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Very problematic claim when there is a whole linguistic discipline developed after Labov for Discourse Analysis. This is an article from 2007 and there is a whole decade’s (90s) worth of literature for the linguistic application of Discourse Analysis/Critical Discourse Analysis/Conversation Analysis that they could have used that completely refutes this point.

In my opinion, this is why linguistic research should be left to or reviewed by linguists in their respective disciplines so as to give a piece of research an expert perspective. I had such hopes for this article.

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today’s a tough one, folks. I thought I was feeling better this morning, but after I decided to do a quick food shop (spoiler alert, it wasn’t fast!! it took 2 hours!!!) all of my motivation was just totally nuked. I suppose I could spend some time reading papers and coding this afternoon, but honestly I’m pretty wiped out after just 3h of running calculations and trying to get shit done. I’m 50/50 on whether I’ll take the rest of the day off (its 2:30 pm for me rn) or if I’ll just take a break to rest my eyes and try to come back to it. Either way, I think I’m gonna try and work on the weekend again, since I want to get some shit done for my meeting with my PI on Monday, but can’t do much of it now, since the calculations for it are currently running. UGH why did my motivation get totally nuked. 

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03.04.2020//“DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING”

I always feel so much better prepared for things when I have an extensive to do list in front of me. Now that I have some of my smaller assignments out of the way, I can move on to bigger and more important things.

My research is being shaped into something that can be presented at a conference (not that I was planning on going to any). For that, I have to finish updating my literature review and prepare a presentation. All of that material I’ll also be using for the short guest lecture I’ll be giving for Masters students in a couple of weeks.

I’m going to do some reading this afternoon (the human agency and naturalism I neglected yesterday, mobilisation of FFs 2012-2014, “Apocalyptic Faith and Political Violence”), but other than that I might take the rest of the day off.

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no update today because my soul was sad, so I didn’t get much done. Just about 2 hours before I gave up and had a little cry then went to watch netflix. There’s stuff I should be doing. But. I just don’t have much energy. I don’t know why, since yesterday was fine but maybe I overdid it? this feels not quite like burnout. maybe a little bit like mild depression. idk if it’s the weather or the fact that I didn’t start work at 9 or what. or maybe i’m just having a mood flare. 

ah the realities of bipolar. I guess it was only inevitable with all the dramatic changes rn. I just hope it passes quickly. Or that it’s not big enough to stop me from getting more work tomorrow. I feel like crying but not about anything in particular.

man, I miss the office and people and just. life. I was in the process of becoming a whole person again and this happens. it feels like the pieces that I was starting to pick up again and reacquaint myself with have just been blown away and I’m left standing with nothing. Again. 

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I just found out that I have been selected as a Fulbright scholar for next year!

(yes, the COVID-19 situation is giving me a lot to think about, since I’d have to go to Europe for the year and who knows what the full situation is going be like in 6 months…  but when I applied last summer, I didn’t think I had a shot for the particular grant I applied for because of how selective it was, and here I am, having received it!)

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Working from two laptops is great until it’s not (double the possibilities for procrastination!). This morning I submitted my fourth statistics assignment (ggplot2 can kindly walk itself off a cliff, thanks very much) and organised my data a little bit. I have so much data left to gather, but I’m trying not to think about it.

This afternoon and evening I’ll be drafting the introduction of a workshop paper, brainstorming a seminar I’m due to give soon, planning a section of a grant application, and reading about naturalism and human agency.

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Ugh is there anything worse than getting a late night email from your PI about something time sensitive enough that you break your no email after 7 policy??? This is the worst feeling ever but I know the discomfort of not doing the stuff would have been worse.

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April 1,2

I got so caught up in the project I was working on that I forgot to post. I worked for 12 hours straight, because it was a topic I care about. My parents got worried. I finished one big module but I’m utterly exhausted and burnt out. I DO NOT recommend burning yourself out this way. I know sometimes you have to go into bunker mode, but it sucks your energy up and is no match for a consistent sustainable approach for preserving your mental and physical health. 

As for today, I think I’ll take it slow. The main goals are:
1. Finish assignment for ML course, if I feel like it.
2. To get better and do something recreational.

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Wednesday 1st April

Today was a good day! And a productive one! The two are definitely linked- my mood is better when I’m doing something more active, in this case work. My depression stripped a lot of my hobbies from me so work is the most active thing to do right now. Plus a lot of my old hobbies like sewing or crocheting require tools that I don’t have access to right now in grad school unfortunately. Ah well, just need to do the best I can. Working, reading, journaling. And calling people as much as possible to at least mimic social contact. 

Anyways, in terms of work, I finally decided to put my monitor on a textbook so I don’t get as much neck pain from looking down as much. The whole “have the top of your screen be at eye level” is stupid and makes my neck hurt way too much. Also, work goes a lot better when I switch things up and work on multiple projects in a day. Noted.

Right, this is a bit of a mess of words but honestly I’m too wiped to turn this into something coherent. Sorry y’all. Hope you’re all doing better than me lol ✌️

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