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My roommate’s pregnant cat came and got me to come to her den when I was the only one home working on a written exam. I look inside to find these little guys!

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Waking Up With PierrO! 🎧 The Great Awakening! 444 Portal

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I want to share with you my bastard cat, Void Bean the First.

She knows how to open doors. She knows how to get into my underwear drawer. And just today I discovered she knows how to get to my garbage can as well.

Nowhere is safe. She is a thief and a goblin.

But also a diva and a drama queen. If she’s denied something she wants, she will roll on the floor whining dramatically. She refuses to eat most wet foods. I only recently found a specific brand that she will happily eat and it’s on the pricier side.

Bean enjoys hanging out on my shoulders whenever I’m making food, so she can watch me do stuff, even if she’s not allowed to eat whatever I make. She’ll continuously purr while doing that.

She’s very clever and seems to understand when I tell her not to do something, but will do that thing anyways if she happens to be bored/craving attention. Like trying to climb the curtains. She’ll paw at the curtains and glance at me and keep at it until I notice and then she runs off to hide.

Bean’s a noisy baby. Talks a lot. Constantly making these chirpy noises and will not hesitate to yell at me.

I hate her for how sneaky a bastard she is but honestly, having her has helped me fix my sleep cycle, she reminds me to take my meds and eat and though she doesn’t enjoy cuddling that much per say, having her sleep next to me on the couch as I play games somehow helps me relax a bit.

She is a diva, a thief and a bastard. And I love her.

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