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And you just forget that we ever met

But before you forget

There’s just something I have to say

I’m sick of your voice

Sick of your face

Sick of your choices

Sick of your name

Sick of your pleasure

Sick of your pain

Sick of your pressure

Sick of your game

I wish I never ever met you

I’m not your medicine or your tool…

Don’t expect me to ever fix you

Every little thing always seems to be about you

You think your traumas don’t affect a single person ‘round you

Get the fuck up out my life because I’m still in love with you

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Hello! I have an idea for the student teacher fic!!! Maybe like a hospital run?? For something minor! Like stitches in a finger or something. Cause like what’s worse than wanting to help your person that is not actually your person. Being there but not BEING there for them.

omg I love this idea, thank you!!!! my mind went so many places with this lol and I know exactly where to put it in the fic. similarly, there’s a plot point where harry is Going Through It mentally/emotionally and louis does what he can to comfort him given the confines of their relationship but it doesn’t feel like enough obvi bc he has to hold himself back. good times

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police: you’re under arrest for trying to carry three people on a single motorcycle.

white: wait… what do you mean, “three”?

police: yes, three.

white: oh, fuck.

police: sir?


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i LOVE prof/student au cant wait!!!!

yay I’m glad!!! I know it’s not everyone’s thing. I’m really looking forward to continuing to write it tho. keep sending ideas/headcanons or things you wanna see in the fic if you have any 💖💖💖

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I need girl friends who enjoy taking cute pictures so we could spent the afternoon taking pictures of each other and together, planning the aesthetic, the outfits, the accessories, etc

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is anyone else having a hard time trying not to touch the face even with clean hands???

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I just want an incredibly drunk/funny Harry needing Louis to save the day and Louis having to be strong enough to totally not give into Harry

omg this is a great idea I love it, and it fits the plot well bc in the beginning they both genuinely believe they can keep their relationship professional but as time goes on and they catch feelings and harry is like f this I’ve never felt like this before I’m not losing this opportunity, meanwhile louis is still mostly dedicated to keeping it professional lol.

drunk harry at a party pulls out his phone and says “watch this.” his friends scream “no” and steal his phone from him - he begs and begs and promises he was just gonna order pizza so finally they give it back. he scrolls through his contacts and hits call, makes eye contact with his friends. the call connects and he says “hi professor”. chaos

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Liam: Since you guys are dating, are you the little spoon or the big spoon?
Drake: I'm a knife.
Úrsula: He's the little spoon.
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