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This is the first time in YEARS. And I say YEARS!! 7 or 8! That I have drawn a full body. And I am beyond proud of this. It can only get better with practice and you know what. I think I found my drive again 😊 (I’m still not too good with faces or hair) I’ve got a picture of the reference I used and how exactly I used it. It was fun!

This is my girl Aria💙 She loves wearing comfy sweaters and skirts and it’s often what she wears to practice. Feel free to ask me more about her!

Please follow my new art Instagram!! You can find me at rangoontoonballoon96 ! I’ll be posting warm up doodles and other things there that I don’t post here! (Yes the name is silly but I love it)

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Celebrating the end of the college semester with a meme template of Danny being absolutely done with everything

The template belongs to Capochiino on Twitter, just using this to expand my practice on expressions and simply because Danny will be so tired of everyone’s trash if he has to stay up all night fighting ghosts. Constant bags on those eyes.

Also, fangs. Danny must have fangs.

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Some more Ethan Freeman Phantom appreciation! Four pages and the cover of an amazing 74 page zine (called “Box 5″) made by a group of fans in Japan, detailing their visit to London in 1995. It covers numerous shows, as well as places like Stonehenge and Portobello Road Market, all with beautiful illustrations. 

I’m only posting these pages as it’s other people’s original fan art, and I’m not sure who even to credit, as there are several artists, credited in Japanese. (I’d love to know what the text boxes say!)

From what a friend helped me with, the zine was published and partly drawn by  Etsuyo Kurasawa (pen name “Bard”) and Akane Ochiai (pen name “Horan”). Some of the Phantom panels have the pen name “Soirée”. I think it was sent to me by a fan called Keiko Nakajima, who I believe may have drawn the meeting Ethan pages.

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