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#phantom of the opera

Love how Phantom (the character) stans adore using Raoul’s plan from Managers II against him as if the wasn’t the Phantom the one who created the whole situation of basically holding the Opera house hostage and forcing Christine to play the role in the first place

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Comfort ~ Erik Destler x Reader Headcanons

Thank you for requesting this! I have had some bad days recently and I am pretty sure I am not the only one, so we can all use some comforting Erik Headcanons <3 They are a bit short but i hope you do not mind, Anon! (Beware of grammar mistakes, it’s 1am and I am not in the mood to fix them rn…)

  • Erik immediately notices when something is off. He is not good with others but he knows everything about your usual behaviour and can tell when something is off.
  • Even though he does not usually go to bed early he stops whatever he has been doing for you and comes to bed. His music and Opera House are important to him, but not as important as you after all.
  • He worries about you when you tell him that you had a bad day. He does not like seeing you down and blames himself for not checking up on you during the day.
  • Nevertheless he listens to you rant about your day and hugs you when you are about to cry. Erik is not very good with words but he tries to show you that he cares by being there for you. He holds your hand and combs your hair through his fingers to calm you. When you do not feel like talking he just holds you in his arms and hum soft melodies.
  • Erik makes sure that you are well hydrated if you have been crying!
  • He wraps you up in his cape to keep you warm. The heavy weight of the expensive fabric is weirdly soothing and takes your mind away from the events of the day. It also smells like him.
  • Falling! Asleep! In! His! Arms!
  • When you wake up with a headache from crying and overthinking he is still there with you and holding you in his arms.
  • Erik takes whatever made you upset very seriously and do everything in his power to help you. He also checks up on you a bit more frequently than usual, just to make sure everything is fine when he is not around to look after you, and he makes sure to treat you especially good when you visit his lair. He had to deal with a lot of things on his own and he wants to make sure that you will not have to go through the same.
  • Definitely abuses his position as Opera Ghost to make sure no one of the other workers dares to hurt you in any way

Oh boy I had a math exam today (which i failed spectacularly),but at least now I have time again to write some stuff for you. The 2 One-Shots i have been working on are not my top priority at the moment because I do not have the inspiration to write proper texts right now…

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Well, I’ve gotten two asks about Carlotta’s countess costume, so I do my best to answer these asks. :D

As for the Broadway/US ones… I hate to say it, but I only semi-like them. They’ve tipped the scale of theatrical. Heart-shaped neckline? The broad black contouring? Pink lace and pink wig (Michele McConnell)? It looks more like a Moulin Rouge costume than an 18th century Mozartesque opera. And it’s one of the versions furthest away from the costume design too. Exemplifying it with Rachel Anne Moore, whose Hamburg costume was extremely close to the costume design, while her Broadway costume is fun and all, but quite a different animal:


That said, I DO admire the craftmanship in the US versions. The decorations on the stomacher and the ornate dressing gown back is lovely. So I’m not blind to its merits. In pure quality they are as hardcore as it gets. But I think they have a too theatrical appearance.

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