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02.12.2020 | Day 2 of the winter studying challenge.

What is your favourite thing about winter? The snow! I love it when everything is covered in snow, so I was happy to see that yesterday’s snow hasn’t melted yet. Unfortunately, a snowy Christmas is still unlikely (we haven’t had one in years in Germany), so I’m going to enjoy the snow while it lasts!

Also some of the notes I took today, but it turned out messier than usual.

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day 2 of @myhoneststudyblr ’s winter study challenge! starting to read 「fly away peter」 by malouf in preparation for next years literature course:)

Q: what is your favourite thing about winter?

hmm ok imagine this: it’s snowing outside, you are curled up near the heater (or fireplace) with hot chocolate on the tea table and a book in hand or playing a video game–and you can smell the bread baking in the kitchen🤤yea ok i just really wanna go back to the cold northern hemisphere and not spend christmas in summer thanks very much covid💔
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❄️winter studying challenge❄️

2nd December - What is your favourite thing about winter?

The festive atmosphere in my city, even without snow it always made me happy whenever I saw the decorations on the streets or passed by the Christmas Fair at the market square, sadly this year’s fair has been cancelled :(

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tuesday | december 1, 2020

last wednesday marked the end of my fall 2020 semester. this photo is from my final macroeconomics problem set. i’m looking forward to the next few months and the following semester since i am interning as a research assistant for a lawyer! i’m hoping to add a segment to my blog where i talk about my experience with the internship, what do you all think?

2020 winter challenge | first of december: do you like winter?

i absolutely adore winter! i love dressing up in warm sweaters, scarves, hats, and coats (i love coats). my city just started decorating–everything looks so jolly! i’m looking forward to the snow this year since i’m spending a lot of time at home. 

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3/100 days of productivity: i felt so tired today for some reason even tho i got 7-ish hours of sleep last night… anyways, i’m currently (re)reading prisoner of azkaban and everytime remus or sirius simply just does something, i have an urge to pull them into one big group hug :( also i want to kick draco in the face and feed him to a dementor rn srry not srry

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1st December / tuesday

It’s a chilly day today. I procrastinated a lot and now I will stay up late. Not happy, but nothing I can change rn. 

Q: Do you like winter?

A: Yeeeees, I really do. Autumn is superior, but I’m content with winter as well. :D

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1st December, 2020: Do you like winter?


It depends. I’m not too keen on the late bright and early dark hours. I also don’t like wearing layers and layers of clothes. I do enjoy seeing fresh snow (forget all that grey stuff after a few days).

This is my December “spread”. Just manifesting some goals and aspirations. Loved writing in my Bujo again and journaling.

🌨️🌨️🌨️❄️❄️❄️It snowed during the night. So we could enjoy for a few hours some (very little) snow. I stay hopeful to get more snow this winter than the past ones! ❄️❄️❄️🌨️🌨️🌨️

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𝐓𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐲, 1 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫• I can’t believe it’s actually December, mentally I’m still in august, hope this month will be kinder✨ here’s some pictures of a journal entry and another BE spread (B'cuz why not hehe ^^) ft.some morning clouds, have a good day/night!☁️✨

🎧: 𝐁𝐥𝐮𝐞 𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐫_ 𝐓𝐗𝐓

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⤑ today’s aesthetic is a bit dark, but sunlight is something i don’t have a lot of and i always forget to take pics ):                                                    ⤑i’m super excited to start the winter studyblr challenge by @myhoneststudyblr(hopefully i’ll be able to finish this one!)

⤷1st December - Do you like winter? I actually love winter! I love snow and walking in snow, making a snowman and also new years!! The only part that i don’t like is that night comes really fast and it’s somewhat depressing especially now, but i’m really excited to actually see snow this year and walk around my neighborhood since i probably won’t be able to go skiing this year :(

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1.12.2020 | tuesday

how is it december already?? i’m pretty much still mentally processing january or something… anyways, i will try my best to join in on the winter studying challenge by @myhoneststudyblr this month! i have never managed to finish any of these challenges but i’m still going to try to participate for as long as i can!

1st december - do you like winter?

i definitely do! it’s pretty much my favourite time of the year, i just love snow and christmas time and all that. i’m very lucky to live in a place where there’s actually lots of snow every year and winter feels like proper winter most of the time 🥺

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My study space 😊

It might not be the most aesthetic study space out there in the studyblr community, but long before I had even planned on making an active studyblr, I had decided that I would never be negatively influenced by the studyblr community by being more focused on the aesthetics of the study space, notes, and the pictures taken than why I am making this blog- to be my best, productive self.

My aesthetic study space will only go as far as always keeping me motivated to study on my desk rather than on my bed, and my aesthetic notes for making it easier and motivating me to read those notes.

P. S. Clearly I love reusing my cracked coffee mugs as substitute pen stands and honestly? They are way cuter lol.

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1st December - Do you like winter?

I love the holidays bc I love traditions and spending time with my family. I hate the cold though, and my fingers get swollen with chilblains suuuper easily. Let’s see what winter will bring this time round ❄️

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day 1 of @myhoneststudyblr ’s winter studying challenge! here’s my bujo cover page for the month<3

Q: do you pike winter?

yes i do!! unfortunately I’m currently in the southern hemisphere (i study overseas) and can’t go back home to the northern hem thanks to covid:( so I’m currently going to be doing this challenge over summer! but i am quite curious to experience christmas in summer since it will be my first time spending the entire year here^^

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i sorted through my heaps of college mail and i found this little journal hiding in the stack. not sure what to put in it yet but it’s so pretty! i can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year. 2020 has both flown by and lasted forever. 

Quarantine Fall Study Challenge Day 71 - November 30th

what is your “happy place”? either my bedroom, my family’s place at the beach, or the elementary school gym where i assistant coach youth vball!

today’s seltzer: some delicious strawberry cucumber :^)

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2/100 days of productivity: first day back from thanksgiving break :(( but i attended my calculus zoom today n actually paid attention!!!! what a success!!! she really did that!!!! and i also took some (very messy) notes for ap enviro sci to somewhat prepare myself for the upcoming finals

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