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q-gorgeous · 24 days ago
love remembering fics that i wrote where i actually know what happens in them but i cant remember where theyre located on ffn
me in 2019: lets do both phanniemay and dannymay. itll be great. all this writing. stellar
me in 2021 having to look through 65 oneshots to find a single specific one: >:(
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kawaiijohn · a month ago
Dante DMC’s Phic Phight Phantasm 2k21!
Hi guys so if you’ve been following me, you know I’d been writing a hell of a lot for Phic Phight last month!  Well, since I have time now I can shove all my fics for it in a single masterpost for your enjoyment.
I have tagged the users these stories were for so they can find them on tumblr as well!
The collection itself comes in at around 41,000 words, with six stories- two one-shots and four continual ones.
The full collection is right here, and without further ado- here are my stories!
Into the Infinite Mists
Ongoing series 1 chapter so far, link here For @geronimo-alonzi
Weston family centric, slow burn horror, AU where not only ghosts exist, partial chatfic
Wes has never been lucky, but the one thing he's always HAD is his overly-observant tendencies.
He sees things others don't notice, things that others never believe. His friends humor him somewhat, yet his brothers call him delusional.
He doesn't think he can take another pity-filled look from his father at dinner.
Regulations; Too Little, Too Late
Ongoing series- 3 chapters so far, link here For @floralflowerpower
Badger Cereal, Vlad is much less of an asshole than he should have been, I call this one ‘OSHA Vlad’ because I will cite OSHA violations later on, focuses on Danny’s relationship with his parents’ negligent behavior.  Warning for discussion of negligent parents.
His parents were friends with a weird loner billionaire from the sounds of it, and had never thought to mention it before this trip.  Strange, he supposed, but his parents often forgot to do or mention important things.
At least no ghosts had shown up this far outside of Amity.
Senior Project
Oneshot, link here For @mr-lancers-english-class
Lancer centric, focuses on the kids mostly.  Senior year is fun and these kids get to infodump about whatever the hell they want, Danny gives Lancer a heart attack almost
Lancer said his senior class could do anything they wanted to for their Senior Projects this year, so long as it was a presentation of some sort. They'd survived four years of highschool, puberty, and ghost attacks, so yeah they deserved it.
He didn't realize how close he'd grown to his kids, and has to deal with the fact that they're all gone off to have their own lives in a few weeks. He's proud of all of them, but there's one in particular that worries him more than the others.
Lethean, Lost
Ongoing Series- 2 chapters so far, link here For @five-rivers
Warnings for cult shit, manipulation, gaslighting, ect.  Amnesiac Danny is kidnapped by a cult because they think sacrificing him will bring their lord to the human plane.  Read the tags, please!
Daniel had never felt special, not for as long as he could remember.
Not that he could really remember anything.
He was special, and that's all that mattered.
Somewhere though, far from where he was, several people, ghosts, and a cryptic time entity were looking for him nonstop.
Arkansas Roses
Ongoing series- 1 chapter so far, link here  For @aedelia
Aunt Alicia meets Danielle and fuckin adopts her, basically. 
Alicia Walker was a strong woman just this side of lonesome.
Danielle "Ellie" Phantom was lost without a way back.
Luck happens to be on both these ladies' sides.
Unpacking ALL of THAT
Oneshot, link here  For @sailor-toni and @hauntedozone
Paulina saves Danny and gets trapped with him.  Lots of dealing with internalized homophobia.  Paulina centric!
Paulina wasn't sure when she'd wanted to be like Phantom rather than be dating Phantom, but here she was, confronting all of her deepest thoughts with that one geek from school. All because her feet moved before she could think. All because she wanted to be like her hero.
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summerssixecho · a month ago
Whenever You’re Ready (Phic Phight 2021)
Veeeeery belated entry for Phic Phight 2021.
Summary: Jack and Maddie try to show their son they are very supportive of Phantom once they find out his secret. They want him to tell them on his terms, but everything ends up in bigger misunderstandings and more revelations they weren’t prepared for. (Journal fic)
Prompts by: (description listed at the end) @star-galaxy, @charcoalhawk, @sylph-feather, @ectorecs, @the-only-wife
Word Count: 12,720 (sorry...)
Also available on FFN [Link] and AO3 [Link]
SUN APR 09, 2017
Our dearest Danny:
Your father and I have decided to start keeping a journal after today’s discoveries and the subsequent resolutions we made. It seems like the only way we can try to put our thoughts into something coherent. Something we can be able to give you so you can also understand.
While I’ll explain everything in detail in the following lines, we want you to know first and foremost that WE LOVE YOU with every inch, breath, molecule, and thought within our beings. We still don’t know how far into the future you’ll receive this notebook. To be quite honest, it all depends on you, honey. Not that you know that, of course. I guess we couldn’t exactly give you a memo about the scenarios that would trigger this journal’s delivery. But let me explain everything from the beginning:
Today, your dad and I concluded something that put our world upside down. There’s no easy way to put this into words so I might as well put it bluntly. We finally figured out you are Danny Phantom (it’s so obvious now as I write it). And we realized how horrible we’ve been to you all this time, even going as far as hunting down our own child. What kind of monsters does that make us?
I apologize if some of the words look smudged or if this writing doesn’t make full sense, but I can’t help crying over the thought of hurting a single hair on my boy’s beautiful head, whether it’s humanly black or ghostly white.
It’s not easy to write this because neither your father nor I can put into words an apology that can take back all our past mistakes. Nothing will ever be enough to make the proper amends. Saying we’re sorry and how we didn’t know something like this was possible just doesn’t seem right, even if it’s the very first step in this long journey to redemption. We should have known. Not only as scientists, but as parents as well.
As scientists, this has put every single one of our theories into question. Even more so when you take into account how we became aware of your powers, which started when we began to make minor changes in our methods. But do we only need to change our methods and perspective, or are there even more aspects to consider in how we handle our research? If we were that wrong about you, what else were are we wrong about? Will we need to stop start all over?
As parents, it’s much more complicated. We failed at paying closer attention to these changes, at keeping you safe, at being more understanding whenever you didn’t meet some ridiculous expectation. But it doesn’t stop there. We didn’t provide the reassurance you needed to approach us with your secret, either. A secret we intend to respect until you’re ready. Yes, whenever you’re ready to tell us, we will be much more receptive and, hopefully, more knowledgeable about how we should approach ghosts in the first place.
We want you to tell us if when you feel comfortable and trust us to keep you safe. To achieve that, we must earn that trust first.
We’re sorry, SO SORRY, honey. I can’t stress it enough on a piece of paper. Even if this does nothing to change what we’ve done.
By now you’re probably wondering how we found out. Let me start by assuring you it wasn’t a single event that unveiled your secret. It began with a series of hypotheses we tried to confirm. The more we pulled the thread, the closer we got to unraveling everything. However, part of our discovery had everything to do with how reckless indiscreet you are with your secret. It’s somewhat of a miracle nobody has caught on yet, which is something we’ll also try helping you out with from now on. (Your father believes it’s part of your strategy to hide in plain sight, but I’m sorry if I’m a bit more skeptical).
It all started several weeks ago, with simple observations, things we began getting curious about Phantom your ghostly side. Did you know you had us stumped when none of our research lined up with your behavior or even with the physical attributes we expected in ghosts? We needed a new perspective and found plenty of inspiration when a newly-discovered trait led to the next piece of the puzzle. It might be important to list down the initial hypothesis and theories that helped us put everything into place. This might give you some clarity on how to protect your secret better, while it could also become a valuable way to compare how our appreciation of ectoplasmic entities has evolved. It might not amount to much, we can’t be for sure now, but we might be able to give you enough evidence of how genuine our efforts are.
- HYPOTHESIS: Skin tone and complexion are related to how long a ghost has been dead.
- CONCLUSION: Inconclusive.
We don’t have enough evidence. Based on ghosts identified by approximate period alive, they tend to go a brighter shade of green or show more monstrous characteristics the longer they have been dead. You show the trait of a newly-formed ghost and you are the only one with a higher density, which we hadn’t taken into consideration before.
- HYPOTHESIS: Ghosts age depending on the power they possess.
- CONCLUSION: Debunked.
You are growing older and more powerful. However, other entities with increased power don’t showcase aging attributes.
- HYPOTHESIS: Ghosts are ectoplasmic imprints of humans who died violently, hence why they are incapable of feeling and learning new complex thoughts outside of said imprint.
- CONCLUSION: Debunked.
Not only did you show us how up-to-date you are with current events, but you also demonstrated great capacity in assimilating modern culture (more on this particular topic later).
It’s important to note that after several observations, we began to wonder if changing our parameters would help us make a better contrast. That’s when we began to analyze your ghostly alter-ego and other ghosts against a human scale we designed, to start with what we do know. This would not only allow us to distinguish ghosts that have human traits but also those who try to pass as living people. The scale itself would require several additional pages in this journal just to explain it, so let me try to simplify what it considers: we began taking into account both physical (i.e. body temperature, reflexes, eye color, ecto-contamination levels), and behavioral aspects (i.e. speech patterns, interaction, emotions displayed, congruence in movements). You can read more about it in our file labeled as “The Fenton Life-meter".
Of course, following this scale ultimately lead us to confirm that you were not like any other ghost we’ve encountered:
- Same thoracic movement as humans while breathing.
- Breathing gestures in general. (You sigh in frustration too much, honey)
- Capable of receiving cuts, scrapes, and other injuries that seem to take time to heal instead of being automatically repaired by ectoplasm (we’re so sorry for this).
- Interaction with other humans can digress from theorized obsession topics (still unsure how spot-on our theories on ghost obsessions are or if they apply to you at all)
- Adapts language to current trends and cultural context (What does ‘yeet’ or ‘himbo’ even mean??? We still have no idea where you learned those words, but I’ve heard your friends mention them too when they’re over, at least.)
- Only ghost with social media accounts and possible access to a smartphone or at least an Internet connection. (We need to make sure none of them are traceable, though I’m hoping Tucker is better versed in those topics and is already helping you.)
Once we confirmed this connection to teenage culture, we figured ghost-you could be hiding among kids in Casper High, which is the most common location you’ve been seen at (now we understand why). Therefore, we decided to use our current scale to compare regular teens vs overshadowed ones (just for statistical purposes, did you know your school reports at least six overshadowing instances a week? Of which there’s an average of four reports attributed to kids looking to skip a class). We decided to start with you, Jazz, and your friends, just to try to set a parameter with well-known subjects. Easier at least than working with complete strangers.
The first red flag in your behavior was how closer Jazz and you had gotten, and how she seemed to be covering for you whenever you needed it. Jack insisted there were ghosts involved. Thus began our search for more evidence pointing to a paranormal presence overshadowing either or both our kids (we were not going to repeat the Fenton Xtractor incident).
If you recall some of the indicators in our scale, you showcased several unnatural characteristics already, such as lower body temperature than others around you or enough ecto-contamination to register as a minimum-level ghost in most of our scanners. We first concluded it had something to do with the Portal and how you and your friends accidentally activated it. Everyone in our household has some residue ectoplasm, to begin with. But then we realized you never fully explained what happened the day the portal started working, and we concluded that’s when other changes began as well: the jumpiness, the broken curfews, the trashed lab equipment, the constantly forgotten chores, the increase in cuts and bruises... so many things that didn’t make sense altogether unless there were some pieces of information missing.
Then we paid closer attention to Sam and Tucker. Of course, they didn’t show the same signs of ecto-contamination. No devices would activate in their presence. Their temperature seemed normal and they didn’t appear to have the same problems at home or school, unless they were in trouble along with you. This left us to infer that you had been the only one affected by the portal. And the only one who didn’t fare well in this new scale comparison against ordinary humans.
Knowing you were showing stranger traits in our scale made us look for other signs of overshadowing. Aside from the behavioral changes that came with the portal activation, other differences began to make us worry. You would defy the laws of physics on many occasions, as if there was a glitch in our reality. Like the day you came home after a storm without a single drop of water on you, despite not taking an umbrella. Or the way you manage to have a cold drink on warmer days when there’s no ice in the freezer or space for those beverages in our fridge. Not to mention how you seem to move around the house without a sound, not even from the creaking stairs or from the squeaking doors you should have gone through. It doesn’t help when we think you’re in your room and suddenly find you raiding the kitchen or using the bathroom.
But even with those strange behaviors, your personality and speech remained the same. The same sense of humor, the same aversion to our work, and the same lack of energy to do anything other than having fun with your friends. If it weren’t for the faulty logic or physics, some of these were even on-brand to what we’ve come to expect from your teenage phase.
Still, all our conclusions pointed to an undeniable truth: there was something different about you. Hence why we started going out on patrols closer to the places where you said you would hang out with your friends before getting back home. Of course, you were never where you said you would be. Not a single time. This left us more worried thinking about ordinary teenage problems, like drugs, alcohol, or even underage sex. But we knew we had raised a thoughtful boy, a kid who was noble and smart, despite being clueless at times. We have seen your bravery and compassion. Your determination to reach your wildest dreams. The shame when you thought you had disappointed us, and the sadness that came from not doing your best.
Thinking about you as some sort of delinquent would be a disservice to your entire personality and essence. So there had to be something else.
And one day, it happened. A simple twist of fate sent us back home during a patrol at the same time as Phantom fled a ghost fight, Fenton thermos in hand. We had paused our attacks on your ghostly side until we could decide what to conclude from the whole situation, still unaware of how both cases were connected. So we continued our journey to Fentonworks only to realize that Phantom was heading in the same direction. Just outside our backyard, to be exact. We decided to stop a few houses away and waited to see what he you would do next. Imagine our surprise as we saw a few seconds later our son emerge from the same spot.
It didn’t make any sense. Not even a meeting with Phantom was a valid scenario since the ghost wasn’t detected or seen minutes later leaving the area. It couldn’t be overshadowing since it would require a strong and permanent hold on you, which no ectoplasmic entity would be able to sustain for that long unless it risked destabilizing. Even if a ghost took breaks from the possession of their victim, there’s no way a Level 7 (!!!) entity would go unnoticed by our scanners during those hypothetic breaks. It had to be something else. So we decided to think outside the box again.
So far we had figured out you had a faint trace of ectoplasm in your body that was always detected by our devices. Enough to count as a faint invisible spirit. So what if we began treating it like a real ectosignature? What if we tried to calibrate our devices to amplify its signal? Would it lead us to find you whenever you disappeared? We thought maybe that way we would be closer to the truth.
And it worked.
Within a few days of tinkering with some of our scanners, the Fenton Ghost Finder mostly, we decided the upgrade was ready for a test run during our next patrol. We found the signal right away, shining brightly at the Nasty Burger, where you had mentioned you would be with your friends. But once again you were nowhere in sight. Instead, the Finder pointed towards none other than Phantom, who had been fighting against a giant robot of some sort, controlled by the same tech ghost that had possessed our house a year ago. (Remind us to ask you about the ghosts you’ve met.)
Once the battle was over, we didn’t follow Phantom per se. We followed the signal shown by the Finder, resolute on not letting our minds jump to conclusions we couldn’t even begin to imagine. At the end of our search, we found a similar situation as a few days prior: Ghost-you hiding closer to Fentonworks while human-you emerged, walking quickly to get home before curfew. This trend went on for at least a week until we couldn’t deny the facts any longer and had to at least talk about the evidence we had collected so far.
It was impossible or at least improbable to have ghostly traits as a human. And it wasn’t a simple case of overshadowing either. You are still alive (thank goodness!!), so it wasn’t any of the most horrible scenarios we had feared at the beginning (ones we didn’t dare to say out loud). It had to be something else. But when we went down into the lab to brainstorm, we realized the truth and its evidence was right in front of our noses. Something changed at the beginning of your freshman year. You had an accident that you brushed off around that time. You had been probably shocked by the portal, which channels large amounts of ectoplasm that needs to be filtered. But somehow you didn’t die. You have many things that still make you human, even while you’re looking like a ghost. Instead, you were likely infused with ectoplasm that triggered ghost powers.
And then we were left with thousands of questions, discussions, and promises silently made to keep you safe. One thing we do know for sure is how AMAZING you are, and more capable than we could have ever imagined if you had taken on the family business. In fact, you’re doing precisely that and we hadn’t realized. You make us very proud with the way you’ve grown and learned to protect yourself and those around you. You’re a HERO and we didn’t give you enough credit for everything you’ve done to keep Amity Park safe. And we should probably start showing that support by making a very public truce with you the next time we meet with your alter ego.
Of course, while we already pieced most of the probable story together, we don’t have your story. The motivations, the struggle, the learning curves, and the way you experienced the whole ordeal. We would be very willing to listen. As a family.
Again... whenever you’re ready, honey.
After this initial entry, we’ll try to guide you on the different measures we’ve taken to help you from the sidelines, if only to keep a record of everything we’ve been attempting to do while giving you some insight on the reasoning behind some of these changes. Please consider we are trying to keep the jargon as informal as possible in this journal to make it easier to follow in layman’s terms. The rest, such as our lab notes, detailed examinations, and other scientific or technical curiosities will also be recorded, just in case, but we promise to keep them under the strictest surveillance and security measures to avoid any type of filtration.
Our number one priority right now is to keep you safe. That’s the only way we can make this right.
I apologize for this lengthy and messy introduction. I’m sure we didn’t answer everything in this first entry, so feel free to ask us anything once you’ve finished reading. If we do this right, we hope you only have to read a couple of more entries to catch up with all the things we want to do to make the world around you a better place.
WED APR 12, 2017
Today we began with a fresh mindset. We’ve brainstormed non-stop for two days and finally decided to make a more detailed plan on different changes in our inventions to protect you from harm. But it can’t be our only approach. That’s why we made a list of problems to tackle to set some priorities as well:
- Reduce visibility of your ectosignature in any ghost-tech, starting with ours.
While we might be able to tweak our inventions to ignore your signature or to identify you as part of the family, there will be a long way to go before we can find a way to convince other hunters about modifying their weapons. We intend to approach the Red Huntress sooner rather than later with an agreement that can help her get better upgrades and see you in a new light.
- Set up new security measures and safe spaces to keep other ghosts from attacking you.
An updated Ghost Shield is our main concern, especially at school, but we’ll have to think about other public spaces as well in the long run. This would give you a chance to take your classes without worrying about attacks or skipping a lesson, now that we’re beginning to understand the root of your lower grades and detentions.
- Protect your public image.
If anyone has any concerns about your intentions or if there’s any misunderstanding, we’ll try to provide our expert opinion on the matter to help people think critically before jumping to erroneous conclusions. Making people aware of the fact that not all ghosts are evil and how to differentiate between benevolent, harmless, and malicious entities will be an incredible challenge (even for us) given our past declarations.
- Keep the spotlight away from you.
Not only are you a minor who shouldn’t be dealing with any harassment at all, let alone that of rabid fangirls who think they can assault you at every waking chance. You also need to stay out of potential news coverage that can make it into national or international outlets, unless we want the GIW to continue looking into your ghostly side. In fact, they did come asking about you based on some indicators that “Phantom” was associating with humans, so we might just have to mislead them whenever possible. Rest assured, honey: we understand what kind of leech these government agencies can be.
- Investigate potential threats besides our tech.
Learning about your secret life as Phantom has led us to revisit many of our previous interactions. There are still many questions left unanswered from that time you apparently attacked the mayor, or when you were caught stealing banks and museums with other ghosts. We remember the ringmaster of that goth circus admitted controlling ghosts to pull those robberies. So what if there are other methods to control or even harm ghosts? Perhaps we should even revisit old myths and folk stories on how other cultures have dealt with spirits, if only to discard other ways you could get hurt.
We’ll be (mentally) adding items to this list depending on how much we learn from the process to make the necessary adjustments. Your father, who is much more optimistic than I am, thinks we’ll be done with most of these issues by the end of the month.
I hope we don’t make a mess in the process.
P.S. I know it sounds awful and there’s no excuse for how terrible we are as parents, but we hadn’t realized until now that you spend most of your day out of home. We had a vague idea but didn’t really see the full extent of your absence before. We’ve barely seen you since we figured everything out. It explains why we hadn’t seen some other signals sooner, but it hurts so much to realize you don’t feel safe at home or that you even have to spend all that time fighting other ghosts. Whatever reason you have, it strengthens our resolve to build back that trust and reassurance we lost along the way. We need to make this a better home for you and your sister.
FRI APR 14, 2017
As we continue to learn more about how to make your surroundings better, we were finally lucky to spot your ghostly alter ego after an attack near your school. We tried to take the opportunity to talk to you about a more permanent truce, taking advantage of the various onlookers to create public awareness of the Phantom/Fenton partnership. Of course, you seemed very skeptical once Jack winked and said there were no other ulterior motives. I’ve already talked to your father about how that could be misinterpreted.
Adding to our blunder, you opted to avoid us the rest of the day, so we were left with no way of letting you know (as either our son or as our potential ghostly ally) how serious we are about this cease of fire. We are still debating if this means you don’t care to hear our reasoning or if you won’t believe it either way.
We’ll try to work on the rest of our plan in the next few days, now that a formal truce is off the table for the moment. Hopefully, you’ll see we mean it once our actions speak for themselves.
SAT APR 29, 2017
We’ve been very busy with several improvements and forgot to update this journal of sorts. In the last week or two, we’ve been working on upgrading all our inventions to exclude your ectosignature. In the beginning, we made a coding mistake and ended up targeting only you in the process. I guess it was extremely bad luck you happened to find out after we modified one of our bazookas.
Again, we’re so, so sorry for everything. We didn’t mean to traumatize you while you were fighting that hunter ghost in a metal suit. At least we managed to distract him enough for you to catch him in the Fenton Thermos, not without glaring at us before you left the scene. We can’t blame you for that.
The good news is we found the root of our mistake and managed to program everything to avoid you, even your Fenton Thermos. We managed to do this one day while you were eating dinner and your father said he forgot some fudge in the Ops Center for dessert, using the excuse to sneak into your room and make the changes to the container you always carry. Thank goodness you didn’t notice.
Of course, these upgrades raise a new issue we hadn’t considered: do Jazz and your friends own any of our tech? We know you stash some in your room, and we have no doubt there are more in your school locker. We’re guessing those are meant for instances when your powers malfunction. We hadn’t thought about that in detail and we’ll have to figure out how to make sure you’re all trained and equipped with the upgraded versions of our gear. There are just so many variables we keep including into the mix, it’s scary to think how any of you could’ve gotten hurt in the past. That’s something we’ll look to remedy as well.
This led us to focus on the school’s ghost shield next, to give you that safe space we mentioned before. Of course, after the grave mistake we made a few days prior with the bazooka, we’re guessing you got very suspicious about our intentions and somehow managed to sabotage the new configuration, deleting the exclusion we inserted. If only there was some way Tucker (who we’re sure was behind the hack) realized that when we wrote “target” on our code we meant it to avoid any suspicions from other curious intruders, such as that tech ghost or the GIW.
Fortunately, we were able to set the code back to its intended configuration without any privy eyes. This time I had to do it discreetly at night the same day of the sabotage. It didn’t seem to raise any further concerns with you or your friends.
After a week in action, we begin noticing a decrease in attacks at your school now that you don’t feel threatened enough to shut the Ghost Shield off (as it seemed to have been the case in the past). We’re guessing you finally realized we meant no harm to you or your powers, since you actually showed up for dinner tonight. To celebrate the good mood, we even had pizza and a movie.
Tomorrow, we’ll begin expanding our Ghost Shields to the most important locations you frequent with your friends, including your usual haunts (get it? Yes, your dad came up with that one).
THU MAY 04, 2017
After watching closer your eating habits, we came to the conclusion that you’re not providing your body the right amount of nutrients. In simple terms, you devour so much food in one sitting because ectoplasm requires larger quantities of proteins to sustain itself. That’s when we began researching ways to retain, regenerate, and burn ectoplasm through food. We didn’t just want to learn how to make your body keep the healthy ectoplasmic levels you require, but also to detect anything that could hinder your intake. So we began our experiment by testing the different kinds of meals we’ve seen you eat in a week.
Did you know the sauce in a Nasty Burger can literally burn through your ectoplasm? Don’t ask how your father thought about it, but he tested several ingredients against higher and lower temperatures. We are just glad we only used a drop of sauce instead of a whole packet. You can find out more about this experiment under the file named “Spicy Food”.
We still haven’t figured out what’s the extra ingredient we found but we believe it might be something naturally harmful to ghosts. Just like salt, which comes in large quantities between your favorite snacks and fast food. These ingredients in particular lower your capacity to retain and regenerate ectoplasm at a much faster rate than regular ghosts. Hence why you don’t “repair” yourself immediately after an injury as a ghost. Fortunately for you, the amount of ambient ectoplasm in Amity Park is high enough to help refill your levels during the day. It’s just not enough to make you feel at your full potential.
Instead of forbidding these types of foods to you, we’re developing a new serum to boost your ectoplasm regeneration. Think of it as an antioxidant. We still need to find a way to give you the serum and explain the science behind it when we approach ghost-you again to talk about the truce (for the fifth time this month, if I might add). Though to be honest that might take more time than we would want. Gaining your trust after hunting you for almost two years won’t be easy despite all our good intentions. But we’ll never stop trying. We promise.
SAT MAY 13, 2017
We’ve realized something that could be a complete game-changer. As you might know, this portal wasn’t our first prototype. It wasn’t even our twentieth. But it was the second to lead to an important accident involving a human being. We hadn’t realized the rest of the implications of your activation of the Portal. If being infused with that amount of energy and ectoplasm gave you ghost powers, did it really only give Vlad Masters ecto-acne? Did it give him something else as well in the process?
Just like it happened with your secret, I was forced to recall every previous encounter with Vlad and the oddities in some of those meetings. Such as being attacked during our college reunion by a fully visible ghost outside of Amity Park (we had never seen a ghost in Wisconsin before, even while we were actively searching for an entire dimension filled with them). The strange trip in which we ended up in his cabin, also attacked by ghosts. Or when he claimed he had found you outside the Ghost Shield during the invasion that almost killed you. Or when the same ghost we saw in Wisconsin came to steal our portal and put a bounty on your head.
Your father is adamant to jump to any “wacky” conclusions, but I’m certain this needs to be carefully investigated. We might be dealing with something more dangerous than we first thought. There are just so many coincidences lining up and at least I’m beginning to believe he also gained ghost powers, just like you did. It all has to be tied to the Wisconsin ghost either way.
On a completely unrelated note, your dad was so distraught by this theory, that he took the opportunity to contact some distant relatives, to see if they could send him some of their sacred family heirlooms to study. Apparently, his ancestors have built an impressive collection of relics, artifacts, and books focused on ghost lore through centuries of study. Those were part of what started the long line of ghost hunters in the Fenton family. We’re very excited to get our hands on these objects to see if they can help us in our quest to find new ways to protect you.
TUE MAY 23, 2017
In the past few weeks, we have finally managed to convince you of trusting us with a truce. We even made it public by using the last Town Hall meeting as an opportunity to communicate to the rest of the city our intentions of working with “Phantom”, with a very positive reaction from the crowd. This only began to open a new can of worms with someone whom we didn’t realize would be threatened by this change of dynamic.
You might not remember well what happened today. You were probably too sick and tired by the end of the incident. It all began when we received a strange bouquet from none other than Vlad Masters. He had it delivered in the morning while you were at school. The note attached read something along the lines of congratulating us for our blossoming new partnership. It was odd and somewhat disturbing to think there was some hidden meaning and intention behind it, especially since we still haven’t made any solid conclusions about his relationship with ghosts in general.
I didn’t give the gift itself that much of a thought until you came home later at night and began to break into a cold sweat when you entered the kitchen. I was probably about to serve dinner, since the vase with flowers was on the kitchen counter while I set everything on the table. I remember that part because you took one good look at them and immediately began to shake with fear and apprehension, stepping back until you dropped to the floor in pain.
Of course, we didn’t know what was happening at first and thought about taking you to the hospital, but then remembered all those times you refused to go to the doctor. Now we understand why. That’s also why we offered to go down to the lab for a closer examination. You refused to go with us and only accepted to be taken to your room when Jazz heard the whole commotion. After some aimless arguing with both of you to allow us to check what was wrong, you asked to “get rid of the blood blossoms”. Your father knew exactly what you were talking about and immediately left to dispose of the flowers in the incinerator we have down in the lab.
Bloom blossoms didn’t even cross my mind. They were an old myth. Some exotic species of plant that early ghost hunters claimed to use to expel spirits. While the Fentons grew up learning about them and their properties, these flowers were believed to be a folk tale since no one in our field of study seemed to be able to find any real trace of them for generations. Until now.
Fortunately, your father kept one flower inside a plastic bag to study it later. If only to find some sort of antidote, which I’m sure would’ve been something unheard of by his ancestors.
If we had any doubt before about Jazz’s involvement in your extracurricular activities, we got more than enough confirmation when she came down to the lab to ask millions of questions about what we thought had caused your reaction. We settled on allergies and the firm promise to make them go away. She seemed nervous about the fact that we kept one blossom for further study, but we tried to explain how we needed it to find and counteract the source of the allergy.
She also had a very telling reaction when we mentioned we got them as a gift from Vlad. Your father had no other choice than to accept there was something very sketchy about his best former best friend. In my case, I’m more than convinced he’s a threat to our family.
And no one messes with our family.
MON MAY 29, 2017
The long-awaited Fenton collection of books, relics, and artifacts finally arrived earlier this week. There are several journals, most of which belonged to someone named John Fenton Nightingale (JFN), listing many of the pieces inside. It seems he single-handedly amassed most of the charms and artifacts in the large metal box, if the initials marking them can be used as reference. Your dad claims there are other collections in his family’s possession, but none as strange or diverse as this one.
The books and journals were hard to go through due to the numerous topics they covered, so we decided to skim through some of them to select what to read later. Some included detailed instructions for potions or incantations to exorcise a spirit. Others listed cooking recipes that could include blood blossoms in everyday meals (JFN had a knack for eating them raw). A few documents included field notes and case observations, while most were translations of the larger undecipherable books. Those seem to dedicate entire chapters to ghost lore, including myths, fables, and prophecies, if the attached annotations are correct. We flagged several with notes to review later on. While we don’t believe in superstitions such as prophetic writings, we recognize a few figures mentioned, such as the knight spreading dread through the land a ghost king is set to conquer. It also talks about different rites and customs related to these figures, including the ascension of a new king or how to seal them away. While it was not a premonitory situation, we did have that invasion by the King of all Ghosts over a year ago that then took our whole town to the Ghost Zone, so maybe a few notes wouldn’t hurt, just to be safe.
(Now that we can recall those events with a new perspective, we just realized you were the one who fought the king and put him back to sleep. Have we mentioned how proud we are of you? No wonder you were so tired for days after the incident.)
As for the rest of the contents in the box, while we have been trying to sort most of these items into different levels of relevance, each finding was more peculiar than the next. For instance, there’s an old music box that has no sound despite its moving figurine. This particular piece has no clear indication of when it had been found or created, though it’s doubtful this belonged to JFN, who usually left some kind of signature, date, or marking on his discovered artifacts. There were no explanations, descriptions, or notes on the box so we set it apart with an “Unknown” label, where soon after other intriguing items also followed. Other objects, such as an iron sphere meant to trap spirits, were sent to the “Dangerous” pile inside the large box everything arrived in. Others were considered good-luck amulets intended to draw the best out of otherworldly creatures, making them benevolent, so we decided to label those as “Harmless”. We are compiling the full list under the file named “Ancient Lore”.
We had been working for hours today when for some reason we still can’t fully grasp, you came down to the lab, despite showing great reluctance days before due to the blood blossom incident or just any of our recent studies in general (there’s no way to be sure). We thought you had been afraid of getting hurt, even after we’ve tried to explain our latest discoveries to both you and your alter ego. Somehow, you recovered all of a sudden from that fear and silently sat on one of our work stools. You didn’t say anything at first, only humming something to yourself and staring blankly at the clutter of objects we were classifying. It was very unsettling, to say the least.
There was something strange about the whole situation and I could’ve sworn your eyes had shifted to red. It was probably an odd reflection of something in the lab. When I called you by your name, you didn’t respond at all. As if you were lost in some trance. After asking you to answer, you replied almost automatically something we couldn’t understand, with no hint of inflection in your voice. Would the Ghost Gabber have helped to translate whatever you said?
Your dad noticed as well and decided to put everything back in the box we received, not even caring about ruining days of organization. Once everything was locked away, you looked very confused and alarmed. You left in a rush without letting us give you any explanation. We’re making everything worse by the minute, with so many things leading you to believe we’re looking for ways to hurt you and not the other way around.
We promise we’ll get to the bottom of this and figure out what triggered your reaction. And we promise to set the record straight somehow.
WED JUN 07, 2017
Today marks the 9th morning in a row that we had to wake you up with too much insistence. This hadn’t happened since late April and we know for a fact you’re no longer having long sleepless nights due to ghost fighting. After all, we did begin patrolling more often than before during weeknights to reduce the weight on your shoulders. That’s why this return to old habits seems odd to us.
Unlike the previous days, you finally gave us some sort of clarity on the situation: you’re having trouble sleeping followed by terrible headaches. From what little information we were able to gather, there are some strange dreams involved but you either can’t recall what they were about or don’t want to tell us. This probably threads in the fine line between what counts as regular issues and ghostly-related concerns, so it’s a telltale sign that you still don’t trust us yet.
Why would you? So far, we’ve accidentally modified dangerous weapons to only target you, included your ectosignature laced with suspicious wording into the code of your school’s Ghost Shield, got blood blossoms into our home and kept one of them for further study, expanded the range of our protection methods, brought a trunk full of anti-ghost artifacts and journals, and more recently got caught trying to contact the Red Huntress (who’s been your most vicious rival since we can remember). That, along with our previous history, probably doesn’t paint the most trustworthy image of us. But at least you haven’t rejected our truce. Maybe not everything’s lost.
Going back to our current problem, the headaches and the nightmares don’t seem to be the only change in the past few days. You’re also more distracted than usual, barely paying attention to conversations during dinner. I’m worried that there could be something big going on that you don’t want to tell us, but your father says it can’t be too bad since he’s heard you humming to yourself (something you never do) while you do your chores down in the lab.
I just hope we can be closer again and make you feel comfortable enough to talk to us about anything, not just your secret. If you have a heartbreak, if you’re being bullied (which I doubt given your abilities, but wouldn’t put it past other kids your age to try), if something worries you, if you’re having an existential crisis, if you have a strong opinion about any of the world’s issues… or if something’s making you feel so lost you wander into a world beyond the stars, ignoring everything around you. At least that’s the look I see in your eyes lately.
Whenever you’re ready to tell us how you feel, we’ll be ready to listen as well.
FRI JUN 09, 2017
Today we took some time to read through some of the documents from the Fenton Collection, to see if any of the ones we had preselected had any additional information on the various artifacts we still need to figure out.
There are many texts we recognize from our college studies but they appear to be earlier versions of the ones we read while working on the portal. For example, there are theories about the physical and chemical properties of ectoplasm, including notes on experiments to determine its density, conductivity, luminescence, acidity, and other attributes. While these were fascinating texts from a historical perspective, they didn’t contribute any new information.
We were very interested in the prophecies next. As mentioned before, while we don’t believe in such things, there might be relevant aspects to understand ghost culture, something we hadn’t even imagined studying before. You see, when we started working on our different theories, we believed ghosts were completely non-sentient and hadn’t even considered other aspects such as folklore, customs, festivities, or just societal organization in general. Now that we have been questioning our whole approach to spectral entities, we need to look back into other sources of information to get a better grasp of what you’re facing every day. This is a complete change in perspective and a whole new territory for us.
The books collected by your ancestors on these topics are not even in a language we can recognize, but fortunately there are many annotations made in a companion notebook and in pieces of paper placed as bookmarks. While the full extent of their contents might be a complete mystery, the notes and paintings depicted in the original pages of one of these tomes seems to be mostly focused on the Ghost King, their loyal servants and allies, and the threats they could present to both the dead and the living. Several sections seem to explain the different artifacts in their possession, which should be very relevant to study as well. You can find our full annotations in the file labeled as “Royalty”.
What’s more bizarre about these particular books is how foreign they seem, aside from their language. The type of materials they are made of doesn’t match anything we’ve seen before. We inspected them through our specialized Fenton Ecto-Scope and they were confirmed to be from out of this world. We still don’t know how any human managed to get their hands on these. Still, this raises several questions: did a ghost voluntarily offer these to a human? Were they left here by mistake? Were they stolen? Did a human find access to the Ghost Zone before our time? How were they able to translate the information?
We don’t even know where to begin looking for these answers, but we do know there’s important information we collected from these texts. From what the images show and the notes confirm, the King is named as such from a position of power. That means only powerful ghosts who show their worth can ascend to the throne. For what should’ve been obvious reasons, ghosts can’t inherit their power. They can’t vote either. But they can fight for their right to reign over all the undead as long as they are past their “nonage” (which, in ghost terms, we have no idea what it would translate to). This raises many red flags if we consider you fought and defeated the king of all ghosts. Pariah Dark, the notes called him. Would this mean you’re in that position of power or is there a different process to undergo? If you have some kind of right to the throne, can you reject it or appoint someone else? Would the “nonage” they describe exclude you somehow?
There’s so much information that doesn’t seem to be translated from the original material that we are left with more questions than answers. If only there was someone who understood what language it is, to begin with…
In the meantime, we are trying to look into the process required to seal the ghost king away. Perhaps we can make sure Pariah Dark is correctly stuck in his slumber and hope that keeps his artifacts far away from any new contender to the throne, especially if there’s any chance you can get appointed. We really hope there is no way you can take his place ever.
We’re so sorry, honey. We never realized just how much is on your plate due to your existence as Phantom. We feel like we cursed you beyond our wildest nightmares, beyond the border with the spectral world. Now we have to take into consideration more than simple human risks. Somehow I feel like whatever we do in Amity Park won’t have any relevance if we don’t take into account the “citizenship” you’ve acquired in the Ghost Zone.
I’m sorry to say this, but with all the loose ends we still have to take care of and this emerging information, we probably won’t be ready to talk to you about your secret and give you this journal as soon as we had expected. We just don’t see a point in alarming you and then start bombarding you with so many questions. We need to figure it out first.
But whatever happens, know that we won’t let anyone rob you of your humanity, of your plans and dreams for the future just because you decided to save your town and those around you. We’ll do everything in our power to help you have the normal life you deserve. Or as normal as it gets for our family.
THU JUN 15, 2017
We still have no new findings concerning the Ghost King’s ascension, since the annotations are more speculative than actual translations as we first thought. What’s worse: we are suddenly missing one of the biggest tomes in the collection, the one entirely focused on royalty, so we don’t have the original source to try to do our own interpretation. We somehow suspect Jazz came down and took it out of curiosity. She’s been asking more questions than usual since the blood blossom incident, coming down to the lab when we’re going through the numerous artifacts we received, and paying more attention than before to our dinner conversation whenever we talk about a fascinating discovery. Something not even you seem too excited about.
But we still have to wonder why she would take something illegible for her. Would you be able to read the foreign language? Is there any ghost ally who can? If so, will you ever tell us what the book contains and if it’s any risk to you? Or would you keep us in the dark, just like with everything else?
It goes without saying that we’ve reached a dead end with this part of our research, and it’s frustrating. We’ve considered bringing up the missing book casually with you two, but that would only put you more on edge than you already are. Not to mention we would have to explain our current worries and I’m not so sure we’re ready for that conversation since it raises more questions than answers.
So we focused on other more manageable studies in the meantime.
At least we do have some good news, despite everything. After more than two weeks of trying to learn more about natural ghost weapons and protective methods from the Fenton Big Ol’ Spooky Collection (as your dad likes to call it), we’re glad to say we’ve found many ways to explain and even counteract the effects of several artifacts and substances. We just need to find the best way to tell you the news and the means to prevent any encounter with similar objects.
Some of these artifacts worked on basic and natural anti-ghost resources you can read in traditional folklore, such as salt or cold iron. Others went as far as using materials that were believed to help spirits thrive, by taking a more creative approach, such as using granite as a way to contain their energy and use it against corporeal specters.
This is how we found a key piece of information on something else we had been trying to resolve: why are blood blossoms so hurtful to ghosts? The answer came in the findings of another one of your ancestors from the 19th century. Apparently, these flowers emit some kind of alarm pheromone created by a type of invasive beetle that can nest inside the flower for up to decades, giving it a certain smell in the process and polluting the stem and leaves completely. This pheromone would alert living herbivores nearby to stay away from the flower thinking it will be venomous. In non-living creatures, a ghost’s core enters in conflict with the reminder of death brought by the flower’s apparent decay, which would confirm how other senses such as smell are not lost in the afterlife. So, while it’s some kind of artificial reaction, it affects a ghost’s psyche and therefore their existence as a whole.
We still have no idea how JFN managed to eat them without reaching an earlier demise. You see, the problem isn’t the flower per se, but rather the insect combined with a specific species of blossoms. That’s why it seems so rare to find any. There has to be a kind of symbiotic relationship between this winged insect and the flower for the blood blossoms to even exist. That’s why we have designed a new type of container meant to neutralize this type of beetle if it ever appears, as a preventive measure. We made it seem and smell like a synthetic blossom before being infected to attract this insect in question, but it has none of the plant’s harmful properties since the “blood beetle” is not inside yet. We plan to test it in a few locations throughout the weekend before we try something on a larger scale.
As for Vlad’s possession of such a specimen, we now believe he hired someone else to maybe plant and infect the healthy blossoms with these beetles, and then handle the bouquet. This must have been done somewhere at least close to Amity Park by humans. We are more than convinced even with mild effects from the proto-portal’s blast, he would still be affected by the rare blossom due to the reaction the ectoplasm in his body could have, even without a core completely formed.
If only we could know for sure.
SAT JUN 24, 2017
I’m beginning to worry about your overall well-being. You are still distracted, tired, and constantly battling a headache every morning, even now that you’re out of school and don’t have to deal with finals or any constant ghost attacks. Days before you had that disoriented visit to the lab. Is it connected somehow? We still haven’t detected any object that could be triggering these reactions. We might have to double-check the “unknown” and “harmless” ones just in case.
In the meantime, you’ve been staying at Tucker’s more often than usual, but I keep getting this nagging feeling you’re using your time to be somewhere else, if the lack of ghost fights and the open portal we found yesterday are any indication. Since we’ve been busy with setting the fake blossoms around Amity Park, we haven’t been at the lab as often as before. That made us wonder how many times you’ve gone inside the Ghost Zone and the reasons to make those trips. Was the missing book one of those reasons?
We will have to configure the door to remain locked again unless a fingerprint is provided, which would tell us the number of times you’ve been going right under our noses. Just thinking about the risk of losing you to a strange dimension is horrifying, but wondering how many occasions you’ve been exploring the other side of the portal without anyone else being aware is unthinkable.
While we had already considered there were things within the Ghost Zone we would have to learn more about for this trust-building process to be complete, we hadn’t thought much about how connected you already are to other entities or communities as a whole, if the social organization described in your ancestor’s notes is anything to go by. We can’t keep thinking about all ghosts as being evil. We need to acknowledge the existence of benevolent entities. Friends? Allies? There’s a whole other side of you we don’t even know, like how you socialize or are perceived by other creatures.
Sometimes I feel there are so many things we were not aware of that we might not be able to catch up at all. Is that why you don’t tell us your secret? Not due to a matter of trust, but due to the enormity and absurdity of everything going on in your dual life? Are you afraid we won’t accept you or are you scared things might get more complicated if we’re involved?
SUN JUL 02, 2017
Since we theorized your recent nightmare and distraction problem was connected to the arrival of the Fenton Big Ol’ Spooky Collection, we went back to testing one by one different amulets and artifacts we had no description for. There had to be something we hadn’t analyzed or tested correctly that could be triggering this.
It would have been quite the challenge to discover which one is causing it without exposing you to some unknown danger. So, we decided to try it out with the next best option, which would also allow us to confirm other questions as well. We called Vlad while you were at Sam’s, to have some coffee and talk about ghostly curiosities we found from your father’s ancestors. We knew this would pique his interest. I also knew he would come with other intentions.
Once he came over, he asked if we liked his flower arrangement but didn’t seem worried about its presence. In fact, he wasn’t surprised about learning we had to throw it away because you had an allergic reaction. He even seemed amused by this.
That alone makes me regret less the events that followed.
We began showing him some of the least dangerous journals, citing ghost sightings and well-known lore that had been a breakthrough back in their time. I’ve always known he loves to flaunt his perceived superior knowledge whenever possible. In this case, while he seemed tempted to mock our findings, there was some restraint as well. Like a silent victory plastered in his smug face, which I infer has everything to do with his secret relationship with ghosts and his reluctance to give anything away.
We continued with the “harmless” category, not wanting to hurt him unless there was clear evidence of any ill intentions. There were no visible signs of him being affected by any of the charms. We mentioned how one of them brought the good out of a spirit and he laughed maniacally, taking the opportunity to mock the Fenton lineage. That man is deranged. Horrible and deranged.
We then followed one by one with the “Unknown” pile and found a plausible answer once he reached the mute music box. Vlad opened it; there was a small mirror behind the grayscaled ballerina, reflecting something in an odd shade of red when the figurine’s eyes were reflected against it. Just like you did, he was left in a trance, humming softly a melody we couldn’t recognize. We now believe it’s a song coming from the box at a different frequency detectable by ghosts.
When we asked Vlad to tell us what was happening, he answered in a monotone and explained he was being forced to follow our will. We couldn’t believe it at first. Was this designed to ensnare a ghost? Was this confirmation of my earlier suspicions of the effects from the proto-portal?
You must understand... I was fuming. He had even taken advantage of our friendship to hurt you. So, I didn’t feel any remorse when I asked him several test questions to confirm his claims, such as his college sweetheart (who he would have usually denied dating), or his full name (which he also omits whenever possible). He answered every single thing. Once we confirmed he would respond to our questions, I was bold enough to ask him if he was the Wisconsin ghost. He struggled for a moment before responding that wasn’t his ghost name. Jack decided to interrupt the interrogation and closed the music box instead. He later told me he didn’t want to take advantage of Vlad like that, who was still also human and had the right to his own free will. Of course, he’s right, but I still feel some exceptions should apply.
As for Vlad, just like with you, he seemed lost and extremely worried once the music box was stored back its original place. He asked us to excuse him and left without an explanation.
This is very worrisome for two main reasons:
- There’s no way to confirm if he remembers anything while he was hypnotized, so to speak. If he does, we might have given him enough evidence to suspect how much we know.
- He could feel vulnerable and threatened by the contraption and could seek to attack us (or you) somehow.
If he is as dangerous as we believe (or at least as I believe), there’s a high probability that we will all be subject to some twisted scheme either way. Unfortunately for him, we’re more than prepared now. The fact that his visit gave us a good reading of the faint ectosignature he emits in his human form should be enough leverage to work on defensive measures, starting in our own home.
As for the music box, we discovered upon further inspection it holds a powerful crystal inside the ballerina’s head. We analyzed the bright, red gem and found strong radiation coming from it. It’s barely noticeable for humans, but ghosts are a whole other story. Looking into some notes from a much older Fenton relative, we encountered information for several other gems, most of which are said to be lost, such as a gauntlet used to channel the power of some of them combined. The one contained in the music box is not a part of any set, but it’s fairly powerful: it can absorb and release sound, such as music, at a higher frequency discernible by ghosts, while it can be used to control the will of any spirit as long as it’s within proximity.
So, now we are in a bit of a disagreement. While your father wants to destroy it in the Fenton incinerator to stop the effects it probably has on you, I want to keep it safely stored if only to have other defenses against malicious or more powerful ghosts, such as Vlad.
As we said in the beginning of this ordeal, our number one priority right now is to keep you safe. That’s the only way we can make this right.
TUE JUL 11, 2017
I’m still not sure how to express all the rage I have inside from what that lying bastard has done. Today I
[Pages missing]
WED JUL 19, 2017
Now that we have more knowledge on the effects of the Harmony Stone, as we decided to call the gem inside the broken music box, we’ve seen a lot of improvement in your sleeping patterns in the last couple of weeks. However, something is still amiss.
While we know the headaches and the nightmares are gone, as well as the strange song you used to hum while doing your chores in the lab, you still seem distracted and I dare to say worried. We have tried keeping some of our most recent developments as transparent to you and your sister as possible, to try to avoid misunderstandings. Jazz seemed more ecstatic with the news than you. You barely said a word or touched your meal during dinner.
Even as Phantom, we’ve had fewer attacks in Amity Park or Elmerton lately, and therefore fewer chances to work together or cross more than a couple of sentences about our latest discoveries to help you. You don’t seem so interested in anything we have to say, but at least we don’t see you suspicious about us, so that could be considered as one of the small blessings in this whole situation.
The reduced activity was just as unexpected as your sour mood. Most of the reports we’ve gotten consist of ghoulish animals, harmless eyeballs wearing cloaks, and the blue ghost in overalls. We’ve theorized the lack of ghostly visitors must have something to do with the summer break, since most attacks occur around school hours when Casper High is open. We are still unsure if it’s because of the large concentration of teenage emotions in a single location or if it’s because they want to challenge you directly.
These latest changes in your behavior and our interactions make us wonder if there is something else going on. We know Vlad’s disappearance took you by surprise, as it did everyone else. But considering the strained relationship you had with him, I thought you would be relieved to have him out of your life once and for all. Your father thinks he’s laying low; I know for a fact he won’t be bothering us ever again.
But something tells me that’s not what this is about. And there’s so little we know about your other life that we feel like complete strangers.
We fear there will never be a right moment for you to tell us your secret. For all we know, it’s not that you’re scared about our reaction. We’ve done everything in our power to keep you safe and show our support, even if we don’t outright say we know your secret. What if you’re waiting for us to tell you? To give you the right opening but it’s never the right time?
Maybe we need to take the first step. Whatever it takes to support you in those daily battles we don’t see from where we stand. Maybe if we try to get closer instead of waiting for you to do so, we might have a better grasp of what’s troubling you at the moment.
SUN JUL 23, 2017
Happy Birthday, Danny! I can’t believe it’s been sixteen years since you officially came into our lives. You’ve grown up so much and we’re so proud of the noble, mature, selfless, and loving young man you’ve become.
Today is a very special day. It marks the start of a new beginning between us and I hope we can make you feel the same way. I hope what you read in this journal was enlightening or at least amusing. We’re thrilled to tell you that by the time you’re reading this we’ve already made tremendous progress in most of the things we’ve been working to implement to make your life and what surrounds it better.
To summarize our efforts in the last four months, this is what we were able to achieve so far:
- Implemented modified versions of our ghost shield around Amity Park, allowing you to go to school or hang out with your friends without worrying about having any kind of restriction or surprise attack. (Returning from summer break will be less stressful this time).
- Extended our truce to convince the Red Huntress to work with you and us in exchange for free tech and upgrades. These upgrades include tech that ignores your ectosignature. It seems she was glad to work with a new supplier, so it’s a win-win deal.
- Planted hundreds of blossom pods around the city to collect any potential blood beetles looking for these flowers to nest. This has allowed us to 1) keep a closer eye on any blood blossoms growing in the wild and 2) create a nasal spray to counteract the effects it can have on you.
- Concocted a serum that allows better management of your ectoplasm levels.
- Wrote a detailed analysis of the antique artifacts within the Fenton Big Ol’ Spooky Collection. This helped us compile a few methods we’ve detected to break their effects on you.
- We’ve improved the knowledge and perception on ghosts according to local news reports and surveys. Most of our newest discoveries will help build a new online course to provide tools and guidance on how to deal with both violent and non-violent entities. We expect to launch it next year.
- We’ve been able to neutralize other threats as well, such as the scrutiny from the GIW, who were just recently reported and will undergo serious investigation for endangering teenagers during last year’s visit to your school and the mall. A classmate of yours named Elliot McGregor was very helpful in the process.
We believe the time for secrets is over and we need to come clean with the knowledge we have concerning your double life.
If in the end you still feel uncomfortable with us knowing your secret, please know we love you no matter what. We’ve tried doing our best to understand and change our perspective, and we’ll still continue to pursue this path to heal our relationship with you.
I hope this journal helped you find the answers you needed from these events and the transformation they triggered within us. Now that we’re ready to tell you the truth, we’re eager to give these few pages to you along with a flash drive containing all the data we’ve collected so far as your birthday gift.
We’ll be happy to finally talk about this and listen to whatever you feel comfortable to tell us.
Mom & Dad
WED OCT 10, 2018
I almost forgot we were keeping this notebook. I also forgot we were meant to give it to you back then, on your birthday, over a year ago. After everything that happened between the last entry and today, I hope you understand we weren’t in the right mindset to continue exploring new topics to include in this little notebook.
Looking back at our notes and the thousand excuses I made to justify our actions, my actions, I can’t even remember the real reason why we had decided to wait until you were ready.
Knowing everything we do now, you were never going to be ready. You weren’t prepared for the huge responsibility that fell on your lap when you came out of our portal as a half-ghost, or to defeat countless enemies on your own because we didn’t measure up to your skills and strength. You didn’t even know you were meant to be named king after you defeated Pariah Dark, a heavy crown you were also unready to wear.
Jazz told us how worried you were when you read through the book we had received, the one that went missing with the oddly-written pages in a material from out of this world. Of course, you understood its contents. You had been training with other spectral mentors for over a year prior to those incidents. We had no way of imagining the full extent of the life you hid from us, or what it implied. We were not aware of the meetings with the Ghost Council, the visits from these creatures known as Observants, or the dread that came with your sixteenth birthday coming close, the “end of the nonage” we read the ascension notes described at one point.
All this going right under our noses while we were naively setting up ghost shields and blossom pods around the city to keep you safe. How were we to know you could care less about all the efforts we had done? Of course, you wouldn’t be interested in what it meant to you, when you were in a secret countdown to your ascension, which would require you to focus on dealing with a whole new dimension to rule over.
I still can’t believe they would force a kid to go through this.
At first, we didn’t know you had taken this huge weight on your shoulders. Even when you missed your birthday celebrations at home that day. Or when we missed you during dinner the following nights, only occasionally watching you wake up on your bed and mumble a good morning by the end of summer. The journal went completely forgotten, as were your gatherings with your friends, who would come looking for you after you missed several of those meetings. Bless their souls… even when they were unaware of your whereabouts, they would still try to come up with an alibi for you on the spot to avoid blowing your cover.
A cover you also didn’t care about anymore. You had other things to worry about.
We knew from the start, even before we learned your secret, that you were never home or where you claimed you would be, going out instead to fight ghosts. But then you were never in Amity Park either, going into the Ghost Zone more and more often to fulfill your role as a leader, getting acquainted with your followers, finding yourself new allies, and settling into a new place you started calling home. Until one day you were never here at all. You left without an explanation. The only one we got came from Jazz, who was just as lost as everyone else in your life.
Your school and classmates were so worried about you, they started search parties and even threatened to call CPS, unaware how you had already been taken away from us by some otherworldly rules and protocols. People would constantly question us why we hadn’t filed a missing person’s report. Why bother when we knew exactly where you were. Or close enough at least.
We went looking for you many times with Jazz and your friends, but once we reached your domain there was always a dismissal, an important meeting, or a complete change in your castle’s location. As if you didn’t want to be seen. Or as if you had forgotten you had somewhere else to be. That you had friends and family who wondered if you were safe or happy. We still do, every single day.
Your friends are going to try one final time to contact you. We know they’re the people you trust the most and we don’t want to intrude, no matter how much it hurts us. Of course, we wouldn’t let them go unprepared. In case you come home and manage to finally read this, please know we’ve been looking for every way possible to rid you of the ghostly duties you’ve been given. We’ve read every journal and translatable book on the Ghost King (Sam was extremely helpful in understanding ghost speak, as you call it), prepared every artifact that could help in their journey, none of which would be able to cause you any harm. We know there’s a loophole we can use. Maybe not the best alternative, but it would at least give you time to decide what you want to do. You could come back home, if you want to.
You don’t deserve any of what’s happening, honey. You deserve to take the reigns of your life and do whatever you choose with it.
MON NOV 19, 2018
We’ve been so thankful to have you back home that I didn’t remember to give you this. We already talked about most of the journal’s contents and everything you have missed in the last 16 months since your ascension, but this collection of memories and discoveries holds a very special place now. It gave both your father and I something to go back to when we thought we had done everything wrong. It allowed us to notice patterns we had paid no attention to in the beginning. Maybe there are more things here we forgot to mention but you can use somehow.
Before we leave you this notebook or any of our research, I would like to reiterate how much we love you and how we will keep working on understanding your ghostly side better, with all the complications, unexpected events, and politics we didn’t know it considered. We’re so proud of you. For standing up for yourself, once the royal spell was broken, even against the most bureaucratic authorities we have ever met in either realm.
Please try to talk to us about anything you want. We’ll be more than happy to help, whether it’s to explain in detail the science behind your powers or to talk about your existential worries.
As for the future, no one can know for sure (unless there’s some time-traveling ghost we haven’t heard of) what will happen now that you postponed your ascension to fit your human “nonage”. There are still four years to go until you become a legal adult, plus the year they have to give you back for illegally being forced to become their king. We can work together in finding other ways to avoid taking the crown.
In the end, whatever you decide, it’s always up to you. Whenever you’re ready to take that step, we’ll be there to listen.
Star G / Prompt 116: (Not Phantom Planet compliant) The people around Danny would notice small things that didn't add up. They'd notice his bad habits of leaving at ghost attacks, when he would sometimes look almost see through, or when people were sure he didn't just trip and he actually fell through the floor. But hey, no way he could be a ghost, right?
Arioz / Prompt 26: Maddie and Jack find out that their son is phantom and fully support him. Danny and Jazz however did not get that memo.
Bird / Prompt 32: I think Danny dealing with his parents implementing a new, widespread ghost protection thing would be neat! Maybe blood blossoms even, if you’re feeling saucy.
Dekalkomania / Prompt 57: Danny hasn't been feeling himself, blacking out and having strange dreams. Unbeknownst to him, Freak Show's staff was not the only artifact that could control ghosts. Even worse, Jack and Maddie are the ones who get their hands on that object.
Wife / Prompt 133: After becoming the ghost king, Danny finds himself becoming closer friends with his enemies. They come to him and offer gifts, they help decorate his castle. Why shouldn't he be friends with them? It's only when someone he hasn't seen in a long time comes to his castle begging him to come home after over a year that he realizes what has happened.
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ngl i thoroughly enjoy how short all of the dannymay fic fills are thank u
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Second and last part of Phic Phight 2021!
Full text below the cut. Warnings for swearing and some drinking mentions.
Mary Baker had a list. She kept it in the back of her calculus notebook. It had started as a joke, something to amuse herself with any time differential equations or taylor series got to be a bit too much. In her three years at uni, it had evolved into a full-on conspiracy theory.
Somehow, despite the multiple thousands of people who went to her school, Mary had had a class with one Daniel Fenton every semester of her college experience. They weren’t even in the same major, but there was quite a lot of overlap between astrophysics and biochemical engineering, weirdly enough, and so every September and every January, Mary found herself walking into at least one class to find Fenton already there.
The list at the back of her calculus notebook was, in theory, very simple. In practice, it was the bane of her existence, and she was sure if she could figure out what it all meant, she’d be the youngest Nobel Prize winner in history.
Doesn’t sleep??? Ever???
Frosh roomie Jake says he always went to bed first and by the time he woke up, Fenton would already be awake
Jake is an avid partyer, joined the frat with the highest DUI rate
Jake goes to bed at 2am on a good day
Got an on-campus single soph + junior year
RA 1 Beth, says he never caused any issues
RA 2 Mac, Fenton brought them fudge a lot but only late at night
Espresso dealer knows Fenton by name and order
I have never once seen Fenton in that coffee shop when the sun is shining
Al says Fenton is in the library studying until like 4am when they close
Al also doesn’t sleep, testimony should be taken with caution
Once twice thrice Came to class through 3rd+ story window
Calc 1: 12
History of Ghanian Art: 6
Intro bagpiping: 1 (carrying bagpipes in one arm and bag on back)
Chem 1: 4
Calc 3: 10
Phys 1: 8
Espresso dealer says Fenton chills on the roof of Smith Hall
No roof access to Smith Hall per janitors + admin
Smith Hall is in the middle of a field w/ no trees
Captain of Parkour Club
Also, founded Parkour Club
There’s like two other members and they’re both from the same tiny town in the middle-of-bumfuck-nowhere Illinois
Where tf is Fenton from???
Only does work in Spooky von Haunted Library
Racist pos can go die in a hole, I will only ever refer to that hellscape by the actual fun shit that happens there
But yeah Fenton never works anywhere else
Per Al, who works the night shift there three days a week
Checked with Greg @ SP Lib and Wren @ 28th St Lib, they’ve never seen him at their libraries
Talks to ghosts?
Per Al, has convos w/ legit nothing
Finally broke down? Wish it were me
Seems to get inspired by said convos w/ nothing
No sense of danger? There’s a better way to word that but idk man
Took 20 cr first semester, 3.8 gpa
Took calc 3 with Smith
Which is the dumbest move possible, Smith grades way too hard
Also, somehow pulled an A
Parkour club
Dude ends up on top of tallest buildings on campus every week
And then fucking leans over the side to figure out how to get down wtf???
I wrote this down like a year ago and then forgot fuck
Hazmat spill in chem lab, Fenton legit didn’t realize
Finished the lab, turned it in, walked out none the wiser
Might have drank hydrochloric acid once????
Nani says so
Normally I’d trust her, but there’s no fucking way
Def downed a whole bottle of ammonia
What, cocaine not enough for you???
But yeah chem 1
So yeah actually I believe Nani he totally drank hydrochloric acid
Oh lol yeah a bear got on quad
Fucking Fenton chased it away allll bu self
Also some jakcass had paintted it fucking brught green
lol frat boys amiright?
i’m too fucking drunk for thsi rn later mary can deal wtih the bear
Walked through a wall
Okay what the unmitigated fucking hell????
Fenton just fucking walked through a wall in the middle of the math building I swear to god
I am dead sober right now, it’s fucking noon on a fucking tuesday and he just walked through a fucking wall
Dude flies
I don’t think i was suppsed to see tihs one boys
Its kinda late lol like 4am but not toooooooo late
And i mean yeah mayeb i’m a teeny weeny bit itnoxcaded
But i stg fenton jst fckng flew
Jumped oof the top of Smtih Haal
And then jst knda hovred for a hot mnt or 2
then f*cking uh flew away
look i derw a baby star
No curses in ym bok, nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im gona go to slep now
he fcuking flies i cant deal rn
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Sweeter Reunions (Phic Phight 2021)
Summary: Danny knows Vlad can be redeemed. He saw it in the future. Now, the past might be holding the answer to saving the older half-ghost from losing his humanity. And Harriet Chin might just be the key.
Prompts: @ecto-american (Prompt 01): Vlad and Harriet reconnect at the reunion and begin to date. // @danny-fenton-is-trans (Prompt 08): After finding out that Harriet Chin and Vlad used to date briefly in college, Danny decides to push the two together in hopes that Vlad would finally leave his mom alone. // @mr-lancers-english-class (Prompt 39): Bitter Reunions AU: Vlad doesn't know Danny is Phantom, but Danny is very aware Vlad is Plasmius. Hijinks ensue as Danny has to work extra-hard at damage control without revealing his hand.
Word Count: 7,047
Also available on FFN [Link] and AO3 [Link]
“Pleeeease? I promise I won’t break the timeline again,” the teen insists, clasping two white-gloved hands in a pleading gesture in front of his face, a pathetic image for someone perceived in his future as powerful and regal as Phantom.
The Master of Time only responds with silence, the expression on his now elderly appearance still stoic but bordering on mildly annoyed. For some reason, his ward has the tendency of treating time as something malleable and at his constant disposition. But he still couldn’t understand how even between parallel timelines there was something intricate but perfect, playing in harmony. Thousands of possible pasts, presents, and futures were at the reach of his fingertips, like chords he could play by memory in a cosmic harp, each string dancing without getting tangled with the other in perfect balance. He has navigated so many times through these melodies, he no longer discerns the past from the future since it’s there all at once mingled with the present. He knows he will (or already did) allow the boy to meddle with the flow of time. He’s aware of the outcome and the valuable lessons that would later be forgotten (or already were).
The purple-clad ghost, now donning a younger appearance, has tried to make it easier for Danny to understand, using every kind of analogy possible: from musical instruments, video games, rivers, constellations, and whatever resource he had at hand to explain the fragility of time to a mere mortal (even if said mortal had ghost powers). He has already explained in several points of Danny’s lifespan, past and future, but none have worked as efficiently to drive the point home as allowing the half-ghost to experience first-hand his own failures and the loss that followed. To paraphrase Confucius, experience is one of the three methods to acquire wisdom, but also the bitterest. And Danny had many masochistic traits.
The request seems very innocuous for the teenager: he wants to go back to his parents’ college reunion in Wisconsin so he can learn more about Vlad Masters’ earlier days in college. Somehow, the boy is trying to find other ways to save the older hybrid from falling further into his current downward spiral. This was motivated after another cloning experiment gone awry and the subsequent battle with Plasmius, from what Clockwork could recall. He also cited meeting Vlad in the future as his main motivation, though he believed there had to be another way to trigger his redemption before it was too late for everyone. His reasoning for choosing the reunion is meant to be some kind of bargain on his part, where he thinks he can learn more from the past without having to travel so far into the ‘70s or ‘80s, therefore keeping the timeline intact.
Of course, that’s not how it would work, not to mention the paradox it would create having two Dannys in the same place and time. But as everything goes with his young visitor, there’s no amount of explaining that would deter him from trying, which could potentially unleash even more chaos into the timestream. So he allows the visit, a controlled experiment, a valuable lesson to be forgotten. He already knows how it will go. After all, he has played this melody on countless occasions. The crescendo gets him every time.
Danny woke up with a start inside the Fenton GAV, seated in the back row next to his sister. For a moment, he felt like those times he dozed off when they traveled on the road for hours to visit some relative far away. Wait, they were doing just that, right? The visit to Wisconsin, the college reunion, his pleading with Clockwork…
The trip through time immediately brought vertigo and he felt disoriented in as many ways as the concept allowed. He tried breathing slowly while closing his eyes, droning out whatever conversation his parents were having. He was in his slightly younger body, then. Or in his place at least. Where had the Danny from this period gone?
“If you need to throw up, please use the bag,” Jazz spoke closer to him as she set something almost weightless on his lap, most likely the aforementioned bag.
The boy ventured to open his eyes to see the object now in his hands, but he refused to barf what little he had been able to eat at their last stop on their way to Wisconsin. No need to recall that much information from his trip to the past. Instead, he rolled his eyes, figuring it wouldn’t be uncharacteristic of his two-year-younger self. At least he didn’t try to open the window this time. Who said he couldn’t learn from old mistakes?
He noticed neither parent paid any attention to the small exchange between siblings, and they continued talking about… whatever it was.
“Oh, you’re right, how could I have forgotten about the time you both dyed your hair as skunks,” his mom’s amused voice interrupted whatever his dad was trying to say.
The man’s hearty laugh was almost contagious. “We sure had a lot of fun together back in the day.”
Danny couldn’t remember this part of the conversation in his original experience. He tried to focus on his current mission, putting his uneasiness aside. There were bigger things to worry about and he didn’t know how long he would be allowed to stay. He was here to get information, to gain valuable knowledge. But he had to be very careful with how in-depth he went, unless he wanted the reunion to go differently due to some random memory his dad tried to relive with Vlad. Knowing how enthusiastic his old man was, they were likely to be kicked out before Vlad’s attack could even happen.
Clockwork would no doubt chew him out for skewing the original events with something as dumb as that.
Thinking of subtle ways to get his parents talking without going overboard, he timidly cleared his throat. “So, uh… you’ve known this Vlad Masters guy for a long time?”
Jazz perked up at the mention of the name, her turquoise eyes wide with surprise. “Wait, wait, wait. Masters? As in The Vlad Masters? Who was named Affluence Magazine's Billionaire of the Year? That’s the Vlad you’ve been talking about all this time?"
Jack Fenton beamed and looked at his kids through the rearview mirror, the almost empty road ahead forgotten for what felt like a very long and dangerous moment. “That’s the guy! How did you know, Danno?”
Crap. “Oh… uh, you mentioned it one time when I was actually paying attention?” Danny nervously tried to recover. “But I don’t remember how long you’ve known each other. Pretty sure you mentioned it before.”
Jack shrugged his previous questions away in favor of replying to his son. “Ah, yes, we first met in our last year of high school.”
“Your dad and Vlad, that is,” Maddie corrected.
“Oh, right, we met you later in college,” Jack amended as the memory came back to him.
“But, yes, son. We go way back. We became roommates, lab partners, and best friends in college. We did everything together. We probably have a lot of embarrassing stories to share, too. He wasn’t always this ultra-rich and handsome bachelor in magazine covers, y’know?”
This piqued Danny’s interest, sensing there could also be some heartwarming stories there that could help him break Vlad’s evil mastermind mode. Even Jazz had become very interested at the mention of the older billionaire’s past, no doubt trying to find something to analyze about his upbringing. Before either of the Fenton siblings could ask anything on that note, Maddie snorted.
“Right, because he was such a charmer,” she said with no veiled tinge of sarcasm, surprising both teens.
Thankfully, Jazz intervened first. “What do you mean? He wasn’t good looking back then?” Danny would never let future-Jazz live down just how much she was fawning over his arch-nemesis.
Maddie turned around to face her children. The smug smile and mischievous glint in her violet eyes seemed to come from some memory capable of destroying Vlad’s entire reputation if she dared to share it. Danny wasn’t sure that’s what he needed for his mission but it probably wouldn’t hurt either. “Oh, that wasn’t the real issue,” she replied. “He wasn’t completely unattractive. He just lacked… people skills.”
Or maybe Danny could work with this after all. “So he didn’t socialize well?” he ventured to ask.
Jack released a heavy sigh. “Vladdie didn’t have many friends,” he revealed. “That’s how we met. No one liked him enough to sit with him at lunch. So I joined him one day and we started hanging out. He’s… oh, I dunno… too uptight? Grouchy? We always told him to take a chill pill when he was stressed. It’s not that he doesn’t like people. It’s just that he didn’t know how to start a conversation and always wound up ranting about whatever the topic was.”
Huh… so he had always been a lonely and bitter dude. Was that why he was so cocky now? Because he gained power in many ways despite not playing well with others? Yeah, maybe getting Jazz to psychoanalyze him would be more helpful.
“You know…” Maddie mused out loud, “come to think about it, maybe that’s why he clicked with Harriet, then.”
Wait… what? Vlad had clicked with someone? If his mom knew about it, could it have been in college? He needed to find out more. Maybe reigniting the fire with this old flame was the answer to all his problems. But, how would he get the full scoop without getting his parents hyper-fixated on the topic?
Once again, Jazz came to the rescue. “Ooh, so he had a college sweetheart? Do you think she’ll be there?”
Maddie shook her head. “Even if she was, I’m not sure she would want to talk about it.”
“What do you mean?” Danny asked.
“Well…” the mother of two turned around once again to meet their eyes. Who knew she would spill the tea on Vlad in more than one way? “We all met Harriet in college, while she was majoring in Journalism. Despite the completely different career interests and calling us crackpots, she was fascinated with paranormal things, so she would usually come to the lab where we worked on our ghost research and try to ask millions of things.”
“Oh, I get it,” Jazz interrupted. “Vlad would go on and on talking about your research and Harriet would always ask for more information. It makes so much sense.” Danny couldn’t agree more.
Maddie visibly cringed. “Not exactly,” she replied. “She usually got on his nerves because she wouldn’t let him concentrate. We didn’t mind the company-“
“And I loved blathering on and on about ghosts,” Jack interjected.
“Right, there was also that,” Maddie conceded with a fond smile. “But Vlad preferred his privacy. Something Harriet disregarded on every opportunity. But when you think about it, that’s where they were similar. Neither knew how to socialize well, despite Harriet’s perky attitude.”
The young half-ghost wasn’t sure if this would help at all. Getting Vlad to recover some humanity by using his lack of socialization and bad temper? Yeah, no, that wasn’t it.
“Okay, but then… how did they end up together? And was there a nasty break-up? Will there be any tense issues to resolve while we’re at the reunion?” Jazz asked each question in rapid succession. There was a bright spark in her eye and Danny was sure her psychologist brain was working in overdrive.
Jack chuckled. “Hold your horses, Jazzerincess. They only dated briefly. We don’t even know how exactly they got together, but we sure know how the downfall went.”
Okay, so maybe using an old college girlfriend was definitely not the way to go, Danny noted. Back to square 1.
Before either teen could ask about it, Maddie spoke again. “They got together in secret, so we don’t know for sure how brief their relationship was. We believe his family didn’t want him to date someone unfit for their son, so that’s why they didn’t say anything. The Masters family had their wealth and reputation, though not as impressive as Vlad’s current status, that’s for sure. And one day someone caught them making out in a… compromising setting. His parents found out and they decided to call it quits after a nasty fight about the difference between being discreet and being ashamed to share their relationship.”
“Hold on,” Danny couldn’t help voicing his disbelief this time. “So you’re saying they did like each other?”
Maddie shrugged. “Well… yes, I suppose. But the way they treated each other afterward wasn’t so friendly.”
“Oh, I remember now!” Jack interjected proudly. “That’s why we invented the Harry Chin nickname! To show Vlad some support after the breakup.”
His wife sighed. “You came up with that name on your own, honey. Probably brought her some bad childhood memories, after all the bullying she told us she went through.”
Danny had to give his dad some credit for actually showing some remorse. “Oh, hadn’t thought about it that way, Mads.”
The woman smiled warmly as she patted his shoulder. “Anyway,” she continued. “I don’t know if Vlad’s aware, but she even went to visit him at the hospital after his accident. His parents were also there, so I’m guessing they didn’t say anything.”
The mere thought of Vlad having parents somehow hadn’t crossed Danny’s mind. Learning how they had messed up his overly entitled son so badly, he guessed the family route was a no-go on his journey to redeem Vlad’s humanity. But maybe Harriet was. And he knew for sure she would be at the reunion, going after the scoop of the strange haunting while sitting inside the Fenton GAV. Who knew? Maybe that way Vlad would also stop going after his mom.
The Fentons then continued talking about Vlad’s accident and how Jack had made the wrong calculations that time, but not aware of what the cause had been. Danny wouldn’t get into this risky topic, opting instead of thinking up a plan that could work without breaking the future.
He wondered if Clockwork would be too mad if he just pushed some small things in the right direction…
So far his visit had gone just as he remembered with Vlad: barely concealed hatred towards his dad, nauseating advances on his mom, and an indifferent Jazz trying to not get involved at all. So what if he piqued his sister’s interest enough this time to want to interact with Harriet or Vlad during the reunion? To get them to consider talking to each other enough to start rethinking their relationship. Maybe confess the hospital visits or something like that.
Dropping an innocent “it’s too bad Mr. Masters probably never found out about Harriet’s visits when he was sick,” did all the trick to get Jazz inadvertently on board with his plan. Which, he had to remember constantly, he couldn’t tell her about because she didn’t know his secret yet.
So that left him wondering during their first night at Vlad’s castle about what to do about his ghost sense going off in a few minutes. He couldn’t let the ghosts go attack his dad and he didn’t know if he’d be able to beat the fruit loop. Even if he had a vague memory of what the older half-ghost would do, he couldn’t risk letting the fight get out of hand and having his parents involved.
Figuring he couldn’t make such a drastic change in the timeline, he followed the vultures when they triggered his ghost sense and caught them swiftly in his thermos before they reached his dad (that had gone like that, right?). He braced himself for Vlad’s taunting on his heroics while he floated back in the same hallway. Now that he thought about it, he was surprised that Skulker hadn’t revealed his identity before or given any clues about the existence of another half-ghost.
“My vultures were supposed to bring the big idiot to me, but you'll do!” The venomous voice sneered. The teen turned around to face his older foe, who was going for smug and intimidating just like the first time. “Danny Phantom, right?”
Danny rolled his eyes. He only had two options and he hated both equally: leave before the fight even started (like a coward) or make the same pathetic attempts to attack Vlad before passing out (like an idiot). The worst part was he didn’t even remember the full battle; only the gist of it. Like, what had been the right sequence here? What had they said? He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep things faithful to the original fight. He only remembered the taunting and the way Vlad showed off his powers before blasting him through the wall. It was boring, he now realized, without their more direct jabs to one another, like taunting Plasmius about his need to get a cat, or about his loneliness—
Oh. Now he understood why it stung Vlad so much.
“Aren't you going to try to shove me into your ridiculous thermos?”
Danny had been distracted enough to miss the banter and the moment Vlad made three duplicates of himself to surround him. After a triumphant smirk, the older hybrid landed an effective blow against the boy, sending him crashing through the wall. Rinse and repeat?
Or maybe not, because at the last minute Danny’s instincts had kicked in and he covered himself in a ghost shield, reducing the damage he had originally received… and thus, not fainting and changing back in the hallway like he did the first time. Crap…
Before Vlad could phase through the wall after him, just like before, the boy sprinted invisibly to his room and changed back under his covers, hoping he hadn’t been seen or followed by Vlad. If he had stayed, there was a good chance his parents could wake up, making things much more complicated than they already were.
After a few minutes of waiting and no signs of his ghost sense, he figured the older ghost had gone back to whatever scheming he had in mind. Hopefully, none that involved attacking his dad, now that his vultures were locked inside the thermos.
Had he really avoided revealing his secret to Vlad?
Yep, he had screwed up big time.
Danny had half hoped the Master of Time would pull him back to his own timeline any moment now. Yet, when he woke up he was still stuck in Wisconsin two years in the past. That probably meant he hadn’t changed the timeline as much as he thought (meaning Vlad could still learn his secret before the trip was over). Or, he had messed up enough that it was beyond repair and there was no way to get back.
Nah, that wasn’t like Clockwork.
The morning was filled with movement from caterers, decorators, florists, and such. He didn’t remember this morning being as busy. Then again, the first time he overslept after trying to recover from the beating he got from Vlad. Speaking of which…
He noticed the man almost cornered by Jazz in the main hallway, staring at the girl as if he were two seconds away from sending his ghost animals to attack her. Danny took it as his cue to intervene and save his sister from a murderous half-ghost. He could hear only fragments of her one-sided conversation and it looked like she was talking about the importance of building strong relationships based on trust. Yeah, that was definitely his cue.
“Hey, uh, Jazz?” Danny interrupted, earning an annoyed scowl from the older man and his sister as well (both for very different reasons, he was sure). “Do you think it’ll be safe for dad to carry his Fenton Xtractor around during the party?” At the first mention of the ghost hunting device that almost ruined her hair a couple of months back, the girl’s eye twitched. “I’m not so sure the other guests would mind looking at their inventions, but—”
“Ugh, why can’t they try being normal for once?” she muttered as she left the room almost stomping her feet.
Danny chuckled but soon noticed Vlad’s attention on him. His future arch-rival had something close to a sinister smile on his face. With all the history between them back in the present, he had learned it never meant anything good. “Well played, little badger,” the old man spoke without the usual malice reserved for the younger thorn on his side. “I believe I’m indebted to you, hmm?”
The teen gaped, waiting for the other shoe to drop at any moment. “Uh, no, no prob, Vlad. I mean… Mr. Masters. My sister has wanted to be a psychologist since she learned what the word meant, so I know how overbearing she can get when she’s targeting someone new.”
Vlad hummed to himself. “Do you know perhaps what your imprudent father said to make her think I need to ‘open up’ more?” he asked with a look of utter annoyance as he air-quoted the term.
This was uncharted territory for Danny. He couldn’t remember the last normal conversation he had with Vlad, if any. “Uh, well, you see… She just… wants you to be happy.”
The billionaire quirked his eyebrow. “Oh? Now, why would she think I’m not?”
The teen shrugged. Winging it was really not the brightest idea, but he had no other option now. Besides, if Clockwork hadn’t taken him back over Vlad not knowing his secret, why would he do it now? For all he knew, he was stuck until he had learned a valuable lesson or whatever. Might as well make it a worthy (and fun) one while at it. “We heard you were in love with someone back in college, and how hard it was for her when you were at the hospital all those years ago.”
If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it: Vlad was at a loss of words, his mouth resembling a fish. Following his expressions closely, his face told Danny half the story. Vlad thought this could be about his beloved Maddie Fenton, for sure, but there was a part of him that knew she wouldn’t confess something like that to her children. So it had to be someone else. And now the confused man had no idea who would have cared that much about him. He seemed completely out of the loop.
“You might have the wrong story, son,” Vlad replied instead. He was trying to get more information, so at least he took the bait.
“No, no… I’m pretty sure it was like that. We heard the names ‘Harriet’ and ‘Vlad’ enough to remember how the story went,” the teenager answered.
Vlad’s eyes widened in an almost comic manner. This sole interaction was well worth the trip to the past. “You mean… Harry? She… went to see me?”
Did he call her Harry? Wasn’t that supposed to be a bad nickname associated with childhood trauma or something?
Dispelling those thoughts, he realized he was now doing his sister’s role as a matchmaker in the plan. And considering he already screwed up the timeline from what he could tell, maybe he could keep changing some things a little? If only to see how much of an impact it could have later on when taking this route with the future Vlad.
“Yeah, she went to visit so many times, your folks apparently threatened with a restraining order.” Okay so maybe this was not true, but he was already altering past events before this small lie. “Or something like that. Mom wasn’t very clear on the details.”
It was such a delight to see the all-powerful Vlad Masters deep in concentration as millions of scenes played in his head. He looked troubled, probably trying to decide what to do with this information. After all, it had been 20 years since he last saw anyone from college.
“I…see,” the older half-ghost replied softly before he composed himself, tugging at his cufflinks. “I appreciate your help, my boy. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a gathering to prepare.”
With that, Vlad left his previous spot to scold someone for setting the wrong flower arrangement by the entrance. From that distance, anyone could think he was back to his usual self. Danny knew better after two years of getting into each other’s heads. If anything, the older hybrid was distracted by the innocent revelation.
For someone as reserved and bitter as Vlad, knowing someone cared enough about him despite how bad things had been, probably meant more than he would dare to admit out loud.
Now, to see if the fireworks would happen.
That night the reunion had been flowing well and there were still no signs of the time-keeping ghost. Folks in their forties were talking to each other about their numerous achievements, growing families, as well as other life events; taking their old-fashioned moves to the dance floor, drinking, and overall having a blast. Danny only hoped the last part didn’t become literal. He still wasn’t sure if Vlad had a change of heart after their conversation or if he would go through with overshadowing his dad to try to get his mom back. Either way, he had to stay alert in case there was anything suspicious going on.
How was the fruit loop’s original plan supposed to work, anyway? As if his mom wouldn’t figure out his dad was overshadowed or that there was some ghost involved. And even if she didn’t, then what? Would Vlad have to keep his ghostly nature hidden from her all the time to avoid suspicion? That didn’t seem remotely healthy for either of them. Even without Danny’s intervention, the plan didn’t seem that good, now that he thought about it. “Retrospective clairvoyance”, Clockwork would mockingly call it.
There were also so many differences to take into account this time around. Aside from still having his ghost powers hidden from Vlad, Jazz had decided to grace them with her presence during the party, if only to meet the now-famous Harriet Chin out of sheer curiosity. His dad, on the other hand, tried to avoid mentioning the journalist’s nickname to keep the bad memories it caused her out of the way.
Harriet, still as sharp as Danny recalled from the first version of the reunion, noticed the effort and didn’t cringe with his dad’s greetings as obviously as then. “Maddie, Jack, so glad to see you after all these years.”
“Danny, Jazz, meet Harriet Chin. She's a big-shot reporter for the Milwaukee Journal now.” Once again, his dad avoided the old nickname completely. Danny was very proud of him.
“Oh, please, call me Har, no need to be so formal about it,” the woman replied, waving at the two teens in front of her.
“Nice to meet you!” Jazz said enthusiastically. “We’ve heard so many stories, you probably had a great time back in college.” Danny was sure his sister was baiting her into showing some hint of emotion to latch on. That side of her had always been a bit scary. And he was supposed to be the spooky kid…
Contrary to their beliefs, Har only laughed. “Oh, do I have any? Did you know your parents tried to make a ghost portal back in college?”
Jack’s face switched to a triumphant grin as he opened his mouth to respond, probably about how they had managed to complete the portal after all these years. However, Jazz beat him to the answer. “Ah, that’s right, with Vlad, wasn’t it?”
Har seemed taken aback, as if she hadn’t expected a direct mention of her ex-boyfriend’s name. “Right…” she replied with a pensive look followed by a quick shrug, the indifference not reaching her eyes. “I’m so glad he turned out all right after his accident. I mean, billionaire? What are the odds, right?”
Jazz had apparently found what she was looking for as she gave her best fangirl performance (not that she needed that much practice). “Wouldn’t it be neat to have an exclusive interview?”
At this, Harriet deflated a bit, a mixture of bitterness and hurt evident in her furrowed brow. “Yeah… I’m not so sure he’d like to see me. I’m surprised he even invited me in the first place.”
This took everyone by surprise, but this time Maddie was the first to voice her concern and confusion. “Oh, sweetie, why would you think that?”
Harriet turned around to grab something from the table, the punch being her closest distraction to avoid their eyes. “His parents were very clear the last time I went to visit him at the hospital,” she replied in the most casual tone she could muster, which didn’t convince anyone. “He woke up and refused to see me, saying he didn’t want any kind of stress while he was recovering.”
Danny, who was now committed to giving Vlad a healthier relationship to avoid his evil shenanigans, took a step in front of Harriet to meet her eyes. “Sorry to say this, but they lied,” he said. He was glad he wasn’t facing his parents as he spoke or their surprised looks would’ve been too distracting. “He didn’t even know you went to visit!”
The reporter’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?”
Yeah, he was going to die on this hill until Clockwork took his corpse back to his timeline. “And I know for a fact he still has a crush from his days in college,” he added. Of course, he didn’t mention that said crush was Maddie Fenton…
This time three other voices from the Fenton family joined Harriet in unison. “What?”
“How do you know that?” he heard his mom ask incredulously.
Harriet was at a loss after Maddie’s intervention, realizing there was no way this kid knew more than his parents about what was going on. So she eyed him skeptically. But before she could argue with him, Danny crossed his arms with a smug expression. “Trust me,” he continued. “I know for a fact that’s why he went out of his way to host the college reunion.” Technically, not a lie.
“He… did?” Har asked confused.
“Besides,” Danny added for his grand finale, “haven’t you noticed he barely interacts with anyone?”
The way Harriet immediately went from being indifferent to searching for the billionaire frantically was almost worth the half-lies he said. There was now a tiny bit of chance they would both at least talk, which would distract Vlad enough to get him to forget his attack during the reunion. Which, to be honest, didn’t mean it would make him stop from trying to murder his dad and marry his mom in the future. Besides, there was like a 99 percent chance the timeline would be reset again before the night was over. So, yeah, he was going to see how far his attempt went if only to see if it would hold when he went back to the future.
And there, after a few seconds, Vlad and Harriet stared at each other from opposite sides of the large room. Their wide eyes and slightly open mouth revealed something Danny hadn’t seen in his ego-centric rival in a long time: hope.
He guessed it wouldn’t hurt to have an invisible ear nearby. He wasn’t about to let this ship sink now that he was made aware of its existence.
After excusing themselves from their respective companions, Vlad and Harriet met in the middle of the room, where people continued pogo-dancing obliviously around them to a cover of “Take on Me”. It took them a moment to recover their composure, going from awestruck teens to casual adults once they were standing face to face.
“Harry,” Vlad greeted with no hint of emotion, something he had to get used to after years of mastering his unique abilities.
“Vladdy,” she replied with a playful grin, earning a cringe from the host of the reunion. The teasing woman knew he hated that nickname more than she hated hers.
“Fair enough,” the man replied as he adjusted the lapels of his black jacket. “It’s… nice to see you here.”
Harriet, feeling with the upper hand after her initial win, changed into an unimpressed expression. “You say that as if you hadn’t expected me here.”
Vlad huffed. “You know that’s not what I meant,” he replied.
“C’mon, Vlad...” she continued in the same tone as she folded her arms in front of her. “You and I both know it ended ugly between us. We haven’t even talked in twenty years. But, hey, no need to hold any hard feelings over something that happened so long ago, right? So why don’t we catch up?”
“I…” the half-ghost, mastermind of complex strategies and evil schemes, was caught off guard. How did she manage to make it sound so nonchalant? He knew he had to go straight to the point before they got carried away in their usual banter. “I know you went to visit.”
Harry shrugged as if it wasn’t remotely relevant now. It certainly wasn’t news that he knew, but she wasn’t willing to admit it made a difference to learn when he found out. “Yeah, well, that was a long time ago, too.”
Vlad seemed exasperated as he grabbed her hand and led her away from the dance floor. Once they stood away from the large crowd, he sighed and collected his thoughts again. “You don’t understand… all these years, I thought… I was told Maddie had been the only one to visit. I never saw anyone, but that alone changed everything.”
The reporter snorted. “What, you thought Maddie was there to be your Florence Nightingale?”
She wouldn’t admit it out loud, but that confession alone hurt. She knew Vlad had a thing for Maddie before they started dating. She even teased him about it countless times until they ended up dating one day just to prove he would be a lousy boyfriend. He wasn’t. Despite all the playful fights, the awful nicknames, and constant bickering, they had a lot of fun together. He was smart, well-spoken, knew about many different topics despite his odd choice of paranormal studies, and always had some witty comeback when you least expected it. He was a man full of surprises.
Vlad, knowing well he shouldn’t focus the conversation on Maddie, ignored the question and shifted gears to voice his main conundrum. “Why did you do it?” he asked. “I can’t, for the life of me, think of a good reason you would have to care about me, after everything that happened. You had made it quite clear you never wanted to see me again.”
If something was eating him up after his conversation with the young Fenton boy, was the fact that there was someone else who had felt concerned enough about him to visit the hospital. He asked a ghost who owed him a favor and was well-acquainted with books, libraries, and records to search for the hospital archives from those exact dates. The documents revealed there were dozens of visits at the hospital’s entrance from one Harriet J. Chin. There were also some from Maddie and Jack, who had gone together. None of which ended in an actual visit to his room. His parents, who had already passed away several years ago, wouldn’t be able to answer why they only told him about Maddie. Or why they never let him have any visitors, despite how many times he expressed feeling lost and alone. He tried to keep out of his head the long nights in the solitude of his hospital bed dealing with the aftermath of the accident, of the ecto-acne, of his newly-acquired powers. But most of all, he wanted to avoid addressing the drastic change in his life as it all collapsed in front of his eyes. His health, his career, his friends, his dreams… everything.
He came back to reality when Harry punched him in the arm, the hit surprising him more than it hurt. “Because I cared about you, lamebrain. You were the only person I could annoy with questions who actually tried to answer politely instead of telling me to buzz off. You even inspired me to go to Rumakistan, did you know that? There was so much ambition in your eyes, a hunger to conquer the world in a way that would change it for the better, even if it was by creating renewable energy through ghostly dimensions or whatever. It made me feel like I could do anything, too. So I knew you needed company when you were bedridden. You needed someone to banter with until you had no choice but to recover just to spite them. To fight back. To thrive. So, yeah… that’s why.”
Vlad stared at her, the fiery passion still burning in her eyes as she spoke. There was that lack of formalities he adored. The challenge of trying to not be outsmarted by her. When he remembered his time with Harry, he had felt so… free. Like he could be no one but himself, even with his flaws, his short temper, and his awkwardness. None of that ever mattered when he was with her. And he had forgotten all about that just because of a lie he fed himself from misleading information during twenty long years.
He made a silent vow to make things right. Suddenly, he felt like he had a second chance. A chance to reassess his priorities, his… obsession. It was never about being with Maddie. It was always about not being alone. That’s why he always hired others to do things he could handle on his own. Or why he allowed that annoying Dairy King to roam within his newly-bought castle. He craved for company, one way or the other.
But now… now he was able to willingly share that company, instead of crafting overly complicated plans to get back at Jack and win Maddie over.
Now he could be free again.
Vlad smiled, a genuine smile this time. Something Harry had found rare and precious back in the day. “I guess we’ll have to see how that appetite to devour the world holds over dinner.”
Harry smiled as well, a smug and playful smile. Something Vlad understood was meant to keep the game going, just like nothing had happened in those twenty lost years. “I hope you know I don’t impress as easily after all I’ve traveled. You better have something out of this world planned.”
There was an eerie, red glint in his eyes. Probably a lighting trick, she thought. “Oh, I can think of a few surprises you would find fascinating,” he replied in a mischievous tone she had never heard from him.
The two reunited lovers felt a rush of excitement, eager to see what the future would hold for them now.
“Hey, what gives?” Danny exclaimed as he blinked and suddenly appeared in Clockwork’s tower. The dizziness that followed his time travels came again at full force. His ghost form was now visible after being a silent eavesdropper during the exchange between Vlad and Harriet. And just when he was getting to the good part…
So, this probably meant he had learned all he needed to get back and help Vlad become a more decent half-human being. That was likely why the Master of Time finally restored the timeline. Oh, well… at least he had very valuable information now. Way more insight than he had first expected and something made him feel bad about the old man. All those lies he was fed, all those years lost…
“So I guess that’s it, huh?” the half-ghost asked without expecting a real answer, his disappointed tone betraying the gratitude expressed afterward. “Thanks for the ride back in time. I’m glad there’s a way to help Vlad now.”
An adult-shaped Clockwork stared at something beyond Danny, remembering the wonderful sound of this particular melody. A round-shaped screen played the events following Danny’s departure. After getting the boy back to the Ghost Zone, though not exactly back to when he expected.
The half-ghost’s brow furrowed and he turned around to look at what had caught his guardian’s attention. He was still nauseous, and now added a new layer of dread as he grew confused, disoriented, and overwhelmed all at once. “Is that…?”
“Some people need a second chance to keep the world from being destroyed. Some might get it when the time is just right,” Clockwork cryptically replied as he shifted to his older self. “Care to see what you missed in your new timeline?”
The implications behind his words punched Danny in the gut. He felt terrified of what had changed and how much he would have to learn from scratch. Would he have to re-learn to use his powers? Did that mean he never met Frostbite or befriended Valerie? Had Pariah even returned? New memories began to emerge and Danny understood where his vertigo was finally coming from. His old timeline began to fade until it remained like a very weird dream. The two-year backlog was going to be exhausting to sort through. Wasn’t he supposed to forget it all? Wait, no, that’s why he remembered the Nasty Burger incident even when the future changed, right? Ugh, he was only fueling his headache further.
Clockwork shifted to an older man, his grey beard giving him something to focus on other than the swirling screens in front of him. “Take your time, Danny. You already did your part.”
The teen got a flash of a new memory: Uncle Vlad was very excited, sharing some important news with his newly reacquainted friends. That’s when he confirmed he had fulfilled his original mission. But at what cost? That was still a mystery. Wait… “Uncle Vlad?” he groaned and tried with all his might not to barf into the clock tower’s floor. “Are you kidding me?”
The time guardian smirked. The bastard actually dared to smirk as if the experience had been too amusing for him. “As I said, take your time.”
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animationadventures · a month ago
So, the Phic Phight is over for the year.
It was fun playing and writing with everyone. I loved all the different prompts people offered up. This was a new experience for me, and I honestly needed it.
Thanks to those that used my prompts. I enjoyed the stories you made from them.
For those that I wrote prompts for, I hope you enjoyed what I wrote.
Hopefully I can join again next year because Danny Phantom is so good and deserves all the content.
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phicphight · a month ago
The Phic Phight is Phinished!
Phic Phight 2021 has officially come to a close! Thank you all so much for participating with your wonderful phics, comments, and prompts! We'll get everything tallied up over the next couple of days!
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echoghost1 · a month ago
The Group Project From Hell
Word Count: 3396
For: @ghostgothgeek
Summary: Danny and Tucker get stuck working with someone that they really don't want to
My final contribution to Phic Phight during the time limit (and just barely at that)!
*throws confetti and then cries*
You can read the fic on AO3 or down below the cut as per usual!
“Alright class, I need you to break up into groups of three,” the teacher started and immediately the room broke into chaos as everyone started to gather up with their friends. Most could just share a look and nod or point to each other. Others decided they needed to push their desks together now. And a few had to cross the room because they had been separated for talking too much.
Danny and Tucker just reached out across the small aisle between them and held hands with each other without even needing to look. They would have reached for Sam too, but she didn’t have this class with them.
Once most of the class had reached their favorite people, and a couple of larger groups had finished debating over how they would break up, the teacher spoke up again.
“Is anyone not in a group?” the teacher asked as they looked around the room for any stragglers.
One lone hand made itself known.
“Ah, well let’s see,” the teacher pondered aloud as they scanned the room for the perfect place to put them.
It was then that Danny realized that his group was the only option. He slowly sunk into his seat and was torn between actually making himself and Tucker invisible or just letting this happen.
His only hope was that maybe the teacher would just not perceive them like usual.
He was not that lucky.
“Ah, perfect!” the teacher said with a single clap, “Why don’t you join Mr. Fenton and Mr. Foley.”
Knowing there was no way out of it, Danny just huffed and tried not to glare at the unwanted addition to his team.
The odd man out looked between the two with a wince and turned back towards the teacher, “Can’t I just work alone instead?”
The teacher rolled their eyes with a scoff, “The project is too large for one person. Unless of course there’s a problem?”
The way they asked sounded a lot more threatening than any of them liked, so they all just agreed to work together for fear of the consequences.
“Excellent! Now here is the rubric and let’s go over the project,” they said with a smile as if they hadn’t just vaguely threatened their students into forced cooperation.
“So,” Danny started crossing his arms with a frown as their third member slowly walked his desk over to join them, “who are we working with?”
He sighed, knowing full well what he was referring to, “Elliot.”
“You sure it isn’t, oh what was it?” Danny asked, pretending to remember the fake name the other boy had used.
“I believe it was Gregor,” Tucker supplied helpfully and with just as much annoyance in his voice that Danny felt. “From Hungry.”
Elliot threw his head back with a sigh, “I said I was sorry about that.”
“Yeah, whatever.” Danny spat and redirected his anger at the rubric instead.
The project was way too big for one person. It seemed a little daunting for three.
Tucker, the organized blessing that he was, already started to break down the project into much more manageable pieces. “Okay, I think if we can decide on a topic today, share contact info and after-school schedules, we can have an easier time lining up any group meetups and get this thing done in no time.”
Danny smiled and pulled out his notebook and flipped open to a blank page, “okay here’s my number and address and this is Tuck’s,” he finished and tore off the written section and handed it over and then slid his notebook over with his pencil, “you can just write your info there.”
Just because the guy irritated him, didn’t mean he couldn’t be civil. Besides he was willing to give him another chance, he just had to get his annoyance out of the way first.
“I don’t give my number out to just anyone,” Elliot said as he leaned back and refused to take the offering.
Danny just blinked.
Did he really just say that?
“Dude how are we going to contact you outside of class?” Tucker asked, shocked by the blatant disrespect.
Danny was doing his very best not to let the anger bleed into his eyes.
“I’ll text you if I need you,” he said as he snatched the note Danny wrote for him.
“Okay,” Danny said with as much restraint as possible as he slapped his hand on his notebook and slid it back onto his desk. “Fine.”
Tucker flipped the page of their packet and skimmed the page, “So, topics?” he said, clearly doing his best to just keep the ball rolling.
“I don’t care.” Elliot shrugged and pulled his phone out pointedly not participating.
Danny turned in his chair so he only looked at Tucker, “What are our options?”
“I’m glad you asked,” Tucker responded, also locking eyes with Danny and joining him in aggressively ignoring Elliot.
Tucker then read through the list as if it was just the two of them. He shared the page and pointed out the topics that he liked or that he thought Danny would like. Once they had marked the ones they liked the best they looked back to Elliot to see if he had any opinions at all.
“I don’t know if I really like any of those ones.”
“Which ones didn’t you like? The ones we pointed out or just the whole list?” Danny asked and if this guy said the whole list he was going to throw him out the window.
He shrugged, “I don’t know, all of them?”
This boy better get ready to be defenestrated.
Ha, see he could use that word in his everyday life! It wasn’t useless knowledge. Suck on that, Jazz!
Tucker had to forcibly push Danny back into his seat. “I know, buddy, I know.”
“We’re on the first floor. He’ll be fine.” Danny said through clenched teeth.
Tucker turned to just stare at him, stopping his calming shoulder pats due to his confusion. “I’m still not a telepath Danny.”
“Oh yeah.” sometimes he forgot that just because he was thinking it didn’t mean that anyone else was. But so often it seemed like everyone else knew what he was thinking before he even said anything.
Luckily his friends were always gentle with the reminder. They didn’t make him feel stupid or laugh at him when he did.
“I was just thinking how nice it would be to defenestrate him.”
Tucker snickered but shook his head all the same, “Dude, no. You haven’t gotten detention in like three weeks now, don’t ruin your streak.”
“Come on!”
“No! You would just get expelled or whatever.” he said, still chuckling at the idea of Danny yeeting that jerk with no hesitation, “Totally not worth it,” he reassured.
Danny huffed but relented all the same, “Fine. I won’t.” he locked eyes with Elliot, “This time.”
“Are you threatening me?” the blonde asked, finally reacting properly to his current situation.
“I don’t know? Am I?” Danny retorted back sarcastically.
“God, what did I ever do to you?”
“You lied to my best friend.”
“I said sorry. Besides she’s the only one who should be mad, and she forgave me already.”
“I know,” Danny mumbled.
And it was true. Sam had forgiven him. She said that sometimes people do silly things when they think they’re in love. Or just in high school in general.
“And I was willing to give you a second chance but you rejected my peace offering, so screw you.”
“What peace offering? You glared daggers when the teacher forced us together.”
“And then I was trying to get past that, and then you were difficult and didn’t just give your info. It’s not like we’re ever going to contact you after this project is over? Heck, I’ll probably just delete your number the second we’re done!”
Elliot rolled his eyes, “Oh my god you are so dramatic.”
“Says the guy who took that ‘world’s a stage’ line a bit too literal.”
“Well I am a thespian,” he said with too much emphasis as he pressed a hand to his chest as he peacocked.
“TMI?” Danny had no idea what thespian meant and couldn’t help but notice how it rhymed with lesbian. He was pretty sure the two words had nothing to do with each other, and even if they did it really didn’t make any sense given what they had been talking about.
Elliot’s stupid vocabulary just made Danny annoyed all over again.
“It means I’m an actor.” Elliot deadpanned. “I mean honestly you throw around the word defenestrate like you know what it means.” he laughed to himself before giving Danny a condescending smirk, “Do you even know what it means?”
Danny felt his jaw tighten so much that his dentist was probably wincing, “Defenestrate. The act of throwing someone out a window.” He stood up to his full height and loomed over Elliot as best he could while the blonde was still sitting down, “Would you like me to use it in a sentence?”
“Code green!” Tucker shouted as he shot up out of his seat and pulled Danny down so they were both squatting behind their chairs, “You need a minute?”
“Yes,” Danny said resting his chin on his knees and doing his best to relax.
Despite that his parents seemed to think that all ghost’s emotions were fake, Danny had found that the more he had gotten used to his ghost side, the stronger he reacted to things. He never used to get so angry. Or to do so, so quickly.
Of course, his parents attributed his outbursts to teen hormones. He really wanted them to be right, but just knew that they weren’t. One look at the crazed-up fruit loop pretty much blew that theory out of the water.
His fingers threaded their way into his hair as he tried to block out the bad thoughts and focus on the mantra Jazz had taught him when he finally admitted to having emotional control issues.
“I control my emotions. They don’t control me. I control my emotions. They don’t control me. I control my emotions. They don’t control me. They don’t control me. They don’t control me.”
Danny took a breath and finally relaxed. This might not be ideal, but he was getting better at calming himself down again.
He stood up and took his seat. "Sorry about that."
Elliot scoffed as he scrolled on his phone.
"I'm sorry about earlier. You're right," he sighed, "I was being dramatic. I shouldn't have taken my anger out on you."
Elliot just stared at him for a bit. Blinked. Then shrugged and looked back at his phone, "Yeah, whatever freak. Let's just get this project over with."
Danny stopped listening. He was honestly surprised he got past the word. The word. Why did he have to call him the one thing that hurt the most?
Stupid heightened ghost emotions and stupid Elliot for poking at his insecurities. He took a breath and tried to focus on the conversation.
He pointed lazily at the packet on Tucker's desk, "We picked a topic already. Let's just divide up the-”
Before Elliot could finish his sentence Tucker interrupted, “Stop.” he said in such a serious tone that both boys looked over at him.
“I’m going to need you to apologize to Danny, right now.”
Elliot scoffed and opened his mouth to say something, probably rude based on his expression, but Tucker just held up his finger.
“I wasn’t done yet,” he said and Danny could almost taste the simmering anger that radiated off of Tucker like the heat waves that made mirages in the desert.
But why was he mad? Why? Did Danny do something wrong? Why did he always ruin everything he touched?
“Hey, I’m not mad at you,” Tucker reassured softly before returning his ire back on Elliot. “Now I know you don’t know us very well, so I’m willing to give you a warning. Danny is like a post-credits grinch. There are just certain things we don’t do. Now, if you would kindly apologize for your rude remark we can get back to work.”
“What are you even talking about?”
“Tucker, it’s fine,” Danny muttered because he really just wanted this whole day to be over already.
Tucker sighed before turning to look at Danny directly, “Is it?”
Danny couldn’t meet his eye. Of course, it wasn’t actually fine. He just didn’t want to make it a big deal. Elliot clearly didn’t do it on purpose so it was fine. He was fine.
If he told himself he was fine enough times maybe it would be true.
It was quiet for a few seconds before Tucker refocused on their project.
Danny did his best to contribute even though he was still feeling a little down. Elliot kept being the worst and only actively worked on anything when the teacher was looking.
Tucker wrote down a few things for them all to work on for the week and suggested they meet up in the library on Wednesday after school to go over what they had done up to that point.
Elliot gave a very lazy and barely committal agreement to be there before the bell rang and they were finally able to leave.
It wasn’t until they were at Danny’s locker, did it feel like he could breathe properly.
“You sure you’re okay?” Tucker asked as he leaned against the locker next to Danny’s so when he opened the door, he’d still be in view.
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
Tucker was quiet and Danny didn’t need to see it to know he was making that face. The one where he knows Danny is lying and he should just come clean already.
“Why’d you have to call me a Post-Credits Grinch?!” he whined and hated every second of it. “You know I hate that movie!”
Tucker bit his lip as he tried not to laugh at Danny’s reaction, “It’s just because you’ve got a big heart? And it’s kind of like it grew three sizes recently, right?” he shrugged and added, “It was either that or reference that one vine and say you’re sensitive. But I knew you wouldn’t like that.”
“Oh well, thanks for the save, Aubrey.”
Tucker snapped into double finger guns, “Anytime, D-man!”
Danny snorted and shoved his textbook into his locker a little harder than he meant to, “Don’t,” he shook his head and couldn’t hold back his laugh, “Don’t ever do that again.”
“Not gonna happen.” Tucker playfully punched his shoulder, “Besides, it got you to laugh, didn’t it?”
Danny rolled his eyes, but he did have a point. Tucker always knew how to make him feel better. More like himself.
Less like a freak.
It was Wednesday. School had ended about ten minutes ago.
Tucker and Danny had come in about two to three minutes later than they had intended, thanks to the Box Ghost and the unfortunate delivery man that had crossed his path.
Tucker sent Elliot a text once they got there apologizing for being a few minutes late and asking where he had set up.
There was a slight delay before Elliot texted back. First to ask how Tucker had gotten his number, to which Tucker simply said “A magician never reveals his secrets.”
Then Elliot finally admitted that he wasn’t at the library. He said he had something he needed to do first but he would be there soon.
Then it was radio silence.
Danny found a nice table in the back corner that was partially hidden behind the old reference textbooks. He liked it because it was secluded and quiet.
Tucker teased him and said he actually liked it because it was the darkest and spookiest corner.
Danny just blew a raspberry at him.
The pair got out everything they needed and took over the large wooden table. Each of them taking turns to go over their respective progress and discussing what they still needed to do.
It wasn’t until the librarian came around told them that she needed to close up for the night, did they realize that Elliot never came.
“What are the odds he hasn’t done anything yet?” Danny asked as he packed his things back into his backpack.
“Happy thoughts, Danny. Let’s just focus on our own work.”
Danny just nodded and made sure to securely zip his bag shut while also maintaining the structural integrity of it. It wouldn’t do him any good if he broke the zipper.
Sure he’d still be able to get in if he needed to, thanks to his ghost powers, but it would have been because of his ghost powers that the bag was broken. Also, it would be hard to explain why, or how, he was still using a broken bag to those who didn’t know his secret.
Which would be pretty much everyone.
“So you wanna go to my place and continue? Mom’s making lasagna tonight and it’ll probably be ready by the time we get there!” he said as he fidgeted with excitement.
He did love Mrs. Foley’s double meat lasagna. “Yeah alright, I just gotta call home first.”
“Yes!” Tucker fist pumped and sent a quick text to his mom.
Danny didn’t mean to fall asleep at Tucker’s on a school night, he really didn’t.
On one hand, they ended up getting a lot done on their project. He got to eat so much yummy food that never once had a chance at coming back to life and trying to eat him, which is his favorite quality in food. His second favorite quality is, being not poison.
Also, Tucker’s house was always way warmer than his house ever was, and it was nice to just curl up in a pile of pillows and relax, because nothing in that house was designed specifically to kill him. It was a lovely little vacation.
The only downside was he hadn’t packed any clothes so all he had to wear was what he had come in. And wearing the same outfit two days in a row in the middle of the week, wasn’t exactly a good look.
Tucker was nice enough to offer his closet, which Danny happily accepted. Only Tucker had grown a few inches in the last year or so and was now taller than Danny. Also a little wider in the shoulders.
Good thing Danny liked to wear baggy clothes!
Of course, Dash made fun of him for his ill-fitting outfit almost immediately. It was like the guy had some sort of sixth sense that always picked up Danny no matter where he was.
When they got to their group project class, Tucker mentioned that they had gotten a lot done and if Elliot could type up what he had and send it to Tucker he could add it to the slide show they had started.
Elliot just shrugged and said he’d send it.
Tucker cleared his throat and added, “Please do so before midnight on Friday.” then he texted him his email address so he had no excuse not to.
“Yeah okay, whatever.”
It was Saturday night. Danny was lounging on Tucker’s bed while he waited for Tucker to come back from the bathroom.
The notification ding went off on Tucker’s phone but Danny knew better than to touch the phone without Tucker’s permission. That didn’t stop him from floating over the phone a few inches and just looking at the screen while it was still lit.
Elliot had finally emailed his portion of the project.
Well wasn’t that nice of him to do so at, Danny looked at the time and saw it was past ten.
It was even better when Tucker got to open the email and the file he sent was just a text file.
“Why would you do that?” Tucker asked as he just stared at the icon, “In what world is that necessary?”
They were both glued to the screen and held their breath as Tucker clicked download and opened the file.
It was the most barebones weak excuse of his share that he could have possibly given.
“We aren’t sleeping this weekend, are we?” Danny asked knowing full well what the answer was.
“I should have let you throw him out of the window when I had the chance.”
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Phic Phight 2021: Love, Vlad. :)
Prompt: Vlad decides he'd rather adopt Danny than marry Maddie... and he decides to get Danny on-board through packed lunches? Operation "Vlad tries to be a better be a better dad than Jack." Danny doesn't get the memo and thinks Vlad is plotting something.
Summary:Vlad decides to do the stereotypical father thing and pack Danny lunch, note and all!
Team Ghost: 1,629 Words, Complete.
   Vlad knew that marrying Madeline was a lost cause and he was, surprisingly, not that torn up about it. Maybe it was getting a cat and being forced to take care of someone else's needs for once. It was definitely the cat.
   Yes, Madeline would never be his and that would be alright. Daniel on the other hand was a different, more complicated story.
   Daniel was something that Vlad found was difficult to let go of. He was the only one like Vlad, a ghost-human hybrid. 
   Vlad could deal with any loneliness that came with being single but not with the loneliness that came with severing the thread to the only being like him, that could understand him.
   Vlad couldn't get Daniel to denounce his father outright (which in hindsight wasn't the best suggestion) and no longer felt quite that way anymore. Vlad could compromise with Jack existing because he was important to Daniel but he had to be slightly more important than Jack. He had to be better.
   Vlad spent many agonizing weeks trying to think what fathers did for their sons before it hit him: packed lunches!
   He knew that Jack couldn't be trusted to make one for Daniel so he could. Yes, it was all coming together…
   Danny knew something was weird. He had been called to the office right before lunch but had only been tardy once today and had felt pretty good about it. So this was definitely weird. 
   Danny entered and the assistant at the desk smiled at him.
   "Hello, Danny," Mrs. Billington said.
    Danny smiled and waved.
   "I was, huh, called, yeah?"
   Mrs. Billington nodded and pointed at the counter next to her. "Your lunch is over there."
   "My lunch," Danny repeated dumbly.
   She hummed in affirmation and Danny turned his head to see the fanciest paper bag he had ever laid eyes on.
   It was a pristine ivory color with an intricate, black floral border. The bag looked terribly out of place in a high school office.
   The whole thing reeked of Vlad.
   Danny gingerly grabbed the bag and brought it to the cafeteria for group inspection.
   As soon as Danny plopped the bag on the table Sam and Tucker asked in unison: "Vlad?"
   "Yeah," Danny said, sitting down and pulling the contents of the bag out.
   There was an apple juice box, a bag of potato chips, a plastic bag of home-made chocolate chips cookies, and a sandwich in plastic wrap with a bright pink sticky note on top.
   "Damn, Vlad really went all out, huh," Tucker said, eyeing his food in awe.
   "What do you think he's planning," Sam asked as she furrowed her eyebrows in thought.
   "I don't know but I don't think he'd poison me. That'd be a bit of a low blow even for Fruitloop," Danny said, picking up the note.
   After reading it, Danny gave a startled snort.
  "What?" Tucker stood trying to read the note.
   "Listen, listen," Danny said, gesturing for Tucker to sit down. "Dear Daniel, I hope your day is going well and that the other ghosts aren't being too much of a nuisance. I packed what your mother said you would enjoy. The cookies were made by my secretary, Claire. I hope you like them. Maddie-Cat says 'hi'. Love, Vlad."
   "What the fuck," Sam said with a shocked expression. 
   "Yeah, tell me about it. Look! Even included a smiley face at the end!!" Danny passed the note across the table and pointed at the end of the note.
   "Oh, he's definitely planning something," Tucker said.
   "Yeah, but planning what?" Danny took a bite of sandwich and hummed in apperaction. 
   The sandwich may be delicious but Danny would get to the bottom of Vlad's nefarious scheme.
   A week had passed since Vlad had started packing lunches for Danny. He thought that was going well. 
   Though he began to question himself after a lunch break with Claire. 
   "It's ridiculous how much Jamie shares her food with her friends. I might just have to start packing food for them as well," Claire said with a giggle over her greek yogurt.
   Vlad couldn't think of a time he had shared food with Jack and Madeline in college. Perhaps it was just 'in' with the kids these days. He wondered if Daniel shared his lunches with his friends.
   This brought along a new worry. If Daniel was sharing his lunches then he might not be eating enough to sustain his core! This simply wouldn't do.
   It's not like Jack would know that Daniel needed as much food as him to sustain himself because he knew nothing about ghost cores but Vlad did. Honestly, Vlad would quickly be Daniel's favorite in no time.
   First, he needed to know what Daniel's companions preferred.
   "Umm, guys," Danny said with confusion lacing his voice.
   The pair looked up from their trays nonchalantly. It was the same lunch bag Danny had recently been bringing because of Vlad and once it was ensured nothing was wrong with the food itself it had quickly lost its novelty.
   "Yeah, Danny," Sam asked.
   "I think... these are for you..." Danny said, sounding more lost than ever as he handed Sam an expensive salad and Tucker an equally expensive loaded burger.
   "Oh wow," Tucker said joyously as he unwrapped the burger. "Did we get juice too?"
   Danny sifted through the bag before spotting three juice boxes. He handed both of them a box.
   "What is Vlad doing all this for?" Sam stabbed at her salad with a fork.
   "Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, the more that I think about it, I haven't seen him in a while." Danny eyed his sandwich and gave a tentative bite. Normal as always. 
Maybe he could wait it out a bit more.
   Vlad watched the dad in the ziploc bag commercial cut the crust off his son's sandwich. Granted the son was seven or eight years old and Daniel was very much past that age but it wasn't like Jack had done it for him at that age. He couldn't be trusted in the kitchen let alone with a knife.
   Vlad on the other hand was well adept in the kitchen if he said so himself and felt confident in providing this slice of childhood to Daniel.
   Tucker buried his face into his arms on the table and laughed like an asthmatic hyena. Sam was covering her mouth with one hand while the other slapped against the lunch table obnoxiously as her body shuddered with barely suppressed giggles. Danny glared at both of them in betrayal.
   "It's. Not. Funny," Danny gritted out, his eyes narrowing even more.
   "He… he cut the freaking crust on your sandwich, oh my God I think I'm dying," Tucker wheezed.
   Tears welled and slipped from Sam's eyes.
   "Stop, please, I'm crying," Sam said as she gingerly dabbed at her eyes, being mindful of her eyeliner.
   "That's it! I'm taking your guys' food," Danny said, pulling their portions away from them.
   "No," Tucker shouted as he lunged forward to get the burger Vlad made him. Sam was too busy laughing to care.
   "I've put it off for long enough. I have to find out what the hell is Vlad's deal." Danny firmly crossed his arms.
   Tucker looked mournfully at the burger he stole back.
   "I'm gonna miss these things," he said.
   Sam hummed in agreement as she took a bite of her salad.
   Vlad found that packing lunches were very soothing with its repetitive motions and cooking wasn't something he found himself doing much before this and it was great.
   The peaceful moment was shattered when Daniel appeared in his kitchen with a scowl.
  "What are you playing at, Fruitloop?"
   "Don't be silly, Daniel. I'm not playing at anything."
   Daniel's eyes narrowed with mistrust.
   "Then what's with the lunches?"
   Vlad washed and dried his hands.
   "I simply wanted to start branching out to you. An olive branch if you will."
   "You're not trying to kill my dad or seduce my mom?" Daniel let his feet touch the ground cautiously.
   "I've decided to stop pursuing,  Madeline and as for your father… as tempting as it is I have also quit making attempts on his life. I simply want to bond with you," Vlad said, putting things away.
   Daniel nodded slowly.
   "Fine, whatever, I'll hold you to it. But can you stop with the lunch thing? Not only is it weird as hell but it's embarrassing." Daniel started floating again, ready to leave when Vlad agreed.
   Vlad felt a little miffed that his impeccable plan had backfired. Oh, well, he'd figure something else fathers did for their sons.
   "If you want," Vlad remarked.
   Daniel's faced soften a little with relieved triumph.
   "Alright, see you around, Fruitloop." With that Daniel was gone.
   Vlad stood were he was for a moment before partly finished lunch into the fridge and walking to his drawing room to pace. What would he do know…
   Danny grinned at his friend's disappointment at his first home-lunch-free day in awhile. 
   No more weird lunch notes from Vlad with their ridiculous smiley faces at the end.
   The rest of the day finished as better-than-normal.
   Danny walked home, humming cheerfully. 
   Danny jogged up to the Fenton's Work porch before coming to a dead stop. On the floor near the door was two baseball mitts, a baseball, and a pink sticky note.
  Danny picked up the note with trepidation.
   Dear Daniel,
   I hope you had a wonderful day at school and did well in your classes. I'm inside catching up with your parents. When you can come in we can play a game of catch since the lunches didn't work out. I hope this works better instead. Maddie-Cat says hi!
   Love, Vlad. :)
   Danny wanted to scream.
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echoghost1 · a month ago
EchoGhost's Phic Phight 2021 Master Post
And in case you missed any, or just like seeing the whole gang together, here is every single fic I wrote for my first ever Phic Phight!
1) Perseverance
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: While Maddie is helping Danny with his homework a notification from his phone becomes a major distraction.
Prompt: PR134 - Danny is sitting quietly next to someone. Maybe he's doing homework with his friends, maybe Jazz is driving him somewhere, maybe he's working on a group project with someone, maybe he's doing something else entirely. He suddenly starts *freaking* the heck out - Perseverance has just landed on Mars, and he just found out about it. How is his reaction perceived by whoever he's with?
2) The Reason You Wail
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: An odd feeling he can't quite explain is haunting Danny. He wants it to stop but he knows it won't, he just knows now.
Prompt: PR054 - As Danny gets older, he doesn't just predict the appearance of ghosts. He starts predicting when someone's going to die.
3) Forget Your Life Story
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Danny woke up with no memory. He didn’t even know his own name. The doctor told him it would come back and his parents were there to help him. He trusts them, even if he doesn't recognize them. Even if some things didn’t quite line up.
Prompt: PR002 - Danny woke up from being in a month long coma with no memory of how he got there or anything about his past. Thankfully, the doctors said that his memory would return eventually, and he had his loved ones nearby to tell him who he was and his life story. However, as his memory slowly returns, there's huge, distinct differences between what he's been told and the things he's remembering.
4) Recreational Botany
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: It wasn't her fault. She was merely curious, had only wanted to help. She didn't mean for this to happen. She just hoped it would wear off soon. (TW: Drug use - Weed)
Prompt: PR228 - Ghost weed.
5) Fool’s Errand (Ghost Prince AU)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: It had been hours since Danny flew off to fight Pariah Dark and Vlad took it upon himself to see what was taking the boy so long.
Prompt: PR065 - After their fight, Pariah Dark decides Danny has all the qualities he wants in an heir and forcibly adopts him. (Danny can either lose the fight to put him back in the Sarcophagus, or Pariah can get out again later.)
6) You Walked Right Into This
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Sometimes walking is more than just walking. (TW: Child Abuse)
Prompt: PR142 - Jack and Maddie seriously injure Danny Fenton, resulting in him being at their mercy and revealing he’s not exactly human. Now the parents have to decide wether to help him... or finish what they started. TW for serious injury and probably gore and angst.
7) What You Fear The Most (Scary Ghost Form AU)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: What if his ghost form was less human-looking? What if he looked every bit the monster his parents had always told him ghosts were?
Prompt: PR035 - Monstrous: AU where Danny's ghost form is monstrous and grotesque. On one hand, he doesn't have to worry about anyone recognizing him; on the other, it might be even harder to convince people that he's a good guy
8) Parallels
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: It's amazing the things you learn on a field trip.
Prompt: PR047 - Wacky reveals (ex: Danny drying up too quickly bc intangibility, Danny's drink stays cool way too long, people's electronic devices are always more charged when they've been near Danny, etc)
9) Cast Into Obsidian (Blind AU)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: The accident sent Danny to the hospital due to the damage to his eyes.
Prompt 01: PR092 - Write a more traditional ghost story. How would things change if ghost powers weren’t super powers, but closer to old horror movie tropes?
Prompt 02: PR259 - The Accident didn’t turn Danny into a half ghost, but instead allowed him to see, hear, and physically interact with the very real ghosts that are now pouring through the portal (Alternative: Danny’s always been clairvoyant, but after the accident he finally sees all of the ghosts he’d grown up talking to)
10) Where The Lines Overlap (Parallels part 2)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Maddie wants to know what her son has been keeping from her and today he finally decides to tell her. (TW: Outsider POV of PTSD flashbacks)
Prompt: PR091 - When he told his parents the truth, Danny had only ever bothered thinking about the stress of potential dissection. With that out of the way, and his secret fully accepted, he realised that there were a lot of unexpected things to adjust to... Write about something funny or awkward as the Fentons learn to live with a half ghost son!
11) Quoth the Librarian, “But I’m Alone?”
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Eleanor loved her job at the school library. She always made sure to come in early to make sure everything was just right before the students came. Today something beat her there.
Prompt: PR234 - Suddenly, there was a knock at the door...
12) The Baldr to My Odin (Ghost Prince AU part 2)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Pariah has recently acquired a son and wants to get to know him better.
Prompt: PR121 - Pariah Dark wakes up from his slumber and tries to live a peaceful existence in his castle practicing his swordsmanship and rebuilding his castle with all modern luxuries. But ghost from the ghost zone keep trying to challenge him to become king.
13) Tagged
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Dr. Flora Santos and her partner Dr. Carlos Rodriguez have lucked out as they have finally caught their most elusive subject.
Prompt: PR090 - Something physical happens to Danny’s body that makes it impossible to keep his secret identity, well, secret.
14) The Paleontologist and The Princess (Dino boy AU)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Danny had one true passion; Paleontology. So can anyone really blame him for getting excited when he thinks he comes face to face with a dinosaur? Even if it isn't a dinosaur after all.
Prompt: PR139 - "Actually, Dad? I wanted to be a paleontologist."
15) Lost In Transmission
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: There's a Ghost Expo happening at Casper High and Danny thinks it'll be fun to see all the incorrect ways people try to find ghosts. He learns the hard way that just because is old, doesn't mean it doesn't work.
Prompt: PRO58 - Casper high is holding a supernatural expo. Supposed paranormal experts are gathered in their gym to show off their expertise. Thinking it'll be a flop, since most employ methods that aren't modern, Danny and his friends go for fun. Only, it turns out that traditional ghost hunting techniques are more efficient than they seem.
16) Dark Familiarity (Role Swap AU)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Danny has been hunting ghosts for a while now. He has been ever since they ruined his life and a mysterious package arrived with everything he needed to exact his revenge. (TW: Character Death)
Prompt: PR095 - Danny and Valerie role swap (but not personality swap!!). How does Valerie fair as a ghost? How does Danny do as a ghost hunter (and what motivates him to do it in the first place?) [Shipping them is fine, but gen fics are preferred!]
17) I’ve Felt It Too
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Ember's having a bad day and Danny tries to help.
Prompt: PR079 - Phantom looked at Ember. Her eyes filled with tears. She gnashed her teeth and screamed. "You don't know what it's like."
And Phantom, with a heavy sigh whispered. "Yeah, I do..."
18) Repair All Of The Damage (Undead Danny AU)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: After the tragic loss of her son, Maddie vows to bring him back. No matter what. (TW: Death of a child)
Prompt: PR088 - tw; death of a child?
The Fentons had their daughter sure but they always wanted a son. due to an accident or complication with their son, Danny, died. They decide to put their ghostly knowledge to use and try to summon the spirit of their son back to them. They are ghost scientists. they know how to contain them after all. How much time that has passed between the death and the 'summoning' is up to you!
19) Out Of This World (And Into The Next)
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: What if when Danny first fought the Lunch Lady ghost she actually noticed how young he was. What if she didn't know he was more than just another ghost? What if when she commented on how underweight he was, she decided to help him?
Prompt 01: PR113 - Danny has an existential crisis because he’s dead
Prompt 02: PR242 - somehow, he's gotten younger
20) Spirit Versus Spunk
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Mr. Lancer isn't sure how he's supposed to be reacting to what he's seeing, but seeing as he's the adult here, he better make up his mind.
Prompt: PR019 - Danny and Wes Weston fight over a harmless ghost. This happens during a ghost attack.
21) The Group Project From Hell
AO3 or Tumblr
Summary: Danny and Tucker get stuck working with someone that they really don’t want to
Prompt: Everyone hates group projects, and that’s even if you like your group members. Tucker, Danny, and Elliot/Gregor all get teamed up for a group project, and Tucker and Danny need to refrain from killing him.
And as an added bonus I did make a Spotify playlist for this too! There's a song for each fic that I felt best fit the vibe of each story.
2 notes · View notes
nocturna-starr · a month ago
I Am the Son of the Ghost King
Prompter: @five-rivers
Prompt:  After their fight, Pariah Dark decides Danny has all the qualities he wants in an heir and forcibly adopts him. (Danny can either lose the fight to put him back in the Sarcophagus, or Pariah can get out again later
Words: 1251
The halls of Pariah’s keep were so dark, not even the multiple torches aligning each of the walls could break through the dark. Perhaps it was better this way, as it hid from sight the ghosts pleading for their lives as they were dragged to Pariah Dark’s throne room.
To the knowledge of few outside of the palace, Pariah Dark had once again escaped the sarcophagus of forever sleep. Enraged by the betrayal of his subjects, the King of Ghosts had sent his skeleton ghosts to find all of those who had made the rash decision to rise up against him and force them to see their punishment.
But Pariah was also looking for another. A child who despite everything, somehow beat him into submission – even if only for a little while. It had taken the powers of the ancients himself to defeat him last time. Yet a mere child had been victorious? Unspeakable!
That child would one day get even stronger. With the right ambition, he could be the one to rule over both the human realms and the ghost zone. He was not someone you wanted as an enemy. He was the perfect child to have as an heir. Pariah knew the boy had a human half and potentially even human parents. He didn’t care. He had heard rumours that the boy’s parents didn’t even know about his abilities. Then they wouldn’t need to know about the ghost king adopting the child they clearly neglected, would they?
The only trouble was that the boy was extremely stubborn, famously so. That solution required the threatening of the observants for a relic that could fix that. Yes, the amulet Ĝojo de la Patro would be a perfect solution.
“Sire! Sire!” One of the few loyal castle servants ran into the throne room, “Your knights have found him!”
Pariah Dark grinned, “Then let’s bring him in, shall we?”
“Yes my Lord.”
True to his nature, the boy came in struggling. He didn’t beg for freedom, nor was he quiet. The troublemaker seemed to have a mouth that could run a mile a minute. No harm, Pariah could just force the boy to give up that trait. He was in his ghost form, wearing his strange black suit with white gloves, boots, and belt. When he noticed the king sitting on the throne, the boy’s green eyes widened in shock and fear. Pariah frowned. One day the boy would come to love him.
“Daniel Phantom, you have been charged with treason. How do you plead?” Pariah Dark boomed.
“I plead the second.” The boy responded. Pariah Dark was not stupid. He knew the boy was trying to play a game of wits.
“You plead that you are bound to a lady’s hand and are only doing her wishes?” That wasn’t actually a legal excuse. In his existence, the king of ghosts had heard only one knight plead this. Instead of the intended desire, mercy, that had only made things worse. There was a reason that only the Fright Knight was left of his non-skeleton servants.
“What? No! I mean… you know what? Never mind. I plead not guilty.” The boy glared at his king.
Pariah grinned wickedly. “Is that so?”
“Not that I have to explain myself, but I was only doing what was right!” The boy sounded so confident in his words, like a royal prince should.
“Daniel Phantom, you have been found guilty of this crime. Because of your young age, you shall be pardoned!”
“What?” The boy fell when the skeletal soldiers dropped him on the ground. At Pariah Dark’s nod, the child grinned, “Thanks! You know maybe some of the ghosts were wrong about you. Since we’re cool and all, I’m going home. You have no idea how late it is. I have a test in the morning too!”
Pariah Dark stood up. He snapped his fingers and a new skeleton appeared carrying the amulet.
“To show our good will, we are presenting a gift to you.” Pariah Dark motioned for the boy to come forward. The child nervously took a step, before seeming to determine the danger was too high. No matter, one day the boy wouldn’t need to fear his king.
“Umm… is that a necklace?”
“Indeed child. It is one of the rare artifacts of the first ghost king. He gave this to his eldest son, and his eldest son passed it on to his son. I have retrieved it from the observants.” Pariah enjoyed watching the child try to reason why he would be given such a gift. He could see the kid weighing all the possibilities. Finally the boy sighed.
“You aren’t going to possess me, make me do something against my will, use me as a device to take over the world or you know… kill me, right?” The boy sighed.
Pariah smirked, “I would not need an amulet to do that to you. All I would need to do is simply wish for it to happen, and it would be so.”
“That is not nearly as comforting as you think it is.” The prince-to-be sighed, “I don’t have a choice in putting this thing on, do I?”
The Ghost King shook his head. “It would be rude to reject a gift.”
The child sighed once more before asking, “May I put it on myself then?”
The King of Ghosts snapped his fingers. A skeletal servant came running into the room. It carefully took the amulet than ran over to the prince. It presented Ĝojo de la Patro while kneeling on the ground.  The boy took it then carefully placed it around his neck. The servant disappeared in a whiff a smoke.
Pariah Dark motioned towards the door. “It must be very late in the Human-Realm. My servants can bring you home.”
The boy eyed him as he exited the room. The child knew the King’s actions were too friendly. He was just as the other ghosts had claimed. He would truly be a warrior prince!
Pariah waited a minute or two. At the fourth minute, he feared that the amulet had not lived up to expectations.  Of course, the observants had given him the wrong thing! They were more untrustworthy than the senators in Rome!
All his fears were squashed when the boy raced back into the room. “What did you do to me? Why can’t I leave this place? Why can’t I take off this stupid thing?”
“Ĝojo de la Patro means joy of the father. It was given to the eldest child because he was the king’s favourite and the king couldn’t bear to part with his dear son. The amulet forces the prince, or wearer to be within 50 meters of the current ghost king. Until I take it off, you will always be at my side.” Pariah informed him.
“You are to be the next ghost king.” Pariah Dark smiled, “You need to be at my side at all times.”
“You can’t do this to me!”
“Take Prince Daniel to his chambers.”
The boy tried to fight away the skeletal servants. What he didn’t realize was the futility of the situation. The soldiers would form with the blink of an eye and at the will of the king. There was an unlimited amount.
“When you have finished your temper tantrum, you shall go to bed. Then I will train you in the morn.” Pariah left his adopted son to the mercy of the hordes.
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dp-marvel94 · a month ago
The First Night
Summary: For Phic Phight 2021, Prompt by @amabsis  A sixteen years old Danny Fenton helps his fourteen year old counterpart through his first night as a ghost.
Word Count: 7,795
Also on AO3 and
Prompt: Season 3 Danny Phantom gets transported to the past and only Season 1 Danny Fenton can see him
“That’s not how it happened.” Danny frowned, looking through one of Clockwork’s time windows. 
The window showed the empty lab as a fourteen year old Danny stumbled out of the newly activated portal. The boy was hyperventilating, green eyes widening as he stared in horror at his glowing hands. In Clockwork’s lair, Danny shivered; he couldn’t hear the words but he could guess them. No. No. No. A sting of panicked denials from the boy in the scene. Of course, Danny could guess them; he’d been in the same position, felt the same fear. But….
“Where’s Sam and Tucker?” The sixteen year old quietly asked, his heart aching. He turned to look at the Ancient ghost who was floating beside him. “They’re supposed to be there.”
Clockwork frowned. “That isn’t your timeline.” He motioned towards the window, for Danny to continue watching.
Across the screen, the other Danny was stumbling across the lab before throwing the bathroom door open. He froze in front of the mirror, his green eyes wide with fear. He reached forward, seeming to verify he was in fact looking at a mirror. Then the boy recoiled. His chest heaved, eyes watering. 
“This is a timeline where you were alone during your accident.” His mentor explained.
In front of the pair, there was a flash of light. A ring of light formed around the other Danny’s waist, turning him human. He stumbled, gasping as he touched down. The boy stared at his now bare hands. Relief passed over his face for an instant...before his hand disappeared. The other Danny’s mouth opened in what was likely a scream.
Danny ripped his eyes away, unable to watch any longer as his own memories of his accident hit him. So very similar except...Sam and Tucker were beside him. The goth’s teary eyes as she realized he was a ghost. Their frantic questions and panicked footsteps as he rushed to the bathroom. Their shock and then relief when he turned human. Tucker’s hand on his wrist, checking his pulse. The technogeek’s surprised scream as Danny’s hand turned intangible and fell through his friend’s hand. Renewed panic. Sam’s comforting hands on his back. His friends helping him stumble up the stairs and to his bedroom.
In Clockwork’s lair, Danny shivered, feeling his eyes water. His mentor’s hundreds of clocks ticked around the pair, the Master of Times’ comforting arm around him.
Danny remained frozen like that for a while, the memories replaying. His accident had been terrifying and stressful, the source of many nightmares but….he’d had his friends with him. 
His heart clenched, looking up at the screen. The image showed his other self, huddled on his bed and crying. 
Danny hadn’t been alone but...the boy on the screen, his other self, had been. The sixteen year old frowned. He could hardly imagine that yet it had happened to another version of himself, was happening in front of him and….
“What will happen to him now?” The boy asked, his stomach flopping with worry.
Clockwork remained silent for a moment, his brow furrowed as if in thought. Then he turned red eyes onto Danny. “It is not a favorable timeline.” The old ghost mused sadly. “If things continue, he will never tell his friends. He will push them away and his family as well. It will be a sad, lonely existence. And likely a short one.”
Danny paled, eyes widening. That sounded horrible, painful. He could imagine it, feeling so isolated and afraid. He wouldn’t wish that on this worst enemy and….he shivered… while the circumstances were vastly different, something reminded him far too much of another alternative timeline he’d seen, one Clockwork had diverted him from.
The boy looked at the screen, frowning. “Can you do something, Clockwork?”
The older ghost looked down at him, frowning thoughtfully. He tapped his chin, humming. “I myself cannot...however….”
Danny perked up. “What is it?” Clockwork floated purposefully away, holding up a finger. “Clockwork?”
His mentor flew to a rack along the wall and grabbed a familiar looking device. The older ghost returned, depositing the gear shaped medallion in Danny’s hands.
The boy furrowed in brow in confusion before realization hit him. He looked up, frowning. “Me? What can I do?”
Clockwork motioned to the screen again. “You can ensure he doesn’t spend his first night as a ghost alone.”
Danny looked at the window, remembering. His first night after the accident...watching a movie with Sam and Tucker. Them comforting him while chills wracked his body, his limbs turning invisible and intangible against his will. On the bed, his younger counterpart was still crying.
In the lair, the boy steeled himself and put on the medallion. He turned to the Master of Time. “Alright. What do I need to do?”
Clockwork nodded, looking pleased. “Keep that on. It will prevent anyone other than your alternative self from seeing you. In the morning, I will summon a portal for you to return here.”
Danny tilted his head. “So….if I take this off….?”
His mentor raised a brow. “You will remain in place, though visible to everyone.”
The boy blinked. “That’s not how it worked last time.”
The Master of Time just gave him a mischievous look and motioned to the screen. “Go on. I trust you will not divulge too much of the future.”
Danny rolled his eyes, used to his mentor’s evasiness. But at the same time….his stomach flopped with nerves. Could he do this? Could he actually do this? He’d never been that good at comforting people but....the boy he was going to help wasn’t just anyone. He took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and floated through the window.
Danny blinked, blue light swirling around him. A moment later, he was floating in a dark bedroom. His eyes roved over the familiar surroundings: his NASA posters and rocket models, scattered books and clothes, half finished homework on the desk. And on the bed….the sound of crying hitched and the other Danny shivered.
Slowly, the boy sat up. His arms wrapped around himself, as if he was cold. And Danny knew, he likely was; his very presence always chilled the room when he was in ghost form, and it had just gotten more intense since his ice powers had activated. On the bed, his younger self’s eyes widened in fear, his mouth falling open.
Instantly, Danny was hit with a sense of dread. He helped his hands out in front of him. “Wait. Hold on. It’s-”
The younger Danny’s eyes flickered from the ghost to his door. “Ghost!” He screamed, chest heaving.
The older boy paled. “No. Stop. I’m-”
Heavy feet pounded down the hall and the bedroom door flung open, the light of the hallway spilling into the dark room. “Where’s the ghost?!” The large ghost hunter demanded, holding an ectogun.
Shakily, the younger Danny pointed across the room, directly at his older counterpart. His dad’s head turned, eyes narrowing. Then his brow furrowed in confusion. “Where is it?”
Danny flinched at being called an it, his heart pounding anxiously. Self consciously, he turned invisible.
His younger self’s eyes darted from his father to the spot the ghost had been occupying. “You didn’ didn’t see…?” His voice raised up in question and he rubbed his eyes.
Danny shifted nervously in the air. The man was still staring through him, unseeing. And his younger self was still gaping, his fear turning into confusion. 
“What is it, son?” Dad turned, looking at the younger boy in concern.
The younger Danny blinked rapidly in disbelief. “I guess….I was seeing things.” He frowned. “Must have been a nightmare.”
His dad lowered the gun. “Do you want to talk about it?”
The boy shook his head, frowning. “No. I…” He shivered and then looked at his hand, his eyes widening. “I’m...I’m fine.” He stuffed the appendage under his covers. “It’s fine. I just want to…” He faked a yawn. “Go back to sleep.” He blinked up at Dad, trying to look innocent.
The man furrowed his brow, looking unsure. “If you’re sure…”
The boy stretched, yawning exaggeratedly. “Yeah. It’s fine...I’m...just gonna..go back to sleep.” His gaze flickered from the door to where Danny was floating invisibly, before he gave Dad a sheepish smile.
Dad still looked uncertain but after a moment, he stepped back. “Alright. Sleep well, Danno.”
The boy nodded. “Night, Dad.”
The man closed the door, seemingly leaving his son alone. On the bed, Danny’s younger self put his head in his hands. “I’m losing it. First the stupid…” He shivered, again, hands disappearing. “Stupid body. Stupid portal.” He gritted his teeth. “Now I’m seeing things.”
Danny floated forward, his heart sinking. He needed to do something, to comfort his increasingly distressed younger counterpart. He stopped, hovering at the edge of the bed. With a thought, he returned to visibility. “You’re not seeing things.”
The younger Danny’s head whipped up, his eyes widening. He opened his mouth, likely to shout again.
His own eyes widening, the ghost boy reflexively covered the human’s mouth. “Please don’t scream.”
The other boy shook his head, his eyes pinching closed. He whimpered.
Danny’s lip trembled, sudden regret hitting him. “No. Don’t be scared. I’m here to help you.”
This younger self shook his head again. He was shaking, with fear and stress.
“Danny. Please. You’re safe.” The older boy begged.
His counterpart stiffened at his name, his eyes slowly peeking open and then widening in realization. His brow furrowed in confusion as he searched the other boy’s face.
Slowly, Danny removed his hand.
His younger self’s mouth opened and closed. Finally, he muttered. “Why do you look like me?”
Danny swallowed, preparing himself. “ ‘Cause I am you.” He said, as kindly as he could.
The other Danny blinked, frowning. “But….you’re a ghost?”
His older self looked down at his glowing hands. He raised a brow. “Yeah? So are you.”
The younger Danny tensed, his shoulders raising. “No. I’m not. I’m not a ghost. That’s ridiculous. I’m...I’m me. And you’re….” He pointed. “How do I know you’re not tricking me?”
Danny sighed, running fingers through his hair. “Alright….how about this?” He summoned the light of his transformation. A breath later and he was heavy and warm. 
His younger self’s head whipped back and he let out a squeak.
Danny gave him a disarming smile and held out a hand. “I have a heartbeat, see?”
Tentatively, the other boy reached forward. His brow furrowed in concentration. Then awed surprise covered his face. “I can feel it.”
“Yeah.” Danny smiled. “I’m alive, obviously. But I’m a ghost too. Just like you.”
“Okay.” His younger self took a breath. “Okay.”
“Well….the accident…” He started.
The other boy shook his head. “No. I…..” He bit his lip. “If you’re me then...then, tell me something only I would know.”
Danny sighed, eyeing a spot on the bed. “Can I sit here?” His counterpart rose a brow before shuffling over. His older self then huffed, flopping onto the bed. “So… I never told Sam and Tucker this but….really, I wanted to get the portal to work so Mom and Dad would be proud of me.” He looked down, rubbing his neck. “They were so upset that the portal didn’t start and….I hated seeing them like that. They’d been spending so much time working on it and...I thought if I got it to work they’d be so happy and they’d be proud of me...but...well…” He bit his lip. “You know what happened.”
There was silence for a while, only the sound of both boy’s breathing. Then the younger Danny finally spoke. “Okay. That’s….damn.... That’s heavy. That’s...that’s a lot. But…. I get it. I...I know I’d probably never tell someone else that but it’s true so….” He sighed. “I believe you.”
Danny nodded. “Good.” He rubbed the back of his neck, meeting his counterpart’s eyes. “It would have been super awkward if you didn’t believe me after that.”
The other boy shook his head, even half smiling. “Yeah.’re me but” His eyes trailed his older self’s body again. “….from the future?”
“Yep. From about two years from now. I’m sixteen.”
The younger Danny nodded, biting his lip. “So...two years and I can still...uhh...because of the accident...I can still….”
“Turn into a ghost?” His older counterpart offered.
The boy flinched. “No. I’m not...whatever that was, I’m not a...a ghost.” Almost as if his core sensed his denial, another shiver wracked his body. He flickered intangible and started sinking through the bed with a distressed cry.
Danny reached forward, turning his own hand intangible to grab the younger boy’s wrist. With a combination of ghostly enhanced strength and transferred weightlessness, he pulled the other out of the bed. After a few seconds, his counterpart returned to solidity and Danny let go, allowing him to drop back down onto the mattress.
The younger Danny gritted his teeth, wrapping his arms around his waist. “Stupid...whatever this is!”
“They’re ghost powers, because you’re-” Danny started to explain.
His younger self glared. “Not a ghost. I’m just….sick..or something. The stupid portal-” He shivered again, this time light sparking around his waist.
The older boy frowned, knowing what it signified. At the same time, a memory hit him. Himself sitting on the bed in the dark, that same light trying to overtake him. Heart pounding with terrified, panicked fear. Sam and Tucker trying to calm him down.
“No. NO. What’s happening?!” The younger boy panted, fearfully. “No. Stop!” He pinched his eyes closed, as if trying to push the feeling away. The ring of light disappeared for a second before flaring again. Then he groaned and curled in on himself. “No. Stop! I don’t...I don’t want..” His brow furrowed as he forced the light away again but it just reappeared. “Not again! Please. Stop. I’m not… I’m not….” His breath heaved, tears starting to well in his eyes.
Danny’s core ached at the sight. “Danny…” He started, quietly saying his other self’s name.
The younger boy looked up, glaring. “Stop just staring! Help me.”
“I’m trying.” Danny muttered, feeling chastised. That earned him an annoyed growl, which he completely deserved. So he took a breath, steeling himself. He could do this. 
The boy put a hand on his younger counterpart’s arm. “Don’t fight it.”
“What?” His alternative self demanded.
“That light...your body’s trying to turn into your ghost form.” Danny explained.
“Ghost form?! But… I don’t wanna be a ghost!” There was another groan as the light flared again.
“I know.” The older half ghost squeezed, comfortingly. “I know. I know...I remember how scary this is.’ll be okay, Danny. It’ll be okay. So don’t fight it. Let it happen.”
“But...I don’t...I don’t want this. Please! Make it stop! It hurts.”
“I know. I know.” Danny soothed. “But it’ll stop hurting if you stop fighting and change.”
“Please. Please don’t make me.” The younger boy begged, a tear falling from his eyes.
“Listen to me.” Danny insisted. “I promise, you’ll be okay. You’ll be able change back after. And your body needs this. It’s trying to get used to your new powers. But you’re safe. I’m right here. You can do this.”
Shakily, the younger Danny looked up, meeting his counterpart’s eyes. “You promise?”
Danny gave him a half smile. “I’m here, aren’t I? I’ve been through this already and I turned out okay. So will you.”
The other boy nodded, his brow unfurrowing slightly. He breathed out and the white light dancing over his skin coalesced into a ring. It spread, up towards his head and down towards his feet. Danny shivered as the light passed over the arm he was holding, the cold reaching out to touch his own core. The flash left him blinking spots out of his vision. Then he was staring at the familiar ghost boy, floating across from him.
The younger Danny frowned, staring down at his hands with a heart broken expression. “’’s true. I am a ghost.”
“Yes.” Danny said simply.
His counterpart wrinkled his nose, his fists balling. “So I’m some kind of...some kinda...undead freak.”
Danny pulled his hand away, the words painfully jabbing at his heart. “You’re not a freak. You’re just different now. And that’s okay.”
“No it’s not.” His alternative self snapped. “I’m freaking dead.”
“Well...that’s complicated but-” 
The younger Danny crossed his arms, cutting him off. “Well, excuse me. Apparently, I can turn back to normal so I’m not actually dead. Except I’m still a freaking ghost and..and…” His chest heaved. “Mom and Dad freaking hunt ghosts.” His eyes widened. “Ghosts are supposed to be monsters. Unfeeling violent monsters. I’m...I’m gonna…” He covered his mouth, horror struck. “Oh god. What if-”
“Danny.” The older Danny’s hands were on both of the younger’s shoulders. “Look at me.” With a thought, he summoned his own rings and transformed. “Actually look at me.” The younger boy’s mouth snapped shut as he did so. “I’ve been like this for two years. Two years. And I’m still me. I’m not some monster who hurts people for no reason. I still feel things. I still have all my memories. I’m still me.”
His counterpart frowned. “But...I saw….you’re….we’re….still alive too.”
Danny shook his head. “I’ve met other ghosts too. And...Mom and Dad are wrong. Ghosts are just like the living. Yeah, they’re different but….they’re still people too.”
The younger Danny bit his lip. “But..that’s...that could be a trick or….”
The older boy squeezed his shoulders. “Actually, it was a ghost who sent me here.” 
His counterpart frowned. “What? A ghost?”
Danny nodded. “He’s my mentor. He...he saved me. He saved everyone.” He looked down at the last part, his heart clenching at the memory. His hand stretched out, reaching towards his tied up friends and family. The roar of the explosion, the pressure wave throwing him back, the smoke. Then suddenly suspended in the air, Clockwork in front of him. The older ghost waving and his loved ones appearing, unconscious but alive and unharmed.
The boy shook his head, forcing the memory away. “He watches over the timelines so that explains how I’m here. And he couldn’t come here himself but…” He smiled at his younger self. “Neither of us wanted you to have to go through this alone.”
The other Danny starred, looking bewildered for a long moment. Then he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Wow...that’s a lot...”
“Yeah, it is.” Danny nodded, agreeing.
Across from him, the younger boy looked overwhelmed, like he was still unsure what to think of all this. His brow furrowed in thought as he picked at his glowing gloves. He then shivered as his hands turned invisible again. He sighed again. “I still hate this. I feel so weird.”
“I know’ll get used to it soon, I promise.” Danny comforted.
His other self just huffed.
Danny bit his lip, stomach flopping. As he said, he did remember the feeling, how strange being in ghost form was at first. It was unnatural and stifling; the randomness of his powers scared him. And there was seemingly nothing to be done, only wait until he got used to his new normal. But right now, he only had one night with this version of himself and words would only do so much. 
The older boy glanced out the window, the stars twinkling through it. His brow furrowed. Maybe if he could show his younger self….. Danny floated up from his cross legged position.
The younger Danny looked up, questioningly. “What’re you doing?”
Danny offered his hand to pull the other boy up. “I want to show you something.”
His counterpart raised a brow but took the hand. Surprisingly smoothly, he floated to his feet. That is, until he noticed he was floating. He wobbled in the air, eyes widening. “Woah!”
Danny grabbed his other arm, steadying him. “There you go. You’ve got it.”
The younger boy stabilized, his gaze flickering from his feet and back to his other self’s face. “Alright. Okay. Maybe that wasn’t so bad.”
The older boy smiled. “Good.” He motioned toward the window. “Let’s go.”
“Where?” The younger Danny tilted his head.
Danny smiled wider. “We’re going flying.”
His counterpart’s eyes widened in surprise but he didn’t ask any questions, even as Danny pulled him towards the window. The older boy flickered intangible, the power passing over his companion as well and they both phased through the window. The younger gasped but still allowed himself to be pulled along as Danny started ascending. In ten seconds, he rose at least a hundred feet; all the while, the younger Danny watched him curiously.
Danny paused, looking out over the town. “Wow. Look at that view.” He smiled. Stretched out below him was Amity Park. His city. His home. He could see all of it. “There’s the park.” He pointed in front of him. “And Casper High.” He turned, pointing slightly to the left of the school. “The Nasty Burger. And-”
His younger self’s hand, which he was still holding, squeezed, the grip almost painful.
Danny looked down, suddenly worried. “What is it?”
“I don’t...I don’t like this.” His voice trembled. “We’re high.”
“Oh..alright. Sorry…” The older boy frowned, concerned and slightly confused. He didn’t remember being this afraid of heights the first time he flew. But then again, this was a different timeline than his. But still….his ghostly tail flickered under him, nervously.
The younger half ghost’s eyes widened and he jerked away. “What the hell happened to your legs?” Danny glanced down at the same time his counterpart did. The younger stared at his own furiously twitching ghostly tail. “What the hell happened to my legs?” 
 Danny held out his hands. “Hey, it’s okay. That’s normal.”
“Normal!?” The other Danny shouted. “Nothing about this is normal!”
“I know but-” He was cut off by a scream.
Below him, the younger’s mouth fell open in horror as white light flashed around his waist. Before he could breath, the ring passed over him and he turned human. Gravity reengaged and he was falling.
The scene seemed to play out in front of Danny in slow motion. His younger self’s hand stretched out in front of him, eyes wide with terror. Danny reached and dove, his ghostly tail trailing behind him. His heart pounded as he strained, flying faster than gravity could pull him down.
Seconds that felt like minutes later, the older boy grabbed his counterpart. His arm reached around the boy’s chest from the back, looped under the other’s arm pits. Danny resisted against gravity and the pair jerked to a stop.
The younger Danny panted. He shook against the other’s chest until he found his voice. “What the hell?! Are you trying to kill me again?”
“I’m sorry!” Danny flinched. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t...I didn’t think this through.”
“Ya think!” The other yelled, angry struggling to cover his fear. “I’m scared of heights!”
The older Danny frowned. “No you’re not.” He’d never been afraid of heights.
“Well, maybe you’re not. But I’m not you!”
Danny’s brow furrowed at the words. He wanted to comment that that wasn’t exactly correct but…. That felt like the wrong thing to say. Instead, he sighed. “ Alright. How about...let’s just go home.”
The younger didn’t say anything as they slowly descended. The ops center grew closer and closer. Soon, the two were floating just inches above the metal surface. Danny let go of his counterpart and he landed on his feet on the roof.
The ghost remained floated, nervously rubbing his neck as his counterpart turned to face him. The younger frowned. He punched his older version in the arm, a little too hard to be playful. “No offense but that sucked.”
Danny bit his lip. “I am so sorry.” He looked down, cheeks coloring with shame. “I really screwed up. I’m so bad at this.”
The other crossed his arms. “Dude. You should at least know what not to do, based on what happened your first time.”
“My first?” Danny’s brow furrowed in question. Then a realization hit him. “This didn’t happen to me.” He motioned between himself and the younger halfa. “I’m from a different timeline. Dimension?” He shook his head. “Sam and Tucker were in that lab during my accident. And they stayed with me my first night as a half ghost.”
The younger Danny’s expression slowly softened. He uncrossed his arms. “Half ghost?”
“Yeah. That’s what we came up with for this.” He motioned to himself. “The other ghosts call me a halfa though.”
The younger nodded. “Alright. So you're still me. But from another timeline. And older.”
“That’s right.” Danny agreed. He shifted nervously in the air. “Like I said, I wasn’t alone tonight. And...I didn’t want you to be either. And I’m sorry I messed up. I really do want to help so….” He bit his lip. “Whatever you need. If you want to talk about stuff, or get some pointers on your powers, or a distraction? I’ll do whatever you want, okay?”
The other Danny studied him for a moment. “I think...I just want a distraction for now. Maybe we can talk later.”
Danny nodded, touching down on the roof. With a thought, he turned human. He looked up. “That stars are a good distraction... or something else?”
His counterpart smiled. “No. Star gazing’s good. I can always ramble about space.”
The two flopped down on the roof and the younger Danny did just that. He pointed out constellations, talked about far away stars and planets and blackholes. Danny listened. It was nice, being on the other side of this. So this is what he sounded like when he got starstruck. It was also wonderful to see his alternative self relax, to see the corner of his lips turn up into a smile. Then, for just a second, his freckles lit up green. 
The younger half ghost stopped in the middle of his sentence, brow furrowing. His eyes flared green and they widened. “Holy...what that…” He reached upward with one hand, as if he could touch the sky. “What  am I seeing?” He turned to look at his older version.
Danny furrowed his brow for a moment before realizing. He’d long grown used to it; his vision was enhanced at night in either form, even without his eyes glowing. But still... he smiled, turning his eyes back to the night sky, deeper and more vibrate than any human could see. “That’s what the night looks like to a ghost.”
“What?” The younger breathed.
“Ghosts can see better than humans in the dark. Like a hundred times better. So that’s what the sky looks like to you now.” 
“’s…. It looks like...when we go to Aunt Alicia’s and...there’s just so many stars but...there’s more colors?’s deeper?” He pointed. “And that’s the Milky Way!”
Danny chuckled. “Yeah.”
The younger boy sat up, looking down at him. “So...if my eyes are glowing…. ‘Cause apparently, that’s something they do now?....It always looks like this.”
The older nodded. “Actually, it always looks like that to me but….yeah.” Danny sighed, looking wistfully. “That’s my second favorite thing about being half ghost. The first is being able to fly.” He met his counterpart’s eyes. “The stars look even more incredible if you’re above the clouds.” He grinned, teeth gleaming. “But the best view is in space.”
His counterpart’s eyes widened. “Space!? You’ve been to…. You’ve been to space?!”
Danny nodded. “Yeah but...I shouldn’t spoil too much. Just be careful. Don’t try it until you know you’ve got a handle on transforming….actually not until after you met...uh...our mentor so he can bail you out if something happens.”
The younger tapped his chin. “This mysterious mentor again. You gonna tell me who he is?”
“Probably shouldn’t. He won’t be happy if I tell you too much about the future.”
The younger Danny hummed. Then he looked back at the sky. He pointed. “Look! A meteor!”
Danny traced the path with his eyes until it fizzled out. “Did you make a wish?” His counterpart nodded and the older raised a brow. “Are you gonna tell me?”
His alternative self turned. “Hey. You know it won’t come true if you tell someone else.”
“I’m not exactly someone else.”
“But you’re not, not someone else.” The younger chuckled. Then his brow furrowed. “So….you said in your timeline, Sam and Tucker were with you tonight?”
“Yeah. They...We were all really scared but...they helped me figure out what was happening.” He sighed. “I wouldn’t have made it this far without them.”
The younger turned back to look at the sky, frowning.
“What is it?” Danny asked.
“They’re gonna think I’m a freak.” His alternative self whispered. 
Danny frowned. “You don’t really think that.”
The younger raised a brow, as if to say seriously. Then he shivered as a hand turned intangible and sunk into the roof. He groaned. “Not again.” He pulled the limb out and frowned as his hand turned invisible again. “Really? This isn’t going to freak them out?”
The older sighed. “I mean might, a little but...they’ll want to understand and help you.”
The other Danny just huffed as his arm reappeared.
“Haven’t they always been there for you?” Danny asked.
His counterpart’s expression softened. “Yeah, they have.”
“So trust them now. They’re your friends.” 
“But…” He worried his lip. “Oh god. How am I even supposed to have that conversation?”
Danny frowned, thinking. He didn’t know how to answer. He hadn’t had to tell them but…. “I guess just go for it. They’ll believe you. And remember they’ll always have your back.”
The other boy said nothing for a long while. Then he glared as his hand disappeared again. “How do I get this to stop?”
The older look at the outline of the invisible limb. “Well….your body’s still adjusting to your powers so it’s going to do that for a while-”
“Wow. That’s a big help.” The younger Danny interrupted.
Danny continued, with an eye roll. “But...for me, it got better after I started practicing my powers.”
The other’s eyes widened and he sat up. “You’re not serious.”
“I am. I had to learn how to turn invisible and intangible on purpose. It was powers wanted to be used. They're a part of me. I couldn't just ignore them and hope they went away. I had to use them."
The younger shook his head. "That sounds wrong. I mean...these are ghost powers." He emphasized the word with worry and just a hint of disgust; the implication was clear.
Danny frowned but his voice was patient and kind. "Yeah, they are. But being a ghost doesn't make you bad, Danny. It's just...a different way of existing."
The fourteen year old studied him for a long moment. Finally, he said. "You really believe that."
The other boy nodded. "Yeah, I do." 
It had taken a while. Practicing his powers with his friends and seeing how comfortable and accepting they were of him. Meeting, talking to, and learning from other ghosts. It was hard to unlearn a lifetime of biases ingrained by his parents and he still felt uncertain at times but it was getting better. (He'd even made headway in changing his parent's beliefs about ghosts but that was another story.)
Across from him, the young Danny sighed. "Alright. That's...I don't know what to think of that but… I guess you can give me some pointers at least and...I'll think about what you said."
"Really?!" Danny's eyes lit up excitedly and he sat up.
The younger joined him in a sitting position. "Yeah." He sighed. "I guess this is the part where you show me the ropes."
"Okay." The older rubbed his hands together. "First… you're gonna need to change into your ghost form." 
His counterpart's eyes widened. "No. Nah uh. No way."
"Your powers are easier to use if you transform. Plus…" Danny raised a brow. "Do you want to randomly change into a ghost during dinner?"
The younger paled before conceding. "Alright. I'll do it. But…. How?"
The older boy hummed, considering. "Okay so…." He placed his hand on his chest. "You know that ball of cold right here?" 
His counterpart gave him a confused look. "What are you talking about?"
Danny frowned, leaning forward. "In the center of your chest, a little to the right of your heart." He gently grabbed the other boy's hand and placed it on his own chest. "Can you feel it? It kinda hums reminds me of the refrigerator…. 'Cause it buzzes, sounds kinda electrical, and it’s cold…."
The younger Danny's brow furrowed in thought. After a long moment, slight realization lit his eyes. "Yeah. Okay. I think I'm feeling...something."
Danny nodded. "That's my core. It's where my powers come from." At the other's understanding nod, he continued. "You have the same thing inside of you." 
His counterpart frowned, lowering his hand. “Of course I do.”
The older’s expression softened. “You don’t have to be afraid of this. Your core is a part of you. Just like your heart or your brain. It’s an organ that controls your powers; that’s all it is.”
Honestly, that was a simplification. Even with the very basic knowledge he’d learned at the Far Frozen, Danny knew his core did much more than regulate his powers. It helped him think and remember, to sense and respond to things around him. But right now, his other self just needed to know to not be afraid of a part of himself.
“If you say so.” The younger looked down. He moved his hand up to his own chest, brow furrowing.
Danny glanced at the other’s chest. “Now, can you feel it now?”
“Yeah.” The other Danny confirmed, still frowning. “ do I...uhh...transform?”
The older nodded. “Close your eyes.” The younger boy did so and Danny continued. “Really focus on that cold, that energy. Feel it swirling around in your chest. It’s pulsing and buzzing, deep inside you. Now…” The boy took a breath. “Reach out and touch that cold with your mind. Wrapped your hands around it and...pull. Pull it to the surface.”
His counterpart’s brow furrowed in concentration; clearly he was listening to the words and trying to put them into practice. His nose wrinkled, focus increasing. Then the younger Danny gasped. White light danced over his skin, forming a ring around his chest. Surprised, his eyes popped open and then widened as his gaze fell on the ring.
Danny smiled encouragingly. “That’s it. Now just let it pass over you.”
The younger nodded, taking a breath. The ring passed a few heartbeats later, leaving a ghost floating across from Danny.
“You did it.” The older congratulated.
The younger Danny looked down at his hands, flipping them over and examining the glow of his gloves. “I did….” His brow furrowed. “That actually wasn’t that bad.” He lowered his hands. “Still weird though.”
Danny chuckled. “You’ll get used to it.”
His counterpart didn’t reply to that, instead asking. “So what now?”
The older Danny transformed into his ghost form. “I guess, I’ll go over the basic powers and help you practice for a bit.”
The younger Danny nodded, relaxing his shoulders with forced confidence. “Let’s do this.”
The two spend the next hour practicing. Danny explained the three basic powers: invisibility, intangibility, and flight. He demonstrated each. Flickering invisible, phasing through the metal pillars on top of the ops center, flying circles above the roof.
“Now you try.” Danny encouraged after showing off each power.
His younger self did try, despite his anxiety. The displays of his powers were spotty. He flickered in and out of visibility like a dying light bulb. Random parts of his body turned intangible and he furrowed his power, concerting great effort to turn to his whole body intangible. But he was making progress. 
“There you go!” Danny cheered as his alternative self successfully phased through the satellite dish twice in a row. He grinned, offering the other boy a high five.
The younger Danny returned the gesture. “Yeah!”
The practice continued, the new halfa’s confidence growing. It made Danny happy to see his counterpart growing more comfortable, even if his control was still laughable. His body continued flickering invisible and intangible to the younger’s frustration. The older half ghost figured things would be like that for a while, as the younger’s body adjusted to his new core and powers. But the prospect of him spending less time confused and less time afraid of his powers was a bright one. And another bright prospect….
Danny glanced at the air just below his counterpart’s glowing boots. He smiled. “You’ve got a great handle on floating.”
The younger Danny looked down, browning furrowing. Then his eyes widened in realization. He wobbled in the air.
Danny reached out to steady him. “Hey, don’t think about it too hard. Just let your body do what it will. Flying’s natural to us ghosts.”
His counterpart frowned. Clearly, he didn’t like being called a ghost again but he didn’t comment. Instead, he straightened and focused on his older self’s face. “Alright. I’ll do that, just… let my body do it’s thing.”
“Good.” Danny patted him on the shoulder. He offered a half smile. “Let’s fly. I promise I won’t go too high this time.
The older half ghost did as he said, leading his younger self in a circle around the ops center while floating only about five feet above the roof. 
After a few circles, he let go, flying in front of the younger. Giving a mischievous grin, he glanced back over his shoulder. “Let’s go a little faster.”
The younger Danny raised a brow, a smile sneaking onto his face. He increased his speed, inching in front of the other boy. In return, Danny smiled and flew faster himself. He pulled forward, in front of the other boy. The younger’s slight smile grew and he darted forward, faster still.
Just like that, a race started. The two ghosts circled the roof, chasing each other. Slowly, smiles grew into laughter. Danny snickered, dodging around the satellite dish. Seconds later, his younger self phased through. The older flew higher, his legs morphing into a ghostly tail as he twisted back around to fly in the other direction. The other Danny let out a laugh, reaching for him but just missing. Danny dove down, phasing through the roof with his counterpart following seconds later. He passed by the fridge, before darting up through the roof again.
Danny flew about about five feet up and then froze as another shooting star careened across the sky. He marveled for just a second before a cold body slammed into him. The air weezed out of his lungs and he let out a cry as the pair tumbled, head over heels. 
With some effort, Danny slowed the tumble. He looked down, recognizing the arms were wrapped around his chest and the shaking body they were connected to. The older halfa ghost put hand on the younger’s back. “Hey. It’s okay.”
The other Danny looked up. He was laughing. “Oh man...this is ridiculous.” He let go, slowly backing up. “But I really needed that.”
Danny smiled. “No problem. I’m happy you’re having a good time.”
The younger raised a hand to rub the back of his neck, looking sheepish. “Yeah well...thanks.” He glanced down, paling as he realized they were floating three stories above the street. Danny took his hand, leading him back to the roof.
“So do you want to practice some more or….” The older started once both had touched down on the roof. Then the younger yawned. The corner of Danny’s lip turned up. “I guess that answers my question.”
The other boy yawned, stretching. “Yeah. Let’s go to bed.” He glanced down. “Oh uh…. Should I turn back or….”
“We can just phase into your bedroom. That’s less noisy than climbing down the steps.”
“Yeah. Okay.” The younger Danny nodded in agreement. His older self phased through the roof and he followed.
Seconds later, the two halfas were floating inside of Danny Fenton’s bedroom. With a flash of light, the older turned human. 
The younger frowned. “How do I turn back?”
“Oh, right.” Danny bit his lip, considering. “So where your heart is...there should be this little warm spot. I kinda think of it as a candle flame. You want to coax that, make it bigger so you’re warm and heavy and-” He was cut off by a flash.
The younger Danny touched down. “That was a lot easier than the other way around.”
Danny shrugged. “Figures. You’re more used to being a human than a ghost.”
“Yeah.” The younger sat on the bed. “So I’m going to go to sleep then. What about you?” His lips turned down. “Are you leaving or…?”
Danny shook his head. “Not until the morning.” He walked over to the closet. “I’ll use your sleeping bag if you don’t mind.”
“Go for it.” The younger was already lying down. He watched sleepily as Danny retrieved the sleeping bag and settled on the floor. He yawned. “Good night.”
“Good night.” Danny hummed in return.
Soon, the younger Danny was snoring. The older laid still for a few minutes, mind going over all that had happened tonight. But his thought stilled, fatigue overtaking him as well. He sighed happily, falling asleep.
Danny drifted in sleep, his mind floating through dreams. Not nightmares for once but pleasant ones. Having a picnic with his friends and family. Making cookies with Clockwork. Flying through space. He floated up, out of the depths of sleep. Awareness of the waking world slowly enveloped him. Morning light on his face. Warm, thick fabric around him. The hardness of...the floor? His brow furrowed but he just buried his face in his pillow.
Then there was a thump behind him. Danny jerked, rolling over. He squinted, eyes falling on a figure less than two feet in front of him. He frowned. It was….himself?
“Ouch.” The boy groaned. “How the heck did I end up under the bed...” He trailed off, eyes falling on Danny. “’s you. That...all that really happened.”
Danny’s mind finally caught up as he remembered. Last night. Clockwork sending him through the time window. Talking his younger self through his second transformation into a ghost. Trying to take him flying. Stargazing with him. Demonstrating his ghost powers and helping his young counterpart practice.
Danny hummed. “Yep. Really here.” The corner of his lip turned up. “And I guess you phased through the bed in your sleep.”
The younger grumbled. “I thought practicing was supposed to help.”
“It will...just not overnight. Like I said, your body’s still trying to adjust. It’ll take time so be patient.”
The other Danny groaned. “Great.”
“I know it sucks but you’ll get through it.” Danny promised.
His counterpart didn’t reply. Instead, he stood up and then laid back down on his bed. His eyes flickered to the window and the light streaming through it. He glanced down at his older self. “’s morning.”
“Yeah. I don’t know when my portal will open but it should be soon.”
The younger Danny nodded soberly.  “And...I guess you can’t tell me much more about the future.”
“No. I can’t.” Danny said, feeling guilty.
If he could, there’s a lot he would say. About the ghosts he’d fight. About Vlad. About Valerie. About his parents. But Clockwork trusted him and….
“Okay.” The younger sighed. “But...I’ll be okay, right?”
Slowly, Danny sat up. He studied his younger self for a bit before smiling. “You’ll be okay.” His brow furrowed, considering. “Yeah, everything’s not always perfect…” He remembered his many ghost fights. Valerie’s grudge against him. His parent’s mistrust. All of the headaches Vlad had caused him. 
“But I’ve done and seen so many incredible things.” Saving the town. Meeting Clockwork, Frostbite, Dora, Pandora. Dating Valerie and his truces with the Red huntress. Slowly changing his parents’ opinions on ghosts. Meeting and saving Danielle. And all the while….“ And Sam and Tucker have been with me, the whole time. We’ve only gotten closer since my accident. We’re team Phantom and we’ve helped so many people and learned so much. Really’s been incredible and…. I know it will be that same for you.” Danny finished with complete conviction.
His younger self considered his words for a long time before he raised a brow. “Team Phantom?”
Danny smirked. “That’s a spoiler.”
The other Danny huffed before his expression softened. “Alright that’s….” He sat up and ran a hand through his hair. “All of this had been so unbelievable but...I still believe you.” He sighed. “And I’m going to tell Sam and Tucker about my accident.
Danny’s eyes widened, his lips turning up. “Really?”
“Yeah. You’ve convinced me. ‘Cause you were right last night. They have alway been there for me so...thanks for reminding me.”
The older boy smiled. “You’re welcome.”
Danny stayed like that for a moment, smiling and watching his younger self with satisfaction. Faintly, he felt the medallion around his neck hum. And he knew it was time. To his side, a blue portal sparked into existence.
The younger Danny’ eyes widened. “Is that it?”
Danny nodded and stood up. “Yep. That’s my way home.” He turned to the portal, preparing to step through. “I guess this is goodbye.”
The younger Danny also stood, frowning. “Am I gonna see you again?”
Danny shook his head. “I don’t think so. Not like this.”
The other boy nodded, seeing to understand what he meant. That conundrum. Two different yet so similar lives. The same person and yet not.
The younger Danny stepped forward. He wrapped his arms around his counterpart. “Thank you for making sure I wasn’t alone last night.”
Danny hugged him back. “I...I couldn’t see you in pain if I could do something about it.” He squeezed. “Take care of yourself, Danny.”
The younger also squeezed. “You too, Danny.”
The pair stayed like that for a long moment before pulling away. With parting waves, Danny stepped through the portal.
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aggressivelyclueless · a month ago
Danny and Wes on a school project, aka Absolute Bastard Hour. but it's only fun and games until somebody oversteps
Words: 11,478
phight edition, aka first draft. i like the dynamics in this one! am putting it on the shortlist of ones to migrate over to ao3 At Some Point
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aggressivelyclueless · a month ago
Mikey has a freak accident in the science lab and comes back as a ghost haunting Casper. guess who's got to tell him : )
Words: 5,044
phight edition, aka first draft. had fun with the concept on this one, reasoning out how a ghost forms, stuff like that. finished version to be put up on ao3 At Some Point
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nocturna-starr · a month ago
Intentional Creation
Prompter: @phantomphangphucker
Prompt: Danny created Phantom intentionally and knew full well what he was doing, the first time.
Words: 1508
In Danny’s totally unbiased opinion, his parents were naive. They were creating a portal to another world! Did they not expect said inhabitants from said world to make an appearance in the living realm? Or did they believe that somehow the very creatures they wanted to study wouldn’t be curious themselves?
“Don’t worry Danno! No ghost would dare cross through Jack Fenton’s portal!”
“Danny, your parents are the experts, right? Just leave it to them! Everything will be okay!”
Yep… Nothing to worry about…
“Ghosts aren’t even real!”
Was everyone around him actually this stupid?
He should be playing the newest update for DOOM or studying for Mr. Lancer’s test on the Merchant of Venice. He should not be studying his parents research to make sure they didn’t blow up the house or contaminate him and Jazz again like they did the last time Jack and Maddie Fenton tried to invent a green energy source.
Suddenly Danny heard a knock on the door.
“Danny, it’s Jazz. Aren’t you going to get some sleep? We have school tomorrow!”
“Just looking over some papers.” Danny called. He heard his sister huff, but fortunately she didn’t push the issue forward. No doubt she herself would be up all night studying some new psychology book she had found in the library.
And she said that she was nothing like their parents.
He found himself glancing at the numbers. Math may not be his best subject, but to his untrained eye the calculations his mother made had no mistakes. The machine they were going to finish would certainly rip a hole into another dimension.
Then his dad would tell anyone and everyone who would listen that he would protect them from the threat he himself had created. His dad would go up against the wrong supernatural creature and…
Despite how much his father annoyed him, Danny loved the man. He couldn’t imagine a world without Jack Fenton. His mother, a former cop, might be able to handle the situation slightly better, but even she would become overwhelmed by the ghosts eventually. They needed someone who was on the same power level as the ghosts and who would protect humanity rather than harm it.
Didn’t his parents say that someone had gotten ectoradiation due to their naivety the first time they had built s portal? What was his name again… Paul… Chad? It didn’t matter. Maybe it was possible to replicate something like that! But instead of being contaminated, maybe one could fuse with the ectoplasm.  But who could he convince to give up their humanity for the world?
Danny put down the papers. Didn’t Sam say she wanted to make a difference?
“Whoa! I can’t believe it dude! Your parents actually made a real portal.” Danny’s best friend Tucker Foley gawked at the expensive machinery in the wall.
“Yeah, if only it worked.” Danny eyed the knobs at the side of the portal. Everything was still in position fortunately. His dad for once in his life had decided not to fiddle with something he had not done.
“It’s actually pretty cool, even not working. Imagine the worlds that are barely out of reach.” Sam sighed.
Danny smiled. Sam was still innocent. He hoped that her optimism, despite being a ghost, would remain. It would suck if he had to repeat the experiment all over again. Tucker wouldn’t be as powerful a ghost. Anyone after that would be a malicious ghost that Jack Fenton would have the honour of destroying.
The goth gently touched the portal, as if it were something sacred. It was like she knew her place of death was here. Tucker snapped a couple of pictures. Danny watched them, noting each soft smile or excited look sent his way. Would they feel this way when the portal took everything they knew in a couple of minutes?
“Wanna look inside?” Danny asked. He felt his heart begin to race. This was the moment that would forever change humanity. In the future, kids would be talking about the origin story of Sammy Geist or Tucker Ghouly. Would they see him as a good person, or a mad scientist? Would they understand why he did this and not judge him only on his actions? Or would they allow his name to fade to time because no one would ever know that the accident wasn’t an accident?
“Sure Danny!” Sam grinned. Without a second thought she walked inside.
“I’m good dude. I’d rather not be inside, and the thing click on.” Tucker didn’t look up from his PDA.
Maybe he should have tried to get Sam to dress in a Hazmat suit. The extra protection could have led her into a false sense of security which would allow for mistakes to occur. The Hazmat suit also could have acted as a disguise. Sam Manson, Amity Park’s most famous goth, would never have been caught dead in one of those.
“What are all of these wires for? What about all these buttons? Tuck you’re the tech guru, you should really come inside.” Sam called.
“Actually Sam, I think you should get out.” Tucker warned. Did Tucker suspect something? Danny had never even written his thoughts down in a journal let alone share them with anyone else! How could his best friend even know?
Why did he suddenly feel so guilty?
“Just a sec Tucker!” Sam called. Her hand grazed a large red button. Danny wanted to tell her to push it or to startle her and cause her to “accidentally” press it. Yet the words refused to come from out of him. Why did he feel so terrible for wanting to save the world? What was one life to billions? It wasn’t like she was actually going to die!
Why was his life more important than Sam’s?
“Hey Sam, I want a turn to see!” Danny found himself calling. He watched as she safely exited the portal. He grabbed the suit his father had made especially for him and put it on.
Sam grinned, ripping off the picture of his dad’s face that he insisted on putting on everything. “You aren’t going in with that on, are you?”
“I guess not.” Danny tried to smile.
“Nervous? Just think of all the cool worlds that this portal can connect to.” Sam grinned.
He nodded, hoping to disguise his dread as minor fear. He took a step in the portal and began walking towards the button that Jack and Maddie Fenton in their infinite wisdom had chosen to keep. Time seemed to slow the closer he got to it. He could hear his own heart beat and feel every breath he took. Once he was transformed, would he miss feeling of breathing?  There was no going back. If he chickened out now, Danny knew he would never build the courage to do this again. Then the world would be doomed.
Once he was close enough, Danny “tripped” and pressed the button. His walk of death couldn’t compare to the absolute freeze in time that occurred just after he pressed the button. The youngest Fenton swore he heard the phrase “All is as it should be…” before the light engulfed him into a world of agony.
He was glad that he didn’t force his best friends to experience it. His essence was ripped apart then sewn back together again. His heart raced before falling into a slow and steady rhythm. He was Danny Fenton, then he was nothing. He was human, until he wasn’t. Everything became dark.
He saw flashes of his life slip by and flashes of the future. He heard the screams of the dying and cries of those who were living for the first time. He felt sudden felt a weight that he had never known fall off of his shoulders. The freedom was only felt for a couple of seconds (or was it years?) before a much heavier weight was flung onto him.
He felt himself begin to walk. A light and a voice beckoned him forward. He felt something grabbing his leg, trying to keep him away. He knew he had to fight against it. If he stayed, then there would be no one to fight against his parents’ mistakes.
As he moved forward, the thing clutching his leg felt heavier and heavier. His steps became smaller and smaller. Maybe it was best if he stayed behind? Just as the it seemed that the thing would win, he broke free. He raced to the light, determined to not be trapped again.
“DANNY! DANNY!” Her heard a woman cry.
As he came closer, the light became a doorway. He smiled and stumbled across.
“Danny is that you?” Sam cried.
It worked?! Danny grinned. Everything would be fine now. Tomorrow there would be problems, but now there could be solutions. Ghosts would attack and he would be right there to stop them. The lack of sleep the previous night and the exhaustion of the portal claimed him. Danny fell into his last peaceful rest.
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amabsis · a month ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Danny Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Jack Fenton, Jazz Fenton, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, OCs, Clockwork (Danny Phantom), the general public, Vlad Masters Additional Tags: can you tell idk how lawyers work?, behold the fruits of my labor, probably not gonna finish these, so here, Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued, i just copy pasted the google doc Series: Part 3 of 1st Phic Phight (2021) Summary:
Unfinished WIPs from Phic Phight.
A final Ao3 link for the end of Phic Phight. @sapphireswimming @ectopal @kawaiijohn and @ninjaukulele, please enjoy the jumble of words I managed to put together.
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echoghost1 · a month ago
Spirit Versus Spunk
Word Count: 880
For: @amar-art
Summary: Mr. Lancer isn't sure how he's supposed to be reacting to what he's seeing, but seeing as he's the adult here, he better make up his mind.
You can read it on AO3 or down below the cut!
The two boys just glared at each other as they held their ground on the blacktop.
Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be all that impressive. Of course, right now it was anything but normal. It was abnormal in every possible way.
The first was who was involved in the staring match.
Wesley Weston, who while excitable, wasn’t usually involved in any conflicts, as he was able to get his teen aggression out via his involvement in sports. He did quite well on the basketball team, at least from what Mr. Lancer had seen in the few games he had been able to attend this year.
His opponent of wills was Daniel Fenton. Danny wasn’t exactly popular among the students or most of the faculty either, what with his tardies, and his ill-timed naps in the middle of his lessons, but he wasn’t a very confrontational boy either. If he wasn’t busy being ignored, he was getting picked on. He usually wasn’t the instigator, but he did have a nasty habit of letting his mouth get him in trouble by provoking the bigger and easily angered.
Neither boy usually had any reason to talk to each other in most situations, but today was different. Apparently.
Mr. Lancer just sipped his tea from his thermos and wondered if he needed to get involved or if he should just leave the boys be.
The second oddity was that they appeared to be having a disagreement about a ghost?
There was a green blob-like ghost, about the size of a small watermelon, being held protectively in the arms of the young Fenton.
That made three strange things.
Lancer had been pretty sure that Daniel was afraid of ghosts. Seeing as he always managed to slip away and hide whenever one showed up.
“The damn thing ate my basketball!”
Lancer was equally impressed with the small ghost for being able to fit such a large ball inside itself, as he was confused as to why it would want to do so in the first place.
Also, he really should reprimand the boy for swearing on school property.
But that meant getting involved.
Lancer just took another sip of his drink instead.
“Make it give it back! I know you can do it!” Wesley yelled as he pointed an accusatory finger at said blob.
Danny turned slightly at the waist as if he was trying to get the ghost more protection from Wes’s verbal assault. Which given how scrawny and how much shorter he was it wasn’t much of a protective stance as it was a pathetic one, “Can not! There’s nothing I can do about your stupid ball! It’s up to Winston whether he gives it back or not. I’m not going to force him.”
“Bullshit! Just reach in and pull it out before it melts, you jerk!”
Danny gasped, “With my bare hands? Just because my parents run around with ectoplasmic-proof gloves doesn't mean I carry a pair on me all the time!”
Wes sputtered in annoyance, “What?! Just turn into Phantom!”
“I don’t know why you keep insisting that I’m a ghost. I’m clearly alive.” Danny turned the blob, Winston, in his arms to face him and looked into his large bulbous eyes, “Isn’t that right, buddy?”
Winston chirped, or purred maybe, in agreement. Whatever noise it made it made all the remaining hairs on Lancer’s body stand on end.
Wes looked equally unnerved by the noise, but Danny actually looked amused. Or endeared? Like how a pet owner looks at their pet when it makes a cute noise.
Was Danny keeping that thing as a pet? Given the name maybe he was? Should he tell the boy’s parents about this? They surely wouldn’t like that one bit. Then again, maybe he should just leave well enough alone.
Wes said aloud exactly what Mr. Lancer had been guilty of thinking, “You are so weird.”
There was a crash on just the other side of the building and Lancer glanced back into the doorway to make sure it wasn’t getting any closer.
He supposed that made this, four odd things.
The boys were arguing over a seemingly harmless ghost in the middle of a ghost attack evacuation.
Lancer took another drink of his tea. This had to be one of the first times he had actually been able to keep an eye on Danny during one of these situations.
He could just make out the distinctive jet engines of the Red Huntress’s hover-sled over the din of ecto-gunfire.
Mr. Lancer did a quick headcount of his class and found that Valerie Gray was missing today. Well if it wasn’t one it was the other, it seemed.
One of these days he’d like to keep the whole class together for one whole period. Was that too much to ask?
The boys were starting to amass too much attention and a crowd was forming. Lancer set down his thermos on the cement stoop and walked towards the semi-circle of students, ready to break up the fight before it escalated any further.
You would think that living in this town would make them more avoidant to violence, but maybe it had just desensitized them instead.
At least video games couldn’t be blamed. Lancer always hated that.
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datawyrms · a month ago
Changed Hunt
For Phic Phight 2021! (not completely finished but AAAAfinshnowwww) lowkey Dannymay Day 2 Portal, as well
"That portal is awesome!" Sam says. "Would be so cool if it worked."
Danny goes down into the lab that night to try a few things—it doesn't quite go as he planned.(aka a no one knows au) (Dey’s prompt!)
Danny really wished Sam and Tucker had stayed a bit longer that day. With them around, maybe he wouldn’t have wandered in that portal like an idiot. In his own defense, how could he have known that little panel in there had been an on switch? Who’d put that inside a reality tearing portal device? Jack and Maddie Fenton, apparently. He was just lucky the thing hadn’t killed him! Or at least, managed to overdo it to the point he...survived somehow? He hadn’t really decided what that portal had done exactly. Waking in a pained heap, bathed in a haunting green glow from the now active portal was confusing enough. Looking up and seeing a stranger in the reflective panel nearby just made it worse. Of course he didn’t take it well, or know what to think. If he’d become a ghost, his parents would freak. Fixing their portal by turning into some...evil human hating creature probably wasn't in the plan. At least his terror somehow managed to get him to become human again. Heartbeat and everything. He hoped it had just been a weird one off, or he’d imagined it from trauma. Until he started falling through things. He died so hard  that he got his life back? The portal only managed to kill half of him? He was dead but ‘imitating humans’ was his specialty? Some human that just got to use his ‘soul’ or whatever to be a ghost early? Sam and Tucker might have had guesses- but he knew one thing right away. Whatever happened, he wasn’t all human anymore. He couldn’t tell them. What if they decided that was just too weird? What if they blamed themselves for not being there- thought they’d killed him? It wasn’t worth the risk. Besides, he couldn’t let Mom and Dad find out, so he’d be trying to hide any of the new weirdness anyway. Might as well just always do it. Maybe the weird new abilities would just go away. They hadn’t. They just forced him to think about it to keep both feet on the ground. He could deal.
Until other ghosts started showing up. Ghosts that actually knew how to be ghosts, terrifying powers and all. Ghosts that seemed to know what he was. He’d nearly jumped out of his skin when a green woman in a hairnet tapped him on the shoulder and asked who ‘changed the menu’. There was a lot of screaming and running away at that, considering she was floating and well. Obviously some sort of dead person. Freaky Fenton attracts freaky ghosts. Of course. She didn’t buy his claim of not knowing why the menu wasn’t exactly the same as fifty years ago (why would he? That’s a lot of years!) and thought setting ovens on fire and throwing them at him was a fair answer! So apparently Mom and Dad were totally right about ghosts being completely terrifying monsters that he should run away from very quickly. Which he did. He only ran into two walls he meant to go through, even. Just more reasons to never, ever tell anyone he might be like that crazed ghost lady. Mom and Dad proving their inventions actually did work sometimes was just icing on the ‘i’m so screwed’ cake. Ghosts exist, they fought one, and the school got shuttered for a week from excessive damage via flying appliance. Fun.
It was dumb to pretend that was a one off thing. It was stupid to think he could keep hiding what happened that day. Even if it felt safer, even if he just wanted to keep denying the portal was open so she could keep pretending it hadn’t done anything to him. Maybe if someone knew, he wouldn’t be hopelessly trapped by a huge glowing robot. Running didn’t work on this one like it did the older ghost lady. He tried, he really did, but the self proclaimed hunter kept tracking him down. Even when he transformed into the strange ghost version of himself he failed to dissuade the robot. Punching metal still hurt as a ghost, and so did getting pelted with little missiles. So much for intangibility being an advantage.
“You’re lucky that you’re a rare creature, whelp. Otherwise I’d be disappointed by how little effort hunting you took.”
Great, flame head thought he was a disappointing freak. More pressing was the net the ghost had shot at him that he couldn’t struggle free of. Even drawing on his weird ghost side wouldn’t let him phase through it. “Pretty sure you can’t hunt endangered species!” He redoubled his effort as the ghost picked up the net, trying to trick himself that his swinging was making him feel ill, not the terror of being carried off by some monster that came through the portal just to hunt him down.
“Hah! If I didn’t take you ghost child, someone else would simply end you.” The blank green eyes stared into his own as the machine pulled him up higher. “You should be grateful to be part of my collection.”
Danny gulped, unsure if he should keep his attention on his captor or the fact they were getting closer to the swirling portal. “How about no thanks? Since you’re such a good samaritan and all. You can just let me go and forget all about uh...this.” Why couldn’t he just squeeze out of the net, or make the rest of him all weird like when his legs decided to vanish sometimes? Pulling with his gloved hands wasn’t working, and the glow just grew  brighter as the lump in his throat got thicker. “Please? You already said I was weak, if you let me go I’ll be stronger next time!” Okay, it was a stupid plea but he’d try anything right now to not get dragged to some ghost world.
“I’m not a catch and release sort of hunter.” The ghost chuckled as his prey shrank back with the denial.
“How can you be the ‘Greatest’ hunter if you just go after kids, huh?” Begging wasn’t working, so maybe getting him angry? He couldn’t go through there, what if being on the other side made him more like this thing, or the other weird green monsters? “More like lamest hunter.”
“Oh you’ll see the sort of creatures I normally hunt, ghost child. Once you join them.” Skulker shook the net hard, rattling what little bravado Danny had managed to gather up right back out of him.
So much for that hope. “This has got to be a mistake, just let me go!” The ghost didn’t answer him, and he couldn’t help closing his eyes when the mechanical monster fired up a jetpack and flew through that portal. It wasn’t as cold as he feared it would be, it wasn’t like the void of space. Just as green as the portal, still a swirling background to everything. He swore he saw faces and doors, but couldn’t keep looking for long. The combined movement of being dragged along with the spinning energy was stomach churning enough, and he had to deal with the fact he didn’t know anything about this place. Even if this ghost decided to let him go, where would he go? Was there even anything to navigate with? He certainly didn’t see anything useful like stars. Would all this green stuff just soak into him and make him not want to find home? Nothing here made sense! It was easier to curl up instead of struggling with the net to stretch out, and the stupid ghost couldn’t see how the tears welled in his eyes as he struggled not to cry.
He should have been braver, should have tried to watch more, but it’d been too much. The crunch of metal against stone jarred him out of his silent self berating, just to be even more confused. He was on an island? That just floated, because islands did that here. Islands that had forests on them, that grew out of what looked like rock. Sure, okay. At least it was a bit of a distraction from the fact he was trapped by some evil robot in a completely different reality! Well. It had been. Seeing the fact the ghost lived in some weird stone skull jutting out of a mountain made him snort despite himself.
“You said my puns were bad, and you live in that thing?” He was pretty sure the green mohawk monster was Skull-something anyway. Mostly tuned it out after he kept repeating the ‘greatest hunter’ bit. “Ghost Zone’s Greatest Halloween Decoration’s a more fitting title.”
“For a terrified whelp, you are very chatty.”
“I think I looped around from terrified when I saw how doomed I am.” He was just joking. Totally. He wasn’t goofing around to try and fend off the engulfing panic of never getting home, nope. Absolutely not. He tried to pay attention to the strange ‘skull mountain house thing’, but the fact it reminded him more like a zoo inside wasn’t helping. Massive, monstrous glowing ghosts leering out and snapping as they passed, smaller sorts that didn’t even look up and several empty cages stained green was not calming his nerves. He couldn’t even describe some ghosts, being such a confusing jumble of parts that didn’t remind him of anything. All he could tell was robo-hunter probably didn’t have any willing guests. Unwilling guests that looked far, far more powerful than anything he could dream of trying. He was so, so doomed. To the point that being tossed roughly in a similar cage was almost a relief so he wasn’t right beside the ghost anymore.
First task was struggling free of the no longer glowing net (deactivated somehow? weird.) which wasn’t too hard, but just left him in his freaky ghost form, in a cage, in the middle of who knew where. The Ghost Zone, that’s what they kept calling it. Not Earth. Fantastic! That’s enough to get a C-, but not enough to get him out of this cage. Reaching through the bars was out, the unexpected shock had him rubbing his hand and grumbling to how having some invisible field between the bars was just unfair. At least let him see it before hurting him more. Now what? Grasping that feeling that let him walk through walls wasn’t letting him through the cage floor, just like how the net wouldn’t let him out.  Floating just reminded him of getting dragged here. So that was it. Why did he have to get stupid dying powers? They didn’t even do anything useful!
Stressing out and not finding a way out was an exhausting way to spend a few hours. He kept thinking of new problems, like he didn’t have enough already. When the robot wandered past, he almost grabbed the bars to get closer. “Hey! Screw head!”
The ghost actually looked at him, the stern face looking more confused than anything.
“Yeah you! You know I’m gonna like, starve to death in here, right?” Danny had no idea how he was managing to say something he was very terrified of coming true like it was a joke. “Kind of a waste, don’t ya think?”
“You will be fine, ghost child. Your pleas for freedom won’t fool me.”
“Wanna bet? Maybe we’re so rare because we all starve to death in this dumb ghost world or whatever.” That and there probably weren’t too many people dumb enough to get shocked to...sort of death. “That and like, you’re some freaky machine man, you probably don’t know anything about eating to start with.”
Skulker kept staring at him, as if doing that would suddenly reveal all his secrets. “Well I prefer live specimens, but I suppose I could always do with another rug.”
Oh gross! “Seriously? Do I look like rug material to you?”
“Wall art?”
Yup, he was gagging now. The very idea a ghost would want to do that just made his spine want to shake right out of him with disgust. “I’d be way out of place, all of the other ghosts here look like animals! You’ll just gross all your hunter buddies out.” Maybe if he pretended to be some know it all like Jazz the ghost would...reconsider making him into wall art? Uurk. What was his life that he even needed to think that?
At least that got the metal monster pondering, massive hand scratching at his chin. “I do wonder if your pelt would only show half of your nature.”
“How about we don’t test that and say we did.” He’d seen some of the knives on the way in and did not want any of them near him thank you very much. Not that he had much of a choice- oh man he really, really did not want to learn why Sam hated the fur industry this way. “Pretty sure I’d just die. More. Or something.”
“Oh, but you’ve seen the other pelts on the way in. They’ve still got enough of a spark to not melt to nothing ghost child. I’m not that sloppy.”
Oh so he could be barely aware wall art. Even better!  What would he do, skin him alive or just crush him? Both? “Humans don’t melt.” It was all he could think of blathering out. Don’t think about what the terrifying ghost guy can do Fenton, just don’t.
“True...unfortunately I don’t have another subject to test on.”
Score one for being a unique sort of freaky ghost kid. Maybe. “Soooo how about you just bring me back and rethink the whole uh. Hunting me thing.”
That just got Skulker laughing. “Not a chance whelp.”
“I’m not a whelp! I don’t even fit in with all your monster-things!” It had annoyed him, really. The other ghosts didn’t “I’m not some animal!” 
More chuckling, as if amused by a puppy chasing its tail. “Of course you are, with that stench of the human world on you.”
“You think I smell. With what nose, metalhead?”
“None of your business. Not to fear, any ghost here can tell you’re a hybrid. That human body you insist on wearing can be felt even when you’re in a superior form.”
Oh, was this a ghosts thinking humans were animals thing? Or was this a ghosts are kinda racist to different ghosts thing. Was there a difference? He probably should have paid more attention in civics. “Yeah well that ‘human body’ needs food.” He wasn’t even going to touch the idea that he was ‘wearing’ his own body, eeeeugh.
“I’ll figure out a solution to your hybrid failings, child. I won’t let a prize go that easily.”
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