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devotion · a month ago
Calming them down when they have a bad dream with Pete please - could get either one calming down or having the nightmare 🥺
Tumblr media
︎ִֶָ・⁀➷︎ִֶָ ━ title: love sewn
summary: peter just knows that he has you when he needs you the most.
word count: 900+ | p.p masterlist
warnings: tears, angst + a whole lotta fluff.
notes: the first part was genuinely done a few months back, but i've been in my peter feels a lot and the trailer definitely inspired some of this <3 queued. still on hiatus ♡
♡━━━━━━ ◦ ✤ ◦ ━━━━━━♡
my girl
please pete, just tell me if you need anything
peter doesn't reply to your text in the next five minutes that you've sent it. knowing him and his habits lately, you just know that he hasn't fallen asleep yet.
he sees the message, though. with as much effort that he can muster, he tries to tell himself that it'll get better before you arrive. the floating and terror-stricken images in his mind would soon be expunged, far-flung from his thoughts as he would have liked them to be.
giving it his best shot, peter trudges around in his room, focusing his imagination on something other than the grim stares that he's been receiving in every corner of every street in queens. he does his utmost to see the polaroid of you and him that is sited on his wardrobe, to let your smiles that are expressed there sink in... only for him to simply lose it.
maybe he was happier then before all of this, where he didn't make as many mistakes on top of mistakes. with that thought alone, peter's strength in his knees gives up on him. he sobs hard, body racking with the guilt of entangling you into something that isn't his fault.
he just wants everything to be simpler.
minutes later, he hears another three buzzes come from his phone.
my girl
it's never this bad, he convinces himself. along with many other events that have cropped up in his life, he's not only coping with the fact that almost everyone hates him, but everything before that. it's no revelation that he finds it difficult to grapple on his own at times. but in every aspect, you're always there to tell him that it's more than okay to ask for help.
that's it, i'm coming
leave the window open, get some fresh air
i'll be right there v soon 💕
it's when he gets up from the floor, planning to cry some more under the sheets when he hears a three-in-a-row knuckle tap on the window; you.
“peter,” you pant, reaching after your boyfriend and pulling him closer by the arms. your hold tightens, and so does his as he revels in your warm embrace. the way you have him wrapped around your own body has him weak in the knees but it's strong enough for him to feel like he never wants to let go.
as his head falls into the nape of your neck, the heat in your hands is enough to thaw out the bitter cold that swam in his system beforehand. albeit peter being your personal heater throughout your relationship, you decide it's your turn to return the favour, compressing your hands against his back under his shirt. all until you feel a few tears trickling down your neck, making you fret in an instant.
in a swift motion, you close the window, returning to sit him down on his bed. supporting his seraphic face with your palm, you kiss his temple - downright heartbroken at him falling apart in front of you.
he starts complaining there and then, “i feel like a burden, y/n. none of this is going well, i-” but you're quick to silence him with a finger over his mouth, which eventually grazes over his lips - then running to his earlobe ever so softly in an attempt to calm him down.
you hold his gaze, eyes softening at your boyfriend; he doesn't deserve this pain... and he definitely didn't deserve the world outside beating him down with his identity known to the whole of new york city. to the whole world.
none of it was his fault. nothing he did was out of ill will or spite. all what was done just a week ago was to fight for his own life and for the people he cared for. for his aunt may, for ned and his friends... for you.
but they didn't get that.
“not to me. you're not a burden to me.” you whisper, holding either side of his head with both your hands, the distance between your foreheads close to touching, “not if it's you.”
he shakes his head. at times, he would find your actuality purely a dream that he's always wanted. far too unimaginable that you understand him when he really needs you to. ineffable that the love he bleeds for you becomes part of the oxygen he needs to breathe. now is just one of those times.
but to simply ignore the affection he senses in his heart and mind at your words would be delusional, though. it's at that exact moment when he reclaims the heart to place his hand over yours, feeling nobody but you.
nobody else.
and it's true; always been true that you're here for him. when peter doesn’t, it’s you who’s pulling the imperceptible string that ties you two together.
he turns his gaze towards your face now, tilting his head as he takes in your beauty - mesmerising in all aspects and elements by his book. he's almost sure that he's falling hard for you all over again just by your mere sight.
he blurts out without any realisation, voice cracking, “you don't deserve this.”
“well, i'm sticking by you, my bug boy,” you contend, fingers intertwining with his, “you've given me everything i've ever wanted. you are what i've always wanted.” you continue, a hand coming up to caress his slightly damp cheek, “i know we'll get through this. i love you, pete.”
a permeating blush prettifies his cheeks, nodding his head to your words. it's the first time he's smiled in the last few days. he knows he's yours - fair and square, single-handedly yours.
“i can say the same about you, y/n.”
a few words of a solemn pledge, a few simple but meaningful gestures is all peter needs in order for his heart to feel lighter.
whilst taking a good look at admiring you, peter links his pinky finger with yours, figuratively promising a forever, and in the same way, stitching your hearts together; this love you have undeniably sewn into existence. “i love you too, baby.”
♡━━━━━━ ◦ ✤ ◦ ━━━━━━♡
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spideyyeet · a year ago
What’s That?
Peter Parker x stark!reader
Request: Imagine peter x reader are having sex and Morgan stark is your little sister and she walks in on you 2 and starts to ask inappropriate questions and they Morgan tells your dad Tony stark and he gets mad and overprotective about reader and pepper is there as well
Warning: smuttttt, language, fluff, slight angst
Oh lord I made this so fucking dirty🤭🤭🤭
Gif not mine :)
Tumblr media
“Yoo chillll.” You said swatting Peter’s hands as he tried to wrap his arms around you.
“Please, I almost died.” Peter whined dramatically as you looked over the edge of the roof, the cops leaving with the robbers you and Peter caught. You pulled your mask down from your nose, turning around, Peter’s arm coming around you.
“You’re so needy all the time. Make it make sense—“ Peter cut you off with his lips. His hand going down your lower back to rest comfortably on your ass. His lips moving desperately against yours.
“Can I not love you?” Peter mumbles, his tongue running up your lips, your jaw going slack, letting Peter slip his tongue in yours.
“You’re so dramatic.” You roll your eyes making Peter let out a breathy laugh.
“Wanna take you right here. Fuck you against the roof. Wanna feel you, baby.” Peter mumbles in your ear, nibbling and sucking under. You moan softly, his words going straight to your core.
“Steve doesn’t want us out past ten.” Your voice shakes as Peter’s hand cups your clothed heat. Your suit was thick, but knowing it’s Peter’s beautiful hand pushing up makes you moan.
“But I can smell you, you’re so wet. Just know your cunt is dripping on those pretty white panties I saw you wearing earlier.” Peter’s low and husky voice making your pussy clench, leaning your head back.
“Fuck Peter.” You sighed, feeling Peter smirk against your neck, his tongue lapping at the skin.
“Want you pretty girl, see you fall apart here. Want the whole block to know you’re mine.” You whimpered, hand grasping his curls—
“L/N, Parker, you were supposed to be back thirty minutes ago.” Steve’s voice echoed through your coms, Steve overriding both your suits.
Peter huffed, dropping his head on your shoulder.
“If you both aren’t here in twenty minutes, I’ll have both your asses on the line.” Steve barks, making you roll your eyes. “Am I clear?”
“Crystal.” You and Peter grumble. You hear the static as Steve disconnects. Peter groans into your neck.
“I fucking hate Steve like this—“ Peter starts.
You hum. “This week he’s been so strict.”
Peter nods. “I think it’s cuz of last weeks mission.”
You cringe. “Okay but it’s not our fault though.”
“The truth serum was fucking real!” Peter exasperates.
You nod frantically. “They won’t believe it until they can’t lie.”
“Exactly.” Peter rolls his eyes. “We should probably get going.” Peter whispers, eyes dark, curls falling over his face, his fingers tilting your chin up, pulling your lips to connect with his. Peter opens his mouth letting his tongue slip back into yours. You moan into his mouth—
“Eighteen minutes!” Steve barks.
“Jesus!” Peter pulls away.
You walk into the compound. Peter following behind you, shaking his hair, mask in hand. He whispers in your ear, your cheeks flush—
“Stevie wants you in the big table room!” Morgan calls out from the couch. Her toys laying around as Pepper plays with her.
Your head falls back, groan coming out.
“He’s in a mood.” Pepper warns.
“When is he not.” You comment, before walking down the hall. Peter’s hand on your lower back, holding his mask over his crotch to cover his slight bulge.
The doors slide open, revealing Bruce, Tony and Nat sitting at the table. Steve was leaning against the wall talking to your dad.
“It’s about time.” Steve announced as he caught you and Peter walking in.
“Chill, nothing happened.” You grumbled, earning a warning glance from Nat.
“Doesn’t matter, we agreed everyone’s back from patrol by ten, unless there’s an emergency.” Steve says, crossing his arms.
“You guys agreed, I don’t remember agreeing to anything.” You said, Peter was taking a seat.
Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. Bruce decided to step in before things escalate.
“Okay, you guys weren’t that late. What’s the report?” Bruce kept a leveled voice, calming you down. Peter decided to take the lead, letting you sit down, unzipping your suit jacket, revealing your black tank top underneath.
Peter’s eyes caught your chest, his body heating up. He quickly averts his gaze, letting Steve discuss the mission for Friday.
You were playing with your fingers, unbeknownst by Peter’s stare, until you finally looked up, catching his dark eyes, instantly making your cheeks flush, stomach jittery.
Peter bit the inside of his cheek as his eyes racked over your figure again, the slight sweat drying from your chest. The way your cheeks were still flushed from both him and patrol.
“Okay you guys are excused.” Tony said, Peter instantly pulling your hand— “Wait y/n.”
“Yea, dad?” You stopped, Peter behind you, thumb rubbing the back of your hand.
“Morgan was asking about you all day, shower and change and maybe watch a movie with her or something, okay?” Tony said, skeptically looking at Peter jittery behind you.
“Yea totally.” You nodded, quickly getting pulled out by Peter.
Your cheeks were flushed, body burning as Peter’s arms wrapped around your waist as he kissed your neck down the hall.
“Still wet for me baby?” Peter mumbled into your skin, as you both drew closer to your room. You sighed in response, opening your door, just for Peter to quickly push you in, kicking the door closed as he turned you around. His hands pulling your hips against his, kissing you deeply. Your eyes closed as Peter guided your lips with his.
You moaned, opening your mouth, your hands coming around his neck as Peter bit your bottom lip, drawing a whimper from the back of your throat, a smirk pulling at his lips. His hands drifted to your ass, ushering you to jump.
Your legs wrapped around his torso. Your heart fluttered, Peter held you up with one arm under your ass as the other stroked your jaw, brushing some hair out of the way, hand holding the side of your face, his thumb trailing over your lips, pulling at your bottom lip.
Peter’s eyes were focused on you, your head lulled back, giving him perfect access to your neck. Peter licked up the column of you neck, before sucking on your skin desperately. The warmth from his lips on your skin, had your body heating up.
Your hands ran through his hair, your core pulsing as Peter groaned against your neck. He squeezed your ass making you moan and continued his kissing as he carried you to the bed, kneeling on the side before letting you fall on the bed. You bounced slightly, biting your lip as Peter’s hands were on your waist as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
“Wanna taste your pretty fucking cunt baby. Gonna have you cum all over my face before I drive my dick ‘til your falling apart under me, yea?” The dirty words were just flowing from his lips, making you moan. “Good girl.”
“Peter.” You were putty in his hands. Peter sadly had to rip himself away from you. Standing beside the bed as he pressed the spider on his chest. You tossed your suit jacket off the bed ready to pull the rest of your suit off before Peter was holding your wrists.
“I wanna take em off. Okay?” You nod, biting your lip, watching Peter kick his suit to the side, coming back over to you with his boxers loose on his hips, your eyes trailing the v-line that dipped under pointing at the very obvious tent of his boxers. Your hands automatically reaching for him. Peter kissed you, his hand coming up to tilt your head, tongue going deeper and messier.
Your legs wrapped around his waist, lifting your core to rub against his bulge earning a deep groan from Peter. “So fucking needy. Gonna behave for me?” Peter was only ever dominant in bed when he was desperate, he loved it when you took the lead, but it made him twitch and cock leak knowing you’d do anything just to let him have his way with you.
You nodded frantically. Peter clicked his tongue. “Words baby. Cmon, tell me you’re gonna be my good girl.” Peter bit your neck, you moaned, voice shaky.
“I’ll b-behave—gonna be your good girl. Peter.” You whimpered as he sucked a nice bruise on your collarbone, his hand massaging your breast over your top.
Peter hummed in approval, before pushing your shirt over your head. Your brows furrowed when you saw Peter sit up slightly, then you felt him start tying the loose top around your wrists, securing them together. You felt a new flood rush down to your core, trying your best not to buck your hips up.
Peter came back down, noticing your chest heaving and cheeks flushed.
“Like being tied up?” He smirks smugly, his thumb grazing your lips, pulling your bottom lip down, your tongue slightly hanging before Peter ran his tongue over it, spitting on your tongue. Your thighs clenched around his waist, feeling his salvia run down your tongue before he slipped his tongue into your mouth, making you moan. “Like being all spread out for me, eh? Let me play with my babygirl?”
He trailed his wet kisses down to your breast, making you whimper. He then realized you still had a bra on, nibbling on his lip, he knew you’d get mad, but he did it anyway. He unclasped the back before snapping both of the straps and tossing it away. Surprised when you didn’t protest.
“You’re not mad?” His eyes softened, biting his bottom lip. You shook your head.
“I’m so fucking wet Peter, you can rip all my fucking clothes and I’d still do anything for you.” Peter’s cock grew at your words.
“Shit.” Peter crashed his lips back on yours, he was breathing against you, your tied hands clenched as Peter rolled his bare chest against yours, feeling your breasts.
Peter finally came back down sucking on your nipples, flicking his tongue before going to the other and tweaking at the wet one that was hardening. He sent shivers through your body as you moaned, biting your lip as you looked at the mop of curls on your chest, his eyes looking up at you as he played with the nipple in his mouth. Your mouth was agape as Peter winked, his tongue going down your abdomen, making your stomach clench in anticipation.
Peter started unbuckling the straps around the waist of your suit, he tossed the few daggers on your thighs on the nightstand, you were growing impatient.
“Peter it’s fine just take em off at the same time,” you blurt, Peter mumbling a quick sorry and okay before he was tugging your pants down, quickly pulling your shoes off as well, you chuckled lightly as you watched him struggle to get the pant leg from your feet.
“You always take it off so easily.” Peter grumbles, finally getting it off. Throwing it on the floor before getting ready to take your socks off.
“Wait keep em on.” Peter looks at you with a quirked brow. “My feet are always cold.”
Peter chuckles, mumbling an okay, before holding your waist and kissing your lower stomach. You bit your lip, Peter’s hand coming up to twist your nipple making you moan. His fingers twisting both nipples, shaking your tits, smiling at your noises.
He continued to tease you, sucking hickies on your inner thighs now. “God, you’re soaked baby.” Peter bit his lip at the prominent damp spot on your panties. You whimpered as you felt Peter press his lips on your clothed cunt.
Smirking against you, he pushed his tongue against your clit, making your hips jump. “Peter.” You moan, looking at him intently.
Peter winks, ripping your panties and tossing it. He notices you clench around nothing, his cock hard as rock, but all he could think about was burying his face in your sweet cunt.
“So fucking pretty,” Peter says spreading your lower lips open, seeing you clench. He took a bold lick up, tongue warm against your cunt. You let out a moan, chest heaving as Peter moves his tongue against your slit, before circling your clit. Peter has a huge smile on his face as his eyes lock on you. Your head thrown back and chest pushing out, hands bound over your head.
Your legs rested on his shoulders as Peter sucks on his slender fingers, making you bite your lip at the salvia trickling down his hand before he was pushing two fingers inside you, pumping at a relentless speed, you break into a loud moan, whining as Peter curls his fingers, moving his head around as he slurps at your pussy. You tug at the tank top that was tied tightly. You could control elements, but Peter is has super strength. You could burn it off, but you were to busy swimming in the pleasure of your boyfriend mercilessly eating your pussy out.
“Peter. Peter—“ you were panting his name, arms flexing as he kept going. You were whimpering and spreading your legs wider, grinding your cunt up. He was taking big breaths, panting agaisnt your pussy before diving back in as his fingers hit spots inside you that had your hips bucking and stomach curling.
“Can feel you baby—cum for me.” Peter mumbled, pushing his tongue agaisnt your clit.
“Shit Peter shit!” You were shaking as Peter swiped his tongue one last time before you were bucking your hips, body convulsing and cumming on his tongue. Peter replaces his finger with his tongue, slurping at your cunt, before kissing up your waist. His body grazes yours, bulge pushing against your sensitive pussy.
“Always taste so sweet.” Peter licks his lips swiping the excess with the back of his hand before crashing his lips on yours.
You melted in the kiss, slowly coming down from you high as Peter kicked his boxers off, your eyes grew noticing his angry cock pulse. Peter sat up on his knees between your open legs, the veins on his cock looked like they were going to burst, the tip pink and leaking, his cock twitching in the air needing to be touched.
“Fuck.” Your pussy clenches, Peter held the base of his cock spitting down on it, moving his hand spreading his salvia around. You bit your lip as you looked up at Peter’s face as he shook slightly from the pleasure of his hand, his chest rising and falling.
“Got me so fucking hard baby,” Peter groaned, hips swirling with his movements. You were moaning at the sight of your boyfriend touching himself. He finally started rubbing his cock between your wet folds. Slapping his cock on your clit a couple times, your hips bucking at the contact, Peter smirked to himself as he saw you wiggle on the bed.
“Love how responsive you always are. So desperate for my dick, eh?” You nod, your chest glistening with sweat making Peter bite his lip seeing your breasts push out with each breath you take.
Peter pushed his tip against your clit, circling it slowly making your mouth fall agape, knuckles white.
“Please Peter, fuck me.” You beg, Peter had told you to behave, but even he was desperate and couldn’t last with the teasing.
“Gladly.” His cock rammed into your cunt, your body jolting at the fullness of having his cock inside you. You moaned, chest heaving as Peter held your waist, thrusting into you, balls slapping your ass as wet noises filled the room.
“Shit—so fucking tight.” Peter groaned as he kept going, looking down at your hands wiggling as you looked up at him desperatly. Peter whimpered under your eyes as he kissed your neck. “Fuck I love you so much.”
You whine in his ear, bucking your hips trying to meet his thrusts. Peter’s mouth fell agape against your shoulder as he planted his hands beside your head picking himself up slightly, going faster.
“Peter?” Your mind was foggy.
“Yea baby?” Peter grunted, looking down at you as you moaned.
“Pleas—please let me touch you. Please Peter.” Peter noticed your hands still bound above your head. And he desperately wanted to feel your nails mark his skin and tug his hair.
Peter reached over and ripped the fabric, setting your wrists free. Your hands instantly went to his back, legs still wrapped around him, making it easier for Peter to rail into you.
Your head was thrown back as Peter’s arm fully wrapped around your back, your body hovering over the mattress slightly as Peter panted chasing his high. You tugged on his curls making Peter groan loudly.
“Like this baby, feels so fucking good, pussy drenching my dick—“ Peter slapped your ass as he pounded harder, your head thrown back—
“Y/n come on let’s watch—oops.” Your head snaps to the door seeing your toddler sister standing with her hand over her mouth, staring at you and Peter.
“Morgan!” You shriek, hitting Peter shoulder causing him to grunt looking up you, brows furrowed until he finally sensed the door and there stood Morgan, giggling.
“What’s that?” She points at Peter.
“Oh fuck!” Peter pulled out, grabbing your pillow, covering his front. His chest was flushed and heaving, both of you sweaty and panting. You covered yourself with the thin blanket of your bed as Morgan continued walking in the room, mindlessly.
“What were you guys doing?” Morgan itches her nose cluelessly.
“Nothing, just uh...playing a game.” You answer, chest heaving, whimpering slightly at how fast Peter had pulled out. Peter looked over at you concerned.
“Hi Petey.” Morgan cheers, Peter pushing a smile.
“Hey bean.” Morgan beams at the nickname.
“Why was y/n screaming? Daddy says I should scream if someone’s hurting me. Were you hurting y/n?” Morgan ranted, her little brows furrowed together.
“Wha—no, no I wasn’t hurting her. She was uh erm.. she was....happy.....screaming? You know when you get happy and start cheering.” Peter tries to explain, watching Morgan start to nod.
“Ohh yea.” She smiles again, shifting on her feet as she points to the pillow on Peter’s lap.
“Can I play with your toy Petey?” Morgan asks.
“What? The pillow?” Peter looks at Morgan confused.
“No silly, the long toy under the pillow.” Morgan chuckles, only for Peter’s brows to furrow even more, only for you to gasp beside him, hand covering your mouth.
“She’s talking about your dick Peter.” You whisper yell chuckling. Peter’s eyes go wide, face pale.
“It’s-it’s not a toy Morgan.” You try to stop the questions but Morgan just laughs shaking her head.
“Yes it is. You said you were playing a game.” Morgan says, Peter’s jaw clenches as he looks over at you, embarrassment clear on his face.
“Well it’s a big kids toy.” You said, Peter’s mouth falls agape. “Only big kids can play with it, so you’re not allowed.”
Morgan huffs, crossing her arms. “That’s not fair.”
You shrug. “Oh well, I don’t make the rules.”
“Daddy said you and Peter are always hanging out without me and it’s not fair!” You screw yours eyes shut.
“Morgan please—“ you try.
“No!” She snaps. “I’m telling Daddy you and Peter are playing games without me!”
Peter’s eyes go wide. “No Morgan don’t—“
“And Petey, you shouldn’t look at a girl when her boobies are out!” Morgan says, door slamming behind her.
You and Peter stare at the door, mouths agape.
Peter speaks first. “What in actually literal fucking fuck just happened?”
“Peter.” You rest your head on his shoulder, arms wrapping around his neck, burying your face in the crook of his neck.
Peter’s eyes soften. “I’m sorry I pulled out so rough.” Peter soothes your hair as he rests you down on the mattress, kissing your neck. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” You grasp his curls.
“I need you.” You whimper, Peter humming as he slips his hand into the blanket, cupping your dripping heat.
“What about Morgan?” Peter asks, massaging your pussy, soothing the soreness. His finger spreading your arousal, circling your clit.
“She’s just upset, she’ll just watch uhhh something with Pepper.” You said, kissing Peter’s chin, then jaw. “Please Peter.”
Peter kisses your lips, moving the pillow as he opens your blanket back up. His cock didn’t take long to harden again, pre cum dripping on your cunt before rubbing his tip on your clit—
“What the fuck!” A screech comes from the door.
“For fucks sake.” Peter groans covering you quickly as he covers himself with the pillow again. He groans into his hands as you huff.
You hold the blanket tightly. “Please dad, not now—“
“Not now?!” He shrieks, gagging, holding a hand over his mouth. Morgan pops from the corner, making your jaw clench.
“Hugging is one thing. Dating is another thing. Kissing is another-nother thing. But sex!” Tony’s face was contorted in anger, but gagging again.
You hold the blanket close to your body as you notice Peter tense beside you.
“God you should’ve knocked then—I’m really sorry dad but you really don’t have a say at all so please leave.” You speak, avoiding eye contact, causing Tony to chuckle, also avoiding eye contact with you.
“I don’t?” Tony glares at Peter.
“My fucking daughter.” Tony grits, just as Pepper came running in, noticing the scene before her.
“Tony—“ Peter starts.
“It’s Mr. Stark to you.” You nibble on your lip nervously.
“Mr. Stark.” Peter swallows a lump in his throat. “I-I uh—“ Peter was scared to the bone, stuttering over his words.
“Tony, cmon.” Pepper comes to the rescue, pulling Tony’s arm.
“Pepper, Morgan fucking walked in!” Tony said, Pepper nods.
“Language, and we’ll have that conversation later , but their sex life doesn’t concern us.” Pepper states, nodding at you as you smile at her softly.
“That’s my daughter, and there’s a fucking boy spilling his horny hormones all over her and corrupting her.” Tony seethes.
“Firstly if anything, it’s y/n corrupting Peter, and they’re adults Tony. They’ve been dating for months, and you’ve known Peter for years. Stop over exaggerating and give them their space.” Pepper once again pulls Tony’s hand with hers.
“This conversation is not over.” Tony directs at Peter, who gulps.
“but the toy daddy—“ Morgan starts.
“Out Morgan.” Pepper gets both Tony and Morgan out of your room, pushing them away, before turning back to the both of you, awkwardly sitting on the bed.
“Protection always. No “I forgot” or “heat of the moment” bullshit.” Pepper points at the both of you, who nod frantically. “Lock the door.”
And with that the door shuts, you quickly press the screen above the bed, locking the door. Throwing your face into the pillow, groaning loudly.
“Y/n?—“ Peter nibbled on his bottom lip, looking over at you, laying on your stomach.
“That was so embarrassing, I don’t think I’ll ever leave this room—“ you speak, the pillow muffling your words slightly.
“Is your dad going to murder me? Do you think they saw anything?—i-i mean there was the blanket and your leg when I was—“ he itches his chest. You turn your head to the side, so you can see Peter sitting in the middle of the bed, playing with the pillow on his lap.
“They still caught us Peter—oh my god, my dad—“ you fake gag. “why couldn’t it have been Bucky or Nat or literally anyone else—“ you cover your face, your body curling, blanket slipping slightly.
Peter crawled beside you, stroking your jaw, leaning down to pepper your face with kisses. “I’m sorry.”
Your brows furrowed. “Why’re you sorry?”
“It’s my boy horny hormones that wanted to fuck my girlfriend on a dirty ass roof during patrol and didn’t stop talking until we finally did and then her little sister walked in talking about my hormonious dick, and then I still wanted to fuck you after she left and then my girlfriends dad walks in and talks about my dick and then Pepper walks in talking about my dick.” Peter drops his head under yours, face burning, hugging you desperately. “I’m sorry my dick always wants you, baby.”
You were trying your best not to laugh, but you couldn’t help it. Your hand holding Peter’s curls as you tilted his head up to meet your eyes.
“You’re forgetting that I was begging for your dick Peter, my god you’re such a baby.” Peter pouts at your words, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“The room smells and the sheets are covered in sweat and that was probably the best sex ever and i didn’t even cum,” Peter whined, pushing his body further against yours, surprisingly his cocky was still pulsing. “God I’m so tired, and my arms are sore and my legs feel like jello.” Peter was on the verge of tears. You knew Peter well enough to know he cries out of frustration and anger. So what you’re witnessing right now, is a very sexually frustrated Peter.
“Peter.” You soothed, scratching his scalp as you carefully laid him down beside you. Peter looked up at you with big glazed eyes. “I’ll take care of you.”
You gently trailed kisses down his chest, kissing his nipples as Peter sighed. His body was jittery, and sensitive from being so close all night. So it didn’t take long for his cock to stand tall.
You slurped at the precum, tasting yourself as well, making you shake and moan. Peter’s head went back, chest heaving as you took him Ik your mouth. Your eyes looking up, moaning.
“Fuck—fuck—“ Peter’s strangled moans echoed through the room, hand balling the blanket. Arms flexing, as he held the back of your head, bucking his hips up, shaky moans slipping past his lips as his cock hit the back of your throat.
Peter moaned loudly at the sight of your flushed face, tears brimming at the corners of your eyes before slipping down your hot cheeks.
“Oh fuck—so fucking beautiful—“ Peter was groaning, not giving a fuck about how loud he is. He was trying to decide if he wanted to cum in his pretty girls mouth, or watch her ride him and see her fall apart on top of him— “baby, baby—“
You looked up at him confused, a string of salvia coming as you let go of his cock. Your pants making his cock twitch and touch your bottom lip.
“Fuck—baby, ride me please, please wanna see you on top.” Peter was pulling you up, you slipped falling on his chest, before sitting up with a small shy chuckle.
“Thought you wanted to cum—“
“I do, fuck I really do, but I wanna make you cum again, is that okay?” Peter rubbed your thighs, you hummed with a smile, Peter’s coming your heat, pumping a few fingers making you gasp.
Peter bit his lip as you took lead, grasping his cock and lining his tip with your entrance. You sighed shakingly as you sunk down, Peter’s hips bucked making you moan.
“Move baby, god, i won’t last—“ Peter watched as you rode him, your cunt hugging his cock so snug and warm. Your arousal sloshing filled the room making Peter moan, his thumb pressing at your clit.
Your nails scratched down his chest, eyes clenched shut panting.
Peter was trying his best to hold back, wanting to engrave this moment in his mind. You were beyond fucked out, you were marked with hickies on various parts of your body. Your hair a complete mess, your socks snug around your feet, your cheeks flushed and lips wet with his salvia, cum and yours. You were utterly gorgeous.
“I love you baby,” Peter moaned, sitting up to grasp the back of your neck, crashing his lips on yours, his free hand rubbing your clit viciously, instantly sending your over the edge. Your moan muffled by his lips as he bucked at a unruly speed.
“Not in me Peter,” you sighed against his chest, Peter groaned, pulling out quickly, you sat on his thighs, pushing him to lay back down as you twisted your hand a couple times before a low moan erupted from the back of his throat, his cum shooting out, hitting your face and chest, falling on his lower stomach as well.
It was a mess.
Peter’s eyes were fluttering, grinding his hips with your movements as you continued to pump his hard cock as more cum shot out, your mouth agape, as some cum coated your tongue. You swallowed his cum, Peters body curling even more, pushing more cum out, moaning loudly.
Sweat covered his chest as he whimpered. Tears dried on his cheeks, eyes glazed, squirming when you sucked on his sensitive tip, swallowing the cum still leaking.
“Y/n,” Peter whined, shaking in your hand as he watched you climb up, face covered in his cum. “Oh baby, I didn’t mean too—I’m s-so sorry,” Peter reached out for you, being met with your lips on his, tongue going into his mouth.
Peter moaned, slowly coming down from his high as you soothed his hair with your hands. “I love you too,” you mumbled into his lips, feeling Peter’s smile.
You laid on the messy bed as you both cooled down, before stumbling up to clean everything.
You avoided your dad like the plague for a week. Peter however had a lecture/yelling conversation with Tony the morning after. Morgan was confused by the whole situation, but still asks to play with Peter’s toy, which always has Peter flushing and excusing himself from the room in embarrassment.
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solibis · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
aka me drawing peter in outfits i wish i had hnggg
Do not repost my art! I appreciate reblogs, though!
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buckyscentedwho · a year ago
Peter: So what if he wins again?
Steve: We suck it up, I guess.
Bucky, cleaning his favorite shotgun: Not my first president, won't be my last.
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incorrect-mxrvel · 10 months ago
Alternative Response to ‘I Love You’
Who Doesn’t: Tony
I Know: Nat
Thanks: Thor
A horrible decision, really: Steve
Why: Bucky
*Laughs Nervously*: Bruce
*Laughs Hysterically*: Clint
YEET: Peter
I’m Sorry: Rhodey
*finger guns*: Scott
If only there was someone out there who loved you: Loki
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ghostpainters · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spiderman and Nightwing: great irresponsiblity 
I just started working on this for the heck of it, mostly for my sister and to get some practice it. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyways. Apearently. Unfortunately. Eh, I’m making it up as I go. I blame my unhealthy intake of caffine and lack of sleep. Allnighter...unrelated to the comic...
Why am I even like this?
Here, have 3 pages of a halfbaked comic. I’m gonna go curl up and die for a few hours...or maybe a few days. 
Sending y’all my love, and stay awesome, AJ <3<3<3 
PS. this is not legit or offical. I’m just a kid with a computer. 
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vampireoutofbusiness · 5 months ago
"Just you and me"
Pairing: Peter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: smut. oral; male receiving, literal sex, sub!peter if you squint or you can keep your eyes wide open, he's still fucking adorable
Synopsis: After dating for a while, you and peter decide to have sex for the first time, and peter, like usual, is very nervous
a/n: this is just- what am I doing with my time
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You and Peter had been dating for almost a year and hadn’t gone all the way. Your time alone was spent making out and watching the stars. That, or binge-watching some show while shoving food in your faces.
It wasn’t like you hadn’t talked about sex before. However, it wasn’t an initiative conversation, just a “What if”. And you didn’t hesitate to make sly jokes about doing something together.
“If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?”
“The word of the day is legs, let’s go to my room and spread the word,” “Are you made of sugar? Because that ass is pretty sweet, Parker,”
To which he would become unbelievably red and try to sputter out a reply.
It was fun to tease him and the team did it all of the time. Making funny remarks about how nervous Peter got around you recently, although they never went as far as you did.
Maybe a joke here and there about why you both were late to breakfast or happened to leave movie night at the same time, but nothing so blunt.
Peter had been pretty antsy lately. He really wanted to have sex with you and then some. The boy wasn’t sure how to go about it. Nervousness flooded through him every time he considered it, worried you would reject him. He’s always been attracted to you, duh, but recently, thinking about you in contexts that were beyond inappropriate.
He thought about how gorgeous you look without anything covering you. He’s seen you in a bikini or briefly in underwear, but never naked. He wanted to bury his head between your legs and feel your thighs pressed to his temples.
You’re two eighteen-year-olds, in love, and very much horny. You found yourself lost in your thoughts which normally include Peter looking up at you while you ride his di-
“Y/n?” Steve waved a hand in front of your face, breaking down your thoughts.
“Yes,” you shook your head to clear your thoughts.
“You’ve hardly touched the waffle on your plate,” he chuckled and took a sip of his coffee.
“Right, I was just thinking about…” you looked around the table at the others and then at the bottle of syrup, “I should get some peanut butter,”
“Peanut butter?” Bruce questioned as you got up from the table.
You nodded, making a B-line for the kitchen.
“Don’t knock it until you try it,” you let out a nervous laugh and started looking through the cupboards.
These occurrences happened often, some recoveries of yours were better than others.
Peter, however, becomes a stuttering mess if someone interrupted his thoughts about being in bed with you.
Now, you sat with Peter’s head rested on your stomach, cozied up in your bed. You lost Rock Paper Scissors so Star Wars: The Last Jedi was playing on the TV. The only light in the room, besides the flashes from the screen, was the moon shining in through your window.
You leaned down, placing a soft kiss on Peter’s forehead to which he hummed happily. Before he could maneuver his way for one on the lips, you backed away, a smirk on your face.
“Hey,” he pouted, flipping over and scooting closer to you on your lap, “not fair,”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you bit back a smile and threaded your hands through his hair.
“Playing with my hair will not distract me from the great disservice you did me,” he pulled himself up so that he was level with you.
“You sure?” you whispered against his lips, moving a hand to his upper neck, a sweet spot of his.
You closed the gap between the two of you. Suddenly, Peter forgot all about the movie he got to pick, your fake disagreement, and literally anything but you and your lips.
You rested a hand on his jaw, guiding him which he loved. Your tongue slipped into his mouth making him moan into the kiss and he rested his hands on your waist, squeezing a little.
It quickly became heated, your free hand moving down his chest. He pulled back from the kiss, barely taking his lips off of yours.
“Can we uh…can we-,” he tried to sort his thoughts before asking the question.
“Yes, baby boy?” You smiled, pretty sure you knew what he was going to ask.
The nickname alone made him hard and you hadn’t even touched him.
“Can we…” he whispered, trailing off and turning to look at the window he suddenly found interesting.
“Peter,” your voice was stern but kind, “you want to have sex?”
He turned back to you, a look of worry in his eyes.
“Yes? No?” You chuckled at his reaction, ignoring the doubt in your mind.
“Yes,” he answered quietly.
“Okay,” you pulled him back to your lips but he stopped the movement.
“So you want to have sex wi- with me?”
“Of course I do,” you cupped his cheeks and smoothed over his smile lines.
Peter wasn’t sure he would make it this far so he had to process it.
“I don’t know- I have no idea how to-“ his voice was frantic and he took his hands from your waist, covering his face.
“You don’t need to worry about messing up, Peter, it’s just you and me,” you took his hands from his face, rubbing your thumbs over his knuckles.
He looked into your eyes, his own were full of innocence and love for you. He nodded and you moved to the side, patting the spot on the bed next to you. He followed directions and laid next to you.
“Now,” you straddled his waist and leaned down closer to his face, “just let me take care of you…relax,”
Peter let out a sigh and loosened his muscles. Like you said, it’s just you and him and there was no reason to be nervous. But he was because what if he fucked up or you didn’t like him after- no. He stopped his negative thoughts, knowing that you being in control would help.
First, you grabbed the remote and shut off the movie, before tossing it elsewhere.
You kissed his lips, slowly, savoring his taste, sliding your hands up and down his chest. Your hands found the buttons of his flannel, taking your time with each one.
You both sat up and you got him out of it, along with the white t-shirt he had on under it. Now his upper body was completely exposed. It felt silly but he tried to cover himself. You’d even seen him shirtless before, but in this context, it made him more self-conscious.
“Hey hey,” you took his hands in yours, “I want to you see you and your beautiful body, pretty boy,”
He blushed and you could see it from the moonlight.
You pressed a hand to his chest so he would lay back on the bed. Your lips found his neck and you left sloppy kisses down to his pecs. You kitten licked one of his nipples, making him whine. Good to know.
You gave them both attention before kissing down his torso, leaving marks that you’d enjoy seeing again days later.
His breathing got heavier the closer you got to his crotch. You searched for his hand, intertwining your fingers to show you are still there. He squeezed yours and let out another deep breath.
You used one hand to unzip his jeans and started pulling them down. He brought his hips off of the bed to help and you let go of his hand to bring them all the way down his legs. Your hands found his thighs and you gently rubbed them, placing soft kisses on his skin.
“Wanna see your dick in my mouth, Parker?” You smirked and he eagerly nodded, a little stunned at your obscene words.
See, consent is sexy.
You slowly pulled down his boxers, repeating the process you did with his jeans.
Now he was completely bare in front of you. Every part of him was glistening and you couldn’t wait to touch him.
“You’re gorgeous, Peter,” you smiled at him, and once again he was blushing because of you.
“Could you maybe- only if you want- can you take off your top?” his voice was hesitant and he looked up at the ceiling.
As if you would deprive him of your boobs. Maybe next time.
He looked back at you when you brought your hands to the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. Peter sat up and his fingertips ghosted your sides.
“Can I?”
“Go for it,”
And he did, his confidence faltering a little when he only fumbled with the clasp. You bit back a laugh because you could tell how hard he was focusing.
“This is harder than it looks,” he said, complete seriousness on his face.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get better in time,” you smirked and reached a hand behind you, pushing his away, and unclasping your bra.
His breath hitched when he saw your boobs. He’d seen boobs before, you think he hasn’t watched porn??, but yours were the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.
You took his hands and put them on the new attraction, squeezing. A smile spread across his face and pressed his lips against the space between. You took your hands away, figuring he could take it from here for now.
Peter ran his thumbs over your hardened nipples, completely mesmerized by your chest. Instinct told him to use his mouth so that’s what he did. His lips wrapped around your right nipple and you threw your head back.
He silently celebrated your enjoyment and continued his task, sucking on both of your boobs.
You pulled him off by his curls, a whine leaving his mouth before you pressed your lips to his. He immediately opened his mouth, your tongue dominating his. Your hand trailed down his torso before reaching his dick, your thumb running over the tip.
He whimpered into your mouth as you started jerking him off. This was better than anything he ever imagined. You, actually being here, touching him and making him feel good.
You brought yourself backward, leaning down and slowly licking up his shaft. The hot, velvety skin hitting your tongue while he moaned at the feeling.
“Good boy, let out all of those pretty noises,” you wrapped your lips around him, moving up and down, his dick hitting the back of your throat.
“Oh my- fuck- y/n, you-“ he threw his head back into the pillow, whimpering at the feeling of your mouth on the most sensitive part of his body.
You popped your mouth off, spit running down your chin. You looked hot.
“Where do you wanna cum, baby? On my tongue? On my-“
“Your tits,” He whined, breath shallow, ready for the sweet feeling of release.
“Keep your eyes on me when you cum,” your voice was warm but it sounded like a command.
He nodded while you continued to play with his dick. His orgasm hit him like a truck, he was silent before letting out a loud whine. He tried his best to keep his eyes on you, especially to watch his cum spread across your chest.
“You look so pretty during your orgasm baby boy,” you leaned down and he felt your boobs and his cum pressed against his chest. He was hard again already.
“You’re really good at- at that,” he squeaked out and you kissed his forehead. His innocence was adorable.
You got off of the bed and pulled down your pants, underwear following. Now you, too, were completely naked.
“You’re the most beautiful woman ever,” he told you, eyes running all over your body.
“This woman needs to find a condom,” you winked and bent down by your nightstand to search your drawers. You knew you had a box, just in case this were to happen. You also grabbed a tissue, wiping your chest and his.
You finally found it, grabbing one and ripping it open with your teeth. Hot.
“Oh- I can put that on-“ he started but your hands were already wrapped around his dick and you pulled the condom over it.
You got on top of him and ran his tip between your folds. He watched carefully as you teased him.
“You’re sure about this, babe?”
“Yes,” he nodded and rested his warm hands on your thighs.
“Remember, you can tell me if you want to stop, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, okay?”
“Okay,” he smiled at your concern for his comfort and ran his hands up and down your thighs.
You slowly sank down and he moaned at the feeling of your warm core consuming him. He couldn’t believe he waited this long to ask. Or at least, try to bring it up and have you complete the idea.
You adjusted before you started rocking your hips and he squeezed your legs. He felt amazing, his dick hit your g-spot and you moaned at the feeling.
“Oh my god,” you sighed as he let out a whimper, watching your tits bounced and head fall back.
It wasn’t long before the both of you felt the knots in your stomachs tighten, ready to unravel.
“I’m- I’m gonna cum, y/n/n,” he locked eyes with you and you had so much lust in yours.
“Me too, baby,” you gestured for him to sit up, helping him.
You pulled his chest flush against yours, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as you continued to rock your hips. He could feel your hot breath against his neck until you pulled back, making eye contact again.
“Cum for me,”
He felt his dick twitch, and you tightened your pussy around him. He once again let out a whine, much louder this time. You watched his face contort as he got lost in pleasure before you came as well.
Your orgasm washed over you before you came down from your high and Peter held you close.
“That was amazing,” he grinned up at you and you chuckled because, yeah, it was.
You ran a hand across his sweaty forehead and through his curls. God, his sex hair was hot.
“You have to pee,” he said, helping you off of him.
“How do you-“
“I read that you have to pee after otherwise, you could get an infection. Oh- a shower too. I’ll help you since you’re probably pretty tired- if you'll let me,” he wrapped an arm around your waist as you got of bed with him.
“That’d be great,” you kissed his cheek and started walking to the bathroom together.
“Thank you,” he told you, squeezing your bare hip, “for everything,”
“Same time tomorrow?”
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kelieah · a month ago
i hate you (peter parker x reader)
author's note: my peter parker got into a situation and we haven't been able to talk in a week or so and i miss him so much pls help ughksdjf so here's some tooth-rotting fluff shit :')
did this quip really happen? idk
peter parker masterlist
"Are you fucking crying?" you glance down at your phone with an open jaw.
Your heart tightens when you hear a sniffle echo from your speaker. This boy.
"No," he laughs and faces his phone toward his ceiling.
"Peter," you sigh and hold your phone closer to your face, dragging out your words as you speak. "Peeteerr..."
"I'm not crying," he grumbles.
You hear some shuffling and can only assume he's wiping away his tears or something. "What's wrong? Talk to me, dork."
He lets out a loud exaggerated sigh that you couldn't help but smile at. "I hate you." Silence fills the FaceTime and for some reason, you swear you can hear his panic through the screen. "As in, I hate that I like you so much."
"Oh?" you whisper, the smile that was faltering on your face making its way back on.
"Yeah. So, shut up," he huffs and picks his phone back up, finally showing his face after what felt like forever. You're now able to see his doe brown eyes are a little bit red and worn out looking. His damn freckled cheeks are slightly flushed and his lips, or what's somewhat there, has a pout to it.
"Oh my god," you sigh and admire the pretty boy on your screen.
"W-What?" he covers his face with his hand and your smile only widens.
You look at him adoringly and hug your pillow closer to your body. "I hate you too."
He inhales and looks at you through the screen, a sly grin creeping onto his thin lips. "Oh?"
"Yeah, deal with it."
"I can't deal with it," he admits.
"Why's that?" you whisper.
"I want to be with you so bad."
"I know."
"I hate you."
"I know, I do too."
"Baby," he groans and leans his head back on his pillow.
You flush at the nickname and meekly reply, "Yeah?" He opens his eyes and glances at the screen once again, eyebrows raised with amusement.
"N-Nothing, shut up."
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tincanstark · 2 months ago
Peter: Steve, how do I ask someone out?
Steve: Well, first, you -
Tony: No, don’t ask him! He asked me out in the McDonald’s bathroom after a mission!
Peter: …
Peter: But you said yes.
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cyborgbloodmovedaccount · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Moved accounts - @cyborgblood
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