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  • Described as a ‘collector of magic’
  • Known to dabble in necromancy
  • Shown to have knowledge of magical science
  • Inhuman quick reflexes
  • Shown to be able to learn new magic techniques and tricks

Red Right Hand:

  • No defence against it
  • If pointed at someone will cause a painful death
  • If he twists his fingers the pain intensifies
  • First pain, then coldness, then numbness, death
  • Touching someone will cause instant death [Leibniz!Serpine]
  • Touched metal will rusts
  • Leaves no mark
  • Can shoot red energy (effect unknown, result most likely lethal) [Leibniz!Serpine]

Purple Vapour:

  • Can gather purple vapour in his palm and throw it (knocks people back)
  • If close enough, can gather purple vapour in fists/palms and blast a object/person through the air
  • Can create thin purple tendril to get a hold of objects/persons (breaks and turns to vapour if met with too much resistance)
  • Can create purple stream to knock out victim (purple vapour gathers in left hand, gets released in a stream that goes through victim and flows back into right hand creating a circle)
  • Can cause glass to explode


  • Can deflect bullets/fire balls with a wave of his hand (+stepping to the side) 
  • Moving inanimate objects (lets the ‘Book of Names’ float with a raise of his arm)
  • Manipulating inanimate objects (moves finger (of left hand) in wave motion -> object (wooden chair) expands and contracts as if breathing, lets it splinter in the end)

Spell Casting:

  • Can summon purple hands able to pull people into walls, presumably to suffocate them before spitting them back out again. It’s reasonable to assume the hands could be used to merely restrain a person. Other abilities of the summoned hands are unknown.
  • Other spells are unknown.


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