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#pets of tumblr
angie-the-rat-witch · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rat in my hood rat in my hood rat in my hood
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theoreocat · 10 months ago
What are your pet's favourite places?
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justcatposts · a month ago
“The rescue centre said nobody wants him because he's FIV+ and that he's desperate for a home because he just loves people. Adopted him today and I think he's happy ❤️” 
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noireht-nox · 9 months ago
he like the sink
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fulminatesoup · 3 months ago
These coos? Them woobly woobs? It means she’s happy :,)
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pov: you are a phone on the floor and a rat checks you out
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emilyvonxx · 3 days ago
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Happy 1st day of autumn
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