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ladymodernists · 2 months ago
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an evening shot of my workspace — it's easy for me to feel like I'm not doing enough these days because I don't feel as insanely stressed as I did at undergrad, but what I actually have now is a healthy work-life balance and an awareness of my mental health. a phd is a marathon, not a sprint
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legogradstudent · 23 days ago
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Reading something, the grad student barely retains anything.
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forestkodama · a year ago
If you make progress on your doctorate degree during the COVID19 pandemic, you get to claim the title of Plague Doctor upon degree completion. True Fact. I don't make the rules, that's just how it is.
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mariahhasnocause · 2 years ago
You know before the pandemic I didn't believe a school would stay open if there was a giant deadly snake in the pipes with the potential to kill students. Now I could see it.
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phdhomebody · 4 months ago
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hi I just dropped by to show you all my study partner <3
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nindchan · 9 days ago
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Fuiih it's been a busy week with a couple of tearful nights, encouraging words, and lots of coffee. And this morning I told Steven, after this PhD days over, all I want to do is opening my own bakery (of course that's a joke, I never baked anything my whole life, yet, lol).
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moonglow-academia · 17 days ago
Green tea mid-mornings. A tiny peek into my study desk today, as i battle procrastination and the urge to pack for a impromptu vacation where i do not have to make to-do lists. But, oh well.
I watched heartstopper in the breaks, so I'm okay (i wish)!
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volchiitza · 8 months ago
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dec 4-dec 5 2021  43-44/100 days of productivity
finally worked on cleaning the dataset
i finally slept in this weekend and spent a lot of time thinking about my model. i’ve got just two weeks left but the more i think about it, the more i think i should change it
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phdpensieve · 5 months ago
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the grad student life 
- romanticizing the ordinary
The love for knowledge, living to learn, discover and invent
dozens of scientific articles stacked on your desk
learning how to communicate your research
incorporating your personal style into every presentation or talk
upbeat music through your headphones while coding or writing , to drown the outside world
a keen eye for spotting information from a maze of texts
knowing instinctively the BS in articles or presentations
frantically scribbling new research ideas before you forget them
working even on Sundays
recognizing science (or anything academic) in songs and movie scenes
the familiar sound of keys tapping in the lab
a scattering of notebooks and scientific articles across your desk
spending hours in LaTeX, editing each line in your thesis
doodling whenever there’s pen and paper in front of you
to-do lists pinned everywhere: your notebooks, laptop screens, desks
a fascination with people and how they perceive the world around them
the urge to be eternally productive
the glow of your computer screen, centering your focus
a pack of your favorite highlighters tucked into your bag
never being reluctant to ask questions - the most weird ones
always being open to people’s opinions
the self-awareness of our own scientific bias
the constant battle to unlearn and the dazzling moments of epiphany
finding inspiration in every aspect of the world around you
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studydinocake · 7 days ago
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Staying focused while reading has always been a struggle for me.
I got notion set up but now i need to start reading and note taking for my application. I'm not as overwhelmed as I thought I would be but i really need to put my head down and get things done because I am such a slow reader.
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thephysicsgraduate · 5 months ago
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Switching gears to focus on Stat Mech after finishing my E&M exam today feels like a breath of fresh air!
I am also biased since stat mech is indispensable to condensed matter theories. My E&M class is also pedagogically unsatisfactory, to say the least, so here I am.
I'm 1/3 of the way through my semester, which doesn't feel real, but I hope everyone is getting along well this year. I would love to hear what class or topic has been your favorite to focus on this year!
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ladymodernists · 4 months ago
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incredible bookstore built into an old church in the Netherlands – courtesy of our day trip to Zwolle yesterday
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legogradstudent · 6 months ago
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Making remarkable progress on his research, the grad student wonders what disastrous mistake will eventually blow up in his face.
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oystertongue · 5 months ago
i wish!! i had someone to talk to! about my research!!! 
it’s SO helpful to just play with ideas with other people but everyone is BUSY and TIRED and ON THEIR LAST NERVE and i do not resent this, i just feel like a hamster running on a wheel a lot of the time
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dooareyastudy · 8 months ago
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29.11.2021 | Spending my time-off wandering in bookstores to forget the gigantic pile of essays I have to grade. 
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phdhomebody · a year ago
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Aug 2, 2021: some matcha and some bujo post today. hopefully im able to finish this one paper that i started two days ago.
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nindchan · 17 days ago
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Study at home. Tried to fight the temptation to cuddle with the cats. Stronger coffee needed.
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