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Well, well, well…i think we all feel the same here…THIS IS A SAFE SPACE! also i’m really sorry but towards the end it kinda turned into passionate smut instead cuz i find it hard to write just fucking IM SORRY, i hope you still enjoy it??

Long Awaited - Tom Holland x reader

SUMMARY : Tom has returned home from months of filming and he gets to finally enjoy your company again after a long time away.

WARNINGS : smut (unprotected sex, fingering, handjob, oral sex (m&f receiving), daddy kink, slight sub!Tom IF YOU SQUINT REALLY HARD BUT BASICALLY JUST REALLY SMUTTY)


A/N : hope y’all enjoy this!! this is literally smut without plot sooo :)))) I ALSO RECOMMEND LISTENING TO ‘EARNED IT’ BY THE WEEKEND IF YOU WANT IT TO BE MORE PASSIONATE


You had barely made it through the door before your back was pressed against it, slamming it shut in the process. Tom’s hands were exploring your body, trying to memorise every single detail due to being away for months filming ‘uncharted’. For so long, Tom has only been able to stare at pictures and videos of you in order to release himself, but now he has the real thing in front of him, he isn’t going to waste any time. He swallows your moans as both of your tongues fight for dominance. You feel his hands travel down to the outside of your thighs, signalling you to jump, which you do without any hesitation. You wrap your legs around his waist and he carries you up the stairs towards your shared bedroom. Pieces of clothing being discarded every few steps.

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