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I often feel like I’m getting a lot of unfair advantages in life, most recent examples regarding travel.

I began my paid position as a PhD candidate at my University a year ago, and I decided to attend as many conferences as I could stomach presenting at during my first year. The reason for this was that I planned to get pregnant as soon as possible after our wedding - which happily I did - and travelling to conferences with a little child waiting for you at home is much less desirable than travelling before having any. Additionally, I decided to travel to London immediately upon starting my position for a good ol’ source gathering trip, and I managed to photograph so many sources on that first trip that I won’t need to go out for a while yet to get more.

All in all, in 2019 I ended up travelling to Verona and Brighton to present papers, and to London to photograph sources. All of these trips were of course funded by the University for my benefit. And if that wasn’t enough, my husband and I also went to Scotland for our honeymoon. Already before the last trip I was dead-set on not travelling abroad for a sweet while, because to be honest, I really don’t even enjoy travelling that much. I was quite glad to quarantine myself to Finland for the foreseeable future.

Then 2020 rolls in, and not only is the situation with COVID-19 as it is, but I received an email last week from my department stating that due to a need for savings, they will not be providing conference travel funds (or much of any other travel grants) for employees this year.

So yeah, I’m Gladstone Gander.

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Take time for yourself, water plants, maybe do workout, take shower and relax. Than study with coffee this lovely day. Happy days for you.

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I’ve been sitting on making some kind of announcement for a while, but I just really want the rush of sharing good news! So life update:

I’ve got an offer to do a DPhil at Oxford!

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It is been a while since I blogged. I had very stressful and busy weeks, family- and work-wise. Finally, I take the time to share some pictures with you. I took the pictures a few weeks ago. The days were filled with a bit of work and enjoying ourselves and our lifes.

We went for a stroll through city and headed to a nice and old cafe in the old city. The lemon cake was bomb, the coffee not so.


We had lunch outside


Stay safe and healthy.

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