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Pusiak - drawing by Celina

pencil, 45 x 35 cm.

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Meet Arsen, my new baby boy!

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Best friends

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Missing dog came home after 3 weeks and she is acting a little bit strange
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I have another little story that goes along with the prompt for today. Today I am supposed to, “write about something that I miss.” 

I’ll start by saying when I was a little kid, first starting elementary school, I was petrified. I was very much a home body and a momma’s baby. I did not like the thought of having to make friends and talk to strangers. I would cry every morning when I had to go to school. Every morning! I had anxiety as early as five-years-old! It was rough. To help combat my anxious thoughts that often made me physically sick, my mom got me a kitten. A lady that she worked with at the time had a cat that had kittens, and so my mom adopted one from her and brought it home. It was one day in early spring, I remember it vividly, when she picked me up from school with a tiny kitten in the car with her. I loved animals, I had a habit of befriending or trying to befriend every stray dog or cat that came by our house. Naturally, I instantly fell in love with her. She was grey with dark stripes going across her back all the way to her tail. I won’t try to make the first encounter with my cat a movie scene, it wasn’t. The first thing she did when I scooped her up in my arms was give me a big scratch across the forearm. I didn’t cry or whine at all. I understood her. She was scared just as I always was in any new place. From that moment on, I knew that this little cat and I understood each other. She and I grew on one another gradually. I named her Princess because she alwasy seemed so prim and proper. She was sassy and managed to always get what she wanted. Every day, when it wasn’t cold or raining, I would sit out on the porch (she was a front porch type of cat) and just talk to her. Often times she would sit beside me and listen. She never really wanted to be held, it made her nervous, so we just sat in each other’s company. I believe to this day that she understood every word I ever said to her. She would follow my sisters and I around whenever we would go tromping through the woods around the house or around the field with the cows, just keeping an eye on us like a nurse maid. If we went out to help gather firewood, she was there. If we were trying to be monkeys and climb impossible trees, she was cheering us on. And if we ever got scraped or bruised and hurt, she would sit next to us and offer her comfort. She was just another member of the family. Later, when she got unexpectedly pregnant, her son joined the family as well. We gave away all the kittens she had except one, and it was because of the uncanny way that I found him. That’s a story for another time. 

Princess and her son, which I ended up naming Big Boy because he was a big and clunky kitten, were loved by every member of the family. They had gotten in this weird, but comforting habit of rushing out to the driveway every time we came back home. Anytime they saw our car pull in, they would both run out to greet us. Princess would always strut to the middle of the driveway, right where my mom always parked, and roll in the gravel a little to say “Hi”. Then she would move and let my mom park the car in its place. Big Boy would always wait at the end of the foot path from the driveway to the porch and greet us by rubbing on our legs and leading us up the steps. I took this small yet wholesome greeting for granted, because as soon as it was gone, I missed it. 

I bet you’re thinking this story ends in a tragic death, don’t you? I’m happy to report that both cats, though older and slower moving than they used to be, are both still alive and living happily on their front porch. The only tragic death that this story ends with is the death of our house. If you read my past posts, you’ll know that my house burnt in 2016. It wasn’t burnt to the ground, and the front porch is still in tact, but it was irreparable and no longer liveable. We had to move out. We still own the property that it sits on and are currently building a new house near the burnt one. Someone from the family drives over to feed and check in on the two cats and three dogs that still live at the old house every day. But now that we no longer live there, and now that the two cats are getting older and more frail, the driveway greetings that I get to witness are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond thankful that they have lived into a long and happy life, but I do miss the little greetings and sitting on the front steps to talk to them. I got Princess when I was five and I am now twenty, turning twenty one in April, so like I said she has lived a long and happy cat life. I just wish that our time in sharing a home together had not been cut off so abuptly by the fire. That front porch will always be her home, because I believe she would be too anxious if we were to try and move her and Big Boy, but the charred house attached to it will never be my home again. And I miss that. I miss what we had in that house, even though it was kind of run down and in need of renovation. It was home in every aspect of the word. 

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Sushi roll “hides” installed for aquarium eels to play in

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My name is Nash, I’m the person behind the brand. I am non-binary, consider myself a witch and absolutely LOVE all things animals (parrots specifically, but I may be a little biased)!!

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