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#peter x reader
t-hotland · 2 years ago
Y/N: Peter... I have to get something off my chest
Peter: *Squeezing his eyes shut and crossing his fingers* Please be your shirt...please be your shirt... please be your shirt
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thorscock-y · 3 years ago
On top
Parings: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: You tend to Peter’s wounds after he just got out of a fight with some robbers when things take another course and start to get a little touchy. 
Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, NSFW, 18+, little swearing, Cute fluff at the end :)
Authors Note: This actually was not intended to be a smut but ya know, one thing led to another and my imagination ran wild like Forest Gump.
Tumblr media
Friday night I’m sitting at my desk in my bedroom, doing homework. Now usually I don’t do this often, I mean its Friday night, who wants to be doing homework? If anything the average teenager would be out at a party or hanging out with friends. Not necessarily has to be those certain things but I should be doing something. I wasn’t really that popular so it didn’t come as a shocker that I was sitting here doing my homework. Though it was a shocker that I wasn’t with Peter right now while doing my homework.
We spend all our time together, barely spending a second away from each other but earlier at school today he had run off due to some scandal in New York so we weren’t together. Even my parents had questioned where he was, he was always at my house or I was always at his house. You could say we were silly teenagers in love who couldn’t be detached. Yeah every now and then, he had to leave to be Spider man then return to me as my Peter Parker but tonight he was taking longer than usual. I hope everything is okay. Gosh, I can’t lose him, not now, not ever.
I kept glancing at the news on my TV screen and listening extra carefully, just to make sure if they mentioned any news of Spider man I would be all ears to hear it and know whether or not he’s okay.  
After half an hour passed it was around nine’o clock. Peter would have called by now. He not calling me means something has gone wrong. That’s the only reason I can think of. He always makes sure to call me every night to tell me he either couldn’t hang or just to tell me he loves me. So I took matters into my own hands.
I grabbed my phone then dialed his number. I put the phone to my ear, biting on my nails. A bad habit of mine I tend to do when I get nervous. I glanced at my TV again, just in case there was anything new but there wasn’t. Just some talk about how Captain America is still a fugitive. I’m pleased to know that I know everything about that, Peter was practically jumping off of his feet when he told me the story of how he stole Captain America’s shield.
Peter didn’t answer his phone; it went straight to voice mail. Shit. I ran a hand through my hair, feeling exasperated. All I know is, I have to go and find him, just to see if he’s alright. He’s out in New York somewhere, how hard could it be to find him swinging from street light to street light? Okay what am I thinking? This is definitely not going to be easy. I still go to my closet, about to get dressed in suitable clothes to go out and public in when I hear a loud bang on my window causing me to shriek and turn around.
There in my window is Peter, his suit on so I can’t see his face. I know it’s him though. I run to my window, opening it. Peter falls into my arms, his arms wrapping around my waist.
“Peter, what happened? Are you okay?” I ask, worried.
As he’s about to speak I hear the voice of my mother. Oh shit.
“Oh, my gosh. Go, hide in the closet.” I whisper very lowly so my mother won’t here. He groans then rushes into my closet, closing the door. Before I move again, the door opens to reveal my mother.
“Are you alright sweet heart? I thought I heard you scream.” She says, looking around my room.
“Um, yeah, yeah I’m fine I just, I just uh……..” Quick, come up with a lie. “Tripped……..over………my…….bed.” I’m a horrible liar, that’s a known about me that everyone knew. To my luck my mother didn’t suspect anything.
“Okay, just checking up on you. Love you, Y/N.”
“Love you too, mom.” I say and then she exits. I rush over to my door and lock it then turn around to see Peter has exited the closet. He takes of the top of his suit so now I can see his face. And he’s bleeding. “Peter, what the hell.” I walk over to him, grabbing his face in my hands.
“I,” He’s panting somewhat. “I might’ve kind of sort of got into a fight in Brooklyn. Just like an hour ago.”
“Jeez Louise, they messed you up badly.” I rub my thumb over his bottom lip which is bleeding. He as well has a cut on his nose, and his nose is bleeding. He’s sweating too. “Here, lie down. I’ll go get the first aid kit.”
He nods then goes and lies down on my bed. I walk out of my room then go to the family bathroom to get the first aid kit. I check to see where my parents are so I can determine how quiet we have to be. They’re in their room with the door closed. Good, that means they’re going to sleep for the night.
I run back into my room then shut the door, locking it, just to take pre-caution. They might get up to check on me randomly and I don’t want them walking in here seeing Peter. Yes they like him but if he’s sneaking in my dad is most likely to shoot him.
Peter is on my bed, the suit is off his body and he’s only his boxers. My body heats up and gets slightly excited at the sight but I hush my wants. I need to fix him up first. When I walk closer, I see he’s got cuts and bruises all over his chest.
“Oh, baby, what did they do to you?” I ask.
“Some guys were on thirty four street robbing the bank and they were different,” I climb on the bed and open up the first aid kit while he’s talking. “Stronger, faster, and there were more of them than I had ever fought off before. Guns, and knives.”
I’m struggling to pour the Hydrogen peroxide on his chest so he grabs me, setting me on his lap so I’m now straddling him. I blush slightly at the new position. Peter on the other hand continues telling me the story of what happened.
“They cut me so many times, that they ripped through the suit but somehow it sewed itself back up.” He furrows his eyebrows glancing at the suit.
“Well it is a Tony Stark product so it doesn’t come as a shock.” I say then chuckle.
He chuckles too. I continue to tend to his wounds and in doing so I feel Peter’s hands move around to my waist. I ignore him for now and keep on doing the deed but then his hands move further down my back, gliding down my thighs until they’re rested on my ass. Each hand on a cheek.
“Damn, baby girl, no shorts?” He asks with a smirk.
I blush a deep red. I’m only dressed in a big t shirt that goes a little past my ass and Peter should know by now that that is what I always wear to bed. Sometimes I’ll go to bed in just my underwear. I just love to be a comfortable person.
“Peter, let me finish this.” I said.
“They’ll heal on their own.” He murmurs and then leans up to kiss my neck. He trails soft kisses from my jawline down to my collar bone. In the process he squeezes my ass.
There is no way I could focus like this. I push him away then go back to cleaning a wound that’s on his chest. He groans and leans back, just staring at me. I giggle. He’s so cute when he’s pouting.
After a few minutes of silence and him just watching me, he decides to break the silence.
“You’re so beautiful, princess.”
Even though he’s told me numerous of times that I’m beautiful I still get all nervous and my cheeks flame.
“You know that?” And as he says that, his hands come to once again, sit on my ass. Oh, he’s so obsessed with my butt.
“And do you know that you currently have a boner?” I tease him. I could feel it sitting right on my core which to be quite honest had me aroused like crazy. But we couldn’t. Not with my parents right next door.
He looks down then shrugs. “Guess you know how to turn me on without even trying.” The room fills with a loud smack as Peter brings his hand up and smacks my ass. Hard.
“Peter!” I groan, slightly turned on, and slightly pissed. “My parents are literally right next door.”
“So? We can be quiet.” He leans his forehead against mine. “Please, baby.”
“No, are you crazy?”
“Oh come on, we’ve done it before. Remember that time when Aunt May was in the living room and-“
“That’s different.” I say, knowing full well it’s the same situation. I just hope he will stop when I say this.
“How is it different? If you ask me, it’s the exact same thing.” He says, in a defending manner. He’s smart. How did I even think that was gonna make him change his mind? Peter’s the type of guy where if he wants something he’ll have it. “Y/N, please. Feel how hard you’ve got me.” He moves his body up so I can feel the steel rod in his pants. I almost moan at the feeling that I make a face in desperation. “See, and I can tell you want to.”
“Ugh fine.”  I say, giving up.
Peter smirks and sticks his tongue out as if he’s just won something prenominal. I roll my eyes and smile at him. He’s so playful and too damn cute that I can never actually be mad at him.
“Wait, are you sure you’re gonna be able to do this with your cuts and such?” I’ve cleaned up the cuts so he’s no longer bleeding but I would think they still hurt.
“You’re right, I am still kind of sore but I’m sure I can manage.” He says then goes to move again but I stop him. “What-“
“Let me ride you, baby.” My cheeks turn red at my words, though I want to do this. We’ve only done this certain position maybe twice and Peter loves it.
His eyes wide at my sudden offer but he doesn’t object. “Fuck yes, baby.”
“Someone’s happy.” I tease him once again.
He rolls his eyes then leans forward pressing his lips against mine. I kiss back, moaning into his mouth. It’s been a while since the two of us have actually shared a kiss. Yes there were pecks here and there but we’ve been so occupied with other things that we haven’t had time. Now I see why he was so eager. I can feel it too. The urge to just skip all the kissing and get straight to it.
He tugs at the bottom of my shirt, signaling he wants it off so I pull away then take my shirt off. Peter’s delighted to see I’m not wearing a bra underneath. He dives in, taking a nipple into his mouth while massaging the other. My panties are dampening by the minute and I can’t wait. Neither can Peter. He kisses in between chest then pulls away. He goes to take his boxers off and I help him, sliding them off until they’re off of him. I take off my panties as well.
“Your body is so perfect, Y.N, gosh I’m lucky.” Peter mumbles, while looking me all over. Every time I’m naked he tells me this. There have been times where I have been insecure about my body. My stretch marks, my stomach not being as flat as the other girls or my thighs being slightly a bit thicker. But all of that to Peter was bullshit, as he’s told me. He sees that as perfection more than an imperfection and it just made me feel so loved.
I go to move on top of him, his cock soothing over my soaking folds. I moan a little loud, forgetting about my parents. Peters hand flies over my mouth quickly. I don’t stop my movements though. I lower myself onto his cock and he leans his head back on my headboard, fighting a growl that wanted to escape his mouth. His hand moves from my mouth, to my ass, the other hand joining. 
He’s stretching my walls, filling me up. My eyes flutter from the immense pleasure. I bite my lip to keep the moans that so badly want to escape in my mouth. As I’m about to repeat the action, there’s a knock on my door. The both of us freeze looking into each other’s eyes with worry.
“Y/N, are you asleep?” It’s my dad. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.
I don’t respond, out of fear for what would happen. Maybe if I pretend to be asleep, he won’t keep nagging.
“Y/N, honey.” It’s my mom this time. Oh great, they’re both at the door now.
“She’s just probably talking in her sleep, it’s alright. Let’s go back to bed and sleep.” I hear my dad say. Oh, so they heard me moan. Peter lays his head down on my chest. I’m pretty sure he can now hear how hard my heart is hammering out of my chest.
“Oh alright.”
After hearing their bedroom door close shut, I let myself breathe, Peter does the same. We were both holding our breaths it seems like out of sheer fear that my parents would catch us in our dirty little act.
“Do you want to stop?” He asks.
I should want to because there is a fifty fifty chance one of us will let out a sound but I don’t want to. If anything it makes the moment even more exciting knowing we might get caught.
“No, do you?” I ask.
“No, not really.”
In saying that I repeat the motion, pulling off him then sinking back down, his cock filling me up again. I pull my bottom lip between my teeth then keep going, not stopping, my tits bouncing up and down. I put my hands on his chest for leverage, careful not to touch his cuts. He holds my hips steadily, biting his lip, probably trying to suppress the noises he wanted to let out. Just like me. I continued on bouncing on his hard cock, every bit of me is on fire from pleasure. The feeling of him inside of me is like none other.
I stop bouncing and roll my hips on him, taking a break for a bit. I loved this position but it got tiring after a while. He notices and leans forward; wrapping his arm around my waist and without warning he’s plowing into me, hard and rough. I gasp and throw my head back, my eyes rolling back to my head.
“Fuck, you feel perfect around me, princess.” He whispers very quietly. I move my head up and go into the crook of his neck, moaning softly, but very quiet, into his ear. That sets him off as he pulls me closer so there is no space between us, his fingers digging into my flesh. His thrusts are faster and I can feel myself coming to the edge quickly. Our bodies were matted with sweat, the air was hot, and everything in this moment was so intense.
“Mmmm, baby, I’m gonna-“
“Come on my cock, beautiful.” He breathes, still speaking lowly.
I feel my pussy clench around his cock, my juices coating his shaft. I wrap my arms around his neck, moving my face in front of his, our foreheads our touching. And then it happens. My orgasm rips through me, violently and I go to moan, not being able to control it but Peter is quick enough. He moves his mouth on top of mine, muffling my moan, still sliding in and out of me. His cock twitches and it’s not long until Peter’s seed filled me, his warm juices combining with mine.
He doesn’t pull out of me; he grabs my hips slamming me down one more time causing my mouth to open in a hushed moan. He then grabs my face in his hands before kissing me roughly and passionately. I moan softly into the kiss while he groans lowly. He pulls away.
“I love you.” He pecks my lips. “So much.”
“I love you too, Peter.” I say, breathlessly.
We lay down next to each other, still panting, and our bodies a sticky hot mess but it was so worth it. I didn’t realize it until now that I had been craving that. Bad. After a few minutes, the two of us has caught our breath and it is silent. It’s a peaceful silent though, not an awkward silence.
“That was by far, the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done.” He says, and then turns his head to look at me.
“You’re the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done.” I poke his chest in a playful manner.
He snaps his fingers. “Touché.”
A few minutes later, Peter is wearing a sweatshirt that I “borrowed” from him and one of my grey sweatpants which surprisingly fit him. I just put my shirt back on and then put on one of our favorite Disney animation movies, Wall-E. I cannot count how many of our dates have consisted of us watching this movie and saying Wall-Eeeeeee over and over again just to make each other laugh.
I lay back in his chest so my back is to it while he has his arms wrapped around me so I’m warm and cozy. He pecks my temple and nuzzles his nose into me. Who knew that Peter Parker could make out to be the best boyfriend ever?
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boohooiamthefool · 3 years ago
Peter: is it okay if I swear?
Loki: yes peter, I will allow you to swear
Peter: F
Loki: go on
Peter: I’m nervous
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axerrri · 2 years ago
Y/n: The stars are beautiful tonight
Thor: indeed
Y/n: You know who else is beautiful?
Thor(blushing): Who?
Y/n: Loki
Loki(emerging from the bushes): HA! I TOLD YOU BROTHER
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lousimusician · 2 years ago
What Did He Do?
Pairing: Mob!Tom x Reader
Summary: Tom finds out one of his men did something to you
Warnings: Sexual themes and violence
"I don't give a fuck about what he wants Haz, tell him if he wants our help he follows our rules." Tom said to Harrison over the phone, while he shuffled through some papers on his desk. "Good, then-" Tom was cut off by three knocks at his door. "I gotta go Haz, we'll talk more about this later." He said before hanging up. Tom was still looking down at his papers when he told whoever was at the door to come in.
The door opened and one of his men walked in. "I got those files you needed from your house."
Tom silently stuck his hand out and the man placed the papers in his hand. Tom glanced up and stopped short. "What the fuck happened to your face?" Tom was referring to the large bruise that was forming around the man's eye.
"One of those sluts you bring to your house did it."
Tom raised an eyebrow, "One of those sluts?" He reapeated. The funny thing was he stopped bringing random women home last year after he met you. "And it wasn't one of the maids?"
"No. She was definitely some girl you had to have picked up. She was wearing one of your shirts."
Tom's jaw clenched. "And why did she do that to you?"
The man scoffed, "I may have tried something on her. I figured you wouldn't mind since you throw out every girl your done with right after. And she was practically asking for it, walking around in the tiniest pair of shorts I'd ever seen."
Rage flashed behind Tom's eyes, knowing that one of his men touched you and spoke so lowly about you. He stood and walked around his desk, closing and locking the door. "Jack, please take a seat."
He looked at Tom strangely, before sitting down. Tom walked back around his desk and sat down in his own seat. He pulled out his phone and quickly dialed your number. It rang a few times before you picked up, he put it on speakerphone.
"Hi, Tommy." You greeted.
"Hi, princess. One of my men was around the house earlier today."
The man's eyes widened putting two and two together. 
"Oh yeah, him." You muttered.
"Yeah, I was wondering if you could clear a few details up about what happened this morning."
"Uh- sure. I went downstairs to grab breakfast when I saw him. I said hi to be polite and then I went to the kitchen. I didn't notice that he followed me and when I bent over to find something in one of the cabinets, he grabbed my hips and then he pressed himself against me." 
Tom's fist was clenched as he stared at the man in front of him, who trembled in fear.
"So, I stood up and tried to pull away from him but his grip was really tight. He pulled my head back by my hair and said some gross things in my ear."
"What did he say to you?" Tom asked, anger clear in his voice.
"I... I don't wanna say."
"Princess, please tell me what he said to you."
You sighed, "He..He said that he could fuck me better than you could and that I'd look beautiful writhing and begging for him."
"And then what?" It was clear to both you and the man sitting in front of Tom exactly how livid he was.
"And then he bit my neck, he uh..." You stopped knowing Tom wouldn't like this next part.
"What did he do?"
"He left a bite mark, and... there are also bruises on my hips from his grip."
"He left marks on you?" Tom asked slowly, trying to register the fact that another man that wasn't him left marks on you.
"What happened next?"
 "I reached for the first thing I saw and hit him with a frying pan. He let go and I ran upstairs, the maids got him to leave."
"Why didn't you call me?" He asked angrily.
"...Y-you're really busy and I didn't want to distract you." You said quietly.
Tom softened his tone. "Don't worry about distracting me, darling. If anything like this ever happens again I want you to tell me."
"O-okay, I'm sorry."
"You don't need to apologize, love. Now, I'm going to leave early." Tom glared at the man in front of him. "Right after I take care of some business."
"Okay, I love you Tommy."
"I love you too, princess." He said, and hung up.
Tom stood up, his silence frightening the man more. "S-sir, I swear I didn't kno-"
Tom put his hand up, silencing him. "I don't want your excuses." He walked closer to him and leaned in. "By the time I'm through with you, you'll wish you were dead." Tom reached for a knife on his side. "Maybe it'll teach you not to touch what's mine again." He hissed before the man's screams filled the room.
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thorscock-y · 3 years ago
Sneaking (Peter x reader)
Tumblr media
Request by @woman-of-letters-legacy
Warnings: Smut, oral, male and female receiving, sensual images, tony being annoying, swearing : )
Authors note: My friends, this is pretty long well actually I don’t know, it seemed long but that all depends on how fast of a reader you are. Lots of things going on so grab some popcorn and a vibrator. Kidding! Also you should play not afraid anymore by Halsey when they start fucking. 
I’m sorry if this sucks!
Currently trying to get my tan under control was a working progress. It was sunny outside, making my plans to go from pale to tawny into play. I was tired of the press always bashing me on how I look like I was born albino. It’s simply not my fault that I am kept in the stark tower twenty four seven by the order of my crazy ass father so to stop all the constant talking, I decided to lay by the pool that the Stark tower consisted of, in my baby blue two piece bathing suit. 
I heaved a sigh, loving the relaxation that I was finally getting. If I had known the Stark tower had a pool, I would’ve came here long before then. I could get away from the hectic talks, my annoying over protective father and basically this lame ass excuse of a kind world. 
Just relax. I do as my mind tells me. As I am about to go into full relaxation mode I heard a loud scream. 
“Geronimo!” Before I get the chance to see where it came from, a splash occurs in the pool feet away from me. In the process, water gets all over me, drenching me. 
I sit up, exasperated, then turn to see the idiot who caused this, ready to yell. A small round head comes from under the water. Of course, it’s the one and only Peter Parker. My anger dies down, for I can never be mad at him. The sweet, funny, cute, and insanely hot Peter Parker was my one and only weakness. 
“Real smart. You know you could’ve been injured, Parker?” I said. “I’m assuming you jumped from the fourth floor.” 
He shrugged. “Are you forgetting I am the incredible spider man baby?” 
My heart leaps at the name he calls me. I love it when he calls me baby, it’s such a turn on. 
“Right, but it doesn’t change the fact that you still make the most dumbest decisions.” And with that I turn on my heel to get my towel so I can dry up. When I glance behind me to laugh, he’s staring at my ass with his bottom lip in between his teeth. 
Quickly he looks away, glancing at something else. 
“Oh my gosh, Peter Parker, were you just looking at my butt?” I tease. I continue to go for my towel, while swaying my ass, maybe just a bit more. I know he’s looking now. I’m so flattered that my ass is nice enough for him, an avenger, to look at. 
“What?” he sounds offended. I can tell he’s embarrassed. “No, of course not, I mean I was, but it was because it was in the way. I mean it’s so big, I just, wait no, it’s not big. No! It is big-”
“You were looking. End of story. It’s not the end of the world. Not just yet, loser.” I joke.  
His eyes are wide, and he looks me up and down before he just stares into my eyes. 
“I’ll see you around.” I wink at him. As I’m walking away I hear the sloshing of water, meaning he’s most likely getting out of the water to follow after me. My assumption is right as he speeds up, walking next to me. 
“Do me a favor and don’t tell Mr. Stark about this. He’ll have my suit privileges limited which is something I don’t want at the moment..........or actually ever.” 
“It’s great to know my father has so much control over you.” I say as we enter the tower. Peter takes my towel and wraps it around my body, concealing all my curves. “And you’re just like him as well.” I yank my towel from his grip and hold it over my body myself. 
“Hey, they’re a million men walking around here who would gladly examine every inch of your body causing your discomfort. I’m just trying to protect you.”
Aww, that’s so cute. He cares. But he’s right. The tower is always filled with workers, and today it’s pretty average. Not many of them are here. Partial percent of the workers are male. 
“Well I kindly thank you. Are you working today? I want to hang out and do something.” I whine. 
In my lifetime, I never really got to hang around kids my age. I was home schooled to be protected from the world, the paparazzi, and just everything out there that my father assumed would hurt me. When Peter came around, he was the closest friend I’ve ever had. We laugh together, hang out together, tease each other about our weird fetish’s and most of all we had a little exclusive flirting here and there. 
It was odd but it was pretty clear I developed a huge crush on him. I just didn’t know if he liked me as well. He was so confusing. One minute he’s touchy and flirting with me, the next he’s so distant. What was the deal? 
“Sure, I’m free. Let’s head over to our spot, right now. You go first, I’ll go in after you.” 
I rolled my eyes. “Why are you always so confidential about us? Are you ashamed of me?” My voice is soft. I’m scared he might tell me something that is going to hurt my feelings. 
“Y/N, that’s ridiculous. I’m not ashamed, I just think it’s better if we keep this between us.” His voice lowers at the last part and he’s looking around to make sure no one is listening or suspects. 
“Yes, because an innocent friendship is something that should definitely be hidden. You know what? Forget hanging out.” I walk ahead of him, suddenly angry with him for not telling me the truth. 
“Oh, come on.” He grabs my arm. “Don’t be like that, Y/N.” 
“Peter,” I hear a warning voice and the both of us turn to see my Father, aka Tony Stark, walking by with a whole team of people.When is he not with his little stalkers? “We should talk about the banquet tonight, and ugh why the hell are you guys wet inside my building? This floor cost about half a million.” 
“You see, Mr. Stark-”  Peter started, and then stops as my father narrows his eyes, a forbidden look on his face. That’s his “shut the fuck up” face. So Peter does exactly that. 
“Just meet me in my office as soon as you’re dry and as for you,” His eyes meet mine and I see that Fatherly look in his eyes, making me attentive. “Just arrive to the banquet around seven, okay?” 
“Got it.” I reply with a nod of my head. 
“Alright.” He comes over to me then pecks my forehead before disappearing off with his conquests. 
Once again Peter and I are alone. I don’t want to talk to him though, he’s hurt my feelings and is as well being dishonest with me. Real friends are honest with each other. So instead of speaking to him I charge to my room. He follows after, causing me to roll my eyes. A small part of me likes that he’s chasing after me though. 
“Y/N, don’t be mad at me okay? There are just some things you can’t know.”
“Things you can’t tell a friend? Wow, that’s substantial integrity right there.” 
“Just know it’s for a good reason why I keep our relationship strictly between us.” 
“There is no relationship, just a friendship right?” I stop and turn to look at him. 
He just frowns, and heaves his shoulders. I look over him a couple few times, hoping he would say something about wanting more. My hope failed as he just kept silent. Ugh, why flirt with me and not ask me out? What possible reason could there be?
“That’s what I thought.” I walked over to the elevator then pressed the up button. When it opened, I entered then turned around to see Peter with a saddened look. I looked away and was glad when the doors finally closed so I wouldn’t have to give up my tough act then run into his arms, revealing how I really felt about him. 
Maybe I should just accept the fact that he doesn’t want me. I’m just for fun since he’s not in school and can’t have access with other girls. Just me. Tony Stark’s daughter. Apparently not so interesting daughter. Not even interesting enough for Peter Parker. 
Why the hell did he have to be so cute with his adorable laugh, his cute tiny biceps, his unexplainable way to make me smile without even trying, just everything about him is all I could ever want in a guy. Except his will to be dishonest with me. As of now that is. 
I’m getting fed up with his shit so if he’s not going to rightfully claim me then I will do as I please. This might cause him to get a little jealous as well but do I care? No. I smirk to myself about my new idea. 
When the elevator doors open, I practically skip to my room, getting ready to start with the proposal my mind had made up. 
An hour before seven, I take a nice hot shower, shaving every inch of hair off of my body so I am skin is soft and silky. Next I attempt to straighten my hair which to my surprise goes as planned without too much complication. 
I get my tightest black dress that I own. It hugs my curves perfectly so you can see my hour glass figure. Oh how perfect. I just hope my father doesn’t have much to say and if he does I’ll just ignore him. Nothing was going to ruin my plan of making Peter jealous. 
After my makeup and one last look at myself in the mirror, I’m pretty sure I’m ready to head to the banquet. It’s seven thirty so I’m a tad bit late. It doesn’t really matter, the banquet wasn’t about me. It was about the avengers. All of them would be there, including other men as well. More men equals more ways to get Peter started on his envious journey. The single thought has my lips curl into a grin. 
I walk over to the banquet, arriving in style. I get more stares then expected, making me nervous. I know I can’t get into my teenage girl equilibrium so I toughen up and walk over to Steve who is sitting next to Bucky at a circle table. The room is full with people, mostly men, all dressed in suits. 
There is a man playing the piano making the scene more peaceful in a way. There’s a lot of chatter going on in the room. 
I come over and stand next to Steve. 
“Hello.” I say, nonchalantly. Steve looks at me with kind warm eyes. I’ve always seen Steve as a very attractive man but he’s just not what I want. I want Peter. 
“Hi, Y/N, you look.........” He looks all over my body. “Exquisite.” 
“Interesting word choice.” Without warning, I take a seat on his lap. This shocks him as his eyes widen, nevertheless I can feel his bulge growing. Woah, he is fast. 
“Y/N, you shouldn’t.............” 
“Oh it’s fine, Steve. I mean stop acting like I haven’t caught you checking me out before. What’s the difference?” I put my hand on his beard and stroke it. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch something. I look and see Peter watching the two of us with intent eyes. Like every other man in the room, he’s dressed in a suitable tux, with his hair gelled back. He looks fucking hot, if I might add. 
I can practically see the jealousy in his eyes. Good, I’m getting the reaction I want out of him. He deserves this anyway. 
“Um, how about we not tell your father about that certain story? And I mean never tell him.” I can tell he’s serious but he’s as well turned on by my ass sitting right on his throbbing bulge. I’m quite the opposite. I’m getting turned on by Peter’s penetrating look. He can’t look away. 
“Right, this stays between us.” I turn to lock eyes with Steve again who is staring at me with straight lust. I hated that I was toying with him in order to get to Peter. He was so kind and gentle with me, always. I should stop but I’m pretty sure this is getting to Peter, making Peter want me. 
If I’m going to toy with someone, it should be someone who is an ass. 
“I’ll see you later, Steve. Good talk though.” I peck his cheek, hoping that will set Peter off more, then get up and walk around trying to find more people to talk to.
The room is so filled with familiar faces and black tuxes that my head can’t adjust to all of this. I’ve been to millions of parties on account of my father being who he is but this one is pretty tedious. I try to remember that this isn’t about me having fun. It’s about Peter and making his dumb bipolar ass jealous. 
“Having fun, Y/N?” I hear someone say and I turn around to see the one and only Thor. Yes, Thor. I can so use him. He’s not an ass, but he’ll for sure do. I know from what Peter has told me, he wishes he had Thor’s big muscles and his breathtaking masculine body. Yes, I’m not blind, Thor’s body looked like it had been carved by the gods. Well technically, he’s already a god so that explains the hot body. Once again, I didn’t care about all that. Spidey had my heart hooked on him. 
“Yes,” I returned the smile since he was beaming with one. “It’s a beautiful banquet. The music is definitely stirring up the moment.” 
He nodded. “For sure....” He continues to talk about something but I kind of blank out as I see Peter talking with someone. Like me he’s not listening to what the person is saying. He’s watching me. 
“Thor,” I interrupt whatever he is talking about and he nods while looking at me with the same kind eyes that Steve had. “Would you mind dancing with me?” 
He furrows his eyebrows. “At a banquet?” 
“Let’s just do it for old times sake. What do you say?” I hold my hand out for him to take. 
Willingly he takes it then spins me around which is conveniently the same time the speed of the piano picks up. I giggle, pretending to like Thor’s arms around me when I would much rather have someone else’s. 
Thor is an amazing dancer, it’s obvious he’s had some experience. He twirls me around then would dip me, other times his hand would go south in a teasing manner then glide up my back. He’s doing so good with me that I barely have to flirt. 
Next thing I know I’m feeling a grip on my arm and it’s not from Thor since he’s got my other arm. I turn my gaze to see who’s got me and see Peter. 
“Would you mind if I had a word with Y/N?” He asked politely. I sulked. So he wasn’t mad. All my attempts had been in vain. Just great, well I have wasted my time. 
“No, of course.” Thor let’s go of my arm. I smile at him then go to say goodbye but Peter yanks me out of the area where the banquet is being held.
 No one notices, that I know of or else they would have said something.
“What’s your deal, Parker?” I ask. He’s walking fast, full speed. Where is he taking me? I just keep up with him. 
“My deal? Oh don’t worry, you’re about to get a full on rant about what the fuck my deal is.” 
I’m stunned. Rarely do I hear this tone of voice come from his mouth, let alone a curse word. I think to myself and wonder did I get him that mad? Surely, it wasn’t my intention to make him angry, just a little jealous so he could maybe want me. Oh no, I think I’ve knocked over the nice walls for Peter and opened his not so nice side of his. Inside I’m kind of scared to see what he has in store for me. 
“Peter, I cannot walk fast in these heels.” I snap, getting irritated. 
In a swift moment, he pauses then lifts me up and positions me so I am over his shoulder. Who does he think he is? Taking charge like that. I try to push away that one part of me that is getting turned on by his dominance. 
It doesn’t take long for him to arrive at our spot which is all the way on the other side of the tower, in a secluded room with couches. He sets me down on the couch then stands in front of me. 
“What the hell, Y/N? What the hell were you doing flirting with those guys out there?” 
I cross my arms casually. “You’re bothered by me talking to other guys? For what reason? You and I are not in a relationship so that makes me eligible to flirt with who the fuck I want.”
“So now you’re acting like you and I don’t have some chemistry going on when it’s evident on what’s going on between us.”
“How could I have known when you never claim me to be yours? You prance around acting like you’re my boyfriend but whenever the topic is brought up you push it away like some spider spray.” I stand up and go to walk around him but he yanks me back, forcefully. 
“Y/N, that doesn’t give you the right. It’s wrong to flirt with two guys at the same time. Either you’re mine or-”
“Either I’m yours? Yours? Peter, did you not hear any of what I just said? If I was yours, then ask me out goddammit, kiss me, write me a love letter, do something! Are you that ashamed of me?”
“Ashamed? Jesus Christ, stop saying that. Why would I be ashamed of the most beautiful fucking girl in the world?”
“If you’re not then why aren’t we together?” I put my hands on his cheeks so our eyes are staring directly into each others. “Tell me now.” I demand. “I’m sick of waiting for you.” 
He sighs then looks down for a while before looking back up at me. “Your dad, Mr. Stark said that I couldn’t go after you or try anything with you because he’s worried about your safety. He said if you’re my girlfriend, people would try to hurt you in order to get to me. You’re also already his daughter so that’s a double negative. Also might I add you’re already in the public eye, so he said us being a thing would just make your life worse.” 
“So that was it the whole time?” I ask. 
He nods. 
I’m partially happy, partially sad. Okay so he wasn’t ashamed of me, it was just my damn dad and his erratic will to protect me. 
“You know you could’ve just told me?” I say, a small smile plastered on my lips. 
“He told me not to, or else I wouldn’t be allowed to participate in Avenger missions anymore. He also threatened I wouldn’t be allowed to even be apart of the Avengers if I got with you.” 
I frowned. This is definitely a tough spot. I wanted to be with Peter but I as well knew how much being an Avenger meant to him. 
“But we can always sneak.” He whispered, his face inching closer to mine, as well as his hands wrapping around my lower back. Before I can blink he crashes his lips roughly clash against mine while his hands go down to my ass, squeezing it with need. 
Oh my gosh, he’s kissing me! Without a second thought, I return the favor and kiss, my tongue tentatively stroking his making a low grunt escape from the back of his throat. That’s so hot that the moisture between my legs has grown by the second. I have been wanting this for so long and by the way he’s kissing me, I can tell he’s been wanting it as well. 
He pulls away. I already miss the contact so I go for him again but he just turns me around so my back is to him. He unzips my dress quickly so then it falls to my feet. I clumsily step out of my dress and heels, wanting to continue the kiss, but he keeps me turned around as he rips my bra off, breaking the straps. I don’t care though. I want this so bad with him. 
I turn around and grab his neck pulling him to me, and our lips are moving in a rough sway that is all about lust and passion. His hands hook under my thighs then he lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist in an instant motion, we still continue to kiss. He’s walking somewhere but I don’t care to look for the feeling of him kissing me is too good. 
I feel my back against the cushion of the couch and he once again pulls away, leaving me panting, wanting more. He goes then stands in between my legs. I adjust my head so I can see him. He undoes his tie, his eyes intently on mine, not looking away. So he’s going to get naked. I might as well do the same. I go to take off my panties but he grabs my hand quickly. 
“Leave that for me.” His tone is husky and dominating. Holy shit, I’ve never seen him like this nor imagined him to be this type of guy in the bedroom. I gulp and nod. Somehow I’m in full submission just from him telling me what to do, and I do not like being told what to do so this is odd. He smirks at my automatic will to do what he says then goes back to removing his clothing. 
When he is fully naked, I have a full view of his perfect body. It’s better than I imagined, than I had dreamed. Of course I got glances here and there when he’d be changing into his suit or like today when he had been swimming but up close like this. My pussy was practically oozing arousal. His cock, fuck, his cock. It was so big. For a boy like him, I would’ve never thought. Peter Parker is just full of surprises tonight. 
I’m so turned on. I want to hear his voice saying my name because of my impeccable pleasure towards him. I go to began but he does that thing where he stops me once again. He pushes me, hard, so now my back is against the couch again. He’s so rough. His hand squeezes his cock as he strokes it up and down. He’s hard and I can see precum on the tip. 
“You want this, baby?” he asks, his voice taunting. He’s such a tease, he knows I want this. 
“Yes.” I reply softly. 
“Mmm.” He groans. He let’s go of his cock, that stays erect. His movements are swift as he yanks down my panties then dives in, roughly eating my pussy. A jolt of an electric thrill runs all over my body as his tongue makes contact with my already enlarged bundle of nerves. 
I moan and move my hands to weave my fingers through his soft silky hair. His tongue felt so nice against me as he lapped up my juices while it would occasionally slip inside of me, making me arch my back. His hand came up and played with my breast, his tongue flicking up a storm. In fact it was going over every crevice of my pussy, that I came quickly. Too fast. Apparently that didn’t matter to him as he yanked my body closer to him, throwing my legs over his shoulders then going to town again, sliding his tongue inside of me. 
A porn worthy moan escaped my mouth from the immaculate pleasure he was giving me, my pussy was no doubt soaking into the couch by now. 
Even though I already came, I’m so turned on that I don’t want him to stop eating me. Having him down there, with me, touching me, licking me, was more than I could contain yet imagining him gone was gruesome.
He licks up and down my vagina slowly, every time touching my sensitive clit having my orgasm inching closer and closer. When he kiss my folds harshly that’s when I become undone for the second time. He rubs my tits with his thumb as well, still going at it, making sure to eat me out until he’s satisfied. 
Peter kissed up, every inch of my body, having my insides singing in enchant. They were ready for him, and I was ready too. He came up to my face and leaned down, bringing me yet into another rough kiss. I taste myself on his lips. 
His cock is rubbing on me down there, making me squirm. I want him. Bad. His kisses move to my throat while his other hand is adjusting his dick, so he can enter me. It’s so big for his age, that I’m not sure I’ll be able to take it. I don’ tell him this because I don’t want him to stop. 
He leans up so we are face to face then I feel it, filling me up. My walls flutter around his tremendous cock becoming accustomed already and he hasn’t even done one stroke.
“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He whispers.
 Yes, I am in for the pleasure of my life. It hurts, but it feels so good. He pulls out then goes in again faster, causing me to moan again. Once I am comfortable with his pace, things started to play in motion without any distractions. The other worries seemed to decease as it was just him and I in this moment. 
After a while, Peter decides he wants more. Without warning, he pulls out causing me to whimper from loss contact. He grabs my thighs roughly, putting them in the position so they are over his shoulders to get a better advantage of fucking me. His hands go on either side of my body and then he is inside of me again, this time, fast, rapid, and hard. 
I can feel every inch of him. He was no longer that nice, sweet, clumsy Peter Parker. He was a dominant man in the bedroom which to be quite frank turns me the hell on. 
He’s pounding harder at each passing moment, my moans and the sound of our skin slapping against each others is the only thing heard making the moment even more hot. 
“Baby girl, you feel so good around me.”  He says, huskily. 
I moan in response as I savor every minute we spend together in pure bliss. He’s fucking me so thoroughly so that I can feel his cock burying inside of me all the way to my womb. I curl my toes as I feel that sweet tight build up began to form, low deep in my stomach. 
“Never want to catch you flirting with other guys,” I smirk a little inside, happy my plan had worked all along. “You’re mine.” 
I bite my lip as I feel my walls clenching around him, his words making the desire deep inside of me come faster as well. My juices pooled all over his cock, sinfully and violent. That’s when he went into a full on beast mode with me, moving more than he ever had before in this session. I moved my hands to his shoulders wanting to feel his skin underneath mine. 
His high is chasing fast after mine and it’s not long before he’s cumming as well. He pulls out and groans as he squirts his hot nice cum all over my chest. Gosh, that’s hot. I moan and softly take his cock in my hand  then stroke it, making his release more enjoyable for him. 
The both of us are panting from that amazing fuck, sweat is on our foreheads with the smell of sex in the air. I look into his lust filled eyes wondering what the next move is going to be between us. All I know is that I am ecstatic. My crush for so long has given me the ride of my life, something I have been wanting for a while now and to my surprise I don’t know what to say to him. 
He smirks at me before wrapping his hands tightly around my neck bringing me into a deep kiss. He kisses me as if there is no tomorrow, our saliva connecting in a sloppy kiss but it feels good. The passion is stimulating causing me to all of a sudden feel more than just lust inside of me. 
He pulls away. “That,” He plops down next to me. “Was amazing.” His words sounds genuine as if he just got off a roller coaster. 
I giggle then turn to face him. 
“And all because you were jealous.” 
He rolls his eyes. “Yeah, okay. More like you were practically begging for it.” 
I scoff. “Um, excuse me for wanting you to be my significant other.” I playfully get up, pretending to leave but he grabs me without any trouble, pulling me back down to him. 
“Stay,” He says, that same ordering voice becoming of him. The literal sound of him dominating me makes my vagina have a heartbeat. “And also I will be your significant other, we just have to keep this on the DL until I feel like it’s time to tell your dad.” 
“Hard pass. I don’t think anytime will be a good time to tell my dad. I mean won’t he take away the suit? No suit, means you’re no longer an avenger. You no longer being an avenger means you not being here. With me. That leaves two sappy people.” 
“Okay fine, so what are you saying? We keep us a secret forever? I’m not sure that will work.” 
“Well, let’s try.” I go and sit up on his torso so I am straddling him. His hands come and grip my upper thighs. “Who’s to say we can’t accomplish something without trying?” 
“Um, babe, it’s gonna come to the point where we can’t take the lying and the truth will come out.” 
“Oh, so the big bad spider man is scared?” I tease, flicking my finger over his cute nose. 
He grabs my hand. “Yes, scared of loosing you forever.” He places a kiss on my hand then holds on to it. My heart warms at his sudden words. 
“You won’t. Let’s just try okay?” He puts my hand so I’m cradling his face. 
“Okay, like I said. We can sneak.” 
“Of course. We’ll be the best damn sneakers, there ever were.” 
We laugh together. After a while of silly, futile, conversations, we fall asleep together, cuddled up. 
In the morning the light of Manhattan, New York, wakes me up. The sun sinks into my pores feeling relaxing. Mmm, this is nice. I turn my head to see Peter sitting up, staring at me with a smile. I smile back, wondering how long he’s been awake and staring at me. 
“Good morning beautiful.” He says. I feel like a housewife, now that he has said that. 
“Morning to you to hottie.” I sit up with my arm propped up to support my head then yawn. I look over at the big glass window that shows buildings. It looks beautiful out today. Wait a second! I forgot about that big ass window last night. Someone could’ve seen us fucking. Shit. 
“What is it?” Peter asks then looks in the direction of the window. 
“I mean, it’s just that, do you think someone saw us through the window last night? That is a huge window.” 
“Nah, I don’t think so.” He looks back at me. “Don’t you think your dad would’ve been up here to murder me by now if there was someone who had been watching us?” 
I chuckle then nod. “Good point. We should probably fuck over there by the piano where there is no risk of us being seen.” 
“Oh, so there’s going to be a next time?”
I blush thinking about what I said. 
“Aww, your blush is so cute. I’m just playing with you baby, of course we’re fucking again............and again and again.” 
I playfully hit him but then I guess I hit him too hard because he fell back on the floor with a loud thud. I cover my mouth to stifle my laugh then scoot towards the edge to make sure he’s okay. 
“Shit, Peter, are you okay?” I ask, still attempting to not laugh. 
“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m cool.” He stands up. I realize now, we are back to the awkward Peter Parker. It’s okay though because I find this one cute. On another note, he’s naked with his huge member flopping out. And apparently he’s got morning wood. 
“Oh my gosh.” I now am laughing at that. 
“Now you’re laughing but last night you were moaning.” 
I ignore him and continue to laugh. 
“Alright, very funny.” He says, then get’s back in next to me. He holds me in his arms. I stop laughing and peck his cheek. 
“I’m only joking you with hun. But seeing as you are already hard, let me help you out with that.” I let my hand wonder down to his prominent boner then wrap my hand around in it. 
His breath becomes uneven as he watches me. 
“Wait, what happened with being as sneaky as possible?” He asked, suddenly alert. 
“Don’t worry, relax. My dad is probably working with the rest of the team right now. It’s early.” 
I wait until I have his approval to continue so when he nods I go on with my strokes. I move my body down so my head is met with his beautiful huge cock. I go and swirl my tongue on the tip while glancing up at him. He sucks in a sharp breath. With slow motions, just to tease him, I put my whole mouth around his throbbing head and flick my tongue back and forth knowing he’s squirming with need for more. 
He get’s fed up then grabs my head, forcing me to go down on his length. I comply with his wants and bop my head up and down, stroking what I cannot fit in my mouth. I’m still in shock that he is this big for his age but I’m no where near complaining. 
He takes control, taking my hair into a ponytail then shoving his cock into my mouth. He tastes so good, that I moan sending vibrations all the way to his body. 
“Fuck Y/N,” he groans, throwing his head back. In a matter of time, he’s shooting his load in my mouth. Without being asked, I swallow it all, him watching me with a turned on look. 
Just then we hear the intercom turn on and a loud voice following as well. 
“Peter Parker, please report to business meeting room 201 for a conference. I repeat Peter Parker please report to business meeting room 201 for a conference. Thank you.” And then the intercom is off. 
“Holy shit!” He hops off the couch, in the process pushing me over. Before I reach the floor to fall he uses a web to catch me and pulls me up so I am on the couch safe. “I forgot all about the conference! Mr. Stark is gonna kill me.”
“You better hurry, before he suspects.” 
“I’ll just tell him I went to go visit Aunt May real quick, that’s all. He should be cool then.” 
He’s rushing to get his clothes on and when they’re finally on, he turns to look at me. 
“Alright how do I look?” 
To be honest, he looks a hot mess. Well just his shirt, that is, his pants look fine. His hair is also a mess as if he’s just had sex. Technically speaking, he did. Last night that is. 
“Like a mess, here let me fix you.” I stand up, with my still nude body, and fix his tie and collar. I do my best to fix his hair but it still ends up looking messy. When I look at him, he’s staring at my tits. 
“Seriously?” I say in a joking manner. 
“What? They’re nice tits.” He whines. 
“Yes and they are all yours.” I take his hands and push them against my breasts so he is cupping them. I peck his lips as well. “Okay now go before my dad kills you.” 
“Alright, bye baby.” And then he’s off, running. 
The next few weeks are fun. Peter and I have managed to not get caught with our sneaking around the tower. Late at night, he would sneak in my room and we would cuddle, or watch funny movies together, and that would usually end in a heated make out session. Other times we would go to our spot and fuck. Hard. The sex was mind blowing that I found myself craving it 24/7. It was obvious he felt the same as well because every chance he got me alone he would have me bent over while pounding his huge cock in and out of me only to have me orgasm in a matter of minutes. 
The sex was that fucking good, along with his dominance. You could say I was falling in love with him. I just didn’t know how to tell him. What if he didn’t love me back? The heart break would be more than I could handle, possibly ruining our relationship. So for now, I kept those deep feelings to myself until I would feel that it was the time to confess. 
One day the tower was really vacant. All the adults had left due to the fact that the government had ordered an official meeting for some reason that I wasn’t informed about. 
I wasn’t complaining though. Peter and I literally had the tower to ourselves which meant we could be as loud as we wanted. 
Currently we were making out by the piano like we had planned to. When we had found out the two of us would have the house to ourselves, we were ecstatic and didn’t waste a moment more to get to our spot, ripping each other’s clothes off. 
He had his hands around my neck while I was holding on to his torso. We were making out violently, shoving our tongues down each others throats, roughly but fuck did it feel good to do all of this without any barriers. 
He pulled away from kissing me then lifted me up to the piano without any trouble, so now I was sitting, him in between my legs. His lips found mine and without further notice, his cock is buried inside of me. I moan, loud, so loud that it echoes off the walls. That only makes him go faster, starting off with a rapid pace, already. His hands hold on to my waist so I can feel every inch of him and we can touch as much as possible. 
He’s so big that I’m still trying to adjust to the length. It feels good, yet it hurts. It’s a painful pleasure that I will always want. To have him with me in such a way is most likely the reason why I cum so quickly. 
“Oh, baby.” He groaned then moved his head in the crook of my neck, placing butterfly kisses causing my eyes to flutter. I also felt him hitting my g-spot, making an eruption of nerves to fire up all through my body. This causes another moan of ecstasy to escape from my mouth. 
“Are you fucking kidding me?!” The sound of a loud voice booms all through the room. In an immediate reaction, we pull away from each other, already knowing we have been caught by my father. 
I gasp and cover my body while Peter does the same, covering his erection. 
“Jesus, the both of you get dressed, then meet me in my office.” 
I’m still stunned by the fact that we had actually got caught in our little act so I continue to sit, while panting. Peter is kind of doing the same thing as well, most likely in the same revelation. 
“Now!” My father yells. 
The both of us then move into motion, throwing on our clothes on in hurried motions. My dad had already left, no doubt palm twitchingly mad. I worry about Peter. My dad has always been a man of his word so he might send Peter home, leaving me here, lonely once again. 
Why was he even here? I thought he left to the meeting. Apparently not. We are  caught and there is no going back. I might looser Peter forever, one of the few people I sincerely care about. Also I know he will be sad. From what he’s told me when he confided in me, the suit is all he has. It makes him happy to be apart of something.I might have just ruined that all for him. 
I feel so guilty that I start crying while putting my shoes on. I don’t know if Peter notices but I guess he does when I feel his hands wrap around my waist. I don’t fight against him, if anything I want to spend my time being close with him as much as I can. 
His hands turn me around so I am now face to face with him. I’m kind of embarrassed that he’s seeing me this way but I decide to push that silly side away and focus on him. Us. 
“It’s okay, don’t cry.” he says. “He’ll go easy on you, your his daughter.” 
“It’s not about my punishment, more like yours. I don’t care if I’m grounded until I die, Peter I can’t go without you, I can’t.” He grabs my face, cradling me softly while his face is filled with worry. 
“Y/N, even if that does happen, I just wanted to tell you that-” He pauses then looks down shifting his feet. I’ve known Peter long enough to know that he does this when he is nervous. Was he nervous about our encounter with my father or what he’s trying to tell me? I can’t tell but I know it’s probably either or. 
I stop my crying and look into his eyes, deeply, feeling an odd connection. “What is it, Peter?”
He takes a deep breath before going to speak again. “I-”
“Hey, guys,” A voice interrupts him. 
We turn to see Stephen in the entryway of the room. He’s not usually here, he must be visiting or working with my dad. Nevertheless I feel angry at him for intruding on our moment. I feel like I know what Peter was going to tell me then again I’m not sure. 
“The boss man really wants you guys in his office pronto so,” I watch as his hands move in a quick moment then I feel the gravity beneath me disappear and I’m falling. Wow, smooth move for Dr. Strange. Using his skills to send me to my dad’s office. What an irksome man. 
Peter and I land in my father’s office, except I don’t fall for Peter catches me quickly. Perks of being spider man, I guess. I don’t show him affection in front of my father. He’s leaning again the window staring at us with a dark look. I know that look so well. It means he’s angry. Very angry. I can see the vein in his forehead, wanting to pop. 
I want to grab Peter’s hand for support because I’m so scared but I just fold my hands and look down. 
I’m pretty sure it’s about five or more minutes until my father speaks.
“ long have you been fucking my daughter?” 
I look up at him, surprised by his words. He’s not looking at me. He’s staring fire balls into Peter. 
“No, wait don’t answer that. Better yet, how long have you been not wanting to achieve becoming an avenger as well as to gaining my trust? Because I can tell you right now, you’ve lost everything from me. My trust, my protection, my friendship, not to mention you’ve lost the privilege of getting some free sexual activity from something of mine, furthermore.” 
“Mr. Stark, it’s not like that at all okay? She is not some free sexual activity, she’s my best friend that I happen to be fucking, yes but I only did that because I allowed myself to fall in love with her.”
I look up at his sudden words. Did he just say he was in love with me? Yes, yes he did. My emotions are running everywhere, not knowing what to do. My heart is beating out of my chest. I’m so happy. 
“After I strictly told you not to. You knew the consequences!” My father yells, very loudly. “And yet you continued your pursuit of having my little girl, one of the only things I have left in this fucking world, you, a little boy, decide to go after her. Not only that, but you decided to put your little horny ass in there as well? Knowing you would no longer be apart of this organization.” He balls his fists tightly to his side. 
Oh, gosh he’s going to get his suit and then he’s going to kill Peter Parker. 
“I’m sorry, and I know I’ll never be able to have your trust again,” Peter takes a step closer to my father and I almost pull him back. When my father is mad at someone, he’ll get physical. The last thing I want is to see him get hurt. “I just want you to know that I sincerely without a doubt love your daughter. It’s not lust, it’s genuine feelings for her. She’s made me feel like no one else in all my years of living and in saying that I would do anything and I mean anything to protect her. She’s the,” he looks back at me and our eyes meet. “She’s the love of my life.” He looks back at my father. “That probably doesn’t matter to you but I just wanted to say that before I’m kicked out.” 
“Kicked out? No kid, I never want to see you again. My safety for my daughter is everything, you crossed the line with this one. You’ve proved that you’re still that little boy. A man, a true man would’ve stood his ground to protect the women he loved.”
That’s when I lost it. 
“Dad, are you deaf? He literally just said he loved me, like twice. If only you knew the things that went on behind closed doors with us. Are you even willing to listen?” 
“No, you want to know why?”
“No, this is where you zip it, the adult is talking!” 
(Guys I just wanted to use that from Spider-man Homecoming, hahah! You’re a real one if you remember ;)
“It is because the two of you are just little beings, not knowing the severity of this situation. Y/N, you’re my daughter, do you have any idea how much of a target you would be to getting to me? Not just me but to your spidey boyfriend! You’d be the absolute antidote to revenge. I can’t risk that! I can’t risk loosing you!” He’s shaking, and I feel like he’s going to cry but he pulls himself together. “Did you listen to that?” 
“I did and I try not to think of that because there is something called hope. I mean, what? Did you think Peter was going to make it past Captain America? No, you even told me you slightly doubted it, no offense Peter.” I quickly add. 
“None taken.” He replies. 
“See dad. It’s okay because Peter is standing here right now with me.”
“Where I instructed him not to be.”
“Did you even listen to a word I just said?”
He sighs and looks down. 
“I’m sorry I had sex with him, okay I understand how that could be a big no no but come on. You can’t kick him to the dust like this when we’re just in love. You have to see it from a different point of view. For once just try to understand.” I beg. 
“Understand that this guy has had sex with my daughter.” He glances at Peter who grins awkwardly. 
“Once again I’m truly sorry for that but also I love her, Mr. Stark so please don’t kill me.” 
“Dad,” I walk up to Peter and take his hand in mine. My father tenses. “We love each other. Just hope for the best and go with it.” 
All I can say is after dad had more of a bitch fit than I thought, he allowed for Peter to continue being an avenger. Under the condition that we weren’t allowed to tell anyone about us or have any more sex. 
The no sex rule was prohibited in our world. Happy always had a way of helping us sneak in and out of the tower to continue our risque behavior. 
Guys I’m so bad at writing, sorry if that sucked!
Tumblr media
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lousimusician · 2 years ago
Peter Parker Nsfw Headcanons- 2
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Headcanon: Peter discovering your praise kink
Warning: Nsfw
Both Peter and the reader are 18+
Okay so....
Everyone knows that Peter never seems to be able to shut up. The boy loves talking.
But when it came to sex, he never knew what to say, so he'd just resort to cursing under his breath and moaning
But one day you had been grinding against his thigh and Peter watched in awe as your face contorted in pleasure and you moaned out his name with his hands tightly gripping your hips
Peter couldn't help himself as the words tumbled from his lips.
"Fuck princess, you look so pretty getting off on my thigh."
He watched as you whimpered loudly and buried your face in his neck and You grinded harder as your movements sped up
An idea popped in his head after watching your reaction
He pressed a kiss on your shoulder and said, "You're such a good girl, you know that?"
You moaned loudly, "Fuck Peter." You whined
Your movements became sloppy as you chased your high
Peter groaned, "You sound so pretty, babygirl. You gonna cum on my thigh?" He felt you nod.
Your hips stilled and you muffled your loud moan in his neck as one of your most intense orgasms took over
He held you tightly as your body fell limp against him
He rubbed circles into your hips and kissed your shoulder again
"You never told me you had a praise kink."
You hummed, "I didn't know." You sat up, looking at him.
He suddenly flipped the two of you over,  so he was hovering over you.
"I think we're both going to have some more fun in bed." He smirked, kissing your lips. "Now... Be a good girl, and make some more pretty noises for me."
Taglist: @spiderdudeparker
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hollandcrush · 3 months ago
don’t hold back
Tumblr media
college!peter parker x reader
summary: two hormonal students wander into a room during a frat party, what could possibly happen? maybe you discover that under his heart made of pure gold lurks a hidden powerful, dominant side.
word count: 4,685
warnings: alcohol mention, drug mention, but pure pwp smut minors dni (18+) extended warnings below bc i am not trying ruin the innocent :)
a/n: i would like to state that this is much longer than i anticipated.. but anyways, i am just gonna be honest, i have a major size/power kink. so this fic is my ~fucked~ up mind laying it all out for my fellow lil nasties ;) fair warning, this is pure filth. sorry for any mistakes and bad writing. but i hope you enjoy it x and let me know what you think ?!!
taglist || masterlist
extended warnings: thigh riding, body worship, oral (f.rec), dry humping, marking, peter being a boob guy, lil hints of soft!peter, unprotected sex, dirty talk, overstimulation, major power kink, manhandling, size kink, pain kink, praise kink, dom!peter, sadist!peter, squirting, cum play, handjob, body painting/facial, cum eating. think that is it? idk sorry !!
College was scary for the majority of people. New social circles, new surroundings. It took time for people to adjust. But Peter Parker wasn’t the majority.
The newfound freedom appealed to him. He was used to be a quote on quote loner, a nerd. It was never a desire of his to have big groups of friends or to be popular. He simply liked being by himself. It was fewer people in his life he had to lie to.
In college, people don’t care. They are too busy trying to find their own place in the world. Find their footing on the new terrain. So, they didn’t look twice at the boy who looked way too young to be attending classes. They didn’t care if he dressed in a flannel and sweater. Or if he washed up some morning with an unexplained bruise.
Peter loved that. He could do what he wanted with no one breathing down his back as if he was an adolescent child. No babysitter, just him. And he was happy with just that.
Peter made a few friends in his engineering classes. But their conversations only ever included the advancement or emergence of new technology. He could finally be that independent man he always claimed he was.
It was unusual for him to attend a party, but after the robotics club won their state final, he was persuaded to join the rest in a night of drunkenness. Peter quickly found out his ability to withstand the effects of alcohol was quite the phenomenon. People passing more and more drinks his way, hoping the next would knock him out cold. His superhuman ways always winning the battle.
The boys had ended up in a frat house, partying with people, who on a regular day, would never give them a second glance. Yet tonight, they were the centerpiece. I mean, whatever excuse a frat house can get to host a party, they would take it.
Peter was standing idle in the corner of the living room, fascinated by the people who were rolling blunts shamelessly on the coffee table. His hand was clutched around a red solo cup, the remains of his eighth drink begging to be chugged.
“Hey, you are Parker? Peter Parker?” The call of his sudden name caused him to perk up, wondering who said it.
Your soft eyes met his. A grin plastered across your face as you stalked closer to him. “Sorry, you are in my chemistry class. You taking it as an elective?”
Peter’s body stiffened, not use to female attention, unless they were asking for help with homework. He cleared his throat, swirling the plastic cup in his shaky hands. “Uh, yeah. I like chemistry.” He mentally wanted to punch himself for how nerdy he must’ve sounded.
His uneasiness was settled when he heard you giggle, the sound causing him to blush. “I like you Peter Parker.”
It was a blunt statement, but you were in no mood for beating around the bush. A light buzz gave you all the confidence you needed. His cheeks were now bright red, face burning up. The room closing in on him, becoming claustrophobic. He was becoming more aware, his senses were overstimulated in the current situation. Every noise, every breath, every movement, he felt it.
You could see him becoming uncomfortable, his jaw clenched, eyes squinted. You barely knew that man, but you wanted to help. “Hey, hey.” You whispered, placing a gentle hand on his forearm. “Wanna go somewhere quieter?”
He nodded immediately, begging to be removed from the troubling environment. Clasping your hands together, you guided out of the crowded room. Some people noticed, wolf whistling and cheering you on as you tried to seek refuge.
As you didn’t live here, you had no clue where you were going. Logically, the only thing that came to your mind was a bedroom. Finding the stairs, you dragged him up them. Luckily the first door you opened was unoccupied. Pulling him inside, you locked it to prevent any unwanted company.
The room was small, but it seemed empty. Only a mattress on the floor with a bunch of cardboard boxes scattered in the corners. Awkwardly, you both stood still at the door, unsure what your next move should be. “Uh, so you get anxious often?”
Peter shook his head, scanning the room trying to distract himself from the tension he was feeling. “No. No. It’s not like an anxiety thing.”
As he didn’t elaborate, you caught onto the message he was silently sending. He wasn’t interested in getting personal. And if you were brutally honest, you weren’t either. Other intentions were invading your mind. Sinful intentions.
Peter had first caught your eye the moment he was late to class one morning. His hair was a mess, scruffy like he just woke up. A cut was sliced into his cheek, but it seemed to be near the end of healing. Clothes were ruffled, pockets hung out of his khakis and shirt poked out from the bottom of his sky blue jumper. He sat a few rows away from you. It was safe to say you couldn’t focus in class that day, or any other day for a matter of fact.
He was mysterious, maybe that’s what attracted you. On the outside, he had that soft, nerdy appearance. For some reason, you believed under that thick skin was a more complex human. One that possessed many deep, dark secrets. You could see it in his hollow eyes; they seemed empty sometimes.
“What are you doing at a party anyways? I have never seen you attend any before. What you celebrating?” You hoped the line of questioning would cool the thick, humid air.
“Robotic club won state.” He mumbled, slightly ashamed and afraid that the hot girl in front of him would think he was pathetic.
“That’s so cool. You can build robots? That’s really cool.”
He sent you a confused look, shocked that robots and cool came out of your mouth without hesitation. “You think robots are cool? Are you secretly a nerd or something?” He huffed, not believing a word you said.
Rolling your eyes, you folded your arms. “Nothing wrong with appreciating talent. Plus, I am a STEM major myself. Nobody ever tell you don’t judge a book by it’s cover?”
His face became flushed, lips parted ready to apologise for offending you. “Don’t worry Parker. You aren’t the first to undermine me.” You smirked up at him.
Only a short distance separated your hormonal, raging bodies. It wasn’t unusual for two good looking people to want to tear off each other’s clothes. Even if it was just for a night. The college years were the time for experience. For exploration.
Peter inhaled sharply, trying to keep his emotions at bay. Your eyes were like poison, killing him slowly as they stared deeply into his soul through dark, bloomed orbs. Silently begging him to make a move.
His hand rested on your hip, the other slowly lifted to your cheek, cupping your face. Leaning forward his lips lingered over yours, hot breath mixing adding to the thick air that surrounded you. “I never got your name.” He whispered in a low, soft voice, not wanting to ruin the moment.
He took a second to process what was about to happen, what was about to ensue. Lips brushed over one another. A tingling feeling surged through your body, breath hitched, legs shaky. They finally touched, latching onto his thin, tender lips. The kiss was soft, gentle as they tried to find the perfect rhythm.
Your body melted, a warmth pulsing through your veins. Peter sensed your weakness, hand hooking around your lower back supporting your trembling frame. It wasn’t your first rodeo, but you were still nervous. He was very cute after all.
Getting over your nerves, your palms sunk into his chest, pushing him against the wall. He groaned, deepening the kiss. His tongue poked at your lips, pleading for entrance. Gladly, you parted your lips allowing him to slip past. Tongues clashed, messy and sloppy as urges began to grow. A fire in the pit of your stomach emerging.
Unable to suppress your desire, your hands wandered south, fisting his iconic sweater as you tried to remove it from his body. He obliged, lifting his arms up as the fabric slipped off his body. As soon as the first layer was gone, your fingers immediately began to unbutton his shirt. Your cold digits that grazed his skin caused him to shiver.
As you tried to finish the task, his hands slipped down to your ass, grabbing a handful. His hands were rough and greedy as they fed their needs. Humming against his lips, you’d lost patience, bursting a few buttons as you ripped his shirt. Peter smirked, as you broke away from his devouring lips. “Impatient?”
Rolling your eyes, you tried to hide the guilt you felt. You were never this eager. His bare chest caught your gaze. A mouth watering, unexpected view greeted you. You had assumed Peter was just a lanky, scrawny man; but you were very wrong. Your hands moved the sleeves down his arms as you scanned his torso.
A sculpture, carefully carved and defined. Every muscle was visible, and tempting. His skin dipped into every dent, the lighting of the room enhancing it. The shadow playing in his favour; like he needed it. As eyes ventured lower, his v-line was deep and sharp causing something to get caught in your throat. He could be a Calvin Klein model in his spare time for all you knew.
Once his arms were free, his lips crashed into yours again, gaining your attention. Hands flung to the sides of your face, holding it still as lips moved with voracious pace. Your fingers looped in around his belt, pulling your bodies close together so that a sliver of air couldn’t even pass through. Peter, craving you, used his power to change positions, slamming you against the wall.
His leg found comfort between your thighs, pressing against your clothed heat. Moving it with precision, he stimulated your clit. Body surrendering to his dominance. Small whimpers were muffled by his wet lips as they continued to feast on yours. His hands glided down your curves, memorising every dip they caressed, stopping at the bottom hem of your dress.
Your body arched off the wall, aiding him as he pulled the dress from your body. You stood beneath his broad figure bare, only underwear shading you. Heart pounded, his glare intense. His tongue darted out from his tight lips, licking them ready to indulge.
He made his first attack, lips attaching to the skin of your chest. Sucking and licking the exposed tops of your mounds as hands found their way back to your ass. His touch was hot, burning your skin. Your hands grasped at his dark hair, pulling at the roots as your fingers laced with the curly locks. His teeth reacted, scrapping your sensitive flesh. “Pete!”
Your voice was high pitched as you cried out his name, the attentive attention he gave your fragile body was overwhelming. He hummed as your voice rang pleasantly in his ears. His brain was in a haze, senses in overdrive. The touch, the sounds, the taste. He was desperate to feel you, all of you.
His hands slid to the back of your thighs, hooking around them as he swept you off the ground. You screamed out his name, shocked at how easily he did it. Like you were the weight of a feather. He laughed against your chest as he carried effortlessly to the bed, only to throw you onto it like a rag doll.
You barely had time to process the strength of the man before his lips returned to your body. Sucking deep marks into your skin, starting at your thighs before he began his ascent up to you. Lips marked your thighs, stomach, chest, and neck before linking with your swollen, abused lips. He used his legs to open yours, parting them allowing him access.
His hardened cock pressed into you as your hips rocked together. Grinding, both losing patience as the anticipation grew. When your legs wrapped around his body, he growled, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as he pulled away. “Fuck, you sure this is okay?”
“Just fuck me.”
It was blunt, but you had no intention to sugarcoat the situation, you just wanted sex. No strings attached. Peter had no desire to get anything more from the night either. He was contempt with fulfilling his sinful want.
He quickly undid his belt, pulling his pants down. Your heat pulsated as his thick thighs came into view. Muscles carved like a Greek god. Your hips rutted against the air, needing fulfilment. “Shit are you like a bodybuilder or something?”
He chuckled before a sinister smirk emerged on his face, sending shivers down your spine; scared for what was in store. His hand rested on your lower stomach, thumb teasing your clit through your damp panties. He watched your body react, eyes droopy, lips parted and face contorted with pleasure. The sight caused his cock to throb and jump with excitement.
Tired of the foreplay, Peter lowered his face between your quaking thighs. Hot breath fanning over your pulsating core. The aroma tempted him to come undone, the sweetness seeping into his sense. Mouth was dry, dying for a taste from the source.
Not wasting another second, he moved the delicate fabric to the side, tongue diving in between your folds. Lapping and drinking up the arousal that dripped from your heat. Peter gladly explored every inch, switching between your clit and seeping hole, stretching you with the strong muscle. The angelic sounds that you created prompted him to hump the bed, granting himself some sort of relief.
Your hands were latched to his hair, grasping at his scalp trying to keep the last bit of sanity you had intact. “Pete. Please. I need you.”
His eyes flashed up to you. They were raw, piercing, a glint of anxiousness could be seen as he gave your bud one final harsh suck. His chin glistened causing you to blush. “You sure? I was gonna make you cum before we got to that part.” He shyly stated.
Hands clutched his chin, guiding him to your face, bringing him in for a messy, heated kiss. His broad stature shaded you from the dim light, overpowering, intimidating. Using a hand to plank his body, the other went to snap off your panties. You heard a rip causing you to gasp, but he shoved his tongue into your mouth, shutting you up.
He moved onto his own boxers, kicking them off his legs. Your thighs rested on his as he spread his legs, causing you to open up your silky folds to him. His cock prodding at the newly exposed skin. He used his hand to grab his length, pumping it a few times before positioning it at your entrance. “Just breath.” He mumbled, his angry tip penetrating your tight core.
His girth took you by surprise, stretching your walls. You hadn’t expected it, underestimating his size. Your hands clawed at his back as he slowly pushed in deeper. He continuously checked in with you, asking if you were okay, if you wanted to stop. But the pain was foreshadowed by the immense pleasure that vibrated through you.
Once he came to a hilt, his cock was balls deep. Tip grazing your cervix, signifying how deep he was. The way his cock was curved was designed for maximum pleasure. You never felt so full, fingernails sinking into his back leaving behind crescent marks as you tried to ground yourself back down to reality. “You are so big, fuck.” You praised, shoving your face into his neck.
His large biceps enclosed you, holding you tight as he shallowly moved his hips. “Yeah? You are so tight. Feel so good.” He panted, trying to tame his instincts.
“God, please just fuck me.”
Growling, he followed instruction, retracting his hips before snapping them forward in one harsh movement. Thighs quaked as his pelvic bone collided with your neglected clit. His moves were slow, calculated. Eyes shut tight, his senses overwhelming his body. You could see he was holding back.
Peter, since the bite, was always scared of what he was capable of. Sex being one of those things. He knew he was powerful, strong enough to stop a bus. He also had a heart of gold, never wanting to injure or hurt another person. Especially a woman he was intimate with.
“Pete, don’t hold back. Let go. I can take it. I want it.”
His eyes shot open, pupils dark and wide, swallowing the warm brown that surrounded them. His jaw clenched, unsure if he should do as told. Your hand cupped his cheek, assuring him. “Peter please. I like it rough.” You confessed, cheeks burning with embarrassment.
A primal grunt slipped from his gritted teeth, your innocent eyes driving him mad. Adjusting the position, he placed your calves on his shoulders, his cock slipping deeper into you. “Please, tell me if it’s too much.”
You nodded, inhaling sharply, mentally preparing yourself for the on slaughter that was about to ensue. His hands hooked around your thighs, fingers digging into the skin. Before you could even process the strength of his grip, his cock began to pound into you mercilessly.
His member relentlessly struck your g-spot, eyes rolling to the back of your head. Thankfully, the music was so loud it drowned out your pathetic, loud moans. He used his tight grip as leverage, pulling your body to meet his hard thrusts.
The sounds were sinister, skin on skin clapping, applauding him. Your wetness splattering, covering his cock, echoed through the room. Body on a high, you felt no shame for how you were reacting. Your hands flung to the pit of your stomach, clawing at your skin. “I can- feel how deep you are.”
He smirked at your statement, one hand shoving your hands away to replace them with his. Fingers pressed into your lower stomach, thumb focused on your clit, rubbing aggressive, precise circles around the swollen bud. “Fuck, I can feel how deep I am. Bet you’ve never felt so full before. Not gonna be able to walk after this.”
The thought of destroying your body only turned him on more. His hips moved at an animalistic pace, not humanly possible. His balls slapped your ass with every thrust, and the attention on your clit drove you to insanity. You became a babbling mess below him. Unintelligible words slipping from your lips as your brain clouded with lust.
“Fuck. Look like a beautiful mess. Does it feel good? Making you feel good? Cause, shit, you make me feel incredible.”
Head nodded vigorously, unable to speak only cry out in pleasure. Body began to convulse, the knot in your stomach ready to burst at any second. “Pete. Close.” You chanted, grasping his hands, grounding yourself.
“That’s it. You wanted to be a big girl. You said you could take it. So c’mon. Cum all over my cock. Wanna feel that pretty pussy clench around me.”
His words rang through your ears as you tipped over the edge. A wave consumed you, body shook as it welcomed the intense feeling. His hands grabbed your waist, holding you still, comforting you. “That’s it. Let go.” “Feel so good around my cock.” “So pretty when you cum. Could watch you all day.”
His thrust slowed, allowing you to come down from your high. Once your head started to clear, you could still feel his hard presence pulsate against your abused walls. Eyes bulged, shocked that he was lasting so long. “You good?” He queried, watching you struggle to keep your eyes open.
“Fuck yes. Amazing.”
He cleared his throat, in a bit of a predicament. Should he continue? Or should he just leave? Finish himself off in some random bathroom. However his question was answered. “Why’d you stop? Fuck, I want you to cum.”
He flipped you over so you were now straddling him. Whimpering, your palms slapped his hard, defined chest. “Pete, I am tired. Sorry.” Your hips movements weak against his, body still recovering from your orgasm.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry, I got you. May I?” He asked, positioning his feet flat on the bed, hands grasping your waist.
Confused by what he meant, you nodded, naively. He bit his lip, giving you sudden harsh thrust. You jolted upwards due to the mere force, but his hands brought you right back, forcing you to swallow his cock. You screeched as he stretched you, filled you.
He repeated that movement, continuously. Pumping his throbbing cock into your wetness. There was no escape from the pleasure, his hands in complete control of your body. His eyes locked in on your mounds, watching them bounce begging to be released from their restricting cups. “Take off your bra, wanna see your tits. Please.”
A guttural growl was ripped from his throat as you quickly removed the material from your body. The way they bounced and rippled with every thrust. He couldn’t help but bring a hand up, squeezing the plush flesh. “Fucking beautiful.” He muttered, thumb teasing the bud.
With the last bit of energy you possessed, you rocked your hips on his cock causing the curve to hit your sensitive spot hidden within your velvety walls. That was enough to send you to your second high without warning, falling off the edge with a scream of his name.
But that didn’t stop his merciless thrusts. Using your lifeless body as a toy to please his cock. You were getting wetter at the thought of just being used as a tight hole for him to fuck. It shouldn’t turn you on as much as it did. His dominance over you was scary.
Your throat was dry and raw, every sound that rippled from it tore apart the skin. Peter wouldn’t dream of silencing you, the song you sang was too beautiful. “Yeah keep screaming my name. Shit, I am so close.” He groaned, hips were violent, bruising the skin of your thighs and hips.
The pain succumbed to the pleasure, masking any future aches you would inevitably experience. Your body was limb, he was in complete control of your movements. Brain dead in your euphoric haze. You sputtered nonsense, eyes droopy as hands grabbed his shoulders preventing you from falling forward.
The sounds from the collision were pornographic, sinful. The arousal that poured out from your core making it easy for his cock to dive deeper with every stroke. He was so close, eyes flickering between your bouncing tits and the contact your bodies made, enjoying the way his length was creamed with your juices.
Your body burned, insides twisting and turning. A fire spread uncontrollably through your veins. It was something you never experienced. Being brutally used. Peter, was loving the feeling of dominance, controlling every movement. “Fuck, you love me using you don’t you?”
You parted your lips, but your brain was not functioning, only a hum escaping. “Got you dumb for my cock do I?” He chuckled, his thrusts never ending. “Love me using you for my own pleasure. Just, grabbing you, fucking you down onto my big cock.”
His cockiness and confidence resonated between your quaking thighs. Only adding the wetness that pooled between them. “Getting wetter from me just talking to you? Fuck, you are the best girl. Feel so good and tight. Gonna make me cum.”
Moaning, you practically begged him to cum in fear you may mentally leave this planet and never return. “But, you need to cum one more time for me. Be my good girl, my best girl, and take it.” His voice was stern, not in the mood for negotiations.
Following his demand, his thumb found your forgotten clit. A sequence of curses and screams poured out as your stomach tightened. A new sensation appeared, an unfamiliar one. The pressure that pent up was about to explode. “Pete, I- too much.”
“One more. Give it to me. Let it go. Cum.”
And with that, everything collapsed. Vision blurred and spotted with black dots as your juices gushed from your fragile body. His cock was pushed out from your heat due to the force. His fast reflexes reacted, grabbing his cock, using the tip to rub fast motions across your swollen clit. Your cum covered his lower stomach and length. He groaned at the sight, watching the juices squirt from your convulsing body.
He guided you through the intense orgasm, using his cock to slowly trace your drenched folds, his tight grip pumping his throbbing cock as he did. “Atta girl, I got you.” He assured, caresses your soaked thighs. “But shit, I am gonna come baby, so fucking hard. Can I cum on your tits, please.”
“Yes! Yes! Fuck Pete you can cum wherever you want.” You slurred, brain drunk from the overstimulation your body was experiencing. Three intense orgasms in less than twenty minutes, you would’ve been considered lucky to achieve one on a given night.
He smirked, proud of his work. Fucked out and messy. It turned him on so much. His balls tightened, begging to find release. Gently, he cradled your lower back, laying you down on your back so he could straddled your waist.
Through heavy eyes, you watched him jerk his cock through a tight grip. His member was wet, glistening, covered in a mixture of your cum and his own precum. Veins bulging through his thin skin. Tip, red and angry, pulsating vigorously. Weakly, you placed a hand on his thigh, raking it, while the other played with his sensitive slit. “Fuck. Gonna be so pretty covered in my cum.”
“Cum Pete. Please. I want it so bad.” You pleaded, sticking your tongue out, hoping some would land in your mouth.
The sight of you below him, begging to be degraded. It sent him to his climax. His cock shooting out thick ropes of white cum while chanting your name loudly, with no shame. You had to clench your thighs at the sounds he made. Some landed on your face, most painted your chest. You were amazed at his load, it seemed like it would never end. Your weak hand joined his, helping him milk out every last drop. The touch of your tender, soft hand wrapped around him made him rut his hips against it as he rode out the feeling of pure ecstasy.
As the tingles that surged through him finally simmered, he collapsed down beside you. Breath heavy, and sharp. His cock twitched against his thigh, his whole person overstimulated by his senses that were dialed to a hundred. The dim light suddenly becoming too bright from him. He winced, turning his head towards you, which he immediately regretted when he saw you running your fingers across your chest, gathered up his cum on your slim digits. You carried it up to your mouth, sucking them clean. His jaw dropped. And suddenly the blood rushed back down south.
You turned your head to face him, heat rising to your cheeks after realising you’d been caught. You were intrigued. Peter took the chance to take in your appearance. Your chin was wet with a mixture of your spit and his cum, eyes still blooming with lust, hair messy and knotted. He closed his eyes, trying to remove the picture from his head as it wasn’t helping his current situation. Hearing a giggle, forced him to look at you, confused at the sudden outburst.
Your eyes were peering down at his growing length causing a red crimson colour to creep across his cheeks. “I was going to ask you to get me a rag to clean up because I don’t think I can walk, but I don’t think there is a point. I can see you have other ideas.”
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justauthoring · 2 years ago
sleepless nights // peter parker
request: Can you do and Imagine where the reader goes to Peter’s hotel room in the middle of the night.
please don’t plagiarize my work!
word count: 702
Tumblr media
You couldn’t sleep.
You very often couldn’t without Peter by your side. It had been like that ever since the two of you started dating and you’d grown more comfortable with one another.
When you’d first been playing for this trip, you’d assumed Peter and you would book an hotel room together. But MJ had wanted to share one with you, and you hadn’t been able to say to no to her pleading look. Which, lead you to your current situation.
You couldn’t sleep. You’d been tossing and turning for the past hour. Part of it was because you always struggled falling asleep in a new bed, in a new place in a foreign country. But even more so it was because you didn’t have Peter by your side. The bed felt empty without him, unable to turn on your side and comfortably lean your head on his chest. Instead, when you rolled over, all there was more empty bed.
So, after an hour of just laying there, wide awake, you’d made the decision to do something about it. It was clear you weren’t going to fall asleep, and it’s not like you could talk to MJ given that she’d practically passed out the moment her head hit the pillow so you were left on your own.
And with only a moment of consideration before making your decision, you pushed your off of your bed and onto your own two feet. You grabbed your pillow that you’d brought from home and your hotel card key before making your way to the door, slipping on some sandals before opening the door and quietly shutting it behind yourself. Peter’s hotel room, that he shared with Ned, was the next room down, so you didn’t have to walk far before you found yourself stood in front of his door, lightly knocking.
Luckily, it was Peter who answered the door. And by the look on his face, it seemed he hadn’t been able to get to sleep either.
Clutching your pillow to your chest, you pouted up at Peter like a child; “I can’t sleep.”
The first thought that had crossed Peter’s mind was that you looked adorable. You were in nothing but one of his old shirts and some shorts, with your pillow tucked protectively against your chest, with a small little pout on your lips. Peter found himself falling further in love with you just at the prospect of you being unable to sleep without him, something he could easily relate to.
With soft, tired chuckle, Peter stepped back; “come on.”
You followed with ease, slipping your sandals off as Peter shut the door behind him. As he lead you over to his bed, you couldn’t help but grin to yourself as Ned peacefully slept in the bed adjacent to you, snoring softly, without a care in the world.
You set your hotel card key on the nightstand next to you, pulling back the sheets before crawling into the bed next to Peter. With almost practiced ease, he slipped his arm over your waist, pulling you against his chest as you let your head fall into the crook of his neck. Instantly, you felt your body relax and your eyes suddenly grow heavy as your body sunk into the soft mattress.
“It felt weird not being in your arms,” you mumbled after a moment of silence, leaning back to meet Peter’s eyes. He returned your gaze, a soft smile playing on his lips as his hand moved to brush back strands of hair that had fallen into your eyes.
“It felt weird not having you in my arms,” Peter responds, “it’s like you read my mind. I wished for you to be here, and you came knocking at my door.”
“I love MJ but we should’ve just booked a room together,” you laugh slightly, biting your lip in thought.
Peter nods. “In hindsight, it would’ve been the better option.”
Licking your lips, you let your head fall back against Peter’s shoulder, sighing wistfully. “I’m tired,” you mumble a moment later, your voice muffled by your sleepiness.
“Go to sleep.” Peter assures, his thumb still stroking your cheek. “I’ll be here when you wake up.”
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lousimusician · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Request: Generally I feel like fanfics have Peter being the sub/one who doesn’t know anything about sex. But how about one where even though Peter doesn’t have a lot experience, he’s not a virgin either. And the reader is the one who is clueless and after dating Peter for a while she wants to start having different types of sex with him and it’s just Them over a period of months going through the different types of sex (starting with like oral and then fingering then all the way etc). And along the way they figure out her kinks and stuff. With Peter explaining stuff to the reader because he knows more than her. And maybe a little bit of dom peter? Thanks! Love you so much!
Needless to say, this series is 18+
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Experienced (Sequel) [Coming Soon]
How You Two Met
How You Two Became Closer
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