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It’s so fucking weird that there seems to be a hastened to pass the bill of Anti-Terrorism in the Philippines when we are in the middle of the pandemic. The timing is so questionable. The bill has a loose definition of an act of terrorism like going for a protest etc. I think they should not be attacking the public, the people since the government itself is the sole threat to the state.  

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“We urge for the rejection of the so-called “Anti-Terror Bill” to protect the fundamental rights of the Filipinos to freedom of speech.” 

PLEASE send this e-mail to:

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#PHnews: WhatsApp, PayPal Invest in Indonesian Super App Gojek

Facebook Inc messaging platform WhatsApp and PayPal Holdings Inc on Wednesday said they have invested in payment, food delivery and ride-hailing app operator Gojek as part of the Indonesian firm’s ongoing fundraising round.



  1. * Reuters. “WhatsApp, PayPal Invest in Indonesian Super App Gojek.” New York Times. (accessed June 3, 2020 at 01:17PM).

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Flying with us anytime soon? Kindly take note that leisure travel is not allowed, as per government guidelines. We’ve prepared a list of travel documents that are required, although these may vary per destination. Please continue checking with your local governments for the full list of travel document requirements.

Cebu Pacific update

Let’s all work together, so #EveryJuanWillFlyAgain.(airplane)(yellow_heart)

Learn more about safe contactless flight guidelines and increased safety measures:

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#PHnews: As Asia’s Tropical Storm Season Arrives, Grounded Airplanes at Risk of Damage

Airlines, airports and insurers across Asia are bracing for the prospect of unusually high damage as the region’s tropical storm season begins, as hundreds of aircraft grounded by the coronavirus pandemic can’t be moved easily.



  1. * Reuters. “As Asia’s Tropical Storm Season Arrives, Grounded Airplanes at Risk of Damage.” New York Times. (accessed June 3, 2020 at 12:19PM).

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Cebu Pacific Advisory

Flight Schedule – June 3, 2020

As of June 3, 2020; 11:00am

Cebu Pacific and Cebgo will mount special repatriation flights to the following destinations today, June 3, 2020:



Estimated Departure

Manila-General Santos

5J 995


General Santos-Manila

5J 996



DG 6111



DG 6112


Manila-Cagayan de Oro

5J 395


Cagayan de Oro-Manila

5J 396


In Manila, all flights will depart and arrive from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

Please be reminded that as per government regulations, leisure travel is not allowed. The flights are primarily for stranded passengers and returning Overseas Filipino Workers; as well as those on essential travel for work. Guests must check guidelines from the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), and with the local governments of their origin and destination for the required documents.

Daily updates will be provided on our flight schedule through our website and official social media accounts. We are working with the IATF, as well as other national and local government authorities so we can gradually build-up our domestic flight network. As this is a developing situation, flight schedules may change depending on quarantine conditions and travel restrictions.

Additional safety measures

Due to passenger screening, please be at the airport at least three (3) hours before flight. Check-in counters close one (1) hour before departure. Physical distancing will also be observed from check-in to boarding to deplaning.

We have also increased safety measures, including extensive daily disinfection of aircraft, cleaning of airport passenger surfaces such as shuttle buses and bag drop counters, frontliners’ use of personal protective equipment, and rapid testing for cabin crew and pilots. Learn more here:

For more information, frequently asked questions may be found here:

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Everything is scary right now.

I heard on the news recently that the provisions for the anti terror bill are “sufficient enough to prevent abuse” because they’re only going to follow the UN definition of terrorist (as far as i understand when i read it it was “the state’s definition + the UN’s) meanwhile a former dean of law at a college says that the bill could violate human rights. I’m just your average filipino teenage girl, so I don’t know anything about law. I do know however that our government might not be the best fit for this bill. I’m still scared of it, to death even, because my grandparents have very intimate knowledge of the Marcos Regime, and from what I’ve heard from them, this is so likely to be abused. I don’t know how else to speak up about it other than here. My family doesn’t want me to fight against it if it ever is abused because we all might get jailed. It’s terrible, so terrible. I want to feel safe in my country, in my motherland, because I love it. We have the means to go away if history decides to repeat itself, but I don’t want to leave my beloved home.

Iaalay ko ang aking buhay, pangarap, pagsisikap sa bansang Pilipinas.

- Panatang Makabayan, Declared a national symbol on July 1, 1955

[Translation: I offer my life, my dreams, my deeds to the Philippines.]

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nothing today, in protest of the anti-terror law. there’s one post I have queued for the scheduled time that the third reading will start. that’s all. i refuse to be silent of my government’s wrongs.

activism is not terrorism. junk terror bill.

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If the bill passes, I will delete this post

I have a feeling the bill won’t be passed anyway, but in case it would be, let me predict what will happen for the year 2021 based from a weird ass dream.

*If a police officer can handpick an innocent senior high school student (Bless be his soul) as a drug user just to have target practice, what makes you think the military won’t do it. It happened during martial law, it will happen again. Filipino mentality when they have authority is toxic.

*An underground activist group will be formed. Even rich kids who thought they were safe will join. Apparently, the police had been randomly handpicking from the poor to the middle-class. It will prosper and will be well-funded. This country has been founded from underground resistance.

*From the sea of activists, and when activism has developed that it becomes as powerful as the government (with international recognition) a sheltered relative-of-an-active-opposition-politician-who-people-likes will rise as a leader. This person had not really contributed so much to the underground resistance, he/she was just forced because he/she has been on the news once. Do not trust this figure head. They will throw you off after the revolution. Trust someone who is more emotional, a bit violent, but knows how to listen to both sides. This figure head will surprise you. If this figure head refuses a government position after the chaos, you have picked the right one.

*I will not be joining anything because I’m in a secluded island and preparing for licensure exam.

(i repeat, this is based on a weird ass dream.)

((I know things are hard and I’m posting some attention-seeking useless shit, but I’m just sharing my dream nonetheless. I will put this down if you pm me that I should.))

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I’d better not see any skin whitening ads on any platform from here on out.

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Globe cellsite builds bring jobs, good employment benefits

One of the hardest sectors hit by the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is the country’s  workforce. The travel restrictions, health protocols and practically stoppage of thousands of companies and industries all over Luzon have resulted in many layoffs and changes on how people work as compared to the pre-COVID19 routine.

Companies like Globe are capable of becoming economic catalysts during these times. Keeping  people connected requires a reliable network with capacity and coverage, and this is an area of opportunity to provide jobs.

If a local government unit allows Globe to build one single cell site in its area, potentially jobs can be created. Even as the company employs people to design, engineer and build a cell tower, it needs outside help, usually done through vendors and outsourced parties to do actual deployment and later on continuing operation of the cell site.  The limited movement of people from one municipality or city to another makes it practical for the company to enlist the services of skilled workers in the area where it will build the cell site.

From the very start of acquiring a site to build on, people are needed to look for the ideal site location, getting approval from lot owners and securing permits needed for the structure plus other concerns.

“There are a lot of skilled manpower resources needed to set up one cellsite. Other than Globe’s own people there are many others involved in a cell site build. In building the cell site, you will need civil engineers, construction people– masons, electricians, carpenters, welders, vertical construction workers, painters, and other workers – to build the tower,” said Joel Agustin, Globe SVP for Program Development, Network Technical Group.

For a typical cell tower at least 20-25 people will do the civil works, 10-15 workers will work on the rooftop, five to seven persons will be assigned to do the outside plant duties like laying fiber optic cables, pole erection and other needed tasks.  

Two or three people will be detailed for transport services while four to five more people from the company will also be needed for other concerns. 

Once the tower is built the next phase is the installation of cell site equipment. At this stage, there will be a need for individuals who are specially trained and with highly regarded skill sets–electronics technicians, equipment installers, antenna riggers and of course, engineers.

Once the cell site has been put on-air, another team will need to perform what we call as network optimization and this process also requires drivers and radio network optimization engineers to perform drive tests and measurements to ensure that the new cell site is actually working correctly and providing the additional coverage and capacity it was intended to provide.

On the ground, onsite foremen, field supervisors, a timekeeper, salary officer and security guards will be hired.   People who will deliver construction materials and other materials will also be needed.

“Even more interesting while there is construction you will have people, usually from the local community, who will sell food, water, softdrinks, cigarettes and maybe even load to all the people working on site. Some workers would even rent a place near the site to save on travel time and all the hassles of passing through one checkpoint to another just to reach the site,” Agustin added.

A construction of a single cell tower may take from six to 22 weeks  depending on its design and location. For residents without a job, six to 22 weeks of steady source of livelihood makes a big difference in their desire to put food on the table for their loved ones.

Not only the residents will benefit if an LGU allows Globe to proceed with its expansion targets. The whole municipality or city will also reap the rewards of having a reliable source of connectivity.  Local economies are also expected to flourish because the community will be able to link up with prospective customers, investors and even business partners. 

LGUs now play a crucial role in providing the right connectivity infrastructure for workers and business as they shift to work from home, online business and other transactions in the new normal.

“What happens in the rural areas is that once a  cell site is built, economic activities usually follow. Communities begin to thrive because so many opportunities were opened to them. We have seen this in remote areas with poor signal before. Because of this, it is no longer an option for LGUs to approve sites where we can build or increase our capacity but becomes an essential part of their governance agenda to ensure their community is enabled,” Agustin explained.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Globe remains committed to bring the best possible service to its customers. Despite travel restrictions, Globe has aggressively pushed for network expansion as people work from home and more companies rely on telcos for their internet connections.

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