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#phase 4
ohsnapitzmarvel · 7 months ago
Doctor Strange, 9 days, after being resnapped into the existence finding out Wanda is reality warping in the suburbs with a corpse and hostages + knowing the avengers definitely fcked up the multi-verses by letting Loki escape and Steve Rogers staying behind to live his “perfect” life w Peggy
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So in X-Men, Quicksilver is Peter Maximoff, not Pietro, because X-Men is not in the same universe as the Avengers.
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In this Wandavision episode, we saw Peter Maximoff, not Pietro. It’s a different version, because Wanda couldn’t bring back Pietro like she did with Vision because Pietro’s body is long gone. Subconsciously, she made the next best thing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now, we know Wanda is going to be a major key in Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness
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Wanda Maximoff just opened up the Multiverse, starting with the Multiverse version of her brother.
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peterbarnes · 2 months ago
For Us
Summary: You and Yelena reunite after she takes down Dreykov and the red room.
Word Count: 745
Tumblr media
“See you guys later!” you hollered at Peter, Ned, and MJ as you headed down the hallway.
“Bye [Y/N]!”
Your backpack swung behind you from the wind when you finally reached the outside of the building. The cold slapped your face and you rubbed your hands down your arms to try and feel some warmth.
“Fucking winter,” you mumbled under your breath, making your way down the streets of Queens.
“Need a ride?” You heard someone say to your right.
You froze where you stood, your arms still wrapped around yourself, but now more so for comfort than anything. You’ve heard that voice before- many times, actually. Her russian accent was thick, but her voice still managed to be smooth and soft.
Slowly, you turned to where she stood a few feet away from you. Her blond hair wasn’t up like you’d always remembered it being. It flowed down to right below her shoulders, cupping her face. Her face. That still looks the same. Her skin still glowing, her green eyes still shining.
You tried to sound monotone, but your voice cracked anyway.
“Don’t be so nervous,” she said, chuckling a bit. “It’s just me.”
She crossed her arms, leaning further against the motorcycle that sat parked behind her.
“It’s been a while,” you replied.
“I know.” Her smirk slipped as her eyes trailed away from yours and towards the ground.
Before you knew what you were doing, you dropped your backpack onto the concrete and rushed over to the blonde girl, gathering her into your arms.
She nuzzled her head into your neck, arms wrapped around your waist, squeezing for dear life.
“I missed you, lapochka,” you whispered into her hair, pressing a soft kiss there.
Yelena pulled away from you, sniffling quietly. Though she was looking at the ground, you could still see the teary glaze over her eyes.
“Lena,” you started, cupping her cheeks. “I knew you’d get out. Dreykov stood no chance against a firecracker like you, huh?”
“I-” Yelena was in tears now. “I needed to come back to you. T-That’s why I did it. As long as he was out there I knew I couldn’t live out a normal life with you. God, if he found out I fell in love with you while on an undercover mission… he’d kill you.”
You brushed the tears away from her cheeks with your thumbs.
“You’re out now, love. You can stay with me, meet my friends. You can even stay at my apartment if you want. I just wanna be with you.”
Yelena pressed your foreheads together, and right under your hands found each other’s and your fingers intertwined.
“I don’t even know if a normal life is possible for me,” Yelena said, her voice wavering. “They controlled me, made me do things I never wanted to do. Hurt people I never wanted to hurt. But… but I want to try. For you. For us.”
A smile grew on your face as you looked at the girl in front of you. You always admired her strength. She was the strongest person you knew. All of the trauma she faced, and she still had the purest heart and the wildest youthful spirit. A piece of her hair fell out of her ponytail and you didn’t hesitate to tuck it behind her ear.
“I’d like that.”
At this point you were beaming at each other, and Yelena’s tears had turned from ones of pain to ones of happiness. Before you knew what was happening, she smashed her lips to yours, her arms wrapping around your shoulders.
In that moment, you swore you didn’t need oxygen to survive, you just needed Yelena. You kissed her back just as fiercely, arms going around her waist and cupping her hips. You only pulled away once your lungs started burning from the lack of air.
“A whole life of that? Absolutely,” Yelena said, laughing through her panting.
“Come on,” you said, tugging at her hand and pulling her towards her motorcycle. “Let’s go home.”
“I thought you hated this. You said it’s a ‘death trap.’”
“Oh it is. But I trust you.”
Once Yelena was settled on the bike you climbed on behind her, wrapping your arms around her middle. The engine roared and the bike came to life, taking off down the street. You placed your head on Yelena’s shoulder and pressed a kiss to it.
“Hold on, is that a new vest?”
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bishopfilm · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➳ I'm SO excited to finally watch this series!
"Hawkeye" starts streaming on November 24 on Disney Plus.
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armoured-iron-geek · 2 months ago
Special shout-out to Sylvie for fucking up the multiverse, destroying Sylkie and fueling the next few phases in one stab.
Stellar performance. 10/10.
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l4verq · 4 months ago
idk who i’m more jealous of, richard or gemma fuckkk
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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