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A/N: I’m sorry if you’ve requested before this, I just felt like writing this!! (that sounds awfully selfish of me but I really don’t mean it to - I will definitely get round to all the requests eventually :))

Tags: @blackpinkdolan​ (lol you guys can ask me to be added to my taglist (more of a tag…? just a tag, at the moment lmao) and specify anything you want to be tagged in i.e. just Marauders content, or Lightning era or everything.) oh and also @anywherebuthere​ just cause I think you wanted to be updated but like idk




“James, your hand is sweaty. I told you I wouldn’t hold it if it was sweaty. Let me go.”

“No, look, just until after we meet Evans! Come on, Vix, just for a second.”

“Fine. But don’t call her Evans, she doesn’t like that, call her Lily. Not Lilyflower or Lilypad or any of your other stupid nicknames.”

James smiled at me gratefully, choosing to ignore the dig at the end, and I rolled my eyes, bumping him on the shoulder playfully.

The steam from the Hogwarts Express floated above the thronging crowds on Platform 9 ¾. The sounds of owls hooting, cats meowing and toads croaking overlapped each other messily, creating the effect of some sort of odd music. Flurries of goodbyes, shouts of ‘hello’ as people spotted their friends, the slight sadness of leaving our families behind (quickly forgotten), and the thrill of returning back to Hogwarts all swelled together, making the atmosphere around the platform excitable.

“Lily!” I exclaimed, pulling my hand out of James’ to run over and hug my redheaded best friend.

“Hi,” she breathed as we let go of each other. “How’re- how’re you?”

“Alright,” I grinned. “You?”

“Good,” she replied. “And guess what - I got Prefect!”

“Of course you did, it was unlikely that Alice or Marlene or I get it. Remus is the other Prefect.” I said cheerfully.

She shrugged with a smile, indicating towards her parents, a charming looking couple, and her older sister, a tall girl with mousy hair, dark eyes and a deep frown.

“She looks pleasant,” I commented. “…Can I mess with her?”

“Feel free,” said Lily with a laugh. “Be prepared for her to call you a freak, though.”

“Hang on - how’d they get through the barrier? Aren’t they-?”

“Muggles, yes,” Lily finished. “They held on to me, Mum and Dad wanted to see the school train after how I’d described it - isn’t it beautiful? - and they refused to leave Tuney alone in Kings Cross.”

“Tuney?” I raised an eyebrow. Lily blushed.

“Oh, shut up, I made it up when I was five,” she said. “It’s Petunia, really.”

I laughed, dragging her towards her family.

“Hi, Mr and Mrs Evans,” I grinned. They smiled at me kindly. “Hello - who’re you?” I asked Petunia in mock mild surprise.

“Petunia,” she mumbled. “Are you a freak as well?”

I tried to put on a face of shock, as if she’d deeply offended me. Mr and Mrs Evans looked down at Petunia angrily.

“Yes, I am,” I said after a short pause. “And proud of it, too. Come on, Lily, let’s go meet Prongs- James.” I corrected myself.

As we left, I heard Petunia mutter something indistinct under her breath about strange wizarding names. Chuckling, I found James and his family again, and after thanking them for letting me stay, James and I headed over to load our trunks and owls onto the steam engine.

“Nice performance with Evans’ sister there,” he commented.

“Thanks,” I said, grinning. “Lovely little ray of sunshine, isn’t she? Hey, why don’t you go say hi to Lily?”

“Um - waiting for the right time,” said James, sounding uncharacteristically uncertain. “I’ve got to show her I’ve matured this year, haven’t I?” he continued. “I can tell her all the O.W.L.s I got over the summer and everything. I can’t just jump on top of her at the first glimpse, can I?”

“James - didn’t you get six?”



“Yes, but we leave that bit out. How many did you get, again?”

“Um, eleven.”

“What?! Cleverclogs. Hey, that should be your new Marauders nickname. Cleverclogs!” taunted James.

“Nah, that’s Remus,” I joked.

“Talk of the devil?” said a different voice from behind me.

“Moony!” I exclaimed, turning around and gently squeezing his upper arm briefly. “How are you? How were the full moons?”

“Keep your voice down!” he implored. “They were alright, nothing too bad in the summertime, really. How’re you, James?”

“Brilliant,” grinned James. “Prefect Moony.”

“I like the sound of that,” laughed Remus. “Got to go, Prefects’ compartment.” he said, and departed.

“We’ve got to tell them, remember?” said James in a low voice, as we hopped on the train and found the usual compartment, empty for now. “About - us.”

“Supposedly,” I corrected with a sigh.

“Supposedly,” he repeated in agreement. “Alright, when’ll you do it?”

“Me? It was your idea, you’re telling them!”

“Telling us what?”

The door of the compartment had slid open, revealing Sirius, his long dark hair, swaying as if he’d just stopped running, and slightly behind him, Peter.

“Padfoot! Wormtail!”

After a flurry of greeting, with everyone sat down (minus Remus and Lily, of course), James nodded to me.

“What? I’m not telling them, you are!”



“Fine, I’ll-”

“Thank you!”

“Oh no, go on, can you just-”

Will someone please just bloody tell us what’s going on?” said Sirius, startlingly loud.

“Right,” I said numbly. “So- so over the summer, James and I- sort of- decided to, um, get together.”

“I know,” said Sirius, confused.

“You two always stay with each other,” piped up Peter from the corner.

“No, not like that-” I began. “Well, yes, like that, but also, in a…”

“Relationship.” finished James frustratedly. “We’re in a relationship.”

Silence. I wondered how they would take this. Were they wondering, like I was, how, if we supposedly broke up, it’d destroy the friendship group?

“That’s-” Peter broke the silence first, speaking quietly. “That’s- good for you. But James- Prongs- aren’t you, you know, in love with Lily Evans?”

“Well done for noticing, Wormy,” said Sirius sarcastically. “Yeah, what’s going on? Are you serious?”

“No, you’re Sirius,” I said automatically. “Sorry - that was one pun too many, wasn’t it?”

“Just a tad,” Sirius laughed, and just like, the mood went back to normal again.


“Can I say I told you so? I told you so.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t take you seriously! You didn’t take you seriously, either!”

“What do we do now?” I said, rolling my eyes. “This idea was utterly genius, don’t you think?” I smiled sardonically.

“It was, at first,” shot back James. “I didn’t know Lily would actually be happy for us.”

“What a shame, your crush is actually a nice person.”

“Isn’t she, though?” James sighed, and, pretending to be lovestruck, put the back of his hand to his forehead and flopped backwards onto his four-poster, only ended up getting tangled in the scarlet curtains. I gave a shout of laughter, leaping on top of him to try and get him unknotted. We accidentally ended up in a sort of wrestle, laughter echoing around the room.

“Prongs, you git, now I’m stuck!” I yelled, pointing at my leg which had been trapped in the heavy Gryffindor curtains.

“Shame!” he called back, “Get me out first!”

I flicked at his hair, and his glasses flew off, landing on the wooden floor. I reached out my free leg and curled my toes around them, bringing them back up again.

“Thanks,” said James, relieved.

“I’m flattered that you think I’m that nice, Prongs, but no thanks,” I said with a grin, sliding his round frames onto my own face, striking a ridiculous pose. “Well?”

“Stunning,” laughed James. “I think you should win Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award.”

“Me too,” I said, playing along, “Ah well, a girl can dream.”

James gave a toothy grin, snatching his glasses back and putting them on himself.

“Aaaaaaaaaahh! My eyes! My innocence!” shouted a voice from outside, which I recognised as Sirius’s.

What?” I exclaimed.

“You- you- you-” Sirius pointed at us, his finger flicking from James to me and back to James again. I realised that our legs were still tangled in the curtain, and burst out laughing.

“Oh, James, this is all your fault, Mr Loverman.” I said in between giggles.

“Huh?” said Remus, coming in.

“Nothing- nothing happened, I promise!” I said. “James pretended to be lovestruck - it was really dumb, actually - and somehow the git got himself tangled and the curtain.”

“And you jumped in with him, did you?” chuckled Remus.

“No- well, in essence, yes, but it was an accident-”

“Accidentally what?” Lily appeared at the door, red hair dancing behind her. “Oh - hi - James… Sirius, Remus… I just came to return this, I packed it into my own trunk by mistake, somehow, even after you searched and found it…” she held up a Gryffindor tie.

“Oh- oh, thanks, Lils- could we have a bit of help, anyone?” I said sheepishly, and Remus came over and yanked my arm, Sirius going over and helping James.

“OK, what’s really going on?” said Sirius. “I’ve never seen you like this with anyone else, Prongsie, except me of course,” he flicked his hair modestly.

James looked over at me, and I nodded slightly, almost as if allowing him permission to explain.

“Um - so - we kind of - aren’t dating after all?”

What?” three voices spoke.

“Listen, it’s - complicated - we kind of did it so that James could, ahem, make Lily jealous and want to date him.” I rushed out the words as if they left a foul taste in my mouth. Lily’s eyes narrowed.

“But - you two are great together!”

“Are we?” said James and I together in surprise.

“But we’re just-”

“I mean-”

James and I laughed nervously as we both cut across each other.

“Should we leave them?” murmured Remus.

“Yeah, we’ve made enough of a mess,” smiled Sirius, satisfied. He, Remus and Lily retreated out of the door.

“Um - so - James - d’you, um-”

“I dunno, never really-”

“Thought about it,” we finished together.

“So, um- d’you maybe want to…” James began uncertainly. “…go play Quidditch sometime?” he finished lamely.

“Love to, Potter,” I laughed.

“Is it a date?” squeaked a voice from the corner of the room. I shifted the dark curtains that wrapped James and I together, peering around the room.

Peter?” shrieked James.

“You were here the whole time?”

Peter, who sat cross-legged on his bed, munching on Pumpkin Pasties, gave a shrug.

“Yeah,” he said. “it was like one of those soap operas my mum always watches.”

“Brilliant, thanks, Wormtail.”

(please feel free to request imagines!)

2 notes

-Sirius showed up at the Potters home in the summer of her 4th year, but Esté was at her grandmothers house. And since Sirius was having family issues, Euphemia hid all the family pictures. So by their 5th year Sirius still had no idea Esté existed. 

-Lily asked James out in the beginning of there 6th year, by standing on the Gryffindor table and shouting it. At first James was just silent and Lily got scared and ran out, followed by James. After a long, silent eternity they walked back in, hand in hand. 

-Esté cheered as loud as her lungs would allow, followed by Finn from the Hufflepuff table, and then the rest of the Hufflepuffs, and the Gryffindors, the Ravenclaws, the teachers, and even some Slytherins *cough* Not Severus *cough*. 

-Lily knew James had a sister because she wrote her a letter before she even transferred, because “I wanna get to know my brothers soulmate, we are gonna be sisters after all.”

-Once she was expelled Lily, Esté, and Finn  started actually hanging out, in secret. 

-Esté was in love with Sirius Black for her first year at Hogwarts, but got over it when his ‘Playboy’ persona set in. The only person who ever knew was Finn, but he is sworn to secrecy.

-Esté has a panic disorder, anxiety, and Bipolar depression. So James knows all about mental illness, and that allowed to help Sirius with a lot of his PTSD and depression after being kicked out. 

-Remus knows when someone is keeping a secret, because he has kept them for so long. He has a suspicion about James.

-Lily and Remus have the cutest friendship  

-No Peter AU

-No Voldemort AU, but Sirius’s parents are still pure-blood supremacists, as are most pure-bloods

-There’s a weird number of girls in Slytherin, so Esté only has one roomate, her name is Madeline

-Madeline is Esté’s closest friend, only second to Finn 

-Euphemia thinks that the bet is childish and they are missing out on good friendships

-Fleamont is in on it 

1 notes

Remus: No! James and Lily died of natural causes, nobody killed them.

Sirius: Are you sure?

Remus: Of course I’m sure.

Sirius: [looks over at Peter]



Remus: …pretty sure.

1 notes


Back again with more wolfstar!! I’m on mobile right now so I can’t link the other works in the series right now, but all the links are in my master list, both in my bio and pinned at the top of my page✨

Summary: Sirius has a severe lack of hair ties and has to come up with a few creative alternatives.

“Hey Sirius, do you have a hair tie I could borrow?” Lily asked, holding the end of her plait in place in an attempt to tame her fiery curls.

“Yeah sure.” Sirius said, already pulling one off his wrist and handing it to her before leaning back into Remus’ arms. “Has anyone done the potions essay yet?” He asked.

Remus raised an eyebrow. “You mean the essay that was due yesterday?”

Keep reading

57 notes

Lily: Sirius and Remus just kissed!



James: Sirius and Remus kissed? Wortmail, do you know what that means?

Peter: They’re getting married!

Lily: Okay… I think you’re getting too far ahead of yourself-

James: what flowers will Remus and Sirius have at the wedding?

Peter: Lilies?

James: What? No! It must be a romantic thing

Peter: Roses?

James: Yeah!

*James and Peter walk outside the common room talking about the wedding*

Lily: That was weird

17 notes

Aelin Celéste Potter {Esté}, daughter of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter, sister of James Fleamont Potter. {Face claims attached, no face claim for Esté because I couldn’t find someone who fit the look}. 

Esté is 15, and was born 11 months after James, on April 11. She has a Leo sun with an Aries moon and Gemini rising. She has a red fox potronus.  


She’s honest, ambitious, witty, unpredictable, generous, youthful, charming, pessimistic, determined, exciting, freedom-loving, sharply- intelligent, charismatic, self-contained, straightforward, curious, flirty, adventurous, sarcastic, humorous, and competent. 

Despite her personable traits, she prefers to keep a low-key social standing.  Esté’s best friend is her cousin, Finn, who’s parents sent him to Ivermorny instead of Hogwarts in 1st year. When she found out about this she convinced her parents to send her there too. However, Esté and Finn were expelled a year ago. Since then they’ve been attending Hogwarts. 

James and his sister have always had an incredible relationship. Ever since they were were little they would drive Euphemia crazy with their pranks and games. So when she was sorted into a different house {Slytherin} James and her decided to make a bet on how long it would take his friends to notice. Spoiler, it took them until now.

My next story will follow Esté, Finn, the Marauders, and a particularly small tropical cat. 

2 notes

A/N: I’m really sorry if this was too short but I did spend quite some time on it so I hope it’s alright and what you wanted :)

Warnings: This imagine contains self-doubt and insecurity. If this sort of thing triggers you, please take care and read at your own risk, or better yet, don’t read at all. Remember, we all love you, so please don’t take this seriously, and never harm yourself. Your mental health is my top priority.



“A Hallowe’en Ball?” I exclaimed, as we filed out of the Great Hall after breakfast - Dumbledore had just announced that this would replace the annual Hallowe’en feast.

“I think it sounds like fun,” said Lily brightly, swinging her bag over her shoulder. “And it could finally be your chance to ask out-”

“Please don’t finish that sentence. You know Remus and I are only friends.”

“How did you know it was Remus I was talking about?” Lily asked slyly.

“It always is.”

“Your choice,” she shrugged with a smile. “I’ve got Potions now, I’ve got to head to the dungeons for Slughorn.”

“I’ve got a free,” I told her, after consulting my timetable. “I think I’ll go up to the library and study with Remus for a while.”

Lily nodded and gave a small cough before departing that sounded oddly like ‘study date’.

I rolled my eyes and made my way up to the Hogwarts library, spotting Remus sitting at a table behind one of the bookshelves near the back of the room.

“Hi,” I breathed, flopping down beside him.

“Hi,” he said distractedly, not looking up from his Arithmancy questions. He bit the end of his quill, a single droplet of ink slowly swelling from the tip, before splattering down onto the parchment. He didn’t seem to notice, still staring at the same spot on his page.

“Rem?” I said quietly. Remus blinked and looked up, as if only just realising I was there.

“Hi- hi!” he repeated, surprised. I laughed (earning a glare from Madam Pince) and fished around in my pocket for some spare chocolate. As I brought it out, Remus’ eyes lit up.

“Is that for me?” he asked.

“‘Course it is,” I smiled, handing it over. Smiling gratefully, he broke off a piece and started munching quietly.

“So, Hallowe’en Ball, huh?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “who on Earth thought that that would be better than the feast? They were supposed to have those new Pumpkin Pasties that Honeydukes invented this year, too.” I finished sadly. Remus chuckled with a nod.

“Shhhhhhh!” hissed Madam Pince. I glanced at Remus, who seemed to be containing a smile with difficulty.

“Should we finish this in the common room?” I whispered.



“You know, I don’t reckon a dance can be that bad,” said Remus reasonably, once we had completed our work and were curled up on the common room sofa comfortably.

“I don’t think I’m going, anyway,” I said quietly.

“Why not?” Remus sat up, turning to face me.

“Don’t have a dress,” I shrugged. He flopped back into his previous position.

“I know you do, I’ve seen you in it, and you look lovely.”

I was glad that we weren’t facing each other anymore, because I was sure that a blush had dusted my cheeks. Remus paused, as if debating whether the compliment was a mistake.

“Thanks,” I said softly. He spoke again, a little more confidently this time.

“Real reason?”

“I- nobody’s asked me,” I said in a small voice.

Another pause. I wondered how Remus would take this.

“…Do you remember what you said to me when you first discovered that I was a werewolf?”

“What? No, what did I say?”

“You complimented every single one of my insecurities. You addressed them all and… and you gave me the confidence I have today.”

I smiled to myself, remembering about the scars that splattered Remus’ body as consistently as freckles.

“So go on. Tell why no one would supposedly ask you.”


“The Ball’s in ages. I’m sure people are lining up to have you go with them.”

“Not likely.”


“I… dunno.” my voice was uncharacteristically quiet. It made me rethink, perhaps I had been too hard on myself. “But… but no one’s going to ask me. I’m- I don’t think I’m-”

“You don’t think you’re what?” Remus’ voice was gentle, trustworthy.

“I don’t think I look good enough. I don’t think my personality’s good enough. I don’t think my body shape’s slim enough. I don’t think my hair’s nice enough. I don’t think my skin’s clear enough. I don’t think my height’s amazing.” As soon as I started, everything came spilling out. Everything I’d been conscious about ever since I’d started Hogwarts. I was shocked at how much of myself I actually disliked.

“First of all, it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. But if it does to you, then let me tell you this.” Remus took a hesitant breath, as if unsure whether to continue or not. “You’ve had me hooked since the very first day. Platonically, at first, but then…”

“Then what?” I breathed. We had both gotten up slowly, and were facing each other, although determinedly avoiding eye contact.

“My point is… trust me, if I had to tell you how amazing you were, the list wouldn’t stop anytime soon.”

“You mean…?”

“Will you go to the Ball with me?” his voice was barely above a whisper, but I caught every word.

“Of course,” I said at once, trying to hide my utter shock. “I- Remus- thanks-”

“Don’t mention it. It’s my pleasure completely.”

(please feel free to request imagines!)

36 notes

James Potter did not die thinking Remus was the traitor.

He knew his Moony. Like the back of his hand.

James met the boy when he was 11, when Remus was dressed in clothes far too big and had scars no 11 year old should have. When Remus couldn’t look him in the eye and sat quietly next to him the whole ride.

He knew him inside and out.

He knew Remus went to be at exactly 10:30, even if Sirius insisted on staying up later, because Remus could run on less sleep but he didn’t want to.

He knew Remus had trouble reading some things but never, ever, gave up on the book. He knew that in 4th year Remus quietly asked James if he could read to him instead, and a new tradition started.

He knew Remus preferred wearing bigger clothes because the fabric didn’t run against his irritated skin.

He knew Remus never admitted it but he was far too good at Charms and could have beat both James and Sirius if he wasn’t nice enough to let them compete on their own.

He knew Remus let Peter ramble on about astronomy even though he hated the night sky himself.

He knew Remus knew absolutely nothing about quidditch but never failed to miss a game, even if it was around the full moon.

He knew Remus was terrified of the thought of them being with him when he transformed and he knew Remus cried the first night, thinking he’d end up hurting them.

He knew Remus had cried the morning after, when everything was fine and he realized the wolf didn’t tear any of his skin when his friends were there.

He knew Remus left chocolate frogs for Peter everyday he had exams.

He knew Remus let Sirius draw on his arms whenever Sirius was having a bad day.

He knew Remus held things carefully, as if everything was fragile, especially books, and he was afraid to break it.

He knew Remus preferred winter over summer because the more clothes the better.

He knew Remus hated fast songs but dealt with them because it made the other marauders jump and sing.

He knew Remus sometimes had a hard time sleeping so he’d seek out James or Sirius to read with.

He knew Remus was forver thankful for what James did on the quidditch field that night, and constantly tried making up for it, even if he never had to.

He knew Remus adored waking up before sunrise and watching the colors of the morning sky.

He knew Remus liked his hands being held and his hair played with.

He knew Remus was by far the best pranker out of all of them, and constantly got them out of trouble.

He knew Remus would do James homework for him when quidditch season was in the highest.

He knew Remus would hand write them letters, but never sent them out.

He knew Remus loved them more than anything.

Remus could have never, would have never, been a traitor.

You showed me what love is suppose to be.”

No, James Potter did not die thinking Remus was the traitor.

James Potter died hoping Remus was the one to make it out alive.

10 notes

I think my favorite Peter Pettigrew headcanons I have is that he lives with his mom and aunt. They are a combination of the aunts from Practical Magic and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. They run a home mortuary but as a side hobby invite muggles over and read their tea leaves, give them love potions, etc. Very big into herbology and have their own greenhouse. Long line of Hufflepuffs.

8 notes

The Marauders all dressed up for Halloween!!! With and without their facial hair~

From Shifting Lines Book Two Chapter Forty-Eight - Treasure Hunt

This is by Tsu

9 notes

apparently there’s a new guy managing the wizarding world and i don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself if he decides to make a marauders tv show or movie.

i mean I want it SO badly but im also scared they’re going to ruim everything we created, the images we made from every character we could find, the headcanons, the comfort space we created so everyone would feel included, im not ready to let that go.

(and how i am supposed to see anyone who’s not the “official” fancast as the characters? i cant but the fancasts are too old for the parts.)

im just going to cry in the corner for a bit, see ya in a couple hours :)

1 notes
Don't apologize to him.
I mean, sorry I didn't drop you HARDER!
99 notes

“James and Lily are dead, he found them. They’re gone.” Alice slumped into the chair in front of me, deflated. The scream that left my lips sounded so foreign, it couldn’t possibly have been mine. “What about Harry? Where is my godson?” The last part of my sentence was whispered. There was a faint pop sound behind me, Remus walked into the room and to me in a heartbeat, his arms wrapping tightly around my shaking form.

He gently guided me towards the sofa “Come on Elle you need to sit down before you fall.” When we had found the couch he sat next to me, not taking his arm from around my shoulders. “Lily’s gone, my beautiful best friend is gone.” The sobs wracked my body, threatening to consume me. “Where’s ‘Rius? Why isn’t he with you? Remus where is he?” The look he gave me was one I’d never seen before, so broken. So defeated. “I don’t know where he is Elle, I haven’t seen him in days. Pads, no Sirius has all but disappeared.” There was a note of disdain in his voice that I didn’t like in the slightest. “What are you implying Remus?” I shot to my feet and rounded on him. “You know as well as I do that James appointed him their secret keeper. He was the only one, the ONLY one that could have told You Know Who where they were. He betrayed them, betrayed us, for Merlins sake he betrayed Harry.” He drew a breath “He offered the child, YOUR GODSON up like a lamb to the slaughter.” He rose to his feet, towering above me. My automatic instinct was to reach for my wand; a hand grabbed my arm firmly, I’d forgotten that Alice was even there. “Elle don’t do something you’ll regret.” Only when I let my arms fall to my sides did she let go. “How dare you insinuate that my fiancé, your best friend would do such a thing. After everything he’s been through, everything he has done for YOU! He loves James and Lily, for Merlins sake he worships the ground Harry walks on. Remus you need to trust in him, please Moony.” The tears of frustration and heartbreak streamed down my face.

“Lily trusted him, James trusted in him and he deceived them. He is the reason they are dead. The reason Harry, our Harry is now an orphan.” He was cold and vicious; something he had never been with me. “Get the hell out of my house, you’re not welcome here anymore!” I screamed at him. As he disapparated on the spot I collapsed to the floor, Alice got to her knees in front of me, taking my hands in hers. “I know it’s hard Elle, but there’s still Deatheaters out there. We need to all be on guard. You know that the Ministry will want answers. You were his fiancé, you’ll be under just as much suspicion as he is right now. You need to straighten your story.” She was very much in Auror mode now. Another pop came from my kitchen and Frank walked in with a somber look upon his face and gestured to his wife with a weak smile in my direction. “We arrested him about an hour ago. He wasn’t satisfied murdering Pettigrew, he took twelve Muggles with him too.” Frank spoke matter of factly. “Where is he!?” I was struggling to breath, this didn’t make a bit of sense. Sirius would never have betrayed our friends, no our family. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t believe it.


Pacing back and forth while I waited for Dumbledore; I had to all but beg him to see me. There was a light knock a the door. “Miss Davis, may I come in?” Dumbledore was always so tranquil when he spoke, it was difficult to not instantly relax. “Of course Professor.” I could only hope I was as calm at the end of our meeting. I gestured to the wingback armchair. “Let me take your cloak, please warm yourself by the fire.” What was I a hotel concierge? Damnit Elle grow a pair, you’re not a shy student anymore. “You wished to speak with me Miss Davis, please do not let your emotions bubble further. Ask me your questions; I will do my utmost to answer them as truthfully and clearly as possible.” The smile he gave me was like that of a concerned grandparent. “Where’s Harry? Where is my godson?” I needed to get the most important question out there first, I needed to be ready to make changes, get somewhere safe to raise him. Albus sighed, I couldn’t tell whether it was from exasperation or resignation. Had he hoped I wouldn’t ask? Or was he hoping to skip passed the topic like it was insignificant? “Harry is safe. Hagrid collected him.” The way he looked a me was as though I was a wild animal about to flee at the slightest thing. “Okay, so do I collect him from Hogwarts then or is Hagrid bringing him here?” I couldn’t hide the desperation from my voice. “Neither, he has been safely left with his family.” It was blunt, not in a cruel way but blunt nonetheless. “I AM HIS FAMILY!” I had never raised my voice to any of my professors not least Dumbledore but the bite of his words were like a dagger in my chest. “I know this is painful to hear Miss Davis, but Harry is with his only living blood relatives. The safest place for him to be is with his aunt and uncle, far from our world until he is ready to be told the truth and understand fully.” I opened my mouth to argue but he continued. “It is not a reflection on you or your capabilities Miss Davis, nor is it open for discussion. He will be safe and is that not, after all what matters?” It was glaringly obvious the question was rhetorical. I sunk further into my seat, willing the tears in my eyes not to fall, not till he was gone. “But I love him.” Was all I could muster. Dumbledore contemplated this for a moment, and smiled as his next words seem to hang in he air as he spoke. “Ah, but isn’t love our greatest protector and so often our deadliest foe? You have my word Harry is and will be safe” I almost wanted to ask him to vow it, but in my heart I knew that would be pushing it.

“So onto the next topic which I assume is Sirius Black.” There was no flicker of emotion on his face that I could read, for some reason that filled me with dread. “When is his trial? He’s innocent, he would never betray our family.” I was really struggling to maintain my composure and keep my voice steady. “I am afraid there is to be no trial, Sirius is already under the guard of Azkaban. The situation was too clean cut, young Pettigrew or rather the remaining digits of Pettigrew were found along with 12 innocent muggles, with numerous witnesses. It’s not pleasant, but I am afraid that it is what it is.” Dumbledore looked at me, his blue eyes never leaving my own. “I don’t believe you, I wont. 'Rius is a good man.” I no longer cared if I screamed at him, disrespected him. My life was falling apart and no-one seemed to want to be on my side. “To you and others over the years, certainly; but surely you can see that the evidence is both compelling and stacking up against him. The greatest advice I can bestow upon you is to live your life Miss Davis. You have so much ahead of you. And that includes seeing your godson grow up. I trust you will do the right thing, both for yourself and Harry.” He smiled and raised from the chair, retrieving the travelling cloak from the stand by the door. “It was a pleasure to talk with you Miss Davis, please do look after yourself.” With that he left, along with any hope I had.


The newspaper slipped from my and I turned to the hedge and retched as the contents of my stomach became entangled in its leaves. Emblazoned on the front page:


I hadn’t left my house in over 2 weeks. Frank had been away on a mission, trying to round up the remaining known followers of You Know Who. With the baby, Alice had only managed to come see me once, the day after Dumbledore had visited. I had relished the time with Neville. I needed to get groceries so had no choice but to come out today. Yet again I wished I was at home, wished I could turn back time and un-know this heartbreak, un-feel this pain. Alone, I was truly alone in this world now.

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James: So now for the weekly gay update

Sirius: Falling hard for Remus and flaunting my perfect liner.

James: And the bi update?

Remus: Rocking skirts and being a depressed bad bitch.

James: The ace update?

Peter: Fascinating over Dark Magic.

James: Oh okay and lastly the Lily update?

Lily: Not falling for you Potter, that’s for sure.

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the marauders die in the reverse order from the one that is used when they are listed on the map 

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James Potter, a.k.a. Prongs (Mar. 27, 1960 - Oct. 31, 1981)


Sirius Black, a.k.a. Padfoot (Nov. 3, 1959 - Jun. 18, 1996)


Remus Lupin, a.k.a. Moony (Mar. 10, 1960 - May 2, 1998)


Peter Pettigrew, a.k.a. Wormtail (1959/60 - Mar. 26, 1998)

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