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Day 25/75


I’m done with a third of the program! I correct a student’s paper for the first time ever today. I’m going to take another day or two to think about whether the grade and feedback are accurate. I want to get this right!


# Workout 1: Chloé Ting Summer Shred Challenge Day 10

# Workout 2: 45-minute walk with my dog

# Reading: ‘Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future’ by Mary Robinson.

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June 6th 2020 // Tough days feat. grey weather // 🎧 Still with you - JK of BTS

Not the best picture, but studying does not have to look nice, as long as it feels right. I just really felt like posting something after finishing this book, so enjoy some messy handwriting 📚

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30/May/2020 - Saturday morning

Hello my loves,

I wanted to write a long blog post but when I looked at the pictures that I didn’t take this week I realised that it would be boring. I still want to share some bits and bobs.

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today’s to-do list

  • buy/order a new bullet journal
  • chloe ting summer shred workouts
  • grocery shopping (can maybe wait until tomorrow)
  • edit half of chapter one
  • write ~500 words for chapter four
  • make a list of books i need to find for intro
  • water plants
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okay friends. so gradblr has come through for me on resource requests multiple times now and i need to pay more attention to y’all to see if i can return the favour. but if i don’t see it and you think i might have access (u of t has a lot of stuff! not everything–obvs–but i am more than happy to check it out) then message me, tag me, yell at me across the void, something to get my attention and i’ll see what i can do!

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After a productive and happy Saturday, I was ready for Sunday, looking forward to staying focused and actually enjoying what I do and study. And I did.



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Yesterday, I started with a calm mind and was looking forward to a productive day. Unfortunately, it took me hours to go through the manuscript and I procrastinated which stressed me a lot. Luckily, our friends invited us for dinner that evening so I ended that day relaxed and with a lot of happy moments. And I have a new friend! Let me introduce you to: Lilly!!! Lilly is SUCH a cutie and so fluffy!!!!


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