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Taking an early weekend. Will start the reading/writing process again on Sunday. For some reason Sunday is a very productive day for me!

Missing my home state today. Every summer my family rents a cabin close to the Appalachian mountains. I would wake up early and sit outside to do some writing/reading before the sun came up. We would spend the remainder of the day hiking and eating delicious food. It always inspired me to be more productive! Not sure if we will be able to do that this summer, though. I am not even sure if I will be able to go visit my family…

To make up for it, here is a photo from last summer! The cabin we stayed in was nestled into a mountainside. It was so peaceful! If you look closely you can see my dad walking one of our many dogs. So many fond memories.

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I am starting a new publication today! But I need to do a lot of reading for it, since it is a theoretical review. I am used to writing research papers where the bulk of the content is focused on experiments/observations. So this is new territory for me! Wish me luck.

I have my Kindle loaded up with all of the books/papers I would like to get through today and tomorrow. I also have lots of yummy snacks (and an adorable, snuggly dog) to help me through this process.

I might take some pictures of my setup and post them here. They won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as the other posts I have been reblogging, but it’s a start. I’ll check back in if I like the pictures enough to post them!

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Last week was rough. I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. I only did work on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday thru Friday went to the birds. 

I’ve been getting a lot done today, which makes me confident that this week will be a better one! Here is my to-do list and what I’ve accomplished so far: 

☑ Check and respond to emails. 

☑ Brainstorm postdoctoral funding ideas. 

☑ Post student assignment for a course I am TAing for. 

☑ Attend weekly speaker series (on Zoom). 

☑ Complete the methods, results, and discussion sections of a publication I am working on. 

I have a meeting later this afternoon that I need to attend. After the meeting I want to do some more brainstorming for postdoctoral funding ideas and look at job openings in my field. I also want to get a head start on the introduction of that publication I am working on. But it’s fine if that goes on Wednesday’s to-do list (Tuesday is my teaching day, so no hope of being research productive there). 

I always thought that my to-do list would shrink after completing the first full draft of my dissertation and that things would just kind of fall into place. But it seems like the opposite has happened. Anyone else feel the same way? 

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Today: Tired but still want to get these posts going.


Hmmm, pitch black coffee in the morning in a big big mug and scrolling through tumblr, procrastinating and not wanting to look at the revisions your supervisor sent to you last night. That sounds like a great morning!


But then of course, I had to prepare the meeting that we had at 10 am. He asked me whether I was shocked or not happy about his changes… I don’t know, what should I’ve said? “Oh no, great, everything is perfect, I will just change the paragraph-like, Thomas-Mann-like LONG sentences.” I didn’t read it completely but I needed to re-readed some stuff because I just didn’t get some sentences. But he was fine with my “opinions” and of course I am going  to do the final revisions which I really prefer and like. But today I was just not feeling it.

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Messy, I know… but raw. I need to prepare the presentation for my Committee Meeting soon. I don’t wanna be grilled again by the primary chair/my official supervisor. I was not prepared well enough. But this time, I will be.

Sending you guys a lot of motivation and the will to stay disciplined. Go working/studying (if you need to) and stop scrolling through tumblr :)

See you later.

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🔔 Last call for participants 🔔

Hi, I’m Luke (he/they) and for my PhD I’m researching ways that non-binary genders are regulated for youth.

I’ll be doing online interviews until the end of May, so please do get in touch if you’re 16-21, non-binary and live in the U.K. You’ll help contribute to a better understanding of issues non-binary youth face.

If you have any questions, please send me a message and we can chat further.

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Here I am working on how brains work when you’re learning something new in order to understand my students facing anxiety while learning English and how to help them, for people to come and say that it takes being a native to teach English well and just that.

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Day 2: Home-office (day #50 (?) of productivity)


Alright, 2nd day of home-office. I really enjoy the comfort and warmth of my home. I must admit, I am not always 100% focused and sometimes I do procrastinate, and sometimes I catch myself watching youtube. But I wouldn’t say that I get more done at work. Not at all.

Please stay safe and healthy.

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007/100 Days of Productivity

Spent 11 hours working on my paper and eventually had to admit defeat. The server was throwing errors ALL the time. So there went my updated data. And I can’t update the necessary permissions myself since I’m working on an institute laptop. I’ve basically hit a dead and and just wrote to my supervisors asking for advice. 

The only bright spot of today - Max could tell I was feeling awful and wouldn’t stop demanding cuddles until I was smiling a little. 

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