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Congratulations @teamkorie and the Class of 2020

#Repost @teamkorie
This morning, I was supposed to walk across the stage and graduate from my PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University.
COVID-19 prevented that, but I’m gonna wear this well-earned robe and cap no matter what! #wipeitdownchallenge #yougogirl
Doctor Grayson loaded. 🍾
* I do not own the rights to this music*
#Graduation #Phinished #Dr #PhD #PhDone #thisiswhatascientistlookslike #redefiningtheimageofascientist #phdjourney #phdlife #covid19 #phdisbae #blackwomeninstem #womeninstem #phdwoman #gradschool #drbae #sciencebae #done #dissertation #firstgen #phdfresh #representationmatters #wocinstem #geeksquad #blackgirlmagic

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I was already married when I defended my dissertation. But he had an issue with the acknowledgments page. I thanked his dumb ass and my children. He didn’t like the boys part. He didn’t understand why I even acknowledged them.

He literally said, “Why did you thank them. They didn’t do anything. My name should be the only one on that page.”

He mentioned it multiple times in front of family and friends. I think once he got enough looks of disgust from people, he stopped.

One would think common sense would have stopped him. But nope. Narcissistic to the end.

Fucking trash.

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Lol. Finished mine just to piss the Ex’s shitty mother off. Got the TT job to put her in her place. Got tenure to shut the fucking Ex’s mouth permanently.

The sheer will of strength to finish the PhD program and dissertation could not be replicated at this time. So, if anything, I can say the silver lining was being able to use my spite in a super productive manner.

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Sweet little Ema was helping me out with my studies. This hamster, and her beautiful ridiculous tail is paramount to keeping my mental sanity above the muddy waters of “OHMYGOD THERE’S A FUCKING WORLD PANDEMIC AND MY GOVERNMENT’S STUPIDITY (or sheer evil souls) WILL COST LIFES”. You know, everyday 2020 stuff.

Whatever goads your goat, people! Be safe and be compassionate! Make your pets proud <3

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Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Yesterday, March 26, 2020 at 12 noon I defended my dissertation prospectus, “Forgotten Girlhoods: The Education and Needlework Embroideries of Black Schoolgirls in Antebellum Philadelphia” via Zoom. I gave a 20 minute Powerpoint presentation on my proposal. Then I had questions from my committee. I exited the teleconference call so that the committee could discuss my proposal. I was invited back in and told that, I passed!!! Then I received final words from each member and it ended. It took almost exactly 2 hours. Praise God. 

Now, in all my excitement and tiredness, I texted some family and friends, emailed Bishop Rapha the news, then ate lunch and took a nap. I had hardly slept the night before due to all kinds of thoughts running through my mind. Some were related to ways to improve my presentation and others were random thoughts about songs, people, and other events happening in life right now. What a moment we are living in under these stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. Through it all, I am grateful to have come to this point in my PhD career. I have passed another milestone. I received constructive feedback from my dissertation committee about my proposal, the focus of my research, ideas for organizing my chapters so its not just 3 case studies, and for productive ways to enter the archives so that I come away with fruitful information. I am beginning with online archives I can access in the coming months since travel is restricted. I want to press forward to learn all that I can to understand Black girls of the 19th century US who have been silenced, erased, or ignored, to give voice to them, and share the beautiful works they produced with all that will witness. On to the next milestone!!!

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