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Day 17 - Facial Hair Kink (Steve/Peter) pt 1

I went totally overboard with this and I didn’t get into the real smut of it so I’m going to call it pt 1 lol but I hope you enjoy! 🧡 I want to write more but I’m having a shit morning and I’ve got to work all day, so I won’t be able to finish it. But I’ll make a pt 2

Warnings: canon compliant excluding anything after homecoming, 17/18 year old Peter, beard kink, rogue avenger Steve


Peter had not been warned that the rogue Avengers were back.

And he had not been warned that fucking Captain America had a hot-ass beard.


He blinked rapidly, looking between Mr. Stark and the rouge-Steve Rogers. When had that happened?


Tony looked at him, sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Yeah…so, Peter, this is Steve. Steve? This is Peter.”

“Yeah, I watch him in detention,” Peter said weakly. Although the Captain America he was used to seeing and rolling his eyes at was much dorkier. And much less…hot.


Steve raised an eyebrow, looking mildly interested as he listened to the teen. “Detention…?” Then it seemed to dawn on him. “Ah. Yes, I remember those.” He almost looked embarrassed about it.

Peter shrugged. “Just means I’m immune to your disappointment,” he joked. Then he glanced away, brushing his hands through his hair. “Mr. Stark? Can I talk to you? For a moment?”

“I was just about to ask the same thing of you, Pete.” Tony stood up, walking to the doorway that Peter had just stepped through. “Shoot. What’s on your mind?”

“That’s Captain America,” the teen said dumbly.

“It is,” Tony confirmed.

“Isn’t he, like, a criminal?”

Tony sighed softly. “Uh…as of this moment, that is correct. But we’re working on it. For whatever reason,” he grumbled. “So he’s gotta stay here for a bit until we get it all worked out.” He shook his head, clearly not super thrilled with the idea.

“Right. Now…what did you need, Mr. Stark?”

Tony smiled weakly, watching him. “I hate to ask you…but I know you just started break, right? So you’ll be around here a lot. And…I’ll be in and out working on SI and pardoning our fugitives.”

Peter looked at him, expression unreadable for once. “And I’ve got a Spanish take-home test, a history paper to write, a-“

“What’s the paper on?”

“…World War Two,” Peter said weakly.

“Perfect!” Tony clapped his hands. “You can babysit Cap, make sure he stays here, and get firsthand information for your paper! And I’ll be sure to check up on you, okay? It’ll be great. I trust you, kid.”

Peter sighed. “Thanks,” he mumbled.


Being put on babysitting duty was incredibly boring to start.

Steve hardly talked at first. He just watched Peter with a weird intensity that kind of unnerved him.

Peter just worked at first, trying his best to ignore him. He still wasn’t exactly happy with Cap because of the whole airport incident. But he was trying to look past it.

And he couldn’t help but look at the captain occasionally. The beard really drew him in.

Of course, he always thought that the other man was attractive. Maybe Mr. Stark had been his sexual awakening, but Captain America definitely helped him confirm his sexuality in younger years.

But the beard really did it for him.

He couldn’t help but imagine that beard between his thighs, leaving a delicious burn; the kind he’d only ever experienced after a brief hookup with someone who at the time he’d believed looked a bit like Mr. Stark. (Don’t drink, kids)

His cheeks flushed as he accidentally made eye contact with the other man again. Whoops. Good thing the Captain wasn’t a mind reader. That would have been mortifying.

Although with the way that Steve was looking at him, he could almost believe that the man could read his every filthy thought that he was having about him.

“What?” He finally asked, setting his pencil down.

Steve’s cheeks flushed lightly and he glanced away again. He cleared his throat before speaking. “Uh- sorry. You just…remind me of…someone.”

Peter gave him a look, raising an eyebrow. “And who would that be?” He didn’t mean to be so snippy, but he was still embarrassed and felt like he got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to.

The tone caught Steve by surprise and he laughed. “Look, there it is again,” he commented. “You remind me…a bit of myself.”

Peter didn’t look amused.

“Before the serum,” Steve clarified.

That didn’t exactly make Peter feel much better. “Weren’t you, like, a hundred pounds before the serum? I’m skinny, but I’m not-“

“I mean, that’s not exactly what I meant.” Steve shook his head. “Just…you’re the spider one, aren’t you? Queens,” he said fondly. “Don’t look so shocked. I remember you. And you’ve got the same attitude. But yeah, you remind me a bit of myself. But…you can already kick ass. I couldn’t even breathe right.” He snorted.

Peter cracked a smile at that. “I had a few health problems before I got my powers too. Needed glasses. Had some…tummy issues.” He blushed lightly. “I was kind of a fragile kid. But not nearly as bad as I heard you were,” he joked.

“No, I’m not sure it’s possible to be as bad as I was,” Steve agreed with a chuckled. One hand stroked over his beard as he thought.

Peter couldn’t tell if he was drooling or not.

The feeling of the hair under his fingertips seemed to stir something in Steve. “I need to shave,” he mumbled. “Does Tony keep a razor around here or anything?”

“Don’t you dare.”

That definitely wasn’t what Peter meant to say.

The comment seemed to startle Steve. “Uh…I mean, I guess I don’t have to…”

Peter coughed, closing his book and brushing a hand through his hair as he looked away. Whoops. Got a little carried away there, Parker. “No, you do what you want. Sorry. That was…weird.”

“Maybe a little.” The older man chuckled, still watching him. “How old are you, kid?” He asked suddenly.

Peter blushed. That question always led to something right out of his inappropriate daydreams. “I-I’m eighteen. Sir.”

Steve hummed. He knew he shouldn’t do anything. Peter was too young. Still in high school. But he could tell the interest was there. And he was legal, so what was the harm? Two consenting adults. It would be alright unless Stark caught them. “Come here.”

He dared to be bold and sat back from the table, patting his thigh like he wanted the young man to sit down.

Peter just stared at him for a moment, mouth open just slightly. He didn’t know what to do. Captain America was totally making a move on him.

Steve seemed to backtrack, brushing a hand through his hair awkwardly. “We don’t need to. I’m sorry.”

Peter shook his head quickly, standing up. Then he plopped himself in the Captain’s lap, eyes wide and cheeks burning. “No. It’s…it’s alright.”

He obviously had no idea what he was doing. He had a very limited knowledge of hookups and what to do, and absolutely no one could prepare him for Steve Rogers.

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Day 8 - Puppy Play (Steve/Peter)

This was so fun to write and now I’m thinking about this a lot lol I hope everyone enjoys!

Warnings: mob boss au (not really mentioned, just so you can have it in mind for characterization), pup!Steve, puppy play, Peter’s age isn’t mentioned but he’s meant to be an adult


“Steve. Here,” Peter ordered, watching his guard closely.

Steve shivered at the tone. He dropped to his knees like he knew he was supposed to, crawling towards the younger man.

Peter smirked, legs spreading as the other man got closer. “That’s a good boy,” he cooed. “Up.”

The blond was on his knees, hands up on the chair between Peter’s leg in an ‘up’ position.

“That’s it…” he started undoing Steve’s shirt, revealing full muscles and a black harness, stark contrast against his pale skin. “Perfect. Knew you wouldn’t disappoint,” he murmured. “I’m sorry we can’t get the rest of your gear, but daddy is feeling impatient.”

Steve whimpered softly at the words, pupils dilating at Peter’s use of ‘daddy’ on himself. “It’s okay,” he murmured. Then he pressed his lips together tightly at the look Peter gave him.

“Puppies don’t talk,” the other man reminded him.

The dynamic was always interesting. Steve liked being Peter’s puppy, despite being twice the man’s size. If he was a dog, most would assume he’d be something of a Doberman. Huge, sleek, strong. Seemingly in charge.

Until he’s rolled over, showing his belly for his master. Definitely more puppy like. Not the big strong guard that he typically was for Peter. He was obedient, only wanting to follow orders.

He was torn out of his thoughts with a tweak to his right nipple, whining indignantly.

Peter chuckled. “Hey. You were zoning out. You okay, puppy?” There was a lazy smile on his face as he watched Steve nod. “Okay. Good.” He pushed the man’s shirt off completely, smirking at the fully shown off harness.

His hands dropped to cup the blond’s chest, humming appreciatively. “I can never get over these tits.” He grinned, thumbs brushing over dusty pink nipples slowly. He watched them harden under the attention, pinching them gently after.

Steve moaned weakly, biting his lip. He looked up at Peter, giving him the best puppy dog eyes that he could manage. He couldn’t talk, so he had to convey his thoughts through his actions and noises. But he had gotten pretty good at that, even if Peter wanted to act like he didn’t know what he was telling him.


Peter slowly pulled his hands away, humming softly. “I suppose you’ll need to stand for just a moment. Just so we can finish getting you undressed.” He watched the other man expectantly. “Come on, puppy,” he added playfully.

Steve slowly stood, unbuttoning his dress slacks before letting Peter finish getting them off. Then the same treatment was given to his boxers. He stepped away from them, down on all fours again once Peter pointed to the ground.

“Good boy,” Peter murmured, slowly rubbing at himself through his own dress pants. “You’re always so beautiful.” He eyed the swelling cock and full balls between his pet’s legs, chuckling to himself. “I guess it’s been a little while since we’ve been together like this. I’m sorry, pup. Daddy’s just been so busy, you know. But I’m here now.”

Steve nodded, eyes wide and shining as he watched Peter. He was just waiting for orders. He did anything that his master told him.

Smirking, Peter slowly unzipped his own pants. He didn’t push them off, just left them open. Then he pushed his boxers down, just exposing his cock and balls. He stayed fully dressed other than that. “Come here,” he said gently.

There he was. There was Steve’s softer master. Peter had a tendency to be tougher, colder when he was at work. It was just what he was supposed to be. What was expected of him. But Steve knew who he really was. Soft, gentle, playful.

He crawled to him quickly, nuzzling against the younger man’s thigh.

Peter chuckled, one hand stroking through Steve’s hair. It was getting a bit long, but it was beautiful. And he liked having something to hold onto. “You’re so pretty, Stevie. But you already know that.”

He hummed softly, eyes trailing over his pet slowly. “That looks like it hurts,” he murmured, addressing his cock. “Looks like puppy needs some help.”

Steve nodded in agreement, whimpering pitifully. His hips thrust weakly, despite not getting any sort of friction from it. His heavy cock bobbed at the movement.

“Oh, I know. I know.” Peter smiled at him, but he obviously had a plan. “Sit,” he ordered gently.

Steve sat, backside squirming a bit as though he had a tail to wag.

Peter laughed as he watched, shaking his head. “You’re so excited, puppy. It’s almost like you know what I’m thinking,” he teased. “Now show me your belly.”

Steve laid down before turning over, tongue lolling out as he watched his master. He stretched, muscles tight and flexed.

“Such a pretty boy,” Peter praised, getting out of his chair and leaning at Steve’s side. One hand slid over the pet’s stomach, a chuckle leaving him as he watched his cock twitch. “Eager, aren’t you?”

Steve made a soft noise, squirming slightly. He shifted his position a bit, trying to use the movement to get Peter’s hand lower.

“You are so naughty,” Peter scolded, but he was laughing. Obviously unbothered. His hand dropped, cupping Steve’s heavy balls and humming as he rolled them in his fingers. It was quite a feat for one hand, but he was just feeling. Not trying to use the action to get him off; that would have taken two hands. “So tight, puppy. This can’t be comfy,” he said, almost sounding sorry. “We’ll need to do something about that.”

Another whine left Steve, his hips rolling up in an attempt to get friction to his full and sensitive cock. He watched his master closely, panting softly.

Then Peter finally, finally got his hand around the length, smirking at the noise that it caused from his pup. “I know, that’s what you want. Don’t worry, I’m here. I’ll make you feel good, Stevie. I promise.”

Steve knew he could trust his master. He always did. So he just smiled at him, hips rocking a bit before moaning.

“That’s it, I know. I know,” Peter said sweetly, stroking him slowly.

He loved his pup. And Steve loved his master.

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@skoldpaddastark for the sneaky little brat trying to get @vaguekiwi on her side, you’re not drinking caffeine at four in the morning. I did my homework, did a moodboard and wanted to apologize for taking so long to respond and what do I find? These two angry at me for being the logical thinker.


This is, what, third or fourth mb inspired by the devil all the time

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This is the most productive I’ve been in days, here, have the third tdatt inspired moodboard. I read @send-me-your-hcs and @tonystarkisaslut ’s comments on writing a dark au with Arvin Russell and I died. And then Ru (can I call you Ru?) electrocuted me back to life only to stab me in the heart with the stories spun from the word asks. Of course @puppypeter solved a very daunting problem for me and now I’m planning yet another work. The devil all the time has ruined me. (And so have these three above, I now have a longing for sad tom.)


I forgot the ship name, just whoosh, gone.

Gracie indirectly led me to one of the names, thanks love.

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Spidershield  |  “Is this seat taken?”

Peter is a college student who takes the train from Boston to New York City every other weekend to see his widowed Aunt. Steve is an up and coming veteran artist heading back home from his first art gallery showing after Iraq. With rough pasts, neither of them ever expected to heal from their scars, let alone find love, and definitely not on a train.

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Imagine: CW is over, the Avengers are reunited, and Tony wants to introduce them to Peter. But Peter already knows Steve and Bucky because he traveled to their time with a time machine and they had a poly relationship there…..

“May I introduce you to Peter Parker aka Spiderman?” Tony pointing to the teenager next to him. Peter smiled and waved. Bucky looked up from his book; “You look pretty, doll.” At that moment Steve came out of the kitchen. He eyed Peter and smiled. “Is that my sweater, sugar?” „What the fuck!,” Clint finally said, “can someone explain that?” Peter climped onto Bucky’s lap, cleared his throat and indicated that they should sit down. “Well, it started when I accidentally built a time machine…”

This night it is good that the walls are soundproof ;)

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Hey, sorry it took so long for anything to come out. I started a new job, and my gf and I are trying to move - life is just crazy. Anyway - I hope you enjoy this! I’m working on more as we speak.

Spidershield, NFF


The party was a great success in Steve’s mind as he cleaned up the last of the drink cups from the coffee table. He’d clean up the rest tomorrow sometime. The guests were in their rooms, and Peter had already gone to bed too. Though Steve was about to stop in to give him a goodnight kiss on the cheek.

He didn’t bother knocking figuring Peter was already asleep. All the birthday party gifts and people were a lot of stimulation for the younger man. Peter sat up in the bed smiling at Steve as he entered. Steve returned the smile. “I didn’t wake you, did I?” He asked.

Peter shook his head, looking a little shy. He bothered his lower lip with his front teeth. They’d danced around each other for sometime; lingering stares and soft touches. They’d kissed a few times - but kept the budding relationship tame. Steve often cited Peter’s age as a factor in that.

Steve moved toward the bed and leaned down to kiss Peter goodnight. Peter eagerly presses his lips to Steve’s and gripped the front of the man’s shirt. “I turned 18 today,” he whispered when they parted.

Steve chuckled softly. “I was there,” he replied.

“So I’m an adult now… and I want a special, adult present,” Peter continued, “From you.”

Peter blushed furiously as he spoke. Steve felt his own cheeks heat up at the innocent implication. “I… I think I can do that,” He answered. Steve kissed Peter and pulled back the covers. Peter lay completely naked under the blankets. Steve bit his lip to keep from moaning. He quickly stripped out of his shirt and crawled in the bed next to Peter, who sat up to meet him.

Peter gripped Steve’s belt and opened it quickly. He cupped Steve’s covered cock and moaned softly. “God, you’re bigger than I imagined…” he murmured.

Steve tilted his head back, stifling a groan. “That mouth of yours…” he huffed, “Gonna get you in trouble.”

“I want to be in trouble,” Peter flirted. His face flushed deeper red as he spoke. He kissed Steve again, chaste and quick. Steve lowered him to the mattress, laying flat on his back.

He dragged his lips down Peter’s throat, his tongue darting out to taste. Peter trembled ever so slightly, his hands gripping Steve’s shoulders tight. Steve nipped at Peter’s skin, forcing a quiet gasp from the birthday boy. He found the suitable place on Peter’s neck, and sucked a hickey there. Peter couldn’t help but giggle. “People will see that!” He said.

“That’s what you want though, baby,” Steve replied.

Peter laughed again and nodded. He tugged Steve’s pants down. “I want more than hickeys from you,” he said.

“Be patient,” Steve playfully chided.

“It’s my birthday,” Peter said with a pout, “And I’ve waited too long to have you.”

Steve suppressed a laugh and nodded. He and Peter had waited - though they’d fooled around some before. Steve moves on the bed again, lying between Peter’s legs.

Peter blushed again and covered his face a little. He peered at Steve through his fingers though. Steve gazed back, his eyes half hooded and pupils dark. He curled his fingers around Peter’s cock where it stood in front of his face. Peter shivered, then jumped when Steve dragged his tongue up the length of his dick.

Steve kept licking with long, slow swipes of his tongue. Peter’s thighs trembled and closed slightly around the blonde man’s head. He whimpered, and startled again when Steve’s hands gripped his legs and pushed them back open. Peter watched, breathing heavily, as the man below him took the tip of his cock into his mouth.

“Oh, god!” Peter moaned. The inside of Steve’s mouth was hot and wet, and it fully engulfed Peter’s dick in no time.

Peter threw his head back, groaning and closing his eyes. He pressed a hand over his mouth, embarrassed at the high pitched whines Steve sucked out of him. His other hand gripped Steve’s hair, tangling in the short golden locks.

Steve easily sucked Peter’s length down and hollowed out his cheeks to create a vacuum around it. Peter’s hips bucked and twitched. The hand he placed on Steve’s head tugged at his hair. He gave the man broken, breathy moans. Steve rolled his tongue over Peter’s throbbing skin.

“Don’t stop!” Peter begged.

Steve grinned as much as he could with dick in his mouth. He alternated licking and sucking at Peter’s cock, teasing relentlessly. Peter writhed and moaned louder, tangling his other hand up in Steve’s hair.

“Steve,” he panted, “Gonna cum!”

Steve sucked harder at Peter’s confession, earning him a swear and more mumbling mewls. Peter’s hands moved from Steve’s head to bedsheets below, twisting them up. His hips bucked again and his body shivered. Peter arched his back and gasped as he came, spilling into Steve’s mouth.

Steve moaned too, and swallowed what he could, before popping off of Peter. The younger man trembled in the after glow. “Mmm…” he hummed as he looked at Steve, still sitting between his legs. “That was… oh, amazing…”

Steve grinned and moved to sit up. He rubbed a hand over Peter’s abs. “Well, I hope you’re up for more.”

Peter nodded and opened up his legs some more. “So ready… I’ve been practicing,” he admitted.

Steve closed his eyes and groaned, imagining Peter stretching himself open. “You’re the worst tease,” he said.

Peter laughed again. “Come on,” he said, settling back against his pillows, “I want my second present.”

Steve tugged his pants off, watching the way Peter’s eyes widened with anticipation. He kissed the younger man on the lips then, his cock resting heavy against Peter’s stomach. “Happy Birthday, baby.”

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OFF AND ON - spidershield moodboard

“keeping up old ways

expecting diferent things”

- off and on (sales)

peter and steve have been together for three years, falling in and out of relationships, only to come back to each other every time.

no matter how much they fight, at the end of the day, they love each other enough to do it again tomorrow.

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Sorry it took a little while! Hope this is what you were looking for :) I picture Peter as a first-year college student, so around 18. Also let’s honestly pretend that after civil war they all made up and a few years on they’re all a happy family, but Steve is still trying the Nomad look. This fic completely ignores Infinity war and endgame :)

Tags: Daddy kink, size kink (I couldn’t help myself), honestly there’s no proper consent given, they kind of just go for it so please be careful :) Peter also turns into a bit of a needy sub, so a *little* bit of sub drop as well

Peter has never been good at hiding his feelings. Okay, like its not his fault he blushes too easily and stutters and sweats. And after the spider bite, everything is so much worse. It also doesn’t help that he’s a gay young adult who spends his time with older and hotter men that are the definition of ‘daddy’. Which he would never tell them of course because they don’t need the ego boost (Peter would definitely tell them if he could). Especially Steve Rogers, who he had been pining after for years. 

Steve doesn’t even know how hot he is either, which makes Peter go insane. He just walks around the compound in super tight shirts, or wears no shirt at all when training. Which was basically how this whole thing started. 

He had already been worked up - this was his first real break since he started college - freshly 18, balancing a part-time job (even though Tony told him he could just work at SI and get paid a lot more) with classes, study, and spiderman. His hormones were all over the place because of the stress - which is what he blames for this. Tony had thankfully sent the quinjet for him down at MIT after realising that Peter was stressed, and what better way of relaxing then to use the compounds state of the art gym. While thanking the gods that most of the team is out on a mission and the gym is quiet, he starts to pick up on the showers running but doesn’t think much of it. He’s got a towel anyway, so he figures he might as well go into the change rooms and place his gear down before getting started. Except walking in, he sees Steve. Completely naked, who hasn’t shut the fucking door because, shit, Tony didn’t tell him he was coming and they’re the only ones who use the gym, so of course Steve wouldn’t think anyone would interrupt him. He can’t help but trail his eyes over the view he gets of his back, of the strong arms washing his hair, leading to a trim waist and filling out in the…

Peter whimpers. Steve, the super-soldier he is, obviously hears and whips around quickly, showing Peter a perfect view of a half hard, honestly gigantic, cock. His eyes slowly trail up his abs, over those muscles again, and then reach, fuck a beard, which Peter hasn’t even seen before which has him subconsciously licking his lips, and then drags his eyes up to meet Steve’s. Which are staring directly at him.

“Peter what are you… I didn’t realise you were coming back.” He holds eye contact with Peter, but reaches and quickly turns the water off. The air is still humid.

Peter doesn’t reply. He’s so distracted, he can’t get a proper thought in. He has no idea what’s happening, but he feels like he’s floating. And, because of the buildup of stress, and everything else, he blames it all on what happens next. Peter walks up to him, and just starts pressing sloppy kisses to the side of Steve’s neck. Steve groans, strong hands coming down to grip onto Peter’s small hips, pressing them together and shit, he’s so much smaller than Steve, and he can feel Steve’s cock start filling up against his stomach and he can’t help but whine in need and keep practically licking up the water on his neck, scratching his face with the beard, basically making himself be claimed and marked. 

He pulls away slightly, eyes half-lidded and glazed over, looking up at Steve from beneath his eyelashes.

“‘m sorry daddy, couldn’t help myself.”

Steve groans, throws his head back.

“You’re killing me Peter.”

“Couldn’t resist,” He goes back to nuzzling in the beard, his hands gripping onto Steve’s wide shoulders, standing on his tippy toes to reach more of him because he’s so fucking tall. 

“Fuck, you’re okay. Could barely resist you myself, looking all pretty all the god damn time. Thought you being off at college would be good for me, but just want you more.”

“Please,” Peter whimpers, breathing hotly onto his neck. “Please, please.” He’s kissing his neck again.

“I got you,” Steve says, and pulls him in impossibly closer.

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Ok, Spidershield is a THING for me. Just the size kink and the oof of it all. Well, here is a little morsel. This inspired me to work on something more in depth.

Contains: You pick Peter’s age, Spanking (obviously), Pet Names

Peter shivered in Steve’s lap, the breeze from the AC juxtaposing with the heat radiating off the larger man. His hands were clinging to the arm of the chair and he tried to bite back the cry that came out as Steve’s hand came down again.

He ached. His ass was on fire and he was sure it was cherry red. And yet…

“Another…please…” Peter begged, his hips twitching and dragging his hard, leaking cock against the rough denim covering Steve’s legs.

Steve hummed, rubbing Peter’s flaming behind with a rough palm before bringing that very hand down once more, causing Peter to jerk forward with a moan. “Feeling good, baby doll?” Steve crooned, pinching Peter’s cheeks before striking them again.

Oh, did Peter feel good. He was floating like Steve promised him, feeling high and free and soft. He whimpered in response, cock leaking more and more against Steve’s leg.

“Please, more? More, Sir?” Peter insisted, wanting to stay in this headspace a bit longer.

Steve chuckled, raining several more spankings down on Peter’s backside. “So sweet for me,” Steve said, another strike. “Such a perfect fucking ass.”

Peter was tearing up, lips tasting salty from sweat and tears. “Don’t stop, Sir. More…”

The older, stronger man didn’t stop. He struck Peter again and again, Peter’s ass bouncing with each smack of his hand. It started to become too much, too sweet, and Peter began to cry in earnest. Once that moment came to pass, Steve stilled his hand and rubbed Peter’s bare back, fingers catching on pronounced shoulder blades.

“You’re so good, darling. So good.”

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“get over yourself, you’re not that great.”

peter awoke in a daze, sputtering and panting wildly as he flailed under the thick comforter set and steve’s grip around his waist. he whined, clearly upset, and failed to notice steve as he stirred into consciousness.

his blue eyes seemed dull and tired, mostly due to the two and a half hours of sleep they had gotten. exhaustion was still settled deep into hhs bones but peter was his first priority. “what’s the matter, pete?”

“it’s, uh, nothing.”

quirking an eyebrow at his boyfriend’s hesitance, steve flopped him over onto his back and cradled his face in his palms comfortingly. “did you have another nightmare?”

almost instantaneously, peter had tears well up in his eyes and choked on a sob, shaking under steve’s hold. they never liked to talk about their past since it was so sensitive and still hurt, especially on peter’s behalf, but both knew it had to be addressed at some point or another. steve absolutely hated seeing peter get so shaken up over something that should’ve already been handled.

“you know i love you, right? i love you more than anything in this world. you’re the first thing on my mind when i wake up and the last thing i see before i go to sleep.”

peter nodded along and was eventually reduced to quiet hiccups and the occasional sniffle. steve smoked, pressing kisses to his cheeks, the tip of his nose, his forehead, before landing on his lips.

“i adore you, sunshine.”

send me a trope + a ship + a number

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“please, daddy!” peter whined, voice barely there and breathy, “i’ll behave, promise!”

steve sighed, looking down at the shiny glock held tightly in his hand. his knuckles were white and his hands shook from how aggressive and unrelenting his grip was.

he never particularly enjoyed punishing peter; he didn’t like seeing him cry other than when he was pulling orgasm after orgasm from his boy in the confinement of their bedroom. bad behavior wasn’t something he could just excuse. peter wouldn’t learn anything if there weren’t consequences to his actions.

steve’s eyes flickered over to the plug laying idley on his desk. just a few minutes prior— when he had bent peter over the desk, pushed his skirt up, and spanked his ass until it was cherry red— he pulled the prettily jeweled thing out from his greedy hole and belittled him until he was quietly crying and begging to be forgiven.

peter never dealt well with disappointment, especially not when steve was the disappointed one.

“can-can i please go apologize to mis-mister barnes, daddy? i need to-to say sorry! i didn’t mean it, honest.”

steve flicked the safety off his gun and took satisfaction when peter jumped, whimpering into his quivering arms. he pressed the tip of the glock against peter’s hole, running it around his rim mindlessly, and propped his head up on the heel of his palm with a show of boredom etched into his features.

“bucky’s not mad, sweetpea.” peter gave a sigh of relief at that, but it trailed off into a quiet cry once steve continued, “but that doesn’t mean i’m not.”

pressing the tip of the gun past his rim, steve licked his lips and took joy in the soft keening sounds peter made. his body betrayed him, though; despite the pretty little noises he made and the canting of his hips, he was absolutely terrified. steve never thought things through particularly well when he was furious.

“please, please, daddy!” peter wasn’t even sure what he was begging for, truth be told, but he knew that he desperately wished steve wasn’t as mad as he was. “i said i was sorry! please! please!

when he felt a blunt pressure rubbing against his prostate, peter lost it. he moaned high and loud, refusing to give up on his begging. whether it be the adrenaline rush or pure fear itself, he wasn’t sure which, peter came harder than he ever had before; he saw stars, went boneless against the desk, and screamed until his throat felt raw.

steve pulled the trigger after he had come down, and peter yelped in fear, legs finally giving out. the gun wasn’t loaded.

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camboy au

ragingcaptain: all i’m saying is i could take better care of you

prettypeter: omg pls stop

prettypeter: what part of i like my job do you not comprehend

ragingcaptain: i could take better care of you! you wouldn’t have to do this anymore

prettypeter has left the chat.

steve dropped his head into his hands, feeling more contrite than anything, and basked in his epitome of never ending stubbornness and stupidity.

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Is This A Pregnant Thing? Preview!



So the app store deleted my favorite fake-chat software, but I found a new one thats okayish. So within the next few days I will be posting a new groupchat with the Barnes-Rodgers! Reader. This particular thread takes place slightly farther in Y/N’s pregnancy (a throwback to an earlier chat).

I hope to have the full thing up later this week, but until then here’s a small teaser to ease me back into the swing of posting 😂

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Pietro Maximoff x Female!reader

@20coldhearts said:

can you pls do prompt 3 from your halloween one wihh the pietro pls 🥺🥺


Reader and partner (kids if you want) go to a pumpkin patch

I had no other idea what to call this lol and I just finished hunger games so I am absolutely adding some of those characters to my Masterlist!


Word Count: 527

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