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29/9/2020 // 20.59

Lost the will to live at another boring webinar where I learnt nothing, except the average mark was 63% for paper 2 so I doubly smashed it. Time to lie on the sofa and do nothing now to relax because I’ve just noticed I’m actually Super Miserable (also had a v sad patient today which doesn’t help and I also went to town on the staff survey and now I’ve remembered just how much I hate this job)

Quarantine fall study challenge: what is your biggest inspiration?

Honestly, the thought of failing keeps me going. But also, as a close second, my pre reg tutor is an absolutely fucking fantastic pharmacist and if I ever end up 1/10th of the pharmacist she is I will die happy.

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Back on overnights Vol 3

So I’ve probably made myself be too available in the past. Put back on remodel shifts- at least to finish out this stores remodel. Painting today- which means podcasts and music for me while I babysit. It’s funny- they are going back to the color we had before the last remodel (a bit was left behind where the old fridge was and it matches the new paint). Apparently the painters tried to come in at 7pm to do this- which theres no way that’d work- drop clith everywhere and no using the computers ‘cause they are lainting above them- no sotre would go for that.

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Ah. It begins again.

Called in refills for Bear on Thursday, called to see if they were ready today. They are not ready today. It may be “up to 72 hours”. She’s out of some of her meds.

I am so incredibly fed up with their shit.

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27/9/2020 // 16.27

Did a full mock exam today, I got 78% on calcs and 87% on clinical and I am thrilled! Now I’m doing some planning with lots of chocolate biscuits and my hot chocolate because I deserve to relax dammit.

Quarantine fall study challenge: what is your plan for the upcoming week?

I have two webinars, and then I want to try to finally finish the bnf off, and then do some relaxing for a day or so before I kick off the revision again. We’re getting there slowly.

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First time I am actually sitting down and studying for school (welcome to my life I work two jobs and also do a ton of sports activities) which started with me making a OneNote of my subjects and making rough outlines of the lessons so I know in which portions to revise later. Also peep me making Flashcards haha

Listening to: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara (audiobook)

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Happy world pharmacists day! To celebrate here’s some info about us:

  • We’ve done 5 YEARS of training to become a pharmacist
  • We’re the experts of medicines, how to take them, side effects and monitoring that is needed, what to do if patients can’t swallow, what medicines interact with, and much more
  • We can provide advice on health conditions and offer services such as flu jabs and blood pressure checks
  • When we get a prescription, we check it to make sure it’s legal, safe and appropriate. We also make sure what has been dispensed is correct. This is why it might take a while! We do not simply put labels on boxes!
  • In hospital, your discharge meds may take a while to arrive. But I guarantee you the doctor took a while to write it, please don’t blame us for everything when it isn’t always our fault!
  • We work incredibly hard and receive endless abuse and blame, please be nice to your pharmacy teams 💚 we can’t control stock shortages so please don’t shout at us if your medicine is discontinued or in national shortage. We will work with you to find other options or alternatives with the doctor, please let us help and don’t be mean
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Statins belong to antihyperlipidemic drugs.

They bind with and inhibit HMG CoA reductase enzyme, inhibiting the formation of mevalonic acid and conversely cholesterol, thus decrease the intracellular cholesterol level.

Moreover, statin prevents efflux of VLDL from the cell decreasing blood levels of VLDL.

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