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#phichit chulanont

please help me I’m over here sobbing in my room at 3 in the morning. hOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE PHICHIT??!!!?!?!?!? WHAT IS IT?? HIT-CHIT??? FI-CHIT???PEE-CHEET?? PEH-SHIT?? PE-CHEET?!?!” PEH-CHIT?? SOMEONE HELPPWMEOWKQZMQK

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“YOU UPGRADED HIM?!?” It was more of an accusation than a question, hurled in the direction of the soundboard. An Italian accent emphasized the anger in the spewed words as Victor watched a young man storm into the middle of the arena, arms thrown up in his ire. He pointed his finger like a gun ready to blaze, but it wasn’t an actual gun this time, only the puffed-up bellow of an infuriated Italian.

The riotous crowd had died down in the few minutes since Yuri’s win, the massive throng tapering off to some stragglers. Lingering wisps of fog eddied around the steel barstools, evaporating as the warehouse lights turned on. A closing sign. Only Victor, his company, and a few crews and teams remained near the cage. Phichit entertained Yuuri and Chris, skimming through the pictures he’d managed to take, though Victor hardly knew when he’d had time. It felt like only a second between when the electronic beats started up and when Yuri stood atop the pile of automated carcasses, claiming victory. If he hadn’t been gushing sparks from the wires of his severed arm, Victor would have thought he’d traveled back in time, into a gladiator pit where Yuri was king of the lions.

Otabek simply shrugged at the man, but Victor could see his smirk growing as Yuri rolled up next to the mix stand. “You took their heads off?” was all Otabek asked, voice as low as Victor remembered from the institute, filtered with ease versus the commanding tone he recalled.

“They took my arm. We’re even. They’ll be fine.” Yuri kicked his skates off and up into his arm with on movement, his nonchalance disconcerting as he leaned over the edge, relaxing his remaining arm while the other dangled from his hand.

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18 Phichiametti please please please kind writer

This is going up first because frankly, the idea for this prompt response was pretty much instantaneously in my brain lol 

Good luck lovely, lovely reader! 

Quarantine Prompt List 

A long day of coaching left Chris feeling slightly cross-eyed and less than sure footed as he stumbled toward the bedroom, body begging him for an immediate shower. 

Bright red wrapping paper around a box caught his eye where it rested in the center of the bed. Curiosity tickled awake even the most exhausted parts of his mind as he leaned forward to snag the card addressed in unmistakable handwriting. 

“Love, went to get dinner, got you a surprise. Please be wearing it when I get back.” 

Phichit’s patented smiling hamster doodle took the place of his name, a detail that always left Chris feeling embarrassingly smitten even after more than a year of marriage. 

Humming as he made his way into the bathroom, Chris tucked the box under his arm and decided to wait until after he was clean to see what Phichit had in store for him. 

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