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So it was recently my 14th birthday, and i got iPad and pen thing…

My fist time on Procreate and I attempt cmbyn phanart. I’m making good choices.

(@danielhowell @amazingphil)

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I found this old pic of @amazingphil that I forgot to post for some reason?? And it’s been sitting in my drafts for a very long timeeee haha. It was made for PINOF ANIMATE 2 a collab fan project which I was a part of and is still really close to my heart. <3

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I keep getting told that i look like a female version on mikey way… The euphoria that gives me :))))

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I drew the original on October 1st and 2nd of 2020. The second image is from February of 2021.

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my phantoms

Well, more like the Phantoms I know best with some oh-so witty remarks of mine. And which one is yours? Lerik, Cherik, Gerik, Rerik, Berik or some other? 

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Recent brain fart while listening to Dan and Phil’s stereo live. Dan stop being a Phillie for 5 seconds but also never say the word phillie ever again thank

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a quick doodle of @amazingphil and @danielhowell from the 1st episode of their stereo show!

Please don’t repost or leave your front door open for the love of god.

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I made that Hannah Montana post and I couldn’t let it go, so have this.

Transcript and OG under the cut.

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