garnimalia · 23 hours ago
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Baggy clothes He pt. II
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playedcrowd5610 · 2 days ago
Phantom: “Good luck man, break a leg!”
Technus: “Why would I do that?”
Sam: “It’s a figure of speech.”
Technus: “Ah! Thank you ghost child, I hope you get hit by a bus!”
Technus: *disappears*
Tucker: “I mean… He’s got the spirit.”
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tnnkinketsuofficial · a day ago
I have returned
hey everyone I got an idea
Imagine if Danny had crazy vocals in his human form. Like— y’all know the song Defying Gravity? That last part where the female singer goes “WOOOAAAAOAOAA” and whatnot?
He’d probably be really reluctant to sing because his voice is so powerful, but if he were persuaded to sing, his voice could shake an entire room to its core.
Some tumblr users like to think Danny’s ghostly wail is something that only happens when he feels as if he’s in severe danger. I however, consider it to be something that happens when he gets.. REALLY emotional perhaps? Whether that’s positively or negatively. So maybe he could use it to a less, spectral degree in his human form? Imagine he’s just on stage singing his heart out and then he hits that one note that sends chills down the spine of everyone that can hear him. Think that would be cool, right?
Of course that’s really out of character for him but just— just imagine it. Something I’ve realized about tumblr is none of us cares about the canon anyways, and I love that.
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maskedhatterdoodles · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The dress collection so far.
Overall I'm really pleased with how these are turning out so far. Not sure which one I like best though.. what do you guys think?
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49saltpeppershakers · 2 days ago
I finally made my own trio meme.
Now to make even more (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
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sarasanddollar · a day ago
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A surprise for @ectopusses involving her DP AU! 
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scarlette-foxx · 7 hours ago
Crossover Danuary Week 2022 Day 1- Sunday the 23rd
The Fandom is Avatar: the last airbender. The optional prompt is Pardon
Danny held his hand to his side, suppressing a whimper. Here in an unfamiliar forest, he was surprised to feel a tiny bit safe despite nearly bleeding out. The idea to escape via a natural portal must have been smart, because the ghosts that had been chasing him didn’t want to follow into this risky territory. 
And as for Danny? Danny could handle a new area, not to mention that anything would be better than trying to take out an ecto-wraith looking beastly ghost. That thing gave him goosebumps..
The lone phantom returned to human form once the wound was closed, and started looking for an exit to the forest. 
“It sure is creepy in a forest at night. I almost wish I were at home…” he whispers, wrapping his hands around his forearms like a swaddled baby.
The wind whispered through the willows, carrying soft words of men unspoken and stories of lost souls. This forest was infested with shades, Danny occasionally spotting the shadows out of the corner of his eye. I think it’s time to find my way home. If the spirits here become too restless, well.. I don’t even want to think about it. 
Finally, Danny finds a path, and follows it to what seems like north. The stars here were similar but not quite the same to his home world. I just have to find where the portal first opened, and can manipulate the ecto-energies from there.
He happens upon a cozy-looking cottage in the woods, at the end of the path. With nowhere else to look, he knocks on the door to look for some information. The old man that answers was wary to his intrusion, understandably. It was the night of the full moon, and somewhere close to 1 am. He sheepishly waved hello. “I’m sorry, I seem to have gotten a little lost.’
The old man grumbled something intelligible before suddenly pulling Danny inside his home. He yelped, pushing the man off him, and indignantly turning towards him. The old man gently hit his head, and began pulling him into his home again. “Foolish boy! You should know better than to be near the mountain at this time of the year! Are you trying to get yourself killed?”
Danny guffawed at the audacity of this man. “What? No! I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much.”
The old man gave him a deadpan glare. “Yes, that’s exactly what your torn clothes and scarred torso implies. That you aren’t in any danger at all. You look like you just lost a fight with a platypusbear.” A what now? “Stay here a moment, child, and I’ll get you some old clothes of mine. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, you for one are lucky that I saw you walking towards the house. Tonight is a most dangerous time for a stroll.” he trailed off as he walked into the other room. 
When the old man came back with the red clothes, Danny noticed just how modern his shirt looked when compared to the things the old man was offering. The time period of this world must be ages behind his own. 
Danny took the clothes after a moment of hesitation. “...thank you. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting to be pulled around right now.”
The old man waved him off, chuckling softly to himself as if there were some inside joke he wasn’t getting. “Don’t you worry about it, boy. So have you got a name? I’ve grown fond of the title ‘Papa Chang’ myself.”
Danny glanced around for a bathroom- or closet, who knows if they have plumbing- to get changed in. “It’s Danny. I’ll go get changed into this, if you don’t mind?” Chang nodded quietly and ushered him to a bedroom.
When Danny came out, the old man had made a pot of tea and began pouring it into two cups. “You keep saying it’s dangerous out there.. why?”
Chang’s expression soured and he set down the kettle. “Young man… you must be more lost than you realize. Everyone here knows about the woman in the woods who is possessing people, luring them deeper into the forest until they disappear, never to be seen again.”
Danny picked up the teacup with suspicion, never having had tea before. Sam seems to like the stuff. “Who is this woman? Is it some sort of legend?”
Chang shook his head. “We used to think so. That is, until some children like yourself helped us to capture her. When a spooky tale becomes real, we had no idea what to do. She escaped our imprisonment easily and uses her waterbending each full moon to continue her twisted ideal of revenge. The neighboring villages have often tried to band together to defeat her, but our parties either go missing or somehow fail to find her. The best option right now is to stay home and hide.”
Danny pursed his lips at the spicy taste of the tea. Certainly not what he was expecting. “Waterbender?” he asked, setting down the cup.
“Apparently.” Chang says, setting down his cup as well. “She was captured during the war, and now seems to wish to take her revenge on any citizen of the fire nation.”
Danny nods slowly, the information flying right over his head. War? Fire nation? What did he get himself into? “You said she’s possessing people?” he asks. This sounds a lot like a ghost is working with those shades he saw in the forest. Even now, the shadows are curious about him. They’ve probably never detected such strong ectoplasm before.
A shiver goes down Chang’s spine. “Yes.. the way Chyou describes it when she was first saved.. I’m glad I’ve never met the woman before.”
A contemplative frown grew on Danny’s face. “Thank you, Chang, it was kind of you to open up your home for me.” he says as he stands up, walking towards the door.
Chang tries to jump up to follow, but his old body seems to fail him. “Wait, where are you going? I just told you how dangerous it is out there!”
Danny gave him a melancholy smile. “Don’t worry about me, Chang. I think it’s time another ‘child’ help your community out. Hide here where it’s safe.” With that, Danny froze the lock to the door behind him and set out into the woods. 
The shades loomed closer to Danny with every step he took. They became more brave, trying to push Danny along, barreling him closer and closer to-
A trap. One look at the old woman and he knew that the shades led him right to her. She spotted him almost immediately, and with an unnerving smile she cooed a soft hum. “Well, well. It isn’t often I find a man as young as yourself on my moonlit waltzes.”
A static chill crept down Danny’s spine, the words echoing a fright within him that even the spirit of halloween himself couldn’t deliver. The old, frail woman lifted her hands and Danny feels something press against his skin. Her eyes widened with surprise but she quickly drags her hands to the sides, apparently the cue for two young adult men to appear from the shadows. Surprisingly, both of them seemed to have fear on their faces. 
The old woman glared at Danny. “You may have surprises up your sleeve, young fire nation child, but it is of no matter. What will you do, I wonder, when you are forced to fight your friends?” and suddenly, the two men were screaming as they charged Danny.
Danny didn’t hesitate to freeze them both up to their necks in ecto-ice, glaring back at the old woman. “I don’t think you understand the situation.”
The woman tried to wave her arms again, only to leave herself with her mouth agape. “What have you done, devil-child? Have you cursed this water?” She waved in a spin behind her and Danny was finally able to see the terrifying magic she possessed as the trees and bushes surrounding them shriveled up into nothing, a large ball of water floating in the air.
Danny had never seen anything like it. As a matter of fact, he’d never felt anything like it either as it sliced through his side. He never knew water could be so violent- and now he knew he had to act.
The phantom child dashed forward and grabbed her wrists in both hands, when a peculiar splash signaled the stop of the magic behind him. “I see now.” he breathes, inspecting the sitting puddle. “Your hands are your source of magic. And seeing as you are harming people..”
The shades began to swim around him excitedly and Danny winced, prepared for an attack at any moment. But the shades.. they seemed to just barely dance around the edges of him, trilling excitedly. They were.. happy? No, they were happy that Danny was getting rid of her. These shades, they were never working with her, they were all-
Danny slowly pulled her hands down in front of him, and a blue light encircled her hands with a new pair of ice cuffs. The glare he settled into her could have sliced through a mountain. 
“You will never hurt these people again, today or any day. You will wear these cuffs until the day you die, and serve your punishment for all these poor souls you have ended.”
His electric green eyes pierced her as the ice tombs behind him shattered. Finally, the teenager dragged the frail lady back to the men. 
Entrusting her to them, he set off in the direction he first came from to find the portal before the energies dissipated. 
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aterfish · a month ago
Tumblr media
Some people were wondering how he looks under the hazmat suit, and I was about to say the same as in canon, but who cares about the canon, let's have some fun design instead.
So right after losing the suit he is in a form that has a lot of energy and also space themed bc why not
and as those energy levels stabilize, he starts to look more like a halfa
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letswonderspirit · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
happy trans day of visably!🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
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momokarp · 6 months ago
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Who hurt my son?!!
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garnimalia · 22 hours ago
Think I’m going to do some DP screen redraws of any time he’s not wearing his usual phantom or Fenton outfits. Please recommend outfits from the show in which this is the case!! So far I have:
- technus episode where he wears the “stoopid” outfit for the party
- the suit he wore for the dance in the dragon episode
- pajamas (from a few episodes)
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fruity-hub-blog · 8 months ago
Cursed Fact #10
Contrary to popular fanon, the Fenton Parents DO believe ghosts can feel pain as evidenced by this conversation in Secret Weapons.
Tumblr media
“It converts a ghost’s natural ecto-energy into a constantly replenishing fuel source!”
Tumblr media
“Does it hurt the ghosts?”
Tumblr media
“Oh Jazz, you know your father and I don’t care about that.”
Tumblr media
“Yeah, if we hear it screaming, then we know it’s working!”
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ttlmt · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Update: Dan left a Yelp review at Phil’s Hair Salon. It has been flagged as misinformation. 
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asyl-ym · 7 months ago
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Danny growing his hair out, inspired by this post
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tofandomhellandback · 7 months ago
Did someone do this yet?
Tumblr media
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antelabbitsghost · 5 months ago
"i want the danny phantom reboot to be like this" "i want the danny phantom reboot to be like that" no you want the danny phantom reboot to be directed by alex hirsch
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soyoudonthavetobebrave · a month ago
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danhowellz · a month ago
ok my FAVOURITE thing about that video was phil very clearly framing it with the intention of him and dan sitting as they are in the first pic. but then dan deciding "no i'm not gonna do that" and sitting as close to phil as possible
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aterfish · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This has been probably done few times already but i wanted to share my take on uhh... different kind? of hazmat suit for Danny.
more ideas under cut:
This suit was made by and for ghost hunters, so it was made with anti-ghost technology. Because of that, after the accident, most of Danny's ghost powers, like flight, intangibility and invisibility, were sealed. The suit is keeping ghost energy from getting outside, the same way it is from getting it inside. Unfortunately, heat from electricity melted the zip and buckles, so he is stuck inside.
Danny can still use ectorays because of the damage on his right glove from getting electrocuted to death. Charging them takes some time, so his main strategy are singular but strong and well aimed shots.
Not being able to emit ghost energy like every other ghost, makes his attacks more concentrated and thus more powerful. This also lets him use powers in human form far easier, which is helpful when he needs to disappear. (and maybe he gets sick after not using them for a while? 👀)
The suit is oversized which makes Danny slow and clumsy in fights, so instead of using agility, he tanks most attacks. It can take it, but in every fight it gets slowly damaged more and more. This lets him slowly use more abilities in his ghost form, but also lefts him more hurt after each fight.
Danny thinks it's because he and his enemies are just getting more powerful, so it is a bit of surprise for him when in his final battle the suit finally falls apart...
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letswonderspirit · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
-Um, It’s… casual Friday?
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