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conofourgen · 17 minutes ago
Why a Political Philosophy Is Important | Natural Law by Lysander Spooner
Why a Political Philosophy Is Important:
Our society has a problem discussing politics and political ideas, and I think I know the issue. Our country has divided itself on many issues, but that’s nothing new. However, nowadays few people have a political philosophy underpinning their beliefs. I think that is at the root of the issue. If we had firm foundations, it would be easier to hear opposing viewpoints. But, when we build our ideas…
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pursuitofwisdom · 36 minutes ago
An interview with Max Planck in 1931. Very interesting -I tend to disagree with his views on moral progress, though.
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mercydegraves · 51 minutes ago
I do need God to justify my place in this cold, uncaring, universe. I am comfortable with being insignificant. To observe the beauty, that shines through the eyes of my loved ones and the flowers that stretch their soft faces to the skies, is more enough to justify my existence.
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asagao-onna · an hour ago
How Naruto is Influence by India | Naruto and Hinduism
//Excellent video that you must watch! Especially the part about Kabuto! And I really need to finish my essay about Orochimaru and Shiva.
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tagitables · an hour ago
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bobmccullochny · an hour ago
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tagitables · 2 hours ago
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Hello Aristotle and Descartes etc. 👋
# counting down to assignment submission deadline once again
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beingfly · 2 hours ago
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Why make yourself miserable saying things like, 
"Why do we have such bad luck? 
What has God done to us? 
What have we done to deserve this?" 
All of which, 
if you understand reality and take it completely into your heart, are irrelevant and unsolvable. 
They are just things that nobody can know. 
Your situation is just an accident of life.
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alwaysgratefullll · 3 hours ago
"Why do u drink black coffee?" They ask me with curiosity.
We had come to the coffee shop to study. It was a pretty little shop with a diverse menu but we both had gone for our usual again. Them with their specific extra sweet caramel drink and I, with my Iced Americano.
As I picked up our tray, I told them, "Well, you see I try to kill the bad with the bad."
They look confused as they slide into their seat, picked up their drink and said, "What?"
I laugh and reply, "When something good is against something bad, the good will always try to calm the bad down or if pushed further, try to reach a collateral point of vision where no real outcome ever comes. But if two bads are against each other, they'll do anything to win. They'll kill the other one if that means a victory. And that's why I drink black coffee, trying with this bitterness to kill the bitterness of my heart this morning."
Their faces crunk up at my dramatised opinion but then laugh it off.
Then I give my cup a soft bang with theirs and continue on drinking.
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betheal · 3 hours ago
Hey, today I messaged you about my chaotic science class. You haven't responded and it's been 5 hours since then. What's your problem?
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decaffeinated-musings · 4 hours ago
You & I can't control it !
Many a times, we come across some people for whom we are just bound to think that why are they like this, why so rude, so moody, so frustrating & annoying. It is because, they don’t know any better, they haven’t had the awakening and awareness that you have had, they are dealing with their own anxiety and worries, they have not improved themselves, they are ignorant of all these things. So, what can You or I do? The answer is nothing, we simply need to learn to ignore these kind of people (if you are a very spiritual or soft person, sympathize with them and pray for their ignorance). We need to understand that, these things are outside the locus of our control and we need not to demand the answers of all these tiny annoyances. Just think about this in this way, if our cucumber is bitter we simply throw it in the dustbin and don't demand to know why it is bitter, also if there are any potholes on the road, we simply change our path/direction and don't ask why they are there. Similar attitude is needed for dealing with these people so that we can carry ourselves around the daily life keeping our sanity. If we demand to know the reason behind everything, we will simply lose our peace of mind !
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