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2-28-21 - Happy Sunday!

Can’t believe it’s March again. honestly, this whole year has been such a blur but at least I have Boba and good company💛

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(6/100) finalised my twelve week dissertation writing plan, and now i’m back on planning with mindmaps!! glossier balms tone so well with my highlighters hehe 🧘🏻‍♀️🥭🕊

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A perfect rectangle February has come to an end. This month, while preparing my bujo spreads I did manage to stick to my theme which was a first for me. Also, this week I went to Starbucks for the first time in 4 months with my brother and Canelle (he might have pooped right outside though, I picked it up immediately but we did get some looks).

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what i read in feb 2021:

a collection of opinion pieces, commentaries, articles, and essays!

(insp) (jan ed.) (bold = favourite)




politics & climate change

covid 19

culture, film, & media

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28.02.21 // i’m currently working on my criminal law term paper, which means basically hours of research and not much else for a while… 

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28.2.2021 // Here’s my current online classes setup :) i take lecture notes on my ipad, while the lecture’s playing on my laptop - i have to say my neck pain’s improved a lot since i got myself a separate keyboard and moved the screen a bit higher and further away!

affection - between friends

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210227 - 30/100

  • today, i
  • did a science sample paper 
  • went over english worksheets from class
  • sorted and filed the absolutely massive amounts of sheets and loose paper i had everywhere ( when i say massive i mean MASSIVE )

i haven’t broken my ankle woop woop

doctor said it’s just some tissue and muscle damage and should getter better in a couple weeks :D

🎧lauv - never not (why does this song make me go all gooey inside huhu)

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saturday tasks // santa monica sunset

started using notion and I am actually liking it so far although some of the designs can get a little overwhelming. enjoy my llama pot and the sunset pic from pre-covid times!

🎵: paradise - mic lowry

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2-27-21- Beware the Ides!

Done with my March spread! I love this minimal set up because it’s quick and I feel like it’ll be really flexible moving forward. and maybe I’ll be able to keep up with it haha

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I thought the mug was very on brand for me! Honestly, I can’t believe we’re arriving to an another March when I’m still mentally stuck in that Friday in March 2020. Hopefully, this coming March will treat us all kinder.

🎧sunmi, tail

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210226 - 29/100

today, i 

  • did a couple social studies worksheets
  • practiced some english comprehensions
  • set up by bullet journal for march ( i’m kinda proud with how it turned out lolol)

again, sorry for the late post :( my ankle still hurts so i wasn’t able to move around much yesterday, we’re heading to the doctor’s later today

hopefully nothing’s broken 🙃

📚sapiens - yuval noah harari  (i’ve been wanting to pick up this book for ages and finally got around to it, it’s soooo interesting!!)

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26th February, 2021

It has been a hell of a week, friends. I have zero work-life balance right now. I think I burnt out somewhere around Tuesday and I have no idea how I’m still going, or even how to really stop. I know that’s unhealthy and I’m trying to figure it out but I am beyond exhausted. I’m not sure I even have it in me to practice self-care. 

If you’re in a similar sinking boat, know that it’s alright to crash. There are times when it is necessary. The dust will settle and things will work themselves out. You did not fail. I’m mostly talking to myself here, but if you read this, do something for yourself, please.

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hey!!! i hope that you are having a good day! it’s so sunny and warm today, but i’m stuck at home with zoom classes :(. i’m getting my productivity up by forcing myself to start studying on the weekends. i get super lazy especially now that i don’t have to be ready for classes and i don’t have to actively participate. so i’m trying to do things that will help my future self in a few months! have a good day! byee

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2-25-21- Do you like Death note?

My professor thought I was graduating this year and was super stoked when I told him I’ve still got 2 more years left which I thought was real sweet haha

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March printable time! i put the habit trackers on the side this time just because :) 

download it here ~

like and/or reblog if you find it useful so i know whether to make more printables in the future

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210225 - 28/100

(yes, i know this was yesterday)

today, i 

  • went over some question banks
  • attempted two sample papers

i also managed to fall off a chair and have possibly sprained my ankle since it hurts a lot, which is why i couldn’t post last night [sorry about that :((]

📚six of crows - leigh bardugo ( i have a book rec for y’all today !)

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definitely didn’t take these pictures because i wanted to flex the keyboard my brother gave me for my birthday last year 🥺

currently listening to:

bang! - AJR
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