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#pfft sorry not sorry

I made a new group chat feel free to join!!

Welcome to the group be sure to read Description! Support group against cyberbullying and abuse etc. There are times in this day and age where support is deeply needed, Talk about your favorite topics and most of all is A safe space to vent and find emotional support and meet new people. If someone chooses to make hurtful comments or is generally nasty to one another you will immediately be removed from group and blacklisted/blocked. A beware post will be made by me personally. Cyberbullying is never okay and can leave a long lasting scar to individuals and ruin future relationships and break trust. I am no longer going to stand by and watch people get hurt especially online, based off differences and lies. Other than that Have fun. All is welcome.

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Ishmael: When I said, “bring me back something from the beach,” I meant like a seashell.

Queequeg, struggling to hold a seagull: well you didn’t fucking say that

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G’morning you sorry shits! Hope everyone’s doin good!

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ok god one day i’ll stick to an aesthetic that i like……… but wayhaving is back babey 💖

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you’re telling me that the whole episode was about whether or not a verbally abused woman is guilty of murdering her husband and carisi managed to read between the lines of the case on stand to make her not sound like a cold-blooded killer but benson can’t do the same? besides, after all they’ve told the jury, the fact that this woman didn’t feel remorse over killing her abusive husband (less than 5 hours after it happened) should not change anything?! what sort of jury suddenly thinks she’s not a victim anymore??

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klinghoffer, take tips from this kid mooneyham.

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who would win in a fight between jack and juck.

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Send ’ 🎉 ’ to kiss my muse at midnight on New Years Eve / @ramenthings

Fighting at a New Year’s Eve party was not on Sasuke’s list of things to do. Then again coming to a party like this wasn’t on high on his list either. All the blame falls on Naruto and his incessant begging and those fucking unfair blue eyes. It’s fair that he gets the blame for this too right? 

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       Okay I thought I’m chill now, but nope. So CAOS spoilers ahead

THE AUDACITY!!! Of them recreating of that Harvey and Sabrina scene from the first episode with Nick and Sabrina?! THE AUDACITY OF TAKING THEIR MOMENT AND TURNING IT INTO ANOTHER SHIPS MOMENT?! GET THE HELL OUT!

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Kyou mo kimete no, kyou mo kimete no, zeni ga tobu~ 🎶

I’ve only seen few clips of Zane acting like a detective and uhh after I saw that art I said in the WIP, an image of him as an okappiki popped into my mind (particularly Zenigata Heiji, a fictional Edo Period detective who arrests criminals by throwing coins)

By the way, Happy New Year 2021! 🎉🎉🎉 (it already is in Indonesia) Well, 2020 wasn’t too good (at least for some people) but let’s hope the next year will be much better 🌸

Bonus: PIXAL as Hachigorou/Garappachi (Heiji’s sidekick) soon after she got the same jutte as above in her hand

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If anyone is ever wondered what all the code looks like after his system crashes in the Claptastic Voyage, it’s almost exactly what you would expect! Poor guy. He lost all his cat photos.

I do find it a bit concerning that he had 85.3TB of “unauthorized warez”..what the hell does that mean? And the first thing that starts is his dance routine, it initiates and cancels itself like three times. Lol.

He’s getting errors in Common sense, Tact filter, Smooth talk, and Visual maintenance. And then his subroutines almost immediately start his crying subroutine. I checked the number for the time until his birthday, and it’s just amounts to a year, so it doesn’t really reveal anything special.

Man, I think I would die to see more of this, pfft.

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