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#peter parker/tony stark

I just wanna say that if you think that a relationship such as starker is healthy IN REAL LIFE, you have no place on my blog and you’re not welcome here. A 15 year old should NOT be dating a 40+ year old in real life. If you condone that shit, you’re out. If you fantasize about kids*, fictional or otherwise, you’re fucking disgusting and have no place here.

*when I say kids, I don’t mean Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, i mean kids who are portrayed by kids or kids in a book.

This might make me sound like an anti, but I really don’t give a fuck. If you use this ship as a means to justify predatory behavior, get out. if this ship was portrayed by a real 15 year old, it would and always will be disgusting. If a 15 year old was in a “relationship” with a 40+ year old, it wouldn’t be a relationship, it would be abuse, grooming, and pedophila.

Tl;dr: if you think that a real life teen can be in a relationship with an adult, get the fuck off my blog ❤️

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Find our full Kinktober post right here!


Summary: Tony is a little jealous of all the thugs that end up hanging from Peter’s webs.
Warnings: Role Reversal/Switching, Tony is the good boy :P, Suspension, Inappropriate Use Of Webbing, Sexual Fantasy (edging towards monsterfucking tbh loool), Very possessive dirty talk

Read on AO3

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Eee, so this is definitely not as smutty as you probably hoped it would be, but thank you so much, I had a tonne of fun writing this and imagining different ways it could go 🥰 We so need more pet play in this fandom ❤
If you enjoyed this please consider giving it a reblog!

Lightly NSFW.

“Sit”. The word was accompanied by a downward hand gesture and Peter, who’d been mid-way through talking about his day, sat immediately, still happily chatting. “Stay” Tony added when he paused for breath, and Peter powered on through his tale as Tony began to move around, working on his latest big project. 

“He’s not a dog, Tony” Steve Rogers (and, seriously, how cool was that?!) frowned from the doorway, and Tony scoffed where he leaned over a rotary converter. 

“You think I don’t know that? A dog wouldn’t talk half as much” but he winked at Peter as he said it, and the teen flushed and grinned before he switched to telling them about winning top mark in the physics test. 

He didn’t really think about it until much later in the evening when Tony scoured his workbench for a tool he needed, spotted it on a rack across the lab and gestured to Peter then the tool, an idle and thoughtless go fetch passing over his tongue. 

He was halfway across the lab when he realised  the connotation the words had; the tingle they sent down his spine, and he was struggling to analyse it as he took hold of the tool and brought it dutifully to Tony, sitting on the stool besides him and studying him as he worked. 

Sit. Stay. Fetch.

He’s not a dog, Tony. 

The sudden mental image of being collared and leashed in Tony’s grasp, on his knees and wriggling in delight as Tony murmured good boy in his ear shot through him like a bolt of electricity and he gripped the edge of the table so hard it creaked threateningly, garnering a raised brow from his mentor (and sort-of-secret-boyfriend!!).

He wasn’t sure what to do with the realisation or idea, didn’t know how to deal with the surge of heat that went through him each time Tony uttered the relevant phrases, be it in the lab or the bedroom. 

Tony was less forthcoming with the specifics outside of the lab or in the presence of others, but here and there it slipped through like water, cracks he couldn’t plug fast enough. They were at a press gathering for the domineering tech brands of that years when Peter lagged behind in the crowd, distracted by a toddler who’d dressed like Tony, fake beard and all. 

Tony was midway through talking when he noticed the lack of chatter at his side and he turned, heart in his mouth for a moment before he caught sight of Peter. 

“Hey, shortstack! Come, heel!” He motioned for Peter to join them, a two-fingered beckoning somewhat like one would do to bring a dog to their side. Peter scampered after him without a second thought but Happy frowned as they stepped through the security, looking between them. 

“A little less Lassie and a little more official intern, boss” he suggested gruffly as they took their panel passes from the table. 

Tony cast him an unreadable glance from behind his shades and continued wordlessly into the panel room, a hand low on Peter’s spine. 

“Does it bother you?” Tony rumbled in his ear later, midway through an admittedly intense making out session in the penthouse, Peter perched atop his thighs and shuddering in his grasp when he rasped his stubble along his jaw. Peter paused in where he’d been moaning in his ear. 

“Does what?” 

“When I talk to you like that. When I tell you you’re a good boy or to do something”. Even as he said the words Peter twitched in his grip, and then the kid rearranged himself, slinking down until he was sat on Tony’s thighs before he ground forwards, dragging their hard cocks together.


Well then. 

“That’s something we should explore more of, sweet thing” he purred with a smile, nipping at Peter’s ear and relishing in the soft whine that followed.

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Eeee, hiii M! Thank you so much for this. I was secretly hoping someone would give me an excuse to write something based off this 😂 Although now it makes me want to write that super sketchy Starkercest version I had in mind…
This is short and sweet, but I hope you like it anyway! 
Prompt based off this gifset post ❤
Please consider reblogging this if you enjoyed it! 


Peter agrees to go without question. In truth; Tony doesn’t even have to ask. One look into eyes that are a little too wild around the edges and the teen understands well the look of a trapped animal desperate for freedom. 

Aunt May is still on her honeymoon, the Avengers have re-building the Compound handled from here, and in less than two hours they’re packed into the non-sportiest car Tony owns, chewing tarmac in a random direction, bags in the trunk and 70’s Rock filtering through the radio. 

Tony looks tired. Always, yes, but more so these days. Older, too, though no less handsome. Idly Peter thinks that anyone who didn’t know them would presume they’re father and son or even grandfather and grandson and the idea makes him twitch in his seat, cheeks heating in a curious mix of thrill and shame. 

He doesn’t ask where they’re going. 

He doubts Tony would have an answer for him even if he did. 

The close-knit bustle of New York begins to smooth out gradually, like a pen running out of ink. Skyscrapers and chunky brownstones become detached houses and office blocks, parks and green spaces between each building. 

As the distance between civilisation grows, so too does Tony’s relaxation, shoulders dropping and breathing evening until he’s leaning back in his seat, gaze on the road ahead but no longer like he’s attempting to overtake the horizon. 

Peter decides that by the time they’re ready to come back; he’ll have made sure Tony doesn’t want to chase the horizon at all. 

Tony’s thigh is warm under his palm, solid flesh with just the right amount of give when he squeezes. Habit has his hand a little higher than strictly appropriate when someone’s behind the wheel, but.

“Everything will be okay, Tony” he assured, the most words either of them have spoken since Peter asked if he needed to pack a coat, shorts or both. He can’t help staring; watching the way the golden sunlight falls over Tony’s face and illuminates it ivory with the streaks of grey in his hair and beard. 

Wonders idly if Tony had been dyeing his hair before, or if there was truth to the saying that stress gave you more grey hairs. 

Tony glances at him briefly, somewhere between amused and like he might argue, so Peter tightens his grip just a little, slides his hand another inch higher until one of Tony’s hands drops from the wheel to snag it, interlocking their fingers and squeezing gently. 

“Let’s not risk that sentiment by letting that hand get higher while I’m driving” Tony allows eventually. Peter’s sorely tempted to say then find a place to pull over, but they have all the time in the world for that (he doesn’t know that, can’t after the likes of Thanos, but he hopes, he hopeshopeshopes) and so for now he turns back to the sunset stretching out in front of them and thinks about all the places they could go.

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Against my better judgement, my prompts are never closed! Thank you so much for this super sweet/angsty prompt, Nonnie! I realised after finishing this that I never directly included Peter asking for forgiveness, but I hope this feeds you just the same! ❤

TW: Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Self-worth issues | Jealousy | Alcohol mention


Harley Keener is two years Peter’s senior and nicer than Peter could have ever imagined. When Tony had first started to talk about the ‘the first one he pseudo-adopted’ and how Harley had grown into more of a ‘mini me’ than he could’ve imagined, Peter had felt an uncomfortable twist in his gut. 

What if Harley was better than him?

What if Tony liked Harley more?

What if, with Harley around, Tony didn’t want Peter around anymore?

He needn’t have worried, though. Harley wasn’t as ‘outwardly’ nerdy as he was, but he was more than happy to gush over the latest Star Wars LEGO offerings, and Tony snarked them both in equal measure. It was surprisingly like having another Ned around, and it took less than a week for Peter to feel stupid for having worried about his place besides the two of them. 

Tony even joked that Harley was the ‘prototype’ and Peter was the ‘updated model’, to which Harley had just rolled his eyes, knocked Tony’s spanner off the table like a cat and gone straight back to talking to Peter about ComicCon.

They became fast friends, and Peter supposed that was somewhat why he tended to forget there was a second person in the lab with them here and there, starkly (heh) reminded of it when Harley flopped down next to him on the penthouse couch one evening and said “so how long have you been in love with Tony?” 

He could have cried. The Avengers he was around almost every other day for the past two years brushed off his doting as a hero complex and ‘mentor crush’ and it had taken Harley Keener less than three weeks to call him out on its true nature. 

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I’m gonna go ahead and rec this new little snippet by one of my faves. It deserves so many more notes. 
Also, I now run the @starkerficlibrary for these kinda requests ❤

I’m Sorry, Mr. Stark | @spidercakes

And bc this fic is literally one of my fave ‘classics’ for this,
Last-Name Basis

10/10 good shit, 100% recommend

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  • Peter Parker, adopted by Ben & May Parker aged 3 with no known other siblings going out to a bar because his parents have just discovered he might have a sibling and he’s Not Ready For That and meets a handsome stranger who just introduces himself as ‘Tony’. 
  • They hit it off so well, and Peter knows he shouldn’t but Tony is just so nice and so handsome so he goes home with him. And its the best fuck of his life so far. Tony’s mouth could give a nun a heart attack. 
  • And X amount of days later (or Hell, even the very next day after he woke up to a note from Tony saying he had something to do, he’s welcome to coffee and to see himself out) he comes home and there’s this stranger on the couch. 
  • And its Tony, who looks appalled for all of 0.2 seconds before giving him this blatant once over and lazy, salacious smirk. 
  • May is fretting by the doorway saying “I’m sorry Peter, I just…I couldn’t not get in touch”.
  • And Tony winks at him and licks his lips, stands up and holds out his hand and says “nice to meet you, little brother.”
  • Alternatively, hello, son 👁👅👁
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the second part of the INCOMPLETE collab myself and @send-me-your-hcs wrote back in january. first part can be found here

WARNING: this is where the fic quite literally plummets into dead dove material, and it will only get worse from here. read the tags carefully, and proceed with caution. if you are on the tag list but wish to be removed from it for future chapters, let me know and i’ll remove your name no questions asked. stay safe x

tag list: @satansterio @blankblankityblank @bris-sins @im-a-goner-foryou @starkaer @shippinggirl2424 @skoldpaddastark @starkly @sadbumblingmess @holyhalehole @rebel13lion39

contains: underage, voyeurism, heavy noncon, explicit talk of father/son incest, degradation, humiliation, coercion, daddy kink, dirty talk, masturbation, come-eating, nonconsensual recording, quentin beck is a disgusting bastard, DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT

Quentin stood in the doorway of the bedroom, leaning against it with his arms crossed like he’d been there for some time. The thought of that made Peter pale. Oh God, what if Quentin had been watching him the entire time and Peter had been too busy being disgusting to notice? Quentin was going to tell his dad and then his dad would get so angry at him and then -

“I’m only gonna ask this one more time, Peter. What were you doing?

Quentin’s voice sounded angry, but his gaze… his gaze frightened Peter more than anything. 

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we did it

He gasped, the air around him choking the soul that has crumpled beneath him

we did it

he whispered to the love of his heart that thumped weakly against his rib cage

the once glimmering eyes dulled in silence

how, he wonders

can i live after seeing the life drain from the golden sea of which i found home?

flashes of mechanical beeping entered his mind

the whisper of maybe and almost drowning his sorrow

the scent of oil and faint whiskey engulfing him in a hug


his love would say,

Parker, you’ve been staring at me for far too long

Parker, your eyes are gleaming with mischief

Parker, hold my hand

Peter, dance with me

Baby, i love you

these moments were distant

far away in the memory of aching bones

he could not remember how it felt to be gifted pleasure

all he knew,

in this moment,

was the unbearable pain of loss

We did it

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Hey there, honey!

You are correct in that the work is called ‘The Thirsty Stenographer’. It was written and uploaded to AO3 by the user StarkRavingSpiders, however it and the parent account have unfortunately been deleted. 


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Here’s a quick little drabble to apologize for taking longer than usual to update my fics 💓


Tony knew that Peter had a tendency to wake up late, and thus have to rush to wherever he needed to get to. He knew it very well — had been forced out of sleep most days of the week due to the panicked curses spilling out of Peter’s mouth, watching with bleary eyes as he tugged his shirt on the wrong way and ran out of their bedroom.

So, yes. He was well aware that his husband was far from being the most timely person Tony’d met in his life.

The knowledge didn’t lessen the annoyance that flared in his chest at the sight of Peter’s abandoned wedding ring. It sat on the nightstand next to Peter’s side of the bed, the silver metal gleaming under the sunlight that reached through the windows, taunting him.

No matter how much of a rush Peter was in, he’d always made sure to slip on his ring. Until today, apparently. Tony put it in his pocket, patting it periodically as he went about his morning routine, ensuring that it was still safe in his sweatpants.

When he changed into his outfit for the day, he removed the ring from the sweatpants’ pocket and clutched it tightly in his hand, instead.

He held it throughout the entire drive to Columbia University, arriving with ten minutes left of Peter’s first lecture of the day. As soon as he spotted his husband walking through one of the grass lawns, he stood from the bench he’d been waiting on and started weaving through the students surrounding him.

As he stalked forward, his eyes dipped down to Peter’s left hand, scowling at the bare ring finger the younger man was rubbing absentmindedly, as if he could tell there was something different about it, too.

Tony caught the hem of his shirt and pulled on it insistently, getting him to turn around. Peter followed the wordless instruction, looking both confused and pleased at seeing Tony in front of him.

“Tony?” Peter furrowed his brows, “What are you doing here?”

Tony yanked on the collar of his shirt, bringing Peter down as he did so, and kissed him fiercely.

“Not that I don’t appreciate that,” Peter gasped, pulling away after a few minutes, “but you probably didn’t come here just to kiss me.”

Tony ignored the question, crossing his arms. “I guess we’re single today?”

“What?” Peter’s face dropped.

“I don’t know, Pete, you’re giving me some mixed signals here. You said ‘I love you’ when you left, but you didn’t put your ring on.” Tony watched him glance at his hands, feeling a sick satisfaction curl in his gut when realization finally crossed Peter’s face.

“I’m sorry, Tony,” Peter said honestly, “I forgot to put it on. I swear it wasn’t on purpose.”

A smile finally broke out on Tony’s face, “I know, baby. I just wanted to give it to you… and maybe let your classmates know that you’re not suddenly single.”

“I’m still yours,” Peter agreed, kissing his cheek.

“You’ll always be mine,” Tony vowed, slinging a possessive arm around his waist, “I’m yours, too.”

Tony raised Peter’s hand with one of his own, and placed the ring where it belonged.

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Since I’ve been getting a lot of attention for my previous Starker audio porn, I thought I would make a neat list for anyone interested!

Starting price is £10

🖤 5-10 minute video with black screen. You’ll get an unlisted YouTube link since that’s the easiest way to upload and share content.

🖤 I’ll take on any kink! I don’t judge. Be as gross and perverted or as gentle and sweet as you want!

🖤 I do private sessions with pics/videos 1-on-1 for £15 and up. Some have lasted an hour so it’s a lot of bang for your buck!

🖤 I’m always happy to record something for you, I just need an empty house to do so. Usually the wait time can be a few days, depending on schedules, but you won’t wait very long!

🖤 I have all the links and backup files so if you want some examples, I can happily give you a taste of what I can offer!

Send me a message and we can get started!!

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tags:  non-consensual voyeurism (for scientific purposes!) use of the word Daddy, dildos, Angst-with-happy-ending

Face buried in the sheets, back arched, elbows bent, Peter resisted the urge to start pushing back. Tony’s cock felt impossibly huge, eight inches around if it was a centimeter, and it seemed like he had been pounding for hours.  Peter could feel every hair on his body stand on edge – it was perfect.  It was divine.  But Peter knew it couldn’t last, already the sounds in the room were getting too loud.  

There were no sounds in the penthouse, of course.  Tony made sure of it.  There was absolutely nothing to hear at all, just the sound of their bodies crashing together over and over again, just the sound of their breathing.  The sound of Tony’s heartbeat, the sound of the lights they must have left on in the lab, the sound of the air conditioner in the other room… ah god it was happening right now… he didn’t want to start covering his ears with his hands but he was going to be covering his ears with his hands soon…

“Whatsamatter, sweet baby,” Tony crooned, pausing mid-thrust, one solid hand on the small of Peter’s back.

And, just like that, Peter relaxed.

His senses didn’t dial down, not at all, but Peter knew they would too, and soon.  When Tony started calling him “sweet baby,” that meant Tony was going to start helping him dial it down.

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Pairing: Starker
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 2668
A/N: This was written for the @starkerkink Kink Exchange, for @iammagicfishhook who asked for some monsterfucking. I really hope you like it!!

Tags/TWs: explicit sexual content, werewolf Tony and human Peter, werewolf sex, werewolf anatomy, belly bulge, knotting, rimming, bottom Peter

Read it on AO3 here!


It had taken them a little while, but they had finally figured it out.

Before they had gotten together, Peter had one day found out that Tony wasn’t like most people he knew. It had been entirely by accident, had happened only because Peter had been up later than usual working on a project. By chance, his extra sensitive hearing had picked up on something stalking the compound and he’d gone to investigate, only to find a large beast roaming the compound grounds.

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Starker prompt continuation of this post

Tony tries to cheer Peter up by sharing some of his caught naked debacles from his youth:

“Did i ever tell you about the time TMZ got pictures of me walking out of the ocean nude and my tailor thought I was stuffing my shorts?” Startled Peter forgets to censor his mouth and blurts out “what? I thought I had all your sex vids.”

Cue Peter, mortified all over again, and a delighted Tony. “Do you now? Well this was only in print for a short while so I’m not surprised you missed it.”

So Tony tells Peter the story. Nothing fancy, he had been swimming naked in his private beach in California, where the water is cold all the time thankyouverymuch. TMZ caught him with their evil zoom lenses and plastered their headlines with the full frontal shot of Tony shriveled up and soft. They had taken so many digs at his dick size younger Tony had sued them and the magazines that picked up the story so hard they still owed him favors.

But the damage had been done before the prints had been pulled and redacted. Even his tailor had seen them. “What does your tailor have to do with it?” Surprised Tony just gapes at his bf “Sweetheart you have got to let me buy you some bespoke suits or at least go with me next time I go in for a fitting.” Lips twitching when Peter just keeps looking at him blankly, Tony explains.

“Your tailor, especially for a bespoke suite, has to know you better than casual lover. He knows if you hang to the left or the right. If you wear boxers or briefs or boxer briefs because it all affects the way the fabric will lay, how low to make the inseam etc. The man was downright snappy with me after he saw those headlines, he thought I had been stuffing my underwear to trick him into thinking my dick was bigger than it was.”

Peter let’s out an indigant squawk on his boyfriends behalf, charmed despite himself Tony has Friday pull up the old picture. And if he preens ridiculously while Peter gapes & downright oggles at his younger self he is shamless about it.

“Rude much?! You could have a grower not a shower!” Tony is in tears he is laughing so hard as Peter defends him, he finally calms down enough tell him that it took him almost a year of increasingly aggravating tailor appointments before he snapped at the old tailor and yelled at him “that water is fucking freezing, you try swimming in it and not shriviling up!” Then he yanked his dick out, all but shoving it in the man’s face, fuming that his dick size was being criticized by his damn tailor.

Of course the man was the best so Tony refused to switch tailors. And he was also a family friend so their relationship was strong enough for the man to show his aggravation with Tony for seemingly lying to him about something as sacred as his craft. Now Peter is equal parts horrified and delighted, young Tony was definitely hotter headed than his bf.

When they both calm down Peter declares the picture is his phones new homescreen and his embarrassment over their students catching him naked in Tonys stream softens with the delight of Tony sharing with him his own misadventure.

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