with a shrug. 
The pub was way more packed than anyone expected. The new addition of live music to the outside patio definitely livened up the place and more customers went to see what local band would be playing next. 
The pub had a classic English pub feel, with the wood flooring and the yellow-tinted walls, but it also had a modern twist with a back patio and outdoor seating with fairy lights, and the lights that illuminate under the bar itself. 
“I’m gonna go check out the band,” Harry announced after he came back with your drinks, “you guys should all come with me.” He said with a slight side-eye to Sam, Tuwaine, and Harrison. 
“Eh, I’m not really into—” Sam began, but Harry sent him a quick kick under the table. “Ow! I mean, I love music.” Sam smiled enthusiastically. 
“I’m gonna stay back and finish this beer,” Tom said, holding up the large pint of beer he was already a quarter of the way through, “(Y/N), wanna race to see who can finish first?” He suggested trying to get you to stay behind.
“Oh you’re totally on,” You smirked, “but I am going to take a quick peek at the band. We can race after I get back.” You got up from your seat and began walking away with Harry and the boys. Tom pouted at how horribly that plan worked. Harry looked back at Tom apologetically as he held the door open for you.
“Wow,” Avery smiled beside Tom, scaring him, “she really is something.” 
“Holy shit, Mate,” Tom held a hand to his heart, “you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought you went with them?” 
“Nah,” Avery shook his head, “I’m not really into music,” he shrugged. 
“Oh, okay,” Tom nodded. “What were you just saying?”
“(Y/N),” Avery looked towards the back patio exit dreamily, “she’s amazing. I mean I would definitely ask her out, but probably not at a pub surrounded by her mates, y’know?” 
“Mhm, yeah,” Tom said quietly, his heart already beginning to shatter into millions of inconsolable pieces. “I mean, she’s alright.” He said with a forced laugh, trying to fend Avery away from you, “she definitely isn’t really your type, though.” 
“What do you mean?” Avery asked, taking a sip from his beer, “she’s perfect, mate.”
“I mean,” Tom racked his brain for an excuse big enough to make Avery not want you, “you don’t think it’s a little weird she’s in a friend group with all boys?” 
“No,” Avery said slowly, skeptically looking back at the exit, “she just clicks with boys, I guess. Girls and guys can just be friends.”
“Not her,” Tom scoffed, “I mean, it’s just a little obvious, y’know?”
You and the rest of the boys were heading back in, seeing as the back patio was completely overcrowded with patrons. 
“What’s obvious?” Avery asked, raising his voice slightly due to the volume in the bar. 
“(Y/N)’s only friends are guys!” Tom nearly yelled over the volume of chatter, not realizing that the surrounding customers could hear him, “makes me wonder how many she’s slept with! I mean, that’s not a coincidence to me!” 
The surrounding customers halted their conversations, leaving only Tom’s voice filtering through the air and into your ears. 
“That’s crazy,” Avery chuckled awkwardly, “I don’t think she’s like that.” He shook his head, annoying Tom. In a final last-ditch effort to get Avery off your back, he said the worst thing he could, loudly, into a quieting pub. 
“Well, she hits on me all the time,” Tom shrugged, “she’s just a bit whorish, I guess.” 
“Tom,” Tuwaine cleared his throat, interrupting their conversation, “what the fuck, mate?” 
Tom looked at all the boys next to Tuwaine, and behind them was you, teary-eyed with harsh sobs racking through your body. 
You whispered something to Harry, and then all but ran out the front door. Harry walked over to where Tom was sitting and picked up your purse.
“Harry I—” Tom tried.
“Shut the fuck up, Tom.” Harry snapped, “You're an idiot and an asshole, just leave things be.” 
Harry ran out the pub entrance, following you to give you a ride home. 
Tuwaine, Sam, and Harrison shook their heads once the shock ebbed away. One by one they all left Tom sitting in shock and agony at the bar. Avery, not knowing any of the group, barely knew what was going on or if Tom’s accusations were correct, left the pub and went home without another word. 
“Harry,” Tom whined into the phone, “please tell me how to fix this, please I’m begging you.” 
Harry sighed, now properly regretting lifting his silent treatment from Tom, “Tom, there is absolutely nothing I can do to help you, and even if there was, I wouldn’t. You called her a whore in front of a crowded pub—”
“I know!” Tom yelled, “And I’ve been living with that guilt for three weeks now! Please, Harry. I-I messed up so bad.” Tom’s voice cracked, “I tried calling and texting, a-and my texts started turning green. She blocked me,” Tom sobbed, “I’m in love with her, and I never got to tell her. I ruined our relationship before it even began.” 
“Yeah,” Harry agreed, “you did.” 
“Harry, I just want to apologize properly, please.” Tom begged, “I tried going to her house, but her roommate threw a drink at me and told me she went out of town. Where is she?”
“I can’t tell you.” 
“Harry,” Tom sighed, “I’m trying so hard here, I don’t care where she is, I’ll go anywhere for her. Please, I just can’t keep waiting in the dark for her to talk to me.”
Harry sighed, rubbing his forehead, “Okay, fine, but don’t tell her I told you where she was. And if you get your face clawed off, just know that you deserve it.” 
“Okay, okay, now tell me.”
“She’s been staying with Tuwaine and his girlfriend.” 
“Okay, thanks, love you, bye!” Tom said through the phone, already grabbing his keys. 
Harry sighed and began texting Tuwaine, 
Harry: Tom’s coming over, don’t snap him in half, he just wants to talk to her. 
Tuwaine: I’m not home right now, but I'd be more worried about her snapping him in half… 
Tom pulled up the Tuwaine’s flat and pounded at the door. He didn’t see Tuwaine’s car in the driveway but he saw yours parked on the street so he knew you were in there. 
“(Y/N)!” He desperately called, “Come on, I know you’re in there!”, his pleas were met with silence and he rang the doorbell on repeat, “(Y/N), please! I just want to talk!”
The door opened to show you standing there with your messy hair and stained sweats, still looking overwhelmingly perfect in Tom’s eyes. He noticed the dark circles and the dried tears and his heart broke, even more, knowing he caused this. He loved you so much and he caused you some of the worst pain imaginable. All he wanted to do was hold you and kiss your puffy cheeks, desperately whispering praises into your ear. You were perfect in every sense of the word, and he let you believe you were anything less. He was an idiot—the biggest idiot in the world—for making you cry. 
“What do you want?” You snapped with a sniffle, pulling him back to reality as you rubbed your red eyes. 
“I just want to talk,” Tom gave you a small smile, “please.” 
“I don’t have anything to say to you.” You scowled, “You need to leave.” 
“No, (Y/N), please.” Tom begged, “I’m sorry. I’m so so so fucking sorry. I was being an idiot and—please, (Y/N), you’re my best friend. I don’t wanna lose you.” Tom’s voice cracked, but you remained stoic in the doorway. 
“I’m your best friend? Really?” You scoffed, “I thought I was just some whore you let hang around you?” 
Tom winced at his words being thrown back into his face, “I didn’t mean it, I swear,” he promised, tears glistening in his eyes, “I don’t even know why I said that. I was being so fucking stupid—” 
“No,” You interrupted his rambling, “you don’t get to say that. You don’t get to say that it was just you “being stupid”. Who the hell says that about their supposed best friend? Why would you even think that? You don’t just get to call me those things in public, and then say that you don’t know why you did it. You can’t even give me a reason—”
“I’m in love with you,” Tom blurted out, blowing out a puff of air in stress, “I’ve been in love with you for the longest time, (Y/N). And Avery was saying how he wanted to ask you out, and I couldn’t lose you. I didn’t want to lose you. I had so many plans for us, and I wanted to be with you—to be yours—more than anything, and I let my jealousy get in the way. I’m sorry because if I deserved you I wouldn’t have done that.”
You stood in the doorway of the flat, arms crossed over your chest. “I can’t believe you’d be so reckless.” You said after a moment of silence, “I would’ve been yours if you had just asked me.” 
“I’m sorry,” Tom cried, reaching out to hold your hand, but you backed away ever so slightly, “please, I would do anything to fix it if I could.” 
“You don’t understand anything, Tom.” You frowned.
“Help me understand.” He begged.
You pondered it for a moment and then released a sigh, coupled with a few tears, “I loved you,” you admitted. Tom’s heart did a leap, but then he realized that you were talking past tense as if his chance with you was gone.
“And I would spend months and months just waiting for you to come home so I could spend time with you. I was so lonely when you and Harry left; I always am. Avery offered to spend some time with me after class one day and I agreed because I don’t have anybody else when you leave. And it was fun, but he wasn’t you. He’ll never compare to the place you had in my heart, but at least I wasn’t alone anymore.” You sighed and began closing the door again, “Now, because of you, I have no one again.” 
The door was about to slam back in Tom’s face, but he shoved his foot in the threshold, “(Y/N), wait,” he pleaded, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how important Avery was to you. I can never undo what I did, but please let me make it up to you. I just need you to understand how sorry I am.” 
You opened the door again and looked at Tom’s sad eyes, boring into you, “I do understand how sorry you are, but I don’t know how I can trust you again. You said awful things about me without even batting an eye or taking a breath—”
“I know,” Tom sighed, “I know and I’d give anything to take it back. I just want you back (Y/N). Even if you don’t want to be my girlfriend, I can’t leave knowing I’ve lost my best friend.” 
“As much as it hurts,” You caved, moving from the doorway to let Tom in, “I still love you, and I don’t want to lose you either.” 
Tom smiled and walked into the flat, immediately pulling you into a hug, “I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” You hugged back and sniffled into his hoodie, before pulling away with a sigh.
“I know,” You nodded, “I forgive you. But next time, just be honest with me and tell me how you’re feeling. I’d give you the world if you asked for it.”
Tom smiled and stroked your tear-stained cheek, “I’ll just settle on your heart for now, if that’s okay?”
“That’s so fucking cheesy.” You giggled, wiping the tears from your eyes, “I love it.”
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congrats on 400😁 maybe u could write a mob!tom blurb or something about him rescuing u after being taken by one of his rivals? sorry if that’s cheesy lol i’m just a sucker for mob!tom
Aw thank you so much ☺️
And yes! Of course! I'm a huge sucker for mob Tom too so I got ur back bby dw. Keep sending in those blurb night requests babes! Love ya'll xx
Coming Home
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings: Angst
Summary: You and Tom comfort each other after reuniting
Blurb Night
Tom popped his knuckles nervously and shifted his weight between his feet, making Harrison jab him in the side to make him stop.
“Calm down, everything’s fine,” he assured.
“Easy for you to say,” Tom rolled his eyes, suddenly going stiff as the door finally creaked open.
Gabriel had returned with (y/n) right behind him, led by one of his more unsavory men.
“All in one piece, just like I promised,” Gabriel smirked as he tugged the gag from her mouth, “Go on, tell Tommy how well we treated you.”
Tom snapped, grabbing her by the shoulders while they untied her hands, “If you ever try something like this again I promise it won’t end so cordially.”
“Oh I’m looking forward to it,” he chuckled, “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all soon.”
“Let’s go,” Harrison decided it was best to step in before Tom could say anything else, “We need to get her home.”
Tom nodded and took her hand, leading her back through the house in silence. No one said a word until they were in the car. “I’m so sorry,” Tom apologized, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Don’t apologize,” she wrapped her arms around his middle and hid her face in his neck, “What did he want?”
“Doesn’t matter, you’re safe now, I’ll deal with the rest,” he assured, squeezing her against him, “You’re okay right? They didn’t hurt you?”
She shook her head, “They were all bark, nothing I couldn’t handle.”
He kissed her head again while the driver finally pulled away from the home, “I love you so much, I’m so sorry I let this happen.”
“I love you too,” she mumbled into his skin, “You didn’t let anything happen, it just happened. And you know what would make me feel better right now?”
“If we spent the rest of our night in our bed,” she pressed a kiss to his neck before pulling back to meet his eyes, “And a shower.”
He laughed, “We’ll be home soon angel, then the night’s all yours, we’ll do whatever you want.”
“I just wanna be with you,” she kissed his shoulder before resting her head there, closing her eyes while he rubbed her back. “Me too,” he sighed, “That’s all I could ever want.”
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tinyyoungblood · 13 hours ago
Did you see my Peter Parker request bestie of you coming through peters window and him helping you patch your wounds like you have done for him in the past. He was the only place you could think of with as much pain you were in on little to no time you almost faint when you get through his window. And he might kiss some of your wounds because he’s not really sure what else he can do to make you feel better ? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺
ring pop | peter parker
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
warning: angst, mention of blood, fluff
a/n: writing headcanons for so long has literally butchered my ability to string proper sentences together so this is rough lol, but i loved this request! listen to “ring pop” by jax if you want the full fluff experience. enjoy x
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“Before you say anything—” You held up your palms as Peter’s eyes widened in the dark, taking in your battered form from where he lied on his bed. A chill creeped through the opened window, making you shiver and grit your teeth. “I just want to let you know that if I don’t make it tonight, you have full permission to use my eulogy as a posthumous lecture.”
“A posthumous—” Peter cast his notebook to the side and got to his feet. “Y/N, you’re bleeding. What happened?”
“Is May home?” You asked quickly, ignoring his question.
“May?” Peter repeated, staring at you like he had never heard of that woman.
“Your aunt?” Your vision started to get patchy.
“My—” He shook his head. “May isn’t home, it’s just us. But you know that, it’s Wednesday, she always works late on Wednesdays.”
Peter was rambling now, talking to you like you weren’t dripping blood on the pillow on his floor. Or maybe he wasn’t, you couldn’t tell. All you knew was the stabbing pain on your left shoulder, piercing into your arm like lightning.
At once, Peter stopped talking. “You’re not okay,” he pointed out, though he had said it to no one in particular.
“What gave it away?” You retorted half-heartedly. Narrowing his eyes at you, he stepped forward. Before you could protest, Peter was already in front of you, lifting your arms carefully as he raked your body.
You winced as his hand bumped into your waist and he immediately let go, flashing you an apologetic look. His voice was laced with concern. “What happened to you?”
Your neck ached a little from a muscular knot you’d hardly noticed before. It throbbed now with discomfort and strain. You offered him a crooked smile. “I slipped.”
“You did not slip,” Peter scoffed, ever the realist, and took your hand, lacing it with yours while guiding you to sit down on his bed. “You’re one sneeze away from death, Y/N. Tell me what happened.”
Peter kneeled on the carpet floor and retrieved the first aid kit from under his bed. It was covered in glow-in-the-dark cars stickers, which you recognised from a fair that you had once went to together. It was the only thing you had won that night and Peter had smiled so brightly when you gave them to him, but somehow, you still found yourself surprised to see them in his possession.
“I fell off a roof,” you said, tracing the lining of his blanket as Peter popped the lid open. His eyes flicked to yours before he went back to taking out some cotton balls. He stepped into the space framed by your knees and peeled off the remnants of your suit, rolling it to rest at your waist. A deep punctured wound glared at him.
“Did you fall into a thorn bush?” Peter asked drily. “Or was there a spear on the sidewalk that impaled you?”
You winced as he tapped the soaked cotton balls on your skin, the alcohol burning in a way that you weren’t used to. He was gentle and froze whenever you flinched before continuing, but you knew by his flat gaze that he wanted the real answer or nothing. You cleared your throat and fixed your eyes on his dishevelled curls. “Fine,” you murmured. “Someone pushed me off the roof.”
Peter glanced at you. Without saying a word, he pressed the bottle of rubbing alcohol into your hands. You watched as he picked up some gauze and signalled for you to lift your left arm. Cautiously, he draped the clean piece of cloth around your forearm. His knuckles brushed against your skin. You took a breath. “There were four guys trying to break into the flower shop across Delmar’s. One of them got ahold of my sheath and things got ugly. But I swear I’m fine,” you added as Peter worked on your other arm.
He tied the ends into a knot and nodded to the bandage that he had just secured on your left arm. “You’re already bleeding through your bandages. I wouldn’t call that fine.”
You glanced down. A faint red blossom of blood had spread on the bandage. You tugged awkwardly at the strip of gauze. “Subjectively fine,” you amended before looking up, turning your narrowed gaze to his. “This isn’t fair. I don’t see why you’re making a big deal out of this when you slip into my room nearly every night while bleeding to death.”
Peter looked affronted at that. “It’s not the same.”
“How is that not the same?” You asked incredulously.
“Because it’s me,” Peter snapped. “I’m the one bleeding. Not you. That’s what makes this not fine.”
“Oh, please.” Scorn dripped off your lips. “Don’t pull that white knight bullshit on me. I’m perfectly capable of doing this myself.”
You snatched the gauze out of his hands and fiddled with it. The next bandage had to be wrapped under your arm and around your shoulder. You knew how to take care of wounds—the task had become a vital skill in not only your life—but this was more challenging than you would ever admit. You simply couldn’t reach that way. Your limbs were still aching and you felt the beginning of an awful headache coming. Having Peter watch you intensely didn’t help your case either, especially when annoyance and pity flashed in those brown eyes that you normally sought out for comfort. There was no comfort in this.
But you weren’t going to be the one to ask for help, and Peter knew that. He loosened a breath and held out his open palm to you, waiting patiently for you to relent. You stared at his hand for a moment and dropped the gauze roll into it. Silently, Peter worked on your arm, leaning in to loop the bandage behind you. You were both aware of how close he was. His warm breath fanned over the shell of your ear.
Peter wrapped the strip around your arm twice and tied it near the joint. You expected him to step back, facing you with an expression that was most likely regret or spite or both. But he didn’t budge. Both of you had gone utterly still.
Your pulse picked up. You knew that Peter could hear it, probably see it too. You wondered if it matched his own beat. But before you even knew what his intentions were, Peter lowered his head.
His lips hovered just above the warm juncture between your shoulder and the column of your neck—a spot that Peter always seemed to gravitate to. You drew in a sharp breath. The barest movement and his lips brushed your skin. Desire and a sense of familiarity coursed through you.
“I don’t want to fight,” he mumbled. “I just…I don’t know what else to do.” He left a trail of warm, soft kisses down your slender neck. You exhaled slowly and let Peter say what he needed to say without uttering a single word. He pressed a kiss to the end of your jawline and moved smoothly up to your ear. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.
Then he stepped back and looked you in the eyes. “It’s fine,” you said, the beginning of a smile forming on your lips. “Just don’t give me a hard time when it’s uncalled for. You patched up my wounds. That is enough.”
Peter didn’t look convinced. He lifted an eyebrow as you pulled him forward, pushing him into the mattress so you were lying side by side. Comfortable silence fell. Your eyelids felt heavier with each second, memories of vivid city lights blurred inside your head as you slipped in and out of consciousness. You knew you had to change out of your suit, but the softness of his duvet was too alluring. Too peaceful.
You felt warm breath fanning over your arm, followed by the soft press of familiar lips.
“What are you doing?” You asked, opening your eyes and pushing Peter’s face gently away. His curls fell carelessly onto your cheek as he looked up at you with raised brows. You caught a whiff of his shampoo. You loved that smell.
“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m kissing your boo-boos better.” He made to lower his head again, and you laughed.
“Don’t call them boo-boos. I was literally stabbed with a knife.”
He growled against your collarbone. “Don’t remind me.” Again, those lips on your skin.
If you had thought that peace was the cosiness of Peter’s bed, then you stood corrected. You found peace in the careful and tender kisses Peter left on your skin. You found it in the way his thumb rubbed mindless circles into your waist—careful not to touch any bruises. Even the citrus smell of his shampoo, surrounding you like a daydream felt like peace to you.
Everything about Peter Parker brought you peace and comfort.
“I have something for you,” Peter said, grinning excitedly.
You watched as Peter rose to his feet, almost tripping over the notebook he had tossed to the ground after you had climbed through his window. He stumbled to the desk and shuffled through his papers until he found what he was looking for and let out a pleased hum. He lied back down beside you, propping himself on his elbow before presenting you a small object.
“A ring pop?” You asked, amused. Peace, peace, peace.
Peter shrugged, eyes cast downward. “Yeah, is that okay?” He said. “I know it’s not enough but—”
“It’s perfect,” you cut in, the corners of your mouth began to hurt from how broadly you smiled.
“I…” Peter blinked at you. “You’re sure?”
You nodded and your mouth quirked to the side. “As long as this is not my engagement ring, it’s more than enough.”
Chuckling, Peter slipped the ring pop on your finger and gave the back of your hand a kiss. He then twisted and grabbed the water bottle standing on his night stand. He unscrewed the cap and took off the plastic ring that sat at the neck of the bottle, offering it to you.
“It’s just a promise,” he explained before shooting you a toothy grin. “So we can both be each other’s annoying white knights.”
“I like that,” you responded, mirroring his grin. You slipped the plastic ring on his finger and frowned. It was hardly big enough and sat awkwardly at his knuckle.
“It doesn’t fit,” you said uselessly, and Peter waved you off.
“Don’t worry. We’ll get me a ring pop when your organs work again.” He shot you a wink. “Everyone deserves an edible promise ring, don’t you think?”
You laughed.
Peace, peace, peace.
* * *
stay hydrated pals
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mendesxruel · 16 hours ago
🌮 (i hope you havent gotten 5 yet 😭😭)
peter parker + being a villian but also a high school student and you end up fighting spider man and at the end of the fight, he pulls of your mask and yall are like 😱😱😱😱
for a sec i thought u said peter would be a villain lmaooo
Peter Parker x villain!reader
ok so let's say you, the villain, would have some kind of super strength (like spiderman)
so the fight would be intense since both of you are strong af
the fight would take place at school so all of the other students would be watching
you'd be scared that someone would find out about your identity so that would be worrying you throughout the entire combat
at one point it gets tiring since both of you are not able to knock each other out since you two are too powerful
so you say something accidentally and peter recognizes your voice
he is shocked
so much that he takes off his mask, "y/n?"
his body is entirely hurt, just like yours
at this point you give up and take your mask off "peter?"
most of the students would've headed home by now but some were still there and surprised that both of you had powers
not sure how the school principal would handle that 😳
hope you liked it:)
join my buffet!
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ren-therose · 18 hours ago
Hello to all my new followers, old followers and those just passing by! I am hoping that by this evening there will be a new post, based on a persons lucky request I pick. I work 8 hour days and I am a college student so time is super important to me. I want to keep feeding you fools, and I love that you want what I serve! Keep requesting, keeping giving feedback- I love you.
Tumblr media
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naturallytom · 19 hours ago
Working Late (Peter Parker x reader)
a/n: me?? posting a piece of writing???? wild!!! n e way i hope yall enjoy this, it was something i whipped up last night!! 
warnings: none really, just bad writing
prompt: “I’ll walk you home” from this list
please reblog/leave feedback!!
Tumblr media
_______________________________________________________________________“Have a nice night!” You called to the customer as they left the shop with their drink. You sighed, wiping down the counter in front of you, checking the time on the register. 5:30pm. Only 4 more hours til your shift was over and you could finally go home. 
“You counting down the hours too?” Peter asked from behind you, taking his place at the register next to yours. 
“Yeah.” You replied, taking a sip of water and taking in the empty coffee shop before continuing. “This is the most dead it’s been all day. It’s a nice break.” 
“I still don’t get why it’s so busy during mid day. Don’t most people get their coffees in the morning?” Peter sighed, making you chuckle.
“We live in New York City, Peter. Places like this are always busy. Plus we’re right next to a bunch of stores. A lot of the customers from today have been employees from those stores grabbing something to get them through a shift.” You reminded him, causing him to put his hands up in a surrendering motion. 
“You make a good point.” He smiled. “What time did you get here?”
“3.” You replied. “You got here at 4 right?” 
Peter nodded. “Surprised you saw me come in during the madness.” 
“I saw you come in I just didn’t get to talk to you til now because it was so busy.” You pointed out. “I’m glad it’s died down, though.” 
“Oh same. It’s actually kind of nice when it’s not hectic.” Peter said, leaning against the counter. 
“It is.” You sighed, looking out the window. As much as you hated working late, you did take pleasure in being able to see the sunset in a cute coffee shop. The view of the colors in the sky blending together along with the sun slowly setting from the chairs in the shop was something you’d watch every night if you could. 
And on clear nights, if you looked up, sometimes you could catch a glimpse of the stars. Tonight was cloudy though, but you knew if you looked up when you were walking home you could probably see the moon, shining through the clouds. 
The peaceful images in your mind were interrupted by the oh so familiar ringing of the bell above the door, alerting you that a customer had entered. 
“I got this one.” Peter told you quietly, stepping up to the register and greeting the customer. 
You smiled gratefully, thankful that you’d get a break from ringing people up even if only for a minute. You hummed to yourself as you got the customer’s drink ready, before handing it to them and telling them “have a nice night!” as you did with each customer that came in, even the ones that made you want to yell and scream in their faces. 
The rest of the night went by slower than you wanted it to but surprisingly pleasant for a long shift. When there were no customers, you and Peter spent your time talking and joking around. It surprised you that the two of you hadn’t spoken more, but you knew that during the school year you had less work availability and since you only finished school a week ago, you accepted that it was just because of scheduling that you hadn’t talked to him as much as you would’ve liked. 
Wiping down the counter once again, you noticed this time that it was 9:30pm. 
“Hey.” You spoke, getting Peter’s attention. “It’s 9:30. Time to go home.” 
“Thank god.” He sighed, making you smile. “Let’s go get our stuff.” 
The two of you went to the back, taking off your aprons and hanging them up, clocking out and grabbing whatever belongings you brought before heading out, knowing the manager would lock up behind you. 
“Well I’m glad you be done.” You breathed. “Have a good night, Peter!” 
You turned to start to walk in the direction of your apartment, but Peter’s voice interrupted you. 
“Wait- Are you walking home alone?” He asked.
“I was going to, yeah. I usually do when I work late.” You answered, slightly confused. 
“I- Well, I’ll walk you home.” He said. 
“You don’t have to, I’ll be fine. It’s only 10 minutes.” You tried to assure him but he shook his head. 
“No it’s late. I can’t let you walk home all by yourself. Even if it is just 10 minutes.” He spoke. 
“Are you sure you don’t mind?” You asked, starting to walk in the direction of your apartment with Peter following you. 
“Not at all. I’d rather know you got back safely.” He grinned, making you smile softly. 
The two of you walked in silence before arriving at a cross walk. You looked up at the sky and just as you expected, the small sliver of the moon that was out was shining through the clouds of the night sky. 
“The moon is so pretty this time of night.” Peter pointed out, glancing up at the sky. 
“It is really pretty. It’s one of the things I always look for on my way home.” You nearly whispered, before seeing you could cross. “We can cross, by the way.” 
It wasn’t long before you reached your apartment building, pausing to get your keys out. 
“Hey thanks for walking me home.” You told Peter. “I really appreciate it.” 
“Anytime.” He replied. “Have a nice night.” 
“You too. And will you let me know when you get back to your place safely?” You asked. 
“Sure.” He told you, starting to walk in the direction of his apartment. “And hey, anytime you’re working late, let me know! I’ll walk you home!” 
You smiled, but had a feeling this would not be the last time he would be walking you home. 
tagging some mutuals cause im scared to post this: @sunshinehollandd @moonlit-void-to-the-far-unknown​ @spiderboytotherescue @tomhollandd @spideypeach​​​
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hesthermay · a day ago
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ peter parker x f!reader
ʚϊɞ peter wants y/n, and y/n wants peter—but neither one has a single clue 
ʚϊɞ 1.3k 
ʚϊɞ angst, mutual pining
Tumblr media
The long hallways of Midtown School of Science and Technology were buzzing with life, students swarming together to gossip about the past week’s problems and plan the upcoming weekend’s festivities. The days had seemed to drag on and on, time moving as slow as a snail throughout the course of the work week; but today was Friday—the day that all work ended, all worries disappeared, and everybody let loose.
Everybody, that is, except Peter Parker. His plans had no mention of work ending and worries leaving; in fact, it was the exact opposite. All he seemed to do nowadays was complete homework, fight crime, and worry about somebody figuring out that he fights crime.
It was slightly difficult to balance it all, but it’s not like he had much of a social life before becoming Spider-Man, so some things didn’t really change. It did suck that his free time with Ned was growing slimmer and slimmer, but he was as understanding as ever.
Though he couldn’t fool Peter; he loved having a superhero best friend.
But one thing that had only worsened over time, festered and multiplied and grown, was his feelings for Y/N L/N. The way she occupied his thoughts 24/7, caused his heart to speed up faster than he thought was humanly possible, made his nerves buzz under his skin and sent tingles down his spine—it had only become more drastic since he discovered his abilities.
It was something he couldn’t explain, because it made no sense to him. His plate was full—full of something dangerous and life threatening—yet all his instincts told him to run to her, to make the dreaded first move. He knew better than that, though; he knew he needed to stay miles away from her for her own good, but his soul sung for her every second of the day. He loved and hated it all in one.
The way Y/N made him feel, the way she made everything brighter and more fun, the way that she brought the excitement to his days, was something that some people spent years of their life searching for—Peter was well aware of that, yet he wouldn’t be able to look at himself in the mirror if he didn’t at least tell himself that it was wrong.
It was wrong to want something so pure, something so special and unique, when all he would do is just trap her in the spider’s web; tangle her up in the dangers and evils of the big, cruel world out there. It was wrong to even humor the idea that he could bring her everything she deserved, him of all people—the boy with the target on his back. 
And it was wrong, so wrong, for the tiny part of himself that he’d buried away under a thousand pounds of stress and worry and suppressed longing to suggest that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t snuff out the burning light that was her. And if he did, perhaps it would be worth it for just a second of happiness.
But the very next morning when he walked into school and migrated down the halls and saw her leaning against her locker, chatting away with a glint in her eyes that made him rethink everything from the night before, he promised to himself that she was forever off limits; forever out of reach but just in view.
So far, but close enough to dream about.
And when Y/N, leaned against her locker and eyes scouting her surroundings, spotted shy and quiet Peter Parker with his brown curls and almost permanently blushed red cheeks, her own heart yearned for him.
He was almost an anomaly of sorts, something that broke the mold of everyday life in this cookie cutter school and left her questioning everything. What was he like? Why was he so quiet? Why was it so difficult to pry a conversation out of him? Why did it feel like he avoided her at all costs? Why—
It hadn’t always been this way, her and the boy had went years without crossing paths, never meeting or speaking or letting stupid feelings mix in and make everything weird. But during the September of tenth grade, in third period lunch to be exact, she had set her sights on him for the very first time as she made her way to the empty table right beside his.
He was worried about something, and whatever he was saying to the boy by his side was urgent; but when he looked over at her—quite literally feeling her gaze on him, as if having an extra sense—sitting there with her lunch spread out before her but eyes locked on him, she could have died then and there.
She was done for after that. She learned who he was through others, sneakily interrogating friends and mutual classmates to figure him out, and then she started noticing him everywhere. He was in the hallways with her, he was in the cafeteria, he was in the library, the parking lot; everywhere. Peter Parker seemed to plague her thoughts and her school life, and her heart suffered for it.
She tried to speak to him, he was awkward and fled as soon as possible. She waved at him when they made eye contact, and he flushed red and looked the other way. He avoided her yet sought her out just as much as she did, and it left her mind racing and temper rising.  
She knew he had at least some interest in her, and she knew it was painfully obvious that she had feelings for him, so why did he brush her off? She could write a list of questions that she would give a limb to ask the brainiac, and it would be miles and miles long. And as she made her way towards her locker to drop her books and binders off for the weekend, and Peter stood by with his own with eyes trailing her, the list grew just a bit longer. It was pathetic, the way she pined for him when he seemed to be at war with himself about her.
It was pathetic and she was tired of it. Her back was turned to him but she never felt his gaze stray, and it only drove her more mad. With every textbook and journal that she pulled from her bag and aggressively tossed into her locker, her determination grew and grew. This was pathetic, and she was tired of it. Today would be the last day that she longed for the elusive Peter Parker, the last day that she watched him from afar while in her own pity party.
With a dramatic flourish, Y/N slammed the metal door to her locker closed and whirled around to face the rest of the corridor; more specifically the nerdy boy with his pale blue sweater and bag clutched tightly to his chest, gaze settled on the tiny screen of his phone.
Deep breath in, hold, exhale.
She manifested the confidence, the swagger, the groove she needed, and she was off. She took her first stride, then her second, and then her third, but before any more distance could be closed her target was overcome by a wave of panic that almost stopped her in her tracks. He scrunched his brows and shook his head, and the facade began to fade for Y/N.
She wasn’t confident, and she didn’t have this handled; because without sparing a single glance in her direction, Peter slammed his locker and took off down the hallway, towards the exit of the school and towards the outside world. Her heart dropped to her toes at the same time the doors opened with a loud bang that reverberated throughout the hallway.
It was pathetic, the way that Y/N L/N pined for Peter Parker, and would continue to do so for who only knows how long.
It was wrong, the way that Peter Parker yearned for Y/N L/N, and would continue to fight it off for who only knows how long.
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ reblogs are always appreciated luvs ! ʚϊɞ
Tumblr media
all works on this blog belong to do not copy, repost onto other sites, or claim my content as your own. 
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onewaymatinee · a day ago
favorite crime
Tumblr media
in which: peter can’t balance normal teen life and patrolling, leaving you to scramble to cover for him.  inspired by favorite crime by olivia rodrigo <3
wc: 2877
proofread: hell nah
notes: yeah this is a little too short and abrupt but im tired and I want 2 post something.  also requests are open ppl.  plz hmu
“Hey- where’s Peter?”  MJ asks, interrupting Mr. Harrington in the middle of his meandering lecture on the Decathlon rules.  
You tighten your grip on your set of flashcards, trying to hide behind the tiny paper.  MJ points at you from her seat on the stage.
“You’re like, hooking up with him, right?”  She asks.  Ned scowls at her and slaps the buzzer in front of him.
“That is false,” He announces, a hint of pride in his voice.  “She is his girlfriend and they have been in a committed relationship for the last 6 months.”
“Yeah, same thing.  Do you know where he is?”  MJ stares at you, eyes narrowed, chewing on a bit of gum she’d had the entire practice.  It feels vaguely threatening.  
“He’s-” you fake a quick cough, stalling for time.  “He’s, uh, sick.  He texted me.  He’s got a cold and doesn’t want to infect you all.”
“Again?  That’s like, the fifth cold this month.”  MJ tilts her head slightly, pursing her lips.  “That’s a little suspicious.”  
One of the other decathlon boys on the stage presses his buzzer.  “False, that is incredibly suspicious.”  
“Stop with the buzzer, guys.”  Mr. Harrington interjects.  “And Peter is a valuable member of this team, but he needs to be attending practice.  Someone please talk to him about that, or I’ll have to.”
Every eye in the room falls on you.  You groan internally, and smile a weak smile of assurance.  “I’ll talk to him.”
The rest of practice is a blur of facts and numbers, helping to take your mind off Peter’s absence.  You were running out of excuses for when he randomly ditched the team to patrol, and you appreciated his somewhat obsessive devotion to helping others, but you wished he’d give you a bit of warning.  
Mr. Harrington seems, frankly, sick of everyone, and dismisses the team 5 minutes earlier than normal.  You hastily stuff the flashcards and your binder into your backpack, and try to slip out of the room, knowing Peter’s recurring cold is bound to draw questions.  You fight down a grimace when MJ and Flash sidle up beside you.
“I don’t think Peter really has a cold.”  MJ says.  You swear that girl can read minds sometimes, the way her eyes bore blankly into your skull.
“He probably just can’t handle the pressures of the team,”  Flash smirks, matching your pace down the hallway.  MJ, keeping up with you on the other side, snorts loudly.
“Flash, you threw up before the competition last year, and you were literally just an alternate.”  
“Fuck off, MJ.”  Flash’s face flushes.  
“Nah, I’m good.”  MJ smiles serenely.  “But seriously.  Peter’s being shitty.  He’s cool.  But he’s being shitty.”
Both your interrogators are silent, waiting for an excuse from you.
“I’m sorry, guys, he’s trying his best.  He’s just been busy, and- sick, y’know?”  You smile, not entirely sure why you’re the one apologizing.  
“Fine.  But he better be at the next practice.  Captain’s orders.”  MJ points a warning finger at you, and turns to stalk down a side hallway to her locker.  
“Yeah.  He better be there.”  Flash jabs a finger at you, too.
“Fuck off, Flash.”
It’s lunchtime, and Peter’s gone again.  He’d thrown you a quick apology and some hurried excuse about a burglary right after the last period, and leapt out the window of an empty chemistry classroom, leaving you alone with some beakers and the poster of Bruce Banner staring down at you.
The cafeteria is bustling like it always is, the chatter of the students echoing and overwhelming without Peter by your side.  You carry your tray over to where Ned, MJ, and Betty all sit in a row, and drop yourself onto the bench across from them.  The food is an appetizing combination of something that was probably meat, and some sad spinach masquerading as a salad.  The smell makes your stomach churn.  Or maybe it’s the thought that your boyfriend is off somewhere fighting men twice his size in the middle of the city.
“Where’s-” Betty begins.
“Dentist,” you interject.
“You don’t know what I was going to say,”  Betty frowns at you.
“You were going to ask where Peter is,”  You stab at the meat with your fork.
“Yeah.  Oh, well.  When’s he coming back?”  
“Dunno.”  You bite your lower lip before it starts trembling.  “He didn’t say.”  
Ned, the only other one who knows about Peter’s real activities, takes a break from grazing at his salad.  “Yeah, he told me he was going to the dentist too.  It’s true.”  He makes direct eye contact with you and winks very slowly.
“Okay?  I didn’t think she was lying?”  Betty stares at Ned.
“Why did Ned wink?”  MJ jabs her fork in his direction.  “You guys are so weird.  I don’t know why I sit here.”
MJ and Ned get into a muted debate about whether or not MJ could simply get up and leave if she didn’t want to be sitting with him.  Your phone buzzes in your pocket, and you fish it out, hope rising in your chest.  Thank god, Peter texted.
The message is… brief. 
“Hi sorry i left so fast im fine just doing clean up now some1 tried to rob a gas station but the police were there already so its ok <3 you bye see you tomorrow”
You scoff in disbelief.  “Seriously?”  You mutter.
“What?”  Betty asks.
“Uh- what?”  You shove your phone back into your pocket.
“You said ‘seriously?’”  
“Oh, it’s just… Peter’s appointment is taking a while.  He probably won’t be back before lunch ends.”
“Asshole,”  MJ slams her fork down.  “I cannot believe him,”
“I mean, if he needed to… go to the dentist… I get it,”  You shake your head and force an understanding smile onto your face.  
“He didn’t have to schedule it on your birthday, though.”
“We can just eat the cupcakes without him,” Betty lays a hand on your arm.  “He doesn’t deserve them.”
You bite your lip again, harder this time.  “Thanks, guys.  It’s really not a big deal, he’s just been busy.  It’s fine.”
There’s a knock on the window, and your heart leaps.  You’d been sprawled across the bed for the last fifteen minutes, examining the contours of your popcorn ceiling, waiting for your phone to buzz with another apology message from Peter saying he was too busy to hang out.  But the text never came, and there’s no other visitor who could be knocking at your third story window.
You lunge out of bed.  The window slides open with a soft squeak and then Peter, clad in full Spidey get up, comes tumbling through it and into your arms.  
“Hey!  I was worried you weren’t going to come!”  You giggle into his shoulder.
“What?  Why?”  He presses a masked kiss to the side of your head, fingers digging into your sweatshirt.
“You’ve just been so busy…”  You trail off, not wanting to guilt trip him.  You know he’s busy keeping people safe.
He lets go of you with one arm to reach up and peel his sweaty mask off.
“I’m sorry.  I’ll- I’ll try to hang out with you more, I promise.  I’m so sorry.  I probably can’t stay for long tonight either, but can we see a movie this weekend or something?”  He leans back and brushes some hair out of your face, brown eyes filled with concern.  There’s a few scratches around his temple, and a bit of bruising on the side of his neck.
“Yeah sure- are you okay?  God, Peter, what happened?”  You gasp, watching as a drop of blood starts to trace the contour of his cheekbone.  “Let me get a bandaid or something-”
“No, it’s fine, I don’t want your parents to know I’m here.  Is the door locked?”
You go to double check the door, while Peter collapses onto your bed, and starts to slide off the rest of the suit.  The spare outfit you keep for him is in the bottom of your dresser, and you dig it out, silently handing it to him.
“Thanks,”  He says.
“I wish you’d come over more.  Like, normally, and not through the window, when you’re all scratched up.”
“I know, I know, I’m really sorry.  I just don’t have time to go home and change after patrol but I still wanna see you.”  He slides the faded t-shirt over his head, one of the nerdy pun ones you always roll your eyes at.  His curls are flattened from the mask, and you smile gently as you run your fingers through them a few times.  Peter grabs your waist and pulls you closer, leaning his tired head against your stomach.
“I know how to make it up to you,” He says, soft brown eyes sparkling with excitement.  “Can I- I mean, will- will you go to homecoming with me?”
Your fingers slowly come to a stop in his hair.  Excitement grapples with some other emotion in your chest, one that’s begun to feel more and more familiar recently.  Disappointment.  Of course you were thrilled to go to homecoming with Peter.  But seriously?  Asking as a half-hearted consolation prize for everything else he’d missed over the past few months?  All the other girls at school seemed to get signs and flowers and the kind of cutesy things you saw in the movies.  You got a sheepish apology and a bit of Peter’s blood on your shirt.
You take a deep breath, letting a smile appear back on your face.  “Sure, Peter.”
7:05 pm.
He was 5 minutes late.
Peter was late a lot.  Not out of malice, or anything, he just had always had a slippery grasp on time management.  He stumbled into first period every morning seconds before attendance, and was the last person to arrive to every hangout.  It was just a part of being with Peter.  You were used to it.
So why was a heavy mass of dread weighing down your stomach?
You checked your phone again.  No texts from Peter, and the time had casually made its way to 7:08.  
You leaned your head against the bannister of the stairs with a clunk, stretching your legs out on the steps in front of where you sat.  The tall black heels were pinching your feet a bit, but they went perfectly with your dress.  It was one of your favorites you’d ever bought, a rich flowing red that made you feel more grown up somehow.
7:10.  A text appears on your screen, and for a moment your heart leaps, but it’s just MJ, asking if you were on the way.
You rewrite your text back to her 3 times, trying not to make Peter seem like… well, like a massive jerk who’s standing up his girlfriend on homecoming night.
The phone starts ringing and you take a breath before picking it up, trying to ignore the lump in your throat.
“Dump him.  I’ll date you.  I’m not even joking.”  MJ’s monotone through the speaker makes you smile.
“He’s probably just late.  You know him.”  You sigh, rubbing your temple.
“Yeah, I do know him.  I love Peter, but… dude’s flaky.  And not good enough for you.” “He’s just been-” “Busy?  Yeah, you’ve said.  Look, we’re already like, five minutes from your house anyway.  Let me and Betty pick you up.  You know, if he doesn’t show up in 15 minutes, you’re legally allowed to go without him.” That actually makes you snort.  “Fine.  You’re the best.”
“I know.  See you in a few,”  MJ hangs up.
You toy with the idea of not telling Peter you’re riding with MJ and Betty, but it seems so petty.  You begrudgingly type out a text to Peter, using capitalization.  And periods.  He needs to feel the terseness through the phone, somehow.
MJ and Betty roll up right on time, and you all spend the ride blasting Taylor Swift songs while trashing Peter.  It’s therapeutic.  
The high school’s gym seems to have undergone a Cinderella-like transformation in the short time since you saw it last.  Blue and white streamers arch across the bleachers and the walls, and whimsical lanterns dangle from above.  It’s mostly dark, except the colored lights and cheesy disco ball painting the faces of your classmates blue and purple and silver.  The bass from some instrumental electronic song shakes the room and the bodies surrounding you.  It still smells a bit like sweat, but it feels like diving into another world.  Betty and you scan the room in awe, and even MJ fails to look completely unimpressed.
There’s a loud wailing from somewhere outside, and after a moment you realize it’s just a siren going by on the busy street nearby.  Ambulances and police cars always worry you, nowadays.  With Peter seeming to bounce between fights like a pinball, you can’t help but wonder if it’s him the sirens are racing towards.  Even when he’s by your side, you’re worrying about the next time he’ll throw himself at a criminal.  And when he’s not by your side, as it seems like he never is, you worry even more.  Even at your stupid homecoming dance.  The fear floats over you constantly, never dissipating, only turning into disappointment or anger when he misses another event and you’re left to cover for him.
The siren fades into the distance.  You feel your phone buzz in your clutch, and fight the urge to chuck it into the punch bowl.
It’s a text from Peter, now 40 minutes after the time he was supposed to pick you up.  
“Babe im so sorry can u meet me out back behind the gym like where the buses are please im so sorry”
You grit your teeth and mutter an excuse about needing to use the bathroom before slipping out the gym doors.
The parking lot is dark, illuminated by a crescent moon and a single streetlamp, and seems to be populated only by rows of buses.  Your eyes adjust slowly before you manage to make out a figure slumped against the wheel of a bus.  
You make your way over to him as fast as your heels will allow, and crouch beside him, the asphalt digging into your knees through your soft dress.  “Jesus, Peter, are you okay?”  You gasp, cradling his masked face.
He reaches up a hand to yank off the mask, revealing worn eyes and slumping eyelids, and brown hair matted with blood.
“You’re bleeding- there’s so much blood, oh my god-” You stutter, shaking hands combing through his hair to look for the wound.
“It’s not mine, I’m fine- I’m fine.  It’s a long story.  I’m so sorry,”  Peter grabs your arm.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up, I just was patrolling a little beforehand and I saw this guy with a knife-” 
“Why were you patrolling?”  You cut off his rambling.
“What?” “It’s homecoming night.  You never know how long patrolling is going to last, Peter!  There are police, and the literal Avengers, and probably a bunch of other vigilantes running around New York.  You could’ve taken one fucking night off to take me to homecoming.”  The words froth out of your mouth, releasing everything that had built up over the past few months.  “And I’m always- I really appreciate you trusting me to know you’re Spider-Man, but that means I’m always the person you go to to patch you up or help you make up excuses to all our friends.  I’m not even your girlfriend at this point, I’m just your nurse and your alibi, and I’m really- really fucking sick of it.”
Peter’s eyes are wide and glossy.  He draws back his arm, and you stand up from your kneeling position.  He’s still quiet, just gaping at you.
“Are you hurt anywhere?”  You ask, sniffing, and wipe your eye with your palm.  There’s blood on your fingers now, half dried and flaking off onto your dress.
“No,” he whispers.  “I don’t think so.” “Okay,”  You say.  “Okay.  I’m going to go inside, sneak into the bathroom, wash some of this blood off of me, fix my makeup, and go make another shitty excuse to our friends about why you aren’t here, and why I look like I’ve been fucking crying.”
“Okay,” Peter repeats, seemingly still in shock from your outburst.  “I came here right from patrolling, but I’ll swing home, get changed, and be here in like, an hour.  I’m just… I’m so, so sorry.”
“Yeah, you’ve said.,” You shrug, staring at your feet.  “But I’m sick of being an accomplice to all this, Peter.  I know you’re defending the city or whatever, but… I just can’t do this anymore.”
“What?  Do what?  What are you saying?”
“I think… I think I want to break up.”  You sniffle.
“No, no, hey,”  Peter pulls himself up to stand, trying to make eye contact with you.  “Baby, just give me like an hour to get fixed up and we can talk, we can talk about this, I promise-”
“I’m sick of waiting on you, Peter, and I’m really sick of your promises.  Call me when you learn to be a normal teenager.”  You leave him by the bus, alone in the dark.
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mollysolo · a day ago
I need you
Request/Summary: @mendesxruel : hey molly:) i was thinking of requesting prompt 5. “Can you please just hold me? All I want is right now is your love.” with peter parker, maybe him being hurt physically and mentally from a misson or something. thank you:)<3
Pairing: Peter Parker x gn!Reader
Word count: 363
a/n: hell yeah let’s do it! btw the prompt will be in bold :)
Tumblr media
While you sat at the island in the Compound’s kitchen drinking a cup of tea, you watched your boyfriend Peter slowly trudge into the building.
His shoulders hung low, he had dirt covering most parts of his face as well as his neck and there was a little bit of blood on his forehead that was beginning to bruise.
He looked as if something had really freaked him out, up to the point that whatever happened most likely traumatized him.
You slowly set down your mug onto a coaster and waltzed up to him with caution. You tenderly held his face in your hands and you kept your hands there until his brown eyes met your (e/c) ones.
“What happened Peter? Did something go wrong during the mission?” you asked him, your hands now slowly rubbing his tired shoulders.
Tears welled up in his eyes as they stayed fixated on your own. You frowned at him and softly wiped his tears away, giving him all the time he needed to prepare himself to speak.
His bottom lip violently trembled as he opened his mouth to speak, “Can you please just hold me? All I want is right now is your love.” he said.
“Okay.” you said, quietly as you took him into your arms.
The two of you stood there for a few minutes before you even thought about moving.
While you held him, you rested your hand on the back of his head and slowly ran your fingers through his hair. As for your other hand, you put this one on his back and held him as close to your body as possible.
A little while later, you pulled away from him and led him to your bedroom, making sure to rub circles into the back of his hand as you two walked there. You wanted to make sure he knew that you were there for him.
Once you finished cleaning him up, the two of you laid down in your comforting bed and you firmly held him in your arms until the soft sound of his snores echoed throughout your room.
You just wanted him to feel safe and okay again.
Tumblr media
i hope you like this! btw while writing this i listened to EVERYTHING by The Black Shirts
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heyoo!! Can I get a peter parker x male reader where the reader comes back from a mission and is really really injured but doesn't really care about it but peter does and peter is really worried and tries to help him but reader tells him that its okey and that he doesn't need help and then a little argument starts and its just kinda angst bcs I love angst but it end with them cuddling and just fluff (also make reader the taller and more dominant one pls :D )
Tumblr media
Plot: requested
Pairing: Peter Parker x Male reader
Y/n: Your name
E/c: Eye color
H/c: Hair color
Warnings: Blood, injuries, arguing, mentions of mission, Peter Parker is just a concerned boyfriend, PTSD, mentions of death
Word count: 844
Peter parker had lost a lot of people in his life, starting with his parents at the ripe age of 4, and then his uncle died when he was 13 during a robbery gone wrong, so to say the least the teen had dealt with far too much death.
He was never one to yell or get angry at his boyfriend Y/n, but during a mission he’d watched the other teen get thrown by one of the aliens and he’d been clutching his side since. Every second Peter watched he could feel the panic in his chest increasing, making him feel as though he was suffocating.
The teens had broken apart from the team once they got back to the compound, and as soon as they were behind closed doors, Peter was on Y/n’s ass about his injuries.
“Y/n, why didn’t you go to the med bay?” Peter questioned, taking a step towards the larger male, looking up into those beautiful E/c eyes that hypnotized him.
His boyfriend gave him that little grin that made Peter’s knees feel weak, his hand coming to cradle the side of the smaller boy’s face. “Don’t worry baby I’m okay. Just some bruises.” The H/c haired boy assured, E/c eyes never straying from his face.
Peter couldn’t help but lean into the other boy’s touch, hand coming up instinctively to his boyfriend’s side. Peter jumped back when Y/n hissed loudly, pulling away with his face contorted in pain.
The doe eyed boy felt sick to his stomach when he glanced down at his hand and saw a familiar crimson liquid coating his fingers, images of Uncle Ben dying in his arms flashing before his eyes.
Peter’s eyes flicked up to Y/n’s face, a frown etching onto his own. “Y/n you need to go to the med bay! You’re bleeding!” He all but cried out, heart pounding in his chest. Peter was terrified of losing another person he loved, he’d lost so many people, he couldn’t handle losing Y/n too.
“Baby boy I’m fine. I don’t need to go to the med bay.” Y/n tried to rationalize, voice annoyingly calm as he addressed Peter, hands coming up to cup the smaller boy’s face.
Peter pulled away with a frown before Y/n could touch him, causing the larger boy to frown. “Petey I’m fine, seriously.”
“No, you’re not!” Peter cried out, waving his hands frantically, eyebrows furrowed and bottom lip quivering. “You’re hurt and refusing to get help!”
In the future Peter would feel bad for yelling at Y/n, but he was so concerned for his boyfriend it made sense, that yelling would get through to him. For a genius he sure was a dumb ass sometimes.
An annoyed look crossed Y/n’s face, a small growl leaving his lips. “Peter I am fine!” He argued back, throwing his hands in the air. A small wince passed over his features, barely noticeable to anyone, unless you were looking for it.
“You’re in pain, you’re obviously not fine! You’re fucking bleeding Y/n! So, either you go to the med bay willingly or I’m dragging you!” Peter yelled back, eyebrows furrowed and doe like eyes blazing with concern and anger.
Y/n turned his back towards Peter, letting out an annoyed sound, before whipping back around to face the other boy.
“I don’t want the Avengers to think I’m some defenseless little boy, okay?! I was stupid and got hurt, and I don’t wanna get kicked off the team!” The H/c haired boy finally admitted, shame crossing over his beautiful features.
Peter’s heart clenched a bit, a frown spreading across his lips. He knew exactly how that felt, but he also knew that sometimes you got hurt, it didn’t mean that Y/n was an idiot.
“Baby…” Peter took a step forward towards his boyfriends hunched over form, eyes flitting over to his hand that was clutching at his side. He could see the blood seeping through his fingers and God it was concerning.
Peter brought his hands up to Y/n’s cheeks, making the boy tip his head up to look at him. “You getting hurt doesn’t mean you’re an idiot, or that they’re going to kick you off the team. They’re gonna be mad that you didn’t tell them, and maybe you’ll have to sit out on a few missions until you’re healed, but you’re important to the team, and to them.”
Peter’s thumb brushed soothingly over the other boy’s jaw, a sad smile playing on his lips. “Now cmon, let’s go to the med bay and then we can watch movies all night and eat junk food.”
The smile that spread across Y/n’s lips was well worth it in Peter’s eyes, he loved his boyfriend. He would do anything to make sure he wouldn’t lose another person, especially the boy he loved more than life itself.
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waitimcomingtoo · a day ago
You Again
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom isn’t happy to find out how you and Harrison know each other
Tumblr media
“Thanks for coming with me. I know these family parties can be pretty boring.” Tom smiled in appreciation as you joined his side. You wrapped an arm around him and looked around his family’s house at the ongoing party.
“Are you kidding me? There is nothing I’d rather be doing than attending your cousins graduation party.” You rubbed his back sweetly.
“We can leave soon.” He promised. “I just want some cake.”
“Damn. I want cake now too.” You chuckled.
“Come here. I want you to meet my best friend.” Tom lead you over to someone and tapped the shoulder of a blonde boy.
“Y/n, this is-“
“Harrison.” You said in surprise when the boy turned around.
“Y/n.” Harrison’s eyes widened. “Wow. Good to see you again.”
“You guys know each other?” Tom asked with a smile. You and Harrison exchanged a look of fear before quickly looking away.
“Yeah.” You said slowly. “We met once.”
“Long time ago.” Harrison nodded and adverted his eyes.
“Very long time ago. Who can even remember that long ago?” You laughed awkwardly.
“Not me.” Harrison said quickly. “I barely remember.”
“When did you guys meet?” Tom wondered.
“In college. But it was just briefly. Just a short...interaction.” You smiled weakly.
“I wouldn’t call it short.” Harrison shrugged. “I think we interacted for at least an hour.”
“No, it was pretty short.” You said through a forced smile.
“Wow.” Tom didnt sense the awkwardness. “What are the odds that you’ve met?”
“I’m wondering the same thing. Tommy, can you go get me another drink?” You asked and handed him your cup.
“Sure, darling.” He kissed the side of your head before leaving for the kitchen.
“Thank you.” You smiled sweetly at him before snapping your attention to Harrison. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m Tom’s best friend. What are you doing here?” He whispered harshly.
“I’m his girlfriend.” You whispered back. “Didn’t you know that?”
“I knew your name but I’ve never seen a picture. I didn’t know he was dating a girl I slept with in-“
“You need to keep your voice down.” You cut him off. “He cannot find out like this.”
“Well one of us has to tell him.” Harrison insisted. “And it has to be you because he won’t hit a woman.”
“I can’t tell him. It’ll break his heart.” You whined. “He gets jealous really easily. You have to tell him.”
“But if I tell him, he’ll punch me in the face.” Harrison said simply. “And I’m a model. I need my face.”
“Sorry, wait. You’re a male model?” You tried it hold back a laugh.
“You’re judging me?” He asked. “You slept with your boyfriends best friend.”
“Shhhh!” You covered his mouth with your hand. “It was before he was my boyfriend!”
“He’s coming.” Harrison’s eyes drifted past you. “No more talking about it.”
“Hey guys.” Tom returned to your side. “Are you getting along?”
“Oh, yeah. We’re getting along just fine.” You nodded before taking a sip of the drink Tom brought you.
“We’re very compatible.” Harrison said, making you choke on your drink.
“Will you excuse me?” You gulped and ran to the bathroom. You splashed some cold water on your face to calm down before going back to the living room. You managed to keep your distance from Harrison as the party went on and did your best to avoid the topic all together. However, you made awkward eye contact with him all night, every glance bringing flashes of your night together. After eating, you spotted Harrison by himself and went over to him.
“Have you told him yet?” Harrison asked quietly.
“No. I’ll tell him later.” You waved your hand. “Like in ten years when we’re married and it’s funny. I can’t tell him now.”
“Tell me what?” Tom asked from behind you, making you both jump.
“Oh God.” You gulped.
“I suddenly have to leave. Immediately. Good luck, Y/n.” Harrison patted your back and ran as fast as he could.
“Darling, tell me what? What’s wrong?” Tom began to worry after he saw the way Harrison reacted.
“Nothing.” You lied. “Nothings wrong.”
“You’ve been acting strange all day.” Tom frowned. “What’s going on with you?”
You looked at him for a long time before letting out a sigh. You didn’t want to lie to him, and you were a believer in lying by omission, so you pulled him aside.
“I have to tell you something.” You began.
“Okay.” He looked at you skeptically. “What’s up?”
“The reason Harrison and I have been so awkward around each other is because...” You trailed off when it felt like the words simply could not come out of your mouth.
“Because why?” Tom pressed. You scrunched your face together in guilt before looking at the ground.
“Because we’ve slept together.” You mumbled towards the floor. Tom let out a short laugh before shaking his head.
“I’m sorry, what?” He chuckled.
“I’ve slept with Harrison.” You looked at him and twisted your fingers. “In the past. The distant, distant past.”
“As a joke, right?” He assumed. “You’re saying this as a joke.”
“No, for real.” You told him.
“For real, but as a joke right? You’re joking.” He nodded along.
“I am not joking.” You shook your head.
“But you’re kidding, is what I’m saying.”
“I am telling you the truth.” You said. “And the truth is I fucked Harrison.”
“But you’re joking-“
“I’m not joking! I’m being serious.” You insisted. “It was a long time ago. Long before we met.”
“Funny. Funny girl.” Tom laughed weakly. “Funny thing to say. Funny funny funny.”
“I’m not being funny. I slept with him in college. His sister was having a party and he stopped by.” You began to tell him the story.
“And then you said hello to each other and parted ways.” Tom finished your story for you.
“We did say hello.” You agreed. “We also had sex. With each other. Harrison and I.”
“Oh my God.” Toms eyes widened. “You’re being serious? You’re not joking around?”
“I’m being serious.” You admitted. “I wish it was a joke but it’s the truth.”
“So....” Tom held his hands to his mouth and sucked in a sharp breath. “What you’re telling me is that you and Harrison have been….intimate with each other.”
“If you prefer to say it like that, sure. We were intimate.” You nodded.
“Right. Because I don’t even want to hear you say Harrison fucked....” Tom trailed off, finding it difficult to finish the sentence from how angry it made him. You stood there silently, not wanting to make it worse by saying anything.
“I don’t want to hear that he fucked my girl.” He finally got it out. “I don’t ever want to hear that.”
“Then we won’t say that.” You agreed. “We never have to say that. We never even have to talk about this. I just wanted to let you know so that we don’t have any secrets between us.”
“Okay. It’s good that you told me. I want to die right now but I’m glad I know.” Tom nodded as he tried to remain calm.
“I’m sorry.” You pouted. “It was before I met you. And it was just a one time thing. Well, two times. But it was the same night so-“
“Stop.” He said quickly. “Please. No details. I cannot handle details.”
“Right. Sorry.” You smiled sympathetically. “Are you okay?”
“No. No, I wouldn’t say I’m okay.” He laughed weakly.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was the same guy until you introduced us today. And honestly, I forgot it even happened until now. It wasn’t memorable.” You admitted as you rubbed his arm to comfort him.
“Oh great.” Tom grumbled. “So not only did my best friend sleep with my girlfriend, he didn’t even please her?”
“Why is that bad?” You chuckled at his reaction.
“Because that means my best friend is lame!” He said like it was obvious. Before you could respond, Harrison came back over to see how the conversation had gone.
“There you guys are. Oh no. He looks pissed.” Harrison grimaced when he saw Tom’s face. “Did you tell him we fucked?”
“Oh my God.” You covered your face with your hands as Harrison said the forbidden word. Tom turned bright red and glared at Harrison with a clenched jaw.
“So.” You cleared your throat to relive some tension. “Cake anyone?”
Tag List 🏷
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lovebittenbyevans · a day ago
Something New | T.H.
Tumblr media
Request: Heyy, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this totaly fine but I was thinking a Tom Holland image were the reader has to pierce her nibbles and she’s scared but Tom and Harrison take her and they comfort her and all cute fluff!?! Thanks :) – Anonymous
Summary: You always wanted your nibble pierced so Tom and Harrison come along with you
Pairing: Tom Holland x female reader
Warnings: Fluff
Author note: Hope you like it & enjoy reading!!
You wanted something like this done for you for the longest ever. This was new to you, even though you were nervous and scared. You almost call it off but Tom and his best friend Harrison were the ones to take you to get it done.
"Maybe I should go back home." You turn around to begin walking back to the car.  
Tom grabbed your shoulders, turning you back around, and said. "Oh no we are here, let's do this." He opens the door letting you go in first. 
"We are not leaving you Y/N," Harrison said, right behind both of you.
You told the person at the receptionist what you came here for. You notice the tattoo shop looks way different online than in person. In person, you peek at how clean and neat it was somewhat figured they were an organized staff.
You waited a few more minutes until a lady called you into the back. "Oh my god. I'm freaking out." You didn't know your feet were moving. "Is this real? Someone pinches me?" You kept rambling on and on.
You flinched a bit. "Ow." You glance to see Tom pinch you while he laughs. 
Asshole. You sat on the big chair while both of your friends stood there. You tried to remain calm and not nervous. 
"So I heard you want your nibbles pierced, am I right?" The lady rolled over to you.
You nodded. "Y–Yes." You kind of felt scared to speak.
The lady made sure she had everything set up before she made her way over to you. Tom and Harrison stood by your side holding your hand and comforting you.
"Ok you're gonna feel a slight pinch so I am going to need you to breathe for me." The lady told you.
"You got this y/n." Tom squeezed your hand. "Those nibbles will be even prettier." You just knew he had a smirk on his face. You wanted to smack him.
"We are here for you." Harrison stood there right by your side holding your other hand.
You closed your eyes when you felt the needle go in your left nibble first. You were thankful she was doing this one at a time and not rushing it. The lady soon put the straight barbells in your left nibble then soon did the same to your right nibble as well.
"Ok, you're all done." The lady told you.
You open your eyes and look down at your boobs. You notice how pretty they looked. You got up, walked up to the mirror, and looked at yourself.
"Oh my god, I love them." A smile spread across your lips. You were happy.
"Now can I take a picture?" Tom had a smirk on his face. You knew he was kind of teasing you.
"Hush." You nudge him against his stomach.
"I'm proud of you y/n," Harrison told you with a smile on his face.
You pull your shirt down when the lady told you everything you need to do for them to heal and be well taken care of. Pretty soon you paid at the receptionist then left with both boys behind you.
You were proud of yourself and that your two friends came with you. You can finally cross nibble piercing off your bucket list. All three of you got into Tom's car as you told him. "Lunch is my treat for you two."
"Thank you love, because I'm starving." Harrison rubs his stomach.
"Ok thanks y/n." Tom started his car before pulling off, headed straight to a restaurant he always wanted you and Harrison to try.
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onlyjamesbarnes · a day ago
Tumblr media
✭ marvel masterlist ✫
i mainly write for marvel characters, so you will find most of my writing here :)
main masterlist
please take note of all warnings given. many of my fics deal with darker themes that can be sensitive to some audiences. please proceed with caution.
Tumblr media
➵ steven grant rogers
➵ james buchanan barnes
➵ peter parker
➵ loki laufeyson
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onlyjamesbarnes · a day ago
Tumblr media
tom holland's characters
please take note of all warnings given. many of my fics deal with darker themes that can be sensitive to some audiences. please proceed with caution.
main masterlist
Tumblr media
➵ peter parker (mcu)
more characters on the way! accepting requests now <3
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