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#peter pettigrew
jamespotterinskirts · 2 days ago
Lily: If you found out you had only one day left to live, what would you do?
James: Say goodbye.
Sirius: Something illegal.
Peter: Cry.
Remus: Message ten people that if they don’t forward the message to ten people, I’ll die tomorrow
Lily: Remus-
Sirius: That’s fucking awesome, can I change my answer?
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wolfstar-lb · a day ago
ᴇʟɪ’s ʜᴀʟʟᴏᴡᴇᴇɴ-ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇᴅ ᴡʀɪᴛɪɴɢ ᴄᴏʟʟᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ —
Tumblr media
summary: hi, i’ve decided to do a collection of (short) writings for october bc it’s my favourite month and deserves appreciation!!! it’s not all smut, it’s mostly fluff. this will also be a 600 followers celebration as i am likely to hit that soon mwah
i have taken heavy inspiration from @cupids-crystals autumn/fall dialogues and scenarios, so creds ily ! <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sirius steals remus’ jumper when it gets a little too cold for his liking (ff) — (01/10/21)
james and lily watch rom coms whilst it storms outside (ff) — (03/10/21)
marlene lights too many candles and dorcas wants to know why (ff) — (05/10/21)
the marauders and reader all go to a corn maze and get separated by mistake (ff) — (07/10/21)
Tumblr media
primary school student!harry has parents evening and no one believes james is his father (ff) — (09/10/21)
lily, james and toddler!harry are on a walk and harry comes across a bunch of crunchy leaves and giggles as he runs all over them (ff) — (11/10/21)
mary and emmeline struggle to decorate their house with halloween decorations and end up calling the others for help (ff) — (13/10/21)
you are sitting at a bonfire with the pogues and the kooks, trying to make sure a fight doesn’t break out (ff) — (15/10/21)
Tumblr media
fred tries to freak you out by creating some spooky background noises but he ends up getting spooked himself (ff) — (17/10/21)
ginny and harry are baking food together and harry keeps adding pumpkin flavouring to everything (ff) — (19/10/21)
sirius keeps putting the monster mash on and you hate it but he makes you listen to it anyway (ff) — (21/10/21)
hermione wants to do couples costumes and ron doesn’t want to get changed (ff) — (23/10/21)
Tumblr media
the marauders and you are at a halloween party in the gryffindor common room and it ends up with you and james hooking up (ss) — (25/10/21)
you and remus are making a blanket fort but you just can’t help but notice how sexy he looks (ss) — (27/10/21)
john b gets into a fight with rafe over sarah (and how rafe does not want sarah to be with john b) and sarah frets over the fact that he’s bleeding (aa) — (29/10/21)
the marauders take the the weasleys, harry and hermione trick or treating (ff) — (31/10/21)
Tumblr media
taglist: @enbysiriusblack @royalty-of-fandoms @itsmentalillness @roonilwazlibweasley @queen-asteria04 @gothboutique @keepawaythenargles @jasmine-and-moonbeams @hallecarey1 @cinnamon-q @arcadeboss @shibble @1980z-babe @eleventhboi @daydreaming-reader @couldibeanymorechaotic @peachybaes @mayamoons @book-dragon-not-worm @acciorxses @queerdeadwizards @oliverwoodmarrymepls @dreamerthinker @angel4you @evesbiggestf4n @l0vely-lupin @crazy-beautiful @pogueslandia @depressinq @i-is-a-fangurl-weeb @rosie-posie08 @kayleiggh @rainmaybank @reggies-baby @noceurwhore @heartbeats-wildly @siriusstwelveyears @dr4cking @wrongilbert @noturmom128
moots i love, appreciate, aren't tagged here and deserve a smooch: @ameliasbitvh @tokyocupid @arcaneslut @eloquenceflores @ameliora-j
Tumblr media
➪ @wolfstar-lb / 26 sept 2021
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loonyloopylupin5 · 2 days ago
Remus Lupin....
Remus Lupin with a mullet that he cut himself with kitchen scissors, and the long part of it dyed red....
Remus Lupin stealing Sirius' leather jacket, and wearing it with one of his granny sweaters and a skirt....
Remus Lupin cutting everyone's hair when they needed it, because he got bored one day and taught himself how to do it...
Remus Lupin muttering angrily in Welsh every time someone pissed him off...
Remus Lupin being the one who taught Sirius and James how to swear...
Remus Lupin getting away with the prank he planned just by saying "James! Sirius! Shame on you! I'm sorry, Minnie, I don't know why I associate myself with these two idiots"....
Remus Lupin studying in the library with plus sized Lily Evans, and convincing her that she's beautiful no matter her weight....
Remus Lupin making smart remarks every time James, Sirius or Peter got caught pulling a prank, or got a question wrong in class...
Remus Lupin swearing loudly in class after dropping his textbook, and then getting away with it by blaming Sirius...
Remus Lupin getting out of bed at his sickest time of the month, even though he was told not to, just so he can finish his homework on time...
Remus Lupin always being cold, despite being dressed in about 5 different layers...
Remus Lupin having chocolate marks on nearly every page of all his books...
Remus Lupin wearing beanies and scarves during the winter months...
Remus Lupin helping the first year Gryffindors with their homework....
Remus Lupin....
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chaotic-darkling · 2 days ago
Sirius: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Remus: Next time you’re working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn your ex’s house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Peter: There were so many mixed messages in that I can’t-
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simpformoony · 11 hours ago
A Fake Date
Pairing: Sirius Black x Potter! Reader
Word Count: 2.1 k
Warnings: Some swearing and general stupidity.
Author’s Note: Part of me loves this and part of me hates it. Still, I hope you love it. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been drowning in assignments.
♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥
The day had started up pretty normal for James Potter. He woke up, attended Quidditch practice, had breakfast, went to class, and playfully asked out Lily Evans. And everything would have gone normally if she had answered with her usual “go to hell Potter”. But this time she decided to crush all of his hopes when she declared she would go out with him the day Y/N Potter went out with Sirius Black.
James took his gaze away from her, he knew it was Lily’s way to tell him he had no chances. It was universally known Y/N and Sirius had as much chemistry as an eggshell and a pencil, meaning there was absolutely no way they could ever work romantically.
James looked at the back of the class, spotting his sister laughing at Sirius’ attempt to transform a teacup into a fork. He watched as they playfully wrestled as McGonagall tried to tell them that no matter how ugly Sirius’ fork was, they couldn’t disrupt her class like that. Yeah, it would be a cold day in hell before those two went out on a date.
He spent the whole day trying to hide his heartbreak from his friends, but he should have known they were all quite perceptive when it came to him.
It was Remus who decided he had had enough of sad James. He saw him absentmindedly watching the fire in the common room, not cracking a joke once.
“That’s enough” he declared, putting down his quill “What’s wrong with you?”
James shot him a pained looked, and made a pathetic attempt at a reassuring smile.
“I love her Moons” he answered, “I am irrevocably in love with her. I love her so much it hurts, because I know she will never reciprocate my feelings” he had tried to keep his voice from breaking, but it was useless. His voice broke as a few tears fell down his face. He wiped them quickly, not used to being the one in need of consolation.
Y/N raised from her seat, moving to be closer to her brother. She rubbed his back gently, knowing it always soothed him.
“Lily smiled at you today” she pointed out, knowing who her brother was talking about without him having to say it out loud. But he didn’t smile as he would usually have. “I think she’s warming up to you”
“Yes Prongs, she’s starting to realize you are a great bloke!” Peter added, desperate to cheer up his friend.
James gave them a sad smile.
“Thanks lads. But really, it’s hopeless” he whispered.
“Why would you say that?” Remus snapped. James was usually Mr. Optimism, and it was hard to deal with this depressed version of him. “Don’t be a twat and listen to Y/n/n. If she says Lily is warming up to you then she is”.
“And even if you don’t believe Y/n/n, believe Moony. He’s always right” Sirius added, playfully winking at Remus, who replied with an annoyed “I am not giving you the answers to the Potions homework”.
Sirius muttered a low “fuck”, but Remus decided to ignore him for James’ sake. They needed to focus on helping him.
“Listen Prongs” he began “She seemed quite content with you this afternoon on Transfiguration. You must have done something right, what did you say?”
“I asked her out” James answered, as he let out a humorless chuckle “But she said she will go with me the day Y/n/n goes out with Pads”.
“Then we’ll make it happen” Remus claimed. He understood James saw it as an impossible quest, but he also knew Y/N and Sirius would do anything for James. “Sirius, ask Y/n/n out”
“Oi” she complained “I want to be the one who takes the initiative!”
“Because I am a charmer and you are as romantic as a beozar” Sirius mocked her.
Remus took a deep breath and held his head with his hands. The Y/N-Sirius banters always gave him terrible migraines. Luckily Peter stopped it from going forward, by bringing to the group’s attention how “beozars must be bloody romantic for Snivellus”.
They all erupted in laughter at peter’s comment. Even James laughed in spite of his grey mood.
“Would you really do that for me mates?” he asked shyly, as if he feared his friends would take back their offer.
“We would do anything for you Jamie-boy” Sirius said, easing his fears.
“But you’ll have to ask me out nicely Black” Y/N teased “We have to set a standard for my future dates”
“Oi! There will be no future dates” James stated, leaving no room for discussion.
Remus simply smiled. Their James was back.
♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥
When Y/N Potter sat down at the breakfast table the next morning, she found Sirius Black with the biggest shit-eating grin ever plastered on his face.
“What’s with you this morning?” she asked “Do we have a prank planned?”
“You will have to wait and see” he replied, trying to sound mysterious.
She gave him a questioning look. Sirius had never withheld information about a prank from her. she was about to inquire further, but before she could do so, Loverboy by Queen started playing. The Great Hall darkened, and some colorful lights danced through the room. When the chorus came, Sirius jumped on the table and all the lights focused on him. He looked like a rockstar.
Using his wand as a microphone he began to sing quite off-tune, and changing the lyrics.
“I’d like for you and I to go to Hogsmeade,
Please say yes, I’ll make you happy babe.
Uhhh Y/n/n, Uhhh Y/n/n Potter
Go out with meeee”
He then placed the wand in front of her, and she sang a Yes for an answer.
The Marauders began to cheer for the embarrassing proposal, and soon the whole Gryffindor table was cheering with them. But they were forced to go back to silence when Professor McGonagall stated she expected both Sirius and Y/n/n in detention.
The lights came back, and students resumed their breakfast. And that is when the impossible happened. The Marauders were approached by the one and only Lily Evans.
“Well Potter, I’ll be damned.” She said “Sirius asked out your sister. I guess we’ll be going on a date”. And then, after dropping such bomb, she left.
James was struck dumb. He blinked and passed out, leaving to Remus the task of carrying him to class.
♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥
The weekend arrived, and the marauders could only watch as James freaked out over what to wear for his date.
“I don’t want to look like a creep who’s trying too hard!” he cried, while holding two almost identical shirts.
“Well, you don’t want to look like a tramp either” Remus commented as he flipped the page of his book, not aware of the havoc he had just summoned.
“I hadn’t even considered that possibility!” James was now in fetal position and tugging his hair. He was the human depiction of stress.
“Fuck Moony, now he looks crazy” Y/N complained.
“For fuck’s sake, just wear what you wore last week you looked good!” Peter shouted. Remus, Y/N and Sirius looked at him in shock. Apparently, even Pete had a limit on James’ whining.
“You sure Pete?” James wondered, stopping the torture on his hair.
“Listen to him” Sirius interrupted “We are going to be late”
James got dressed in lightning speed, and hurried downstairs to the common room.
“It’s showtime Potter” Sirius whispered playfully as he took hold of Y/N’s hand.
And for a second, she wished it was real. She wished he actually fancied her; she wished the ruse to be more than a favour to a mutual friend.
Little did she know he wished for the same thing. but neither of them would say anything, used as they were to bury their emotions deep inside their souls.
The walk to Hogsmeade started off quite normally for Sirius and Y/N.  He had his arms over her shoulders, and they both laughed as they discussed their latest read by a muggle author.
“I wonder if James and you could pull that off, what would Minnie say?” Sirius snickered, right before Remus hit him to call his attention.
“Firstly, The Twelfth Night is a comedy for a reason you idiot it wouldn’t work. And second, you two look way too friendly” he criticized.
“What do you mean” Y/N asked
“He means the pair of you don’t look any different from any other weekend” Peter explained, appearing from behind Remus.
“Exactly” Remus confirmed “this is supposed to be a date. Act more lovey-dovey.”
“How?” Sirius wondered.
“I don’t fucking know you dimwit!” Remus cried, stress taking over him “#Ever seen me on a date?”
“I know” Peter said. And the rest was not surprised, for somehow Peter managed to get more dates than any other Marauder “Sirius, hug her by the waist. And Y/n/n, rest your head on his chest”
They did as they were told, feeling weirdly comfortable by the closeness. And then feeling guilty, for friends are not supposed to like the other’s touch that much.
They followed Lily and James into the three broomsticks. They seemed to be enjoying their time together. No one in Hogwarts had ever seen Lily Evans laughing that hard.
Sirius and Y/N sat with the other couple. They ordered butterbeers and tried to not interrupt as James told embarrassing stories.
“…and then Y/n/n ran into my room screaming. James, James there is a poltergeist in the roof! Then she grabbed a bat to try and scare the poltergeist, but turns out it was my dad fixing a leak. So, when she hit him and realized he was not a poltergeist, she was so bloody scared she fell down the roof”.
Lily bursted out laughing. Either James really knew how to tell a story or Lily was bloody smitten, because Y/N didn’t think it was funny.  
“Ha-ha. Don’t forget the part when you went all mother hen and stayed up all night taking care of me.”
Sirius snickered “Aww, nurse Jamie” He teased.
“He even wore our mom’s medi-witch hat” she added, delighting in the way Sirius looked when he laughed.
His laugh was contagious, and she began to laugh as well. Meanwhile, James looked like he wanted to punch both of them.
“I think that was very sweet of you” Lily’s voice cut the tension. She was looking at James with a particular gleam in her eyes.
“Really?” he asked, not knowing how to react to the praise and feeling weirdly shy.
“Yes. I didn’t know you could be so caring” she smiled up at him.
“Caring would be an understatement” Sirius meddled.
“He’s like our mother” Y/N added.
“Sirius, you can’t go into the pitch without protective gear” he said, badly imitating James concerned manners.
“Y/n/n, put on a coat its’ freezing outside!” she followed.
“Remus, have you eaten today?”
“Pete, you scrapped your knee! Let me take a look”
While Sirius and Y/N howled in laughter at their imitations, Lily stared at James as if she was looking at him for the first time.
“Do you want to go for a walk by the lake?” she asked softly “I would like to hear more about this caring James”
James was looking redder than the Gryffindor common room. He nodded, grabbing her hand as he looked at her with adoration. He led her to the door, leaving his sister and Sirius to their own devices.
“Do you think she bought it?” Y/N asked once Lily was out of sight.
“I suppose so” he replied “We were practically glued together”.
“We always are” she whispered, almost hoping he would not hear him.
But he did.
“Yes, we are.” He took a deep breath before speaking “do you…do you think we look like a couple?” he asked her, afraid she would be grossed out by the suggestion.
“What do you mean?” she asked back.
“Well, on the way here we were trying to act like people on dates. But according to Moony that’s how we normally behave” he explained
“We are quite touchy” she admitted, scratching the back of her head “I guess we do look like a couple”
“Does that bother you?” he blurted out.
Y/N found herself taken aback by the question. His voice was lacking the characteristic cocky tone, replaced by a much more vulnerable one. He sounded almost insecure, fearful.
“It doesn’t bother me, I like being close to you” she confessed “I like holding your hand, and I like it when you hug me”.
He moved closer to her, placing one hand on her knee.
“I like it too” he began tracing a pattern on her knee, affection in every stroke of his finger. “Maybe because I love you”
“Maybe I love you too” she said, not letting her intrusive thoughts stop her from telling him how she felt.
He looked at her, his eyes glowing with hope.
“Are you serious?”
“No” she laughed “You are Sirius”.
Then she kissed him. She kissed him for real, not as part of their plan. And he kissed her right back.
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 8 hours ago
Peter: *running up to the marauders* Hey guys, I ran to catch up with you all but turns out I run slower than I walk
James: Hm. That’s disappointing
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mirrorinthesky · a day ago
thanks @angeldejueves for tagging me in six-sentence sunday... here's a little bit of idca
“What… what is that?” Sirius asked, eyes wide in horror as he pointed to the front of the carriage. “What is what?” James asked, spinning around to look at nothing but air, “Sirius?” “The… Oh…” “Sirius? What’s wrong?” Peter asked, eyebrows pressed together with concern. “Thestrals… I can see the thestrals.” “What? You can only see thestrals if-” Remus cut himself off, staring at Sirius as his entire body had gone rigid.
i tag @theresthesnitch , @mollymarymarie , and @elder-millenial-trash
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jamespotterinskirts · a day ago
*After Sirius finds out about Jegulus*
Sirius: Tonight, one of you has betrayed us.
Peter: Is it me, Sirius?
Sirius: No, it’s not you.
Remus: Is it me, Sirius?
Sirius: No, Remus, it’s not.
Lily: Is it me, Sirius?
Sirius: Not you lils.
Dorcas: Is it me, Sirius?
Sirius: Nope, not you.
Mary: Is it me, Sirius?
Sirius: I’m not mad at you, nope.
Marlene: Is it me, Sirius?
Sirius: It’s not you either.
James: Is it me, Sirius?
Sirius, mockingly: Is IT mE sIriUs?
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vroomvroomkachowboi · 2 days ago
The Missing Rat
smut, angst, fluff: fluff
pairing: ron weasley x reader(fem)
word count: 709
summary: 3rd year ron blames hermione for scabbers dissapearance, but you ended up finding the rat and giving it back to ron, now he can’t keep his eyes off of you (I kinda imagine a hufflepuff reader but it never mentions a house) 
warnings: none ig
a/n: I'm so sorry that I've been gone for so long, I just literally no idea what to write abt, like I was DYING to write something, couldn’t think of anything, but I’m currently rereading POA and thought of this, it’s not much but it’ll do. not done with the book btw so if I get anything wrote, sorry
Tumblr media
Harry thought this was the end of Ron and Hermione’s friendship. Hermione refused to believe all evidence pointed to Crookshanks, her cat. And both of them refused to apologize. 
Y/n was in the kitchen one day, helping out the house elves when she heard a faint squeak coming from one of the dirty pots. Brows furrowed in confusion, she hesitantly walked over to the pots, and looked to find a grey rat, with thin hair and a missing finger eating leftover rice pudding. 
The rat struggled a bit when Y/n picked him up, she knew she couldn’t keep the rat in the kitchen, so she placed it in her pocket until she left the kitchen. 
She ran to her common room, and made a little bed out of her dirty laundry for the rat, and placed it on the “bed”, the rat snuggled himself, let out a big sigh and shut his eyes. Y/n pet the rat on the top of his head. 
Y/n had spent plenty of time with the rat, and ended up naming him Derek, spent hours in the library trying to fix his thinning fur, although, nothing seemed to work, she still cared for him the same. 
Everything seems swell until, an orange, mangy cat strolled right past Y/n and Derek, and the rat hopped out of Y/n’s hands and ran at the speed of lightning. “Derek! Derek, no!” Y/n yelled out, and ran after Derek. 
Y/n had ran all the way to Hagrid’s Hut. She panted, and knocked at the door furiously. “Hagrid!” The door swung open, and Hagrid looked miserable. She planned to question him later, and asked instead, “Hagrid, my rat just ran away. Have you seen him?” He let her in, and it turns out that there was three Gryffindor students looking sad as well. “Sorry, Y/n. I haven’t seen a rat anywhere.” the gamekeeper says. 
Her eyes glanced down to the floor, looking around to find little Derek, and there he was, behind Hagrid’s giant foot. “Ah ha! There he is.” She kneeled down to grab him. 
“Hey that’s Scabbers!” Says the red-headed boy. “You found him.” Y/n gave him a look. “Scabbers? This is Derek. Found him a few weeks ago.” He nodded happily. “Yeah, Scabbers ran away a few weeks ago.” 
Y/n realized that the story lined up, she made Scabbers face her and said, “Well I guess this is goodbye Derek.” She pet Scabbers’ little head and hesitantly handed it to the boy and walked out. 
A few days later, Ron had seen Y/n everywhere. The Great Hall, during class changes, the library, and classes. Although, Scabbers wasn't who he though he was, Ron admired Y/n for taking care of a lost rat and making him feel loved. Ron admired Y/n’s good-naturedness and realized how pure her heart was. 
Harry and Hermione were constantly teasing him for his wandering eyes. Ron had denied it, but neither of them were convinced. 
It wasn’t until the very last day at school that they met again. 
“Oof!” They said as they bumped into each other. Y/n smiled at him, and Ron looked nervous. “Hi.” She greeted, and he did the same. “How’s ‘Scabbers’?” She rolled her eyes playfully. Ron chuckled but looked down. “I-uhh lost him again?” He said, although it sounded more like a question. She eyed him before deciding not to question him. “Damn, I liked that rat too.” They chuckled once more before looking at each other awkwardly. 
“I never got your name.” Ron says quickly. “Y/n. Yours?” 
“Ron.” She grins at him. “Well, I’ll see you next year, Ron.” She begins to walk away from him. “Uh- WAIT! Uhh, I mean, uhh...” She turns back around to Ron, who’s face was as red as his hair. She walks closer to him. Ron looks down at her, and he can’t help but stutter. 
“Is there something else you’d like to say to me, Ron?” She smirks. Ron seemed to think she knew what was happening. “I would like to get to know you more.” He spits out. She nods. “So would I.” She says. “We can meet up before the last feast of the year. Can you meet me by the kitchen’s painting?” 
“Yeah, see you then.” 
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ink-and-fables-4-u · 2 days ago
Sirius Black had a very long and annoying Sherlock Holmes phase and you can't convince me otherwise.
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axxnniee · 2 days ago
people are gonna disagree with me for this one but personally i'm quite strict when it comes to character's physical appearance. and yeah obviously i don't have a problem if you just imagine someone each way, but people tend to forget how these characters actually look like.
hermione in canon isn't black. she was never described this way unlike characters such as angelina or dean. the only description of her appearance we got is that she used to have big front teeth, she has bushy brown (not black as some people make her) hair (and they weren't described dark) and brown eyes. she was described to get tanned during summer holidays before 3rd year and we all can agree it would be more noticeable if she was white. and the argument that this is why she fought for house elves' rights makes no sense - you don't have to be black to fight for someone's rights
lavender's case also makes no sense. people imagine her black (which is kind of complicated adding her blonde hair) only because apparently actress in previous movies was black. we can't even be sure if it was her - movies added a lot of usless characters in the background (another gryffindor girls from harry's year, amanda, girl from da). and movies aren't even canon. they have awful plot and destroyed so much (aesthetics are only good thing + destroying the elder wand). and again, as a character playing important part in hbp it'd had been mentioned.
harry was tall. the only reason why too many people think he's short is because of daniel's height. i did my research several times and harry'd be around 6'0 tall (around 182cm). he was rather short in first books which is obvious, but he started getting taller during summer holidays before 5th year, and year later his growth was very noticeable. he was james' height who was few times described as tall.
and also idea of harry being black makes no sense. he was described to be pale whenever something bad happened and as a copy of james, it would have been described but WASN'T.
and the one that makes my blood boil: sirius was indeed taller than remus for fuck's sake. marauders stans on tiktok are so pressed to the point they keep shitting on marauders' fanarts where sirius is taller. well, those fanarts are correct with the canon. sirius was ALWAYS described as tall. the whole black family was tall; bellatrix was taller than dh harry. andromeda was very similar to her, so she was probably tall too. narcissa (about who people tend to forget too) was also tall - draco became taller than her in later books. regulus was SHORTER than sirius, yet he wasn't described as short. sirius height is around 6'2-6'3 (188-191cm). remus' height was NEVER described. he was never described as short nor tall. unlike james and sirius as tall and peter as short. he was in between. he'd be somewhere around 5'10 probably. read the mf books.
the only cases i can agree with is neville and luna. i cannot imagine neville with blonde hair and luna with dark blonde hair.
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iwoulddieforwolfstar · 2 days ago
~2AM marauders dorm~
Sirius- pssst Remus are you up?
Remus- *very tired* whatdya want pads
Sirius- *climbs into bed and cuddles Remus* to be with you
Remus- well that's perfect then because I want to be with you too
Sirius- *very sleepy* really?
Remus- yeah
Sirius- *sleepily* so its settled then, we'll be together forever and never leave each others side
Remus- you promise?
Sirius- I promise.
Remus- I love you
Sirius- I love you too
he broke his promise
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cheveisxx · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sirius Black, simply one of my biggest crushes in Harry Potter. I love drawing him 
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therealrjlupin · 2 days ago
In a marauders AU, what jobs do you see them and Lily doing??
Depends on the type of AU?
Probably very cliché, I'm afraid.
Remus: full time academic, pursuing his PhD in History (he's a bit based on @stonecoldhedwig )
Sirius: mechanic. His family wanted him to go into their ethically corrupt business, and he wanted to do something he loved.
James: doctor, but I have no idea why. Perhaps in Oncology research.
Peter: chef in his own restaurant, not Michelin class but much better than Wetherspoons.
Lily: Psychiatrist, because reasons.
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ro8874 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
14. Fred Weasley Harry Potter
15. Jude Never Fade
16. Regulus Black All The Young Dudes/Harry Potter
17. Peter Parker Infinity War
21. Peter P*tigrew All The Young Dudes/Harry Potter
Someone add more I’m running out of ideas.
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