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cinematicnomad · 11 months ago
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9-1-1 ▸ buckley parents vs. bobby nash +bonus:
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feral-peacock · 4 months ago
Really proud of us as a fandom for collectively deciding that even if Buck has chosen to forgive his parents, Eddie has not.
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eddeidiaz · 5 months ago
Eddie changed (and will continue to change) the meaning of “Evan” for Buck.
To Buck, the name “Evan” served as a reminder for his childhood. By the end of Buck Begins, it stands to bring back unhappy memories including having to put himself in danger just to get his parents’ attention, being lied to for his entire life, never feeling truly loved or wanted, and the fact that he was only created to save his brother’s life. His parents and Maddie are the only ones who ever frequently call him “Evan”, so they’re the only ones he is going to think of when he hears the name, along with what their lie did to him (note: I’m not really counting Maddie here because she isn’t to blame and was put in a difficult spot when she was still a child herself, I’m just mentioning her because she’s pretty much the only other person to use Buck’s real name). He makes it clear at the end of 4x05 that he doesn’t want anyone - not even his parents - to call him “Evan”.
But then in 4x14 when Eddie says, “Because, Evan,” it means something completely different. It contradicts everything else Buck’s real name has ever meant to him. Instead of having to put himself in danger for attention, Eddie is telling him he doesn’t need to put himself in danger in order to be loved, practically begging him not to. Instead of being lied to, Eddie is telling Buck the complete and honest truth about how much he matters. Instead of never feeling truly loved or wanted, Buck is being shown exactly how much people need him in their lives. Instead of being made to save someone else’s life and essentially being spare parts that could have just as easily been tossed away, Eddie uses the name “Evan” to show Buck that he is not expendable. Instead of Buck’s parents using his name simply because they have to recognise that he exists, Eddie uses it to show that he sees him, always, and that he truly cares. The list goes on.
And when Eddie uses the name “Evan” you can see on Buck’s face that he’s almost surprised, a little confused too - maybe it’s just because Eddie has never used it before, maybe it’s more than that. Maybe it’s because for the first time since his parents were there, hearing his first name doesn’t make him feel awful about himself. The meaning has changed, and Eddie was the one to do it. With his sincerity and love and care and passion, Eddie filled “Evan” with everything good about Buck rather than everything bad. And he can carry on doing this, using the name to mean something positive in those moments where Buck feels low and hopeless, changing it so that Buck doesn’t dread hearing his real name anymore.
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hangmancole · 11 months ago
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enbyeddiediaz · 5 months ago
I think it would be very funny if the buckley parents came back to LA (hear me out) but whenever they tried to hang out with buck, eddie and chris were also there. the dynamic after eddie gave them a uh. stern talking to. abt their son has GOT to be hilarious. they're chilling at eddie's house and the entire time margaret and phillip are glacing at eddie nervously bc they don't want to be scolded abt mistreating their son again and eddies just like
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bc literally all he did was talk to them in a firm tone of voice abt how wonderful buck is and how they need to appreciate him and that they fucked up as parents and need to do better. and they're SCARED of him. and it's WORKING. and maybe chris has been told the kid friendly version of their parenting and is also kinda giving them the cold shoulder as much as he can without making it obvious to buck. and then buck goes to the bathroom. and the (one sided) tension goes up three notches. eddie's just staring at them with a polite smile and Chris fully turns away from them and only looks at eddie. margaret opens and closes her mouth a few times and phillip is just staring at the floor looking like he wishes it would swallow him. eventually when they leave, margaret turns to buck and goes "you have a very caring boyfriend" and buck like "my who" and eddie who is standing two feet away grins like the cheshire cat
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aworldwithoutme · 3 months ago
After Buck’s cells graft and Daniel is on the mend, The Buckleys abandon Buck across the country. A few years later, Daniel gets sick again and dies. The Buckleys go on vacation and kidnap Buck when they see him, going back home. When the news breaks out about the missing child, the Buckleys cut Buck’s hair, which was being kept long and curly—nevermind that they don’t know how to work with curly hair anyway—conceal Buck’s birthmark and homeschool him for a few years until the world forgets about the missing kid. 
Present day:
Established Buddie.
Buck works at the 118, Eddie doesn’t. 
Buck is not fired, but is made man behind with a warning for being found having sex with Eddie, who the 118 assume is just a hook-up, in the firetruck. Hen sends Buck to help Athena, but they don’t get a chance to talk. Buck stops the attacker with the hose right as backup arrives. Athena goes to thank him and congratulate him on his quick thinking when Buck calls her mom questiongly. Athena is taken aback until she notices his birthmark. She gets choked up and hugs him tight, relieved to know he’s alive and well after spending all this time looking, hoping, dreading what had happened to her boy.
They reconnect— Athena tells him she never stopped looking and Buck tells her his parents took him and what that meant for him growing up. He shares what his life was like when he left Pennsylvania until he found a good family with Eddie and Chris. Buck introduces Athena to the Diazes and folds her into his life. For a while, Buck continues to hide his private life from the 118, but it changes when the bombing happens. Athena is inconsolable on scene and being held back.
At the hospital, Eddie shows up with Carla and Chris, haggard and manic, asking for Evan Buckley. Chris curls up to Athena, crying.
The 118 has questions and they’re gonna have to wait for answers.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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evaneddie · 11 months ago
If the Buckley parents didn’t go to maddies wedding do you think that means Buck walked Maddie down the aisle???
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how could you say this to me and expect me to function the rest of the day. i hate you so much right now /j
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translucent-bisexual · a year ago
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I really hope they’re not like Eddie’s parents
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morganofthefairies · 10 months ago
“She probably had it coming to her”
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blas-ph-emy · 3 months ago
in this fandom, we do not agree on many things, but im glad that as a collective we all agreed that the buckley parents deserve no redemption whatsoever. love to see it 😌
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evcndiaz · 11 months ago
"the buckley family secret is stupid/lame/boring/etc 🙄"
no no no.... buck needing an emergency tracheostomy on his first date with abby was stupid.
buck feeling like an interloper in his own home because his parents were unable to love and care for their children after their (oldest? favorite?) child died literally explains so much about his character and why he is the way he is. his feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, feeling like he's easily replaced (because i'm willing to bethis parents view him as daniel's subpar replacement), his struggles with maintaining intimacy in his personal relationships.... like. the buckley family secret is literally perfect and opens so many doors for buck to be able to heal and grow FINALLY. which is literally what we all want for him... good solid character development, resolution of his trauma, like. i'm not a discourse blog and i'm definitely not trying to start anything but i really don't know what some of u guys expected lol
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cinematicnomad · 11 months ago
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9-1-1 ▸ buck & hospitals + bonus:
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What if after the revelation about Daniel, Buck was a little bit more bitter and Eddie a little bit more protective?
Buck was not in a good headspace after the dinner with his parents, but he was holding on. Then the truth about Daniel came out and every bit of his composure flew right out the window. To add insult to injury, Chimney knew about this all along and even told total stranger about their family drama rather than Buck.
Eddie saw that his best friend was spiraling and promptly took action. He moved Buck into his house, because apparently no one would leave him the hell alone in the apartment. He should have done that as soon as it was allowed to move back to Christopher, they were in the same bubble after all.
Evan told him everything, starting from the way he used to get hurt to make his parents pay at least a little bit of attention to him and ending with Maddie’s revelation concerning his birth and Daniel’s death. He could not believe what he heard.
Eddie ended up holding him all night while Buck cried his heart out. Two years ago they promised to have each other’s back and that’s what Eddie is going to do.
The next shift every time Chimney tried to talk with Buck and make him to call Maddie, Eddie ran interference. He wouldn’t leave them alone together and not so subtly cut Chimney off when the latter tried to speak with Buck about anything not work-related.
Hen and Bobby made a collective decision to stay out of this, unless it interfered with the work (so far, it didn’t).
Maddie’s calls went to voicemail, she then tried to show up at Eddie’s house but that’s when Athena put her foot down and made it clear that Buck was not ready to see her.
Phillip and Margaret Buckley thought Evan was making everything hard for them. It was already difficult to remember Daniel, so he shouldn’t behave like this. Doesn’t he understand they are grieving? They show up at the firehouse where Eddie promptly kicks them out but not before verbally berating them for failing Buck as parents. He was barely suppressing his anger when Buck shows up and calms him down. Phillip and Margaret are standing there, shell-shocked at the scene before them and after hearing the ugly truth from someone outside of their family.
Buck makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with them from now on, he is tired of trying to be good enough for them. They never were a family, and it is time that he finally let them go. He has his own family with Eddie and Christopher, with 118 and they can’t poison it like they did with everything else in his life.
Buckleys leave shamefully, knowing that it is a second time that they lost a son and this time it is their own fault.
Eventually, Buck forgives his sister but he doesn’t trust her the way he used to, not after this (don’t forget the fact that she told Phillip and Margaret about his therapy sessions without his permission). He loves his niece to pieces but his relationship with Maddie and Chim are somewhat cold after the fight.
Buck moves in with Diaz boys permanently. Things are finally started to look better, especially with Eddie by his side.
If someone's interested in writing this, please tag me when you're done.
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the1gayteenfirehouse · 7 months ago
Athena: hey Bobby, any idea where Maddie and Buck’s parents are staying while they’re in town?
Bobby: yeah, I think they’re at that hotel over on hampshire street, why?
Athena: oh no reason, just thought I might stop over there and have a little chat with them about how they’re treating their children
Bobby: I’ll get my keys
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karenwilson · 10 months ago
I've been thinking about Buck, his parents and why he was conceived in the first place a lot lately. The way the storyline played out on the show wasn't new to me, I read and watched My Sister's Keeper. And I hated it as much then as I do now. So Buck's parents conceived him because the doctors told them it's the only solution to save Daniel.
In the show Buck says his parents hated him or at least didn't love him because he was born "defective" and because he didn't save his brother. And it's presented as if his parents didn't love him because of their grief.
That's all possible but I don't think that's the entire story. Parents are supposed to love all their kids, because that's what they're supposed to do. But Buck wasn't born because his parents wanted to have another child, wanted one more member in their family to make it complete. No. They wanted spare parts to save their son Daniel. And that's the crux of it: How can you love a child you never wanted for their own being? How can you bear to love a child, when you're only having it to put it through excruciating pain right after birth? To violate their bodily autonomy like this. My mind balks at putting anyone through that pain, let alone a newborn baby.
And I think because of that Buck's parents distanced themselves from the moment he was growing in Margaret's belly, viewed him as nothing more than an object to help their son Daniel, to have parts of Buck be the saving grace for Daniel. They didn't view Buck as a human being and his very own person. I mean how could they love him in good conscience and then not be torn apart by the unbearable pain they are willing to put their child through?
I hate his parents so much and I wish the show hadn't brushed it all aside the way they did bc they wanted one storyline wrapped up and out of the way.
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thebuckleysalexmanes · a year ago
I wake up to the news of Buckley parents, shirtless Chimney, a crying Maddie, a landslide, and some Bathena. My brain can only process so much in that short amount of time
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dannilea · 11 months ago
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evaneddie · 11 months ago
just remember people; the buckley parents are abusive
neglectful parents 👏 is 👏 abusive
absent parents 👏 is 👏 abusive
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midnight-raven · 8 months ago
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The Buckley-Diaz Family Ep. 1: Meet the Parents
As Eddie and Buck settle into their new life together, they also face an unforeseen challenge: Dinner night with Buck's parents. Buck and his parents barely talk, which makes this their first dinner as a family.
The dinner had many bumps in the road, Eddie burning the main course, the Buckley parents arriving an hour earlier than expected, and a strange event during dinner. But in the grand scheme of things, it ended successfully.
Eddie, Buck, and Christopher spend the rest of the evening happy with the success of their first day in Westview.
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thelostxwatcher · 11 months ago
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4x05 stills from “Buck Begins” - 9-1-1 on Fox
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