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With Spideychelle Recathon coming to an end, I can’t help but say that I’m very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful fandom community, and I can’t wait to join the next Spideychelle-themed event! But for now, here’s some newer fanworks I’ve stumbled upon that I really enjoyed reading! @spideychelleweek

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Alright, here we are! First prompt of the day!

37. Making sure to be quiet while they’re taking a nap.

Although MJ didn’t know much about Peter’s life as Spider-Man, despite the fact he was telling her little bits and pieces of what he did, she knew some patrols left him black and blue and exhausted.

So if he was seen sprawled out on the couch of their little studio apartment, still clad in his Spider-Man suit, then that was something she knew she wouldn’t ever question about.

After a long day of working at the small coffee shop she managed to get hired at while both her and Peter were attending ESU, MJ heaved a sigh before unlocking her and Peter’s apartment door, shoving it open.

Before she switched the light on, she remembered Peter had gone out on patrol while she was working. She should know.

She almost had to evacuate the customers in her coffee shop because Peter was busy fighting Rhino down the street.

She looked over at the couch in their little living room to hear the sound of soft, steady breathing coming from her best friend and roommate, Peter Parker.
She smiled a tiny bit when she noticed him flopped over the couch, still wearing his red and black suit, a bruise blossoming over his left cheek, and a split lip that had stopped bleeding long before she got home.

MJ was well-aware of the fact that Peter had enhanced hearing, so he was sometimes a pretty light sleeper. Even the smallest noise would startle him awake, and make him sit up and look around for intruders.

MJ didn’t want to risk the possibility of waking him, so she was very quiet and considerate in taking off her clunky, black army boots she always wore, setting them at the front door, keeping the volume of her actions down to a minimum.

She was especially careful when hanging her keys on the hook by the door, having dropped them once before and causing Peter to shoot awake and onto the ceiling of the living room before he spotted her and dropped down with a sheepish, tired chuckle.

MJ carefully crept through the small path in between the living room and kitchen to head into her room to get one of her books to read before settling down to drink her espresso. She wanted to let Peter sleep for as long as humanly possible, knowing the fight with Rhino took a lot out of him.

Grabbing the book she was reading off of her nightstand, she tiptoed back into the living room, carefully sitting down on the couch right next to Peter’s head.

He shifted a bit from the sudden dip in his current sleeping spot, eyes flickering open to glance up at whoever just entered his vision.

MJ smiled at him when he rolled over onto his back to look up at her, a dopey, tired smile on his face. “Hey, Tiger. I didn’t wake you, did I?”

Peter rested the back of his head on her thigh, sighing and closing his eyes when she absent-mindedly started running her fingers through his sweaty curls. “Nah… You’re good…”

Send me a prompt, and I’ll write a short drabble or draw a picture based on it!

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acceptance speech

At the end of his senior year at USC, Peter lies awake in his bed and runs over his failures in 35mm. It feels epically suffocating. 

He grunts, slamming his hand on the twisted duvet, and rolls out of his bed. Peter can’t help but pace, running tracks in his shitty carpet, as his brain spirals out of control. So, he starts to write. 

At first, he writes about how angry he is, and how frustrating being thrust into the adult world with no compass feels, but it starts to transform the more his thoughts unwind on the page. It becomes less of a diary and more of a monologue. It is true and tired.

Hours start to slip out of his fingertips, eating at time, and when he blinks to realization as the sun starts to rise, Peter has something of a script on his hands. Or the outlines of one. He doesn’t know what it is or why it makes his eyes wet, but he has the feeling he shouldn’t stop now. He should keep pushing

or Peter Parker wants to be a director. Michelle Jones is an actress.

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I’m back w more spideychelle/petermj fic recs. Previous one are listed below by trope/genre:

part 1: slow burn

part 2: fake dating

part 3: roommate aus

part 4: soulmate aus

part 5: badass mj

part 6: pwp

part 7: domestic fluff

part 8: petermj as parents

part 9: angst with a happy ending

part 10: emotional support mj

part 11: enemies to lovers

part 12: outsider pov

part 13: secret relationship

part 14: fwb

part 15: there was only one bed

part 16: break up + make up

part 17: peter parker pining

All fic rec lists in this series are tagged #rose recs and #roserecs so you can easily browse them and find fics.

This is one of my fave tropes to read and write, esp to write bc it makes writing j a tiny bit easier lol. If there are fics you feel are missing then check the other rec lists above as I may have already featured it, otherwise I may not have read it/didn’t necessarily love it. As always, I won’t include my own spideychelle fics in the rec list but I have a few 5+1 fics of my own so should you want, you can check out my ao3!!

Part 18- 5+1

1. every kind of way by lightzout- childhood friends to lovers fic w 5 times  Peter demonstrates that he is a hero in his own right and 1 time he’s a hero as spidey and MJ doesn’t really care lol

2. hello, welcome home by CrimsonPetrichor- 5 sort-of confessions + 1 confession that really matters

3. The L Word by @spideybrells- 5 words beginning with L MJ associates with Peter and one L word they associate w each other

4. 5 Times Peter Parker Heard About Miles Morales by Never_Give_In- I generally don’t like fics where MJ is related to pre-existing characters bc it feeds into a bad trope of making all black people/poc related which I hate but this fic where Miles is MJ’s brother is a load of fun

5. Conclusions Drawn by lady_oneder- light on the Peter/MJ but a fun and hilarious fic about Peter’s classmates suspecting that he’s a male escort

6. I Do’t Doubt Your Heart by @rockyblue- such a sweet fic about 5 times MJ almost tells Peter she loves him + 1 time she does!!

7. please write something in your empty word doc by lostnfound14- 5 times Peter and MJ accidentally run into each other + 1 time it’s planned (this is the first part of a series called freshmen are people too and you should definitely read the entire thing!!)

8. like a light came on by @mynameisbirdie- 5 times Peter thinks he might be in love with MJ + 1 time he knows for sure

9. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by @spideysmjs- 5 + 1 of times Peter and MJ go to weddings

10. 5 times mj meets peter’s family by @you-guys–are-losers- 5+ 1 of times MJ meets Peter’s family, it’s literally in the title 

11. From Peter, With Love by @spideysmjs- 5 times Peter gives MJ something for Valentine’s day + 1 MJ gets him something

Once you’re done reading pls don’t forget to leave kudos and a comment, no matter how short, letting the writer know you loved their work!!!

Thanks x

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There’s so much incredible fanart on here that it’s insane! I’m not only posting art for today, but I’m also thanking everyone who has featured me today in their posts! It means a lot to me that you’re featuring some of my work. Y’all are the real MVPs!

  • Peter and MJ Through the Years by @machiavelien​: From their wedding day to the day they found out their daughter’s sticky like her father. I freaking love all of these drawings! They’re freaking adorable! I also really like the grey/purple coloring. Something about it makes me happy, idk why, lol.
  • Miniskirt Part 1 and Part 2 by @pellisoro​: This never fails to crack me up! MJ decides to wear a miniskirt on a date with Peter, and…the outcome doesn’t exactly go according to plan. The art style is adorable, and I love how freaked out they both get at the end!
  • Power Couple by @coykoii​: Jon Watts, take notes! Imagine how unstoppable they’d be if they team up! They’d be amazing! 
  • MJ Spooning Peter by @machiavelien​: I freaking love the pose for this, and the hands look amazing! For me, hands are probably the hardest thing to draw, so I praise whoever can draw hands like this!
  • Spideychelle Cuddles by @nathvods​: Look how cute these two are! The art style is adorable, and I love the look of pure love on Peter’s face!
  • First Date Failure by @pellisoro​: Two adorable drawings with one of the cutest art styles ever!
  • Fluffy Spideychelle by @machiavelien​: I love the little heart background, and how sweet these two look! Also, the scarring on Peter? Yes.
  • Casual Affection by @scoliatrash​: Peter and MJ holding hands on the subway! The background is incredible, and I love how these two both look!
  • Explosion by @iovewords​: Don’t worry, they’ll make it out alive. I love the comic-like background, and lighting in this picture! It looks amazing!
  • Reading and Swinging by @joleanart​: The background and colors are amazing, and I love how content MJ looks! She’s just enjoying her book, not caring that she’s most likely several hundred feet off the ground. She trusts Peter not to drop her, and I love her for it.
  • Gunslinger MJ by @carysma​: The background, the shading, the freaking guns… It looks absolutely amazing! This drawing is also an upcoming scene in one of my favorite fics, May I Stand Unshaken by @spiderman-homecomeme​, which makes it even better!
  • MJ Tending to Peter’s Wounds by @machiavelien​: I really like the poses, and attention to detail in this one, as well as the muted colors (I really like muted colors. I think they look really nice!)! This is also some fic art, except it’s for @seek-rest​‘s Roommates AU, each coming night!
  • Upside Down Kiss by @doofusface​: Pencil sketches never fail to amaze me! These two look so cute, too!
  • Another Upside Down Kiss by @coykoii​: Can’t forget this one! I love the little blush on their faces, and Peter’s upside down speech bubble! They look amazing!
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I’ve been researching the Spider-Man comics for a few days now as inspiration for one if my own fics, and I have to say, the stuff I found is pretty interesting (and some are super gory, but I’m not gonna go there)! It’s hard to find stuff with comic elements, but here are a few of the fics and many pieces of fanart I managed to find! @spideychelleweek

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Thank you for bringing this song back into my life and for making me realise I may love writing Flash more than anything. I’ve hidden half of this under the cut because it got a little long (shocker, I know.)


it gives me thrills (to wind you up)

“My fingertips are holding onto,
The cracks in our foundation,
And I know that I should let go,
But I can’t.”

Ned opens the door with a look of complete exhaustion, barely perking up when he sees the armful of overly expensive snacks in his friend’s arms.

There’s only one thing that can deflate a perpetual bubble of positivity like Ned.

His roommates.

“Out of the way, Sam Spade,” Flash says as he barges past his sullen friend. Betty is hot on his heels, dropping a kiss to Ned’s cheek before making herself busy in the kitchen, packing away beer bottles into the tiny fridge. Undeterred by the unusual vibe of the apartment, Flash heads straight for the coffee table, where he dramatically opens his arms and lets the snacks fall where they may - most landing on the carpeted floor.

Ned falls into his armchair heavily, an open beer already in his hands. A door slams somewhere in the apartment, making the guests jump; Ned just drains half the bottle in one go.

Peter appears from the hallway, cheeks flushed. Flash gives him a strange look as he actually accepts the high-five offered as a greeting, which further narrows as Michelle storms into the living space with her arms crossed. 

“Hey, Michelle, found any -”

“Pick your shit up, Eugene.” Michelle points to the mess he’s made. Betty pats her friend’s shoulder and presses a beer into the accusing hand instead. Whirling around, Michelle begins to yell once more. “And that’s another thing! It’s been two days and you still haven’t cleared up the mess on the bathroom floor!”

“I told you already; I ordered the stain remover! You’re the one who didn’t accept the package!”

“Hey, Betty,” Flash whispers, jutting out his chin in the direction of the growing disaster in front of them. Betty barely glances his way, too engrossed. “What’s up with those two? Trouble in paradise?”

Betty leans towards him, the thrill of recapping the situation splitting her attention. “They had a bet on who Ned loves more, which somehow turned into seeing how much Ned will take before he yells at them.”

Michelle throws a book - everyone in the room flinches, because Michelle throwing books?! - and it collides with the wall behind Peter, who explodes into a, “Are you crazy?! You nearly hit me!” and Michelle rolling her eyes and telling him to calm down, there’s no way her aim is that good.

“How long has this been going on for?”

“Four days.” Betty’s eyes drink in the scene, a wicked smile turning up her usually pursed lips. “Thing is, Ned yelled at them both two days ago. Now this is just about the tension.”

Everyone knows about the tension between Peter and Michelle, but no one more than the friends that have had to put up with it since high school. They’d even had bets of their own, in the beginning, trying to guess when the pair would get their heads out of their asses and give into the feelings that undoubtedly crackle between them. Once or twice, there had even been conscious efforts to trick them into confessing.

But every time, they refused to follow the script. Michelle would figure it out, or Peter would lose his nerve, and they’d spend a week not talking to any of them before instructing them to drop it; they were friends, nothing more, blah blah blah… Flash usually turned out after a few seconds.

Once high school had finished and they were into their first year of college, it just became a pain. They’re both stubborn, blind to what’s right in front of them, and the friend group stopped anticipating the inevitable ending to this. Instead, they started to dread what this will-they-won’t-they dance would do to their friend group at large.

But this? Here and now? This is a whole new territory. Instead of shying away, they’re daring each other to step out of line, to make the first move that will send them crashing through that ‘just friends’ wall they’ve built to be 6 feet deep with cast iron. 

“Oh, damn.” Flash reaches forward for the forgotten popcorn, tucking it between his and Betty’s legs as they make themselves comfortable. “This is gonna be good.”

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@ 20+ women in fandoms i’m looking at u: why are you aging up teenage characters to create sexual storylines between them? they are KIDS and this implication you’re sending out is harmful

as adults in fandoms, we cannot let minors think it’s okay for adults to age up characters their age for sexual exploitation. there is no reason for you to age them up

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