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It’s day 28 of @spideychelleweek‘s spideychelle recathon so let me just slide on past with a quick rec…

the storm by belby

A personal faveeee so cute and well written! Peter is struggling to come to terms with the events of Homecoming and Michelle is like… There and not sure what’s going on and not sure how to help him exactly but they stumble through a clumsy friendship and then a bit of romanceee together and just being with Michelle is really calming for Peter and BASICALLY I’M SOFT give it a read peeps 😎

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I’m back w more spideychelle/petermj fic recs. Previous one are listed below by trope/genre:

part 1: slow burn

part 2: fake dating

part 3: roommate aus

part 4: soulmate aus

part 5: badass mj

part 6: pwp

part 7: domestic fluff

part 8: petermj as parents

part 9: angst with a happy ending

part 10: emotional support mj

part 11: enemies to lovers

part 12: outsider pov

part 13: secret relationship

part 14: fwb

part 15: there was only one bed

part 16: break up + make up

part 17: peter parker pining

All fic rec lists in this series are tagged #rose recs and #roserecs so you can easily browse them and find fics.

This is one of my fave tropes to read and write, esp to write bc it makes writing j a tiny bit easier lol. If there are fics you feel are missing then check the other rec lists above as I may have already featured it, otherwise I may not have read it/didn’t necessarily love it. As always, I won’t include my own spideychelle fics in the rec list but I have a few 5+1 fics of my own so should you want, you can check out my ao3!!

Part 18- 5+1

1. every kind of way by lightzout- childhood friends to lovers fic w 5 times  Peter demonstrates that he is a hero in his own right and 1 time he’s a hero as spidey and MJ doesn’t really care lol

2. hello, welcome home by CrimsonPetrichor- 5 sort-of confessions + 1 confession that really matters

3. The L Word by @spideybrells- 5 words beginning with L MJ associates with Peter and one L word they associate w each other

4. 5 Times Peter Parker Heard About Miles Morales by Never_Give_In- I generally don’t like fics where MJ is related to pre-existing characters bc it feeds into a bad trope of making all black people/poc related which I hate but this fic where Miles is MJ’s brother is a load of fun

5. Conclusions Drawn by lady_oneder- light on the Peter/MJ but a fun and hilarious fic about Peter’s classmates suspecting that he’s a male escort

6. I Do’t Doubt Your Heart by @rockyblue- such a sweet fic about 5 times MJ almost tells Peter she loves him + 1 time she does!!

7. please write something in your empty word doc by lostnfound14- 5 times Peter and MJ accidentally run into each other + 1 time it’s planned (this is the first part of a series called freshmen are people too and you should definitely read the entire thing!!)

8. like a light came on by @mynameisbirdie- 5 times Peter thinks he might be in love with MJ + 1 time he knows for sure

9. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by @spideysmjs- 5 + 1 of times Peter and MJ go to weddings

10. 5 times mj meets peter’s family by @you-guys–are-losers- 5+ 1 of times MJ meets Peter’s family, it’s literally in the title 

11. From Peter, With Love by @spideysmjs- 5 times Peter gives MJ something for Valentine’s day + 1 MJ gets him something

Once you’re done reading pls don’t forget to leave kudos and a comment, no matter how short, letting the writer know you loved their work!!!

Thanks x

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Ok so perhaps I missed Day 22 of the spideychelle recathon, what can I say, it’s been a busy time alright? @spideychelleweek rlly do be feeding the entire fandom with this event so thanks once again 💕

I LIVE FOR SPIDEYCHELLE ART I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY TO COME ROUND all your art makes me squeal these two are too friggin cute!

All I will say is that I have curated a spideychelle art tag on my blog in preparation for this day, please peruse it at your leisure! In it you will find works from talents such as @spidey-art (loml), @galaxyspeaking (😍😭), @machiavelien, @vicious-xuan, @azeher, @staryabos (who is sadly deactivated but I have tagged all their work so click the link to see!), @shesellsseagulls (also deactivated, but also click the link! Note there is a fair bit of irondad spiderson to see there too 🥰), @joleanart (who was my phone lockscreen for ages 💖), @doofusface (who was also my phone lockscreen!), and many many more!! 

I love every single artist and creator for this fandom y’all are truly the best 😘😘😘

Edit: I realise the links aren’t working on tumblr mobile and I am officially mad 😑 no clue how to fix them but in the meantime you can find your way there by just popping onto my blog and searching for the spideychelle art tag 🤷‍♀️ thank you tumblr!

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Peter Parker has long since dropped the “[…] but/because I’m Spider-Man!” excuse because he’s older and matured and realized how annoying it was—especially with how often he thought it worked as a legitimate “go free” card—but, even though he’s long since stopped spouting it, MJ has picked it up instead with teasing, taunting, and egging him on (”But why not? You’re Spider-Man after all, right?” said witch the largest, smug grin because she knows she’s won the debate or will get what she wanted).

It’s recently been used to rope him into attending one of the city’s Halloween attractions—a “haunted” house, full of wrong turns and elaborately and grotesquely made-up actors popping out of hidden windows in the walls, and hidden cameras capturing every attendees most embarrassing and instinctual expressions.

MJ had been smug about finally getting Peter to come along, teasing that he would be too frightful (and he was, admittedly) and puts on a cracked defense that she’d been unaffected throughout the attraction, it’s the developed photographs at the exit of the house that reveals the fault in her lie and shows that the pair are equally matched with earning the title “scaredy cat.”

Send Halloween themed three sentence prompts // my ask box

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Before Peter and MJ get together

Tony: Where were you last night, Peter?

Peter: I was at a party smoking weed.

Harley *with a mouthful of chips*: Don’t lie, you locked yourself in your room and cried about MJ you fucking nerd.

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I’ve been researching the Spider-Man comics for a few days now as inspiration for one if my own fics, and I have to say, the stuff I found is pretty interesting (and some are super gory, but I’m not gonna go there)! It’s hard to find stuff with comic elements, but here are a few of the fics and many pieces of fanart I managed to find! @spideychelleweek

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OK so maybe I’m late to day 20 of the spideychelle recathon pls forgive me timezones are hard ok? Thank you @spideychelleweek for making us all shamelessly rec ourselves!! Take pride in your work people 💖

Hey y’all, I’m Stella and in 2017 Spiderman Homecoming ruined my life, so of course I made this blog to cope 😇

I have made a few spideychelle moodboards, a teeny tiny bit of art (with more to come), and I have had various fanfic ideas in my head for ages (that I may even write now that uni is wrapping up!)

Watch this space people!

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Spiderman: Home is Where the Heart is

My first story in the Spideychelle fandom and my ongoing multi-chapter. Basically my version of a sequel to Far From Home. (in progress)


Never Going to Work

An angst re-write of the night time bridge scene in Far From Home. Part one in my Black Dahlia series. Peter’s pov. (complete)

Not Honest Enough

Sequel to Never Going to Work. Angst with a hopeful ending. MJ’s pov. (complete)

He was coming back to her

Peter and MJ can’t resist, seeing each other for the first time since their breakup. NSFW. Read the tags! (complete)

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this is my masterlist for this challenge, where i recommend fics i’m reading for spooky season / kinktober! enjoy <3

also, i kinda have a lot on my plate rn, so I did only half a month, but it’s the thought that counts??😅 i’m still gonna keep reading fics, obviously, i just need it to be at my own pace and probably not every day. love you!!


Originally posted by bluesteelstan

please check out all of the amazing fics under the cut!💞

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Hello, I’m back w more spideychelle/petermj fic recs. Previous fic recs are listed by trope/genre below:

part 1: slow burn

part 2: fake dating

part 3: roommate aus

part 4: soulmate aus

part 5: badass mj

part 6: pwp

part 7: domestic fluff

part 8: petermj as parents

part 9: angst with a happy ending

part 10: emotional support mj

part 11: enemies to lovers

part 12: outsider pov

part 13: secret relationship

part 14: fwb

part 15: there was only one bed

part 16: break up + make up

All fic rec lists in this series are tagged #rose recs and #roserecs so you can easily browse them and find fics.

So in pretty much all spideychelle fics Peter worships the ground MJ walks on, as he should, but thought I’d make it a specific category bc MJ deserves!

My own spideychelle fics aren’t featured in this series for reasons but do check out my ao3!!

Part 17- Peter Parker Pining

1. Green by belby- one of the og fics in the fandom that came immediately after HOCO where Peter starts noticing MJ

2. your quiet afternoon crush by penelopes- admittedly a lot of this list is post-HOCO pre-FFH but that was a wonderful era for peter developing a crush on MJ (which we never got canonically sigh) and this is a great one from that era

3. gooey by luciernaga- another great fic where Peter starts to really notice MJ and getting to know her

4. the one with all the pocket money by abusedtrademarkemoji- college au in which peter is an oblivious, pining idiot

5. One Mask at a Time by Flame_Of_Ice- Peter developing a crush on MJ post-HOCO and dealing with it mostly poorly

6. the king of new york by CrimsonPetrichor- so only part 1 of the series really deals with Peter’s feelings for MJ but the entire series is great (it’s just 2 parts) so couldn’t not rec it as a whole

7. Changes by @qconstellation- post-Endgame fic in which Peter starts to get very distracted by MJ

8. take it slow by penelopes- MJ taunts Peter with practical jokes to let him know she knows he’s spider-man and Peter could not like her more for it

9. senior sucks the big moose dick by @spideyxchelle- Peter dealing with the fallout of Thanos along w his newly formed feelings for MJ (this was written pre-IW so doesn’t follow canon exactly)

10. Then I Met You by lowqualtom- au in which Peter keeps going back to an art galley to see the cute staff member (MJ) despite not being really into art himself

11. how to break a hundred dollar bill by peculiarblue- Peter keeps going back to the nearby convenience store to see the cute staff member (MJ)

12. Senses by @qconstellation- Peter finds his super senses zoning into MJ all he time…for some reason

13. studies to superheroics by @doofusface/@doofwrites- peter trying to balance doing academic decathlon remediation with mj whilst having a giant crush on her

14. bridges by @befehlvonganzunten- post-Endgame series in which Peter develops feelings for MJ as he tries to adjust to everything (also has some MJ pining thrown in at parts but I’m recommending the entire series anyway)

15. [Read More] by Gingerquery (Blast)- Peter pining for MJ irl and online, though he doesn’t realise it’s MJ he’s talking to

16. When You Smile by ephemeralstark- Peter has a huge crush on MJ and it’s pretty mortifying

17. I Can’t Wait to Be Your Number One by @spideysmjs- Peter is in love with MJ and handles so, so poorly

18. i didn’t ask for your advice, not really by @spideyxchelle- Peter tries to enlist the help of different avengers for advice on dealing with his feelings for MJ with disastrous results

19. smile like you mean it by @smilinstar- peter trying his best to impress mj and make her smile for reasons (not make her smile in a creepy “you’d look prettier if you smiled” way!!! peter would never bc may parker would literally beat his ass if he did that!!)

20. slowly, and then all at once by nire- Peter slowly falling for MJ whilst his senses go haywire whenever she’s around

That’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to leave kudos and a comment letting the author know you loved their work no matter how short the comment may be.

Thanks x

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It’s day 15 of the spideychelle recathon already? Wowee, thanks @spideychelleweek for this awesome event! I wanted to post some underappreciated art blogs today because art deserves all the love!! I think these artists are fairly new to tumblr so make sure you check them out!!

@fiiidakahlo has some really cute stuff like this adorableness!

@artinventor is back on tumblr with some awesome art like this celestial fluff and this hawt colour study 😍

I know there’s many many more spideychelle artists on here (I’m saving plenty for the Art day in a week) but these are just a couple I have been enjoying recently 😇

Make sure you reblog creators work people grrr

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hey everyone, I’ve never posted about this one here before because I haven’t used tumblr very much and I’m not that familiar with it yet but I have some 8x10 art prints of my drawings available now at 20-25$ ! I have tom and zendaya collections here (I also have arvin russell ones Ive posted before that aren’t pictured here) but if you want one feel free to message me on here however that works or DM me on Instagram (@/artinventor) or twitter (@/artinventcr) I hope y’all have a nice day and thank you for the support!!

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“Why are you so perky?”

“Because,” she said, setting her purse down next to the coffee table, “I just went on a really great date.”

My stomach sank. I swore my heartbeat got louder, thundering in my ears.

“You didn’t tell me you were on a date.”

“Yeah, no, I talked to Liz and Miles about it, so that they knew who’s picture to show to the police if I was murdered, but I didn’t wanna really talk about it until I was sure about the guy.”

“So you’ve gone out more than once.”

She giggled a little, and god, I felt shitty that I’d been working up to telling her how I felt only to get my plans stepped on, but it was so nice to see her happy.

“His name is Brad. Brad Davis. By the way, you wouldn’t recognize that name, right? He’s not secretly selling underground alien weapons?”

“No, I don’t think he was employed under Liz’s dad,” I answered, teasingly.

She laughed. “Okay, just checking.”

“So,” I pushed, “go on. How many dates have you guys been on, where does he fall on the attractiveness compass thingy, blah blah blah.”

“Oh, god, okay. Um, tonight was our second date, but we’ve talked every single day since our first date. And he’s just…we have a lot of fun. We did a Brooklyn Nine-Nine trivia night at a bar last week and we came in first by a landslide, and then went to an arcade and saw a movie tonight and I had such a good time. It’s so nice to go out with a guy and actually enjoy myself, y’know? Like it’s happened twice in the past few years and you’re the other instance. Anyways, we were in the arcade playing Pac-Man, because it’s a classic, you can’t go to an arcade and not play Pac-Man, and we were-”

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