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#peter x mj
jakeperalta · a month ago
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romance in film gif meme: [2/5] kisses
“i really like you.” “i really like you too.”
spider-man: far from home (2019) dir. jon watts
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So Sam and Bucky start checking up on Peter after his identity is revealed
Cuz fuck it, he’s just a kid, someone has to
Aunt May takes a while to get used to the new captain America and an ex-assassin sitting in her kitchen every week.
Especially because they seem to be bullying her nephew?
But she notices that peter smiles so much more on days where they visit and its been a while since he’s done that
MJ is trying really really hard to stay cool when she meets sam for the first time. (She fails miserably because holy fuck that’s captain America). She’s convinced she pulled it off
Ned and Peter 100% geek out over Bucky’s arm.
(Bucky is trying to process this)
Peter and Ned 100% geek out over RedWing
(Sam misses no chance to rub that fact in Bucky’s stupid face)
Bucky naturally falls back into his oh-my-god-this-small-child-is-trying-to-fight-everything-i-have-to-stop-him routine. (There are days where he accidentally calls him “Steve”).
When Peter tries to break curfew to stay out late and fight baddies, Bucky just drags him back to his appartment by the collar of his suit (no i don’t want to hear it Ste- Peter! It is past 1am on a school night. You can fight more criminals tomorrow after your maths test)
Sam and Bucky still bully Peter mercilessly in front of his friends, family and strangers. Bucky throws a brick at a reporter trying to call Spiderman a “teenage menace” one time (Sam pretends he didn’t see it).
Peter makes one of those “using my scary dog privilige to walk the streets without being harassed by paparazzi” tiktoks, and the camera moves to reveal bucky walking next to him. Murder in his eyes. (Come on. Try. Harass the kid. I want you to do it. I’ll stomp you to death with my hooves)
MJ still fails to hide the look of total admiration and excitement whenever she walks past Sam, responding with a high-pitched “whatever” when he says hi.
And Peter thinks this could work. It’s small but it’s good and it’s in these moments he thinks he’ll be okay.
Then one night Peter is watching the news. His new found fame after his identity-reveal has prompted some journalists to do their own research.
And that’s how he learns that his parents were SHIELD agents
And that’s how he learns they were murdered.
By the Winter Soldier
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mrshollandstansprouse · 14 days ago
A/n: so another peter and Y/n smut! I'm kinda in love with him if you can't tell. Also I wrote this yesterday and today so if something seems off... yeah.
Summary: Peter and mj get into a fight about Y/n and Peter. Things get really heated and one thing lead to another.
Tumblr media
'Peter I'm over this!'
Mj screamed at Peter, so loud you could hear it from across the compound. I'm Nat's daughter, I'm the same age as Peter. I've been kept a secret for 14 years, I met the the team only 1 year ago. I became friends with Peter really quick and also Wanda, but me and Peter are bsf.
Mj and Peter got together a while ago, and have been dating for months. They are the cutest couple, but lately there has been more fighting and arguments. I have no clue about what?
Mj goes to the door, 'Peter if I walk out this door we're done!' Peter angry as all hell, 'Mj you are overreacting! Just come back upstairs!' He tells her.
'Peter Benjamin Parker!' Mj yells at him, 'You were saying her name in your fucking dream! I have a valid reason to be upset!' She is wailing her arms around and is on the verge. 'Mj I'm so sorry! I dont know what you want me to do?! I can't control my dreams!' He trys to defend himself.
He was saying another girls name, in his sleep!?! She has a valid reason to be upset. 'You are missing the point!....Do- do you like her?' She asks stuttering on her words. He pauses before denying it. 'N-No I don't! I only love h-you' he says on tears.
'Were you about to say her? You fucking hesitated!' She is so mad and sad, but who? Who's name was he saying?
'No! And you started this! What about Brad? Huh? You think I want my girlfriend hanging around some guy who only wants her body!'
She scoffs at him, 'I'm done! We are over! You can go screw yourself, or better yet have her do it!' She says and slams the door. When she said her she pointed at me, Peter starts crying. He turns around, 'Peter are you ok?' I ask him. I walk over to him and hug him, he shakes his head no. 'Y/n I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that, any of that. I was taking a nap and she came earlier and I was dreaming about you. And I kept saying your name. And things kept happening, and when I woke up and she was so angry.'
He rambles on and on, crying then stopping then crying. 'Peter its ok, its ok' I keep reassuring him. After a few minutes he calms down, and pulls away from our hug. He is not wearing a shirt, and is only wearing grey shorts. I look him up and down as he does the same. Thats when I spot the darker grey on his crotch area, I realize he wasn't having an normal dream. He was having a wet dream!
'Uh peter?' I look him in his eyes. He starts to feel paniced and his body tenses. 'I have to go!' He says erruptly and runs out of the room. 'Pe-Peter?!' I yell after him, I chase him up stairs. I stop at his bedroom door, 'Peter?' I keep calling out his name. I slowly open the door to his room, his bed is all messed up. There is a smashed vase on the floor, and her stuff from the closet on the floor. I start hearing little muffled grunts, I step over the glass. I start getting closer to bathroom, 'Peter!?' I say again.
I open the bathroom door and see my best friend in the whole world, pleasing himself. He opens his eyes and looks at me, 'Y/n!' He quickly pulls up his pants. I don't know what to do, i stay still. My mouth falls open, 'Y/n you ok?' He asks me. I start breathing heavily, and I start getting dizzy. He pulls me to the room and sits me on the bed, 'breathe' I dont know why this is happening. He places his hand on my legs to stop me from shaking. My breathe starts getting more rapid when he places his hand on my leg. My mind racing, my body moves quicker then I think.
My hand is on his, and I move it closer and closer. He looks confused and shocked. I place his hand, on my shorts. He gulps, I looks at him. I start to move his hand to rub me, I remove my hand so it is just him. 'Y/n?' He asks. My eyes are glued shut, I open one to see he has a tent in his pants. 'Peter?' I say, 'can I?' He asks. I open both my eyes, and he is ready to pull my shorts down. 'Please' I beg, he doesn't waste a second. He pulls both my pants and underwear down, and moves me up the bed. He takes off his shirt, and lays down on the bed. He places one of my legs on his back, kissing my inner thigh. 'Peter please!' I beg him, he smirks at me. 'Be patient' he says. I close my eyes, as he starts to touch me. Spreading my wetness with two of his fingers, they slowly find there way to my entrance. He starts pumping in and out, getting faster and faster. 'Pe-Peter!' I moan. He gets faster, than pulls his fingers out. I whimper at the loss of contact, he smirks. He lays down next to me and takes off his pants and his boxers. 'Ready?' He asks me. I nod and climb up on top of him, he lines us up. Again my breathe gets rapid, and his does too. He places his hands on my hips, slowly starts to enter me. I think he will go slow, but he slams into me. I yelp out and use my hands to cover my mouth. 'Quiet!' He scolds me, and waits one second before slamming into me again. I almost yelp again but I place my hand over my mouth. He grabs my hands and takes them into one hand, above my head. He keeps going and going, my walls are tightening around him. Yet he keeps going, and going. I try to break free, from his grips on my wrist. I get one out and I grip onto his arm, definitely leaving nail marks. I am a moaning mess, melting onto him. He lets go of my wrist and grabs my ass, and keeps slamming into me. Then starts to move me back and forth, and up and down. 'I'm so cl-close' I manage to breathe out, he nods and goes harder and harder. He doesn't let up, even as I get to my high. I start to see white spots, and stop moving. 'I can't' I huff out. 'Yes, yes you can.' He says and slows down a little bit. He starts to groan and moan, and twitch. I can feel everything, inside of me. 'Fuck!' He moans out. He starts getting slopier, and rougher. I can feel him coat my walls, he pulls out slowly. Then reaches over to grab a tissue and cleans himself and my leg.
We both clean up, and take a shower. I don't know what happened to Mj and Peter. She she cheated with Brad then he forgave her than he had a dream about me.
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