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“Always Open To You”


By jena marie


Originally posted by insanitysfinestt


Peter, an insomniac, finds that he can only sleep when near his love, Y/n. This leads him to become so relaxed around her that he falls asleep and doesn’t get work done! This leads to a misunderstanding when he avoids her during the day. Warnings: angst, peter having insomnia, arguing. Fluffy ending!!!

thank you for the request @seutarose ! I love the requests you’re sending in! 💕💕💕💕 i hope you like this one uWu 🥺💕💕

Exhaustion practically leaked from his face. It was dark, everyone was asleep, but Peter’s mind just kept racing in circles. he needed her. he needed her voice, her touch. It was like he was trapped in his own thoughts, tangled in strings in which only she wielded the scissors.

He rose from his desk begrudgingly, rubbing his face and sighing, as he turned around and walked towards the hallway. He reached her room. The door was open, like it was inviting him into her embrace.

He stood, looking into the dark void of her room, and flashbacks of his past behavior trickled into his mind and filled him with guilt that he wished to mask with laughter and jokes.

It was like when she entered the room, he was gone in an instant. It went on for days, and finally she had enough. She brought a book with her and a smile on her face as she walked into the main room, where Drax and Gamora greeted her warmly. Peter smiled, got up, and left. That was the last straw, and Y/n followed him with a frustrated look, calling his name. She argued with him, her voice, sweet and kind to his ears, yet angry with him.

“Stop it, Peter—you know what you’re doing and—“ She huffed, lacking words as her emotions showed in her eyes.

“It’s not exactly helpful. I thought— I thought we had something. And now you’re just ignoring me?”

Peter just bit his lip, hands on his hips as he listened to her ranting, and the longer she spoke— the more guilt built up.

“Listen, I just have stuff I need to do— and I told you already when I’m around you I—“ He quieted his voice, so that only he and her could hear.

“I get too relaxed, and then I don’t get anything done.”

She was silent. She stared back at him, devoid of words and it sort of scared Peter. He never wanted to hurt her, and perhaps he had just done the one thing he swore to never do.

“Sorry, I—“ She tried to fill in the gaping silence. “I didn’t know it was during the day too—“

“Yes.” Peter said, his voice hard — he was frustrated. Uncomfortable.

She tried to step forward, and Peter tensed, not used to sappy moments like this.

“Peter, remember what I said? When you can’t sleep?” She asked, her voice soft and gentle.

“I come to you.”

“That’s right. And my door is always open.”

Peter smiled, sighing at her words. She was always so warm, so kind. He didn’t understand it. He loved her, even though he hadn’t said it yet.

She couldn’t resist pulling him into a hug, and Peter embraced her back immediately. Breathing in her hair and feeling her warmth enveloped in his. He wanted to stay like this forever.

Remembering this moment gave him the courage to walk into the room, circling the room to get to the empty spot in the bed. He crawled in, knowing that he would get his deserved rest and wrapped grateful arms around the woman of his dreams. He was out like a light in 20 minutes.

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peter quill listens to one cassette tape of music, and only that cassette tape of music for 25 years and honestly if i only had one cassette tape worth of music for 25 years i’d act That Way™ too

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“And nobody else has woken up since? You’ve been alone all this time?”

“No. No, it’s just been me, for… nearly a year now.”

“… well. I’m here now. Could you show me around? We could get something to eat, maybe talk a bit more…?”

“Yeah… yeah, that’d be really nice, man.”


In which Peter Quill’s year long isolation is broken after a near collision with the Bifrost leaves Thor stranded aboard the Avalon.

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“We didn’t do anything for once!”

“Right. We didn’t steal anything. I don’t know why they’re after us, what a mystery this is.” You elbowed Drax, wishing he’d shut up. The more he spoke, the more he gave it away. Clinking in your backpack were all the things you’d borrowed, not stolen. You didn’t even think they’d notice. It was small stuff, insignificant things you just had to have. You’d been trying to break this habit, but there was nothing like that place in the rest of the galaxy. You checked for cameras or wandering eyes too, but there was nothing. You thought you’d gotten away with it. You hoped you had. But when the group of ships followed your own, surrounding you, you realized maybe you hadn’t… . .

“And what does that mean?” Gamora turned to face the two of you, her eyebrow raised. She already knew the answer, but this was your chance to fess up, the way a parent gives their child to tell the truth about their actions. She should have known better, though. You weren’t just thieves, you were liars too. Peter struggled to get away with them, break free from their hold. Whoever they were, they really cared about a bunch of junk. Some books they left scattered around, a necklace or two, some papers, little things they had so much of. If they caught you, they’d take you all in, and you’d just gotten on the good side of the law. You couldn’t let them get blamed for this, they were innocent. You also didn’t want to get blamed for this either, not wanting to face the consequences. Lying was better for in the moment. That was good enough.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” You smiled, sliding your bag behind you.

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Peter’s always been too mouthy for his own good - even with the high paying clientele at his garage. So when he finds himself in a yelling match with this one rich asshole just before closing one night, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.  Until the handsome stranger pulls him in for a kiss, hungry and bruising in a way that leaves Peter breathless and desperate for more. Hands grabbing, clothing torn aside, they’re fucking like animals before they know it, hard and fast with Peter spread-eagled on the hood of the Lamborghini. It’s one hell of a way to tip, Peter thinks ruefully, overalls still around his ankles as the asshole drives off. Fun while it lasted.

But that night in the garage is just the beginning of Peter’s entanglement with Thor Odinson, the city’s most eligible bachelor. Charming and polished as he is, Thor hungers for something more primal and real in his life. Something he finally felt a spark of when faced with a snarky mechanic who doesn’t know when to toe the line. Night after night, as if they’re drawn to each other, Thor returns to the garage, where he always finds Peter waiting for him. There’s no pretence of affection or depth to what they have - the sex is amazing, and as long as they’ve got a flat surface to fuck on, that’s all they need.

It’s only when they start taking things back to Thor’s penthouse that things begin to change. Where Peter gets to see Thor stripped of all his artifice, the strong lines of his body gorgeously vulnerable without the impenetrable shield of his suits. Where Thor feels his heart flutter as he wakes up to the sight of Peter, soft and sleepy and all tangled up in his bedsheets. Where they fill the gaps between sex with conversation and laughter, finding more in common with each other than they’d ever expected. And as their trysts take on a new edge, all slow hands and sweet kisses as they explore each other’s bodies, they both begin to wonder - what would he say if I told him I wanted more?

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guardians of the galaxy: why is there a little boy in a spider costume on the ship?

peter: i was on my way to the kitchen for a snack and got a bit lost.

guardians of the galaxy: you ended up in space on your way to the kitchen?


peter: i’m not the smartest

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Thorquill Post Endgame!au

After a lot of convincing, Peter decided to stay on Earth with Thor. The couple decided that they had to find their own place instead of staying with other heroes. Even though they found the perfect apartment, both men weren’t acquainted enough with Earth and its life. Which meant “failing” at some basic tasks… over and over again.


Requested by anonymous

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