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day 26: a knock at the door


A Knock at the Door

For: @sg215

Ao3 Link:

Peter had a short day of classes when Ned told him that he couldn’t make their plans to have a Star Wars Marathon that night. Peter was upset but he figured he could just call Harry and Harley and see if they were available. He knew it was the one day that they both had late classes so they would be coming in later than normal but it would be nice to just spend some time to himself. Besides he could find something to do for an hour or two before they got there. He finally got a hold of them and they both seemed excited as they told him that they would be there after their classes. Peter made sure to let May know that Harry and Harley would be over tonight which she was fine with. He was excited to spend some time with them and he didn’t notice what day it was as he was walking home. 

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day 24: witches and warlocks


Witches and Warlocks

For: @shadedrose01

Ao3 Link:

Every practicing witch knew about the warlocks. They all ended up having goals of being like them. Peter Parker was on his way to becoming one of them. Everyone knew that. He may have got teased for it but he was one of the most powerful witches. Harley Keener was another one. He was a mentee of the great Tony Stark. The man who had to take on two mentees to make it to warlock levels of power. Harry Osborn didn’t know if he could become a warlock. He didn’t mind being a witch as long as he could get back at Norman Osborn for running his life. So when Tony Stark announced taking on another mentee, Harley and Peter suggested that he apply and said they would put in a good word with Tony. Harry did as they said figuring he could spend some time with his boyfriends if he won the internship under Tony Stark. He waited for his name to be announced but he heard nothing. Harry started to expect nothing until he got a call from Pepper Potts announcing him as one of the three finalists who would have to do an interview. Harry prepared for the interview. He practiced spells and memorized potions just so he could get in. Harley and Peter helped a bit but Harry wanted to do this on his own. When he came into the room where the three warlocks sat he didn’t expect Bruce Banner to also be in the room as well as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. He figured some witches would be judging the candidates. 

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Day 5: buried (alive or dead)


Buried Alive

For: @maya-malfoy1012​ (who also made the moodboard for this whole collection!)

Ao3 link:

It started out as a great day. Or at least Peter was pretty sure it did. He was enjoying his day when he went to take a nap on his bed without his boys. That wasn’t an issue. He had been sleeping in their room a lot of time. He hadn’t been asleep for long when he woke to darkness. He went to get up when he hit his head. He tried to push whatever it was that he was in up but then he heard it. It sounded like dirt falling around him. Peter felt panic as if he was trapped under the building. He found his phone and realized he was in a coffin. He was being buried alive. Peter started panicking. He cried out for someone to hear him. No one seemed to hear as he called out. He felt something touched him and saw a skeleton trying to hold him down.

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Prompt 11: “you’re a monster”

“You’re a monster,” Harley yelled at the man as he held Harry close protecting the boy.

“If I’m a monster then you are just protecting a younger monster,” Norman said. Harry wanted to cry. Peter webbed up Norman as he came over to make sure Harley and Harry were okay before Harley took Harry off to Stark Tower. He held Harry as the other boy slept.

“How is he?” Peter asked when he got back and finally was able to join them.

“Not good but he had us so that is a positive,” Harley said. Peter and Harley talked as they made sure Harry was okay. They knew he would be better eventually. Even if it took a few years.

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three times Peter pretends to be mute and the one time he speaks instead of staying silent.

Peter hadn’t told anyone that he was Spider-Man. He wanted to change that with Harry, Harley, and Johnny. Being in a relationship though made it hard for him. Especially since he didn’t know how to tell them that he was the hero.

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Peter Parker was screwed. Okay, maybe he wasn’t completely screwed but just enough that he wanted to cry out to the world and complain about everything. Especially quarantine because the virus was already annoying. He couldn’t go out as Spidey and that meant he was stuck inside with all this energy. It also didn’t help that he had three hot roommates.


Peter is stuck with his crushes in their apartment during quarantine. How will they take finding out he likes all three of them.

my Harley/Harry/Peter/Johnny fic because there were no fics for these four as a couple.

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Another Preview of Toddler Mayhem which will probably post on my ao3 tomorrow:  Tony Stark didn’t get surprised easily. He was a guy who was used to weird things happening. He had seen aliens in New York, fought alongside “gods”, and worked with superhumans. Nothing surprised him. Well, he couldn’t say anything. Three toddlers laying on the couch while Pepper looked at him with panic and May muttered curses in Italian.

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Preview from Toddler Mayhem: “When have we ever gone to bed when you were out on patrol?” Harry asked. Harry was right. If Peter or Harley were on patrol the other two stayed up.

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The door slammed from the front, and even though Harry couldn’t seen Harley come in, he could tell he was upset. Harley soon made his way into the bedroom, where Harry was sprawled on the bed, taking a break to respond to messages on his phone. Harry looked up to see Harley walking towards him, a clear frown on his face. Harry put down his phone to look up at Harley. “Are you ok?”

“Nope.” Harley didn’t elaborate, instead just jumping onto the bed next to Harry. “Where’s Peter?”

“Still on patrol.”

Harley huffed, laying down next to Harry, slowly inching closer. Harry just smiled, pulling Harley into his arms, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “What’s wrong?”

“Just a lot of little things, annoying people, late deadlines, you know the deal.” He groaned, burying his head into Harry’s shirt. “I’m tired and I want to cuddle with you and Peter.”

“Well, Peter’s gonna take a little longer, but I’m here.” 

“I know.” Harley smiled, moving even closer. 

Harry took one last glance at his phone to see a text from Peter saying he would be home in a few minutes. With a smile, he put it away, pulling the blanket over the two of them as they curled up next to each other and waited.

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“Truth or Dare?" 

Harry really didn’t know how they ended up here, the three of them sitting on the floor in their shared apartment with pizza boxes and spiked drinks around them. He definitely didn’t know how they ended up playing truth or dare. Regardless, he was here, with Harley in front of him, asking him to pick. 

"Dare.” Harry had an easy expression as Peter scooted in, excited. 

“Kiss one of us.” Harley leaned back, a smirk on his face.

Well that was an issue. Harry had been harboring a crush on both boys for a while now and had been avoiding making a decision. Looks like he was being forced to make one now.

Or was he?

He had always been an act first, think later type of person, and the pleasant buzz in his head was doing nothing good for his impulse control. Before he could change his mind, he tugged Peter closer, pulling him into a deep kiss. The moment they came apart, he turned to Harley, practically sitting himself in Harley’s lap as he pulled the taller blond into an equally intense kiss. 

When they pulled apart, Harry was met with equally confused expressions from both boys. He shifted out of Harley’s lap and grinned. “Never said I couldn’t kiss both of you.”

Peter’s cheeks flushed as he looked down at the ground, avoiding either boy’s eyes. Harley on the other hand, was slowly starting to realize what was going on. “Hey pretty boy, do you have a crush on both of us?”

Harry froze for a quick second before settling back into his normal fake nonchalance. “Maybe I do.” 

Peter looked back up at him at that. Harley ignored the sudden motion. “Well that gets real lucky for us, since I happen to like both of you too.”

Peter’s eyes darted between Harley and Harry as both boys turned to face him, a question in their eyes. “So would all three of us be in a relationship… together?”

Harley nodded and Harry really couldn’t believe this was happening to him. It was probably just an alcohol-fueled hallucination. Was that even possible? 

His suspicions of hallucinations were only confirmed when Peter hesitantly nodded his head. “Sure.”

Harry couldn’t quite remember what happened next, but when he woke up in the morning, pressed in between Harley and Peter on his absurdly large bed, he didn’t quite mind what happened, as long as it led him here.

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Hey! Sorry it’s late, I was busy with some other stuff. I went for the PH^2 ship. It’s on ao3 here, or underneath the read more.

I’ve also written a small drabble about this for just parksborn before, so if you want to see it, go here.

Peter hadn’t meant to go out as Spider-Man that day. He just wanted to come home and get ready to go out to dinner with his boyfriends for their anniversary. But then he heard an alarm go off, and he practically ran into the armed robbery as a civilian, and wouldn’t it be much better to be there as Spidey anyway? So really he was trying to be safe, it’s just that the world had decided he needed to do this first. 

The fight was decently quick, regardless of how outnumbered he was. There were 6 robbers, all of them shooting at him, but he had managed to web them all up for the police. 

As he swung the rest of the way through the city, he glanced down at his watch. He still had plenty of time to get ready before they all headed out for dinner. There was a dull pain on his side and his shoulder blade, but he waved it off, assuming it was bruises from the fight or sore muscles. They would heal soon enough.

He slipped through the window of the apartment and into the bedroom, hoping neither Harry nor Harley were home yet. Both of them said they were going to be working a little late, but would still be home in time to go out. Maybe he could get ready without either of them knowing he put on the suit that day. 

He rushed into the bathroom, stripping out of his suit without so much as a glance at it. His back was still feeling really weird, and even more painful than before. Still, it wasn’t anything he hadn’t faced before, and he was working on a strict time limit. He grabbed a suit from the closet and a tie, setting them down on the bathroom counter. 

From the main room, he could hear a gentle click as the door was unlocked. “Pete?” Harry’s voice called out to him. 

He quickly shoved the suit into a cabinet and out of sight. “In the bathroom, I’m getting ready.”

“Have you taken a shower yet?” Harry’s voice yelled back, a playful tease.

“No I have not.” Peter turned, his bare back to the open door as he fiddled with the temperature. 

“Well then maybe I’ll join you.” His voice got louder as he walked into their bedroom, his tie hanging loose around his neck. Suddenly Harry froze in his tracks. “Peter!” His voice sounded strangled. 

Peter turned to face the blond boy, confusion growing as he noticed Harry’s shocked expression. “What’s wrong?”

“Did you go out as Spidey today?” Harry accused him. 

Peter quickly glanced around, making sure the suit was still packed away. “No?”

Harry took a deep sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Then do you want to explain the bleeding wound on your back?”

“What?” Peter turned around, trying to glance at his back in the mirror. Sure enough, there was a bright red gash on his shoulder blade. “Oh.” The burning pain suddenly made a lot more sense. Apparently that was the moment his brain decided to process the wound, because he immediately began to feel light-headed. The hero gripped tightly onto the counter, trying not to fall. 

“Peter!” Harry ran over, helping him up. “What did you do?” 

Peter gave him a sheepish look. “I was going to come straight back home but then I literally walked right by a robbery, and I couldn’t not do anything.”

Harry just shook his head, helping Peter over to the bed. Of course, this was the exact moment Harley decided to walk into the house. “Hello? Where are y’all?”

Harry sighed. “In the bedroom, bring the first aid kit.”

“What did he do now?” Harley responded in a resigned tone.

Peter’s mouth dropped open. He tried to sound affronted but it ended up sounding tired instead. “What makes you think I did anything?” 

“Well it’s not like pretty boy gets injured on a regular basis.” Harley grinned, walking into the bedroom with the kit. He frowned, before quickly fixing his face back into an easy-going expression. “I thought you were going to skip the heroics for today?”

“I meant to, but, you know… I promise I’m fine.” Peter tried to protest, but even as he spoke, his eyes began to close.

Harley raised an eyebrow at the statement. He walked into the bathroom. “Where did you shove your suit this time?”

“Could you wet a cloth and give it to me?” Harry called out, as he began to pull the bandages and antiseptic from the kit.

Harley hummed in agreement as he walked out of the bathroom, the bloody suit in his hands. “What happened?”

“Looks like a bullet grazed him.” He took the cloth from Harley’s hand, pressing it to Peter’s skit and cleaning out the small wound. “It’s pretty small, only needs a few stitches. But from the looks of it, he lost enough blood to be light headed.”

Harley sat down on the bed next to Harry, grabbing a fresh cloth and the antiseptic Harry had set aside, moving in to clean the wound after Harry pulled his hand away. Peter winced. “I’m sorry.”

Harley snorted. “For what? Going out in the first place or for getting hurt?”

“For ruining our dinner plans.” He looked down at his hands, trying not to shake as Harley finished cleaning the gash. 

Harry shrugged. “It’s no big deal. We can go out anytime. I’d rather you be safe and rest.”

“But it’s our anniversary." 

Harley shifted on the bed, moving to face Peter. He grabbed Peter’s hands and looked the other boy in the eyes. "And as long as all of us are together, we’re basically already celebrating.”

 Harry pulled out the needle and thread from the kit. “I think the celebration starts after I finish putting stitches on my boyfriend. As a child, I really did not see myself knowing how to stitch, but apparently I’m good at this now. And it’s all your fault.”

Peter chuckled. “I take full responsibility for that.”

Harley continued to hold Peter’s hands as Harry finished the stitches and bandaged Peter. “Just, please try to be more careful.”

Peter grinned. “I always am.”

“I know.” Harley took a deep breath. “But as much as we joke about how often this happens, me and Harry get worried every time you get hurt, and if you keep going like this, we’re afraid that one day you’ll come home with something we can’t fix with a first aid kit and some kisses.” 

Peter’s smile faded at the more somber comment. He tried to look back at Harry, but couldn’t, so he settled for reaching out a hand for the other boy to grab, squeezing onto it as he cleaned up the kit with his free hand. “I promise I’ll try harder.”

“That’s all we could ask for.” Harry got up, the kit in his hand, and pressed a kiss to Peter’s cheek. “Now that I’m done, we can celebrate.” He walked into the living room and put away the first aid kit.

Harley got up, offering a hand to Peter, who allowed the other boy to lift him back onto his feel. “What do you have in mind?”

Harry smiled. “How about pizza and brownies?” 

“Sounds great.” Peter smiled, watching the two boys as they both got settled and ordered everything.

A few minutes later, the three of them were sitting around the dinner table, laughing and talking. Peter looked at the boys sitting beside him, amazed that he had gotten so lucky as to have them. And later that night, with the three of them curled up in bed together, Peter just whispered, “Happy Anniversary. Love you.” 

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