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The idea of the Guardians of the Galaxy is hilarious. I mean, we have a semi divine earthling, a barbarian out for revenge, the badass daughter of the most feared and powerful person in the universe, an immortal tree monster, and a homicidal space raccoon. And every single one of them are as sassy and sarcastic as they come, plus they all have a sense of self preservation equivalent to that of soggy cardboard.

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headcanon that natasha led the mini-vengers during the six year depression gap after the snap and it was a disaster but they tried

rocket and carol argue constantly

nebula shoots first and asks questions later

rhodey is suddenly drinking a lot of wine and wishing he just moved into that guest house that tony built for him like he should have

okoye screaming at rocket and carol to shut up

natasha stressing out bc “guys….the MiSsIoN”

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Alright I’m still angry

Will y’all get over it???? Peter was mourning and in shock! The love of his life just died- he just found out and you know what his reaction was? A fucking human reaction and yeah it was bad timing but guess what?

In the real world people can’t just immediately stop down and those emotions and do what needs to be done. They break instead and you fuckers need to accept that. Yeah I wish he had handled his pain better but I understand why he couldn’t. It’s like what do you want? You want this perfect character who will act like nothing is wrong?? This is the guy who has some trauma but he doesn’t stomp down on his emotions he shows them. That’s who he is.

So give the guy a break. (Let it be known I am talking about the character Peter Quill)

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